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All Asian DX Contest, CW   2013   Jun 15   Comment Summary

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KH7Y   SOAB HP   55,4042013-06-15 19:25:37
Was only able to spend a few hours in the chair this year. Conditons good on 15
meters, with fair rates.
K4WW   SOAB HP   7,7002013-06-16 06:11:28
100% S/P.
WJ9B   SOSB/40 HP   49,9262013-06-16 07:58:28
Good one!

73, wj9b
DL7BY   SOSB/15 LP   26,1362013-06-16 10:35:53
Moderate condx,but 10 mtrs-band was again dead. So I worked only on 15 mtrs.

ANT: Cushcraft A4s & R7
Log: UCX-LOG 7.27 by DL7UCX

Tanks for the QSOs!!
Cu in IARU

73s Ben - DL7BY-
LY7Z   SOAB LP   92,5122013-06-16 12:26:59
FT897 + tribander and wires


73 Andy LY7Z
W4BQF   SOAB HP   43,3102013-06-16 12:53:13
One thing I really like about this contest is the professional conduct of all of
the JA operators. It sure makes the AA a lot of fun to operate. Band conditions
were good only for 15m here in south Georgia, local QRN got pretty bad on the
lower frequencies.
Thanks for all of the Q's and 73,

Tom - W4BQF
ZW7REF(@PR7ZAJ)   M/S HP   31,1362013-06-16 13:39:44
RIG: TS-850S
ANT: R-9
PA: Cyclone 2000 (@400w)

Bad propagation, few stations arriving... poor conditions. I have observed all
competition rules as well as all regulations established for amateur radio in
my country. My report is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree
to be bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.
N6SS   SOSB/40 HP   64,2202013-06-16 14:23:21
Rig: K3, Alpha 99
Ant: M2 4 el stack, 22/46m

Tough DXing on 40m this time of year. Looking forward to improved condx in the

Pres, N6SS
OK8DD   SOAB HP   76,8322013-06-16 14:25:13
FT-950 barefoot on 20-10, on 80&40 + KPA500
20,15,10: ECO Asay Tribander
80,40: Linear loaded vertical (PA3HBB idea

Many thanks for the QSOs

73, Romas - OK8DD
N3QE   SOAB HP   37,8422013-06-16 14:36:37
Wow, was 15 good!
N6RO   SOSB/160 HP   122013-06-16 14:38:59
160m was quiet (sun was up to the eastern T-storms), but no propagation. On
Saturday morning I logged JE1ZWT and 7M4CLF. Heard traces of RT0C and a few
characters of JAs below the noise, even with diversity RX. Condx even worse
Sunday morning, nothing worked. Bad time of year for 160m, but somebody has to
do it!
W7RN(K5RC)   M/S HP   255,1322013-06-16 15:11:21
First chance to test he stacked 3el 80M beams and the 6/6/6/6 on 10 and 15.
Tough to evaluate when there is less than 3 hours of darkness common to JA and
W7. 80M stack was awesome. 15M stack lived up to its design criteria and blew
away our other antennas. 10M hardly opened and the switch box was not working

All in all, great fun
DF1LX   SOAB LP   24,3862013-06-16 15:13:04
Test my new TRX TS-590S - LP and only parttime - but ok - was fun on 40m with my
vert. delta loop.
W2UP   SOAB LP   133,1202013-06-16 15:59:01
After 40 years operating from the east coast and 3 years from Colorado, it's
still a thrill to work loud JAs without polar flutter. OTOH, west Asia (4X,
A6, etc.) was tough from here as it passes through the auroral zone. 15m was
excellent to JA on Saturday, but 20m was poor. 40m was excellent on Sunday
morning (local time), but after 40 closed, there was nothing on the high bands,
so I called it a day.

I operated remotely from my Denver-area condo using W0DLE's fine station,
located in the mountains about 70 miles SW of me. We ran a TS480, powered by
wind and solar (he is "off the grid") with Kenwood ARCP480 computer
interface software and N1MM in a VNC window. We still have occasional audio
dropouts and connection loss, but it is much better with this configuration
than Remoterig. Antennas used this weekend included a 2 el 40m phased array at
100 ft, 5/5 on 20m at 35/90 ft, 6 el on 15m at 75 ft, all fixed on JA; and a TH7
at 45 ft pointed at the middle east.

Barry W2UP
W6SX   SOAB HP   13,8132013-06-16 16:02:50
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM.
XV4Y   SOAB LP   22,2952013-06-16 16:05:36
Only a small participation for me but a lot of fun. Condx were bad for short
haul but good for DX.
VE3GTC   SOSB/15 LP   1962013-06-16 17:04:50
Found some time late in the contest to get on the radio an found a number Asian
stations on 15M that were stronger than any US station that I could hear.
Interestingly, only Japan and Asiatic Russia, no VK or ZL or other.
N2NC   SOAB LP   2,4382013-06-16 17:05:35
Great 15m condx. I could hear JAs all day on Sunday.

100W to 80m dipole.
K6KR   SOAB HP   85,0772013-06-16 17:07:18
Used packet cluster. 15 meter beam fixed on Africa, rotator installation next
W1UJ   SOAB HP   8,9102013-06-16 17:08:24
Freshly repaired Titan Amplifier, have not been QRO for many months.
Replaced all PL-259 Jumpers in 2-radio setup through the weekend. It made a

K3- 4el Steppir stuck WNW, 1500w, N1MM Logger
N5AW   SOAB LP   86,7472013-06-16 17:10:57
W4IX   SOSB/15 HP   49,3922013-06-16 17:11:17
WOW!!! Unbelievable...never worked so many Asian stations before...I wish we had
condx like this during CQWW & ARRL Tests. Thanks for an enjoyable contest
and super activity. This was a semi serious operation, wish I had more power
than 500w, oh well. Nice having stuff like A52 calling you on a run. So many
nice mults this weekend. Thanks to everyone. I don't think 15 meters closed at
all from here. I went to bed at 2 AM and woke up at 5AM both days and there
were still stations from both Europe and Asia on the band..incredible.
Kenwood TS-940
Dentron 160-10L @ 500 watts
TH7DX at 40 feet.

73's John
K7WP   SOAB HP   91,6532013-06-16 17:11:22
FT1000MP/ AL811H/ Force12 6BA @ 45'/ N1MM

Limited time, but always a fun contest...thanks for all the Q's and courtesy!

John K7WP ..
Go AZ Outlaws...!
N2MM   SOAB HP   94,5522013-06-16 17:13:09
Only a two band contest from the East coast....Way too early for me to get up
for 40m. 15m was awesome...The band never closed! Of course 10m never

Thanks for the QSOS. All will be uploaded to LOTW
N7IR   SOAB LP   21,3902013-06-16 17:13:59
Spent a few hours on both days in this one. There were some good openings to
central Asia and the Middle East Sunday on 15 meters.
Thanks and 73
Gary, N7IR
SK2T(SM2LIY)   SOAB HP   328,7902013-06-16 17:18:36
Nice conditions, especially on 15m.
Surprised to have a JA opening in the middle of night on 10m on late saturday
evening. Probably sporadic e.

IC756PRO III + ACOM 1000
10/15/20 4 el
40/80/160 wires.

73 Per SM2LIY
OP4K   SOAB HP   319,5502013-06-16 17:18:46
More than a serious effort in this great contest.
Propagation on Saturday was just fine but on Sunday not really good.
Amazed to see 15m open both evenings till late 00.00 local or 22:00 UTC.
10m did not open and 40 / 80m was not productive.
The best band was definitely 15m.

Yaesu FTDX-5000MP
Acom 2000A running 1.5kW
Optibeam OB18-6 at 50m / 170ft
Inverted Vee dipole for 80m at 50m / 170ft
Inverted L with 1 radial for 160m

Thanks to all for the QSO's and sorry to have missed some of you guys.
73 de Joe OP4K
K1TN   SOAB HP   14,1902013-06-16 17:24:19
135-foot doublet at 30 feet AGL; 500 watts.

I don't have software for this contest so do not have multiplier breakdown. And
the total multiplier is probably a little off. One of the great things about
modern Cabrillo Contesting is that the contest sponsors do have the software to
figure out your log.

15 Meters was pretty good. What I would give for even a small triband beam on
the roof. Wisconsin is not optimum for any DX contest, but I do get a kick out
of once in a while beating a West Coast station to the east, and an East Coast
station to the west.

All S&P except for one CQ on 20 and one on 15. I'm just not loud enough to
attract any attention.

To me, in this contest every contact was real DX -- distance. That includes all
the JA and UA0 stations, too. Pretty cool to work China (4 of them), Thailand
(2), UAE, Mongolia (2 bands), Philippines.

True to form, I called 9M6XRO twice before I remembered that's Oceania. Sorry!

Jim Cain
At The K1TN/9 Superstation
HI3LFE   SOAB LP   6002013-06-16 17:24:20
RIG: Yaesu FT-900
Antena: Dipolo G5RV
AA3B   SOAB HP   100,2242013-06-16 17:25:12
Nice conditions, especially on Sunday!
CX2BR   SOAB LP   2,4842013-06-16 17:26:11
Club/Team : LU Contest Group
Software : N1MM Logger V13.6.0

Band QSOs Pts WPX
7 3 3 3
14 28 28 25
21 21 21 17
28 1 2 1
Total 53 54 46

Score : 2.484
K7IA   SOAB HP   2,0092013-06-16 17:31:44
There wasn't much op time available for this one, owing to the presence of a
large forest fire (called the Silver Fire) that began nine days ago only a few
miles from our QTH (boundary is only 3 miles at present). We spent the week
gathering up and relocating the "important stuff" to safety and
watching the progress of the growing numbers of firefighters in the battle
(presently over 600 here, despite numerous other western states wildfires).

For the past several days the fire moving in our direction has been
significantly slowed by relatively cool temps, especially at night, elevated
humidity (by New Mexico standards) at night, fire burning downhill,
encountering more and more dispersed scrub (as opposed to tightly-packed mixed
conifers at the mountain peaks where the fire began), and moving against the
prevailing southwesterly winds.

We're not "out of the woods" yet, but yesterday we retrieved a few
"essentials," like Erin's sewing machine and related stuff, and
enough control boxes to put a K2 on the air today.

It was good to have some time away from thinking about fires and defensive
perimeters, etc. 20m was so-so today, but 15 was quite busy with strong Asian
signals. It's nice to work the young chaps! I suppose they all have
smartphones and other electronic toys, but they also get amateur licenses, get
on the air, and become sharp CW ops, things we don't see very much of in North
America. Average age of ops I worked = 54.18 (I worked no
"zero-zero" ops).

Thanks to the participants for the nice little break in the local action for

dan k7ia
JA1BPA   SOSB/10 HP   34,1702013-06-16 17:32:57
Hmm... Interesting propagation on 10mb, to say the least...

This was a part-time effort due to work commitments. I chose 10mb to test my
new antenna system.

The highlights were working ZW7REF and several northern Europeans including
MD0CCE (very strong at times) between 1200~1330 UTC, and then working northern
Europe again just after the sunrise around 2100~2200 UTC, both on Saturday. I
could not believe my ears when G3SED called me at 2144 UTC. Never in my radio
life of more than 30 years, had I worked the UK on 10mb around the local
sunrise. This is generally a time for North/South America on 10mb.

The propagation on Sunday was poor with many European signals arriving via a
skewed path from the Indian Ocean. I called LX7I, OL7O and OK1NG for new
multipliers, but they never heard me.

Thank you for picking up my signal. I will be operating 8N1HQ from Kimitsu
City (@JG1ZUY) on 15mb SSB as part of the IARU HF Championship JARL HQ team.
Looking forward to seeing you all then!

Best 73,

Icko, JA1BPA
WQ6O(N6RO)   SOSB/10 HP   5,8482013-06-16 17:38:03
Band not open first day, had music job Saturday. Band opened at JA sunrise on
Sunday, so got on for the last four hours. Bad QSB and power line noise made
for difficult copy at times, but some JA signals got up to S9. I'll take those
condx in any contest these days!

5/5 yagi stack; K3, Alpha 76
K9NW   SOAB LP   4402013-06-16 17:43:05
Some token QSOs. Nice condx....wish I'd have had more time to play this time.

73, Mike K9NW
N2CU   SOAB HP   10,2832013-06-16 17:56:07
Less than three hours, but it was all fun. 15m was wonderful Sunday morning but
I couldn't put much time in, Father's Day and all...

K3, L7 @ 1kW, TH6DXX @ 48', N1MM.

Tom N2CU <><
N9NA   SOSB/20 HP   6382013-06-16 17:59:32
Operating remote from Illinois, USA.
N3RD   SOAB HP   49,1312013-06-16 18:06:18
Failed to remember that this was AA CW weekend until Saturday afternoon. Oops.
Father's Day commitments consumed most of Sunday. When I was on, 15m was the
best band.
CX2DK   SOSB/20 HP   18,6182013-06-16 18:43:50
My first AA cw...

I enjoyed and learned a lot.
Happy with the XW & 9V qso, my first time!

Marcelo CX2DK
K7RL   SOAB HP   222,9002013-06-16 18:45:43
Very fun contest with good conditions all weekend. Nice opening Sunday morning
to UA9, UN8, 7Z, 4X, VU and others. Had fun playing DXer and contester. 10m
finally opened to JA Sunday afternoon with building signals until the end.

Thank you to all for Qs.

73 de Mitch, K7RL
ZL1AIH   SOAB HP   194,0492013-06-16 19:10:18
Limited operating time, but a very enjoyable contest - great to work a JH1 who
is only 10 years old.

K3, HB amp 1kW, tri-band quad at 15m.

73, Ken ZL1AIH
K6OK   SOSB/15 LP   5,3012013-06-16 19:21:38
A fun part-time effort, 3 sessions of 2 hours each. Single band 15m, 2 el Moxon
at 30 feet, Kenwood TS-590 @ 100 watts. Good conditions. I was happy to work
many JA's as well as HL, BY, BV, UN, UA, JT.

The average age of all stations worked was 53. The oldest was 75, while the
youngest was 19.
KU8E   SOAB LP   9,5702013-06-16 19:42:28
Very nice conditions on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Best conditions I have
seen to Southeast Asia in awhile. 15 and 20 meters were open to Asia almost all
night long until around noon on Sunday morning. Pretty cool to work HS,9V,BY,JT
and BV running just 100 watts to a wire antenna. Also worked a DU and 9M6 even
though they don't count as Asia. Heard a lot of other stuff I couldn't work
like 9M2, XW and XV. James,9V1YC, was very loud on 15 meters at 12:30 AM local
time here on Sunday morning but couldn't break thru. Also heard him on 20 but
the pileup was too big. Finally worked him around 11 AM local on 15 meters and
he was almost 20 over on 15 CW.

Rig : Icom IC756PRO2 - 100 watts

130 foot long center fed zepp @ 50 feet NW/SW
40 meter dipole @ 40 feet NW/SE
20 meter dipole @ 40 feet NW/SE

Jeff KU8E
N9RV   SOAB HP   379,1222013-06-16 19:54:39
All bands were open here. Even heard JK1YMM on 160 using the TX antenna but he
didn't hear me. Signals were super weak on 10, but it was fun to work
something there in June.

The big surprises were 20 and 40. 20 was a lot better than I've ever heard it,
with booming signals and decent rate. Signals were booming on 40, too, but
never really set the band on fire there. I guess it would help if I got out of
bed in the morning.

Thanks for a great contest.
AI6O   SOAB HP   9752013-06-16 20:14:58
15 meters was the best both days for the few minutes I was able to work the
test. It's a fun contest.
NI7R   SOAB HP   26,2602013-06-16 20:25:40
K3, AL-811H, portable vertical with metal ladder as counterpoise

My problem was that I kept running out of stations to work, especially Sunday
afternoon. Every time a new station was picked up by the skimmer, I was there
calling. My antenna limited me to mostly S&P. When I tried to run, only one
or two stations would call me. It was a fun contest, but band conditions could
have been better.
VA7ST   SOAB HP   73,1322013-06-16 20:41:31
2013 SFI=111 A= 3 K=1
2012 SFI=140 A=20 K=4
2011 SFI=104 A= 6 K=2
2010 SFI= 69 A= 2 K=1
2009 SFI= 69 A= 0 K=0

Better bands warranted a bit more time this year than previous years. The
result was a good improvement over previous best performance (2011). 15M was
much better over the pole than 20M, but 20M was still the production band with
a lot more JA activity.

40M didn't impress, and 80M wasn't nearly as productive as I had hoped.

Thanks for the QSOs. See you all in RAC Canada Day July 1.

-- Bud VA7ST

Year Qs Mult Score
2013 385 188 73,132 HP 11 hrs
2012 181 87 15,747 HP 4 hrs
2011 217 118 27,258 HP 8 hrs
2010 127 83 10,541 HP 6 hrs
2009: 110 56 6,048 HP 5 hrs
2008: 119 68 8,092 HP 5 hrs
2007: 64 42 2,688 HP 4 hrs
2006: 74 51 3,774 LP 5 hrs
2005: 23 20 460 LP
2004: --
2003: 49 36 1,764 LP20
2002: 87 63 5,480 LP
W4GV   SOAB HP   9,3792013-06-16 20:56:05
Just a very part time effort and all S&P. Was in and out of the shack all
weekend and would sit down occasionally for 30 or 40 minutes to see what was
on. 15 was the band - open every time I checked. 20, less so. Only 3
countries worked on 20 and 14 on 15 meters. Other bands were non-existent
although I did listen often. Managed one new country(Singapore twice) and 7
new band/countries.
As would be expected, JA's filled a large part of the log - 66% of the total
Q's with similar percentages for both bands. Next most popular was Asiatic
Russia with abt 18.5% of the Q's. Next was Thailand with a total of 3 Q's for
less than 3%.
Other prefixes worked included 4L, 5B, A6, A7, BV, BY, HL, JT, UN, and XW.

Rig - FTDX-9000D, Alpha 9500, Mosley PRO-67B, microHam Digi Keyer II and
Writelog ver 11.11C.

All in all an enjoyable low stress weekend. Every once in a while I'd see a
spot for something I needed and stop the contesting to chase a new (for me)
band/country or just plain country. Thanks for the Q's everyone.
73 es gud DX de Walt -- W4GV
NG7Z   SOAB LP   4,7582013-06-16 21:13:15
Just a little time on Sunday morning. Much to do as we are getting the house
ready for sale.
A65BD(G4BWP)   SOSB/15 HP   446,8792013-06-16 22:18:13
K3 -> SPE 1K
Hexbeam @ 40ft
Inv Vee dipoles @40ft
XWØYJY(E21EIC)   SOAB LP   485,4142013-06-16 22:39:13
Antenna: B&W Dipole @15mH.

73, Champ XW0YJY/E21EIC
HSØZIA   M/S HP   2,437,2402013-06-17 00:54:44
One of my favorite contests. I LOVE the age exchange! Condx seemed pretty good
to me for summer - some decent openings on 10, and 15 seemed to be open just
about around the clock. Participation seemed good too - thanks everyone for the

73 Bob
9V1YC   SOAB HP   1,612,5522013-06-17 01:25:49
Well, that was fun. Conditions were fabulous all around, though 15m decided to
be the Energizer Bunny of bands this year and just never close. The stunning
North America to SE Asia opening on Sunday was easily the best I've heard in 25

Someone really needs to do something about the skimmer/packet zero-beat pileup
problem. What a headache for those of us on the receiving end. And speaking of
skimmers, does anybody out there actually hunt for multipliers on their own
anymore? Has radio contesting degenerated into a point-and-click video game?
K6CSL   SOAB LP   4,6362013-06-17 02:07:23
Wow! A new station record in this event. My next best was 43x39=1,677 in 2012.
The bands seemed to be in fairly good shape for the existing solar conditions.
I did hear a couple of JA's on 80, both nights, but none above 3525. When I
couldn't hear those, W7RN was still down there working them(Big, Big Signal) I
tried 10 several times each day, but found nothing but South and Central
America and a a few Eastern US stations. The only breaks from solid JA's were
BU2AW, RT0C and UA0IDZ on 20 and RV9UP and UA0IDZ on 15. I heard a VR2 on 20,
early Sunday morning but couldn't break the pile-up with 100W and my
"invisible" antennas. It was sure fun though. Bert, K6CSL
VK4QH   SOAB HP   38,2252013-06-17 02:19:15
Did 9 hours on and off over the weekend, too many family commitments to do
anymore, Really enjoyed the CW as only just starting to do cw contests and
still trying to get my speed up.
VE7ACN(@VE7UF)   M/M HP   1,320,7882013-06-17 02:58:33
During the last WPX CW contest VE7ACN, VE7JH and myself decided to inter the
2013 AA CW as a M/M. It has been to many years since my station has gone
all-out in the AA CW.

VE7ACN arrived the day before the contest to help with installing 3 new 5
element 10M monoband antennas. He is right at home on my 170 foot tower. We
only got one installed but we tested the other 2 and refined the installation
method. The station is equipped with a 1956 1 ton Ford bucket truck with
hydraulics which is helpfull for antenna work.

The bands were as expected (fair) the first day but poor on 20 and 15 Saturday
until near dark to JA. Fifteen and 20 were open to JA Sunday but activity was
low since we worked most workable stations before. We only made a few Qs on 10
just before the contest ended and zero Qs on 160. Toward the end of the second
night we heard a loud POP like an amplifier power supply filter capacitor
blowing up and never did find the cause. We managed to have operators on the
open bands most of the time which left us short on sleep, but still going
strong. We are happy with the score. Out thanks go to all that called.

73, Duane VE7UF
W1END   SOAB LP   2,7142013-06-17 03:45:21
I have noticed that over the years the exchange numbers get larger but the
smaller numbers seem to decrease. All S&P. Conditions seemed quite good
both days but running low power is like walking in the middle of a freeway.
Thanks to all. Eldon - W1END
N6KI(@NX6T)   SOAB LP   55,9302013-06-17 03:45:46
Just played around for 6.5 hours to test a newly acquired Ten Tec 418 Amplifier
used with my Elecraft KX3 to boost power form 5 to 100. Plan to use the KX3 as
HF mobile in near future and since Elecraft doesn't have their 100 Watt amp
out yet, the 418 will fill the void. The 418 worked very well and I expect it
will be good in the mobile application. Antennas were 2 El 40 mtr Yagi and 3 El
SteppIR Yagi.
BA4TB   SOAB LP   61,6082013-06-17 04:45:05
Unexpected conditions!
15m was just great,it seems open all night and east coast USA worked easily!
Not much time to operate,spent few hours on 40 and 15m with a 40m dipole.
Unfortunately,SWR was too high on all bands,had to reduce the power to 30-50
It's been a nice weekend to work the world with very low power.

W2CDO   SOAB HP   16,9832013-06-17 04:55:02
Limited first-time operation; unavailable for the great Sunday opening on 15.
New K4KIO hexbeam at 35' worked great. Thanks all for the QSOs.
73, Peter W2CDO
KØLUZ   SOAB HP   43,3092013-06-17 05:11:16
Anytime, day or night, when I checked 15 meters, there was some part of Asia
coming in. Let's bottle that propagation and sell it!
OH5TS   SOSB/15 HP   91,2052013-06-17 05:46:04
Nice conditions but few stations from Asia.
K3, Drake L4B (700 w), JP-2000 tribander @ 18 m.
73, Kari OH5TS
K1LT   SOAB HP   59,3322013-06-17 05:51:35
The All Asian contest is one of my favorites because one can work many
of the more distant locations on the planet. Furthermore, the distant
locations create unique and challenging propagation issues.

This year, propagation seemed to be particularly good, especially on
15 meters. The band stayed open quite late, along with 20 meters. 20
meters was fairly noisy though.

I had new equipment to play with for this test. First, the Elecraft
P3 made band tuning more interesting because I knew what to expect. I
frequently found that the next signal I was tuning towards would
disappear before I got to it. But since I had seen the signal on the
display, I could way for it to return.

Second, the new Alpha 8410 taught me the value of quiet fans, which
the 8410 does not have, The idle mode fan is usually quiet, but
running stations seems to require the amplifier to put its cooling fan
in maximum noise mode. Maybe K8ND will trade the 91B for the 8410.

In years past I was able to make a few contacts on 40 meters, but this
year staying up late made me too sleepy to get up early for the brief
40 meter opening.

Equipment: Elecraft K3, P3, Alpha 8410 (I still have K8ND's 91B),
Cushcraft X7 up 60 feet.
MDØCCE   SOAB HP   135,0002013-06-17 07:13:31
Spare time participation, lots of work around the house and alternating with the
6M Trophy contest during operating time. Nice to hear 10m open to JA, and
interesting to hear 15m open in all directions well into the night while 20m
was marginal at the same time! After the contest, 15m was open to NA,
including the west coast, until at least 3:30 AM local time, when I went to bed
- great stuff!

Rig: FT-5000, Quadra, 4-el SteppIR at 60 feet.
NA8V   SOAB LP   12,7602013-06-17 07:27:53
The "big" stations were very loud, not so many others. 15 was open
all day, pretty amazing. Tried in the middle of the night and right before
sunrise, no luck. 2/3rds of the QSOs were with JA. Not as many UA9/0 as i
expected. Some juicy mults, but several one would expect were missing (for

OH8X(JK3GAD)   SOAB HP   857,9072013-06-17 08:09:31
SSN was just 14 couple of days before the contest. On Thursday, my flight on
domestic leg was cancelled and baggage was lost. So when I arrived station, I
did not expect I made my best score until I switch on the radio and realised
15m was wide open almost 24 hours, like 2010.

I think propagation was good on both days but rate slowed down significantly on
sunday due to the shortage of Asian station. 10m opened to JA but only Saturday
afternoon (towards midnight in JA) produced good run.

At sunrise in JA time, I can hear lots of JA but only worked one. What a
frustrating moment as neither 5 element or 2 elements stack were enough during
the summer in the northern Finland. :-)

Anyway, despite of power line problem week before the contest, station worked
perfectly. Thanks to Radio Arclala members!

Thanks everyone for contacts and see you all in SSB leg in September.

73 Kazu M0CFW, JK3GAD
OK1JOC   SOAB LP   1,4702013-06-17 08:24:35
K6III   SOSB/15 Silver   6262013-06-17 08:52:50
Casual ops
WN6K   SOAB HP   196,8642013-06-17 09:20:33
Since the outside of Asian entries don't have a LP category, I ran my FTdx5000MP
at the whopping output of 200w for this one.

Started out on 15m (after a quick look on 10m revealed -SHHHHHHHHH)and had a
few good runs on Friday evening. Worked until early evening and got some sleep
to get back on in the early morning hours on Saturday morning on 20m.

Saturday afternoon, there were some sporadic openings (for me) on 10m and the
signals were weak and rapid QSB so again spent little time there. 15m did not
sound as good as the first day was but hung there till 20m time... stayed on
till the greyline approached JA and switched to 40m till about 0500 PDT when
sleepiness became the priority.

Since the family had a Father's Day event planned, I hit the sack for a quick
nap and wrapped up this year's entry. Score (for me) was just a bit short of
last year's entry but still had fun all the same.

Since I have been doing mostly JT65 work the past few weeks here, CW was a
lightning mode in comparison. A note about some of the operating here...

I send the 'worked' station's call on my report OUT and find that if I made a
mistake of a letter that the JAs are great about taking the time to correct you
so that your log will be closer to Golden. Although obtaining the Golden Log is
nice, I still always have a few 'scratches on the jewelry' when the UBNs arrive
(don't thing the AA does this though) but getting things 'right' was more of my
goal in this one.

See everyone on in FD (WB6BFG @ Lake Henshaw) next weekend.

WN6K, Paul
HG7T   M/M HP   1,026,5282013-06-17 10:00:21
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
K4EU   SOSB/15 HP   17,9522013-06-17 11:58:53
Wonderful to hear so many excellent signals from Asia on 15m..... Thanks for
all the Q's.... 73....//Steve K4EU
K8MFO   SOAB HP   105,0002013-06-17 12:16:26
Wow! In 55 years of bouncing around 15 meters, I can't recall ever hearing
better conditions than what we had over the weekend! In my limited available
time, I never failed to hear signals, no matter what time of the day. There
has to be an explanation for these sustained super conditions, but I don't have
it. I played on 20 meters at the beginning, and then discovered 15 ... wish I
had been there the whole time.

What a great thrill to have a steady stream of callers. After all these
years it's still very exciting to be called by XV, BY, BV, HS, 9M2, 9V1, UN
UA9/0 and others in Asia. JA stations were still in the majority, but 17
Chinese stations also made it into my log.

Elecraft K-3, Ameritron AL-82 amplifier, Mosley PRO-67B at 117 feet.


K7QQ   SOSB/15 HP   92,9982013-06-17 13:24:43
Band QSOs Pts WPX
21 567 567 164
Total 567 567 164
Score: 92,988
W6FA   SOAB HP   46,4942013-06-17 14:37:32
Sure glad I checked 10 meters the last hour before pulling the plug ! I picked
up 26 more QSOs and 20 more multipliers...

I also worked 4 guys older than me this year...
W1FJ   SOAB HP   58,9962013-06-17 16:36:01
What a difference a year makes. Great condx this year especially 15m. Good
activity from all. Amazed at the runs with a 50'high Skyhawk. Thanks to all for
a lot of fun!
UA9MA   SOAB HP   1,817,2322013-06-17 23:13:09
Great opening 15m ! Lot of fun !
DL8DYL(@DKØKC)   SOAB HP   373,2752013-06-17 23:36:15
This year I took part in the AACW only for fun - I love the exchange, because it
is very interesting to know, how old my QSO-partners are ;-) It makes the
contest more familiar.
It looks like asia only wanted to operate on 15m, there I had nice runs. The
other bands were dispointing.
My own club station DF0SAX is QRT due to vandalism. We want to start at a new
QTH but have to fight with lots of bureaucracy....
Therefore I was very happy to get the chance to operate from the tophill
location of DK0KC - thank you very much, guys!
73 de Irina, DL8DYL
VK6DXI   SOAB HP   579,8002013-06-18 01:11:47
I went down on my previous personal best (2011).
Nothing on 160m, and small activity on 80m.
10m stayed open for not so long.
It was so quiet at times in the middle of both nights here
that I decided to take a nap....
I tried Live Scores for the first time.
Another interesting experience during the contest.
LX7I(DF9TS)   SOAB HP   561,5982013-06-18 01:26:26
Participated to excercise a bit of SO2R.

Congrats to JK3GAD (OH8X) for his score - and his polite way to work multis

Thanks to Philippe / LX2a for providing the station.
VA7DZ   M/S HP   90,6102013-06-18 11:34:23
15 AND 40M were good, 80 and 10 were bad, we ran out of Asians to work
from time to time. Good fun.
JF1SQC   M/S HP   1,994,9282013-06-18 14:46:14
The condx on 15m was really much better than I expected. It was opened all day.

I pretty enjoyed the weekend with one of my oldest ham friends since we were in
the same high school. I thank JF1SQC for his great effort in constructing and
maintaining the wonderful station.

Thank you for all the Q's too. We will be also active in the other AA test on
SSB in September and hope to see you again.

73, Hide JH8KYU
DMØB(DK6XZ)   SOSB/15 HP   9,1592013-06-19 04:05:47
It was a short try of Saturday, early afternoon, to get some Asia stations in
the log. Condx was good only on 15m.

73 Suad, DK6XZ
DM0B - Daimler Sportgemeinschaft Stern Rastatt
DK7YY(@DKØHY)   M/S HP   250,0962013-06-19 08:06:57
Tnx to Helmut, DL5DSM (trusty from DARC local radioklub of Hoyerswerda) for the
possibility to use station and location with clear view to far a way Asia.
Equipment was FT1000 MP + VL1000 + TH11DX.
On 10m no so good propagition to far east from eastern germany. But it was fun
to pick up this three JA calls on there local sun set.

Tnx to all station calling me.
May be next year more.

Falk DK7YY
JA1XRH   M/M HP   2,814,4962013-06-19 20:57:36
I could not use my own callsign because I had to attend the JARL official
meeting on Sunday. So we used JA1XRH instead.
160m and 80m antennas did not worked but QS1R+SkmSrv had real nice job. All 6
PCs were linked and the skimmer data was provided to each band. Thanks for the
QSOs. See you in AA DX SSB as JE1CKA
K6NA   SOSB/40 HP   45,9342013-06-19 21:56:45
I didn't use Internet/cluster for this contest even though the Rules allow it
for Single Op. Just used a single Mark V and the two VFOs w/subreceiver.
Enjoyed the contest but missed a couple of hours of good activity at the start
of the second night.

I think my first entry into the AA contest was about 1967, from Wisconsin!

73, Glenn
9M6XRO   SOAB HP   963,3902013-06-20 04:36:02
My Rig: Transceiver Yaesu FT-1000MP and VL-1000 Quadra Linear @ 400w.
Antennas up 27m (HF) 2-el Lightning Bolt Quad (LF) Butternut HF2V Vert.
SFI was quite low but the band condx were pretty good & 10m was open.
9M6 is Oceania but many NA/EU stations kept calling me because either they
thought 9M6 is in Asia....or perhaps they just needed 9M6!
Anyway, I had to work 100+ NA/EU for ZERO points to stop the QRM..happens every
year. Of course they would get ZERO points for working me as well ;-)
Many thanks to the JARL and contest organisers......73 - John - 9M6XRO
JK1YMM   M/M HP   2,732,7302013-06-20 17:22:11
The condition on 15m band was really great! It was opened all time.
We updated our best score of AA Contest CW.
Thank you for nice QSO on AA contest CW.
See you again AA contest SSB in September.

Best 73!! Mark JG6MDS
C4Z(5B4AIZ)   SOSB/15 HP   433,8752013-06-21 08:06:25
Prior to a couple of weeks ago I had never done summer contesting and found them
very different from the winter events. Doing the WPX and WWSA the two previous
weekends when cndx were pretty poor persuaded me that much time could be better
spent elsewhere so I decided upon a casual approach and see how it went.

In the beginning it was pretty much as expected. Just as Carrib stns rely on NA
for rate so it is from here that we need EU, and, just like the weekends before,
Eu wasn't there, apart from sporadic 'E' here and there. With the exception of
JA all other dx was weak and mults hard to find. Because I wasn't 'in it to win
it' I found it pretty boring running JA for 1 point per contact, so I wrapped up
around mid-day and got back in the chair around 7.00pm. This was sounding much
better, EU was back so good runs enjoyed for a few hours, NA openings now and
then but weakly. I was just starting to think about hitting the sack when there
was a proper opening to USA with strong signals, from all areas for a good

Second day was much better, a bit slow around the middle daytime hours but
enjoyable. NA appeared early evening with strong signals, long runs to both
east and west coast in turn although 8's, 9's and 0's pretty much missed out .
Some super signals from the west coast and VE7 boys, particularly VE7ACN. The
opening went on and on to the end of the contest when I had anticipated band
closure at local midnight whereas there were 3 hours more fun. I was reminded
of that Alan Sherman song of some years ago, 'Hello Mother, hello Father' where
the boy at summer camp writes home with a long list of complaints and wants to
go home, when, suddenly, he says " wait a minute, it's stopped raining,
guys are swimming, guys are sailing, gee that's better, mother, father, kindly
disregard this letter"

Highlights were being called by XE and KL7, zones I never manage to work in
major contests, a VE5, very rare for me and finally, hallelujah, a VE4, now I
do know that they exist!

Someone certainly showered magic dust over Japan, they were here, there and
everywhere, day and night no matter what time of day or night, no matter where
I was pointing the beam, they were strong, strong, strong.

Some interesting statistics possible after making getting some 1750 q's on one
band. The oldest stn worked was 96, with three others in the 90's. The youngest
was just 10 years old. West coast hams are younger than east coast and Eu hams
are older than USA hams. JA came out youngest of major nations and whilst there
were perhaps just a dozen qso's with SA only one was over 50years of age.

Eqp't TS570 + Acom 1010 - 500w. 3 Ele Triband @ 15m. Logging with 'SD'

73 Brian C4Z / 5B4AIZ
N1IX   SOAB LP   8,1402013-06-21 21:46:45
I was really surprised at the level of activity. Lots of very strong signals
well before and after gray line.
YU5R(@YU1ARC)   M/M HP   831,6002013-06-22 06:10:55
Nice contest, good opening on 15m. Recreational participation, with a barbecue
and beer. Slept both nights. Congrats to HG7T and RN3F. Thanks all for QSO's!
73s Alex, YU6DX and Zoki, YU9DX
PR2W(PT2AW)   SOAB LP   3,0382013-06-22 15:52:33
Yaesu FT-950, 100w and dipole Windom. Nice contest!
K6AW(@N6RO)   SOSB/20 HP   57,2882013-06-25 22:31:12
Thanks to Ken for use of the station. 20 was a grind since most everyone was
spending a lot of time on 15.
NØOJ   SOAB HP   5,7602013-07-09 21:21:44
Rig: Elecraft K3 / Ameritron AL-811 (500W)
Antenna: Hy-Gain TH-7DX @ 40ft
Software: N1MM Logger
KCØDEB   SOAB LP   1,5052013-07-14 08:50:23
Icom IC-746PRO @ 90w, Hygain 3 El. Triband Yagi at 30ft.

Band QSOs Pts WPX
14 29 28 23
21 15 15 12
Total 44 43 35
Score: 1,505