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Arizona QSO Party   2013   Oct 12   Comment Summary

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LY5W   Single Op LP   1892013-10-13 09:15:17
80m - Dipole 28m, 40m - Delta 20m, 20/15/10m - KLM KT34XA 7m
KJ5T(@K8IA)   Single Op HP   54,7502013-10-13 11:06:49
I moved out to Arizona over the summer for a 6 month gig. Prior to moving out
here Eric, NM5M got me in contact with the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club. Bob
K8IA invited me to participate in their annual M/2 for the CQWW SSB contest at
the end of October and wanted me to have a chance to get a feel for the station
prior to the contest so he invited me for AZQP.

It was good to see 10 open, worked several ZS's on 10. 15 certainly had it's
moments with the SAC SSB Contest happening it was nice to get a little DXing in
during the contest.

20 as usual in this kind of contest proved the sweet spot of just running guys.
40 wasn't really hot, but I needed a chance to use the 40 meter set-up to get a
feel for it for at Bob's station for CQWW in two weeks. There were a few loud
Europeans on 40 for the SAC contest that I worked but not much stateside
(except for the ragchewers).

It is certainly interesting to see the strategy differences coming from a
background guest operating in Texas and coming to Arizona. The time difference
does make band change times different and I'll have to get used to the different
patterns when it comes to attention location. But really looking forward to
CQWW and appreciate Bob's invite for some much needed radio time.
K7WP   Single Op LP   11,4242013-10-13 17:04:23
FT1000MP; Force12 6BA @ 70'; N1MM

Thanks for the Q's...!

73, John K7WP ..
W6SX   Single Op HP   1322013-10-13 17:04:25
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, N1MM.
WØPAN   Single Op LP   282013-10-13 17:07:11
Had better results with the PA QSO Party than this one. 20 Q's vs 7 Q's.
VE9AA   Single Op LP   1802013-10-13 17:16:39
In the past I've done better than this. Every spin through the bands looking
for PA stns, I also listened for 7's (AZ 7's) and barely ever heard any.
Was expecting to hear K6LL and did not, so that took me by surprise.

With 11 Q's I hardly have a leg to stand on to complain, but really did see a
drop off from years past.

Perhaps a combo PA-QP & AZ QP event? Many other contests competing for
your attn. this weekend.

Thanks to the guys that got on.

Thanks also to Ke2VB who set me straight on my first QSO to go download the
newest version of N1MM which includes a serial #, hi hi! A great fellow.

Mike Ic7410, 100w, HF9V, N1MM (new version !!)
K7L(K6LL)   Single Op HP   255,1702013-10-13 17:26:21
Conditions were great! Thanks for all the QSO's!
K7JQ   Single Op HP   19,9062013-10-13 17:28:34
Had to work on Saturday, and spent some time in and out of the football games on
Sunday. Got some of the contesting rust off from being mostly QRT during
monsoon/lightning season (antenna taken down.) Looking forward to some time in
CQWW SSB in two weeks. Thanks for the Q's.

73, Bob K7JQ
AA7V   Single Op LP   8,9102013-10-13 18:55:29
This contest is improving.
Maybe it can move to another date to stay away from the BIG qso parties.

With amp still being used as a training test bed for the Ten Tec technicians
(it has been there 6 weeks now and they still cannot fix it) I was forced to
run 100w.

No DX mults in log, not even a JA on 15.

Got really really slow on Sunday afternoon so started moving every person that
answered a CQ to other bands. Not one person turned me down, in fact a few guys
were calling me and asking me to move to un-worked bands.

All this moving really boosted my mult total and helped with the boredom.

Rig is FT 950, C3SS at 38', 40 m inv v at 40', 80 m dipole at 30'.

See you next year.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   1402013-10-13 19:29:34
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX. Out of town most of the weekend. Thanks for
QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
WQ6X   Single Op LP   242013-10-13 19:33:13
This was another ad-hoc QSO Party from Alameda, Ca. Patient
commitments prevented me from spending much time on the radio.
I ran the usual ICOM 7000 @100-W into an MFJ apartment antenna with a 75-meter
hamstick 3mh.
While I can't expect much from a small antenna, Arizona is not
THAT far from California. I was quite disappointed in the poor turnout for the
AZQP. I heard 5x the number of non-Arizona stations versus Arizona stations.
Listening on 80, 40, 20 & 15, I worked EVERY Az station I could hear.
It is disappointing that more AZ stations don't play in their own QSO party.
Coming off of last weekend's CQP, the AZQP was a let down. Look for me next
year from a permanent location where I can put up a better antenna.
VE5KS   Single Op LP   4,0002013-10-13 20:05:31
Conditions were great between Az and SK, most sigs were very strong. I just wish
I could have found more of them.
Only missed two counties.

N9VPV   Single Op LP   802013-10-13 20:32:22
AZ QSOPARTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2013-10-12

CallSign Used : N9VPV
Operator(s) : N9VPV

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : SSB
Default Exchange : 001 IL
Gridsquare : EN40TW

Name : Kevin Gray
Address : P.O. Box 1681
City/State/Zip : Galesburg IL 61402
Country : USA

ARRL Section : IL
Club/Team : Society of Midwest Contesters
Software : N1MM Logger V13.9.1

Band QSOs Pts Mul
14 10 10 8
Total 10 10 8

Score : 80

Bonus Station Summary
Callsign(s) : K7MPR, K7MPR/M
QSOs : 0
Bonus Points : 0

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.
NU7Y   Single Op QRP   1,7202013-10-13 20:32:55
Thanks to everyone for the QSO's. Special thanks to DL4CW and YO4AWT for
answering my CQ.
N6MU   Single Op LP   5,4742013-10-14 00:04:47
Way too close to take advantage of the great 10/15 openings so missed a lot of
band/mode mults. 40 was basically dead during the day so Saturday evening was
spent trying to catch up. Activity seemed down compared to previous years.

John, N6MU TS-570 and 5BTV(finally got an 80 meter resonator!)
K6CSL   Single Op LP   122013-10-14 02:51:04
I just ran across these 3 stations on 20m while making a more serious effort at
the Oceana CW DX Contest. Bert, K6CSL
KN4Y   Single Op LP   3742013-10-14 11:48:16
Did nit hear much CW activity from Arizona,heard no mobiles. Worked who I heard.
NI7R   Single Op HP   18,2402013-10-14 12:10:42
This was not a good contest for stations with limited antennas. Endless CQing
with no answers. However, I did get a couple of small runs going on 20 meters
SSB and also thanks to the PA QSO Party for 30 of my Qs. Lack of participation
by Arizona stations is ruining this contest. By comparison, I had 526 QSOs in
the last 7QP. The PA QSO Party had lots of participation and PA stations were
making lots of Qs. The only way to have a good score in the AZQP is to have a
huge antenna system and run casual "passers by" on SSB like K7L and
KJ5T did.
KU7Y   Single Op QRP   82013-10-14 12:25:50
Where were all the AZ stations? Only heard 2 on CW. Ron, KU7Y
K7DPS   M/M LP   2,9442013-10-14 14:25:47
Thanks to those who made contact with us. Otherwise, for two stations on the
air as a multi-multi with decent antennas, this was obviously a bust in terms
of Qs and score for a 15 hour effort. Not sure why we couldn't generate
anything. Must not be a popular contest as our time was spent endlessly
running the voice keyers with nearly no takers. We did hear PA QSO Party
stations making contacts left and right; that must be more popular.
N7MZW   Single Op LP   2402013-10-15 13:32:58
A fun contest! Gave out the WY mult to a few ops during my limited operating
time. A "barefoot" Kenwood TS-950SD, Heil ProSet with HC-5 element on
VOX, and a "homebrew" G5RV "flattop" up 50 feet running N-S.
My elevation in Cheyenne is 6,053 feet. 73
N4JF   Single Op LP   7,4502013-10-16 10:13:57

KEØG   Single Op QRP   4422013-10-25 18:44:12
K3 at 5 watts to a 74' dipole up 50' fed with ladder line and an old Johnson
Matchbox tuner. Good signals, not much QRN, made for good copy on this end.
Thanks for the Party, and C U next time. 73, Dan ke0g