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North American QSO Party, RTTY   2007   July   Comment Summary

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K4KO   Single Op LP   39,3122007-07-21 21:11:20
Attend the Tennessee QSO Party - 9 Sept 2007
K3WW   Single Op LP   103,6682007-07-21 21:19:37
Seems like a while since I did one of these, I got invited to be on a FRC RTTY
team. Something new I think. I tried 10 hours straight just to get finished.
pretty good 10/15 all things considered.

73 Chas
W7WHY   Single Op LP   10,7102007-07-21 21:52:01
Just a few hours in between other activities. We had our ham club swapmeet in
Bandon today so had to go see what kinda goodies were available. Company for
dinner this evening so today was pretty well shot.

Lots of activity in this one, but for me, once I come off of 20 meters, things
fall apart quickly. Just can't get anything going on 40. I think I am going
to have to take the verticals down and put up something else. Seems like I
skip right over the left half of the US. 73 and thanks for the Q's.
KQ6ES   Single Op LP   7,1502007-07-21 22:28:16
On the Butternut vertical. My first RTTY contest if you don't count a
forgettable Sprint (I don't). I felt less lost, went slow and easy, didn't
bust too many contacts I hope. Some tuning problems limited 80m. So far I
find RTTY less than exciting but I'll stick with it.
John kq6es
K3GP   Single Op LP   56,4852007-07-21 22:44:29
Once again, ten meters was tough.
Fifteen meters was mildly surprising, staying open longer than I thought it
For me, forty meters was the "milk and honey" for this contest.

Operating habits are improving - HOORAY! And there seems to be less overdriven
AFSK signals than before.

Ya gotta love this contest - You can do the entire permissible time without
risking umbrage from the family. Thanks, NCJ!
KO1H   Single Op QRP   14,3502007-07-21 22:57:03
Not a bad score for 4.5 hours while working my Job at the same time 8)
K6TD   Single Op LP   37,7712007-07-21 23:05:34
That was rough at the start. by 00Z, bands seem ot pick up. Tried SO2R for the
first time.

KØRFD   Single Op LP   50,7502007-07-21 23:05:45
Tough band conditions.
KJ6RA   Single Op LP   8932007-07-21 23:05:58
Didn't think we would have anytime to play in this one, but manage to get home
with an hour left in the contest and decided to jump in. Its been awhile since
we did RTTY !!
WØRAA   Single Op LP   28,9382007-07-21 23:07:54
Even with S9 noise on 40 & 80, I was able to pull some signals through.
Overall, band conditions weren't bad, but I would have liked to seen more
activity on 10 & 15 meters. Fun contest.
K4RO   Single Op LP   109,8482007-07-21 23:09:47
Just couldn't make it to 600 valid QSOs, but had a ball trying.
Here's to OM W0ETC RIP... Thanks to W4BCG for the TCG teams.
Thanks for trying all of the moves -- some really surprising ones
worked out! Heard NY4N work a TG9 but I could never connect
with the mult. Several five-banders in the log. Thanks for the QSOs!


-Kirk K4RO
K4TD   Single Op LP   118,6682007-07-21 23:10:40
This was my second time in a RTTY contest, and I had a blast. Thanks for all
the QSO's!


WN6K   Single Op LP   27,4382007-07-21 23:12:25
Just like sailing a boat...90% boredom interupted by 10% sheer Hell...

Computer crashed 7 times...

TH7 20-10
40 + 80 ...wires

AA5AU   Single Op LP   123,3962007-07-21 23:13:34
Great seeing 10 meters open. 40 meters was unusable for about 90 minutes
starting at about 0230Z because of some of the worse rain static I've ever
experienced caused by a thunderstorm to the north. Was surprised to see I
topped my February score but 10 and 15 meter mults helped tremendously. Great
to see nice activity even with the flux so low and the A index so high.
W3/NH7C   Single Op LP   14,8802007-07-21 23:22:37
Nice to add a few new states for 5 Band Worked All States with 15 and 10 open
and short. Thanks for all of the QSOs!
WØYK   Single Op LP   72,8962007-07-21 23:26:11
Wasn't that solar wind dandy? Seemed like maybe ten hours off-time and two
hours on-time would have worked better. I could copy more than I could be
heard, particularly to the East Coast. Mid-day, I heard W4NZ running stations
on 15, while I struggled to make 39 total contacts on that band. Even though
Ted had a respectable signal out here, I could not get through to him on 15.
This is one of the few contests that I didn't work AA5AU on 80-15. I heard
other stations working Don on 15 and 20 early in the day, but I had no copy.
Later we worked on 20 and also wound up calling CQ on top of each other on both
20 and 40 (but I couldn't get through to him for a QSO!). There was a lot of
this going on all day long because there just wasn't solid propagation around
the country. 15 would all but die and then suddenly for 3-4 minutes the East
Coast would come booming in, all to die again.

I swapped in a Beta-Test Elecraft K3 for one of the ProIII's and it worked
great, holding its own against the ProIII. My only complaint is that it
couldn't fix the propagation. Guess we'll have to wait for the K4. Will make
a separate report tomorrow to the RTTY and Elecraft reflectors on the gory
details. It turned out that the K3 made all the 20 and 80 meter QSOs. That
way I had the ProIII band-scope to make quick checks on 10 and 15 during the

Team K3 had three of us using K3's (AB7R, N6XI and W0YK), one K2 (K6DGW) and
I'm not sure what N6EE operated with today. I hope to try two K3's in the
October RTTY Sprint.

I ran both MMTTY and a DXP38 on both radios. I was surprised how many times
the DXP38 copied clearly when MMTTY had gibberish. This is not the usual
behavior, so there must have been something about the propagation today that
the DXP38 could deal with better.

I took three 30 minute breaks and stopped at 0530Z. My third break was
determined when the main 12VDC supply failed and both radios plus all 12 volt
equipment on the operating table went dark. Swapped in an even larger supply
and kept going.

Thanks to all who moved bands for me. And, of course, thanks for the QSOs.
This will be more fun in the coming years.

VE3TPZ   Single Op LP   362007-07-21 23:34:48
first time on rtty and doing rtty contesting
K3FH   Single Op LP   8,9602007-07-21 23:35:10
Thanks to all for the QSOs
K4GMH   Single Op LP   115,1502007-07-21 23:40:44
Thanks Shelby, K4WW, and your staff for putting on the Contest.

Bands were okay and good participation.
Thanks to all who QSY'd. Your effort is appreciated.

Surprised at how strong the activity ~2100 to 2200Z was as the rate meter
indicated over 100 QSOs/Hr. Never had that happen to me in an NAQP RTTY

80 meters didn't go "long" until near the end of the Contest. Guess that is to
be expected in Summer.

Thanks again for all the QSOs and hope to see you in the next one.

Mike, K4GMH
AK9F(@WB9Z)   Single Op LP   94,3082007-07-21 23:56:49
After the ice storm demolished the winter RTTY contest, this was a real joy to
operate. It was also great to have some action on 10 meters.
K9MUG   Single Op LP   65,9882007-07-22 00:12:52
A pleasure to have ten open and get some 5 banders again. I know W3KB and N1MGO
were on my list(tnx) and I think there are some others but it is late!!

I actually had one radio for 10 and 15 and the other for the rest. But it
wasn't a true SO2R operation.

Thanks for the qsos I had fun.

Darrell K9MUG
K6GEP   Single Op LP   16,1042007-07-22 00:13:50
This is the second weekend in a row that old Sol burped on Friday and
messed up our contests.

With only wires, I couldn't get much going on 20 during the day. Seems like
everyone was beaming everywhere but So Calif. Very little activity on
15 and 10.

My contesting was very fractured due to personal commitments.

I had a good run going tonight on 40 at about 0300z. I think I stayed on
80 a bit too long. It wasn't as productive as 40.

Seemed like there were twice as many New Mexico stations on 20 than Texans.
Maybe it had to do with the flooding in TX.

Thanks to W9ILY/0 for putting North Dakota on the air! I needed it for RTTY
WAS, and for 20m.

Rig: FT-990
Alpha Delta DXCC sloping down from 50 feet
VE7CA Style 2 wire dipole pointed 20 deg N on 20

N1MM Logger - had some issues with it squaking at me about radio mode.
I am not using it to control my radio! I still have a lot
to learn, but it is a joy to use.
K6MM   Single Op LP   35,9372007-07-22 00:18:30
Band conditions in the morning were a bit rough. After a slow start, got into a
decent groove on 20M and later on 40M. Really like the MicroHam DigiKeyer in
combination with N1MM Logger. It's a rock-solid, trouble-free system. Thanks
for all the Qs and 73. John, K6MM.
VE7FO   M/2 LP   31,1002007-07-22 00:50:38
Have been able to do hardly any contesting in the last 12 mo because of other
things in my life taking up huge amounts of time, so it was nice that I was
home for this one.

Just one op. Went M/2 so I could go the full 12 hours and use spots. What a
slog it turned out to be. Stuck it out as a character building exercise.
Well, I guess it wasn't that bad as I was still doing my best to make Qs right
up to the end.

Was pleased to make some Qs on 15. Checked 10 from time to time but nada.

80m was weird. Lots of strong signals with little QRM or QRN but wouldn't
decode properly. I'm used to N1MM printing signals I can barely hear but these
were anywhere from S4 to S9.

Thanks for the Qs, everyone.

73, Jim VE7FO
KE4KWE   Single Op LP   42,0662007-07-22 03:46:18
late start and computer crashes equal lower than expected score
W1TY   Single Op LP   12,5002007-07-22 04:29:53
Decided to have some 40 meter fun. Just took a few hours to reach my goal of 250
Q's. Cannot wait for September and contest season.

Thanks to Shelby and the ops for the nice activity level.

W5VY   Single Op LP   4,9282007-07-22 04:37:18
Fun while it lasted.
73, Pat
K4WW   Single Op LP   56,0002007-07-22 04:58:56
Conditions, at least for me, especially on 10/15, were not nearly as good as
last July. Worked 22 "never before worked on RTTY" stations. I missed my
planned nap, between 0030-0200, and just couldn't finish the full 10 hours.
W1UE/VE1   Single Op HP   71,4162007-07-22 05:22:47
Thanks to all that stayed with me. I never could get MMTTY and N1MM to coexist
peacefully on the 90MHz Pentium I that I had available; MMTTY, in particular,
would either crash every 15 minutes or so, requiring me to close the digital
window, open the digital, close the digital window again, and open it again, or
I would get 46 error screens asking me if I wanted to report a "Type-Mismatch"
error that I would have to then close, one at a time, before I could do
anything else. Still, I was pleased overall with coming close to my
pre-contest goal of 500 QSOs.

Condx stunk. I never did hear W0YK on any band. I did work W6YX on 15-20-40,
but only due to his passing his QSY frequency at my 1st QSO in the contest! It
was nice to see 10 and 15 open somewhat, but it was also frustrating in hearing
the W4s run stations to the west that I couldn't even hear.

Pet peeve for this contest? The LARGE number of stations that called off
frequency. The AFC for MMTTY wasn't working, so I had to tune off-frequency
stations in with the RIT. It seemed like I was constantly fiddling with the
RIT. I have a Clear RIT command in one of my macros, so my RIT is cleared
after each QSO, but it appears that others haven't copied that.

All in all, a fun time! Thanks for the Qs!

Dennis W1UE/VE1
N3KAE   Single Op LP   38,2952007-07-22 05:26:08
Wow! I had a chance to "Play Radio". No warning, no prep, just fire 'er up and
go. Lots of new calls to the screen. Is RTTY catchin' on?

I couldn't pass up the chance to stop at a point where the local dialect says
"Tree Tirdy-Tree".
W4RK   Single Op LP   50,8282007-07-22 05:38:38
Good participation and a fun contest. RTTY seems to be growing.
VA1CHP   Single Op LP   78,8802007-07-22 05:45:01
Fun Time!! 10 meters was a nice surprize. Couldn't quite make 500 Q's but maybe
next time. Now its off to Bon Portage Island for the IOTA contest next weekend.
Hope to work you all from there!!

W4GAC(KP2N)   Single Op LP   58,4352007-07-22 06:03:17
Nice to see so many new calls on RTTY. Had to shut down for a couple of
storms plus a run to the club repeater site to repair the 2m unit. Good to
some 10M Q's in the log for a change. Look for the W4GAC gang to be on for
NAQP February 2008 test.

73 Ron KP2N
W7ZR   Single Op LP   55,4702007-07-22 06:06:29
80m in the summer...what could be more fun.
WØLSD   Single Op LP   68,3762007-07-22 06:19:23
Usually summer contests are out due to family commitments, but with wife
shopping all day, I had time for some hours in NAQP. Good to see 15 start to
come back and a couple of weak signals on 10..there is hope..thanks to all who
struggled on low bands to copy me.
KK5OQ   Single Op LP   61,5372007-07-22 06:34:27
Did not get the antenna/tower project completed until 3pm.
First beam/tower owned so took a little time to get use to.
WA4PGM   Single Op QRP   12,7282007-07-22 06:56:07
Short on time due to being on-call for work. Poor conditions on the high bands
but my tribander needs to be replaced so it's not helping. Most contacts made
on 80/40 dipoles, nice to see some e-skip on 10. Thanks for the contacts and
especially W9ILY/0 for North Dakota #50!!!!!!!
NP3D(EW1AR)   Single Op LP   84,1602007-07-22 07:07:32
I could't wait till Contest begins, even tried to start Two hours earlier, hi.
Coditions were better than expected, 15 and even 10 meters were more ol less
cooperative at this time. I worked dozens stations on higher bands (10-15-20)
but could not hear them on 40 and 80 meters, otherwise would have had more 5
bands QSO's.
Hoped to beat NY record but fall 4 QSO's short, thanks to my smoke habit.
Being on East Coast, its hard to compete in full with Mid West in NAQP, but
what we can do rather than move.
I was asked to QSY from band to band many times and I did, also when I asked
someone to help me with new Mult on other band, in most cases guys QSY'ed,
really appreciate that!
Thanks to Shelby and his staff for this nice dynamic RTTY Contest, can't wait
for the next one.

73's Andrei, NP3D
KTØDX   Single Op LP   67,3062007-07-22 07:10:42
Another fun contest but sorry to say did not see an improvement on my score from
the last NAQP RTTY contest. The mults went up but the q's went down and this
was my fault as I spent more time doing S&P. I just could not get a good solid
run going on any band. The noise on 80 meters made it hard to copy stations and
sorry to those I had to say no copy to. I also want to say sorry to those
stations I called during the contest and they got the wrong F key sent to them.
This was the first contest were I used ESM mode in N1MM and I found out what
happens when you call a station the first time and they pick up someone else.

A special thanks goes out to those stations that put several CR/LF after their
report it really made for a good workout having to chase the report up the page
with the mouse. One station had so many of them it took the score right off the

Was nice to see several station from Colorado working the contest, it seems
like only a few years ago you were lucky if you found 3 or 4 working the
AA5VU   Single Op HP   20,5042007-07-22 07:11:32
Fun contest worked 36 States and 5 VE's.
KSØM   Single Op LP   6,7202007-07-22 07:24:21
Even at the bottom of this sun spot cycle, there were calls everywhere. Good fun
contest. Sorry I had to QRT just as 40 meters as opening up good. Looking
forward to next time.
K3MQ   Single Op LP   54,5202007-07-22 07:29:07
Great fun even though I could not get SO2R working. Most fun was moving mults
and qsying everywhere. Hope to have SO2R working someday. Favorite names were
"Bambi" and "Goober". I did get both HI and AK in the log which is no small
feat from Delaware.
K3WI   Single Op LP   33,1362007-07-22 07:33:44
PVRC Team #1
KE1F   Single Op LP   6,0602007-07-22 07:34:15
Poor propagation as usual. Good to QSO the dedicated few.
KTØR   Single Op LP   47,4362007-07-22 07:39:05
Well, just part time effort. writelog said on time 5:26 hours.I think I was on a
bit more than than.

Was still fun time. Nice to have some 10 and 15 meters. But just could not get
the big rates. I wondered what happened to 80, just no one there. Guys must go
to bed or something.

Was fun with K3MQ worked 5 bands about 02:40 utc. We just kept trying bands and
they worked. Sure was fun. Also worked KD0S in SD long path at 04:00 utc. Hi Hi.
Got him on 80 and 40, then had him go to 20 meters. He pointed antenna west and
I pointed antenna east to make the qso. propagration and conditions really make
contest fun. Seems the bands were open but, alot of people didn't relize that to
qsy. Fun to hear and work ZL4PW calling cq NAQP RTTY on 20 meters.

Thanks to many that did qsy and see u next time.

Vry 73 Dave KT0R
KC4HW   Single Op LP   54,8122007-07-22 07:40:55
Thanks for the Qs! Thought conditions were pretty good. Was late getting
started because of some domestic duties. Got started at 1936 and caught the
10M band open and worked a few. I really think it was open a good bit longer,
but no one was there to work!

Had a pretty good time..
W8BAR(W1TO)   Single Op LP   69,4552007-07-22 07:43:55
Thanks to Dave, K1TTT, for the use of his fine station.
K8IR   Single Op LP   25,0262007-07-22 08:00:37
An all-day committment made me late for the party, and my strategy of devoting 2
hours a piece to 20, 40, and 80 in order could have been improved, but we had
KØRC   Single Op LP   61,8642007-07-22 08:13:05
Rig : IC-756 Pro III

Antennas : HyGain TH-11DX @ 22m + slopers on 40m & 80m

Soapbox : Because this was a low power contest (100 Watts
max), I decided to run some frequencies rather than S&P the entire
event. It paid off with the rate meter above 100 several times (SO1R).

It was a pleasure to finally have 10m & 15m propagation for QSO's and
Mults! Some stations were booming with 20+ dB signals on 10 meters so
it was a strong opening into this area. The SH5 program shows me 15
meters was most efficient (Q's per time unit) followed closely by 10

Stations K4KO, K4TD, K9MUG, and KE0L were the 5-band sweeps I logged.
There were 15 other stations worked on 4 bands. And W9ILY/0 in North
Dakota came through on 80m for my last state needed on LoTW RTTY WAS -
Thanks John! I worked KE1J and NG1G from Rhode Island on 20m & 15m so
my remaining "hole" for LoTW WAS with RI on 10 meter (any mode) is
still open!

I am having fun tracking the states and modes to fill them in with
contest Q's. I probably plugged a few more slots but won't know about
it until you guys upload your logs to LoTW. Hint: make sure you add
your state, county, and grid locator into the "TQSL > STATION > EDIT
LOCATIONS" dialog for your Tqsl processing and LoTW uploads to be

Someone mentioned many stations were calling off frequency. My
experience was the opposite with the vast majority dead on. But maybe I
missed all the off frequency callers because I was running a 200 Hz
passband and just didn't hear them if they were not within the AFC

I ran out of steam and quit at midnight local time, giving up the final
hour. There were plenty of signals on the bands but I just couldn't
keep my eyes open and found myself loosing concentration and nodding
off. I did get to enjoy a couple of hours of the perfect Minnesota
summer day during my 2-hour break.

I really enjoy the NAQP events and look forward to each one of them. My
thanks go to the contest sponsors and all the participants!

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN
KI5XP(@W5WMU)   Single Op LP   135,7802007-07-22 08:21:05
What a fun contest! Didnt catch up with my July 06 score, so I was hoping it
was just conditions and not the station. Things were a bit slow starting off,
but managed later to exceed 200/hr with a little dueling CQ's.

Im amazed to STILL see people sending the B4 message. N0KBD sent me a B4, I
called again and he sent it again, so Dave, take me out of your log on 20M,
because you're not in mine! If Im calling you, I've either busted your call
previously or Im busting it now. Likelyhood is that if Im busting it now, I'll
figure it out, but if I continue to insist you work me, YOU'RE NOT IN MY LOG!!!
Instead of arguing, WORK THE STATION, there is no penalty for Dupes!!

I totally missed not having NA5Q in town for this contest. Usually either
Roland or Don, AA5AU are my La. contacts. Well, I could hear and worked Don on
40 and 80, but ended up missing La on 10, 15, and 20 for 3 mults. Never heard
MT, WY, AK, ME, Northern Territories, and New Foundland. I heard HI, but never
got to work them. Maybe next time!

Looking forward to this summer noise to end and maybe a return of the higher
bands to better conditions.

Thanks for the Q's.

K6TA   Single Op LP   16,8962007-07-22 08:25:08
FT1000MP, N1MM, FORCE12 1EL 80, 2EL 40, 5EL 20, 5EL 15
K2QM(@W2ZQ)   Single Op LP   83,1082007-07-22 08:39:45
First time in an NAQP. I like the format, since I don't do well with the
pressure of a sprint, but have trouble breaking free for 24 hours.
ND2T   Single Op LP   26,0402007-07-22 08:51:17
Occasional fine runs (mostly on 20) with long interludes of low rate. Waiting
for a sunspot.

Thanks to everyone who moved, especially those who tried but didn't get a Q.
KT4FY   Single Op LP   38,0652007-07-22 08:58:07
WriteLog V10.47D
AMD Athlon 700 running Windows 98
Kenwood TS950SD
KT4FY Multi-Modem II 1.38
Tennadyne T6 LPDA
End Loaded Sloper

I think there should be a handycap for Hams with noisy families. With the dog
barking at the lawn crew, the battling kids, the phone, and the doorbell, it
shaped up to be quite a Saturday...

I'm running a homebrew DSP modem that several of the RRTY guys here chipped in
to design and build. This modem uses a TI DSP to perform the heavy lifting.
After several iterations using fancy digital filters, this version of software
implements the transfer function from the original Florida Boys Multi-modem
developed by Don, AF4Z. Don's modem uses op amps to handle the filters and
capacitors for time constants and has proven itself with a room full of RTTY
contest trophies. This latest version really worked well. Considering the
equipment I have and the conditions (Florida weather), I'm very pleased with
the score.

We lost the club station to a lightning strike last week, so we were not able
to put together a team for this effort.

Hopefully, the Florida Boys will get it together for the next one.

WT8C   Single Op LP   37,5762007-07-22 09:00:24
First time in this contest. Wish that I could have spent more time operating.
WAØRSX   Single Op LP   29,6662007-07-22 09:13:13
Strange band codx...
qsb...short skip then long then short.

Some lightening

Not as many states as hope but got both ND SD and RI

Neck soar need to move PC hi hi

73 to all
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   20,9442007-07-22 09:15:43
I decided to try the QRP challenge, to check how well the QTH and antennas were
working, and I don't have the band filters in place to allow 100w and listening
on the other bands. I thought I could reach last July's QRP winner of 201 QSOs -
and I did make it with 238 QSOs!

Everything seemed fine in the Thursday and Friday evening practice. Some
emergency tree trimming saturday morning delayed my preparation right to the
start, so I began a little shaky.

Conditions seemed okay, with some surprises like working AA4LR (GA) on 10m at
21Z! Near 23Z I went 10 minutes without a contact - so it was time to take the
2 hour break. I wanted to save the last two hours for low bands, since the sun
sets so late here in July (04Z). For a long afternoon to evening 15m was gone,
and 20m was the only band, because I just couldn't get heard yet on 40m. 80m
was just getting better near the end, so I only worked left-coast.

Had a couple computer problems, like the MMTTY waterfall "freezing" and having
to restart. Also, Auto-CQ didn't seem to work reliably. I had the usual
problems getting all the AFC settings to stay off! I had a few problems where
PTT would drop during a transmission, but one of the restarts to fix MMTTY
seemed to fix it also. I had more cross-band hash interference than I would
expect from 15m to 20m when I tried to listen to the other band. I guess the C3
tribander and Steppir aren't selective enough, or there's a leak somewhere...

Being QRP brought the usual "challenges." I could hear better than I was being
heard. I eventually only stopped to call LOUD stations, and half of those
would CQ in my face... Also people would come on my CQ frequency and start
CQing without hearing me, so I had to move on. On the other hand - there are
fantastic ears out there who'd get my QRP signal on the first call through all
their East coast QRM - Thanks!

NN7SS "Burt" (op K6UFO Mork!)

2x Yaesu FT-1000MP turned down to 5w.
3-el SteppIR at 55'
Cushcraft 40-2CD yagi at 50'
80-meter half-sloper
Writelog and MMTTY software

QSO/MUL by hour and band
Hour 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm Off
1800Z - - 15/11 6/4 - 21/15 21/15
1900Z - - 13/7 5/2 3/1 21/10 42/25
2000Z - - 6/0 10/4 1/0 17/4 59/29
2100Z - - 13/6 5/4 2/1 20/11 79/40
2200Z - - 17/8 1/0 1/0 19/8 98/48 16
2300Z - - - - - 0/0 98/48 60
0000Z --+-- --+-- 9/1 --+-- --+-- 9/1 107/49 46
0100Z - 4/3 19/4 - - 23/7 130/56
0200Z - 7/5 26/3 - - 33/8 163/64
0300Z 3/2 16/6 12/1 - - 31/9 194/73
0400Z 3/0 19/5 - - - 22/5 216/78
0500Z 11/3 11/7 - - - 22/10 238/88
Total: 17/5 57/26 130/41 27/14 7/2
N6XI   Single Op LP   22,4282007-07-22 09:55:57
Made my 1st RTTY QSO in 37 years the day before the contest.
Thanks to W0YK for goading me into RTTY. Had some social obs
that limited my available time but it was a fun first run.
The K3 worked very well, although I have no RTTY experience
with which to compare it. It was very easy to integrate - just
a DE9-DE15 cable with two resistor-transistor keying circuits
in the DE9 shell gave me true FSK. And a simple stereo audio
cable handled audio output from K3 Line Out to the sound card.
No external transformers or other gew-gaws were required.
W4GKM   Single Op LP   117,8102007-07-22 09:56:34
Conditions were better than expected but didn't take time to get on 10 meters.
Probably should have and would have helped score. Thanks for all that worked me
and Shelby for taking his time to help out on this contest. Was glad to be a
part of the TCG-Didles this year and tnx to all of the TCG stations that
This is really a fun contest for me as it's not so long and I can give it all
for 10 hours. But that's about all I've got in me now...hi hi
KG5U   Single Op QRP   13,5882007-07-22 09:56:50
You just know things aren't going to go well when, on the very first QSO on a
newly installed, well-known freeware contest logging software with a well-known
freeware RTTY software, you throw out your callsign, and what comes back is a
pop-up message on the screen telling you the program made a serious error and
must be shut down. Fortunately, my regular digital software program, MixW, was
a click away and performed throughout the contest without a hitch.

QRP in a contest in July is tough. QRP with a with a broken C3 beam at 70'
fixed on NW because of the broken rotator and the other beam, an A3 fixed to
the side of the tower pointing NW at 40', makes it a bit more difficult.
Still, I managed to eke out a goodly number of QSO's from those with good/great
hearing antennas.

If you don't believe QRP can have a backscatter signal, check the number of
east coast QSO's made with the beams on 20-15-10.

Thanks y'all! It was fun.
K1ZZI   Single Op LP   89,5122007-07-22 10:15:48
This was my first NAQP RTTY and it was great fun. I was hoping for better
results on 40M. I just couldn't get it going. I missed AK, MT, WY.... where
were you?

I'm surprised to see all the big SO2R scores. I didn't realize it was allowed
in this contest.

Thanks to ALL for the Q's!
N5ZM   Single Op LP   72,9812007-07-22 10:32:54
Nice laid back contest, had lots of fun. Didn't beat last years score, condx
didn't seem as good from here. Lots of QRN on 80 and 40.

Worked lots of stations on 4 bands which was nice. Thanks to the ones that hung
in there with my requests for repeats. There seemed to be be a lot more
off-frequency callers this time, a lot of RIT twisting. And hey guys get rid of
the hyphens between the letters.

Thanks for the Q's see you in the next one.

Earl N5ZM..
VA7ST   Single Op LP   36,4002007-07-22 10:34:52
Had a lot of fun, despite missing all the 10M and 15M action everyone else seems
to have had.

Any way you slice it, this NAQP saw cruddy conditions out west. SFI=66, A=16,
K=3. That's not propagation weather. Didn't expect much here at 50 N, 119 W.,
but hoped for better than we got.

Best thing I can say about RF conditions was that power line noise wasn't so
bad in the morning due to heavy, heavy rains for the previous two days. The
noise was a killer in the afternoon and evening. Fortunately, running low power
lets me use the MFJ-1026 box to knock it down to S0 (all right, you got me. S1)
and I could hear remarkably well for a change.

10M -- dead except for KI5XP. I went there at 19:50z to see what was about
(third trip up there), found one station and pulled the plug for a two-hour
snooze. That's dedication for you. Got back on at 2156z after taking all my
off-time at once, hoping 20M, 40M and 80M would produce for me in the afternoon
and evening.

15M -- may as well have been dead. Stations were either 20-over or blending
into the noise floor.

20M -- With 10M dead and 15M comatose, I put more time in on 20M so my Q and
mult totals are higher there this year. For most of the day, beaming across NA
I felt like a cork bobbing on the ocean. Seemed few stations could hear me, as
CQing produced only modest runs. I assume it's a function of all those beams
aiming east and south, away from the Pacific Northwest. I could definitely hear
marginal callers turning their beams when I had to send "AGN AGN." Thanks for
the spin.

40M -- I now conclude that my half-square setup beats the snot out of the delta
loop pairs from 2005, and the low-ish 2 ele. inverted-V yagi I used last July. I
had more Qs and mults in less time with the half-square. It feels strong,
produced some good runs, and is about the simplest antenna I've ever put up
(easier than a dipole, even, as it's fed at a rope-supported corner).

80M -- delta loop gave me a creditable performance in IARU CW last weekend, but
wouldn't play well in the RTTY subband this weekend. I shortened it a little,
but still no joy. Ended up making all contacts on the ground-mounted vertical.
It was horrible (only about 8 random radials on the ground, plus a bunch of
corroded aluminum fence wire of questionable merit that last summer had been a
36-radial layout).

Wasn't till the final half hour (0530z) that I started working stations from
the midwest and east (still, the only "DX" I worked were NY, AL, IA and MI).
80M mults were a real disappointment.

I invited a bunch of guys to join the Aurora Busters team on Friday night and
Saturday morning. Way too late to organize a team effort, but I figured "what
the heck" and sent out an invitation. Next time, I'll do that a week ahead of

Only VA1CHP was able to jump in, so we're a two-man crew, book-ending North
America from NS and BC. I feel bad that I wasn't able to squeeze much out of
the bands. Looks like Rich found good openings on 10M and 15M, and has a great
score at 78,800.

Here's my year-over-year comparison for July NAQP RTTY:

July 2006 July 2007
---------- ----------
Band QSOs Sec QSOs Sec
3.5 65 27 50 12
7 110 38 113 41
14 115 38 172 44
21 74 30 14 6
28 54 20 1 1
Total 418 153 350 104

Score : 63,954 36,400
AD4EB   Single Op HP   112,1872007-07-22 10:44:43
Fun contest as always, this has become my favorite. Low bands were rather
noisy, thanks for all the repeats. Appreciated those that moved to other bands
for me.

Also kudos to Shelby K4WW, AKA 'BO' for handling this contest.

73 - Jim - AD4EB
WA2MNO   Single Op LP   17,2042007-07-22 11:09:33
A partial effort due to company and a beautiful summer day. Conditions on 15 and
10 didn't seem as good as last year's July RTTY contest either or at least it is
a way for me to try and weasel my way out of a poor score.

73 - Bob
KØTG   Single Op LP   13,5282007-07-22 11:22:48
Just on 4 hours and 20 minutes by Writelog's clock. I missed most of 20 meters
due to starting in the evening. So very part-time for me. 40 seemed kinda
wonky and not very stable for RTTY signals. Tough copy many times. 80 was
worse of course, but not my best band from home either.

In all, had fun! Thanks for the Qs!

73, John K0TG
NA5U   Single Op LP   52,0552007-07-22 11:42:34
Tnx for the Qs and great fun. The rig was a casuality but it is going off the
the hospital in hopes of a speedy recovery.
WA6BOB   Single Op LP   23,9702007-07-22 12:22:24
Kenwood TS-870, 5BTV (2) phased for 40m to the east, 160 DP, WL 10.63. Bands
were better than expected and enjoyed the contest. A lot of new call signs.

73 Bob WA6BOB
WO4D   Single Op LP   28,6202007-07-22 12:22:32
Lots of lightning here in Florida for the early part of the contest but had fun
KØUK   Single Op LP   49,1662007-07-22 12:50:05
Interesting conditions..actually a surprise to me on 15 and 10mtrs..heard some
stations on 10mtrs in Southeast that couldnt hear my 100wts.
Here are some of the things I need to do a better job of:
1. Moving multipliers to another band..SO2R would help on this but not set
2. Better off times but thats subject to family
3. Learning how to line up the stations in the pile up.
4. Learning to wait so the pile up clears to get a call.
Just some ideas I need to work on.
Thanks to Dick W0RAA for organizing the team it was appreciated greatly. Also
to K0RFD and WA0RSX for me bugging them on Macros. PTL bill K0UK
KE5OG   Single Op LP   82,8402007-07-22 13:23:01
That was a battle. I had high noises levels all weekend. I don't believe I've
ever had to ask for so many fills. I had a couple of five banders and a bunch
of fours. Thanks for all the Q's.
WK6I(@WC6H)   Single Op LP   83,9222007-07-22 14:11:58
Thanks to WC6H for a great station and a great time! - jeff wk6i
N8NOE   Single Op HP   1,1502007-07-22 14:49:10
Business related phone calls caused me to QRT about an hour into the contest.
W4HJ   Single Op LP   12,4642007-07-22 15:14:38
Had fun in spite of high line noise (at times 20 over on 20m).
Thanks to all for the contacts and am looking forward to the
next one!
ABØLR   Single Op LP   30,2942007-07-22 15:26:25
KØHW   Single Op LP   62,7692007-07-22 15:35:31
Because of Hamfest 2 1/2 hours away I didn't get to start until 2 hours after
the start (happens every year). I knew that if I wanted QSOs on 10 and 15 I
had to make them at the start of the contest.

I was in S&P mode for at least half of the time as the frequencies were busy up
and down the bands. I did get some nice runs going toward the end of the
contest and that is always fun but the signals all on top of each other calling
makes quite a sound and picture on the screen.

I have moved my ham shack out to a building about 200' from the house and don't
have all the antennas here yet. This is the first RTTY contest I have operated
from here and it seems to work well.

ICOM 756PROII, HyGain HyTower (over 40 years old), AEA PK-232 and Writelog
WF4W   Single Op LP   32,4002007-07-22 16:52:22
Another great NAQP. Thanks to all who gave me a contact
KS7S   Single Op LP   19,0072007-07-22 17:06:11
Well, other commitments and weather stoppages limited my operating time
somewhat. Seemed like nobody could hear me very well on 20M, and 15M was a
struggle hre too. My hopes of doing better than last year were dwindling until
I tried 40M at 0230Z. Boy, what a difference! The old vertical (and propagation)
seemed to like 40M this week! 140 Q’s in the next couple of hours helped me
surpass my previous best of last year.

This contest was loads of fun, as always. Thanks to Shelby for his efforts and
to all those who gave me contacts. Special thanks to W9ILY for making the trek
to ND.

As others have stated, RTTY'ers really embrace LoTW - 58 confirmations from
this contest already only 18 hours later!

IC-746PRO, R-7000 Vertical, microHAM MicroKEYER, N1MM/MMTTY
KD5J   Single Op LP   2,4192007-07-22 17:17:51
It was fun to get to work RTTY on 10 meters.
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   3782007-07-22 17:50:10
Only had 25 minutes to play. Just ran up and down the band. Wish I had more
time, as the antenna was pointed SE, I worked Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
everything I passed by SE of me, as well as Alberta and British Columbia! My
beam must be omni-directional!
AF4Z   Single Op LP   30,4952007-07-22 18:31:13
As is normal in Florida this time of year, we had a bad lightning storm going on
in the area when the contest started so I had to hold off 30 minutes before
starting. Lightning static was a problem for several hours but finally cleared
off and was able to move down to 40 and 80 meters. The bands appeared fair and
even a few 10 meter contacts. I spent most of my time in S/P mode which I feel
hurt my score. I can usually hold a frequency but with the static, it was hard
to copy weaker stations. It was fun as always and it was great to see so many
new calls in the log.
N4GN   Single Op LP   108,4902007-07-22 18:42:05
Thanks to Shelby (a.k.a. Bo), K4WW, for beating the drum and rounding up a KCG
team for this one. I'm really glad I got on!

Really scrambled to get through some issues at work and take care of some
chores just in time to get on for this one. Was rummaging through one of the
box of connectors to find the right one to split the audio into two RTTY
decoders (DXP38 and MMTTY), and finally came up with it at 1759Z! Plugged it
in and made the firt QSO right on time.

Lots of nice sporadic-E made the first half of this contest really interesting.
I continuously bounced from 20 to 15 to 10, and moved a lot of mults. The
openings on 10 were mostly brief, so it really paid to keep checking back.
That's where I really missed not having a second radio for this one. I really
need to work on improving my RTTY setup!

80 was really high QRN here, so I didn't spend as much time there as I probably
should have. Thank God most of the guys who called in were already in the log
on another band--copy was really difficult for most stations.

Why do the rules STILL say DC counts as MD? How do we go about convincing the
rule-makers to change this?

I'm still running WF1B in the shack. Now if I can just find that ancient copy
of WT4I's Cabrillo tools, so I can convert the log . . .

Tim, N4GN
WO4O   Single Op LP   16,9322007-07-22 18:46:10
RiC Tn
VE2FU   Single Op LP   19,0002007-07-22 19:04:49
AT start of the contest I though I had the wrong time or weekend... took 8 mins
to make 1 QSO ... so went back to work outside !

Thanks for all QSO's and Mult... hope the QC multiplier was helpfull !
General feeling ... turn your antennas more N-E !
I missed my old 40M antenna... but had fun on all bands this time.
73' Phil VE2FU
EQSL ready
W9ILY/Ø   Single Op LP   22,7762007-07-22 19:35:00
Thanks to all who copied my rather poor signal from ND. I hope that I was able
to help some with their WAS awards for RTTY. Due to high winds, I was not able
to install two antennas that I had planned on. In fact, the wind actually blew
down one of them several times. I decided to try the mobile single band
antennas on the trunk of my car with a long feed line from the hotel room.
So,you worked me when I was using a ProAm mobile antenna, about three feet
above the ground! It was amazing that I was able to confirm QSOs with G4, S5,
F6, KP4 and KH6 as well as NA. Thanks!
W6YX   M/2 LP   137,8832007-07-23 01:12:23
Thanks to all of you for the contacts and the willingness to QSY to other

Despite the pathetic solar conditions SFI=66, A=15, K=2 during the contest, we
ended up with our highest 20m, 40m, and 80m QSO totals ever in a summer NAQP
RTTY. However, propagation on 10m and 15m simply did not favor the west coast
this time. Comparing just 10m and 15m, we are down a combined 167 QSOs and 36
mults compared with last summer's NAQP RTTY! This year, we heard the midwest
and east coast having a good time working each other on 10m and 15m throughout
the day.

W1UE/VE1 and KH6FI were our first two QSOs on 15m at the start of the contest,
but conditions ended up being spotty and funky. VE6, VE7, and Utah were all
loud on 15m, but the population centers in the US were in and out all day. We
could hear better than we were heard. We repeatedly called several stations on
15m who CQ'd in our face. Some finally heard us a few hours later.

10m was open at times. Mike regularly checked the band and the 10m beacons.
During the 20Z hour, we contacted TN and NC. The best opening was between
21:30Z and 22Z, working loud stations in TX, AZ, and FL. We tried passing
dozens of stations from 20m to 10m, but few were successful. Our recent line
noise problem on 10m may have hurt us on mults.

Our main 20m beam developed infinite SWR. Going back to it later would yield a
couple of transmissions before the infinite SWR came back again.

During the week leading up to the contest, I upgraded Writelog on our four
machines to the latest version so we could take advantage of the %Z function
across the network. I was apprehensive that something else might break in the
process, but in fact, Writelog was rock solid as usual, without any crashes or
network disconnects. %Zx1 worked great, and I suspect we'll be using it in
other contests.

Congrats to the N0NI team on their M/2 score. We had won the NAQP RTTY M/2
competition 5 times in a row at W6YX, and it was time for another station to
enjoy the M/2 plaque.

-Dean - N6DE
K5PI   Single Op LP   11,9252007-07-23 05:25:57
I just had a few hours to operate, so I got on from home rather than making the
trek to W5KFT. I was pleasantly surprised by conditions on 10 and 15.
VY2LI   Single Op LP   6,9022007-07-23 09:20:30
Summer contesting is really difficult for me...many visitors,summer
socializing,etc.Got off the golf course about the time the contest started and
was not able to get started until after 24:00,then had to get station
organized,Writelog booted,etc.After that, I was pretty well whipped and didn't
have much left in the tank;in fact, I had to catch a cat nap around 23:30
local,so my rates were really miserable.Hope we were able to add the VY2 mult
to your log,73,Bill
W4VIC   Single Op LP   22,6242007-07-23 10:30:19
NAQPRTTY Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2007-07-17

CallSign Used : W4VIC
Operator(s) : W4VIC

Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : VIC VA
Gridsquare : FM16WT

Name : Vic Culver
Address : 1020 Lyndhurst Place
City/State/Zip : Virginia Beach VA 23464
Country : USA

ARRL Section : VA
Club/Team : Potomac Valley Radio Club -- PVRC TEAM #1
Software: N1MM Logger V7.7.2

Band QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 30 30 18
7 65 65 25
14 102 102 35
21 10 10 9
28 17 17 14
Total 224 224 101

Score : 22,624

Antennas : FORCE 12 C-4, 80 METER DIPOLE (30 FEET HIGH)


I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2007-07-22 Signature : /VIC/
K4DLI   Single Op LP   33,2752007-07-23 12:16:24
First QSO Party ever entered. Had fun with RTTY. Will try to make more RTTY
N1MGO   M/2 LP   70,2422007-07-24 04:42:10
Great fun! We ran Field Day style, from a hunting camp in VT. Found out that
the generator could not operate both stations at 100 watts, it would cause the
computers to reboot, so ran at 50 watts. That sure made 80mtrs interesting!
Was great to hear a lot of the usual calls for a RTTY contest, had not been on
the air for a while!
Name used: Bambi (from a hunting camp in the Green Mountains, what else!)
Equipment: IC-756 P2, IC-7000, 80mtr dipole, 40mtr dipole and a G5RV type
multiband dipole, all hung from the trees around the camp.
Software: WriteLog, on a laptop and desktop networked togather.

All worked flawlessly, except the 1kw generator should have been at least
1.5kw. Next time I will get more generator!

Thanks for all the contacts, and especially putting up with the weak signal on

N1MGO - Gordon, and KT1I - Charlie -- untill next year! ( and no we don't do
VT in the winter!!)
VE4EAR   Single Op LP   20,4702007-07-24 05:32:46
Part time effor! Only so much radio time allowed on a hot summer weekend.
Bouncing betweeen this and the CQWW VHF event.

Had to QRT early due to thunderstorms in the area,
W6KY   Single Op LP   22,1942007-07-24 12:22:05
1st Hour, 14 QSO's... Switched rig from SWR to ALC. Yikes! Little or no ALC.
Cranked up the audio and off and running.. Basically lost an hour.. Was running
PSK B4 NAQP started and WinPsk takes very little drive compared to MMTTY...Lots
of RTTY fun.. N1MM flawless.. 73 es CU in the CW/SSB NAQP's... Art W6KY
N3CHX   Single Op LP   14,6912007-07-25 12:07:46
Operated using ICOM IC-746 @ 100 Watts to either Inverted Vee or Sloper Dipole.
10 Meters open ~ 250 miles for a short time. 80 meter reception was poor so
did not operate on 80. Heard no RTTY on 160 Meters at all! Because of back
problems could not sit for long periods so had to take four 45 to 55 minute
breaks to rest and finally crashed at 03:49 on Sunday morning, but did have a
good time overall. Need to elevate my Inverted Vee antenna apex since the
original 150 foot tree came down and it is only at about 30 foot at the apex at
present! After 22 months of contesting i'm starting to get the hang of it!
Thanks to the excellent articles in the National Contest Journal I've learned a
lot of Tips Tricks and Techniques from Gary W9XT and Don AA5AU. So even at 65
i'm really starting to dig contesting! 73's from N3CHX
AA4LR   Single Op LP   50,4212007-07-26 18:15:39
Cushcraft A3S/A743 at 15m (40m-10m)
80m doublet at 10m (80m)
Shunt-fed 15m tower (80m)

Elecraft K2/100 w/ KAT100 running 50 watts (with supplemental cooling fan)
Steam-powered Toshiba laptop


A personal best in the NAQP RTTY! My goal was to make 50,000 points and perhaps
120 mults. Rate wasn't quite as good as I had expected, but certainly made up
for it in mults. 10 meters! At the bottom of the sunspot cycle, 10 meters was a
pleasant surprise.

The high bands were remarkably short at the start of the contest. I may have
spent too much time on 10 and 15m before moving to 20m in retrospect, as 20m
was going long when I got there around 2000z.

CQing was only modestly productive. Part of this may be the 3 dB disadvantage I
have with the K2/100. Even with supplemental cooling, the K2 is only good for
about 50 watts on RTTY. The supplemental fan worked well, as the internal fan
only came on intermittantly.

Only took one off time, at 2258z. This turned out to be a good strategy, as the
Rate really dropped in after 0400z. Was surprised at the few stations on 40m at

Worked several five-banders: N0NI, KE9S, N2WK, W3LL. Managed to find my
teammates K1ZZI and K4DLI on several bands, but didn't hear Tad WF4W. Hope he
made it on the air. Funny that the last station I worked was KO1H -- I had
heard him on several other bands, usualling S & Ping ahead of me. Glad to get
the RI multiplier on one band.

The only state I lack a confirmation for RTTY is Nevada. Did not work a single
Nevada station during the NAQP. Does no one in NV run RTTY?

Was surprised at the number of stations calling CQ who were completel DEAF.
Even though they showed good signals at my station, they would CQ in my face
when I (or even others) called. Perhaps they were too busy with the second
radio, or were on a bathroom break. I suspect they weren't listening to their
receive audio -- because they should have heard people calling.

Had great fun! Can't wait for the next RTTY contest.
K7ON   Single Op LP   4,4942007-07-27 15:02:41
FT-1000mp, Digikeyer, Writelog, MMTTY, Cushcraft X-9 @ 55'.
WA8RPK   Single Op LP   5,8302007-07-28 13:41:45
hope i got this one right. TOM WA8RPK