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IARU HF World Championship   2010   Jul 10   Comment Summary

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ZV2C(PY2CX)   SO SSB LP   88,9352010-07-10 16:39:34

VE9HF   SO CW LP   56,9322010-07-10 18:28:52
Decent conditions for July. I'm moving to a new QTH 3 kilometers away and took
down my rotator last weekend. As a result, my TH6DXX was at the mercy of the
I was using my trusty Yaesu FT-1000MP, N1MM and Winkeyer USB.
WW9R   SO CW HP   55,6832010-07-10 22:19:19
Please excuse my lack of receive on 40 & 80. We have rain come through and all
I heard was noise (and lots of it). It was nice to have 15 & 10 open for a
change. It was great to hear all the familiar fists.

73 - see you in the next one,
Pat WW9R
VE1RSM/VY1   SO CW LP   12,4642010-07-10 22:58:32
Lots of signals heard, but not too many worked. QSB.

NF4A   SO Mixed HP   304,7662010-07-10 23:46:28
Part time effort. Home central air-conditioning went out....had to stop for 3
hours and fix it....even though my ham shack has a separate unit. Had a power
failure for 1 hr.....and was off for an hour with lightning close by. Thanks to
all who called and had to repeat through the QRN...especially on 80 meters!
K6LRN   SO CW HP   134,9952010-07-11 00:19:17
Over 90 in the shack all day 'dropping' to about 89 when I quit about midnight.
NA2U   M/S HP   45,1402010-07-11 00:24:29
800 watts to dipole at FOUR feet above ground and 12AVQ vertical. Which antenna
is worse? I think it's toss up.

Thanks for the Qs.

AA8IA   SO CW LP   63,5802010-07-11 00:37:11
FT-100, Alpha Delta DX-EE shortened 40-10 parallel dipole @20 feet, 75w.
N1MM for logging.

Wow, what a blast. Wx was perfect, noise was low. I missed the first five
hours, including quite a bit of 10m activity that i could hear but not work. I
slept in and then had some technical hurdles to overcome.

I've always been an S&Per, and this is the first time I got the nerve to do
some CQing, at non-peak times, to get a feel. It's a great feeling when there
is a pileup (small in my case) waiting to contact you.

Thanks to all of the patient ops, to those who picked me out of the noise and
to those who lined up to answer my CQs a few times. High fun factor for sure.
KH7Y   SO CW HP   105,7002010-07-11 01:51:27
Not much time to operate this year, but very good rates and activity on this
HA5JI   SO Mixed HP   162,4502010-07-11 03:08:19
73's Gyuri/HA5JI
VA7DXC   SO SSB LP   61,9402010-07-11 03:58:07
Lots of fun, thanks to all!

73 Dave
N3ZL   SO CW LP   224,8002010-07-11 05:09:08
100W + Wires

I spent Thursday afternoon putting up an extra wire and it seems to have paid
off. This is a really fun contest, thanks for all the QSOs.

73 de Greg N3ZL
WI2E   SO CW LP   352,4652010-07-11 05:10:52
Great fun. Nice to work so many familiar calls. Thanks to all for the QSOs.

Rigs: K3, TS-940S

TX Antennas:
10M: dipole at 30 ft.
15M: switchable dipoles (one at 30 ft, other at 20 ft.)
20M: switchable inverted vees (apex at 40 ft)
40M: dipole at 30 ft.
80M: inverted L (43 ft. vertical)
160M: the 80M L with tuner

RX: two small K9AY loops (half-size and quarter-size)


KS5A   SO CW LP   64,4802010-07-11 05:12:13
In and out ops .. thanks for the Q's.
NA2M   SO CW LP   81,8302010-07-11 05:13:13
Rig: Elecraft K3 100W
Ant: 40M Delta Loop
K5PI   SO CW HP   88,0562010-07-11 05:14:06
Part-time from home due to social commitments. Conditions weren't that hot so I
decided to turn on an old FL-2100 amp to try to warm up the ionosphere a bit.
The good news was that I had very little line noise. Almost as quiet as at
W5KFT at a number of times!
N4GG   M/S HP   157,8602010-07-11 05:14:24
A house full of guests and family precluded a full effort - it sounded like it
would have been fun. Began at 1200Z with a chain saw, removing a dead tree
that took out the K9AY loop and both of the main open wire feeders to the back
yard. By 1400Z that was done, and QRV for some fairly poor condx. Bands
seemed to pick up all afternoon until QRT for company. Maybe next year.

M/S= N4GG+Packett
2X FT-1000MP + ACOM 2000A, High maintenance wires in the woods
VE1ZA   SO SSB LP   26,1452010-07-11 05:16:10
Just some S&P during a cloudy rainy day. Could not get any good runs.
WDØT(@KDØS)   SO CW HP   1,126,6202010-07-11 05:16:26
I absolutely couldn't believe how good conditions were on 20m into Europe from
here in Central SD, just an almost endless run of station from 2130Z until
0430Z Saturday.. absolutely a blast. Worked most of the WRTC stations on 20m
late, hopefully they had a great time and good conditions, they all were very
loud for quite a long period of time. The bands as a whole were better than I
expected by far, especially 20m. Fun to get some conditions on 10m, and 15 was
WAY better than expected.

Thanks again to Jim and family for letting me invade, and thanks much for the
fun weekend and getting to run into many of the Thursday nite NS bunch, along
with MANY familiar callsigns from contests over the years.

Lord willing, lets do this again. I am very blessed to be able to enjoy this
hobby, and the amazing thing is the contacts and meeting a lot of folks this
way. thanks

73, Todd WD0T
N1UR   SO SSB LP   616,4862010-07-11 05:17:40
Conditions we a little better than last year on 10 - 20 but worse on 40 - 160
here. Beat my last years score by 15% setting a new SSB LP high water mark.
Maybe someone down south set an even higher one as there was much better prop
there this time around.

Had fun. I like this contest because of summer conditions. Too bad its only
24 hours....


WØRIC   SO SSB HP   10,4492010-07-11 05:19:03
Had good conditions on 20M until neighbors called to let me know their outdoor
speakers copied me real well. Went QRT for several hour during their outdoor
BBQ picnic :-(
NR7Q   SO CW LP   110,4662010-07-11 05:19:05
Same station again...Icom 746 running 100 watts. All very low height wire
antennas 160 thru 15. 5/8 wave vertical on 10. Fun contest!--73

Jeff- NR7Q
AE4O   SO CW LP   41,4402010-07-11 05:20:23
K2 @ 90W to horizontal loop up 50 feet.
K6AW(@N6RO)   SO CW HP   986,4602010-07-11 05:21:22
Rotten condx, fun to chase R3's on 20. Thanks for the Q's. Thanks to N6RO for
letting me be tortured in style

73, Steve K6AW
N6WIN   M/S HP   71,8112010-07-11 05:23:34
Had a good time checking out this contest. I don't recall ever being a part of
it. I can see it's going to be on my summer calandar in the future.

Yaesu FT-2000
Heathkit SB-221
TH7DX @ 30'
D40 Rotatable Dipole @ 35'
80M Shortened Dbl Bazooka @ 28'
NV4B   SO Mixed LP   150,3322010-07-11 05:23:39
Outstanding signals from Europe on Saturday night... Thanks all for digging my
weak signal out of the noise.
F5IN   SO CW HP   1,420,8532010-07-11 05:23:47
Powered by Win-Test 4.5.1

IC -7400 + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (

& K9AY loop system
K3WW   M/S HP   12010-07-11 05:24:05
No choice for CHECKLOG on the form or 0 points, This is a spotting assisted
single op, with band change violations.
Worked all the WRTC teams on 20CW called CQ when they seemed to be in S&P mode
on 20 SSB. None heard, but lots spotted on 80. FAINT hint of a few on 15.
Lots of watching where the teams were and the scoreboard. All Were weak on 40.

Congratulations to all who participated. Signals extremely balanced from this

73 Chas
W2IRT   SO Mixed HP   183,4462010-07-11 05:26:53
Nice casual contest for me this year. A summer weekend means that I can't donate
a full day to contesting exclusively but I had fun as usual.

Lost about an hour when my MicroKeyer's rig control decided to crap out without
warning. The solution involved removing all lines running to the back of the
radio and re-connecting them. Time to look for a replacement piece of hardware!

Also, at the end of my operating time, my Mark V wouldn't transmit until I
power-cycled. I see a trip to the shop in its future, before CQWW-SSB, which
will be my next contest; after this weekend I need some time off!

Propagation wasn't great to Europe during the day on 15 or 20. Nowhere near
what I was expecting with an SFI of 80 and a K of 0 or 1. Things picked up in
the evening, however and 20 was open overnight with many European Russian and
Asiatic Russians worked. Biggest surprise was some trans-pacific activity
around 0600z on 15m, with loud signals from a handful of stations in Hawaii, VK
and ZL.

Very few WRTC contestants in the log, however. I was beamed to Moscow for
almost the whole contest and had a goal of working as many WRTC calls as
possible, but in the end I don't think I got more than a half-dozen. Had two OK
runs but S&P proved more fruitful overall. I could easily have doubled my QSO
count if assisted was allowed! Oh well, them's the rules <grin>.
KT8K   SO Mixed QRP   112,0052010-07-11 05:29:18
I thought I'd just do a few hours, but it was too much fun to stop. (I'm SO
glad I have an understanding and supportive wife!) High points were working a
bunch of the WRTC contestants around 1500Z on 20m (20m was GREAT) and JT1CO as
well. 10m, 15m, & 80m were as expected, and 40m held up reasonably well. There
were a lot of skilled ops out there, and the HQ stations did a great job, still
punching signals through when bands were nearly out.

I had never entered this one before, but saw from the 2009 QRP mixed scores
that 100k points has a chance to put me in the top 10 in the class (at least
North Am.) and considering my wires in the trees, that's as good as winning for
me! Thanks to all who strained to pull me out, and I hope everybody had at
least half as much fun as I did. I don't know if I'll ever top this, but of
course it will be fun trying. Best rs to all es 73 de kt8k - Tim
W2VJN   SO CW HP   68,2282010-07-11 05:31:35
The band of choice was 20 as it was quite good from here. The sites were chosen
well as signals were very close in strength. Only when 20 was closing last
night did I notice 2 or 3 dB of variation between them. I was able to work all
teams on 20 and never heard any on other bands.

2 element tribander and wires here.
K2SX   SO CW HP   502,1692010-07-11 05:32:00
Thunderstorms hovered around this area for the whole contest so nise level was
very high, which was not a help. Condx never got vy good but were OK. 20m
never died but 10m hardly opened at all and the low bands were deserted. I was
afraid the WRTC stations had not made it on the air since did not work one until
late Sat night. Hope they had good local condx. Otherwise, it must have been a
long contest for them.
S51D   SO Mixed HP   51,0402010-07-11 05:32:34
Just 4 fun on 40m ...
Thanks Qs! cu in next one...

73 Simon
KO7X   SO Mixed HP   226,6652010-07-11 05:32:40
Big QRN Saturday evening made the low bands impossible to run on. Nice turnout
and good conditions on 20 Saturday evening allowed me to put about 30 WRTC QSOs
in the log.
K4AB   SO Mixed HP   1,003,9122010-07-11 05:34:33
Well, that was about as good as it gets on 20 meters!

The band was truly open the entire 24 hours of the contest. An
endless supply of Europeans. I was running Europe at 1 A.M. local
time, (0600Z) when EP2FM came cracking through the ether.

The QRN was awful on the low bands, so I only made brief excursions
there. It was much more fun running guys on 20!

Larry K4AB
N7AT   M/S HP   874,8212010-07-11 05:36:10
A low key weekend here at the Arizona Outlaw Hideout.

School was in session all morning as new ham, new contester and newest Arizona
Outlaw, Shane WA7SLH showed up and received his introduction into phone
contesting from instructor Sandy N7RQ. He's hooked!

I havent counted yet, but I suspect we worked over 30 of the WRTC teams, all on
20m and most during the late afternoon opening. They were all lined up and ripe
for picking! Congrats to you guys!

Conditions were spotty at times, but we did work more 5 pointers this year. 15
never really opened, 10 was mostly dead and 40/80/160 was noisy enough
(thunderstorms) to make it very difficult during cerating time blocks.

Fun weekend and it gets us closer to the more serious Fall contest season.GL to

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
OK1CLD   SO Mixed LP   88,7222010-07-11 05:37:54
My first IARU HF World Championship... I enjoyed it a lot, hope next time I´ll
be better...

73! Ondra OK1CLD
DL1IAO(@DLØWW)   SO Mixed HP   2,459,6042010-07-11 05:38:11
Radio A: IC756Pro3(INRAD) + Alpha87A
Radio B: IC756Pro3(INRAD) + Alpha89
2 TopTen decoders, WX0B bandpass filters, Idiom Press CMOS4's & I-Mate's

WT v3.23.0 on 2x HP Omnibook XE3

(10) 6el Yagi @24m (40) 3el M2 Yagi @20m (linear-loaded), DP @10m
(15) 5el Yagi @25m (80) Bobtail (NW/SE), Delta Loop, DP @10m
(20) 5el M2 Yagi @27m (160) 27m shunt-fed tower

A severe cold limited my 2-Radio and Phone activity to a minimum, and the
I-Mate's were responsible for all the CQing this time. There were a few breaks
including a shower to get me back into shape, but it was nice to be a part of
this year's IARU/WRTC.

Not sure why my score is so much down from 2006 as 20m sounded pretty good to
W6 and JA at the same time around midnight. Maybe people focused on working the
WRTC stations (which is a good thing).


Stefan DL1IAO
VE3FRX(VE3FRXV)   SO Mixed LP   26,0762010-07-11 05:38:19
First time entry in IARU. Wow! Only worked 6 hours as I had to miss the first
12 hours. So just did S&P and tried out my new DXE 5-band Hexx-beam with 100W
from Yaesu FT-1000MP with new INRAD roofing and 250Hz filters. All worked
great and got a few new countries in the middle east. Amazed at the activity.
Too noisy on 40m for my tired ears. Packed it in at 0500Z and did last hour to
get JARL in the log.
Noticed a few missing Section abbreviations missing from N1MM mult window:
BA(E7HQ) KFRR(UN1HQ) SRS(YT0HQ), but looks like the Mults were still counted
Thanks for all the Q's and good luck to all the teams.
HL5YI   SO CW LP   13,6122010-07-11 05:44:02
Hi OM ? Vy funny time.. but AM BAREFOOT...
cu agn next contest G,L ..
HL5YI chae 73..
NØKE   SO Mixed HP   410,3882010-07-11 05:44:08
20m was the band for 2/3 of my QSOs. The only place I worked any WRTC stations
was 20 cw. I lost several hours due to T storms plus a nap.
N8UM   SO CW HP   214,8302010-07-11 05:47:11
Excuses - K3 RF gain control finally dissintegrated, carpal tunnel brace on my
left wrist (F1 and tuning hand), sunburn, no beam or tower, old age, all W6's
logged defaulted to zone 8 in Win-Test, all verticals here prevented club
members from hearing and working me. Good to work lots of old friends.
WX7G   SO CW HP   76,4402010-07-11 05:47:37
My first try at the IARU HF. 500 W CW to a ground mounted screwdriver antenna
worked well.
DL2AA   SO SSB HP   1,001,6502010-07-11 05:52:28
Another fun event! The new 40m beam worked very well but before I could really
run on 40 a nearby thunderstorm interfered with my plans. So I shut down the
station and took a nap instead. I ended up with 18 hours in the chair and still
managed to reach 1 million points. I lost too many mults on 160/80m due to high
SWR on the vertical which made me run low power on those bands.
The top temperature in the shack was 34.5 Celsius (95F) and it never dropped
below 30 Celsius. AC would have made a difference but that is something for

W4BQF   SO CW HP   165,6962010-07-11 06:03:59
Good to hear 15 and 10 open with some good signals. Typical south Georgia
t'storms and then an hour of rain in the afternoon. Only heard one R3 and could
not raise him. Some very loud JA sigs on both 40 and 20m. 80m and 40m QRN was
horrendus in the evening.
Thanks for all of the Q's.

Tom - W4BQF

IC-7700/Titan III/40m EDZ antenna
W9ZRX   SO Mixed LP   120,0982010-07-11 06:06:30
K3 to a 40M Inverted-V. 20M was a struggle. 15 WRTC stations worked on 20M and
they were all just above the noise. I was surprised any of them could hear me!
N4AF   SO CW HP   1,628,5402010-07-11 06:07:30
Great contest !
Nice to hear 20M open all night. 10M open slightly Eu here.

Vy nice opening to R3 teams midnight here on 20M.
Plagued by Tstorms, impossible on 80/160m &40M a challenge.

Nice to hear my weekly NS sprint buddies in so heavy ;-)

73, Howie
RUN/SEARCH: 1591/608 Qs

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults Zones
160CW 3 3 5 2 1
80CW 45 45 101 14 8
40CW 686 672 2452 32 26
20CW 932 918 3414 37 34
15CW 496 491 1561 29 20
10CW 37 37 77 4 7

Totals(null) 2199 2166 7610 118 96

Final Score = 1628540 points.
K1TN   SO CW LP   178,5422010-07-11 06:13:49
Elecraft K3, 66-foot bent wire in a tree, NA software. This station simply does
not work well in the summer.

Never heard a single WRTC 2010 Moscow station, much less work one. Did work
quite a few Zone 29 stations though, on 20 and 40. I sent my log to the WRTC
administrators anyway. Due to the points structure of the IARU contest, why
would the WRTC boys bother with North America QSOs when QSOs next door in Zone
28 count the same points? But, I was disappointed not to be able to participate
in their event.

Canada didn't appear to have a HQ station on; that seems a shame.

I finally signed up with Logbook of the World and have uploaded K1TN logs from
Indiana and New Jersey from 2004 to the present -- about 16,000 QSOs with 100
watts and a Slinky. I do not have any logs before 2004; they were destroyed in
a catastrophic event in 1996.

Jim Cain
At The K1TN Superstation
Atlantic City
N4PN   SO CW HP   1,183,5802010-07-11 06:19:20
Nice having 20m open all night....local storms made a mess of the
low bands...
Only worked two stations on all six bands - NU1AW and W1AW/8...

Took a little time off Saturday afternoon to work CN8KD on 6m
for a new one...

Thanks to all ... great time! Been off for a month or so..good
to get back on..

73, Paul
N2EIK   SO CW QRP   13,6742010-07-11 06:21:07
QRP? Whos ideas was that?????
N1LN   M/S HP   1,117,7922010-07-11 06:22:40
Another fun time was had by all. I would like to thank Kaz (W4KAZ) and Jack
(W0UCE) for making this another great contest weekend. Oh yes - Chef Archie
also prepared another excellent dinner for Saturday evening.

Before the contest I was expecting to have thunder and lightening storms coming
through here all day and into the evening. Much to my surprise (and delight)
that was not to happen. We never had to shut down once. However, we did need to
deal with the high QRN on the low bands, making both 80 and 160 almost useless
as can be seen from our Q totals.

There were a couple of equipment issues that, fortunately did not get in our
way. One of my K3s decided to stop listening to SSB. RX on CW was fine - SSB
GONE! After a few minutes of analysis, I found out that if the WIDTH was
increased beyond 3.0KC, SSB came back. So, I figured I would try a CPU reset.
FIXED! After the reset I loaded my configuration settings from a stored file
and we were back with both K3s. Then the RF gain knob on the other K3 decided
to break. I have read about others having this occasional problem on the
reflector, but never had any local issues until early this morning. I simply
took it off and on we went. A new knob will be ordered on Monday. The last
issue was with my 20 meter stack. The SWR on the bottom 2 beams increased
enough to give the amp tuning an issue when switching antennas. Not sure about
the fix there - perhaps the stackmatch. That will require some tower time.
NOT TODAY - I am tired.

Moving on to conditions - all in all - pretty good. Twenty was the money band
for Qs, but 40 won in overall points / Q. It was also nice to have 20 stay open
late on Saturday night and open early on Sunday morning. We were back working
Europe by 0605 UTC. That gave us the opportunity to switch between 80, 40 and
20 for the rest of the contest to work on the mult count.

I assume we missed the 10 meter openings if there were any. Our mult count was
for sure impacted as we only had 10 CW Qs with 8 mults and ZERO SSB Qs.

Well, that's about all for now - time to catch a nap. Thanks to everyone for
the Qs and repeats. We are looking forward to seeing some big scores being

73 for now,
Bruce - N1LN
VE9ZX   SO SSB LP   232,5872010-07-11 06:26:14
Thanks and 73!
VE3XD   SO CW LP   148,5902010-07-11 06:27:29
Parttime effort but I was able to enjoy some very good openings on 15m.
Conditions overall seemed quite good although the team stations in Russia were
very hard to copy. All of those I worked were on 20m.

I was able to get in a hour or so on Sunday morning before the end of the
contest. It was quite productive as I was able to add some new mults such as
ZL, VK, FO and KH6 to the log and much to my surprise a JA on 15m. In all an
enjoyable time.
NR3X(N4YDU)   SO Mixed LP   564,3062010-07-11 06:29:02
I had a blast. The low bands were pretty darn noisy, but the late night 20 meter
opening to Northern Europe and Russia made up for it. It was nice to connect
with several of the WRTC stations. 10 and meters produced some fun as well. It
was nice to work some Europe on both of those bands.

QSOs were up from last year (1412 vs. 1260) but the score was just a little
higher. I wimped out and took a nap this year.

Station: Kenwood 930, Ten Tec Corsair
Loops for 20, 15, 10, various wires for the other bands.
Software - writelog.
KN4QD   SO CW LP   103,4402010-07-11 06:30:10
80 meters was a barren wasteland here. I heard very few stations and some that I
could here couldn't here me. Very high QRN levels with all the storms around. I
was only able to work one of the R3 stations (R34C). Indeed, R34C was the only
R3 I heard while I was on the air.

Looking forward to the next one.

TS-2000, N1MM, Winkeyer, Hexbeam, OCF Dipole
5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   SO SSB HP   1,654,6352010-07-11 06:43:26
Enjoyed contest, Sunday morning was so slow then near end of contest a pileup
Thanks for all those that called me, see you next contest

73 Norman
EI6IZ   SO CW LP   267,2402010-07-11 06:46:41
This is my first attempt at this contest and I decided to do it at the last
minute. The K3 played very well as usual, 20m was great with a very good
opening to the US in the small hours.
It was a bit hard to be heard on 160m and 80m with 100W 10 and 15m were
marginal here most of the time I was on.
Family commitments and sleep made my total operating time about 12 hours.

Radio: Elecraft K3 with sub receiver (diversity)
Antennas: 160m L, 80M Vee dipole, 40m-10M M2 7-10-30 log yagi @ 18M
RX antennas: 2x reversible beverages, Doublet on the higher bands.

thanks for all the QSO's
Brendan EI6IZ
KY4F   SO CW LP   28,2002010-07-11 06:46:43
Didn't have a lot of time to for this one. 20 was hot whenever I had a chance
to get behind the rig! Lots of participation.

73, Doug
VY2SS   SO CW LP   338,6352010-07-11 06:49:43
One radio. K3 + tribander and verticals.

Wish I could stay awake past midnight. S9 noise on 80M was a dissapointment but
I got a few.

Thanks for all the QSOs and special thanks to all the HQ stations and WRTCs.


K7WP   SO CW LP   384,2372010-07-11 06:52:30
FT1000MP/ F12 6BA @70'/ CL33 @30'/ 160/80m Sloper/ N1MM

Really enjoy this contest...and really appreciate all the Q's. Great to work
the WRTC guys as well.

Quite noisy this time around here in AZ, but glad we were able to gut it out.

Tower comes down for the summer monsoons now!

73, John K7WP ..
YT2AAA   M/S LP   491,9842010-07-11 06:54:04
ANT: W3DZZ multiband dipole
WW4LL   SO CW HP   40,7682010-07-11 06:56:05
Very part-time. Unfortunately, failure of DB-36 forced cancellation of our
Multi-single effort.

73'....Fred WW4LL
KØAD   SO Mixed LP   388,9462010-07-11 06:58:51
Low bands really noisy in upper midwest. Lots of storms around.

Fun to hear the WRTC stations pop thru on 20 meters on Saturday evening.

20 meters was in pretty good shape.

A few less overall QSOs than last year for me but more 5 pointers.

First major contest with N1MM for me. Seemed to work fine.


Al, K0AD
K8AJS   SO CW LP   263,1762010-07-11 07:07:47
This is one of my favorite contests. Indications before the event when I did the
band plan indicated that 40 and 20 meters were going to be the best bands this
year, and I definitely found that to be true.

It was nice to see the other bands open up for a while, though, possibly
indicating better things to come as the sun slowly wakes up from a long nap.

Radios: FT1000MP, FT2000
Antennas: 160-meter inverted L, 204-foot G5RV, 3 el (20 and 15 m) / 4 el (10 m)
Software: WriteLog 10.71c
N6EE   M/S HP   49,6222010-07-11 07:08:36
Just putzin' around for a few hours trying out new Steppir DB18E - it worked

Excellent conditions all day to Europe on 20M. Even picked up a few EU on
Lots of R3 stations to work on 20M.
OK2BFN   SO CW LP   493,8792010-07-11 07:10:22
Tried PY2YU, NU1AW and CX1AA (best DX sig.) on 160.....nil, sri.
IC746, vert., inv. L.

73, Tom
RA3AA(W3UA)   SO Mixed HP   93,2582010-07-11 07:12:30
Have been shooting fish in the barrel... total is 218. I didn't power up my
RA3AA station (located at my mom's apartment in downtown Moscow) for many
years. Surprisingly, transceiver and PA worked, ditto the old version of
Writelog (circa 2005). It could read the transceiver frequency, but no
keying... so ALL cw QSO were "hand made" (no memory keyer!). I didn't do it
this way for more than 20 years...

Low band antennas were all dead, so tribander for 20/15/10 was the only option
-- thus was "band limited" to high bands. Anyway, it was a great fun to recall
how the contest sounds from the other side of the pond.
VE3FU   M/S HP   60,2582010-07-11 07:12:48
Part time effort looking for the WRTC stations. Only heard them on 20. I might
have been able to hear / work them on 15m and 40m but was off from ~19Z to ~03Z
and from ~0530Z to ~1030Z. I managed to work 47 of the 48 WRTC stations on CW
and 31 on SSB. The only one I missed was R39R, although I heard them on CW.

Thanks for the QSOs and congratulations to the WRTC winners and participants!

I violated the band / mode change rule so will be submitting as a checklog.


N2ZN   SO Mixed LP   208,3622010-07-11 07:13:32
I worked exactly half the contest time allowed, and worked exactly half of the
WRTC stations. Guess it was a half baked effort. 20 was great after
dark-loads of UA3, 4, 9, 0 stations and that's where I found most of the WRTC
guys. Had some decent runs on 20 starting after 2000z, even with just a dipole
at 50' and low power. It feels weird to be running on CW with radio 1 and
working guys on radio 2 on SSB. Too bad I took down the Beverages for
summer-they would have been a big help.

2x FT-1000MP Mark 5
N1MM Logger
160: Vertical
80: Inv Vee @ 40'
40: Groundplane
20: Dipole at 50'
15: Dipole at 40'
10: whatever resonated
K9NR   SO CW HP   594,6452010-07-11 07:16:06
First time in this contest in years...always something happening this weekend.
Planned on a full time effort but was called out to broadcast clients twice.
Still had a good time. Lots of activity & fair to lame propagation on the high
bands. Noise on 160 & 80 was brutal! Forty was noisy but usable & my forty
meter rotatable Moxon at ninety feet continues to work very well.
Thanks for all the Q's...73, Don K9NR
K6TD   SO Mixed HP   17,8882010-07-11 07:26:08
20m sure stayed open late into NorCal. Thx for all the QSOs.
73, K6TD
KR4F   SO CW HP   331,2002010-07-11 07:28:41
The low bands were not in very good shape here, but the high bands were a

Johnny, KR4F
W6SX   SO Mixed HP   158,8862010-07-11 07:36:41
Worse moment in contest. Unbeknownst to me, XYL Sunshine Rhonda started the
self-clean cycle on the kitchen oven. The odor made its way to the shack and
caused me more than a few uncomfortable minutes before I figured out what was

K3, ACOM 2000A, single ladder-line feeder to 46 foot high parallel 80-meter
dipole and 40- and 20-meter inverted-V's, Matchbox, N1MM
W1MAT   M/S HP   121,5682010-07-11 07:38:15
73, Matthew
VE9DX   SO CW LP   259,9032010-07-11 07:38:39
Mainly took what came my way. Thanks to all that called.

30 Wts - Vertical - Battery powered.

Think I got most of the WRTC stations...
Thanks to all.
Logs uploaded to LOTW and Clublog.
73 Andy (VE9DX)
K7ZD   M/S HP   31,2002010-07-11 07:39:53
Was fun, but sorry I had poor copy on the WRTC stns.. they were all equally weak
at this QTH! Others in the valley with less band noise and better setups than
mine heard/worked them OK.
K9MMS   SO CW HP   382,3892010-07-11 07:43:05
All CW using an IC-756PRO3. After the first 156 QSOs, I decided to use the
AL-811H amplifier (500 - 600 Watts). During most of the daylight hours on
Saturday, it seemed more like a domestic, NAQP contest. Few EU signals heard,
and many of them were weak and difficult to work. I decided that staying LP
would be mostly frustrating trying to work the DX stations. I had considered
maybe even dropping out of the contest early, since I was not hearing much DX
for several hours.

I did not hear any of the R3 / WRTC stations until later in the afternoon. I
spent about 3 hours tuning and chasing the R3/WRTC stations on 20 CW and
managed to work all but 5 of the 50, plus the two R3/ stations. Eventually the
band opened rather well to EU, and I enjoyed a nice run. Then, I decided to
spend much more time in the radio action. Subsequently, I decided to stay at
it longer and try to make 1000 QSOs. This is the first time that I have broken
the 1000 Q level in the IARU contest. It ended up being fun after all.

NB2T   Headquarters LP   54,3272010-07-11 07:48:21
My apologies for the "less predictable" contest exchange.
VE1RGB   SO CW LP   353,6042010-07-11 07:50:11
Tough sledding, by times. Many, many mults were left on the table because I
couldn't be heard.

K3 + wires.

Gary, VE1RGB
NE7D   SO CW LP   13,0802010-07-11 07:57:17
Weekend guests made this a minimal effort, but fun for the little time I put in
early Saturday morning.

The wisdom of age came to bear when I made the decision to forgo joining my
friends for a multi effort to spend the weekend with our guests instead. You
know you're going to take a hit when you bail out for a radio contest when your
wife's relatives come to visit, but you NEVER leave your wife alone to deal with
YOUR OWN relatives! You just gotta be there! I was.

73 and tnx for the Q's,
Rock NE7D
WØPAN   SO SSB LP   8682010-07-11 08:03:51
Trimmed the fruit trees close to my vertical and the noise went away - amazing,
must be the bee's making all that noise on the bands! Had a good opening to EU
on 20 - S&P only worked.
NK6A   SO Mixed HP   77,8602010-07-11 08:05:40
Great conditions on 20 Sat.night. Unfortunately I could not stay awake past
midnight. I improved my score from last year where I only had 104 Q's and 7884

Rig used was my FT2000 and Alpha 89. Antenna was the Force 12C4. I had a few
issues with N1MM, otherwise trouble free.
K4NV   SO SSB HP   628,6132010-07-11 08:10:05
Wish I had more time to operate. 80 and 160 were useless for me to much noise!
I missed alot on 20 meters because of power line noise on Saturday
Thanks to all for contacts. See you nest time K4NV
K7AR   SO Mixed HP   371,2212010-07-11 08:13:05
It was great to work all the WRTC guys. Great propagation over the pol on
Friday night.
KD8GOX   SO SSB LP   14,4002010-07-11 08:14:28
Tried SOLP PH only this time. Now I know what the QRP'ers feel like. Only 4
hours to work because of other commitments. On a lark, decided to get up for
the last 2 hours of contest and was pleasantly surprised by ZL and JA. - 73
NQ7R   SO CW HP   133,4002010-07-11 08:17:20
Not a full time operation this year but nice to hear 20 meters active the entire
contest. Some interesting 15m openings for me mostly working Mediterranean HQ
stations with them in darkness, little else from Europe or Asia on 15. Worked
very few South America on any bands.
A nice run (for me and my little pistol station)on 20m 2230-0100 @ 71/hr
rate despite VY2 and others on freq. and one other run 0500-0600 @ 60/hr. Lots
of Europe on then but many barely copyable. I apologize to those whom I could
not decode.
Station: K3 to Ten-Tec Hercules 444 @ about 400w to TH6DXX@ 55 ft and
Butternut vertical for 40
I started low power Saturday morning but it became obvious the my 400
watts would be needed to get any kind of score. All in all a fun contest.
KØLUZ   M/S HP   585,8792010-07-11 08:21:31
Reason for MS is used Internet
N2WN   SO Mixed LP   276,6932010-07-11 08:24:03
nice to catch a decent 10m opening, worked Asiatic Russia on 15 (been ages since
that's happened), 20 was lively well into the night... 20 was the only band I
was able to hear and work WRTCers, had some hopes for 40, but nada heard.

80 sounded great into the Pacific for the few minutes I spent there, same for
40, had some hopes for a VK on 160, but nothing heard other than the AW's. No
RAC station worked. Had some worries that HQ stations would not show, along
with a poor turnout due to the recent flap. Glad I was wrong.

Wish I had been able to put in a full effort. Will say what a difference going
from QRP to LP, need better antennas!

Nice to work a lot of friends!

F4ASK   SO SSB LP   22,6732010-07-11 08:24:26
Please, my call sign is not F4AKK, or F4DSK, or F4AJK, or etc... but F4ASK !
This is a bloody call sign for dx-ing in the noise, I know that, and not easy
tou pronounce for a french voice but I make a big effort to try to send it
slowly and clearly.
Thanks you, folks ! :o)
K6MM   M/S HP   251,2512010-07-11 08:34:59
My best effort in this one. Great 20M band conditions all weekend. Log shows
34 of the 48 WRTC stations worked Saturday evening -- all in about one hour.
Fun contest. Thanks for the Qs. 73, John K6MM. System: K3, 500 watts,
SteppIR (10-15-20-40), G5RV (80), N1MM software.
VA1CHP   SO CW LP   428,4202010-07-11 08:42:11
Nicest surprise was actually getting a little run on 20 meters at 2 AM local
time. Runs were few and far between and the rates were slow due to my lousy CW
skills. My apologies for asking for the repeats. Tnx for the Q's and see you in
the next one or if not maybe from Whitehead Is in the IOTA contest!


FNØ4(VE3UTT)   SO CW HP   122,3012010-07-11 08:45:35
One K3 to Optibeam fixed at 0 degrees (controller dead)for the whole contest.
Good to work into Zones 27, 28, and 36 on 10m for a change. With antenna at 0
degrees vy hard to hear 100w WRTC stations. Worked into 30 different zones all
S&P with antenna at 0 degrees. Hope all had fun.
K4RO   SO CW HP   1,084,3512010-07-11 08:45:53
Nice contest. I worked several WRTC stations, some with fine signals for 100
watts. The WRTC antennas seemed to be working well. The low bands were very
noisy here, but Twenty Meters was always open to somewhere. This is actually my
personal best score in the IARU Championship.

I still need to increase my points per QSO somehow. I hope the score is
accurate. My logging program was not correctly scoring points, and I had
trouble fixing some incorrect zone entries. Other than the scoring issues, the
actual operating part of N1MM Logger worked very well.

I didn't leave much of anything on the table, and that always feels good when
it's over. The station worked great. Adding bypass capacitors to the ICE-419
control lines significantly improved the filter's performance. Thanks again to
N4GG for the sage technical advice. I'm already planning some more station
improvements and strategy for next year. C U in the NAQP contests in August.

73 Kirk K4RO
WN6K   SO CW LP   95,6342010-07-11 08:52:02
The over the pole Saturday night opening salvaged what was a grueling effort
here. Still had to asked for repeats as some of the calling were weak here with
fading just at the 'right' time so that the suffixes were inaudible.

15m was almost non-existent which was added to the frustration.

WN6K, Paul
KA3DRR   SO CW LP   1502010-07-11 08:52:06
Summer propagation is tough for my low power, low profile station here is Shell

Scot, KA3DRR
VE3OI   SO Mixed HP   264,0342010-07-11 08:52:19
A part-time effort for me this year. I currently have some healing broken bones
that were encouraging me NOT to sit in the chair too long.

Conditions seems pretty good. Activity seemed EXCELLENT ! There sure are a
lot of great CW ops around these days! Next year, I am going back to CW only
in this one.

C U in the NAQP.

W7JDE   SO CW LP   14,8962010-07-11 08:56:16
Great fun with the limited time I had to operate. I was very happy to work into
Europe which is always very difficult at this QTH. Only operated CW, the
original digital mode.
WØAVE   SO SSB LP   2,0252010-07-11 08:57:20
Freq Md Date Time MyCall Exch Call Exch
Pt Comment
14240 PH 2010-07-10 1513 W0AVE 59 07 K5TR 59 07
14251 PH 2010-07-10 1515 W0AVE 59 07 W4PHS 59 08
14284 PH 2010-07-10 1516 W0AVE 59 07 WB9Z 59 08
14311 PH 2010-07-10 1517 W0AVE 59 07 K9RS 59 08
14232 PH 2010-07-10 1524 W0AVE 59 07 KB4EB 59 08
14256 PH 2010-07-10 1532 W0AVE 59 07 SK9HQ 59 SSA
21285 PH 2010-07-10 1535 W0AVE 59 07 W4AN 59 08
21300 PH 2010-07-10 1536 W0AVE 59 07 CR3T 59 36
21308 PH 2010-07-10 1537 W0AVE 59 07 AC8G 59 08
21283 PH 2010-07-10 1545 W0AVE 59 07 W9IU 59 08
21278 PH 2010-07-10 1546 W0AVE 59 07 N2BJ 59 08
21280 PH 2010-07-10 1547 W0AVE 59 07 W9ZRX 59 08
21280 PH 2010-07-10 1548 W0AVE 59 07 K8UU 59 08
21280 PH 2010-07-10 1549 W0AVE 59 07 KB8UUZ 59 08
21287 PH 2010-07-10 1553 W0AVE 59 07 W1AW 59 08
21308 PH 2010-07-10 1555 W0AVE 59 07 NR3X 59 08
21297 PH 2010-07-10 1601 W0AVE 59 07 KS2G 59 08
21294 PH 2010-07-10 1603 W0AVE 59 07 VE3AP 59 04
21310 PH 2010-07-10 1607 W0AVE 59 07 AI4GR 59 08
21310 PH 2010-07-10 1608 W0AVE 59 07 WZ8DX 59 08
21292 PH 2010-07-10 1620 W0AVE 59 07 N2RJ 59 08
21312 PH 2010-07-10 1622 W0AVE 59 07 W6AAN 59 08
14243 PH 2010-07-10 1630 W0AVE 59 07 VE6AO 59 02
14255 PH 2010-07-10 1758 W0AVE 599 07 KA1ARB 599 08
14245 PH 2010-07-10 1802 W0AVE 599 07 N1UR 599 08
28408 PH 2010-07-10 1811 W0AVE 599 07 VA3SWG 599 04
14340 PH 2010-07-10 1827 W0AVE 599 07 K4MDX 599 08
14315 PH 2010-07-10 1829 W0AVE 599 07 K7FRY 599 06
21290 PH 2010-07-10 1857 W0AVE 599 07 NU1AW 599 08
21280 PH 2010-07-10 1858 W0AVE 599 07 N7AT 599 06
14306 PH 2010-07-10 1912 W0AVE 599 07 NN3W 599 08
14282 PH 2010-07-10 1914 W0AVE 599 07 K3OQ 599 08
14278 PH 2010-07-10 1918 W0AVE 599 07 K6NA 599 06
14237 PH 2010-07-11 0221 W0AVE 599 07 W4QN 599 08
14253 PH 2010-07-11 0223 W0AVE 599 07 K6NA 599 06
14264 PH 2010-07-11 0223 W0AVE 599 07 WZ5B 599 07
14248 PH 2010-07-11 0236 W0AVE 599 07 W7WA 599 06
14251 PH 2010-07-11 0248 W0AVE 599 07 KH6LC 599 61
14285 PH 2010-07-11 0252 W0AVE 599 07 ZF1A 599 11
14315 PH 2010-07-11 0306 W0AVE 599 07 N7VM 599 06
14298 PH 2010-07-11 0309 W0AVE 599 07 R3HQ 599 SRR
14331 PH 2010-07-11 0349 W0AVE 599 07 KC6X 599 06
14314 PH 2010-07-11 0443 W0AVE 599 07 N7AT 599 06
14304 PH 2010-07-11 0444 W0AVE 599 07 N0QO 599 07
14288 PH 2010-07-11 0447 W0AVE 599 07 LX0HQ 599 RL
14280 PH 2010-07-11 0451 W0AVE 599 07 DA0HQ 599 DARC
14270 PH 2010-07-11 0457 W0AVE 599 07 AC50 599 07
14226 PH 2010-07-11 0516 W0AVE 599 07 K4NV 599 08
14263 PH 2010-07-11 0521 W0AVE 599 07 NN1N 599 08
14304 PH 2010-07-11 0523 W0AVE 599 07 W6AFA 599 06
AE1T   SO CW HP   55,9422010-07-11 08:57:21
Limited operating time. All S&P. More Qs than last year but lots of zone 8 in
the log.
K1ZZI   M/S HP   466,0502010-07-11 08:58:08
Part time fun here. Great contest with good activity. 40m was a big
disappointment with QRN and local PLN. I heard many EU stations continuously
calling in the noise but impossible to pull them out.

Despite noise, rates were good. Worked 49 WRTC stations all on 20m. Thanks to
everyone that called.

73, Ralph K1ZZI
NDØC   SO Mixed QRP   86,9402010-07-11 08:58:36
I had originally intended to just dabble in this one because I had expected
conditions to be poor. But things seemed pretty good so I got a little more
serious and ended up spending 15 hours in the chair, interspersed with other
weekend/family activities. I was pretty much unconscious by 1200Z Sunday.

Maybe 20 is getting back to what I remember in the foggy, distant past - there
were always some Europeans managing to come through. But it was frustrating to
listen to the East Coast work stuff I couldn't even hear - again! Such is life
from the Black Hole. 40 and 80 were pretty rough, but got better in the last
few hours. NU1AW and W1AW/8 were active everywhere with good signals - I had
17 QSOs with the two of them.

As always, special thanks to everybody for digging out my 5 watt peanut
whistle, especially on 40 and 80. ZL6QH really hung with me to pull my call
out on 40. - There were some great ears out there.

Station: Yaesu FT-897D running 5 watts to a Wilson SY-3 three element tribander
and wires.

Randy, ND0C
"You don't have to be crazy to run QRP... but it helps."
K6SRZ   SO Mixed HP   363,5282010-07-11 09:02:40
Nice to see 15 meters open from the West Coast to EU.
DJ1OJ   SO Mixed HP   264,9662010-07-11 09:02:58
main interest was chasing the WRTC stations
heard all 48, but missed one to work
AD1C   SO Mixed LP   151,0002010-07-11 09:03:23
Radio: Icom IC-756 Pro III (100W)
Antenna: HyGain AV-640 vertical (temp mount in backyard)
Software: WriteLog 10.76

Conditions to Russia Saturday night were outrageous! I was able to work 23 of
the WRTC competitors on 20 CW using a less-than-WRTC-sized station, and even
worked one one on 20 SSB!

I could not believe how loud YL4HQ and YT0HQ were on 15 meters Saturday
morning. It sounded a little like old times. I also heard 5B/W2TAA quite
well, he copied "AD1" but alas we did not make it. I worked at least two
all-time new ones from Colorado, SV (2) and A7 (!). Africa was almost
non-existent except for CT3 and EA8.

Thanks to the Russian organizers and hosts for what appears to be a highly
competitive and successful WRTC.

Count of ITU zones worked:

8 108
29 64 ** 24 of these are WRTC stations
6 55
7 35 ** 1-pointers
28 32
15 15
18 12
14 9
4 8
2 7
30 7
27 6
36 5
60 5
11 3
37 3
61 3
32 2
63 2
5 1
9 1
13 1
19 1
23 1
31 1
45 1
59 1

HQ Stations Worked:

ARRL 8 ** 40-10 both CW and SSB
BA 2
R1 1
RL 2
WB8JUI   SO CW LP   101,5522010-07-11 09:03:39
Nice to have 10 meters join the festivities, albeit mostly Es.

Sure wish I could have stayed awake past 1:30 AM local time, as 20 was hopping.
The low bands were a major disappointment, with very high summer noise levels.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
OH8TV   SO SSB LP   53,4002010-07-11 09:04:08
Funny and very warm contest...inside ham-shack over +35c.
My first ssb-contest....tnx fer nice qso's.
73's de OH8TV
W4UCZ   SO CW LP   47,2152010-07-11 09:04:18
Just fiddlin' around. Spent a lot of (unproductive) time trolling around
15 meters in hopes of decent openings but only got a few NAQP-range QSOs.

I'm not disciplined enough to wean myself from Braves games and sleep to
get into this one with both feet. Still lots of fun just to "graze" around.

NO5W   SO CW LP   94,6562010-07-11 09:06:50
K3@100w, 10/15/20/40/80 dipoles @ 25ft, CQ/X

Nary a dit nor a dah was heard from the WRTC stations although I did work a
number of zone 29-31 stations and a number of zone 18. In spite of the absence
of any WRTC in the log this was a fun contest with good participation (I worked
262 unique calls), and good conditions (it was good to hear 15m open although
most of the Qs were domestic). And I improved my score from 2009 by about 20%.

It always amazes me to work ZL's on 40m with my antenna-challenged station but
two showed up in the log on the first or second call about thirty minutes into
the contest. Europe was good on 20 and 40 Saturday evening. 80m was too noisy
to get anything going there and not many stations were heard on that band the
few times I ventured there. Disappointing that I didn't work a single JA and
heard only a few.

Thanks for the Qs and for pulling my signal out of the noise and QRM.

KE7YF   SO Mixed LP   8,8002010-07-11 09:09:41
IC-746 PRO 100 Watts
HOA Antenna restrictions
40M/20M/15M - 14AVQ on ground with two 33 foot buried radials.
20M - Center-loaded short dipole (Hustler mobile sticks and resonators) at 10

Started contest on 40M Saturday morning. Very few good signals - demotivated
me for most of the rest of the daylight hours even on 20M, and 15M was a vast
wasteland. Fortunately 20M opened to EU starting in late afternoon and
motivated me once I started to work a few HQ stations. Never heard any WRTC
stations. On 20M SSB heard a strong Thailand station but he couldn't hear me
even without competition. Couldn't get into CW for this one, just lack of
desire. Lot's of nice S5-S9 EU stations on 20M well past 0400.
K8GL   SO CW HP   732,5362010-07-11 09:14:17
Good contest....wonder why I had a hard time staying up the 24 hours. Age?

Great to hear 20 meters open most of the night. Unfortunately worked less than
a dozen JA's but tots of UA9/0 stations. 10 meters also had a brief European
opening. Overall 10 and 15 still leaves much to be desired.

Congrats to all the R3__ ops. Listening to them operate demonstrated why they
are the chosen....they copied callsigns the first time and (for the most part)
miraculously SIGNED THEIR CALLS AFTER EACH QSO. What a concept. Ditto for the
HQ stations...they obviously had some great ops on their end. The last hour 40+
WPM machine-gun-like call in by SE5E was pure music to the ears.
Some guys can really send the code!

Thanks for the Q's!

W3WC   SO CW HP   5,0052010-07-11 09:17:15
Nice to hear the HQ stations (and also everyone else) keeping the faith out
there! -Pete, W3WC
A65BD(G4BWP+PACKET)   M/S HP   10,8722010-07-11 09:20:42
Chasing WRTC stations in the main
N4LZ   SO Mixed HP   23,9732010-07-11 09:21:18
Had fun!!!
VE3KF   SO Mixed LP   509,6252010-07-11 09:27:25
Great fun! It's looks like a small CQ WW contest.
There was a high level of QRN during the contest even on 14 and 21 Mc.
Thanks all who called me.
See you again.

WWØAL   SO Mixed HP   63,9402010-07-11 09:30:32
A part time effort, since I took breaks for thunder storms, golf, lunch, dinner
and quit at midnight. Not great propagation... I never heard many small DX
stations with my limited antennas and location in Western Colorado.
Surprisingly no JAs or VKs in the log.
K3WA   SO CW HP   42,6752010-07-11 09:32:08
Goal was to get a little SO2R practice and to test out changes in shack.
Running on 20, S&Ping on 15. 3 1/2 hours total time with a few minutes here
and there of time outs to change or adjust things in shack. Lots of fun.
M9X(G4MKP)   SO Mixed HP   424,0002010-07-11 09:43:25
Only 11 hours for me before blowing a balun. Had to pull out of what were the
best band conditions for years. Ignore the Zones and HQ mults above I don't
have the log immediately available to check.
Great contest and thanks to the organisers. How about the WRTC guys? What a
fantastic effort with just 100W and simple antennas!
W4MJA   M/S HP   57,2702010-07-11 09:43:53
Knew from the beginning of the week that this would be an interesting contest.
The main 20M antenna had a 2:1 SWR that could not be easily fixed, but the new
10/15 wires were performing great with just 100 watts all week, so running HP
would be even better huh? WRONG! Running 500 watts on 15 lead to the worst RFI
in my household I (and my family) have ever seen! So only 3 HP contacts were
made on 15 during the entire contest, and 20 as well as 10 were just 100 watts
as well.
20M sounded great to Asia and EU after 02:00Z, and was surprised at the number
of DX calls I got just running 100 watts. 40 and 80 were terribly noisy, and it
seemed to be coming from all directions according to the K9AY loop. I was able
to snag A71A for an all time new country on 40 pretty easily.
Right now it looks as if this may be the last contest of 2010 for my QTH. With
backyard construction about to break ground in the next few weeks, all the
wires will need to come down while some trees are being taken out, and I’m
not sure if I’ll be able to put anything back up during the construction
process of the new deck and pool. On the bright side, it’s a great excuse to
put up better wires when everything is finished.
FT-1000MP, Ameritron AL-811, Writelog, Wires that come down easier than
they’ll go back up.
KØFX   SO CW HP   368,1842010-07-11 09:51:27
Enjoyed the contest. Managed to work 33 of the WRTC stations late Saturday
night all on 20m. Started out LP but that just was not cutting it, so
on went the SB-220.
Thanks for the contacts.
Equipment: IC-765 + old SB-220 at 500w.
KT-34XA high bands, 2 el 40m yagi, 80m - 1/4 wave slopers.
Writelog Ver 10.77 just installed this week, works great.
73 Don K0FX
KU8E   SO CW HP   240,6472010-07-11 09:51:42
IC756PRO , AL811H 500 watts , Center fed zepp @ 45 ft

Just a causal effort between family duties and having to shutdown for passing
thunderstorms. Had some nice E skip on 15 and 10 meters here in GA. 20 meters
finally opened up to the WRTC sites around 0200 Z and ended up working 30 of
the 48 stations on CW. Wish I had more time to play because this is a different
contest with the summer time conditions. That's life...

Look for me in the IOTA contest in a couple weekends from NA-058. I'm going to
find some time to operate during our family vacation. Probably using the usual
W4AN mobile setup that K4BAI and I use.

73, Jeff
NØQO(@WØUR)   SO SSB HP   98,1872010-07-11 09:54:10
Got on to work and support the WRTC. All contacts were phone and about 50% of my
time was S&P the other 50% running. Had fun trying to pull the Europeans through
the stronger US stations and the static crashes. Wish I would have had the time
to work more of the WRTC teams.

Congratulations to all of the WRTC competitors!!

Ken N0QO
N6AR   SO Mixed HP   177,9122010-07-11 09:54:56
Terrible conditions except for 20 CW.
XE2AC   SO CW LP   63,3712010-07-11 09:59:58
Soapbox: Great contest! after a long abscence (4 yrs) and simpler antennas
-just wires and one vertical- I had a lot of fun, working
unexpected stations during this part of the low cycle.
Nevertheless, very surpised to manage some contatcs on 10m at
specially one european station -on 15m- close to 00z!
Tnx for the Q's !

73 Luis
N6BY   SO Mixed HP   5,5422010-07-11 10:08:03
Very busy day, not much time but still had fun and work some new one.

73 All

K8MFO   M/S HP   2402010-07-11 10:13:11
Only 48 QSOs in 1 ITU Zone, but they do represent all of the WRTC teams "in the
tents". Had the Cluster available, but find it more of a PAIN than useful,
with the "induced button pushing" pileups! I'm much more effective on finding
stations by myself. Unless that station has been spotted, its easier to work

At the beginning it did not look good for a "team sweep", but a fine opening at
about 0200 UTC yielded the last 4 stations that I needed. R36W was the last
station worked.

ZILCH heard from the teams on 40 and 15.

It was great to sit back and listen to some fine CW operating! Great job by
all of the participants.

Elecraft K3 ... Ameritron AL-1200 ... "Negative Gain" Mosley PRO-57 at 124
feet. Yeah right .. if you believe that I'll tell you another story!


K4EU   SO CW HP   164,8292010-07-11 10:15:08
Nice to work 26 of the special WRTC callsigns, all on 20/cw. Thanks for the
Q's. 73....//Steve K4EU
ACØDS   SO CW LP   145,0422010-07-11 10:15:39
Gave this one a semi-serious effort, operating for 17 hours total. Single 100W
K3, N1MM, temporary Xmit vertical on fiberglas mast and small K9AY RX antenna.
Dabbled with SO2V for the first time with my recently acquired subRX for the K3.
Probably only gained me about 4 Qs – big learning curve!

Things went pretty smoothly overall except for a 1 hour thunderstorm Saturday
afternoon that almost flattened my lashed-together vertical and one major
strategic error on my part. To minimize the number of antennas, I chose to
physically replace my 20 thru 10 vertical with a 40 and 80 version when I
switched to the low bands. I did so way too early – about 6 PM local. Had I
known 20 would stay productive so long I would have rethought this. In
retrospect, I should have had a 20 meter antenna up for this eventuality.
Instead I suffered through 3 hours of QRN and slow rates on 40 until things
quieted down some.

Somehow, I managed to not even hear any of the WRTC teams, let alone work one.
Strange, since I worked several other European Russian stations during the day

So a good overall learning experience for me. Worked GMCCers AD1C, K0FX and
KO7X and heard W0ETT.
N4EEB   SO Mixed HP   561,9562010-07-11 10:16:32
Daytime HF conditions were lousy, but once 20 meters started to open up in the
late afternoon, things started to be real fun. I think 20-meters stayed open
all night long over a good portion of the planet. - I had intended to put in 24
hours, but after 18 hours in the chair, I simply couldn't do it anymore. Perhaps
some better conditioning next year. Had fun. 73 John
K4XD   SO Mixed HP   123,6902010-07-11 10:25:15
Ham Radio meets Reality TV! "The World's Next Top Contester?"

That's all I could think of in those rare quiet SO2R moments, as I watched the
streaming video from the WRTC site and the real time scoreboard updates. The
other thought was, "who are all those WRTC guys having all those QSO's with,
'cause it sure ain't me!"

I did manage to find a handful of R3xx's but now I see why there were so many
nice awards being offered for what seemed like a pretty small number of
contacts with WRTCers... no risk from me!

Last year I had just finished my Genesis SDR QRP kit for 40M and did the
contest QRP-40. I was surprised what you can do with 5W and have done a few
contests that way since. But this time it was SO2R, crank up the amps, and
enjoy all the bands that would let me enjoy them. Which turned out to be
mostly 20 and 40, with a a dash of 80 for good measure.

"Doh!" moment of the day: I noticed a month ago that my K9AY loop seemed to
have gone dead. I systematically (or so I thought) troubleshot it, going out
to the loop and hearing signals there, but nothing at the radio. Bypassed the
lightning arrestor, no joy. Checked the cables at the back of the radio and
K9AY control box - still dead. Sent the relay box off to Jim Wolf, who did
replace a bad relay (I drilled a hole in it -- don't ask), but still no sounds
from the 756 Pro 2 when on the Rcv antenna. Really starting to get frustrated,
I traced the cables from the back of the radio thinking that was the last
possible place for a problem... and traced the cable right into a coax switch
... that was switched to short the input to ground! Doh!!! But at least I
have nice new coax and a fixed relay...

Random contest thoughts and observations:

* Thanks to NU1AW I had my first "sweep" of a station on every band, every
mode, from 160 to 10. Thanks guys! Those guys were everywhere.
* As I sat in my air-conditioned ham shack and watched the fans in the WRTC
tents I was reminded of Field Day and glad I only have one contest in a tent
per year!
* One of the joys of mixed mode contests with SO2R -- SSB in the left ear and
CW in the right! Talk about twisting your brain around. Now, I just need a
third radio and a RTTY window on the screen, "all" three modes at once, hey,
why not! I think I have a headache...
* 15M was a little disappointing, seemed like it was open but not many stations
there, at least not when I checked.
* After 10 hours of IARU here in NC, I am very familiar with the CW sound of
* Ever notice how time slows to a crawl when someone has sent you part of a
contest exchange and you fat finger something, or the contest software window
has lost focus and you are typing into some other program... it's like one of
those dreams where everything is moving 1/100'th normal speed, and every
millisecond that goes by you imagine the guy waiting on you thinking your LID
Quotient has doubled...

Back home from church and writing up these notes, I saw a QSL card that came in
the mail yesterday from K1BV. Tore open the envelope and it was EY8MM -- who
was on the screen in front of me on the WRTC Reality Show... even my XYL
thought that was a cool coincidence!

Thanks to all for the Q's and fun! CU in the next one.

Rowland K4XD
WØRAA   SO CW LP   12,8002010-07-11 10:25:16
Strictly S&P this year, with many interruptions. Stayed on 20 meters, CW, Low
Power. Band conditions weren't bad. I listened on 40, 15 & 10, but didn't
hear enough activity to make it worth changing bands. A fun contest.
GW9T(MWØZZK)   SO SSB HP   1,241,1002010-07-11 10:26:57
stn Icom 756pro3 Acom 1000 Cushcraft A4S@15m & 40m 4 square

didnt get to the station till late friday, wind and rain stopped me tilting up
the other towers/antennas

good openings on 20m around midnight and 40m on Sunday morning, 40m had high
QRN all the time (hard work), 15m & 10m were not so good with a low antenna,
lasted to 07:30

KD5J   SO CW LP   14,5442010-07-11 10:29:04
I was pleased to have an opening here after dark on 20m into zone 29. This was
the only time I was able to hear any WRTC stations and I was able to work
three. They were weak here and I was suprised they were able to hear me.

After the fiasco with the 2009 contest and the ARRL refusing to stick to their
rules and making a decision, you have to realize how important the HQ
multipliers are and you can't ignore the fact of how much they contribute to
this contest. Look at my score, I would be 23 multipliers less without the HQ

I am sorry that the ARRL is refusing to adjudicate the logs of the HQ stations
this year. I appreciate them being on the air.
OK1JOC   SO Mixed LP   103,4862010-07-11 10:31:55
IC7000,end fed zepp
WA1FCN   SO CW LP   3,000,8752010-07-11 10:43:02
Somehow VK4WI heard me through terrible QRN on 80 !!
Maybe I should of stayed on 20 latter ?
VE6TL   SO Mixed HP   150,8802010-07-11 10:45:58
Condx were surprisingly good considering I wasn't expecting to hear much of
anything. Noise levels on 20m were S7 - S9, so I know there were lots of guys
calling that I just couldn't pull through. 40m and 80m were S9 noise and
above, so I could only work the strongest stations. And 15m was just basically
dead. I was impressed with all the Russian stations that were active in the
contest, as they probably made up 1/3 of my log. I also am not confident that
N1MM was scoring the contest correctly as it gave only 1 point for HQ stations,
even if they were DX. Looking forward to seeing how the WRTC contestants fared.
Worked quite a few.

Jerry VE6TL

Rig: FTDX-5000MP
Amp: FL-7000
Ant: TH6DXX 10-15-20m
Inverted Vee 40m
BigIR - 80m
K7FA   SO CW HP   122,4082010-07-11 10:51:58
Rig : K3
Sfw: N1MM-Logger Ver. 10.6.5
Antennas: 15-m TH7DX, 20-m 20M6A, 40-m 40M3FS, 80-m, 160-m Inverted Vees

Worked 25 IARU Member Society HQ Stations, but only one WRTC Team.
I wonder how those WRTC Team Members are roughing-it in their camp-style tents
and fine food! The WRTC-2010 On-Line Scores were posted at (Different from GetScores_Live).
W1AW/8 and NU1AW were contacted on four different bands. Long-Path bearing used
to contact ZL2JU, ZL6HQ, VK2GR, VK4WI. Maybe signal reflects off nearby
mountain. Also, beginning approximately 0830Z and lasting more than an hour,
multi-path was at work because local Arizona Stations (i.e., N7AT, K7SW, K7WP,
and even some selected stations in California – K7HD) had significant echo on
their 40-m signals. Some stations I did not bother to annoy with the echo for
only one contest point.
Low QRN on 40m and 20m bands, buzz-saw on 15m, egg-sizzle on 80m and 160m.
Antennas on short tower seem noisier that those on tall tower. QRN is typical
for low-humidity summer-time conditions here in SW USA. Some Operators ran QRQ
between 41 and 47 wpm (S50HQ & IR4T). Yes, those ops. really are that good; but
even without summer-time sizzle, these ears are not!
Bands did not seem that crowded to me. However, Claim Jumpers shortened my runs
and provided time-out for food. Worst offenders were Ops. at club stations. Why
should they care? (They are not using their own callsign!). Once I returned
with a sandwich 10 minutes later to discover that already the Claim Jumper
QSY-ed to Greener Pastures. (Nobody stays home anymore.)

Enjoyed the contest. TNX for all the Qs. 73, Tom K7FA
NG7M   SO Mixed HP   45,5402010-07-11 10:56:01
Operated from my little pistol home station with a BigIR vertical. Kicked the
tires on the new solid state amp with my IC-7000. Use the contest as a test of
the small rig and amp for portable operation.

73 de NG7M Max in Syracuse Utah
W1UJ(@KB1H)   M/S HP   1,523,9822010-07-11 10:57:15
Thanks to Dick, KB1H, for the use of the awesome Barnstormer Super Station with
W1UJ call.

Jay, W1UJ
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   SO CW LP   901,2332010-07-11 10:59:21
Got 198 QSO with WRTC participants.
Score is less than my personal best. 10-th of july is my birthday, so
had to split operation with birthday activities :))
Main focus was to work as many WRTC as I can, CW only.
QRN on low bands didnt help either.Highlight was
working KM3T on 10M. Actually ten was really open into UA3/UR only.
Great 20m condx.

WRTC teams worked on 5 bands are:
R31N , R32C , R32F , R32K , R32W , R33L , R33M , R34C , R36C , R37P , R37Q ,
R38F , R38O , R38X , R39M

73, Nasko
W9RE   SO CW HP   1,631,5142010-07-11 11:05:10
Started out prepared to do a mixed mode effort because I thought conditions
would have me run out of stations but since that never exactly happened I just
stuck with CW. The thought of all that SSB QRM motivated me somewhat also.
Spent Friday resolving a s/w mixed mode issue but that wasn't needed. Wx here
was forcasted no storms and that was good.

I have not operated this contest seriously since 2002 but since all my antennas
were up and working didn't want a good contest to go by.

Never heard the WRTC stations until a lot of time had gone by (guess we were
running on the same band?) and now that I think about it I maybe only heard a
handful of WRTC stations calling CQ the whole contest, most called me. Sent my
log in immediately after the contest to WRTC.

20 meters was very good and a nice surprise considering how it sounded earlier
in the week. 15 wasn't bad but I don't think I worked any WRTC stations on
that band (only big stations/HP guessing). 40/80 were pretty good but noisy as
can be expected. Ended up moving about 4 stations for zone mults.

Activity was pretty good on CW-thanks to all for a good contest and hope the
WRTC turns out well.
K6WSC   SO CW LP   40,2602010-07-11 11:11:26
This is one of my favorite contests. I had to sit out most of the afternoon due
to nearby storms. Mostly S&P, and did not hear any of the WRTC stations.

Bill K6WSC
YO5OAG   SO Mixed LP   124,8002010-07-11 11:15:53
Thanks contest

Rig: IC-7600.
Ant: Diamond BB-7V, Dipol for 20m

`73 Sanyi YO5OAG
XE1KK   Headquarters HP   474,6002010-07-11 11:23:38
This is my favorite contest and the 2010 version confirms it. Beside having a
"contest interruptus" because a close friend was having his 50th birthday party
and variable conditions on some bands it was a lot of fun.

Worked many HQs and run a good pileups on 20 and 40 SSB which include several
9Vs, YB, DU, BA, VK, ZL, HSs (Champ E21EIC scare me and confuse me because he
was so strong I tough he was going to say E21EIC/W5 if not /XE1 and I was
beaming EU).

Other memorable contest include A71A, VE6SH (IARU AC President), LA2RR (IARU AC
VicePresident) and several WRTC stations who actually had the same signal
strength here so I guess the equalizing of the stations set up worked well.

Sorry for the ones I couldn't copy it rained all day making QRM / QRM a


Ramón, XE1KK
KP4KE   SO SSB QRP   210,6802010-07-11 11:24:38
Contest this year was tough. I was thinking the conditions was better
And I dont put my usual antennas up. Running QRP is a challenge.
I don't make any QSOs in 160m and only 3 in 80m. That wasn't the worse
I had an electrical storm and high winds that made me stop for 6 hours.

Maybe next year can be better.
Thanks for those who have patience to lisen to QRP stations.
And the all Valiants who operate in QRP mode.
73 & DX

de KP4KE
OQ5M(ON5ZO)   SO CW HP   1,349,4332010-07-11 11:24:51
Lost 3 hours of prime time because of a major thunderstorm that wouldn't move

More on:
DR2Q(DL8MBS)   SO Mixed QRP   156,3752010-07-11 11:26:57
With little time budget I tried to concentrate on points per qso to get a more
or less reasonable score which meant to spend more time on 15 than on 40 - as
difficult as it was on both ends of several qsos then... But at least the hour
in >35 degrees for another provisional highband wire paid off. With qrp you
come to believe that really every fraction of a dB counts. As usual thanks to
many patient ops like K5BG (and on the other end some ops seemed to be deafened
a bit by the their amp´s cooling systems - perhaps only running on higher rates
due to the heat...).

Rig: K2, IC-718
Ant: 40m doublet @9m, 20m-doublet at 13m

Best 73, Chris

W6KY   SO CW LP   72,5882010-07-11 11:28:20
All S&P..Nice working into Europe at midnight our time. Shades of old. My
'Sunspot Dance' seemed to work.
73, Art W6KY
N8DE   SO Mixed LP   79,9852010-07-11 11:38:42
Limited operating time, spending most of the time on 20m.
Nice finish on 15m.
K5ND   SO CW QRP   14,9102010-07-11 11:38:58
QRP to a vertical was challenging. Thank you all for sticking with me to pick up
my call out of the noise and QRM. Apart from occasionally lamenting that people
couldn't hear me, I still had a great time and picked up four new countries. I
heard and worked many HQ stations. IARU and W1AW were quite loud and patient in
picking up my signal. Let's do it again next year!
W8MJ   M/S HP   1,002,7282010-07-11 11:43:51
Log has been uploade to LOTW.

W1NN   SO CW LP   52,6502010-07-11 11:53:28
I was planning a full effort and was all ready at the start of the contest, but
after the first five hours I started feeling very tired and headachy so I took
a break and headed for the couch. I got on for another hour at 2300 and 20 was
really hot, but I still didn't feel up to par and I had missed some very good
hours on 20 so I decided to throw in the towell and get a good sleep instead.
Tough break because I really like this contest, especially when it cooincides
with the WRTC.

I'm surprised to read that many found condx on 10 and 15 to be better than last
year. Comparing my 2008 and 2009 logs for the hours I operated, last year
looked to be much better.

I only managed to snag two of the WRTC stations on 20, one at 1356Z and one at
1442Z. Both were a struggle. Looks like I missed the best times to work them.


Hal W1NN
WF4W   SO CW HP   6,6502010-07-11 11:56:13
Had family visiting for the weekend but managed an hour and 45 minutes on
Saturday afternoon. it was nice to have 15 and 10 open up. Also gave the new
Tennadyne Log-Periodic a good test. It's a 6 element on a 12' boom and it
worked great. Mostly ran with a little S & P.
73, Tad, WF4W
W7WHY   SO CW HP   422010-07-11 11:57:50
Got an upset stomach at work Friday and came home and was spent the rest of the
weekend in the throne room and the couch. Got on for a few minutes Saturday
night but went right back upstairs. Blahhh! Had planned on working this one.
W4SVO   SO SSB HP   751,3942010-07-11 12:05:33
This is the highest score ever for me in this contest. I tried to work as many 5
pointers as I could. I figure you have to work too many one pointers to make up
the difference. I was glad to finally work Europe on 10 meters, including a
5B4. I went to 10 in the afternoon and worked 35 SA in about 25 minutes, that
would have been 175 one pointers to make up the difference and at least two
hours. When 40 was not great, I went to 20 and worked about 100 zone 29's, all
5 pointers. Biggest thrills in the contest was having EP2FM calling me on 20
meters, working a pile of JA's on 40, and working 8N8HQ on 75 meter SSB in the
middle of summer(first time ever)! Thanks for all the calls, Mark W4SVO
KØOU   SO Mixed HP   454,5752010-07-11 12:13:41
HQ Mults included in Zones as my program (NA) does not differentiate. Contest
was good fun and conditions were ok, although bands were very noisy Saturday
evening. Had t-storms in the area. Nice 20 meter opening around midnight when I
was able to work a bunch of the WRTC guys. Took time off for meals and four
hours of sleep. Just can't do 24 hours straight anymore. Thanks to the sponsors
for the fun activity and to everyone for the Q's.
W3LL   SO SSB LP   258,8562010-07-11 12:19:45
S&P was more productive as conditions made it difficult to run with 100W.
Used the IC-7000 backup radio while the K3 is being updated.
Beat last year's score thanks to more operating time.
K5KG   M/S HP   1,193,2502010-07-11 12:28:06
This is by far one of my favorite contests. I managed to operate the full 24
hours - a first for me. I was a single op and used packet, so the log is
entered as m/s.

Overall, condx seemed to be quite good. The middle of the night 20m opening to
EU/AS was absolutely fantastic. For a long time, I was nailing everything on
the first call. It was a challege to work the WRTC stations because they were
not strong. However, the WRTC ops are excellent so quite a few stations made
it into the log. I have not yet tallied up how many I worked but, hopefully,
it is enough to win a bottle of vodka! My tnx to the WRTC sponsors, and all of
those brave ops and judges who made it tents, FD-style, no less. I
found it interesting that many of the R3 stations would cluster around the same
frequency, especially on 20 CW. Like a pack of bumble bees.

It would not be a complete report without a mentioning the HQ stations. They
were everywhere, and fun to work. It is wonderful that so many of the country
societies sponsor them, and it seems like each year there are more and more of
them. Let's keep HQ it going.

Here is the rundown of the station:

IC756ProIII, Acom 2000A amp
C31 yagi @ 60 ft., 2 el 40m yagi @ 75 ft.
80m inv vee, 160m inv L
Best hour 21z - 143 Q's
Slowest hours 07z & 09z - 45 Q's

A few words about doing the full 24 hours: I went into this believing that
with some preparation, I could do it. I made sandwiches and snacks in in
advance, so I did not have to take time out to prepare anything to eat during
the contest. Water, tea and sodas were in a cooler beside the chair, and a
fresh pot of coffee was ready at the start. (My only time out of the chair was
for occasion stretches and to take quick potty breaks.) I discussed sleep
issues with my sleep doctor, and he recommended No-doz pills, althought he
could have prescribed some keep-awake pills at cost of $10 ea., so I opted for
the $3 box of No-doz. I took only two No-doz tablets during the 24 hour
period. My struggel time was in the 3am hour (07z) when condx were slow, but I
managed to hang in there and logged some 45 Q's during that hour. First light
came at 6am, and from there to the end at 8am (12z) condx picked up rapidly, so
I didn't have a problem making it to the end. I even remembered to submit my
log immediately to the WRTC boys as they requested!

73, George, K5KG
W6YX(N6DE)   M/S HP   6,7082010-07-11 12:33:41
The purpose of my participation was to chase the WRTC stations. Except for 30
minutes of CQing, this was an S&P effort.

I had 70 QSOs with the WRTC stations: 45 on CW, and 25 on PH. I missed R33Q,
R37P, and R39R.

20m propagation in our morning was worse than expected. Only 1 WRTC station
was as strong as S1; the rest were S0. Propagation in our evening was much
better than expected. I arrived at the shack at 2Z, and signals were
surprisingly strong. Later, signals dipped, only to come back strong again.
20m was still wide open at 7Z, but most of the WRTC stations were on 10m and
15m. I took a break in our evening, and Risto W6RK ran with his callsign to
work some DX and give the WRTC stations some more QSOs.

I kept 4 pages of observations about the WRTC stations. There were definitely
differences in signal strength! The differences were the most important on
20PH in our evening, and on 20CW during our weak morning opening. Even when
stations were the same on the S-meter, there are different shades of S0 which
make all the difference in the world between putting a QSO in the log or not.
Probably most of the signal differences were due to where the competitors had
their beam pointed at any given time.

I got a "big signal" report on Phone by one WRTC station who got me on the
first call. Two minutes later, I found the next WRTC station, and it took
around 25 calls before he finally heard me. This repeated itself 15 minutes
later. Got a "nice signal" comment on the first call to a WRTC station, and
then I found a weaker WRTC station who never did hear me after many calls.

There were many incredible operators. Awesome skill. I kept track of their
callsigns and will be interested to see who the ops were behind these calls.

For some of the stations, it was obvious that they were dual-CQing. There
would be long pauses between their transmissions. When signals aren't strong,
this made me wonder if he really heard me, or if he was working someone else
instead of me, or if the pause was just because he was waiting for his teammate
to finish transmitting on the other radio before he could reply to me.
Sometimes it resulted in doubled transmissions or people sending their calls
multiple times, which reduced the order of the frequency.

Great job by all the WRTC operators and the organizers.

-Dean - N6DE
VA2WDQ   SO CW HP   966,4202010-07-11 12:34:59

Rig: Yaesu FT-1000D, PA: AL-80B 740 watts
Ant: 2 el. Yagi Cushcraft MA5B 10m up, Inverted L 10m up.
N1MM, RigExpert Plus

Creat contest! Great conditions! Great competitors! Was lucky to pick up dozen
of WRTC players.

Thanks for the QSO's!


N2RJ   SO SSB LP   160,5772010-07-11 12:41:24
Part time, SSB low power (barefoot) effort. It's too hot to run the amp anyway,
not to mention that it would have to be working for me to run it.

The initial goal was the 250 QSO mark and the 75 mult mark which I achieved.
The extra QSOs are "lagniappe" as they would say.

No 80m antenna because I took it down to do other work on the tower. It'll go
back up or something will go back up in its place before CQWW (it will be good
I hope!)

The daytime was dominated by zone 8 which meant a lot of 1 point QSOs. But I
did manage some 3 pointers in the other zones and a few 5 pointers here and
there. Not that I'm complaining mind you, I appreciate every point and QSO.

The morning, late afternoon and evening was dominated by Europe of course. I
had a few nice, sustained runs on 20 and 40. A few nice surprises such as the
ZL who called me out of the blue when I was aiming due West, and the "nice
signal" comments for my barefoot signal were also highlights of this contest.

40 meters was not as good as in ARRL DX which was disappointing because I
really love to run that band.

I wasn't particularly looking for WRTC stations but I did manage to work 3. I
also worked R3/AL1G which was a pleasant surprise.

In the end I went QRT around midnight because I had to get up early in the

As a somewhat new contester, an even more pleasant surprise is that people are
calling me by name now. Amateur radio is more than a hobby, it is an
international friendship. Thanks to everyone who remembered me and worked me.

See you in CQWW which I should be able to take part in for the full 48 or close
to, all things being equal.

Ryan, N2RJ
3V8HQ(KF5EYY)   Headquarters LP   1,094,7672010-07-11 12:42:23
I put comments on my site.
Thanks to all who called me!!
vy73 de Ash KF5EYY @3V8SS
DAØHQ   Headquarters HP   22,959,8202010-07-11 12:44:13
just the raw score...
N4DW   M/S HP   122,5802010-07-11 12:48:54
Casual operation with goal of working as many WRTC stations as possible. Of the
posted 43, I missed 8.
Started at 2311z on 15 and still made 3 EU qso's.
Went to 20 at 2346z and made my first WRTC qso at 0117z. My thanks to Kirk,
K4RO, for the 0230z suggestion.
Some scattered second radio qso's, mostly when got severly trounced on one
band, went to the other for a bit.
Did mostly S&P except for two short runs resulting in 33 (20) & 11 (80) qso's
For all bands, had 72 zone 8 qso's and 79 zone 29 qso's. Looks like the WRTC
stoked up some activity there.
Over all, had fun and didn't beat myself to death.
AK4I   SO Mixed HP   122,3802010-07-11 12:54:43
Propagation seemed to fade as the contest wore on. Still a lot of fun. Got to
try out my new Cushcraft X740; what a difference! Can't wait for the NAQP.
OH4A   M/S HP   3,751,9002010-07-11 13:00:35
This contest was characterized by heat: Finnish summer heat (+30C) outside the
hamshack, a hot hamshack (often > +35C), and at times hot bands. 24 hours in
such an environment is not the easiest way to spend a weekend, but it was fun
again! IARU HF differs from most other contests due to summer-time propagation
and thus has "added spice", this year coupled together with WRTC excitement.

We set out to break the old Finnish M/S record of 2.71M and were happy to
succeed. The propagation info from DK0WCY indicated that K = 7 just a couple of
hours after the contest started; our plan appeared obliterated right away with
nothing but Aurora-misery to look forward to. It was a false alert, however, as
bands were in pretty ok shape and we kept pounding on. Especially 20 meters
produced a nice two-hour DX run around 01-02Z. The rate was so high that we
ended up neglecting the low bands and most of our sunrise grayline time, but we
considered it worth it.

Thanks to Jukka OH6LI and Merja for their hospitality at their summer cottage
once again. And thanks to everybody for the QSOs, see you in the next one!

N4OGW   SO CW HP   1,354,7342010-07-11 13:01:22
This was a fun contest as usual. I like the somewhat unpredictable summertime
conditions of IARU and the contest being only 24 hours. As everyone else
noticed, 20m was quite good- definitely felt the same here at least from the
early evening throughout the night. I didn't think the low bands were noisier
than usual but having 20 open probably kept fewer on the low bands. 160 was
virtually a wasteland here except for NU1AW and W1AW/8.

Fortunately I didn't have to shut down due to thunderstorms this year. I kept a
browser window open on the weather radar and was watching lots of small storms
in our area. Operating SO2R with one band in each ear I could tell when there
was a local lightning strike when I heard a loud crash simultaneously in both
ears :)

I did not hear or work any WRTC stations until 2141z. I only heard them on 20m-
I did hear east coast stations working a few on 40, but too weak to hear from
here. At their best, they were about 569 or so here on 20 (on 4 over 4 yagi
stack at 100 ft/50 ft, K3). I couldn't tell any difference in relative signal
strengths at all. If I counted right I worked 23 of them.

This was the first contest over 30 minutes long where I used my new logging
program I am writing. I was more than a little worried about major bugs turning
up. Many bugs did turn up but nothing fatal. Sorry that I was not able to upload
my log by 1800z to the WRTC, I only finished writing a basic Cabrillo export
routine at 1830z today :) If any of the log-checkers reads this, one bug
resulted in incorrect times on a few (<20) qsos- I corrected the times as best
I could, but they might be off by +/- 2 minutes.

K2QMF   SO CW HP   58,7702010-07-11 13:02:28
Very poor condx to the R3 stations...
KQ6ES   SO CW HP   101,2702010-07-11 13:12:37
Cushcraft A3 at 20ft
Butternut vertical
400 watts
K5FP   SO CW HP   79,1162010-07-11 13:15:18
Worked only 6 of the WRTC stations and all with weak signals.
Had lots of fun though but with house guest I did not have time to do much
K6LRG   M/S HP   724,1782010-07-11 13:33:04
Like one of those college sleep deprivation tests, N6WM and N6ML were able to
get through this despite various stages of this, myself rolling into this test
with 3 hours of sleep after a full work week, and ML staying on the hill well
beyond plan.

Did an experiment and used Win-test at K6LRG for the first time.. Apoligize
for some occasional logger related/learning curve cw qlf's while we tried to
get a handle of some of the finer details of this logging program.

Conditions not the best, but managed to get a few on 15 and even a few zones on
160(6,7,8 of course) but most of activity on 20/40. 20 wasnt that terribly bad,
an example would be we dont routinely hear A7 as good as we did from the San
Francisco Bay.. and the low power R3's were fair copy occasionally. Did manage
to get quite a few WRTC competitors in the log. Monitored the WRTC competitor
progress with their FB online scoring system during off times.

Thanks to all for the Q's, and overall another great effort from K6LRG.
Special thanks to Iain N6ML for sticking it out up on the hill with me beyond
original commitment and great to hear so many NCCC members as well as some of
the local Livermore gang on the air, we really appreciate your calls and
support. also congrats to Steve K6AW on a FB cw only effort from N6RO along
with all the other great local efforts from north 6 land.

73 and seeya next time!

Elecraft K3/100
K1EL WinKeyer
N8LP Pan/Creative EM0202
Alpha 86
Logger: Win-Test
Force 12 C3SH @ 50 ft
Cushcraft Shorty 40 2L on crank up
80 Meter Inverted L wire
Cushcraft MA-160V vertical
All on 1900 a ft hill above the east Livermore wind farms.
N4HH   SO CW LP   23,6162010-07-11 13:38:11
Trying to get some of my forgotten CW skill back - noticed that the brain is not
quite as quick as it used to be! Running 100 watts to a wire about 20 feet up
and buried in a tree - lots of stray RF gunking up the works - still, lots of
fun! Wow, lots of folks have amazing ears! Thanks to all for pulling me out.
73 es gud dxing -- Don
NØAH   M/S LP   83,1602010-07-11 13:38:19
This was a great contest for my 9 year old daughter,Anna, W0ANT, and myself, to
get use to our new antennas which replaced our A3S with the 40M kit. We now
have a Tynnadyne T-8 log periodic dipole array at 45 feet and a Cuschcraft D40M
RTD above it. The 40M RTD came through switching between it and the Cushcraft
80/40V vertical from time to time for TX advantage and to cure some noisy
receiving issues of the vertical.

As far as unique stations worked, we did work 5A5LZ on 20M, a bit curious abot
that call. It was around 04:30 UTC on 20M. Hummmm.... Work em and worry about
it later- A lot of stateside was working him- but I have my doubts- After I
went to bed early Sunday morning, I realized I had not worked anyone on 160M.
So I went down into the shack and set up the Dentron and the 55 foot Alpha
sloper. I only heard one station and after 20 minutes of calling, W1AW/8 heard
me!!!! It was a good way to end a very fun weekend.

Also found R33L, R34C, R36Y, and R38F. Heard a few others but it was a long
line for these guys- hihi. The only station not worked but heard was a VK7. My
neighbor Rick, W0RIC, worked him with a very fb set up with a 20M mono-bander
and amp- we just didn't have the horses- but I was a bit ripped as I tried for
25 minutes- boo hoo- (I was served.............took 2 dieat A&W's to calm down-
even trying the magic of my speech processor didn't work, and we never run that

So to conclude my soap box, I can't say just how much the A3S would have helped
us but the T-8 did really well- The antenna was very narrow on long path targets
aimed for and on opposite characteristics, a weaker F/B on short paths
stateside, which actually helped us on working left/right coast stations just
pointed in one direction. I think if the SF was just a bit higher, we would
have seen some big numbers on 15M and would have got the headsets out-

Mixed mode was cool beans..... Thanks for working us and pulling us out for
the Q's!

73 Paul and Anna
K3TN   SO CW LP   70,4082010-07-11 13:38:30
I wasn't planning on getting on at all except late at night but a rainy Saturday
canceled all outdoor plans, so I was able to spend some time on Saturday. I
always liked this contest since the fun of chasing HQ mults cancels out the
crummy July conditions. But it seems there days there is an HQ station every
few Khz - they are as common as UB5s once were.

Then spent some time hunting WRTC stations but I think the EU wall blanked out
my wimpy signal - only made a dozen or so contacts.
AL9A   SO Mixed HP   122,0842010-07-11 13:50:50
Tough band conditions to lower 48 most of the contest. Once again 15M was very
poor to anywhere. EU was heard pretty steadily on both 20M and later on 40M.
Worked quite a few of the R3 WRTC contest staions, although I noticed many of
the spots for them were invalid after a short time as they would quickly QSY if
there wasn't a good rate.

Rare thunderstorm here at 0700 UTC Sunday forced me to shut down sooner than I
wanted. Was hearing a lot of stations on 40M and probably could have worked
many more, but had to pull the plug.
KZ5D   SO CW HP   779,9462010-07-11 14:04:17
This is great fun but a 24 hour straight run is becoming too much for this old
body. Started off on 40 and found the going slow after 15 minutes, so switched
to 20 where I expected to have a great run to Europe. Wrong! A surprise noise
source was peaking to the NE-directly on my path to EU. Very frustrating as
this was not evident the day before the contest. I had to live with this
frustration all day Saturday so trying to work anyone but the very loudest EU
signals on 20 was a real stretch. 15 and 10 were better than expected to make
up the difference on 20. Then we had a major thunderstorm for about 2 hours
near sunset, near the time I was planning to hit 40 hard. Changed bands and
started laughing. I've never heard noise that loud. Took a short food break and
came back to the rig for a little more frustration on 20. Finally the storm
moved out and 40 was workable. I had some risidual static from the storm on 80
and 160 but kept hitting those bands hard for mults. Not many to be had. And
not many stations were willing to move. Early morning hours were terrific for
mults, but slower rates prevailed. And the temptation to quit and hit the sack
was strong. I did resist, but my attention span wasn't as good as earlier. All
in all, a better score than last year. Significant improvement in working
mults, but fewer total QSOS due in part to the mysterious noise. Incidentally,
it's not there today. Go figure! 73 de Art KZ5D.
IR4T   M/S HP   2,140,1552010-07-11 14:21:36
M/S planned in the last week, after drop HQ availability, so part time
operators, and setup was limited to one radio only, but amazing fun ! Band stay
open until 0200z, and we lost most of the night on lower band, looked for mults
on lower band, but the sun were still on sky, so tooo late !

10m, still barely open, some NA at contest start predict fun, 15 m wide open
all direction and closed later as usual, 20m the queen band, never ending NA
pile-up until late night, 40m we forced us to move there, and CW guy available
at that time, for an incredible run, lower band, moved there too late, picked
up only few HQ, the stronger one.

Otherwise this is the best summer contest, short format, high rates, and great
fun !

Thank's for everyone called us.

73 de Fabio I4UFH
SK9HQ   Headquarters HP   17,787,8072010-07-11 14:26:31
Preliminary score before any logs merged for real. New claimed SM record with a
big margin.

160m PH: SK7OA
160m CW: SK7DX
80m PH: SK0UX
80m CW: SM6MCW
40m PH: SK0UX
40m CW: SK7DX
20m PH: SJ2W
20m CW: SM3PHM
15m PH: SK7OA
15m CW: SM6CNN
10m PH: SM6MCW + SJ2W
10m CW: SK6WW + SJ2W
VA7ST   SO CW HP   385,8122010-07-11 14:30:49
* FT2000 + SB221 (400-800w)
* N1MM Logger
* 3 ele. SteppIR @ 47'
* 40M SteppIR dipole @ 47'
* 80M twin verticals (US-VE or Asia)

SFI=80 A=2 K=2

Ended 5 Qs short of last year, but score is up by 80,000. QSO points are up by
400 thanks to wide 20M openings to EU. Mults up by 14, but sure didn't hear a
lot of HQ stations on.

HQ Zones
2010 51 75
2009 56 58
2008 21 59
2007 40 70

15M opening to EU was a nice surprise -- fell 1 Q shy of last year there, but
was way up on mults (28 this year vs. 12 last year).

-- Bud VA7ST

Year Qs Pts. Mult Score (claimed)
2010 842 3062 126 385,812 -- 51 HQ SOCW (HP)
2009 847 2641 114 301,074 -- 56 HQ SOCW (HP)
2008 717 2239 80 179,120 -- 21 HQ SOmixed (HP)
2007 703 2091 114 238,374 -- 40 HQ SOCW (HP)
2006 630 2012 96 193,152 -- 44 HQ SOCW (LP)
2005 267 843 42 35,406 -- 10 HQ SOCW (LP)
2004 462 1446 88 127,248 SOCW (LP)
2003 181 31 17,019 SOCW (LP)
2002 235 799 77 61,523 -- 27 HQ SOCW (LP)
K2RD   SO Mixed HP   90,1602010-07-11 14:37:52
Hexbeam and 1KW from home statiom. S&P only. Think I worked all WRTC stations
(48) with 62 total WRTC station qsos.
K7HBN   SO CW QRP   23,5202010-07-11 14:43:29
When you are QRP it would help if you had a special call (?), because you get
that response a lot. I had a great time until my rotator went south (er! I
mean east.) After that happened I was still able to work a few EU stations
with the beam at least 60 degrees off. Worked a few WRTC guys, they weren't
very loud, so I must have been just a whisper there. I have nothing but praise
for my K3, what a radio. de HBN
VE7TK   M/S HP   30,3602010-07-11 14:44:10
My 1st IARU. Scoring accomplished by black magic using N1MM. Station was:

Ten-Tec Orion
Tec-Tec Hercules II amp around 400 watts
Antenna 3 element SteppIR at about 15 metres.
135 foot long inverted-vee fed with 400 ohm twin lead for 40 metres.

I didn't work too hard or too long but had fun.

73, Rick
N2AA   SO CW LP   14,9852010-07-11 14:51:59

Just wanted to qso a few WRTC stations.
About 0130Z 20M was a treat, and they were all
there, and they could hear me! A testimony
to the quality of those ops. Was thrilled to
work 35 of the teams. It lasted till about 0300.

Great fun.
W6AQ   SO Mixed QRP   42,1402010-07-11 14:56:28
Isn't it great that this contest does not allow packet spots? You can find a
rare station and be pretty sure that a ton of bricks is not going to fall on
you before you can work them. This is my QRP contest, and I was amazed that 20
meters seemed open on Friday night to Southern California and no where else. I
got a lot of stations first call running 5 watts max. Of course the antennas
helped, but they don't help if the conditions are lousy as they seemed to be on
every band but 20 on Friday night.
ZY2C(PY2ADR)   SO SSB HP   531,2972010-07-11 15:05:25
Very good Test. Bad prop. 40m antenna failed :(
73´s to all and tnx.
M3W(G4FAL)   SO Mixed HP   744,8192010-07-11 15:12:52
Worked all but one of the R3 guys.
K7BTW   M/S HP   496,7792010-07-11 15:15:19
Instead of operating from high in the ozone layer above beautiful downtown
Preston, or team made it's initial IARU effort from down in the valley
surrounded by Squak, Tiger, and Cougar mountains at the qth of k7btw.

20 and 40 meters were hot. So was the ham shack with temperatures reaching
into the 90's. Fortunately, there was a small refrigerator under the operating
table full of 807s. We operated 20 mtrs until midnight before qsying to 40 for
the final 5 hours. Cleaning up the broadcast stns on 40 mtrs up to 7200 and
re-assigning sub bands has sure made a difference on that band. Super
modulated Adam had no problem running 40 ssb to Asia.
NA4BW   SO CW LP   5,1602010-07-11 15:15:23
While on - 20m sure sounded FB. 73 Brian NA4BW
W6FA   SO CW LP   3,3122010-07-11 15:22:48
Still stuck at W6FA - South, on the South slope of Mt. Wilson with no path to
Eu. Conditions were particularly bad; I had trouble working SA ! Most Qso's
were with VK, ZL, KH6, KH2, and some gringos south of the Mason-Dixon line...
It will sure be nice to get back to W6FA - North later this month, with real
antennas and a clear shot in all directions !
K8CN   SO CW QRP   98,2982010-07-11 15:33:17
Rig: K2 Ant: Lazy-H, cut for 20M

I had a brief entry in last year's IARU HF Championship, so brief that I forgot
I had participated at all until I found my log on Friday night -- not much upon
which to build any expectations for this year's event.

This felt like two different contests in one day for me -- Saturday daytime
(local, of course) was a slog with fewer DX calls netted than I had wished, and
then Saturday night saw a nice opening to Eastern Europe and Asiatic Russia on
20M. Remarkably, I was able to hold a run frequency on 40M near the middle of
the CW segment for more than an hour during prime time! The run rate was less
than spectacular (about 50 Qs/hour at best), but it was a novelty for this QRP
contester accustomed to S&P. Sunday morning gray line propagation did not
disappoint, which helped the otherwise paltry zone total.

In addition to my normal thanks to all who handle QRP contacts with genuine
effort, respect, and extreme competence, I'll single out one op for special
mention: ZL2JU really kept digging until he had my info correct -- you gave me
a big psychic boost when I needed it, so many thanks!

Speaking of special ops, I'm in awe of the WRTC teams! I wondered why their
signals were so weak here until I read some of their event web pages after the
contest ended. Knowing what they sounded like on 20M Saturday night with 100
watts and a decent tribander, I marveled at the ease with which they copied my
QRP signal, often on first attempt -- they are truly gifted CW ops.

Improvements for next year: figure out how to work more zones/HQ mults and get
enough sleep the week before to enable me to work the entire contest. Oh yes,
there is always a need for more, better antennas - my antenna "farm" has been a
monoculture crop for too long.

Mike, K8CN
Durham NH
VE3JM   SO Mixed HP   185,4842010-07-11 15:33:32
Just playing with the setup at the new location. Hope to have 80 and 160
antennas ready for the NAQP CW in August.
KP2B   M/S LP   272,5502010-07-11 15:37:50
Bands conditions been up and down. best band was 20 meters during day and night
time. 7mhz been pretty good from 23:00 z up to 12:00 z. worked couple of
stations from japan, vk's , zl's etc. we was expecting a very good opening on
10 and 15 meters but never happens.Thanks to all who work us.
see you on the next contest. 73's

K1TO   SO CW HP   2,058,1522010-07-11 15:46:34
IARU is a long-time favorite contest for me. This was only the second time that
I've been able to operate the full 24 hours from here in Florida as
thunderstorms usually kill a substantial chunk of the weekend. The low-band
QRN was still there, though.

Used one radio which made strategy very different, having to frequently stop
running to search for multipliers. Tried several, but ended up with only one
successful multiplier move! I think this was the most S&P I've done in any
contest for many years. IARU requires you to pull out all the tricKS!

Conditions seemed pretty difficult. Only heard 2 EU HQs on 10 and managed to
work one of them after persisting. Never had rates approaching the phenomenal
2006 event which was my last one and now my "gold standard".

WRTC activity always provides a boost and the level of activity from zone 29
was terrific! Congrats to the organizers and to RW1AC/RA1AIP for their
apparent victory! It did seem like the signal strengths of all of the stations
were pretty close. I did manage to work 42 WRTC teams on 20, 6 on 40 and 3 on
15; 43 overall.

A few quick multiplier comments:
- Neat to work 2 different OX stations on 2 bands for the rare zone 5!
- Never even heard Z29 on 80.
- Never did hear a "regular" JA on 15; but got JA1TRC and 8N3HQ.
- Great to work N2NL @ NH2T. Look for big things from him out there!
- Pleased to find FO8RZ on 3 bands. 15 & 20 opened early to the Pacific.
- Some neat HQs that I've not heard before: A7, TF, UN, 4X. I'm glad the
recent controversy did not dampen the HQ activity.

It's always a blast to run into so many familiar calls. Thanks for all the

73, Dan, K1TO/4
WK2G   SO CW LP   261,3602010-07-11 15:49:41
I was lucky to get into this one because I was supposed to work most of Saturday
so had to do some wheeling and dealing with the boss so I ended up working
almost a double but was worth the sacrafice of not getting much sleep. I wasn't
too happy with the conditions at the sound of the bell but it was nice to stay
busy working all of the stateside stuff for what was to come early Saturday
evening and into the wee hours of the morning. I think I worked the entire
population of hams in Russia hi hi.
Was pleasantly surprised to see 10 meters open as well as it did, but I thought
that there was going to be a better opening to EU this year.
Later in the evening I got on 40 mtrs and the summer QRN was so bad that
sometimes it made you embarrassed asking for so many fills.
I did hear the guys working a lot of Eu and seemed to overwhelm my puny signal
trying to break the pile up so not much to report here.
Over all a big difference in the conditions this year and hope next year will
be even better.
Merrill WK2G
NN3W(@N3HBX)   M/S HP   2,902,7252010-07-11 15:51:23
Thanks as always to John N3HBX for allowing the group access to the Poolesville

A fun contest. The composition of the team was in flux up until 48 hours
before the contest when one op dropped. We were able to replace the op with
KL2A who was out in the DC area on business!

Lots of activity; lots of WRTC stations on 20 when the paths were open to
Russia and when the WRTCers were looking for us.

Conditions were decent with 20 being open worldwide. 15 showed signs of life
and got close to full bloom, but not all the way. However, I think it would
have opened much better on Sunday had the contest carried on past 1200z. 10
was just not really there with the E-skip - although better than 2008 and 2009.
40 was a great evening band, but the draw of the polar openings on 20 kept us
from spending our total attention on this band.

80 and 160 were very poor owing to horrendous thunderstorm static from a line
of storms that passed over us and stopped raining around 1145z Saturday. While
we were fortunate to avoid the rain static, our directional arrays stared
straight into the storm line, which made copy difficult. Our Q and mult counts
are down over 50% on these bands in comparison to 2008.

We set our score target for this year based on K1LZ's 2009 IARU score. We
bested that by about 100,000 points which tentatively has us with the new W/VE
multi-single record.

Thanks all for the QSOs!
N2MM   M/S HP   12010-07-11 15:53:00
I had planned S/O HP CW, but decided to try to work all WRTC stations. Since
R34Y and R37G were not used, I accomplished this goal easily on Saturday night.
I subcumbed to the need to use packet. ( big mistake) I did use packet
sporadically thereafter, but like K3WW, I violated the band change rule.
Therefore the score is zero and will be submitted as a big check log instead of
1 meg.

To echo the sentiments of others, conditions were quite good on the high bands.
15m was wide open at 5AM Saturday morning. By the start of the contest, EU was
workable on 10m. 20m was open, but the EU stations were working each other and
the WRTC stations were weak and only hearing EU/Asia. Thus 15m/10m was the only
real game in town until Saturday afternoon. 15m stayed open to Eu until after
sundown!!! Saturday evening, 20 meters stayed open around the clock. Excellent
opening to Asia. 40m was open, but the activity to EU was down because 20m was
still open. 80m and 160m were extremely noisy

Congratulations to the people in Russia who coordinated the set-up of the WRTC
stations. Every station was of equal signal strength!

Sunday AM was totally different. The noise was low on 80m. Easily worked ZL/VK.
The same was true for 40m. JA , Asia, and the pacific were very loud and easy to
work. 20m was good for the last two hours with lots of strong asian signals.
Even 15m was open to the far east at the end of the contest. I only wish that
these conditions reoccur for CQWW.

Thanks for all the qsos.
K6RM   SO Mixed LP   2,8202010-07-11 16:01:11
K3/100 to low G5RV. Could only work a few minutes between visitors and other
activities. Nice to hear that 20M opening start to EU Saturday PM.
Unfortunately the START is all I got to hear!!
PY2DY   SO SSB HP   193,3922010-07-11 16:05:23
FL 2100 B 500 WATTS.


K6VVA   M/S HP   1,3402010-07-11 16:32:06
Missed most of the 20m opening on Saturday night for the WRTC stations as I was
operating KP2CW remotely from the other room. Did work 8 of the folks w/200w
from my local remote.

Checklog only due to using dual K6 locations.

73 & Tnx for the Q's & Mults...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
N8XX   SO CW QRP   3,1902010-07-11 16:37:35
As I told some "non contest" QRP ops with whom I associate, "Didn't get much of
a start - I piddled around the house and didn't get around to putting my
antenna back up after Field Day until late this afternoon. Then I needed to
cool off because it was hot plus humid, and the job tired me out. Got on about
0000Z, twelve hours after the event started, and after the peak for 20 metres -
I am sure.

But, did work a bunch of European stations on 20 and 40 metres, and snagged
W1AW/8 on 80 metres, and NU1AW on 40 metres. Things got watery on 40, 20 was
getting too weak for a 5 watter to get through, and very few stations were on
80, so I gave up. I set the alarm for 6 a.m. (1000Z), but turned it off after
a few attempts to awaken me.

It's amazing what some of the Europeans can drag out of the ionosphere.
They're a solid s-7 or so by ear here, and probably running KW's or so,
but they drag in my puny 5 watts to a dipole antenna.

In about 3 hours, 59 contacts, 22 multipliers, 3190 points so far. I'm
sure I won't win any prizes, but I remain amazed at what QRP can really
do with contesting.

If you. as a QRP Op, ain't tried a contest like the IARU world championship
event, you're missing something....."
YT2T   SO CW HP   2,248,4612010-07-11 16:43:04
Thanks for QSO`s.
73 Marko YT2T
KP2CW(K6VVA)   M/S HP   50,4682010-07-11 16:52:26
Murphy struck - the original plan was to do a full-time single band CW gig on
20m (remotely), but a feedline problem to the beam developed and Herb was on
another Island working. Ended up using the 40m inverted vee on the other
TS-480 Antenna port which is where I was stuck without a remote bandswitching

Due to latency issues, this turned out to be a very part-time QRV in short
peridoic segments. Lots of static Saturday Night, and many callers down in my
QRN. Some big latency issues at times which necessitated just shutting
everything off. The new ISP due online in June is delayed until August.
Hopefully things will improve in the remote department when they fire up.

Apologies to OK1GS who got left hanging when Internet related issues locked
everything up for several minutes and could not send my TU. So sorry, OM.

What a hoot to work A71A on 40m while sitting at my kitchen table in K6 land.

Tnx to Herb/KV4FZ and family for hosting my remote gear and for use of an
AL-80B amp.

73 & Tnx for the Q's and mults...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
K9MUG   M/S HP   54,9022010-07-11 17:01:28
Conditions good.Even 80 M was good.
Spent most of my time working HQ stations.

Also worked 14 R3 stations between 0314 and 0349 utc on 20 meters.
I am m/s because I used the cluster to list some friends and HQ stations.

Not much time, but plenty of fun.

Darrell K9MUG
PY2YU   SO CW HP   1,543,7282010-07-11 17:04:17
Hi guys,

Nice contest.

I was so tired in last few hours of contest, gone sleep 1 hour before contest
end. It's hard to make a CW contest during long time in the paddle (keyer)

Improved my score from 2007, worked more multipliers this year.

Rig: Kenwood TS-850S
Amp: Acom 1010 - 500 Watts
Ant: 10m/15m/20m - TH7DX @ 14m
40m - 2 el. Yagi @ 18m
80m - Dipole @ 12m
160m - Dipole @ 10m
K8IR   SO CW LP   22,9902010-07-11 17:18:42
Just got on for a couple of stretches.
W4AN(K4BAI)   SO Mixed HP   1,531,1682010-07-11 17:24:02
Many thanks to Tom, W8JI, for allowing me to use his FB station. And sincere
apologies for damaging the amp on 20M with about 45 minutes left in the
contest. I lost about 45 minutes of operating time due to problems with the
N1MM logging program. It had an obscure function checked that resulted in all
SSB contacts being logged as CW contests. Finally W8JI and KU8E figured out
the problem and I was able to log on the proper mode. The score represents
about a 400,000 point improvement over a similar effort in the 2008 contest
from the K1TO station. Conditions were in many ways much better this year, but
most of the difference probably is in the extra frequencies I can use after
finally passing the Extra. The 2008 effort was SO2R and this year's was not,
so higher scores could have been achieved.

It was great to work many of the WRTC competitors. Two were worked on 15M and
many more on 20M. Didn't hear any on the other bands. It made up somewhat for
not being there in person for the first time since 1996.

Hope this operation using the SECC contest call W4AN made us all remember my
WRTC partner in 1996 and 2002, Bill Fisher, W4AN.

Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
AA5VU   SO Mixed HP   5,0432010-07-11 17:27:04
(96 + 27) x (22 +19) = 5043
W7DG   M/S HP   371,1252010-07-11 17:30:54
Thanks once again to the Lower Columbia ARA (W7DG) for allowing us to use their
facility for contesting. Murphy struck again as we were assembling the
operating station at 11pm local time requiring a return trip home for
alternative gear. Finally all set at 2am local time for 5am start. One of
these days were going to have an uneventful time getting ready. Seemed like a
very slow start but 20M finally improved around 2300z. Thanks everyone for the
SP2LNW   SO CW HP   752,3722010-07-11 17:30:57
I lost two R3 stations from the set of :(
R3 in the log:
80m - 26
40m - 31
20m - 40
15m - 6
10m - 0

73 Slaw
VA3RKM   SO CW QRP   4,0502010-07-11 17:42:17
K2,5W,verticals and dipole. Not great condx for QRP this year. Best DX was
JF1SQC on 20m. Tnx for the Qs!
K6CSL   SO CW LP   15,6862010-07-11 18:20:11
Wow! I still can't believe the solar flux climbed to 80, litterally the day
before IARU. I started an hour late, on no more than 3 hours sleep, having
tried to go to bed early and then being unable to sleep. I fought the
"drowzies" until after noon local time when the contest endorfins finally
started to kick in. I heard China, CRSA, B7Q on 40M, but couldn't break his
pile-up at about 14:05Z, just before I moved on to 20M at 14:15. I looked for
him, but never heard him again. I heard and worked R33A on 20M at 14:33Z and
never heard another WRTC station. I heard and worked OX8XX on 20M at 19:48Z,
the first Greenland station I've ever worked or even heard. My score doubles
any IARU score I've made since beginning operation with my "invisible" antennas
in this mobile home park in 2002. So with that I'm a happy fella'. Bert, K6CSL.
N1YX   SO Mixed LP   202,2082010-07-11 18:26:09
This is first time I participate in this contest. About 90% S&P. I put more
hours than planned, mostly trying to work WRTC stations and I worked at least
25 of them. Had 9 contacts with NU1AW, missed them on 10m and on 160m SSB,
never heard them. Same with W1AW/8. I wanted to reach 500 Qs and almost did it.
IW1QN   SO SSB LP   403,6202010-07-11 18:57:13
I'm not satisfied, but no possibility to make a good results because in my shack
there was 35° Continuosly and is very difficult to operate with 35° Night and
My score is better of 2008 and I make more Multiplier about 50....
Good opening in 15m to Sud America.
K5ER   SO SSB HP   318,9852010-07-11 19:01:45
One of my favorite contests. In humid Louisiana, we have regular summer
thunderstorms, which seem to coincide with the summer contests. This means we
also have mandatory lightning breaks. Got off just in time to see a strike
across the street, and ended up losing about 2 1/2 hours before storm passed.

Glad to see 10 and 15 slightly up this year, however 20/40 were down. Were
there more "I'm not in the contest" on this year? It seems like I talked to at
least 40-50.

Thanks everyone for the Q's and another fun weekend.

Mark, K5ER
K2PO/7   SO CW LP   123,1682010-07-11 19:10:35
Nothing heard from the R3 competitors until 0230Z. Then found/worked 16 of them
in the next hour (on 20m). I was impressed at how similar their signals were -
kudos to the organizers who apparently succeeded in achieving consistency in

Sure is nice to work Europeans on 20m past midnight from the west coast, for a
change. Now if 10m would just improve...

Rig TS-850, with dipoles at 35.'
W7VJ   M/S HP   962,2972010-07-11 19:39:20
This was Matt's, KQ7W, inaugural contest at the station. He piloted the station
to a super score, with marginal support from me. Matt did an exceptional job
though as an experienced contester I expected as much. He is truly a welcome
addition to our team. Conditions from the Pacific Northwest were quite good,
with very late night openings to EU on 20. We even managed to squeek out some
EU contacts on 15. 40 was also quite good, but 20 CW was indeed the "money"
band. At points we approximated 270 hours in bursts. Our thanks to all who
worked us, and congratulations to the WRTC teams and winners. 73,

K1KI   SO CW HP   2,165,2792010-07-11 19:39:46
Conditions were better than expected, making it a tough choice deciding between
great 20m openings at night and the need to endure the static on the low bands
while they were open to Europe.

Couldn't believe I was still working a few Eu stations on 40m more than three
hours after their sunrise! All in all, lots of fun!

-- Tom/K1KI
KR7X(@K7ZSD)   M/S HP   174,7962010-07-11 19:42:36
Well that was interesting.

This was supposed to be a mixed High Power M/S operation. It ended up as a
phone only 2 operator M/S effort.
The two CW ops were last minute cancels and that kind of set the tone for the

There were several equipment issues at the station and we ended up using 1
radio after some logging software - switching hardware problems so we went old
school for contest. Murphy was on speed dial I think!

Starting this contest at 5am local really sucks for this old guy and the bands
didn't cooperate for the first part of the contest. As a matter of fact they
were fairly lousey for SSB until Saturday night and by then we were burned out
and lost interest in continuing. We were operating to score some points for the
club towards our annual "Traveling Trophy" club competition with Western
Washington, British Columbia and Spokane. We accomplished that and had some fun
and it ended up being a laid back effort.

Highlight of the contest was when we worked Brad, K7ZSD, the station owner,
operating at RM3A Saturday night.

Thanks Brad and Ruth for letting us use the station while you were enjoying
yourselves at the WRTC festivities in Russia. We did clean-up after ourselves
and you really don't notice that the garage caught fire and burnt down! Just

Thanks to all who are in the log and see you all next season.

Ciao and 73

Hank/KR7X and Mark/W7ZB
WX3B   M/S HP   458,9462010-07-11 19:54:25
NOTE: THIS WAS A CHECKLOG, I hope the contest sponsors will consider adding M/2
and M/M entries - as this is a GREAT contest so we decided to run as a M/M and
just turn in a checklog.

K3WI, N8IVN, KB3CS and WX3B came back to WX3B after spending the day at Jack
K4VV's super-station and we operated for about 10 hours.

A great time was had by all, and most of the points were generated by 3 people
(hint: it wasn't me)

Boy was 20 hot hot HOT, it just never closed, Bill K3WI reported working JAs at

75m with all that static (and no RX antenna) still yieled ZL and VK answers to
my CQs, and 40m was a bottomless pit of VKs on SSB. Those 10w novices with the
4 character suffix always surprise me!

Bill K3WI still managed to work a JA in the morning on 15 meters, and we heard
a very readable HS0 but he was only working EUs.

Dennis N8IVN was in his element on 20m SSB enjoying the non-stop action.

Chris KB3CS was working EU off the front, VK/ZL off the back and USA off both
sides of the 40m antenna.

Thanks to all for following me home for round #2.

This is a FUN contest!!


Jim WX3B
K4VV   M/S HP   1,688,8652010-07-11 20:28:50
A big thank you to Mike W0YR for his MANY hours getting K4VV ready for a great
performance, assisting with the food, and acting as general manager and host
for this event.

Thanks also to Jack K4VV and Sharon for sharing this nice hilltop playground
with us.

Chris, KB3CS had a great run of USA and Europe on 10 meters....and it started
with a very loud German HQ station near the start of the contest!

"Z", KU1T has several big runs and the one I noticed was the run of JAs he
picked up on 15m SSB in the late afternoon. This is Z's 3rd "serious"
experience contesting and he's HOOKED!

Dennis, N8IVN handed his 20m pileup with grace and elegance when I was
observing. No much got past Dennis on the bands this past weekend.

Bill K3WI is surgically connected to the radio and he carried the team with his
fantastic rate to Europen, Asia, and even a couple JAs thrown on 15m. Bill also
lit up the K4VV lower 40m antenna (K3LR 4 element at 65+ feet).

Arno, W4AKO visited and talked about his exisiting station as he mingled with
the group.

Norm AI2C was seen for a short period fo tiem: snapping pictures!!

Stephan DJ1RKS, was see running several huge pileups, including the 20m opening
to Europe on Sunday morning. I heard many contacts to Germany made in ....
GERMAN! Stephan also brought is very sweet 5 year old daugter to the radio
building Sunday.

N8II enjoyed the late afternoon/early evening rush on 20m SSB; it was Jeff's
first visit to Jack's new super-station.

AI2C Norm visited and took a lot of nice pictures!

W2XZH Xerxes had has debut into HF amateur radio operating at K4VV. He was a
FAST learner and had a lot of fun. Xerxes was running 40 meter SSB - and he
let us in on a little secret, his experience at K4VV was the FIRST TIME he ever
operated on HF! Welcome to the bands, Xerxes.

Best wishes to everyone for an enjoyable 2nd half of the summer!


Jim WX3B for team K4VV
KX7L   SO CW LP   26,2202010-07-11 20:54:31
Condx pretty crummy here Saturday a.m., 15 opened just a crack, lots of QRN on
20. But after sunset things got better. More HQ stations on than I think I've
ever heard!
YRØR(YO3HKW)   SO SSB HP   383,5262010-07-11 21:06:24
Rig used: Yaesu FT 1000MP Mark V, Heil ProSet Plus, ACOM 1000 (400 W), Optibeam
12-6. Nice contest and very animated. Por propagation for me in 10 m depite of
the antenna and the HamCap predictions!
This year I heard myself few interferences showing big power without good
antenna (or ears) does not do a big deal.
WRTC: I did not look at the postings about these teams, but I could copy them
very well in my QTH (KN34BJ).
If there are any doubts regarding DX spotting it is now the time for the
Russians to pay back the "reaction" versus the previous year cancan (URE vs
DARC). But I hope things will be better next year from many points of views.
Lots of last year contesters did not show up (or I did not find them)
See you next year and thank you for contacting YR0R (operated by YO3HKW).
Best 73s, Calin
W5GAI   SO CW QRP   211,0442010-07-11 21:13:56
Fun contest.
All S&P
10 and 15 lacked nany signals I could work.
40M was easier than any other band with some of the weaker ones, as long as
nobody else was calling them.
All bands were noisy, 20M best band.
20M only band for hearing/working R3xx contestants.
I worked 22 of the 48 R3xx from 03-0430z, only time they were heard.
Skip W5GAI
W6KC   SO Mixed HP   21,4652010-07-11 21:29:14
It was fun working all the HQ station in Europe on 20M late Saturday night.
HA5LZ   SO CW LP   469,1962010-07-11 23:05:20
Hello! Welcome! Great contest!
RUN/SEARCH: 70/704 Qs
BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults Zones
80CW 90 90 216 27 7
40CW 202 202 664 34 20
20CW 356 356 1296 34 28
15CW 103 103 339 13 12
10CW 23 23 63 4 3
Totals 774 774 2578 112 70
Final Score = 469196 points.
Working WRTC stations: 80M 28, 40M 25, 20M 41, 15M 31, 10M 8,
The WX this area is ok, power FT-2K 100w, on 5B-Vertical.
DX 73 AND CUL in the next contest!
HA5LZ, OP: FERI/fefe/.
FO8RZ   SO Mixed HP   111,7862010-07-11 23:14:12
Hello everybody.

Not a lot of free time to be on the radio.
The goal was to give points to TM0HQ and I made a little more QSO to test the
station during contest.
I did not respect rules, so log will be sent as checklog.

Tnx to R1ANP, XU7CVY and OX8XX for calling me on 40.

All the best from Tahiti.


KH6LC   M/S HP   1,139,3162010-07-11 23:29:49
First, many thanks to Lloyd, KH6LC, for letting Al (WT6K) and me (N6DA) play
with his very FB station. Also, thanks to Curt (AH6RE) for getting N1MM to
cooperate and Roby (NH6V)for getting coaxes going to the correct antennas and
station operation info.

0200 local is an ugly time to start a contest! First thing that happened was I
put my bowl of contest munchie nuts at the operating position and went to get a
full mug of coffee. When I returned, Al advised me he had observed one of
Lloyd's two bassets (Ricky)licking nuts out of my munchie bowl.

Spent only 3 hours on 40 and 80, then went to 20 when it opened to W and Eu a
little before sunrise. Ran stations until it looked like 15 might be open, but
could only justify a short time there as our rate took a huge dive. 10 was

We decided, since mults on those bands would be very low, that we would screw
the multipliers and just have fun working a bunch of stations. So, we ran
stations on 20 (maybe 18 hours straight) until the last two hours of the
contest. 20 was great. In the evening, it sounded like it was closing up to Eu
about 8:30 local, but then exploded with Eu's pounding the S-meter. I turned
the beam on Asia and ran familiar JA's just to take a break from the
overwhelming Eu pileup. Finally, we went to 40 for an hour or so with a big
pileup, then to 80 for the last half hour, but only a few takers.

Around 2400Z I also noticed N1MM was not taking zone changes on SSB. We
thought it was just us. Who knows what cr*p went in the log prior to then. I
think it worked alright on CW. We did a work-around by entering the Q, then
doing a Quick Edit and changing the zone, which N1MM took okay from that

Oh, yes. Mid-day, Al took a shift (we took around 2-3 hour shifts, eating or
napping to stay fresh during the off time)and I went to the kitchen to grab a
bite. There was the empty cookie bag on the floor that Ricky had nabbed from
the kitchen counter and had polished off the last ten big contest cookies.
Damn dog, damn dog! He's a basset! He must have used a step-ladder to get up

We didn't have a score that will win anything (winning wasn't our goal.)
We did have a blast (which was our goal) just enjoying (?) the pileups and
working a bunch of stations. Good times.


Don and Al
NH2T(N2NL)   SO CW HP   1,095,6002010-07-11 23:35:39
Some photos of my temporary antenna setup here:

First of all, I want to congratulate the organizers and competitors of
WRTC 2010. Following WRTC 2006, I told my teammate, N6MJ, that I had two
opportunities to compete, and that I would step aside so our mutual close
friend, Chris KL9A, would have a second opportunity to go himself. As a member
of the Coast Guard, It was always highly stressful with the uncertainty whether
or not I could make the trip. I wish I could have gone to Moscow, however my
transfer here to Guam made that an impossibility.
Everyone knows how fantastic of an operator N6MJ is. Chris, KL9A is no
slouch either. I consider him my equal if not a better all-around op. It was
no surprise to the two of them at the top of the leader board.

*long writeup follows*

First of all, it’s great to be back in Guam! This is my third tour on the
island. I was here previously in 1992-1994 (not very radio active then) and
again in 1998-2000 (very radio active). My wife and kids have settled nicely,
and we are living in a great location in Navy housing (the Coast Guard does not
manage any housing here on island). It is located at the northern edge of the
housing area, with a slight negative horizon to North America, Japan, and
Europe. There isn’t any salt water around like my former home in Key West,
but on the flip side, there is quite a bit of open space behind the house.
Better yet – just beyond the fence line about 300 feet to my north is several
hundred acres of scrub jungle, or “boonies” as called by the locals. I hope
to have two 1200ft beverage receive antennas, one for NA and one for EU,
installed in the boonies before the winter DX season starts in the northern
I am required to have permission to install antennas here in Navy housing.
The process should be straight forward, however there are fewer military hams
these days, and those I need to receive permission from have never seen such a
request pass their desk, which makes things more difficult. Permission from
the Navy frequency spectrum manager came quick, however I am having difficulty
receiving permission from the civilian housing manager, who does not want to
approve my request out of personal concerns that I might “mess with” Navy
communications, in her words. She is not an engineer. I expect to eventually
receive approval, however it did not come prior to contest time, so I put up
some antennas temporarily just for the weekend.
I last operated the IARU contest from Guam in 1999, and my 3830 post
referenced “all-night EU runs on 20 and 15m”. What can be more fun than
running pileups of EU all night long? I had not had the opportunity to listen
on the high bands prior to the contest; however KH7XS reported big pileups in
the middle of the night from his QTH. I had big expectations at the start of
the contest, but my hopes were dashed as EU quickly faded at the start and both
15 and 20 shut down completely. The contest started at 10pm local, and I only
made a couple contacts on 20 before having to move to 40.
40 was good at the start, with good runs of JA and west coast USA stations. I
tried out my temporary 80m vertical, and had a nice run of JA stations with some
NA mixed in. Unfortunately, the rate on both bands dried up quickly as the
Japanese hams went to bed. Things got brutal after midnight local time, and I
called CQ for two hours for a net gain of 7 QSOs. I was frustrated immensely,
especially after investing days of work to get antennas put together for this
contest. The early hours of Sunday morning here in Guam were some of the most
frustrating I have experienced as a contester. I eventually gave up trying to
work anyone, and tried unsuccessfully to get a couple hours of sleep.
I was back at the radio by 5AM, but the bands were still junk. 40m had many
loud Europeans, so I found a hole and called CQ. No answers. I went up and
down the band, calling many S9+ HQ stations, and got CQed in the face
repeatedly. The frustration continued.
This contest is entirely different from this part of the world as compared to
Europe or even the East Coast of NA. From here, this was a European QSO party,
with HQ stations running many KW, causing much QRM all over the bands, working
hundreds and thousands of their countrymen. This is great fun if you’re in
Europe or even the East Coast of the USA, but from out here, it sucked. I
could not understand why I could not get any EU callers, especially because I
was the only zone 64 station QRV for the first part of the contest.
Finally, the sun came up, as did the Japanese. 20 and 15m opened up shortly
after. I let the Europeans have fun with their QSO party while I had some
great runs into JA and NA. Signals out of NA were weak on 15, but at least
they were workable. The morning hours mostly made up for the horrible night.

By mid day, some Es had fired up and I worked a few QSOs on 10m, into Japan,
Russia, and China. Signals were good but there was no rate whatsoever. The Es
gave me 10m, but took away 20 with high absorption. I spend a couple very slow
hours on 15m in the afternoon until Europe started coming in. Fortunately, I
had better rate into Europe this time around, including some of the elusive
WRTC competitors I had hoped to work. Signals were almost at the ESP level,
but they were workable for a short time.
Later in the afternoon, I QSYed back to 20 and was surprised by booming loud
NA stations. Why were the bands completely shut down for me at 3AM Local, when
they are booming loud when it’s 3AM there? I believe it’s due to latitude.
At 13 degrees north, I’m much further away from the terminator. Even KH7XS is
further north, closer to sunlight. I think my southerly location is why the
bands shut down for me at night.
It was off to the races on 20m, and later 40 as darkness fell. Big signals,
and big pileups. Loads of fun! Without any sort of end goal for the contest,
I shut down about 90 minutes before the end of the contest, once I had worked
out the pileup. I still had to take down all the antennas and get some sleep
before my first day of work at my new job.
I’m looking forward to making many more thousands of QSOs from here on Guam,
both during and outside of contests. To keep my logs sorted out, I will be QRV
as KH2/N2NL outside of contests, reserving NH2T for contest efforts.
One final comment – it was great to hear so many Chinese stations active! I
worked a bunch of BA and BD stations. This said, for some reason, the B*HQ
stations and those home stations in central China (BA8) seemed to have a very
difficult time copying NH2T. Even though they were loud here, well over S9,
and sending very quickly, I would have to send my call several times, very
slowly, until they stopped CQing in my face and responded. This is nothing but
an observation – but something I found interesting none the less.

73, Dave KH2/N2NL
KØDXC(@K1LZ)   SO CW HP   1,597,4812010-07-12 00:07:29
That was my first ever serious single-op contest. It was also my first time with

There is so much I want to say right now... But I haven't actually slept for
over 48 hours (couldn't sleep the night before the contest), so I'm not really
thinking straight right now, and I have a bad feeling that if I try to type
something up it won't make any sense. Bear with me!

The rate was good for the first 5 hours of the contest. Unfortunately, then a
storm hit the Boston area and completely killed the bands as soon as I started
thinking of at least 2,500 QSOs. For the next 3 hours, all the bands were
literally shut down. Everyone became ESP, and static crashes (I'm talking about
on 20, 15, and 10) took out all the stations. It was ridiculous. Another 3
hours after that and the bands started to get better - the rate shot back up
over 100... But I think it's very pathetic that I didn't even break the 2,000 Q

Overall conditions on the low bands weren't very good, but I didn't care.

I screwed myself by not knowing strategy. I messed up so many times with
propagation that it's not even funny. That was only my second time ever
operating from the true East Coast, but I still should have done better.

K1LZ has a MONSTER signal on the low bands... I had planned on having big
40-160 numbers no matter what the conditions were like. However, I quit paying
attention to the grayline and I completely missed the 160 EU sunrise, AND most
of the 80 meter one!! By the time I went to 160 and 80 it was already daylight
throughout most of Europe! Gracias to IR2C for being my zone 28 on 160... You
were weak, but thanks for the Q.

80 meters was a little bit better. I missed my shot at running, but I was able
to pick up a few more of the mults.

My last major mistake, and this one is unacceptable because it's not just
unique to East Coast propagation, is that I didn't realize 20 would be open all
night long. I had planned on leaving 20 when it "got dark outside" and I was too
busy with the second radio trying to frantically pick up lost mults on 80 / 160
so I didn't actually check back on 14 Mhz. I really just wasn't thinking,
because pole propagation on 20 late at night / early AM is one thing I actually
know in regards to propagation! I wasted 3 or 4 hours CQing on 80 and a
not-very-productive 40 before I realized there were some juicy VK / ZL /
pacific mults to be found back on 20!

Throughout the contest I got many reports of bad keying, clicks, mushy sounds,
etc coming from my run radio.. I figured that the "clicks" couldn't be that
bad, because I had some nice pileups, and the radio I was using WAS A BRAND NEW
FT-5000 DX.... Not even more than a couple months old!!! How could Yaesu's baby
have such a defect?

Anyways, after the contest I got an email from someone with an audio recording
of my keying. Let's just say that after listening to that recording, I am
completely SHOCKED. For the entire 24 hours my running sounded like absolute
crap. Honestly, it pissed me off. The entire exchange was mushed together as
one big "dah", and so was the "test" on my CQ. No offense to Yaesu's latest and
greatest, but I would have thrown that thing straight through the window and
outside onto the street if I knew what it was doing. I can't imagine how much
better my runs would have been if people could have actually copied everything
I was trying to send. The mushed characters probably scared quite a few
would-be QSOs away, too!

I don't know why, but I just couldn't mentally get into this contest. In the
weeks leading up to it I had big expectations, but when the 'test actually
started I just didn't even care anymore. It was like I was really bored with
contesting. I had no desire to operate. Even when the rate was high I was
questioning myself, "Why am I doing this?" I hate to say this, but I just
haven't been enjoying it lately. I've been really successful and winning in the
past because I've always had the perfect mentality. Now I just don't have the
motivation. What's happening? Aren't I too young to retire?

By the way - For all the guys who try to jam me, and come and visit me on
frequency by sending "LID", "YOU SUCK", and "..." (Wait, not going to repeat
the last few because they're "nasty".)... Don't get excited and actually let
yourselves think that you're getting to me, because I think your poorly fisted
(that means most of you can't even send on a paddle worth crap) insults are
more of a joke than anything. But hey, I appreciate the fact that you guys sure
must like to think about me! You're even ALWAYS there when I get on the air
outside of a contest! Which is not too often, so I feel bad that you must waste
a lot of time looking for me.

It was nice to hear life in 10 meters, and W1AW/8 was the one station I got on
all 6 bands.

SO2R was really fun. Everyone told me there was a fairly steep learning curve,
but I didn't have any trouble with it. I don't find copying multiple signals in
different ears difficult I guess. Now I need to get SO2R equipment at my home
station in Ohio so I can hone my skills for the next one.

HUGE thank you to Krassy, K1LZ for letting me use his amazing station. It was a
good learning experience that I'll use in the future. I'm also very grateful
that he even gave me the opportunity to use my own callsign... While I would
have done a lot better using K1LZ, it was a new experience for me to be "LOUD"
with MY call!

Great job to everyone over at WRTC in Moscow. I didn't chase the R3's around,
but quite a few of them called me. Also, great job to the rest of the stations
in the CW only category. There are some nice scores out there.

I hope to hear you in the next one, which will most likely be CQWW SSB and CW
for me. Nah, I really doubt I'll be using my call then!

VY 73!
Cal, K0DXC
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SO CW LP   1,976,4052010-07-12 00:20:26

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's

73 Steve.
YT8A(YU1EA)   SO SSB HP   1,498,7222010-07-12 01:15:27
Next year it would be better!
See you!
YTØZ(YU1ZZ)   SO Mixed HP   2,520,8642010-07-12 01:45:15
Club: West Serbia CC

This year`s IARU contest had some extra appeal due to
the presence of WRTC ( R3 ) stations . I could not afford
to chase them all, but still there are 143 of them in my log
for CW and 64 more on SSB. Total 207 qso with WRTC R3 ,
all 48 stations worked .

Milan,YU1ZZ - YT0Z
DJ7IK   SO CW LP   95,2502010-07-12 01:49:40
Ant.: Windom, 8m high
ED8T(EA8AY)   SO CW HP   901,2082010-07-12 01:58:51
Was a fantastic experience. My spiderbeam do a good job (only 7m up), and I have
a problem at last time and I can olny mount a siple dipole for 40. I can´t work
80, ...
In ten I can work US with very good signals ( I think are my first qso,s in
ten with US)...hope copy in next contest!!
UW1M(UR5MW)   SO CW HP   2,765,0842010-07-12 02:44:33
UX3MZ   SO Mixed HP   500,0962010-07-12 02:47:28
See you in the next contest!
N1IX   SO CW LP   85,7452010-07-12 03:22:28
This seemed to be a really active contest. It was nice to have the SFI up a bit
and ten and fifteen meters open. I was able to get the "last 10" rate up above
200 for a short time on Saturday evening on twenty running low power.
K1RM   SO CW HP   76,0482010-07-12 03:32:11
Didn't spend a lot of time but enjoyed the runs on 15 and 10 meters.
9A/VE3ZIK   SO Mixed LP   564,9612010-07-12 03:36:08
Great Contest! Still able to work 1100+ Q's without 160m antenna and
only with 1/4 GP antennas for each band. I am not satisfied with MTPL
number, 20 less than 2009. despite I worked MIX Category. The second
problem was, I wasted too much time to call some Multis instead to
call CQ :-) 10m was short opened in Saturday and that was the end of
the story for 10m band here. Only 2 QSOs on 10m in Sunday. 20m...
great opening to USA West Coast on Sunday morning on 20m. I enjoyed
several runs (I mean it is real fun to be on 7004 CW with 100W and GP
and be there almost 2 hours). Next year I must have some 160m antenna,
try to catch more MTPL's and HQ's but, contest should be fun and it
is fun. Also, it was very interesting to work all WRTC Teams, and some
scores with 100W and tribander/wires are fantastic. It was interesting
to hear some stations with great signals and some other with weak
signal, same band on same time, especially on 20m. I didn't try to
work all Teams, but R36Y was 6 times into my log. Thanks to my family,
they are great support for me, so today is Monday and time for swimming, no
contest... till IOTA Contest in two weeks from EU-170. :)
See you all in 2011! 73, Zik VE3ZIK, DO7ZZ, YT3ZZ
DK9TN(@DQ4W)   SO Mixed HP   1,838,4052010-07-12 03:40:38
The most important device during this contest was the ventilator inside the
shack. Outside temperature was 36C on Saturday.

Very good activity from WRTC. I was focussing on the contest so I was _not_
chasing the WRTC stations. However, 129 QSOs with them found their way into the
contest log. Most of the stations were equally loud.

First serious SO2R effort. So much still to learn how and when to use it (and
when not to), but great fun and very addictive. Interesting to experience how
long CQ calls are and how this time can be used efficiently.

Best QSO was with KP4KE in the last 15 minutes of the contest: I was trying to
move TF8GX from 20m to 15m (for a new ITU zone). Unfortunately I couldn't hear
TF8GX on 15m, but KP4KE was there and giving me another good mult on 15m. He
said that he was listing to our 20m QSO and moved also to 15m. Thanks Tony!

73 Christoph DK9TN
4O3A(UT5UDX)   SO Mixed HP   3,830,2332010-07-12 04:56:27
Many tnx Ranko to let me use his station.
NI6W(W4EF)   SO Mixed HP   15,0842010-07-12 05:07:59
Rig: Ten-Tec Omni 6+, Drake L-7
Antennas: 80, 40, 20 meter inverted-V's at 35 feet

Finally got to my remote site just after midnite on Sunday morning local time.
Put in just under 3 hours mostly S&P. Twenty sounded good with good signals
from Asia, but it was clear that I got to it too late for the European opening.
I really like this contest. Hopefully I'll have more time for it next year.

73, Mike W4EF (aka NI6W)...........
N4BCD   M/S HP   15,0802010-07-12 05:23:33
The highlight of this contest was having my 16yr old unlicensed son running
stations. He's studying for his tech license but has the HF bug so he'll
probably upgrade quickly. I could see the gleam in his eye as he worked
stations all over the world. He quickly realized that a good rate comes from
running instead of S&P.

EA8CMX(OH2BYS)   SO CW HP   3,149,5622010-07-12 05:39:50
The heavy Wind broke the 40/80/160 Wire Yagis toward Europe, which also burned
the antenna switces and some other Electronics. Fortunately I had reserv Rigs
and Amplifiers to continue and another Pair of Wire Yagis toward US for 40 and
80 and a Dipole for 160. I maybe loosed 1 Hour changing the Setup and a little
Bit in every Band Change while turning every Amphenol by Hands. Had Fun anyway.
Next Year better. Congrtas to Espana for winning the Championship in Footboll.
RA9AE   SO CW HP   1,831,9562010-07-12 05:58:39
Run QSO - 1467
Search QSO - 348
AB1J   SO CW LP   39,6642010-07-12 06:14:33
Before I retired last October I always worked Saturdays. I would take off for
some contests, but never this one, figuring a 24 hour contest in July couldn't
amount to much. But I was wrong; this turned out to be a lot of fun and I'll
be back more seriously next year.

I went to bed from 1 AM to 5:30 AM, local, and missed the all nighter on 20.
Didn't expect that!

I'm glad the HQ problem has been dealt with, because those stations add a lot
of spice to the contest.

All contacts were S&P, which is pretty normal for me. I tried running but
couldn't attract any attention. Generally for my station, I have more luck in
the second half of 48 hour contests when folks are getting desperate for more

Thanks to all for a great time. CU in the NA RTTY QP next weekend. That's when
I become my alter ego Ken. It's not easy being green.

Kermit, AB1J
W6XR   M/S HP   248,9492010-07-12 07:07:43
Great contest. The WRTC stations were all about equal in signal strength and
they seemed to be competitive with other Moscow area stations. Good turnout
and even a positive nod from the sun with 10 meter openings. 80 and 160 were
off the air due to antenna work so I stayed on other bands when the propagation
was good on 80. All in all, an enjoyable contest.


Natan W6XR
Freeville, NY
WE6Z   SO Mixed HP   29,3702010-07-12 08:16:45
IARU Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2010-07-10

CallSign Used : WE6Z
Operator(s) : WE6Z

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : MIXED
Overlay Category : TB-WIRES
Default Exchange : 6
Gridsquare : CM98JS

ARRL Section : SV
Club/Team : Northern California Contest Club
Software : N1MM Logger V10.6.5

Band Mode QSOs Pts Zon HQ
7 LSB 2 4 2 0
14 CW 111 345 10 14
14 USB 68 166 8 15
21 CW 1 1 0 1
21 USB 6 18 3 2
Total Both 188 534 23 32

Score : 29,370

The best conditions for Europe that I have had in a long time. 20 meters was
still open after midnight local time. I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't
able to work any of the WRTC stations. I worked plenty of Ukraine and Russia
but no R## stations. I had some 15 meter RFI issues, so I didn't work much on
that band.
IR5X(IZ5MMB)   SO SSB LP   661,4332010-07-12 08:37:58
VERTICAL 40/80/160
W5KFT(N1XS)   SO CW HP   450,0002010-07-12 08:50:56
S9+ noise on 40/80/160 made the loww bands tough, almost no DX on 40 till
Sunday AM, but a fair JA opening helped. Thanksa to Bryan for the use of the
station, and Robert, K5PI for assistance in getting ready. Nice job by the R3
stations and all the HQ teams.
SP3BJK   SO CW LP   293,4062010-07-12 09:19:37
IC-746 100W, ANT: 80, 40 - G5RV
20, 15, 10 - INV V
K2DSL   M/S LP   58,4802010-07-12 09:25:23
15m and 10m was lousy for me compared to recent contests. 40m and 80m had a
tremendous amount of noise late in the evening (weather?) so phone was rough
while CW was doable.

Only worked about 10 hours before I called it a night so I could wake up for a
hamfest. I also noted a very small EU turnout in my logs. Details at

Thanks and see you Saturday in the NAQP RTTY contest.
VE2BWL   M/S LP   563,4002010-07-12 09:27:10
Thunderstorms were around all day Friday, but passed through overnight and we
had good weather for the contest. Plenty of activity, but sadly the WRTC
stations were never really loud, and we only worked 22. Thanks for all the
QSO's and for a fun weekend.

George W1EBI/Guy VE2BWL
KD7MSC   SO Mixed LP   14,7062010-07-12 09:47:21
Limited effort here. Finally getting settled into our new QTH.
I did better that I thought I would with only a dipole at 15 feet.
Need to start working on a tower and permanent antennas.

73, Sean
K3FIV   SO Mixed LP   95,6132010-07-12 11:08:03
Lots of fun, even with 100 watts and a dipole! Given the state of sunspots and
solar flux, I didn't expect much from this contest, and the early hours were
pretty poor. Signals were very weak, and 100 watts to a wire up only 12 meters
wasn't enough to get very far. Bands didn't seem crowded -- but I think that
was because DX signals just weren't getting to me, except for the "big gun"
superstations. I worked several HQ stations in EU, but didn't hear much else
from that direction.

So I worked all S&P, and since it was an IARU contest I decided to focus on
working other zones. My pattern was to scan the bands and work who was there
at the time, then go do some chores, then try again to see what else had

Rig here is a Flex-3000, and the panadapter is really really useful in S&P.
You can see (literally) stations popping up, and even recognize the signal
pattern which corresponds to a contest CQ. This was especially useful on 15,
which was pretty sparsely populated, except for several SA stations.

I decided to use the opportunity to get some more CW contesting experience.
Bounced around between 20 and 15, heard nothing at all on 10. It was also
disappointing not to hear any JAs which normally appear during our local late
afternoon on 15.

Things got better over the day, and both 40 and 20 were great during the dark
hours. I had expected to run out of stations to work and be able to get to bed
early, but there were plenty of stations especially as propagation switched from
Europe to Asia. So, most of the local dark hours were on 40 and 20, both of
which were frenetic. Also 80, but it was almost deserted even though the
signals that were there were pretty strong - produced some QSOs including one

Biggest surprise was working 9V1/W4LT on 20 CW at about 4AM local time, shortly
after working DU1JI on 20 Phone - he was extremely patient in copying my call
with my puny signal! Good propagation across the Pacific during dark hours.

I heard several strong HQ stations out of China, but they couldn't hear me.
After listening for a while, I noticed that they couldn't seem to hear anyone
else either. Lots of stations were calling, but no one got a response.

I didn't expect to work any of the R3xx WRTC stations. I know what it's like
to work DX with 100 watts, and breaking through to EU from my QTH isn't easy
especially with bad propagation. So LP-LP DX QSOs are pretty difficult,
especially in contests. What was surprising was that I only heard one R3xx.
The QTH here is fortunately pretty quiet (very rural - no industry, 80 km even
to the nearest traffic light, nothing but ocean to the west). So there's
usually very low band noise. I can usually hear lots of DX stations even
though they can't hear me. But it seems that only the HP ones were actually
getting enough signal here (to my dipole of course) to be readable. More

Thanks everyone for the patience to copy my LP signal, and especially the
patience to log me as a zone 6 even though I'm a K3xxx (got my call originally
in PA in 1963).

All in all, a fun time. Even picked up a few new countries!

Point Arena, CA
RC9O(UA9PC)   SO Mixed HP   3,256,3982010-07-12 11:39:13
It was a grate contest! Thank's to all who call me and ansver!!!
VY2LI   SO SSB HP   18,3562010-07-12 11:39:52
Was only able to squeeze in 2hr. on 20M for a few points for MCC.73,Bill
LZ4UU   SO Mixed LP   638,3522010-07-12 11:50:02
Very nice one,main focusing on WRTC stations,total of 213 qso with the guys
Iliya LZ4UU
NA4K   SO CW LP   451,8252010-07-12 12:18:20
Conditions started out poor and kept improving all day.
Worked 36 of the WRTC guys and as said before they all
had the same signal strength. With 20 meters staying open
all night, there were not many on the low bands.

Steve NA4K
LS1D   M/S HP   1,643,6282010-07-12 12:26:05
Thanks to everyone who worked us! Excellent work by the WRTC stations R3! Our
congratulations to the organizers.

Unfortunately we have suffered some power outages so we could not complete the
24 hours, either way we had fun.

CU Next Contest!

The Team LS1D "Six Stars Contest Station"
G3TXF   M/S HP   886,1742010-07-12 12:43:06
Highlight of the weekend was chasing the WRTC R3 stations. Started out doing
this on CW only, but with no propagation on 15m or 10m, I realised too late
that'd I'd never get enough (180) for the tee-shirt. So then worked a few on
SSB on 20m. Got 149 band-mode points with the R3s.

Meanwhile HF conditions seemed pretty ropey in the main IARU Championship
itself with 20m being the main band.

Operated in the "Multi-Op/Single-TX" category. My assistant operator doesn't
have a callsign, but his name is Mr S. Kimmer. He's a useful chap to have
around on CW. But he doesn't help much on SSB though.

73 - Nigel G3TXF
CE4CT   M/S HP   1,477,4762010-07-12 14:34:37
Great Contest with great company, thanks to CE3FZ Pedro for his hard work this
weekeend also many thanks to CE3FG Oscar for visit and the great ASADO ¡ ¡
PY2LSM(@PY2DM)   SO SSB HP   1,120,0902010-07-12 14:36:51
Nice Contest, see you on WAE.
PY2DM Mamiro, thanks for opportunity again.

LP2F(LU1FDU)   SO SSB HP   318,4942010-07-12 14:37:28
Thanks for including LU Contest Group on the Club selection.
See you on 15 meters. LU1FDU Ezequiel
KA1ARB   M/S HP   956,1682010-07-12 14:53:22
I was unexpectedly able to team up with Lee, WB1ADR, for a multi-single effort
this year, and we had a great time. Condx stunk on the low bands, but having
openings on 20m for much of the night was very cool, and we enjoyed working EU
on 15. This was by far my best DX contest effort – it certainly helps having
Lee’s CW prowess at my station. By the end of the weekend, I was actually
able to run at over 20 wpm, but only with the fixed exchange (sorry to all of
you that tried to send me an extra message!)

I used this as my excuse to finish building two-direction beverages for NE/SW
and NW/SE, but the S9+10 noise and high MUF limited our time on those bands, so
the jury is still out on whether I’ve got them working. The catenary for my
40m delta loop to EU came crashing to the ground sometime this spring when a
storm took down half of a tree, so we had one element on the ground, one
element at 10’, and one element at 25’. It still loaded up, though, so we
just went ahead and used it. Our new addition was an 80m vertical with 4
raised radials, and making permanent the “temporary” 160 inverted-L.

We “discovered” just before the contest started that I didn’t have a
keying interface for my computer (I’ve always just sent by hand), so after
gathering some parts, I started the contest 15 minutes late while Lee cooked
one an interface. He was ready by 14Z, and I’m now a convert to computer
keying. It took me a long time to get warmed up S&P on 20m and 15m before
finally having a good run at the end of 13Z hour. We alternated running and
S&P, struggling to get any rate to EU. Finally, around 17Z, Lee decided to
just run the US, and our rate soared to 113 and then 142 in 18Z. Things dipped
for a couple hours until 20Z when things took off to EU with a rates over 100
for 3 of the next four hours. We got so wrapped up enjoying our runs that we
missed out looking south for mults on 10 and 15, but we had fun!

Lee did the heavy lifting for much of the night, but I did have a 4 straight
mults call me on 40m at 09Z: HK6P, E51CG, OC4HQ, and 8N3HQ (SA, OC, SA, and
AS!) I was certainly awake after that! (And so was Lee, after all my

In all, a great time – thanks for all your Q’s.

W1RM   SO CW LP   1,157,7602010-07-12 15:14:17
I did an iron pants session, only getting up long enough for bio breaks. I was
delighted to see 10 open to Europe and it stayed open longer than I thought it

I was making contacts on 20, 15 and 10 for the first 5 hours!

15 came alive and to my complete delight, worked E21EJC and a JA R3 mult around
mid day! That was a shocker. In the early evening I caught a brief opening to
JA so I got both the zone and R3 on 15 (but no HQ).

Conditions on 20 were super - long sustained runs into Europe as long as the
band was open to Eu and loads of Russians. Worked loads of R3 guys too (and
even some on 40 which I didn't think would happen given their limited

I had a few get away - a BY on 20 and VQ90JC on 15 on Saturday but caught him
in the last 10 minutes on Sunday!

I even get my first PY on 160 which was a treat that I hadn't expected.

The bands were quiet until the thunderstorms cam rolling around then 40 and 80
were very bad at night. But, no precip static for which I was greatful.

If it weren't for Europe this would have been a real Zzzzz weekend but they
really made it for me.
K9YC(@KI6NUL)   M/S HP   497,3942010-07-12 15:27:45
I invited Byron, KI6NUL, to come up and hang out during contests, and he
took me up on it for this one. He's one of the new crop of sharp young guys,
many of them from the computer world, who have joined NCCC and gotten serious
at learning CW. I expected him to operate a lot more than he did, so I set up
as Multi/One, which disallows SO2R but allows use of the cluster. As it turns
out, Byron wasn't feeling well and left early, so mostly watched and listened
as I worked CW. He made only three QSOs while I took a dinner break, so this is
essentially a single-op with use of the cluster. It's also nearly all CW -- the
times I ventured to SSB produced few QSOs, so after he left, I stuck to CW.:)

I can't believe the hours I put in on this contest -- N1MM says 21.25
hours. I was up at 3am Saturday to take my XYL to the airport -- she's
at an artists workshop in NC for two weeks -- and got back home in time
to start on 40M at 1300Z. Except for a couple of coffee breaks and that
dinner break, I was on solid until 1106Z (4am local).

I was surprised to be able to work all of the WRTC competitor stations
on 20 CW. They weren't loud, but most were solid copy, and most
heard me on the second or third call unless there was a big pileup.
Never heard them on the other bands.

Ran into a strange bug with N1MM -- something was populating the Zone
entry, about 10% of the time it would be wrong, I would enter what I
heard, and N1MM would save the original wrong entry. In some cases, N1MM
would save the ARRL section in place of the zone after I had made the
zone entry manually. This happened MANY times. Byron is an N1MM user,
and was watching this happen, so I've got a witness. :)

N1MM didn't catch the wrong exchange, because virtually any text string
is legal for the HQ stations and the IARU officials, so it gave me
credit for new multipliers each time it made that error. Luckily I caught the
problem one of the first few times it happened, and fixed it with Quick Edit,
so I think I have a good log.

Conditions were bad on 40 and awful on 80 -- lots of QRN (especially to
the east) and lousy propagation. As a result, there was VERY little
activity on 80M, and I worked only a half dozen of the western-most big
stations on EU on 40M. On the positive side, 15M did open to EU for a
few hours -- not strong, but enough to work several big stations -- and
there was some activity from the Pacific. There was much less activity
from South America than in other contests. Again, only a dozen or so big
stations and another dozen small ones. I was able to S&P effectively on 20M,
but was never able to get a run going. I did get some great runs on 40M.

All in all, a good time, and I was surprised that I could still
function (sort of) after being awake for 25 hours!

73, Jim K9YC
K7ABV   SO Mixed HP   57,3502010-07-12 15:57:08
working with R7 vertical in Judith Basin County, Mt..had fun and conditions were
good ....not much time to operate, but enjoyed the nice conditions
PY2SEX   SO Mixed LP   75,3922010-07-12 16:41:05
Just to be on the air, nothing else... Too much stuffs happening here...

Thanks all for patience to repeat calls, since my QRM (Electric Fence)still

Best Regards..

K5MR(@KC5FU)   M/S HP   1,508,7672010-07-12 18:11:06
This as the multi shake down cruise for the KC5FU station. Usually it's a
single of affair most of the time. Luckily nothing got ruined or burned up
this time, with the exception of the grid current metering circuit in one of
the amplifiers.

Conditions were fair, 20 and 40 meters were the money bands for us.

One other distraction was that we had a Chupacabra sighting.
W1AW/8(MANY)   Headquarters HP   7,310,0722010-07-12 18:53:27
K8DV - 75M SSB - Ops: K8DV, AA8HH. AA8MC, K8CR
N0FW - 160M, 80 CW, 15 SSB - Ops: N0FW, K2KW, K8LEE, KE0A, N9NS, W8QID, W8RHM,
N8AA - 20 CW - Ops: N8AA, K8NZ
N8BJQ - 40 CW, 20 SSB - Ops: N8BJQ, AL7BA, K8NZ
N8NR - 40 SSB, 15 CW, 10 CW - Ops: N8NR, K9JE, K9LA, N9AG

Congratulations to the NU1AW crew. Their score is higher, but they couldn't
have had more fun than we did. We exceeded my expectations by about 50% and we
took advantage of every opening we could find.

The propagation on 10 meters was really flat and the low bands were really
noisy, making copy slow and difficult. The twenty meter CW guys sat on 14010.7
for 23 hours. On 15 meters I learned that there are at least 15 different
levels of S-0 signals, 14 of which are covered up when the 40 meter phone op

Thanks to the League and Dave Sumner for entrusting us to use the W1AW call.
We did all we could do.

Watch for a longer report as soon as we pull together the
pictures and soapbox.

Scott N9AG
PU4MAI   SO SSB LP   202010-07-12 20:40:22
Very Bad Propagation, Operated on only 1 hour and gave up !!!

TRX : Kenwood TS480SAT.
Antenna : Yagi 3 Elements for 10, 15 and 20 Meters.
K2LE(@K2LE/1)   M/S HP   1,383,2762010-07-12 21:21:19
No antenna problems this time, but a lot of time was wasted when the main
computer kept crashing repeatedly.(using 26.k KB dial-up connection) There is
no cable TV, DSL or Wi-Fi available as yet in the woods in VT. By the fall
contest season we should have this corrected.
Worked 38 out of 48 WRTC station without searching for them. The score may not
be impressive, but we had a very good time...

Andy K2LE
N7OU   SO CW LP   2,2402010-07-12 21:34:33
Operated from my car--50w to a whip.
W6XK   M/S HP   6,5542010-07-12 21:41:32
My goal was to support the WRTC gang and work the HQs.
N7ZG(@N7WA)   SO Mixed HP   683,7282010-07-12 22:33:13
Last year we had a nice treat. Openings on 10 as well as 15. We even had a JA
contact on 10m.

This year conditions were pretty good even without the opening on 10. The
band opened to EU in the afternoon. It wasn't a particularly strong opening,
but it was welcome.

20M was open to EU until well after midnight. We had fun digging out the 100
watters for 5 points. Good times.

Now that the cycle is picking up, 40M wasn't as good. We had just a few EU
HQ stations in the log.

The best DX was VQ9 and A61.

Many thanks to Mike and Diane for their hospitality as always.

Looking forward to next year already. ;-)

73, Guy N7ZG
K7ZS   SO Mixed HP   62,1442010-07-12 23:12:02
Only a part time effort obviously. The most fun was working 30 of the WRTC
participants, thinking of what I was missing from that end. Great to see a
quiet K index, providing good conditions to EU, even some 15 meters. 20 meters
had EU signals virtually all day here in Oregon, but come sunset it just erupted
with lots of signals, and very good copy on the WRTC guys, even with their 100
watts and a tribander @ 10 meters! Fantastic.

Hats Off to the WRTC teams the WRTC2010 committee for putting on a truly world
class event, and great to see the spirited competition in this annual sprint.

73 Kevin K7ZS
W3UR   M/S HP   196,8202010-07-13 00:52:14
Only on for a few hours playing around and chasing HQ and WRTC stations.
Managed to work 48 of the 50 WRTC stations. Man were they weak, except for
just after their sunrise on 20 meters.
OK3C(OK2ZC)   SO CW QRP   452,5022010-07-13 01:44:31
nice contest

at night 3 hours sleeping...missed some QSO at 80/40

USA/VE night opening on 20m (local time) was great, easy worked with 5W and 2el
QUAD... 50QSO in 1hour

multipliers less than last year -30 (missed QSO with HQ station....OL, OM, EA

also 10m worts than last year

tnx all for their 5W especialy on 160/80 was certainly very hard to

73 Ludek OK3C (OK2ZC)

see you in IOTA contest
OP5T(ON5UM)   SO CW HP   1,209,3122010-07-13 02:33:26
Had the privilege and opportunity to operate the fine station @ OP4K ( ON4JZ ).
Lotsa QRN all contest on 160 and 80 m . Sorry for the weaker ones ... Trying
hard to find a solution to the city qrm .
Thunderstorms ravaged the Antwerp vicinty in the early evening on saturday and
had me close down the station for a short while .
Allways one of the more enjoyable contests of the year especially if it
coincides with WRTC 2010. Congratulations to all the competitors and the

Thanks Joe for Your hospitality !!!!
Thanks to all those who worked me and to those who called but not made it in
the log .
Look for OP4K next contests.
His station info and much more is on

73 es CU ,

ON5UM / OP5T - Jim
CR3E(CT1BOH)   SO CW HP   3,868,9142010-07-13 02:34:23
This was more of a family vacation the week before than a contest operation.
With my 2 and 4 year old harmonics around to take care I only managed to set
the station up Friday afternoon during 3 hours, and show up on the north cost
of the island Saturday morning to do the contest.

No time to set beverage antennas, and only one monobander on 20 meters were a
relative handicap on the low bands and on 14 Mhz. After sunset on Saturday the
band on 20 was open towards USA/EU/JA, so I had to work extra moving the beam
from one side USA to the other EU/JA constantly.

I had my own 2005 (claimed) world record as a target.
In the end I was even with the 2005 clained record, up 114 QSOs, down 13
mulitpliers and down 50.000 points

Thanks to Madeira Contest Team Group (CT3BD, CT3DL, CT3DZ, CT3EE, CT3EN, CT3IA,
CT3KU, CT3KY) and my wife Lara to put up with my contest activities.

José Nunes
DH4PSG   SO SSB LP   12,9582010-07-13 03:21:27

well, tht's a really summer contest: max. temperature abaout 95 degrees
fahrenheit in my shack. Therefore my participation ist just for fun (really for
fun?). 40m more difficult, 20m working horse, 15m a little better than last
year. The score exceeds the score 2009.
RIG: TS-50S, 100 watts, 2x23m Doublet @ 12m, Logging software: UCXLog,
Tnx es cuagn
73 de Peter, DH4PSG
LA4RT   M/S LP   631,6962010-07-13 03:31:48
K3 at 100 W to dipoles supported by Spiderbeam poles at the summer cottage. 2nd
op was the cluster.
YU5R   M/S HP   1,669,7002010-07-13 04:18:51
Some stations in this category really breaking the rules:
We had very nice fun with new rig in YU1ARC, FT 950 worked nice but we needed
some time to set the rig.
contest was very nice and we colud make maybe 300 qso more,we missed 80 cw.
But always sometnihg :)
Next tim e will be better,thanks everyone,thanks to our host Lui YT3PL/HB9EDB
73 Alex YU6DX & Zik YT1HA

FT 950
AL 800 linear
5 el 28
5 el 21
4 el 14
3 el 7
vertical 80 m
inv vee 160 m
K1FWE   SO CW HP   1,006,4122010-07-13 04:31:52
First more or less serious effort for IARU. Had to be available to the family on
Sunday so didn't do full 24 hr. effort. Goal was to get to 1M points. 20 was
actaully a pleasure. Managed to miss the thunderstorms here.
PT5T   M/S HP   1,706,3962010-07-13 04:40:29
Nice contest + Good Ham fellows = Excellent weekend.

This year, with the WRTC 2010 in Russia, we focused our efforts on working the
largest possible number of participating stations.

Unfortunately, the propagation doesn't helped a lot.

Thanks for all the stations that have contacted us and we apologize to those
who can't work.

Special thanks to Mr. Oms PP5EG for lending his big station on the beautiful
island of Florianopolis - Brazil, home of WRTC 2006.

It's getting better and better, over the time.

73 to all and see you in the next contest.

PT5T gang
W1FJ   SO CW HP   59,7842010-07-13 05:39:33
A few S&P Q's from home, left the K3 at NU1AW, sorry could not be there for the
whole test.
KØDQ(@W4RX)   SO CW HP   1,986,4262010-07-13 08:13:43
First, many thanks to Jim, W4RX,for his trademark gracious hospitality, use of
the station and significant efforts to fix all the ravages of winter on the
mountaintop HF station while simultaneously working to put the VHF side in
shape for the 6 & 2 meter contest this weekend. Thanks also to Terry, W8ZN,
and Craig, N4OHE, for extra effort in getting the big beams rotating and
indicating, including the big 40 rotator finished 20 minutes before the
starting gun.

What a blast. This is the first IARU in which I've made it to the checkered
flag. Two years ago the operator broke and last year some equipment did, so it
was nice to finally finish one. Had considered doing an LP effort, but
conditions the week before bore out the adage that life is too short for LP
(with apologies to K7SS). Strategy wise, I probably spent too much time on the
quantity side (2445 Q's before dupes) and not enough on the quality side. I
simply haven't figured out how to keep track of the HQ mults (part op and part
software). And, candidly, I remembered too late that this was the contest in
which you have operate as if there's no tomorrow, because there ain't. My
instincts to run were too well engrained and an hour harvesting HQ mults would
have been better spent. 160 and 80 (to Europe) were disappointing.

On the plus side, the great prop on 20 and 40 made it really fun. Without the
M/M stations, it was easy to set up on the lower band edge and run forever. I
kept watching the gray line advance well west into the Atlantic while
continuing to work Europeans on 40. IU1HQ and GR2HQ were still audible on 40
at what must have been close to their noon. Surprisingly, I found I'd worked
34 of the WRTC stations, all but two on 20.

In retrospect, I spent most of the prep time - as usual- on computer/software
related issues. Have been looking seriously at making the jump into hyperspace
with a windows-based program, playing with WINTEST, N1MM, and TR4W. In the end,
went with TR4W due to the familiar SO2R capabilities of TRLog and the increasing
difficulty for this old dog of learning new tricks. TR4W worked well enough but
still has some clunky features in SO2R and data entry which need to be brought
into conformity with the DOS version (or the op needs to figure out). Lost a
few contacts and also lost the rhythm several times, but overall a passing
grade. Need to settle soon as my old laptops with LPT ports and DOS are dying

BRAVO ZULU (navalese for well done) to Tom, K1KI, and Dan, K1TO. Dan's
performance especially impressive as (1) from FL and (2) SO1R. I had something
like 180 second radio QSO's but the mult #'s don't show it. K8PO is
establishing a nice presence in my second favorite state, Maine, and K3CR was
smoking in mixed mode - running Europeans on 10 that I couldn't hear. And, on
a naval note, it was nice to work two Naval Academy grads in a row, K0EJ and
classmate K7IA.

All in all a fun contest from this side. Look forward to reading the stories
from WRTC.


Scott, K0DQ
K4CQW   SO Mixed LP   2,0742010-07-13 09:40:13
Sporadic effort over three time slots due to family stuff and alot of my
contacts were mobile CW here in Virginia Beach while waiting for the XYL
shopping at the mall. Still, enjoyed it. Can't do much with 50 watts and a ham
stick but better than nothing.
OHØX(OH2PM)   SO CW HP   2,735,2112010-07-13 09:48:36
The Finnish summer has every year two unforgetable events, the Midsummer night
sun and IARU HF Championship Contest. On top of that we have had during the
last few days highest temperatures since 76 years, almost 34 C.

On Sunday both 15 and ten sounded quite anemic, so did the also the operator
after several days on antenna repair work and station setup.

Congrats to Valery, RD3A, for excellent score and very high multiplier number.
I thought to focus on multipliers but Valery beated me more than 30 mults.

I logged only 136 QSOs with the WRTC out of potentially 240 QSOs. On 15 and 10
there are very few WRTC calls in log despite of several wasted efforts. Somehow
the skip did not match

I'll go back to OH0-land again later this week to continue antenna repair
In January ice and snow storms did considerable damages in several antennas.
Hopefully next year both the station and operator are on better shape.

Thanks to all who contributed and hope see you all in the coming up contest.

Pertti, OH2PM
HB9ARF   SO CW LP   430,4862010-07-13 13:10:48
TS-870 ( 100 Watts )
Antennas: Force 12 C-4s
Butternut HF-9vx vertical
Inverted L

QSO with only 34 WRTC stations

Phil - HB9ARF
WI9WI   SO CW HP   306,0482010-07-13 20:31:01
After operating at home for the last WRTC in 2006 which was held in PY land so I
could watch the World Cup (F vs I)final live, I opted to drive to the cabin and
tape the world cup final(EA vs PA) and watch it after I got back home on
Sunday. The advantages of the northern WI cabin are much better antennas (4 el
at 35 meters (plus others) vs 2 el at 10 meters at home on 20, and 2 el at 33
meters vs a dipole at 8 meters on 40, etc) and 1000 watts at the cabin vs 500
watts at home. Also the cabin is in zone 7 vs zone 8 at home. My main goal was
to work as many of the R3 stations as possible as well as operating at least 12
hours. I thought the bands were OK for the low flux, particularly for the
summer. Fifteen and 10 were open, though 40 and 80 were very noisy from
thunderstorms here in the midwest. Without beverages my QSO total on 40/80
would have been much lower. It became painfully obvious after spending the
first 2 hours S&Ping on 20 for R3s that they would be hard to find. They were
audible but almost uniformly S1 or so, though some became stronger in the late
afternoon. Although I have internet at the cabin, it is a slow dial-up long
distance call, so I have no spotting network which I would have used to find
the R3s if I had had it. I did use it to submit my log to the committee after
the contest was over. In the end I worked only 21 of the 48 R3s, all on 20
meters after a lot of S&P there. I never heard a single one on any of the other
bands. On the other hand there were a ton of other stations from UA, UT and
other former SSR/CIS republics to work which kept things interesting.

Thanks for all the contacts and an interesting day.

Congratulations to Spain on their World Cup victory.


Jim WI9WI living in zone 8 but operating this one from zone 7
K8AZ   M/S HP   1,657,7552010-07-13 20:37:44
Lots of fun with this great summer contest. Wonderful to see 20m open most of
the night. Congratulations to all the great WRTC competitors, and big Kudos to
their hosts, for creating what is now the platinum standard for a level playing
field for this competition.

HG8R(HA8JV)   SO SSB HP   2,050,7202010-07-14 01:09:18
thanks for all callers!
see you on next one!

73 pali
DH7KU(@DLØFU)   SO CW HP   32,8722010-07-14 01:14:26
Equ.: IC751, 500W home brew PA, 3 ele 3 band Hy-gain beam.

During the 4-hour operation I had a great fun of making CT QSO's. Due to
limited time and family QRL I concentrated only on having fun and not on
reaching high score. There were minutes where I made 4 contacts, yet the number
of calling stations could've been even larger. Maybe next year with better ant,
location, and PA I'll try to take part more seriously.

Thanks to all who called me! Here you next year, vy 73 de Csaba / DH7KU, HA7XQ
AA4LR   SO Mixed LP   29,0082010-07-14 05:15:44
Cushcraft A3S/A743 at 15m

Elecraft K2/100 w/ KAT100


Only a limited time to operate Saturday early. Decided to focus mostly on 15m.
Conditions were very interesting -- a bit of a european opening, but not by
much. Several south american stations were a difficult circuit early in the day
-- perhaps because they had an opening to europe.

Most interesting contact was FO8RZ at 1840z. He was very loud on the long path
-- at a time when there were few europeans.

Managed to work two states on phone -- I'm now one state away from the triple
play award.
RK9QWM   M/S HP   1,856,6042010-07-14 05:37:45
Very bad propagation on low bands. Best WRTC organization. We have 251 QSOs with
WRTC calls.
HA8BE   SO CW QRP   599,9802010-07-14 05:42:05
Rig: IC-756, set power: 5W
Ant: Vertical(28m), 8el.Log.Periode, OCF(FD4)
Rx ant: EWE

A competition was good, big activity.
20m a lane was very good for QRP, this was the capital work my area. He managed
to gather in a suitable factor and HQ állomást in all 6 lanes.
-40 QSO/h there was an average
-QRN did not make the radio play harder.
-So a weekend was superb, good entertainment.
-I say thank you the partners' patience and superb QSOs!

73, DX
R3/K5WA(@RM3A)   SO CW HP   571,5362010-07-14 06:05:01
The WRTC2010 organizers made the RM3A Club station available to this competitor
wannabe (me, K5WA) and I had the time of my life hearing what conditions were
like from Moscow(about 50 miles north of the WRTC2010 competitors). Pavel
RU5A, George RN3AC, Leo RA5A, and Alex RN3AW took time from their families to
host my operation of their station. Alex and Pavel even gave me a grand tour
of the roof of the university where all of their BIG antennas were located.
This was a dream of a lifetime to meet such wonderful and enthusiastic
contesters. I only wish I had performed better to match the effort each club
member invested to allow me to get on the air from their club station.

Thank you so much!!

Bob K5WA
N9CM   SO Mixed LP   201,6092010-07-14 08:40:03
Worked 12 different WRTC stations all on 20 CW.
Rig: 1982 Kenwood TS-830S
Antennas: An assortment of tree-supported wire antennas.

Dick, N9CM (ex-K4GKD)
YUØW   M/S LP   299,1312010-07-14 13:45:29
Nice expirience again. This contest realy make me happy. Unfortunaly I dont have
160 and 80m antenna, but I successfully make qso with my HQ team on them. Thanks
guys for good ears, especialy on 160m. I operate with 100W and only one
multiband GP antenna for 40 to 10 m. First evening I catch opening to SA and
make couple LU and PY on 10m. On other bands condition was very good. I also
decide to work with clx and I know, because that I going to m/s category.
Thanks again for patience, see you again. Maybee next time with better setup.
Who knows.

Alex YU0W
IW1FNW   SO Mixed HP   164,4802010-07-14 13:50:59
First time from my QTH also in SSB.

Result is below my expectation (I had in mind to reach at least 500 to 600
QSOs), but considering my set-up with some limitations in SSB and mainly the
lack of an 80m antenna I can be partially satisfied.

Propagation was poor in 40m especially with respect to previous contests this
year (the missing 100 to 200 QSOs are in 40m). Further, in the morning from 6
to 9 all bands were disturbed by the first thunderstorm of this summer after
several days of sky clear!

In any case I worked some new-ones (Australia and Hawai) with very good signals
via LP in 20m in the morning.

CUSHCRAFT A3S (10-15-20) + G5RV (40)
AD7XZ   SO Mixed HP   12,2242010-07-14 15:36:17
That was fun. Thank you all for your patience. Connector problem came loose
causing intermetten receive, I hate it when that happens. hihi 20M was hopping
WØETT   SO Mixed LP   199,5402010-07-14 16:44:29
Great contest! 20m was the place to be in this one and it got better into the

Worked 34 WRTC teams out of the 51 or so. Around midnight here in Colorado,
the louder the WRTC teams became going from S2/3 to 579. They must have had
some low QRN levels as they worked the pileups very well pulling out the weaker
W/VE signals easily. Nice job...impressive ops!

Secondly, congrats to the WRTC administrators who apparently encouraged
everyone in Zone 29 to get active in the contest. It was fun to work more Zone
29 stations than any other EU zone in the test - something that does not usually
happen here in the western US. Thanks to the NA/SA ops who checked 10m, 80m,
and 160m where we could work some zone mults to increase scores.

73 Ken, W0ETT
Parker, CO
Zone 07
W6RFU   M/S HP   180,2712010-07-14 17:00:34
Signals were very weak Saturday until about 2300.

K3 + SB220.
C4SXL @ 130'
dog leg dipole

Ops: AC6T and K6QD
N2GC   SO CW HP   534,5602010-07-14 17:21:59
IC756proIII, AL-1200, fan dipoles @35'

Nice to see 10mtrs open to EU again. Worked 21 WRTC stations on 20 mtrs and all
had identical signal strenghts. Enjoyed watching the live TV from WRTC.
Congradulations to everyone involved in making this WRTC such a huge success.

See you all in the IOTA test.

Mike, N2GC NA-026
VE3AP(LU7DW)   SO SSB HP   1,638,5762010-07-14 19:21:37
All reports sent were 59 04, unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:

Run: Yaesu FT1000D, Alpha 87
S&P: Kenwood TS-950SDX, Alpha 76A

Antennas: Bencher Skyhawk @ 24 m, TH4 1/2 @ 24m ,
40: Cushcraft XM240 @ 26m, 80:Inverted V , 160: T with 8 radiales

Pc: Pentium 166MHz, DOS 6.2, CT 10.04, DVK K1EA, Heil ProSet plus

First al all I want to thanks to Don VE3RM, to give me the chance to operate
IARU from his super station and also thanks to VA3NPL, VA3YOJ and VE3TKN to
came on Saturday afternoon to repair the 160 meter's antenna.

I wanted to operated this contest because of WRTC, as I was Argentina's
team leader in WRTC 2000 (S522R) and Finland (OJ1C), I know the feeling
of this event, and being in the contest, I'm feeling myself like being in
WRTC itself.

We have electrical storm all the Saturday, the very high QRN, really hurt my
score, I couldn't have a run on 80 meter and even 40 was very noise, I need to
ask for a lot of repetition to work my only R3 in 40 SSB, it was R31N (sorry
guys). In total I've worked 23 R3-WRTC's station. It was very nice to run EU in
10 meters again, last time I did it was in 2004 !

Thanks to YV5AJ, YS1YS, LU2AH and XE1LM for changing the band to give me the
multiplier following my request, speaking spanish helps.

See you in next contest

73, Claudio VE3AP-VE2DWA-LU7DW
VE7WEB   SO Mixed LP   113,8862010-07-14 19:29:28
Had a blast! Thanks for all the contacts!!
K7VIT   SO CW LP   11,1342010-07-14 21:44:06
Some computer problems and family activities limited my time. Very nice to see
20 m in such gud shape to Europe including late into evening here in the
Pacific NW. I hope this propagation trend continues.
73, Jerry K7VIT
LW3DC   SO SSB HP   322,8472010-07-15 03:58:35
Nice Contest! I always enjoy it a lot. I had too much noise during the test
that's why it was so hard to get some calls. Sorry guys! I did my best. Tnx to
all and cu soon!
R3/K9GY(@RM3A)   SO CW HP   528,4242010-07-15 06:27:42
A very big thank you to Leo RA5A, Pavel RU5A, George RN3AC, and Alex RN3AW for
making this operation happen.

Operation was at Moscow State Technical University which was established back in 1830.
Written approval in order to enter the campus was needed.

I was a tourist in Moscow before WRTC and was fortunate enough to be able to
operate a first class station during the IARU. This is probably my highest S/O
score in this contest ever.

Initial plans were to do a M/O as RM3A. Bob K5WA suggested that we do two
separate S/O since the two stations had enough antennas that were separate. So
all went fine for the first 3.5 hrs until Bob mentioned he had some difficulty
with QRM between the stations. Therefore we made some changes in order to equal
out the ability to run etc. So although the score is S/O it's somewhat dependent
on what band the other station was on etc.

Funniest moment of the contest was when Pavel said I needed to learn English.
We got good laugh out of that one. I spoke too fast for him at times...guess
that big city fast talking approach came through?

80: 2L Yagi NW (for USA), 2L Yagi E (for VK/JA)
40: Quad, 4L Yagi fixed S/SW
20,15,10: Quad, KT36, 4L SteppIR
FT9000, FT2000
Acom 2000a
OM power amp

I had a wonderful time in Moscow! This was a memorable experience and I will
always remember the great Russian hospitality! Amateur radio contesting has
some very special people.

73, Eric K9GY
EF3A(EA3KU)   SO CW LP   1,636,8722010-07-15 09:09:38
I enjoyed very much on this contest and I love every time more this 24h contest
format . I am improving each year my SO2R skill but really that its very hard.
Is the first time on the last years that I miss the typical wide Eu open Es on
28Mhz. In consequence the Q's on this band is lower than I had expected and on
21 Mhz too. But the final numbers are better than the past year.

Thank you for all the Q's and I hope to meet on the EU HF Contest ... I will
try to be there.

My condx are :

ant's : KT34XA 35ft + AV640 25ft + 270 ft OCF dipole
TX/RX's : IC775DSP + IC765 - 2 x ( full fitted IF INRAD filter's ) - 2 x
roofing filter INRAD -


EA3KU .@ EF3A.

Contesting for more than 30 years ... and still alive :-) .....
VA3JFF/W1   SO Mixed QRP   3,6572010-07-15 18:55:44
Portable operation while camping at Lobstercon QRP Gathering in Brunswick,
E7HQ   Headquarters HP   19,541,7102010-07-16 02:50:29
160 148 390 14 28 948 1.76
80 573 991 26 42 3218 2.06
40 1664 1717 38 54 8659 2.56
20 3232 2137 52 57 19379 3.61
15 932 1263 46 47 7289 3.32
10 402 534 26 36 2442 2.61
TOTAL 6951 7032 202 264 41935 3.00
TOTAL SCORE : 19 541 710

160m CW Prijedor E77DX JN84IX 9A1TT, E70R, E70T, E71DX, E76C,
160m SSB Modrac E77EZ JN94GL E74WN, E73QI, E77EZ
80m CW Mahmutovo Brdo E71A JN93FV E71A , E74JE
80m SSB Prijedor E77DX JN84IX 9A1TT, E70R, E70T, E71DX, E76C,
40m CW Banja Luka E74EBL JN84OS E77E, E73CQ, E74IW
40m SSB Nišići E73M JN94GB E73M, E70YL, E77D
20m CW Skugrić E73W JN94EV E73W, YT9A, YT5T
20m SSB Prijedor E77DX JN84IX 9A1TT, E70R, E70T, E71DX, E76C,
15m CW Konjuh E71GJK JN94GG E70A, E72A, E73WA, E76D, E77ED,
E74VT, Sasa, Zvezdan
15m SSB Smetovi E71EZC JN84XF E73KM, E74A, E74NR, E75O, E77TK
10m CW Čvrsnica E77A JN83SO E73A, E77A
10m SSB Majevica E73W JN94GR E72U, E73O, YT1ZZ

E7HQ award please see

Thanks for the QSOs and looking forward to seeing you in 2011!

73 es best dx
on behalf of E7HQ team and BHCC
E77DX Braco
E77R   SO Mixed LP   116,9602010-07-16 11:41:35
73 E77R
E71DNO(E77R)   SO Mixed LP   8162010-07-16 11:48:20
LY5W   M/S LP   606,9442010-07-17 03:35:27
Worked hard without amplifier and antenna's :)
Only 160/80m antenna's were ready, 40m 2el.MOXON @ 3mH, KLM KT34XA @ 6mH......
Beer's to OX8XX - they heard me daytime on 40m!
After contest found in rules, what I can't spot station's. So M/S this time.
I think in such big contest's must be assisted category too, to had more fun.
73, Sam LY5W
W2/E78WW   SO CW LP   522,2402010-07-17 12:27:25
WA7LNW   SO Mixed LP   27,7242010-07-17 13:48:25
Fun event but only a part time effort from home QTH this year.

73's de Jack, WA7LNW
ZX2B(PY2MNL)   SO SSB HP   1,283,4502010-07-18 11:13:35
Thanks to everyone for the contacts. See all you on the bands.
LYØHQ   Headquarters HP   14,080,5122010-07-19 04:50:03

Tnx for QSOs...

Team members:
160CW - LY2IJ
160SSB - LY2J (Op. LY2J,LY2KZ)
80CW - LY7M
80SSB - LY4OO (op LY4OO,LY2NI)
40CW - LY5R (op. LY5R,LY1CX)
40SSB - LY4A (Op. LY4A,LY2RJ)
20CW - LY1PM (op. LY1PM,LY8O)
20SSB - LY2W (Op. LY2W,LY2DX,LY3X)
15CW - LY5A (op. LY5A,LY4CW,LY2QT)
15SSB - LY2OM (op. LY2OM,LY4Q)

Suport stations:
LY2J - ( Op. LY2J,LY2KZ) - in all bands free time of 160SSB operation.
LY2XW - (op. LY2XW.)

LY0HQ plaque (first worked all of 12 LY0HQ positions) winner is Stasys LY1G
time 20:27 UTC

LY0HQ 2010 photo gallery LINK

Rolandas LY4A / 4L3A
LY0HQ Team Leader
LY4A / 4L3A
skype: rolkaxx
HLØHQ(@D7ØLW)   Headquarters HP   99,9752010-07-19 07:18:58
It was part time operation to serve the multiplier..
W4QN   SO Mixed HP   330,4602010-07-19 08:41:53
Still getting back into the swing of Contesting again, started 2 hours late and
had to take time off in the afternoon, but 20m was the band to be on. Happy to
see the repairs to my antenna seemed to produce good results
K5XA   SO Mixed LP   3,4762010-07-19 11:54:50
Rig: Elecraft K3

Antennas: F12 C31-XR @129', F12 C31-XR @81' (fixed NE), F12 Mag 240N@135',
Fritzel OCF Dipole @40'

Software : N1MM Logger V10.4.0

Because of out of town company and other family commitments, I was only able to
spend about 2 1/2 hours in the contest. Because of my time limits, I did not try
to call CQ or even move off of 20M. But I was able to learn a little more about
the K3/N1MM interface. Sorry that I didn't find any of the WRTC teams!
R3/K5DU   SO CW QRP   1,5752010-07-19 17:13:30
I had a wonderful time at WRTC. I operated during the contest with W5ZL Gary's
little 5 watt QRP rig and a long wire strung out the window of the Atlas Park
Hotel in Domodedovo, Moscow Region, Russia.

It was a privilege to try to work the superb WRTC contestants and the other
operators who heard my puny signal. Thanks to Gary for the rig, K5NA Richard
for bringing me to Domodedovo, and to all who made WRTC 2010 Russia possible.

Susan R3/K5DU
OK2ZI   SO CW LP   1,379,0002010-07-20 10:49:13
FT1000MP, Mikrokeyer II
2. el CUBEX QUAD @15m, 22m ground plane, RX flag
OZ1HQ   Headquarters HP   11,530,5122010-07-21 07:24:33

QSL MGR: OZ1ACB direct or via buro
GM7VSB/P   SO SSB LP   148,8282010-07-21 16:53:52
My first contest entry.

Working portable, and having a great time despite truly awful weather, gale
force winds and torrential rain stopping me from recovering my blown over
antenna for 80m after working GR2HQ for my only contact on 80m early Sunday

I'm Scottish after all, so the weather (whatever it does) just adds to the
CR5HQ   Headquarters HP   11,397,1202010-07-22 02:12:08
Thanks to all for QSOs...

Powered by Win-Test v4.5.2HQ

73's Filipe Lopes CT1ILT
LXØHQ   Headquarters HP   11,262,1602010-07-22 04:18:25
Operators :




15M CW : DF1DX






160M CW / SSB : DF1LON

This was a fielday M/M setup. Nearly all Antennas were only put up for the
contest.Thanks for all the QSOs.

73s de Philippe LX2A / LX7I / LX0HQ /
K9SD   M/S HP   922,7602010-07-22 06:20:02
Thanks, as always, to Sam for hosting everyone. Nice to have Ward, N0AX, join
the group this year.

ICOM 781
Alpha 87A
80 meters --- 4-square & 80' dipole
40 meters --- 2 ele @ 130' & 2 ele @ 50'
20 meters --- 3 stack KT34xa 120/80/40' & 5 ele @ 110'
15 meters --- 3 stack & 5 ele @ 120', 5 ele @ 70'
10 meters --- 3 stack
PS2T(PY2NY)   SO Mixed HP   2,159,4702010-07-24 11:56:38
Thanks to Mr Atilano PY5EG, giving permission to use his PS2T station at
Araraquara, SP - Brasil. Did everything with Acom 2000 / Alpha 91B, and
Yeasu ´s FT2000 / FT 1000-MKV-Field. N1MM Software. No time to use the
second radio like last WPX CW, but good enough to feel 10m opening at my
right ear hi hi hi.

First contact made after half hour !! From 12Z to 00Z = 1580 QSOS, but
after that, conditions gone down. Like every contest, was fantastic to
listen all those good friends around the world, and work WRTC people !!

Much less than 2007, but beat my goal, that was 2.000 QSOs.
Hope to listen everybody next contest. 73 DX Vitor PY2NY
Some information from N1MM statistics:

Max Rates:
2010-07-10 1438Z - 6,0 per minute (01 minute(s)), 360 per hour by PS2T
2010-07-10 1755Z - 4,3 per minute (10 minute(s)), 258 per hour by PS2T
2010-07-10 2013Z - 3,5 per minute (60 minute(s)), 210 per hour by PS2T

PS2T Runs >30 QSOs:
2010-07-10 1227 - 1309Z, 21035 kHz, 61 Qs, 86,3/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 1323 - 1406Z, 21033 kHz, 63 Qs, 88,6/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 1408 - 1501Z, 21240 kHz, 146 Qs, 162,4/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 1502 - 1625Z, 21034 kHz, 187 Qs, 134,9/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 1627 - 1755Z, 21238 kHz, 310 Qs, 210,6/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 1757 - 1837Z, 28483 kHz, 88 Qs, 130,0/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 1839 - 1857Z, 28023 kHz, 37 Qs, 126,6/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 1912 - 2001Z, 21238 kHz, 174 Qs, 211,1/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 2002 - 2018Z, 21035 kHz, 55 Qs, 198,6/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 2021 - 2037Z, 14029 kHz, 33 Qs, 127,9/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 2118 - 2159Z, 14048 kHz, 70 Qs, 103,8/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 2201 - 2218Z, 21264 kHz, 52 Qs, 185,5/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 2219 - 2245Z, 21034 kHz, 68 Qs, 155,7/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 2254 - 2313Z, 14048 kHz, 39 Qs, 123,0/hr PS2T
2010-07-10 2317 - 0031Z, 7035 kHz, 151 Qs, 122,4/hr PS2T
2010-07-11 0046 - 0104Z, 14205 kHz, 47 Qs, 160,4/hr PS2T
2010-07-11 0106 - 0130Z, 14205 kHz, 80 Qs, 197,7/hr PS2T
2010-07-11 0132 - 0215Z, 14024 kHz, 94 Qs, 131,1/hr PS2T
2010-07-11 0435 - 0507Z, 7183 kHz, 52 Qs, 97,8/hr PS2T
2010-07-11 0540 - 0627Z, 7034 kHz, 77 Qs, 98,6/hr PS2T
2010-07-11 0920 - 1008Z, 7033 kHz, 56 Qs, 69,5/hr PS2T
2010-07-11 1133Z - 11:58, 21034 kHz, 34 Qs, 82,3/hr PS2T
N2WQ/VE3   SO CW LP   351,3602010-07-25 05:49:50
Part-time effort experimenting with my new antennas, 4 el @ 95' on 40m and
KT36XA at 110' on 10 through 20m; no antennas for 160 through80 m, but the 4 el
yagi seems to load well on 80m. The Reverse Beacon network seem to indicate
that the antennas play well into EU.

There is so much more antenna work than needs to get done before next year!

Rudy N2WQ
R3/AL1G(@RL3BM)   SO Mixed HP   812,6692010-07-25 10:47:52
Many thanks to RL3BM for letting me use his station for the contest. He and his
wife Galina treated me to a wonderful weekend at their country house -- good
food, good contest and great company!
W7YAQ   SO Mixed LP   3,1502010-07-25 10:56:01
Happy to work 18 WRTC stations during my brief time on air.
S5ØHQ   Headquarters HP   17,054,8952010-07-25 16:05:34
Contest : IARU HF World Championships
Callsign : S50HQ
Mode : MIXED
Category : Multi Operator - Multi Transmitter (MM)
Overlay : Headquarters
Band(s) : All bands (AB)
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... : ZRS
Operating time : 24h00

160 54 318 10 28 624 1.68
80 666 879 20 38 2869 1.86
40 1883 1952 41 55 10443 2.72
20 2688 2158 49 54 18266 3.77
15 899 897 43 45 6074 3.38
10 186 389 17 29 1479 2.57
TOTAL 6376 6593 180 249 39755 3.07
TOTAL SCORE : 17 054 895

Dupes are not included in QSO counts neither avg calculations

S50K, S50XX, S51F, S51FB, S51Z, S51ZO, S52AW, S52EZ, S52X,
S52ZW, S53CL, S53EA, S53F, S53GO, S53ZO, S54W, S55HH, S55M,
S55O, S55Z, S56EX, S56RGA, S56ZAB, S57AJ, S57DX, S57LDR,
S57RW, S57UN, S57Z, S58M, S59MA, S59W, YT4RA

S50HQ - Continents
All bands - All modes
QSOs (with dupes)

! EU ! NA ! SA ! AF ! AS ! OC !
! 64.8% ! 22.6% ! 2.0% ! 0.7% ! 9.4% ! 0.6% !

All bands - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

! Hr ! !
! 12 ! 776 !
! 13 ! 764 !
! 14 ! 664 !
! 15 ! 608 !
! 16 ! 730 !
! 17 ! 777 !
! 18 ! 777 !
! 19 ! 846 !
! 20 ! 876 !
! 21 ! 821 !
! 22 ! 682 !
! 23 ! 646 !
! 00 ! 598 !
! 01 ! 462 !
! 02 ! 402 !
! 03 ! 307 !
! 04 ! 583 !
! 05 ! 453 !
! 06 ! 451 !
! 07 ! 483 !
! 08 ! 472 !
! 09 ! 479 !
! 10 ! 498 !
! 11 ! 379 !
! ! 14534 !

All S50HQ QSL via bureau and LoTW.

S50HQ 2010 log merging by Dan, S50U
Powered by Win-Test 3.21.0
KQ2M   SO Mixed HP   2,045,1982010-07-26 06:01:19
With WRTC approaching, I was very interested in getting on for IARU and working
“the teams”, however there were some major hurdles to overcome – most
notably, a complete lack of working low-band antennas and my Top HG205CA
dangling from its coax at the top of the tower and repeatedly banging into the
other HG205CA’s at 54’ and 82’. After extensive chainsawing to clear the
overgrown trees, I spent two days in the woods in 100 degree heat clearing brush
and then with a slingshot and fishing line (with better aim that I expected) so
that Wednesday before IARU I had a working 3L 40 meter wire beam @ 50’.
Thursday, Mark, K1RX came down from NH and we were able to disassemble most of
the upper 20, bend the elements back into shape and reinstall it at the top of
the tower, no easy feat considering it was dangling upside down, and then had
to go up 50’ vertical feet while being twisted up and around the top set of
star guys! Naturally the coax was shorted so creation of a new phasing line
was Thursday evening’s project. Friday AM the coax line was attached and the
antenna worked! I was too tired to fix the 40 meter 4-square or try to
re-install the 80 meter 4-square or 160 meter inverted L, so I was just going
to have to see what I could do without them. Friday evening I discovered that
when I phased the Upper 20 with either the middle or lower one, the phased pair
dropped 3-4 s-units compared to either antenna alone! Uh-oh. I got a sinking
feeling in the pit of my stomach that when the coax jumper was attached to the
Top 20, it was attached the wrong way, reversing the center conductor and
shield compared to the other two 20 meter antennas.

I got up at 3:30 AM on Saturday and checked the phasing combos again with and
without the top antenna. No doubt – the top antenna feedline was reversed.
At 5 AM I began creating a “double-pigtail” adapter, installed at the
bottom of the tower, to reverse the connections at the top. Fortunately, this
worked and the stacking now sounded “normal”. Too late to do anything
except hook up the rest of the station and get ready.

At 6:30 AM I heard K1RM working G’s on 10!! I listened and, sure enough,
heard them short-path about S3. This was extremely rare – in fact – I
don’t ever recall a direct path opening to Western EU on 10 in July at 1030z!
15 was open as well – also unusual at 1030 Z. I worked a few stations and
then spent the next 30 minutes getting everything working and making some
sandwiches. At 1130z – 7:30 AM, I was ready with my limited SO1R setup (I
have not operated two radios in more than 5 years!) but with a nasty line of
T-storms only about 30 miles away and heading toward me, it didn’t look like
I would be on for long.

10 and 15 were almost dead by 1200z, the start of the contest, and so I went to
20 where I had lots of trouble copying the weak EU stations through the long S9
static kerrrasssssshhhhhhes! If I was an alligator for the first few hours, I
apologize – the T-storm line got to within 5 miles of me and then began to
break up – we got some heavy rain, but just North and just South of me, they
got the fireworks. I was very lucky! As the rain died down and the storm
slowly moved on, the static died down a bit and it became a little easier to
copy stations. The JA’s were louder than the EU stations, but almost none
called in. The rate was disappointing on 20 so at about 1220z, I went to 15
and it quickly began to look like the German spotting clusters found me as I
started to work streams of DL stations! With cndx picking back up a little bit
I went to SSB with good rate but “ESP weak” stations and then I qsy’ed to
10 at 1330z where 10 had re-opened back to EU shortpath! In all the years I
have operated this contest since the 1976 – Bicentennial Celebration- which
was the forerunner of the IARU Radiosport (which started in 1977), I cannot
ever recall a single direct path morning EU opening on 10 in IARU! I quickly
worked about 50-60 stations and the opening closed, so it was back to 15 SSB
which was open decently to EU by now.

For those not familiar with IARU Radiosport contest, operating Mixed mode is
the ULTIMATE SPRINT! You have 24 hours to work everything on both modes on 6
bands, and for some bands like 10 and 15, that means you have only one
“shot” to work everything – Saturday afternoon, or in the case of 40 and
80, only a few hours on Saturday evening. Question: How can you be in two or
three places at once? Answer: You need more than 1 radio so that you can run
on one band and tune all the other bands and sub-bands to pick up those mults
that you will not hear again! I used only one radio, so that meant that I had
to leave the run freq. every time I wanted to explore the other mode or another
band; a HUGE disadvantage, especially when it turns out that you should have
stayed where you were! Operating with one radio also means no mult passing to
another band/mode unless that is where you are going to stay after you qsy!

15 SSB was good with 150+ hour rates but I had to try 10 again and so a quick
qsy to 10 @ 1430 and then back to 15 cw @ 1440z with mediocre cndx, but then
around 15z I was quickly called by JA1TRC, UA9JLL and E21EIC followed a little
later by HS0ZEE, all with good sigs and louder than the EU stations, which were
still mostly S3 or less. At 16z, I realized that while the rates were good,
there were far too many mults that I was not working and might not hear again,
so a quick sweep through 15 CW and SSB 10 mults and 20 q’s in 20 minutes.
Then it was off to 20 at 1640z – oops – too early, back to 15 cw, up to 20
SSB and then back to 15 cw at 1715z with mediocre rates. EU was weak on 15 and
20 and stateside was no better as the mid-day absorption was too high. Finally
@ 1730z, 20 began to come alive and I ran well until 19z when it was time for
SSB. Well…. not exactly, EU sigs were still too weak and it was clear that
most of the EU stations were beaming at each other as I could hear them running
each other all over the SSB band and they were not yet listening for US! I
searched and pounced for the HQ stations alternating between 20 CW and SSB and
occasionally checking 15 where I heard the same loud G stations but nothing
else. Finally at 20z, 20 SSB began to roll, but again, not so well. Back to
cw @ 2045z and it was “off to the races”. Apparently, there was so much
interest in EU to work the WRTC stations, that the EU stations were
predominantly staying on cw and ignoring SSB! Every time I qsy’ed from SSB to
cw, my rates picked up! AMAZING!

21z was a blur of high speed cw and I was having a blast! Finally with signals
getting strong, I made my 4th attempt to run on 20 SSB, and THIS time, I had
rate! At 2315z I qsy’ed to 15 for a three minute sweep of the cw band hoping
for a JA and some Pacific, heard a few EU stations STILL! And then back to 20
SSB where rate stayed at 150/hr! I left a wide open 20 SSB at 00z because
there was very little time left for 40 meters – and this time I started by
working the mults first, instead of running. I snagged 25 mults in 20 minutes,
found a run freq. at 0025z and the wire beam, worked with 150/hr rate until
0140z when EU began to fade and I quickly tried 40 SSB. I had decent rate for
20 minutes then back to 40 cw for alternate running and s & p and then a solid
run for the next hr @ 135+.

At 03z it was time to change bands again (remember no 2nd radio), found a ZL on
15 and then went to 20 SSB which was WIDE OPEN into Russia! What an amazing
run of Russian SSB stations for the next 45 minutes, and then at 04z, back to
20 CW for another hour of Russia, US, VK/ZL and some EU. As the band quieted
and the rate died, I quickly tried to find all the WRTC stations I could.
Although I never had any serious thoughts of being able to find all 48 stations
while operating Unassisted, the WRTC checklist was beginning to fill up rapidly
as they called in and I found other stations that I had not yet worked. It was
especially interesting to note the number of times that 4 or 5 of the WRTC
stations would call in within a 5-7 minute period as though cndx had changed
over there and simultaneously the ops were making the decision to s & p rather
than run. I was pleasantly surprised to hear how similar in strength most of
the stations were and I give lots of kudos to the WRTC committee for
“leveling the playing field” with station locations!

At 05z I s & p’d some more Pacific and EU stations but 20 was almost dead.
Now was the time to turn the top 20 West and see if I could run the US –
which I had been avoiding for the previous 17 hours! Sure enough, I quickly
got some good rate going to the Central and Western US, but the signals were
weak and the static crashes were gobbling up the stations. VK activity was
good and they were louder than the US! I ran for the next hour until 06z when
I went back to 40 cw. Surprisingly 40 was still open to EU, but it was spotty
and I did not have the low-angle signal I needed to run. Since I had nothing
other than a wire beam fixed on EU, there was little for me to do on 40 with EU
sunrise having taken place hours before and signals fading out. If you were in
Europe, there was no good reason to stay on the low bands, 20 and 15 were the
places to be. Since I had no 80 and 160 meter antennas, I was done until 20
opened again. Without the necessary low-band antennas, I knew that I had given
up an easy 50+ mults on 40-160 and probably 400-500 q’s, but that’s life. I
was just happy to be on at all. I went to sleep at 0645z and set my alarm
clock for 0930z.

My goal became breaking 2.0 meg Unassisted with limited operating time and only
3 hours on 40.

At 0940z I was back in the shack and 20 was just AMAZING! Although the signals
were modest – 539 – 559, the band was WIDE OPEN and everyone was pointing
there antennas at the US. There was no time to put up the coffee, it was run
as fast as possible – with the rate meter climbing into the 250+ range on 20
CW! There were a few 5 q minutes and even a 6 qso minute on cw! Shortly after
10z, BD4SX called in for zone 44, then RA0JBL in z33. A brief attempt to run
on 20 SSB was a flop and cost me a great run freq, whereupon I qsy’ed to 40
cw. Since I had not worked anyone West on that band, I knew that there had to
be a few mults – amazingly enough I worked FO8RZ, KH6MB and ZM2B in zones 63,
61 and 60 in the next 5 minutes with the EU wire beam! A quick check showed 15
almost dead, so back to 20 cw for 15 minutes and then over to 20 SSB to try to
catch the remaining WRTC stations. I found a few, and now I was missing only
R37U, who I never did find. I would have to be happy with working 47 out of
the 48 WRTC stations. Back to 20 cw where KG6DX found me from zone 64,
followed by UA0IT z24 and DV5PO z50 in the next 5 minutes and then UA0ZS z35 a
little later. I almost made the “clean sweep” of Russian Asiatic zones,
but I missed one or two. I thought that I could run out the clock on 20, but
at 1150z I hit a wall and the run stopped dead. Nothing to lose but try 15 –
as soon as I hit the band switch I found a LOUD VQ90JC in z41 and then 8N3HQ @
1159z JARL. RC9O heard me from z21 but no q. W1NG was my last qso at 1159z.

Before UBN’s I had 2,495 q’s 9,557 points 3.83pts/q 100 zones and 114
HQ stations for an UNassisted SO1R SOAB Mixed HP score of 2,045,198 in 20.7
hours. 2495 x 214 = 2,045,198

I was extremely pleased with my score in 20.7 hours using only one radio with
only 3 hrs spent on 40 with a wire beam and no 80 or 160!

There was no doubt in my mind that activity was pumped up by the WRTC stations
and EU stations getting to work them as well as the generally quiet geomagnetic
cndx. 20 was open all night, no doubt hurting activity on 40 – 160. 15 was
better than I could have hoped for at the bottom of the cycle and 10 was a
complete surprise.

I was completely blown away by the fact that almost every time I went to SSB
from cw, my rate DROPPED! While part of that was the fact that signals were
down since the band openings were marginal to EU as a result of the low solar
flux at the bottom of the cycle, it was mostly because the EU and Russian
stations were working each other and the WRTC stations in a cw “feeding
frenzy”. The cw activity was SENSATIONAL!

I find it ironic than in Europe, there is more cw activity than ever, while in
the US it is the opposite; where cw activity is in decline and there is more
SSB activity than ever. Since I love cw, I am very happy to see all the
additional cw activity.

Special thanks to the WRTC2010 committee for their amazing work to make this a
fabulous WRTC competition, and thanks to the great WRTC ops for showing the
world how to operate a contest and excel on both cw and SSB. It was a pleasure
to listen to them operate, especially to hear their proficiency on cw. I rarely
had to give my call more than once on cw – they copied it the first time! I
also enjoyed the fact that most of them quickly turned up the cw speed when
they answered me – trying to save a few fractions of a second of time by
sending faster to someone they knew who could copy a fast exchange.

I enjoyed this IARU contest as much as any over the years. The 24 hour
“Sprint” format means that every SECOND counts since you only get one
chance at most of the band openings and many of the mults. The night-time
Summer cndx means that you get an opportunity to work stations on the other
side of the globe that you rarely hear in the Winter. Of course, what I love
most about IARU is the fact that you get to work EVERYONE, on BOTH modes in the
same contest!!! It just doesn’t get any better than that!
Thanks for all the q’s and the memories!

Bob KQ2M

BREAKDOWN QSO/mults KQ2M IARU HF Championship Single Operator

HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

12 ..... ..... ..... 49/12 113/11 ..... 162/23 162/23
13 . . . . 117/5 49/13 166/18 328/41
14 . . . . 129/11 25/2 154/13 482/54
15 . . . . 128/7 10/1 138/8 620/62
16 . . . 38/6 55/20 1/0 94/26 714/88
17 . . . 72/13 13/1 . 85/14 799/102
18 . . . 143/6 . . 143/6 942/108
19 . . . 72/14 . . 72/14 1014/122
20 ..... ..... ..... 110/2 1/1 ..... 111/3 1125/125
21 . . . 128/2 . . 128/2 1253/127
22 . . . 153/6 . . 153/6 1406/133
23 . . . 129/6 9/2 . 138/8 1544/141
0 . . 108/30 . . . 108/30 1652/171
1 . . 130/7 . . . 130/7 1782/178
2 . . 100/7 . . . 100/7 1882/185
3 . . 17/0 112/4 2/1 . 131/5 2013/190
4 ..... ..... ..... 83/8 ..... ..... 83/8 2096/198
5 . . . 115/2 . . 115/2 2211/200
6 . . 14/1 13/1 . . 27/2 2238/202
7 . . . . . . . 2238/202
8 . . . . . . . 2238/202
9 . . . 48/1 . . 48/1 2286/203
10 . . 6/3 70/2 1/0 . 77/5 2363/208
11 . . . 126/4 6/2 . 132/6 2495/214
12 ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 2495/214
DAY1 . . 375/48 1461/89 574/61 85/16 . 2495/214
TOT . . 375/48 1461/89 574/61 85/16 . 2495/214
IR4E(IK4ZHH)   SO Mixed HP   566,1682010-07-26 10:52:14
FT1000 FIELD + 922 + KLM KT34A + HF2V + DIPOLE and temperature in the room about
34°c :) cu next Filippo
YRØHQ   Headquarters HP   10,666,4082010-07-26 12:06:42
Thanks everybody for calling us and see you next year! YR0HQ team
YTØHQ   Headquarters HP   13,300,0002010-07-27 11:11:57
1.8 CW YT5Z, YU7KC

3.5 CW YT4T, YU2M


14.0 CW YU7CM, YT7BB, YU3DX, Tibi-YU7JDE
14.0 SSB YU1DW, YU8A

21.0 CW YU1KX, YT1AA

28.0 CW YU7AR, Z36W, Z35X, YT7KF
HA3DX   SO SSB LP   1,067,8502010-07-28 13:13:57
Rig : FT1000/FT950
5el Monobander for 14-21-28 MHz Single Quad for 1,8-3,8-7MHz

After only a 3,5 hours of operation my FT1000 went wrong because of the hot
There was 36 Celsius in the shack. Continoued with an FT950
(It is good to have more than one transceiver sometimes)

But anyway the contest was a great fun.
IU1HQ   Headquarters HP   21,036,7802010-07-29 03:59:24
NOTE: the call IU1HQ is just to input datas into the web-form.

ARI's IUxHQ has been active with these stations:


Our best thanks to all stations who worked our IUxHQ stations
and, again, to Win-Test's crew for the availability of their
logging software.

ARI's IUxHQ Team Leader
EA8BQM   SO Mixed LP   61,0722010-07-30 09:22:11
Wow!, funny and learning IARU HF Contest.
73 All de Toni EA8BQM
9AØHQ   Headquarters HP   18,034,7042010-08-04 01:38:35
Too many last minute changes this year.
Congrats to all HQ's for great competition as always.
LZ9W   M/S HP   2,273,8522010-08-04 22:46:32
A group of OK hams made a visit to the famous LZ9W clubstation for 2010 IARU

Many things turned out to be different than initially planned, however it
became a great experience and wonderful trip for all participants.
Initially, when we discussed the arrangement of our stay with Krassy LZ1ZD and
Wally LZ2CJ, up to five operators were supposed to do the trip and run with a
car (specially prepared for this occasion) to Breznik in the middle of the week
prior the contest. One of them early had to cancel this trip due to health
problems, the other one realized just few days prior departure that his son is
going to be graduated, so he is supposed to stay at home for the celebration
and he would fly to Sofia later on Friday, just before the contest weekend, to
join the rest of the group.
When OK1XQ realized on Wednesday morning that his car workshop was subject to a
robbery and he had to stay at home as well, we left just two with Pavel OK4PA,
with no car ready, no plans and just a little of courage. But since both of us
desperately needed some rest from our daily work and we both were looking for
some change, decision was clear: let's go!
The trend was already set, so it was not surprise our way to Breznik was full
of unforgettable moments: my car failed on the highway when I was moving my
things to Pavel's QTH, one truck almost smashed us on the highway just when we
left the home, we hit a sign someone intentionaly put in the middle of the
road, we were fighting with the GPS navigation which stucked from time to time
and as a result we also made unplanned trip through Budapest, we perfectly
chosen always the slowest queue on the border crossing etc. Finally, after some
1200+ km and 20+ hours, sleepy and tired, we reached the town of Breznik and
Bardoto hotel, thanks to tremendous antenna systems of LZ9W, which are clearly
visible from a long distance.

Then the rest of the story was just simple - we enjoyed the great and warm
hospitality from our hosts at both LZ9W station and Bardoto hotel. On Friday,
we met with many of LZ9W members, who spent hours and hours to prepare
everything on their super station for our try in IARU contest. At the end, the
full M/M setup (6 operating positions) of LZ9W was ready for us so we could
play our "round-robin" game to enjoy the contest from other part of the world
and with antenna systems, we have never used before.
I'm affraid our hosts must be a little bit dissapointed with our final score,
which definitely doesn't reflect the potential of this station. We have tried
our best to get some high score, but obviously made many mistakes in tactics,
so we lost many of easy multipliers and the total number of Q's is probably
also lower than it should be. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed the contest and the
whole stay at LZ9W. Again, our big thanks to Wally, Krassy and the whole LZ9W
team for all their hospitality and help; we really like their approach to

This was my first visit to Bulgaria, and I believe it was not the last one.

A71A(@A71BX/EM)   Headquarters HP   7,033,1042010-08-06 02:44:52
QARS on the air again!

This year the group staffed two stations about 1km apart. There was no network
connection between them. A71BX converted his SO2R station into multi-op with
two stations on the air for Phone. A71EM set up both his stations for CW but
with no filtering, only one was on at a time. Ended up with a pretty good
balance between the modes and a lot of improvement in operating.

Condx were good, lots of NA in the log this year, but low bands were not
productive due to local noise. Too hot to put up the temporary beverage!

73 to all!
JA1TRC   Headquarters HP   725,0882010-08-09 07:00:16
This was my second time to participate in the IARU HF World Championship and it
was my great pleasure to provide 'R3' multi to 1000+ stations again this year.
Thanks for the QSOs made, and many thanks for your call that I might have
missed. Hope to see/work you all next year again! 73, Jay JA1TRC
RM5A   M/S HP   982,7372010-08-09 20:19:33
What a great time! Many thanks to Igor, RD3BW for hosting us for the IARU
contest during our travel to Russia for the WRTC. Also to Valery, RA3AJ, for
driving my wife Ruth, Brad K7ZSD, Natalie F5CDE, and the young Victoria SV2KBS,
from the WRTC site to the Dacha of Igor 150 km distance. We split the operating
between all of us with Valery, Sergey, and Victoria on CW, and Natalie and me
on SSB. We had a great station with several beams, a couple of amps, and a K3
all in a beautiful pine cottage in rural Russia. With only one operator at a
time, we had great conversation, food, and drink. A fun time had by all. After
the contest on Sunday, Igor and friends put on a delicious Russian barbeque
dinner with all the trimmings.

Thank you again for the Russian hospitality and generosity. Our time together
was just great fun, lots of laughing, good contest talk, some Russian drink,
and yes, some operating.

Brad R3/K7ZSD
TMØHQ   Headquarters HP   22,532,8502010-08-11 02:45:49
Operators: F1ADG, F1AKK, F1BLQ, F1CXX, F1HAR, F1UVN, F2DX, F3CW, F4AJS, F4CIB,

Conditions on 10m and on the lower bands (80m and 160m) were pretty bad this
year. We also had some problems on 15m SSB. However, our score in 2010 should
allow us this year to enter the lead pack.

We always take part in this international competition with great pleasure. In
France, gathering more than 50 operators into one national team is already a
feat! Thank you to everyone who called us, and see you in July 2011.

More info and photos on


F2DX and F6FVY
Team leaders 2010
OE1A   Headquarters HP   12,999,4202010-08-15 12:47:18

Thank you for calling us and thanks to all stations who did QSY to another band
and/or mode for a new multiplier.