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RAC Canada Day Contest   2014   Jul 1   Comment Summary

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W1UJ   M/S LP   38,5702014-07-01 17:05:52
Fun relaxing contest, Work interrupted any day operation here.
Worked first few and last few hours.

A very happy Canada Day!


Band QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 2 12 1
7 85 550 10
14 90 568 11
21 30 198 7
28 1 2 0
Total 208 1330 29
Score: 38,570
VE9AA   SOAB/CW HP   32,1002014-07-01 17:07:06
An hour @ the opening bell. An hour in the middle and a couple hours scattered
around towards the end.
Sure hard to drum up business on a Tuesday night ! ! ! I don't know why the
contest is held like this. It's brutal. Put it on the closest w/e to July 1rst
already and get out of the dark ages. Yes, it's Canada Day. I get it, but not
many around.
CQ'd my face off on 6m and 10m even though dozens of beacons heard almost all
of Sunday continuously. Again, hard to attrtact attention on a week night.
RAC, are you listening?

73 de Mike, VE9AA....ZS6BKW @ 30' ~500w, N1MM
NA8V   SOAB/CW LP   44,0882014-07-01 17:08:44
Decent activity considering it was mid-week.
Got a late start (0430z).
Condx not bad.

VA3GKO   SOAB LP   76,4442014-07-01 17:12:58
Miss the m/2 operation this year so a single operation was it. Seemed the
activity was down this year but still had fun. See you all in the winter
contest. Greg va3gko.
VE3CV   SOAB LP   53,2002014-07-01 17:15:45
Just got my shack put back together following our Field Day event here and
tested out the 50ft new tower and 80m delta loop and hexbeam, repaired
following the ice storm of Dec 22/23 2013. All worked well and the RAC was a
good time to try out all bands. Still have to put up the 80m doublet for 160m.
Thanks for the Qs and all the Canada Day greetings! 73 Jeff VE3CV
K6GHA   SOSB/20 LP   9,5582014-07-01 17:21:27
A fun time, but 20m wasn't very happy. A lot of QRN, but I only had a little
time to play anyway. Looking forward to it next year.
VA7FC   M/S LP   54,6002014-07-01 17:32:02

W1WMU(W5WMU)   SOAB HP   76,2282014-07-01 17:41:01
Activity was down as measured against December contest...had fun. no 80 ant..
KG4V(N1EN)   M/S LP   6,4802014-07-01 17:49:59
Work obligations limited operating time to one pass before bed Monday night, a
couple of coffee breaks during the day, and a bit of play right at the end. My
last contact wasn't in the contest, just someone who dropped in for a nice 20
minute ragchew. A nice reward for one of those rare times I actually attempt

The family club call changed on Friday in anticipation of an eventual move to
4-land; this was the first time really taking it out for a spin. The phonetics
might not be quite as fun as the prior club call, but the CW rhythm is much
N4PN   SOAB HP   487,2962014-07-01 18:05:44
Lots of fun...plenty of activity with all the stations workable
outside of Canada....PLUS great activity from VE...
Thanks to all who played radio on "Canada Day."
Enjoyed playing with new toy - FT5000DXMP
73, Paul, N4PN
VE3TW   SOAB HP   29,9862014-07-01 18:20:41
This was a mainly a casual effort from the cottage with the 7 year old grandson
pushing the F-keys for the code while the 11 year old did most of the fone.
Happy Canada Day to all!
K4BAI   SOAB HP   116,9282014-07-01 18:26:12
FT1000MP, Alpha 91b, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Always enjoy the RAC
contests. Thanks for all QSOs and Happy Independence Day to all Canadians.
73, John, K4BAI.
N6RO   SOSB/40 HP   16,9402014-07-01 18:28:23
40m was noisy but fairly active. Only two maritime mults, no great white north.
Happy Holiday!
VA3PAW   SOSB/20 QRP   2,1242014-07-01 18:51:24
Operated portable QRP 5W from a park (FT817 with a dipole)
W6SX   M/S HP   22,5962014-07-01 19:35:51
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM.
VA7ST   SOAB/CW HP   71,0402014-07-01 19:44:33
Ouch. An M-class flare plus a Tuesday running equalled a very slow second 12
hours. Things were red hot out of the gate on 20M, and that helped propel the
score to a second-best-ever (2009 was better).

Without the good start, this would have been a lousy outing as high numbers for
flaring activity, aurora and A-index meant the high bands weren't strong and the
low bands were terrible.

Thanks to Gabor VE7JH for moving me from 40M to 80M and 160M on Sunday morning
for my only BC mults on those bands (and only mult on 160M). Better check that
the vertical array hasn't fallen apart.

Thanks also to VY1RAC for the lovely surprise call on 15M, and the VO1s (HP,
RAC and UL) on 20M. Sorry to miss you on the other bands.

RAC, please do away with the 6M and 2M VHF bands in this event. They give
home-province mults free for the taking, but only if you're near a metro area
or on the vast unbroken prairie. Not very do-able from the remote depths of a
British Columbia valley. I'll wager that throughout the history of this
contest, most who claim those mults never work more than a few line-of-sight Qs
to get an extra pair of home-province mults. What a curiously skewed feature for
an event celebrating a country as geographically diverse as this. Let's dump the
locals-only benefit and make this an HF contest so we can all be in the same

Unless I get the 12-element 2M yagi in the air. Then never mind.

Thank you to all who jumped in for a few Qs, and those who were in for the long
haul. Nice to work quite a few JA and European ops when 20M and 15M were

Happy Canada Day to all the Canucks. Looking forward to DL-DX RTTY this
weekend, then IARU HF World Championship and WRTC the following weekend.

Also looking forward to the Pacific Northwest DX Convention later this month.

-- Bud VA7ST

2013: 493 30 71,040 HP
2013: 467 28 61,432 HP
2012: 523 25 53,900 HP
2011: 346 26 46,748 HP
2010: 292 17 22,576 HP
2009: 475 30 72,720 HP
2008: 306 29 47,908 HP
2007: 612 25 61,750 HP
2006: 445 23 45,218
2005: 167 16 12,800
2004: 160 15 13,800
2003: 126 23 19,642
VE7JH(@VE7UF)   SOAB/CW HP   218,0402014-07-01 20:15:58
Thanks to Duane, VE7UF, for hosting me at his Multi/Multi contest station once
again. The station performed flawlessly and it sure has its advantages when all
that's involved in a QSY is to slide the chair 5 feet.

My usual 6m/2m QSO partner was not available and since the new rules prohibit a
guest op working the host for credit I thought I'd be without my 2 VHF
multipliers. Luckily the disturbance opened 6m and I caught VA7FC CQ-ing on 6m
for the VHF contacts.

Activity on the low bands was poor, all my 160m QSOs were QSY's. I worked VA2WA
so conditions were not that bad. I think 20m and 15m being wide open just
thinned out the 160/80 activity.

I watched 10m closely and caught a short opening to VE5 and Western VE3 and
then to VY1RAC.

Great activity from the USA and there seemed to be an endless supply of
Europeans as well which is not an every day occurence here on the West Coast.
There were all sorts of exotic DX jumping in for a few contacts too.

The RAC stations were in abundance, I logged 25 contacts with them as opposed
to 20 last year.

Of my 1021 contacts 306 were Canadian and 455 from the U.S.

There were very few periods of no action, looking back, I averaged over 40 QSOs
per hour, just shows the steadily increasing activity for this contest.

Thanks to all who called and the organizers for running the show!

Gabor, VE7JH
VA7KO   SOAB/CW LP   72,7982014-07-01 22:38:56
Started contest late June 30 night due to a family birthday party. But activity
was sparse, so I went to bed with the intention of having more fun on
Canada’s birthday. My favorite 10m seems to have taken a day off.
My thanks to EU OPs for patience with call and numbers. EU-Qs were really tough
for me this time. Also, many thanks to all the stations in my log. Happy Canada
Day to my fellow Canadians, and Happy Fourth of July to my U.S. friends.

Koji VA7KO
VE7GL   SOAB/Ph HP   207,1002014-07-01 23:03:55
Wish I could have operated more. Was a fun contest.
C4Z(5B4AIZ)   SOAB HP   962014-07-01 23:53:44
UGHHH - Intention was to spend a few hours handing out the mult and find some
provinces in VE4/5/6 which are a black hole from here.

I got on air at 14.00 local time (11.00z) which is just about the time to find
the VE's coming through. Looks like Ol' Sol threw a wobbly around that time,
cndx were just awful. 10mtrs completely dead, 15mtrs only 3 eu's heard. 20mtrs
was slightly better for eu's but only one scratchy qso made with VE3KI and
nothing else even heard from the eastern side of VE. I did hear VE7ST, Ve7JH
& VE7RAC but only VE7JH was able to hear me.

I wrapped it up intending to get back on air at my sunset but before then i was
into the World Cup soccer game and didn't make it. I tend to agree with Mike,
VE9AA, when you do not share a national holiday on a weekday with the rest of
the world then everywhere else is working, and for many of those who do not
need to work there is the call of summer. I haven't looked at any figures but
will wager a dime to a dollar that the VE winter contest has twice the support
of this summer event.

Rig - TS570 + Acom 1010 500w.
Ant - Cushcraft X7 Big Thunder. Logging with 'SD'.

73 Brian 5B4AIZ.
WA6URY   SOAB/CW HP   5,6842014-07-02 04:31:02
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
VE3GFN   SOAB LP   128,2322014-07-02 05:34:30
A good chance to try out my new Cushcraft tribander, which went up only days
before the contest!
KN4Y   SOAB/CW LP   6,4682014-07-02 06:47:28
Got back home and almost forgot about Canada Day, I always enjoy working the
stations north of the boarder. I just worked the VE's I heard and most stations
on two bands. I never thought I would say this, Send some of that cold air down
VY2SS   SOAB HP   43,4202014-07-02 06:59:47
K3/P3 > KPA500 > KAT500 > 40M Vertical.

First I was going 40M SB but I forgot to start the contest on the first day.

So then in the morning with zero Qs in the log I decided to switch to 15M SB.
It was very slow going with a few 2 pointers from Asia and EU. So I looked at
20M and my P3 trace was full of strong signals so I pushed the button on the
tuner and away I went. SOAB with 500W into a 30 foot pipe in the front yard. I
guess this says something about the KAT500. Over 200 QSOs on 20M out of 324

No Canadians asked me to QSY for the mult which surprised me. Guess they
already had PEI solid.
VE4VT   SOAB LP   372,1822014-07-02 07:37:50
I would like to have spent more time in this contest but other commitments took
precedence this time around.

Monday evening conditions were pretty decent and I discovered there was a
really good 6m opening that I wasted too much time playing around with. Problem
was there was only a few stations in Canada active, (BC) and that was ufortunate
as I am sure the band was open to southern Ontario and Alberta as well judging
from the beacons. If 6m was open so was 10 but I could find no activity on
there either. Opportunities lost for mults and too much time wastd calling CQ
looking for those mults.

Tuesday morning showed great promise as 20m was showing very strong short skip
signals and both 15 and 10 had evidence of sporadic E openings. But again, not
much activity despite doing my best to make noise on the band. Not sure if it
was just summer conditions or what happened but by noon, the high bands really
went flat. Other than a surprise 10m opening late in the afternoon to southern
Ontario that I discovered when VA3RAC moved me there, conditions remained

The highlight was chatting with all the usual friendly Canadian contesters, and
working KP2/K3TEJ for a new DXCC and grid on 6m.

Spent too much time calling CQ on bands that were open but unused.

Thanks everyone for the Q's and wishing you all a safe happy summer!

NF8J   SOAB LP   46,3862014-07-02 09:35:10
Fun contest, everyone wishes you a Happy 4th of July coming up.
VE4DRK   SOAB LP   43,5782014-07-02 10:43:27
Fun time with my vertical. bands appeared to be less than ideal.
WN4AFP   SOSB/40 LP   1,8182014-07-02 12:29:16
Had limited time for this event... I always enjoy the VE contests... 73 Dave
N6HC   SOAB LP   36,0182014-07-02 14:19:57
Kenwood TS-950SD, Mosley TA-34-XL @55 feet
K9GY   SOAB/CW QRP   2,5002014-07-02 14:20:03
Having some fun with Elecraft K2 at 5 watts and cushcraft vertical. Even worked
a UA1 and UA3 with this setup! COOL! Handing out points for our (hockey)
friends to the north....GO CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS!

73, Eric
VE8RAC(VE8EV)   SOSB/20 HP   123,9242014-07-02 17:50:51
+12 V**RAC
I was amazed at the level of activity considering it was weekday. The band
hung in there despite the solar flare and whenever things slowed down on one
mode I'd just switch to the other. Someday I'd like to get a mult sweep in a
RAC contest but VY1 and VY0 are rarely heard even up here...
VE3RCN   SOAB LP   15,7442014-07-02 17:51:33
Only a few hours to operate off an island in EN95vw. Thanks for all the
contacts. Kevin VE3RCN (Royal Canadian Navy).
VE3VV   SOSB/40 HP   7,2962014-07-02 19:58:21
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: None
NAME: ted hughes
ADDRESS: 968 germain st
ADDRESS: sarnia, ONT n7s1m1
ADDRESS: canada
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V14.6.0
VE3CX   SOAB/CW HP   68,6402014-07-02 20:07:06
Happy Canada Day, and thanks for the QSO's

Tom - VE3CX
VE4EA   M/S LP   373,2302014-07-02 21:22:44
We have great respect for the current Canadian record holder in our class. our
2014 score is approximately double the last year's results, but still falls far
short of the record.

It was wonderful hosting the visiting ops to VE4. They were invaluable in
helping to get the station ready after Field Day and solving a few gremlins.

In fact K3KU wrote his Canadian Amateur and Advanced Amateur the day after
Canada Day and passed with flying colors.

Good luck to all WRTC2014 and IARU contesters.

73, Cary VE4EA
K3+P3 / TH7 / Wires
WN6K   SOAB LP   137,8962014-07-02 22:04:18
FT-5000 @100w out
SteppIR -DB18 @55ft. (40-6m)
OCD @50ft. (160/80m)

There are a couple events during the Contest Year that occur on a specific date
- I had forgotten about this one because "Are not ALL contests on
weekends?" So having started 4hours & 22min behind the gun, there was
not much cooking in the pot at my start time. So my 40m totals were pale. I
milked it till about 0630 or so till I quit for the night.

I kept up with the 'spurts' of activity on the local morning but got enough
reading time in to finish another book. Don't know what was going on with the
sun but there were times, the band noise was awful with QSB waves of 15sec
intervals...but without the fun of real surfing for sure.

Nice friendly contest and getting to work someone else than VEs helped keep one
glued to the radio....62% of QSOs made were VEs. 23 DXCC countries worked. I
only worked 4 JAs which kind of surprised me...perhaps they were staying in
background so as to not dominate bandwidth...

(I had a great time ushering in Dylan's 12th year though.)
W1END   SOAB/CW LP   13,8602014-07-03 03:29:35
Managed quit a few trips to the shack while doing other things. Pleased to hear
so much activity. Missed Alberta. That place is in a black hole for me; heard
two stations numerous times but they didn't hear me.
Rig was FTdx5000 and Butternut HF6V.
Thanks to all and belated happy Canada Day.
Eldon - W1END
VE3KJQ   SOAB QRP   1,8722014-07-03 10:23:37
KX3, Cushcraft R7
VE3BZ   SOAB HP   310,6122014-07-03 14:33:54
Conditions mediocre at best, with little action on 10 or 80, In addition, storms
all over VE3 brought high QRN; as much as S9 at times, which is rare for my
rural location. Stuck with it anyway since outside wx was not especially
VY2LI   SOSB/20 HP   1,6442014-07-04 09:46:09
Jumped in to pass out a few mults late in the game.Had about one hour to drive
in from cottage, set up station and get back to cottage again.Whew! Wish it
could have been longer.Happy Canada Day! 73,Bill
ps.I agree with many, the Holiday is not the best day for this one!
N3QE   M/S HP   9,1962014-07-04 12:30:15
Me + spotting network = Multiop :-)
VE3MEW   SOAB/Ph LP   4,9402014-07-04 18:38:11
Radio - Yaesu FT-950
Antennas - 3 ele 10m mono Yagi at 45 feet.
Buxcom 160-6m OCF Windom.
K6CSL   SOSB/20 LP   1,2642014-07-05 06:02:20
Canada Day is always a fun event. I just wish I had more time to make a greater
effort. Bert, K6CSL
W4YE   SOAB/CW LP   32,1502014-07-06 18:08:17
CW only LP. Nil on 10, QRN 80, this year. Fun contest.
73, Buddy, W4YE
VE3MIS   M/S LP   163,1302014-07-07 15:28:00
Prop not as expected... Low SFI and disturbed conditions mixed with bad weather
limited Q count. Thanks to all that dropped in to say happy Canada day.
Apologies to those we could not pull through.
VA3RKM   SOAB QRP   24,9082014-07-09 18:40:01
KX3, 5w, verticals and wires. Not the best conditions, but fun anyway.
VA3QV   SOAB QRP   22,3022014-07-09 18:58:42
Lotsa fun.... Flex 1500 and an Elecraft t1 tuner feeding 50 foot longwire with
a few radials... 4:1 balun
VE4GV   SOAB LP   127,4282014-07-10 21:24:55
Effort from the cottage - IC 735 and Dipole.