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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2002   Mar 30   Comment Summary

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VA3DX   SOAB HP   1,671,2102002-03-31 13:35:12
A casual, time restricted effort, lots of fun...
KH6DV   SOSB40 HP   656,6402002-03-31 14:03:44

NW6P(K6RIM)   SOAB HP   549,0432002-03-31 15:33:51
Thanks to Tom, NW6P, for the use of his callsign!

This was an abbreviated effort, due in part to a gorgeous sunny weekend and not
so great band conditions.


NF4A(@N4PN)   M/S HP   12,038,4992002-03-31 16:01:03
Due to QRN, 160, 80 and 40 were basically useless. Our goal was to beat our very
first effort (2001), and we did by 1.8 million points. Everytime we do a M/S
here, we find things to fine tune and that is the case with this effort. As they
say, wait 'til next year.

Red Man is the official chewing tobacco of NF4A in the 2002 SSB WPX.
KN1DX(K4ZW)   SOAB HP   10,476,4462002-03-31 16:13:53
I think this is the first time I operated WPX full time as a single op.
Conditions were quite good but it looks like I need to pay more attention to
multipliers next time.

Ken K4ZW
N6WIN(@W2IJ)   SOSB15 HP   1,452,3202002-03-31 16:17:01
Worked from W2IJ's location in Alta Loma, 2nd contest operation since 1993 and
had a blast. This time I wanted to put in 30 hours operation so my goal of
operating was much closer to what I wanted to put in compared with ARRL SSB
2002. This was my 1st contest using high power... what a difference it makes in
holding a frequency. Busting into Europe from under the mountains we have here
was so much easier with the extra smoke.

Goals were 1000 Q's and 1 million points, blasted right through that. Learned a
lot about running a frequency. Don't know how you guys put in all 48 hours, I
need to get some of the same stuff that your drinking and eating, too easily
distracted with non-radio things going on.

Used my Writelog software for the 1st time and was very happy with it.

I set the main goal on taking 1st place in California for my classification, not
exactly like there is a lot of Single Band competition, but will still be
surprised if I did it.

Equipment was:
Kenwood TS-950S
Cushcraft A4S at 65 feet
Alpha 77
N4YDU   SO(TS)AB LP   1,385,2672002-03-31 16:28:50
Radio: IC 756 PRO

Antennas: TA33 Junior at 35 feet, wires for low bands
W6ZZZ   SOAB LP   13,9442002-03-31 16:37:34
Highlight - working HC8N, WP2Z and ZF2AF on 15m (fellow NCCCers).
VE7IN   SOSB15 LP   467,0402002-03-31 16:42:27
Friday night conditions sure looked great from here. I was intending on a casual
effort due to wanting to work on building my workbench for my (finally)
electronic workshop.The Saturday morning conditions certainly said I was going
to be able to spend some time doing that. Conditions did pick up later in the
morning, the same thing happening on Sunday with I believe Sunday being the
better of the days.
Thanks all for the Q's.
73 Earl VE7IN
AA5NT   M/S HP   6,858,2122002-03-31 16:53:00
Bad WX and several thunderstorms took us off the air for almost 7.5 hours. The
static crashes and rain static impacted the operation well beyond those hours.
The score was better than last year, but would have been far better if we had
better weather.

Good condx aside from the local wx.

Really enjoyed the slightly less hectic pace of this contest.
VA3TTT   SOAB QRP   539,0762002-03-31 17:00:26
Great contest!
Condition was not so good, especially at first day. Very high level of noice on
7 Mc.
Thanks all of them who answered me during the contest.
See you again.
73, best regards.
Alex, VA3TTT
W3LL   SO(TS)AB LP   592,0202002-03-31 17:17:14
Inverted V's on all bands at 50 feet in a tree and 100W. A lot of fun with lots
of activity.
KX8R(K8DX)   SOSB20 HP   3,244,4942002-03-31 17:18:02
Made a deal with my wife that I could operate a little bit of the contest as
long as it didn't interfere with Easter weekend family activities. Figured
was a good place to stay, since I would only be on after the kids went to bed.
Operated from the start, then quite just before daylight. Got a few hours of
sleep, and then hung out with the family until about 0200Z. Operated until
about 0700Z when the rate dropped, and I started to feel ill. Thought I'd
for an hour and I might feel better then. As it turns out, got the full-blown
flu, missed church and a big Easter feast. So much for planning!

KØUK   SO(A)AB LP   157,0842002-03-31 17:25:27
Spring Time in the was just great out side..Warm sun for spring
sking or mountain biking in the adobies or desert..Time to Barbeque and enjoy
life. Now thats what I call living..HI...But the radio beckeons one to turn to
the shack and look at the computer screen. I did that too...
So much to do and so little time to do it in..Had fun tho, and should have spent
more time on 40mtrs but you got to sleep some time..Plus it was Easter and
service at church was great ..Praise the Lord for his Son Jesus Christ Keep
Praying ...PTL and see you in the next one Go GMCC..Trucking on to Greater
Heights..bill brown K0UK
W1AMF   SOAB QRP   339,5122002-03-31 17:27:41
Have to laugh because my QSO total was only 1 more than the CQ WW DX Contest
which I operated QRP. I love this little FT-817! Ran a TH-3 on 20 and 15 and a 4
element Mosley antenna (GS-33) or now known as the MD-10, vintage 1968 but is
new out of the box in 2002. Will expand it to 6 Elemnets when the weather
permits. Thanks for the patience with my 'weak' signal...73 Bob W1AMF
K7UAZ(N4OGW)   SOAB HP   1,365,8552002-03-31 17:56:27
Part time effort- operated friday evening, saturday morning, and sunday
afternoon. K7UAZ is the club station of the University of Arizona

10: 5 el
15: 4 el
20: 4 el
40: inv vee
Omni VI + Henry 3KA

AK3Z(@WX3B)   M/M HP   1,674,0902002-03-31 18:00:49
Dear Fellow CCARC and PVRC Members;

This was a great part time effort - lots of good QSOs and fun.

Highlights were having four of five stations going at once - and a few good
European runs on 20 late at night, and 15 early morning. Sure wish we could
have operated a bit more. Happy Easter to All.

Looking forward to summer, and WPX CW during Memorial Day weekend!


Jim Nitzberg WX3B [AK3Z in WPX]
K8KHZ   SO(R)AB LP   348,3482002-03-31 18:02:00
This is a Rookie under 3yrs submission. The form does not have the choice.
ZV2V(PY2LED)   SOSB10 HP   10,082,0942002-03-31 18:16:16

FT707(90W) + L-4B(500W)
VE3BUC   SO(TS)AB LP   1,339,8882002-03-31 18:30:31
Station Description:
Antenna(s): Mosley TA-33Jr, Alpha Delta DX/DD
Operators: VE3BUC

This contest was an interesting contrast working low power this year after QRP

in 2001. Conditions seemed especially good the first few hours of the contest
but then deteriorated on Saturday. Sunday conditions came back and I made a
personal best of over 1000 Qs in any contest from my home station.
Thanks to everyone for all the contacts.

WK4R(K4XS)   SOAB HP   11,239,0082002-03-31 18:35:49
Cograts to KM3T and KQ2M.
I broke the old total qso record and the old multiplier record, but still got
My first break was unscheduled. In the middle of a 150 hour at 0000Z the the
coax seemed totally shorted on all bands. It seems like the coax decided to fry
itself out at the PL 259. I spent my first break at 0045 tracing the faulty
cable and preparing a new PL-259. By that time 10 meters was gone.
Other than that I had a ball....runs were deep and long.
KQ6LQ(K6III)   SO(A)AB HP   736,1482002-03-31 19:00:50
Kilo Quebec Six Lima Quebec.... say that real fast a few times.... what a
mouthful! Need a voice keyer for that one! Don't think I will use it for the CW
weekend. Strange propagation this weekend.
de Jerry/k6iii
San Jose, CA
NX5M   M/S HP   8,170,0032002-03-31 19:17:17
AAØNW(WØAH)   SOSB15 LP   1,487,6522002-03-31 19:45:11
In February, CQ magazine published the all-time WPX SSB records. The all-time
15M LP record (869K)was so much worse than the 10M and 20M records (both well
over 2M) that many of us probably went after the 15M record. That goal, and the
desire to get some sleep, decided it. The old 5 element Hygain monobander (at
50') that I put up last October would get a workout. Pretty good conditions to
Eurasia Friday night local time before the band closed. Conditions to Europe
were poor Saturday morning (almost no runs), but much better Sunday morning. I
was amazed to be called by several Israel stations Saturday night past
midnight(Israel time) when no Europeans were heard.
Used my JRC-245 at 100 watts and Writelog software. Thanks to friend Don,
AA0NW, for the use of his call. Several of us plan to attempt a multi/multi
here for the WPX CW. We could use another operator or two and some help getting
the station ready.
Doug W0AH Woodland Park CO
VC6R(VE5MX)   SOAB HP   8,746,0002002-03-31 20:11:16
QSL via VE5MX (music to my ears..... VE6JY)
N1SNB   SO(A)AB LP   1,429,0002002-03-31 20:13:07
This is an all time best for me from home station, 1000 QSOs in a SSB contest is
unheard of for me! So some sort of story is called for....

I operated this contest from my home in Manchester, where I have a very limited
station and can only run about 100w before bringing havoc to the TVs and
telephones of the five houses within 50 yards of my backyard. ( I was very
tempted to turn the AL-1200 afterburner on in the middle of the night but
decided against it)I only had 2 TVI complaints...not bad!
In preperation for the contest I put up an 80 dipole and a tribander to
compliment my antenna farm. The 80m dipole was a waste, as I already have a
giant 80m vertical. I envisioned great 1point qso runs on 80m, but to no luck as
80m was not overly active. The tribander worked well, but with only 100 wa
tts and a rope rotar I was unable to get any runs going for more than a few
minutes. 100 watts really sucks on 40m SSB, but I would judge it to my
best band. I was very pleased with the 95 EU QSOs on 40 plus A6, JA, KH7 and
were all really exciting with a 33 foot vertical. 40m CW has also been my
favorite band, so in the name of conformity I extend 40 SSB the same
Saturday was very very rough in the morning and got off to a slow start. In the
morning EU couldnt hear me on 20 or 15 and I couldnt hear them on 10, condx
recovered though. I could hear many stations throughout the whole contest on 20m
who just could not hear me, which is ultra frustrating. High noise levels or bad
signal? both!
On Sunday, their was a great Oceania opening and I worked 4W, ZL, VK (6 of
them)and YB0 with a vertical antenna. The rest of Sunday was pretty non exciting
and was peppered with family events.

I enjoyed working so many friends and familiar calls, its what keeps me coming

Yaesu FT-890
80m/Dipole+loaded 25' vert
40m/full quarterwave vert
20/15/10 tribander + verts

AL-1200 afterburner decommissioned and not on active duty.

I am pysched for WPX CW, hopefully with a full 38 hr effort and good conditions
I can reach the coveted 2000 QSO mark.

73 Jeff N1SNB
W3SE   SO(TS)SB20 QRP   57,9612002-03-31 20:13:25
Thanks to those that pulled my signal out of the noise. Great condx to EU on
Friday night. Seemed to drop off early on Sat night. Here at my QTH, zero prop
any where during the day.


Wes, W3SE
XE2AC   SOSB15 HP   628,4082002-03-31 20:31:48
Great conditions to Europe. Very surprised to be called by a SV station.
Family commitments prevent me to operate more.
Just 13 hrs operating. CU on the CW event.

KI5DR(@W5KFT)   SOAB LP   1,017,5242002-03-31 20:38:26
Nasty Cold front blew through Saturday morning early. No damage, but off the
air nearly 6 hours. Stopped late Saturday night to get home for Easter as well,
otherwise the kids would steal my Jelly Beans!

Had a wonderful time! Special thanks to Robert K5PI and Bryan W5KFT for their
hospitality and for the use of a wonderful station.

NX9T   SO(TS)AB HP   1,425,7602002-03-31 21:03:38
Due to the contest falling on Easter weekend this year my operations were
severly limited(11 hours). Still had a great time! 73, Jeff NX9T

Single 3-500z
2 El. Quad @ 73'
40m RD @ 75'
80/160m wires
VA3KA(@VE3QAA)   SOSB160 HP   55,8722002-03-31 21:08:52
Thanks again to Bert VE3QAA for the use of his antenna farm and Alpha Amp!

Yaesu FT-900 (and FT-757GX after FT-900 quit)
Alpha 87
100 ft vertical c/w 120 radials and a parasitic element tuned as a reflector
(NE) or as a driector (SW) or untuned for omni.

Had a lot of fun and great success operating from here during the CQ160 SSB
contest last month, so thought I would try another Single Band 160 during WPX.

Very noisy (S9+) most of the weekend and not a lot of stations on 160. A lot of
effort to pull station in. Bert promised his beverages will be ready for next
winter! Tried to keep up the pace with VY2ZM but started to fall behind after
about 4 hours into the contest. He was working stations I could not hear.
Congrats Jeff on building a great station. Going to be hard work to unseat Jeff
when he operates from PEI on 160.

Highlights: Being called by OA4O and KH7R near my sunrise through the noise!

Will likely not repeat a 160 single band during WPX until the suspots decline a
bit more!
AA6PW   SOAB LP   1,105,1462002-03-31 21:18:03
Wanted to make a more serious effort, but holiday commitments minimized the
operating time. JA activity seems to be down and Saturday morning 10M to Europe
was non-existent. Europe was wide open early Saturday evening on 20 and
conditions held for many hours. The WPX is one of my favorites and had a good
time. Thanks for the Q's.

KTØR   M/S HP   1,641,0012002-03-31 22:32:52
I always enjoy this contest,but now the season is mostly over, has
been a great year. This was more of a casual effort. Lack of operators
due to Easter weekend. Only about 24 hours of operation on the air.
Bands started out rather poor, But Sunday morning bands pick up and
had some good rates on Sunday. The lows bands were not real productive.
Fun to work old friends and meet some new ones. Thanks to Al for stopping
over for a few hours on Saturday. See you all next year.

Vry 73 Dave KT0R
E21EIC(@HS1CHB)   SOAB HP   1,704,5102002-03-31 22:39:55
Khun Fred K3ZO very strong signal 59++ to Thailand on 10m at 1500z-1530z on Mar

73 de Champ - E21EIC,XW1IC
K3ZO   SOAB HP   8,885,5562002-04-01 00:12:47
Equipment: FT-1000-MP -> Titan 425
Antennas: 80: 3-el KLM Yagi @ 140'
40: 3-el Telrex Yagi @ 94'
20: 6-el Telrex Yagi @ 150'
4-el W6PU dual-driven Quad @ 78'
15: 8-el Telrex Yagi @ 155'
10: 4-el W6PU dual-driven Quad @ 78'

Times off: 30 March:
31 March:

With the rotor on the quad pretty much inoperable I kept the quad pointed at
Europe which was probably a good idea anyway. With the K index at 3 and 4
for much of the weekend I worked no JA's on 10 and few anywhere else (though
Indonesia and Thailand stations were loud on 10 the second day during the
European opening). My 20-meter Yagi, which is too high to be much good at
this point in the sunspot cycle, turned out to be a killer in the wee hours
of the morning under these disturbed conditions. My score was up from the
last couple of years because I disciplined myself to run, run, run rather
than doing much S&P, not to change bands as long as the rate clock stayed
above 100, and not to waste too much time on the low bands even though DX
QSOs were worth twice the points. The humid weather on Sunday knocked out
most of my line noise and made it possible to pull in stations I would not
normally hear.
M7W(G4IIY)   SOSB10 LP   219,8762002-04-01 00:59:23
100 watts to a groundplane was simply inadequate this weekend on 10m with the
band the way it was. I just could not hold a run frequency. Having to give so
many repeats of the exchange speaks volumes. Looking today, I see that even the
unique multiplier (M7)was not enough to attract spots on the cluster until late
Sunday afternoon. But it was still fun and I am sure that the CW leg will be a
bit more lively.
PAØJED   SO(TS)AB LP   163,3332002-04-01 01:21:38
Whole weekend 58/9 power line(?) QRM, couldn't find the source.
So all stations QSO'ed real 59.
73 jan pa0jed
ZC4BS   SOAB LP   3,629,9512002-04-01 01:51:45
Thunder, Gale force winds and 700ft of wire in the air made for a
noisy tough contest. My GP was radiating in both vertical and
horizontal planes on 10m (hence a good score on that band!!).
Lessons learned are low power will not cut it on the low bands.
And maybe I should have done single band 10M (low power)
Highlights must be being called by ZD9 and EL - the struggle was
worth it these alone!!
See u all next year but at the other end of the pileup as a lowly G4 !!!
UA9FM   SOAB HP   605,8802002-04-01 02:04:25
Hi!Part timt participftion as usual. Phone is not my favorite mode. For sure I
need a voice machine! Condx here was up and down. But down at the moment best
time of long distance propagation e.g. to US. Can not run US nor JA but only EU.
It looks like I worked low power. Little Sun disturbances cause hert at 59 deg.
of North nearly dead 20 except big guns, when Italiens run US all night. No one
from US on 20 with 5 letters callsigns. Pity! But Friday morning made a real
pileup on 15. And very very few JA on all bands. Quite strange. Anyway this time
worked all dx which could hear, but not so much chased. Outstanding sigs FM5GU
KN1DX KI1G on 20 and AL1G KI1G W4MYA on 15.
Contest was a fun as usual!
CU in CW leg.
73 ua9fm
NØKE(@WBØGAZ)   SOAB QRP   1,057,6282002-04-01 02:09:47
Thanks again this year to Dave, WB0GAZ, for the use of his station south of
Denver. The C49XR sure helps with QRP plus the 2nd tribander to cover a 2nd
direction is a big plus. I apologize to the 160m op at NR6O who took the time
and finally pulled my QRP signal thru as I was loading up the 2 el 40 with the
tunner in the FT1000MP. It did not want to have anything to do with the 80m
inverted V. Conditions were definitely better Sunday to Europe with the opening
much deeper to the east. On Saturday on 10m I wasn't able to work further east
than France and Sunday got to UA6 and UB5. The only JA opening on 10m was on
Friday night for the first few hours. Some of the choicer DX worked was 2 JT1 on
10m, A61AJ 15 and 20, 3V8BB 20 and 10, JY9NX 20, EK8ZZ 20 and 15, 9G5MD 15 at
0400z, and 9K2K 20. See you from TI5X(TI5KD stn) for WPX CW. 73 Phil N0KE
VO1TA(VO1WET)   SO(TS)AB HP   4,461,6332002-04-01 03:32:34
First time using new call, seems to work fine, did not have to repeat as much as
I did with vo1wet, weird band conds on 10, 15 and 20 were wild with lots of
activity. looking foreward to the wpx cw coming up 73 WAYNE

kenwd 450
mosley cl33 @30 ft
ameritron al 80a
dipoles for 40 and 80
WC4E   SOAB HP   8,171,1502002-04-01 03:53:53
Fun contest, Thanks to NS4W (@N4TO) for making it interesting.
Hope to see everyone in the Florida QSO Party April 27/28th.
DL4MCF   SOAB LP   2,565,4862002-04-01 04:06:57
Great fun also with 100 W !
See you in the next contest !

vy 73 de Tom, DL4MCF
NV4X(K4MA)   SO(A)AB HP   7,581,1202002-04-01 04:40:53
Despite missing a few key hours due to some honey-do's and a line
of thunderstorms that came through, I beat last year's winning score
for Assisted, but it won't be good enough this year.

Wow! There were some great numbers from the US boys.
Congrats to all!

73, Jim K4MA
TG9AJR   SO(A)AB LP   180,2642002-04-01 05:01:11
Very busy working weekend but had fun, 100w and a vertical.
VE3HG   SO(A)AB HP   1,909,8482002-04-01 05:14:48
Conditions were terrific. All VKs 10db/S9 including one guy running 100 watts
into a dipole! YB station answered my CQ! Ran 1KW for second time (IC-756 & TH-3
& low band sloper) and still no angry neighbours. Must be doing something right
but couldn't get software voice keyer to work with amp. Noticed very few voice
keyer levels setup properly. For me, best personal score ever. Thanks to all
especially VE3RZ and VE3HKC and harmonic for dropping by Sat. morning to offer
encouragement. 73 - Peter
YT6A   SOSB160 HP   410,0002002-04-01 06:02:23
Trying to come close to LY7A EU record, but conditions was so poor. Maybe next
Big signal from VY3ZO all the time. VE1ZZ come very early (at 2200 GMt) and
make me hapier.
FT1000D + 1K + vertical wire + beverages.


MØGTO   SO(R)SB10 LP   57,2682002-04-01 06:04:38
Only my second contest and a very lowly score but big oaks from little acorns
and all that. An E-W dipole at 20ft agl is a handicap in itself,let alone the
electrical noise which was S5-8 most of the time. My major disappointments were
in hearing JA6 and JR3 at good strength around 13.00 Sunday but not getting
through. Till next time anyway!
K5TWJ   SO(A)AB HP   423,8502002-04-01 06:07:48
Wow! What an experience. This was my first solo effort. I looked at myself in
the mirror afterward and scared myself! It was fun hearing my local friends
making contacts while I was tuning the bands. 73.
K8EP   SOAB LP   2,166,6692002-04-01 06:08:56
Had fun with new FT1000MP and an IC706 as Radio 2. Thanks go to Tom at Force 12
for sending 2 replacement elements for my 15M antenna within 10 days. The
ladder holding the 10 and 15 M beams came down in a 60mph gust 3 weekends ago
and I was able to get them back up last weekend. Otherwise, all other antennas
are wires.

Conditions were weird on Sat morning. Very late openings into EU on 10 and 15.
Much more like expected on Sunday. I had my best rates on Sunday am between 8
and 10am local.
PY2NDX   SOAB LP   5,352,2642002-04-01 06:38:07
KA4RRU   SO(A)AB HP   553,8132002-04-01 07:16:34
Within 13 hours of op time:

most of the time S and P'ing

did high power, low power and qrp
also did not use packet for first 6 hours.
1st half of the contest with writelog and second half with DX4WIN (easy to
export back and forth.
Great to work all the familiar (old) call signs!

Bottom line: Had fun!
KM3T(@KC1XX)   SOAB HP   11,700,0012002-04-01 07:36:19
- SO1R operation, rolling the chair from band to band as KC1XX is set up for
- Disturbed condx made for interesting offtime strategy, always a fun part of
this contest
- Getting better at sleeping and actually waking up on time
- Looking forward to serious log checking :-)
- Tnx to Matt and Christine for having me over!
KD5REC   M/S HP   2,142,1532002-04-01 07:40:22
Had a chance to play around off and on for about half the contest using just our
multiplier tower and antenna(s), TH7 @60 and 402-CD @ 72ft; with RF produced and
enHANCEd (nothing to do with K5NZ!!)by a 765 and QROHF2500. I don't think we
made any 40/80/160 Q's. The lightning storm hit about 1200UTC Saturday and
rained all Saturday morning. Boy, repeating a 2 x 3 call is a mouthful, thank
goodness for W9XT card! Can't wait for the CW weekend(n5qq).
NX6T(K6AM)   SO(TS)AB LP   1,530,9002002-04-01 08:16:07
20 meters came through to EU both nights. Unfortunately, it was a big struggle
on 10/15 in the morning. Scores on both those bands down from last year.

Thanks to everyone for the Q's and QSY's. It really helped.
WBØTRA   SOAB LP   442,3232002-04-01 08:42:51
I found 80m & 40m very noisy; got a few Qs but all were difficult. I also
confirmed that I have a bad run of coax up to the dipole. I think that cost me
on low band contacts, plus contributing to some RF in the shack. I took time
off from operating for doing station demos for budding contesters, and hopefully
hooked a couple for future operations. My high point of the contest was hooking
A61AJ for new country # 197. Never been able to break the pileup on him before,
but found him CQing and lonely at one point during the contest. I discovered
after the contest that two spots had been posted for me on the cluster while I
was attempting a run on 15m. I didn't know at the time, but thanks guys. I had
nearly a dozen contacts thank me for the multiplier. Did we not have enough
WB0s on the air?

EA1EEY   M/S HP   10,376,0902002-04-01 08:50:26
10 mtrs. sunday evening wondefull condx with USA. Many stations with low
We hope they all send them lists.

Thank you.
LRØN   M/S HP   13,651,6502002-04-01 08:53:00
JY9NX(JM1CAX)   SO(TS)AB HP   14,287,0102002-04-01 09:13:25

You can check my "tribander and single element" at:

Not enough to break my own TS World Record. Perhaps I
shouldn't have spent much time on low bands. It was so hard
when I had to shut down in the middle of a good run on 20m
in order to secure necessary rest time. Same mistake as the
previous year but couldn't help it for juicy double points.

Sunday was not as good as Saturday and it didn't give me
an impressive condex, runs were quite slow.

The next would be WPX CW and then Helsinki....

73 de Koji JY9NX/JM1CAX
PX2W(PY2YU)   SOSB10 LP   6,306,9442002-04-01 09:49:39
KD7ORP(KL9A)   SO(TS)AB LP   1,930,4852002-04-01 10:04:01
First few hours were awesome! Then I wanted to quit. :) Condx here in the NW
seemed worse than anywhere else. I Heard W6's working EU and JA on 15 and 20
when I never heard anything. Being south definitely helped on the west coast
this year. Not much to speak of on 10m the first day, not even stateside. It
opened about 3 or 4 hours late into SA, and that was it. 15 opened for about 2
or 3 hours (late) into Europe, so that was fun. I took a lot of off time the
first day (8 hours) with hopes that condx would be better. No sense doing 15/hr
all night! Condx were better on sunday, but still bad. 15 was good into EU
though, and I held 21305 with my 100w and TH7 with the rate meter at 90/hr for
about 30 mins into EU! That was cool. 10 was open to Europe skew path, about
60-70 degrees, but it was good for several q's. Could finally run States too.
No JA on saturday or sunday. Goal was not met at all, but I think I did ok
considering condx. Took 4 extra hours off due to condx. Just couldn't hear
anything! Seemed like west coast got hit really hard.

This contest made possible by KB9UWU who sent me a tuner so I could get 100w out
of the antenna and not 20. Thanks Matt, you da man. I also had my Heil headset
from home, so no handmic! Thanks Dad. :)

Some great scores this year from DX. P41P, D44TD, HC8N... big nrs. Will be
interested to see how the KL7 battle turned out.'s all about the points per qso....

-Chris KL9A
ZY2W(PT2ND)   SO(A)SB10 LP   815,6852002-04-01 10:06:40
TS-440S, Vertical 5/8 for 10m
QSLs ok via bureau and direct via PT2ND:
Noel Peixoto Schechtman
QI 09 Conjunto 11 Casa 16
Brasilia - DF

73 to all,
Noel - PT2ND (ZY2W in contest)
WV2LI(@N2GA)   M/S LP   1,313,6402002-04-01 10:12:30
Diane K2DO and I ran low power from our home QTH on Long Island.
A decidedly low-key effort with Easter and other family obligations. Conditions
seemed pretty good overall on the high bands with some atmospheric noise on both
10 and 15.

CU all in WPX CW as WV2LI, SOAB LP.

Equipment: Yaesu FT1000, Force 12 C3S at 41 feet.

73, George N2GA
WT6V(N6IG)   SOAB HP   7,929,1802002-04-01 10:24:38
Boy, it really sucked being back in W6 this year for this contest. Got off to
great start with 1200 QSOs in the first 8 hours, then we had our wonderful
flare. Didn't even hear a Eurpoean on 15 until after 1700Z, then very slow
rate. Got good around 19Z, but by then it was too late. Thanks for all the
contacts, it was an interesting weekend despite the frustration.
S59CAB(S53MM)   SOSB80 HP   1,007,0662002-04-01 10:25:35
RIG: 2 phased verticals, 1500W
I think the only light thing in this contest was numerous DX QSOs with stations
from all over the world.

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

AS 0 41 0 0 0 0 41 5.0
EU 0 646 0 0 0 0 646 79.0
AF 0 8 0 0 0 0 8 1.0
NA 0 105 0 0 0 0 105 12.8
SA 0 14 0 0 0 0 14 1.7
OC 0 3 0 0 0 0 3 0.4

KS9K(N4TZ)   SOAB LP   2,667,9722002-04-01 10:49:34
Interesting to see many of the East Coast crowd crowing
over the great conditions this contest weekend. From
here, it was definitely a mixed bag. The conditions
didn't seem as good as last year, since I couldn't find
as many people to call while searching and pouncing.
Therefore, I had no choice but to call CQ.....

I spent the same total amount of time on each of the
four lower bands, 160, 80, 40 and 20 meters, as last year,
but had fewer contacts on each of those bands.
I spent two hours less time on 15 with about the same
average hourly rate as last year. I used the two extra
hours Sunday on 10 meters, with substantially more time
spent CQing (because of the lack of prey for S&Ping).
As a result, I worked about 250 more Europeans on 10
than I did last year.

My best run occured 2300z Saturday to 0100z Sunday on
15 meters working a mix of JAs and west coast types.
JA activity heard here was way down on 10 meters after
the initial burst at the beginning of the contest
Friday night.

Sunday I was plagued with a constant S3 atmospheric
noise from all directions (most of the day) and on
all bands. The DSP in the rig helped some.

My score improved over last year for three reasons: more
contacts on 10 meters, which resulted in more prefixes.
Third, I worked about 20 percent fewer stateside
stations (I couldn't find any new ones to work in
my S&Ping), so the points per contact increased.

As a low power operator, it will be hard to say
farewell to 10 meters.
NS4W(@N4TO)   SOAB HP   7,592,3302002-04-01 10:58:24
This was my first SOAB effort outside the Tribander world of my College Station
(K4UCF). Not really knowing what to expect, i tried to gather as much
information as i could from other ops. Since my friend KL9A did 3000 from W4AN
last yr, I figured that was a good a goal as any.

Decided to start the test on 20m to assure i had a good freq. I also figured the
rate would be better than tring to fight W6/W7's for JA. I was averaging 120/hr
for the 1st 6 hrs on 20m. Spent some time on the lowbands after that and then
took offtime. 15M was hot by 11z and then moved to 10M by 13:30. Alternated 10
and 15 in the late afternoon till 20 picked up and then stayed there again most
of the evening.

My choice of a big 7:30 offtime sunday morning was probably not the smartest
thing to do tactically, but since i had to drive the 2 hrs back home right after
the test, it was required. Sunday was interesting to say the least. Many AS
calling at our dawn. Some YB's were 20-30db louder than the EU. 10/15 were
slower as expected but did manage some 100+/hrs. AS also came back at sunset.
Many good mults such as BV, multitudes of JA, HS, etc, called in.

Overall, Im happy with the result. I could have done alot better in many
respects. Im questioning my offtimes for one thing. I should have also hit 40/80
harder. A 2nd radio would have helepd but the station is not setup for SO2R.

Congrats go out to all the NE guys with those massive scores. A big thanks goes
to Vic, N4TO for letting me use his Great Station! Dont have many opportunities
down here to guestop or multiop. Thats something i want to do more of in the


Ulysses Rodriguez - NS4W (EX:KD4RWN)
President - University Of Central Florida ARC (K4UCF)
Member: ARRL, FCG, WWYC # 77
ABØMV   SOAB LP   36,9052002-04-01 11:06:23
Only operated a very short time. Very happy to work AL1G and several other YLs.
WS4NC(N4VHK)   SOAB LP   52,0292002-04-01 11:43:37
Notes: Bad weekend with the Easter holiday- Could only muster
2 hours of operation- But 2 fun hours- especially being
"new meat" near the end-
CU in the CW test!

Henry Heidtmann, N4VHK/W4WS
934 Franklin Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
K5TR   SOAB LP   3,423,0302002-04-01 11:44:03
Callsign Used : K5TR
Station Used: K5TR
Op: K5TR
Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Prefixes

160SSB 3 3 3 0
80SSB 40 40 73 8
40SSB 71 71 195 18
20SSB 596 591 1122 247
15SSB 749 746 1448 256
10SSB 741 732 1514 257

Totals 2200 2183 4355 786

Final Score = 3423030 points.

Second radio QSOs

Total: 668

By band:

160 80 40 20 15 10
--- --- --- --- --- ---
3 38 26 155 316 129



160 - Inverted L with 4 elevated radials.

80 - Half wave sloping dipole - sloped NE from 80'.
- NE/SW unterminated beverage about 500' long.
- NW/SE unterminated beverage about 500' long.

40 - Cushcraft 40-2CD at 97'
- Dipole NW/SW at 120'

20 - 6 element 44' boom yagi at 90'
- 6 element 44' boom yagi fixed NW at 40'
- Cushcraft 4 element yagi fixed on South America at 60'

15 - Cushcraft 4 element yagi at 70'
- Telrex 3 element yagi at 35' fixed on South America

10 - Cushcraft 4 element yagi at 60'
- 6 element 24' boom yagi at 30' fixed on Europe

Continent List

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- ---
USA calls = 3 31 43 303 355 305 1040
VE calls = 0 5 6 40 59 57 167
N.A. calls = 0 1 2 5 21 15 44
S.A. calls = 0 2 8 8 37 49 104
Euro calls = 0 1 6 176 148 214 545
Afrc calls = 0 0 2 6 12 13 33
Asia calls = 0 0 0 19 20 9 48
JA calls = 0 0 2 19 83 57 161
Ocen calls = 0 0 2 15 11 13 41

Total calls = 3 40 71 591 746 732 2183

HR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOTAL SCORE
-- ----- ------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ------ --------- -----
0 --- --- --- --- 40/33 54/46 94/79 94/79 0.01M
1 --- --- --- 29/23 15/10 26/15 70/48 164/127 0.04M
2 --- --- --- 44/35 --- 23/17 67/52 231/179 0.08M
3 --- --- --- --- 44/25 9/6 53/31 284/210 0.12M
4 --- 1/1 --- 44/33 34/15 --- 79/49 363/259 0.19M
5 --- 7/0 8/5 26/11 3/3 2/1 46/20 409/279 0.24M
6 --- 13/3 7/3 49/26 --- --- 69/32 478/311 0.30M
7 --- 4/3 5/1 43/17 --- --- 52/21 530/332 0.36M
8 --- --- --- 6/2 --- --- 6/2 536/334 0.36M
9 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 536/334 0.36M
10 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 536/334 0.36M
11 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 536/334 0.36M
12 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 536/334 0.36M
13 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 536/334 0.36M
14 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 536/334 0.36M
15 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 536/334 0.36M
16 --- --- --- 3/1 9/8 53/22 65/31 601/365 0.44M
17 --- --- --- --- 32/17 46/13 78/30 679/395 0.54M
18 --- --- --- 5/1 26/9 34/16 65/26 744/421 0.62M
19 --- --- --- --- 61/18 26/11 87/29 831/450 0.74M
20 --- --- --- --- 44/16 23/9 67/25 898/475 0.84M
21 --- --- --- 1/1 19/4 49/8 69/13 967/488 0.91M
22 --- --- --- --- 19/5 32/4 51/9 1018/497 0.98M
23 --- --- --- 22/7 13/2 7/3 42/12 1060/509 1.05M
0 --- --- --- --- 62/15 12/8 74/23 1134/532 1.17M
1 --- --- --- 12/4 44/10 7/3 63/17 1197/549 1.29M
2 --- --- --- 44/15 18/5 --- 62/20 1259/569 1.41M
3 --- --- --- 30/8 4/3 --- 34/11 1293/580 1.47M
4 --- 11/1 1/0 55/15 1/0 --- 68/16 1361/596 1.58M
5 --- --- 6/0 60/22 --- --- 66/22 1427/618 1.72M
6 --- --- 18/4 35/7 --- --- 53/11 1480/629 1.82M
7 --- --- 20/5 25/7 --- --- 45/12 1525/641 1.94M
8 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1525/641 1.94M
9 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1525/641 1.94M
10 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1525/641 1.94M
11 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1525/641 1.94M
12 1/0 2/0 4/0 18/4 14/7 6/2 45/13 1570/654 2.05M
13 --- --- --- 1/0 5/4 38/12 44/16 1614/670 2.18M
14 --- --- --- --- 15/2 32/10 47/12 1661/682 2.31M
15 --- --- --- --- 10/6 24/6 34/12 1695/694 2.41M
16 --- --- --- --- 5/0 50/15 55/15 1750/709 2.57M
17 --- --- --- --- 10/5 39/7 49/12 1799/721 2.70M
18 --- --- --- --- 4/0 35/6 39/6 1838/727 2.79M
19 --- --- --- --- 3/0 47/6 50/6 1888/733 2.87M
20 --- --- --- --- 45/9 35/7 80/16 1968/749 3.02M
21 2/0 2/0 2/0 1/0 58/6 10/2 75/8 2043/757 3.13M
22 --- --- --- 19/4 36/7 5/1 60/12 2103/769 3.24M
23 --- --- --- 19/4 53/12 8/1 80/17 2183/786 3.42M
D1 0/0 25/7 20/9 272/157 359/165 384/171 1060/509
D2 3/0 15/1 51/9 319/90 387/91 348/86 1123/277
TO 3/0 40/8 71/18 591/247 746/256 732/257 2183/786
TM2Y(F6BEE)   SOAB HP   6,765,5462002-04-01 11:49:52
75 m sounded good especially on sunday morning but participation was low
Most of the US 10 m run happened on sunday. 20 m was a real mess.
As I've not operated S/All in WPX SSB for many years, I certainly did some of
the usual strategy mistakes with low/high bands ratio and rest periods.
I had a very slow start and some technical problems (mainly RFI and modulation)
and also discovered that the NW beverage installed on friday night didn't work
when I needed it. Small bone glass isolators are fragile .....

No 160m as some water got into a coax joint and fried the SO-238 barrel and
connectors as soon as I tried tuning the amplifier when testing the station
before the contest. Rest periods are great to investigate failures and do
in-contest fixes !
Anyway, I had fun when the station started performing almost normally on sunday.
ZD9IR called me in the last hours.
Funniest event : spotted a needed prefix from Ukraine on 10m, good signal but
with a strange modulation. Called him a couple of times and finally went to his
fundamental frequency on 20 m to work him ! Is this considered Multi Multi

Continent Statistics
TM2Y CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST Single Operator 31 Mar 2002 2359z

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent

North America SSB 0 76 165 400 383 609 1633 62.5
South America SSB 0 4 9 16 38 45 112 4.3
Europe SSB 0 75 140 76 191 114 596 22.8
Asia SSB 0 3 8 25 138 42 216 8.3
Africa SSB 0 3 4 7 16 7 37 1.4
Oceania SSB 0 0 0 3 10 4 17 0.7
WZ7ZR(W7ZR)   SO(A)AB HP   2,788,5272002-04-01 12:07:07
Fun again. Saturday morning was great on 20M into Europe. Rate was as good as
the first two hours of the contest. So Sunday morning got up earlier. What a
disappointment. It was terrible until about 1700Z when the 10M path returned to
normal instead of over South Africa to Europe.
YTØA(YU1AO)   SOSB10 HP   4,970,0002002-04-01 12:11:15
Checking if new hilltop QTH is worth building a station before Ham Radio
Contesting dissappear from real life...

This was a mere race with locals YZ1AU and YZ9A who promissed to teach me lesson
on 10 meters. They had a chance, since I was asleep Saturday morning for more
than an hour, due to exhaustive weekdays before test, and ending early Saturday
eve, due to bad calculations of rest periods. I figured that 14 hours Sat. plus
12 hours Sund. will make required 36 hours. Discovered later that 14+12 makes
26. Oh least score was calculated by CT9.46

Durring ARRL Phone was called by many EU stations, but this time not even a G4
in the log. Seems like EU stations turned down big amps to 1500w level, so I
couldn't hear them?

Loudest US stn W4ZV (again) followed by K5ZD, NJ1F, W4MYA (+40db range).
Loudest JR6EZE. Worked ZL1HY late evening LP with big sig. Called CA2WUI for
more than a hr.

TS940(by YZ1WW) + Heil Proset4 (by YT1XX) + GU84 amp(by YZ1WW), 5L10 (by YU1CL)
@9m mast (by a neighbour) @390m hilltop (by God's will).
Barbecue Sunday by YZ1AA and YU1II, antenna erected with help of YU1NRS, YU1ONW,
YU1WK and already mentioned buddies. Too directive, short yagi stack planned.

No Limits No Xcusses

73 Kele
S5ØC(S53RM)   SOSB10 HP   3,717,9452002-04-01 12:15:13
My last serious SSB contest was in 1989. No SB, no voice keyer....
Now, after two days, I am still able to talk... :-)

73 Sine - S53RM
WE9V(@K4JA)   SOAB HP   10,929,8052002-04-01 12:30:21
First time ever trying this one SOAB. Not too shabby, I guess.
Propagation's a little different in VA than it is in WI. :-)
Still have some learning to do, but I think I'm getting the
gist of it: Point antennas to Europe, call CQ.
Maybe I did too much of that and missed some easy US prefixes?

Sure was nice to operate the K4JA station in the single-op category.
It's quite a dream, as everything is automatic except making the
QSOs. Check out the station details if you haven't yet at:

Was very ill when waking up Friday. Fortunately, the 15 trips
to the bathroom were over with by the start of the contest and
I didn't get out of the chair until 4:30am local for a whopping
one-whole hour nap. Bonus of being so dehydrated is that I
got to drink a lot of water and essentially didn't need to
use the bathroom until Sunday! Seemed like a big price to pay
to stay in the chair, though.

Defintely affected by the two flares, one
in the morning, one in the afternoon. Sounded like someone
flipped a switch, as all the co-channel QRM disappeared! The
cool thing was that Europeans still kept calling in and my
rate really didn't drop much. It was right about when I was
considering moving to 10M, but decided to stick it out on 15.
Rates were so good on 15M on Sunday that I had a very late
move to 10, but I figured a bird in the hand with 130+ rates.

This definitely marks the most QSOs I've ever had SO in a contest.
Would be well over 4000 if I didn't start telling people "QSO B4".
I started that after about 60-some dupes and one guy calling me
four times in a half hour.

In general....LOTS OF FUN! Thanks to Paul (and Betsy) for letting
me come out!

Chad WE9V
(see the 'small' station I'm used to in the
"Black Hole": )

Band QSOs Pts Pts/Q Mults
80m: 158 724 4.582 51
40m: 119 526 4.420 22
20m: 1025 2570 2.507 386
15m: 1590 4189 2.635 402
10m: 1012 2696 2.664 160
Totals: 3904 10705 2.742 1021 = 10,929,805

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %
NA 49 40 267 315 188 859 22.0
AS 0 3 64 191 46 304 7.8
SA 1 1 22 30 55 109 2.8
EU 106 74 664 1021 714 2579 66.1
OC 0 0 6 20 6 32 0.8
AF 2 1 2 13 3 21 0.5

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total
K 42 36 238 266 152 734
DL 23 4 100 125 140 392
UA 5 71 131 29 236
G 4 2 33 101 45 185
I 6 5 44 50 54 159
OK 16 7 41 46 44 154
UR 7 52 53 33 145
SP 5 4 37 48 45 139
EA 5 8 33 47 44 137
JA 1 89 24 114
UA9 1 40 66 6 113
F 3 4 23 35 31 96
S5 11 4 15 32 24 86
YU 5 1 20 28 28 82
VE 7 4 18 32 18 79
ON 2 2 13 25 22 64
HA 2 1 19 22 18 62
PA 2 1 9 21 23 56
OH 3 13 31 5 52

QSO/Pref by hour and band
Hour 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm OffTime
D1-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 142/109 1/0 143/109 143/109
D1-0100Z - - - 85/53 16/12 101/65 244/174
D1-0200Z - 21/15 18/15 - 60/27 99/57 343/231
D1-0300Z 9/4 5/1 75/54 - - 89/59 432/290
D1-0400Z 66/31 2/1 9/6 - - 77/38 509/328
D1-0500Z 7/4 1/1 54/31 2/2 - 64/38 573/366
D1-0600Z - - 122/60 - - 122/60 695/426
D1-0700Z - - 141/74 - - 141/74 836/500
D1-0800Z --+-- --+-- 132/38 --+-- --+-- 132/38 968/538
D1-0900Z - - 37/11 - - 37/11 1005/549 38
D1-1000Z - - - 14/4 - 14/4 1019/553 38
D1-1100Z - - 4/1 115/27 - 119/28 1138/581
D1-1200Z - - - 175/41 - 175/41 1313/622
D1-1300Z - - - 135/31 2/1 137/32 1450/654
D1-1400Z - - - 73/15 46/6 119/21 1569/675
D1-1500Z - - - - 158/23 158/23 1727/698
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 136/20 136/20 1863/718
D1-1700Z - - - 11/3 104/13 115/16 1978/734
D1-1800Z - - - 2/1 97/16 99/17 2077/751
D1-1900Z - - 1/0 93/26 2/0 96/26 2173/777
D1-2000Z - - - - 1/1 1/1 2174/778 59
D1-2100Z - - - - - 0/0 2174/778 60
D1-2200Z - - 23/3 11/4 - 34/7 2208/785 34
D1-2300Z - - 101/27 - 1/1 102/28 2310/813
D2-0000Z --+-- --+-- 91/18 3/1 --+-- 94/19 2404/832
D2-0100Z - 28/0 23/6 2/1 - 53/7 2457/839
D2-0200Z - 7/0 73/14 - - 80/14 2537/853
D2-0300Z - - 24/2 - - 24/2 2561/855 40
D2-0400Z 52/9 - - - - 52/9 2613/864 22
D2-0500Z 24/3 - 20/2 - - 44/5 2657/869 17
D2-0600Z - - - - - 0/0 2657/869 60
D2-0700Z - - - - - 0/0 2657/869 60
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 2657/869 60
D2-0900Z - - - - - 0/0 2657/869 60
D2-1000Z - - - - - 0/0 2657/869 60
D2-1100Z - - - 132/16 2/1 134/17 2791/886 3
D2-1200Z - - - 125/9 1/0 126/9 2917/895
D2-1300Z - - - 109/10 8/1 117/11 3034/906
D2-1400Z - - - 114/9 5/2 119/11 3153/917
D2-1500Z - - - 73/13 11/0 84/13 3237/930
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 50/7 94/6 144/13 3381/943
D2-1700Z - - - - 127/9 127/9 3508/952
D2-1800Z - - - 7/1 99/13 106/14 3614/966
D2-1900Z - - - 38/3 5/0 43/3 3657/969 30
D2-2000Z - - - - - 0/0 3657/969 60
D2-2100Z - 1/0 - 31/8 15/4 47/12 3704/981 22
D2-2200Z - - 26/8 47/8 21/4 94/20 3798/1001
D2-2300Z - 54/4 51/16 1/0 - 106/20 3904/1021

D1 82/39 29/18 717/320 858/316 624/120 2310/813
D2 76/12 90/4 308/66 732/86 388/40 1594/208
Total: 158/51 119/22 1025/386 1590/402 1012/160 3904/1021
VE3RCN   SO(TS)SB15 LP   78,2102002-04-01 13:29:58
Not bad for a dipole at 24 feet with Easter family activities. Crappy computer
crapped out on me twice. All S&P, called CQ for a while, but no takers. Did not
hear one VE3/VA3. Now I have to work on the landlord to extend the lease.
73 all
WO4O(KØEJ)   SOAB HP   675,5402002-04-01 13:49:15
Sporadic activity between various family/church/Easter activities. Tnx to Ric
for again letting me hand out that great Wo4 prefix.

73, Mark K0EJ
LZ8T(LZ2CJ)   SOSB80 HP   814,0002002-04-01 14:08:11
Used my phased verticals on 80m for a first time. Condx here were relatively
poor Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday. They were much better Sunday
evening between 17.00 -24.00Z. Long beverages are definetly not good to receive
Europe.Will need a single Delta Loop next time to be able to hear EU well. With
lack of activity from the East now the stations located in Central and South
Western EU definetly have advantage of hearing and been able to work more NA
stns.(Main contest activity centers are just NA and EU now ! JAs are gone.)
Congrats to S59CAB and I4AVG for a good job done.After my slow start S59CAB was
almost all the time ahead of me with abt 50 QSOs,but good EU run on Sunday
evening made my QSO total better. Lack of enough NA stations worked here however
made the difference in multipliers(and the final score of course).

73's de Wally LZ2CJ&LZ8T&YM3LZ

P.S. See you from TA3 land in WPX CW. We'll be Turkish Bulgarian M/S team

P.P.S. Strongest USA sig was KM3T (@KC1XX), K3ZO and KQ2M. Worked WE9V at
daylight time here.Quite a number of good VE sigs as well.
EA5DFV   SO(A)AB HP   6,971,9672002-04-01 14:15:01
My first contest in the assisted category. I don't like it, and I think there
are no serius adventage to use packet cluster in contest (maybe some
I don't know the reasons to exist other category or not permit a free cluster
use on all category to everybody that like this.
Only 0.5 Mpoints more this year that the past using packet, but my skills and
equipament are a lot better this year and the propagation conditions seem
similars or better this year. More points with less contacts but, I'm sure,
this score can be easily made with my station in this contest without packet

Many thanks to all people that calling me. I hope the nice EA participation
on past years in this contest increase in this one also.

Thanks to EA5JF for his support and to EC5CPL for help me many times improving
my contest station.

73 de Jose Miguel
AA8UP   SOSB10 QRP   22,6952002-04-01 14:42:37
Rig: Yaesu FT-817 (3 watts)
Ant: Aluminum 10-meter dipole at 7 meters

It was a little chilly in W8-land for my FD-style operation. Thanks to all of
the ops that pulled me through the (often fierce) QRM. I'm looking forward to
CW in May...WOO-HOO!

73 de AA8UP, Ethan.
N3HBX   SOSB15 HP   3,724,0842002-04-01 15:09:52
Had two minor hickups. My venerable FT 1000 stopped keying properly on
and time was lost switching to a back-up radio. Then on Sunday morning the power
went off.By the time I was back on the air I had lost my "run" frequency and
spent the rest of the day in no-man's land at the top of the band! There was
intense QSB into Europe with all signals disappearing for minutes at a time.
Also the JA's were noticeably weaker (and fewer) than on 10 meters when I
operated in the ARRL contest at the beginning of the month.
AE9B   M/M HP   12,261,5302002-04-01 15:34:07
Never operated a Multi-Multi before so I set out to create one.
With about three months planning and set up, this group of combined KCDXC, SMC
and Local club operators put together a team at the AE9B location outside Kansas
City, Missouri
The truely mixed bag of operators included casual Ops, DXers and Contesters.
The setting is a modest sized basement with windows.
The workstations are made of used Laminate counters and shelves
The room was rewired in conduit with a seperate subpanel for station
An "air cooled" ground rod (1/2" Copper Pipe) is secured at the back of the
counters for easy grounding of components.

The antennas were an interesting mix:
10m used a C4SXL tribander at 60 Ft
15M a small trapped tribander at 60 ft
20M a 4 element wide spaced Monobander at 60 ft
40M a 4 square and 2 elements at 60 ft
80M a pair of short verticals phased for endfire 45/225 Deg.
160M a pair of short verticals phased for endfire 45/225 Deg.
3-580 ft. Beverage antennas were very useful

Radios were:
5- Yaesu 1000 MP's
1- Icom 775 DSP

Amps were:
2 Drake L-4B's
2 Kenwood TL-922A's
1 SB200
1 Alpha 76A

Murphy only claimed one rotator which was easily remedied by the old fashion
rope style rotator.
We didn't need to turn the 45 foot boom of the 20 M beam very often anyway. It
really played well.

All goals except 10M and 15M QSO totals were met. The Solar event really
effected our High Bands here in KC which is evident by our relatively low totals
on those bands.

The low bands were Noisy as always but the OP's worked to squeak out every Q
they could.. Sorry if we missed you..

I still hate the 40 M SSB situation. Our Antennas were excellent the split
conditions and congestion were tough

This was a set up and take down event. We hope to do it again next year in a
couple of events including CW and SSB contests

Only a couple of run ins with a couple of Jerks, I'll remember who they are.

One thing people will soon learn about the AE9B station... we will stand up for
what is right.. even if it costs us a piece of paper. If they want to meet me in
person I'll accomodate.

Thanks to all the rest, and especially the casual OPs who got on during Easter

Tom AE9B
NR6O(@N6RO)   M/M HP   17,776,0922002-04-01 16:00:41
This was a grand gathering of contesting luminaries at Radio Oakley:
Five editors - CQ Magazine, CQ Contest, ARRL Antenna Handbook+,
Jazz Newsletters; International ops - ZL2DX, UA3AIW(WA6O), G3WGN(WJ6O).
It was a prime example of teamwork; shiftwork by all on many bands,
passing QSOs from band to band, impromptu station repairs,
K6AW'S barbecued burgers, and controlling a flood from an errant
irrigation hose! WZ6Z, who pioneered computer networking and
WPX multi-multi efforts at N6RO in 1987, visited at the end
of the contest to celebrate past and current good times in contesting.

Gail, K2RED & editor of CQ Mag., led the low-band team (40-80-160)to
exceeding projections, by snaring about 270 QSOs on 40m during the
daylight hours. Note that 40m made QSOs during each of the 48 hours.
Only a multi-multi can afford to do that.

We note that fellow NCCC multi-multi, WX5S @ W6YX, used the talents
of Doris, K0BEE for the same type of good job of trolling for local
stations. I tried a falsetto CQ near the end on 75m, but it didn't
fool anyone - there's nothing like a female CQ to attract the casual
folks! Speaking of voices, 20m band-Captain, K3EST, sounded like
God speaking to Moses, on Sunday AM. Bob doesn't use the DVP enough!
N6BV (15m chief op.) had to leave early to lend his vocal
talents to Easter celebrations.

Despite the bigger than usual team, and no equipment problems, the
score suffered from the flare Friday night (devastated 10 and
15m to EU), and even more from lack of activity due to the religious
holiday conflict. Looks like we'll have to wait for the next solar
peak to beat our year 2000 high of 25M points.

CU on CW in May, N6RO

Continent Statistics

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent

North America SSB 148 437 587 993 813 794 3772 56.5
South America SSB 2 16 18 27 57 107 227 3.4
Europe SSB 0 3 29 649 353 56 1090 16.3
Asia SSB 0 112 130 228 569 246 1285 19.2
Africa SSB 0 0 6 19 12 13 50 0.7
Oceania SSB 1 11 24 83 67 67 253 3.8


HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

0 ..... 1/1 8/2 98/84 169/113 115/72 391/272 391/272
1 3/0 2/0 11/5 82/48 109/46 101/38 308/137 699/409
2 2/1 6/0 9/3 89/30 117/43 83/31 306/108 1005/517
3 4/1 14/4 17/8 82/26 119/30 48/21 284/90 1289/607
4 9/2 37/9 27/3 120/27 120/23 20/2 333/66 1622/673
5 7/1 39/11 32/4 88/28 62/17 3/0 231/61 1853/734
6 13/0 37/0 30/4 77/38 25/6 . 182/48 2035/782
7 9/1 37/4 21/3 67/19 . . 134/27 2169/809
8 13/0 21/4 40/2 73/10 ..... ..... 147/16 2316/825
9 3/2 18/1 25/1 44/4 . . 90/8 2406/833
10 5/0 39/4 19/3 47/5 . . 110/12 2516/845
11 . 30/2 7/0 42/5 . . 79/7 2595/852
12 4/1 34/3 13/0 63/3 4/3 . 118/10 2713/862
13 3/1 19/1 11/1 57/2 8/2 . 98/7 2811/869
14 . 11/2 18/0 48/10 17/4 14/7 108/23 2919/892
15 . 7/0 7/2 29/0 19/3 15/3 77/8 2996/900
16 ..... 4/1 14/2 17/4 35/6 21/3 91/16 3087/916
17 . . 15/1 18/6 33/13 36/6 102/26 3189/942
18 . . 14/3 19/2 91/21 62/4 186/30 3375/972
19 . . 18/0 26/3 84/12 45/5 173/20 3548/992
20 . . 19/1 15/3 84/14 45/9 163/273711/1019
21 . . 12/0 20/1 40/6 53/4 125/113836/1030
22 . . 12/0 23/1 30/3 75/6 140/103976/1040
23 . . 17/0 31/5 61/6 49/10 158/214134/1061
0 ..... ..... 8/0 60/10 45/4 24/5 137/194271/1080
1 . . 13/0 68/12 59/2 9/2 149/164420/1096
2 . 1/0 10/1 60/6 70/5 11/0 152/124572/1108
3 3/0 15/0 16/0 49/3 40/2 1/0 124/5 4696/1113
4 13/2 21/2 7/0 56/8 26/1 3/0 126/134822/1126
5 21/2 32/2 27/0 83/13 26/3 . 189/205011/1146
6 11/0 30/2 23/1 49/9 3/0 . 116/125127/1158
7 5/0 21/1 18/2 17/1 . . 61/4 5188/1162
8 3/0 19/0 19/0 8/0 ..... ..... 49/0 5237/1162
9 5/0 8/0 20/0 30/2 . . 63/2 5300/1164
10 4/0 10/0 13/0 16/0 . . 43/0 5343/1164
11 2/0 10/0 19/0 17/1 . . 48/1 5391/1165
12 7/1 8/0 20/0 10/0 . . 45/1 5436/1166
13 1/0 13/0 17/0 19/1 1/0 . 51/1 5487/1167
14 . 8/0 5/0 41/4 4/2 4/0 62/6 5549/1173
15 . 3/2 6/0 20/7 7/1 21/2 57/125606/1185
16 ..... 11/1 5/0 6/3 27/2 23/1 72/7 5678/1192
17 . 2/0 13/0 3/0 33/3 32/2 83/5 5761/1197
18 . . 13/0 8/1 34/5 38/2 93/8 5854/1205
19 . . 22/1 2/0 49/8 81/4 154/136008/1218
20 . . 20/2 12/2 36/2 60/5 128/116136/1229
21 . . 11/0 21/1 48/7 51/3 131/116267/1240
22 . . 23/8 15/0 48/5 66/4 152/176419/1257
23 . 2/0 13/1 30/3 52/2 53/5 150/116569/1268
DAY1 75/10 356/47 416/48 1275/364 1227/371 785/221 .....4134/1061
DAY2 75/5 214/10 361/16 700/87 608/54 477/35 . 2435/207
TOT 150/15 570/57 777/64 1975/451 1835/425 1262/256 . 6569/1268

NB1B(@W1KM)   SOAB HP   8,181,8082002-04-01 18:26:29
Wow! What scores! Last year, this score would have been good for 5th place.
This year, it might not even make the top 10! It looks like the top spot
between KQ2M and KM3T will come down to log checking.

This year, QSOs were up but prefixes were down; conditions were definitely
disturbed. THe prefix declined can be attributed to the poor conditions to JA
from here- I never heard nor worked a JA on 10M the entire weekend; HS, VU, and
YB on 10M- but no JA! In all, I was only able to work 108 JA QSOs this year
versus over 200 the last 2 years, and it wasn't that I didn't try. This year,
only 46 JA prefixes; last year, 88.

Congrats to all, and thanks for the Qs.

Dennis NB1B
RV9JR   SOSB10 LP   1,095,1982002-04-01 20:01:50
FT-890AT + 6EL KLM monoband
AI7B(@W7GG)   M/M HP   8,580,6472002-04-01 20:38:29
Some early "Murphy" got us off to a ruff start but things settled down after a
couple of hours! Saturday morning 10 & 15 meters took a dump so very little EU
worked. To bad becuz cndx excellent several days in a row before the
test....but wats new. EU cndx a bit better Sunday but not much.

Wish this contest had a multi two class. The multi single class with the 10
minute rule not much fun in my opinion ........ with only two stations its
impossible to compete in the MM class but at least we had a lot of action with
our two setups ..... also not having any spotting capability really hurts
...... mebbe we can fix that problem ny next year ..... remote Qth the has its
draw backs ....... nevertheless a good time was had by all and in the end thats
what really matters.
YL2PN   SOAB LP   603,3332002-04-01 22:30:18
IC-751 barefoot -> single cable -> 5'bander (80-10m)Inv Vee @ 28m AGL
Pentium-133 + MS-DOS 6.22 + TRLOG v.4.05
100% S & P and get a lot of fun!
KC5NYO   SO(A)AB HP   14,7752002-04-01 23:45:38
D/L Writelog just before the test. So I spent most of the time learning it
and experimenting with different layouts. Made a contact now & then to
see how things worked. Wow, a lot to learn on using this program, but
I really like it so far.
OM6RM   SOSB20 LP   312,4062002-04-02 00:22:39
PWR: 100W
ANT: W3DZZ 8m-up
EC5CPL   SO(BR)AB LP   540,1752002-04-02 00:41:01
SK5EW   M/M LP   2,434,8322002-04-02 00:46:09
This were a training session for WRTC02. Contrary to what others experienced
were the conditions poor here at higher latitudes and we suffered badly, on the
higher bands, from the aurora. It was very frustrating to only get through to a
few North American stations on 10 meters. Many stations just CQed right in our
face. Lets hope that the aurora stays away during IARU in July.


2 x FT1000, 100w output and only one TX useD in accordance with the WRTC
3-el yagi @20m
VE5RI   M/M HP   10,411,3242002-04-02 01:03:42
Wow! Best start for years. New record coming for our team. Then reality
struck in the middle of the night with the arrival of the solar event.
No great score, but we held our own.
ES9C(@ES5Q)   M/M HP   25,500,0002002-04-02 02:18:35
again AURORA.......
9A5E(9A3GW)   SOSB40 HP   3,295,3622002-04-02 04:22:54
Only reason to try 40m in wpx was 12 hours pause and chance to spend most of it
during Eastern morning.
Initial 36 hours contest become 46 hours contest with just 2 hours of some kind
of sleep.
But let start from begening.
As usually night before contest was problematic with sleep. After job I drive
to contest location with idea of puting one beverage 80m to USA. Don't beleive
this piece of wire could beat 3 over 3 but keep reading.
Have just two hours before dark but I put everything in time. First testing show
beverage is working. After setting all other equipment decide to check condition
on 40m
to east. Usually it's enough to rotate beam and listen band but what to do when
don't move. Haven't any lucky with rotator and decide not to give up but work
first night
and than in the morning climp on the tower and check. Now I have 3 over 3 to USA
1 beverage again to USA. Nothing to east. Because of that reason my first hours
from lack of UA stations. When condition move slowely to west my qso number
start to raise.
And main thing was then my antenna fingers was mostly pressing button with
beverage antenna.
It was amaizing but this few step antenna beat 3 over 3 at least in 60% of
Plan was to make just two hours of pause first day and 10 more second. But...
My morning inspection of rotator don't bring me nothing but just one way ticket
moving top antenna to norteast . After that I decide not to spend more energy on
antennas but instead of that to put another beverage to east. This was not
beverage and shorter beverage but this two shows more or less adventage that
Now was time to take sleep. Two hours of rotating in the bad was not enough but
I have to spend next day with family. Instead of 2 hours I take in total 4
2 on antenna job and 2 hours of sleep.
Next 17 hours and spend in the chair and because of summer time clock change
to work at 0540 (band was still open and crowded) and drive to my home, take
get shave and drive to the other side of town to join my small family during
breakfast. After morning..... others decide to go outside (day was beautiful)
and left
my soul in next 2 hours peace. When they get back lunch was on the table and
to my stomack continue. After first lunch two hours later I move to my mother in
house to some another lunch, that take my family home and drive back to
It was 16:24 gmt and litle more pause than I need but with less that 8 hours to
At the end of contest , exactly 15 minutes before end, find myself wondering
am I and what am I doing at this place. That close the book and I just lay
on bad.

So if organizer read this please put me in category:

36 plan, 34 do, 2 lunch, one climbing, one beverage first day, two another.

yes, unassited of course.

Some statistics:

North America 361 23.1
South America 14 0.9
Europe 1056 67.6
Asia 106 6.8
Africa 9 0.6
Oceania 15 1.0

Because contest is my number one priority in ham life and don't have
to much time for other activities , anyone who want to exchange qsl
cards, do that sending your card direct with post expence to:

Robert Orehoci
Zavrsje 1. odvojak 24
10090 Zagreb
S51CK   SOSB20 HP   3,267,9532002-04-02 05:17:09
ZF2AF(AE6Y)   SO(TS)AB HP   13,434,1232002-04-02 05:55:31
My first WPX expedition. Sure is fun to make 250% more QSOs than I can make
from California. Thansk to Bruce, ZF2NT: great host, great station, great
location! Can't beat the experience of working a pileup while watching the
waves break on the shore through the window of the (air conditioned) shack.
73, andy, ae6y
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOSB10 HP   3,419,6162002-04-02 06:01:28
Interesting weekend.

Condx started out pretty decent. Found some nice long path stuff Friday
night....EY1ZA, 8Q7OA, 9K2ZZ, UP0L, several YB/YC and a few others. The band
sort of opened around 1130Z Saturday but didn't really get going until the
16/17Z hours.

No JA on Saturday night (or Sunday)....that's not a good thing from northern

Sunday was quite a bit better with moderate, steady rates beginning about
12Z....still things didn't really get good until the 16/17Z hours again, but
some nice signals from SE Asia came popping through the EUs.

Thanks for the QSOs!

And thanks again to John and Jean!

73, Mike K9NW
HC8N   M/S HP   30,244,3132002-04-02 06:33:03
Congrats to the D4 boys on their super effort!
AI9U(K9JLS)   SO(TS)AB LP   1,512,2502002-04-02 07:18:13
Second try at this contest, disappointed a bit with conditions and my effort.
Almost gave it up Saturday, condx improved Sunday but by then it was too late to

improve from my score last year. Thanks again to my Dad for the use of his call.
K5IID   SOAB LP   1,370,2602002-04-02 07:46:24
150K points better than last year, but gotta do more. Need to get something
better for the low bands, but it's hard to do in 1 40x60 foot backyard!
My fighting with the power company and the hearing we had before an
Administrative Law Judge last month seems to have helped.No line noise all
weekend!!! YEA!!!
KU8E/M   SOSB10 LP   4,1282002-04-02 08:03:08
Comments : Operated about an hour on the way to my parents house in Cincinnati
for Easter...

Equipment : Icom IC706MKIIG @ Hustler 10 meter mobile whip
K2LV   SO(TS)AB LP   1,717,4722002-04-02 09:57:39
My first contest with new callsign. Hope I corrected myself every time I sent
KR1G   SOAB HP   8,105,4682002-04-02 11:26:51
WPX usually gets slightly screwed up by something, resulting in a less than all
out effort. Not this year! It wasn't even Easter for me or many of us - hence
the great Russian and Greek activity (never worked so many SVs in a weekend

Very fun contest - probably the BEST SSB test there is. Great DX activity! I
keep doing better but falling behind in the standings :)

Except for babysitting a very hyperactive 7 yr old nephew and my 2 year old son
all day Frday, all went well (they did wear me out a bit -hi).

Usual equip problems:
Suddenly at the start of the contest, my SO2R "solution" only sort of worked.
Appears (after some experimenting during the first couple of hours) that I
needed to manually hit the TX switch on the second rig - no VOX support. Also,
my ACOM on the second rig "seemed" to be acting up - the TX/RX relay would stick
sometimes leading to no RX. Swapped amps while running - the new AMP wouldn't
even key down. Apparently, it not the amps fault, but haven't had time to
Now everthing worked perfectly Thusday and fri morning . . .

First serious contest with writelog - which decided to do some VERY screwy
things with time, similar to Daylight saving changes. Also writelog/computer
have conspired to keep my log locked up on the computer - any copies I make (for
example for my laptop or work machine) do not function but crash Writelog.

Bring on CW,
73 Ted KR1G
F5VHJ   SOAB HP   6,614,7842002-04-02 11:37:02
Lost my voice Saturday night which limited low band operation and I almost gave
up. Someone remarked that it sounded like there were two operators because the
memory voice and my own voice did not sound the same at all. Expected more JA
stations, but they were rare. Quite a difference from my other station, NH7A.
WM5R(@N5XU)   SOSB15 LP   15,7322002-04-02 12:31:59
So many other things were going on this weekend that I only had a few
hours to get on the air. I operated from N5XU, the club station at
the University of Texas at Austin. Several other club members were
also there, making QSOs on the "main" HF radio and tribander.

The antenna I had available was a 40 meter dipole, which normally is
considered usable on 15 meters. This dipole, though, was tuned for
the SSB portion of the band, near 7.250 MHz, which would make it
resonant closer to 21.750 MHz than it would be to the upper edge of
the 15 meter band (21.450 MHz.) I did not have an antenna tuner
available. According to my wattmeter, the radio put about 40 watts out.

I tried to run probably a dozen times, and only a couple of times
could I get more than a few callers, even though I was on frequencies
that sounded perfectly clear to me. When I was searching and pouncing,
many station could not hear me. Mostly, DX stations could not hear me,
but many W1s were deaf, and one WB9 was S8 in my receiver and kept calling
CQ in my face. Stations in the west and midwest were much better
about hearing me when I called.

The best DX I worked was HK0OEP, who must not have been spotted on packet,
and was kind of underneath some other station, but he heard me just fine.
S59KW   SO(TS)AB HP   3,892,1062002-04-02 13:01:11
I had set up last minute, again, but still had a lot of fun.

The propagation was not good enough for us 'little pistols' - no big runs and
a lot of S&P.

I sleeped all second night, but than I didn't stopped until the end.

Thanks to all contacted hams.

73 & hope to see you in the cw part.

LZ1ABC(@LZ1UO)   SOSB20 HP   4,785,4322002-04-02 13:18:02

Call: LZ1ABC Country: Bulgaria
Mode: SSB Category: SOSB 14mhz


160 0 0 0.0 0
80 0 0 0.0 0
40 0 0 0.0 0
20 2458 5389 2.2 888
15 0 0 0.0 0
10 0 0 0.0 0

Totals 2458 5389 2.2 888 = 4,785,432

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:
ic-756pro, PA-one gu43b, Ant 5el yagi
used the DVR at my ic-756pro

Club Affiliation: WWYC

Everything was GREAT. For first time working with PA and Yagi on contest.
Maybe it will be for last. 100w and wire ants. its much more fun!!!!
I was like a porter on 20m. Calling CQ for ~36h its not interesting at all-
S&P was useless. Maybe for the WPX CW i will try SOAB QRP SO2R:))

73's to all of u!

de Chav/lz1abc
VK8AA(VK2CZ)   SOAB HP   1,358,9392002-04-02 16:05:50
40m just flipped open during the 26' (8m) king tide I had at the Arafura Surf
Lifesaving Club in Darwin on the 31st. Just finished a 4000km commute straight
to work.. my personal best yet in both the WPX contest and getting to work on
time. The 160m qso's were also impressive, only one from Oceania - 4w6!

Funniest was a YB0 ham give me his 'phone number' as an exchange - we eventually
settled for a 001, I don't know the bahasa indon word for serial. Most curious
was the IT9 station singing his callsign and offset on 40m.

My antenna on 10m was DOA - used the 160m dipole best I could.
Z39Z(Z32AF)   SOSB80 HP   857,3722002-04-02 16:37:01
It seems everyone were on higher freq. I used TS-440S, Delta loop 15 mtrs up and
the lower part was just about 1 m. above the ground. Amp. with GU-81M about 500
W until 01:00 when i had full KW. CU IN WPX CW .
ZL1ANJ   SO(TS)AB HP   2,598,6642002-04-02 17:20:00
Conditions were difficult on the low bands this weekend.
VE3ANX   SO(TS)SB15 HP   5,467,3062002-04-02 19:07:00
I managed to beat my score from previous year by little bit over a 100 Qs and
half a million points. I hope that this trend will continue next year.
AL1G(@KL7Y)   M/S HP   12,910,1852002-04-02 22:04:48
Contest started great, over 800 Qs in the first 4 hours, but then things went
from good to fair, then to poor, then to bad, and finally to dismal as the
aurora nearly covered the whole sky. Thought we were coming out of the bad
propagation Sat eve as the bands started a comeback, but it was not to last.
10m ran 409 Qs at the start of the contest, but managed only 68 for the entire
rest of the contest, most of those on backscatter. UGH! I know you guys get
tired of hearing the KL7s complain about aurora - so do we.

AL1G was kind enough to let us use her call - I think she's getting the hang of
this contest thing.

One antenna went dead and blew a fuse in the amp during the contest. Suspect
damage to the coax from a passing moose. Murphy can find more ways....

But all had a good time, and that's what really counts.

de KL7Y
YL6W(YL2GD)   SOAB HP   3,899,8262002-04-02 22:30:43
Equipment Description:
TRX: TS-570s + PA 500W home made
ANT: (All home made)
160 @ 80m - Inv.Vees @15m & feeeded tower 25m
40 m - 4 phased verticals & Inv Vee @14m
20 m - 4 el Yagi @16m
15 m - 4 el Yagi @18m (between 28 MC stack)
10 m - Stack 4+4 el @16/22m
PC:"Digital" P-60, CT-9.57 software

I had no possibility to repair rotor (broken main gear)
of my 21/28 MHz antenna system. Every time to turn antenna
I had to climb up to the tower and do it with manual lever.
I did it only 6-8 times during the contest. Lost multipliers
and fighting spirit. The little AURORA didn`t help
for our latitudes as well.
20 m - noisely first morning, few USA stns (big guns) second morning
15 m - little number of JA`s both days, bad condx to USA and
rates first day, short USA opening second evening
10 m - midium JA rates both days, few USA big guns first evening
and 0 at the second!
Thanks to all who called me and see all in the WPX CW!

73, Gunar YL6W/YL2GD
OHØA(OH4XX)   SOSB10 HP   1,787,1842002-04-03 00:33:38
Continent Statistics
OH0A CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST Single Operator 31 Mar 2002

10 ALL percent

North America SSB 134 134 10.4
South America SSB 109 109 8.5
Europe SSB 340 340 26.5
Asia SSB 654 654 51.0
Africa SSB 17 17 1.3
Oceania SSB 29 29 2.3


Rig : FT1000 MP + AL1200, Laptop with N1MMLogger
Antennas : 5/5 yagis (OH6LI Design, UFB!)

As you can see from statistics above NA propagation was preetty much blocked by
Aurora. All NA station which I could log were coming from SW-W direction. N1MM
logger DVK was working well but I suppose I have to be carefull with that since
I set CQ repeat on Sat and after 10 min endless CQing I fall asleep for a moment
(with CQ on of course!). And yet there had been YV5 calling me, I realized it
after the contest while checking CLX spots since he had spotted me as a deaf..
well almost wright.. I was asleep.. hihi ;-)) Propagation to Asia was excelent
I counted over 450 JA calls. Thanks for Qso's and cu next time. Thanks to Jukka
OH6LI (OH0V) to use his UFB 10 meter set up at Geta bergen hill top QTH and
thanks to OH0AA to use their club call.


see more about the station:


Mikko OH4XX
OM7M   M/S HP   13,032,0002002-04-03 00:41:17
9A1P   M/S HP   12,122,5882002-04-03 01:34:52
Equipment: IC777DSP + Alpha 86 1kW
Inv. V's 80/160
4el wire yagi NW 40m
3el wide spaced monobander 20m @12m
6el monoband yagi 15m @17m
5el wide spaced monobander 10m @20m

TS930s + FL2277b 500W
triband vertical 20/15/10
Inv V's 40/80/160

73 and cu in CW part
S57MW(@S59AA)   SOSB15 HP   3,574,7502002-04-03 05:55:10
I was having great fun!

Pa rezultat nared....

73 Marko, s57mw/s59aa
VE3AGC   SOAB LP   874,1202002-04-03 06:20:53
Thanks to all LP contacts.
equipment:. 1000MP MK5, 18AVT vertical, AD Sloper on low bands
HB9ARF   SOSB10 LP   272,0252002-04-03 07:20:58
TS-440 100 Watts

Antenna Force 12 C-4S

Good propagation but not very easy in SSB with only 100 Watts.
See you in the CW part

73's qro
L44DX(LW1DTZ)   SOSB15 LP   2,233,4552002-04-03 07:39:33
FT-890 (90 W.)
Tribander 3 Elements at 6 meters

G5W(GØWAT)   SO(TS)AB HP   3,077,1842002-04-03 08:18:05
S'funny but in the years that I have been contesting I have nearly
always done multi op for SSB events and this was my first real go at quite pleased with the results as I consider myself (however
lame my actual abilities) really a CW op rather than a voice one...this
was one fun contest however condx were a bit odd at times and the shack
I was using although good is very noisy on LF and for some reason
(unless everyone else found this) also 10m was very noisy...some great
runs into the States which is always a treat, worked quite a few QRP
ops...theres a lot of FT 817's out there!...did not manage to be on the
whole event so I suppose I did about 32 hrs operating even though the
log shows I was on for 35hrs...various amounts of dithering around and
quite a while spent doctoring the log at about 5.00am on the Saturday
morning I realised that when I had set the computer time just prior the
off I had rather dozily put in 11 something hrs rather than 23 this wee hour in the morning I just happened to glance at
the screen and it struck me that instead of saying 0525 it said
1725...that was a real forehead slapper that one!...had to come off the
air and edit the times in the .ALL file, change the computer clock
(correctly this time) and reboot the log praying I didn't get some awful
error message...luckily it was all OK...phew!

I really like the interaction in CQWPX having to exchange serial get to chat and run! probably in retrospect too much in my

Hi/Lo lights


I had a few of those spooky same serial number exhanges which can lead
to a re-enactment on the air of the Abbott and Costello 'Who's on First
Base' routine..."OK your 59 1739"...QSL, your 59 1739"..."OK you've got
my Serial Number but what's mine?"..."1739"..."No what's mine?"..."Its
1739 also"..."1739 also?, the same as mine"..."QSL, QSL, QSL"....etc...

It also cheered me up to hear GM7V laughing when I told him my brain had
dropped out and I had forgotten to record his SN even though I had done
the full exchange/QSL business and was on to the next QSO before I
realised I had in fact recorded nothing on the computer (a senior


In an effort to always get in at least one face reddening,
knuckle-bitingly, stupid mistake I managed to surpass myself on 40m on
the Sunday morning.

As I mentioned LF was very noisy and whilst listening on my own and up
for Stateside I managed at last to find a nice clear frequency for the
UP of 7.310...thats a blessing I thought not much noise on that
freq..and so I continued to run "This is G5W listening this frequency
and 310"...this went on for a few minutes working the odd EU stn but no
NA...strange I though I had been able to work them fairly easily earlier
in the night...a kind hearted US station then informed me on my lower
freq that I was listening outside of the band!! my enthusiasm for
finding a nice clear freqency I had forgotten the band plan...Oh dear
certainly one of my more Homeresque moments that one!

So all in all great fun...not sure where I will come in the standing,
but enjoyed having a crack none the less.

Hope to see you all in the CW event if I can conviunce someone to let me use
there shack!

73 tu

G0WAT (G5W in CQ WPX SSB 2002)
LY7Z   M/S HP   9,317,4042002-04-03 10:04:28
RIG: TS850S/AT , FT1000MP, 2 x ACOM 2000A
ANT: Loop, vertical, YAGI's

LY2CY - 70% on air, LY2TA - 30%
First evening dead our TS850 RX ( after listening on the same band).
No DX cluster in our QTH, we lost many mults.
Easter weekend was very bussy here...
CU in CW part.
ON6CQ   SO(A)AB LP   1,449,3502002-04-03 10:54:08
First activity in many years; loved every minute of this great contest. Super
conditions on 10m on Sunday.
KT6RU(K6IF)   SOAB HP   4,859,5162002-04-03 12:38:32
I played this just like I was trying to win, except for the fact that I took 7
hours off Saturday evening for Passover seder. Had a great time nonetheless.

Huge thanks to Tom for the use of his wonderful station.

KT6RU was:
C-31XR's @ 40' & 83'
Mag 340N @ 73'
2 ea. TS-850S + Alpha 77DX and Alpha 76PA

***dan, K6IF
WN3VAW   SO(TS)AB LP   254,4002002-04-03 12:50:47
Had a lot of fun as always. No copy on 75 on Friday night -- no EU, little SA,
little Carribean. Conditions on 75 much better Saturday.
N2GC   SO(TS)AB HP   1,710,2122002-04-03 15:27:58
Equipment: TS-940S, AL-1200, 2el sloping triband wire beam eu, dipoles
WP3C   SOAB LP   4,281,5192002-04-03 15:38:58
NI8L(N8KM)   SOAB HP   2,722,1002002-04-03 17:37:32
My best result ever. A special thanks to Scott,K8DX for the use of the call
some operating advice. I was determined to do more running than S&P and it did
payoff. I was able to improve my low power score from last year by over 700
Thanks to everyone who called in.
KØFX(DON)   SOSB20 LP   60,9152002-04-03 18:35:29
Rig: TS-930S
Ant 4 el yagi
K9ZO(KB9UWU)   SOAB HP   4,959,9122002-04-03 19:00:24
Mixed bag of feelings after this one. First of all, had tons of fun, was a
great contest. Improved my score over 1 million compaired to last year.

The first hour sure makes for a good story. Started off the contest with the
henry 2k4, 10 minutes into the contest while running on 10 meters, the PS
tripped, and tripped, and then tripped again. Sooooo I was running the next
5-10 minutes lower power while hooking up another amp. FINALLY got the sb220
hooked up. Ended up with 125 q's in the first hour.

Had a great first night, ended up with 700 some q's when i went QRT for the
night at 0700z. Went to bed with a huge headache and basically just layed in
bed grabbing my head. Got up at 6am local time, slightly refreshed, but still
had the headache. Took a ton of advil and I was good to go. Went to 15meters
and my first 3 q's that morning were WC4E, WK4R, and NS4W. I was only slightly
behind them, was really pumped from then on. Then I hit the unpassable brick
wall. Barly any EU prop on 15, and none on 10.. ughh.. i sat there S&Ping while
the east coasters ran, ran, ran, ran, and then ran even more. This was the
turning point of the contest :)

OK OK enough complaning. I really had a fun time, this is always a fun contest.

Decided to go SOAB HP insted of rookie. Ive only been licensed for 2.5 years so
I still qualify as a Rookie in the WPX rules. Figured since I won #1 world
rookie last year, I should step up to the big boys and let another rookie's
dream come true.

congrats to fellow WWYCer NS4W.. for kicking SERIOUS butt in his first SOAB
contest with antennas. KL9A (KD7ORP) for possibly winning #1 T/S low power from
NORTHER ID!!! and of course WB9Z for showing everyone that the black hole isn't
as black as I make it sound.

and BIG thanks to Ralph+Family for letting me take over the basement for the


FT1000MP w/SB220 (800-1200 watts)
160- 1/4w sloper off 70ft tower
80- dipole at 65ft
40- dipole at 65ft
20- 4el long boom at 70ft, 204ba at 70ft on 2nd tower, 6el tribander at 35ft
(stuck at SA)
15- 4el duobander at 75ft, 4el mono fixed SE at 45ft, 6el tribander at 35ft
(stuck at SA)
10- 4el duobander at 75ft, 6el tribander at 35ft (stuck at SA)

73 to all,
W4MYA   M/M HP   18,332,9462002-04-03 21:16:00
Thanks for all of the QSO's!
Hope to do it again in WPX CW!
Take care
VE7AV   SOSB20 HP   3,246,3202002-04-04 00:45:38
Tough slugging in disturbed conditions experienced throughout most of the
D44TD   M/S HP   35,000,0002002-04-04 01:26:31
QSO 8100
PFX 1365
Point: 35M
TM5C(@F6CTT)   M/S HP   19,143,0452002-04-04 01:48:11
no cluster access...

with the new MULT ruling this is true M/S! Thanks Steve! We were only 2.5 ops
in 2001 so didn't exploit this to the full, this year the team was ready. The
noise from a local 20KV line had gone, the strategy was set...we would bury our
own European record!

and then the contest started and the RUN rate told us is was gonna be a long

the MULT stations had a tremendous impact on morale however during day 1 so we
plugged away although never really achieving what we'd seen in WW and ARRL...

some good openings to JA am and pm gave us a great mult total boost but the
average condx made the RUN station hard work.

mult hunting on sunday became a real tough task as we begged GIs,EIs,F9s,7Xs to
work us and a few life was at risk as I edged onto 3799 in the dying
hours to charm Pascal GI4VKS for a new one...

only minutes earlier had he called "CQ DX - no contest!"

this is M/S - this is fun! Thanks to all that worked us and helped us to a new
European claimed high.

73 F5VCO on behalf of the TM5C team
PA5AT   SOAB LP   512,4542002-04-04 04:07:14
Just for fun entry this time - only 100wtts with simple 26m wire L-antenna...
does not really work on 40m and 10m....
Ulli, PA5AT
T93Y   SOSB80 LP   472,6502002-04-04 05:18:57
Equipment : KENWOOD TS-690SAT + KENWOOD DSP-100, inv-V @ 26m and 1/4 wave

See you in CW part...

73's Boris T93Y
NZ6Q(@N6XI)   M/S HP   3,100,3002002-04-04 07:40:59
Put together an impromptu "Team Truckee" multi-single. It was fun, as SSB
contests go, despite the poor conditions. The 10 minute rule is ridiculous,
making an available second radio nearly useless. Next time we'll call it
multi-multi or multi-two and set up the second radio at a second operating
position. It's not a competitive station either way, but at least we won't
always be cursing that stupid rule.
VE5CPU   SO(TS)AB HP   226,1822002-04-04 08:35:24
Only an 8 hour effort, but lots of fun none the less. Thanks for all the Qs.
T97M   SOSB15 HP   3,741,5042002-04-04 09:26:35
Equipment Description: Kenwood TS-870, amplifier JRL2000b- 1 KW,
TH6DXX @ 26 meters tower

Edin Gadzo T97M
Put Spasa 3
Hrasnica, BA 71212
KR5DX(K5NZ)   SO(A)AB HP   259,2332002-04-04 11:51:20
Had a great treat listening to 12 yr old KD7GGZ running them on 15m Sunday
afternoon! Wish their were more of those around!

73 Mike
VK4UC   SOAB HP   4,330,4802002-04-04 16:09:30
Heard relatively few participants on 40M. Was it conditions or lack of interest?
Maybe it was the later since the higher bands were outstanding. 15M was open
somewhere from VK4 for the entire contest. Or at least when I wasn't sleeping!
20M (both short and long path) propagation to Europe was the best I have ever
heard from here during the second day.

Surprise very high winds disabled the rotator on my second tower. The good news
was it stopped pointing north!
PY2NY   SOAB HP   7,358,2122002-04-04 19:35:44
Equipment Description: TS850-S + Alpha 91B (700 Watts);
KT34XA KLM @22m 10-15-20 m 6el yagi
40-2CD CushCraft @25m 40 m 2el yagi
1/4 Sloper DXA AlphaDelta @20m 80/160 m
NG6O(@K6KM)   M/M HP   5,876,1652002-04-04 20:10:26
Dave K6RC was the chief op, Jignesh AD6TF did a tremendous job also.
The rest of us supported them during breaks. I'm pleased with the
result from a two radio M/M operation! Thanks guys! Bill K6KM
T94DO   SOSB40 LP   250,0442002-04-05 07:10:02
Equipment Description:
TS-430s - 80w,Pyramid
UW5Q(UR3QCW)   SOSB20 HP   5,015,7612002-04-05 07:24:52
Station Description: IC - 746 + PA "ZZ-AUTOMATIC"
Antenna(s): 4 el Yagi
M5ZAP   M/S HP   4,649,3942002-04-05 08:17:36
Only using Vertical for 20-10m and Windom for 80/40m, but had a lot of fun.

VE7SV   M/S HP   7,580,6852002-04-05 08:41:13
Thanks for the contacts. See everyone on CW.
W1CTN   SOSB15 QRP   42,0762002-04-05 17:52:36
Equipment: FT-1000MP at 3 watts output
Classic 33 @ 45'
A4S @ 25' SA/Caribbean

No real time to play in this contest, so I decided to play the QRP game.
It was a challenge at times and the A4S did not work as good as my old TA32.

Best DX was FO8DX and worked CN8NK, HC8N back to back.

No poor sportsmanship noted and lots of loud signals with good ears.

This contest really shows the need for multiple antennas as signals are from
all compass points. Starting to go for trapless antennas to minimize the trap

Hope to be in the CW test.

73 from Radio Ansonia...
Dave W1CTN
WØETT   SOAB LP   424,4282002-04-05 18:55:43

Limited time to put into the contest due to holiday and visitors. 10m was poor
on Saturday morning but better on Sunday.

Rig: ICOM 756 w/100w to TH7DX @ 72 ft, A3 @ 50 ft, and 2 el. 40m @ 88 ft.

73 Ken, W0ETT
VK4ADC   SO(A)AB HP   1,318,5182002-04-06 02:57:28
Good contest but propagation not as good as might have been into VK. Waiting for
stations to ID is a big problem and waiting up to 10mins to find that you have
already worked is a real pain. More frequent IDs required.
OMØM(OMØWR)   SOSB15 HP   4,049,6502002-04-06 04:19:28
Rig:TS850S/AT+PA 1500W
Ant:2x6.el.yagi(up 11m,22m)
IR4B(IK4AUY)   SO(TS)AB HP   608,4982002-04-06 08:05:16
I could operate only few hours on saturday and I decided to concentrate
on 10 meters since propagation is still good. On 15 m. even worked a nice DX
Temotu is. H40XX.
Equipment used: Kenwood TS570DG, 4CX800A tetrode linear amplifier home made,
Coaxial Dynamics Pep wattmeter, ant. TH7DX by Hy Gain, dipole morgain 40-80,
antenna front-end with bandpass filters and preampl. home made, lap top pentium
133 mmx with CT by K1EA vers. 9.70.
NK7U   M/M HP   1,809,3682002-04-07 08:55:33
Just a 2 person "Leisure Class M/M" operation. Probably just as well anyway as
the flare Friday Night/Saturday morning pretty well wiped out the bands for us.
15M remained barely open in EU on Saturday morning though even with Joe's
6/6/6/6 into EU the signals were very weak.

We ended up spending the time planning out the move to the new QTH which will
begin in a couple of weeks. Hope to have enough up in the air by CQWW to make a
good showing.

WP2Z   M/S HP   15,690,4862002-04-07 21:12:05
Run Station: Kenwood TS-850, Alpha 87A
Mult Station: Yaesu FT-920
Antennas: Force12 C3, Cushcraft A3, Cushcraft MA5 vertical, Cushcraft 40-2CD,
80m dipole
Other: Networked Writelog v10.30, WX0B SixPak, Dunestar/ICE bandpass filters

Eric K6EP and I decided to team up and take a ham vacation to Windwood for a
week. We had a wonderful time! Here is a summary of our experience:

Touring the Island

Although Windwood is a breathtaking radio location, we wanted to spend some time
touring St. Croix. We took a tour of the Cruzan Rum factory (with rum tasting
included, yummmmmmm!), visited an old sugar cane plantation, toured an old
Danish fort, gawked at the VLA radio telescope, hiked around Point Udall
(eastern most point of the United States), soaked up some sun on the St. Croix
beaches and piers, hung out in downtown Christiansted, and had some St. Croix
beer with some "local flavor." It was very interesting (and sad) to learn about
the island's history involving over 100 sugar cane plantations in the slave
trade for rum.

We also heard on a local radio station that there was a big BBQ/music event for
the Easter weekend featuring an Elvis impersonator. Somehow we missed that

Operating Outside the Contest

Outside of the WPX SSB contest, Eric and I combined to make over 1000 QSOs,
spread across every HF band (including the WARC bands), using SSB/CW/RTTY. I am
continually amazed by the pileups that KP2 generates on the bands. One would
think that all the previous contest operations from KP2 would have greatly
thinned out the pileups. Not so. The day we arrived, I had a sked with Kent
K6ENT on 14.255 before moving to CW with him. Unfortunately things did not work
out, and I continued to hold off Europeans as I called for Kent. After I was
convinced that the sked wouldn't happen, I decided to open it up to the stations
who tried to call me previously, thinking it would be just a few minutes and
then I would go to bed. It was already 11:30pm local, and we had been up about
40 hours straight, with a couple hours of sleep here and there on airplanes.
Well, so much for a few minutes! A very large EU pileup ensued. I really
should have gone split, but the idea seemed absurd at 14.255, and I had no
intention of staying long. Of course, no one can turn down a pile like that, so
I ended up staying for a few hours to log at least a few hundred EU stations
on that frequency! Kent ended up having to bust through the EU wall an hour
later. I think it was about 1:30am or 2am when Eric glared at me, got out his
ear plugs, and closed his door! I then said hell with it, told everyone to
please work WP2Z in the contest, and went to bed! Experiences like these are
ones you never forget.

The Contest

Eric and I studied propagation predictions using W6ELProp, and had a rough band
plan for the whole contest. Eric made a sheet from the predictions which made
it easy to see what band was open to JA/EU/US at any given time. It helped a
lot, and for the most part, the predictions were right on.

We also had a solid M/S equipment setup which was very helpful. We felt loud in
the days before the contest, and hoped for 6000 QSOs and 20M points.
Unfortunately, we fell short. When I operated WP2Z in 2000 with W6XK and W7MH,
WPX SSB felt so easy. Everything just seemed to fall into our laps the whole
weekend. This time, it really seemed like a lot more work! It felt like we had
to fight against much more QRM and fight to make each QSO! It was more
draining, and several times during the contest, I think both of us lost some
mental focus on the run station, asking for too many repeats. But then we had
our share of moments when we were in a groove. Those are exhilarating.

Eric and I split up the operating time 24 hours a piece, with 3-4 hour shifts.
This made it convenient to grab a bite to eat, take a nap, or check out the mult
station when not CQing. There were some great EU and US pileups. I was
absolutely amazed by the number of Russians in the contest! JA was a struggle
all weekend.

The mult station proved to be a great advantage. We had 162 QSOs on that
station. I looked through the log and tallied which mults called in later in
the contest on the run station. It turned out that 76 of the 162 mults were
only worked on the mult station. I calculated the QSO points from the 162 QSOs
and factored the value of 76 mults to our total. In summary, the mult station
added 1.5M points to our final score. Not bad at all!

Eric did a great job with his first contest from DX land. He also set up the run
station to record the entire contest. I'm glad we did because it is fun to go
back and hear QSOs with friends, and listen to funny moments! (One example is
when K6XX called in and Eric purposely came back to K9XX! And no, we have
absolutely no desire to waste 48 hours listening to the recording to correct
logging mistakes.) It will be an archive that we'll keep for a long time to
remember the great time we had in the contest!

We had a disappointing encounter with W1BFA and his "International Air Traffic
Controllers Net" on 20m. The good news is that his intentional interference
fully recorded, opening the potential for enforcement options to be pursued, if

The last minute of the contest was a wild one! I was walking a new station
through the exchange, thinking he would be our final QSO in the contest. Then
all of a sudden, the floodgates opened and I talked the fastest I ever have in
that last 45 seconds of the contest! Eric kept a close watch on the time,
and pounded on the table when the contest was over. I think we had 6 stations in
the last 45 seconds! There were still 2-3 stations calling after the end of the


Eric and I had a fantastic time in KP2, and feel it was a major highlight of our
ham radio experience! We would like to thank the following people for helping
us make that happen:

-Kent K6ENT for allowing us to borrow his WX0B SixPak, Kenwood rig control,
laptop, and bandpass filter.
-Stan K8MJZ for the use of his Yaesu FT-920 and Alpha 87A at Windwood.

Thanks for all the QSOs! QSL via KU9C.

-Dean - N6DE
VE7FO   SOAB LP   982,5662002-04-07 22:53:05


If you read my ARRL DX SSB story you may remember that I was going to document
the DVP setup, finish tidying up the TRLog setup, get the TRMaster.dta files the
way I want them and do the station tidying and minor improvements as well as
deal with all the audio I/O in a more professional manner.

Well, the sbdvp.exe setup documentation is done, but only handwritten. TRLog
setup is getting close to the way I want and documented. The TRmaster.dta files
are still a hopeless mess and there is even more junk on the shack floor. I do
have a small patch bay/jack field for balanced lines now but haven't done
anything with it yet.

I discovered the site recently and printed a bunch of stuff
showing all the juicy DXpeditions that would be active during WPX. (Thank
heavens VP6DI wasn't one of them. Imagine a contest with 100 kHz of a band
devoted to people yelling out their calls in hopes of working Ducie!) What a
great site. Thank you Bill.


For a number of reasons that I don't remember, I wasn't ready until just minutes
before the contest which meant that I didn't have any territory staked out a
half hour before. Listened a bit and settled on 10.

0002Z First Q. S&P. CB4A. Probably the earliest Q in a test since I got back
into this stuff 2 yrs or so ago. Already I've met one of my goals. 2nd Q
VK5GN. This looks promising. Find a spot and start running.

0059Z 67 Qs 53 mults. Hoo Boy, never had a start like this before. NA, SA,
Ocen & As. 2 short of WAC. Also, a brand new one for me, YJ.

0159Z 129 Qs 89 mults. Wow. This is great. No all time new countries but
now just Af for WAC after 2 hours.

0259Z 195 Qs 130 mults. Hmmm.... Average of 65 Qs/hr. Multiply that by the
30 or so hours I usually manage to get in and I'll get.... well, anyway, looks
like I might be able to blast right through that 1000 Q barrier. Decide to do
some S&P for mults at 0245Z before the band closes. You never know, might not
open again.

0410Z 218 Qs 148 mults. Well, it's still over 50/hr and besides, it's hard to
leave a band that yields 9K2, JT1, and EX2. Just the same, took a peek at 15
and heard the very rare VE7IN so went there and worked him. Can't complain
about 10. Still open at 8 pm local time. KH7R was pretty loud but that's not
unusual here. Anyway, to 15.

0540Z 249 Qs 169 mults. For some reason, the MkV will only put out about
50-60W on 15. This dates from doing some TVI testing when we kept the key down
too long and made some bad smells in the rig. This explains why VE7IN is very
rare around here as he was the one who was holding down the key. Consequently
can't run very well on 15 so mostly S&P. Hmm... I notice that VE7IN does a lot
of single 15s. Wow, NA, SA, Eu, As, including 9K9X, UP0L and A61AJ, and Ocen,
represented by KH7R. It's 2140 local time so switch to 40 to try to get some of
the closer in mults.

0625Z 266 Qs 179 mults. First Q was that pesky KH7R. Tried running a bit but
mostly S&P. Wait 'til I get that Force 12 with the 2 el 40. Not happy with the
rate so switch to 80 for more close in mults.

0650Z 273 Qs 182 mults. All S&P. Was kinda neat to work YW4M. Didn't think
my 80 dipole running down the property line with a clearance of 3 ft between it
and my and the neighbour's houses could do that. Still, average rate is down to
39 Qs/hr. Gotta switch, but to where? Aren't these great times? It's 2250
local time, 20 is open, and here we go.

0759Z 298 Qs 203 mults. As always, hard to find a hole on 20 to run with LP
so all S&P. 11 Eu, 1 Ocen and, BINGO, D44TD for WAC. All this around midnight
local time. Not that WAC is such a big deal these days but in my last
contesting incarnation 40 years ago it was a much larger milestone. WAC is all
very well but what about those KE7, KK7, WI7, etc mults? Switch to 80.

0830Z 325 Qs 215 mults. Wow, only 2 S&P. That bothersome KH7R called again.
Not sure, but I think it was during this time that I worked a local who had more
than twice the Qs that I had. I remonstrated with him, saying something like,
"How am I going to win when you keep making so many Qs?" I wasn't any happier
when he said, "Don't worry. We're not in the same category. We're doing QRP
with a wire thrown out the condo window." Decide to check out 20

0952Z 346 Qs 225 mults. First call on 20 was answered by, you guessed it,
KH7R. That guy is everywhere. This makes 5 bands. Couldn't get any run going
on 20 so a bunch of S&P. Did a bit more on 40 and 80. Went to bed (0152 local
time). Lay there thinking I should have gone earlier so I could get up early
for Eu. Still getting trapped in the late night dxing. Promise myself to do
better tomorrow night. Calculate that 1000 Qs is well within reach as the rate
should be better in the daytime. Realize that between 2330 and 0152 local time
I worked WAC again. What fabulous conditions! Tomorrow's going to be great!
Fall asleep, happy.

1725Z Back at it. Switch to 10 and point the beam to Eu. What's that I hear?
Nothing. Ugh. Nothing but Ws and damn few of them. Switch to 15. Same. It's
1812 and I've made 5 Qs. The 1000 Q goal seems to be rapidly receding out of
reach. Switch to 20.

1855Z 363 Qs 237 mults. As usual, 20 is all S&P for me. It was pretty funny
to hear 9K9K asking if he could buy my call, inasmuch as he has been told to FO
a number of times in his life. Take a peek at 15 then 10. Hey, 10's happening.
Switch to 10.

1910Z 370 Qs 241 mults. Well, worked everybody there, switch to 15.

2120Z 410 Qs 266 mults. Couldn't get a run going so all S&P. What a
struggle. 40 Qs in 70 min. Try 10 again.

2225Z 430 Qs 281 mults. Still all S&P. 15 was better. Go back there.

0059Z 502 Qs 304 mults. Things are picking up a bit. Only 1/3 S&P. Still,
72 Qs in 150 mins not that great and it's 1700 local time. What a dreadful day.
10 was a total bust. More than half way through. However, the 1000 Qs isn't
totally out of reach. Let's see what I can do on 20.

0250Z 538 Qs 328 mults. Did manage a little 7 Q run into Eu but the rest all
S&P. I think it was during this time I heard the following hilarious

Carib Station: "Is that Hotel Germany 1 or Hotel Guatemala 1?"
HG1 Station: "Roger, Roger"
Carib Station: "Help me with this. Which one?"
HG1 Station: silence
Carib Station: "Oh boy. And it's only Saturday"

What wasn't so funny, as I realized after it was all over, is that I was
laughing so hard I forgot to work the Carib station which was a needed mult.
Time to start running JAs on 15 and pick up all those mults so go there.

0325Z 546 Qs 331 mults. This is horrible. I wonder if any of my buddies want
to go out for a beer? Stay in the chair, Jim. Maybe 40 is doing something. Go

0355Z 550 Qs 331 mults. Ugh. Take a peek at 80. Nothing. Check 160.
Nothing. Switch to 15.

0410Z 554 Qs 332 mults. Plug the phone back in in case one of my buddies
calls suggesting beer. In the meantime, switch to 20.

0610Z 582 Qs 344 mults. No one phoned. I guess I'm stuck in this scene that
not even the poet Dante could have imagined in his Inferno. One bright spot is
that, with about 13 hours of operating time left, I just passed the 560 Qs I
made last year, the first SSB WPX I had been in for 30 yrs or so. Switch to

0750Z 597 Qs 346 mults. Brief sojourn on 20. I was amazed to find that when
I called 5W0IR he was 40 Qs behind me. Would have been even more amazed if I
had worked him. Are we having fun yet? Well, sort of. Worked D44 on 40.
Hmm... now all I need for WAC on 40 during this test is an Eu Q. In the
meantime, switch to 80.

0859Z 618 Qs 358 mults. Worked a local. Told him about 5W0IR on 20.
"Thanks, but we've already worked him." Pushed uncharitable thoughts and
accompanying violent imagery aside. No D44 but better rate. Actually got a 14
Q run going over 32 mins. Another bright spot. Just passed the 347 mults I
made last year with about 11 hours of op time left. Time to go back to 20 to
pick up all those South Pacific mults.

0925Z 624 Qs 359 mults. Not much happening here. 5W0IR is now 75 Qs ahead of
me. The good news is that I worked him. Let's try 40 again.

0945Z 627 Qs 359 mults. A VA3, a JA3 and a VE7. Whoopy-ding. It's 0145
local time and I want to get up early for the Eu opening. Still, the 5W0 was
sure worth it. So, 627 Qs in about 27 hours. That's about 23/hr. If I get up
real early I'll be able to get in another 10 hours. At 23/hr that would give me
a total of 857 Qs. Need 40/hr to get me comfortably past the 1000 Q barrier.
Totally within reach. With good conditions I can do that just S&P. Go to bed
glad that I stuck it out and set the alarm for 1415Z.

1440Z I actually got up. Feeling pretty groggy. Orange juice in hand I check
the bands for all the Eu stations. This is worse than yesterday. Work a W on
40 (not even any JAs) and 2 Ws on 20. Go back to bed for 2 hours.

1835Z 630 Qs 360 mults. Well, it was a long 2 hours. 10 is happening. Go

1927Z 653 Qs 372 mults. 10 was open to Eu. Couldn't seem to get my head into
a run space (bring back the 60s, man) so did an S&P sweep of the band. Switch
to 15.

2059Z 699 Qs 393 mults. Managed to do a little running. Hey, we're up to
about 30/hr. 3 hrs to go. Need 100/hr to hit 1000 Qs. Looks like the extra
sleep is going to cost me. It was during this time that 9K9K (remember him?)
asked if he could inherit my call if he couldn't buy it. I'm not even used to
working that part of the world, let alone maintaining running jokes with them.
Switch to 10.

2159Z 749 Qs 411 mults. Things are finally picking up. A 50 hour of running.
5 Qs in one 2 minute period but starting to slow down. Switch to 15.

2229Z 769 Qs 414 mults. 20 Qs in 30 min. This could have been a mistake.
Need 230 Qs in 90 min. Good luck. But, for 1M points need 187 Qs and no more
mults. With 430 mults need 132 more Qs. Back to 10.

2359Z 861 Qs 442 mults. 982,566 points. What a great contest design where
you can pick up 30 mults in the last 2 hours. What a finish. I couldn't
believe how much better 10 got in the last few hours.

When I first got back into this stuff I often couldn't remember a call long
enough to enter it into the log and would have to ask for a fill. Now my
fingers were just flying over the keyboard. Say the guy's call while I'm typing
it, hit the Enter key and the DVP says 59 and I say the QSO number, (sometimes
while the DVP is saying 59, to the amusement of the recipient), he gives his
report, signals are good enough that no fills are required, I type in the Q #,
hit Enter, the DVP says QSL VE7FO CONTEST and we do it again. I couldn't do
this for 36 hours but it was sure fun to be able to do it at all. The extra
sleep did cost me. Another 17 Qs would have put me over the never before
achieved (by me) 1M points. So, regardless of the bad conditions, I'm really
happy. Sure glad I stayed in the chair. Almost doubled last year's score of

73 and thanks for the Qs

de Jim Smith VE7FO
OH5B(OH5BM)   SOAB HP   4,391,5302002-04-07 23:55:16
Sorry if this sending is DUPE. I didn't see the result in 8830 for 5 days so I
GM7V(GM4YXI)   SOSB10 HP   4,653,1202002-04-08 06:33:04
After a reasonable start on Saturday morning, conditions really took a dive.
Almost all NA QSO's were made on Skewed Path! A real struggle most of the
weekend....but some nice DX along the way!
Keith GM4YXI (GM7V in WPX SSB)
FM5GU   M/S HP   22,729,4152002-04-08 19:45:37
My so dear neighbour is QRMmed by me, but he never wanted me to fix his TV and
insisted in saying that to stop the QRM, more simple to stop my transmitting. As
no discussion nor mediation succeeded, and as the station was checked as legal
by the authorities a couple of weeks before, we decided to enter the contest
anyway. We just informed the police that we feared incidents...
... that did come: the Tuesday before the contest my so lovely neighbour broke
into my property to make sabotage of the antennas: the guys of the 80 meters
vertical were cut and the antenna was broken in two when falling on the ground;
and all the cables were cut at the base of the tower: coaxes, relays, rotator,
crank up engine and many other commands..

My so dear neighbour probably got the opposite effect of what he thought: that
was to even strenghten our team! We repared and were more decided than ever to
get a good result

Compliments to D44TD and HC8N for their outstanding achievement: they definitely
don't play in the same courtyard as we do !

THanks to everyone that gave us a report during the contest. We havd a lot of
fun thanks to you; the pile up was incredible and continous (except the two last
hours when the propag dropped for us). The voice keyer is absolutely needless !

See you next time!

More details and pictures to be posted soon on our web site
VY2ZM(K1ZM)   SOSB160 HP   165,6952002-04-08 19:49:11
Tough going on Topband, especially on Friday night. On Saturday, there was a
nice sunrise peak across Europe making for a more enjoyable evening.

Best Dx worked was probably TA3J and ES9C at his sunrise.

Always nice to say hello to old friends on the band despite marginal condx.

VY2ZM in Atlantic Canada
J6DX   M/M HP   17,790,3002002-04-08 19:51:18
We did a three-station M/M so each op could get all the air-time he wanted.
That was about the only goal we achieved.

The house from where J6DX has always operated was not available, so we were at a
house with not such a good view to the north. We don't know if band conditions
were bad or if having to shoot through a slightly higher hill to the north cut
us off from JA, but we worked very few JAs.

A very bad electrical noise plagued us for all of the first day and but for all
but the last hour on the second day. Our apologies to those into whose faces we
rudely CQed. We couldn't hear you.

Many thanks to Ernest, J69AZ, and Givan, J69AC, who loaned equipment and gave
logistical support. We could not have done anything without their help.

80M: IC706/SB200 Dipole
40M: FT920/FL2100B Vertical
20M: IC706/SB200 A3S Tribander @ 20'
15M: IC756/Clipperton L Hy-Gain 153 @ 20'
10M: FT920/FL2100B Hy-Gain 103 @ 25'
T93M/HI9   SO(TS)AB HP   16,317,8752002-04-08 19:52:25

Call: T93M/HI9
Category: Single Operator (TS)
Power: High Power
Band: All Band
Mode: SSB
Country: Dominican Republic


160 0 0 0.0 0
80 24 100 4.2 4
40 287 1578 5.5 94
20 941 2285 2.4 101
15 2222 5692 2.6 530
10 2040 5220 2.6 368

Totals 5514 14875 2.7 1097 = 16,317,875

Equipment: IC756PRO, Alpha 99, Titanex 7 el. Log Periodic, 40M dipole , 80 1/4
wave sloper.
W6TK   SO(TS)AB HP   2,051,8892002-04-08 19:53:40
Lots of fun after the bands came back. I actually quite on Sat morning and
didn't back on until evening. Searching and pouncing sure helped the multiplier
count...and thanks to all the new call signs and activity on 10 meters on
sunday. Europe was still coming in after church o sunday! Came
close to beating my personal best but may have to wait until next upswing???
Thanks for all the Q's and hope to see you in cw weekend. 73's Dick
NP3P(NP3E)   SOSB10 LP   2,479,8602002-04-08 20:10:08
PO.BOX 161
WN6K   SO(TS)AB LP   723,4052002-04-08 20:15:16
New FT1000MP Mark-V (Field) got a breakin run
K5PI(@W5KFT)   SOAB LP   245,1062002-04-08 20:20:33
A part-time effort from W5KFT in between station projects. Nice to hear so many
so many South American stations.
NI2W(@K2XR)   M/S HP   6,963,7612002-04-08 20:27:54
Last minute decision to operate seriously.. didn't make first Q until 0053.
Thanks for all the Q's, and to Butch NI2W for the pleasure of his company + the
use of his call and to VE3XAP for making the trip from TO ... hope 160 and 20
meters met your expectations Sam !

Dave K2XR
J41K   M/M HP   8,532,5682002-04-08 20:38:17
Station Description:
Antennas - Rig - Power:
160m vertical - YAESU FT 1000MP MARKV - 400W
80m dipole - YAESU FT990 - 400 W
40m dipole - YAESU FT1000MP MARKV - 500W
20m Hy gain explorer - YAESU FT840 - 100W
15m Lightning Bolt Antennas 2 el quad - KENWOOD TS450 - 400W
10m Hy gain junior - Icom 756 - 350W
LY6A(LY2BM)   SOSB15 HP   2,734,6012002-04-09 06:52:55
FT-1000MP + TL922 6el OWY & KT34XA
Z35M   SOAB HP   689,1952002-04-09 07:53:04
Equipment Description: IC-745 / 200-400W / 2el.Quad / Vertical / Dipole
VK4DX   SOSB20 LP   2,460,5412002-04-10 01:39:50

The first day was very good. It was kind of difficult to break
into EU QRM and call CQ, either longpath or shortpath, but picking up went
fairly painless. I missed JA's completely the first night but therefore
worked heaps of USA stns. I thought the second night I'll just fix my beam
to north and the usual 500 JA's will be in log in 4 hours. Nope ! There were
almost none. I think I worked altogether 50 JA stations during entire
contest. Other people also complained about extremly small number of JA's
worked. Second night went pretty thin towards USA too, signals were great
and everyone was telling me how good my signal was but there were no
stations to work. Weird !

In the end I managed to reach my target of 2.422.000 points or more ( last
years winner score )
With a better sleep management I probably could have scored a few more
points / multis.
Let's see what happens in WPX CW soon.

73 Mike, VK4DX (Please visit "VK4DX Contest Calendar" at )
ON6NL(@ON4AKL)   SOAB QRP   1,434,8162002-04-10 09:08:53
A dream came true! 20 years ago I became European QRPp champion
in the CQWWPX SSB. I always wanted to go for this again so needed
real antennas. The antenna farm of Luc, ON4AKL did its job. If I
did not make it it was all my fault!

Equipment Description:
FT1000MP @ 5 Watt
80m: dipole
P43E   SO(TS)AB HP   7,279,9002002-04-10 11:06:14
Great contest as always. Thanks to the many people who worked me, under
sometimes difficult conditions given some technical difficulties on this side.
Rotor is the broken, and remained fixed on Eur. The tribander is not loading
properly on 20 SSB. After some afternoon showers, it worked fine on 14179, and
I decided not to move up in the band. Thanks again, to a number of people that
I had no choice but to work from the side of the beam, and could not make it
easier for them either.

Should have worked the entire 36 hours. Yet, while working only 26 hours, I
still managed to surpass my own score from last year when I worked all 36

Have a new location, and hope to have moved and be ready with the station for
the upcoming CQWW. Thanks to those who already volunteered to help :)
9A/OE1EMS   SOAB LP   255,7602002-04-10 14:50:55
Equipment Description:
Cushcraft R-7
Dipol 80m

It was very hard to rich some stations woth 100W and vertical or
dipol, but it was much harder to explane my callsign.....
thanks for your patience
see you in cw part from Austria with better signal
more power and better is to short for qrp!
WX5S(@W6YX)   M/M HP   10,743,3482002-04-10 16:21:48
160: IC-756PRO, Alpha-78, inverted vee
80: IC-761, Alpha-76, inverted vee
40: FT1000MP Mark V, ACOM-2000, Pro67A, 402CD
20: FT1000MP Mark V, Alpha-78, 6 el KLM, 205CA, KT34XA
15: FT1000MP, Alpha-87A, 6 el Telrex, 155CA
10: IC-756PRO (shared w/160), Alpha-78, 6 el Telrex, 105CA
TR-Log 6.63, 2 WX0B Six-Paks, 1 StackMatch, ICE filters

This is the first all-out high-power multi-multi operation that we've attempted
from the current location of the W6YX club station (we did 5E in Field Day, but
that was low-power and low-key).

Putting together all the equipment was a big challenge. We borrowed some of it
and managed to fix the Alpha-76 that sat on a shelf for several years. Our 4
element KLM 40-meter antenna broke in a windstorm over CQWW weekend in November
and we haven't repaired it yet
(, so we
were stuck with two 2-element antennas on 40 that don't have rotators.
Amazingly, we worked almost everyone we heard on 40. We hope to have the
4-element fixed by CW WPX.

I finally copied the callsign of 4X1IM who was calling us on 15 in our late
evening, only to have the band go out before we could exchange numbers. Never
heard him again.

It was a big surprise to have worked more stations on 80 than 40 both nights.
We finally got the 40 meter Q count higher after Rusty, W6OAT, started reeling
in a bunch of locals during the day on Sunday.

-Mike, N7MH
UA9AM   SO(A)AB HP   7,316,3492002-04-11 06:50:59
RIG: 160/80 - Inv Vs
40 - 2L Quad
20 - 4L Quad
15 - 4L Quad
10 - 5L Quad
+ CUSHCRAFT X9 + ICOM IC-775DSP + PA + PC/N6TR (6.63a)
OT2C   M/S HP   7,435,1942002-04-11 10:12:49

Call: OT2C
Category: Multi Single
Power: High Power
Band: All Band
Mode: SSB
Country: Belgium


160 18 35 1.9 11
80 318 709 2.2 153
40 319 1229 3.9 146
20 910 2134 2.3 272
15 581 1411 2.4 210
10 601 1645 2.7 246

Totals 2747 7163 2.6 1038 = 7,435,194
OHØV(OH6LI)   SOSB15 HP   4,030,0002002-04-12 00:52:45
Really bad conditions here up north took part of the fun away.
Some technical problems at start affected score.
CU in May on CW !
The numbers here are preliminary.
OE8CIQ   SO(TS)AB HP   1,178,8422002-04-12 06:23:55
Very nice contest but again no real antenna for 40m and 160m. The new vertical
is not ready and so only for use on 80m.
See you all in CW part. vy 73 Chris, OE8CIQ
S52ZW   SOAB LP   2,934,1002002-04-12 09:32:53
Equipment Description:
TS 850 S=20
FT101 ZD=20
DJ2MX   M/S HP   1,360,4192002-04-12 13:13:57
Equipment Description: Kenwood TS-940s, Yaesu FL-2100z (400W)
2 el. Qubical-Quad (20-10m)
Windom FD4 (160-40m)
VE7IO/W7   SOAB LP   66,6032002-04-14 22:07:15
I was operating portable from an travel trailer while on vacation in Nevada. My
antenna was a 5 band Hustler trapped vertical and the rig was a Kenwood TS 440s.
It was fun operating in a differenct country and using minimal equipment.

Fred Orsetti VE7IO
PY2SBY   SOSB10 LP   1,548,7682002-04-15 06:20:00
Equipment Description:
VA7RR(@VE7SZ)   SOSB20 HP   3,832,4432002-04-15 06:24:09
Many thanks to Allan, VE7SZ, for a place to sit for the WPX
weekend. The antennas and equipment performed flawlessly as usual.

The contest started out nicely with 80-100 rates into EU for the
first six hours, but deteriorated rapidly once the solar disturbance
hit. It was interesting to experience no real JA opening. Normally, a
20M single band effort from VE7 will generate 300-500 JAs; worked only
about a hundred this time, and missed a lot of JA prefixes.
HA8JV   SO(TS)AB HP   7,240,3952002-04-15 06:26:08
Equipment Description: TS-870+PA KW
Vertical (26mH) 160/80/40m
4el.Quad (17mH) 20/15/10m
Beverage's (260m)
XE2AUB   SOAB LP   1,639,5502002-04-15 06:47:31
Had a great time with very good conds and noisy bands. Tnx to all entrants for
the nice time and great fun.
P4ØV   M/S HP   25,617,9782002-04-15 06:54:26
Big tnx to Carl and Sue for a great time in Aruba.

Kudos to the D44TD and HC8N groups with FB M/S scores.


VE7SCC   M/M HP   4,406,9042002-04-15 07:19:59
Call: VE7SCC
Station: VE7SCC

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Coquitlam Amateur Radio Club
Operating Time (hrs): 48 (aprx)

Band QSOs
160: 17
80: 156
40: 281
20: 483
15: 728
10: 455
Total: 776 Prefixes = 5679 Total Score = 4,406,904



Most likely the last contest we will enter as "VE7SCC"; as this club of
is being forced to close it's doors due to rising costs and lack of

73, Ian Procyk
YT1RA   SOSB15 HP   1,535,2682002-04-16 05:51:29
4 El QQ , 800 w QRO
N4WSM   SO(R)AB LP   146,0912002-04-18 15:03:39
This was my first contest. I had a ball and fear I am hooked.
ZD9IR   SOAB LP   877,7162002-04-19 17:20:02
Enjoyed contest, could only operate 1 day due to wrok commitments. Will try
harder during CW test.
VE7UQ   SO(TS)AB LP   676,8212002-04-22 01:16:45
Drove 300 miles to my summer (?) cabin for the contest. Arrived less than 2
hours prior to contest start to find 2 to 3 feet of snow on the property. Too
much snow to get the truck in from the road so had to pack the radio equipment
and other supplies about 100 feet up the hill to the cabin. After this was done
I still had to crank up the tower, string up the G5RV, unpack and set up the
station, computer and accessories. The cabin had been closed up since the CQ WW
DX contest in October and the temperature was around the freezing mark, so the
antique wood stove had to be lit to warm things up for the contest. The
facilities at the cabin consist of hydro, the woodstove, a fridge a microwave
oven and a propane camp stove. There is no running water and no indoor plumbing.
Barely managed to have the station on the air for the start of the contest, so
got off to a very slow start in the early going. The snow started falling just
after I had the antennas up and continued for most of the weekend. This was my
2nd WPX contest and really enjoyed it. The bands were quite good. Looking
forward to the next one!
K8GL   SOAB LP   541,6542002-04-23 08:39:33
Part time effort. Kudos to the LU crowd for making it interesting! Low power is
tough on 20 meters. Can't imagine what QRP would be like!
VP5V(W5AO)   SOAB LP   10,409,8502002-04-24 20:10:44
Hadn't planned to do a low power entry but lightning took out all of the
amplifiers before the contest. Thanks for all the Q's.
PA3FGJ   SO(TS)AB LP   774,5922002-04-26 04:35:33
For me the first time this contest. Operated only with wire antenna 2 * 12
meters. Rig is TS450S
FY5FY   SOAB LP   11,052,7202002-04-26 09:51:33
Equipment Description:
3EL/QUAD ON 21/28 @17M
2EL/YAGI ON 14 @ 22M
OL5T   M/M HP   12,619,4752002-04-29 10:06:04
Our first real M/M contest with new antennas for 10 and 15m. We are working on
new 4SQ for 40m and are looking forward on the CW part.
OE2S   M/S HP   12,083,9042002-04-29 12:50:10
M/S with the new rules and CT is impossible. CT mixed all serial numbers on the
high bands several times during the contest, so we returned to manual logging.
Special thanks to N8BJQ for accepting our log plus special cross check
HG3M(@HA3MY)   SO(A)SB20 HP   4,001,1302002-04-30 12:06:23
IC 765 + 1kW.
Ant: 2 x 5 el YAGI
OT2A   M/M HP   37,860,1602002-05-01 07:13:40
We are still checking the log, the corrected results (included info by bands, OP
and station) will be send when the log is completely checked.
For more information, pictures and a total view visit please our club station at
Best 73
For OT2A,
ON7NB - Guy , Contest team leader.
II8A(IC8JAH)   SOSB160 LP   18,1832002-05-04 10:29:01
antennas use long wire 100 watt otput
ZW5B(PY5EG)   SO(A)SB10 HP   10,890,8802003-03-10 22:43:18
PS3F(PY3FOX)   SOSB15 LP   3,545,4282003-03-10 22:43:18