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Microwave Spring Sprint   2015   May 2   Comment Summary

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W1XM(KB1CGZ)   Single Op LP   1662015-05-02 10:08:59
Well, this was sad. Maybe everyone was at NEARFEST?

Got on a 9:30am on 144.260, immediately talked to WZ1V and K2SMN. Worked WZ1V
on 1296, couldn't complete with anybody else. Total of 7 unique stations on 2
meters, but only QSO on a microwave band.

Also, nobody close. Best 2m DX was W3SZ in FN20ag on 2 meters, but it was
crappy there. Also, kudos to N2SPI portable in FN22.

Still sad to not even get FN42.
NY2NY   Single Op LP   7252015-05-02 10:53:12
wow - combination of low activity and very poor conditions made for a very slow
morning. Did manage one new grid - FM19 - tnx to K1RZ.
KO9A   Single Op QRP   212015-05-02 11:04:41
Fired up the station and was in and out of the shack during the first
hour...lots going on here today. Sounded like decent local activity based upon
2m liason traffic.
WØZQ   Single Op LP   1242015-05-02 11:48:14
Busy day but time to make a few Q's. The leaves are coming out on the trees so
only 1 Q on 10 GHz and none on 5.7.
VA3ELE   Single Op LP   1,3772015-05-02 13:44:01
Another fun event.
It was very nice to work Bill VE3CRU/R in 3 grids on 1296 and in 2 grids on
2304. Both 2304 grids (FN14 and FN04) are new grids to my collection.
Best fistance was 382Km with VE3FN in FN25.

73 de Peter
KF2MR   Single Op LP   4722015-05-02 14:03:47
Special thanks to Bill, VE3CRU/R who made it worth the effort this morning. I
think this was my first microwave sprint and will not be my last.

Jarred - KF2MR
N6ZE   Single Op QRP   4732015-05-02 14:39:41
02MAY 33CM 1605 WA6EJO DM04JG 58.46
02MAY 33CM 1608 AG6AY DM04QB 0.0
02MAY 33CM 1645 KK6SUV DM04NE 26.89
02MAY 23CM 1713 WA6EJO DM04JG 58.46
02MAY 23CM 1716 K6TSK DM04XT 99.08
02MAY 23CM 1718 W6QIW DM04CK 115.06
02MAY 33CM 1720 W6QIW DM04CK 115.06

SCORE = 7 X 4 3 = 28 POINTS OR 473.01 POINTS
N6ZE operated for 2.0 hours from a ridge in the Santa Monica Mountains (CA).
Weather was great! Temperature was 80 deg. F & visibility was in excess of
50 miles. Now for activity levels: not many ARRL SW Division area hams bothered
to get on the air for this SPRINT. Three QSOs were made on 1296.1 MHz (23cm)
& 4 QSOS were made on 902.1 (33cm) MHz FM Simplex.
W6QIW near Santa Barbara was best DX at 115.06 km, on both 23cm & 33cm.
In Thousand Oaks, CA, (DM04ne), newly licensed General Class Licensee, Stu,
KK6SUV, borrowed my ‘extra’ ALINCO handheld and “VJB Cheapie Yagi” to
make his initial 33 cm contacts. Hopefully he will continue to operate on the
VHF/UHF/Microwave Bands after this initial exposure.
I continue to support and promote the VHF/UHF SPRINT Program as I have for many
years and I passionately encourage others, particularly HFers &
“Newbies”, to try VHF/UHF communicating without resorting to the use of
Rig: 23cm: FT736 (10w) + M-2 horizontally polarized yagi; 33cm: ALINCO FM
Handheld (2.5watts) & small M-2 yagi. Operating location was at about 2380
ft. above sea level.
NOTE: It is time for ARRL to again sponsor the Spring & Fall VHF/UHF SPRINT
K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)   Rover LP   7582015-05-02 17:16:25
VERY frustrating when a needed cable (power cable for an FT-817, I.F. rig for
3.4 G) is missing, then MORE frustrating when it is finally found in a place
that you THOUGHT you had looked...ARRRGH!

It was a later start for me anyway (though I might have had another half-hour,
perhaps an hour, had it not been for the time spent looking for that @$#!%*

Thanks to K2DRH for the heavy lifting at his end to pull my 1.2G signal out of
the noise to complete the 185 km path (longest for me) from his EN41vr location
to my EN52xc spot, almost 1/4 of my total DX points...wish we'd been successful
on 3.4G.

This was the best local (NW suburban Chicago area) participation in a Microwave
Spring Sprint in a long time...with AB9QH, K3SIW, W9SNR, W9SZ and W9ZIH active
nearby and IN my log. I heard that K9PW/R was out locally, too (and has posted
his score), but we missed linking up. I caught KO9A on the 2m liaison frequency
early but, with him being in the same Grid-6 as me so QSOs would have been
considered 1 km each AND Jim having to rush off for some family errands, we
decided to skip them.

Thanks to ALL who participated in the 2015 Microwave Spring Sprint and to Kent,
KA2KQM, and Mike, WB8BZK, for their continued work as the Spring Sprint hosting
team and to the Central States VHF Society for their sponsorship.

73, JK
WZ1V   Single Op HP   1,5052015-05-02 18:49:00
Only operated 1296. 7 Qsos, 4 Grids.
FN30, FN20, FM29, & FN42.
Didn't even work my own grid.
Had an "almost" with K8ZES FN02,
but the QSB took it away.
Heard K1RZ FM19 briefly, no qso,
but it was great just to hear Dave's signal.
-73 and TNX, Ron WZ1V, FN31RH
WA6EJO   Single Op LP   3552015-05-03 07:13:37
5 QSOs, 2 grids, longest single distance 123 km, total distance of all 5 QSOs
355 km, 2 bands (33 cm & 23 cm.)

Alinco DJ-G29 with 50W power amp 902 MHz FM, 17 el M2 Yagi.
TS-2000X 1296 10W loop Yagi.

Would like to see scoring clarified. Number of grids and number of bands don't
matter, really?
VE3CRU/R   Rover LP   1,3142015-05-03 07:54:33
The above score is from using Roverlog Calc (miles) and converting, not
I welcome a more accurate score by those able to measure in kilometres. The
log is as follows:

Band Mode Time Z Call Sent Grid Sent Call Rcvd Grid Rcvd

1296 ph 1202 ve3cru/r fn03vx kf2mr fn13gg
1296 ph 1210 ve3cru/r fn04va kf2mr fn03gg
1296 ph 1315 ve3cru/r fn13bx kf2mr fn13gg
1296 ph 1320 ve3cru/r fn13bx va3hd fn14bb
1296 ph 1342 ve3cru/r fn14ba kf2mr fn13bb
1296 cw 1355 ve3cru/r fn14ba va3ele fn03dm
1296 cw 1359 ve3cru/r fn14ba ve3ds fn03fq
2304 ph 1417 ve3cru/r fn14ba va3ele fn03dm
1296 ph 1522 ve3cru/r fn04xa va3ele fn03dm
2304 cw 1534 ve3cru/r fn04xa va3ele fn03dm
1296 ph 1548 ve3cru/r fn04xa va3hd fn14bb
1296 ph 1615 ve3cru/r fn03vx va3hd fn14bb
1296 cw 1644 ve3cru/r fn03vx va3ele fn03dm

The excitement started when Jarred KF2MR and I were set up on time at 8 am.
The FN04 line was 500 feet north of me so I ran north to the first hilltop to
work KF2MR again. No other stations heard thus far, so drove to FN13bx at the
north edge of Lake Ontario to work KF2MR again since he had to leave at 11 am,
also got Sean VA3HD who is a local in the area and was running with fixed
loopers on 15' of mast. On to FN14ba at 600 fasl. Here, more were heard and
Peter VA3ELE took the ears off me on both bands running 20 to 40 over, had a
great path between us. Also got Dana VE3DS with path loss across Toronto
beamed east. VE3FHK was heard weak on 144, unable to work on 1296. Another
signal from north-east was later identified as Ray VE3FN in FN25. Ran to
FN04xa which has a great horizon south through east to north for more good
qso's. Then back to FN03vx to wrap it up, again working VE3HD and VA3ELE but
ran out of time trying to get a 2304 Q with Peter.

Lets get more on the air for the future Sprints.

Thanks to our sponsor Central States, and to all who participated to make this
another fun event. See you in the forthcoming Sprints.


W9SZ   Single Op LP   1,2902015-05-03 08:36:16
This Sprint was great fun. Made some QSO's on all bands 902 MHz through 24 GHz.
I may have blown a preamp on 1296 about halfway through - couldn't hear anyone
on that band after that. I was happy to make two QSO's on 24 GHz.
K8TQK   Single Op LP   3,2682015-05-03 18:55:52
I worked the test for the first hour, and condx were flat. My best q was Ron
W9ZIH on 1296, and only 1 q on 2304 to dave k1rz..
KOØZ   Single Op LP   5632015-05-04 09:53:02
I only operated 1296 this go around, but I had fun and it is good to know that
my antenna and rig still work!
VE3DS   Single Op QRP   5262015-05-04 13:33:37
No contacts on 902 and 1296 transverter LO was unstable so not the best
performance this year hihi... nice to hear signals ! Dana VE3DS
NØUK   Single Op LP   6112015-05-04 17:12:45
2/5/2015 1429 WB0LJC EN34ju 10368.100 11
2/5/2015 1435 KC0P/R EN33vw 10368.100 141
2/5/2015 1437 N0HZO/R EN33vw 10368.100 141
2/5/2015 1656 KC0IYT/R EN34lq 10368.100 34
2/5/2015 1820 KC0P/R EN34xa 10368.100 142
2/5/2015 1821 N0HZO/R EN34xa 10368.100 142
K1RZ   Single Op LP   5,2672015-05-06 08:35:34
Condx were pretty poor, with deep QSB on most signals. Had to wait on the
occasional peaks to make some of the contacts. K8TQK was longest distance
contact working Bob 902 thru 2304. Appreciated that N3RG and W3SZ showed up to
complete on 6 bands (902 thru 10G). Glad to be a new grid for Jay NY2NY in
Fn30rx at 438 km. Also worked Tony WA8RJF in EN91iq on 902 and 1206, and
almost on 2304. Next time Tony!

73 and see everyone in June. Dave K1RZ
N6VI   Single Op LP   2,1802015-05-07 08:02:45
This was a subset of my entry in the SBMS 2 GHz & Up contest. All contacts
during the Sprint period were on 10 GHz. I did not have 902 or 1296, and I
brought only 2.3, 3.4, 5.7 and 10 GHz to the operating location. After the
Sprint period, I went on to make over 50 additional contacts that weekend, with
best DX over 400 km on each of those four bands.
VE3NYZ   Single Op QRP   3502015-05-08 11:43:46
1296 ph 1604 ve3nyz fno3ib ve3cru fn03vx
KA2KQM   Single Op QRP   1332015-05-10 13:53:10
Conditions were very quiet in the Southeast for the Microwave Spring Sprints. I
was able to work KX4R at 93 km S9 +30 db as usual. And W4ZST at 39 km. Was not
able to complete with K4CSO, W4DEX or K4YRK. Mountains or distance was a
limiting factor for my small set up. Was running IC735 to 28/144 MMT. That was
coupled to an old SSB electronics 144/1296 xvtr. Demi power amp on output for a
whopping 3 watts out. 70 feet of 7/8ths inch Andrews heliax to 55 element F9FT
yagi on basketball pole in back yard! Works great on LoS paths East and West
off the mountain. North and South are not LoS and much more difficult. Thanks
to all who were able to get on for the Microwave Sprints. Thanks also to Bruce,
WA7BNM for hosting the 3830 scoring here as well. 73 all. Kent O'Dell, KA2KQM
N2SPI/P   Rookie LP   7782015-05-11 14:04:11
-Only operated 1296 (Kenwood TS-2000X barefoot + Comet_CYA-1216E 16 el Yagi).
-Only last 2 hours. (Halfway through, it occurred to me "I can do
-So, first time (Rookie).
-Portable, from the summit of Berry Hill (~1980 Ft. ASL), FN22dn.
-Answered W1XM's 2m CQ (FN42ki), but 1296 path unsuitable for contest contact.

Log Summary (From FN22dn, May 02, 2015):
15:36 1296 SSB K2SMN FN20oj
15:40 1296 SSB WA2LTM FN20rh
16:41 1296 SSB W3SZ FN20ag
KCØP/R   Rover QRP   1,0792015-05-12 12:08:08
Three setups and three grids in Microwave Sprint, 10 GHz only.
N9RIN   Single Op QRP   1322015-05-13 21:17:59
Call Received Grid Received Frequency Time (Local PST)
AF6NA DM13BX 10.368150GHz 10:51am
WA6CGR DM03UT 10.368125GHz 12:27pm