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WAE DX Contest, RTTY   2003   Nov 8   Comment Summary

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S51TA   Single Op LP   23,7002003-11-09 12:01:17
Gave out some points

73 Ted,
NNØG   Single Op LP   5,2262003-11-09 13:49:45

ZF2NT   Single Op HP   1,910,5452003-11-09 16:28:25
This is the first serious effort I've ever made in any of the WAE contests,
though I almost always get on for WAE CW and try to give out a few points. I
never realized how many people out there dislike the whole QTC issue so
intensely until I tried begging for QTCs myself. I actually think it's kind of
a fun thing, but it does seem to bother some people. (Those people are called
"DXers"--and they're cranky about everything.)

Thanks to all the people who moved for me and put up with my QTC struggles. It
was a fun weekend. Last year's record provided a good set of targets for me
this weekend. The only one of those targets I couldn't hit was the 20 mult
number...but then I don't depend on packet here. (Another subject altogether.
Why do the Europeans all all allow packet in their contests? I really think
packet-cluster is on the same moral plane as kiddie porn, only maybe a little
worse worse.)
VE3XD   Single Op LP   190,2602003-11-09 16:40:21
Limited time to operate this one due to the first grandaughter's baptism and a
celebration of the in-laws 65th anniversary, a 350 km roundtrip. Fun to operate
WAE Rtty when I as able. Thanks to all for the Qs and QTCs.

Yaesu Mark V at 100 watts and Cushcraft X7 at 18m.
VA3PC   Single Op LP   100,3602003-11-09 16:49:19
Not sure how that score matrix works, so I put 10 in the total for points.
Thanks to ZF2NT for all 5 bands.
Sorry for calling VE2RYY multiple times on 20m, but I did not have him in the
log from the first call as I could not copy his response due to QRM.
He was a mult too! (darn)
Found a funny output in the cabrillo file, on the QTC's only, it seemed as if
the program changed T's in the calls to 0's, ie. ZF2NT became ZF2N0 and
CT9L became C09L. Hope it was just my program and not a general writelog
problem. The log was ok, just the cabrillo converstion.
Thanks to all for the contacts, sorry I could only operate 15 hours due to work.
'73 Paul
VE9DX   Single Op LP   113,4002003-11-09 16:59:41
Great fun. Sorry I did not have more time to spend in the contest. Was nice to
pick up ZA1A on a couple bands, finally work DP1POL and have other VE9's QRV for
a change. As a rule I miss VE9.
As I run low power, I normally operate high in the band or down at the bottom.
Works for me... Its very obvious any time someone spotted me. The action
Thanks to all who made my weekend interesting.
Logs will be uploaded to LOTW in the morning. 73 Andy
K6OWL   Single Op LP   47,1732003-11-09 17:04:06
I do this one for the QTC's.
WØYR/4   Single Op HP   498,7562003-11-09 17:04:08
No 80M ant, thanks to Hurricane Isabel.
KK6T   Single Op LP   142,2752003-11-09 17:09:49
This was my first time for this contest and had a lot of fun. I would have been
better had I been able to HEAR Europe since this is WAE! Pretty tough from the
west coast. Took a while to get the hang of QTCs but kind of enjoyed them.
Surprised how many contesters DON'T do QTCs! This one is on my calendar for
next year.
WB6BWZ/4   Single Op QRP   18,4472003-11-09 17:18:47

My first WAE RTTY contest.

Best DX: ZL2AMI, my only 10M QSO, 08/2152z. (8100 mi, 1620 mi/watt)

WAC: 3 (NA, SA, OC)

DXCC: 9 unique (CM, HR, K, PY, VE, XE, YV, ZF, ZL)

Yaesu FT-817 QRP xcvr. 5 watts into a 5-MHz OCF 28-gauge insulated wire stealth
antenna up 40 feet in trees next to I-75 in downtown Atlanta industrial area.
SGC SG-237 autotuner. Tigertronics SignaLink SL-1 sound card interface. WriteLog
10.42c with Rittyrite, no CAT interface.

--Matt, WB6BWZ
WO4O   Single Op LP   246,4922003-11-09 17:54:36
First time to diddle in this one. Had another 200 QTCs to send but nobody to
receive... Had fun, nonetheless. TU fer the Qs. 73 Ric Wo4o

VE6YR   Single Op HP   257,9362003-11-09 21:01:48
Thanks for all the QSO's and QTC's.

73 BOB
NP3D   Single Op LP   12,8382003-11-09 21:16:12
Rig: Kenwood TS-570DG, Ant: Inverted Vee
Interesting contest but have no clue what the heck QTC was???
VA7ST   Single Op LP   26,6402003-11-09 21:57:23
Rig : FT920 100w max., N1MM Logger

Antennas : DF4SA Spider Beam @30 ft., G5RV @30 ft., 18AVT/WB trap vertical on

Score total should be correct, but I am not sure how to indicate the "Pts"
column -- software didn't break out the points-by-band or QTC tallies quite the
way this form asks for them. Wasn't hard to count up the QTCs by hand, though.


The entire weekend was tough going here. Had to really work the bands to get
anything. Day 1 was FAR better than Day 2.

Score, mults and QSO counts were all down from last year, despite better metal
in the air. Propagation just wasn't what it was, but I am hoping for a miracle
between now and Nov. 29, hi.

Thanks to a nice run with Japan early Saturday evening on 10 and 15, I managed
to exchange a few QTCs. Signals were quite strong so for a while I made a point
of asking just about anyone I worked. Still wasn't able to send all I had,
although a few who declined RQTC were OK with sending me their QTCs.

Had one computer glitch that lost a QSO with a fine JA operator -- and the 10
QTCs he had sent me. Couldn't recover the info, (must always remember to tell
MMTTY to save to text file) so they're lost for good. Could have used the
points, too!

Had hoped to see 10 and 15 alive again on Sunday afternoon, but both were rather
dead here. 15M sounded to me like it was suffering from PCA absorbtion, with
very little noise, but signals not strong enough to copy. Like someone put a
pillow over the band. Same thing on both the beam and the doublet, so it wasn't
an antenna problem. 10M had more noise, but just as few readable signals.

Took lots of breaks, and closed things out on Sunday afternoon by 22:30z with
half an hour of calling on 20M, netting four or five close-in stations (6s, 7s
and 0s).

Did work ZF2NT as my final QSO at 2227z. I had been hearing him all weekend but
couldn't make the contact happen. Guess he had the beam pointed to the Pacific
Northwest in that last part of the contest -- I tried calling a few times to no
avail, then realized I was on Antenna B (G5RV). Hit the antenna switch and he
heard me first crack with spider beam.

I want to make a special note of thanks to the N1MM development team for their
amazing dedication to this freeware program. It took a lot of time and effort
just to code the WAE QTC functions over the past few weeks. Then, even with the
contest under way, Rick (N2AMG) and Tom (N1MM) continued to release
enhancements. Things aren't yet perfect, but I knew that going in -- and this
contest really put the code through a trial by fire. I, and many others I am
sure, really appreciate the huge amounts of time, effort and expertise being
offered so freely.

See lots of you in SS Phone and then the BIG ONE -- CQWW CW! What a great time
of year!

-- Bud, VA7ST
F6IRF   Single Op HP   1,063,5352003-11-10 03:11:48
Rig: IC706 at 7W - homebrew 2x4CX250 PA - 400W
Antennae: 40/80dipole at 18m AGL - Optibeam OB6-3M (2el/band) at 12m AGL
Writelog 2.10 and MMTTY 1.65 (diversity decoding)

The world may also be divided in 2 by the ones who deal with QTC's and the ones
who don't !!!
My first serious attempt with my modest "domestic station" . I really enjoyed
this contest, for it's originality and the place made to the strategy (unlike a
CQWW). The QTC business is really fun although I had some problems with mixW
(the contest DLL has still some serious bugs, but I love so much the "advanced
waterfall" for S&P).
Could have done better with off-time management, but had to be off for F vs EI
in the Rugby world cup, so missed the JA window on 10m. Heard a few JA's between
the match 2 halves, but they were rare on the air anyway (due to their SSB
contest, I guess).
40m has been my best band, and 20m my worst (NA window far too short from S.E.
France) - Propagation wise the 10m has been surprisingly good with NA(just
missed W7 and the west-most VE's). Like many EU's I have been unable to break
ZF2NT NA pile-up (WAE-TTY rule drawback) on 80, but transatlantic condx remained
poor on 80 anyway, so I focused on 40...
In brief I have just been missing a few more QTC'ers for more points and fun; In
TTY it's no so complicated (have you ever done in by hand in CW?), and it's fun,
so don't be shy and join the "clever half" next year !

Thanks all for QSO's and QTC's and see you in CQWW-CW from 4U1ITU.
73's Patrick

PS: By the way I' m active from 4U1ITU on tty those days - My office is just
accross the street, so basicaly I can be active at Geneva lunchtime (11-13z
window) and after office hours (>1630z). But PLEASE no QSL to my homecall - QSL
route is the usal "official and unique" one: Bureau or PO-Box 6 Geneva.
see for more details.
N1MGO   Single Op LP   354,2882003-11-10 04:19:54
Great fun!! Love the QTC format for this contest. Propagation was interesting,

no asian stations heard, no ja's no vk's. Miss the propagation!
Ran only 19 hours but had a lot of fun, wish I had more time to spend on
10mtr seemed to be open, just not very much activity.
VK4AN   Single Op HP   63,8402003-11-10 05:08:23
1st time in RTTY contest! Had a lot of difficulty with QTC's. Will do it better
next year when I am more experienced. N1MM/MMTTY combo crashed about 20 times!!!
N2WK   Single Op HP   783,7172003-11-10 07:11:55
I worked this year mostly at night. Too many other activities going on during
the day on Sat/Sun. Very laided back effort this year. Congrats to ZF2NT for
breaking my 2002 record. Nice Score!
Tnx for all the Q's and especially those that would TX/RX QTC's.

VE1OP   Single Op HP   1,434,4492003-11-10 08:27:58
This is my favourite contest of the year...QTC's make it fun, 36 hours is
do-able for an old fella like me, lots of multipliers and lots of activity...

The above summary EXCLUDES 21 dupes and INCLUDES weighted mults...I think I did
it correctly, my calculations agree with Writelog anyway...Not a peep here from
VK, ZS or UA9, and only 3 JA areas worked, so the mult count is way down from
where I would have liked...

Still lots of "SRI, NO QTC's" received, but I think that will lessen as this
contest gets peoperly supported by more software...I hope so anyway...

Lots of nice scores, will be interesting to see how this shakes out in the

73, Scott VE1OP
GUØSUP   Single Op LP   341,8362003-11-10 08:42:38
Great fun! I love QTC's!!!
DL4RCK   Single Op LP   202,2102003-11-10 10:30:55
73 de Walter, DL4RCK
HB9CZF   Single Op LP   306,5322003-11-10 12:13:25
more on

73 de Dominik, HB9CZF
LZ2BE   Single Op HP   3,4722003-11-10 12:59:40
Thanks to Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines for flight overbooking! I spent most
of the contest time at the airports of Brussels, Frankfurt and Muenchen. Sunday
morning I arrived at last in Sofia...
73 and CU next contest!
WØETC   Single Op HP   108,0452003-11-10 13:02:23
Spent a few hours in this event testing out the partially completed rebuild of
the contest computer. All seemed to be working OK with the exception of the
operator. It still will not read my mind when I press F1 by mistake and send
the F4 message I'd intended to send.

Once I finally got it configured properly, MMTTY 1.65 with WriteLog was slightly
better than the DXP-38 on receive decoding.

73 W0ETC
KØFJ   M/S HP   442,6622003-11-10 14:15:15
Very little EU here on Sunday. The QTCs make this an interesting, different
contest. BJ increased power on 10M then smelled something 'hot'. Turned out to
be FJ's turkey in the oven for the church Thanksgiving dinner. If you must have
a false alarm, it should always be as pleasant......
AD6WL   Single Op HP   3,3002003-11-10 14:25:14
Could only squeez in the last hour of the contest. I forgot how much fun this
contest is. I hope that next year I can work more time.
VA3DX   Single Op LP   900,0162003-11-10 19:02:48
What a blast ! Condx seemed poor at times and great at other times.
It was nice to get some sleep at night and start refreshed.
No failures or TVI complaints, even had a TV for the hockey and football
games. Rareish best DX was C31PM calling me, lack of Africans, only 2 VK's,
2 ZL's and no ZS's...... Did well with JA's on 10 thru 20 mtrs. Got my
10 mtr JA's right at the start of the test. UA9 and UA0 one of each.

Using WF1B 5.02 so I didnt have a handle on my Mults as it does not count
the call area mults at all. My score jumped alot once all of them were
considered. The old Hygain 4O2BA 40 mtr 2 el yagi ( bought in 1981 ) still
gets out FB at 85 ' ., and the KT34XA holds it own at 74'.
80 meters was dismal, only off-continent dx was CO8ZZ and ZF2NT.

Got serious with QTC's this year, and ended up asking almost everyone for
them or to send them. WF1B works great with the qtcs....

A very enjoyable weekend on RTTY !! Glenn VA3DX
K4RO   Single Op HP   99,9992003-11-10 21:37:36
No idea on score. Software didn't support QTC's.
Just tried to hand out as many QSOs as time permitted.


-Kirk K4RO
9A5W   Single Op HP   1,670,7152003-11-11 01:37:39
After multi time in WAE CW for the first time I took part in RTTY part.
Sending QTC instead only receive is good advantage in contest rules.
But problems came after 14 hours in contest with realy a good scoring.
My PC was blocked,without any start again. Such failure in my long contesting
experience I never had. After 30 minutes I got files on the screen but without
any trace of QTC files.So I lost cca 300 QTC points.
Sorry to those who I asked QTC , and answering me: QTC exchange was done.
That was the resaon. The lesson is - next time I will have back up recording
on another device permanently.
ON4ADZ   Single Op LP   382,9682003-11-11 05:11:26
This is a nice contest. The qtc stuff is fun and strategic for the score.
Next time I will be qrv for 36 hour run.

The condx where not so well but the qso rate was not low at all.

The equipment and software (writelog mmtty combo) was working fine again.

Congrats to the contest organisers for the web publications of the results and
feedback with a very nice brochure !
I was qrv during WAE contest in cw, ssb and rtty modes.

SN5Z(SQ5IRO)   Single Op HP   257,1802003-11-11 12:23:13
Station : FT-920
Antenna(s): 5elm. for 20/15 m, 6elm. for 10m, dipol's for 80 and delta for
40 m
Operators: Mark SQ5IRO
Remarks: good contest, i like this games :))))) de 73 !!
ZL2BR   Single Op LP   298,0342003-11-11 21:09:39
And wasn't it good fun, got enough contest 'fix' to keep me going until the
CQWWCW. Would have liked more contacts, more qtc's, more mulitipliers, more
power, bigger and higher antennas, perfect propagation and rules that favour
stations in remote parts of the globe like me, but..........

73 de Frank ZL2BR
YL7A(YL2GM)   Single Op HP   859,9502003-11-12 03:27:18
I like WAE contest.
This year I start 12:00 on Sunday,because my best schoolfriend have 50th
birthday on Friday.
G3URA   Single Op LP   8,6522003-11-12 04:13:15
Missed this one last year due to the QTC things but decided to have a bash this
time after lots of 'coaching' from Phil, GU0SUP, and others. Tried to copy some
QTCs that others were sending but failed miserably. Watched ZF2NT ask at least
15 EU stations to accept his QTCs but each one said no.. When he did find a
victim I tried to copy the QTCs as practice (using RCKRtty) What a mistake! By
the time I had 2 QTCs in the boxes, albeit the wrong boxes, he had finished and
was on his next QSO! Tried again later with another station and got 3 QTCs in
the wrong boxes, half my screen a nice shade of blue and the rig automatically
sending "I am QRV" over and over again.. At this point I set up a "Sri no QTC"
Macro but did not have to use it, as, with running low power, I am not strong
enough for people to ask!
If I play next time it, I think it will just be to improve on my QSO total..
73s.. Dick..
SV1DPI   Single Op LP   47,9612003-11-12 09:06:07

ANT 2 EL QUAD (10-15-20M)- DIPOLE (40M) - LONG WIRE (80M)
PWR 100W
SQ9UM   Single Op LP   12,5442003-11-13 05:21:40
It was big pleasure to give out some points....
CU in the next competition...

73! Alex SQ9UM
7S6N(SM6CNN)   Single Op HP   684,8822003-11-14 07:23:31
Z31MM(@Z37M)   M/S HP   1,288,6482003-11-14 11:13:04
Station Description: Yaesu FT 1000 mp + PA 500 w.
Antenna(s): 3 el. beam /10-15-20/, delta loops /40-80/

Afilation: Z30M Contest team

Remarks: Same problem as last year with write log. We louse again abt
90 qtc's. Dont ask how, beceuse we dont know too HI. Condx was poor to
USA on high bands both days. We didnt work to many USA's just big guns.
Also we missed to work more multipliers and to colect more qtc's. But
the very useual answer from the DX station was "please not qtc" HI. Any
how we have a lot of fun and of course see you next year. Thanks to all
who call us, and tnx to DARC for the nice rtty contest
SN5N(SP5KP)   Single Op HP   10,5002003-11-16 05:29:00
Vy 73!


SP5KP/SN5N in contest/
F6IFY   Single Op LP   31,4582003-11-17 08:18:42
Station Description: Tentec Omni6
Antenna(s): fb23 + Dipoles

73's de Philippe - F6IFY
VA3XRZ   Single Op LP   23,7072003-11-20 18:52:15
Crappy conditions made this my worst WAE ever.

TS-830S running 20W
R5 and 40/80m DP
N1MM Logger 3.0.112

73 de Julio VA3XRZ
VE3GSI   Single Op HP   549,2522003-11-24 17:45:13
I had a lot of fun sending and receiving QTCs.
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   Single Op LP   747,1622003-11-25 07:32:59
TS850SAT 100W
A3s 3ele yagi;half sloper 80/40
WF1B v502

Amazing contest! Was pleased to send/rec QTC's with my tiny signal.
Heard but not worked on 80M : CO8ZZ,N5TY,ZF2NT-Very strong.
After being called from me for 10 min. on 40,Z31MM says QSO B4 and
no more response...Sorry we have not qso on 40...a easy mult lost
by my side :((. 73 to all and tnx for QSO/QTC's de Nasko,LZ9R
W4UK   Single Op HP   329,7452003-12-08 07:54:15