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50 MHz Fall Sprint   2014   Aug 9   Comment Summary

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K1DQV(PRADIO)   Single Op HP   2522014-08-09 20:04:15
The band was never open, anywhere!!! WD0T only DX!!
K9JK/R   Rover LP   2642014-08-09 20:04:35
10 Different Calls, 5 Different Grids worked (EN52, EN53, EN61, EN62 & EN73)
but worked NO station from EN51 when I visited there. For EN61, I had to go to
Indiana AND Michigan; didn't find anyone on from EN61 from Illinois.

Longest QSO Path 308 km, 15 QSOs in the 100-150 km range, the rest under 40

Thanks to KO9A, N9LB, W9EWZ & W9GA for QSOs from all FOUR of the Grids I

Thanks to SVHFS for their sponsorship of the Fall Sprints and to all who
participated in the 50 MHz Fall Sprint.
N6RO   Single Op HP   1,1202014-08-09 20:17:08
Only locals and one-hop to CN, DN, DM. Good time tho.
KT8TD   Single Op LP   92014-08-09 20:22:34
Nothing heard for 3 1/4 hours, then a local contact, then two new grids.
KO9A   Single Op LP   3842014-08-09 20:33:54
Pretty fun excuse to fire up the station and make a few QSOs. In true Murphy
fashion, 6m Es decided to appear with 5 minutes to go in the 'test. Better
late than never, I suppose!

Thanks to all for the Qs...hope to see you in ARRL Sept. VHF.


Jim KO9A

Rig: TS-2000X (100W)
Ant: CLP5130-1 @ 30'
WDØT   Single Op HP   8002014-08-09 21:07:03
Was out with family for supper, didn't start until about 0040Z, and made 2 Q's
that hour, but after that didn't work anything until the last hour, where made
30 more Q's, to the FN/FM/EN grids. Didn't hear anything West, worked one grid
south, so very spotty. K1DQV was a Beacon to me, heard him the whole last hour!

DID hear someone calling Ken N6RO, but couldn't hear him..

This was my best 6m sprint result, thanks for the fun, participation and

73 Todd WD0T

Using IC706MK2, KW, 5 element at 40 ft, and Writelog,.
N6ZE/R   Rover LP   5882014-08-09 22:08:17
Had fun from cn 87tw and cn88ra with old ft100d and 3 element Lunenberg
"Hill Topper" yagi. Nice to have some short Es openings to CA NV AZ.
KF7KTC   Single Op LP   12014-08-09 22:26:38
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society
NAME: Jon M. Fox
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 418
W1LVL   Single Op LP   12014-08-09 23:13:21
144 100 watts 12 elements
222 110 watts 16 elements
432 50 watts 25 elements
K7CW   Single Op HP   2,2012014-08-10 00:17:25
Nice to have some sporadic E propagation to liven things up.
VE3IQZ   Single Op LP   82014-08-10 07:45:14
I worked 3 locals in FN04 at the start then heard nothing until the last hour.
Called CQ using N1MM but got no response. Worked WD0T in DN94 about 0205z
then heard him work many stations but I heard none of the stations he worked.
5 element beam at 25 feet, 80 watts , Ft857D
W3MEL   Single Op LP   752014-08-10 10:05:42
Don't know how to put a number in for total distance. In the instructions it
says that it is optional. It seems how to fill in this box is very vague.
N4SVC(N2CEI)   Single Op HP   782014-08-10 10:27:53
Band was good all day then the sprint started. Maybe next time!
VA7FC   Single Op HP   1002014-08-10 10:30:16
gave out the rare cn79 to a few of the guys north south opening was nice
73s Perry
W7WBB   Single Op LP   1922014-08-10 11:23:03
N2SLN   Single Op LP   4932014-08-10 12:52:20
KØBAK   Single Op LP   772014-08-10 15:03:35
First time in a sprint. Operated about 2200 to 0010, then 0210 to 0300. Only one
contact in that last hour. Operated from my rover setup in FN20bi as a
stationary; not enough time to justify roving in this short time period.
WW7D/R   Rover LP   1,2322014-08-11 10:14:39
This was a most enjoyable sprint. I started out with the intention of
activating seven grids, but a few problems delayed my start for 30 minutes into
the Sprint, so I only made it to six grids.

I activated two grids (CN76 and CN77) by flying to Ocean Shores airport, where
the airplane ramp is split between both grids. A weak Es provided a handful of
(much appreciated) out-of-region QSOs. I skipped activating CN86 out of the
nearby Hoquiam airport. Then I flew back to my home airport, jumped into my
truck and activated CN87, CN88, CN97, and CN98.

Grid Qsos Mults
CN76 7 4
CN77 10 5
CN87 11 4
CN88 8 3
CN97 12 3
CN98 8 3
Total 56 22

The Op Time doesn't include the time while I was flying.

The full story is here:
K3EOD(W2SJ)   Single Op HP   2422014-08-11 16:58:47
Thanks to the sponsors for supporting the Sprint Contests. It was a good idea to
change the 50 MHz Sprint to August for possible band openings. It does need to
be advertised better, as participation was quite low and many had not realized
the date change. Tnx es 73, Bob W2SJ
KA7RRA   Rover LP   4942014-08-11 21:04:23
I had a lot of ,and I thought I did ok for working 3 grids. I was going to try
and work a 4th one but I ran out of time. I spent to long in in CN98 should
have left sooner.

I made 2 contacts to California ,and 1 to AZ it was fun if I had one more
contact I would have had 500 points
WZ1V   Single Op HP   4202014-08-12 04:11:22
Activity here was zero after the first hour.
I don't think many people knew there was a Sprint.
Conditions were flat, no Es.
Best northeast W1AW/1 FN44 and W1IPL F54,
Best southwest KD4AA FM17.
Thanks to those who got on the air,
and to the Sprint sponsors.
-73, Ron WZ1V
N8XA   Single Op LP   402014-08-18 17:24:29
Paper log entered by NT4RT
W7TDZ   Single Op LP   2602014-08-19 02:23:22
Re-entered from paper log by NT4RT