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CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW   2006   Jan 28   Comment Summary

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K4WW   Multi-Op LP   39,6152006-01-29 13:09:28
A testament to the receive antenna(s) of 300 stations! All those stations are to
be commended, for hearing my "wet noodle" signal!
KØUK   Single Op HP   68,4422006-01-29 13:13:17
Did the best with the time I had PTL bill K0UK
W7WHY   Single Op LP   4,3752006-01-29 13:17:05
Band QSOs Pts Sta Cty
1.8 77 175 25 0
Total 77 175 25 0
Score: 4,375

Came home from work early Friday with the flu, so that kinda shot down the
weekend for me. Was planning on doing the CQ 160 and BARTG RTTY test. Played
in both and made about 125 Q's between the 2 tests. Like this test, but sure
wish I had an amp on 160. Heard a lot of stations calling CQ that just call in
my face. 73
KØRI   Single Op HP   47,7542006-01-29 13:18:07
S&P only operation. Spent 10 hours airborne getting home Sat so limited op time.
Sigs were good except Sun morn JAs were weak for me.

IC-756proIII + IC-PW1 amp + Inv L ant
W3CP   Single Op LP   43,1762006-01-29 13:24:06
Failed to get WAS by five states, RI,VT,DE,KY,MO; the closest I have come in a
160 test. But I had a good time. 73 Jim w3cp
W6KY   Single Op LP   2,7042006-01-29 13:55:29
32 ft Vertical for 80-10 meters. No 160. Infinite SWR. Used Drake MN-7 to get
a match on 160. Must have been getting out about 5-10 watts. Worked Hawaii
(KH7X has great ears) and W4AN in GA at 4AM his time. Can't believe I got out
this well with a ground mounted 32 ft pipe! Sure miss my 200 ft 160 meter
dipole... The Gap Challenger hears very well. Saturday morning at sunrise the
band was filled with JA's. I've got to get up some wire!!!! 73, Art W6KY
K6VVA   Single Op HP   14,0802006-01-29 14:03:18
Could only operate a bit over 2 hours total, but had lots of fun. Wish I could
have played more. Nice to work so many of the 'regulars' :-)


Rick, K6VVA
N5UL(N5UL.)   Single Op HP   99,6832006-01-29 14:26:45
Heard parts of Europe that not been heard here recently, but missed several
others that had been frequently heard lately! Good conditions overall. With a
few less "perpetual signers" and some more listeners, more DX might have been
worked from this side. Several really strong signals from EU this year. That's
not very common here in Southeast NM!
Thanks for all the QSO's both here and abroad!
N7TR   Single Op HP   53,0532006-01-29 14:31:05
Only able to do 4 Hours...but lots of Fun!! JA's were LOUD Saturday Morning...

73 Rich N7TR
VE6GJ   Single Op LP   25,0202006-01-29 14:39:15
Lot's of fun Saturday night, but S7 noise level made for some long exchanges.
Glad to get KP4 on 160m.
Thanks to all for the Q's
Jeff VE6GJ
K4XU   Single Op HP   143,8202006-01-29 14:46:03
Several times I drifted off and waking up thought I was on 20m. The band
conditions were great out here.
This is the first time on 160m with two antennas, my old inverted L beside the
tower with the top at 68' and 15 radials, and an inverted V hung in a ponderosa
at 65'. It was snowing a good part of both nights and I had to chase the match
around a bit, but the V was usually better than the L which only shows that
ground conditions out here in the high desert are in K3LC's "very poor" class!
No receiving antennas.
Highlight: having 9M2AX answer my last CQ at 7:55 AM local.
Lowlight: grinding up four radials while snowblowing my driveway Saturday AM.
W4NTI   Single Op HP   53,3142006-01-29 15:16:30
Both days had great conditions, strongest signals I've ever seen on top band.
Managed to work KH7X for the first in HI but missed KL7RA. He was peaking
during grayline path, but suddenly dropped out. Maybe he got tired of the

AE7DX   Single Op LP   29,5742006-01-29 15:25:39
It's amazing what a decent (or at least better) antenna can do! Nearly quadruple
the score, more than double the Q's and 25 more mults than last year. We (my son
[K7DAE] and I) put up a new inverted-L Friday with a 45-foot vertical section
and it made all the difference in the world. Had to QRT early Sunday AM with a
failed antenna tuner but I am very pleased with this result. Wait 'til next
N7DD   Single Op HP   189,5042006-01-29 15:37:01
Bad sun god. Bad-Bad-Bad! No europe heard on the first night and only a few on
the second. JA very scarce.
WF4W   Multi-Op HP   64,5482006-01-29 16:03:07
This is still my favorite contest. Even living on a city lot, I managed 48
states + DC (- MT and AK) , 9 countries and 8 VE sections.
NX9T   Single Op LP   11,6202006-01-29 16:05:07
Spent a couple (2) hours on Friday night, a couple minutes saturday morning
prior to departing for a family vacation (to S.C.) and then a couple minutes
again up return just before the end of the contest. The 160m tests are always
so much fun. Thanks to all. Had a great time during my outing.

jeff nx9t
W1EBI   Multi-Op HP   55,7352006-01-29 16:05:45
My first contest on 160. The activity was amazing!
W4AN(@W8JI)   Multi-Op HP   1,006,2902006-01-29 16:07:59
We all enjoyed taking the SECC club callsign out for a spin in memory of Bill
Fisher. Claimed score would be a new US M/S record. Thanks to all who worked
us - details to follow. QSL via K4BAI.
K3WW   Multi-Op HP   555,1252006-01-29 16:08:09
Seem to be hearing better..still nothing over 270 feet long to listen on.
Slept a bit both nights..occasional QSO during day..ran the hours up I guess.
Just me and packet.
KE9I   Multi-Op HP   358,1312006-01-29 16:09:11
I hope Santa brings everyone some receiving antennas for next year. Band seemed
great right at the end of the contest. EU was very sparse Sat. No JA heard but
at least one strong ZL was worked.
N6WG   Single Op QRP   20,8802006-01-29 16:12:47
Boy, this was a contest with both highs and lows. When I went
to bed early Sat. morning, I was way ahead of my previous best
at that point. Got up Sat morning and added a few more Qs before
the band died. Thought I was on a roll for a biggest score ever
in CQ 160. Then Sat evening, everything seemed to die for me.
Most stations I heard I had worked the night before. I could
hear strong stations from back east, but they weren't hearing me.
Just couldn't get any traction. Reduced my goal to breaking
20K points, and when I did that, I pulled the plug and went to
bed. So, no new high score to report. This is now my second
highest score.

I'm curious to see what 20K will do for me in the contest. In
2002 I took first place QRP in CA with 13+K points.

To prepare for the contest, I built a rotating delta loop along
the lines of the K6SE terminated loop. Called it my Driveway
Delta Loop. 24 ft across the bottom, and 12 ft tall. Worked ok,
but my tuned rotary loop up on a 15 ft mast beat it very handily.
Heard just as well and was much quieter. The tuned rotary loop
also outperformed my full size Flag loop in the back yard most of
the time.

My only DX was PJ2, XE, KH6 and KL7. Heard a couple of JA faintly,
but not worth the effort to try for them. Heard ZF2NT under a big
pileup, but no other DX even heard.

I love 160m, but I really need to improve my receiving systems.
So far, DX just isn't in the cards here.

Hope you all had fun too.
73, Bob N6WG
The Little Station with Attitude
AD4EB   Single Op HP   129,2002006-01-29 16:13:34
Great conditions Friday evening into early Saturday AM. Managed to work all 50
states + DC before hitting the sack at 3am. Started up again Saturday night, but
only operated 30 minutest due to high QRN from approaching storms.
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   99,5252006-01-29 16:14:06
A 19% QSO and 45% score increase from last year and I got 6 hours sleep Saturday
night to boot!

Worked 49 states - Missed MT. I heard K7BG Saturday night, but didn't hang
around long enough to break the pile-up.
VA3DX   Single Op HP   180,4532006-01-29 16:15:51
Some points for the CCO club score..
Missed ND , VY1 , VY0, VE8 ...
Thanks to Andy VE9DX for NB, ur 80 mtr antenna
was about 329 here....
Strange to hear some well known W / VE guys
CQing in the window ??
NJ1F   Multi-Op LP   45,4162006-01-29 16:16:26
Had a blast on friday evening so put up new 1/4 sloper during the day on
WX3B   Single Op HP   116,4402006-01-29 16:17:47
Not sure yet about the breakdown of countries and sections...


Jim WX3B
K2TA   Single Op HP   125,1142006-01-29 16:19:08
Fun contest! Ran 5W for many daytime QSO's with NY/NJ/PA and 100W or 1.5KW for
DX. My dipole running NE to SW did the job for US but hard to be heard in EU.
This is best I've scored in this test. Using K2/100 driving Titan II.
K4IU   Single Op HP   62,4962006-01-29 16:20:08
Missed KL7 for 160 WAS
W4FDA   Single Op HP   82,7322006-01-29 16:23:55
At my age(84), after staying up until the wee hours the first night, couldn't
make it the second night!!!! Got a few more Q's the last 3 hours of the test.
Youth is a wonderful thing to waste-wish I could waste it again!!! Pres W4FDA
W4ZV   Single Op HP   623,9972006-01-29 16:24:18
No ice storm this year for a pleasant change!
VO1HP(@VP1HP)   Single Op HP   252,5252006-01-29 16:24:20
CQ 160M CW Contest 374 QSOs VO1HP Max Rates:

2006-01-28 1012Z - 3.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 180 per hour by VO1HP
2006-01-29 0728Z - 1.5 per minute (10 minute(s)), 90 per hour by VO1HP
2006-01-29 0729Z - 1.0 per minute (60 minute(s)), 60 per hour by VO1HP

2 points = 30 -- 5 points = 219 -- 10 points = 125
W6SJ   Single Op LP   14,4002006-01-29 16:25:56
Did not have any QSO's in W1, W2, or W3 and only 7 W4's but ZF2NT and 3 JA QSO's
were an unexpected thrill.

Did I miss any CA stations?
AI2N   Single Op LP   58,9052006-01-29 16:26:36
Some fun.

Pretty quiet conditions locally; so quiet I spent most of the 'test on the
transmit antenna, such as it is. Back next year with an inverted L to replace
the A-D shortened 1/2 sloper (apex @ 30').

Did everyone catch the KD8 handing out "real" signal reports?

73, Redd, AI2N
K3NM   Multi-Op HP   139,7552006-01-29 16:26:53
had a great time, Thanks for all the contacts. The last minute of the contest i
worked NE so only missed ND. Now for arrol cw and cq160ph.

K2SX   Single Op HP   104,3042006-01-29 16:26:55
Nice opening to EU at the end but not many of them cud hear me. Lot of fun
LA6FJA   Single Op HP   68,4762006-01-29 16:29:26
TS2000+500 Watt into 3/8 INV-L

Due busy weekend with Rally Hadeland communication work , I had just to play for
fun. congrats to LN8W for great run :)
N7BF   Single Op HP   17,4662006-01-29 16:29:33
Also operated BARTG RTTY Sprint same weekend. Had other things to do during
some of the evening hours, and didn't stay up all night.
VA3NR   Single Op LP   216,2282006-01-29 16:31:04
Mk-V Field & inverted-L, 30'H x 105'L

Took lots of breaks. I have a hard time staying in the chair for single-band
contesting. Heard a ND station S&Ping but never found one CQing. Heard another 6
DX mults I couldn't qso. Thought I was going to miss NB but was happy to find
VE9DX in last 10 minutes. Tnx QSOs.

73, Chris VA3NR.

QSO/Sec+Dx by hour and band

Hour 160 Total Cumm OffTime

D1-0100Z 66/29 66/29 66/29 2
D1-0200Z - 0/0 66/29 60
D1-0300Z 33/10 33/10 99/39 24
D1-0400Z 53/4 53/4 152/43
D1-0500Z 39/6 39/6 191/49
D1-0600Z 14/9 14/9 205/58
D1-0700Z 2/2 2/2 207/60 42
D1-0800Z --+-- 0/0 207/60 60
D1-0900Z - 0/0 207/60 60
D1-1000Z - 0/0 207/60 60
D1-1100Z - 0/0 207/60 60
D1-1200Z - 0/0 207/60 60
D1-1300Z - 0/0 207/60 60
D1-1400Z 3/0 3/0 210/60 53
D1-1500Z 16/0 16/0 226/60
D1-1600Z 4/0 4/0 230/60 52
D1-1700Z - 0/0 230/60 60
D1-1800Z 1/0 1/0 231/60 60
D1-1900Z - 0/0 231/60 60
D1-2000Z 10/1 10/1 241/61 38
D1-2100Z 28/0 28/0 269/61
D1-2200Z 41/1 41/1 310/62
D1-2300Z 15/1 15/1 325/63 37
D2-0000Z 14/2 14/2 339/65 27
D2-0100Z 31/0 31/0 370/65 4
D2-0200Z 6/0 6/0 376/65 60
D2-0300Z 35/0 35/0 411/65
D2-0400Z 10/0 10/0 421/65 53
D2-0500Z 25/3 25/3 446/68
D2-0600Z 29/0 29/0 475/68
D2-0700Z 13/2 13/2 488/70
D2-0800Z 15/1 15/1 503/71 21
D2-0900Z - 0/0 503/71 60
D2-1000Z - 0/0 503/71 60
D2-1100Z 7/1 7/1 510/72 38
D2-1200Z 28/1 28/1 538/73
D2-1300Z 3/0 3/0 541/73 39
D2-1400Z - 0/0 541/73 60
D2-1500Z 4/0 4/0 545/73 21
D2-1600Z --+-- 0/0 545/73 60
D2-1700Z - 0/0 545/73 60
D2-1800Z - 0/0 545/73 60
D2-1900Z - 0/0 545/73 60
D2-2000Z - 0/0 545/73 60
D2-2100Z - 0/0 545/73 60
D2-2200Z 27/0 27/0 572/73 5
D2-2300Z 25/1 25/1 597/74

Total: 597/74
K7RAT(@N6TR)   Multi-Op HP   332,1122006-01-29 16:31:38
First multi-op in this contest in about 6 years - this is the way to go.

Europe was tough going - only one the first night, and just a handful the
second. Great JA activity - with 129 different stations worked there (a few
more than W6 stations!!). 57 VEs helped with their 5 pointers.

Rig - FT1000MP (declicked - roofing filters) - pair 3-500Zs. TS850 used for
spotting station and an R4C was occasionally put into service.

TX Antennas: 80 foot tower loaded as vertical + inv vee at 100 feet. Mostly
used the vertical.

RX Antennas: Various beverages (30, 70, 135, 250 and 315 degrees). These worked
very well and are a new addition to the station.

Many thanks to N0AX and K6AW for coming over and helping out. This was a fun
N2NL   Multi-Op HP   138,3722006-01-29 16:44:59
I had too much stuff to do this weekend (homework of all things) so I was only
able to put in about 8 hours, most of which was during the first night. I had a
good time chatting with the K7RAT crew and others on the low band DX chat page
which put me in the Multi-op category. Packet was only really useful for
telling me where all the DX I couldn't hear was located.

Great stateside conditions the first night, but not so good to DX. Very little
QRN, and it was easy to work all 50 states. Of the normally workable VE
sections, I missed VE4 and VE9. I worked 63 JA's the first morning, along with
a few UA0's, and JT1CO. HS0ZDL was loud for over an hour, louder than the JA's
he was CQing into the faces of, but I just couldn't get his attention.

The second night seemed to have poorer stateside conditions but better DX. It
was raining (as it usually does when the band is open) which brought up the
noise floor substantially. My European Beverage passes under the transmit
antenna (space limited) and is prone to noise in rainy conditions as a result.
I worked CU2A, CT3FN, and EA8AH the second night, all loud. I packed it in
early the second night, and it looks like I missed some good Asian DX the second
morning by doing so.

I'm still impressed at how well my simple half-wave sloper works. When
conditions are there, I really feel loud into Asia and Europe with it. One end
is at 130ft on the tower, the other @60ft in a tree half way down the hill,
pointed north.

CU in the CW Sprint in a couple weeks!
73, Dave N2NL/6

DX worked (and qty):
JA(63), KH6(5), UA0(4), KL7(3), KP2(2), XE(2), CT3, CU, EA8, HI, JT, KP4, PJ2,
V3, VK, VP9, YV, ZF, ZL
W4MYA   Single Op HP   670,5922006-01-29 16:46:17
That was a long weekend, but fun..
Thanks for the QSO's
Take care
KU8E   Single Op HP   243,9842006-01-29 16:47:25
500 watts/Inverted L

Great condx. Still need to work on the antenna. Heard many more EU stations that
just CQ'ed in my face. Missed about 10-12 more DX multiplers than I worked.
Overall I am pleased. This is my best score ever in a 160 contest from home...

Jeff KU8E
DF3KV   Single Op QRP   111,9572006-01-29 16:47:50
Thanks to all who answered my call, especially the US boys with their good

SP4Z   Single Op HP   253,4702006-01-29 16:48:50
Just a little to playing. I would like to work new ones ZF2NT, KG4SB, C6ANM,
XE's. No chance this time. Any way it was nice pleasure to be in contest. During
the day I walked a lot on the fields checking Beverages. I much was watching TV
for news about colapsed roof in our country killed 66 people in the biggest
exhibition area of Katowice. The same story was on Sunday during SPDX contest in
April 2005 when died Pope John Paul II. I can not focused in that moment on the
air so only playing then. Thanks
Wes SP4Z
W2RU   Single Op HP   350,5952006-01-29 16:51:06
Activity on Friday night was unbelievable here at the WNY/NNY border. The rest
of the contest was a little slower....I don't recall ever enjoying such
consistently quiet band conditions for a full 48-hour contest before this.

Switched from LPT keying to WinKey Saturday afternoon.

TS-950SDX + Amp
90-foot shunt fed tower + short Eu Beverage
N1MM Logger
K1EP   Single Op LP   131,3522006-01-29 16:51:18
Interesting conditions from my perspective. I had over 50 more Qs than last
year, one more state and only two less countries, but my total score was less.
I worked significantly less DX this year than last. I heard several more than I
could work. I also missed the first two hours of the contest, but it didn't
seem to matter in the Q total. I missed ND, NE, and ID for states plus YU, NWT,
NU, and MB. Never heard any of them. Also missed KL7, but I have never heard a
KL7 on 160 before anyway.
VO1HE   Single Op LP   13,0262006-01-29 16:51:48
What can I say? This band is not my forte. My noise level is s9 or better at all
times. I heard a lot more than I could work though. Many EU stations didn't hear
me. Not surprised by that:)

Relatively new to the band so I have a lot of learning to do. Got some local
experts to get tips from but, given my QTH, I doubt this will be a serious
contest band for me. Unless the power happens to go out in the city. Then I can
get a car battery and go for it:)

Thanks for the Qs and CU next contest.

73 -- Paul VO1HE
W2VJN   Single Op HP   276,8642006-01-29 16:53:10
Well, that was fun. I haven't stayed up all night in a contest for over 35
years, but Friday night it happened.

Missed NB, MB, NWT and YT. Except for LAB and NF, all the rest were worked more
than once.

Thanks to all the JAs for the many 10 pointers.

DX worked:
9M2 9M2AX
V5 V51AS
VE6EX   Single Op QRP   36,7222006-01-29 16:54:53
Well I just had to try it--- 160m doing QRP. ER' I guess I have to say that I
did some in the other events, but this was my first "Q" event on 160. Boy did it
ever have some ups, and downs. My only dx was AK Hi!!
Thanks for all the trys, Q's lots that were hopeless....
Working the East coast was the big plus. The plan of attack was to try and
hit the openings as best I could and work in the shop when the sigs were down
(to help stay awake ). Having a rig/rcvr in the workshop is a big plus. I must
say that this year was a bit of a down compared to the 600q's of last year but
that extra 95 watts is a big deal on 160!!!
VE6EX was a shunt loaded 60' tower and hf ants, a ts940s turned down to qrp
peak pwr and residential Calgary.
Cheers, Dan..
W3GH   Single Op HP   278,8212006-01-29 16:57:14
At(74+),Its' getting tougher to stay up every year even for the first night.
Made it thru the first night and quit at midnight the second. Where were the
VE4's? 50 states + DC and all VE except VE4 and NWT area. Still a great
Worked 29 10 pointers in the last hour. About 18 hours cq'n and S/P es no

Green Hornet
N2NT   Single Op HP   507,8972006-01-29 16:58:11
Got home from work on Friday early to get ready. Turned the IC781 on, but it had
other ideas. Lost power, and no time to fix it.
Thanks to N2NC, I met up with him and borrowed an FT1000mp. Worked very well,
with the roofing filters etc. Nobody told me I had key clix either!

Murphy hit again the second night, with my trusty Ten Tec Titan amp failing in
the middle of eu sunrise run. Lost 15 mins hooking up another amp. Almost quit,
but forged ahead.
Band was very quiet here, and heard so much DX I couldn't work. Very
Was all I could do to work eu. Signals were way down from normal.
For example, UU7J was 579, but could never get him to hear me. Normally he is
much louder and easy. Many others like that. Heard 7x0, 5b4 and 3v8 but no
Thanks to all the eu that struggled to pull thru the call. Sometimes took over 5
mins to complete qso's.

And with all that, this was my highest score ever from home :)

Congrats to W4ZV and AA1K, great scores as usual.

73, Andy N2NT
K8MR   Single Op HP   79,7642006-01-29 16:59:10
Saturday evening/Sunday morning only.
WJ9B   Single Op LP   154,3762006-01-29 17:00:25
73, Will, wj9b, dit dit
W4HJ   Single Op HP   25,8442006-01-29 17:07:26
All s&p.. Thanks to all for the Q's.
K9CS   Single Op QRP   14,1162006-01-29 17:08:53
First try at QRP contesting. Was surprised to do as well as I did. I almost
fell out of the chair when ZL6QH came back to me.
NS3T   Single Op LP   70,0922006-01-29 17:10:14
Writelog says 16 hours, but unfortunately, many of those were during the
daylight when I had a chance to operate. Missed the start and the 4-11pm
time frame on Saturday evening and then had to QRT before sundown
at the end....but it was a lot of fun.

This was the first real test for my new 160 antenna, which replaced a
trusty HF6V Butternut vertical. Not many of those 9-repeat,
one letter at a time contacts - instead, one-calls and CQ's that
are answered by people on the West Coast. Should have made
that change a long time ago, but I keep learning new things
every year after almost 25 years in this hobby.

I never heard KH6, KL7, ID or NE - and those were the only US
states that I missed. The only DX that got away included
ON4UN, ZF2NT and GU4YOX. I was able to work KG4, KP2, KP4,
VP9, XE, PJ2, CT, CU, EA6, OK and OM.

Thanks to everyone for all the contacts. All that antenna work
in my suburban back yard means I can actually play on 160 and
feel like people might hear me.

Sunday afternoon, one guy duped me three times and sent 559 each time.

See you in the ARRL DX CW.

Jamie NS3T

QSO/Sec+Dx by hour and band

Hour 160 Total Cumm OffTime

D1-0200Z 55/27 55/27 55/27
D1-0300Z 58/13 58/13 113/40
D1-0400Z 25/2 25/2 138/42
D1-0500Z 2/0 2/0 140/42 57
D1-0600Z - 0/0 140/42 60
D1-0700Z - 0/0 140/42 60
D1-0800Z --+-- 0/0 140/42 60
D1-0900Z 4/2 4/2 144/44 54
D1-1000Z 45/7 45/7 189/51
D1-1100Z 37/2 37/2 226/53
D1-1200Z 29/1 29/1 255/54
D1-1300Z 13/0 13/0 268/54
D1-1400Z 12/0 12/0 280/54
D1-1500Z 3/0 3/0 283/54 48
D1-1600Z --+-- 0/0 283/54 60
D1-1700Z - 0/0 283/54 60
D1-1800Z 2/0 2/0 285/54 53
D1-1900Z 5/0 5/0 290/54 35
D1-2000Z 4/0 4/0 294/54 23
D1-2100Z 1/0 1/0 295/54 60
D1-2200Z - 0/0 295/54 60
D1-2300Z - 0/0 295/54 60
D2-0000Z --+-- 0/0 295/54 60
D2-0100Z - 0/0 295/54 60
D2-0200Z - 0/0 295/54 60
D2-0300Z 10/2 10/2 305/56 49
D2-0400Z 29/0 29/0 334/56 9
D2-0500Z 35/3 35/3 369/59
D2-0600Z 19/5 19/5 388/64
D2-0700Z 17/2 17/2 405/66 4
D2-0800Z --+-- 0/0 405/66 60
D2-0900Z - 0/0 405/66 60
D2-1000Z - 0/0 405/66 60
D2-1100Z - 0/0 405/66 60
D2-1200Z - 0/0 405/66 60
D2-1300Z - 0/0 405/66 60
D2-1400Z 8/0 8/0 413/66 18
D2-1500Z 6/0 6/0 419/66 44
D2-1600Z 1/0 1/0 420/66 57
D2-1700Z - 0/0 420/66 60
D2-1800Z 8/0 8/0 428/66 42
D2-1900Z 8/0 8/0 436/66
D2-2000Z 11/0 11/0 447/66
D2-2100Z 6/0 6/0 453/66

Total: 453/66
K1NK   Single Op LP   57,6842006-01-29 17:11:14
Couldn't get on the first night, but had a great time anyway. Condx were
marginal for anything beyond 2,000 miles. Stations at 2K plus miles were
workable, but weak. W6s were in and out but not very strong. Europe got a bit of
enhancement on both our sunset and their sunrise.

EU was much stronger in the last few hours of the contest...figures.

I wish I could have operated the whole contest, but I had a great time while I
was on.

Thanks for the Qs.

See you all in late Feb for some SSB fun on Top Band!

Jim - K1NK
WA6BOB   Single Op HP   8,7122006-01-29 17:14:14
Kenwood TS-870, QRO 2K, 160 m DP, WL 10.57
W3USA(K8MR)   Single Op HP   57,8282006-01-29 17:15:09

However, CQ has no hangups about using a second call, which I did on Sunday
afternoon. The initial packet pileup was wild, with a peak 10 qso rate of
251/hr. The rate stayed good until about 23z, when I noted a persistent weak
signal on my frequency. After a bit I took time to listen carefully, and
realized it was a DL CQing underneath me. Soon after that I took off to chase
some mults, and ended up with 13 EU countries, more than I've ever done in a
contest from home. I missed only NF in eastern W/VE (I did get VO2AC), but
since it was still daylight out west, missed all of W6, W7, CO, and VE4 and

Being fresh meat is fun!

73 - Jim K8MR
AA1K   Single Op HP   551,8862006-01-29 17:15:25
Thanks all for the points -- a fun weekend as always. Great conditions to Europe
all three nights. Did much more search and pounce this year trying to get the
DX. Total QSOS, mults and score down from last year.

Worked all states the first night plus D.C. Heard VE4 but missed him and never
found one later. Also missed VE8/VY1.

Worked several KH6; ZL6QH answered my CQ around 08z the first night. I think
VK6VZ came back to me around 1000z -- he was still in daylight -- but I couldn't
pull him out and never heard another VK all weekend. Never heard any JA either
morning. 5B4 was only Asia QSO, though I heard A61Q call CQ just above me the
first night but couldn't get his attention. Also heard but missed 3V8, YV1, LZ
and a couple of other European mults.

Had 230 ten-pointers in all -- 100 the first night (93 of them Europeans), 118
the second night and 12 the third.

114 QSOs the first hour, 130 the second and all the rest below 100.

Finished a new stagger-phased Beverage pair toward Europe on Friday -- it is 766
feet vs. about 500 for the old one and it hears noticably better. Also found the
transmit vertical array heard well much of the weekend.

Station details at


station: AA1K

UTC 160 rate total
00Z 114 114 114
01Z 130 130 244
02Z 80 80 324
03Z 77 77 401
04Z 51 51 452
05Z 62 62 514
06Z 70 70 584
07Z 59 59 643
08Z 73 73 716
09Z 26 26 742
10Z 30 30 772
11Z 39 39 811
12Z 20 20 831
13Z 0 0 831
14Z 0 0 831
15Z 0 0 831
16Z 0 0 831
17Z 0 0 831
18Z 0 0 831
19Z 0 0 831
20Z 0 0 831
21Z 11 11 842
22Z 44 44 886
23Z 20 20 906
00Z 29 29 935
01Z 17 17 952
02Z 24 24 976
03Z 24 24 1000
04Z 30 30 1030
05Z 32 32 1062
06Z 40 40 1102
07Z 36 36 1138
08Z 15 15 1153
09Z 13 13 1166
10Z 24 24 1190
11Z 25 25 1215
12Z 13 13 1228
13Z 0 0 1228
14Z 0 0 1228
15Z 0 0 1228
16Z 0 0 1228
17Z 0 0 1228
18Z 0 0 1228
19Z 1 1 1229
20Z 2 2 1231
21Z 15 15 1246
22Z 19 19 1265
23Z 26 26 1291
tot 1291 ---- 1291


station: AA1K
UTC Main Alt rate total
00Z 114 0 114 114
01Z 130 0 130 244
02Z 80 0 80 324
03Z 77 0 77 401
04Z 51 0 51 452
05Z 62 0 62 514
06Z 70 0 70 584
07Z 59 0 59 643
08Z 73 0 73 716
09Z 26 0 26 742
10Z 30 0 30 772
11Z 39 0 39 811
12Z 20 0 20 831
13Z 0 0 0 831
14Z 0 0 0 831
15Z 0 0 0 831
16Z 0 0 0 831
17Z 0 0 0 831
18Z 0 0 0 831
19Z 0 0 0 831
20Z 0 0 0 831
21Z 11 0 11 842
22Z 44 0 44 886
23Z 20 0 20 906
00Z 29 0 29 935
01Z 17 0 17 952
02Z 24 0 24 976
03Z 24 0 24 1000
04Z 30 0 30 1030
05Z 32 0 32 1062
06Z 40 0 40 1102
07Z 36 0 36 1138
08Z 15 0 15 1153
09Z 13 0 13 1166
10Z 24 0 24 1190
11Z 25 0 25 1215
12Z 13 0 13 1228
13Z 0 0 0 1228
14Z 0 0 0 1228
15Z 0 0 0 1228
16Z 0 0 0 1228
17Z 0 0 0 1228
18Z 0 0 0 1228
19Z 1 0 1 1229
20Z 2 0 2 1231
21Z 15 0 15 1246
22Z 19 0 19 1265
23Z 26 0 26 1291
tot 1291 1291 ---- 2582


UTC 160 rate total
00Z 291 291 291
01Z 300 300 591
02Z 248 248 839
03Z 214 214 1053
04Z 159 159 1212
05Z 264 264 1476
06Z 466 466 1942
07Z 250 250 2192
08Z 206 206 2398
09Z 70 70 2468
10Z 72 72 2540
11Z 95 95 2635
12Z 43 43 2678
13Z 0 0 2678
14Z 0 0 2678
15Z 0 0 2678
16Z 0 0 2678
17Z 0 0 2678
18Z 0 0 2678
19Z 0 0 2678
20Z 0 0 2678
21Z 28 28 2706
22Z 104 104 2810
23Z 80 80 2890
00Z 261 261 3151
01Z 133 133 3284
02Z 120 120 3404
03Z 75 75 3479
04Z 119 119 3598
05Z 144 144 3742
06Z 304 304 4046
07Z 200 200 4246
08Z 39 39 4285
09Z 29 29 4314
10Z 54 54 4368
11Z 50 50 4418
12Z 26 26 4444
13Z 0 0 4444
14Z 0 0 4444
15Z 0 0 4444
16Z 0 0 4444
17Z 0 0 4444
18Z 0 0 4444
19Z 2 2 4446
20Z 4 4 4450
21Z 33 33 4483
22Z 54 54 4537
23Z 140 140 4677
tot 4677 ----- 4677

2 point QSOs: 976
5 point QSOs: 85
10 point QSOs: 230


UTC 160 rate total
00Z 35 35 35
01Z 10 10 45
02Z 9 9 54
03Z 9 9 63
04Z 8 8 71
05Z 8 8 79
06Z 8 8 87
07Z 9 9 96
08Z 3 3 99
09Z 1 1 100
10Z 1 1 101
11Z 0 0 101
12Z 0 0 101
13Z 0 0 101
14Z 0 0 101
15Z 0 0 101
16Z 0 0 101
17Z 0 0 101
18Z 0 0 101
19Z 0 0 101
20Z 0 0 101
21Z 1 1 102
22Z 0 0 102
23Z 0 0 102
00Z 6 6 108
01Z 6 6 114
02Z 0 0 114
03Z 0 0 114
04Z 3 3 117
05Z 1 1 118
06Z 0 0 118
07Z 0 0 118
08Z 0 0 118
09Z 0 0 118
10Z 0 0 118
11Z 0 0 118
12Z 0 0 118
13Z 0 0 118
14Z 0 0 118
15Z 0 0 118
16Z 0 0 118
17Z 0 0 118
18Z 0 0 118
19Z 0 0 118
20Z 0 0 118
21Z 0 0 118
22Z 0 0 118
23Z 0 0 118
tot 118 ---- 118


N America: 1061 1061 (82%)

S America: 2 2 (0%)

Europe: 219 219 (16%)

Africa: 4 4 (0%)

Asia: 1 1 (0%)

Oceania: 4 4 (0%)


Mult QSOs

CT 24
MA 35
ME 8
NH 25
RI 6
VT 6
NJ 50
NY 62
DC 3
DE 5
MD 30
PA 54
AL 18
FL 31
GA 22
KY 10
NC 32
SC 11
TN 30
VA 52
AR 8
LA 6
MS 8
NM 7
OK 8
TX 23
CA 54
AZ 14
ID 4
MT 3
NV 4
OR 13
UT 6
WA 27
WY 2
MI 49
OH 66
WV 20
IL 39
IN 23
WI 20
CO 10
IA 8
KS 5
MN 28
MO 19
NE 5
ND 1
SD 3
NS 3
QC 8
ON 36
MB --
SK 2
AB 5
BC 10
NWT --
NB 2
YT --
NF 5
LB 1
1A --
1S --
3A --
3B6 --
3B8 --
3B9 --
3C --
3C0 --
3D2 --
3D2/c --
3D2/r --
3DA --
3V --
3W --
3X --
3Y/b --
3Y/p --
4J --
4L --
4S --
4U1I --
4U1U --
4U1V --
4W --
4X --
5A --
5B 1
5H --
5N --
5R --
5T --
5U --
5V --
5W --
5X --
5Z --
6W --
6Y --
7O --
7P --
7Q --
7X 1
8P --
8Q --
8R --
9A 5
9G --
9H --
9J --
9K --
9L --
9M2 --
9M6 --
9N --
9Q --
9U --
9V --
9X --
9Y --
A2 --
A3 --
A4 --
A5 --
A6 --
A7 --
A9 --
AP --
BS7 --
BV --
BV9P --
BY --
C2 --
C3 --
C5 --
C6 --
C9 --
CE --
CE0X --
CE0Y --
CE0Z --
CE9 --
CM --
CN --
CP --
CT 2
CT3 1
CU 2
CX --
CY0 --
CY9 --
D2 --
D4 --
D6 --
DL 50
DU --
E3 --
E4 --
EA 5
EA6 1
EA8 2
EA9 --
EI 4
EK --
EL --
EP --
ER --
ES 3
ET --
EU --
EX --
EY --
EZ --
F 7
FG --
FH --
FJ --
FK --
FK/c --
FM --
FO --
FO/a --
FO/c --
FO/m --
FP --
FR --
FR/g --
FR/j --
FR/t --
FT5W --
FT5X --
FT5Z --
FW --
FY --
G 24
GD 2
GI 1
GJ --
GM 2
GM/s --
GU 1
GW 2
H4 --
H40 --
HA 8
HB 4
HB0 1
HC --
HC8 --
HH --
HI 1
HK --
HK0/a --
HK0/m --
HL --
HM --
HP --
HR --
HS --
HV --
HZ --
I 15
IG9 --
IS --
IT9 --
J2 --
J3 --
J5 --
J6 --
J7 --
J8 --
JA --
JD/m --
JD/o --
JT --
JW --
JW/b --
JX --
JY --
KG4 1
KH0 --
KH1 --
KH2 --
KH3 --
KH4 --
KH5 --
KH5K --
KH6 3
KH7K --
KH8 --
KH9 --
KL 1
KP1 --
KP2 3
KP4 1
KP5 --
LA 3
LU --
LX 1
LY 1
LZ --
OA --
OD --
OE 2
OH 2
OH0 1
OJ0 --
OK 16
OM 5
ON 7
OX --
OY 1
OZ 2
P2 --
P4 --
PA 9
PJ2 1
PJ7 --
PY 1
PY0F --
PY0S --
PY0T --
PZ --
R1FJ --
R1MV --
S0 --
S2 --
S5 9
S7 --
S9 --
SM 4
SP 5
ST --
SU --
SV 2
SV/a --
SV5 --
SV9 --
T2 --
T30 --
T31 --
T32 --
T33 --
T5 --
T7 --
T8 --
T9 2
TA --
TA1 --
TF --
TG --
TI --
TI9 --
TJ --
TK --
TL --
TN --
TR --
TT --
TU --
TY --
TZ --
UA 5
UA2 1
UA9 --
UK --
UN --
UR 5
V2 1
V3 1
V4 --
V5 --
V6 --
V7 --
V8 --
VK --
VK0H --
VK0M --
VK9C --
VK9L --
VK9M --
VK9N --
VK9W --
VK9X --
VP2E --
VP2M --
VP2V --
VP5 --
VP6 --
VP6/d --
VP8 --
VP8/g --
VP8/h --
VP8/o --
VP8/s --
VP9 1
VQ9 --
VR --
VU --
VU4 --
VU7 --
XE 3
XF4 --
XT --
XU --
XW --
XX9 --
XZ --
YA --
YB --
YI --
YJ --
YK --
YL --
YN --
YO 1
YS --
YU 6
YV --
YV0 --
Z2 --
Z3 --
ZA --
ZB --
ZC4 --
ZD7 --
ZD8 --
ZD9 --
ZF 1
ZK1/n --
ZK1/s --
ZK2 --
ZK3 --
ZL 1
ZL7 --
ZL8 --
ZL9 --
ZP --
ZS --
ZS8 --
K7RL   Single Op HP   67,8302006-01-29 17:17:23
The contest started well, but came to an abrupt end very early Saturday morning
when the antenna died. Stomping around in the dark, over big rain puddles,
soggy ground and high winds trying to fix the problem was no picnic.
Unfortunately, a thorough examination had to wait until daylight, where I found
evidence that some critter chewed its way through my coax. Must have been quite
a jolt to a mouth full of Acom 2000A in mid-transmit.

This must be a really fun contest back East. Some amazing early scores.
K3MM   Single Op HP   83,6992006-01-29 17:17:24
Just played around Saturday night for a while. Fun being fresh meat when the
band was hot. Had a 266/hr last 10 rate for a minute or two! hi!
K1BV   Single Op HP   61,0802006-01-29 17:19:25
Great level of activity.
WØPC   Single Op LP   35,7002006-01-29 17:20:59
N4RV   Multi-Op HP   364,3382006-01-29 17:23:57
Good conditions for most of the contest, and a VERY quiet band made for a fun
contest.. Mostly S&P the 1st night and CQ'ing the 2nd night.
K1RX   Single Op HP   166,0752006-01-29 17:30:17
Real part time effort. Always fun to work the LOUD and weak guys. Great
conditions to say the least. This almost makes up for the POOR conditions on
the high bands during these sunspot lows!

Attended the SE MA YCCC breakfast on Sat. morning and then followed W1KM to his
place for a tour and up close and personal view of the antenna farm. Nice
antenna system on 160M Greg! See you all in the ARRL CW test shortly.

73, Mark, K1RX
K1PX   Single Op LP   162,3242006-01-29 17:35:29
This was a limited effort since I had to miss most of Saturday night. ;-(
The conditions seemed to be quite good and there was low noise.
Missed MT, MB, NB and the usual NT's. The best DX was VK6HD.
Improvements to the TX antennas seemed to help.
Thanks everyone for the QSO's.
73, Jim, K1PX
K9DX   Single Op HP   594,9442006-01-29 17:38:47
Activity in USA seemed down, unless you judge by how hard it was to find a clear
spot on the band. Lots of hours with low rates. Europe was good the first night
and the last two hours. Very few JA, one VK (VK3ZL) several loud ZL signals.
K1IM   Single Op HP   62,3002006-01-29 17:39:34
Ran station radio through car SGC-500 amp to an inverted L only about 50' high.
Placed this system up the day prior to the test. Missed 4 states and 4 prov's
and worked 19 countries. 500 watts is not enough on 160 but fun was had anyway!

Tom K1IM
Union, CT
DJ9KM   Multi-Op HP   616,2202006-01-29 17:44:12
It was our first time ever taking part in a 160m contest. It was nice,
contesting only in night-shifts ;-)) and it was a lot of fun. More than 110 Ws
in a german log seems to be quite good for that band and setup ;-).
Equipment was an FT1k-MP, PA + Titanex V160E (Vertical 26,70m)

73 es cwfe
Wolfgang DK9VZ
WB2AA   Single Op LP   58,6212006-01-29 17:46:44
K6NR   Single Op HP   170,4222006-01-29 17:47:00
Great contest, my personal best effort. My 45' high
inverted L over 66 1/8wave radials in the California high desert
works OK. Too bad the noise level is high, I know I missed
some stations who were calling that I could not pull out of the noise
with my modest receive antennas (short beverages, K9AY loops).

Sunday morning was GREAT for JA with 73 in the log for the weekend.
Other DX worked included BY CU EA8 JT KG4 KH6 KL7 KP2 KP4 PJ2 UA9
VK VP9 XE ZF and ZL. Nothing heard from the main part of Europe
despite some openings earlier in the week. Worked every state
except for Vermont.

Thanks for the QSOs everyone, especially those that stuck with me while I
pulled them out of the noise one letter at a time :-(

VE3KZ   Single Op HP   163,2792006-01-29 17:55:49
Too busy to tackle staying up for Friday night. Only 9 hours, Saturday night and
Sunday morning. Still working on the antennas. Some progress but nothing that
lets me work the stations I can hear from Europe yet!

73 Bob VE3KZ
KU1CW   Single Op HP   389,5112006-01-29 18:07:30
Result is about 10% higher than last year result and W0 record, but second night
could of be better. Had thunderstorms in the area and propogation went way down
compared to the first day. Well, will get it over 400K next year...
Thanks for calling. Alex, KU1CW.
N7LU(N6NC)   Single Op HP   6,7082006-01-29 18:14:45
New use for Steppir BigIR vertical (40m ANT): Run it out to full length (40m),
run it thru 160m ANT tuner, plug it into AUX ANT jack and tune for maximum
signal for a 160m ANT for listening only. XMIT on 5 ft tall High Sierra Sidekick
motor driven ANT. It works to get on 160m anyway! Thanks to all who worked hard
to complete QSOs w/ N7LU.

73, Larry N6NC (N7LU)
NA2M   Single Op HP   32,6862006-01-29 18:14:52
Rig: Yaesu FT-1000MP, Ten-Tec Titan 800W
Ant: 80/160 Inverted "L"
K8IR   Single Op LP   93,2882006-01-29 18:15:15
Saturday night the noise was very low, and there were many VERY loud signals.
Plenty of activity, too. My QSO total was up 35 percent over last year.
Only state missed was AK. Missed only NB, MB, NT, and YT on the VE side.
NØXB   Single Op HP   112,9682006-01-29 18:16:26
Well there certainly were a lot of US stations, but this was a bummer from the
midwest for any kind of consistant DX, even the Caribbean was hard to work at
times. So not many mults. 10 hours of fun, though. Thanks to all for Qs.
WA4DOU   Single Op LP   108,5602006-01-29 18:17:33
Low noise, good propagation and well equipped stations made this my best effort
yet. Missed working ND and KL7 for 160 meter WAS although I heard both (I still
need KL7 for #50). The sun rise enhancement period was really good on Sunday
morning here, the best I've seen. Is it true that KH7X can hear a frog fart on
the east coast?
N7IR   Single Op LP   66,9122006-01-29 18:23:44
An exercise to learn the N1MM program turned into a fairly productive and
enjoyable contest operating experience. Worked three new 160 meter band
countries and all continents. Missed WAS by three: MS, RI and VT. Different
world when you don't use 5 watts on 160. Apart from QRM, if I could hear them,
I could work them. Second day was much more productive , DX-wise, than the

Elecraft K2/100
22 meter, top-loaded, shunt-fed tower
K9AY loop array

Gary, N7IR
KN5H   Single Op LP   8,4002006-01-29 18:25:03
Lots of good ears out there.
Put up 130 foot wire on Saturday afternoon. Clamped the coax shield to the tower
and the wire drooped out and away at an average height of 20 feet.
Quite a humbling experience.
Worked PJ2T, KH7X, KV4FZ and a few W1s and W2s. Heard NP4A, ZF2NT and KG4SB but
no luck.
WS4Y   Single Op HP   152,1992006-01-29 18:27:47
I enjoyed this one. Managed to get through the entire contest without
anyone causing me tight jaws hi hi. Hope I did cause anyone grief.
Thanks to all for the contest qsos. Really a FB bunch of ops in this one.
KØHW   Single Op LP   15,3722006-01-29 18:39:21
Split the contest into three parts as I had the BARTG Sprint to work and
a family trip to make on Sunday. I had fun as always, I need a few more
states on 160 and I worked about 3 of them so I hope they upload to Logbook
of the World. See you in the SSB Sprint and the MN QSO Party next Saturday.

ICOM 756 PROII, 160 Meter Dipole & Writelog
VE3OSZ   Single Op LP   256,9882006-01-29 18:40:32
Bettered my last year's score by about 10% but was disappointed to not get more
DX multipliers. Propagation from Ottawa to Europe was not up to recent standards
and my signal was too weak to be heard by many EU stations.

Missed ID, MB, NT and YT.


Drake TR-7, 100 watts
TX antenna: inverted L
RX antennas: one Beverage and one pennant
WW9R   Single Op LP   14,7492006-01-29 18:50:36
Very limited effort, but had a great time handing out a few points to the FT
Ops. It was great to hear so much CW action on 160.
K3STX   Single Op LP   61,7102006-01-29 18:56:28
That sure was fun!! It is really amazing what an inverted L, a few radials (only
one of them longer than 35 feet), 100 watts and some CW filters can do. It sure
was fun trying to find someplace to run, the band was PACKED and on Saturday
morning, especially, Europe came in here well enough that I worked into Europe
for the first time ever. I am glad I avoided the DX window, most of my DX
contacts were outside of it.

I am 100% hooked on this contest, it was just GREAT!! And very family friendly
too, as you can do well when the kids are sleeping and play with them all day
when the band is relatively dead. It just makes for one tired parent.

WØGG   Multi-Op HP   281,2322006-01-29 19:03:52
Operating at an elevation of 8800 ft in the mountains 20 miles west of Pikes
Peak Colorado the team of Tom W0GG,Joe K8FC,Dick K9BWI and Terry K7TD
operated at W0GG's QTH. As usual we started way to late in the day on Friday
barely achieving setup at contest time. We are always well prepared but never
sure for what !

Our intentions were to fly a balloon for the main radiator and we decided on a
1/4 wave ground plane configuration. We started out on Friday afternoon erecting
a 48' vertical mast to anchor the base of the wire antennas as well as provide a
elevated support for the ground plane radials. We had our moments walking the
mast up to vertical as the weather was freezing and the ground was covered with
snow. The final antenna consisted of an 8' diameter weather balloon trailing a
1/4 wave of wire.

Wind played havoc during both nights moving the "vertical" to near horizontal at
times. We lost the first balloon to a tree top and had to resort to a backup
the next day. This necessitated many trips outdoors with a spot light to keep an
eye on the high flying adventures of the remaining sky hook. Is this what
happens when you try to fly a balloon in the middle of the woods ?

On the receive side, we constructed three 680' Beverages (SW,NW and NE) and they
proved to be our salvation for the entire weekend. The in-shack beverages,
however, caused considerable QRM and occasional keying problems. The QRN and
QSB was extremely bad at times and without the aid of these low noise antennas
we could not have achieved our score from this traditionally contact deficient

Overall, we are very pleased with the final yet from this
location. Thanks to all the folks who gave us a contact.

The W0GG team.
K8IA   Single Op LP   78,0572006-01-29 19:11:11
IC-765, Shunt Fed 72' Tower, Inverted Vee, K9AY Rx Loops

I have officially (but hopefully temporarily) renamed my QTH. It wil now be
called the "Rice Krispies Ranch". All I heard all weekend was the Snap, Crackle
and Pop of my new S-8 noise! UGH!

Apologies to those, that called me, that I couldnt pull thru. It was much easier
last year, when the noise level was more manageable. The 11% reduction in q's
this year proves that out.

The noise only seems to be on 160 and a bit on 80. Fortunately it shouldnt be
much of an issue on ARRL DX Test. CU Then.


Bob K8IA
Arizona USA
KC1XX   Multi-Op HP   794,2442006-01-29 19:12:24
Worked all 50 states and missed MB and the VE territories. Lots of great DX on
this weekend too. Thanks to everyone for all the contacts!

And as always, thanks to Matt and Christine for the use of the station this
weekend. We'll see everyone in ARRL DX CW in a few weeks!

2006 KC1XX CQ 160 Team

Equipment Description:
Two Ten-Tec Orions interlocked with Ameritron AL-1500
Third Ten-Tec Orion used as rx-only spotting station

W1FV 3-Element Inline Vertical Array

Four two-wire beverages, 168 meters long, NE/SW, E/W, SE/NW, S/N



0 148/39 148/39 148/39
1 100/7 100/7 248/46
2 91/7 91/7 339/53
3 63/12 63/12 402/65
4 77/16 77/16 479/81
5 85/19 85/19 564/100
6 74/7 74/7 638/107
7 55/8 55/8 693/115
8 57/2 57/2 750/117
9 38/0 38/0 788/117
10 29/2 29/2 817/119
11 38/3 38/3 855/122
12 10/1 10/1 865/123
13 15/0 15/0 880/123
14 1/0 1/0 881/123
15 . . 881/123
16 6/0 6/0 887/123
17 13/0 13/0 900/123
18 24/0 24/0 924/123
19 15/0 15/0 939/123
20 14/0 14/0 953/123
21 22/0 22/0 975/123
22 22/1 22/1 997/124
23 46/2 46/2 1043/126
0 39/2 39/2 1082/128
1 46/1 46/1 1128/129
2 29/0 29/0 1157/129
3 22/0 22/0 1179/129
4 37/1 37/1 1216/130
5 26/0 26/0 1242/130
6 27/0 27/0 1269/130
7 32/0 32/0 1301/130
8 20/0 20/0 1321/130
9 16/0 16/0 1337/130
10 17/0 17/0 1354/130
11 10/1 10/1 1364/131
12 7/0 7/0 1371/131
13 13/0 13/0 1384/131
14 6/0 6/0 1390/131
15 1/0 1/0 1391/131
16 4/0 4/0 1395/131
17 9/0 9/0 1404/131
18 5/0 5/0 1409/131
19 6/0 6/0 1415/131
20 9/0 9/0 1424/131
21 24/0 24/0 1448/131
22 19/1 19/1 1467/132
23 20/0 20/0 1487/132
DAY1 1043/126 ..... 1043/126
DAY2 444/6 . 444/6
TOT 1487/132 . 1487/132

Continent QSOs PCT
North America 1169 76.8
South America 3 0.2
Europe 333 21.9
Asia 4 0.3
Africa 7 0.5
Oceania 7 0.5

DX Worked:
PRFX 160
3V 1
5B 3
7X 1
9A 5
9H 1
C6 1
CM 1
CT 2
CT3 1
CU 1
DL 73
EA 7
EA6 1
EA8 3
EI 4
ES 2
F 11
G 39
GD 1
GI 2
GJ 2
GM 4
GM/s 1
GU 1
GW 3
HA 12
HB 6
HB0 1
HI 1
I 9
IT9 1
KG4 1
KH6 5
KL 1
KP2 3
KP4 1
LA 4
LX 1
LY 4
OE 3
OH 5
OH0 1
OK 21
OM 8
ON 5
OY 1
OZ 1
PA 7
PJ2 1
PY 1
S5 14
SM 7
SP 10
SV9 1
T9 3
TF 1
UA 25
UA2 2
UR 10
V2 1
V3 2
V5 1
VK 1
VP9 1
XE 3
YL 1
YO 1
YU 7
YV 1
Z3 1
ZC4 1
ZF 1
ZL 1
N5AU   Single Op HP   237,6002006-01-29 19:16:17
I couldn't believe how many stations in Europe I could hear using only the
transmit sloper for RX. Most were not too loud, but good enough to work.
Conditions must have been very, very good to allow me to hear so many with no
beverages, no special RX antennas of any kind. Due to the lack of good RX
antennas, plus local noise that comes and goes, I didn't call CQ much. I had a
couple of decent runs for about 10 minutes each on Saturday.

Station: FT1000MP/5 - AL-1500 - 1/2 wave sloper hanging off 200 foot tower
facing SE.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   50,4002006-01-29 19:18:11
Inverted-L (80' high 50' horizontal)

No Beverage, so grappled with signals in the noise. Friday night wasn't bad, but
Saturday night was. Seemed I had worked most of the stations that could hear me
Friday night, and Saturday night after BARTG Sprint action on 80M had died out,
there wasn't a lot going on on 160M CW.

Enjoyed my time on the band, kept hoping for NE, ND, KS, KY and MS and a few W1
states -- had MA and NH, but no RI, VT, CT.

Heard lots of VE3s. Had to dig a while to find TX and OK, but sure enough they
were in there.

Have tried to install a short Beverage aimed due E (only direction in which I
can get over 300' on the property) but just can't get the thing to work well.
Quicky installation issues, no doubt. The Inv.-L does all right, but I know
there's a lot more to work under the noise.
VE2TZT   Single Op HP   601,0262006-01-29 19:22:05
K5BG   Single Op HP   362,9442006-01-29 19:23:03
Conditions finally improved from here in Texas.
More than double any previous score for this contest.
Worked F5IN 45 min before sunset here on Sunday evening. Amazing!
Thanks to all the EU stations in the log and I am sorry to the ones I could not
pull out. Not many JA but I see they were there and we had no propagation.
Only JA's worked were just at their sunset from here.
Missed NWT, YT and NU.
Missed several mults that I have heard were on the band. 7X, ZC4, CO, and VK.
Still lots of fun. Slept for 4 hours on Friday night which was probably a
mistake. Might have made 400k. Oh well maybe next time.

Rig: FT1000D with roof filter / declicked
Amp: Ameritron AL1200
Ant: Coaxial invt. L with 50 1/4 wave radial
RX: 3 beverage @880' SW,NW,NE and 3 beverage @600' N, E, S

Thanks to all for the QSO's. Hope to CU again soon.
Bob Gill, K5BG
Weatherford, TX USA
KT3Y   Multi-Op HP   524,6642006-01-29 19:26:33
73 Phil KT3Y
VE7GL   Multi-Op HP   288,6102006-01-29 19:43:18
Furious wind storms and rain static made for some interesting operating. The
160M antenna is an elevated inverted L with the horizontal strung between 65' of
4" pipe mounted on the side of a pine tree and strung over to the top of another
pine tree. The horizontal is at about 90' and the radials are full sized and
also elevated. I'm amazed the antenna survived the storm.

Non-existant polar propagation this weekend. We heard a few but only worked one
European. Nothing on the long path. Signals from Japan and the east coast were

Dale VE7GL
KA1ARB   Single Op LP   7,4202006-01-29 19:47:00
My first experience Top Band (not including 2 contacts last week in NAQP into an
80 m dipole). I temporarily draped an inverted-L over the boom of my tribander
at 40 feet and out to a distant tree as the sun was setting Saturday night. I
needed an antenna tuner to load it, so I was Low Power. No DX nor anybody
farther west than IA, but I did have a very few brief runs up and down the east
coast. Thanks for digging me out, guys!

This was also my first experience using paddles (thanks to Jim, K4QPL). I have
just recently been bit by the CW bug again, and I'm graduating from my original
Novice straight key. As many of you now know first hand, my crummy straight key
fist has progressed to an even worse paddle fist. If we scored points for extra
dits and dahs, I'd be top ten! It felt like there was plenty of patience from
everybody, and I had a great time. I've heard somewhere that CW is dying, but
it sure is coming alive for me.

I hope these bleeps and bloops keep echoing in my head for a while.

N4GN   Multi-Op HP   50,1262006-01-29 20:22:41
Great condx. Wish I had more time to play (and any kind of receive antenna!).
K1GU   Single Op HP   238,0962006-01-29 20:31:04
My favorite contest, but where have all the gentlemen gone? Over 1K QSOs but
2.7% dupes. Still no KL7 on 160. Heard many Europeans running but impossible
to break through from Tennessee (TN.)

Really great to have Beverages in four directions but number in US callsigns
does not have much meaning these days. In my zip code there as as many nines,
sixes, and ones as there are fours.

Log uploaded to LOTW.
K9NR   Single Op HP   195,3962006-01-29 20:32:54
Last minute decision to operate. No receive antennas just the big vertical
transmit antenna. Condx Friday night were excellent. Saturday fair to good.
Thanks to everyone who called. Apologies to those I couldn't hear.
AA4LR   Single Op LP   30,6442006-01-29 20:34:21
Shunt-fed 15m tower with 25 60 foot radials

K2/100 w/ KAT100 running 80 watts


I had almost written this contest off. At the end of the NAQP Phone, my shunt
matching network was acting up, and I had to quit a couple of hours early. I had
pulled the matching network off the tower about three times in an attempt to
diagnose the problem which was causing sudden shifts in SWR with the allocation
of more than a few watts of power.

I found part of the problem - the matching coil in the L network was 46 turns on
two stacked T200-2 cores. The start and end windings were right next to each
other, and due to the auto-transformer action caused the insulation to break
down. Removing a couple of turns addressed that. However, I still had problems
so was not QRV the first night. Saturday afternoon, I disconnected the switching
relay and the caps in the box and jumpered in an external variable cap. I was
finally able to tune for a good match that did not shift away when power was
applied. This worked for the few hours I was in the contest, but it obviously
not a permanent solution.

After testing, I was tuning around about 3:15 pm local, and was surprised to
find several stations CQing - even though it was about three hours until sunset!
Worked just about everyone I could hear in 30 minutes.

I returned later about an hour after sunset. After a short S & P session, I
found CQing to be quite productive, despite only running 80 watts into an
antenna barely 1/10 wavelength long. I found three different places to CQ in the
band and was able to run at a decent rate. At one point, the rate meter
registered over 190 -- something I thought I'd never see in any CQ contest.

Did have one wierd altercation with NN3Q that I'm not sure what to think about.
I had tuned up to about 1818 kHz, and after listening, found the frequency
empty. I then put out a QRL? and no one replied. So, I started to CQ. Worked one
station, then hear someone CQing on top of me. After a minute of this slug-fest,
we're clearly both getting callers that neither of us can hear because of the
other station. So, I found I could move down about 200 Hz to give both of us a
little room - tight, but workable.

And then comes the part I don't understand. He FOLLOWED ME! Zero beat again, he
calls CQ a bit, then calls and works me. After this, he starts calling CQ again,
occasionally sending me AA4LR QSY and doing some other tricks. This really
pissed me off.

As much as I hate to reward this kind of poor operating practice, I eventually
decided to move. Not because I had done anything wrong -- but several minutes
had gone by with no contacts at all. I found another frequency a couple of kHz

One thing I noticed was that stations were packed into the band pretty tight.
The K2/100 has narrow filters, so I didn't notice the guys next to me too much.
However, sometimes they'd get callers that weren't quite zero beat and so I'd
answer them, if the timing was right. I'm sure there are some NIL contacts
because of this.

Used the noise-reduction feature of the K2 during the entire contest. Normally
don't like the way this makes signals sound, but it was helpful to take out some
the hash on the band. After a couple of hours, I got used to it.

Between CQ sessions, I did get some S & P. Worked PJ2, KP4, VP9. Did not hear
any europeans. Ended up with 42 states - all but RI, VT, HI, AK, AZ, ID, MT, WY.
Not bad for five hours of fun.
WA4TT   Single Op HP   230,4502006-01-29 20:52:04
500 s&p Q's- line noise still too high for CQing. Though it's better than past 3
or 4 yrs. Tnx to all for the fun 73 /TT
W8RJL   Single Op LP   37,0152006-01-29 20:55:15
I was house sitting in a gated community with antenna restrictions. I put up a
160 inverted vee out the second floor window. The antenna went up after sun set
and came down before sunrise. A cold front blew through and I did not recognize
the screaching noise in my headphones as static discharge. At first I thought it
was some form of QRM. When I heard the thunder and heard the XYL yell lightning
I very quickly threw the coax out the window. I'm lucky I did not take a hit as
there was no ground except back through the power line at my second floor
temporary station. I heard stations I could not work due to the very low
antenna. The IC-736 makes a nice travel rig with its built in power supply and
antenna tuner. Ran N3FJP logging software. I did mostly S&P but did have times
when I could CQ with a rate better than S&P. I had lots of fun but the antenna
restrictions and lack of any tall trees killed me. Enjoyed working my friend
Jose KG4SB in GITMO and I did get across the pond to three stations. I'm looking
forward to the next one. 73, Ron W8RJL
WØUCE   Multi-Op HP   516,6002006-01-29 21:12:36
Wow! Exhillerating, especially the first night. Fantastic rates; 100-plus the
first five hours (142 Q's the first hour!!!).
Super conditions. Europeans everywhere the whole weekend; saw activity all the
way up to 1890!
Loads of fun for two retirees! W0UCE, N4CW
9H1ZA   Single Op HP   646,2222006-01-29 21:17:42
Equipment used:
ICOM 756 pro & PA 600W
Top-Loaded Vertical (16.5M vertical radiator)
It was extremely difficult work this contest without receiving antenna be always
surrounded by S9+++ I,S5,9A,YU ...
De 9h1za
W8RU   Single Op HP   45,6302006-01-29 21:22:55
Lots of fun with good conditions. Thanks to all for the QSOs and 73,

Ron (W8RU).
N9ADG   Single Op HP   81,9202006-01-29 21:26:58
It was a dark and stormy night, the times that try radiomens souls, and test
blimp tether lines. Although the weather forecast predicted harsh winds and
multiple storms, I laughed at the thought of inclement weather curtailing my 160
meter contest activity. I launched my 1/4 WL blimp-supported vertical into the
gathering darkness. Despite heavy rain, I was going along well until the wind
started picking up about 0200 local time. Three trips outside to readjust
things, one trip to the hangar to towel off the moisture (doesn't take much to
add a couple of pounds of water condensation to the outside of a 13' blimp,
causing a loss of lift), but sometime between 4am and light I suffered an
unexpected radical de-blimpification -- the wind had leaned it over into the
trees into the trees, where it was rent through and through. The PVC haunts me
from where it still drapes, dali-esque, about 60 feet off the ground. The
morning opening on Saturday was unfortunately uneventful for me, from a radio

During the light on Saturday I used a bow and arrow to get a line into the top
of a tall cottonwood, and pulled the 135' wire to the top -- about 55 degrees
from horizontal.. And I was back in business. Worked the dusk signals, then fell
asleep after the family dinner (fireplace made the room too hot) and the kids
festooned me with stuffed animals, blankets, and a pillow. They were laughing
too hard to wake me up, so I got three hours of unanticipated sleep until 10pm
local. Two more hours in the chair, then to bed until 4am.

Failing the first rule of "butt in seat", I can't complain about my score this

I was pleased to HEAR HS0ZDJ on Sunday morning.

Thanks to all for stopping by, and as I've said before, dupes don't bother me,
especially when it's 2nd night after unexpected antenna work and I'm not really
sure if I'm getting out any more. I had a pleasant ragchew with someone that
responded to my "CQ TEST" cq, and hope they handed out a few contacts to others,
too. Special thanks to K4TO who dug me out of the mud for a needed mult in the
early saturday evening. Your patience is what gives this contest and band its

Hope to see you all in the next one!

Brian N9ADG
N6ZO   Multi-Op HP   157,5422006-01-29 21:41:22
xyl invited company Saturday and Sunday evenings aaaaaarrrrrrrrggghhhhh.
single op with packet using the W2UP rotatable loop on rx was better than the
inverted L most of the time. worked the 3v8 and 7x0 for new band countries.

Ran 300 feet of wire across the corner of my neighbors yard and down the street
(after dark so he wouldn't see it) as a bog. Very consistent in that it had the
same high noise level both terminated and unterminated. I Rate this antenna as
a failure since it had the same noise level as the inverted L. I'm sure that the
cars running over the bog didn't help but it was noisy before any cars came down
the street. Rolled it up at 0200 local. Didn't waste my time again Saturday
night. I'll try something else next year. Press on regardless thanks for all
the q's. Thanks to the club for the 5M placque. Really spiffy ! 73 chet
VE3NE   Single Op HP   554,7932006-01-29 21:51:29
With the help of Paul, VE3TA I put up a "mini" beverage antenna on the roof of
my apartment building. It is 60m long, terminated and all that. I know it's not
perfect, however it has lot better Noise/Signal ratio than the TX ant. Turned on
the radio at 6:30 and found that on my RX ant I had S9 "buzz saw"-like noise.
For a month or two, since I have the antenna, I never heard this. Ran out
quickly and checked the resistor, the balun and all the connections but
everything seemed OK. For this contest I programmed my computer, tuned the amp
and made sure everything is ready days before the contest but still something
happens...:-( So again, I had to put up with my urban noise. The funny part is
that when condx ended for EU the noise disappeared too...hi. Have to admit
though that at the end of the contest the noise did not come back so actually I
was able to use the RX ant for a couple of hours. I will experiment with the
antenna a bit more to see if I can squeeze out even better S/N ratio.

A couple of guys were complaining about my CW clix. Sorry about that. The radio
I am using is an FT1000 MP Mark V Field (+ KW) and it comes out from the factory
like that. Too bad there is no recall on radios by the manufacturers like on
cars...hi. I have the clix mode kit but not installed yet. On the band there
were a lot of stations with clix, however they don't bug me unless we are very
close to each other. I have the roofing filter installed along with a 400 Hz CW
filter and it seems they are doing the job very well. I hope the mode will
rectify this problem.

May be it just me but I missed the Caribbean countries like P4, 8P6, FM, FG,
VP2, VP5, PJ5, etc... Later on I will post sound bits from the contest on my
"" web site.

CU next time.

73 Lali, VE3NE
W6OAT(@K6IDX)   Multi-Op HP   94,3162006-01-29 21:53:15
Our thanks to Brad, K6IDX for letting us operate the contest from his great
WØAIH   Multi-Op HP   372,4002006-01-29 21:56:02
Tons of mults out there for this one and thans to the multiplier machine (W0BV)
for hauling them in.

We had as many dupes in this one as we had countries in the log. I'm sure we are
in many logs as W0AIS as well.

Paul, W0AIH was traveling in CA and reported we had excellent coverage out

Thanks to Paul for the use of his top notch station!

State/Prov missed: NB, NWT, YT

DX Worked: 9A, 9H, CT, CU, DL, EA, EA6, EI, F, G, GD, GJ, GM, GU, GW, HA, HB,
HB0, I, LA, LX, OE, OK, OM, ON, OY, PA, S5, SP, T9, UA, UA2, YL, YU, 3V, CT3,
EA8, ZL, C6, CM, HI, KG4, KL, KP2, KP4, V2, V3, VP9, XE, ZF, PJ2, PY
Never heard Asia.

73, John K0TG
N7ZG(@N7WA)   Multi-Op HP   51,5502006-01-29 21:58:08
Dink, N7WA put some interesting beverage antennas up for this one. I was
unable to help him out on the second day due to a family emergency. The
result, an almost exact repeat of last years score. Very strange, but fun just
the same.

Thanks again to Dink and Diane for their hospitality.

Guy, N7ZG
LY7Z(LY2TA)   Single Op HP   25,0562006-01-29 22:20:07
FT 1000 MP + ACOM 2000A + VERTICAL

73! Andy LY2TA
VE7CC   Single Op HP   285,7882006-01-29 22:25:41
FT1000D + TL922
2x quarter-wave slopers
OR6N(@ON4NOK)   Multi-Op LP   100,7662006-01-29 22:26:05
Logging SD V12.11
FT1000 Pwr 100watts
Ant TX Inv L
Ant RX K9AY + 2 Beverages
ON6LY   Single Op LP   27,1202006-01-29 22:30:03
FT897D 100watts Logging SD
ZL6QH   Multi-Op HP   149,2962006-01-29 22:40:20
At the end of 2005, the ZL6QH site was visted by 200 km/hr breezes.
As a result, the 10 m yagis retired from active service, along with
newly installed 160 m and 80 m slopers.

With team leader Brian ZL1AZE in the climbing harness, a support crew
(safely on the ground) of ZL2BCW, ZL2AOV and ZL2BSJ managed
to get the antenna farm semi-operational again.

The 80 m sloper was re-incarnated as a 160 m sloper. In order to minimise
receiver blocking from the Wellington GPS transmitter on 1816 kHz, the
sloper was carefully rotated and fixed on North America.

That gave us a choice of 3 antennas to transmit on: an Eu/JA sloper, a
VE/USA sloper and the Tee, a top-loaded GP. Vee beams were used on a 2nd
receiver for RX-only.

The newly rigged slopers were found to be good for dodging ZL digi QRM.
Only 1815 through to 1821 kHz was completely wiped out. The choice of antennas
paid off: more unworkable 160 m stations heard than ever before :-)

Condx had to be better than ARRL-160 and Stew Perry, and so it was. However,
no long path to the British Isles at ZL sunset both evenings. And no short
path to Eastern and Central Eu on the first morning either.

The 2nd morning produced useful Eu signals. The QRM must have been
significant in Europe as not much of it was workable. Time was passed
by pouncing on the dozens of Eu stations and spotting those that couldn't
hear us (most of them). The short path briefly extended as far west as DL as
the band faded 40 minutes after sunrise. No Scandinavia heard.

North America was far easier both nights, with K9DX the first QSO in the log.
At times good S9 signals from OR,CA, CO stations such as K7RAT AA0RS etc.

Most of NA seemed workable with a bit of perseverance, even the elusive
Far Side. The occasional USA op could not be convinced to repeat their
State more than once,or grudgingly, twice. Deleted as incomplete QSOs, those
ops later refused to work us: 'QSO b4'

Good activity out of JA and UA9 (JH4UYB strong for hours) despite digi QRM
covering most of the JA window. Not much action out of the remainder of Asia.
No SA or Africa heard.

Last year's spectacular propagation (according to ZL6QH contest lore) clearly
didn't eventuate. Summer static was a problem at times, and our score is down
50% of last year's. Nevertheless, the band was as good as can be expected from
here. We worked stations enjoyed being on 160.

Thanks for working ZL6QH. QSL via bureau or direct via ZL2AOH. We're brooding
on plans to somehow wring more 160 m dBs out of the site.


Wilbert, ZL2BSJ


Multiplier List:





N6RO   Single Op HP   91,4102006-01-29 22:49:45
Limited time due to family health issues. From what I heard when on, I doubt if
I could have beat my 2005 effort (1020/59/26). Never heard EU, but got an
email from a DL who heard me!

After the contest, I got a visit from W0AIH, who had done some listening from
K6XX, N6IJ, and his own RX in a motel near Monterey, CA - he was checking on his
multi crew back home. I've worked Paul for 50+k years in contests, admired his
monster antenna farm, and now glad to shake his hand for the first time!
HA6NN   Single Op LP   28,8212006-01-30 00:24:41
It's been quite an experience to hear the whole world on 160m! It can happen
conditions will not be so favourable next year.
My equipment is simple as usual: FT757 barefoot and a 39 m LW with a

Thanks are due to all who was patient enough to copy my signals. I was
exceptionally glad for the QSO with VY2ZM from PEI. It's been my very first
overseas QSO on 160 m!
KL7RA   Single Op HP   171,9852006-01-30 00:35:57
Very happy with the new QTH on the Kenai. Even with poor
conditions I can still work stations which makes topband a lot
more fun. New full size vertical is working, but now need a
better receive system as the storms from the Pacific are loud.
Didn't get the Europe openings we hoped for and missed a
few states in one land. Had a very good run of JA the first
night and believe I was getting down to the QRP stations for
awhile. Second night was a blow out and had a rate of about
four an hour if that. Put in about 26 hours but only about five
hours were really productive with rate. 73, KL7RA
GM3WOJ   Single Op HP   361,0952006-01-30 00:48:04
Results better than expected - hastily-installed antenna (inverted-vee at 60
feet) worked fairly well but lack of RX antennas was a disadvantage. Best DX was
UT and CO. Uploaded my log to Logbook of the World about 7 hrs before the end of
the contest and had 4 QSLs there even then. Thanks for the QSOs - these 160m
QSOs help me edge closer to 10-band DXCC. Please QSL via N3SL. 73 Chris
ON4ATW   Multi-Op HP   650,3462006-01-30 00:55:33
Invited Marc ON6CC this year to assist me in this battle and to put my rebuild
160 Meter antenna into test in the real world. I am pleased with the result!
Both Marc and i were impressed to break the smaller pile ups on the rare
stations with relative ease. On the first evening two JA's made it into the log
with some far east Russian stations being the average. The first morning logged
quiet a number of NA's and some Canadian provinces. The second part is as
always, here at least, a bit more boring with long runs and a much lower qso
rates but that did'nt take away the fun we had. We had good laughs over the chat
channel with Luc ON4IA whom we had to keep awake this way during the wee hours
of the night. CU all next year hopefully! 73
DF1LON   Single Op LP   91,7282006-01-30 01:10:52
It was my second attempt in the CQWW 160CW from my home QTH. Again I had set up
my short L-antenna for 160m. Just 8m vertical and 16m horizantal wire with a
SG230 Tuner, 7 radials between 10m and 20m length, my TS-850 with 100w and no
additional receiving antennas. This time it had been 100Qs more than 2005 but I
also had been three more additional hours on air. I think that it is now more or
less the maximum I can achieve with this much to short and to low antenna on
160m. Thanks to all who copied my signal and answered to my cq-calls.
My apologise to those stations how started calling on my QRG (even though it was
occupied), that I did not QSYed fast enough and that I took the time to fight

73 de Lars DF1LON
9A15DX(@9A1A)   Multi-Op HP   1,000,0002006-01-30 01:47:30
This year we celebrate our club's 15th anniversary and we'll use this special
call till the end of 2006. More than 200 dupes is probably result of misscopied
our call as 9A1HDX. There wasn't any 9A1HDX in the contest.

Thanks to 9A2DQ & 9A5JR for technical support.

73's to all of you and see you in future contests

9A1A team
IK1SPR   Single Op LP   21,8532006-01-30 02:18:19
Rig: IC756PRO 100w
Ant: Butternut HF2V with tbr160 kit
Logger: N1MM

73 de Flavio
S56A(@S55A)   Multi-Op HP   375,6482006-01-30 02:48:28
Bad luck this time. Only 100m of wire for two additional radials for 40/80m
vertical had no resonating effect. FT1000MP TX OK and FT980 RX OK so we started
with FT901 tubes. Low dipole was not a good DX antenna. However, WX was nice
and warm, condx average and weak 1836 kHz beacon here. We ejoyed this contest
making best ever 160 m score from this location.

73 de Mario, S56A and Vlado, S55A
DJ6TK   Single Op HP   251,4642006-01-30 02:55:24
I worked the first Time with ICOM-ProIII. I had a lot of Problem in the first
hours, to strong Signals coming into the RX.Last Year I still worked with the
ICOM-781, much better RX with good Filters in it.This year I could not hear a
sign from ZL6QH into the European QRM.Last year I could work ZL6QH after 40
years on 160m.
Other Problem was, a lot of Europeans workded outside of the Bandplan(down 1810
KHZ)It was not a good Hamspirit against the other Guys.
It seams the Condx were not so good this year.
It was my last CQ160m from Lueneburg.
Vy 73,
Wilf - dj6tk -
HB9DDO   Multi-Op HP   118,3202006-01-30 03:18:29
Concentrating on zone 2 (and working it as my 31st zone) and potential
new ones I decided to use the DXcluster and make the entry in the
multi-op category. Just spending some time the night from saturday to
sunday it was very interesting to experience top-band after an
already exiting week. vy 73, Stephan, HB9DDO
YU1LA   Single Op HP   545,0002006-01-30 03:20:52
Rig: IC746, 600w wire ant
WB1EDI   Single Op LP   51,0902006-01-30 03:28:13
First 160 contest using real 160 meter antenna. it is easier to battle with the
big guns when antennas are mostly equal. 100 watts Ft1000 MKV Field. into inv l
@ 60 ft.
N9CO   Single Op QRP   2,6162006-01-30 03:31:15
I am amazed that anyone heard me, much less completed an exchange with me! I
don't have an antenna (yet) for 160, so used the coax fed 80m Delta Loop. The
impedance in the shack was way beyond what the FT-1000MP's auto-tuner could
handle, so I just dialed the gain back to 5w and went with it. There are some
stations out there with very good ears! It was cool to work somebody on the
first call. This wasn't a good weekend for radio... my son's 6th birthday
celebration took top priority, which included entertaining extended family all
LA6YEA   Multi-Op HP   603,4002006-01-30 04:01:23
Finally on air again after some years without antennas. Put up at Titanex V160S
vertical - 26,7 meter high. The aim of this contest was to check out how the
antenna preforms on top band. Just hours after finnishing the setup of the
antenna a terrible snowstorm occured. Had some 70 cm snow, and putting out
radials was difficult. So, with only 30 radials on rock I really did not suspect
any great preformance.

But what happened - over 1100 qsos without any rx antenna. I am very happy for
this score, and will finnsih the antenna completley when most of the snow has
gone. Hope to increase the signal by 1-2 db when putting out radials.

Without rx antennas I did not aim for any records, but have agreed with my
farmer neighbours to put up beverages next winter.

LA9GX Tom joined me for some hours saturday evening, and we had a great time on
the band. Used N1MM logger software, and I am really impressed. No doubt what
logging software to use in the future - great.

Really enjoyed this.
Paul - LA6YEA
OHØL(OH2BYS)   Single Op HP   895,3352006-01-30 04:12:03
Fun! I was waiting ZL's, VK's, HL's, BY's, BV's etc... all the time, in vain, I
think that HS- and ZS-stations did not here me ;(. The new preamplifier for
combined RX-antennas (Low Band Special 2005) worked vy well. CU next year.
W8AV   Multi-Op HP   278,5452006-01-30 04:13:02
Good condx first nite. Europeans were loud. On the second night they were a
lot weaker but were strong again near the end of the contest. Good to have 7X
and 3V8 both on during the contest. It doesn't get any better than that. One
ZL in log but no VK's or JA's heard the whole weekend. Missed VE4, VE9, YL,GI
and C4M that I know of. Called OY1CT for a long time but could not get him to
hear me.
N5DX   Single Op HP   397,8502006-01-30 04:38:17
Very enjoyable contest here from Arkansas. Finding a frequency to run JA's was
ridiculous with wall to wall west coast stations. Heard EU all the way up to
1870 Sunday evening. The rate was slow at times but the European opening both
nights gave me enough adrenaline to easily make it the full 30 hours. In
addition the side competition between myself and my dad kept things interesting.

After the first three hours of 140, 132, & 142 I was feeling pretty good about
my performance. Then I felt really good when K5GO checked in and I was beating
him by 100 Q's after three hours. A few hours later we exchanged scores, and he
was beating me! I quickly realized that this contest is not about running U.S.
but about working the 10 point Q's and finding multipliers.

My dad operated from WD5R's house in Drasco, AR. Doug has a very FB station
with a full sized vertical and something like 12 beverages. Our station for 160
consists of a shunt fed tower (with two 7 element 15 meter beams for loading)
and beverages in the four main directions. We have always felt like our signal
was good on 160. So it would be an interesting to see how the signal from the
K5GO station (operated by me) and the WD5R station (operated by K5GO)compared.
After getting beating out in several pile ups I do believe that Doug has us beat
in transmit signal.

Conditions the second night were much better to Europe from here. I found a
frequency low in the band and was able to run them from 0500-0700. In fact,
this was the only time that I made up ground on K5GO. After the band closed to
Europe we exchanged scores and I had made up around 10,000 points and was within
9,000 points of his score. This gave me hope that I could pull ahead with a
good JA run, but it was not to be. Heard lots of West coast and Texan stations
running JA's Sunday morning, but could never get anything going and ended up
working only three the entire contest. I also missed ZL6QH who was apparently
loud into this part of the country.

All in all I think the better operator won this mini Arkansas contest. I
believe that Doug has a better setup than us on 160. But my dad's ability to
find multipliers and timing in pileups was perhaps the difference in score. I
remember the first time I beat him in basketball (age 5.. hi hi), the first time
I beat him in golf (age 18, hasn't happend since), but the first time in
contesting will have to wait (which is fine with me).

As a side note, It's too bad that our culture doesn't assign more importance to
competions of intellect rather than competions of physical abilities.

PJ2T(K8ND)   Single Op HP   1,303,2602006-01-30 04:39:04
Station: Signal Point, Curacao (

Station Equipment:
Transceiver: FT-1000MP
Amplifier: Cary LK-800 (2 x 3CX800A7)
(Backup station FT-1000MP & Alpha 76CA)

TX Ant:
Inv-L (50-feet vertical, sloping up to 95-feet,
~60 radials)

RX Ant:
1000-foot Beverage (Europe)
650-foot Beverage (USA/JA)
Flag (VK/Pacific)
Flag (South America)


I promised myself this contest from the Signal Point Station
last year for my 50th birthday, but work requirements caused
me to cancel. This is was the replacement trip, and it's
been Great Fun!

Thanks to my club, the Caribeean Contesting Consortium (CCC),
for continuing to build, enhance, and maintain the PJ2T contest
station facilities! Thanks especially to CCC members Bill W9VA
and Joe W9JUV for assisting me in setting up the temporary flag
antennas in some very trying briar-filled land under the hot
Caribbean sun prior to their departure! (I wish they were here
to help me take it all down and stow it...).

The goal was to take the 10-year-old South American record
from P40WA (K9UWA), with a 40% improvement over his score. My
raw score broke the record, but not by much. It's all in the
log checking.

Conditions from 12-degrees North of the Equator are always
challenging on Topband, noise being always present. Earlier
in the contest week, conditions to Europe were very good
and the signals were easily floating over the noise. During
most of the contest period, the noise was winning instead.
Many rainstorms in the area, with repeated nighttime dousings
at the station location, would increase the noise further.

Despite my reportedly strong signal, I was unable to keep a
run frequency for very long. Finding a condidate frequency was
bad enough - stations in Europe and W/VE seemed wedged every
200 Hz from 1810 to 1850, with much overlapping.

Breaking a European pileup was also tough. CQing was fast with
little listening time, as a general rule. Certainly, no one was
listening for we poor South American stations!

I see now that there was some comment during the contest WRT
Europeans running only Europeans, and W/VE running only W/VE.
From this station, using Beverages for each, it was common to
hear two pileups on two Continents on each frequency tuned,
each operator either not hearing or perhaps ignoring the other.
Flipping RX antennas was like hearing two completely different
frequencies! Not much cross-continent DX is going to be worked
in that environment.

I propose that Europe be assigned 1810 - 1830, North America
assigned 1800-1810 and 1835-1850, and South America be assigned
1830-1835 for exclusive CQing rights. ;-)

I had planned on working 80 DXCC countries but fell way short,
missing some very common stuff (ZF, V3, EU, GU, IS, IT9, LZ and
PJ2 were most annoying). Many common Caribbean coutries, and
most Central/South American countries were not heard. During
CQWW CW, we worked 91 DXCC countries at PJ2T (albeit, using packet
cluster in that Multi-Multi operation)!

It was a great time! Thanks to all who worked me, apologies to all
who tried but were unable, and what's wrong with the rest of you?

73, Jeff PJ2/K8ND
W2XL   Single Op HP   304,2002006-01-30 04:43:40
Very Good Conditions. My best score ever in this contest !
DR1R(DL9EE)   Multi-Op HP   390,0002006-01-30 04:56:15
160m-activity for the titleholder Bavarian-Contest-Club.
Thanks to everyone who gave me the points!

73 de Holger, DL9EE
VE3DZ(@VE3SY)   Single Op HP   820,3202006-01-30 04:58:18
FT1000MP + ACOM2000A, Inv. Vee @80' and 1000' beverage to EU.

Thanks to Paul,VE3SY and Marg, VE3RE for their usual great hospitality.
Speacial thanks to Paul, VE3TA for the help with equipment and to Nick, VE3EY
for the help with antennas.

LN8W(LB1GB)   Single Op HP   671,4182006-01-30 05:03:48
Had great fun, well most of the time. Second day was slow like hell, but thats
how it is with CQ 160.

Thanks to DF2UU, OL3A and HG8DX. They did an excellent job stealing frequencies.
HG8DX just laughed at me when I informed him what he was doing. DF2UU just
ignored me, and OL3A thinks he can go to the bathroom, have some food, take a
shower, then come back thinking his frequency will still be there for him. Fine
gentlemen they are.

But all this i forgotten now :-) Next contest please! ---->

Cheers, Bjorn LB1GB
OL4W(OK1IF)   Single Op QRP   120,3842006-01-30 05:06:59
This year was excelent conds for my high angle radiation ant.
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   16,0892006-01-30 05:30:13
Only had 2 hours due to having to be in Albany NY most of the weekend. Nice to
hear lots of activity on the air. Too many high speed computers doing the
sending/receving of contacts...glad my tired fist made them work for a point or
two ;)
Good Luck CCO.
IV3OWC   Multi-Op HP   1,054,0002006-01-30 06:13:25
Many thanks to our host Claudio iv3owc and his wife Luisa for the nice weekend.

Condx were vy good the first night with almost 800 qso till the morning. Good
rates kept up till the evening and than condx got worse and worse and it was
very hard pulling out qsos. 2nd night there was no sunrise peak so we didnt get
as many USA as the first night.
We used TS930s and Elecraft K2 radios (the K2 is a great CW radio!!) and
antennas were 4 sloping dipols from a 55M high tower, on RX we used also
330m long Beverage for USA, and 200m Beverage for JA.
Unfortunatly no oceania qsos this time but anyway the mult nr is quite good.
Tnx for the qsos and CU in arrl`s

73 9A1P team
N2CU   Single Op HP   350,2402006-01-30 06:23:53
I knew this would be a challenge when my son's new PC was spewing S8 hash all
over the band; even when he moved it to the other side of the house. Gotta work
on that. My goal (as usual) was to do better than last year when I had only an
inverted vee at 46' and no receiving antennas. This year I had an inverted L and
K9AY loops. I beat last year's score by 60%. I won NY state last time but I'm
afraid it will come down to log checking as W2RU (congrats Bud) posted a score a
couple hundred points higher than mine. Should have tried working a few extra
guys! QSO and section totals are almost identical to last year but the country
total is way up (52 vs. 29). I guess the investment in the new antennas paid
off. Now I need to get down some more radials.

Conditions here in far-western NY were not real good into Europe Friday or
Saturday but the last two hours they improved greatly. Too bad I had rain static
because I know I missed several European callers. Special thanks to 5B4AIA who
didn't give up when I called. He stuck with me for several minutes until we
completed the QSO. Unlike some others who would get a partial call, ask for a
repeat once, and then continue CQ'ing. It was also pretty maddening to hear a
boatload of Europeans CQ'ing on the same frequencies as stateside guys doing the
same. Several times I just had to call on top of them to get the QSO. Sorry, but
that's the way propagation is on this band. Also, thanks for bearing with me as
I learn how best to use the K9AY loops. The F/B and F/S was so good at times, I
had to ask for repeats on calls so I could switch direction to copy them. I just
put the antenna up one week ago and I love it!

FT1000MP, Drake L7, inverted L (46'), K9AY loops, TR Log.

Tom N2CU <><
N4NW   Single Op HP   37,4542006-01-30 06:37:01
Finished the antenna installtion 4 hours prior to test - amazing results for my
1st 160 contest effort. The antenna is a full size delta loop - outperformed the
old inverted vee like the vee was a dummy load!
W4NF   Multi-Op HP   56,0072006-01-30 06:42:52
I only had a few hours to play around in this contest but had some good runs
both in the first and last hours of the contest. It was nice to be called by
several EU stations right in a row on Friday night. 73, Jack W4NF

Alpha 99
Inverted L - 70' vertical with 32 ground radials
500' unterminated beverage - still broken
RK2FWA   Multi-Op HP   1,165,0002006-01-30 06:43:31
160 Total %

AF 9 9 0.6
AS 100 100 6.1
EU 1330 1330 81.6
NA 185 185 11.4
SA 2 2 0.1
OC 3 3 0.2

160 Total

3V 1 1
4J 1 1
4X 3 3
5B 2 2
7X 1 1
9A 23 23
9H 1 1
9K 1 1
9N 1 1
CT 3 3
CT3 1 1
CU 2 2
DL 307 307
EA 9 9
EA6 2 2
EA8 3 3
EI 7 7
ER 3 3
ES 7 7
EU 10 10
EY 1 1
F 19 19
G 66 66
GD 1 1
GI 3 3
GJ 1 1
GM 6 6
GM/s 1 1
GU 3 3
GW 4 4
HA 35 35
HB 15 15
HB0 1 1
HS 1 1
I 33 33
IG9 1 1
IS 1 1
IT9 1 1
JA 37 37
JT 1 1
K 167 167
KG4 1 1
KP2 1 1
KP4 1 1
LA 20 20
LX 2 2
LY 29 29
LZ 5 5
OE 11 11
OH 32 32
OH0 3 3
OK 130 130
OM 38 38
ON 17 17
OX 1 1
OY 1 1
OZ 9 9
PA 37 37
PJ2 1 1
PY 1 1
S5 44 44
SM 26 26
SP 62 62
SV 4 4
SV9 1 1
T5 1 1
T9 5 5
TF 2 2
UA 147 147
UA2 3 3
UA9 45 45
UK 1 1
UN 5 5
UR 88 88
V3 1 1
VE 12 12
VP9 1 1
VQ9 1 1
YB 1 1
YL 12 12
YO 13 13
YU 24 24
Z3 1 1
ZC4 1 1
ZL 2 2
N2WN   Single Op LP   153,4252006-01-30 06:53:21
Had computer problems about an hour into the test, lost a couple hours the first
night (bad time to lose time!). At times I thought I was on 20M, EU stations
were QRMing West Coast (or vice versa) and the band was packed up to 1885!
Happily added 10 new countries, improved my QSO rate and went from an average
2.3 points per Q to 2.5, thanks VE and DX... The carribean area was unusually
weak compered to previous contests. Heard a ton of EU DX, but seem to have adead
zone into Central EU. Sounded like a lot of first timers and casual contesters,
slowed down for a number of folks to give them a good feeling about the contest
(It also eliminated the repeat requests) Worked a fair number of dupes, and
thanks to those who worked me a couple times (particularly the DX, assuming they
worked me more than once... hi!) Some rapid QSB at times that made some DX Q's
difficult on this end. I'm still amazed by the QRP folks, my hat is off to you.
Missed KL7 for WAS, although I heard KL7RA loudly Sunday morning in S&P mode
(never could find him settled in a spot) Amazingly quiet from a QRN perspective,
both nights. Saturday night/Sunday morning were a real grind, but did work my
best DX in the morning with ZL6QH... See you in the next fray!
N1LN   Multi-Op HP   321,9222006-01-30 06:53:31
What a difference a day makes !

The usual Houston noise level was doing well on Friday night making
even some northeast state-side Qs hard to copy and very few EU
DX was entering the log. Chuck and I figured that based on the
incoming thunderstorm for Saturday the next night would be a total
bust - BUT.... not so!! The conditions on Saturday were the best we
have heard from my QTH. Europe and North Africa were coming in
a REAL S7 - S8. Our mult and Q counts were going up!!

Then, about 06:45 UTC, the computer totally locked up. The mouse
and keybord were dead and even CTRL-ALT-DELETE would not do
anything. PANIC !! The only option was a power off followed by a
cold start. I wrote down the Q count / score / mult-count so I could
make a quick audit after reboot and hit the switch. So as not to lose
my frequency, I started paper logging and hand keying. That was
fun...NOT!! Reboot, type on the keyboard, hand key, paper log - ALL
at the same time. Sure kept me awake. Well, in about 10 minutes the
computer finished scan disk, the reboot and WriteLog was back up and running.
NOTHING LOST. The power fail routine in WL is EXCELLENT ! ! !

Our score will certainly not be in the top 10, but with the modest
setup consisting of a simple inverted-L and a couple of short
beverages and... from deaf Houston, TX ... we did well. Out total Q count was
down but the mult count was up. The DX 10 point Qs were also up, so our
overall score ended up being our highest yet. As my wife (N1YXU) and I are
moving to North Carolina later this year this will be the last 160 contest
from our Texas QTH. Our first and last Qs were with Texas stations. That
seemed like the right way to start and end this contest.

As always - I really wish the Ops that are running the FT1000-MPs
would part with a couple $$ and install the Key Click mod. Both of my
MPs have the mod installed, and I have NEVER been told I have
clicks. There were (4) winners this year for the most excessive
clicks - W9I...., N5D....K9N....K5R.... And, NO - my noise blanker was
not on. Other MUCH stronger signals were TOTALLY quiet.

Thanks to all we worked, thanks for the patience for our many fill
requests, thanks for the mid-day rain and the resulting quiet conditions.

Hope to work you next year from Chapel Hill, NC.

Bruce - N1LN (almost /4)
Chuck -NO5W


EU: 9A, CT, CU, DL, EA, EA6, EI, F, G, GD, GM, GU, HA, I, LA, LX, LY, OH0,
OK, OM, ON, PA, S5, SM, SP, UA2, YU
AF: 7X, CT3, EA8
NA: C6, CM, HI, KG4, KL, KP2, KP4, V2, V3, VP9, XE, ZF
AS: 5B, JA

As for sections: Heard, did not work: NB, MB
Did not hear or work: NWT, YT, NU

160 Total %

NA 1003 1003 92.6
EU 57 57 5.3
SA 2 2 0.2
AF 3 3 0.3
AS 12 12 1.1
OC 6 6 0.6


QSO/Sec+Dx by hour and band

Hour 160 Total Cumm

D1-0000Z 107/32 107/32 107/32
D1-0100Z 100/13 100/13 207/45
D1-0200Z 91/7 91/7 298/52
D1-0300Z 57/6 57/6 355/58
D1-0400Z 57/3 57/3 412/61
D1-0500Z 37/3 37/3 449/64
D1-0600Z 41/3 41/3 490/67
D1-0700Z 38/5 38/5 528/72
D1-0800Z 35/1 35/1 563/73
D1-0900Z 17/1 17/1 580/74
D1-1000Z 27/1 27/1 607/75
D1-1100Z 37/2 37/2 644/77
D1-1200Z 29/1 29/1 673/78
D1-1300Z 6/0 6/0 679/78
D1-1400Z - 0/0 679/78
D1-1500Z - 0/0 679/78
D1-1600Z --+-- 0/0 679/78
D1-1700Z - 0/0 679/78
D1-1800Z - 0/0 679/78
D1-1900Z - 0/0 679/78
D1-2000Z - 0/0 679/78
D1-2100Z - 0/0 679/78
D1-2200Z - 0/0 679/78
D1-2300Z 10/1 10/1 689/79
D2-0000Z 33/3 33/3 722/82
D2-0100Z 41/4 41/4 763/86
D2-0200Z 39/2 39/2 802/88
D2-0300Z 32/0 32/0 834/88
D2-0400Z 53/1 53/1 887/89
D2-0500Z 28/4 28/4 915/93
D2-0600Z 45/9 45/9 960/102
D2-0700Z 32/2 32/2 992/104
D2-0800Z 15/1 15/1 1007/105
D2-0900Z 17/0 17/0 1024/105
D2-1000Z 14/0 14/0 1038/105
D2-1100Z 18/0 18/0 1056/105
D2-1200Z 22/0 22/0 1078/105
D2-1300Z 5/1 5/1 1083/106

Total: 1083/106
K5GO(@WD5R/N5ECT)   Single Op HP   425,7842006-01-30 07:23:57
This was the most enjoyable contest I can remember working. It was something I
had thought about a lot since N5DX and I were going to compete against each
other to see who could win the certificate for Arkansas. Doug, N5ECT, was
curious to know how his station would stack up against ours and asked me if I
would operate and get Kevin to work it from our QTH. Doug worked very hard on
his beverages (11 in total) adding additional ones in phase toward Europe and

Doug (N5ECT) and Marlene (WD5R) are the nicest people you would ever know and
made me feel right at home. They were great hosts and cheerleaders.

The only time I was discouraged was when I stopped to ask Kevin how many
contacts he had. It was only a few hours into the contest and he was ahead of
me by over 100 contacts. A few minutes later, N9RV called, and I told him Kevin
was kicking my butt. Pat came back and sent R-E-T-I-R-E. I said TU, thought
about that option for a fleeting moment and then thought about what Kevin had
told me Thursday night when I was packing some stuff up to take with me on the
trip Friday morning. He said that in athletics they say that most only give
about 95%, because if they gave 100% and didn't win it would be too much of a
crush. That may be true, but in this case I figured I was going to win either
way. If I tried as hard as I could and got beat, I would get beat by my son
operating from my station. Nothing to feel bad about there. What I really
wanted was for the scores to be very close regardless of who came out on top and
for both of us to do well enough from west of the Mississippi River to have a
chance to make the top ten in the USA.

A little calculation told me that with about 4000 QSO points and 100 multipliers
a new USA contact would yield 200 points. A new multiplier, assuming it would
be a 10 pointer, would give me 5,000 points. At a rate of 50 per hour calling
CQ, I thought it was worth it to spend a lot of time in the S&P mode, and that
was the only way I figured I could possibly win.

The highlights were working over 100 Europeans and finding V51AS calling CQ with
no takers under others in the DX Window. One call, an exchange of reports, and
he was back to calling CQ - again with no takers. Only worked a two JA
stations, two ZL stations, no VK, etc. C4M was another good one that took some
time to work.

A four wheeler trip around Doug and Marlene's farm Sunday afternoon, eight
Europeans in the last few minutes of the contest including UW2M for a new
multiplier, a nice dinner that Marlene prepared and a rum cake to go topped off
a very enjoyable weekend.

Kevin obviously had a good time and has probably been bitten by that bug that
makes you love 160 Meters.

Rig: IC-765, AL-1500
TX Antenna: 1/4 wave vertical with 60 radials
RX antennas: Plenty

73...Stan, K5GO
KD4D(@N3HBX)   Single Op HP   488,0472006-01-30 07:30:49
Thanks again to John Evans for letting me use his great station. The
three-element wire yagi fixed on Europe was a great antenna for this one!

My second attempt at this contest. Most of what I THOUGHT I had learned in 2004
about 160 and this particular contest seems to have been wrong! :-) Conditions
were great, especially Friday night. Saturday night seemed noisier.

I need to work harder and S&P for those European multipliers a bit more. The
time I spend doing S&P on Europe late Sunday was very productive.

I had a great time! Thanks for all of the QSO's.

2006 CQ 160 CW - KD4D

---- ------ ----- -----
0 96 96 96
1 112 112 208
2 78 78 286
3 41 41 327
4 65 65 392
5 62 62 454
6 63 63 517
7 49 49 566
8 37 37 603
9 41 41 644
10 28 28 672
11 36 36 708
12 34 34 742
13 0 0 742
14 0 0 742
15 0 0 742
16 0 0 742
17 0 0 742
18 0 0 742
19 0 0 742
20 0 0 742
21 6 6 748
22 36 36 784
23 48 48 832

0 44 44 876
1 53 53 929
2 23 23 952
3 23 23 975
4 25 25 1000
5 17 17 1017
6 23 23 1040
7 19 19 1059
8 15 15 1074
9 12 12 1086
10 13 13 1099
11 20 20 1119
12 10 10 1129
13 0 0 1129
14 0 0 1129
15 0 0 1129
16 0 0 1129
17 0 0 1129
18 0 0 1129
19 0 0 1129
20 0 0 1129
21 8 8 1137
22 22 22 1159
23 29 29 1188

TOTAL 1188

9A DL GI Il Lb Nd OM Qc UA2 YL
Ab Dc GJ In Ma Ne ON Ri UR YO
Al De GM KG4 Mb Nf OZ S5 Ut YU
Ar EA GU KH6 Md Nh Oh SM V3 Z3
Az EA6 GW KP2 Me Nj Ok SP VP9 ZF
Bc EA8 Ga KP4 Mi Nm On Sc Va
CT EI HA Ks Mn Ns Or Sd Vt
CT3 ES HB Ky Mo Nv PA Sk Wa
CU F HI LA Ms Ny PJ2 T9 Wi
Ca Fl I LX Mt OE PY Tn Wv
Co G Ia LY Nb OH Pa Tx Wy
Ct GD Id La Nc OK Pe UA XE
N4AF   Single Op HP   444,0002006-01-30 07:36:36
Pretty nice condx. Suprised by wide opening to UA/UR Sunday at dusk.

73, Howie N4AF
HBØ/T94DX   Multi-Op HP   1,058,0902006-01-30 07:45:30
Transceiver1: YAESU FT-1000MP
Transceiver2: YAESU FT-990DC
Amplifier: Alpha 99 - 1500W out
Antenna1: Inverted L 16+34m
Antenna2: 160/80m dipole 20mh
RX Antenna: 2 X K9AY receiving loop
No PacketCluster

Greetings from the Internet cafe in Vaduz. More information will be available at when we get back home.

73's de HB0/T94DX Crew
NE4S   Single Op LP   140,0492006-01-30 07:45:32
FT-1000MP, Inverted L at 65'.
Good conditions the whole time.
I had no luck with DX. The RX on the Inv L was noisy, and low power has to wait
in turn.
Running US was good, but not the kicker for score on this event.
So, I am thinking K9AY/Flag/EWE... but the city (covenant bound) lot will not
take a Beverage.
Unless I hide one in the green belt buffer next to the lake... hmmm.
Does #16 wire come with Camo insulation?
Anyway, RX mode work to do to boost those DX mults and 10 pointers.
Good time, I'll be back for SSB 160.
Mike, NE4S
IH9GPI   Single Op HP   254,5002006-01-30 07:50:41
Great fun inspite of half slooper antenna at about 7 meters up the ground and
very few hours operation... Remind: don't drink "Passito wine" before and during
the contest time!!!
F5IN   Single Op HP   765,9752006-01-30 07:58:06
Powered by Win-Test 2.23.0
N4KG   Multi-Op HP   210,3082006-01-30 08:00:57
I concentrated primarily on Multipliers with 108 multipliers worked in the first
9 hours including all states except VT and ND and 51 countries. Most USA
stations were worked barefoot while most DX was worked at 1KW. I heard 599 VT
being sent, called "VT de N4KG" followed by "up 1" where I found W1KRV. N0UD
andswered my CQ from ND for my 50th state. Missed VE1/NB, VE8, VY1 in Canada.

Conditions seemed to peak Thursday night (0500 to 0610Z Friday) and again Friday
evening (2300 to 2400Z) just before the contest. During the contest, signals
from Europe were down but still workable. I don't think I've ever worked over
50 countries in a single night on 160M before so that was pretty exciting!

The G's were noticably weaker than the rest of Europe Friday night. W6/KH6 were
als quite weak Friday night. Saturday night, the G's were louder but the rest of
Europe was noticably weaker and harder to work from Alabama (70 miles east of
W5! W6/7 and KH6's were much louder Saturday night. Sunday evening was quite
poor to Europe at/after my sunset. ON4UN was 549 and VY2ZM was 559.

PJ2T was my only SA QSO. Oceania was represented by 4 KH6's. CT3,EA8,V5,and 7X
represented Africa. ZC4LI was my only Asian for an all-time new one. Europe
produced 38 countries with several more active but unreadable or unworkable at
the times they were spotted, mostly by other Europeans. NA produced 12
countries plus VE/W. It was like the 160M version of the WAE and NAQP playing

In the mid 80's there were two EXCELLENT years from Alabama where I worked 140
countries between December and April (84/85?). For the past 20 YEARS I've never
heard anything approaching those memorable conditions. Most of the time there
seems to be a "curtain of absorption" that roughly follows the EST/CST boundary.
Maybe it's a Southern thing (E-layer MUF?) since I often notice that W8/9/0
stations are hearing and working into EU much better than ALA stations. Such is
life on 160 Meters in the mid-South.

Tom N4KG
K7RE   Single Op LP   152,0112006-01-30 08:11:46
Conditions were the best that I have ever seen on 160M from this QTH.
After only 4.5 hours into the contest, I had 350 QSO's, and 50 sections
Rate meter got up to 250 in the N1MM Logger software and never went below
100 until the very wee hours on the first night.
I even worked 2 stations on the EU continent, a first for me in a 160M
I put in roughly 21.5 hours.
I was quite surprised to see several AK and HI stations that could be worked
so easily, great job guys.
It was great to see so many VE stations on as well.
Wonderful participation from so many areas of the world.
Next season I see that I will need a low noise RX only antenna for 160M, as
my TX antenna seems to be as good as I can get it here.
This was one of the best contests ever for me, I really had a blast.
ON4IA   Multi-Op HP   648,5852006-01-30 08:17:51
Sleeping before a contest doesnt work for me so had to give up at 0500 Z the
first night...BIG mistake . Anyway great contest and TNX to ON4ATW (and
ON6CC)who kept me busy during slow times on the local chat channel .Hope to have
better RX antennas next time .
Great fun to see my score approaching to theirs, going from 100 K difference
about 2 K by 2359Z on Sunday . Must have been working 10 pointers I missed the
1st morning .

73s and CU next time, with or without the DOG

DJ8OG   Single Op LP   103,0732006-01-30 08:30:56
ON5UM   Single Op LP   268,6402006-01-30 08:46:59
Rig : FT 1000 MP

Antennas : 1/ TX : Inverted L 2/ RX : Outdoor Coax Loop + indoor ATU See->

Soapbox:- Using stealth enameled very thin antennawire over top of 40 m
vertical against cupper roof and gutters. Sloping L was the result
with direct feed over current balun -> SWR 1.1/1 ...
- Coax loop ( 1.25 m sides ) did remarkably well without preamp.+-20
dB dwn compared to inv.L.
- Many interference problems from OTH radar.Peaks at 1800 and 1830
(also on 3800 etc )
- Not active during second night so guess I missed a lot there.Many
Ops trying to steel freq.

TNX FOR THE QSO's and hope to be on again next year from home .
W7YAQ   Single Op LP   10,9652006-01-30 08:51:33
Tried WriteLog. Twice stations got logged as LSB rather than CW -- not sure
why. Once rig got locked up in TX and had to remove serial cable from rig to
unlock. Maybe some WL users can tell me privately whether this is par for the
course with this program.

K9FO   Single Op HP   88,3242006-01-30 08:51:58
My favorite contest since back in the '60s and the days of W2EQS. Conditions
were very good but I missed Saturday night due to my son visiting from NYC.
Still got in 16 hours so not a bust.
Set-up: Orion, Ameritron ALS 600 (500 Watts), Inverted L TX, 3 Beverages RX.
Sone storm QRN at times.
Glad to see so many good OPs and increased activity in this great contest.
Also the 48 hour format is OK with me.
73, Will K9FO (former K9IFO)
W1ECT   Single Op HP   343,3502006-01-30 09:02:23
WN6K   Single Op LP   7,2362006-01-30 09:11:27
40m Dipole with small MFJ Tuner allowed me to work hard but make some Q's. Was
very happy to work a few JA's on Sunday morning though. Someday I will have a
real antenna and get more of the 100 watts up there instead of keeping worms
warm on the ground.

WB2ABD   Single Op HP   142,4102006-01-30 09:31:17
best results ever in this contest : need to improve antennas to the next level
DX condx good Fri., almost nonexistent Sat., heard the most Sun. but they
couldn't hear me. Missed ND MS AK of note. Multiple noise sources occasionally
made things frustrating.

MKV Field, 160M inv vee @ 60 ft , NE and NW Bev., MFJ1025, TL922 abt 600w.
N2CQ   Single Op LP   2,7442006-01-30 09:33:32
Kenwood TS-850 - Random Wire
GU4YOX   Single Op HP   592,7692006-01-30 09:50:20
After a slow start on Friday night after a long working week had a ball over the
weekend. I was using my new Shielded Loop and it worked well with some great
runs to the USA. Apologies to those I couldn't pull out. Also bagged a couple of
new States - Thanks. No JA's here but EU was plentiful. The 10 pointers in the
US were what made it for me. set up here; Inv-L at 45 feet (Wind levels to 45
mph prevented an 86 foot effort this year) 4500 feet of radials. Beverages to
South and West and and my secret weopon "The Loop" All USA stations were
received on the loop. Yaesu FT1000MP MkV and VL1000.

I didn't note the mults/states before switching off but 101 in total. (I guessed
the final totals for this submission - sorry)

Highlight: Big US Pileups
Lowlight: Falling asleep for 2 hours Sat. morning and waking up with numb

Great fun as usual....


Guernsey Is.
(Also KX6N)
VE3TA(@VE3FAS)   Single Op HP   772,3502006-01-30 09:54:08
Thanks to VE3FAS for his warm hospitality and the use of his excellent location
and antennas. Thanks also to VE3DZ and VE3NE for their pre-contest mentoring.
This was the first 160 meter contest for me and I had a great time. Looking
forward to the next one.

Paul, VE3TA
4U1WB(AJ3M)   Multi-Op HP   7,4792006-01-30 10:01:27
Thank you for the QSOs.
Station Description: TS940S and TL922A W9INN Inverted V

Masa, AJ3M
VE7SV   Multi-Op HP   325,2152006-01-30 10:26:17
High winds, rain and snow made for much QRN both nights.
Condx to EU were relatively poor but good openings to JA
and Asia both mornings.

Thanks to all for the qso's and the fun weekend.

Rig: FT1000MP to Alpha 86
Antenna: 1/4 wave sloper
VO1MP   Multi-Op HP   650,0402006-01-30 10:30:23
Post Contest Report:

After a long absence from any serious Top Band activity I thoroughly enjoyed
playing in this contest.......
New Inrad filters for my 1000MPs arrived earlier in the week and sure made
operating a pleasure
during the contest ..... would recommend that anybody looking for extra quality
for low band
CW op'ing .... get a pair of 400 hz filters...... am not surprized ( but
needed reminding )as I
had used them before in a 930..
Conditions were about as good as one could expect and my new Antenna played
very well for me..
Had planned to get a receiving antenna on site before the contest but as always
I'm the best
procrastinator I know hi !....
Band opened very early here both days ... although sometimes conditions were
strictly one way
and almost all the stations I heard from Western Europe were stations I had
worked the previous evening.
So spent a load of time searching and spotting !
Managed a couple of 100 hours while cq'ing not bad for this band ... here are
some interesting
stats (for me anyway) :

2 Point North American = 41 QSOs = 5.4%
5 Point North American = 367 QSOs = 48.4%
10 Point DX Contacts = 350 QSOs = 46.2%

Obviously European QSOs from here contributed significantly ...

Day 1 = 513 QSOs
Day 2 = 245 QSOs

Sections = 54
Countries = 66

N1MM sez I operated for 17.3 hours so I had 30.7 hours off .... obviously
there is no time allocated
for listening in this calculation ...... My log does show a long break on the
second day.

Best DX ZL6QH at 10:28z day one ....... Last time I worked ZL on this band
was 1985 ? during the same contest
think K1ZM ? was the operator ..... long time between Qs hi !

Thanks for the QSOs et
C'Y'ALL Next one
73 Gus VO1MP
WB9Z   Single Op HP   398,4862006-01-30 10:30:49
I had a really ruff start, but after I got everything working right
it was a pretty fun contest.

After 40 days on Curacao the equipment at my station hasn't seen
much use.

My old reliable??? FT-1000 developed a intermittent receive problem
that didn't get better, after much frustraction I decided to swap
it out with another 1000. After that things went fairly smooth.

I guess its time to get a Orion II.

Great to be called by UA0FZ, ZL3IX, ZL6QH.

CONGRATS to all who made the REALLY BIG scores out there.

Jerry WB9Z
K2PS   Single Op LP   2032006-01-30 10:54:30
Feel a bit guilty having the ND mult call me during my 1 hour stint. N3NM
missed only that one (NT0V), and N2MM tried him right after me but he'd gone.
F6FYA   Single Op HP   555,0002006-01-30 11:12:29
Working cndx : FT 1000 MP - Commander HF 2500 - Dipole - K9AY and Beverages,

Forecast cdnx : cold, ice, wind and a lot of snow on saturday, seemed to be /VE

First attempt in this contest. I had fun 28 hours on 29. For one hour, more or
less, - Sat 630 AM - a station kept my frequency and after sending word I can't
tell you here, called CQ TEST PA6FYA (his DXCC home ?), C30B and finally with
F6FYA ! It made contacts ! In this case, what about UBN, lot of stations sent to
me "QSO B4" and was not on my log ?

Anyway most of time was nice. It was mainly to improve myself and the station on
the top band. I never be active on 160 ! Now I know I have to perfect my shunt
feed, I was unable to use it and the receiving antenna system must be more

God bless all of you. See you next year !

73/88 from F6FYA/TM4Q./.
WK4Y   Single Op HP   149,9482006-01-30 11:14:14
Had a good time. Not able to put in the hours needed for competition. I could
have worked a lot more Europeans if I had a separate receive antenna. My K9AY
loops were not in service.

Thanks to all for the contacts, and my apologies to those Europeans that I could
not hear well enough to work.

Roy - WK4Y
ON4UN   Multi-Op HP   1,106,4622006-01-30 11:36:20
C4M(5B4AGM)   Single Op HP   1,018,9002006-01-30 11:41:29
Good Contest! Like every year, problem with QRN in my location in Larnaca.
Closed North and West, open East and South (100 m from sea). I change my old
IC-706 to FT-847, which gave me for contest Alex 5B8AD, bun not workable DSP,
and wqs big problem with poor sigs. Best regards boy's which set to my freq when
I work during 1-2 hour. No comments with call's, but if under monster stay ZL6QH
or JT1CO, this guy's stay like montain and givn't any chance for others
contester's to do QSO. In spite of, thanks to all who calling me!
Ben, C4M
KB7Q   Multi-Op LP   123,1482006-01-30 11:51:23
VE7NH   Single Op LP   40,6722006-01-30 12:08:49
YL1S   Multi-Op HP   201,6402006-01-30 12:33:37
My ant hr - Dipole Trcvr - ICOM 756Pro3 + PA 500wt
Thank's for nice contest QSO's and 73! de = Tom =
NN2W(NY6DX)   Single Op LP   123,7262006-01-30 12:33:57
All went well this weekend. Worked Vk, 7X,3V, and all staes in one contest. Rich
AA2MF has done a wonderful job on the antenna system. We can only go up from
GØDEZ   Single Op LP   46,5302006-01-30 12:37:55
FT-1000MP MK-V
75 Watts
End Fed wrapped around the garden fence, 20 feet up

Pleasantly surprised to work 8 new band countries!
KN4Y   Single Op LP   28,5182006-01-30 12:44:33
I was able to work every station I heard, even a few DX stations. Even got a few
nice runs before a big gun with no ears would stomp me.
VO1TA   Single Op HP   111,9992006-01-30 12:45:00
Did not put in much of an effort, The band sounded great, with a lot of
activity and little noise. North American stations were really wiping out the
lighter signals from Europe. Thanks for the Q's Wayne
NI7T   Single Op LP   32,5682006-01-30 12:53:47
This was a low key and low power but lots of fun effort from a marginal CW
operator. My antennas were an inverted L which I built the day before the
contest and two sloping dipoles and 4 beverages for recieve. Thanks to all those
that took the time to dig out the 100 W signal from my PRO II.
VE3ESH   Single Op LP   4,1362006-01-30 12:59:30
First time on 160 .... my attenna sure needs help
VA7LC   Single Op LP   6,4472006-01-30 13:01:35
Had other committments this weekend so was only able to put in a couple of
hours. Antenna was an Alpa Delta DX-B 1/4 wave sloper and 100w. Heard quite a
few stations who couldn't hear me. I wouldn't normally have posted such a low
score, but the Club needs all the points it can get!!!!
7S2E(SM2DMU)   Single Op LP   65,8682006-01-30 13:02:11
9A5MT   Single Op LP   102006-01-30 13:20:09
tnx WB9Z !!
9A4QV   Single Op LP   161,2002006-01-30 13:30:56

FT-847, no filters, 100w, dipole 10 meters UP.
It was fun to work in such big mess, CU next year.

Adam, 9A4QV

160 Total %

EU 499 499 97.1
AF 5 5 1.0
AS 3 3 0.6
NA 7 7 1.4
ES9C(@ES5TV)   Multi-Op HP   848,4242006-01-30 14:18:21
Propagation was dissapointing in the light of few extraordinary openings lately.
Just 40 US/VE contacts. Strongest was ...K9DX from IL!! Just booming in at 04:15
second night followed by strong K9HMB. What a strange sudden skip to IL.

60 JA's is quite good but none on Sunday! As all the other EU's we were hoping
to have ZL6QH to call in but seems that the frequency pick was really
disasterous as we were in their strong digi QRM segment of 1815-1821 most of the

Mults that did not copy us and CQed at us were V51AS, YC0LOW, KG4SB, V31YN.

Acom 2000A, GU43B
full size wire vertical with 3 radials, low dipole
3 200m beverages (US, East, EU)
TR Log

W8CAR   Single Op HP   210,2102006-01-30 14:22:09
Lots of fun!!!
W8RT   Multi-Op HP   416,0002006-01-30 15:17:53
Our best ever score.

Plenty of good participation worldwide, especially NA.

Propagation was spotty and peaked in Midwest US as the contest closed.

Key clicks a major problem. Drove participation up the band.

We enjoyed but wished for more youth in our own years! Tough contest for two
seniors, in spite of splitting the operating time.
K8BL   Single Op LP   114,5702006-01-30 15:18:52
Good condx. Need better rx ant to work more DX!
KR4M   Single Op HP   38,4002006-01-30 15:25:42
This contest is just plain old fun! Wish I had more time to operate. Club is
Carolina DX Assn 73 KR4M
W1KM   Multi-Op HP   831,5342006-01-30 15:40:28
First time in a few years we've tried a serious multi-op in this contest.
Tremendous activity on both sides of the Atlantic. Receiving conditions were
excellent--unusually quiet and we could hear lots of Europeans that couldn't
hear us. We set up a second radio for spotting but had limited success so we
mostly used the tag-team approach.
Thanks for all the QSO's!

Breakdown by continent:

NA 922
AF 7
EU 418
AS 3
SA 2
OC 5

Orion, ACOM, 4 square (wires strung off of 130' tower), beverages for NE
(480'), S(540') and W (300')
N2NC   Single Op LP   83,3242006-01-30 15:46:33
Since I loaned my FT-1000MP to N2NT for the contest, I used my K2/100 full time
in the 160 contest. I forgot what a fine receiver that little Elecraft has. I
swear, using the K2, it is easier to copy weak signals underneath strong ones
than with the MP. Must have something to do with the AGC.

- John N2NC
WØETT   Single Op LP   71,2212006-01-30 15:47:02
With 450 QSOs, I beat my past efforts.

Pretty good condx for the 2006 CQ WW 160 CW test this year. Ended up using both
inverted L and shunt-fed tower antennas. One was better than the other at
times; may have to keep both antennas. Good turnout in states and provinces
worked. No RI, YT, NB, or NS heard; heard but didn't get chance to QSO VT or
MB as they called someone else).

Still getting the ringing out of my ears from trying to dig weak signals out
from the loud ones. Very nice to work KL7RA for new state on 160; other
continents logged: PJ2T, CU2A, EA8AH, and JA6LPJ. Heard very readable signals
from but no QSO: F8BPN, CT3FN, CT1FJK, and JA5BQH. Got a QRZ from the CT1 but
the rest couldn't hear my 100w.

Glad to work several GMCCers: K0UK, K0EU, KV0Q, K0RI, KI0II.

73 Ken, W0ETT
K7SV   Single Op LP   242,6582006-01-30 16:45:43
The TEE that replaced the inverted L certainly outperforms the L. Not sure that
it's as much design as getting the vertical away from the support trees. Used an
IC-756PRO II and and IC-746 with the Tee (50 feet vertical/100 foot flat top
with eight quarter wave elevated radials). Had one elevated 300 ft beverage
running se/nw and a 300 ft half BOG ne and sw. A half bog has half the wire
supported in trees at 7 feet and the rest on the ground! The small nagging line
noise I've had for years disappeared during the summer and there was little if
any atmospheric noise, so the band was quiet. I had the 756/vert in the right
ear and the 746/bevs in the left. I don't know that there was anything that I
could copy on one antenna but not the other, but there was a diversity like
effect that really helped with a weak fading signal. Copy of KL7RA was real
rough with one or the other, but with them both he remained pretty solid. Never
did work him - only state I missed. It was great to have a VP9, a KP2, and
North/South Dakota all call in the first half hour! Had a ball, but hope to get
back together with my pals at NR4M next year.
K4EU   Single Op HP   125,2152006-01-30 17:38:10
This is a personal best for me. Great fun. Big signals. Excellent ops.
Missed ID, MT and KL7 for WAS. Need to install a Beverage RX antenna so I can
hear better for the next one. Thanks for all the Q's.

QRO amp
Inverted L

73....//Steve K4EU
K8MN   Single Op HP   173,6642006-01-30 18:59:43
Hitting that "Middle-of-the-night wall" certainly comes earlier than it used to!
NN3Q   Multi-Op HP   284,0742006-01-30 19:12:37
A very quiet band with plenty of EU signals. But as always, the beverage ants
make pulling out weak signals a pleasure.

Too many EU stations don't hear as well as we hear them. They continue to CQ
without any takers while numerous USA stations are calling them. Effective
listening antennas are key to 160m qso's.
AA2GS   Single Op LP   61,0402006-01-30 19:13:23
Once we got the inverted V up higher and trimmed to <2.5 SWR, we were in

Conditions were great. Friday night was not good due to technical problem
undiscovered until Saturday. I was surprised how many Qs I picked up during the
daylight hours.

Next time, I'll have a sloper ready for EU contacts.

Second best effort out of 4 so far. Need to beat 72K points next year.
K4GM   Single Op LP   17,4332006-01-30 19:29:33
Antenna: 80 meter dipole with tuner. The inverted L will be up shortly and
should help with the 6 and 7 call areas which I seldom work on 160.
NT2A   Single Op LP   95,2652006-01-30 19:42:02
100 Watts, Vertical antenna.
AB7E   Single Op LP   50,6542006-01-30 19:42:44
I began the contest really tired and quickly decided I wasn't going to be able
to put in a full effort, so I ended up simply having fun. Just as well ... the
east coast couldn't hear me until well late in the evening even though signals
were strong right from sunset. I hit 60 minute rates of 80 per hour well after
local midnight but I was just too tired to take advantage of it.

One of the frustrating aspects of having a low noise QTH is that I could hear
far more DX than I could work with my rather low Inverted-V and 100 watts. I
blew the 4CX-800A's in my amp during the Stew Perry when a mouse chewed through
one of the support lines of my antenna and I didn't notice the high SWR during a
run, so switching to high power was not an option. NM7M claims that horizontal
polarization suffers by a full 9 db from my QTH to Europe compared with vertical
polarization, so it looks like I'll be putting up a vertical soon. As it was,
12 hours of operation netted me a handful of JA's and all states except the two
I never heard (VT and ND), but the furthest east I got was EA8. Biggest
disappointment was not being able to work BA4RF even though he had a nice signal
here in Arizona for almost a half hour.

Dave AB7E
southern Arizona (DM41vi)
W4PM   Single Op LP   122,7002006-01-30 19:58:12
Thanks for the QSO's.
K9MMS   Single Op LP   90,1682006-01-30 20:14:30
Very difficult operating conditions -- a head cold hit full force Friday and
Saturday. Quit early both nights -- just could not stay awake.

Working all 50 states, plus DC, made it worth the effort. Heard several EU
stations, but I was not able to make my LP signal heard in Europe through the
pile ups. Longest DX worked was ZL6QH -- fortunately 'QH had a good receiving
antenna and ears.

Frustrating that some U.S. stations do not stay out of the DX window for their
CQ runs. Also frustrating that some stations seem to contually call CQ at
one-second intervals and do not bother to LISTEN more for replies. Encountered
a few 'gators as well. More than once, a big gun took over my frequency after I
had finally got a CQ run going -- never having bothered to ask QRL? Sometimes,
they would move when I complained -- others would not budge or acknowledge.
This used to be called the Gentleman's band! What's happening?

Last state needed was ND. After much searching, I just could not find a North
Dakota station. It was looking like I would miss WAS by one. Then, shortly
before giving up on a very slow CQ run, on the second day, with the band having
faded out to just a few signals left, suddenly NT0V answered one of my CQs --
with a 10 dB over S9 signal. That was very amazing. I thought it was not
possible -- I thought I might be imagining things. After closing the station, I
checked QRZ callsign database, as a sanity check, just to see if it verified the
call as being in ND. I guess I had not fallen asleep at the rig afterall!

Very difficult to find and hold a frequency for CQ runs. Fifty-percent of QSOs
were via S&P.

A very enjoyable contest, as always. 160 is TOPS!

K7TJR   Single Op HP   239,3162006-01-30 20:14:51
Had a great time even though operating single op.. Ken K7ZUM could not come over
the 100 plus miles through the mountain pass. They were predicting 12 to 20
inches of snow. I am still fighting a little power line noise from a substation
about a mile away. They promise me they will fix it but they just wont tell me
when.. I think in the early hours I just about wore out the Beverage switch as I
would just get going JA direction then someone would call on the East coast. I
am not complaining just thinking about a new switch. My Orion is in the hospital
so I used my trusty old Omni6. After the contest I searched some of the posts
and think maybe if we do multi again we will set up for internet. I have never
done assisted before. I know there is another whole layer of signals I cant hear
because of the constant power line fizz.. Even using the 250 filters etc. I sure
missed being able to get up and go get coffee etc. without Ken being here. Lots
of DX highlights including CT EA8 KG6 ZL VK VO1,2 CU2 and about 115 JA
stations.. Thanks everybody for the great contest.. Lee
N8BJQ   Single Op HP   212,4402006-01-30 20:23:49
First 3 hours were great. Good EU on Friday night and the last hour or so on
Sunday. Not as good on Saturday night. Called some loud EU who could not hear
me. Finished with 11 10 pointers and 3 mults in last 20 minutes to go over
K6GNX   Multi-Op HP   184,6902006-01-30 20:35:41
Excuse list: Put off fixing Beverages until just before the contest/Had a
cold/Slept thorugh Pacific DX Sat morning/ not enough time to hook up the keyer
interface to MILOG so everyone heard my keying errors in the wee hours/

Gold Star List: Personal best score/Stayed awake all night Saturday/ Worked 9
more stations between 2315Z and 2400Z at the end of the contest - copied tons
of East Coast stations (most of which were dupes at 2330Z at the end which was 2
hours before sunset!)/ Luckily it was a CW contest, my voice never would have
made it/ I cheerfully reworked every dupe/

Multi/OP because I used the packet. I'd guess it got me about 4 mults. I heard
K1IK twice but he was S&P so no VT. Did get MB near the end - that called for
"TU TU TU". I worked 91 JA's and WOW what a boost to the score. BTW, PJ2T's
score is almost exactly Q's x Mults x 10 = 1.3Megapoints. Yep, virtually every
QSO was a 10 pointer. If every one of my Q's had been 10 points my score would
have been 565,750. If you're feeling bad about your score try it, it brings a
quick smile.

Thanks to all for the Q's. Sorry for the three or four stations that I couldn't
pull out of the noise. I tried to work ON4UN after Bob W6RJ spotted him but
propagation to EU was the pits, OK another excuse, one of the phased Beverages
to EU got shredded by a deer. I did get CU2A. My personal thanks to all the
West Coast DXers who stood by for the nearly 5 minutes it took to work BA4RF.
When he sent "K6?X" EVERYONE stood by. Yes, it's still the gentleman's band.

If anyone could not get me I would love to hear from you. I need to figure out
the limits of the Beverages here.

What a blast, I love 160 contests and CQ 160 CW is the most fun, but CQ 160 SSB
is nice because you get to hear the voices of all your old friends and I tend to
kibitz more with friends.

It was crowded but still had enough clear frequencies to work the East Coast;
but, there was a signal every two or three hundred Hz. It will be a pinch on
SSB when there just won't be enough bandwidth. I'll bet we fill the band on up
to 1900 on that one. I noticed that stations come back about +-200 Hz so when
you are sandwiched too close together it gets confusing.

DrBill K6GNX
AJ6L   Single Op HP   24,1282006-01-30 20:44:53
RIG Yaesu FT-1000D
AMP Ameritron AL-800H
ANT Inverted VEE at 60 feet, broadside is E-W

Pleased with the result, considering the modest antenna and limited time
operating. About 3 hours after the contest began, QRN rose for about 1/2 hour,
then fell back to the prior level. Likely due to the high take-off angle of my
low-altitude inverted VEE, closer stations (NM7D, NN7ZZ, K7NV to the north and
N7DD, KC7V, N7IR to the south) were pounding in while I was straining to hear
more distant stations. I'm thankful that Arizona is sparsely populated ... (a
total of only 6 AZ stations were worked), but there's plenty of operators in
nearby CA.

However, well beyond midnight local time first night, the band opened both east
and west simultaneously. JA5DQH, KH7X, N6KB in the Pacific, while in the east
V72ZM, PC5M, CU2A, PJ2T were logged (broadside to my inverted VEE). Not quite so
loud, were QSO's in the southeast KG4SB, KP4A and the northwest AL1G, KL7RA, and
numerous VE3's, VE5's, VE7's were contacted (off the ends of my inverted VEE).

The Arizona QTH is high-desert (4100 feet MSL) with poor soil (not at all like
my former location in California). Maybe next year I'll have a beverage and will
either be receiving much better, or will be less thirsty!

Thanks to all for the contacts! Tom
K8CC   Multi-Op HP   382,9172006-01-30 20:52:15
Rig: FT1000D, FT1000Field, 2x3-500Z
Antennas: 140' shunt fed tower for TX, two 500' two-wire beverages for RX

First time we've done this contest multi-op since 1988 so wasn't sure what to
expect. Ken, W8MJ has had success as a single-op from here, but multi-op and
more importantly the aspect of packet brought different considerations.

Most of the contest was like a science project in terms of getting stuff
working. Started on the beverages on the Thursday before the contest, and
finished up the outside work one hour before contest start. Didn't get the
reversal switching working until daylight Saturday. Saturday evening we
overheated the homebrew pair of 3-500Zs from the furious CQing. Swapped over to
a Viewstar PT-2500A and overheated it too, which was surprising because it had
successfully survived Ken's previous single-op efforts here. I guess we need
more muffin fans!

As mentioned earlier, this was our first experience with the new beverages,
which are two-wire reverable using DXEngineering hardware. Performing A/B
comparasions with the transmit tower showed only about a 10-15 dB drop on the
beverages. The F/B was only a couple of S-units, which probably could be
improved if we went to "cone of silence" lengths for the beverage. F/S however,
was spectacular - I could take VE3EJ from S9 (aimed at him) to S0 on the meter
(aimed perpendicular). Also, the noise floor was almost zero on the beverages
for the entire weekend. While the latter characteristic helps to hear DX, it
also provides ample opportunity to observe all the clicky Yaesu radios on the
air. Tom Rauch is right!

With quiet receiving conditions, working stateside signals was easy and we got
all the W/VE mults except for YU and NWT. However, DX signals were never what I
would consider "good". Every DX QSO (except for NP4A!) was a "close your eyes
and concentrate" experience. I'd be interested to hear how other midwest
stations thought condx were.

Still, Ken and I had a blast. CU next year.

AC6DD   Single Op HP   229,0642006-01-30 22:31:47
NA5NM   Multi-Op HP   379,3582006-01-30 22:52:00
What a great time on TopBand!!!!

A lot of improvements were made to the station this year, including replacing
all the pack rat and javelina eaten RG-59 Beverage feeder cables with new 1/2"
CATV hardline. A total of 4,000+ feet reduced feedline losses a bit and made
the checking of lines before every contest a thing of the past.

Strategic RX feedline grounding and choke coils measureably reduced the effect
of the run TX RF on the mult RX capability. The addition of a 3rd position for
RX only was effective in finding additional stations who had not been worked.

Filtered packet information displayed in the Announcement window in NA. This
was the 1st time this op aid had been used at this station and this operator
found the feature to be extremely useful.

And then we put a modern twist on an old western tradition: we brought in not
one, but two hired guns. What a pleasure it was to see two real pros at work
simultaneously. The capabilities of N2IC and WA6CDR are what really put the
icing on the cake for this party.

Let's get to the nitty-gritty of the statistics. Just what did this station and
group of ops from the farthest southwest corner of the LARGE Zone 4 area
accomplish to produce the best score ever from this part of the country?

For the first time ever a 100+ hour was achieved due to Steve's superlative
operating skills.

With the countdown to WAS in less than 12 hours standing at 44 the final ones
went into the log like this. DE @ 0650, KL @ 0706, ME @ 0851, ND @ 0938, NE @
1030 and then at 1145 a not-so-lonely RI station put the cap on that goal.

The first night a few EU stations were heard but only ON4UN responded to
repeated calls. The South Pacific was quiet with ZL6QH the single entry from
that part of the world. A low level JA opening was spread over 5 hours with a
continuous sprinkling of weak but readable signals. UA0FZ provided the only
other mult from the west.

But the conditions across the good ol' USA and our neighbor to the north were
superb. The first night ended with more than 800 Q's in the log and 80 mults.
That folks, is a great night's worth of work.

Night two was also good. At western EU sunrise we finally go enough of a
reprieve from the aurora oval to allow a dozen or so mults to make it into the

It was at that time the only negative item of the whole contest occurred. This
operator had noted that the DX window had been very well respected during 1.5
nights of operation. But just at the time that the window really was producing
for us, a few stations apparently decided all that quiet spectrum needed some
LOUD local CQ's.

It has to start somewhere folks and I might as well be the goat to tell it like
it was. The last 30 minutes that the terminator was moving across the British
Isles the following listed stations CQed and CQed and CQed inside the DX window
with the only answers to their CQs being requests from other stations for them
to vacate the window.

I respect their "right" to operate how, where and when they desire, but to
deliberately choose to use the Contest Rules specified window as their private
CQing field when there was a multitude of space just outside the window, as well
as up and down the band, is directly in opposition to the spirit of the contest
and the rules.

To the operators who were signing the callsigns of AA4NN, W4UAT, N2WN, K0XI,
N6MA, KS7X, and K6VVA I personally thank you for getting on the air and helping
this contest to be the best one on the bands. Five of you are in the NA5NM log,
and I thank you for those Q's. However, at the same time I personally ask you
to be more thoughtful next year. Please help all of us keep the DX Window
intact for its intended purpose.

The contest ended for us at sunup Sunday morning and the last hour provided some
excitement. BY and KH2 were worked. Finally a couple of VK's provided that
mult. And we thought that a first ever Thailand entry would be a first ever
prize to finish with. But the true 569 signal from HS0ZDJ was not enough of a
path to overcome the RX noise on his end. For 15 monutes he CQed with multiple
dozens of stations calling; all of which went unanswered.

At this time I would like to insert the comment from Steve, N2IC, regarding the
rules change a few years ago which provides the eastern half of the country with
a 3rd shot at a EU opening. "The change in the start/end time of this contest
was a real benefit to the east coast, without any commensurate benefit for us."
I also have to ask: "Why?"

And finally my pet peeve. We log all duplicate call ins. But this year it
became ridiculous. Dupes at 96 were only two shy of the Mults; 98. I truly
don't know what to attribute this phenomena to, but that number is more than 7%
of our total 1,361 Qs.

What are the rest of you getting? Is it just our attractive personalities? Is
it our superb CW sending? We do know that packet has some of the blame. One
mis-post of our callsign caused an innundation by those packet watchers
searching for "New Meat". Check it out folks! Make sure of the call of the
station you are calling BEFORE you call. Thanks.

Now, for those who have stuck around long enough to get this far, and for those
that have asked me for an in depth insight of the NA5NM stats, here they are.

First, the state, province and country Q totals. California has not
relinquished its dominance of the "Most Q's in our log from one multiplier
area". With the improved conditions, the superb JA operators provided the 2nd
most "Qs per mult".

Among the states; Texas what happened? You slipped from a perenial 2nd all the
way to 4th. Washington state has taken over # 2 for this year. And the
Buckeyes weighed in at # 3. Thanks to all of you, and everyone!!!!!!!!

Mult QSOs

CT 16
MA 17
ME 5
NH 16
RI 4
VT 5
NJ 30
NY 46
DC 1
DE 5
MD 20
PA 45
AL 20
FL 24
GA 18
KY 9
NC 23
SC 7
TN 27
VA 43
AR 14
LA 8
MS 9
NM 15
OK 13
TX 53
CA 161
AZ 33
ID 5
MT 7
NV 10
OR 21
UT 16
WA 62
WY 5
MI 43
OH 56
WV 13
IL 34
IN 18
WI 22
CO 28
IA 10
KS 8
MN 42
MO 22
NE 6
ND 2
SD 4
NS 2
QC 6
ON 27
MB 2
SK 3
AB 15
BC 17
NWT --
NB 2
YT --
NF 3
LB 1
BY 1
C6 1
CM 2
CT 3
CT3 1
CU 1
DL 3
EA 1
EA6 1
EA8 1
EI 1
F 1
G 3
GD 1
GM 1
GW 1
HI 1
JA 91
KG4 1
KH2 1
KH6 9
KL 3
KP2 3
KP4 1
OK 1
ON 3
PA 2
PJ2 1
PY 1
UA9 5
V2 1
V3 1
V5 1
VK 2
VP9 1
XE 6
ZF 1
ZL 2

These are the continent statistics.

N America: 1133 1133 (90%)

S America: 2 2 (0%)

Europe: 23 23 (2%)

Africa: 3 3 (0%)

Asia: 91 91 (7%)

Oceania: 13 13 (1%)

And the all important points/Q. The JA boys really help our score.

2 point QSOs: 1038
5 point QSOs: 95
10 point QSOs: 132

73 all, thanks for the Q's, apologies to those we didn't copy (very few this
year), and let's make it even better next year.

Milt, N5IA, one of the ops at NA5NM
W3DQ   Single Op HP   123,8022006-01-30 23:01:00
Apologies to all for busting so many calls. Need to work on those CW skills :-)

As the RX antennas didn't work at all, I suffered with using the vertical in
this noisy, city environment.

Regardless, I had a blast givcing out that ever rare DC multiplier!

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC
NO2R   Multi-Op HP   271,2322006-01-31 00:56:53
Power Line Noise here prevents any serious effort. Peter,NO2R
7XØRY   Single Op HP   1,045,4402006-01-31 01:17:37
How could I ask for more with just one Inv.Vee@22m in the middle of a
two-million city?

Tnx W7OM in WA for the best QSO (incidentally my nr 1000...).


Frantisek 7X0RY/OK1DF
MM3AWD   Single Op QRP   13,3112006-01-31 01:44:52
Only a part time attempt due to my antenna being rather poor on 160, a converted
mobile inside my house, but conditions were reasonable for the whole weekend.
ZC4LI(STEVE)   Single Op HP   444,5702006-01-31 02:43:06
SO1R No Spots

Antenna Titanex 160HD

Thanks to all concerned in running the contest, and thanks to all for the Q's
It was hard work trying to dig out the calls from the QRN/QRM.
Just a casual effort as I was fully involved with the BARTG RTTY SPRINT on
Saturday night.
Will try to get on again sometime to make some Stateside Q's.

73 Steve.
VY2ZM   Single Op HP   2,091,4082006-01-31 03:24:28
Condx seemed pretty good this time out....Thanks to all those who called in; it
was nice to hear so many old friends.

Never heard a VE4 - and looked very hard both nights for one - so missed VE4, NT
and YU for 59 W/VE mults.

Out of Europe/Asia, never heard IS0, A6, T7, C3, IH9 - and I believe some of
these at least were active.

No help on KL7RA - never heard him but worked (4) KH6's I think it was, two ZL's
and one VK - VK3ZL.

Hope to CU in the next one.

NEXT UP - Mike (KH6ND/KH7X) will operate ARRL CW in three weeks as a single-op
all band entry from VY2ZM - it's going to be fun trudging in through the snow
with Mike - I doubt he will ever have seen weather like VY2 in mid-February
before. This weekend, by the way, sported near HURRICANE force winds all
weekend long out of the Northwest - the waves on the ocean were from 10-15 feet
high most of the weekend! Brace yourself Mike - you ain't NEVER seen anything
like this!!!

K3OO   Multi-Op HP   49,4162006-01-31 05:29:26
Nice European opening at the end of the contest.
73,Rick K3OO
N4EK   Single Op HP   42,6562006-01-31 05:42:08
Great conditons here. no noise for a change. was in between moving in-laws so
did not put in as many hours as i could. lot's of fcg stations.

73 and go fcg!!

HA6NL   Single Op LP   302,2042006-01-31 06:05:43
Station info: TR7 Drake 140 watts out, a new full-sized (half-wave) dipole and
rx ant: 120 m LW

See you in ARRL DX contest!

K1JT   Single Op LP   100,9502006-01-31 06:17:04
Reasonably good conditions plus skillful and courteous operators make for a most
enjoyable contest!
N1IW   Single Op HP   3,6322006-01-31 06:30:10
Just a brief effort from home QTH during day on Sunday while I did other things
in the shack. Main effort was supporting the K0TV multi-op operation with Jerry
and Ken (WO1N). Gotta luv that "auto-CQ"! 100 Qs during daylight hours on
160M... Hmmm. Best "DX" was Georgia to the south and Ontario to the west.
Highlight of the afternoon: Watching the bandmap fill with European spots from
VO1MP (I think) around 1300-1330 local (1800-1830Z). And I just saw ZM's post...
2000 Qs and 2 mil: WoW! Nice job! Thanks for the Qs and CU all in ARRL CW/SSB.
HA1ZN   Single Op QRP   112,3362006-01-31 06:54:09
RIG: TS-870 5w limited pwr. TX ANT: OBLONG / RX ANT: 84m beveridge.
Congratulation to VY2ZM, and W4ZV! I had only 2 QSO with NA, but I heard
on saturday morning abt. 50 DX st from NA. SRI I was weak....
Thanks to Everybody!
I hope to meet you in ARRL CW! 73! Zsolt
S52W   Multi-Op HP   449,1832006-01-31 06:57:56
Rig:IC 756
ANT:Dipol 18m up, no rx ant.
K8AC   Single Op HP   292,3442006-01-31 08:27:01
Great propagation and a rare weekend without thunderstorm QRN in eastern NC.
N8EA   Single Op HP   239,5122006-01-31 08:36:59
Unassisted. Rig: FT1000MP, Alpha 77 @ 1500W out, 1/4 vert, 4 Beverages, Fish
Lake Beverage Preamp. Conditions were very good to Europe most of the contest
-spent a great deal of time searching; no pouncing on DX - most required much
time to get calls and to time QSO near strong QRM. Things would be much easier
with packet. USA/592, VE/48, NA/10, SA/1, EU/89, AF/3, OCEN/4 73 joe
S57DX   Single Op HP   608,3702006-01-31 09:13:49
K4DJ   Single Op LP   67,8602006-01-31 10:59:22
One of my favorite contests. Lots of DX in there but hard to copy in my noisy
VP9I(WA4PGM)   Single Op LP   381,9272006-01-31 11:03:28
This was the first time I've been outside the US for CQ160 and it was quite the
experience to say the least. This being my 3rd trip to Bermuda I was somewhat
familiar with the station setup and felt comfortable making a short trip by
arriving Thursday afternoon before the contest. I had planned to install a
beverage and maybe a pennant for RX antennas but the weather didn't cooperate.
Landing Thursday in Bermuda found winds up to 35 knots and getting stronger into
the weekend, with rain and hail. Needless to say not ideal for antenna building,
the 160m Inverted L hung from a tree was being blown around and by the looks of
weather not improving I knew it make fall at any moment. Friday only found the
weather worst with stronger winds and by contest time into the night 50+ knots.
The swr remained under 2:1 but at times would jump sky high and I thought I had
lost the L several times. oh crap! Jump up with flashlight to inspect the L only
to find it still in tree, checked feed line connections and everything seems
good back to rig and swr is fine. Hmmm? Found the problem to be a short piece of
coax feeding to inside the shack laster on. I apologize to W7SE for not coming
back after you called, I sure needed WY but the swr was sky high and had no
output power. We did work later on, whew!

Before the contest the FT1000D was heating up from the fan not working and I
certainly didn't want to burn it up so I changed rigs to a FT920 to discover the
CW filter wasn't working. Darn! This isn't going to be fun without a filter,
atmospheric noise S9 from the winds with line noise to boot. Luckily the noise
blanker took most of the line noise out but still no CW filter, I tried DSP,
ESP, STP, but nothing worked to help narrow the bandwidth. I tried CQing high in
the band but it seems a lot of VFO's don't go above 1850, you're missing some
mults people. I knew if I could get on my favorite frequency of 1801 it might
help, first hour I s&p because 1801 was busy. My first contacts were with my
contest homies, WK4Y, W4MYA, and K7SV, all worked QRP as I started out in that
category only to change to low power from the conditions I had. I also wanted to
work as many as possible if the antenna stayed up. I basically camped on 1800.5
to 1801 as much as possible, it would be impossible for me to run in the DX
Window. Duh! What DX Window????? I know I heard more USA stations in the window
than DX, maybe it's just me but make the window 1800-2000 that's the only way
you going get people to observe a gentlemen's agreement. Besides with all the DX
on the band it will never work inside 5kcs.

Worked 49 states missing MT, heard K7BG with a large pileup and never could bust
it so I'll be looking for you next time to complete my WAS on Topband. 59 of 63
sections worked missing MT, NU, NWT, & YT. 32 countries, heard many more. Total
comes to 381,927 points with 24 hours of operating. Thanks to everyone that got
on the air and supported the 2006 CQ160CW, all the activity certainly makes for
a fun weekend. See you next year!
VP9I, 6Y6Y, PJ2/, VP5/, VP9/
OL9Z(OK2PVF)   Single Op HP   273,5602006-01-31 12:03:52
RIG:TS690s,400w,ant inv.V 29m high,inv.L 53m,without RX ant
OY1CT   Single Op HP   641,3642006-01-31 13:28:31
Had a lot of QRN, know there was serval stations calling me that I cud not pick
out sorry about that.
WE8V   Single Op HP   66,6692006-01-31 14:04:29
Mostly got on to "work da boys". The last half hour of the contest,
which is not even in darkness at this QTH, was probably the best
half hour I've ever witnessed from this QTH on 160M for DX. My
local noise is S8 with 500Hz filters, so any station worked has
to have at least that strong of a signal (no RX ants). UU7J
was the loudest signal that I couldn't work. Tried for the
last half hour of the contest. On the other hand, UA3AGW
and RK2FWA called in with the sun still on the horizon here
and EA6IB called in a half hour before that. Unbelievable.

73, Chad WE9V
WE9V   Single Op HP   66,6692006-01-31 14:05:22
Mostly got on to "work da boys". The last half hour of the contest,
which is not even in darkness at this QTH, was probably the best
half hour I've ever witnessed from this QTH on 160M for DX. My
local noise is S8 with 500Hz filters, so any station worked has
to have at least that strong of a signal (no RX ants). UU7J
was the loudest signal that I couldn't work. Tried for the
last half hour of the contest. On the other hand, UA3AGW
and RK2FWA called in with the sun still on the horizon here
and EA6IB called in a half hour before that. Unbelievable.

73, Chad WE9V
KØTO   Single Op HP   72,3932006-01-31 15:09:42
Fought line noise the entire time (spectrum analyzer pictures at
[ ]
Fifteen minutes before the end of the contest I blew a HyTower leg insulator and
no, I was not QRO, just legal HP. Pictures of the failed insulator are at
[ ]

In spite of the small problems the contest was much better than I had expected
it to be.

Tod, K0TO
VO2AC   Multi-Op HP   1,479,3722006-01-31 16:55:36
Club: Contest Club Ontario and East Coast Canada Contest Club

2 x TS-950SD
1 x TL-922
1 x Sloping Vertical
1 x Inverted Vee (never used)
1 x Reversible Beverage

No packet, no phased arrays, no multitude of Beverages, and no heat (on the
first night). Just two eager and dedicated operators, simple antennas, a great
location, a sought after multiplier, and a LOT of wind.


We arrived separately on the South East coast of Labrador on Wednesday, and met
up Thursday morning. We went out to Point Amour to start setting up. The road
was clear, so we could drive right up to the fence, but the yard was too full of
ice and snow for us to drive any further.

We started setting up in the fog alarm building, where there was electricity and
heat. We got the two TX antennas (vertical with three radials and inverted vee)
up easily and quickly. The winds picked up as the day wore on.

Friday, the winds were screaming strong and they stayed that way 'til Saturday
night. At times, when trying to set up the Beverage, it was all we could do to
remain standing. We managed to get the Beverage strung out and radials at one
end (good luck trying to drive a ground rod up there at this time of the year!)
before we came to our senses and got out of the weather. With a lack of
supports, the wind, not us, decided which way the Beverage wire would go. The
wind, coupled with temperatures in the -5&#186; to -10&#186;C range, wore us out
and made us very cold.

Afterwards, several long-term residents told us they had never seen such winds,
and never for such a long period. At Brador QC, about 50km west of us, they
were clocked at 190km/h! They couldn't have been much less than that at Point

Because of the wind, we lost power at Point Amour on Friday morning. As the hour
for the start of the contest approached, we were getting more nervous. We
eventually learned that NL Hydro had given up on fixing the line 'til Saturday,
so we rented a generator in L'Anse au Loup.

So, with that generator, we had enough power to power the rigs, amp and
computers, but not the heater, so we began the contest with full power, full
logging, but no heat. We resolved to operate until the generator ran out of gas,
and that took us to 0745Z (4:15am local) Saturday morning. Being worn down by
wind and cold, the generator cutting out was welcome, even though the first
night's runs were very good.

At 1430Z (11am local) Saturday, the power came back on (NL Hydro replaced three
insulators), so we returned the generator, even though the winds remained
very high.

At about 1730Z (2pm local), we were ready to go back at it, and Europeans were
audible. They were actually workable shortly after, and the second night got
off to a great start. We carried on 'til well after sunrise, all the while
thinking we were in catch-up mode, with frayed nerves. Our score at that point
would have beaten last year's 3rd place WW Multi-op score, so we were pretty

Late during that second night, the winds went from screaming strong to just
about calm in a matter of a few minutes. It was eerie.

At times, the band sounded like 20m. We were able to record most of the QSOs
from the second night. We worked all States except Idaho (never heard one,
despite intensive searching on the second rig) and all provinces except VY1,
VE8, and VY0. There were only two multipliers that we heard but were unable to
work: ZL6QH and V51AS. One of them (I don't remember which one) copied "O2A"
before starting another CQ.

We lost about five hours of good operating time due to the storm + power failure
+ cold and had no packet assistance.

See for a few pictures (in a couple of days). We hope
to have a more detailed description of our trip on the web page in the next
couple of weeks.

Thanks for all the QSO's! Despite the wind and loss of power, we had a great


Chris VE3FU / VO2AC

(Who knows, we may be back again next year to see if we can work Idaho to
complete WAS :=)
W4AA   Single Op LP   164,8252006-01-31 16:58:31
Switchable Beverage didn't work. Fixed problem two days after contest. Sat all
weekend with severe sciatica in butt and right leg. Had steroid shot first
thing Monday morning. It's heck to get old!
AA4V   Multi-Op HP   416,7842006-01-31 17:47:45
What a terrific week-end!! It was unusually quiet here on the Isle of Palms for
the contest. We had some weather moving in from the west but the QRN held off
until late on Sunday night.

The pennants were the 'go-to' receiving antennas for this test. I only used the
transmitting antenna for 5 QSOs (South pennant in that direction
this year). This year was my best score ever in the 160, bettering my old best
by nearly 100,000 points. In addition, I had nearly 200 10 point contacts
including V51AS, 5B4AIA, ZC4LI, 7X0RY, ZL6QH and lots of europeans. The band was
very crowded with many loud stateside calling CQ on top of fairly strong
europeans. They were probably not doing much to help each other out in those
cases. There were many audible europeans between the CQers and the FT1000D's
roofing filter and 250hz filter got a real workout when S&Ping for new Qs.

It is truly hard to believe that in the late 70s, K4CNW and I came in first in
North America and second in the world in multi-single with only 79,000 points.
My, how the times have changed. Thanks to CQ and my fellow contesters for a most
enjoyable time. CU next year?
N3GJ   Single Op LP   64,0562006-01-31 18:01:13
FB signals from W/VE all weekend. Had to work Saturday morning so I pulled the
plug early Friday night. Got home around 1pm Saturday and was suprised to hear
quite a few signals on the band that early. Knocked off early Sat evening and
got up for the EU sunrise, but sigs did not seem to be real strong. Played
around on and off most of Sunday in between doing a few other things around the
house. Got on for the last hour or so with some really nice EU signals booming

73, Geo
WC7S   Single Op QRP   25,4492006-01-31 18:07:18
What fun, and a gentleman's contest to be sure. With 4.8 watts and a couple wire
antenna, and a 40 foot vertical.. more fun in 8 hours than... well, thanks to
all that made it possible, and I'll be looking for you next test too.
SN5J(SP5JXK)   Single Op LP   165,3932006-01-31 19:08:24
FT101ZD, dipole
ES2DJ   Single Op HP   360,8002006-01-31 19:29:06
ICOM-735; INV L; 1KW
K7BG   Single Op HP   101,6402006-01-31 22:10:44
Spent a lot of the first day celebrating birthday and spent most of Saturday and
Saturday evening in the hospital ER at bedside of my son after receiving a call
from the ski patrol saying he caught too much air on a snowboard jump. He tore
up his spleen and was in some pretty intense pain before the morphine started.
Good news is he got to keep his spleen. I guess until he sees someone working
SO2R while boarding down a halfpipe, he won't give up the extreme sports for
radiosport. I did get him to learn the code a few years back, but wudya gonna
do? Maybe now that he is off the slopes for the rest of the season as per docs
orders he'll take up radiosport. Yea right! How about a biathalon where you
board down a pipe, stop at a radio setup, get the rate meter over 200, board
down another one and do it again? Highest total subjective style points X most
mults wins! He should be getting out of the hospital tomorrow.

Thanks for the Q's.

RW4PL   Multi-Op HP   377,3602006-01-31 22:52:29
Missed last 4h - good opening to NA. :-(

CU next year . 73! Andy.
M2D(G4BYG)   Single Op HP   1,042,3682006-01-31 22:57:14
Had my best ever score this year thanks to guesting at John G3LZQ,s qth. As M2D
I managed to top 1 million points. A real milestone for me. I have been entering
the CW event for nearly 25 years and over that time have gradualy increased my
score to the present level. (My own score being the yardstick as so many
variables make it difficult to compare with others.)
First night was a real good steady stream of multipliers backed up with the
seemingly endless supply of EU stations. Phew it was like being in a pressure
cooker all trapped below 1840 with our power limit. Never the less I managed to
keep several run frequencies over the night period.
Band conditions to the USA were quite good with quite a few 8,s and 9,s
Saturday night was much less productive due to rather flat band conditions to
the States plus a glitch in the what turned out to be a PC problem caused me to
loose all comms to the radio and keying. I had to resort to hand keying the
radio and eventualy retired to bed between 0130 and 0500. This turned out to be
not too
bad an event as I gather that the band was poor all of the night with not much
dx being worked. Thus giving me a few extra hours on Sunday Pm and evening.
After a gee up from the station owner I got cracking again on Sun eve and had a
real ball working dx and piling up the points with a real fine run to the USA in
the last couple of hours .Finished with a mult of VP9I as last qso just for
good measure.
I wont comment on poor signals and behaviour as its all been said before and
just work around it and have FUN. Its the one contest of the year which I realy
look forward to most
and rarely does a year go by without some glitch or problem. Which all adds to
the unique flavour of a super event. I will be back for more next time.
Thanks to all you guys for the points albeit quick blasts and then on my
Thanks John and Trixie you were great in keeping me fed and watered as usual.
See you all next time GW.


Must learn SO2V as am sure I could have worked a few more mults if I had

Radio : Ten Tec Orion.
External audio filter.(surprisingly helpful)
Apha 87A Amp.
Antenna,s : 85ft vertical (lots of radials/ground screen)
K9AY rx antenna. Plus odd wires etc.:-))

Software : N1MMLogger.
OK1FKD   Single Op QRP   112,9262006-02-01 01:26:51
ELECRAFT K2, 5 W, ant LW 42m
N4XD   Single Op HP   338,5802006-02-01 04:21:49
What a fun contest. Really opened to Europe Friday night/ Saturday morning to
make it interesting. Had to move well up the band, above 1855 to find a good
clear spot. Thanks to all the stations who actually ventured up that high! A
personal best score for me and first time I've worked all 50 states (thanks
KL7RA!!). Nebraska was last state worked.

I continued to be impressed with the Orion. A very quiet receiver that does well
in a crowded band. Even with that it was difficult to find a clear spot to
run....even up at 1855+. Wish we had more of these 160 contests!

Rest of station:
Inverted L with about 55' vertical
5 beverages (well 3 with 2 being switchable in direction). Had just put up a
closely spaced parallel beverage to Europe and that worked well.


K3ND   Multi-Op HP   19,1522006-02-01 05:02:56
Not much time to operate in this one. Conditions seemed pretty good but WAY, WAY
too many guys just CQ'ing away on top of DX. A bit frustrating!
DL1AUZ(@DFØHQ)   Single Op HP   680,9482006-02-01 05:43:50
Station : DF0HQ


North America CW 11.9
South America CW 0.1
Europe CW 81.1
Asia CW 4.4
Africa CW 0.6
Oceania CW 0.0
KD2MX   Single Op QRP   21,9762006-02-01 07:41:05
This was my first CQ160 contest and all the activity made for lots of fun. I've
been inactive for many years and only returned to HF last fall, making my first
160 contact in November. I worked the ARRL and Stu Perry contests and these
events got me hooked on top band. Due to RFI problems discovered during the
ARRL 160, I kept turning down my power and found that operating QRP was
surprisingly effective, even with my seemingly less-than-ideal, ~300 ft. end-fed
longwire at about 30ft. So I decided to stick with QRP for this contest.
Thanks to all who took the time and trouble to dig my 599 signal out of the

There seemed to be more activity this weekend than during the other two
contests. The low part of the band was awfully crowded at times and I can never
understand why more ops don't spread out during a contest. I probably worked
more stations up the band where it was a little quieter. I worked almost
exclusively S&P, being a little gun and not that quick with the CW yet as I'm
still working to get my CW into contest shape.

Biggest thrill of the weekend was when NT0V in North Dakota answered one of my
few CQs, giving me a new state. I was pretty happy with 41 states but did hear
another six or so that I couldn't get, even though I'd worked some of them
before QRP. I have yet been able to complete any DX QRP contacts so I'll be
working to improve the antenna here.
IK1YDB   Multi-Op HP   479,2202006-02-01 07:42:24
BEST 73's
OM7M   Multi-Op HP   1,152,0002006-02-01 08:32:28
Another great score by Low Bands Contest Club. Our best score ever. Propagation
to the east was worse than we expected. We did only 22 JAs. Missed some east
mults (EY,A6,ZL,VR2). The JA window (1810-25) was overcrowded and sometimes
250Hz filter seemed to be wide.

Equipments: FT1000MP MarkV+PPA
Ants: 2xHALF Sloper, 2x2wire beverages,3xsingle beverages 240m

Here are short statistics

160 Total %

NA 225 225 15.0
EU 1179 1179 78.6
AS 82 82 5.5
AF 9 9 0.6
SA 4 4 0.3
OC 1 1 0.1

W1CTN   Single Op LP   37,8742006-02-01 08:51:39
Equipment: FT1000MP MK 5 @ 100 WATTS

Antenna: 1/4 wave inverted L - 45 ft vertical section x 35 ~100 radials on the

A part time effort due to a new noise growler at my QTH. It makes operating top
band a challenge. I used to have a relatively radio quiet location here in the

It was nice to hear so much activity, but folks do have to spread out a little
more without hindering the regular activities on the band.

The band is 2000 kHz wide so use whatever is not in use. I always scan the band
from top to bottom for signals. Above 1870 kHz there were first just clear holes
between the SSB and AM ops, but above 1900 kHz there were open spaces to operate
in. Lets start using that. If everyone just listens and never starts calling CQ
TEST up there, the open spaces will never get utilized.

As a very active SOLP participant in the SSB part of this contest I always have
to go high in the band for some elbow room. I even can hold a run frequency up
there and have had Europeans call me at 1970 kHz.

There is no reason we can't do the same for the CW part of this fine contest.

Just my .02 from a station that is not even a little gun on top band, more of a
pop gun.

Dave W1CTN
A "top of the band" Top Bander
Look for me in the CQWW 160 SSB
I'll be at 1970 kHz +
HB9ARF   Single Op LP   133,0552006-02-01 09:48:17
TS-870 - 100 Watts
Short Dipole from Kelemen

Phil - HB9ARF
CU2A(OH2BH)   Single Op HP   1,251,8392006-02-01 10:20:00
Fighting against sudden and continous noise. I feel sorry for those who
did not make it through this time! We will clean our act soon and will
have it done for the ARRL Contest.
S54A   Single Op LP   30,4802006-02-01 10:59:48
Was to tired after Company Skiing Contest HI,...
VK6DXI   Single Op HP   4,0682006-02-01 11:05:49
I was able to operate only a second night.... but it was as difficult as always.
160m in this corner of the world is just a "pain band". Heard many many
stations, specially from Eu, but no replies.
Missed out on many new 1's :-( but also got few.

Heard following local VK's: VK6HD, VK6LW, VK6ABL

Till next time.
SN8F(SP8FHK)   Single Op QRP   108,4382006-02-01 11:28:44
Trx: IC-746PRO 5W out;
Ant: 1/8 vert; inv VEE; 6 beverages 160 - 240m long.
SQ9UM   Single Op LP   131,2142006-02-01 11:52:01
Tnx for all qso's!
Limited activity due to health problems.

IC706MKIIG + 2 pieces of wire @8m.

73! Alex SQ9UM
S5ØC   Multi-Op HP   619,3442006-02-01 11:55:33
EU 971 971 87.9
NA 86 86 7.8
AS 37 37 3.3
AF 9 9 0.8
SA 2 2 0.2
KTØR   Multi-Op HP   124,1002006-02-01 12:10:42
Nice quite conditions. Worked WAS and most of Canada, only missed NT,YT,NB,NS. I
could even hear and work a few Euro stations. It was well into their daylight
when I started working them. I don't usually hear EU here so don't bother. But
looking for KH6 I ran across EU and Wow thay could hear me. Cool ! Thanks to all
that pulled me out. I know to check next time for EU. No ZL or Ja. No Europe
Saturday night.

DX worked was CU,EA6,F,GM,I,KH6,KL7,KP2,KP4,PJ2,XE,ZF,KG4,VP9,V3

Always fun to work Top Band. Thanks to all that called in ! Always a thrill when
DX call me on 160.

Tom KC0W stopped over Saturday night and sat in for a bit. Was a good time.

I guess not too bad for a simple wire antenna and a old Alpha 76A.
Rig is Yaesu Mark V

See you all agn soon.
Vry 73 Dave KT0R
VE3CRU   Single Op HP   82,9622006-02-01 12:59:40
Rig - iCOM 756 ProII, Ameritron 811H, Palstar AT1KD tuner. Antenna - 160 dipole
up 40 feet.

Was great working PJ2T and W2/T98T as furthest DX along with all others too.
Thanks to all for a great contest.

73, Bill VE3CRU
9A4M   Single Op HP   439,8032006-02-01 13:58:39
RIG: FT-1000MP MarkV Field + PA kW OM2500
ANT: 1st night INV. V. and rest of contest sloping dipole from 44m high tower.
This time without extra RX antennas.

Thanks all for QSOs.

Mate, 9A4M
S57UN(@S53O)   Single Op HP   589,5722006-02-01 15:02:32
My best ever 160m score.Thanks Ljubo S53O for his location.Enjoyed in this

USA 82qso,VE 11qso,Caribian 3qso,AS 31qso,SA 2qso,AF 9qso,JA 2qso,EU 862qso

73 and CU in ARRL S57UN - Renato
DJ1YFK(@DLØTUD)   Single Op HP   119,7002006-02-01 15:05:29
Only QRV first 4 hours and last 6 hours of the contest. Very high activity,
condx fair. Mostly S&P, a bit running on Sunday evening.
Used a Sloper @ 25m and I felt quite loud, but I was definitely a crocodile
since the local noise level at DL0TUD (on campus of Dresden university) is very
high and there are no suitable RX antennas (yet).
VE3GLO   Single Op LP   55,4132006-02-01 17:24:38
I heard at least 12 European countries of which I called many many times but was
unable to get a response. I guess working long distance DX on 160 even CW with
just 100 watts is quite the challenge. I also heard Hawaii (KH7X) on Sunday
morning, but no answer from him. Maybe next time.

Great fun.

N8T(K3BU)   Single Op HP   794,1432006-02-01 17:47:01
Celebrating 150th anniversary of Nikola Tesla with special call N8T. QSL via
Little rusty, but looking forward to getting back to serious contesting from new
Tesla Radio Club site

Thanks to Wal, W8LRL for the use of his super station, hospitality and to all
for the QSOs. Condx were little strange, not too long haul and some spotlighty.
Rules are fine, if one gets stomped on, time to go S&P until stumbled on
reasonably clear spot, even when higher up.

Sorry if I "died" in the middle of transmission "thanks" to self quitting,
software upgradable (over year ago), still buggy TT Orion.

Yuri, K3BU
NM7D   Multi-Op HP   372,9302006-02-01 17:56:25
Normally we use N7JW as our callsign, but this year we operated from a new site
in an industrial park in St. George and decided to use the club call NM7D. Our
transmit antenna was a single 54' top-loaded vertical with 60 radials. Our
receive antennas included 4 & 8 element broadside end-fire vertical arrays, as
well as beverages.

Operating from this new location we had our share of technical problems and
we'll be working to correct and improve things for the next contest.

We did log 130 JA stations...those 10-pointers really helped our score. We were
disappointed with the band conditions to Europe. A pleasant surprise was having
UU7J answer one of our CQ's.

FYI, no "hired guns" here...all the operators are local to the St. George &
Cedar City, Utah areas.

We made the point last year that the new start/finish times help the east coast
stations and penalize those of us in the west. Limiting the operating time for
everyone to 30 hours out of the 48-hour contest period might be one way of
leveling the playing field a bit.
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   260,2022006-02-01 18:41:56
A couple hours here, a couple hours there....

Very FB condx Friday night....low noise and loud signals from EU. Saturday
night was much noisier with rain/storms in the immediate area and condx to EU
considerably down....nothing like the previous night. Interesting how others
not so far away noticed almost 180 degree difference. Gotta love Topband! Had
to drive home so missed the apparently very nice Sunday evening (US) condx.

Nice to work all states. Missed YT, NT. (Is Nunavut also a separate mult?)

Thanks for the QSOs!

Thanks again to John and Jean!

73, Mike K9NW
N2BA   Single Op LP   192,4802006-02-01 19:07:30
That was a lot of fun. I felt like each QSO was a challenge and a victory.

Took Friday off with the intention of taking it easy but ended up working from
home and then exhausting myself working on the antenna (an inverted Vee with an
apex at 55' and legs wrapped around trees on a tiny lot).

This lead to falling asleep for 2.5 hours the first night and, embarassingly,
longer the second night. I am ashamed.

Low power is perfect for my situation here at the suburban house. Since I hear
so poorly (spent most of the time with the NB all the way up) being louder would
be pointless.

MT was the only state heard but couldn't work and there were only about 10 DX
stations I heard but couldn't work... but, as I said, I couldn't hear much.

See you next year.
Z37M   Multi-Op HP   743,5902006-02-02 00:32:21
FT 1000 mp + PA
Inv Vee + 2 X beverages

Great contets even condx were not as espected. Missed some USA mults
but any way this is our best score ever in this contest. Thanks to
all for call us and sri about tham who we didnt copied. See you in
the next one.

Z37M team
NQ4I(VE7ZO)   Single Op HP   457,6802006-02-02 01:39:53
I am posting this for Jim VE7ZO who is on vacation in KH6...more details when he
returns. de NQ4I
LY2IJ   Single Op HP   759,3302006-02-02 02:35:10
I am still deaf to NA and ZL :((

160 Total %
EU 951 951 80.9
AF 9 9 0.8
AS 141 141 12.0
NA 72 72 6.1
SA 2 2 0.2
OC 1 1 0.1

DL 199 TNX!
UA 119
OK 98
JA 79 All on Saturday - nil on Sunday
UR 75
K 59
UA9 42
SP 39
G 36
LY 34
S5 31
HA 30
I 29
OM 26
PA 23
OH 19
SM 18
YU 18
9A 13
F 12
LA 11
ON 11
YO 11
HB 10
NP4A(WP3C)   Single Op HP   1,001,0002006-02-02 04:41:18
UA2FZ(@UA2FW)   Multi-Op HP   670,1312006-02-02 07:30:21
It was the very first contest from the new site of Sergey UA2FW.
Highlights - 27m inverted L vertical with 100 radials seems worked pretty
Bad thing - the noise from 6KV powerline picked up by 4 out of 8 beverages.
Unfortunately the most important 300, 45 and 90 degrees antennas were mostly
useless due the high noise.
Anyway - thanks to all who call in and sorry to other who couldn't break thru
the local noise.

Igor UA2FZ
W1TO   Single Op HP   151,9202006-02-02 07:55:22
Limited time to operate due to commitment on Saturday night.
W5TM   Multi-Op HP   192,4402006-02-02 08:48:32
Transmit and Receive antenna, 1/4 wave vertical
DL4SM   Single Op LP   127,5522006-02-02 09:36:22
dipole 12m up

Did share the antenna/time with my father(DL4ME)- it seems, the propagation was
much better the first night. I got much less US/VE calls in my log, when it was
my turn the second night. We should have done multi-op, but with the 100W...?
Anyway, had a lot of fun...I could work all, that I did hear.

73 Mike
N8II   Single Op HP   190,7102006-02-02 10:39:21
Nothing I didn't realize already, but to be serious in this test I
need to take Friday off from work and try and get used to staying up
late. I didn't last long Friday evening deciding to take a break about
0325Z and just sagging into bed after that. Hence, my goose was cooked
for the weekend. I got off to a great start running 136 Q's in the
first hour after a very slow first 4 minutes; I was called by VP9I,
V25G, and PJ2T as well. This was followed by 129 Q's the 2nd hr which
netted for first 2 hours about 32% of my total for the weekend. F5BBD
was the only EU to answer a CQ, and I S&P'ed CU2A, OK5W, 9A15DX, and
IK1. Several Eu were copyable but weren't hearing the USA well thru
the Eu din.
Saturday AM, condx to the west were down from normal, the only DX
worked was KH7X who had no pile-up. Running was fair with about 100 Q's
added between 1130-1330Z. Just a couple of days before the test 2 JA's
were booming in at sunrise, but not to be in the test.
The weather was fantastic here both days and I overdid it a bit
trimming trees and bike riding on the C&O canal Saturday, high was 65 F
and on Sunday 62 F, I can never remember a better weekend in January!
Saturday evening running became S-L-O-W and Eu was quite weak til
around 0030Z when the Eu big guns became workable. Running 1 station every
2-3 minutes was just too much like work, so I took off time to watch the
evening news and a drama. S&P was slow as well as most of the CQ'ers had
already been worked. I also noted a lack of answers from W5/W0/none from
Rocky mountain area, condx were below average. Despite meager condx,
PC5M and XE1KK called in and I S&P'ed M2D, HA, SN7Q, CT, CT3FN, S5, GM,
OM, VO2, MD4K, ZF2NT (broke mother of pile-ups on first call), and YU
between 0020 and 0340Z.
Sunday AM was slow adding VE6 as only new mult and NH6KB as only DX.
Sunday evening Eu was readable by 22Z about 25 minutes before sunset and
I started picking off a lot of 10 pointers 2208 til 24Z, 15 Eu Q's with
new mults DR5X, UW5U, ON4UN, plus EA6IB, YR1A, and GW3JXN in last 30
minutes. EO6F wins the award for deaf ears, many USA callers. I found
GJ3YHU about 2345 very Q5 who would have been a new DXCC had he heard me
(about 7 minutes futile effort). T98U was also heard but not worked, but
he was easy after the fray for a new one. I'm starting a tradition of no
new ones during the contest, but finding them after it ends, worked 2
newbies last year post test.
On the positive side, it was a personal best for me in this test
without spending much time, only about 12 hours. Most of my previous
outings were LP. Congrats to the runnin' champ W4MYA, W4ZV, KT3Y gang,
W0UCE (+N4CW), and N4AF for truly amazing scores! I had to use my
venerable TS-830S purchased around 1981 with the attenuator on til I
get the TS-940's phase noise cleaned up. Tuning rate was a world faster
and it sure doesn't hear like an Orion, but I heard quite a few that
couldn't copy me and I could pick 'em out thru the USA CQ'ers Sunday
evening. There should be a much larger than 5 kHz DX window and the
USA guys by and large would have been better of searching for Eu the
last 2 hours than making noise. Thanks for the calls and the rush of
the run at the start, will try to get it together next year.
Nothing I didn't realize already, but to be serious in this test I
need to take Friday off from work and try and get used to staying up
late. I didn't last long Friday evening deciding to take a break about
0325Z and just sagging into bed after that. Hence, my goose was cooked
for the weekend. I got off to a great start running 136 Q's in the
first hour after a very slow first 4 minutes; I was called by VP9I,
V25G, and PJ2T as well. This was followed by 129 Q's the 2nd hr which
netted for first 2 hours about 35% of my total for the weekend. F5BBD
was the only EU to answer a CQ, and I S&P'ed CU2A, OK5W, 9A15DX, and
IK1. Several Eu were copyable but weren't hearing the USA well thru
the Eu din.
Saturday AM, condx to the west were down from normal, the only DX
worked was KH7X who had no pile-up. Running was fair with about 100 Q's
added between 1130-1330Z. Just a couple of days before the test 2 JA's
were booming in at sunrise, but not to be in the test.
The weather was fantastic here both days and I overdid it a bit
trimming trees and bike riding on the C&O canal Saturday, high was 65 F
and on Sunday 62 F, I can never remember a better weekend in January!
Saturday evening running became S-L-O-W and Eu was quite weak til
around 0030Z when the Eu big guns became workable. Running 1 station every
2-3 minutes was just too much like work, so I took off time to watch the
evening news and a drama. S&P was slow as well as most of the CQ'ers had
already been worked. I also noted a lack of answers from W5/W0/none from
Rocky mountain area, condx were below average. Despite meager condx,
PC5M and XE1KK called in and I S&P'ed M2D, HA, SN7Q, CT, CT3FN, S5, GM,
OM, VO2, MD4K, ZF2NT (broke mother of pile-ups on first call), and YU
between 0020 and 0340Z.
Sunday AM was slow adding VE6 as only new mult and NH6KB as only DX.
Sunday evening Eu was readable by 22Z about 25 minutes before sunset and
I started picking off a lot of 10 pointers 2208 til 24Z, 15 Eu Q's with
new mults DR5X, UW5U, ON4UN, plus EA6IB, YR1A, and GW3JXN in last 30
minutes. EO6F wins the award for deaf ears, many USA callers. I found
GJ3YHU about 2345 very Q5 who would have been a new DXCC had he heard me
(about 7 minutes futile effort). T98U was also heard but not worked, but
he was easy after the fray for a new one. I'm starting a tradition of no
new ones during the contest, but finding them after it ends, worked 2
newbies last year post test.
On the positive side, it was a personal best for me in this test
without spending much time, only about 12 hours. Most of my previous
outings were LP. Congrats to the runnin' champ W4MYA, W4ZV, KT3Y gang,
W0UCE (+N4CW), and N4AF for truly amazing scores! I had to use my
venerable TS-830S purchased around 1981 with the attenuator on til I
get the TS-940's phase noise cleaned up. Tuning rate was a world faster
and it sure doesn't hear like an Orion, but I heard quite a few that
couldn't copy me and I could pick 'em out thru the USA CQ'ers Sunday
evening. There should be a much larger than 5 kHz DX window and the
USA guys by and large would have been better of searching for Eu the
last 2 hours than making noise. Thanks for the calls and the rush of
the run at the start, will try to get it together next year.
EA6IB(EA3AIR)   Single Op HP   1,010,3162006-02-02 14:08:43
My first single operator contest after a lot of years with multi teams. A very
nice experience.

Conditions were excelent, but only to de west. East was blocked almost all the
time and only 38 Asia stations worked. Thanks to JT1CO for call me just a few
minutes before the end of the contest
IK4XCL   Single Op LP   78,8682006-02-02 15:00:31
Really funny contest!
MNI TKS to everyboby OMs that called me !

I used:
FT920 (tnx ik4hlq)
2 EWE antenna (RX) 3/7.5/3m ---> N 6/15/6m ---> NW
1 beverage 220m (RX) ---->SE
1 vertical antenna by ik4spb (TX)

CU during next contest
GL de IK4XCL one of IO4T
W9RE   Single Op HP   205,8602006-02-02 15:32:01
DL1AUZ and I ended up on the same frequency after about 10 minutes and I was
afraid to try and find another frequency. So most likely we didn't work much DX
in those first few hours but guess the locals kept us busy! Had 2-150 hours to
start out but could/would only operate the first day.

Best DX conditions I've ever heard during a 160 contest.

RK2FWA came back to a CQ right before the start but never worked him during the
N9RV   Single Op HP   196,8122006-02-02 17:57:09
Lots of activity, obviously. This contest is nothing like it was ten years ago.
Remember working very hard in a multi-op to break 200K in those days.

Tough to take competition very seriously in this one with the 5-to-1 point
advantage east coast gets for working EU. That's just too much. But its always
fun to DX in this one, that's for sure.
W7DRA/Ø   Single Op LP   43,0002006-02-02 20:38:02
good time had by all at the daughter's home in bellevue nebraska. i brought from
home a two stage xtal filter made using WW II FT241 xtals and the (6SK7 tube
home brew)receiver worked well for sure. learned something about dupe sheets,
they only work for me up to about 200 contacts. the thing to do is S&P for the
first 200 and run for the rest of the contest, hopeing all the worked stations
will not want try me again just for fun.

probably be back representing NE in the ARRL160 later this year...........
DR5X(DL8LAS)   Multi-Op HP   481,0822006-02-03 00:49:26
W4EF   Single Op HP   240,4802006-02-03 01:54:47
Rig: Ten-Tec Omni 6+ w/Inrad Roofing Filter
Amp: Drake L-7 (~1100 Watts Output)
Antenna: 46' Top-Loaded Vertical w/28 100' long radials
Software: TRlog 6.78
Power Source: 2 Honda EU2000i Generators Connected in Parallel

I setup field day style on the north shore of Koehn
dry lake bed north of Mojave, California. Thanks to
Earl Cunningham, K6SE for helping me get permission
to use this site. Earl has used this site in the past
to make some very good scores in the various 160 meter
contests, so I was very happy when said I could operate

I got to the site on Thursday morning so that I could
get setup early and be rested up for the contest. I
made the mistake of ignoring the wind direction when I
parked my truck (my TX antenna installs on a hitch
mounted hinge fixture). Before the contest I had
lengthened the antenna from 45' to 58' to improve the
radiation resistance. Initial attempts to raise the
antenna failed, so I shortened it from 58' to 50' thinking
that the additional weight of the longer antenna was the
problem. Still couldn't get it up at 50', so I went back
to the original configuration at ~46' that I had used in
previous efforts and I failed again. Then it finally
dawned on me that the problem wasn't the additional weight
of the longer vertical, but rather the windload from the
steady breeze blowing against the antenna (duh!!). When
I turned the truck around so that the antenna would
hinge with the wind in my favor, it went right up and
not a moment too soon as the sun was getting very close
the horizon (Murphy bullet #1 dodged successfully). I
spent the next 3 hours untangling top hat wires in the
dark using my Maglite flashlight taped to the roof rack
of my truck as a spotlight. Finally got the wires
untangled and was able to fire up around 10:00 PM only
to discover that thunderstorm static crashes were S9
+20dB. My heart sank as I hadn't brought any directional
RX antennas to the site. If this summer like
thunderstorm static persisted through the contest, I
would be toast. After goofing around for a few hours
I flipped the switch and went to bed.

Got back up around 4:30 AM and the band sound much
better (Murphy bullet #2 dodged - maybe). I was able
to work VK6ABL who had a great signal coming through.
This made me feel pretty good as I only had two radials
down at the time. Later I ran into WA6CDR/M7 who was
working 160 CW while motoring to NA5NM in New Mexico (he
was passing through Tucson at the time). Didn't hear
much else so I went back to bed for a while. Got up
Friday morning and set to work getting all the radials
down. Laid down a total of twenty-eight 100' radials.
Probably overkill considering that I was sitting on
top of almost pure salt, but I didn't want any
compromises (the radiation resistance of my top loaded
vertical is only about 7 ohms) and the radials are
pretty easy to lay down. I got some more rest in the
early afternoon and had a few Spam sandwiches before
the contest (gourmet in comparison to the Fritos I had
been munching on).

With 12 minutes to go before the start of the contest
I was congratulating myself on being ready ahead of
time for a change and the fact that everything was
working okay. At this point I decided to touch up the
tuning on the Drake L-7 just to make sure it was good
when the unthinkable happened. The amp started arcing
and the output dropped to zero and stayed there -
"Oh s&#t!!". Prior to leaving, I had agonized about
whether or not to bring a spare rig and amplifier. I
was trying to keep things simple this year, but I figured
I'd hate myself if I'd gone through all the work of
the setup only to have my rig or amplifier fail, so
thankfully at the last minute I pulled my other L-7 and
power supply out of my home station setup and put it in
the truck. What could have been a disaster (I consider
running low power on 160 a disaster - hi) turned into a
5 minute swap job (whew!!). Murphy bullet #3 dodged

Once I got going, the first night of the contest went
off without a hitch. The Omni 6+ with the new Inrad
roofing filter proved to be bulletproof and with the
cascaded 250 Hz IF filters I was able to pull out weak
signals pretty effectively between all the S9+ CQ
machines. My hamshack for the weekend was a small Coleman
tent which got pretty cold during the night despite
multiple layers of clothing (on the second night I
put my legs inside a sleeping bag which did a much
better job of keeping my feet warm than my hiking
boots). At 0411 UTC I logged KG4SB for my country #100
on Topband (yeah, finally!!). At 0715 UTC I heard some
California big guns calling someone on 1813.5 KHz.
The station was very weak, but I was able to pull out
a "5nn ON", so I figured it must be John ON4UN. This
was a bit frustrating, but not terribly surprising.
One of the few downsides of the Koehn site are the
fairly steep mountains towards Europe (~ +6 degrees
visual horizon). One of the stations calling John
was Lee W6BH who operates a remote base on a mountaintop
near Anza, California. Lee has one of the best DXing
QTH's in California, so I didn't feel too bad that
I couldn't hear what he was hearing (Lee runs a 4
square on 160 meters). By morning I had all states
worked sans North Dakota and I had equaled my previous
years score in just one day. The biggest DX thrill of
the contest came at sunrise on Saturday morning when
RX4HZ answered my CQ for my 101st country and my first
zone 16. It was time to get some sleep.

On Saturday afternoon before I got back to the contest,
I decided I would try to get the rig control interface
between the Omni 6+ and Trlog working so that I would
be able to use the bandmap more effectively to S&P on
Saturday night/Sunday morning. My laptop runs Windows
XP, so to run TRlog I was booting from a DOS formatted
CD rom and running Trlog on a USB thumbdrive (thanks
to KD4D for figuring all this out). To get the serial
interface working I needed read the TRlog manual which
is in PDF format, so I needed to pull out the CDROM and
reboot into Windows XP. I pulled out the CDROM and laid
it carefully on top of the amplifier. I had intended to
burn a back-up of this CDROM, but I ran out of time, so
I was very careful not to scratch this one as it was my
only copy. When I left the tent for a few minutes to
get something from the truck, the wind kicked up all
of sudden. When I returned to the tent I found the
CDROM on the ground. I thought - oh no!! - if this CDROM
is scratched I'll be logging night # 2 on paper. I
carefully cleanup up the CD with a clean handkerchief
and shoved it back into the laptop. Much to my relief
the laptop booted okay (Murphy bullet #4 successfully

Night # 2 started out much as the same as the first.
Winds had been pretty calm during most of the day
Saturday, but they kept picking up as the night wore on.
By about 10 PM, the winds were really starting to roar
and the windward side of my tent was starting to blow
over into and against the operating table. As the winds
picked up, it got so bad that I had to move the laptop
on to my lap and I had to scrunch up in the downwind
corner of the tent as the windward side of the tent
was darn near horizontal with the only thing keeping
it vertical was the my stack of equipment which was
getting bounced around like an airplane tray table
during spat of mid-air turbulence. This went on for
several hours (it felt like forever). The flapping of
the tent cover made it hard to hear anything (I had the
volume on the Omni 6+ fully clockwise at that point)
and I kept staring at the SWR meter just waiting for
the reading to go to infinity when the wind took my
transmit antenna out. Finally around midnight the winds
died down. When I took a break to fuel the generators,
I discovered that the wind had broken one of the fiberglass
ridge poles on my tent (I spliced it with a spare guy stake
and some electrical tape). The antenna had survived,
however, and appeared no worse for the wear. Back to

I was hoping to break the 1000 QSO barrier, but ultimately
the DXer in me won out and I ended up spending probably
more time than I should have on Sunday morning trying to
work BA4RF (country #102 and my 30th CQ zone on 160).
After several frustrating attempts, I came back to his
frequency around sunrise and got him when his signals
peaked up quite a bit. I finished the contest around
1600 UTC very satisfied with 928 QSOs in the log 80 mults
and 240,480 points - a respectable score for a west coast
station using a 46' tall antenna.

At this point I immediately started to tear everything
down. I tried to keep a leisurely pace as I was already
pretty exhausted, but it still felt like hard work.
The last guy stake came out of the ground reluctantly
with much coaxing from my sledge hammer just as the
sun dipped below the western horizon. I felt pretty
alert for the first 30 miles or so, but about the time
a hit Rosamond, Ca the adrenaline from the sledge
hammer swinging had worn off and my head started to
bob. I tried rolling down the window and letting the
cold desert air hit my arm. This immediately raised
my alertness level, but I figured I would have
hypothermia by the time I reached Los Angeles, so I did
the smart thing and got off the road (thanks to Denny's
in Palmdale for letting me sleep in their parking lot
for 2 hours).

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and congratulations
to W2VJN, K7TJR, AC6DD, K6NR et al for their FB west
coast SOHP scores. I'd be curious how my signal
sounded both strength wise and quality wise. I've seen
mixed reviews on the Omni 6+ in terms of key clicks.
When I tested mine at home it didn't click noticeably
but it did sound a little "thumpy" on the low-side of
the carrier, so I am curious if this showed up on the
air at all. Also if you called me and I didn't hear you
please let me know. Perhaps I could have benefited from
some directional receive antennas despite the low-noise
floor at the operating site.

73, Mike W4EF..................................

DX Mults Worked (21):


Multipliers heard but not worked:

ON4UN (I think)

USA calls = 727
VE calls = 59
N.A. calls = 19
S.A. calls = 1
Euro calls = 2
Afrc calls = 1
Asia calls = 8
JA calls = 101
Ocen calls = 10

Total calls = 928

1. Ca 133
2. JA 101
3. Wa 49
4. Oh 30
5. Tx 29
6. Va 28
7. Az 27
8. Ny 25
9. Mn 25
10. Fl 22
11. Co 22
12. Pa 20
13. Mi 20
14. Or 19
15. Il 19
16. On 19
17. Tn 17
18. Md 16
19. Bc 15
20. Ga 15
21. Ut 13
22. Mo 13
23. Nc 12
24. Nv 11
25. Ct 11
26. Ab 11
27. Nm 10
28. Al 10
29. In 10
30. Nj 10
31. Nh 9
32. Wi 8
33. KH6 8
34. Ok 7
35. Sc 7
36. Wv 7
37. Ia 7
38. UA9 7
39. Ar 6
40. La 6
41. Mt 6
42. Id 5
43. Ks 5
44. Ms 5
45. Ky 5
46. Ma 5
47. XE 5
48. Qc 4
49. Me 4
50. Wy 4
51. Sk 3
52. Sd 3
53. Ne 3
54. Nf 3
55. KL 3
56. Nd 3
57. KP2 2
58. De 2
59. Ri 2
60. CU 2
61. ZL 2
62. VP9 1
63. V3 1
64. KP4 1
65. PJ2 1
66. C6 1
67. Dc 1
68. EA8 1
69. CM 1
70. Pe 1
71. KG4 1
72. HI 1
73. Vt 1
74. UA 1
75. V2 1
76. ZF 1
77. Mb 1
78. Lb 1
79. Ns 1
80. BY 1
W3TS   Single Op HP   268,3022006-02-03 08:04:13
Rig: Orion

Amp: pair of 3-500Zs at 1300 watts

TX: 1/8 wave wire Tee (my 60 feet high 80/40M inverted vees and RG-8X feeder
used as a 160M Tee) with 70 65foot long radials.
RX: 2 reversable 300' long Beverages ne/sw and se/nw.

Some "Firsts":

First contest with the Orion. And it worked well.

First time ever to use computer logging. Used N1MM Logger.

First time for a new local Line QRN. The wind storm that blew through central
Pa. on Wednesday caused a local intermitant QRN that was 20 over S9 on the TX
Tee antenna. And the only rx antenna that could be used with some success was
the se/nw Beverage. The Noise went into full "buzz" on Sunday about 0000Z. Later
someone sent to me "EU calling" but I'm sorry I could not hear well due to the
high power line QRN. The QRN is in the direction of EU and that antenna was
W2GD   Multi-Op HP   812,8292006-02-03 08:21:07
This was the final event in the 2005/2006 winter 160M trilogy at our FD style NJ
shore station located 20 miles north of Atlantic City, in FM29, on Barnagat Bay.
Being on "Murphy Drive" has its pluses and we discovered once
again this past weekend.

Station: Run Position - IC756ProII, Alpha 99, IC746 slave rcvr
Mult Position - IC781, AL 1200

TX Antennas: 3 ele Vertical Wire Array NE/WSW/Omni, apex at 185' surrounded
a tidal salt marsh in all directions for a minimum of 200 meters
"T" Vertical with 4 elevated radials (Day 1), Inverted L with
4 elevated radials (Day 2)

RX Antennas: 935' beverage to NE/EU
560' unterminated beverages SW, South, East
560' staggered 2 element beverages West (terminated), NW
K9AY loop
EA5BM   Multi-Op HP   363,4462006-02-03 09:07:17
Only 15 hours of operation.
Testimonial participation, a funny weekend. Bad WX.

See you next contest.

K2YR   Single Op HP   204,1482006-02-03 09:42:54
Next year...the beverages will be up for sure! Sorry to those I could not hear.
NA3V   Single Op LP   45,9362006-02-03 11:49:46
Antenna was an inverted L zigged-zagged thru the trees with a skirt of short
temporary radials. Could not get into Europe until the last two hours of the
contest when the heavens opened up and I snagged some OK and OM stations.

Jim Gooch
WI9WI   Single Op HP   31,5692006-02-03 13:11:59
I intended to put in 8 or 10 hours Saturday night, but a very annoying antenna
problem forced me off the air after 1 hour, and after I took 3 hours to fix it,
I only had the mental energy to put in a couple of more hours. Conditions seemed
quite good.

73 to all

EA3AKY   Single Op HP   509,3552006-02-03 14:02:22
First CQ 160 and very interesting experience. It has been a "field day"
operation in the delta of river Ebro, with sea in most directions just 2 Km
away. Installed a 26 mtrs high vertical with 4 radials inside water of rice
fields and a 160 mtrs long beverage to NA above the water too.

Like all field day problems arise. First night could only run 100w to the
vertical. I did 360 qsos with mni NA. The wx was the worst in several years,
with winds up to 100km/h and near 0 deg. C ! not the usual in this Mediterranean
area. After first night the vertical got down due to a failure in one pipe
anchor that was in the water. I installed a dipole at 12 m and worked the rest
of the contest with it and the KW. What a difference !. I did 500 qsos more,
most EU.

The most interesting has been testing the very good ground in this place, one of
the best in EA. Worst the wx: monday morning was snowing ! and it happens once
every 10 or more years.

Thanks for the qsos to everybody and hope to try again next year from this

73s Josep Ma.
KDØS   Multi-Op HP   81,1372006-02-04 04:31:45
Jim, KD0S and myself decided to do this contest the week of. Neither
of us has any towers other than a temporary 55 ft tower and 2 35 ft
push up masts. So, the afternoon and nite of the contest we are building
the H vertical for this contest. Basically FD style in the dark.

Got started at 0226 UTC, antenna works great, but only LP for the
first evening (8 hours). The next nite we add in an amplifier
(really helped with mults).

Conditions seemed very good from central SD, we worked some dx, of
the best was ZL6QH who called in, a great surprise.

Sure was fun to work all the regulars and also new guys in the test,
thanks for the Q's and see you after we get up some towers and antennas
73, God Bless, Todd WD0T
HA1ZZ   Single Op HP   299,8382006-02-04 08:42:31
RIG: TS-830 100 w - ANT: INV V, Beveridge 186 m long.
YU7AV   Single Op HP   792,2802006-02-04 14:59:45
1L Delta Loop, 5 x Beverage, PWR 1 kW

NA - 143
SA - 2
EU - 945
AS - 70
AF - 7
WA7LNW   Single Op HP   68,4812006-02-05 08:30:53
Limited operating time. Band seemed to open early then close down later.

Station: FT-1000MP, Alpha 76A, 160 meter inverted-v at 72ft, 300' beverage
listening antennas.

Thanks to all who gave me a contact.

73's de Jack, WA7LNW
New Harmony, UT (just outside Zion National Park)
YTØA(@YU1EXY)   Multi-Op HP   840,1552006-02-05 09:27:34
Conditions seems to be worse than year or two ago
Anyway, we improve our score by 10%
Key clicks are really boring

42 mtrs vertical, 8x180 m beverages,K9AY
SOAPBOX:4 x phased beverages to USA
CT3FN   Multi-Op HP   1,178,1542006-02-05 10:31:32
We used a delta loop which we hangged up on a 50m tower. Rig was Elecraft
with FET PA according to DJ9YN. A nearby power line gave us a constant noise of
3 S-units which we couldn't filter out due to lack of a DSP unit. Sorry for all
the weak stations which called us and which we couldn't dig out of the noise
flor. Propagation was bad Sunday evening. See you all next year again!
OK1MWD   Single Op HP   294,5252006-02-05 15:47:50
FT990+PA, INV V @ 20 m, no RX ant
WW5X   Single Op HP   1,2602006-02-05 16:17:40
Long wire, 300W
K1LT   Single Op HP   260,5052006-02-05 21:15:45
The last two hours of the contest were very enjoyable as the elusive
160 spotlight illuminated Ohio. Hopefully, this opening compensated
for my falling asleep at 0330Z the night before. No more digging
Beverage post holes Saturday afternoon!
PI4COM   Multi-Op HP   669,7742006-02-06 03:47:16
Sure fun to be there again. Had problems to get the vertical working again but
after a few hours in the freezing cold we managed to get it back in action. (TNX
Rien PA1BDO).
Anyway, we sure had fun.
73 Ron PA3EWP & Alex PA1AW
PC5M   Multi-Op HP   456,1922006-02-07 02:35:26
Nice contest, good condx first night to US/VE. Station using 100 feet vertical,
dipole with good power for TX, single beverage and k9ay loop for RX doing
nicely. Next year certainly setting up a 4 directions k9ay loop.

We did run an enhanced website ( with current
log, qrg, live-audio feed and small chat window. Biggest thrill has been Kenny,
k2kw which turned out to become our remote operator (4000 miles away from the
contest location...). Eh, yes, we do know it is not really allowed (solliciting
etc), but what the hack it is just great fun !!.

Thanks for all called in, see you next year on the air or just listening in via
the internet.

Carel, pc5m
AD4Z   Single Op HP   145,4032006-02-07 08:59:31
Nice propagation on Saturday...Missed the 6O0N (qrp?????).
CT1BQH   Single Op LP   283,9552006-02-07 14:32:13
Many High Power stations with no RX. A very pleasant contest, anyway.

IC-765 (90W) + half-wave dipole up 30 meters.
K1VW   Single Op HP   271,4042006-02-07 20:53:59

NA 678 678 87.3
EU 88 88 11.3
SA 2 2 0.3
AF 4 4 0.5
OC 4 4 0.5
7X 1 1
9A 1 1
C6 1 1
CM 1 1
CT 2 2
CT3 1 1
CU 1 1
DL 14 14
EA 2 2
EA6 1 1
EA8 2 2
EI 3 3
F 7 7
G 13 13
GD 1 1
GI 1 1
GJ 2 2
GM 1 1
GU 1 1
GW 2 2
HI 1 1
I 2 2
K 619 619
KG4 1 1
KH6 3 3
KP2 2 2
KP4 1 1
LA 1 1
LX 1 1
LY 1 1
OH 1 1
OK 5 5
OM 2 2
ON 4 4
PA 3 3
PJ2 1 1
PY 1 1
S5 7 7
SM 1 1
SP 2 2
T9 1 1
UA 1 1
UA2 1 1
V2 1 1
V3 1 1
VE 46 46
VK 1 1
VP9 1 1
XE 2 2
YU 2 2
Z3 1 1
ZF 1 1

Missed : MT / MB / NWT / YT and NU
Copyed 3V8DLH but never worked him .

It was nice to run a new rig ICOM 756PROIII in this contest.
Next year I should do more S&P
Thanks for all the qsos
SP3KEY   Multi-Op HP   759,7022006-02-08 03:39:53
Field Day style operation.
32m Vertical from wire a few meters of Al tubing and fishing pole.
4 Square K9AY for RX.
2 X TS 850 + 500 W

Cu next year
73, SP3RBR
IV3SKB   Single Op HP   467,0002006-02-10 06:29:41
Last Minute Setup ,RX: 1 beverage 220mt NA (vy deaf) 2xEWE NE&NW

TX: Inverted L (wire) antenna .

IC-781 N1MM .
Andrea IV3SKB
9A9R   Single Op LP   314,4992006-02-20 14:34:04
CQ160CW Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2006-01-28

CallSign Used : 9A9R
Operator(s) : 9A9R

Band : 160M
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Overlay Category : SO LP
Default Exchange : 9A
Gridsquare : JN75

Name : Vladimir Pavlica
Address : P.O.Box 312.
City/State/Zip : Rijeka 51000
Country : Croatia

ARRL Section : DX
Club/Team :
Software: N1MM Logger V5.7.2

Band QSOs Pts Cty
1.8 756 3981 79
Total 756 3981 79

Score : 314,499
Rig : FT990AT

Antennas : 52 M high commercial GSM antenna support tower
omega match at 20m.
No RX antennas

Soapbox : Amazing, excellent, unbelievable condx.
With 90 watts braking pileups to 6o0, JT, PY.
This is my first contest ever on my personal call sign
on 160m and my score for DXCC from zero building up.
Next contest, same location, beverages, and
home made QRO. :)

Thanks to RK Garic 9A1CCB for hospitality, drinks and food.

I Date : 2006-02-01 Signature :
WØUO   Single Op LP   106,0692006-02-21 09:40:32
The good news:

Had the best hour to start ever

The bad news:

Had a hard time maintaining a frequency or S&P, partly due to crowded band
conditions. Its great to hear the improved participation, and we will all learn
to adjust.

A continuing problem we need to address as a contest community is the inability
of many operators to zero beat the station they are calling. I have done a
survey during and after the contest and find at least a third or stations in
error greater than 150 Hz, some as much as 350 Hz. Given a receiving BW of 500
Hz, many stations place their signals in the passband of the adjacent station.
Hence, the large number of apparent dupes.

Had intermittent S9+30 db line noise all night Friday night, which became
constant about 0200Z Sunday (8 pm local Saturday night) at which time I had to
withdraw from the contest.

The (at least partial) silver lining:

The line noise stayed up and continuous long enough for me to get within 5 poles
of its location. On Sunday I was able to locate a loose line tap (TXU uses a
clamp on fitting to connect pole transformers to the primary) about a half mile
away. It was fixed on Tuesday and this one source is no longer a problem. I
have at least two other sources to identify, which may happen about the time the
season ends!!

73 de Jim
PC5A(@PI4TUE)   Single Op HP   110,0582006-02-21 12:08:16
I entered the last 7 and somewhat hours in the contest to try out the two sloper
system we have put up at the clubstation. One is a true quarter wave end fed
sloper sloping towards the north west (North America), the other is about 30
feet longer and slopes down towards north east (Japan). Both slopers feedpoints
are at 220 feet. They are grounded at the lightning protection circuit which
runs along the roof. I've noticed at least 10 dB difference with signals from
North East. Same with north west. Best DX was JT1CO, from NA I managed to work
VO2AC, KC1XX and KI1G.

RIG: TS950 with 400W
TX Ant: 2 slopers @220 feet
RX Ant: 2 K9AY loops (NE-SE-SW-NW)

73 de Aurelio
EA2CLU/P   Multi-Op HP   348,4582006-02-23 11:08:36
W4ZW   Single Op LP   2,8892006-02-27 14:50:35
Soapbox: Spent ,ost of this weekend playing with this big OCF
dipole I put up. Thanks to all of you who gave me advice and
suggestions. I have started outting in the ground field for
an inverted "L" or "T", whichever proves to work better. My
intent was to expand the existing 80M OCF dipole (which works
quite well on 80) to 160M but found that it needed to be much
longer than I expected. Used LP so the FT-1000MP could use the
tuner and thanks to all of you who heard my little signal.
XE1NW   Single Op HP   140,7672006-02-28 10:28:26
First time operation in the 160m band, it was a great challenge.
Many thanks to XE1V and wife Tita for being great hosts.