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RAC Canada Day Contest   2011   Jul 1   Comment Summary

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N4DU   SOAB/CW HP   59,5382011-07-01 16:55:55
500w, tribander, wire
VO1HP   SOAB HP   49,2602011-07-01 17:12:27
N1MM Ver 11.6.4 would DUPE SSB Q's on same band as CW?
Also something wrong with score summary window.

Very surprised to work A65CA on 40M 1/2 hour before the end...tnx Yuri

Acom 1010
Force 12 C3SS
1/4 wave sloper 80/40
VE6TL   SOAB HP   225,9222011-07-01 17:16:37
Was planning to go up to VE6SV for the contest but everybody in my family got
sick. So I worked the contest from home and had lots of fun. Thursday night
the bands were hopping, until I rand out of steam, as I had gotten up at my
usual 5AM and put in a full day at the office. Retired about midnight and was
back at it by 6AM. Unfortunately, condx were nowhere near as good as we got
hit by another aurora. At times, it sounded like someone was crumpling up a
big wad of cellophane, and other times it sounded like the dam broke and a huge
amount of rushing water was coming at me. And when things got "good" the QSB
was there to remove every other character when copying CW. It was all a
challenge but I've gotten used to it. Just wish 15/10/6 meters would have
opened up even a little. I kept trying them every hour or so but without much
luck. Only worked one VE8 and nobody from NU. SK was too close to work on 20m
from here.

Thank you to everyone who wasn't really in the contest but managed to give me a
point. That was a big part of it. Time to put the radio away for the summer
and look after other projects. CU in the fall.

VE9AA   SOAB/CW LP   1,2482011-07-01 17:20:59
Just playing around for a few minutes every time I walked into shack. Spent
most of the day outside working on rebuilding towers.
IC-746 barefoot, very low all-band dipole, N1MM

Mike VE9AA
K7RL   SOAB LP   137,2502011-07-01 17:23:40
I always enjoy these contests. However, I forgot about the 5:00 PM Thursday
evening local start time, so I missed the first two hours.

Too bad 15m wasn't better. There were a few strong signals on 15m from the VE1
and VY2 area. Other than that, I seemed to skip right over most of Canada,
including VE3 - never heard one. Tried to move VE4 and VE5 stations from 20m,
but never heard a peep.

Thanks to all for the Qs!

73 de Mitch, K7RL
W6SX   SOAB/CW HP   29,1592011-07-01 17:24:56
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, N1MM.
K6SRZ   SOAB HP   114,9062011-07-01 17:27:02
Wish I'd had more time. Fun as always. Happy Canada Day!
K9MMS   SOAB/CW LP   62,6402011-07-01 17:35:08
K3 100W. 76% of QSOs via CQs. High noise levels on all bands.

Thanks for the Qs and Ms.
VA7IR   SOAB/Ph HP   55,3602011-07-01 17:47:56
??what happened to 10,15 meters?? there was openings there but nobody was
using them. was a interesting contest with poor sfi index.
had time to get some sleep.
oh well maybe next time the sun will be nice to us all.
73,s to all that i could work,,look for you all next time.
VE3KI   SOAB QRP   40,6802011-07-01 17:57:04
I was pleasantly surprised to work a baker's dozen EU contacts, including one on
SSB, from my 5 watts and vertical antenna.
Thanks to Bob, VA3RKM for running the bands with me.
N6AR   SOAB HP   200,6402011-07-01 17:59:29
Generally poor conditionms here, but lots of fun. Was hoping to work VE4EAR on
5 bands, but missed Ed on 80. 120 meter Friday afternoon opening to VE3 and
VE4 was a plewasant surprise!
W1UJ   SOAB/CW HP   112,2802011-07-01 18:03:58
Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!!!

That was a lot of work! It was fun.

I took lots of off-time at bad times.

Decided to do CW only, but going to SSB would have helped some of the non
productive low-rate hours in the chair.

Whenever in the chair, I tried to keep the 2nd radio always transmitting.
Some dueling CQ's were fun and productive.
N4AF Software; -Band Changes 1.0-
# QSOs = 643
# band changes = 233

399 2-Pointers
223 10-Pointers
N2BJ   M/S HP   84,6722011-07-01 18:09:29
K4BAI   SOAB HP   268,1282011-07-01 18:17:36
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Thanks for all QSOs.
Good activity this year. Low bands were very noisy due to thunderstorms in the
area. 73, John, K4BAI.
WBØTEV   M/S HP   97,3342011-07-01 18:20:19
FT-767, MLA-2500 Amp, Mosley PRO-67B @ 63 ft & N1MM logger. Fun contest, too
bad 15m was so empty. 20m was definitely the money band from down here in
VE8RAC(VE8EV)   SOSB/20 HP   97,2002011-07-01 19:20:26
292 VE, 7 RAC

For me this turned into two completely different contests. The first one was
Thursday. All night I had loud signals, lots of callers and good rate on both
modes. When things slowed down at 0630z there was already more than 500 QSO's
in the log and I'd bagged all but a few multipliers. I grabbed three hours
sleep and when I got back on things were still pretty slow and just went
downhill from there. Lots of power line noise and very few signals to be
heard. I struggled all day Friday to put 300 contacts in the log over 13
hours. I spent most of the day on CW as very little was coming through on
phone. There were several zero rate hours around midday and I eventually threw
in the towel an hour early, took my toys and went home. Apologies for all the
mangled callsigns and CQing in the faces of callers I couldn't hear. Better
luck next time!

Low points:

- What should have been an easy run of Europeans at midnight turned into a
packet frenzy when someone spotted me as a rare IOTA island. I went split for
a while but eventually gave up and retreated to the friendlier waters of the

- I'm not a CW guy. I'm having lots of fun contesting in CW but my 20wpm
repertoire pretty much ends after callsigns and 5NN+exchange. I felt like a
deer in the headlights several times when guys felt the need to chit-chat. All
FB, but I'm just not there yet. Maybe next year...

High points:

+ First contest with the new Flex, all integrated with the touchscreen and
N3FJP for CAT, keying and voice. Sweet! Not a single hiccup through the whole
event and when all the big signals were booming in Friday night the sharp filter
skirts almost brought a tear to my eye.

+ Almost making the dual-mode mult sweep. I had VY0HL call me on both modes
Friday night and at the end I only needed VY1 on CW and (doh!) NT on phone.

73 and Happy Canada Day!
de VE8EV
VE3UTT   SOAB/CW HP   20,6442011-07-01 19:23:38
Between holiday demands. Great fun.
K6CSL   SOAB/CW LP   5,6282011-07-01 19:29:06
First, this was a fun contest. Conditions were good, but not great. I was
surprised to work an OK1 and 2 DL's in this contest, but no JA's. Second, this
is a best in event for this station. Bert, K6CSL
N8BJQ   SOAB/CW HP   41,1202011-07-01 19:41:03
Fun - too much outside work before the heat/humidity get here for the weekend.
Tnx to all the VE's that called in. A couple of nice runs on 20. 10 was open
but nobody there.
AB1OD   M/S LP   15,3402011-07-01 19:50:03
There's no better way to celebrate Canada Day than to work all 10 provinces
(10½ in Newfoundland), plus a territory. Shame I didn't hear the other two

This was just a bit of fun occurring during breaks from work and chores.
VA2WA(VA2WDQ)   SOAB/CW HP   165,4402011-07-01 20:37:10

Thanks to all who provided me with a QSO and especially to few guys who QSY'd
to other bands to give me a mult. ))

CU next weekend in the IARU contest. I'm planning to participate as FP/VA2WA


K9YC   SOAB HP   250,3562011-07-01 21:18:22
I've always enjoyed the RAC contests, and this running was no exception. I used
the new Elecraft amp for most of this, but fired up the Titan to make some
tough Qs, and left it running for about four hours at the end. If I can believe
the calibration of the built-in wattmeter, I was getting close to 700W most of
the time. That's only 3.5 dB less than full legal power, about half an official
S-unit, but it did make a difference on a few Qs.

The Elecraft amp is quite nice, but it is less tolerant of mismatch than my
trusty Titans (tubes with tuned output stages). Nothing bad happens, but lights
flash and tell you to tweak the antenna tuner. :)
N6RO   SOSB/160 HP   2,3942011-07-01 21:55:49
Not much activity, propagation nominal for high sun on 160m. glad to work many
old friends in RAC.

Band noisy; beverages little help, 4 SQ hears better.
VA7ST   SOAB/CW HP   46,7482011-07-01 23:03:53
* FT-2000 + SB221
* 3 element SteppIR @ 27'
* 40M SteppIR dipole @ 27'
* 80M 2-element vertical array E or W

2011 SFI = 89 A = 12 K = 2
2010 SFI = 74 A = 17 K = 4

Not a lot to cheer about in this one but had some fun as always. Figured a
Friday running would be better than a mid-week event, but it didn't seem to
help participation much. The CW end of the bands had plenty of room for more!
Ended up putting in just 10 hours or so. More to work would have kept me in the
chair longer.

Watched the Aurora level move from 6 to 10 and back to 6, and the bands played
exactly as expected with those conditions. Lousy. Worked precisely one European
station, a loud DL in the final hour, but there were no others when I called
over the pole.

Huge thanks to everyone who got on, even for a few contacts.

Favo(u)rite moments: being called by VE8s from NT on 40M and 20M, and saying
hello to so many friends, even with just a dit-dit.

Glad Ralph VE7XF moved me to 160M for a BC mult, as I added AB not long
afterward -- making for two more on 160 than I had last year. Not nearly enough
mults found on 80M or 15M.

Once again, too few RAC stations ventured into CW mode -- kudos to the three I
worked: VE5RAC, VA3RAC and VE8RAC. Hope there were more on than that.

Band Total 2 10 20
=========== ======= === === ===
1.8 4 1 3 0
3.5 22 13 8 1
7 104 58 45 1
14 202 129 71 2
21 14 13 0 1
Total 346 214 127 5

Ended up a long way from my best-ever with high power:

Year CW Ph Mults Score
2011: 346 0 26 46,748 HP
2010: 292 0 17 22,576 HP
2009: 475 0 30 72,720 HP
2008: 306 0 29 47,908 HP
2007: 612 0 25 61,750 HP
2006: 445 0 23 45,218
2005: 167 0 16 12,800
2004: 160 0 15 13,800
2003: 126 0 23 19,642

See everyone in IARU next weekend (and in a few hours for DLDX RTTY... great
way to spend some long-weekend time if your weather's not so good).

-- Bud VA7ST
A65CA(A56CA)   SOAB HP   15,8082011-07-02 00:25:17
Sorry for missing YT and MB. NU was inactive so sorry again. VY1RAC, VE1RSM/VY1,
VE4EAR, VE4TV, VO2NS are stations from RAC 2011 wanted list but no chances for
contest exchange due to poor propagation, aurora and huge noise level. CUL for
next RAC! 73's!!!
VE3CVG   SOSB/20 LP   4,6202011-07-02 05:35:45
A very enjoyable contest. Several pleasant contacts with fellow Canadians and
many nice DX contacts. Special thankyou to all the RAC stations who did a
terrific job. My 20m dipole and TS2000 did fine.
Rick (VE3CVG)
VE3GFN   SOAB LP   56,8902011-07-02 05:37:37
Rotten conditions! Had to be light on my feet, band to band, to keep any kind
of rate going, for the time I spent in the contest.

I think having this contest on any day other than a weekend is really a waste
of time!
VE3TW   SOAB HP   34,2042011-07-02 05:43:20
Just managed to fit in a few contacts between family activities at the cottage.
VY2LI   SOAB HP   30,3362011-07-02 06:35:10
No operation on Thurs nite,so missed all the low bands and good condx from all
reports.A few hours here and there on Friday to fly the VY2 flag.VY2SS probably
helped out on the CW end.Missed all the Territories,NB and PEI of all
places.Hope we got into your log.Happy Canada Day! Bill
VO1MP   SOAB HP   104,3462011-07-02 07:13:52
Operated mainly 20 meters , 15 was virtually non-existant , strung up a low 40
meter dipole about an hour or so before end of test to work a few more Qs
..... 20 was good around North America and seemingly open all night....
nice to exchange pleasantries with so many Radio friends .... Nice relaxing
Canada Day event... best wishes to all and a happy 4th to all our American
friends ....
hope to C'Y'all next one GLWCDR

W1NN   SOAB LP   243,9362011-07-02 08:07:08
That was a lot of fun! Thanks to the sponsors for holding a great event.

My goal this year was to improve on my 2010 score and I managed to accomplish

2010 (final): 439 QSOs, 65 mults and 201,500 points
2011 (claimed): 625 QSOs, 63 mults and 243,936 points

It looks like the main difference with last year is that I put in about 6 more
hours in the chair this year.

15 QSO’s with the RAC stations both last year and this year. VE5RAC wins the
prize for the most QSO’s with me: five. Great to work VE8RAC on both modes
on 20. VA3RAC was also very active.

I spent a lot of time chasing multipliers since they are so important in this
contest but I still came up two less than last year despite more op time. The
reason seemed to be fewer mults available on 15 and 10. When (if?) 10 and 15
ever open up wide for this contest, the old records will probably be blown out
of the water.

80 and 160 were very noisy on Saturday night but underlying conditions were
actually very good and west coast signals were strong. I had no trouble
working VE6 & VE7 on 80 plus lots of CA stations. N6RO was really booming in
on 160.

I don’t operate phone very often so I don’t have any kind of voice
recorder. After a couple of hours calling CQ on phone my voice was really
showing signs of wear. “CQ Canada Day Contest” is quite a mouthful!

Very happy to have 6-banders with VE1RGB and K4BAI, two radio friends going
back many years. My special thanks to ‘RGB for offering to move to 10 for my
only 10 meter mult. In addition to 6 CW contacts with ‘BAI, I also had 3 SSB
contacts with John for a total of 9 Q’s!

The station is a K3 and dipoles.

Already looking forward to next year!

73, Hal W1NN
Medina, Ohio
VE3GTC   SOAB QRP   36,5402011-07-02 08:09:36
Conditions for the most part where only fair. 15 and 10 never really
opened nor did I hear anything on 6 or 2 despite frequent checks and
calls. Never the less, a good fun contest a always. Most memorable
contact was being called by ZL2IFB just as I was getting ready to call
it a night very early Friday morning.
VE3CX   SOSB/20 HP   140,7422011-07-02 08:57:12
This year I decided to try 20 single band, and after reading some of the
comments on 3830, probably a good choice.

Conditions were a challenge, and the band was quite noisy. People would tell
me I was loud, but at the same time I was having trouble hearing them... Then
I would work some QRP stations who blew my doors off!

VE5RAC was loud - again quite unusual. And I was also quite happy to find
VE8RAC - albeit only once on phone - near the end of the contest for a big jump
in my score.

Thanks for getting on and celebrating Canada's birthday - Happy Canada Day!


Tom - VE3CX
N4GG   SOAB/CW HP   50,5682011-07-02 09:07:51
A very fun contest. Participation was good, propogation not so much.
2X FT1000MP+ACOM2000A, WRITELOG, Wires in the woods
VE4EAR   SOAB/Ph HP   168,8262011-07-02 09:08:24
As has been noted, conditions were less than great for this one. About the same
number of Q's from last year however the score is down 30%. Missed a lot of
mults this year on the low bands and nothing happened on 10 or 15 that I could
take advantage of.

6m - Nothing, dead, flat. It did open slightly at 00:10 on July 2 of course.

10m Some sporadic E to the CA and the SE US. I think there was other openings
but no one heard anything so abandoned the band.

15m - Very disappointing. Checked this band every half hour or so and heard
very little in the phone band. Heard plenty of VE2/3/6/7 in the CW portion but
couldn't convince any to try to move up from 20. A big surprise was hearing
SP9LJD out of nowhere on the band. Big signal and not another EU station

20m - Clearly the money band this year. Open very late Friday night which I
think kept many stations working this band when they normally would have gone
to the low bands. No big opening to EU or AS. Did hear several big stations
from EU call me when I was pointed at the east coast and when I swung the beam
to EU hoping to get a run going, there was no one there to answer the CQ's.

40m - By the time most people abandoned 20m Thursday night, conditions were
very long and there were very few participants left. Friday morning seems most
people went straight to 20m. In the last hour or so managed a few more die
hards trying to squeeze what they could from the band. Great signals between
Eastern ON and AB with QC and BC being fringe.

80m - Same story as 40 but only worse. Very few stations active on this band.
Bigger problem was the thunderstorms not too far off and the huge crashes on
all the low bands.

160m - Got moved here but otherwise no interest seems to have been shown in
this noisey band.

Great to see so many new callsigns as well as the regulars. Very special thanks
to the many #1 casual operators who stopped by for a visit. The amount of chit
chat we do in this contest is probably double or triple what a normal contest
has. That just emphasizes the friendly casual nature of this test.

Aalso as others noted, the last 10 hours or slow had painfully slow rates. If
it hadn't been raining outside, I may have pulled the plug. 500 Qs in the log
in the first 5 hours folled by many hours of 20-30 or less. Not for lack of
trying. At the end it was 7-8 minutes between Q's.

Hope everyone had fun and thanks for all the Q's and well wishes.

Happy Canada Day to all and hope the 4th of July is a great Holiday for our
southern neighbors!

VE1RGB   SOAB/CW LP   80,9202011-07-02 12:25:02
Conditions were not great and this score is 20% lower than last year, most of
the missing Qs being on 40M and 20M. On the other hand, bumping into VA1MM at
the right time earned me a couple of new mults through moves, and VE8RAC who
kept pounding away all day yesterday on 20M, got me a mult that I rarely see
here, so I am up a couple this year.

My most rewarding experience was working Hal W1NN, the only station that I
snagged on six bands. That's because he is such a nice guy, always speaks
pleasantly to me, and happened to be in exactly the right place at the right
time when I found him running at a point when I was pretty sure I could move
him to 10M and provide him a relatively rare mult in RAC Summer 2011 from this
coast. Pleased with that, I was. No favouritism; just good timing.

Ten Meters and 15M were open significant portions of the time here yesterday
but there were not many folks taking advantage of it. I found a total of 8
mults as I wandered through those bands doing what I am now calling my Meander
Cycle in deference to those who like to use big words when talking about the
sun's behaviour and spotty propagation.

Most hopeful competitors: R9VT (and another UA) seriously attempting to do
well in RAC from Asiatic Russia. One could say the same about the A6 but at
least he had some propagation going for him.

I used the usual gear: K3 + P3 + wires. Look out next year, though. I am
about to introduce a switch that will reverse the antenna pattern of the big
160M delta loop, aiming it to NA for the first time. I fully expect to win my
own sponsored trophy next year :) Note to K4LTA: fair warning, Bill -- my
long-term goal is to somee day out-score you in this one!

But a note to anyone reading this report: ALWAYS try to move me for a VE1 mult
if you can. I'm pretty much S&P here and carrying out the QSY manoeuvres to
hand off a mult would rarely cost me points, and I enjoy the challenge of doing
it well. Besides, anyone who moves me to their benefit is likely doing me a
favour at the same time.

Gary, VE1RGB
VO1TA   SOSB/20 HP   4,6082011-07-02 12:57:09
Pretty good conditions on 20 for this contest, Was able to work short and long
skip. Nice to hear all the West Coast stations in there.
Always a fun easy going contest, Nice to run into old friends and make a few
new ones as well.
Did not hear all that many RAC stations,Maybe it was just me not spending
enough time looking around.
Thanks for all the Q's Hope to cu all in the next one.

Cheers Wayne
N2KW   SOAB HP   337,8182011-07-02 13:12:12
First time effort.....

As Ahhhnuld would say:

"Oll be bock!"

Thanks to the sponsors for a fine event!
VE7XF   SOAB/CW HP   109,0602011-07-02 13:44:24
I expected more: more activity and more propagation.
Worked a few Eu on 20, but nowhere else.
My closest yet to a "clean sweep" - 12 mults on 20m.
Pseudo-SO2R: a second radio on 6m to see how N1MM handles it. I've got a few
things to work out for 'next time'. Maybe I'll try a dipole as a second ant for
a second radio (SteppIR only does one band at a time).

Ralph, VE7XF
W1END   SOAB/CW LP   8,2882011-07-02 16:41:37
The weather was so nice I spent a lot of time doing yard and garden work with
frequent trips to the shack for some S&P activity. Conditions were good toward
the end of the contest. Thanks to everyone.

Eldon - W1END
VA3RKM   SOAB QRP   39,8122011-07-02 17:41:52
K2, 5w, K2, FT817, wires and verticals. Another fun day talking with fellow
Canadians and "DX." Thanks for the Qs.
KN4Y   SOAB HP   22,6082011-07-02 17:57:48
Operated only CW and now know what happened to the
State QSO party CW operators, they all moved to
Canada. What a blast on the A! mode. My goal
was 200 QSO's and I got them without breaking
a sweat. Big signals on 10, 15, and 20-meters. I
did not hear any VE's on 40 or 80-meters. Perhaps
if I could have stayed up past midnight.It was a
great celebration, Happy Birthday.
NW2K   SOAB LP   60,8002011-07-02 19:48:09
11 RAC. 90W, matchbox, 80M wire loop at 30 feet.
VY1RAC(VY1EI)   SOSB/20 HP   9,0722011-07-02 20:49:08
Had limited time to enjoy this easy going contest.
K7ABV   SOAB HP   10,4042011-07-02 22:02:54
fun contest, as usual only s and p for me..busy weekend on tap for me, so had
very small time window to play...tnx for the q's..
VA3EC   SOAB/CW LP   20,7062011-07-03 04:51:20
In noticed this year both RAC and Field Day, there seemed to be less bug
operators than in years past. Thanks for the Q's
K7IA   SOAB LP   13,6842011-07-03 08:46:03
Not a great showing for me this year. Anticipating upcoming antenna party, I
spent some potentially good op time chasing little party details. My apologies
to my fine Canadian hosts for our wonderful year in Edmonton in 1987-88.
VA3KAI   SOAB LP   103,9282011-07-03 09:01:40
Worked on/off for most of contest period with 6 hours sleep. 80M & 40M very
noisy with 20M open all the time. Did a lot of skipping around looking for some
magic opening but never found one! Decent run on 80M SSB near end of contest for
some VE3's and a few U.S. stations. Found very few VE's anywhere on 40M - most
Q's in 7.15-7.20 slot. Also found total number of VE's (thus associated Mults)
down quite a bit this year. All-in-all - still a lot of fun!

Kenwood TS2000 @ 100W
265' OCF dipole, inv-v @ 40 ft, N-S
132' OCF dipole, inv-v @ 38', E-W
Trapped 15M/30M sloping dipole, sloping North
LDG Z-11 Pro II tuner; Hamgadgets MK1 keyer
RAC Canaday software

73....Al, VA3KAI
VE3DZ   SOAB/CW LP   113,3162011-07-03 09:52:28
100 watts into a TH6DXX and Alpha Delta sloper ay 60'.
VY2SS   SOAB HP   9,7762011-07-03 09:53:17
I had planned to go 20M single band. Worked VE7CV an hour before the contest
started on 20 and he as good here. At zero hour the antenna would not take
power. I worked a few on 40M. Friday morning I still had to 20M so tried 15. It
worked there so the tribander must have a problem out on the element tip.
I hope I helped a few with the multiplier.
VE3OSZ   SOAB/CW LP   57,8562011-07-03 14:47:02
Insufficient activity on CW by RAC stations.

Drake TR7 100 watts
160/80 invertd L
40/15/10 dipole
20 elevated ground plane vertical
VA3RAC(VE3KZ)   M/M HP   593,0242011-07-03 17:47:50
Another Great Canada Day! It is always a pleasure when I get a chance to operate
as an RAC station. This time I thought I would give "Assisted" a try using a new
computer. The RAC contests do not have an Assisted category so any Assisted
activity must be classified as Multi-Operator. I had originally intended to be
a MS entry until I read the details of the 10 minute rule. To give maximum
exposure to the 20 point call, it made more sense to enter MM, a very thin MM,
one operator and the internet, to give maximum flexibility for band change
requests. In one example, with one station, 7 bands and 11 mode changes were
possible in a very few minutes as a MM. As it turned out there were only 12
spots that were useful for locating stations that were not found manually, only
3 being new multipliers. This is not a contest where assistance is particularly
Thanks to all the Canadians that participated and our friends across the border
and overseas. See you next year on a weekend! Sunday for 2012!

73 Bob VE3KZ
VE3VZ   SOAB/Ph LP   43,0922011-07-03 18:14:32
Great time,20 was open longer than I could stay up! Low bands had poor
only had 100 w and a 35 ft pole for a vertical. Great participation from down
south. Thanks for the qs.
F5IN   SOAB/CW HP   50,2502011-07-03 22:26:11
Powered by Win-Test 4.7.

TS-940S + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (
VA3OR   SOSB/20 LP   6,1122011-07-04 15:29:19
So here's the story. Last year, my wife saw me ogling an arrow antenna on a
handheld for satellite comms. She said I could get one if I would agree to go
camping with her. I got the Arrow and handheld, she got the camper. Lo and
behold, Canada Day is during camping weekend. I had a dipole thrown over a tree
and allowed 4 hours of HF time on 20m...and still could do a few satellite
passes. It is amazing what a wire and 95 watts can do around the world!
VC9M   M/S LP   243,1622011-07-06 09:44:37
Found conditions to be very poor on the lower bands.
KM2O   SOAB/Ph HP   61,1822011-07-06 11:38:36
Corrected class to SSB. Thanks.
VE3RTU   M/S HP   230,2182011-07-07 18:40:24
My station is at my country home, and weather was just too nice to devote the
full 24 hours. Thought we would show the Maple Leaf colors for at least some of
the time. A good chance for two brothers to operate multi-single .. last time we
operated together was at B1Z several years ago.
Equipment: FT1000MP, VL1000 linear, Steppir 3-el at 60 ft, 80/40m inverted vees
at 50 ft
VE3CV   SOAB LP   12,8942011-07-08 06:07:05
Got on for a few hours on Thursday night and had to miss all Friday.
Friendly gang active as usual.
Thanks for the Q's and a belated Happy Canada Day.
VA3WR   SOAB QRP   13,0242011-07-10 11:29:22
Having just moved to a new site location in the past two months and no power in
the shack I was using battery power to run the rig. Had some visits from Murphy
with grounding problems and computer related problems with software controling

Otherwise things weren't too bad considering.

James VA3WR
VE7BC   SOAB/Ph LP   1,1882011-07-17 16:05:18
This is one of my favourite contests but this year I was out of town, arrived
home with barely one hour left!