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ES Open HF Championship   2012   Apr 21   Comment Summary

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ES5TV   SO Mixed HP   28,1492012-04-22 12:49:28
Nice conditions on 40m this year for close range QSOs. 56 different ES and 124
foreign callsigns in the log split like that:

1 9A
12 DL
2 EA
6 EU
3 F
4 G
2 GM
4 HA
1 I
4 LA
18 LY
3 LZ
5 OH
4 OK
5 ON
1 OZ
5 PA
11 SM
5 SP
11 UA
5 UR
5 YL
5 YO
2 YU

Thanks to all of them and especially to LY6A, EW8EW, LY2BKT, LY3B, LY5R and
LY9A for all possible 8 QSOs!

Log deadline is May 20th and results will be shortly after that!

ES7GM   SO SSB HP   6,2462012-04-22 12:55:31
I really love this contest! Happy to see so many contesters outside Estonia
participating. 40M was also promising. See you guys next year.

73! ES7GM
LY9A   SO Mixed LP   13,6342012-04-24 00:08:31
I love this Contest!
It was my 13th ES Open HF Championship and the best score so far. Great
conditions on 40m helped a lot.
RIG: FT-1000MP + 80 and 40 m dipoles.

73 & CU in ES Open 2013! Gedas LY9A