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CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW   2014   Jan 24   Comment Summary

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VE1RSM   Single Op LP   72,6802014-01-25 17:12:30
Thanks to all had fun

VE4YU   Single Op LP   19,0002014-01-25 19:56:49
Seemed to be a lot of sections missing or is it my antenna?
N4UC   Single Op LP   15,4082014-01-25 21:41:20
Great conditions and lots of activity..wish I had had more time for this one!
N8XX   Single Op QRP   5,4232014-01-25 22:08:35
Tough going. Sn*w, sn*w, and blowing sn*w prevented experimentation with a
vertical antenna, and/or raising the inverted vee to 40 feet as used last year
for 160 M contests. Started out "reasonably", with 32 contacts in
the first 56 minutes, but things went downhill from there. Band was noisy
early part of the test, but quieted down considerably later on.

Heard PJ2T, and 6Y3A, but they couldn't pull me through.

Thanks to all who dug me out of the mud.
NWØM   Single Op LP   25,9682014-01-25 22:28:03
Just a few hours but still fun on Top Band with compromise antenna.

K3 100 watts, W8AMZ 160 reduced sloper, N1MM
N4XL   Single Op LP   8,3582014-01-25 22:29:47
Just handing out some Q's.
K5WA   Single Op HP   356,6852014-01-26 00:36:19
Wow, the two nights couldn't have been more different here in southeast Texas.
The first night started a bit slow and I was afraid we weren't going to get a
good EU opening but it popped open and we had good conditions to western EU and
a couple of zone 20s. This was the first time I had relatively good success
calling CQ and getting EU response. It is nice to occasionally see how the
east coast lives. ;-) The JA run was fantastic. I can remember ever hearing
JA calls so clearly. Very nice not to ask for 5 repeats on each contact. No
VK/ZL for me though and that was a bummer.

The second night seemed like it was going to be good when early on I heard a
few of the EU stations worked the night before but condition dropped like a
rock and it seemed like a blanket got tossed over the station. Very few and
very weak EU stations made it into the log. I called the contest early since
it was down to 10-20 an hour of US. Just glad one night was good and would
sure like to see two in a row one year.

Still fun to give the antenna a good workout. It ran great and was solid as a
rock. Nice to see only 5 watts being dumped with 1500 in at 1825. The
beverages were great the first night but some intermittent noise popped up the
second night and the beverages couldn't handle the noise. Guess I'll have to
go power pole whacking again.

Bob K5WA
KD8MQ   Single Op LP   12,8102014-01-26 01:36:40
I got to try out my new antenna switcher control box. It was so nice not having
to manually switch from receive to transmit antennas for each transmission.
Overall, I had a lot of fun. 73 DE KD8MQ
KU1T   Single Op Assisted HP   84,1382014-01-26 04:03:49
First time in the 160CW, all S&P.
Friday night was busy. Sunday mornig was like not there.

Thanks for all the Q.
vy 73, de KU1T
W5WMU   Single Op Assisted HP   170,3962014-01-26 04:13:52
Not much DX heard here, only 25 dx stations worked. think will do this from
Maine, in the future
KV8S   Single Op QRP   44,4432014-01-26 04:24:58
First try at CQ160 CW in over 12 years. Had great time, noise on Sat evening was
bad due to storm. Seemed like Sunday morning were alot of strong stations 30 to
40 over that could not copy me.
AE4O   Single Op LP   4,1762014-01-26 04:43:07
Ten-Tec Eagle 70W. Random wires. N1MM. S&P. Thanks!
AG2AA   Single Op LP   11,3592014-01-26 04:43:23
Part-time effort. Nothing special - just a dipole. Fun.
NR4M   Multi-Op HP   508,6802014-01-26 04:57:30
Conditions down from last year.

Thanks for the contacts.

73 de Steve, NR4M
N4OGW   Single Op HP   98,9152014-01-26 05:23:28
Part time. Some kind of power line noise appeared towards the east which made it
very hard to hear EU signals. There was a nice opening to JA Sunday morning, I
worked 18 JA stations. Missed MT and AK for WAS.

K3 + AL1500 (1500W)
100 foot shunt-fed tower
6 vertical active RX array

73 Tor
W2CS   Single Op HP   25,6762014-01-26 05:26:59
K3, Alpha 9500, 160 mtr dipole, HB OWL feed.
KE3X   Single Op Assisted HP   78,4352014-01-26 05:49:36
A few hours to hand out the DC multiplier and hunt for new countries towards
160-meter DXCC. Only one Europe QSO - conditions quite disappointing. I
guess this is the price we pay for all the great 10- and 12-meter conditions
recently. 73,

K8FC   Single Op Assisted HP   176,5962014-01-26 05:59:18
Essentially one night of operation. By the time I could get to the contest on
the second night I had pretty much lost interest. Had a few operational
(remote) glitches that kept me guessing until I got it sorted out but by that
time I wasn't ready for the battle on the second evening. Remote operation is
a great way to still enjoy the "Thrill of the chase" and the
"Agony of defeat !" :-)
Joe K8FC
KØRI   Single Op LP   49,2002014-01-26 06:00:39
Part time effort - IC-7700 @ 100w to T-ant. Missed DC again this year.
N1EN   Single Op Assisted LP   42,2242014-01-26 06:01:13
Friday night was much better than Saturday night.
K5WG   Multi-Op HP   123,6352014-01-26 06:10:30
K9FY   Single Op HP   220,4102014-01-26 06:10:37
A last minute beverage rebuild saved the day for the EU opening 2nd night.
Too noisy for the Hi-Z 3 ele.
Ran across the only missing state ND as the morning was getting bright at the
very end of the 2nd night - and a KL7 with a whisper.
WØDLE   Single Op LP   73,9322014-01-26 06:11:43
Only a part time effort possible this time. Minimal DX heard and worked the time
I was on. Most of the weekend I packed for my mini-DX-pedition to HS land. I
plan to participate in the ARRL CW DX test from there. I will be active from
the E20AE Club Station near Bangkok or maybe on my own with my new call HS0ZLO.
In Thailand, plans are often undetermined until the last minute. Thailand is a
great place to escape the "global warming" effect currently taking
place in the US.


WX9U   Single Op Assisted HP   131,0542014-01-26 06:23:08
Normal S9 noise all weekend. Tried a couple RX loops that helped
a little. Apologies to those I couldn't hear.
K2PI   Single Op HP   32,3682014-01-26 06:34:29
Sort of indifferent operating, handing out points and searching for States and
countries now that I have a good 160M antenna up. I am using an Afedri SDR and
HDSDR as a panadapter combo with my K3 and 24 inch LED monitor, and it is an
absolute gem at finding the DX and the difficult states. Many calls, including
KH6CC, would have been missed had I not been able to see the faint trace and
zero in on it. I am finding this invaluable in contests particularly. Really
happy to hear KE3X and W3DQ in DC, who are amazingly rare despite geographic
proximity. Noise in this semi-rural setting was not too bad the first night,
and terrible the 2nd. Thanks to everyone who gave me a point!
K1RX   Single Op Assisted HP   351,7832014-01-26 06:37:10
Not able to spend alot of time but thought conditions here were acceptable.
What is always pleasing is a low noise band. With no beverage and just the
Inverted Vee at 30 M, always consider myself lucky to be able to run EU
stations for as long as I did. Biggest surprise was having 7Z1SJ call in. A
new one! Also fun working many of the ops at D4C - that was a total blast
operating with some excellent ops but that is a story for another day.

Thanks all for making this a fun one!

73, Mark, K1RX
AA7A   Multi-Op HP   228,8312014-01-26 06:42:23
Two guys and a radio. Thanks for all the fun.
W7ZR   Single Op Assisted HP   87,9692014-01-26 07:10:14



K7FA   Single Op HP   127,5762014-01-26 07:14:59
Friday, stomach indigestion kept me out of the chair and forced only S&P.
Sunday, Wicked static crashes with mild QSB made copy difficult. Everyone had
QRN, so the handicap was universal. Thanks for the fun.
N7AT(K8IA)   Single Op Assisted HP   227,5862014-01-26 07:15:02
Token effort the second night. Limited operation due to two nasty noise sources.
One, a longtime noted,but sporadic, S5-S7 powerline noise to the NW killed
nearly anything I wanted to do towards real JA runs the first night.Tought
working thru that stuff and I am sure I left a lot of callers wondering.

The other noise just cropped up this weekend and I have no clue what it is.
From 0600Z thru 1200Z Sunday It trashed everything below 1860 with S3-S5 audio
notes and IMD junk. Couldn't do any operating at all below 1860, and who wants
to be stranded up there? Like it began, it just vanished at 1200Z.

This could have been a lot more fun with quieter situation and the 28-30 hours
I had originally planned to put in.

Next up here will be CQWPX RTTY in a few weeks.

Tnx for all the q's and great ears.

73, Bob K8IA
Trustee for N7AT
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
NT8Z   Single Op LP   44,1912014-01-26 07:17:29
Flex 3000
80 Meter loop as long wire
Inverted L
WU6W   Single Op HP   8,8322014-01-26 07:26:08
Limited Effort this year
I had a poor response from the NE and Southern States
VY2ZM was loud as usual !
K4WI   Single Op LP   87,2162014-01-26 07:31:26
band was very quiet, not much from Euro, missed Wy, Mt,Nd, VE5, VE8; nothing
from HI or AK. I had mucho fun, thanks to all for the qso's! Cort
K1KI   Single Op HP   216,7132014-01-26 07:48:21
Was surprised to work VA3OJ and WB8JUI just after noontime on Saturday with
100w. Put in 6.75 hours Saturday night with about 1200w. Band was a bit noisy
and lots of fading on signals. Had a decent run of EU after midnight with
around 150 in the log.
NA2U   Single Op Assisted LP   10,7282014-01-26 07:54:51
Pro III, 100w, ground-mounted Tarheel 200A-HP screwdriver antenna w/17' whip and
17' wire extension (to call it an "L" would be a bit of a stretch as
the wire comes out at a sharp downward angle).

First time in this one from AZ. Good to see friends. Highlight was working
6Y3M at sunset on Saturday.

Thanks for the Qs and your patience.

73 from the desert,

VE3GTC   Single Op QRP   46,0602014-01-26 07:58:47
The weather was on and off snowy and cold over the weekend and my
simple wire antenna kept getting blown down out of a tree. I repaired
my antenna a half dozen times in the dark just to get the wire off the
ground and back up in the tree. I must work on a more permanent 160M
antenna in the spring. In any case, the contest was lots of fun and I
managed some good DX. Heard lots of Europeans but just couldn't get
heard with my QRP signal.Thanks to all those who had the patience to
to pull my QRP signal out of the noise.
N4DJ   Single Op HP   117,8602014-01-26 08:04:34
Great start and conditions Friday night. Some of my best rates ever on 160. The
first hour was my best ever with 91 Qs. Then it went up to 95 the second hour
and by the time the third hour was over I had bagged my first ever hour on 160
with over 100 Qs! I was able to sit on 1808 and just run for over 500 Qs. Great
fun and even some DX. I think the highlight was when KH6LC called me at his
sunset. My mistake was thinking I could just run Friday and wait to pick up DX
mults Saturday night. I heard several Europe Saturday night but for the most
part they could not hear me. A lot of these were up above 1860 all alone with
no callers or just working other stations in Europe. I also heard several
stateside stations calling CQ with Europe under them also calling CQ. All in
all I did have my second best score in a CQ 160 test thanks to Friday night.

73 and Thanks for the Qs,
KG7H   Single Op HP   141,0562014-01-26 08:05:22
WAS except Me. WAP except NB and Canadian Arctics. Worked the normal DX for me,
unfortunately that means no EU - impossible from my QTH, but did work many JAs,
BY, UA0. No VK/ZL. Never heard the KH0. Thanks to all, 73 de Craig KG7H
W7FI   Single Op HP   51,8702014-01-26 08:11:03
W7RH   Single Op LP   124,4802014-01-26 08:16:49
Out West the contest begins almost 3 hours before sunset. As usual I was hearing
many Eastern Stations with good copy 2 hours before sunset.

I logged my first contact at 00:15 UTC. I was very pleased to hear many strong
European stations early in the evening with many on a skewed path more east
than NE. No joy here. They were working East coast stations and my experience
tells me that while a real path can be had more often they will not hear us out
West until later in the evening when the F layers settle and merge. I called at
least ten countries with no luck. They soon quickly faded and never returned. I
worked one CT station and that was it. No sunrise peak noted.

Band conditions were favorable and quiet on Friday. I worked several Caribbean
stations, CE1/K7CA and and few other South American stations. Saturday morning
I worked a few JA stations notably JA3YBK who is consistently loud in AZ,
before getting sandwiched between two high power stations and run off.
Frustrated with phase noise and a saturated receiver with all the attenuation I
could muster I just went away. My biggest surprise was to find XV2E calling CQ
in the the DX window ~1833 with No takers. A quick QSO and he was gone just
moments later.

Saturday evening was a grind. Good stateside signals kept me busy along with a
host of Canadian Provinces many which I seldom hear. Good going guys! By early
evening I had worked all states except for ND and NE. I picked up Brazil and
Canary Islands for good measure. No EU. Just a trace of a few stations heard. I
took a 2 hour rest at 01:00 Eastern as there were slim pickings on the band. In
the early morning I took my low power CQ machine down to find a spot in the JA
window. Things started off slowly and I had a nice East Coast run mixed with a
few JA contacts including my Old Friend AKI, JA5DQH. At 13:00 UTC the band
opened big time to JA and I had a huge pileup that was un-controllable in my
little 300Hz window. It was crazy! The signals were enormous hitting plus 20db
over S-9! I got my NE and ND and was called by BA5CW and "OLD
Faithful" RT0F. I finished the morning with a barely copyable NH0Z. Wow!
What a finish! I turned a mediocre contest into one of my better efforts!

It was another great contest with lots of twists and surprises.
Thanks, to all those who made contacts!

73, Bob w7RH
N1DC   Single Op LP   8,2462014-01-26 08:23:55
Limited to Saturday night only for a few hours. Thanks for the QSO's.

Station: TenTec Omni 7 @ 100W, 80M inverted V dipole fed with ladder line,

73 Rick N1DC
WØETT(WOETT)   Single Op HP   55,0402014-01-26 08:25:25
Could only get on the second night but had a lot of fun working our GMCC club
members and many of the regular 160m contesters. Kept busy with part S&P
and part running - the new 450w amp got a good workout.

Especially neat to QSO ZF2KE where area ham friends N0KE (CO) and K0BJ (western
KS) were enjoying a contest expedition to the Caymans. Only one EU heard and
logged, so many thanks to CS2C who has great ears! Another op with good ears in
SA summertime QRN is CE1/K7CA worked in Chile. Also, nice to wk several JA's
(YBK, LCJ, CTQ) and RTOF at sunrise. Kl7 and KH6 were were well represented.

Missed only states RI, VT, ME DE thanks to a last minute QSO with KR0T in SD
for a multi. 5 VE provinces BC, AB, ON, QC, and PEI were quite active.

See everyone in the next one -

73 Ken W0ETT
Parker, CO
N7US   Single Op HP   37,7342014-01-26 08:25:34
A few hours of casual S&P.
KIØI   Single Op LP   103,3602014-01-26 08:26:57
Pretty good test,only had to log a couple dupes so maybe copy was ok. It's a 160
test so log check will bring out the knife.DX was pretty scarce here,I cud hear
the east coast guys working EU but no copy from my wire. First time in a while
to miss CE1/K7CA,heard AL but no joy. Never heard from Alaska or VE5.It was a
lot of fun but I can't stay up all night when it's ten minutes between QSO's
hihi.Guess the sound of my own call puts me to sleep. Still a lot of fun,luv
the top band games. Thanks all and 73 Mark KI0I. IC746 100w to either INV VEE
@ 55' or Base load Hytower. 530' rcv wire. N1MM log
WB9JPS   Single Op Assisted HP   7932014-01-26 08:29:55
Rig: TS-590. Logging: HRD
First time on 160. Used my very low 40m dipole as a top-loaded
"vertical". Ran 100W because tuner was very unhappy. This antenna is
about equal in performance to a bent coat hanger. Only possible to work
stations that were above S9. Running yielded zero response. Best dx was WY,
though I could hear the East coast. Interesting band, very slow QSB. Hope to
have space for real antennas when I retire and move somewhere else...
K5LH   Single Op LP   34,1002014-01-26 08:30:59
Better than last year. Thanks for all the contacts. Nice to hear Asia come
through in the morning. Rig: Ten-Tec Eagle, Inverted L, Aether for MAC.

73, Chris
VA3KA   Single Op HP   211,0052014-01-26 08:31:34
Was not expecting too much as the 10 foot mast supporting my full size inverted
vee broke at the top of the tower and the apex of the antenna is sitting now at
about 40 feet. Also, my NE leg of the K9AY array is broken making it difficult
to hear the weak EU stations.

Missed ND,MT,KH6 and KL7
Surprisingly, only worked a few Canadian Sections AB,ON,QC and PEI. Not sure
why I missed all the rest of Canada!

Quiet band Friday evening but a passing cold front with high winds and heavy
snow squalls Saturday evening made for a noisy band. The temperature dropped
from -5C to -20C in a couple of hours!

Managed a short EU run near to their sunrise, a nice surprise as well.
WC7S   Single Op QRP   20,2572014-01-26 08:34:35
Great fun, first nite was a real blast with new wire antenna, second nite was a
struggle with noise and poor props. Both mornings I could hear JAs and other
dx, but couldn't get a Q completed. Heard PJ2 also. New BowTie antenna is a
C U in the next one
6Y3M(@6Y5WJ)   Multi-Op HP   1,251,8752014-01-26 08:35:49
Hello All,
Good condx with static. It is always good fun from 6Y. Nice weather, good food
and strong signals.
Thanks for the contacts. See you next time.


Ben & Lali
QTH info:
K3YDX   Single Op Assisted HP   26,0522014-01-26 08:37:07
Intended to search out the states I needed for WAS on 160 but quickly got bored
so simply did S&P while watching for what I needed. Saw a few spots but
never was able to hear KH6, KL7, or WA state. Need to get a low noise receive
Thanks for the QSO's and 73.
K9JWV   Single Op QRP   22,6322014-01-26 08:39:05
Well, was hoping to crack the top ten this time around but, with that lackluster
set of numbers, doubt that's gonna happen this year!

Thanks to all that pulled my peanut whistle out from the noise!

Rig: Ten Tec Jupiter @ 5 watts
Antenna: Top loaded 43' vertical, 160 meter lo/adding coil at the base, seventy
elevated radials.
N7IR   Single Op LP   117,2902014-01-26 08:43:33
Repeat of last year only more so. Noise and fading both nights made for some
challenging exchanges. Finished first 15 hours with 455/53/14 and 75,978
points. The second 15 hours were slo-o-ow. Thanks to W1XX, K1JB and N0UD I
finished a contest WAS on Sunday morning. Didn't find SK or NB for a sweep of
the lower Canadian provinces. Good JA opening here both mornings (at least for
a LP suburban dweller). Biggest number worked since 2010. Worked all
continents except Africa but most country mults were NA/SA, except for CT, KH6,
and JA.

Thanks for the contacts and your patience.
Gary, N7IR
C6ANM(N1GN)   Single Op HP   302,4002014-01-26 08:45:49
High local noise level, no RX ant this year...
AA4FU   Single Op LP   53,3402014-01-26 08:48:55
The first two hours were great. Had a 60+ hour S&Ping to start and then
over 80 when I started running. However, never got above 30 for the other 10
hours. Didn't work any Europeans. I did hear one or two the first night, but
very weak with QSB. The second night I could hear more, but they didn't hear

I did pick up 3 new states for 160m WAS: RI, NM and WY. I heard and called a
NV station for about 10 minutes, but it seemed he was hearing everybody but me.
I never heard ND, HI or AK.
WQ5L   Single Op HP   104,4662014-01-26 08:48:58
700W + inverted L, no RX ant

Sure is easier to do this with 700 watts instead of 100. I hope I heard well
enough. Our little ice storm the first night seemed to kick the line noise up a
notch but it wasn't really devastating. Band was very quiet apart from that.

Missed MT ND SK MB NS NB NL. No AK or HI either. No Asia/Pacific even heard
other than JA. Openings to EU basically nil the first night; a little better
the second but still short-lived and weak. 73,

-- Ray WQ5L
K9NR   Single Op HP   209,4962014-01-26 08:59:33
Pretty stinko.
A big drop from last year!
Europe and the west coast were very weak on Friday night and much worse on
Saturday night!
There seemed to be less participation than last year though that could be
attributed to propagation.
In any event, thanks for all the Q's!
73, Don Kerouac K9NR
KG4IGC   Single Op QRP   9,4322014-01-26 09:03:03
Second Contest(other being BARTG RTTY Sprint) using new club Swamp Fox
Contesting Group. Loafed along in this contest, had a lot of fun working 100
wpm push button cw ops. Best DX ZF2KE Cayman Islands with only 5 watts. Heard
PJ2T but was unable to work them. Rig: Yaesu FT-847, ant: W4TWW Inverted L.
M5Z(JK3GAD)   Single Op Assisted LP   1322014-01-26 09:14:36
Due to severe weather, I decided to wind down my 5 meter wire antenna earlier
than planned, thus not much operating time.
Well done to those who successfully copied my signal!

73 Kazu
KØVXU   Single Op HP   123,8162014-01-26 09:15:14
IC-746PRO/TL-922A, Inverted L, shortened Beverage

This one is always fun and challenging. Conditions didn't seem all that bad but
they weren't as good in years past. I had 47 of the states in the first 5 hours
but finally got North Dakota early Sunday morning. Surprisingly, I didn't hear
a VE5 - normally a cakewalk from here. DX-wise I just didn't hear them
although others seemed to be working them fine. The Beverage suffered some
problem recently that rendered it unusable.

Thanks to all who pulled me out of the noise. And thanks to all for the

See you next year.

Russ - K0VXU
KM6I   Single Op HP   24,4322014-01-26 09:21:33
K3, KPA500, Inv-L
N7RK   Single Op Assisted HP   97,0522014-01-26 09:22:13
Fun contest and I thought cndx were pretty good. Worked two new countries - BA
and PZ. Worked all continents but only one European CS2C. Was about to give up
on WAS but a North Dakota station called me late Saturday night and Maine
station finally showed up about 2 AM Sunday morning.

Rig - FT-1000MP driving a Drake L7-B - KW

Transmit antenna - Full size 160 meter Inverted L (Top is at 68 feet and end at
25 feet) with elevated 20 ft by 6 ft chicken wire ground screen on roof of
house. I have a flat roof. Antenna looks more like a "7" that fell on
it's side.

Recieve antenna - Pennant over swimming pool :-)

My ambient noise level here is S9+10 db and S5 with the pennant.
N6DZ   Multi-Op HP   261,0962014-01-26 09:25:24
Thanks for the QSO's!
VE6SV(VE6RST)   Single Op Assisted HP   342,4002014-01-26 09:32:17
First night the K-index was low, the second night with the K at 5 closed
the door to Europe.

Stations heard, but could not get into the log: HS, XV, TF, TG, PZ, VK, KH0
VE7YU   Single Op LP   31,0462014-01-26 09:41:51
Any station greater than 1000 km away was a struggle.
Is everone in Wyoming a ham ? (:

Thanks for the Q's

K3/100W/80 Meter horiz loop at 60'
K3WA   Single Op HP   59,7682014-01-26 09:44:45
About 4 hours of heavy duty fun. DX was disappointing. No EU at all here in
the heart of the black hole. West coast stations generally weak. Friday was
noisy - Saturday the noise was low.
KØEU   Single Op LP   123,6202014-01-26 09:59:00
Decided to try a semi-serious entry in this one. The second night may be more
boring than Sunday in SS. I didn't think that was possible. Second radio
definitely got a workout with many QSO's and most DX contacts and mults found
while "running". Lots of work for very little payoff. Didn't seem to
be a whole lot of DX on for this. Missed working FM5BH, VP2V/K3LR, and BA5CW as
the pileups were too huge to attempt breaking with 100W. Coolest QSO was finding
EA8/RA1A with what must have been spotlight propagation. He was working Europe
in what used to be the DX window on 1834.5. Got him first call.

After first night, still needed ND KH6 KL7 for WAS. Thanks to W0TUP KH6CC and
WL9E for calling in on the second night. My first 1 weekend WAS on top band.
Apologies to anyone that called and didn't get my attention. Still a bit deaf
due to high noise levels at my semi-urban QTH.

Expect huge scores from K0RF, K0DU, and KV0Q. Those guys were cleaning up
anytime I heard them. Colorado was well represented in this one.

73 Randy K0EU
PC5M   Multi-Op HP   525,0002014-01-26 10:00:29
Condx not as good as previous years, but we had fun with our new 4 square
vertical RX array (20 feet verticals spaced 79 feet) and home made high
Z-amplifiers/phasing box. After some tweaking during Saturday afternoon the
performance seemed to be comparable to our 1000 feet beverage !. Did copy a.o.
JA very good, but too big a pile up... Think we will plan to upgrade to a 8
circle array and dump the beverages, much faster to deploy in our field day
style setup.

First stint we did had an issue with our PA driver and seemed to be sometimes
copied as GC5M...sorry guy's no GW multiplier...Luckily we could fix it before
the second night.

Also we did use the full SDR based KX3 as main transceiver, did perform
surprisingly well with the EU wall to wall signals. Next time we mount it in a
16 inch chassis with a paving brick inside so it will feel like a real trx....

As we need to dismantle the full station, including the 100 feet vertical, we
were not qrv the last evening/night.
Some pics at:

Tnx for all the qso's and see you next year

73's Carel, pc5m

Op's: pa3auc, pa3cqe, pa3dsb, pc5m
Support: pa3bpl, pa3clh, pe1itr, Richard
K9AY   Single Op LP   119,6582014-01-26 10:01:20
Had a good Friday evening, but too many distractions to justify a full time
effort. Beverages are all drooping into the snow, with one broken (deer) and
too cold to bother fixing. They still heard stuff OK so it was fun when I was

Nice to say 5NNWI to many friends!

73, Gary
AA7V   Single Op LP   22,3302014-01-26 10:07:27
150w to 130' wire tied to coax center conductor, coax shield tied to tower.

Missed LA and VT (heard them, they didnt hear me)
Missed CE1/K7CA, NP4A and HD2A (heard them, they didnt hear me)

Thanks for the QSOs.
WT9U   Single Op LP   18,3612014-01-26 10:31:45
Limited time due to work conflicts.
VE6TL   Single Op Assisted HP   64,4052014-01-26 10:31:52
I wasn't planning on doing the contest but when I turned the radio on around
10PM (0500Z) Friday night and saw all those signals I figured I would give it a
try - just to see if I could work WAS in a weekend. I came closer than expected
but the problem was working the northeastern states as they were all pointed at
Europe. I did hear Mexico but think his station was a beacon as dozens were
calling but never heard him work anybody. Condx were much better on Friday
night and even managed to work Hawaii, Alaska and a few Caribbean stations. My
noise floor was about S5+ as I'm using a shunt-fed 40' tower with a TH6
tribander on top as my only antenna for 160m. Output power is about 400W. My
big question is, "Where was Saskatchewan?" Never heard them or saw
them spotted at all. Was glad to see quite a bit of VE6 activity. Wish CQ had
a category for "city lot with noisy antenna" so that the little
pistols wouldn't have to be lumped with the big guns.

Jerry VE6TL
AC2FA   Single Op LP   3,1052014-01-26 10:32:25
K2 @ 100 watts using a wire. I always enjoy the CQ160. Thanks for the QSO's!

73, Bob
W9PA   Single Op LP   44,6902014-01-26 10:43:16
K3, P3, 135-ft Center-Fed Doublet with Ladder Line Feed connected to one
terminal of a Current Balun, Logging Software: DXlog by 9A5K (
Try it - it's FREE.
VA2WA   Single Op Assisted HP   863,9522014-01-26 10:46:54
SO1R: TS-590S, AL-1200
Ant: Top loaded vertical - 16.5m. RX- 260m bev antenna to EU (50 deg)

The top band conditions were the worst I could remember. My setup still far
from the best even I did few improvements. Have to re-do a lot of things for
the next season (hi..hi..).

The new 260m beverage RX antenna to EU works great. So I could hear almost
every station in EU direction up to UA9. But the problem that they barely hear
me ))) I hope that was just because of really bad conditions.

Thanks for ll the QSO's!



VA7ST   Single Op LP   23,8292014-01-26 11:06:12
100 watts to an inverted-L tied to 150' of chainlink fence. Worked mostly for
regional Qs -- didn't work a single W1. Managed to get a few W4s and ZF around
0900z early Sunday morning, and around 1400z Sunday worked JH4UYB and heard
several other JAs. Six countries (JA, ZF, 6Y, PJ2, KL, KH6) set a new personal
best DX total in this one.

VY2ZM was loud here when he called in, and was the only VE station I worked
east of AB.

Just 5 slow, slow hours. Not sure how I worked anyone (especially 6Y and PJ2)
on Friday night. Took me until late Saturday night, with a couple of sub-zero
trips with flashlight to the far reaches of the yard, to sort out some flakey
antenna tuning.

Turned out to be a 160M tuner issue in the shack (some unnamed idiot connected
the rig and antenna cables backwards months ago... unlabeled ports on a
homebrew box that works wonders when in line the right way). But those
inverted-L feedpoint connections out there are rock-solid now, hi.

Once spring arrives, the antenna gets a significant upgrade (adding a set of
elevated radials).

Year Qs Mults Score Time on avg/hr
------------------------------------ -------- ------
January-14 SOLP 127 39 23,829 5.1 hrs 24.9
January-13 SOLP 115 34 19,176 4.1 hrs 28.0
January-12 SOLP 74 20 7,329 2.5 hrs 29.6
January-11 SOLP 67 22 7,040 4.0 hrs 16.7
January-10 SOLP 247 52 60,528 9.5 hrs 26.0
January-09 SOLP 244 50 59,100 5.5 hrs 44.4
January-08 SOLP 240 49 55,762 -
January-07 SOLP 145 39 27,027 8.5 hrs 28.2
January-06 SOLP 220 48 50,400 7.0 hrs 31.4
January-05 SOLP 342 54 88,182 10.6 hrs 32.3
WØBH   Single Op HP   58,3482014-01-26 11:07:55
Nice rates and good conditions while I was on. Didn't work ME and RI in the
lower 48. All uploaded to LOTW. Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
VE3CV   Single Op LP   117,3682014-01-26 11:09:30
Big disappointment to EU this year. Worked a few but never had so many keep
calling CQ with no QRM and not even a QRZ? Stayed up for both EU sunrises.
Beverages worked great, so great ears no voice! Still worked CE1/K7CA, HD2A,
KH6LC, so 90Watt sigs were getting out. Noticed spot-light propagation for
those ones as no else one calling at the time. Amazed I could work all kinds
of AZ, CA, NM, TX and not a chance with XE2S or XE2CQ, both with sigs just
above the noise all night and morning! Not a peep from JA here. Almost made
WAS, but never heard MT or ND and never found VE7 or VE1 running anywhere. Big
snow and wind storm caused lots of snow static, but the shack was nice and warm
so stayed there all Fri/Sat night so I wouldn't disappear in a snow drift
trying to get back to the house.
Still, lots of fun at times and many good ops. Rarely did I find a station
slow to give their call, which is great when going unassisted. Thanks for all
the Qs and good luck in CQ160SSB.
Jeff VE3CV

FT-1000MP (ca 1995) running 90Watts with N1MM
80m doublet at 45 ft apex used as top loaded vertical. 12 - 130ft radials.
Beverages at 330, 165 and 75 degrees.
K1DQV(ROGER)   Single Op HP   165,7352014-01-26 11:21:34
Ionispheric noise on Friday was very high for a while (??)
Thanks for the Qs. VY 73 K1DQV
AB5K   Single Op HP   376,1242014-01-26 11:24:04
160 TX Antenna: 1/4 wave wire vertical
160 RX Antenna: 8-Circle

Radio: Elecraft K3
AA3B   Single Op HP   190,8252014-01-26 11:26:51

10 70
5 53
2 640
KU8E   Single Op LP   72,0802014-01-26 11:30:29
FT1000MP - 100 watts - Inverted L with 4 elevated radials

Didn't get on the air until Saturday night. Good rates since I was fresh meat.
Loud signals from South America, Caribbean and west coast of US. Not many EU
but worked a few at their sunrise. Nice to work a new country - PT7BXB. Also
heard CX6VM, which would of been a new one but too big of a pileup on him the
bust with 100 watts.

Jeff KU8E
W1NN   Single Op LP   85,2242014-01-26 11:32:58
A part-time effort. Due to the poor wx, I was not able to make the improvements
to my antennas that I had planned, so I was using the same old dipole at an
average height of about 40 feet. Participation seemed down. Two or three
years ago I made over 1,000 contacts in this contest, but I don't see how I
could have done that this year even had I operated full-time. Static, I assume
from the snow, was terrible. Using the 80 meter dipole that was on the ground
for receive helped a lot with EU. (I accidentally called K1AR with this
antenna and actually worked him! Good ears, John.) Some signals from EU were
pretty strong here but most of them couldn't hear me. The west coast was quite
loud and quite a few of them even called me.

I worked 46 states, missing only MT and ND. No VE4, VE5 or VE7 heard, but
worked two VE6 stations. Countries worked: FM, KP2, KP4, XE, V3, VP2V, ZF,
PJ2, CT, OK, DL, G.

73, Hal W1NN
N9TF   Single Op LP   33,6422014-01-26 11:33:02
100 watts to a W8AMZ 160M reduced half sloper, about 66' long at 37' apex
sloping down to about 4' off the ground.

Heard some EU DX but not enough "oomph" to get my signal heard
anywhere over there! Did work some Caribbean though. Kv4FZ was booming in at
the time. NP4A was the next strongest, and ZF2KE and 6Y3M were also loud but
not quite as strong. All four DX stations got my report the first time, which
surprised me. Good ears out there on the other end!!

Missed 5 states for WAS, ME, WA, ND, AK, and HI. I did run across a KH6 early
Sunday morning just after midnight local, but could never get the complete
call. Lots of fast deep qsb. Never heard any of the other 4 states I missed.

I focused on searching out the weak signals, hoping for some new DX. All
S&P with new DX count and WAS the mission. Had fun as always.

73 Gene, N9TF
N2BJ   Single Op Assisted HP   43,3802014-01-26 11:40:51
too much QRN
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op Assisted HP   65,3912014-01-26 11:45:04
Could only be QRV one night. Based on the overall crappy weekend weather
forecast I picked Friday night as that meant I'd only have to drive in the
crappy weather once. :)

Nothing too exciting heard and, being a "fair weather" 160m
contester, when I don't find anything too exciting (DX or potential of DX!) my
motivation diminishes in a hurry.

Worked all states but AK.

73, Mike K9NW
KØDU(KØCL)   Single Op Assisted HP   247,4642014-01-26 11:48:46
I guess for a bent piece of wire you can't complain! Thanks to the 75 JA's!!!
I'm Sorry to the ones I missed.
CX6VM   Single Op Assisted HP   69,8252014-01-26 11:49:47
VE3RZ   Single Op Assisted HP   370,9532014-01-26 11:52:10
Inverted L broke in ice storm, so put up temp antenna, 1/4 sloping from ground
to 50 feet and then back down to about 30feet. Seemed to work okay, heard
plenty of dx but most was right in the noise. Ears definitely got a work out
for listening for them! My Bog was broken somewhere under the ice and so had no
receive antenna. Need to fix all this in the spring.

Slept through Sunday sunrise so missed any KH6 or JA possibilities. Did work
all mainland states - but where was VE5? never heard SK. nothing heard from
NFL or north. Saw KL7 spotted a couple of times but always under strong US

Thanks for all the Qs.

WI9WI   Single Op HP   27,6962014-01-26 11:52:54
A few hours Saturday night from my popgun station in Madison. My local noise was
only about S-5 last night instead of the usual S-7 to 8 so I was actually able
to receive on the transmit antenna for some QSOs. My little terminated loop
receive antenna greatly favors the east, so I could actually hear a few west
coast stations for once. Like others I felt activity was down. Worked a few
Caribbean, never heard Europe which is not unusual from here.

HL-550 500 Watts
33 ft top loaded vertical wire for transmit
Small terminated loop for receive


K6NV   Single Op Assisted HP   34,5942014-01-26 12:06:00
Conditions seemed pretty good Friday night, local noise here was a killer, my
MFJ-1025 was not working correctly. Saturday, got it fixed and it knocked some
of the local noise way down. Saturday seemed like everyone disappeared, had a
hard time finding Q's that I had not already worked. Had a lot of dups. Could
not really get a run going, spent a lot of time CQing with no answers, where
Friday evening got several good runs and many answers from the east coast.


Inverted L with 2 raised radials
K9AY Loop System
W6SX   Single Op Assisted HP   33,4432014-01-26 12:08:35
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with MB-V-A, N1MM.
NZ1U(@KB1H)   Multi-Op HP   92,3402014-01-26 12:21:18
As usual this contest happens during our annual Banrsromers Christmas Party

When we finally got around to operating Saturday night the beverages were not
doing the job for us.
I really wondered when I heard K5ZD running Europe and I could not hear any of
the stations. I decided
it was time to investigate.

After everyone left except for NB1U I traced the noise on the band to a
flourencent light in the lower
part of the barn. Turned off the light and oh my, did the band jump alive.

Total operating time was 4 hors 48 minutes. Approximately 90 10-pointers.
Decided to quit at 0745Z

Always a fun contest that we only get to play around with.

Thanks for the QSOs See everyone in ARRL DX CW. Back using KB1H for that one.

73 Dick - KB1H
N7TR   Single Op HP   34,1642014-01-26 12:23:59
Alpha 9500
Inv V at 70 Ft
K5TR   Single Op Assisted HP   180,9642014-01-26 12:29:23
I had very relaxing time at the station this weekend. Worked at the contest on
and off. Did not get on until 0200z the first night and took a break to sleep.
Mainly did a lot of S&P with some CQing here and there. Worked about 35 JA
stations the first day. NH0Z checked in this morning to my CQ but only one
JA station.

The only US state I missed was MT. I think I was sleeping when N9RV was on the
band. I also missed VE5, VY1, VE8, VO1 and VO2. Thanks for the contacts nice
to check in with many friends on top band.
KE1F   Single Op Assisted HP   44,0642014-01-26 12:35:20
Too many U.S. stations calling "CQ TEST" inside the "DX
N5AW   Single Op LP   73,6362014-01-26 12:48:46
Conditions better to Europe the first night but better to Asia the second. Was
more of a DXer than contester in this one. Spent most of my time S&P
looking for mults. Worked all states plus DC but missed about half of the VE
provinces including several "easy ones. Heard only one country I needed -
BA5CW - but he could not hear me. The frustration of low power!

K3 100 watts, 137' tower with elevated radials
KVØQ   Single Op QRP   127,8202014-01-26 12:57:37
I decided to try something different this year and entered the QRP category to
test my new DX Engineering 4 square array for 160 meters. I was amazed how
many contacts and multipliers you can work with just 5 watts! A number of
stations were just CQing in my face but with a little patience it was
surprising how many stations you can work.

Thank you for everyone who pulled me out of the noise and gave me a contact.
WE9V   Single Op HP   14,2802014-01-26 13:03:54
Exactly 60 minutes of CQing netted a 155 hour on second night.
I thought it would be all downhill from there, so I stopped.

Chad WE9V
HD2A(HC2AO)   Single Op HP   666,6002014-01-26 13:09:21
S57AW   Single Op Assisted HP   208,9192014-01-26 13:09:25
TS-480 / 300W / Sloper

Part time effort, good activity

73 Robert, S57AW
W2FU   Multi-Op HP   376,2682014-01-26 13:15:23
21 hour remote operation. K0SM and N2ZN stayed home, and operated at W2FU.
This was our first test run of remote operation here. Andy and Ken used Skype
to coordinate when needed. We avoided the nasty WX up here this weekend.

Jeff - W2FU
AA9A   Single Op HP   11,6032014-01-26 13:15:56
I could only spend 1/2 hour each morning operating this weekend. At least I
could give out a few Q's.
WH7DX   Single Op HP   2,0242014-01-26 13:21:27
First CW contest. Just started learning CW so using CWDecoder and Winwarbler
which work really well together (don't make fun of the challenged! hi hi)

Poked around for about 3 hours or so. Running about 400-500W (no stress) and
a low dipole.


NØTT   Single Op QRP   87,6002014-01-26 13:22:40
Great contest as usual, with conditions here being "good", not
excellent, but just good.

My thanks to those who struggled to hear my 5-watts...good job at your end!

I almost made WAS....missed AK and MT. Maybe next time!
WD5COV   Single Op HP   445,7402014-01-26 13:24:30
Fun contest with much better conditions this year.

I found it hard to keep my frequency at times because when pointed NW to JA,
the upper midwest and east coast stations thought the frequency was clear until
I switched back to the NE position. Then they felt I was taking their freq! All
I can say is its good to have such good F/B on the 4 square!

Worked about 25 EU stations and over 140 JA's. Was surprised to get called by
6W7SK, he had a good signal at his sunrise.

Got my last to mults late as VE5ZX called in for my only SK and worked HL5IVL
right before I pulled the plug.
W6PH   Single Op HP   77,6822014-01-26 13:33:37
Equip: FTdx3000 AL1200 CT-DOS 9.57
Ant: 1/4 wave inductively loaded sloper below 5el 10m yagi at 60 feet

A very casual operation and quit at 11 pm both nights. Operated about one hour
each morning from 6 am to 7 am.

W1 was real tough and I missed ME (heard K1WHS), RI, and VT (called W1SJ many
times). I never heard VE4 or VE5. My last mult was N0UD (ND) on Sunday
morning. The sunrise enhancement to JA on Sunday morning was strong and I
worked several that couldn't hear me 15 minutes earlier.

I am still looking for a decent 160m antenna that doesn't need radials and fits
on a 60 foot mast. This one is the best so far but doesn't compete with the
guys with verticals and big radial fields.

I tried working XV2E and NH0Z who had no callers but they kept CQing in my
face. Very disappointing. But I did work HS0ZKX who was very readable.

Next gig is ARRL DX Contests as VP9/W6PH.

73, Kurt W6PH
NØIJ   Single Op HP   68,2562014-01-26 13:37:23
Finally expanded my remote control system to include Beverage switching, which
made this a lot more fun. DX prop from far NW Wisconsin was down but did work
the always reliable JA3YBK.

Thanks for the Q's, and wished that I had more time available.
AL9A   Single Op Assisted HP   13,2962014-01-26 13:41:48
Friday was good, Saturday not so much. All QSOs on Friday night or Saturday
morning. By Saturday night the A index was up to 11 and high winds here made
me lower the free standing crank up tower to the point the 160M sloper was
ZF2KE(@ZF1A)   Multi-Op HP   846,8862014-01-26 13:48:15
Operated at ZF1A club station hosted by Andrew ZF1EJ. Thanks to the members for
use of the fine station. Largest number of European QSOs ever in a contest for
these two operators! Saturday night we kept copying someone sending RA3 QSY and
thought a RA3 was QRMing us and stations wanted him to move. It turned out
RA3QSY was calling us and we worked him finally! What an unfortunate luck of
the draw for an assigned call sign!
KR4F   Single Op Assisted HP   105,6002014-01-26 13:48:30
Propagation did not seem very good. Lots of QSB. Few audible DX stations.
But, it sure beat no 160m contest!

Johnny, KR4F
W4AU   Single Op HP   39,7502014-01-26 13:51:40
I keep forgetting how much fun 160 contests can be even with my limited low band
setup. The activity level was great even though I did not stay up late enough to
work some of the west coast stations.
Thanks for all the Q's - John, W4AU
K4LM   Single Op Assisted HP   54,4602014-01-26 13:52:42
Always fun on top band. Glad to see EU open up the 2nd night. I can only get
700 watts out of amp on and EDZ for 40 at 55 feet is too low for 160. Will
have inverted L next time. Thanks to all who pulled me out of the mud.
73, Vant K4LM
AB3CX   Single Op Assisted HP   278,6162014-01-26 13:53:27
FT-2000 with NS Roofing Filter
Alpha 99
1/4 wave full size wire vertical sloping off tower with one elevated radial
3 Beverages, NE, NW and SW
Frigid conditions and snowing parts of both nights.
W3DQ   Multi-Op HP   98,4632014-01-26 13:56:08
Missed MT, KL and KH6 WAS. Trans-Atlantic DX was hard to come by.
NQ7R   Single Op HP   33,0482014-01-26 14:02:23
Pleasantly surprised at the number of East Coast stations that answered my CQs.
N2MM   Single Op Assisted HP   139,3152014-01-26 14:02:32
Missed ND, KL7, VE5,VO1,VO2 and of course VE8/VY1. ( never heard) Surprised to
have KH6CC call in at 0500z Friday night. I know my inv. L works well to the
West and South, but a dud to EU. Plan to make it a "T".As soon as the
snow and cold wx disappears (ha ha). I will get the beverages up. Thanks for the
Qsos. I will upload my logs to LOTW shortly.
K3WW   Single Op Assisted HP   497,2502014-01-26 14:03:58
very much QRN especially Saturday.
OL9R(OK6RA)   Single Op LP   236,8622014-01-26 14:07:46
FT-1000MP MARK-V Field
2 x LW-120m (NW + NE), DIPOL 7mH

Unfortunately, I overslept opening to the USA on Sunday morning :-(

Thank you for QSO.

See you in the next contests!
Vaclav OK6RA (OL9R)
AD8P   Single Op Assisted HP   40,6452014-01-26 14:11:30
Busy on Friday night so only part time effort. It was still fun though.
W3UL   Single Op Assisted LP   30,8552014-01-26 14:15:02
Band QSOs Pts StP DXC
1.8 254 605 42 9
Total 254 605 42 9
Score: 30,855
K4VV(K3TN)   Single Op Assisted HP   86,6322014-01-26 14:15:13
This mostly a shake down for Mike W0YR's hard work in upgrading the remote
access software for K4VV. Mike's done an incredible job, and the new VNC/Mumble
approach was solid.

Had great W/VE runs on the first night. I looked up after 2 hours and had 300
contacts in the log. Never did get ND, MT or AK. I wasn't able to get on during
any of the EU prime time hours - the furthest east I worked was CS2C.

The second night I had even fewer hours on - probably a good thing as 160 was
much noisier, probably due to the cold front and yet another clipper pushing
snow showers through the area.
NA1DX   Single Op LP   11,5902014-01-26 14:15:31
Rig: Elecraft K3 at 100w
Antenna: Inverted Dipole up 40'
LY5W(@LY7M)   Single Op Assisted HP   835,5962014-01-26 14:15:51
TNX Algis LY7M for this nice weekend! I wonder how beautiful station he built
MY personal best score ever in this super contest.
See You again in Phone part!
Sam LY5W
wx - 25c!
K2QO   Single Op LP   21,6002014-01-26 14:17:50
The W1FB 1/2 Wave Grounded Loop works nicely on 160 even thought the vertical
legs are only 50'. I have about 6 full size radials but a few more might help.
Getting those "planted" before lawn mowing season will be the goal.

This was so much better than the VHF SS last weekend I simply cannot put it
into words. If I could work on planning my sleep a bit better for these 160
contests, my scores would be WAY better! I was sleeping in the chair by
midnight on Friday, and Saturday was no better.

Mark K2QO
K3/100, Skookum Logger, WinKeyer USB, W1FB antenna.
NY6DX   Single Op LP   126,2802014-01-26 14:18:28
Gentlemen's band my azz. Had a guy call right on top of me, know he heard me
because he worked me. Great conditions a lot of snow static Saturday night.
Sorry to all the EU calling I could not hear.
ft-1000 mp Mark v
inverted l antenna.
RY9C   Multi-Op HP   729,5762014-01-26 14:19:39
NS3T   Single Op LP   63,0002014-01-26 14:23:58
30 minutes before the contest started on Friday evening, I managed to replace my
160 meter inverted L - and so it provided a few hours of fun. Best DX was
finding HD2A in the clear for a new one. That's #78 DXCC with low power from a
suburban back yard. Just couldn't squeeze out VP2V/K3LR for #79. Thanks to all
for the contacts. 73 Jamie NS3T
S56A   Single Op Assisted LP   195,7202014-01-26 14:24:55
Traped dipole over the snow roof on 4th floor and FT-1000MP worked fine. ODX
JA3YBK on Sunday evening. Antenna was optimized for West direction but WVE
were weak except VY2ZM. Missed CT from EU and 4Z5LY. It was fun again!

73 d Mario, S56A
MD2C(MDØCCE)   Single Op Assisted HP   136,8002014-01-26 14:26:29
Only a few hours - gale force winds (again - almost two months now
continusously!) and the antenna had to come down. Propagation on Friday night
before the contest seemed very good, worked a number of JAs with strong
signals, but then conditions seemed to weaken, with traditionally strong NA
signals being quite weak and very few in the log.

FT-5000, Quadra at 400 Watts
Titanex V160HD base loaded vertical
WS7L   Single Op Assisted HP   36,2402014-01-26 14:26:33
We won't compare this to my score from last year because I didn't work nearly as
hard at it. Also, condx to the east and south were not beautiful. First 160
contest where I heard but couldn't log PJ2T and CE1/K7CA. Only worked two
Caribbean stations, KV4FZ and 6Y3M. No central or south Americans logged. And
instead of easily working a bunch of UA0's like normal, I had to sweat bullets
to work just one. Pretty good condx to JA, though, and the dawn opening to the
US east coast was good enough for me to fill in everything but Maine and DC.

BA5CW was a new one on the band. Nice to see VP2V show up on 160, but didn't
get them. (Note to DXpeditioners: VP2V is overdue for a serious DXpedition!)

Thanks for the Q's, and special thanks to the entire western US for politely
standing by while I sent my call sign about 20 times to RT0F to get in his

73, Carl WS7L
K-line, top loaded 15 m vertical + full wave loop on ground for diversity Rx.
AG4W   Single Op Assisted HP   142,3752014-01-26 14:28:28
FTDX5000,AL1200, 58FT vertical top loaded, 2 beverages NE and NW. Better into
Asia Sunday morning. No Asia Saturday morning. Assisted was more fun this time.
Propagation kept me from putting in more time. Most European signals were weak.
Steve AG4W
NR7Q   Single Op LP   25,7402014-01-26 14:28:29
Part time effort here..Less tha 15 hours on..Used TS-590s for the first time in
Contest.. Receiver brings new life to contesting..! Had bad power line noise
for most of the time I has on..Thanks to all for the patience.. 100 watts into
Vee beam each leg 520' TS-590S with Winkeyer and N1MM
UU7J   Multi-Op HP   942,0812014-01-26 14:29:25
Worked States/Provinces

| 160 | TOTAL
CT | 3 | 3
MA | 10 | 10
ME | 6 | 6
NH | 1 | 1
RI | 3 | 3
VT | 1 | 1
NJ | 6 | 6
NY | 10 | 10
DE | 3 | 3
PA | 9 | 9
MD | 6 | 6
DC | |
AL | |
FL | 5 | 5
GA | 1 | 1
KY | 1 | 1
NC | 5 | 5
SC | 1 | 1
TN | |
VA | 7 | 7
AR | 1 | 1
LA | |
MS | |
NM | |
OK | 1 | 1
TX | 2 | 2
CA | |
AZ | |
ID | |
MT | |
NV | |
OR | |
UT | 1 | 1
WA | |
WY | |
MI | 1 | 1
OH | 4 | 4
WV | |
IL | 1 | 1
IN | |
WI | 1 | 1
CO | |
IA | |
KS | |
MN | 1 | 1
MO | |
ND | |
NE | |
SD | |
NB | 1 | 1
NS | 3 | 3
NF | |
PEI | 2 | 2
LB | |
QC | 3 | 3
ON | 5 | 5
MB | |
SK | |
AB | |
BC | |
NT | |
YT | |
NU | |
| 105 | 105

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Worked DXCC

DXCC | CT | 160 | TOTAL
1A | EU | |
1S | AS | |
3A | EU | |
3B6 | AF | |
3B8 | AF | 1 | 1
3B9 | AF | |
3C | AF | |
3C0 | AF | |
3D2 | OC | |
3D2/c | OC | |
3D2/r | OC | |
3DA | AF | |
3V | AF | 1 | 1
3W | AS | 1 | 1
3X | AF | |
3Y/b | AF | |
3Y/p | SA | |
4J | AS | 4 | 4
4L | AS | 2 | 2
4O | EU | 2 | 2
4S | AS | |
4U1I | EU | |
4U1U | NA | |
4U1V | EU | |
4W | OC | |
4X | AS | 2 | 2
5A | AF | |
5B | AS | 2 | 2
5H | AF | |
5N | AF | |
5R | AF | |
5T | AF | |
5U | AF | |
5V | AF | |
5W | OC | |
5X | AF | |
5Z | AF | |
6W | AF | |
6Y | NA | 1 | 1
7O | AS | |
7P | AF | |
7Q | AF | |
7X | AF | |
8P | NA | |
8Q | AS | 1 | 1
8R | SA | |
9A | EU | 7 | 7
9G | AF | |
9H | EU | |
9J | AF | |
9K | AS | |
9L | AF | |
9M2 | AS | |
9M6 | OC | |
9N | AS | |
9Q | AF | |
9U | AF | |
9V | AS | |
9X | AF | |
9Y | SA | |
A2 | AF | |
A3 | OC | |
A4 | AS | |
A5 | AS | |
A6 | AS | |
A7 | AS | |
A9 | AS | |
AP | AS | |
BS7 | AS | |
BV | AS | |
BV9P | AS | |
BY | AS | 1 | 1
C2 | OC | |
C3 | EU | |
C5 | AF | |
C6 | NA | 1 | 1
C9 | AF | |
CE | SA | 1 | 1
CE0X | SA | |
CE0Y | SA | |
CE0Z | SA | |
CE9 | SA | |
CM | NA | |
CN | AF | |
CP | SA | |
CT | EU | 1 | 1
CT3 | AF | |
CU | EU | 1 | 1
CX | SA | 1 | 1
CY0 | NA | |
CY9 | NA | |
D2 | AF | |
D4 | AF | |
D6 | AF | |
DL | EU | 211 | 211
DU | OC | |
E3 | AF | |
E4 | AS | |
E5/n | OC | |
E5/s | OC | |
E6 | OC | |
E7 | EU | 7 | 7
EA | EU | 14 | 14
EA6 | EU | 1 | 1
EA8 | AF | 1 | 1
EA9 | AF | 1 | 1
EI | EU | 3 | 3
EK | AS | |
EL | AF | |
EP | AS | |
ER | EU | |
ES | EU | 4 | 4
ET | AF | |
EU | EU | 27 | 27
EX | AS | |
EY | AS | |
EZ | AS | |
F | EU | 11 | 11
FG | NA | 1 | 1
FH | AF | |
FJ | NA | |
FK | OC | |
FK/c | OC | |
FM | NA | 1 | 1
FO | OC | |
FO/a | OC | |
FO/c | NA | |
FO/m | OC | |
FP | NA | |
FR | AF | |
FS | NA | |
FT/g | AF | |
FT/j | AF | |
FT/t | AF | |
FT/w | AF | |
FT/x | AF | |
FT/z | AF | |
FW | OC | |
FY | SA | |
G | EU | 40 | 40
GD | EU | 1 | 1
GI | EU | 2 | 2
GJ | EU | |
GM | EU | 5 | 5
GM/s | EU | |
GU | EU | |
GW | EU | 3 | 3
H4 | OC | |
H40 | OC | |
HA | EU | 31 | 31
HB | EU | 10 | 10
HB0 | EU | |
HC | SA | 2 | 2
HC8 | SA | |
HH | NA | |
HI | NA | |
HK | SA | |
HK0/a | NA | |
HK0/m | SA | |
HL | AS | 1 | 1
HP | NA | |
HR | NA | |
HS | AS | 2 | 2
HV | EU | |
HZ | AS | 2 | 2
I | EU | 54 | 54
IG9 | AF | |
IS | EU | 1 | 1
IT9 | EU | 5 | 5
J2 | AF | |
J3 | NA | |
J5 | AF | |
J6 | NA | |
J7 | NA | |
J8 | NA | |
JA | AS | 95 | 95
JD/m | OC | |
JD/o | AS | |
JT | AS | |
JW | EU | |
JW/b | EU | |
JX | EU | |
JY | AS | |
KG4 | NA | |
KH0 | OC | 2 | 2
KH1 | OC | |
KH2 | OC | 1 | 1
KH3 | OC | |
KH4 | OC | |
KH5 | OC | |
KH5K | OC | |
KH6 | OC | |
KH7K | OC | |
KH8 | OC | |
KH8/s | OC | |
KH9 | OC | |
KL | NA | |
KP1 | NA | |
KP2 | NA | 2 | 2
KP4 | NA | 1 | 1
KP5 | NA | |
LA | EU | 11 | 11
LU | SA | |
LX | EU | 2 | 2
LY | EU | 29 | 29
LZ | EU | 16 | 16
OA | SA | |
OD | AS | |
OE | EU | 12 | 12
OH | EU | 21 | 21
OH0 | EU | 1 | 1
OJ0 | EU | |
OK | EU | 88 | 88
OM | EU | 36 | 36
ON | EU | 8 | 8
OX | NA | |
OY | EU | |
OZ | EU | 7 | 7
P2 | OC | |
P4 | SA | |
P5 | AS | |
PA | EU | 24 | 24
PJ2 | SA | 1 | 1
PJ4 | SA | |
PJ5 | NA | |
PJ7 | NA | |
PY | SA | 5 | 5
PY0F | SA | |
PY0S | SA | |
PY0T | SA | |
PZ | SA | 1 | 1
R1FJ | EU | |
S0 | AF | |
S2 | AS | |
S5 | EU | 45 | 45
S7 | AF | |
S9 | AF | |
SM | EU | 27 | 27
SP | EU | 57 | 57
ST | AF | |
SU | AF | |
SV | EU | 8 | 8
SV/a | EU | |
SV5 | EU | 1 | 1
SV9 | EU | 1 | 1
T2 | OC | |
T30 | OC | |
T31 | OC | |
T32 | OC | |
T33 | OC | |
T5 | AF | |
T7 | EU | |
T8 | OC | |
TA | AS | 2 | 2
TA1 | EU | |
TF | EU | 1 | 1
TG | NA | |
TI | NA | |
TI9 | NA | |
TJ | AF | |
TK | EU | |
TL | AF | |
TN | AF | |
TR | AF | |
TT | AF | |
TU | AF | |
TY | AF | |
TZ | AF | |
UA | EU | 149 | 149
UA2 | EU | 7 | 7
UA9 | AS | 58 | 58
UK | AS | |
UN | AS | 6 | 6
UR | EU | 118 | 118
V2 | NA | |
V3 | NA | |
V4 | NA | |
V5 | AF | |
V6 | OC | |
V7 | OC | |
V8 | OC | |
VK | OC | |
VK0H | AF | |
VK0M | OC | |
VK9C | OC | |
VK9L | OC | |
VK9M | OC | |
VK9N | OC | |
VK9W | OC | |
VK9X | OC | |
VP2E | NA | |
VP2M | NA | |
VP2V | NA | |
VP5 | NA | |
VP6 | OC | |
VP6/d | OC | |
VP8 | SA | |
VP8/g | SA | |
VP8/h | SA | |
VP8/o | SA | |
VP8/s | SA | |
VP9 | NA | |
VQ9 | AF | |
VR | AS | |
VU | AS | |
VU4 | AS | |
VU7 | AS | |
XE | NA | |
XF4 | NA | |
XT | AF | |
XU | AS | |
XW | AS | 1 | 1
XX9 | AS | |
XZ | AS | |
YA | AS | |
YB | OC | |
YI | AS | |
YJ | OC | |
YK | AS | |
YL | EU | 9 | 9
YN | NA | |
YO | EU | 29 | 29
YS | NA | |
YU | EU | 18 | 18
YV | SA | |
YV0 | NA | |
Z2 | AF | |
Z3 | EU | 1 | 1
Z6 | EU | |
Z8 | AF | |
ZA | EU | |
ZB | EU | |
ZC4 | AS | |
ZD7 | AF | |
ZD8 | AF | |
ZD9 | AF | |
ZF | NA | 1 | 1
ZK3 | OC | |
ZL | OC | |
ZL7 | OC | |
ZL8 | OC | |
ZL9 | OC | |
ZP | SA | |
ZS | AF | |
ZS8 | AF | |
| | 1373 | 1373

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W8OHT   Single Op HP   47,1392014-01-26 14:31:03
K-3 driving HB 4-1000A with 3500 vdc plate voltage. Quarter-wave Inverted Ell
with five, six-foot-high, quarter-wave, radials. Both receive antennas
unusable due to deep snow and yard too small for them. They use AR^2 preamps
and are very useful for the daily WV 7335 kHz Mid-day traffic net where
there's always a pesky hash-type EMI on the net frequency whenever the TX
antenna is used.
OU2V(OZ1FJB)   Single Op HP   244,6602014-01-26 14:31:39
Soapbox : This was really a nice contest. Time is nice to split up so
you can sleep and relax during the day, and they contest in the night. Hard to
find space here in eu, since many callers, so fit in between, and get kicked on
a few times. First contest with my new modified Kenwood TS-930 with uP-unit from
Piexx, this sure gives the old radio a feeling of a newborn radio. Fully
controled via the contest-sortware via RS-232. My first atempt in this contest
a few years ago, was not more than 50 stations in the log, but this time a lot

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KK4EIR   Single Op LP   11,9732014-01-26 14:32:07
This was my first time on 160 meters. I ordered
a 160 coil for my Butternut HF9V and it came in on
Friday. I installed it in the dark with a temperature
outside of 17 F and snow on the ground, I lost some
hardware that got dropped in the snow HI HI. I was able
to work S&P about 40 khz at a time using the internal
tuner on my K3. It was a great time and I find the CW
operators on 160 to be the best. I was hoping to make
a few European QSO's but was happy with Cayman Islands,
Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Canada and the Bahama's.
KØDI(@N2CEI)   Multi-Op HP   520,2682014-01-26 14:32:34
Activity was down compared to last year, but (1) we made more qsos in the ARRL
160 CW Contest, and (2) we found EU more often...

73, Dave, Steve, Will, and Sandy
Suwannee County, FL
KC4D   Multi-Op HP   120,0882014-01-26 14:33:13
KT8K   Single Op QRP   11,2962014-01-26 14:33:36
Well - my first slightly-more-than-half-hearted swing at a 160m contest and it
was fun. I didn't have a lot of time for it and only got 1 QSO in the first
night, but had some time for the second night and am happy with the result. It
is amazing I could be heard so well - thanks to all who patiently asked for
repeats until we got the QSO in the logs.

Amazingly, I was being easily heard around sunset Saturday afternoon and had a
great hour of 55 - mighty pleasing when you only run 5 Watts. I also had an
actual run of 22 Q's at a rate of 55/hour. I tried to get another going later
but just wasn't being heard well enough to get anything going. I did hear a
Brazilian station and a number of very-faint Europeans, but couldn't be heard
by any of them - not surprising given my antenna situation.

I ran my 500' up-and-down zig-zag horizontal loop (highest point 60+ feet and
lowest point about 12 feet) for all except one QSO when, mysteriously, the
station I was calling was coming in better on the 20/40/80m inverted vee than
on the loop. Must have been an unfavorable direction-null for the loop.

The old Orion is quite comfortable putting out only 5 Watts ... now if I just
got around to updating the internal firmware maybe it wouldn't decide to stop
transmitting without telling me a couple of times over a weekend (but maybe
it's sticky relays?) or bollix up the audio filtering so that it generates huge
blasts of crackly noise on strong signals. Sometimes it just needs a cold
reboot and everything is fine again. Still, I love this rig and keep it in
diversity receiving mode nearly all the time. I feed the big loop via an LDG
autotuner, but my favorite Z-11 model stopped lighting the LED's mid-contest
(on 160m only - I was doing a little in the REF contest during the day) and,
worried that something is wrong, I switched to my backup, a more primitive
Z-100 model, which carried me through the rest of the time.
Thanks again, everybody, and I hope to see you in my log in the next big
contest! 73 de kt8k - Tim
NI7R   Single Op HP   27,3902014-01-26 14:34:04
160 meters is, without question, the hardest band with an HOA restricted
antenna. 42 states worked, but I called stations in all states, except ND, but
the stations called in CT, VT, ME, SC, and LA could not hear me. I called
several JAs this morning, but all I got was a "7?". On the positive
side, with my pipsqueak antenna, I did work HD2A, and a bunch of stations in
the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico.

K3, AL-811H, portable vertical with a large coil, a 17 foot whip and 13
VE9AA   Single Op HP   2,9922014-01-26 14:34:23
Only had time to put in 31 minutes near the end.

Was building shelves, trying to clear up a little more space in my combined
shack/bedroom. Sunday was spent rebuilding my HS-1800/PRO mobile HF antenna,
cutting out all the damaged aluminum from 2 winters on salt covered New
Brunswick roads. Aluminum + road salt = dust !.....What a mess !

A little surprised to work W4's and 8's that were in their broad daylight.
Heard some vy weak EU's but they were not hearing me.

73 de Mike VE9AA, IC7410, INV L - Apex ~40', 700w
WA3AFS   Single Op Assisted HP   39,9702014-01-26 14:34:33
2 phased 160M coaxial inverted Ls
W5JR   Single Op Assisted HP   60,9842014-01-26 14:34:40
Lots of signals on the band. It was challenging to hear EU this year at the new
QTH. Opportunities abound to improve the RX situation. I think I worked every
ham in AZ, they were everywhere! The West Coast signals were very good. Used
the SO2V mode during runs to grab the occasional 5+ pointer that popped up on
the bandmap.

IC756ProII - SO2V, Power by Alpha, Inv L, N1MM (features galore), VE7CC &
W4AX spots. Go SECC!
G5W(G3BJ)   Single Op HP   817,4102014-01-26 14:35:49
K3ZM   Single Op HP   688,2182014-01-26 14:36:14
At the start of the contest, the sunset opening produced almost no EU contacts,
so I concentrated on building a QSO total. As a result, my QSO rate was higher
than usual the first few hours. Then there was a little EU run starting at
about 0100Z. At EU sunrise, I was able to put some ten pointers in the log but
it was very rough going. QRN was quite low but there was still some sort of
band noise about S3 and signals from EU were dismal. The QSB peaks and valleys
were astounding. I worked very hard and somehow managed to have 155 EU's in the
log by bedtime Saturday morning. At that point, I had 865 QSOs, 48 countries
and 56 States and Provinces.

Saturday was better but still rough going at times. I found the signal levels
to be mediocre at best. The EU sunrise Saturday night was productive. When
all was said and done, I had worked 392 EU's versus 544 last year. Total
multipliers this year was down 6 from 2013. I was actually delighted to keep
my QSO total within 90 of last year's total of 1,445. Worked one JA Sunday
morning but no VK or ZL or KH2. Only worked two KH6, and KH6LC was quite weak
when he called me Sunday morning. Never heard KL7.

I would like cordially to thank the 13 or so stations who worked me between
0900 and 1000Z Sunday morning!

Missed MT, VO1, VO2 and the mythical VE8 stuff.

Owing to outside matters, I wasn't sure I would be able to make this contest
right up until Thursday afternoon, so I am very glad to have been part of the
big gathering this year and grateful to the XYL for supporting me. I had
worked extensively before ARRL 160 making improvements and getting everything
working and I definitely had all my dogs barking by the time this competition
started. I am so happy I could make it.

Thanks for all the contacts.


Peter K3ZM

"Training the YL to be an XYL," by K3ZM

Candidate Selection

Ideally, you should search for a prospect who will have a natural interest in
ham radio, as well as skills that will be useful in constructing antennas. An
engineer would be nice, but there are not many of these. Someone whose dad is
an engineer is a good possibility. Alternatively, you could look for someone
who has at least attended an e-school. It may be useful to attend mixers at
someplace like Carnegie Mellon or VA Tech. Desired skills include a background
in construction. This will be helpful when it's time to tram up your yagis and
raise your towers (note use of plural). Another useful talent is the ability
to tie good knots. Look for a YL who has spent time sailing. In summary, an
ideal candidate would be a lady who graduated, say, from Lehigh, worked in
construction, and was a member of a sailing club. You get style points if you
find someone whose brother writes for CQ Magazine.

Another relevant consideration is birthdays. Events such as these are
extremely inconvenient and can disrupt your contest season. K3ZM has observed
that birthdays in a family tend to be clustered around a certain time of year
as opposed to being randomly distributed. Consider someone whose parents and
siblings were born in the late summer. This also improves the possibility that
your own offspring will not be born during contest season.

Bringing the Candidate to Your Place

The first time you bring your YL to your house, you will probably be thinking
about getting lucky. Steady on, DX Boy! There are more important matters at
hand. You need to establish the program for the future. The most important
thing is this: you need to have a tower in the backyard, with some kind of
yagi on it. If you don't have one already, you need to put something
temporarily in the air. The height is not important. Thirty feet of 25G will
be fine. Don't worry about connecting a feedline. How's she going to know?!
This is such a high priority that each contest club needs to have a tower and
beam ready to be loaned out at a moment's notice to any club member who starts
dating. A few rusty sections and an old TA-33 would be ideal. Don't worry
about a rotator. When she comes down your driveway and sees the tower and yagi
in the yard, you will have established a precedent. In legal terms, she will
have "assumed the risk."

Ham Radio as a Chick Magnet

Explain to the YL how important it is for a ham to tune the radio and search
for DX. Women like guys who are good listeners, right? We should rule! Also,
make sure you have her watch you work CW. Chicks get excited by watching a guy
send code with a paddle. Trust me.

Establishing Priorities

One of my brothers could not attend my wedding because he had to be out of the
country representing the U.S. in WRTC. You might think I was bummed. Au
contraire. He was doing me a favor! Even before the YL and I got married, the
message was clear: major ham radio contests take precedence over weddings, etc.
This will become very useful later. Practice saying something like this:
"I am so sorry I cannot come along to watch your sister perform her violin
solo with the Boston Pops, darling. But, you know, that weekend is the ARRL 160

Even after 12 years, my XYL still does not know that I secretly expressed a
preference for setting our wedding date to coincide with the IARU contest.
(Don't tell her this)

The Language of Ham Radio

It can be boring for the XYL to listen to you talk with your ham friends. Part
of the reason is the language barrier. Thus it is useful for you to introduce
ham radio terms to her early, perhaps even on the first date. You might
consider telling your prospect, "I’ll pick you up at your QTH at
seven." If this seems too much too soon, you can start with more
innocuous language such as, "Standby one, Darling." She will
appreciate this in the years to come.

Going on Your First Trip Together

This one is really important. The first time you guys travel together, it
needs to be somehow related to ham radio. Consider this: tell the YL that you
would like to take her to Hawaii the last full weekend in October. Just explain
that you will be a little busy on Saturday and Sunday. Seriously, who could be
disappointed by a trip to Hawaii? Yes, you should refer to it as KH6. Well
played, OM!

Christmas Presents and Other Gifts

Ideally, you should make all gifts to the YL somehow related to radio or
electronics. One of those old RadioShack Weather Radios would have been
perfect. "I know how much you like to follow the weather, Darling!"
Or perhaps a lovely Grundig radio for listening
to music - which just happens also to have shortwave bands on it.

I hope these tips have been helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to
contact my good friend Bill, K4XOM. Not only is he an avid contester, but he
also is the attorney who handled my latest divorce.
NG7A   Single Op HP   151,2902014-01-26 14:41:03
Very much enjoyed working old and new friends on 160. Mostly operated on the
Double-L, relying on the Beverage to pull some of the Europeans out. Another
first for me: I actually heard stations that couldn't hear me ..... guess it's
time to get started on the four square :)

Thanks to all for a very nice contest and especially for your patience when
working a distant signal while getting pounded by local QRM.


George NG7A
KN3A   Single Op Assisted LP   43,7762014-01-26 14:46:07
I put up an Inverted L for 160 meters in April. I've had great success on
several bands with it and really was looking forward to this weekend to really
give it a try. DX was just really tough to hear though. It's always nice to
work the regulars on Top Band. Maybe the SSB contest will have better

I went out of my element and actually ran a spot for a while and even though it
was intimidating at first, I actually really enjoyed it and those who have lots
of patience with me with either bad ears or not used to running with N1MM. I
had 3 dupes because of this, but as I would hope everyone would eventually do,
log it again, because they obviously didn't have me in their logs. If I'd say
sorry dupe, they don't get points and neither do I. It takes just as much time
to log a dupe as it would to say sorry and move on.


Kenwood TS-450SAT/100 watts
Inverted L
N1MM Logger
K5NA   Single Op Assisted HP   251,3162014-01-26 14:47:07
Always a fun contest.

73, Richard - K5NA
G3Y(G3YBY)   Single Op LP   190,8902014-01-26 14:50:42
High winds meant I could have the vertical section o fhte inverted L as high as
planned so not as much low angle DX worked. Plagued with static hail and rain
Sunday evening.Good level of EU activity
G4LDL   Single Op LP   141,0692014-01-26 14:52:00
Good cndx Fri/Sat. V noisy Sun evening. Had to unwrap antenna from a tree after
a hailstorm.
OK1FC   Single Op LP   102,7202014-01-26 14:53:05
K3, ant.LW80m
W1WBB   Single Op QRP   1,6022014-01-26 14:54:27
Just on last 2 hrs running QRP...pretty much all daylight hr. Congrats to all
who heard my weak ears/longest dx QSO to N4PN in GA @ 910mi - FB
Paul! Good activity in final hour with almost 30 contacts made & quiet

-- IC-706 MKIIG @ 5 watts output to 5/8 wv Inv-L <40' high 150' horiz and ~
18 gnd radials. N1MM logger. All QSOs to LoTW.

73, Bill W1WBB
W3LL(ND3D)   Single Op HP   235,3832014-01-26 14:58:04
SO1V Unassisted

Many thanks to Bud for making his fine station available for this contest!
Running for the first 6 hours was lots of fun.
First DX was 4 hours into the event. 94 percent of Qs were US and VE.
Many thanks to those who patiently provided fills during the event.

K3, P3, N1MM, Alpha 9500, Shunt fed 90' tower top loaded with SteppIR MonstIR
fully extended, Two reversing Beverages NE/SW 800' NW/SE 600'.


Bob, ND3D
DR1A   Multi-Op HP   1,091,2502014-01-26 15:08:41
Generally propagation was not very nice this time. While W/VE seemed OK right at
the beginning of the contest, signals went down during the night and never
really came back. Second night to W/VE was also very difficult. Signals picked
up around 1-2 hours before our sunrise, but the band was never really open.
Westernmost states NM (WD5COV), AZ (N7GP) and UT (WF4U) were all worked in the
first night with marginal signals... We have a total of 267 W/VEs in the log -
but compare this to the about 450 in the recent years. Here are all the missing
QSOs and points...

The last hours on Sunday night were much better with some 30 JAs and NH0Z,
XV2E, VK6DXI. XW8BM was good to hear but the pileup was unruly. Also heard a 9M
but never got his call.

At DR1A we will do some hardware projects this year. Later in October most of
our team is going down-under again: we'll head for VK9L for a typical 2-3 weeks
expedition which will include the CQWW SSB 2014.

73 Ben
N2ZX   Single Op Assisted HP   444,7032014-01-26 15:09:04
Thank you to everyone for the contacts. Best regards.
NZØT   Single Op LP   67,5002014-01-26 15:19:05
Worked the test each night until about 11 PM and then back up at 4 AM each
morning to work until sunrise. I'm too old to stay up all night. Scored more
Q's and multipliers than last year but never heard ME or saw it spotted. Only
state I missed. Not much DX heard or spotted but not easy even if I did from
Kansas on 100 watts!

Elecraft K3. S9 43' vertical base loaded. GenLog by W3KM.
AA1K   Single Op HP   613,4082014-01-26 15:19:10
Band was wide open in first two hours but tough to work the loud Europeans with
all the QRM. In the end, the 06z hour was the best for Europe with 40+ QSOs
each night. Had 314 ten-pointers overall.

Worked 3 JA before sunrise the first morning.

Missed VE5, KL7, VY1, VE8, VO2.

New broadside/endfire array of four short verticals and variable phasing for
receiving played quite well, almost always better than the several phased

Station info

Date Hour Total 2 5 10
Running Total
2014-01-24 22 103 91 11 1
2014-01-24 23 54 40 5 9
2014-01-25 0 68 46 5 17
2014-01-25 1 128 96 7 25
2014-01-25 2 85 70 5 10
2014-01-25 3 51 42 3 6
2014-01-25 4 72 55 4 13
2014-01-25 5 47 38 3 6
2014-01-25 6 70 27 3 40
2014-01-25 7 44 29 2 13
2014-01-25 8 37 33 3 1
2014-01-25 9 29 25 3 1
2014-01-25 10 25 22 3 0
2014-01-25 11 42 38 1 3
2014-01-25 12 12 10 1 1
2014-01-25 21 2 2 0 0
2014-01-25 22 17 10 1 6
2014-01-25 23 24 16 0 8
2014-01-26 0 35 31 0 4
2014-01-26 1 21 10 1 10
2014-01-26 2 41 21 0 20
2014-01-26 3 48 27 0 21
2014-01-26 4 34 16 0 18
2014-01-26 5 38 11 2 25
2014-01-26 6 57 13 1 43
2014-01-26 7 27 13 5 9
2014-01-26 8 9 6 0 3
2014-01-26 9 8 7 0 1
2014-01-26 10 8 7 1 0
2014-01-26 11 16 15 1 0
2014-01-26 12 6 6 0 0
2014-01-26 21 19 16 3 0
Total All Hours 1277 889 74 314
KØEJ   Single Op HP   17,6702014-01-26 15:21:33
played a few hours Saturday afternoon til just before sunset and a few mins
Sunday morning before church.

73, Mark K0EJ
K1TO   Single Op HP   124,2702014-01-26 15:22:17
Operated the 2nd night only. Despite the on-going noise issue (steady S9+ on
160), managed to put 54 EU in the log, so I guess condx were OK. Sorry if I
was unable to pull you through due to the QRN. I'm actively working on it with
the power company.

KH6AT had a very good signal and CX6VM was also a pleasant surprise.

Sigs from the upper PNW were weaker than normal, no doubt due to the K=3.

Missed ME, WY and SD in the lower 48.

Activity seems to be a little higher in this one than in ARRL 160.

73, Dan

FT-1000MP, Alpha 87A, 1/4 wave GP with 4 elevated radials
W1UJ   Single Op Assisted HP   32,1162014-01-26 15:25:57
Was S&P for all but the last 10min of the contest. All domestic QSOs were
100w, DX was QRO.

K3/Diversity 100' high x 60' wide inverted L fed against K2AV FCP. NE/SW 500'
beverage with Clifton Labs preamp.

Spent Saturday night at the KB1H/Barnstormers "Christmas Party" and
made some QSOs with the NZ1U team from there.

N3XLS   Single Op Assisted LP   15,4662014-01-26 15:29:59
Had fun, Not a bad QSO number i was using my 80m OCF with the tuner. hopefully
next year i will have the inverted L up and preforming.
W4PK   Single Op Assisted HP   127,0722014-01-26 15:30:43
This year's score is about half of what I had done last year. But I did not
stay up late on either night this time. Also, I think conditions were much
better last year.

About half of the Europeans I called just didn't hear me, but with my Beverages
I usually hear better than I can be heard anyway. Several times I would have EU
stations start CQing on my run frequency!

I only managed one contact with JA this year and maybe heard a couple of more
that couldn't hear me. I heard one KL but very weak and I was not successful.
Also, I never heard KH6, at least during the times that I were on.

When I tried running I had only mediocre results and I ended up just mostly
S&Ping. I remember last year I would have Europeans call me when I ran!

Thanks for all the Q's, and I do apologize for occasionally missing calls while
I was switching between Beverages to see if I could have better copy.

73, Sam W4PK
W9RE   Single Op Assisted HP   129,3142014-01-26 15:42:23
Sorry for the dupes, I had a crash and lost Q's on several occasions (Saturday

Started off running only to discover RFI in the shack was tripping my band
decoder box which controls the antenna switch so whenever I keyed my antenna
became disconnected (not good). I went to a manual antenna switch and it was
better but I noticed that the output was slightly varying depending on keying
even though the antenna was through the manual switch. It would come and go.
I finally tracked it down to a SO-239 connector that was just a hair loose. I
tightened it about 1/64 of a turn and all was fine.

Conditions and activity seemed somewhat down from prior years although this
year there were some good daylight signals heard.
KØPK   Single Op Assisted HP   148,1482014-01-26 15:53:49
With prop. conditions so poor, I decided to do HP-assisted for a change of pace.
It was more fun than fighting the QRP battle! There were quite a few stations
below my noise floor that I couldn't copy while running, so I felt a little
alligator-ish. S&P was a blast, however.

DX was sparse. Couldn't hear the JAs on Saturday but managed to work 'YBK on
Sunday morning, followed by a KH0. Had some good runs. Made WAS.
Great time, as usual!

Thanks for the Qs! 73 - Paul, K0PK
VE3KAO   Single Op LP   47,8802014-01-26 15:54:51
73! VE3KAO
W7YAQ   Single Op LP   51,5342014-01-26 16:04:39
Worked half my QSOs in first 2 hours. Remaining 9 were a slog. Missed ND and
VT (half of west coast was calling W1SJ for hours) for WAS.

73 and thanks for the Qs,
WR1TC(@N2NT)   Multi-Op HP   423,2472014-01-26 16:05:00
We decided to do a casual multi op to advertise the 2014 WRTC Championship
coming in July and still participate in the contest (since I have to prepare
the results :) )
Conditions were marginal to EU for us on Friday night, but improved nicely on
I was surprised how few repeats were needed for the call sign.

Please visit our web site at
There are only 5 months left until the event!
Plan on attending if you can, and meet the top contesters from around the
We are still soliciting volunteers and donations, any help is appreciated.

73, Andy N2NT
K6ND(N1RR)   Single Op Assisted HP   544,0802014-01-26 16:10:52
This was going to be a multi-op until one of the operators became ill.
Very good conditions. Had a few EU pile-ups and there were moments when I could
hear the buzz of the next layer of EU callers.

4-Square: Wire Inverted L's.
EU & JA beverages

AF-3 6W7SK called !
Other NA-14 Missed TG9NX.
Missed VE4, VE7(heard).

Thanks to Will K6ND and Pamela K6NDV.
W1TJL   Single Op LP   33,5792014-01-26 16:19:52
Just a small part time effort for this one but I did enjoy it even though I
didn't have more time. Once again the amazing receiver on this FT-5000 made it
easier. The antenna seemed to play well despite 100 Watts. Still I sure need a
beverage... If it ever warms up a bit!

73, Tom
N4YDU   Single Op HP   63,1782014-01-26 16:23:36
One hour the first night and five the second night. I was hopeful that EU would
be decent after hearing a few of them in the early part of Saturday night but
that hope faded fast...

Kenwood 850, Ameritron AL 811, Inverted L, K9AY RX antenna.


K9FO   Single Op HP   74,8802014-01-26 16:32:55
Conditions fair. Not much EU here for me anyway. The CQ 160 CW was my first
contest back in the 50's. It is still the most fun! 73, Will K9FO
N4PN(@W8JI)   Single Op HP   702,5982014-01-26 16:47:18
Thanks to Tom, W8JI, for once again letting me operate from his great station.
Everything worked to perfection.....
Saturday night much better from here than Friday night...
No JA's on Saturday morning, but 28 on Sunday morning along with RW0CF, KH2,
and VE5ZX (who finished VE except for VO/VE8)...
135 - 10 pointers first night -- 176 10 pointers second night...Best ever!
Thanks to all who made into the was a lot of fun...
Special thanks to a bunch of friends who showed up late on Sunday afternoon
to get me over the 700K "hump" AE1T, NJ1F, K4AB, WT4PF, and
last entry,
Bill, W1WBB...
73, Paul, N4PN (at W8JI)
NX6T   Multi-Op HP   103,0172014-01-26 16:55:15
Fortunately we had lower noise than usual especially on Saturday night.
Our station wiring was a bit convoluted as we wired 2 stations for the 160
contest and left station #3 configured to run all other bands so the crew could
work FT5 Dx-pedition and luckily the FT5 group came on the air towards end of
160 contest and were able to be worked. We worked all states with VT being last
holdout just before contest ended. We were not so lucky with the Canadian
stations never heard MB, SK, NB, NF, LB, NT, YT, NU - wonder how many of those
stations were actually on and if we just didn't have propagation or they lay
under our noise floor. K3, TS-590, ACOM 2000A, 160 mtr full length dipole @ 70
73 de N6KI
KØWA(KØWA`)   Single Op HP   28,8502014-01-26 17:10:23
Thanks for all the QSOs.
KH6CC(@KH6ZM)   Multi-Op HP   168,0202014-01-26 17:16:36
Tnx for remembering Jack.
Hilo ARC
EA8/RA1A   Single Op Assisted HP   1,057,5042014-01-26 17:18:05
It was my first effort in the contest at my north land on Tenerife island. The
station is located in mountains at height 1200м above sea level. At present,
on a site about 10.000 m2 have not house and light. Therefore I should use a
trailer and power generator. But the main thing that this is fine place for
antennas, and household conditions etc will come soon..

I brought a new account to Facebook where I will upload pictures and news from
Tenerife, be added as a friend.

thanks for QSOs, CU in RDXC and WPX SSB

RU1A Team
N2CU   Single Op HP   54,7802014-01-26 17:19:01
A few hours of operating on the second night and morning. First 1/2 hour I ran
for 98 QSOs, did a bunch of S&P, and then ran Sunday morning for 1/2 hour
and 111 QSOs. No JA heard and other Pacific were very weak. Normally I would
have operated more seriously but had other things going on Friday and Saturday.
Conditions not great anyway, as expected for this part of the solar cycle.

LOTS of clicky stations! Really, guys?

K3, L7 @ 1kW, 46' Inv. L, K9AY loops, N1MM.

Tom N2CU <><
NP4A(WP3C)   Single Op HP   1,051,3062014-01-26 17:36:57
Hi everyone!

Thanks again to Pedro NP4A and his wife Ines for the invitation and hospitality
in Villa CQ. The purpose of the contest was to test the new TX antennas Pedro
put and it really was great, fun and they work wonderful. The first night there
were a good propagation for Europe and Pacific, but the second night was very
noisy and the propagation was not very good. The 4 provinces I didn't work: LB,
NT, YT and NU

Thanks everyone for the qsos…73

Radio: Yaesu FT-1000MP
Antennas TX: 2 Collinear ARRAY (NA 180 Feet and EU 160 Feet)
Antennas RX: 4 Beverage 2,000 feet long
Software: WinTest

Worked DXCC:


Att Alfredo Velez WP3C
N8BJQ   Single Op Assisted HP   115,1442014-01-26 17:39:34
Strange conditions - very noisy - not sure if it was the wind and snow or the
bands. Only could hear a few EU stations and only a few heard me!
HB9CVQ   Single Op Assisted HP   327,9362014-01-26 17:39:37
NICE CONTEST,17h on, tested here new small, tuned, shielded mag. loop, helped
greatly reduce local QRM. Condx to Asia better than NA. Rig: K3, P3, ACOM 1K ,
2x36m @25m remotely tuned. Do I miss Beverages ? Oh yes hi hi, but no space
here different from LX7I and HB9EE ;-).
N5FO   Single Op HP   53,7002014-01-26 17:43:25
Decided at the last minute Saturday afternoon to "play" a bit in the
contest. Armed with my 3 beverages and the lowly dipole, and a
general lack of enthusiasm, I decided to break the effort into 3
segments. (early evening, midnight plus, and sunrise). Things went
pretty well as planned except for Sunday morning, my cell phone alarm
never sounded and I overslept. Then within a minute or so of calling,
on my very 1st JA response, N1MM locked into the run-CQ mode. I had
to force a shutdown of the computer and reboot! In spite of the
couple of hickups, the 6 hours was fun except for the lack of EU's and
scarcity of JA's. Oh well, maybe next year I'll have the big vertical
on line.
WB4MSG   Single Op QRP   46,3152014-01-26 17:44:31
Limited operating time this year. Missed Friday night but got on Sat. morning
at 4:00. All dx was south of us very bad conditions to Eu. The W4TMR loop
worked great again. Thanks to everyone for working us qrp stations.

N6RO   Single Op Assisted HP   79,5202014-01-26 17:45:55
Operated several short spurts both nights in between Australian tennis finals,
hockey games and watching old movies on TCM with wife.

Band condx not so hot except for east coast sunrise on Sunday, when W1s and JAs
were loud. Never heard a trace of EU, tho I checked cluster spots often. Glad
to see the ASSISTED class of entry now in effect. I also put in 11 hours in the
BARTG RTTY test, and the rates in that were better than on 160m!
KH6CJJ   Single Op LP   3,0722014-01-26 17:46:13
100 watts. G5RV (shorted to work as a Marconi with 10 radials) at 35 feet.

Only my second 160 meter contest. Low power and a minimal antenna made for a
real challenge from Hawaii. All but one of my 28 contacts were made Friday
night. I guess I worked everyone who could hear me Friday, because I was only
able to make one contact Saturday night. Signals seemed stronger Saturday
night, but no one could hear me. I was surprised that I worked both VE6SV and
VE6BBP with only one call, but could not work many West Coast stations no
matter how many times I called them. My only contact east of Colorado and
Alberta was VE3EJ who must have great ears to have heard my whisper. I called
many stations in Texas many times both nights, but none of them could hear me.
Thanks to all who dug me out. I hope to try again next year with a better

Aloha, Kent
N4KG   Single Op Assisted HP   45,6532014-01-26 18:05:17
Very Poor Condx to EU Friday night, only slightly better Saturday night.

All S&P + point&click. Missed ID MT NV ND KH6 VE4.5.8.9.VO1.2.VY1.0

Icom 756PROiii to pair of 3-500s at 800W to Inverted L (knee at 80ft)
NO RX Antennas (storm damage and new owner of woods where NE Beverages ran)

Tom N4KG in North Alabama
K2TTM   Single Op LP   112,4802014-01-26 18:06:05
Awesome contest. 47 States & 6 Provinces. Inverted "L" and 100
watts worked great. Looking forward to next year.
W4SVO   Single Op Assisted HP   275,4002014-01-26 18:16:08
Score down a little from last year. The new 2el. parasitic array really played.
63 countries!This was it's first contest. Missed VE5ZX(couldn't hear me).
Highlight working Dave KH2/N2NL. Only worked 1 JA Sunday morning.Cu in phone.
Mark W4SVO
W5MX   Single Op HP   324,4232014-01-26 18:26:29
As others have commented, condx not the greatest in this area. Very noisy condx
with blowing snow accross the fields where my beverages are located. Other
times there was noise, without wind so not sure what that was. Was worse Friday
night, and more scattered Saturday night. At times the noise was s9+, but
frequently s7-s8. So apologies to any that called and I missed you. Normally I
hear very well, but likely missed some with the noise. But with that all aside,
the basic propagation still didnt seem that great to EU at all, with condx
better Saturday night.
Started Friday evening right at 22:00, had to work until 21:00 so no rest
before the contest. Made it to about 08:30 and hit the wall. Went to bed and
got up for the local sunrise. Almost the same for Saturday night. Operated to
about the same time, and went to bed and made the sunrise again.
I keep wanting to take a couple days off before the test every year, but
something always seems to be happening at work hihi. And I have about 400 hours
of vacation saved up too. Oh well, no work = no contest budget :-).
But like any 160 contest, I absolutley love itd and enjoyed myself as always.
Thanks to all the great ops out there and the many contacts.
Will likely be travelling for work during the ARRL DX CW so this the last major
contest for me for a while.
73's all de Bryan
N8II   Single Op LP   57,0572014-01-26 18:32:03
I wasn't planning a full time effort, but it turned into much less than that due
to family health problems again. On Friday EU was miserably weak here thru 03Z,
but I did manage easy QSO's with CE1/K7CA and HD2A. Around 2330Z, 6Y3M was weak
but workable, later he was about 20 db louder. Conditions were also quite poor
to the northwest past MN with no VE4-VE7's heard at all. In the ARRL 160 VE4-5
were easy.

Oh well, I did make a few points for the PVRC.

73, Jeff
WD5R(N5ECT)   Single Op HP   293,8802014-01-26 18:37:13
Robot had my log before 8 a.m. Sunday morning.
As usual, robot bitching about my n1mm heading.
I just can't seem to say 'no assistance' properly.

In giving some thought to this game we play
I find some similarities between chicken farming
and 160 meter contesting.
We put a lot of money into both activities.
Neither produces a living wage.

In both cases I sometimes find
I am over my boot tops in manure.

Over 1k of log entries and only 35 countries worked,
says a lot about operator technique.

Saturday morning I was shoulder to shoulder
with an 18 wheeler in the Ja window.

Sunday morning I didn't see anyone in my lane.
However turns out the Ja's were working two of us
on same freq.

Oh well , won't be any problem for the Robot log checker.

With high hopes, I kept a beverage open toward South Pacific,
No joy.

Marlene will do the upcoming ssb in couple weeks.

Doug, cw op at wd5r
AA8R   Single Op Assisted HP   80,7952014-01-26 18:41:49
No EU Q's. Need to get a beverage up. Thanks for the Q's and see ya in the next

Randy, AA8R
N6VR   Single Op Assisted HP   15,8762014-01-26 18:56:16
Operated to mainly work DX, but condx were not that good.

Did work CS2, IT9, EA8, and a total of: 7-Carib, 6-SA and 12-JA and other
Asia/Oceania KL7. Called HS0ZEE on/off for 30 minutes but he did not hear me
and all the other callers. Also heard RA0AM, Z18, but no response.

K4ORD   Single Op LP   67,7662014-01-26 18:57:08
Friday night was QRN free, but saturday night had QRN over S9 for a few hours
then it quieted down again. Got Portugal, England and Canary Islands across the
big pond, heard some others but very weak and no luck with them, seems AZ was
about as far west as I could get, did get MT and AB.
Enjoyable contest all & all. 73 Riley
KO7AA   Single Op HP   28,6082014-01-26 19:20:13
Not a lot of motivation for this one, the third domestic 160M contest
in ~6 weeks, except my wife was out to dinner with the girls from 1900
to 2200 local on Saturday evening. So I sat and CQ'd on 1820 for the 3
hours (not much bandwidth on 160M here). Some fun runs initially.

It is always interesting to have a browser window open for continuous
spotting of my call only on RBN. When rates are slow(er) it is nice to
see my SNR at 25db+ on skimmers all over! Keeps me in the chair...

TX antenna - Cushcraft MA160V over 90 X 35' radials. 900 watts.
RX antenna - Pixel loop

73, Bill in Tucson, AZ
K4BAI   Single Op HP   131,5932014-01-26 19:24:22
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, tee vertical. Good signals from most of US and
Canada. Europe was very poor Friday night and fair Saturday night. Good
signals from Caribbean, Central America, and northern South America. Good
operators. Didn't operate near sunrise, so heard no Asia or Oceania. Thanks
for all QSOs. Congrats to N4PN, W4SVO, and K1ZZI for great scores 73, John,
N6HI   Single Op QRP   1362014-01-26 19:31:14
Operated about 4 hours. 5 Watts to a 20 foot end-fed wire out the window.
Probably my antenna is too long, I will try to make it shorter next year.
KV4FZ   Single Op Assisted HP   947,0002014-01-26 19:56:00
Good opening to Europe first night and not as good the second. My goal was for
the first time make 1000's and was able to get there and then some. Worked one
new one with an NMI contact with NH0Z. My call was first returned as VK4FZ but
then I heard it correctly after several attempts. What a thrill! An
outstanding issue that might go unnoticed from this side of the Atlantic was
how orderly the many Europeans took turns. They gave there call and stood by
when they heard me reply to even a partial of someone else. What really helped
also was that I would send their call at the end of the exchange again for
clarity. It slowed my contact rate down a bit but I think it made sense.
During the early stages of both evenings I heard many stations both on the
mainland and DX but a S&P effort was fruitless will huge walls of stations
both on the East Coast and Europe working each other. It was nice doing WAC
and WAS during the contest, except for Alaska. Also working Dave N2NL/KH2 was
easy and the path goes right over KL7. Dave's signal from Guam was a true 579
when he called me at Sunrise. No JA's this year for me nor any VK's but ZM2IO
was the lone contact from New Zealand. PY's used to be rare in this contest but
many were active. They should earn a special point bonus for toughing it through
the tropical summer QRN this time of year.
W6JTI   Single Op LP   86,8992014-01-26 20:10:36
My Helium balloon stayed up all weekend in spite of some windy times.The band
was noisy. Great opening to Asia at sunrise second morning.
K4XU(@WS7N)   Single Op Assisted HP   121,9042014-01-26 20:12:13

So I used my real call instead of N7XU and before you could say DXCC I had two
new countries in the log. So I persisted. I'm not going to win anything from
out here I just wanna have fun.

The local noises were down, the rx 4-squares and the Beverages were playing
well, and the band was quiet. But still I never heard a European except for
CS2C. Too far behind the auroral oval but I never gave up hoping for a
propagation miracle.

I'd like to thank Bob and Sarah of the WS7N radio ranch for being such gracious
hosts. Now that I am retired I will be able to give more help in station

And thanks to all for all the QSOs.

K3STX   Single Op Assisted HP   93,0022014-01-26 20:12:58
And to think I was looking forward to this contest for the past 11.9 months!!
Conditions were horrible here; not only to Europe but also South (even PJ2T was
rough copy) and West (I don't think I ever DID work anyone in Oregon) but
especially Europe. Last year I had 80 10-pointers with Europe, this year was
only 16! Same number of total QSOs and my score is almost half what it was last
year. Even running Assisted it was tough to find new stations to work on the
second night; I think even the Skimmers were having trouble!! Oh well. These
damned sunspots; where's that new Maunder Minimum we have been hearing about
(and I have been dreaming of)?


Kenwood TS-590S, 400 watt Ameritron amp, N1MM logger
TX ant: inverted L about 80' vertical 50' horizontal.
RX ant; for Europe a Pennant, nothing for any other direction. (HEY, I live on
a 1/4 acre lot!!).
K9MMS   Single Op LP   113,2982014-01-26 20:24:08
IC-756PRO3 100 W ; Win-Test Logging
TX: Inverted-L ; RX: 185 ft reversible ; EWE ; Hi-Z 3 element array ; Mag

74% of QSOs via CQ runs. 461 QSOs after the first day. Wasted way too much
time tuning for DX and mults the second night. Saturday night was not very

Rates good on Friday night, but very poor the second night. Could never get a
consistent good rate going on Saturday. West USA stations were mostly weak,
and not a lot of them heard. Activity seemed down this year. Decided to call
it quits and not stay up late through Saturday night. Poor rates, and very few
DX stations heard made for not much fun.

Very poor DX conditions - much worse than last year. No EU heard. Last year,
ran low power and worked many EU stations. DX worked: 6Y3M, C6ANM, NP4A, PJ2T,
PZ1AA, V31YN, ZF2KE, CE1/K7CA, KV4FZ, KH6CC, XE2S, HD2A, NP2X, XE2X, and
VP2V/K3LR. Many of these stations seemed to be unusually weak. No DX heard
during sunrise grayline on Saturday morning. Did not bother to get up and
listen during sunrise grayline on Sunday.

Worked all 48 contiguous states plus DC and KH6. Never heard KL7.

Thanks for the Qs and Ms.
WX3B   Single Op Assisted HP   31,4372014-01-26 20:30:10
Got on for an hour at 2:00am Saturday morning. BOOMING signal from the
Caribbean, and west coast stations were loud. Did work a few loud EUs.

Got back on before EU sunrise Sunday morning and not as much fun. Lots more
noise, and still the loud EU stations weren't that loud.

Fun contest, every year I always wish I put more time into it.

Lots of GREAT PVRC activity in this one too.


Jim WX3B
OL4W(OK1IF)   Single Op QRP   124,5602014-01-26 20:44:20
My first contest with excellent KX3 equipment. Condx with my ANT bad, but the
last night much better like before. Milan
K1LT   Single Op HP   367,8202014-01-26 20:53:32
Radio noise of all types except ordinary lightning static dominated my

My goal was to beat last year's multi-op (WB8JUI and myself) score and
try out my automatic "signal finder" SDR feature. The signal finder
feature is some additional software hacks to my beam steering phased
array receiving system. The idea is for the software to construct any
number of beams and look for signals in any number of channels (FFT
bins) around the operating frequency for energy which would presumably
be a signal replying to my CQ. The software would choose the channel
and heading with the greatest amount of energy and automatically "turn
the antenna" and change the frequency relieving the operator of the
drudgery of twiddling the tuning knob and pushing heading buttons.

As a proof of concept, the scheme works. However, I need to do
considerably more work to make this method practical. The first
improvement is to use a better algorithm so that I can analyze more
directions than 3 simultaneously without running out of computing

The second improvement is for the software to automatically ignore my
own transmit signal. I could implement a tie-in with the logging
software or the transmit radio but it would be nice if the receiver
software could recognize my own transmitted signal without being told.
The simple test for a signal that is "too strong" is not sufficient,
because the transmitted signal transitions from not "too strong" to
"too strong" slowly enough for the software to see the intermediate
state which briefly looks like a normal signal.

A third improvement is to differentiate between valid signals and
noise and key clicks. Fortunately, valid signals are sort of
"vertical" while noise tends to be "horizontal" (imagine
looking at a
typical waterfall display; note that the popular "Rocky" SDR program
displays a waterfall sideways).

So, 10 minutes into the contest, I had completed my proof-of-concept
demonstration to myself, and I had to discard the notion of running
stations without having to touch any buttons or knobs other than to
log callsigns. At least there was no lightning QRN.

Before the contest I tried to track down every local noise source and
fix it. The best fix was discovering my neighbor's noisy track
lighting and his willingness to simply not use them. However, shortly
after the end of the Stew Perry test, a new noise source to the east
appeared. This source seemed to be power line noise and I located a
line of poles about a mile to my east that seem to be the source of
the noise. However, I haven't been able to determine which pole is
causing the noise. The lightning arrestors that my power utility use
seem to easily break down and cause 2 MHz hash without making much
noise above 2 MHz. Identifying the pole requires some footwork to
visit each candidate pole in turn with the little MFJ aircraft band

This new noise seemed to be fairly harmless because it raised the
noise floor by only a few dB. Also, by beaming 58 degrees (not quite
optimum for Europe from here) I could put the source into a null so
that the noise floor rises only about 1-2 dB in a 240 Hz bandwidth.

The first evening of the contest is a mad rush to log as many QSOs as
possible before seriously looking for DX. Normally, a few DX stations
find there way into the log on their own. Not this year.

The first three hours net more than 100 QSOs each. Suddenly, the
amplifier kicked off because of too much reflected power. Did the
antenna fail? As I started to gather my thoughts about how to
troubleshoot the failure, the waterfall display on the phased array
receiver starts to turn completely white. The base line on the P3
display rose about 20 db or more (the K3 receivers are connected to
Beverages). I've never seen any of this before. Low power shows a
bad SWR, then suddenly the SWR is good again. Since the waterfall is
still white with noise, I decide I can't run and I'll have to hunt.

So at about 0115Z I S&P'd for about 10 kHz starting at 1830 and worked
just a few of the loudest (only available) European stations. During
the next 20 minutes the amplifier tripped 3 more times and the noise
came and went as well. Then everything settled down and played
normally. Was this snow static? Was static build-up on the transmit
antenna causing an arc when I transmitted? Could the arc happen with
only 20 watts?

So at 0135Z I go back to running. No more amplifier trips. By 0500Z
I had gotten about 200 QSOs ahead of last year but multipliers were
very low. At 0500Z the rate went way down but the usual compensation
by way of DX points did not materialize. There was little additional
DX at Europe sunrise.

Overnight, the west coast seemed weak. During the Stew Perry, I found
the second phased array to be very helpful. During this contest, the
effect was almost absent. Saturday afternoon I found a software bug
that corrected that problem. Apparently, during the Stew Perry test,
I inadvertently avoided the bug. Kind of a cabling problem but in
shell scripts instead of patch cables. So the west coast wasn't
really weak, just my receiving was impaired.

At my sunrise I think I worked just 1 ESP JA and no other DX.

The second evening seemed to bring better conditions to Europe,
although few were calling during my runs. Around 2300Z my waterfall
display filled with a white crosshatch pattern (different than the
pattern from the day before). At first I thought my neighbor had
turned on his noisy track lights. I called him and left a message.
Since the noise continued, I got a portable receiver and started to
walk towards his house to prove whether or not the noise was coming
from there. But the portable receiver was clean and the snow drifts
were deep! When I got back to the shack, the noise was fading in and
out; that is, the screen was changing from almost pure white to shades
of light blue (the background color). I tuned to 1750 to listen to
the noise in AM mode expecting to hear a buzz. But the sound was a
"pure" hiss with an edge of crackle, like a thousand sheets of paper
crumpled continuously. More snow static? This was not the same noise
as yesterday. Also, there was little wind when I was walking towards
the neighbor's house.

After about 20 minutes the noise faded enough to go hunting. After a
somewhat longer while, the noise faded enough to resume running (or
attempt to run on a 2nd night). The noise came back several times,
although each time was less intense. By about 0500Z the noise was gone
for good.

About 0630Z I enjoyed a modest European run. I'm sure there were
stations calling that I just didn't detect at all and a few more that
I just couldn't pull out of the east noise.

Meanwhile, some new power line style noise showed up coming from the
west. This noise made receiving W6s somewhat difficult, but by early
Sunday morning I had worked most of them. Also, the new noise seemed
to cycle on and off although I didn't measure the cycle time. So I
was able to work a few 6s and 7s through the holes in the noise. It
was gone after Sunday morning (when it didn't hinder operating any

After 0830Z I took a 2 hour "nap". When got up I was so groggy that
couldn't figure out get started for about 30 minutes. Yet I made 2
contacts during that time. That episode was very trippy. I didn't
bother to queue up for JAs Sunday morning because my motivation was
extremely low, even after I completely woke up.

I got on again at 2000Z for a final push for 20 more contacts to get
across the 1200 QSO line, but I discovered that I had forgotten about
the 30 hour time limit. So I went over a few minutes, which will
probably cost 4-5 QSOs. I'm sure log checking will delete several

I listened hard for NH0Z but didn't hear a peep. The JAs need to
petition their government to expand their band so that we all don't
have to squash ourselves into 15 kHz every morning.

Missed the score goal by 130 QSOs, an untold number of points, and 6
multipliers. Conditions were worse than last year, more-so on Friday
than Saturday (with regard to Europe), but the noise adventures took a
toll as well.

Since the contest has ended and I've ready some 3830 posts, I think
both noise episodes were snow static. The first night the snow was
actively blowing and I am guessing that there was corona that would
light an arc when I transmitted. The second night I just can't
explain. Also, I did hear some "relaxation oscillator" type noise
mixed with one of the noise episodes, but now I forget which one. I
capture about 60 seconds of the "hiss with crackling" noise the
night which I can play back and extract audio if anyone want to hear
it. The RF was centered around 1780 KHz, and the passband overlaps
the 160 band slightly.

DX worked: 6Y, 9A, C6, CE, CM, CT, DL (23), E7, EA, EA8, F (3), FM, G
(11), GW (2), HA (3), HB, HC, HK, I (6), JA, KH6 (4), KP2 (2), KP4
(2), LX, LY (2), LZ, OE, OK (5), OM (3), ON (2), OZ, PA (4), PJ2, PY,
PZ, S5 (8), SM, SP (2), SV, UA2, UR, V3 (2), VP2V, VP9, XE (5), YU,
YV, and ZF. No Russians unless you count Kaliningrad.

The surprise multiplier was PZ1AA because getting a contact in that
strange pileup seemed surprising, despite wasting 20 minutes.

Equipment: K3, P3, Alpha 8410 with extra fans to suppress the internal
blower; 2x4 short vertical phased array, 2x3 short vertical phased
array, 8 Softrock style "receivers", 2x Delta 1010LT and 100
capacitors replacing dried up electrolytic capacitors, computer for
SDR and audio routing, computer for logging, WriteLog (which crashed
for the first time ever), and 1 lid. Lots of Beverages but I didn't
use them except to confirm that they can hear noise too.

Running yearly comparison:

Year QSOs States DX Hour Raw score Ops
2014 1199 58 48 30 367,820 1
2013 1329 58 58 32 536,140 2
2012 1297 59 47 30 396,016 1
2011 1471 59 67 30 670,320 1
2010 1559 58 75 39 776,587 2
2009 1416 59 71 30 757,510 1
2008 1350 58 64 38 553,758 2
2007 1063 58 68 32 422,100 1
2006 764 58 47 26 260,505 1
HB9CA   Multi-Op HP   340,2632014-01-26 21:36:04
Unscheduled, relax-style operations; first time we participate.
Dipole performing well on TX, the 8 beverages help a lot in RX.
Despite the band being completely packed, fairplay was very good with basically
no QRG disputes.

It's been fun, I'll add this contest to my personal calendar

Marco HB9CAT
LY7Z(LY2TA)   Single Op QRP   12,9602014-01-26 22:28:23


73! Andy
SN5J(SP5JXK)   Single Op Assisted HP   127,3442014-01-26 22:36:14

Thank you all for QSO's.

73 de Jan sp5jxk/sn5j

TRX: TS-850S AT - 100 Watt
Antenna: Homemade half-sloper MultiBand
K7DR   Single Op LP   6,0862014-01-26 23:18:28
FT-450 100 watts
70 ft sloping end fed long wire
N1MM Logger
DF1LX   Single Op Assisted LP   121,3852014-01-26 23:21:55
100W, TS590S - Antenna: 80m Dipol 10m up - highlight: JA3YBK ... and more ..
Thanks who copied my small signal...
LZ5K(LZ1GL)   Single Op Assisted HP   231,1102014-01-26 23:25:46
Rig used:IC-7410 PA 1500w ant. Inverted Vee

Thanks to everyone who called me and appologies to those who I could not copy
because of the bad QRN.

See you in ARRL contest next month

73 LZ1GL Krasimir
ON9CC   Multi-Op HP   720,8252014-01-26 23:41:28
Conditions to the US were down and we've missed last years spectacular sunrise
opening to the Western states. Hence not to many W/VE StP wkd this year.

But for 3 years we had been struggling (and not succeeding) to get CE1/K7CA in
the log ... but this year we did :-) ... guess the new vertical played it's
part in this.

We've also had more luck to the east were on sunday evening we were able to
work about 30 JA's, 2 VK's and HS. Missed the XW though due to the enormous

Main thing: we had a lot of fun again!

Thanks for all QSO's.
All QSO's have been recorded, so if you want a copy just sent me an e-mail.

Frank ON9CC & Aurelio PC5A
S5ØA   Single Op HP   593,2602014-01-27 00:16:07
Propagations were down this year and no real opening to the west. After 8 hours
there were 660 qsos in log and from then on struggling for qsos.
CU next one,
Tine Brajnik, S50A
KØRF   Multi-Op HP   345,1232014-01-27 00:37:37
George and I had a great time in spite of poor conditions. Never saw really high
rates but George kept butt in chair and made lots of contacts anyway. I wish we
had a little more EU but we had to settle for only a few on the first night.
Thanks for all the QSOs and see you in the next contest.

73, Chuck and George
PA3GVI   Single Op Assisted HP   225,3302014-01-27 00:39:08
Transceiver: Elecraft K3
Amplifier: ZZ-750
Antenna: 90 foot vertical

First night conditions where not good towards the US...just a couple could be
logged. Carribean however produced good signals, PJ2T, 6Y3M, KV4FZ, ZF2KE.
Nice runs with EU stations till 0830z. Returned saturday late afternoon...the
rate going up till a big storm hit the country.
When having aabreak I checked SWR and it turned out to be very bad.
Looked outside the shack and saw the vertical had collapsed, tip stood in the
ground(see: -> weblog 2014). This was the end
of the contest for me...returned sunday to clear the site ...3 sections where
bend heavily...glad we have spare parts,hi.
SP2LNW   Single Op HP   375,7242014-01-27 00:58:05
Tnx for Q's.
K2, PA, inv V, MA160V, 2 short bevs
73 Slaw SP2LNW
RN7A   Single Op HP   692014-01-27 01:03:53
Conditions down from last year.
Thanks for the contacts.
73 de Alex, RN7A
SM7MX(SM5MX)   Single Op LP   190,6802014-01-27 02:10:32
Rig: K2/100
Ant: 18 mh toploaded vertical
S/w: TR4W v.4.248

K6CSL   Single Op LP   1,3312014-01-27 02:30:30
Really rough with just my 40m Delta Loop able to tune to 160. Didn't beat my
2010 82 x 15=3,179. It was fun anyway. TNX to all the KB'ers who gave me
points. Rusty, W6OAT had consistently the biggest signal on the band, here in
Riverbank. Bert, K6CSL
S53F   Single Op Assisted LP   126,7912014-01-27 02:38:48
73 de Vinko s53f
KC4AUF   Single Op QRP   5,8762014-01-27 02:40:12
I used a 160meter doublet and a 160meter Inverted-L with an FT-817 for my
contest I was glad to have antennas with different take-off angles
when conditions changed. With my background as a contester with the Central
Virginia Contest Club/PVRC and the K8GP contest team I can say with some degree
of authority that the amateur radio operators involved in this CQ 160 CW contest
were some of the best contesters and CW ops I've ever seen, making this contest
a real joy to take part in. RF physics tells my adult mind what I did with
5watts is possible but the little boy in me still thinks it amazing that I
worked almost every state east of the Mississippi on 160 meters with only
5watts. Thank you all for a wonderful contest. Tony Day KC4AUF/QRP
ON6NL   Single Op Assisted HP   345,7082014-01-27 03:49:08
My very first CQWW 160. Always had the impression this
is a band for Old Men only. Now I became 65 I might qualify.

Used my new 2x25 meter loaded dipole and was surprised to hear
so many DX stations. The mini-beverage and small delta loop for
listening did not work at all. No big surprise as I constructed these antennas
only a few hours before the contest!

Really admire the excellent skills of the 160 meter operators and also
their discipline. It will be an honor to be one of the Old Man on 160!
W8KTQ   Single Op LP   108,0962014-01-27 04:17:22
Tried out a new 160M INV L with 1/8 wave radials on the ground and 4 elevated
radials used for matching. Seemed to work much better than the old one with
just ground radials. Had tons of dupes!!!!!!!! 43 to be exact! What's up with
that???? Must be my call! 73 and thanks to all.
K5AF   Single Op LP   29,8112014-01-27 04:43:36
Came down with a nasty flu on Thursday, canceled my music engagement on Friday
night, and decided to put in a few hours in the contest. Just before the
starting time, my trusty HP Win98 machine started squealing. I disassembled it
and found the PS fan was seizing, and it was an unusual size that would have to
be special ordered.

Undaunted, I pulled out a spiral notebook and started a paper log, stored some
messages in the K3 CW memories, and started in earnest around 2330Z.
Logging on paper wasn’t as painful as I had remembered, I took my time and
was able to avoid excesive dupes. I found myself tracking mults pretty
effectively and maintained fairly good rates throughout.

Low Points:
- Pounding sinus headaches from the flu forced frequent breaks and naps.
Overslept during a couple of breaks, missing the EU openings both nights.
- RFI from neighbor’s Plasma TV during some of prime operating times, S7-8
noise level.
High Points:
- Pretty decent mult total for time spent…missed AK, HI, ME, ND, and about
half of the Provinces.
- Band conditions generally good, outstanding to JA on Saturday morning, worked
JH4UYB on the first call!
- Was actually able to run about a third of the time, best short-term rate was
6 Qs in two minute span around 0830Z on Saturday morning.

Very modest setup, barefoot K3 to an inverted L, 27.5’ vertical, 110’
horizontal that droops down to about 10’ off the ground on the far end, FCP
ground system.

Thanks for the Qs,
Paul, K5AF
LX7I(DL3BPC)   Single Op Assisted HP   818,8882014-01-27 04:52:21
That was a lot of fun again !

Cleary condx to NA were worse than in previous years.
But Asia was good resulting in a nice run of JAs at the end.

On Saturday morning I took a chance by hoping that condx to NA would be equal
or better on Sunday morning. This turned out to be a tactical error which
resulted in a disspointing number of states/provinces. The anticipated lift at
sunrise could hardly be observed.

The station worked fine, although the main TX antenna now being located in the
middle of other towers felt somewhat compromised towards NA. The improved
Beverage system worked great and I could hear more than I could work.

Many thanks to Philippe LX2A for letting me using his station.

73 Ron
KS4L   Single Op LP   23,8762014-01-27 04:58:38
Elecraft K3/100; 80m inverted vee @ 45'. Enjoyed it! Thanks for the Q's!
YO5AJR   Single Op HP   233,7402014-01-27 05:18:25
My cond: FT990 PA:Old russian military R118 BM-3 abt.400w. Ant:Inv."L"
and EWE.
Soft:UcxLog. Good participation. In my area the propagation not so good for
USA. Good contest.
VY2LI   Single Op HP   21,2802014-01-27 05:48:04
Filling in the gaps left by VY2ZM,hi,hi! 73,Bill
N7GP(N5IA)   Single Op HP   295,4702014-01-27 06:36:06
Top Band was in usual form: unpredictable.

No time for a long report, just saying it was fun.

Thanks for all the QSOs and CU all in the SSB session in four weeks.

73 de Milt, N5IA
V31NN(N5OT)   Single Op LP   186,5982014-01-27 06:59:30
NA2M   Single Op HP   23,7002014-01-27 07:14:52
RIG: K3/KPA500 500W
Ant: Inverted "L"
KN4Y   Single Op LP   26,2202014-01-27 07:17:44
The day started in freezing mode, a 1400 Watt space heater going full blast to
warm a 200 pound operator in order to generate a 100 Watt signal on 160-meters.
Was it worth it? Only a top bander knows.
VE4VT   Single Op LP   36,7012014-01-27 07:18:59
Tough conditions with S9 noise level.

Heard PJ2T but couldn't get his attention. Huge signals from VE3EJ and VE6SV.

100W and loaded quarterwave sloper
PA5MW   Single Op LP   237,9842014-01-27 07:24:05
TX-ANT: 9mtr(32mmdia) aluminium + 28mtr wire(0.15mm dia)+ 35 vy short radials
+4x25mtr radials(N/S only),
RX-ANT: 2x 70mtr BOG (unterminated) flat on ground, special micro-NVIS for 2nd
rcvr diversity.
QTH:city-lot with backyard 7x8mtr.
DX: FM and 2x JA (31 USA/VE QSO's)
Due to local +10-15dB raised neighborhood noise I was forced to temporally hide
two pcs BOG wire flat on the ground.
This was (again) a great weekend and an exciting experience!! 73 Mark
N4EK   Single Op LP   17,5262014-01-27 08:03:24
Decided at 2155z to put some time in this one. A few hours on Friday and
W8RA   Multi-Op HP   344,5112014-01-27 08:03:40
Sunrise propagation was disapointing both mornings. Sunday did give us NH0Z
calling during a snow squall - which was a good QSO but conditions were not
very good for our location in the midwest. W8RA
KX7L   Single Op LP   8,0582014-01-27 08:13:37
Limited time, but still fun.. Band seemed pretty quiet, especially on Friday
VE3MGY   Single Op QRP   145,7402014-01-27 08:53:45
KD4D(@N3HBX)   Single Op HP   266,0132014-01-27 09:40:20
OUCH! Last year, I ran low power and had almost 400000 points! This year, high
power and 260000 points. The breakdown of QSOs by points tells the story -
EVERY European QSO was memorable. PC5M was the loudest European around his
sunrise Sunday morning. EA8/RA1A was the only African...

I worked nothing west of Hawaii. The only Alaska I heard was too weak to work
and after my sunrise Sunday.

Thanks again to John Evans, N3HBX, for letting me play again!
Date Hour Total
2014-01-24 22 101
2014-01-24 23 83
2014-01-25 0 89
2014-01-25 1 72
2014-01-25 2 61
2014-01-25 3 59
2014-01-25 4 38
2014-01-25 5 27
2014-01-25 6 38
2014-01-25 7 27
2014-01-25 8 25
2014-01-25 9 19
2014-01-25 10 23
2014-01-25 11 36
2014-01-25 12 30
2014-01-25 21 23
2014-01-25 22 26
2014-01-25 23 25
2014-01-26 0 26
2014-01-26 1 16
2014-01-26 2 20
2014-01-26 3 17
2014-01-26 4 27
2014-01-26 5 13
2014-01-26 6 18
2014-01-26 7 16
2014-01-26 8 15
2014-01-26 9 9
2014-01-26 10 16
2014-01-26 11 10
2014-01-26 12 8
Total All Hours 1013

Points Total
2 886
5 71
10 56

QSO's by multiplier:
Sect Total
NY 63
PA 57
VA 57
OH 54
MD 39
NJ 39
MI 35
IL 34
MA 34
ON 34
FL 30
NH 29
NC 28
TX 26
IN 24
TN 24
CT 23
GA 23
AL 22
AZ 21
MN 20
WI 20
CA 18
MO 14
IA 13
WV 13
SC 12
CO 10
DE 10
KS 9
KY 8
ME 7
WA 7
NM 6
QC 6
RI 6
UT 6
AR 5
OK 5
OR 5
LA 4
NS 4
NV 4
VT 4
ID 3
MS 3
NE 3
SD 3
AB 2
BC 2
DC 2
ND 2
MB 1
MT 1
NB 1
NF 1
SK 1
WY 1

CountryPrefix Total
K 886
VE 54
DL 12
G 6
OK 4
KP2 3
XE 3
F 2
GW 2
HA 2
I 2
KH6 2
LY 2
ON 2
PA 2
S5 2
V3 2
6Y 1
C6 1
CE 1
CM 1
CT 1
CU 1
CX 1
E7 1
EA8 1
FG 1
FM 1
HB 1
HC 1
HK 1
KP4 1
LX 1
OM 1
OZ 1
PJ2 1
PY 1
SM 1
TF 1
VP2V 1
VP9 1
ZF 1
IQ1CN   Multi-Op LP   174,3632014-01-27 10:20:28
Niente male per un dipolo appeso a 38 mt di altezza buona la propagazione e la
partecipazione ,toccati i 5 continenti anche se ce molto da migliorare in campo radio ha retto lo stress .Ci siamo alternati un po per non
patire la notte ma il pile up non è mancato , un particolare ringraziamento a
tutti coloro che ci sono venuti a trovare cercando di tenerci svegli.
Un particolare ringraziamento a IK1NPP per aver preparato il set up al volo ,e
a I1SU Silvio per aver aggiornato rapidamente la nostra home page ,grazie
73 al prossimo...Fabrizio GLX
KØTT   Single Op LP   72,1382014-01-27 10:41:56
Was expecting to run high power, but used low power because 1) amp is down
pending replacement of band switch and 2) significant power line noise problem.
Running only 100w, I still had problems copying some sigs thru the S9+10db power
line arcing noise. Note to self: Install Rx antennas so I don't have to listen
on the vertical all the time. I was able to copy some signals using the 40m
delta loop, but it's a hassle trying to switch antennas when running CW. Hope
local power company can fix the problem before the 160 SSB contest. I directed
them to the noise location, about a mile from my QTH. Their easter-egging
hasn't worked to cure the problem. Their RFI expert retired recently, but I
found out he is still available to contract, so there is hope.
Started late Saturday evening due to other conflicts. Also operated starting
around 3PM on Sunday afternoon, once the band started opening to the east
coast. Found a few new stations during the final hour, so was worth the effort.
K4IKM   Single Op Assisted HP   170,4562014-01-27 10:51:42
Tough sledding for DX this year. My lowest score in 3 years on this event. EU
was barely audible and only a Maybe my antenna has become a cloud warmer but it
is maintained.

Even so, it was a fun to operate TopBand!

G6MC(G4BYG)   Single Op Assisted HP   295,2902014-01-27 11:02:00
Thanks go to Neil,Sue and other family members who helped me through this
After a decent start first night. I had a suspected heart attack and ended
up in the local hospital undergoing tests. Fortunately I was given the all
clear and was discharged with instructions to rest up for a couple more days.
I seem to be dogged by bad luck during this contest. In the past usually
weather related.
This time a medical problem stopped me less than a 3rd way through.
S&P for most of the time with little effort to run due to the constant
frequency pinching and poor operating which seemed to be worse this year.
Determined to be back next time fit and well I hope to resume the challenge.
setup was K3 + Amp. 4 reversible 300m Beverage rx antennas.
tx antenna inv Vee Dipole @ 70 ft.
OM7M   Multi-Op HP   1,210,4842014-01-27 11:06:22
This year we have rebuilt feeding for our beverage system from one central
point. After some test during the CQWW(SSB,CW) we were not fully satisfied with
our receiving on low bands. But we did not pay any special attention to that.
Before the contest started we checked some other guys on the band to see how
our receiving beverages are efficient. Milan, OM2KI was a reference station for
us as we know he is using a couple of beverages and noise level at his QTH is
He worked number of JA’s but we barely heard them. We were frustrated and at
21:30UTC half an hour before the contest started we spoke together that we
would better go to a pub and take a beer rather then stay on band and be
totally deaf. Miro OM5RW was trying to change some impedance transformers and
other facilities but in reality it did not help. One noticable thing was that
150 degree beverage was quiet and showed normal behaviour of beverage antennas.
I asked to Miro what’s the difference compared to other 6 beverages? That one
had separate grounding and was feeding 30m away of all others. Most probably it
was the root cause of the problem and during the first night we remade the most
important direction to NA. After this remake it was completely different world
with much more directivity and low noise figures.
During the first night condx was quite good for this period of solar cycle. We
had 820 QSO logged after the first night with 120 US/VE in the log and 34
states/provinces.In comparison with OK7K who was continuosly on
and we had 150K lead and it looked promising. Condx to the east was very poor
during Saturday and we logged only couple of JA’s. We hoped for better
opening to NA pending that condx will change over the night. But it did not
happened. We recorded some small peaks around the 00 UTC but for the most time
it was worse than on Saturday. From 01-04 the band was mostly closed and hourly
rate has decreased to 20 Qsos. Thus S&P was one and only way.
Sunday condx to east have been much better and we logged another 75 JA’s. We
recorded some other highlight moments too: VK2GR,VK6DXI,KH2/N2NL,NH0Z,XV2E,...
Finally we ended up with a score of 1,2M (202US/VE, 82JA’s). Some
statistics will be posted on our web page later on.

Anyway thanks for nice EU M/S competition and congrats goes to M/S teams :
S59A, E7DX, DR1A, UA2F, UU7J, OK7K, OK5W..and others

Thanks for all QSO's and CU in ARRL DX!

73 Lubo,OM5ZW on behalf of OM7M
K5BG   Single Op HP   127,8902014-01-27 11:17:25
Missed Friday night due to family obligations.
31 individual JA calls. Very nice to hear.
Thanks to all
VE2OJ   Multi-Op HP   372,2402014-01-27 12:26:51
We had to cut things short early Saturday evening because of an electrical panel
failure. Apart from losing power to the radio equipment, we also lost heat in
the cottage. With outside temperatures below zero F, we had to pack up and go
3V8BB(KF5EYY)   Single Op HP   532,6652014-01-27 12:38:23
Weekend nights were raining in Tunis and the band was so noisy... Using the TX
inverted-V for listening made me a real "deaf"!
Having an RX Antenna for this contest was a learnt lesson from last year's
participation... Now it's a must without it I won't operate WW 160!

Most of the QSOs were done in the first night then condx went down in the
second night... The band was far from being open... 96% of the QSOs were with
Europe... 14 W/VE stations worked compared to over 140 last year...

I had to drive 300km back home so I didn't feel so motivated to operate the
third night with 20 Q/h rate!

The full contest is recorded. You may listen to your QSO with 3V8BB on my site


ARAT Chairman
VE3GFN   Single Op LP   6,8312014-01-27 12:41:43
My briefest contest ever! My 160M antenna is a Butternut vertical with the 160M
loading coil. On contest weekend, Toronto suffered sustained winds up to 60
knots, for hour after hour ...

My vertical was blowing around so much, the SWR must have been varying widely.
I was using the K3 with the ATU, and the K3 kept putting itself off line ... I
mean, it just shut down, consistently, until I gave up before I blew the K3.
WA3F   Single Op Assisted HP   8,4842014-01-27 13:29:07
Still tired from our annual ski trip to NH. Puny, pitiful effort, but all I had
in me after several days of sub-zero skiing. I love it
RX antennas, especially the new beverage toward Europe all worked better than
the TX antenna for RX
YL4U(@YL2SM)   Multi-Op HP   656,5502014-01-27 13:52:22
First ever YL Multi-Single team operation in CQ-160-WW Contest and new Latvian
M/S record. Thanks to YL2HB, YL3DQ and YL2KL for technical support.

Lets hope for better propagation next time!

73 Kas YL1ZF/ES5ZF
M5E(GØCKV)   Single Op Assisted HP   529,6442014-01-27 13:59:15
This was my first ever entry in a dedicated 160m contest. I operated from the
site where Marconi did his first transatlantic transmissions in the far SW of
England. You will find a more detailed writeup here:

Main purpose was to learn about the band and to do some serious antenna
experiments. I am happy with most of what I learned, in particular in terms of
my experimental 8-circle RX array. The array performed way above expectations.

I used a K3 and KPA500 and antennas as described through the link above.
Weather in Cornwall was 'interesting' or 'challenging' (read atrocious) and cut
back on what I could do as well as operating time.

Not having played in this contest before I can't judge whether the condx were
good or bad. I heard very well though, so well that I was beginning to wonder
whether my TX antennas were OK giving the lack of response when I called. Some
RBN analysis will help me get to grips with relative TX performance in due

This was mostly a relaxed S&P effort with very little running.

At the time it was such a struggle to get going and keep going under the
circumstances that I almost gave up. In retrospect it was so rewarding and fun
that I might do it gain.

73 Olof G0CKV
OM6TY   Single Op LP   257,9242014-01-27 15:20:13
Nice contest, but there were some things went wrong. First I had to swich to
unasisted category before the contest, due to coverage problem of my cell
operator. The second problem was lack of time. I planed only 1 day for
preparing QTH inclooding antenas. Actualy planed to build inverterd L and 2
beverages 220m long(cca 310 and 60 degrees). Twice I climed up, first to the
cca 15 M coniferous tree and second time to a 25 M tower.Both times without any
help and support from the land, during quite strong wind and cca minus 5 degrees
Celsius. Finished inv L cca 3 hours before the contest. Decision to build up a
beverages on saturday was changed after we found that temperature outside was
then minus 14. So all the time of contest I used only one inverted L(no RX
antenas). Also had a problem to conect radio to PC through USB interface, so I
used all the time paddle keyer. 48 ten-points QSO with low power is nice and
worth the effort prooven before and during the contest. Some highlites are
FM5BH,NP4A,KV4FZ,6Y3M,7Z1SJ,3V8BB. Missed PJ2T, HD2A, CE1/K7CA, V31YN, JA3YBK,
JH4UYB, ZF2KE ..... all of them heard, but did not break through EU pile up.
And I guess 100 Watts was not enough.
Thanks to all for QSO.

VY 73 de Peter, OM6TY
N3AD   Single Op Assisted HP   162,5142014-01-27 16:38:42
I operated the first night at my station. I went home on Saturday and planned on
operating the second night remote from home. However, I could not connect to the
station. I think an issue with my internet connection at the station.
K4RO   Single Op HP   101,4002014-01-27 16:54:39
Conditions were poor to Europe and fair to Asia during the times I was on.
N8SBE   Single Op LP   9,2722014-01-27 17:04:41
Limited operating time, and a LOT of interference from plasma TV's etc. Still
managed to eke out some nice contacts. Up until this past year, I had never
made a contact on 160M, and so I'm learning the ins and outs of this band.


-- Dave, N8SBE
N1LN   Multi-Op HP   478,5002014-01-27 18:24:37
VA7DZ   Single Op Assisted HP   48,5502014-01-27 18:26:08
The band seemed to be in great shape - a lot of very strong signals.
Most of the people I called, answered and I was spotted fairly often.
DX included KH6, XE2 and KP4.
However, I ran out of people to work so I quit - at 1100Z on Sunday.
WA4VMC   Single Op QRP   36,0182014-01-27 18:26:11
Started late,stopped to soon, but had fun
KØZR   Single Op HP   197,8242014-01-27 19:02:09
This year’s contest started off extremely well for me in that the first hour
saw rates of 4-5 per minute multiple times. My first hour hit ~ 130/hour
compared to only ~ 45/hour for the same time in 2013. Unfortunately things
tapered off as is usually the case. This year DX conditions were very
UNfavorable compared to the great opening I experienced in 2013, when a 3-4
hour span of great DX to Europe occurred. In 2013 I worked DX, other than VEs,
a total of 135 times compared to only 43 for this year, 2014. The “opening”
never occurred. And although I had to my advantage the DX Engineering receive
four-square this year, which helped immeasurably when noise levels got as high
as S-9, it was not sufficient to overcome the lack of propagation. I did
manage, with considerable effort, to amass more QSOs this year than last; a
total of 901 compared to 853 in 2013. Still had a good time but am still
disappointed with the absence of some good DX openings.
W6OAT(@K6IDX)   Multi-Op HP   87,2592014-01-27 20:27:43
Our thanks to Brad, K6IDX, for letting us use his station.
WØAIH   Multi-Op HP   270,2582014-01-27 21:07:49
Another fun weekend pumping RF thru the big iron!

The first night was the DX night. Good signals all around. The band seemed to
be in great shape for stateside as well. The second night it was a different
band. Signals were weaker and I relied on the beverages more to hear some of
the weak stations (stateside) that called.

Glad the wind held off until after the contest. With he way it was blowing I
think there would have been a lot of static noise from that.

It took a long time (or so it seemed) to pull some of them out of the mud. Had
to find the right beverage to listen to them on and some people only send their
call one time. Sending it a couple of times will not hurt when the other
station is trying to copy. Oh well, pet peeve...

Sections missed: LAB, NWT, YT, NU
The section holdout award goes to SK. We did not have that one in the log
until after 0000Z the 2nd night.

DX worked: CT, DL, EA, F, G, GW, OK, OM, ON, OZ, PA, S5, SM, JA, 6W, EA8, KH6,
6Y, C6, CM, FM, KL, KP2, KP4, V3, VP2V, VP9, XE, ZF, CE, HC, HK, PJ2, PY

The QSO count was down from last year. I was SO/A but different year and
different conditions I suppose.

Thanks to Paul for another fun one.

73, John K0TG
PA3FYM   Single Op Assisted HP   644,2472014-01-27 22:06:35
Due to inflammation in my mid ears, my left ear was -50 dB.
This was compensated using a stereo audio amplifier with
seperate L/R controls to 'experience mono'.

I am not a very skilled CW operator. QSO rates are not super duper.
Consider me as a diesel engine at around 22 WPM,
requesting '?' when called with 30 WPM ;-)

This contest was a lot of fun!

Condx towards the US were poor. However, I managed to work 29 states.
Signals from the Caribean were weak too.
The last evening signals from Asia were good, with ~30 JA's in the log while
the whole EU was concentrated in the keyclicking 15 kHz 'JA-portion' of the

The station worked flawless, and the 'secretly matched' shunt fed TX T-antenna
(30m high) had an astonishing VSWR-1.5 bandwidth of around 340 kHz.
A rock solid 'broad band' ~50 + ~j0 Ohm match,
resulting in very quick and convenient S&P operations.

A dedicated (only 100m) Beverage was used for the Caribean, which gave
me a few multipliers but the rev Beverages (NE/SW - NW/SE) sounded more quiet.

The pile ups were sometimes difficult as it was often almost impossible to hear

the confirmation of the other station during an ejaculation of EU-stations,
eager to be the next one.

Last but certainly not least: thanks to Richard PA7FA and his wife Marion for
their hospitality!

73, Remco PA3FYM
OL4N(@OK1KPU)   Multi-Op HP   450,8562014-01-27 22:52:09
Hard work - field day contest style (860m ASL) with
night temperature abt -20C, lot of snow, wind and ice on the antennas,
but still lot of fun....

vertical 31m
Inv Vee @ 28m
beverages 400m for W, JA, but only the first nihgt....

73 / OK1DF

Want exact time? (QTR?) GO -> !!
ON7EH   Single Op LP   225,0122014-01-27 23:21:21
First participation to this 160m contest and the last of the season.

Tx: K3@100W
Tx/Rx ant: quarterwave inv L on a 14.8m Spiderpole, down to an 11m telescopic
5-20m long radials limited by the garden boarders,some longer ones on adjacent
farmer field
Logger: SD

We were so happy to hear 4K6FO on topband that we worked him three times, once
before and two times in the contest...

Best half hour with 9 US stations around 06:30 on Saturday morning.
Best DX: Texas, AB5K and FM5BH.
Still no UA0 nor JA in the log.

Belgium was hit by a storm on Saturday evening around 20h. Luckily, the
fiberglass tube flexed its way through the gales...

Unfortunately, we had to quit early on Sunday morning for other activities.
No Sunday sunrise nor evening opening.

Some big pileups on DX were demotivators.
Operation was a mix between S&P and RUN.

We are looking for QSO-recordings; did anyone record our QSO?

We are very happy with the rather unexpected results.
It pays to gradually improve the setup contest by contest.
Thanks to all!
S57C   Single Op HP   329,4722014-01-28 00:38:39
Inv V @12m
N6TV   Single Op HP   36,2082014-01-28 01:43:08
I was only able to get on Saturday night due to a failed first attempt to add
remote "fine tuning" with a vacuum variable capacitor to my old fixed
Omega match system. I finally got everything working in the daytime Saturday,
but then I was too tired to stay up all nigh. Also wanted to get up early
Sunday to work FT5ZM on 20m for my very last DXCC country (mixed). Did it!

Ant: 89' Shunt-fed tower
Rx: VE3DO Loop, N6RK Mag Loop
Rig: Elecraft K3
Amp: Alpha 87A
Software: Win-Test 4.12.0-dev

Bob, N6TV
P33W(RA3AUU)   Single Op Assisted HP   1,016,3242014-01-28 02:55:51
Very srange propagation. Some 5 hours of calling CQ without single caller for 20
minutes and total QSO rate 5-7 QSO/hour. Lost 2 radios :)
OK7K   Multi-Op HP   992,3202014-01-28 03:03:27
OK2BFN   Single Op LP   256,1562014-01-28 04:08:21
IC746, Inv. L ant.
73, Tom
CS2C(OK1RF)   Single Op HP   1,093,1252014-01-28 04:25:42
The trouble with RX antennas. Noise level from EU was very high.
I apologize to all from EU, which I had not heard.
From NA it was better. A beautiful experience, at 0755 UTC,
on the band completely silent call me ZM2IO, TNX Holger and
TNX to all.
73 !
Jiri, CS2C/OK1RF
N5KF   Single Op LP   11,7042014-01-28 05:54:51
Part time with low antenna dangling in the trees.
W3TS   Single Op HP   234,0802014-01-28 06:42:11
Far too many stations still have a KEY CLICK problem.

Rig: Ten-Tec Orion plus 2x 3-500Z at 1200 watts.
TX Ant: 60 foot high 80M/40M fan dipole used as an 1/8 wave Tee over 70 x 70
foot long radials.
RX Ants: 300 foot NE/SW short beverage and 300 foot SE/NW beverage and a NE
and NW Flag. The best I can do on a 150 x 200 foot town lot with the help of
understanding neighbors.
Logger: N1MM
YL2QN   Single Op QRP   107,4152014-01-28 07:28:56
Inv L 15m /w 4 el radials, T-Vertical 24m /w FCP ground,
K9AY RX ANT, homebrew Softrock RXTX Ensemble.
Propagation was very terrible, every QSO make with big problems.
Every multiplier with more problems than regular QSO. A lot of
stations not hear me at all. Even no qrz... Any way great contest !
VP2V/K3LR   Single Op HP   30,0722014-01-28 08:29:02
I was fortunate to time my latest trip to VP2V (I have been going there since
1993) so it lined up with a major 160 meter contest (my forth one). I was
helping a local broadcast station with some RF projects. Got permission to use
(for about one hour each night) their 300 foot vertical when the station signed
off for the day. Thanks to K9VV, K6VVA and VP2VQ for their help making this
happen. Great to work many MRRC and NCC members - giving guys a new DX
multiplier. Sorry I was very RX challenged (deaf) - as listening on a 5/8
wavelength 160 meter vertical is pretty hard with all the nearby static and
AC6DD   Single Op HP   206,8362014-01-28 08:59:53
I started setting up the station at the Lighthouse on Thursday, but due to some
usual setbacks it was not operational until Friday afternoon.

It hasn't rained for a long time and I was expecting some noise from the site
power line, but to my dissapointment in addition to strong noise from the power

line in the SE direction there was substantial static crash type noise to the
SW and widespread noise to NE.
This was by far the worst noise I have experienced at this location.
If this was at home I probably would have skipped the contest, but here I
already set everything up and there was no option but to continue.

The conditions on Friday hinted to an even worse result than last year when
various problems ended the contest early for me.
I found out that it was actually some law enforcement vehichles which drove
over my RX antenna cables and smashed them in the middle of the night last
January. There has been lots of smuggling activity in this area with panga
boats from Mexico landing in the Lighthouse vicinity and unloading loads of
Marijuana. This year I came prepared. I brought with me some extra cash, just
in case I run into the smugglers.

From the few multipliers I heard on Friday I could not contact PZ1AA. I heard a
PY calling someone else, but never heard him again. There was no EU or AF heard.
Finally the band opened to the NW where the noise was minimal and the Ja's came
rolling in. ZM2IO and VK2GR called in for new multipliers and that was it for
down South. I heard a W6 working an XV station, but I could not hear the XV. I
ended the first night with a fairly low score.

On Saturday afternoon I got a big surprise when the noise from the NW
completely dissapeared. Usually the second night is pretty slow, but things
started looking pretty good and I was making up lost ground.
Many were calling the loud DX1S, but he was only working JA's.
Getting closer to daytime I turned on the heater and actually dozed off for a
few. I awoke with VE5ZX, the missing SK multiplier calling CQ on the
frequency. What makes it incredible is that two years ago exactly the same
thing happened to me with a different SK station. I need to take naps more
often. Just before the end ND shows up to complete the US mults.

In the beginning it looked ike this was going to be my worst performance in
years, but I actually ended up uith a better result than the past two years.

If you find yourself visiting the area and driving by on Highway 1 stop by for
a tour of the Lighthouse.
There is an engraved brick out there that reads "AC6DD 160 Meters".
Even better, put your own callsign out there:

K3, Alpha 8410

Niko AC6DD
IV3BCA   Single Op LP   94,2842014-01-28 09:19:43
i operate Saturtday from 15.30 UTC at 02.30 UTC Sunday
Sunday high level noise
Setup Double L + Yaesu FT 10000 Software Qartest by IK3QAR
Best 73 de IV3BCA Paolo
OG6N(OH6NIO)   Single Op Assisted HP   163,9822014-01-28 10:06:04
Most of the contacts were worked on Saturday evening. Good activity from Europe
but the propagation was very poor for DX.
YU5R   Multi-Op HP   509,0392014-01-28 10:27:08
Tnx qsos! CU in ARRL CW! 73s YU5R team
W1TO(@K1TTT)   Multi-Op HP   629,9962014-01-28 10:50:31
Thanks to K1TTT for the use of his fine station and hospitality.
AB2E   Single Op Assisted HP   112,2402014-01-28 11:59:35
Rig: Icom 756 Pro III, Acom 2000A
Antenna: 160m Inverted - L (60ft vertical, 71ft horizontal, 4 elevated

Great contest, although EU seemed rather tough to work both nights. Thanks to
E7DX, PC5M, G5E among others who answered my CQ.
Thanks to all for the points.

CU in SSB!
73 Darrell AB2E
W3SO(W3YOZ)   Single Op HP   111,6752014-01-28 13:49:14
U.S: 48 including DC. VE: 7 Provinces.
Missed ND, AK.
DX: 6Y, C6, CM, FM, KP2, KP4, V3, XE, ZF,
CE, HC, HK, PJ2, CT, DL, OM, OZ, S5, EA8
and KH6.
Thanks for the Q's.
AA4CF   Single Op Assisted HP   118,4082014-01-28 14:43:38
1KW, wire antenna.
K5XA   Single Op Assisted HP   2,0882014-01-28 15:51:38

Rig : Elecraft K3/P3

Amp: Ten-Tech Titan

Antennas : F12 C31-XR@128'; F12 C31-XR@81' Fixed 44°;
F12 Mag 240N@ 137'; 1/2 Wave 80M Sloper > 45°

SOAPBOX: We had kids from Austin over for a belated Christmas, so contesting
was not a high priority. Plus the station is not 160M capable (or at least I
thought not). But I had installed the Viking MB-V-A tuner, and thought I'd give
it a try with the 80M half-wave sloper. And it worked a little bit! Just
S&P, and worked who I could hear (and who could hear me in return),
spending a couple of hours. The only DX I worked was KP4 and VE. So I'll throw
these 36 Q's into the pot, hoping it'll help the cause. And now maybe I'm
wondering what I need to do to get more 160-radio-active! Maybe more
radio-active PERIOD!
K5KC   Multi-Op HP   386,3162014-01-28 16:36:23
Great conditions Friday night, not so much Saturday night.
WDØT(@WDØT/Ø)   Single Op QRP   3,4442014-01-28 17:49:27
QRP portable operation from my Mom's QTH in Sioux Falls, SD.. Set up a 30 ft
high T antenna, 30ft vertical along a fiberglass mast, and 100ft horizontal T
wires, 50ft each direction. Used an old L match antenna tuner, single fed,
against 8 radials of various lengths.

Only very limited operating time, late at nite Friday, and not as late Saturday
evening. We were in Sioux Falls for a swim meet.

Conditions seemed good Friday even, but much poorer Saturday..

Great news is my Nephew Logan who is 14 yrs old is very intersted, he even
helped me set up the antenna Saturday evening,and put on a headset to listen,

Thanks for the GREAT ears pulling out my very weak signal, 73 Todd WD0T
VE3PN   Single Op HP   445,1522014-01-28 17:53:10

K7NJ   Single Op Assisted HP   277,8582014-01-28 18:32:51
N4WW   Single Op Assisted HP   286,7202014-01-28 19:24:01
This is one of my favorites. I almost felt competitive in this 2014 version of
cqww 160 because I got a beverage that I could finally hear the 2nd level of
europeans. I will keep at it and maybe next year will dig down deeper into the
(100w+short antenna) 3rd level.

I will have to prep the wife better next year because had downtime during
european openings first night for 3 hours and second night for 5 hours. I didnt
know I would be able to hear so much better and figured I didnt need the all out
fanatic attitude.

Couldnt get a North Dakota to call and no VE4 to call me. Otherwise I had WAS
including kl7 and kh6. Tuned a lot for ND/VE4 and didnt see them on band map
either. I also must have tuned on the frequency hundred times for LA,OH,OH0
and couldnt hear a whisper. Polar absorption got them I suppose. Did get two
sm's and oz7yy. Otherwise nothing rare. Did qso CX6VM/CE/PY/HD2A/PZ5RA/HK which
are nice to work during their summer condx.

73 doc n4ww
PJ2T   Multi-Op HP   1,568,8982014-01-28 21:06:27
Jeff K8ND and Jim W8WTS, both members of the Caribbean Contesting Consortium,
operated PJ2T. This was the fifth time that we operated as a multiop team for
CQ 160 CW from the CCC club station at Signal Point, Curacao.

Our station consisted of a K-3/P-3 and AL-1200. The transmit antenna is an
inv-L, approximately 50-feet vertical and sloping up to approximately 95-feet.
The receive antenna complement was two beverage antennas (Europe 1000-foot and
USA/JA 635-foot) and one DX Engineering active receive four square. This has
been our standard antenna configuration for several contests.

We had a set of four Software Defined Radios (3 x SDR-IQ and 1 x Perseus)
running CW Skimmer on two laptops. Each receiver had a different receive
antenna, with our "ridge 80-meter inv-V" serving as the antenna for
the fourth Skimmer. The spots from each of the Skimmers were aggregated by a
local instance of VE7CC’s CC Cluster. WriteLog received spots from the dx
cluster network (NA and SA spotters only) and from the local CC Cluster

Conditions were fair the first night, working a mix of Europeans and K/VE and
14 JA stations. Our start was slow, missing our QSO total goals for the first
two hours. It was clear that many NA stations were having more difficulty
working Europe than the norm. Signal strengths from Europe varied from noise
level to S8 or more. The first JAs popped out with strong, clear signals, but
by the end of the JA run, signals were hard to copy. As the sun rose, we worked
a few trailing NA stations with good signals.

The second night also started slow, with sub-goal QSO total for the first two
hours. Overall, the second night brought higher noise levels and more
difficulty maintaining rate to Europe. The Europeans had far more of a
challenge hearing us on night two. We found the need to send the European
station’s call several times to ensure that the ops knew who we were
answering. No JA QSOs were logged the second night. Although we started calling
several hours before the contest end at 2200Z, we made no QSOs on Sunday evening
in full daylight. At the contest end, we had logged 911 NA, 270 Europe, 20 Asia,
and 24 Rest of World QSOs.

Through challenging conditions, we managed to complete a competitive score and
had a great time doing it. We appreciated everyone’s patience, gentlemanly
operating, and attention to logging accuracy.
USØHZ   Single Op Assisted HP   103,4002014-01-28 22:28:44
RIG: FT 2000
ANT: 1/2 Vertical romb 162m long 40m high

73 Stan US0HZ
OZ7YY   Single Op HP   716,8722014-01-29 06:54:38
Conditions fair the first night, but very poor the second night.
The second night started with a good opening to the far east, but nearly
nothing from the west later on.
There were still too many stations with heavy click.
Many of the clicking stations were big clubstations.
Many even stronger stations had excellent signals without click.
When a station is set up for the contest, it should be very easy to ask a few
stations on the band to listen for click on the signal.
Even the most expensive transmitter will make click if it is not used correct!

An even bigger problem is that some station deliberately set up their stations
to make as much click as possible.
Now and then I had to tune across a few (strong) stations to find the clicking
stations several kHz away.
I made a list of some of the clicking stations:
The list could easily be much longer.
Last year there were talks about a network of sdr radios around the world,
recording all the activity on the band.
I hope that the contest committee will take some action, when they have checked
the recordings.
It is time for a warning to the offenders.
A contest without clicking stations would be much more enjoyable.
I am quite sure, that more stations would take part in the contest if we could
get rid of the bad signals.

Vy 73
OH5TS   Single Op LP   134,0162014-01-29 08:33:47
A tough low power exercise this year. I made 300 qsos in the first 5 hours.
Meaning I spent 15,5 hours to make the rest 240 qsos. Sunday evening condition
were good but very few new stations to be worked. Thanks to all and 73, Kari
W4QN   Single Op Assisted HP   36,7202014-01-29 09:23:02
Band noisy, EU better Sat. RFI problems required reduced power
OM2VL(@OM8A)   Single Op HP   893,5822014-01-29 10:24:41
Thank you very much for the QSO's!

Some statistics:

Worked DXCC

DXCC | CT | 160 | TOTAL
1A | EU | |
1S | AS | |
3A | EU | |
3B6 | AF | |
3B8 | AF | |
3B9 | AF | |
3C | AF | |
3C0 | AF | |
3D2 | OC | |
3D2/c | OC | |
3D2/r | OC | |
3DA | AF | |
3V | AF | 1 | 1
3W | AS | 1 | 1
3X | AF | |
3Y/b | AF | |
3Y/p | SA | |
4J | AS | 1 | 1
4L | AS | 2 | 2
4O | EU | 1 | 1
4S | AS | |
4U1I | EU | |
4U1U | NA | |
4U1V | EU | |
4W | OC | |
4X | AS | 3 | 3
5A | AF | |
5B | AS | 2 | 2
5H | AF | |
5N | AF | |
5R | AF | |
5T | AF | |
5U | AF | |
5V | AF | |
5W | OC | |
5X | AF | |
5Z | AF | |
6W | AF | |
6Y | NA | 1 | 1
7O | AS | |
7P | AF | |
7Q | AF | |
7X | AF | |
8P | NA | |
8Q | AS | |
8R | SA | |
9A | EU | 10 | 10
9G | AF | |
9H | EU | 1 | 1
9J | AF | |
9K | AS | |
9L | AF | |
9M2 | AS | |
9M6 | OC | |
9N | AS | |
9Q | AF | |
9U | AF | |
9V | AS | |
9X | AF | |
9Y | SA | |
A2 | AF | |
A3 | OC | |
A4 | AS | |
A5 | AS | |
A6 | AS | |
A7 | AS | |
A9 | AS | |
AP | AS | |
BS7 | AS | |
BV | AS | |
BV9P | AS | |
BY | AS | 1 | 1
C2 | OC | |
C3 | EU | 1 | 1
C5 | AF | |
C6 | NA | 1 | 1
C9 | AF | |
CE | SA | 1 | 1
CE0X | SA | |
CE0Y | SA | |
CE0Z | SA | |
CE9 | SA | |
CM | NA | |
CN | AF | |
CP | SA | |
CT | EU | 1 | 1
CT3 | AF | |
CU | EU | 1 | 1
CX | SA | 1 | 1
CY0 | NA | |
CY9 | NA | |
D2 | AF | |
D4 | AF | |
D6 | AF | |
DL | EU | 252 | 252
DU | OC | |
E3 | AF | |
E4 | AS | |
E5/n | OC | |
E5/s | OC | |
E6 | OC | |
E7 | EU | 6 | 6
EA | EU | 22 | 22
EA6 | EU | |
EA8 | AF | 1 | 1
EA9 | AF | 1 | 1
EI | EU | 3 | 3
EK | AS | |
EL | AF | |
EP | AS | |
ER | EU | |
ES | EU | 1 | 1
ET | AF | |
EU | EU | 27 | 27
EX | AS | |
EY | AS | |
EZ | AS | |
F | EU | 18 | 18
FG | NA | |
FH | AF | |
FJ | NA | |
FK | OC | |
FK/c | OC | |
FM | NA | 1 | 1
FO | OC | |
FO/a | OC | |
FO/c | NA | |
FO/m | OC | |
FP | NA | |
FR | AF | |
FS | NA | |
FT/g | AF | |
FT/j | AF | |
FT/t | AF | |
FT/w | AF | |
FT/x | AF | |
FT/z | AF | |
FW | OC | |
FY | SA | |
G | EU | 49 | 49
GD | EU | 1 | 1
GI | EU | 3 | 3
GJ | EU | |
GM | EU | 3 | 3
GM/s | EU | |
GU | EU | |
GW | EU | 4 | 4
H4 | OC | |
H40 | OC | |
HA | EU | 31 | 31
HB | EU | 13 | 13
HB0 | EU | |
HC | SA | 1 | 1
HC8 | SA | |
HH | NA | |
HI | NA | |
HK | SA | 1 | 1
HK0/a | NA | |
HK0/m | SA | |
HL | AS | |
HP | NA | |
HR | NA | |
HS | AS | 2 | 2
HV | EU | |
HZ | AS | 1 | 1
I | EU | 60 | 60
IG9 | AF | |
IS | EU | 1 | 1
IT9 | EU | 4 | 4
J2 | AF | |
J3 | NA | |
J5 | AF | |
J6 | NA | |
J7 | NA | |
J8 | NA | |
JA | AS | 72 | 72
JD/m | OC | |
JD/o | AS | |
JT | AS | |
JW | EU | |
JW/b | EU | |
JX | EU | |
JY | AS | |
KG4 | NA | |
KH0 | OC | 1 | 1
KH1 | OC | |
KH2 | OC | |
KH3 | OC | |
KH4 | OC | |
KH5 | OC | |
KH5K | OC | |
KH6 | OC | |
KH7K | OC | |
KH8 | OC | |
KH8/s | OC | |
KH9 | OC | |
KL | NA | |
KP1 | NA | |
KP2 | NA | 1 | 1
KP4 | NA | 1 | 1
KP5 | NA | |
LA | EU | 10 | 10
LU | SA | |
LX | EU | 4 | 4
LY | EU | 32 | 32
LZ | EU | 16 | 16
OA | SA | |
OD | AS | |
OE | EU | 12 | 12
OH | EU | 15 | 15
OH0 | EU | 1 | 1
OJ0 | EU | |
OK | EU | 93 | 93
OM | EU | 39 | 39
ON | EU | 7 | 7
OX | NA | |
OY | EU | |
OZ | EU | 6 | 6
P2 | OC | |
P4 | SA | |
P5 | AS | |
PA | EU | 34 | 34
PJ2 | SA | 1 | 1
PJ4 | SA | |
PJ5 | NA | |
PJ7 | NA | |
PY | SA | 3 | 3
PY0F | SA | |
PY0S | SA | |
PY0T | SA | |
PZ | SA | |
R1FJ | EU | |
S0 | AF | |
S2 | AS | |
S5 | EU | 40 | 40
S7 | AF | |
S9 | AF | |
SM | EU | 30 | 30
SP | EU | 53 | 53
ST | AF | |
SU | AF | |
SV | EU | 8 | 8
SV/a | EU | |
SV5 | EU | 1 | 1
SV9 | EU | 1 | 1
T2 | OC | |
T30 | OC | |
T31 | OC | |
T32 | OC | |
T33 | OC | |
T5 | AF | |
T7 | EU | |
T8 | OC | |
TA | AS | 2 | 2
TA1 | EU | |
TF | EU | 1 | 1
TG | NA | |
TI | NA | |
TI9 | NA | |
TJ | AF | |
TK | EU | |
TL | AF | |
TN | AF | |
TR | AF | |
TT | AF | |
TU | AF | |
TY | AF | |
TZ | AF | |
UA | EU | 136 | 136
UA2 | EU | 5 | 5
UA9 | AS | 45 | 45
UK | AS | |
UN | AS | 4 | 4
UR | EU | 103 | 103
V2 | NA | |
V3 | NA | |
V4 | NA | |
V5 | AF | |
V6 | OC | |
V7 | OC | |
V8 | OC | |
VK | OC | 1 | 1
VK0H | AF | |
VK0M | OC | |
VK9C | OC | |
VK9L | OC | |
VK9M | OC | |
VK9N | OC | |
VK9W | OC | |
VK9X | OC | |
VP2E | NA | |
VP2M | NA | |
VP2V | NA | 1 | 1
VP5 | NA | |
VP6 | OC | |
VP6/d | OC | |
VP8 | SA | |
VP8/g | SA | |
VP8/h | SA | |
VP8/o | SA | |
VP8/s | SA | |
VP9 | NA | |
VQ9 | AF | |
VR | AS | |
VU | AS | |
VU4 | AS | |
VU7 | AS | |
XE | NA | |
XF4 | NA | |
XT | AF | |
XU | AS | |
XW | AS | |
XX9 | AS | |
XZ | AS | |
YA | AS | |
YB | OC | |
YI | AS | |
YJ | OC | |
YK | AS | |
YL | EU | 9 | 9
YN | NA | |
YO | EU | 27 | 27
YS | NA | |
YU | EU | 18 | 18
YV | SA | |
YV0 | NA | |
Z2 | AF | |
Z3 | EU | 1 | 1
Z6 | EU | |
Z8 | AF | |
ZA | EU | |
ZB | EU | |
ZC4 | AS | |
ZD7 | AF | |
ZD8 | AF | |
ZD9 | AF | |
ZF | NA | 1 | 1
ZK3 | OC | |
ZL | OC | |
ZL7 | OC | |
ZL8 | OC | |
ZL9 | OC | |
ZP | SA | |
ZS | AF | |
ZS8 | AF | |
| | 1371 | 1371

Worked States/Provinces

| 160 | TOTAL
CT | 4 | 4
MA | 8 | 8
ME | 4 | 4
NH | 4 | 4
RI | 3 | 3
VT | |
NJ | 4 | 4
NY | 11 | 11
DE | 2 | 2
PA | 11 | 11
MD | 5 | 5
DC | |
AL | 2 | 2
FL | 6 | 6
GA | 6 | 6
KY | 1 | 1
NC | 3 | 3
SC | 1 | 1
TN | 1 | 1
VA | 3 | 3
AR | |
LA | |
MS | |
NM | |
OK | |
TX | 3 | 3
CA | 1 | 1
AZ | |
ID | |
MT | |
NV | |
OR | |
UT | |
WA | |
WY | |
MI | 4 | 4
OH | 3 | 3
WV | |
IL | 1 | 1
IN | 1 | 1
WI | |
CO | |
IA | 1 | 1
KS | |
MN | |
MO | |
ND | |
NE | |
SD | |
NB | 1 | 1
NS | 3 | 3
NF | |
PEI | 1 | 1
LB | |
QC | 5 | 5
ON | 8 | 8
MB | |
SK | |
AB | |
BC | |
NT | |
YT | |
NU | |
| 111 | 111

By band - By mode
QSOs (without dupes) - By time

| Hr | 160 | Total |
| | CW | |
| 00 | | |
| 01 | | |
| 02 | | |
| 03 | | |
| 04 | | |
| 05 | | |
| 06 | | |
| 07 | | |
| 08 | | |
| 09 | | |
| 10 | | |
| 11 | | |
| 12 | | |
| 13 | | |
| 14 | | |
| 15 | | |
| 16 | | |
| 17 | | |
| 18 | | |
| 19 | | |
| 20 | | |
| 21 | | |
| 22 | 125 | 125 |
| 23 | 117 | 117 |
| 00 | 73 | 73 |
| 01 | 57 | 57 |
| 02 | 59 | 59 |
| 03 | 83 | 83 |
| 04 | 55 | 55 |
| 05 | 65 | 65 |
| 06 | 22 | 22 |
| 07 | | |
| 08 | | |
| 09 | | |
| 10 | | |
| 11 | | |
| 12 | | |
| 13 | | |
| 14 | | |
| 15 | 44 | 44 |
| 16 | 59 | 59 |
| 17 | 59 | 59 |
| 18 | 51 | 51 |
| 19 | 58 | 58 |
| 20 | 47 | 47 |
| 21 | 47 | 47 |
| 22 | 30 | 30 |
| 23 | 39 | 39 |
| 00 | 31 | 31 |
| 01 | 32 | 32 |
| 02 | 23 | 23 |
| 03 | 19 | 19 |
| 04 | 11 | 11 |
| 05 | 22 | 22 |
| 06 | 1 | 1 |
| 07 | | |
| 08 | | |
| 09 | | |
| 10 | | |
| 11 | | |
| 12 | | |
| 13 | | |
| 14 | | |
| 15 | 5 | 5 |
| 16 | 27 | 27 |
| 17 | 22 | 22 |
| 18 | 29 | 29 |
| 19 | 20 | 20 |
| 20 | 35 | 35 |
| 21 | 32 | 32 |
| 22 | | |
| 23 | | |
| | 1399 | 1399 |

73 Laci
N4JF   Single Op QRP   103,8962014-01-29 12:29:53
VA3RKM   Single Op QRP   2,9922014-01-29 12:49:18
KX3, 5w, 1/4-wave wire.
OM7RU   Single Op HP   453,5202014-01-29 13:24:14
My 3 favourites met during one weekend: contest, band and mode. My start of
2014 contest year.
Unfortunately, quite bad CONDX. Especially towards NA. Every QSO was hard
digging from noise. Both mornings. Only few big guns are over S6. Interesting
Caribbeans run amazingly nice. The gift came at the end of the contest - great
JA opening. Unfortunately there was too late to find few Hz of clear frequency
inside JA window.

Other contest characteristics were (as usually):
- QRM S9, often a lot of dB over,
- a lot of big and wide foot stations,
- a lot of wide spectrum clickers,
- I want to say: "Guys, when I listen 2-3 seconds between my CQs, it
doesn't mean, that frequency is clear and you can catch my frequency at this

Mr. Murphy stolen me 2 hours of sleeping on Sunday. My ACOM 2000A said, that
relay is open, and stopped to operate. I opened the case, checked all
necessary, found nothing wrong, started to test and... PA started to work
properly. It means "Don't touch this!" for me. So I run the contest
with PA without front panel, hi. This contest was the final reason to finish my
K9AY receiving antenna.

This contest was the final reason to finish my K9AY receiving antenna.

Thanks to all participants!

Used equipments:
Yaesu FT-1000MP MarkV Field
ACOM 2000A (1,5 kW OUT)
MicroHAM microKeyer, MicroHAM StationMaster

160m: Vertical (35m tower + 2 elevated radials)

Riki, OM7RU
W2GD   Multi-Op HP   864,8992014-01-29 13:43:19
LOCATION: West Creek, NJ, on Barnaget Bay, 90 miles south of NYC, 20 miles north
of Atlantic City, the site of WYRS-FM

STATION: K3 x 3, Acom 2000A, 1.5 Kw, Win-Test Software

TX ANTENNAS: Two element vertical wire beams, NE and WSW @ 240 feet over a salt

RX ANTENNAS (Beverages):
4 ele x 900 foot phased beverage array NE (covers ~19 acres)
450' South/North unterm.
560' Southwest
800' West
900' Northwest
560' East/West unterm.



Hope everyone have fun last weekend. The CQ160 CW is my second most favorite
contest, just behind CQWW CW @ P40W, and just ahead of ARRL FD from
anywhere....I look forward to the CQ160 CW all year as I'm sure many of you do
too. This was the 26th year our original 160 Team gathered together to do
battle....and after all this time remain an enthusiastic team....still drawn in
by the technical challenges attached to making big antennas work...and never
knowing what the propagation gods will deliver. The element of surprise is

We managed a fairly good showing last month in the Stew Perry TBDC - we even
achieved the longest distance QSO of the entire contest (with VK6DXI) - but
there were still several loose ends to resolve before 'the BIG ONE'. The most
pressing issue was operator staffing - several of the regular operators would
be unavailable on the contest weekend.

But things came together over the ten days before the contest. Greg, W1KM
accepted our invitation to come down and join the team for what we promised
would be an eventful "Winter Vacation" weekend at the Jersey Shore
(TNX AGAIN Greg!) The second was a half-day work party just before return of
another 'Polar Vortex' cold front - to extend the West beverage several hundred
feet, begin extension of the Northwest beverage another 350 feet, and to do some
noise sleuthing at the site. I enjoyed several days of talking up the contest
on social media (Facebook)...great fun and an amazing response from 160
operators around the world.

The morning of the contest several team members met at the site bright and
early to do what is now considered routine prep work.....test and re-tune the
TX antennas (the salt marsh was frozen solid which expedited things), relearn
how to setup/configure/cable the radios, switching systems, and computers so
everything 'talks' (we took the time to do some documentation), and then we
walked all of the beverages (2 miles of slogging about in the woods on a very
cold day in snow and ice). All the preplanning worked, we were ready for
battle a whopping 15 minutes before the bell!

The Contest

A few things stick out in my memory from the weekend. Conditions were never
outstanding to anywhere...even those close-in stations who are normally
'booming' sounded subdued. Unlike most other years, frequency fights were
non-existent...finding a place to call CQ wasn't a problem....supporting the
feeling participation was down significantly this time. Based upon the
observations reported by many other stations in the USA on 3830, this year
signals out of EU were much less plentiful in most parts of the USA with the
exception of possibly New England. Distance from target clearly mattered (look
at VY2ZM's huge score). We concur with many who felt conditions were somewhat
better the first night than the second. We didn't observe any propagation
enhancement at EU sunrise on either night. From NJ conditions to the Pacific
were very poor, even VE7 contacts were a struggle, and JA and KL7 were nothing
but a nanosecond whisper.

We knew from the start this would be a tough uphill battle. During the first
hour we made NO ten point contacts, all the while listening to K1LZ 'running'
EU on 1813. RBN data confirmed that stations south of New England (AA1K, K3ZM,
NR4M, N4PN@W8JI, etc.) were not being heard as consistently by skimmers in EU.
Unfortunately this would remain the prevailing pattern the entire weekend.
Geography and propagation are always the big 'wildcards' in this event. We
managed to work 225 EU stations the first evening, most of them near or at the
noise level.

A highlight of the weekend was testing our new four element EU beverage array
(a pair of two phased 900 footers) erected just before ARRL160. For several
years we suspected performance of the original two element phased EU beverage
suffered from being too close to the salt marsh and this weekend proved the
point. Going forward we'll only use the new phased pair that are 200 meters
from the marsh.....the antenna is dead quiet and has a wonderful 'cone of
silence' toward the USA.

Saturday afternoon, awaiting darkness, we took the opportunity to do some other
beverage enhancement work, extending and terminating the SW beverage, and then
extending the NW beverage 120 meters through some very difficult undergrowth.
While out in the woods, heavy snow began to fall so W1KM got the full
'experience' of a typical CQ160 operation from the Jersey shore.

As darkness approached Saturday evening, again we listened to the K1LZ team
running EU while we struggled to hear any DX signals at all....sigh. Only with
great effort over the next 8 hours we struggled to put another 170 EU calls in
the log, riding the waves of QSB, often only when three operators collaborated
to pull out the call ....a great team effort!

Here is our continental breakdown (incl. dupes):
NA - 1147 73%
EU - 395 25%
SA - 13
AF - 3
AS - 6
OC - 5

It was not unusual to encounter unsuspecting 'W' stations frequency sharing
with many of the multipliers we would try to work. I specifically recall
calling and working 3V8BB through a fairly loud W7 who was on or near the
frequency at the time. This was pretty much standard operating procedure....we
tried our best to limit the period of 'disruption' but sometimes it's
unavoidable - so we apologize for any inconvenience. Fortunately there was
plenty of interesting DX to work...particularly goodies like 4J, 4L, 40, HZ,
5B4, CE and others...but breaking through the EU station wall was a huge
challenge much of the time. Thanks again to all of the operators on the other
end who worked very hard to get our call correct.

The final thrill of the weekend was having VE5ZX and N0UD answer CQs just
before local sunrise Sunday morning to give us the needed SK and ND
multipliers. This somewhat made up for not being able to work the abundant
number of JA stations and KL7KY who we couldn't quite copy.

We sincerely congratulate the K1LZ Team for their great score, and thank all
operators world-wide who made the time to participate. And as always we
sincerely thank WYRS-FM for continuing to host our 160 meter contest madness
all these years.

So...whats next? In the near-term, members of the SJDXA will operate the CQ160
PHONE contest under the call N2CW from the site. The CW team is kicking around
several TX and RX antenna improvement projects for next season.....stay tuned.


John, W2GD for the 160 TEAM
LY2IJ   Single Op QRP   170,0242014-01-29 14:35:26
Started without intention for serious effort, got hooked in mid of test,
finished seriously.
Time on counter shows 23 hour, it means 8 hours of sleep during nighttime -
first night - started just for fun and went to sleep, 2nd night - was not ready
- could not stay awake, constant search & pouncing is difficult.

2nd time QRP ever - both times on 160. Still amazing what is possible with 5
watts (and antenna).
Every propagation change is very noticeable on QRP - the same station can
answer with one call, which were cq'ing into your face many hours before. Just
need to try, try, try...
Most of QSO - S&P, but CQ was also possible, especially close to midnight.
- so much fun working station 500 km away!
- VY2ZM first call (but not first try)
- JA3YBK in log

Elecraft K3 + 24 shunt feed tower in country side.

3V 1 1
4J 1 1
4L 1 1
4O 1 1
5B 3 3
9A 2 2
CT 1 1
DL 106 106
E7 4 4
EA 2 2
EA8 1 1
EI 1 1
ES 2 2
EU 16 16
F 3 3
G 14 14
GD 1 1
GI 1 1
GM 1 1
GW 1 1
HA 20 20
HB 6 6
I 16 16
IT9 1 1
JA 1 1
LA 6 6
LX 1 1
LY 19 19
LZ 8 8
OE 6 6
OH 18 18
OH0 1 1
OK 45 45
OM 23 23
ON 4 4
OZ 5 5
PA 15 15
S5 29 29
SM 11 11
SP 30 30
SV 2 2
TA 1 1
TF 1 1
UA 78 78
UA2 4 4
UA9 13 13
UN 3 3
UR 62 62
VE 1 1
YL 8 8
YO 16 16
YU 7 7
Z3 1 1
73 Arunas
VE7JKZ   Single Op HP   70,6002014-01-29 17:38:38
Hard going living in surburbia with a high noise level, but pleased to work
whoever I can hear.
NHØZ(JA1LZR)   Single Op HP   159,7952014-01-29 19:50:22
It was really fun as NH0Z again from Tinian Is. Northern Marianas. The band
opened world wide both NA and Eu less QRN during the contest. However, there
were two problem. First, our running output power was only 500watts that was
relatively too small comparing our reception capabilities by the stacked
pennants antennas for NA and EU direction each. Second, it was quite difficult
to work with EUs due to heavy QRM all over Europe with half kw only.
Rig:TS-590S and 2X 3-500Z amp
Antenna: A 1/4 wave vertical with 64 radials TX antenna
Thanks for your paying attention ! Joe NH0Z (JA1LZR) QSL: LoTW and JJ2VLY
BA5CW(@BY5CD)   Single Op Assisted HP   207,7002014-01-30 08:25:01
Only an inv L used for TX &RX. TNX for all called me and also Sri to those I
couldn't hear due to high noise.
9A4M   Single Op Assisted HP   738,3002014-01-30 10:22:07
Nice winter adventure as usual in this contest.
1st night with snowfall and a lot of QRN. All start/end of my beverages was in
the snow and ice. Strong wind early in the morning broke k3lr tx ant (repaired
during the day). Sorry to everybody who call me without my answer.

2nd night better wx, no QRN, and repaired beverages. Good NA run in the

3rd night highlight: 6W7SK, XV2E and HS0ZEE comes on my CQ for new multies.

Used equipment: FT1000mp (with 500Hz IF filer only), OM3500, tx ant k3lr, rx
ants 4 x beverages W, NW, NE 170m and N 80m), k9ay loop.

This is one of my favorite HF contest during the year. I enjoyed it.
Thanks all!

Mate 9A4M
KU2M   Single Op LP   114,6362014-01-30 13:26:02
Did a semi-serious effort since I wanted to try out some new antennas for 160.
Of course, you can have all the new antennas you want, but if they aren't in
New England and you're only running 150 watts, they're not going to hear you in
Europe unless they have Beverages and great ears. Some did, but mostly it was a
matter of just getting "CQ'ed in your face!"
K2WK   Single Op HP   125,7752014-01-30 17:17:29
Started out with a bang 3 hours at 120+/hr. Run'em.
W1SJ   Single Op HP   239,6152014-01-30 23:17:12
Played around a few hours Friday night and returned full time Saturday.
Saturday night had a lead blanket over the western states, but managed a small
pileup from Europe during their sunrise!
N4FX   Single Op Assisted HP   18,6182014-01-31 11:29:07
Condx not to shiney on Friday night. figured It would be better on Saturday. as
it turns out XYL had other plans for Saturday night.
UA4M(@RA4LW)   Multi-Op HP   637,2732014-01-31 11:50:13
Not opening to NA first night and not the second...
But good time to see old friends, play multi-single on 160m band and test a two
TS-590 on one table.

RUN TS-590
S/P1 TS-590
S/P2 FT-2000

Date Hour Total S/P1 S/P2 RUN1 Total
2014-01-24 22 177 54 40 83 177
2014-01-24 23 144 39 43 62 321
2014-01-25 0 108 51 27 30 429
2014-01-25 1 68 27 9 32 497
2014-01-25 2 54 33 0 21 551
2014-01-25 3 41 22 0 19 592
2014-01-25 4 26 13 1 12 618
2014-01-25 5 9 2 0 7 627
2014-01-25 6 8 0 0 8 635
2014-01-25 11 1 1 0 0 636
2014-01-25 12 18 0 1 17 654
2014-01-25 13 27 0 2 25 681
2014-01-25 14 28 0 4 24 709
2014-01-25 15 35 0 16 19 744
2014-01-25 16 39 0 26 13 783
2014-01-25 17 48 8 19 21 831
2014-01-25 18 48 13 16 19 879
2014-01-25 19 40 0 24 16 919
2014-01-25 20 51 0 14 37 970
2014-01-25 21 58 1 12 45 1028
2014-01-25 22 33 0 1 32 1061
2014-01-25 23 22 0 6 16 1083
2014-01-26 0 9 0 0 9 1092
2014-01-26 1 11 0 0 11 1103
2014-01-26 2 10 0 0 10 1113
2014-01-26 3 9 4 3 2 1122
2014-01-26 4 4 1 3 0 1126
2014-01-26 13 5 0 4 1 1131
2014-01-26 14 6 0 0 6 1137
2014-01-26 15 11 0 3 8 1148
2014-01-26 16 12 0 1 11 1160
2014-01-26 17 11 0 8 3 1171
2014-01-26 18 20 0 0 20 1191
2014-01-26 19 22 0 0 22 1213
2014-01-26 20 17 0 9 8 1230
2014-01-26 21 12 0 6 6 1242
Total All Hours 1242 269 298 675 0

CountryPrefix Total S/P1 S/P2 RUN1
3V 1 1 0 0
3W 1 0 1 0
4J 3 1 0 2
4L 2 0 1 1
4O 1 0 1 0
4X 2 0 0 2
5B 3 2 1 0
6Y 1 0 0 1
8Q 1 0 1 0
9A 7 1 3 3
BY 3 0 2 1
CE 1 0 0 1
CT 1 1 0 0
CX 1 0 0 1
DL 165 34 44 87
E7 7 2 4 1
EA 13 3 5 5
EA8 2 0 1 1
EA9 1 0 0 1
EI 5 0 2 3
ES 4 1 0 3
EU 24 11 1 12
F 11 2 2 7
FM 1 0 0 1
G 34 7 3 24
GD 2 1 0 1
GI 1 1 0 0
GM 3 1 1 1
GW 3 3 0 0
HA 25 7 12 6
HB 8 2 4 2
HC 1 0 0 1
HL 3 0 1 2
HS 2 0 1 1
HZ 1 1 0 0
I 41 14 8 19
IS 1 0 0 1
IT9 4 1 2 1
JA 116 0 1 115
K 6 0 1 5
KH0 1 1 0 0
KL 1 0 0 1
KP2 2 0 0 2
KP4 1 0 0 1
LA 11 0 1 10
LX 1 0 1 0
LY 26 7 10 9
LZ 12 3 5 4
OE 11 3 6 2
OH 23 5 8 10
OH0 1 1 0 0
OK 66 22 19 25
OM 30 11 9 10
ON 7 2 0 5
OZ 6 0 6 0
PA 22 6 6 10
PJ2 1 0 1 0
PY 3 0 0 3
PY0F 1 0 0 1
PZ 1 0 0 1
S5 35 9 17 9
SM 22 4 6 12
SP 48 8 13 27
SV 4 0 1 3
SV5 1 0 1 0
SV9 1 0 0 1
TA 2 1 0 1
TF 2 0 1 1
UA 149 38 31 80
UA2 6 3 2 1
UA9 69 7 12 50
UN 5 2 0 3
UR 100 20 22 58
V6 1 0 1 0
VE 4 0 1 3
VK 1 0 0 1
XW 1 0 0 1
YB 1 0 0 1
YL 11 2 3 6
YO 24 7 9 8
YU 13 9 2 2
Z3 1 0 1 0
ZF 1 1 0 0
ZL 1 0 0 1
Total 1242 269 298 675

Thank you again for the hospitality Vlad and Alina!
73, and CU next contest.
NA8V   Single Op LP   159,3272014-01-31 14:38:10
Started out well with 400q in the first 5 hours, never broke 30/hr after that.

DX was tough to come by - good signals the first night but couldn't break thru
the EU callers, poor condx Sat night.

Got all the states (exc. KH6 and KL7), missed SK and the usual suspects in

First night was fun, Saturday not so much.

K3JT   Single Op HP   178,1062014-01-31 15:02:42
Nice to hear old friends again on the top band. Pennant antenna was a big help.
Next year it will be rotatable Flag !
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   106,1952014-02-01 04:46:51
This was pretty much an exercise in futility. Things started out OK, then
Murphy put in a cameo appearance. The Inverted L broke from excessive ice and
wind about 30 minutes into the contest. Out into the sub zero temperatures,
blowing snow and the dark of night to repair and temporarily patch things. 45
minutes later with the antenna at least off the ground and at the 3 foot level
I forged ahead.

Back outside Saturday morning to get things back up to the 50 foot level.
Still subzero temperatures but at least I had the light of day to work with.

Naturally night one from here seemed to be the best propagation wise. Only one
EU in the log and that was worked the first evening. The usual Caribbean
contingent along with CE, XE, V3 and HC in the log. No KH6 or KL7 which are
usually a given. Definitely not one of my better efforts.

Not as many dupes this year as in the past, but then again not as many Qs.
Activity definitely seemed to be down.

Had lots of jumps onto my run frequency without a much as a single
"QRL?". Also had quite a few "campers" setup 150Hz or less

73 - Rick WB8JUI
W4EF   Single Op HP   167,1542014-02-04 03:54:57
Software : N1MM Logger V13.5.0
Rig: Yaesu FT1000MP MKV + Alpha 87A

Tx Antenna: 56ft top-loaded vertical w/50+ radials

Rx Antenna: 20ft top-loaded vertical phased w/TX antenna
(~200ft spacing) using MFJ-1026 noise canceller

I’ve been pretty busy with work lately, but fortunately a natural break
between tasks lined up with the CQ160 contest weekend so I decided to give it a

I’ve been having problems with very severe line noise on the low bands at my
remote QTH, but the weekend before the contest I dusted off my MFJ-1026 noise
canceller which has been collecting dust for many years and actually had some
good success with it nulling out the noise. Because of a problem with rodents
chewing on the coax, I had pulled off all the old damaged feedlines and phasing
lines from my receive four-square back in December, but the elements were still
in place, so with some salvaged RG-6, I hooked up the northwest element (20ft
tall top-loaded vertical) to the auxiliary antenna port of the noise canceller
and I used my transmit antenna (~200ft away) as the main receiving antenna.
When properly adjusted this combination provided a very deep null in the line
noise which gave me some hope that I would not be mortally wounded on receive.

The first night went okay with some nice surprise answers to my CQs including
EA8 and HC. Unfortunately around midnight to paraphrase a famous song “my
head grew heavy and my copy grew dim” so I decided that some sleep was a
must. I had intended to get up at 3AM to catch east coast sunrise and get in on
any early action to Asia/Pacific, but unfortunately I overslept until around 4AM
local (1200 UTC). The band was open pretty good to JA at that time, but that
didn’t seem to last so I suspect I missed the better part of an early opening
to Asia. The JA stations stayed weak until around sunrise when there was a short
bump in signal strength. An XV2 answered my CQ which was a nice surprise for me
(an all-time new country on 160) and I was able to cash in with just under 400

My second night started out with major plumbing problems in the remote cabin.
What was supposed to be a quick plunger fix ended up requiring a drain snake
and a lot of sloshing around of less than sparkling water (yuck!). That delayed
my start a little, but the band hadn’t really opened well yet so I think the
plumbing delay was more demoralizing than it was costly in terms of missed band
opening. North Dakota evaded me until just before sunrise when I had two
different ND stations answer my CQs within about 10 minutes of each other. UA0,
HL, and BY all called in toward the end as well. I heard a VE5 briefly, but he
was answering someone and I never heard him again. I had no luck with any of
the Canadian provinces east of VE2 except for VY2ZM on PEI.

Another nice surprise during the contest weekend was stumbling on VP2V/K3LR
Saturday evening. This was another all-time new country for me on 160. I was
also surprised to learn that I worked 64 zone 25 stations. I really didn’t
think I had worked that many as many of the JAs that called in were unusually
weak compared with other years. Getting a solid contact with some of these
stations required many repeats. Thank you to all those station who hung there
with me where signal levels were marginal.

My final score will almost surely get docked 1 multiplier from my claimed
score. I worked a PY station just before their sunrise on Sunday morning and I
was a little unsure of his callsign. I listened after our QSO, but he
disappeared into the noise. Curiosity got the best of me so I looked it up with
Google and was able to determine that I very likely (99% sure) botched this
stations callsign. C’est la vie’. Not that it will matter, as I see from
the claimed scores on 3830 that topband stalwart AC6DD appears to have bested
me by a significant margin, so my hopes for the honor of highest SOHP
unassisted score in California are dashed. Congratulations, Niko, well done!

Ironically we got just a sprinkling of rain Sunday afternoon after the contest
and all the line noise that has been such a problem for me stopped for a day.
Since it wasn’t present Sunday evening before I left the remote site I
wasn’t able to get the noise canceller readjusted for a null before I left
and of course it was back with a vengeance when I tried access the station
remotely Wednesday morning to listen for FT5ZM . I guess I need some USB
controlled pots for the noise canceller so I can adjust it remotely 

73, Mike W4EF..........
HG7T   Multi-Op HP   548,9082014-02-17 05:55:29
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
KD2MX   Single Op LP   17,2522014-02-17 17:15:31
I didn't spend too much time this year. Just ran up and down the dial a few
times and didn't lose any sleep.