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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY   2006   Sep 23   Comment Summary

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EO5M(URØMC)   SOSB/20 HP   623,2802006-09-24 12:07:00
It is my 1-st RTTY contest.
W6FO/4   SOSB/20 LP   2,0402006-09-24 16:12:04
My first RTTY contest. Running AFSK with no filtering so had some difficulties
tuning some stations in. Extremely part-time effort due to work commitments
and health problems.
W6ZZZ   SOAB LP   5,8742006-09-24 16:20:07
Had one 10m contact and eleven 15m contacts.

Just a little on-and-off participation throughout the contest.
The RTTY operators were good and on-frequency.
WØRAA(DICK-WØRAA)   SOAB LP   110,5912006-09-24 16:41:35
Lots of fun, even from the Colorado Black Hole of RF. Only one contact on 10
meters, but at least I didn't get shut out on that band. Looking forward to
next year.
EY8MM   SOSB/20 HP   254,8642006-09-24 16:47:22
Limited activity.

73, Nodir EY8MM
NØKE   SOAB HP   10,0802006-09-24 17:06:25
Very part time. One new RTTY DXCC with TG9ANF
W1EQ   SOAB LP   358,3582006-09-24 17:09:22
First "BIG" RTTY contest for me. I enjoyed it.

Equipment: FT1000MP running 80 watts
SteppIR at 37 feet
Inverted vee's for the lower bands
S56A   SOAB HP   1,145,5462006-09-24 17:09:33
Reasonable condx, no serious tech problems, it was fun again!

Memorable QSO were VQ9LA and JT1CO on 80 m, ZD8I on 20 m and 3XM6JR on 40 m
just two minutes before the end. No zones 1,2,6,12,29,31,34 and 37.

73 de Mario, S56A
KC4HW   SOAB LP   11,6442006-09-24 17:14:07
Not a real effort. Just had a little time in between projects and spent on
RTTY. Used a 4BTV vertical and 100 watts.
N6PC   SOAB LP   98,0442006-09-24 17:14:18
Fun contest again.. Fit it in with Section Ham Convention so feel good about the
numbers.. Got to do it all..Good to see more new callsigns on the mode.. 73,
K5AM(@K5AM/MTN)   SOAB HP   10,7922006-09-24 17:15:46
Location: Horse Mountain vacation cabin, 7900 ft.
Tribander at 50 ft and wires. Generator power.
VA3PC   SOAB(A) HP   381,9002006-09-24 17:17:02
Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable contest. See you next time. 73 Paul
W7WHY   SOAB(A) HP   45,6302006-09-24 17:17:56
Didn't get much time to operate this weekend. Our 6 year old granddaughter was
the flower girl at a friends wedding, so our Saturday was pretty well shot.
Sunday it was 80 degrees at the beach, which is highly unusual here on the
Oregon coast, so we took advantage of the fine weather for a barbacue. Managed
to squeeze a few Q's in when I got a chance.

Activity seemed way up this year. Was working stations clear up to 14.125.
Had a good run for about an hour up there. At 00:17 on Saturday evening during
this run with the beam pointed almost due east, YB0, 9M0, JF1, and RU0 all
called in in that order. That was a neat surprise! Then it was back to
working the east coast. I put up a 20 meter vertical GP up about 10 feet this
year and it worked pretty slick. When I heard a station off the back of the
beam, I just switched to the vertical to work them. Saves time rotating the
beam around.

Radio 1 TS-450SAT + SB-200
Radio 2 FT-840 + zepp antenna

2 el monobander for 20, and verticals for 20, 40 and 80. Zepp antenna for
radio 2.

N1MM Logger 6.9.6 performed perfectly. Sure takes the drudgery out of

Thanks for all the Q's and will see you in the next one. 73
W8UL   SOAB LP   324,5972006-09-24 17:19:35
Worked HC8N 40 thru 10 meters and KH7X 80 thru 15 meters. Found FK8HN in New
Caledonia on 40 meters. Bettered last year's score by 91,000 points.
WN1X   SOAB LP   66,2402006-09-24 17:24:51
One of my all time favorite contests. Conditions were better than I expected. I
managed to snag a couple of new countries.

Station: ICOM 746PRO 50 watts into an inverted-V fan dipole in the attic of my
WA6BOB   SOAB HP   51,4562006-09-24 17:25:26
A very accomplishing weekend as I also enjoyed the ARRL Southwestern Division
hamfest in San Diego.
Looking forward to better conditions and more time available this year for
W6ZL   SOAB LP   163,3742006-09-24 17:28:43
More Q's, lots less points than in past -- not getting those 3 pt. contacts sure
hurts the score. 20M only open Sat. to EU. Only a few JA. Did work 45 States and
8 Provinces. Looking forward to improved propagation.

FT-990 @ 100W, HF2V, KTM-34A @ 30', 135' Inverted L

Dave / W6ZL
WA4PGM   SOAB LP   169,3422006-09-24 17:29:28
Set out to do a small effort to get everything ready for my trips for CQWW SSB
and CW. Put in more hours than I'd plan but it was great to get everything
working so quick I had a few hours to play. Used N1MM 6.9.6 and MMTTY with
microKEYER and Yaesu Field, everything performed flawless. Bands were in poor
shape for QRP so I ran low power, sure hope they improve. (fingers crossed)

Worked AB5K then tune 1kc up to work AB8K.
While running NI5F and NJ4F called at the same time.

Thanks for the contacts!
K3SV   SOAB(A) LP   319,7902006-09-24 17:30:02
Knocking the dust off.
VY2LI   SOAB LP   290,4722006-09-24 17:33:05
Well that was a struggle.Flu bug struck me on the weekend
and actually laid me low off and on over the contest period.Luckily,we were in
RTTY mode and not SSB.Most of the weekend spent in S & P mode.On low power
could not sustain many run times.Hope we got in your log.73,Bill
K4HAL   SOAB LP   125,1302006-09-24 17:35:03
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : 4
Gridsquare : EM64XD

Name : Henry Wingate
Address : 979 Leeth Gap Cutoff Rd
City/State/Zip : Boaz AL 35956
Country : USA

ARRL Section : AL
Club/Team : South East Contest Club
Software: N1MM Logger V6.3.11

Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec
3.5 21 26 3 4 14
7 74 109 12 11 30
14 207 436 42 13 31
21 24 62 15 12 3
28 4 12 2 2 0
Total 330 645 74 42 78

Score : 125,130
W4HJ   SOAB LP   163,1852006-09-24 17:36:19
Fun contest..Limited seat time on Sunday! N1MM Logger/MMTTY was smooth.
Thanks to all for the q's.
W4BQF   SOAB HP   306,6002006-09-24 17:39:59
My first RTTY contest...those diddles almost drove me crazy until I learned to
take off the headphones! Really great operators plus a fun contest.

Thanks for all of the Q's.

Tom - W4BQF
VK4AN   SOAB HP   758,8402006-09-24 17:50:00
Propagationwas fair considering te sunspots! My first serious RTTY effort in
many years. See you all next year.
VE3XD   SOAB LP   672,8642006-09-24 17:51:22
2004 was the last time I did the all bander and 15m was significantly more
productive that time which made a big difference overall in my score. Had a lot
of fun and especially enjoyed the run to JA on early Saturday evening on 20.
Also encouraging to work several VKs on 40 which I hadn't done for sometime.
Almost worked HC8N on all bands but missed them on 10. Thanks to all for the Qs
and cu in the phone and cw versions.

73, Don VE3XD
SV1CER   SOAB(A) HP   786,1412006-09-24 17:54:22
what a terrible, 1 of of the rare 5 banders
and a grate rtty contester didn't see on my screen.
Val EU1MM passed away.Rest in peace......
K4UTE   SOSB/40 HP   281,7522006-09-24 17:57:15
Thrilled to have ZD8I call for double mult with 3 minutes left in the contest.
AD5VJ   SOAB LP   78,2802006-09-24 17:58:19
Had a great time and beat my score from last year.
Thanks to everyone who gave me a Q.

Missed being able to work 160 "Top Band" in this one, especially with all the
Dx we have been working lately up there. There has also been alot of PSK
activity up there (oh I mean down there) lately.

So I just thought RTTY would be cool too.

I have a "new to me" antenna and was hoping to test it out, until I read the
rules. Oh well, who knows perhaps the contest committee will include it next

Thanks to the N1MM team for thier continued efforts at making a great contest
logging application BETTER EVERY DAY. :0)

73 fer nw,

FISTS: # 12637
10X# 37210, FP#-1141
SMIRK#-5177, RARS #-149
NA2M   SOAB(A) HP   440,4482006-09-24 18:00:16
Rig: Yaesu FT-1000MP, Ten-Tec Titan 600W Out.
Antennas: 80/160 Inv. "L" - 40M Delta Loop - 20M Bobtail
N6WS   SOAB(A) HP   356,1602006-09-24 18:04:52
Radio: Yaesu FT-1000MP MkV Field, Ameritron AL-1200
Antennas: 80m Quarterwave Sloper @ 13m, West
40m Dipole @ 17m, broadside North-South
Cushcraft X-9 at 17m, 0 deg Azimuth (North)
S/W & Acc: N1MM Logger v6.9.6, MMTTY, microHAM microKEYER

With the X-9 stuck at North it made copying Africa, Asia, and South America
pretty rough. Although I do believe I was able to work everyone in Oregon,
Washington, and British Columbia.
The contest was really a lot of fun. I'll be sure to be back next year.
Hopefully, I will not have a broken rotator, and return with a steerable
73, Bill
LU1BJW   SOSB/15 LP   126,6722006-09-24 18:07:35
Propagation was good enough to have some fun. Cheers! Horacio.
PR7AF   SOAB(A) LP   324,8052006-09-24 18:09:16
IC 737A
3 ele YAGI(10-15-20)@10mt
Dipole wire for 40M @6mt
Writelog software

Tnx for all QSO's !!!
WW4LL   SOSB/40 HP   206,8702006-09-24 18:10:16
Normally run multi but unable to get a full crew together for this one. Was a
lot of fun though. Appreciate all stations patience on repeats. Band
conditions a little tough between 2000 and 2200Z. Lightning/Thunderstorm moved
thru. Missed SD and couple of NW provinces of Canada. Tnx to the one SD
station that I worked/heard. 73'......Fred WW4LL
K5ZD   SOAB HP   932,4332006-09-24 18:11:45
This is a fun contest and great opportunity to test the station. Only played
around. Disappointed to find conditions so bad when I woke up on Sunday
morning. Definitely took some of the life out of the contest.

Finally got the station completely put back together after WRTC! First 6 hours
was SO1R. What a difference getting the second radio going. Definitely
improved the multiplier count.

I have to find time to do this contest seriously one year.
KA4RRU   M/M HP   2,347,7242006-09-24 18:17:59
Lots of food! Finished painting part of the shack on Friday afternoon, Went to
Home Depot on Sat. and My brother and N4dxs hung a couple doors for the shack..
While the contest was in full swing!! One of the highlights was Alex (ke4bus)
cooking burgers or chicken on the grill Friday, Sat. and Sun.!!! The other
great highlight was being able to have 4 stations on the great operating table
that N4DXS built!!! If you had ever been here you would never believe what the
shack looks like now .... It is great! I would like to thank ke4bus, wa4tk,
k3ui, n4dxs and Paul for all of the hard work that went into redoing the ka4rru
ham shack.

80/10 IC 756p4oIII/ALPHA 76 (80 M DIPOLE AND TH6 AT 90 FEET FOR 10)
15 IC 756PRO/ AL 82 TH6 AT 50 FEET


VU2PTT   SOAB LP   7,8402006-09-24 18:21:31
Back on air after 8 years, my first RTTY contest and enjoyed it! Wired up an
interface from IC746 to N1MMLogger on the day of contest! Managed less than 4
hours intermittent operation due to family commitments, more next time. A "Time
Limited - Family" section should be suggested by all, Hi Hi! My logs are on ARRL
LoTW. :)

73 de Pras VU2PTT
KØFX   SOAB HP   513,5692006-09-24 18:24:12
Great fun as usual. Terrible power line noise, worse than usual for some
reason. Nothing on 10m, very little on 15m. Nice to work VQ9LA on 40m.
Finally got 3XM6JR and 6W1SE on 40m and 20m. Lots of Colorado stations on.
Missed zones 21,22,23, 34, 36, 37 and 38. Also noticed more than the usual
amount of raspy signals.
IC-765 + SB-220 at 400w, KT-34XA, 2 el yagi for 40 and !/4 sloper on 80.

Thanks for all the QSO's and see you agn......

73 Don K0FX
W4UK   SOAB HP   318,0322006-09-24 18:38:27
K4ADR   SOAB LP   37,9902006-09-24 18:46:10
First Ritty contest that I have done and the first ritty I have ever
done.Enjoyed the contest , bands were great.
WØPC   SOAB LP   47,8952006-09-24 18:46:50
Lots of fun... see everyone next contest... 73 de WØPC (Rick)
NA5U   SOAB LP   197,0642006-09-24 18:47:11
This was the first contest since relocating the shack; so this was a de-bugging
effort as much as operating the contest. It was fun and seemed to have had a
lot of folks. The 15 seemed good Saturday evening. Thanks for all the Qs and
I',m looking forward to the next one.
W4ZW   SOAB(A) HP   26,2902006-09-24 19:02:39
Soapbox : Wired up an interface and tried out MMTTY. What a
marvelous program! For some reason that I did not take time to solve, the
VOX/PTT didn't work properly so had to press the MAN button every time. But
since I had very little time to play with this worked OK. Log showed about
6 hours, but much of that was spent re-wiring interfaces, installing new
computer, and learning MMTTY. Seemed like conditions were not the best,
especially to EU on 40M and activity seemed a bit sparse. I say that
because the VK's were loud but very few as were the EU on 20M. I'm still
rewiring the shack but I'm making sure that digital modes are included.
Mostly LP due to rewiring shack, but did bump up to 400W on 20M.

Jon Hamlet, W4ZW

Casey Key Island, Florida
"A little piece of paradise in the Gulf of Mexico"
WM3T   SOAB HP   102,2362006-09-24 19:05:57
Too much on my plate this weekend to operate full time. I wish the schedule had
allowed for more time on 40 and 80. Enjoyed seeing all in print.

73 de
Anthony, WM3T
KØHW   SOSB/80 HP   22,1002006-09-24 19:11:58
Due to activities during the daylight hours this year I decided to try SOSB80
and it worked okay. I expected more states and DX but I did the best I could
with the time I spent. I missed hearing DE, KY, ME, ND, NE, ID and NM but I
did see an AK station but I was not able to work it. It gets to be a long
lonely time toward the end of the contest when you can't find stations that
you have not already worked.

Writelog, ICOM 756PROII, Ameritron AL 1200 and 80 Dipole at 40-50' high.
K4GMH   SOAB(A) HP   1,146,9922006-09-24 19:13:34
Thanks to Glenn, W6OTC, and Paolo, I2UIY, for all their effort on organizing and
scoring the Contest. Thanks also to all who were kind enough to work me.
K7EG   SOAB(A) HP   40,0142006-09-24 19:23:12
Equipment problem kept us QRT Fri and Saturday. All points obtained on Sunday
after problem was fixed. Band Condx in WA were poor with very few openings
Sunday to Europe. US/Canada, Asia,Central & South America saved the day.
Hardly a record run for me. Next year, check out equipment ahead of time.
K4CZ   SOAB(A) HP   272,6072006-09-24 19:26:42
Rig: Kenwood TS-930 w/ Piexx board, Ameritron AL-80B, LDG AT-1000 autotuner
Antenna: Doublet/dipole fed with ladder line for 80-10m

Thanks for the QSOs. 73, Barry
W1TY   SOSB/40 HP   128,0642006-09-24 19:27:40
Strange condx this year. QSO total was up 20% but country count was down. Fun as
always and good operators.

Rick W1TY
WB9Z   SOAB HP   1,535,5202006-09-24 19:31:02
The storms killed 80 and 40 the first night.
I lost count how many times I disconnected
feedlines and shut the station down.

Nice to see 15 open to EU on Saturday morning!

Amazing 40m conditions Sunday morning with VK6HD
calling in a hour or more after sunrise. Great to
work 3X, 6W, ZD8, HB0 and Z3 plus many more DX stations
in the last hour on 40m.
WG4M   SOAB LP   32,3602006-09-24 19:36:30
Got more time on the air than expected. All S&P with my long-wire and 50 watts.
Highlight was HC8N 'grand slam' 80-10. Thanks to all for the Q's (and
repeats!). Also got a few new entities. Life is good.

KØSR(@WØZT)   M/S HP   942,6192006-09-24 19:39:37
I just barely know how to spell RTTY. I just started using the mode last
spring, so why not jump into the CQ WW contest? It was intersting to say the
least. When the K Index hit 5 on Saturday we were pretty much done other than
stateside. The only signal heard on 10 meters on Sunday ws HC8N. Those guys
are amazing.

73 Steve K0SR
NO2T   SOAB(A) HP   922,0122006-09-24 19:47:37
Boy, Saturday evening and Sunday morning was bad! The K index hit 5 and thought
my coax had been cut. It seemed forever before the European DX could be heard
and worked.
Used a Software defined radio this year (SDR-1000) and it was awesome! In fact,
for all intensive purposes went to SO1R with it rather than SO2R with the MK-V.
Switched my big linear and highest antennas (if 60 feet can be considered high)
to the SDR. After using the SDR the other radios seem deficient. They being the
MK-V Field and IC-781.
Thanks for all the Q's, and if I seemed close to any other stations please
forgive me since this is the first time ever that I had no QRM from stations on
either side of me. Only when looking at the display could see many 40 and 60
over 9 signals on each side, but never heard them while digging out the weak
and watery Eu's.
Wished I could have sat in the chair longer , but had other "Honey do's". Plus
my age of 77!
See you all next year and hope the sun shines a little brighter(more sun spots)
on all of us.

73 de Jerry NO2T
VO1TTY(VO1HP)   SOAB HP   272,8542006-09-24 20:03:02
Didn't have plans to join in this one as we were away from the city at our
summer place where the station is not setup for RTTY. Didn't get on until
1800Z on Sat. when we got back to the city and finished mowing the lawn!

Started listening and giving out a few NF mults and then one thing led to
another and I got hooked.....

Gotta do something about 80/40M antennas for sure was a real struggle.
The trap dipole has got to go!

Had a few nice runs but they were not sustained:
2006-09-24 1402Z - 1.7 per minute (10 minute(s)), 102 per hour
2006-09-23 2033Z - 1.2 per minute (60 minute(s)), 73 per hour

Log uploaded.

73 Frank
WØLSD   M/S HP   1,286,8802006-09-24 20:03:44
Had some great runs and we managed to beat our old high score from 2004. We were
pleased to see at least some life on 10 meters and 15 turned out to be much
better than we thought it would before teh contest.

73, John K0TG
WY3X   SOAB LP   61,7102006-09-24 20:04:58
Nice warm up for winter contesting season. Got lots of antenna work to do before
any serious contesting. Would have been nice to have a 10 meter opening. 15
meters to EU was much better on Saturday than Sunday from my QTH.

W6/VK2IMM   SOAB LP   88,9732006-09-24 20:06:46
Rig: TS 440 SAT 80-100 W
Ant: 10-40 M Homemade fiberglass and wire vertical, elevated
S/W: MixW

First large contest from my W6 QTH using a portable antenna. Part time
participation. Had a few decent hours mostly early in the morning or late in
the evenings otherwise just in and out into the chair. I was rather surpized to
see 15 M open so well on Saturday afternoon with great signals from AF, SA and
OC. 10 M had also good signals from LU but just not too many stations there.

No 80 M antenna here so I used the same vertical which worked well along
western side of the continent.


K7ZS   SOAB HP   36,3222006-09-24 20:16:21
Obviously just played a few hours on Saturday night. Come on cycle 24, we need
the high bands back!

73 Kevin K7ZS
N4GN   SOAB(A) HP   172,8862006-09-24 20:18:25
Just had a few hours to play around in this one. This was my first time using
dual receive on a single radio (DXP38 and MMTTY). Amazing what a difference it
makes! I'll definitely be doing that when I get my SO2R setup going on RTTY
some day . . .

Tim, N4GN
W1BYH   SOAB(A) HP   571,1702006-09-24 20:23:43
Interesting contest - first couple of hours I thought I had lost the antennas or
lines as I just couldn't seem to work many very strong stations ! Conditions did
pick up a bit though, and some unexpected contacts ensued. Working the Pacific
on 80 with great signals was a surprise - still hard to believe we're at the
bottom of the cycle - even 10 provided a few contacts. just got a new 765PRO3
and tried a "limited" SO2R operation. Mainly to S&P for multi's - and used
packet to assist for the first time. "High power" at 300 watts to the low
tri-bander added to the fun! Thanks to the contest organizers and to all who
passed out those needed Q's.
See you again in the pile-ups ! Very 73, Norm W1BYH
K2YG   SOAB QRP   103,7742006-09-24 20:29:15
Elecraft K2; Tribander and dipole; RTTY/RITTY.
YB2ECG   SOSB/20 LP   78,0612006-09-24 20:29:55
Great contest! Having fun with TS450S and tribander along the fasting days.
KD7GTI   SOSB/20 HP   163,0602006-09-24 20:35:07
After losing an hour hunting down 2 blown line fuses on the amp after 5 q's
Friday nite (still can't figure how that happened) had a great time until
Sunday when lost another 4 hours hunting down a power supply for the laptop
that didn't cause an s-9+ noise level (and don't know how or why that started
up). From what I'm reading I didn't miss much. Amazing participation from WA
as I worked 14 and am sure at least another 10 to 15 I heard but couldn't work
due to skip. Worked 3XM6JR about 30 min. before the contest started but never
heard him again :( Overall, 12 new RTTY countries 5 new zones but alas, still
no ND. My sincere appreciation to all who worked me and apologies to the many
who called but I just couldn't print. It was great fun and am definately hooked
on RTTY! Now if only I could get a real antenna in the air!!
AK9F   SOAB LP   51,4802006-09-24 20:38:52
Since operation was with only an 80 meter wire antenna up 25 feet and 100 watts,
band conditions seemed quite good.
WW7OR(W7GG)   SOSB/20 HP   58,8002006-09-24 20:52:34
SW starTup issues with MMITTY-WLog-microHam-
MK2-Yaesu MK5 kept my operating time very limited!
Thanks tOO Joe W4TV for his help. Finally got things
going but it was a struggle.

RRTY testS always fun. Hope to be more ready
N7BF   SOAB HP   226,3042006-09-24 20:59:42
Conditions were much better on Saturday than on Sunday.
W7MRC(NG7Z)   SOAB LP   42,4862006-09-24 21:04:42
Part time effort with many, many interruptions. Best I could do given the busy
weekend. Mostly S&P as my little station isn't very loud. Had one good run for
15 minutes on 40M and that was fun. Not much luck with EU. Just can't get thru
the QRM and flutter over the pole. Numerous repeats and they gave up. Can't say
that I blame them. They were loud here though. Gotta do something about 80M
antenna. The delta loop doesn't seem to do well. Maybe put up a dipole for that
band. Next summer project.
Rig Icom 756
80M delta loop
KTØR   SOAB HP   452,2902006-09-24 21:32:08
1st time in CQWW RTTY test. Bands started out seaming in great shape. Not much
on 15 and 10 was a ghost town. Once the K hit 5 I figured it was going to he

Had Murphy show up with writelog and lost a couple hours on Saturday. And had
to shut down early on Sunday. Played till about noon and on and off in between
things going around the house.

Still good time and thanks for all the qso's

73 Dave KT0R
K3MM(@N3HBX)   SOAB HP   3,170,2022006-09-24 21:35:49
I have to wonder what possessed me to pick this year's contest to get back on
for WW RTTY! I think I can safely say that no all-band records were broken
this year! With the SFI at 70 and a K index hitting 5 on Sunday...PEEEUWWW!

Actually, the first 24 hours werent too bad except for the complete absence of
10 meters. I thought I might actually get close to the 3000 Q mark. Had some
pretty phenomenal rates on Saturday and there was some hint of life on 15

...BUT, Saturday evening/Sunday morning were fairly dismal as the signals went
into the toilet as did the rates. Not much to work in that second tier this
evening! The sandman easily won out as well...took about 3 hours of nappy time
in the early morning and didnt feel like I missed much... conditions gradually
recovered near the end of the contest period, but not early enough to save 15
meters from serious damage and there was never much hope for 10.

One of these days I'm going to have to break down and get some new-fangled
computers and software to do this thing. But why mess with success? As long
as I can keep these ISA bus computers running.... WF1B and RITTY forever!

My thanks again to John Evans, N3HBX, for the use of his fine station.
VE7SV   M/2 HP   1,165,6402006-09-24 21:41:27
We had fun but it was very very slow at times
due to poor conditions. Hopefully next year it
will be better. This was our first WW RTTY but
it will not be our last.
WN6K   SOAB LP   255,0602006-09-24 22:06:36
This was my first time in an RTTY contest with the proper myself a
microKeyer for my birthday. It worked well and I was able to concentrate on
working the 'angles' of RTTY contesting. Still a ton to learn as the
techniques seem more visual than other modes to me...real frustating as you can
'see a signal' and you know you could call the guy on CW and be heard....with
the myriad of info on the 'first go-rounds' of exchanges, it can be tricky to
be sure that you 'get it right. There are a lot of missed and jumbled
letters/numbers and you can't be sure if what you 'see' is really right.
Thanks for HC8N, KH6X and W6KY for my 'sweep'.

N9ADG   SOAB LP   153,5762006-09-24 22:13:43
No interesting stories -- had to switch computers once (sorry WN6K, you were
right, it was a dupe, you were in the other computer, I just forgot to check
that one too, thanks for working me again). Thanks for the contacts!
SV2BFN   SOSB/20 HP   230,1122006-09-24 22:58:27
RW4PL   SOSB/20 HP   348,6962006-09-25 00:45:07
More 600 qso I made at first day. Condition was better, than in the second.
NA not good opened from my side.
Cu next contest! Andrey.
OH2BP(OHØBP)   SOAB HP   1,007,7482006-09-25 00:49:05
It was tought. Thanks for all valuable Qsos.

Short list of this time rare ones:

5D5A, NB1B (strongest US on 80M), CX0TTY, HC8N, KH7X, 9M6XRO, DU3NVE
AT0D (=VU), 6W1SE, TU5JM, FR5GS, 9G500, DV1JM, HC1JQ, 3XM6JR, XW1A
EK0B, 8P2K, HB0/DL1ZBO, 7X0RY, 9K2HN, JT800OK, CU2AF, 4L1QX, H2E,
TF4M (huge rombi station)

Monte Negro YU6 - to be added later on, WF1B doens't recognize it.

73 Kari OH2BP (aka OH0BP)

SO1R (The B-radio is still in repair)
GUØSUP   SOAB LP   492,6002006-09-25 01:03:39
Excellent fun! Conditions were much better on Saturday, although we had a
massive storm around 2200UTC, which forced me to close down for the night. It
was quite close, and the static crashes were just too loud to cope with.
Missed out on VK/ZL this time, although it was a surprise to work HC8N on 10m
after dark here on Sunday evening. Those guys could hear a mouse fart on the
A few 5-banders, including YT6A, HG1S and RK2FWA. Just missed out on HC8N on
80m for another, but the pile-up was just too big and unruly.
My log will be on LoTW shortly.
Thanks to all for the fun and the contacts.

73 de Phil GU0SUP
S52OP   SOSB/80 HP   99,5002006-09-25 01:19:50
RIG: FT 1000MP MARK V + ACOM 1000

Thanks for QSO's, it was fun.

73! Sandi S52op
OK3C(OK2ZC)   SOAB LP   927,1262006-09-25 02:08:56

tnx for all qso

IK3QAR   SOSB/40 LP   38,7862006-09-25 02:21:39
Contesting with a multiband GP and 100w in the 40m jungle is a tough challenge!
Mainly S&P contest, but i've also tried some calls on the band-edge with quite
some results. Thanks to all those who answered to my weak CQ!

I've spent only about 7 hours on 40m (and not even a full night), due to early
wake-up for other commitments).

Rig: Kenwood TS940 (100W)
Ant: R7000 (7 bands GP)

Soft: QARTest (Home-made)
Home made interface.

Note: I've made QSOs also on other bands, submitted as checklog.

73 Paolo IK3QAR
UY5L/A(UY5LW)   SOSB/20 LP   130,5452006-09-25 02:33:06
Great contest! I worked from temporary location in urban area of capital of
Ukraine with simple GP, which have been installed in one day before contest,
and used FT100D with about 50w output only... Software - MMTTY+N1MM logger.
Every DX qso was given very hardly, after several times of "UY5...??? QRZ?". If
somebody puts DX to the cluster, the DX frequency becomes like a hell... But
anyway, I had a lot of fun, and think such result is great for "little pistol"
station:)) Thanks a lot for everybody, especially DX-es, who had a big patience
during receiving my weak signals.
73! Igor, UY5LW.
OE2GEN   SOAB LP   440,1802006-09-25 02:43:54
DJ6TK   SOAB LP   111,3002006-09-25 03:00:45
Hi guys,
I am happy to join the Contest.I say, to been in this contest is all, not to
Vy 73 es gl from Flensburg,
Wilf - dj6tk -
NS1Z   SOAB LP   10,4962006-09-25 03:02:17
Software makes the difference. Antenna was "hamstick dipole" at 30 feet. Lots of
fun as always. Thanks to those who were able to dig me out of the noise.
ON5KQ   SOSB/40 HP   305,0642006-09-25 03:13:03
Bad condx, unfortunately ! The more in the north higher the score on the
Northern EU cannot compete with this situation with Southern EU. That's why I
kept it rather casual - and even went slept part of the second night...

I had a lot of fun, though ! It is amazing how well my 4square is doing. Not
only that it simply produce a strong signal - in these fuzzy condx it is very
useful to switch directions instantly.

For a fraction of the cost of a superstation this system is probably the best
beam system for the poor man station...:-)
The altenative would be multiple towers of at least 70feet with multiple 3 ele
yagis on 40m... impossible..

Many many conducted tests over the last 12 month shows that the 4square is at
least the same than a 3 ele yagi @ 70 feet with 10..12m boom. The reason is my
2000m2 steelroof counterpoise together with saltwater sourrounding the building
(see foto's at - website will also soon be updated with more

Thanks for all calling me...
Next contest is Oceania DX contest

Ulli, ON5KQ
WX4TM   SOAB(A) HP   457,4252006-09-25 03:54:48
I had originally planned to attempt to put in a full time effort this year
SOABLP. But things came up in additiion to a few thunderstorms that rolled
through and I only managed to get in about 14.5 hrs. At the last minute,
because of the terrible noise on 80 and 40, I decided to go HP and to explore
the "Assisted" category which I'd never done before. Being SO1R, I felt it
would be difficult to get any significant use of the cluster but I was able to
find and get at least a few good multipliers. What disappointed me was the
apparent popular practice by some who spotted good dx multipliers on their own
run freq in an apparent effort to draw S&Pers to them! Am not sure if thats
legal but it darn sure seems unethical! But I also saw lots of spots by others
for stations on freqs who were S&P and not CQ! It almost seemed like there was
a big effort to dilute the cluster with 'spam'. Of the 14.5 hrs I put in, I
figure about 3 was spent S&P trying to use the "advantage" of the cluster. But
I watched it much more. The jury is still out and maybe I just don't know how
to best use it, but right now I just don't see the reasoning to go "assisted"
again. But it was interesting and I did have lots of fun. And thats what its
all about. Thanks to the CQWW sponsors and volunteers who run the contest and
to all who worked me. 73, de Tom WX4TM
VK6HZ(@VK6ANC)   SOAB HP   72,9272006-09-25 04:25:12
Great fun contest again! Had a few more hours this time to put into it. Was nice
to work a few of the VKCC boys on the east coast - VK2BAA, VK4AN, VK7GN. (Sorry
if I missed anyone!)

Conditions were pretty good and was very suprised to make the 16 q's on 10!

See you all in the SSB Test at the end of October!
AI9T   SOAB(A) HP   1,183,1732006-09-25 04:27:31
Thanks to the sponsors and helpers.

We had bad weather Friday night and Saturday. Lots of thunderstorms all night
and morning. Made a goof on the PC Saturday cost me about 3 hours but finally
got it ironed out. Sunday morning the bands were terrible.

Thanks to all who worked me

Steve AI9T
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SOSB/40 HP   325,0112006-09-25 05:46:58

Antenna:- C/Craft A3S with 40M add on.
Amp:- Acom 1000 @ 750 Watts
Rig:- Icom-756
Software:- WF1B 5.02. {Still}

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's.

I expected to do a lot better than I did.I was aiming
for 500k + points, but it was not to be as condx were
pretty poor all round. Better luck next year I hope.

Cu in the CW 73 Steve.
W1AJT/VE3   SOAB(A) HP   839,4202006-09-25 06:08:01
ANT: 2el Quad @ 10M
80/40 Dipole at 20m

NO JAs or VKs for me on any band really kept the score down. Hope all had

Art - W1AJT/VE3
AA5AU   SOSB/40 HP   233,8562006-09-25 06:34:51
With house renovation not completed, I was forced to do a single band entry from
the garage. With low SF and the prediction of possible solar interference, I
chose 40 meters. This is my first full-time single band effort in probably
over 20 years. But it was nice to get some seat time in front of a radio.

I set a goal of 750 QSO's and 1400 points but didn't know what to expect in the
way of multipliers. Some notable contacts were having ZC4LI and HZ1IK call in
and finding VE2GSO for zone 2 twenty minutes before the end of the contest.
The highlight of the contest was working JT1CO for zone 23. I think this is
the first ever zone 23 on 40 meter RTTY for me. Breaking the JA pileup on
T88AS was fun too.

The low part of the contest came with about 4.5 hours to go when the PW-1 amp
broke. It wouldn't work on 40 meters (still works on all other bands). I
thought about going the rest of the way barefoot but was close to both the USA
and NA records, so I dug into the mass of boxes stacked in the garage until I
found one of my ol' AL-80B's, hooked it up and was back on the air in an hour
at 500 watts output.

The end of the contest was slow and I worked hard to get as much as I could. I
did beat the USA record handily and barely passed the NA record. N5ZM, WW4LL,
K4UTE and I were battling it out on 40 all weekend. It was great competition.
Congrats to Bill, K4UTE for an outstanding score. I just couldn't muster enough
QSO points to stay with him. Not sure who else was single band 40 in NA.
Activity at the height of the band openings was from 7023 all the way up to
7080, but not much above that. I had some nice 2-3 hours runs and when it was
slow, I worked hard at CQ'ing and using the other VFO to S&P. It was something
I wasn't used to, a lot of work, but did help find other stations to work during
slow periods.

Thanks to everyone for the contacts and thanks to CQ for sponsoring the

73, Don AA5AU
KØBX   SOAB(A) HP   215,9472006-09-25 06:36:58
For the bottom of the cycle there sure was a lot of activity. Conditions not
the best but 40 meters was a real zoo!!
N2FF   SOAB(A) LP   371,8442006-09-25 07:15:39
The contest started out well. By the time I went to bed Friday night I had
almost 100 QSO's, always a good sign. Saturday morning was great and by the
time I went to bed Saturday night I had 402 in the log. Sunday was a
disappointement from the get go. It was downhill after that taking the rest of
the day to get 170's QSO and most of them were from running with the beam west
for West Coast US Sunday afternoon. There were no real openings to EU on 20 or
15 (a real disappointment, Sunday). But I have to remember that it is the low
point in the sun spot cycle. Saturday just had me thinking otherwise.
JA7ZP   SOAB HP   92,8002006-09-25 07:23:52
Thank you for nice contest for me all dxer's.
See you next time.
DQ4W   M/2 HP   3,428,4812006-09-25 07:37:55
Contesting in Siegenburg is always a good experience.
N5ZM   SOSB/40 HP   182,5292006-09-25 07:44:03
It was my first time to play in the Big Game (CQWW). I knew it was going to be a
struggle when it was predicted to storm all weekend here in Arkansas. It started
Friday afternoon and lasted until late Saturday. The QRN kept me from having any
good runs of EU DX, Friday and Saturday, along with having to secure the station
a couple of times Saturday as the storms passed through my area, the propagation
went out Sunday. Oh well, now to look forward to Round Up.

All the equipment held up OK until late Sunday then the computer started acting
up. In the last 2 hours I had 3 screen freeze ups then at 2351z I got the
dreaded Blue Screen. It was time to quit. I will have to look into that today.

Congrats to Dick on the big score and it was fun running with Lewis and Don. A
big thanks to all the stations that hung in there with me while asking for the
many repeats through the QRN.

A big thanks to CQ and the contest organizers and scorer'[s for all their hard
work, 48 hour tests are sure tough on us old folks.

73, Earl N5ZM..
SV5DKL   SOSB/20 LP   36,8902006-09-25 08:10:21
Had forgotten how much fun RTTY can give you!
Participated mainly for promotion of SV5 in RTTY, I wish I could spend more
time on it!
Looking forward to the CQ WW SSB at the end of October, we'll be M/2 from SX5P

CU there!!

Regards from Rhodes Isl.
73s de Stathis , SV5DKL
VE3GSI   SOAB LP   402,8752006-09-25 08:16:40
Thanks once again to everyone for the Q's.
K3GP   SOAB HP   16,8782006-09-25 08:30:34
Intended to do a serious SO2R effort to test my Paragon with the new N4PY chip.
The Paragon worked extremely well under full computer control using WriteLog
(More about that at a later date on my web site). However, a family emergency
took me out of the operating chair very early in the contest. I was able to get
back in for a short while late Saturday, but missed all of Sunday (Given the
propagation reported by others, maybe that was a blessing in disguise).

Perhaps VU2PTT's suggestion of a "Time Limited - Family" category has some
WP3C   SOAB LP   1,342,0572006-09-25 09:24:16

Att Alfredo Vélez WP3C
K4EA   M/2 HP   1,608,1802006-09-25 09:44:26
This is the first (and last) time I do a multi-op with only two operators. I
spent most of Thursday and Friday reconfiguring the station for M/2. After
only one hour of operating (and about 40 Q's), the other operator had an
emergency and had to quit. How about a new category, "Multi Two - almost
totally one operator"!

Considering Solar cycle low, (SFI ~70), high K index during the second day, low
band QRN, and several "murphyisms", I had a great time. My antenna situation on
20M is still poor (no rotary Yagi) and the numbers on that band are reflected by
it. The tuner on the NW/SE 40M Zepp could not handle the continuous power and
required spit and bailing wire repair. Then I reduced power to about 500W.
The LK-800 amp also gave me some problems. Melted fuses required replacement
twice and when on 15M the tuning kept changing. (result of the 40M antenna
problem?) Also, 40M was getting into 20M. It sounded like arcing noise and
not harmonic or overload interference but it didn't matter which transmit
antenna was used. I thought it might be the coax filter stub, so I took it out
of line but that did not fix the problem. Looks like I have some work to do on
my 40M system before CQWW Phone. I guess I'm still an elephant on 80M as there
were many stations I could hear that could not hear me.

Thanks to all for the QSO's. Special thanks to AB5K, K0SR, K1TTT, K3MM, K6HGF,
KU1CW, W0LSD, and HC8N for all band sweeps. (Hope I didn’t miss anybody)

Neal, K4EA
YL9T(YL2TW)   SOAB HP   1,015,2722006-09-25 09:48:20
Was fine and interesting as all the WWs, but the propagation was awesome! After
an aurora on Saturday evening the Sunday morning came as something unbelievable
- could not work any of stateside stations on 40m during morning hours. All the
Sunday I was fighting to get some extra mults on bands, but that really was a
struggle with conditions. During evening hours on 80m I got JT1CO with a first
shot, but several UR guys could not get me even after a second time(that's all
with a kW!!!). Despite it all I improved my last year number of made QSOs by
more than a hundred, while the points are practically the same - barely over a
million. I was glad about my decision not to go to OH0-land for this contest,
although that was discussed long ago. So I hope to see You all and some more
next year again, probably in some better conditions.
S5ØDX   SOSB/15 LP   3,6722006-09-25 09:50:16
Vy 73 de Alex, S50DX
TM6A(@F6KAR)   M/S HP   3,260,9302006-09-25 09:57:27
Club/Team : Cern(*) Amateur Radio Club (F6KAR)
High bands station: IC756 + Ten-tec Titan
Low bands station: IC756pro3 + Ten-Tec Titan
80m: shunt-fed tower
40m: 40-2CD
20-15-10: KT34 and 3el ECO
RX ants: 100m beverages NE and S, K9AY loop
Software: N1MM Logger V6.9.6
MSC: ICE band-filters, microkeyer USB-conterters

Nico F5VIH/SV3SJ, Phil F6IFY, Pat F6IRF
Guest ops: PM HB9DTM/F6FNL, Seb F8CMF

Condx better than expected taking into account the very low SFI
(who could expect 124 countries to be logged this weekend in TTY?)
15m opened to Eastern-states on saturday, and 20m remained open
quite late.
Unfortunately the propagation deteriorated on sunday, but the
E's openings allowed 31 countries and 7 zones to be logged on 10m.
Good first night with 3 hours at rate >80, but bad second night
with rate droping around 20 between 2 and 5z and very few NA-stns.
No major technical problem experienced, just a few glitches with
PA switching and software behavior, both probably due to some
Finaly a decent score for the solar minimum, thanks to DX-peditioners
and all participants for creating such a huge activity on the digital
bands (and even a bit outside ;-) !

More soon on
(you can already see a few antennas and station pictures - see WAEDC)

(*)CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the world's
largest particle physics center.
For Dan Brown readers see also

Mult/QSO details
CTY TOT 3_5 7 14 21 28 Zn TOT 3_5 7 14 21 28
3V 2 1 1 1 2 2
3W 1 1 3 33 2 31
3X 2 1 1 4 172 9 40 120 3
4J 2 1 1 5 327 38 112 166 11
4L 4 1 2 1 7 5 2 3
4X 8 2 1 3 2 8 17 1 4 9 3
5B 3 1 1 1 9 9 5 3 1
6W 1 1 10 6 1 2 1 2
7X 1 1 11 13 5 3 4 1
8P 1 1 13 14 3 2 8 1
9A 18 5 3 7 3 14 487 105 153 167 51 11
9G 2 1 1 15 511 115 150 160 71 15
9K 1 1 16 326 53 93 114 62 4
9M2 2 2 17 70 2 24 28 16
9M6 3 1 1 1 18 12 1 2 6 3
9V 1 1 19 5 1 4
BY 9 2 6 1 20 100 14 27 37 20 2
CM 3 2 1 21 10 1 2 6 1
CN 4 1 1 1 1 22 2 1 1
CT 4 2 1 1 23 4 1 2 1
CT3 4 1 2 1 24 12 3 6 3
CU 1 1 25 98 8 64 26
CX 4 1 1 2 26 6 1 4 1
DL 175 46 57 55 15 2 27 2 1 1
DU 2 1 1 28 16 3 7 6
EA 44 7 14 17 5 1 29 2 1 1
EA8 8 1 1 4 1 1 30 9 6 3
EA9 1 1 31 1 1
EI 7 2 1 3 1 32 3 2 1
EK 1 1 33 24 3 4 10 5 2
ER 9 2 2 3 1 1 35 6 1 1 4
ES 5 1 2 1 1 36 2 1 1
EU 6 1 2 2 1 37 1 1
EX 3 1 1 1 38 4 1 3
EY 1 1 39 6 1 1 2 2
F 29 7 7 11 3 1 40 4 2 2
FK 2 1 1 TOT 2321 345 659 970 311 36
FM 2 1 1
FR 2 1 1 SEC TOT 3_5 7 14 21 28
G 81 15 26 33 6 1 1789 298 505 653 297 36
GD 3 1 1 1 AB 3 3
GM 16 1 5 6 3 1 AL 11 4 7
GU 5 2 2 1 AR 6 3 3
GW 12 3 4 3 2 BC 5 1 4
HA 33 8 8 13 3 1 CA 12 12
HB 13 3 3 4 3 CO 8 1 6 1
HB0 3 2 1 CT 16 3 5 7 1
HC 2 1 1 DE 2 2
HC8 4 1 1 1 1 FL 28 2 8 17 1
HK 3 2 1 GA 12 1 3 8
HL 1 1 IA 1 1
HP 1 1 ID 1 1
HR 1 1 IL 20 1 3 15 1
HS 3 1 1 1 IN 7 7
HZ 2 1 1 KS 2 2
I 66 18 27 14 6 1 KY 3 1 2
IG9 4 1 1 1 1 LA 4 3 1
IS 2 1 1 MA 29 5 9 13 2
IT9 9 2 4 2 1 MD 22 1 9 11 1
J2 1 1 ME 3 1 2
J7 1 1 MI 9 1 8
JA 97 8 64 25 MN 10 3 7
JT 2 1 1 MO 12 2 3 6 1
JY 2 1 1 MS 4 1 3
K 469 35 137 284 13 MT 1 1
KG4 1 1 NB 6 2 2 2
KH6 1 1 NC 18 1 7 9 1
KL 2 2 NE 1 1
KP2 4 1 1 1 1 NH 12 2 5 5
KP4 5 2 3 NJ 19 2 8 9
LA 12 2 3 4 1 2 NM 1 1
LU 10 2 1 6 1 NS 3 1 1 1
LX 2 1 1 NY 25 2 10 13
LY 13 3 2 5 2 1 OH 20 6 14
LZ 18 2 5 7 3 1 OK 1 1
OE 8 2 3 3 ON 30 6 9 15
OH 25 6 7 11 1 OR 4 4
OH0 3 1 1 1 PA 35 3 12 19 1
OK 68 17 25 18 7 1 PEI 2 1 1
OM 29 5 6 9 8 1 QC 13 2 4 6 1
ON 15 6 7 2 RI 6 1 2 2 1
OZ 16 2 3 7 3 1 SC 6 1 4 1
P4 3 1 1 1 SD 1 1
PA 27 6 10 9 2 SK 1 1
PY 13 5 3 4 1 TN 14 5 9
S5 31 8 12 9 2 TX 12 1 11
SM 22 3 8 8 2 1 UT 1 1
SP 109 22 27 34 24 2 VA 47 8 16 22 1
SV 23 5 6 7 4 1 VT 2 1 1
SV5 1 1 WA 9 1 8
SV9 4 1 1 2 WI 8 3 5
T9 3 1 2 WV 4 2 2
TA 2 1 1 TOT 2321 345 659 970 311 36
TA1 2 1 1
TF 4 2 2
TG 2 1 1
TI 1 1
TK 3 2 1
TU 1 1
UA 179 29 53 61 35 1
UA2 8 2 2 2 1 1
UA9 71 3 22 30 16
UK 1 1
UN 17 5 9 3
UR 127 21 35 45 24 2
V5 1 1
VE 63 12 17 33 1
VK 11 7 3 1
VQ9 4 1 1 1 1
VR 4 1 1 2
VU 2 1 1
XU 1 1
XW 1 1
YB 10 2 3 5
YL 32 9 6 8 7 2
YO 36 5 10 14 7
YU 37 6 11 17 2 1
YV 3 2 1
Z3 5 1 1 1 1 1
Z7 4 1 1 1 1
ZC4 1 1
ZD8 2 1 1
ZL 1 1
ZS 3 1 2
TOT 2321 345 659 970 311 36
G4FKA   SOAB LP   211,7732006-09-25 10:03:21
Equipment: IC-756ProIII, auto-tuner, 30m folded and inverted V doublet at 10m,
MixW 2.17.

Mainly search and pounce as usual but some mini-runs as well. I did the first 6
hours from 0000 to 0600 Saturday on 3.5 and 7, then odd times from 0930 to 1600
Saturday and 0900 to 2000 Sunday. Around 20 hours in all.

The most interesting part of the wekend was Sunday on 21 and 28, which both
opened up to South America and West Africa from mid afternoon. Worked HC8N, LU,
PY and 6W from around 1615 to 1715 on 28. Worked PY, LU, CX, KP2, P4 and HC8N
among others on 21 from around 1415 through to 1845. Both 21 and 28 were still
open to LU at 2000 on Sunday when I finished.

I avoided the mad house of 14 and preferred instead to chase the DX on 21 and
28. Reduced the QSO rate of course but I prefer getting the QSOs on the bands
that are less open at this stage of the sunspots!

Geoff G4FKA
G7TMU   SOAB LP   85,8482006-09-25 10:05:00
Good contest, conditions OK with 15m open for some of the time, but 10m very
Using IC706, 60 watts out to a half-size G5RV or quarter wave vertical for
Software was N1MM Logger v6.9.6
VA1CHP   SOAB(A) HP   1,245,7352006-09-25 11:03:02
Fun weekend!! Had less Mults than last year but more Q's so a little better
score in total. My only question is why do folks refuse to work dupes? I called
at least 2 stations only to be informed that I was a dupe, I'm not sure who they
worked but it wasn't me, unless they worked VE1DHD or VE1OP I'm pretty sure they
missed out on a Mult. I'm a fairly new contester so am I missing something? I
just work the dupes and carry on. Anyway thanks for all the Q's and see you in
the next one.



FT1000MKV & ACOM 1000 Amp @ 600 Watts
Butternut 6 Band Vertical
RigBlaster and N1MM Logger
KSØM   SOAB LP   56,7422006-09-25 11:15:22
A good fun challenging contest. I was able to get in about 10 hours of operating
time. Propagation was fair from central USA. Many AGN macros used. I had a
difficult time getting many European stations to hear my 50 watts and 4 element
beam. I still don't understand why some ops send "5NN" instead of "599" for the
RST. 5NN is ok for CW but not RTTY. I will be back next year,
ER4DX(UT5UDX)   SOAB HP   3,452,7682006-09-25 11:46:08
Firs at all,many thank to very good friend of my Vasiliy ER4DX to let me play on
his BIG stition.
My plan was to beat last year S50A record on SOAB HP category,but second day
with crazy index was broken my plans.
Anyway,nice to see all my rtty friends and nice to see the activity is growing
See you in JARTS from UT0U,Serge UT5UDX
All the QSL will be send automaticly via the buro
AA9DY   SOAB LP   53,5502006-09-25 12:39:35
It was neat to work many DX stations on three bands from my small setup. Picked
up the Hawaii and Alaska entities I needed for my RTTY WAS and endorsements.
Got HC8N (Galapagos Islands) on three bands, and they were just booming in to
northern Illinois.

73, Wayne / AA9DY
W4BCG   SOAB LP   17,1692006-09-25 13:15:54
Part time effort from AL.
W1HY   SOAB LP   59,2022006-09-25 13:25:05
Caught a nice 15 meter opening Saturday morning, but not enough time available
for the contest. Fun as always even with the limited time.
NB1B(@W1KM)   M/M HP   3,527,9642006-09-25 13:36:39
Condx no better than poor. Sunday was a real grind- only 38% of our QSOs were
made on Sunday GMT. Nothing we did seemed to generate much of a pileup on
Sunday; we'd get a run going for 20 minutes, then nothing. Even as a MM, we
only had 6 hours where the combined rate of all stations was over 100.

We did this as a 2 1/2 man MM. Prior to this contest, Al W1FJ had never made a
RTTY QSO in his life; he learned quickly, and was missed after he left Saturday
night. Both Eric K3NA and I had the chance to do MO2R- just like SO2R, but you
didn't have to be at all concerned with when any one was transmitting.

We also did this a shake-out for the Fall contest season. We uncovered several
things that we need to get corrected before CQWW SSB and CW. Our 15M score, in
particular, suffered as we didn't have a 15M antenna that would turn (the 6el
was stuck on Europe). That was okay on Saturday, with a nice European opening,
but there was no such opening on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone for the Q's. Despite the poor conditions, we had a ball of

Dennis NB1B
VE1OP   SOAB HP   453,3062006-09-25 13:54:32
Was looking forward to this one all summer...Had the sole intention of beating
my last year's score of 1.98 million, which I figured wouldn't be too tough if
I could spend about 30 hours in the chair...However, the wx was nice and my new
garage needed a roof, so that was where I spent CQWW RTTY weekend!!!...No more
construction projects for me in the Fall...

Got 10 hours in though but condx were tough...

Now looking forward to WAE RTTY and WW CW in November...

73, Scott VE1OP
YZ1ZX   SOAB LP   133,2002006-09-25 14:12:16
Working conditions:
FT757GX 40W and multi band dipol antenna.

First time in RTTY contest and only one week of working digi mode(RTTY)

Thanks to all who cantact me

73' Nikola YZ1ZX
K8AJS   SOAB(A) HP   380,0302006-09-25 14:49:42
Twenty meters was the bread and butter band, but it was nice to pick up some
contacts on 15 and 10. I really tried to get HC8N on ten for a five-band sweep,
but I just couldn't hear him there. Better luck next year.

Things went pretty well overall, but by mid Sunday morning it was really slow
and hard to find new contacts. Instead of staying in the chair and digging them
out I decided it was too nice a day for this, and instead went outside and got
some work done there in the beautiful weather. If it had really rained all
weekend instead of just Saturday, I could have had a better score...:-)

Rig: FT1000MP and ALS-600 amp 350 watts
Antennas: Quad, 204-foot G5RV
Software: WriteLog 10.58e
N2QT   SOAB LP   290,9042006-09-25 15:25:47
First try at a RTTY contest. Was hoping to increase my RTTY WAS scores.
With SFI so low this was not a good time to be without a 40M antenna!
Running 100w made it easier as no one called who I couldn't copy.
Many thanks to everyone who has already submitted their logs to LOTW.

Since I didn't set up N1MM before the contest, I ran MMTTY in standalone
mode and then imported into N1MM afterwards (which I do not recommend).
YO9HP   SOAB HP   2,476,0152006-09-25 15:44:29
My first contest using SO2R setup and it made the difference. Everything worked
fine, but I am not happy with the 80 m antenna performance. Actually the 80 m
Inv-V antenna decided to fail 1 hour before the end of the contest.
Poor propagation on 15 m and 10 m bands, but I did not expect too much, at the
bottom of cycle 23.
See you in WAE RTTY!
73 de Alex, YO9HP
VE3RCN   SOSB/40 LP   7,4002006-09-25 16:10:37
Just getting moved in. Had a 40m dipole 5 feet off of the roof. Hope to be all
set up for the NOV SS tests.
FM5JC(F5JKK)   SOAB(A) LP   418,9502006-09-25 16:13:55
hard with single vertical and no 80m possibility !
bands were better on sunday no 10m NA opening on
saturday - sorry for SSBer on 20m but there was not
enough space down to 14120 ;-)

used FT847 100w into a single R7000 vertical 2m up
thank's for all QSO - please QSL via F5CWU
73 Eric
K1TTT   M/2 HP   3,478,3932006-09-25 16:18:07
Not bad on Saturday, but Saturday night and Sunday were a real bummer with the
coronal hole knocking down the bands. It was even worse Sunday night... just
after pizza time the power went out. After a short break to see if it would
come right back I fired up the generator and we finished as m/2 low power with
no cluster because the phone went dead also. KM1P learned how to operate rtty
during the blackout when he stopped by after visiting the Big-E Sunday. A few
quick lessons and he was running 2 vfo's, running and s&ping(at the same time)
on 40m for the last 40 minutes or so. Its neat running 2 decoders with the
ft-1000mp, you can really make good use of that second vfo to tune around
between cq's.
NP3D(EW1AR)   SOAB(A) HP   1,118,6892006-09-25 17:10:56
I was able to make 6 (six!) QSO's on 10 meters.
I built up MOXON 10 meters antenna for HR - Trip for 10 meters, and it worked.
I worked all 6 stations using 100 watts, bingo!
First day was better, of course. 15 meters was opened towards Europe, seems
that we are going up with the sun activity.
Was surprised when DX's called me on 40 meters, such as 6W, VK's, KH6's.
80 meters was good as well.
Did a little bit worse that last year, but ok.
Thanks to CQ Magazine, I am proud to live 1.5 miles away from the CQ HQ's, and
to the Management of this Most popular RTTY event of the year.
See you in 2007.
My Log is in LOTW.
73's Andrei EW1AR-NP3D
(Get ready for my HR-Land RTTY activity in October 22nd-30th. For those who
still needs Honduras on some bands, we will be active from 6 meters to 80
meters, WARC included)
WA1FCN   SOSB/40 LP   41,1602006-09-25 17:18:56
KE1F   SOAB(A) LP   186,4172006-09-25 17:26:33
It was a fun contest. Lots of activities. Worked everyone I could print.
N4RI(@W4GAC)   M/S HP   697,0482006-09-25 17:46:39
Part time effort. Conditions very good Friday evening and Saturday. Sunday
was back to poor to nil. Was great to have 15M for one half of the contest.
20M was the workhorse 40M with the new vertical was good for us into VK/ZK.
Nice run of JA, AK and KH 1 hour before contest close on 20M. 10M never opened
except for some SA. Hope to have full time effort next year.
3W9JR(OK1JR)   SOAB HP   201,5522006-09-25 18:53:26
I was asked several times to make a QSY to 40-80M, but I do not have low band
antenna system. Sorry !! Maybe later in this year. If enyone need my QSL,
pleasesend it via my father OK1JN. See you in CW and SSB part too.

Running: FT-1000MP MARK-V + Acom 2000A, ANT LPD 14-30MHz
Software: N1MM + MMTTY configured with microKeyer.

Best regards from Hanoi, Vietnam

73s Stan 3W9JR/OK1JR/NT3I
HC8N   M/2 HP   9,634,7162006-09-25 19:13:30
Great activity in spite of very low sunspot numbers. Thanks for all the Q´s.
Terrific to see all the club activity!

73 de Steve, K6AW for the HC8N Team.
KR7X(@K7ZSD)   SOAB HP   747,3202006-09-25 19:17:10
Well another WW RTTY. My deepest thanks to my gracious hosts Brad and the lovely
Ruth, your hospitality again was over the top.

Conditions sucked, more Q's than last year but less mults so lower score. No 10
m, 15m stunk, 20 was almost a domestic contest and 40 was similar. Wouldn't you
know it, finally got SO2R working and it was terrific but the auoral donut
wouldn't let the signals in or out. Sunday made 350+ contacts in 10 hours of
operating, what a grind.

Neatest contact was 9Q/ON7KEC calling me off the side of the 15m array at 1829z
on Saturday.

Thanks to all that gave a Q and I thank all those that went to DX locations to
operate in the contest.

Ciao and 73

Hank / KR7X
KE3D   SOAB HP   158,7502006-09-25 19:34:39
Bands condx were very strange with many bands sounding like E skip rather than
the old F2. 15 mtrs and 20 were hot. I caught about the only things on 10
mtrs though. HC8N 5 bands, KH7X 4 bands VKs on 80 and 40 so not too bad. I
sort of wish I had put a full effort into it when I saw where the score was
heading. Slightly better than the last big RTTY test so watch out next time.
After all the band can't get much worse!
N5RN   SOAB HP   22,1722006-09-25 19:36:00
First SOLO RTTY contest.

Had my share of WriteLog lock ups and blue screens.

Weather for this contest was not the best... we had thunderstorms most of
saturday and the static crashes were loud and frequent.

All contacts were made on a 80M Zepp at about 35 ft. The antenna performed
quite well on 20M.

Thanks to everyone that I had the pleasure of working... hopefully I'll get to
work more of you next time!

W2QQ   SOAB(A) HP   57,3502006-09-25 19:42:09
Limited operating time and occasional power problems (tripped the shack circuit
breaker several times) restricted the opportunity to score well, but I did make
a couple of new DXCC contacts, both all modes and RTTY. My apologies to those I
was working each time power to the radio and amp failed. Gotta upgrade the
service and put the radio on battery backup. Despite the challenges, it was a
fun contest.
7L4IOU   SOAB(A) HP   112,5042006-09-25 20:42:34
thanks to all for the QSOs.
only a short time participated on the high bands.
but I enjoyed very much.
73 Hisami
K3MQ   SOSB/20 HP   215,0242006-09-25 21:02:48
Thanks to the sponsors for a GREAT contest. I worked about everyone I could
hear, but obviously others heard many more than I. My first time in this event
- have been doing RTTY contesting for abt 6 months, and this was a rush!
VA7ST   SOSB/20 LP   102,4802006-09-25 21:23:29
Note: I ran all bands as I can't get enough of CQWW contesting, but will enter
SOSB/20 LP category as that's where I focussed my time -- managed a lot more Qs
there than I expected to (370 Qs, up from 199 last year).

2006 all-band summary:
Band QSOs Pts State/Prov DX Zones
80: 81 157 27 5 6
40: 78 167 29 11 11
20: 370 840 43 55 24
15: 31 74 12 8 9
10: 1 3 0 1 1
Total: 561 1241 111 80 51 Total Score = 300,322

Gear this time out:

* FT920, N1MM Logger + MMTTY (thanks to the super N1MM team)
* 3-ele CL33 at 45'
* 2-element 40M inverted-V beam apex at 75' (resonant at 7.300, not good)
* 80M inverted-V apex at 75'
* Ground-mounted trapped vertical, 36 radials of varying lengths (20'-80')
* No cluster



* A great, anxious run to the finish to break 300,000 all-band points
* Working Saudi Arabia for the first time
* Running stations on 80M Friday night
* Nice 20M EU opening Sat. morning. By 8:30 a.m. it was going strong


* Lack of 15M -- only one US opening, brief, late Saturday afternoon
* Lack of 20M EU opening Sunday morning -- got up at 7 a.m., but EU weak
* 40M west > east propagation dismal

Year-over-year Qs Mult Score
2005 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 561 242 300,322 (Note: 102,480 as SOSB/20)
2005 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 365 221 189,840
2004 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 760 220 482,062 1st contest w/tower
2003 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 257 168 101,304

Conditions (SFI 72, A 3-8, Kp ~ 3) weren't too good, but good enough for a fun
weekend. Score, Qs and mults up from last year, but 2004 was much better
Q-wise. Didn't realize till after the contest that we had coronal hole effects
on Sunday.

Opened Friday evening on 20M, finding some JA/UA and domestic action before
heading to 40M at 0214z. What a drag there, with what I am formally reporting
as a VE7 40M low-power curse in full swing. Heard 'em all big-time; worked only
a few till late in the night. Then it was like turning on the taps -- a flood of
Qs, though by then the band had thinned out plenty. Stayed in the chair till
just after 2 a.m. (0800z).

Slept in till 8:30 a.m. (1530z) Saturday to find 20M EU wide open, lots of loud
signals (it never really went away all day). Passed last year's point total of
189,840 just after the first day (0030z Sunday) and had almost 24 hours still
to go.

Saturday afternoon, from 2330 to 0030z (4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Pacific) saw 15M
quite open to much of the US from BC. Still nothing like last year's 15M
openings. Worked just 31Qs for 12 SPs this year, vs. 100 Qs for 35 SPs last

Sunday, up at 7 a.m. (1400z), thinking I'd get in on the early part of the EU
opening. But it just never happened. Stations were in there, but not nearly as
workable as the previous a.m. Instead, I went to 40M and had a great time
hunting -- thankfully many stations I called could actually hear me. Worked a
few JAs, and ZL2AMI, my only ZL. I did hear several VKs Saturday morning on 40M
but couldn't get their attention.

Kept going to 15M all day Sunday, but only two or three Qs resulted -- I think
all South American stations.

Countdown to the End...

Went down to the wire breaking 300,000 points Sunday afternoon. Needed about 6
more Qs in the final 9 minutes to hit the target. I knew 20M was very played
out with 370 Qs in the log there -- I'd never get the contacts I needed in time
working at a rate of one every couple of minutes.

Took a chance and went to 40M. Experience told me nobody would hear me. Though
I've never noticed this in previous years, for some reason this year 40M is
useless till well after dark. I could hang a curtain from Alberta to Mexico,
and nothing East of the line can hear me behind it. Except I can hear
absolutely everyone having a great time out east.

So, in broad daylight, I started trying stations on the inv. V and
ground-mounted vertical, feeling anxious and doubting I'd succeed. The band was
crackling, jammed with loud, crisp signals.

At last, managed to work W9OL for 2 pts on the vertical. Just up the band, I
found W7FG. N1MM Logger flagged the callsign in red -- needed the OK mult.
Jumped on the end of his CQ, and he heard me right out of the gate. That
short-cut my needed Qs to just two more to hit 300,000 points. I had nearly 8
minutes left. Piece of cake.

Not so fast, Bud. I spent a LONG 5 minutes (3 minutes to the end) trying and
failing, then searching for the biggest sigs I could hear. Figuring big sig =
hot antenna farm, or someone located close enough to hear me.

With three minutes to go, I found W0NA/4 calling -- then laughed when he sent
"Begging for US / CAN multipliers". He was on the far side of the continent. I
had 100W to a vertical and 36 radials at best, and the one-way Faraday curtain
between us. I threw in my call twice. Heard VE3ESH answering as well. W0NA/4
came back with "please send your call several times" and I figured ESH had him
in the bag.

I decided I was too desperate to walk away, and sent a VA7ST triplet, thinking
if he couldn't hear me then I wouldn't be making too much noise for him to hear
ESH. Bingo. It was me he was looking for. 299,900 points. One more contact and I
would be over the top.

I spun the dial up the band, heard a string of Qs in progress, but I didn't
have time to wait around. I needed someone ending a CQ call. And there he was.
K6HGF. South of me in CA. The vertical ought to make it that far. A 20-second Q
and we were done. Thanks Doug for being right where I needed a slam-dunk Q on
40M. 300,322 claimed all-band points. The 20M score would float in at 102,480.

Didn't have many dupes -- I usually just work 'em in case they're hand-logging
with a Model 28 (hi) at the other end and can't easily check their dupes. Had
one station try a third Q on 20M, at which point I opted out.

Hope Jim, VE7FO, had a blast at the antenna farm of VE7UF on Vancouver Island.
Worked him on 80M Friday night with a good signal and heard the boys on a
couple other bands Saturday. They were my VE7 mult on 80M... I was going to try
and move Jim to 160M, but I think he would have seen through the trickery

Looking forward to CQWW CW in November. Now off to reconfigure my 40M wires for
the umteenth time.
K4RO   SOAB HP   578,6082006-09-25 22:24:12
Had a blast. Finally got around to building a second FSK
interface and adding a COM port for true seamless SO2R
operation. It sure is easier to copy call signs on the
second radio when a computer is doing all the the work
copying for me!

I was off the air for several hours due to thunderstorms
and two power outages that lasted several hours each.
The good news was that it turned into a part time "just
for fun" contest operation. I still have a lot to learn
about handling two radios smoothly in the RTTY mode.
Speaking of smooth, N1MM Logger worked as smooth as my
bald crown. The SO2R features worked very well, and I
haven't even begun exploring the advanced SO2R modes yet.

Nice to hear some new calls on the RTTY mode, including
some very familiar contest call signs. Definately looking
forward to the next RTTY contest. It's relaxing and fun,
and a great way to check out the technical prowess of
one's station. I've already got a list of improvements
started for the next time.

Thanks for the QSOs and the fun.


-Kirk K4RO
9A5W   SOSB/20 HP   911,9622006-09-25 22:28:45
After 24 hours I had caa 1100 QSOs. Worse CONDX on Sunday, with lack f Wes
Coast, prevented me to achieve over 1M points on 20m. Any way score is over
existing world record.
Thanks to all who called me.
W6YX   M/S HP   1,383,7212006-09-25 22:36:44
We missed the first 2.5 hours of the contest. 40m was productive to Europe on
Friday evening. N7MH helped for a few hours on Friday night before his flight
to Europe on Saturday. I decided to stay up all night to keep the station

W6RK arrived at 1430Z, and I went home to sleep. Europe was already really
strong at that time on 20m. Risto had a great time running Europe on 20m
Saturday morning! I came back to the shack at 20Z when Risto had to leave, and
found that Europe was STILL audible on 20m! At 2119Z, OH6R answered my CQ on
15m when I had the beam pointed at 70 degrees. Then later in the day, the
contest wasn't as much fun. 40m was much worse Saturday night than Friday
night. I didn't work (or even hear) one European on 40m Saturday. Stateside
was weaker than normal, with flutter on the signals of a couple northern U.S.
stations! I stuck it out until 07Z and decided there was no way I was going to
stay up all night during these conditions, especially considering I had already
worked out most of the JAs on 40m the previous night. The station was off the
air from 7Z until 1530Z when K6OWL arrived.

K6OWL operated alone at the shack until 21Z when AA6XV arrived and did some
spotting. W6LD operated the last hour of the contest before climbing up the
towers. Sunday afternoon was mostly a steady diet of 20m stateside, with some
Asia and 15m QSOs mixed in. The volume of JAs was low on Sunday as expected,
and the rate was much better on 20m despite 15m being generally open most of
the day. We constantly looked for HC8N on 10m, and repeatedly tuned to the 10m
frequencies whenever they were spotted on the cluster, but had no luck.

I was surprised at the amount of VK activity in this contest! We had 21 VK
QSOs overall. VE7 and VE5 were also well represented. We made 34 VE7 QSOs and
9 VE5 QSOs.

Thanks to everyone for all the QSOs.

-Dean - N6DE
VE3KF   SOAB LP   445,8742006-09-25 22:43:49
Icom 756
ant: vertical R8 and wires. No any directional antennas.

It was the first time with my a new call sign the first time with N1MM logger
and the first time in RTTY contest(never worked in RTTY before). It is a very
good experience for me in RTTY contest.
Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable contest.
See you again.

W6RK   SOAB(A) LP   5,4292006-09-26 00:12:41
Just playing around.
N2WK   M/2 HP   1,258,1802006-09-26 03:19:39
Enjoyed it very much. Thanks for all the Q's. My friend Bruce talked me into
running a multi this year. It was his first RTTY contest. I think he is hooked.
It was a slow start for us and a very slow finish. Conditions way down on

We had a couple visits from Murphy. Lost an amp on station B and band changing
relay on station A. Needless to say things do not go well on Sunday. Thanks to
my wife Helen for feeding us like Kings.

Wayne N2WK and Bruce WA2TMC
7XØRY(OK1DF)   SOSB/20 HP   833,1752006-09-26 03:25:12
Lost Sunday morning (over 5 hours...)

A Sunday is standard working day in 7X.....

HK6PSG   SOAB LP   580,0042006-09-26 07:27:36
Yaesu FT 757 gx
Mosley TA 53 10-15-20-40
Loop horizontal for 40-80
IV3SKB   SOSB/20 HP   576,5502006-09-26 08:06:03
Nice condition at first day 820 qso !!

limited activty Sunday QRT at 18.00 Z

See on CQWW CW ( IH9P M/M)
IT9RBW   SOSB/20 HP   76,1282006-09-26 09:13:36
No much time,the first time work rtty contest i beleve will be better the next
time! 4 elemente monobanda zx-antenna,TS 870.
HA6NN   SOSB/20 LP   36,5722006-09-26 09:20:20
I have to have training -just like sportsmen to be fit enough to sit at the
radio as long as rules permit... :)

Rig: FT757GX. Antenna: half wave dipole.

Tnx for all Qs! See you next time!
ABØRX(@WØMA)   SOAB(A) HP   442,4812006-09-26 09:22:05
I operated about 20 hours of the contest, primarily in the afternoon and
evenings. With current band conditions I decided to start out on 40 Meters
and it was hopping. Found a clear spot and called CQ for almost 3 hours.
Highlight of the run was having Montenegro call me for a new one on RTTY.
Tried a new antenna on 80 meters and it seemed to work pretty good. Several
EU, SA stations called. Didn't operate 80 as much a I planned because 40 was
so good. Ten meters was dead. The only station heard was HC8N, who was worked
on all five bands.
SV3FUP   SOSB/15 LP   72,2152006-09-26 09:31:12
K7QQ   SOAB HP   620,2302006-09-26 10:14:03
15 Gud Sat, Sun, What happen ??
VE9DX   SOAB LP   597,0402006-09-26 11:19:53
Lost some good contacts due to the fact some insisted on my call being VE9FX.
Their loss, my loss.
Did shut down for some time on Saturday as Bob, VE6YR and wife were in town so
went out for breakfest with then. Had plans for Bob to stop out (rig was all
set up with Macro's ready) but he had to cancel. Just know he would have
enjoyed working Europe from this side.
Hauled up last years results. If is quite apparent, we are at the bottom of
the cycle. See below:
Never heard a single station from Japan this time. Worked 1 VK and 1 ZL.
Managed KH7X on 3 bands but could not make myself heard on 80.
Heard VQ9LA quite well on 80 but no chance through the European wall. Also
heard Mike, VK6HD on the LP on 80.
Really was on more to give out points. I did not make much of an effort
chasing mults. If they came my way, that was fine and if they did not, that
was fine too.
Thanks to all that called. Nice to see some new calls appear in the log.
All contacts were uploaded to LOTW within 20 minutes of the contest to find I
had already just under 100 new matches.
2005 results:
Band QSOs Pts State/Prov DX Zones
80: 76 166 21 21 9
40: 99 232 27 37 12
20: 164 423 29 62 23
15: 207 588 11 55 18
10: 8 20 0 7 4
Total: 554 1429 88 182 66 Total Score = 480,144

73 Andy (VE9DX)
YT6A   M/M HP   6,175,7152006-09-26 11:22:21
Left Slovenia ob Tuesday night with a small car
overloaded with computers, monitors and stations,
the other half of the team missed a plane in Zagreb,
anyhow got a great time, some nice runs and even bad
ones on Sunday.

Plenty of space for improvements, especially 80m,
missed a rotary antenna for mult hunting and operating
skills will be better next time...

Thanks to Ranko YT6A, for a great adventure.

Kristjan, S50XX
VE3RM   M/S HP   2,031,5902006-09-26 11:32:54
N1MM Logger 6.9.6, PK-232 + MMTTY (receive-only)
FT-1000MP + 4CX1000, TS-940S + Alpha 78
Skyhawk, low TH5 fixed on Europe, XM-240, 80m dipole

Because there were only two of us for most of the duration, we decided to enter
M/S. M/S is a lot more difficult than M/2, and our strategy could use some work.
We made only 143 multiplier QSOs on the mult radio, most of them on the first
day. That's a lot of work relative to a very small gain, considering that we
would likely have picked up the majority of the multipliers later anyway.

Our M/S operating techniques clearly need work. Nevertheless, it would have
been easy to run up a considerably bigger score in M/2 during the same
operating time. In the interests of the club's score we would have done better
to operate M/2.
G3WW   SOSB/20 LP   44,2002006-09-26 11:49:16
Been a year since last RTTY outing, then it was G0DEZ. In the past 12 months
Murphy has visited and the KAM had forgot how to 'talk' to the rig and PC. I
rebuilt the computer a few hours before the start and that seemed to do the
trick but I still don't know what had been the problem.

Furthermore, put the antenna up on the eve of the contest - what a waste of
space a half-sloper is for 20m! Definitely the last time I try one of those! I
recommend them for NVIS working on the higher HF bands...

So it goes without saying well done to all the RTTY ops who struggled to copy
my nimble signal. There's some good ears (soundcards?!) out there.

Thanks to the contest organisers, the adjudicators, sponsors and all the
RTTY'ers who make this one of the best contests of the year, (along with WAE).


EI7M   M/S HP   2,435,4882006-09-26 11:51:10
First semi-serious RTTY entry and big learning curve. Great fun and an
introduction to RTTY for a few ops. Score much better than expected. Thanks
for all that called us. See you all in the SSB and CW legs.

K9MUG   SOAB HP   306,8162006-09-26 13:20:21
I could complain about all the woes of this weekend, but I'll just say a few
words about something much more important--- friendship.In the run-up to this
contest, I encountered more problems than I have ever faced. But my great
friend and RTTY mentor, Tom, WX4TM, was always there to help.

He helped me all week before the contest, and when the contest started with
several failures, he insisted on sacrificing time from his own effort to help
me again. Even when I tried to dissuade him from doing so, he persisted.
I never really got much going right and lost a radio and an amp in the process.
Ever since the severe lightning strke of last May, I've been beset by gremlins.

Tom's effort in my behalf, at the expense of his own, is truly remarkable.
Words cannot describe.........

I also owe a vote of thanks to Jeff, KE4UNA for lots of help with the
Sorry I didn't use them better.

In Vince Lombardi's famous dinner speech, he said " the winner has one hundred
percent fun and one hundred percent satisfaction and the only thing left for
the loser is a one hundred percent dedication."

Finally, in the words of Arnold " I'LL BE BACK"

WØZW   SOAB LP   76,4862006-09-26 13:29:37
Had lots of fun! Even made a QSO on 10m (HC8N). Not working my own state was
the only disappointment.
W1ECT   SOAB LP   953,7452006-09-26 14:42:37
I was running on 20m during most of Saturday and only caught the tail end of a
15m opening - hopefully I didn't miss much since there wasn't much of an
opening of 15m on Sunday. My only 10m QSOs were with K1TTT and HC8N.
VE5EI   SOAB LP   8,5562006-09-26 15:07:39
Worked with a center fed Zep up only 20 ft. First RTTY 'test I'll send a log in
for. Great fun.
8P2K(8P6SH)   SOSB/20 HP   448,2002006-09-26 18:09:12
Another enjoyable contest, despite the very very poor band conditions at my end
here in the Caribbean. It started out quite nicely witha solid first hour of 55
Q's during the first 50 minutes. Then the propagation got switched off.

After that it was just tough going until about 09:30 UTC when signals started
coming in from Europe. That's quite late by our usual standard, but that's the
propagation blues.

This contest I used three main antennas. A fixed C3SS tribander pointed to the
USA, a rotary C3E and a two-vertical array using a quadrature feed pointed
north-south. These antennas were all tied together with an array solutions
stackmatch allowing any combination on demand. This system worked very very

It was interesting not to find any stations from SD, ND or WY, no-one from zone
2 and never found a couple other easy mults - C'est la vie.

Congrats to the stations with some truly amazing scores both Single Band, SOAB
and some of the Multi's. great to see scores like that despite the poor

Dean - 8P6SH
K4WI   SOSB/10 LP   9242006-09-26 18:32:42
Lightning hit took out my Stackmaster but fortunately the top antenna still
worked. The band was open but everyone was on the lower bands. Got FSK going
for the first time and it is so much better than AFSK... hands down!
W4PK   SOAB HP   1,191,6102006-09-26 18:53:08
Saturday was much better than Sunday. Had a good time, but also got plenty of
sleep! Operated SO2R but just barely. I find the second radio creates more
confusion than my old brain cells can stand at times, and I am sure some of you
noticed! Thanks to all for their patience. This is my 45th year of RTTY
contesting, and I am looking forward to many more!

73 Sam W4PK
WO1N   SOAB(A) LP   32,1282006-09-26 18:55:21
Equipment: FT1000D, C3-SS@38', R7, MFJ-1275, N1MM 6.9.6 w MMTTY

I really don't know what I'm doing on RTTY, but a rainy Saturday
made for some good fun trying to figure it all out...

On and off all weekend. N1MM was flawless.

K7BTW   SOAB(A) HP   219,5582006-09-26 19:26:27
Lots of Europe on 20 Saturday, but not Sunday
AA4LR   SOAB HP   51,9842006-09-26 20:40:29
A3S/A743 at 15m (20m, 40m)
Shunt-fed 15m tower (80m)

K2/100 w/ KAT100
Ameritron AL-80A
N1MM w/ MMTTY on Toshiba Satellite laptop


Only a limited time to operate this contest. Put in about 2.5 hours Friday
night, 1.0 hours Saturday morning, 3.0 hours Saturday night. Planned to operate
more on Sunday afternoon, but my friend Jim invited my family to go boating up
at the lake. That's just something we don't turn down.

Ran a little bit of power, which made the stations easier to work, and made
CQing productive. Had several good runs. Ran about 400 watts on 20 and 40m, and
about 200 watts on 80m. Didn't want to risk blowing out the matching network for
the shunt by running lots of power.

Didn't have a chance to check out 10 or 15m. 20m was barely open Saturday
morning, and was closing on Friday and Saturday evenings when I got on.

Have really enjoyed working RTTY -- it's an incredibly fun mode. I wish the
bands had more RTTY activity between contests.
KI5XP(@W5WMU)   SOAB HP   1,719,6522006-09-26 21:00:15
Well, this had to be the toughest contest ever for me. 44 hours is a long time
without sleep, much less when there's no one on the bands to work at 2:30am.

Things just went slow. Qso's are nearly at the same level as 2 years ago, but
my point totals are nearly 400k less. I just couldnt seem to find the dx or
the zones. Runs on 20 lasted only a few minutes, and probably had the rate
meter above 120/hour for only the first 45 minutes or so. Most of the time I
couldnt believe when I would look up and see it below 60. By midnight each
night it would be in the 40's and by 2:30 or 3:00am, it was below 20. 15 qso's
an hour is no way to contest. Its hard to work DX on 80m in La., and once 40
goes, so do the stations. By Sat. morning, I had the majority of the stations
that I worked on 80, and Sat night, almost all were dupes. The 3ele arrays on
80 played fine, but just too much static and noise with the rain and storms
that passed through to be viable. Lost about 2 hours on 40 and 80 during Sat.
night. Rains came and went all day saturday.

20 meters seemed to take forever to open up each morning. Friday night it died
about 9:00pm local, that left me with an already chewed up 40 and a noisy 80.
It didnt reopen until nearly 7:30am the next morning and even then signals were
weak until nearly 9:00am.

By sometime sunday I scrapped all hopes of a win for either NA or US, and just
tried to get my qso total over 2000 and my 20m total over 1000. Got the second
one but not the first.

I finally managed to get one of my Icom's out to the camp. Decided not to tear
down my station and bring both, so just the Pro2. I ran one station with the
Icom, the other with Pat's Yaesu 1000D. In side by side comparisons, the Pro2
absolutely, positively sucked the doors off of the Yaesu 1000D. If you're
using this antique for RTTY, step up to the 21st century, you wont be sorry.
Tight band conditions (and yes, yaesu has Inrad Roofing filter installed) are
no comparison. I ran the RTTY filter starting with TwinBand off and at 350 hz.
As signals dropped I kicked the TwinBand in, dropped the RF gain back and let
it ride. On 20, in the crowd, I could drop it down to 250hz and all of my woes
with the IF Shift on the 1000D being off center were gone. Signals were
absolutely not there unless they parked literally on top of me. The ability to
tune across the entire subband and have it take more then 1 rotation of the knob
(the yaesu is EXTREMELY too fast for rtty) is just another plus. No comparison,
the Icom's will return next test.

Thanks all and lets prey to the sun to please give us some spots next year,
else this contest may take a backseat to a missed LSU football game next time
around. :)

K6UFO   SOAB LP   210,7402006-09-26 21:20:43
ne goal for this trip up to the Vashon Island, Washington QTH was to build some
points for the Western Washington DX Club. The WWDXC competes with the
Willamette. Valley and Fraser Valley DX Clubs for a traveling trophy based on
total aggregate scores in six major DX contests starting here with CQ WW RTTY.
I gave up some points but not using the amplifier, which had some kind of
problem being patched inline - and I didn't have time to debug which cable was
the problem. I gave up some more points (maybe) by not using packet spotting,
which can lead to a lot of DX spots - but can also lead to too much jumping
around to spots that can't be heard or worked. I operated without spots, and
found stations myself, and everything I could find, I could work :-). Overall,
I'm pretty happy with over 200K points.

My second goal was to work some DXCC countries on RTTY. Although I've operated
RTTY many years, I've never collected any QSL cards on RTTY, like I did for CW
and SSB. But given how many RTTY operators use the ARRL LoTW, I am hoping that
logging a bunch of countries and submitting to LoTW will get me the RTTY DXCC
endorsement eventually. Overall, I'm pretty happy with working 57 different

The power was out for several hours on Friday in advance of the contest, which
didn't help with getting setup, but the power was back by the start. For the
first few hours I had that intermittent problem where the PTT drops out while
sending messages. I'd change a setting, try some more operating, change a
different setting, etc. Eventually, I must have made the right change and the
problem stopped. Sorry if you had to suffer one of the dropouts.

Thanks to my local WA friends for the 10m contacts! And don't look at the rate
sheet or you'll discover I wasn't on more than half-time for this contest. It's
awfully hard to work all week, travel from CA up to WA, get setup, start
operating - and then not fall asleep when it gets dark.

Yaesu FT-1000MP
Writelog software
20m: 3 el Steppir at 55 ft.
40m: Cushcraft 40-2CD 48 ft.
80M: quarter wave sloppers E & W from 46 ft.

Mark K6UFO

QSO/Zn+Dx+St by hour and band
Hour 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm OffTime
D1-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 13/15 --+-- 13/15 13/15
D1-0100Z - - 13/17 3/1 - 16/18 29/33
D1-0200Z - 2/5 12/9 - - 14/14 43/47
D1-0300Z - 24/27 - - - 24/27 67/74
D1-0400Z 6/10 6/8 - - - 12/18 79/92 1
D1-0500Z - - - - - 0/0 79/92 60
D1-0600Z - - - - - 0/0 79/92 60
D1-0700Z - - - - - 0/0 79/92 60
D1-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 79/92 60
D1-0900Z - - - - - 0/0 79/92 60
D1-1000Z - - - - - 0/0 79/92 60
D1-1100Z - - - - - 0/0 79/92 60
D1-1200Z 7/7 4/3 - - - 11/10 90/102 17
D1-1300Z 2/3 11/6 - - - 13/9 103/111
D1-1400Z - 4/1 - - - 4/1 107/112 45
D1-1500Z - - - - - 0/0 107/112 60
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 107/112 60
D1-1700Z - - 8/8 - - 8/8 115/120 35
D1-1800Z - - 23/17 - - 23/17 138/137
D1-1900Z - - 17/13 - - 17/13 155/150
D1-2000Z - - 1/0 1/0 1/3 3/3 158/153 43
D1-2100Z - - - 2/2 - 2/2 160/155 58
D1-2200Z - - - 11/11 - 11/11 171/166
D1-2300Z - - 24/15 3/2 2/2 29/19 200/185
D2-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 27/14 --+-- 27/14 227/199
D2-0100Z - - 9/1 - - 9/1 236/200 49
D2-0200Z - - 58/13 - - 58/13 294/213
D2-0300Z - 9/3 1/0 - - 10/3 304/216 49
D2-0400Z 19/4 10/3 - - - 29/7 333/223
D2-0500Z - 12/4 - - - 12/4 345/227 36
D2-0600Z - - - - - 0/0 345/227 60
D2-0700Z - - - - - 0/0 345/227 60
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 345/227 60
D2-0900Z - - - - - 0/0 345/227 60
D2-1000Z - - - - - 0/0 345/227 60
D2-1100Z - - - - - 0/0 345/227 60
D2-1200Z - - - - - 0/0 345/227 60
D2-1300Z 1/1 12/2 - - - 13/3 358/230 9
D2-1400Z - 7/5 1/0 - 1/0 9/5 367/235
D2-1500Z - 6/0 - - - 6/0 373/235 37
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- 9/2 --+-- --+-- 9/2 382/237 43
D2-1700Z - - 12/4 - - 12/4 394/241 7
D2-1800Z - - 14/3 - - 14/3 408/244
D2-1900Z - - 9/1 2/0 - 11/1 419/245 49
D2-2000Z - - 16/4 - - 16/4 435/249
D2-2100Z - - 20/0 2/0 - 22/0 457/249
D2-2200Z - - 18/4 1/0 - 19/4 476/253
D2-2300Z - - 21/4 - - 21/4 497/257

Total: 35/25 107/67 286/115 65/45 4/5
HA1ZN   SOSB/20 LP   170,9252006-09-27 02:12:54
That was my first RTTY contest. Thanks for everybody 73! Zsolt
CT1AOZ   SOSB/15 LP   95,9762006-09-27 02:15:19
WN1GIV(N4BP)   SOAB HP   1,041,2002006-09-27 05:07:52
Closest I've ever come to a full time effort in a 48 hour contest, and waited
'til age 66 to try it. I need my sleep!
TG9ANF   SOSB/20 LP   131,0402006-09-27 08:23:04
Equipment/antennas : Kenwood TS 450S,
PC AMD 2.6 Ghz,
Interfase Homebrew
Software MixW.

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is correct and true to
best of my knowledge. I agree to be bound by the decisions of the Awards
XE2AUB   SOAB LP   235,7642006-09-27 11:47:18
Missed 15 meter EU opening Saturday but enjoyed contest very much
S57AW(@S5ØA)   SOSB/40 HP   581,9402006-09-27 12:57:08
Thanks to station owner Tine - S50A for giving me an opportunity again to
operate his station. Tine operated from the same shack on SOSB/80m.

Much better propagation 1st night, Saturday night was quite tiresome, CONDX
much worse with the lowest rate of 6 QSO/Hour only:-) Band became very alive
again with strong signals from NA just about 2 hours before the end of the

850 QSO after first 24 hours promised a good score.

Some nice rates and thanks to some rare stations which answered my call, such
as ZD8I, ZS2EZ, VU2LBW, DT8A, T88AS, E21YDP, KH7X, 3XM6JR, HR2/LU1DY & many

It was nice to hear some new calls on the RTTY mode, what makes RTTY contesting
more and more popular.

Missed zone 1, 6, 12, 34 & 37.

The most worked DXCC - USA (304 QSO)

FT-1000MP + AMP
3 el & 2 el monoband Yagi

Thanks to all for the QSOs and all the fun.

73 Robert, S57AW
DR5N(@DLØGK)   M/S HP   1,990,4792006-09-27 13:09:46
Poor Condx! Better on Saturday than on Sunday! 20m closed at 20.00 UTC and
opened at 6.00 UTC! Only small runs to W/VE and JA! 10m only Sporadic.
Hope for better Condx on SSB Test.
Look for DL on 40m. We are allowed to use up to 7200 kHz now.
LB8IB(@LN8W)   SOAB HP   1,922,1002006-09-27 13:10:35
Thanks for all the Qso,s
What a great contest this is :-))

Miss Aurora began her show Saturday evening but this was excpected so I wasnt
to depressed. I must however admit it was hard to start again on almost empty
bands after my 3 hour nap late on Saturday evening. We are punished very hard
up here when she decides to show her beautiful light.

73,s and hope to see you all in the CQWW SSB contest

AB5K   SOAB HP   1,769,5082006-09-27 18:00:53
Propagation for the contest was way down from this location. There were times
on 20 meters where it seemed like the final hop into Europe was via sporadic
"E". I would work a narrow pocket of Europeans with good rates and would
quickly work it out. Later that pocket might slide a few hundred miles away
with another brief peak in rate.

Fifteen meters was also way down to Europe. Fifteen meters to the Pacific
seemed a bit better.

For the contest, I built up a three stack of 20 meter OWA antennas and mounted
them on a crankup tower at heights of 106, 54 and 24 feet. These antennas are
6 elements on a 48 foot boom. The top two OWA antennas are rotatable. I also
added a 80 meter rotatable dipole on top of the tower at 120 feet. The new
antennas played very well.

The results were that the QSO totals were about 50 Q's above last year but the
total score was off by 500K.

I went to bed early Saturday night at 11:00 AM because 40 and 80 were just not
productive due to local thunderstorms. There was also some power line noise
that effected reception on all bands.

Despite the off propagation, a great contest! Thanks to everyone for the Q's.


Terry - AB5K
VK4UC   SOAB HP   290,1802006-09-27 18:15:24
Propagation was horrible from VK4 until 1900 on Saturday when the "effective
SSN" (as reported on IONOPROBE 1.2) shot up to 200 and things became very
interesting for the remainder of the contest with good long path openings,
unusual propagation paths, daytime openings on 20M and massive pileups. Still
very little activity on 10M with most stations probably writing it off without
checking it out. As usual, most northern W/VE stations didn't keep their
antennas pointed south for long; just enough to collect mults. That is usual
the case even in good times. Judging from some of the qso vs score reports,
there may be some focus on working each like a domestic contest at the expense
of listening for DX.
Its nice to get this station back on again for the CQWW RTTY after missing last
year. Unfortunately, most of the antennas are down and trees stopped the
rotation of my only working multi-band beam in the direction of W/VE long path
and Africa. I used a makeshift inv-V at 30m for 40m. Due to a personal tragedy
I only arrived down under a few days before the test and had very little rest
beforehand. The best I could do was 18 hours on and 30 hours off. Bad
propagation and empty bands here probably accounted for half of the missed
Most interesting qso was with Bill, KA3PVA in VA at 2145 on Sunday. He was the
weakest stateside rtty station I think I (ever) worked. Just to hear him I had
to have the FTKMP audio full up, and forget about the S-meter. Now I had very
low local qrn and use RITTY, which is hands-down the best weak signal decoder,
and I didn't have much trouble printing him. Knowing what stateside qrn and qrm
is like, It was amazing to me that Bill was able to get any print on me at all.
In those weak condx I usually give up trying to work stateside even though I can
hear lots of stations, they never can hear me.
As Martin, VK7GN, says, "Its all about BIC (Bum In Chair)"....... I just didn't
have it.
Thanks to all, 73 John VK4UC/ W6KNC
K6GEP   SOAB LP   24,2892006-09-27 22:25:37
This was my first major RTTY contest. I didn't have any antennas
up for 40 or 15 prior to the contest, so I spent good operating
time to build a temporary antenna.

Still learning the MMTTY program. The notch filter came in handy.
As an N3FJP Contest Package owner, I was surprised that N3FJP did not have
software for this contest. I can see why, since the rules are so different

Rig: FT-990
Antennas: 20m dipole up 20 feet
40m inverted-V up 20 feet

Software: MMTTY (not in contest mode)
S53F   SOAB(A) LP   11,7752006-09-28 00:22:55
I have not time for seriously work, i hope, next contest work with more time.

Rig: IC 737
PWR: 50 W
ANT: horizontal loop

73 de S53F Vinko
HZ1IK   SOAB LP   233,1322006-09-28 01:49:01
The propagation was not too exciting. The bands were crowded and some stations
just were ignoring my low power signal with a vertical antenna. But I enjoyed
the contest very much.
73 Manfred, HZ1IK
F5MOO   SOSB/15 HP   331,2962006-09-28 02:37:05
thank s for the qso and i hope to meet you again
poor propagation in sun day !!!!!!
HK3SGP   SOSB/40 LP   44,4362006-09-28 06:11:05
Great contest again, many DX stations on 40, many thanks to all the stations
that worked me. So many signals, so little time, see next year only in 80mts.
73. Siso
YO4RDN   SOSB/15 LP   41,7692006-09-28 06:52:48
K3MJW   M/S HP   848,8052006-09-28 07:06:25
Equipment: IC-746, AL-572B, TH5 at 72 ft & dipoles, Rigblaster Pro, MMTTY 1.65D

This was mainly a training session of sorts to get some of the guys in the club
that were interested a little taste of RTTY and contesting. Thanks to Rich K3RWN
for all of his work configuring the station and getting everything working. The
40/80 dipole match was terrible, and we lost KB3FXI's Dentron tuner on Friday
night. Thanks to Greg N3MVF for running home and lending his tuner for the
remainder of the contest. The rest of the gear worked great all weekend and it
was nice to see the club station manned for the entire contest. 15 was a
suprise on Saturday with some good Eu condx. Sunday the bands took a dive but
we kept at it and ended up reaching K3RWN's goal of 1000 Q's. Thanks to
everyone for the contacts!
Pictures will be up soon on the club website at
73 from the crew at Skyview!
George N3GJ
YU1RP   SOSB/20 LP   402006-09-28 12:48:33
W3FV   SOAB(A) HP   1,510,6562006-09-28 13:31:14
Had a major computer crash at 1626Z on Sunday, then three less critical
events until contest ended. Was lucky to only lose about 15 contacts total.
not sure what caused these total lock ups, but if you worked me between 1626Z
and 1701Z on 24 Sept., a cross check will show NIL. My aploogy to all effected
IV3ZXQ   SOSB/40 HP   304,2902006-09-28 14:29:29
The objective was to increase the score of year 2005,
and there are successful, working the single band 37 hours.
Strange conditions this year.
Big thanks to all the stations that have answered to my calls.
73, Maurizio IV3ZXQ
DL6JZ   SOAB LP   542,6192006-09-29 03:59:45
Not so good conds as in the last year's event. I missed a lot of mults and QSOs.
So I finished 4.5 hours before the end of the contest. But I could make some
EU-QSOs on 10 m. Thanks to all who worked me.
73 + 55
Wolf, DL6JZ
IV3JCC(GIANFRANCO)   SOAB LP   135,7202006-09-29 10:55:11
Very enjoing contest,a good opportunity to link rare zones very unusual in other
A good test for stations and operators.
Many tnx indeed to all that have contacted me.

iv3jcc Gianni
VE7UF   M/M HP   851,1752006-09-29 11:44:30
This was the first RTTY contest from the VE7UF station. My thanks to Jim,
VE7FO, for taking a precontest day to install the computer N1MM RTTY software.
We only managed to have one station operational. Our thanks to all that

Duane Sandmeyer VE7UF
Z37M   M/2 HP   3,636,9002006-09-29 13:45:29
Good cndx at saturday bad worse at sunday. First day we lost two rotators so the
rest of the contest we rotate anetnaas handly HI. Any way nice fun again.
Thanks all for qso's and see you in the JARTS RTTY contest !
Sheck nr. 1 = FT 1000 mp + PA 700w, Ant. TH6DX and delta loop
Sheck nr. 2 = FT 920 + PA 700w, Ant. 4 ele yagi (21mhz) and delta loop.

73 Venco Z36W
9A7T   M/S LP   736,7102006-09-30 05:09:16
This was our 6th CQ WW RTTY Contest. Good conditions on Saturday and much worse
on Sunday, very difficult for low power and our modest station setup. See you
all again next year.
LTØH(LU3HY)   SOAB HP   1,699,8392006-09-30 14:36:03

Tnx to all QSO´s.
All worked OK only on the 15m band, that I had RF on the mouse, I changed my
CPU , and I think that the other CPU was better, well, I will work to sove the

Pse QSL card via EA7FTR

73´Juan LT0H ( op LU3HY)
N4CBK   SOAB LP   116,9582006-09-30 18:51:33
My first attempt where I actually sent in a log. Built a 20-meter Moxon
Rectangle just for this contest and turned it with a TV rotator. Sigs weren't
terribly strong, but this antenna is soooo quiet.

Thanks to Tom/WX4TM for helping me solve some Writelog issues and also for
giving advise on getting FSK running. And thanks to Darrell/K9MUG for always
being a source of experience, and for encouraging members of the the East
Alabama Amateur Radio Club to hone skills working DX and contests.

Thanks to everyone I worked for your patience and good ears!

And finally, thanks to all the sponsors, organizers, and log-checker(s) for a
FB contest. I would have more to say but I think I hear someone calling CQ CIS.
Gotta run!

73 es Cheers,
Auburn, AL. USA
VE3DZ(@VE3SY)   SOAB HP   2,636,6052006-10-01 06:53:14
My first real serious effort in the RTTY Contest.
Thanks to Paul VE3SY and Marg VE3RE for thier usual hospitality and for letting
me use Paul's station.
Thanks to Paul VE3TA for lending me an ACOM2000A amp.
Thank you for all the QSOs.
See you all in SSB, probably as VE2IM from Zone 2.

N6CK   SOAB HP   159,4082006-10-01 07:26:29
FB condx to EU. Good JA runs. Overall good time!
DL3EBX   SOAB LP   65,5142006-10-01 10:22:42
Not too easy to work RTTY with 100W and a 20m long wire!
I think that is why my mult-count is that low.

I had fun anyway.
Frank, DL3EBX
IK4MGP(@IR4M)   SOAB(A) HP   3,189,7442006-10-01 13:00:09
Good condition saturday on high and low bands for this period,
but not sunday, just some e sporadic on 10m.
Good weather, without snow and high wind, strange for a contest week end!
Thanks to all for the QSOs on this mode, this was my first contest on RTTY...
Thank you Paolo, ik3qar, for your great software!

see you in ssb part,

Fulvio, IK4MGP
VK1AA   SOSB/40 HP   200,0002006-10-01 20:59:21
This simply has to be one of the best contests for me in years!
Despite of having to combine business and pleasure
managed to put enough effort and installed new
'secret weapon' antenna :-) . Antenna performed so well
- and beyond any expectation so current
40m VK record was broken in less than 4 hours!
Great propagation to US and even better to EU
with big guns pushing up to S9+30dB for hours.
S57AW, I4IKW, RU1A were the top signals.

I felt strong and had decent pileup around East Coast sunrise
which resulted in number of usually hard-to-get mults.
But when the band finally open to Eu it was impossible to
find clear frequency. Nevertheless, it was still fun to S+P
and I have enjoyed chasing mults.

Highlight: being called by PY1OL, LU7HN, YV5AAX, HC1JQ and FR5MV
for double mults. Thanks guys - much appreciated.

If all goes well CU on 80m next year. QSL labels are already printed and cards

are going to be distributed via buro.

73, Nick VK1AA
S5ØA   SOSB/80 HP   176,2882006-10-01 23:42:28
Expected better conditions.

Tine Brajnik, S50A
CT3EE   SOSB/40 HP   529,4162006-10-02 04:14:54
Thanks to all the MADEIRA TEAM for their
BIIIIG cooperation. Without them it was not possible
for me to participate in this contest.
Propagation was ok, opening the band sooner than
expected. I was expecting bigger pile-ups. But anyway
Best wishes to all, and thanks to all who worked me
and spotted my call in the cluster.
Antenna: 2 Elem. Monobander (Force 12 Magnum 240)and a Wire Dipol
Radio: Icom 756 ProII
Linear : Ameritron AL-1500
Modem: Kam Plus
Software: WriteLog
Coputer: Portable Computer from LG WindowsXP

Luis -CT3EE
YZ9A   M/S HP   1,823,8442006-10-02 11:02:44
4044 * 451 = 182344 points
SV1DPI   SOAB(A) HP   1,347,6202006-10-05 11:54:51
tnx all for caling me. I really enjoyed the contest.
I started without clusters but i used clusters after 3 hours.
I upgraded my low band ant the last friday and i was happy to see this work
Rig Yaesu mk-v
PA zz750 (500w)
ant: 10-20m 2el quad@19m
40-80m inv-L 40m total length+16radials+11m vert@25m
best 73 Kostas
F5CWU   SOAB(A) HP   2,444,7432006-10-05 18:12:50

2 x FT-1000 MP
HF-2500 + AL-1500

4 slooper 80m
3 els yagi 40m @21m
XP807 @19m
TH6DXX @12m (15m band not ok)
K9AY + beverages

Was a good experience. I used F6FYA's antennas with my rigs and realy enjoyed
the SO2R. I missed 100% of 10m and was not able to hear any signals due to a
very high QRN (s9+) during all the week end. So that's a 50+ multis whom are
missing. I missed also some mults (maybe) saturday morning on 15m. I was
calling for 2 hours on the 40m beam. SWR was good but not sure that it was
really effective. Anyway, I worked some JA, 9M...

I already saw some improvement to do for next year contest. Anyway, tnx to JP
F6FYA/TM4Q who let me use his station at any moment. Was a great week end !
VA3DX   SOAB(A) HP   370,0002006-10-06 09:29:44
Score is close, some mults worked were not counted correctly at first.
CX7BF   SOSB/15 HP   259,4782006-10-08 04:28:46
Station Description: TS850SAT / PA 500 watts
Antenna(s): TH5MK2
Operators: CX7BF
CT3EN   SOSB/15 HP   632,7202006-10-08 06:47:46
First of all let me thank to the Madeira Team members for helping me to
assemble and prepare our contest QTH for this event.
The contest was the way I planned. Petty that I found less participation than
in previous years in this band. Many thanks to all the stations who worked me
and spotted me in the cluster,
See you all in the CQ WW SSB 2006, integrated in the Madeira Team effort.

Best regards to all
Duarte - CT3EN
ON6AT   SOAB LP   78,5352006-10-08 14:34:36
RIG: Kenwood TS530s 80W
Ant: Diamond W8010 High 4.5m
73 de ON6AT Patrick (Ex-ON4CIN)
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   SOAB LP   834,4922006-10-16 05:16:15
TS-850SAT 100W 2elQuad PA3HBB Vertical for 40/80

Great fun as usual. Was on-duty this weekend so had to go at work during
daylight Sunday. I think that caused missing a lot of easy multis on
15 and 10 meters.Total 12 Hours were lost :(.Next year will take a short
leave for sure.Good news is that New push-up mast was successfully installed
at hilltop ( military type ex USSR ).Waiting for better weather to install a
spiderbeam.Preparations for new 3el Vertical array for 40m. and repair of
160m Inv.vees are done so hope to raise everything for CQWW CW.

Thanks for all the QSO's/multis and CU in WAEDC,

73 de Nasko,LZ9R(LZ3YY)
L44DX(LW1DTZ)   SOSB/15 HP   397,9362006-10-23 11:02:25
Wf1b 5.02
6 elem tribander @18mts
TS-850 PA heathkit 400w

Qsl via EA5KB
Tnx all qso.

Tu, Esteban LW1DTZ.
K4AQ   SOAB LP   81,2002006-10-25 20:48:49

WAC: 5 of 6 (missed Asia)

DXCC: 46 unique

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

EU 0 18 43 0 0 61 25.4
SA 0 9 10 5 0 24 10.0
AF 0 3 3 1 0 7 2.9
NA 3 69 66 8 0 146 60.8
OC 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.8

Yaesu FT-897 transceiver with 300-Hz W4RT filter, 50 watts into a 50-foot No
Counterpoise Wire Antenna configured as a sloping vertical favoring northeast
and bottom-fed with an MFJ-16010 L-Network Antenna Tuner. microHAM micro KEYER.
WriteLog 10.60g with MMTTY 1.65d plug-in.

--Matt Lee, K4AQ
DK8EY   SOAB HP   198,2022006-10-26 15:53:09
Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec
3,5 101 191 33 8 3
7 109 239 40 12 9
14 138 325 39 17 18
21 39 102 12 8 14
28 12 20 9 4 0
Total 399 877 133 49 44
Score: 198.202

Drake C line, 5-ele beam, wire-dipole 2x20m, 300 Watts