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CQMM DX Contest   2015   Apr 18   Comment Summary

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OU2I(OZ1BII)   SOAB LP   37,0002015-04-18 21:44:38
Rig: Elecraft K3 - 100 Watt
Ant: 20mtr wire as INV-L up 12mtr
OZ4CG   SOAB LP   6,9022015-04-19 05:18:51
RIG: Kenwood TS590S (100W)
ANT: G5RV up 8m
SOFTWARE: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4857.0

See you in next contest!

Best 73 Carsten / OZ4CG
WJ9B   SOSB/40 HP   36,4212015-04-19 06:58:04
73, wj9b
OM5NA   SOSB/10 LP   14,3362015-04-19 11:26:30
Yaesu FT-950, 100W, SIRIO SD-27 Horizontal dipole on balcony beaming to 240 deg.
HB9ARF   SOAB LP   188,8652015-04-19 13:10:52
Elecraft K3 100 Watts

Force 12 C-4s 2 elements on 28/21/14 MHz and Dipole on 7 MHz

and hope to hear some of you next week end during the Helvetia contest

WB9G   SOAB LP   32,3192015-04-19 14:10:44
Thanks for the QSOs. 73, Chris WB9G
W7ZR   SOAB HP   91,6562015-04-19 14:46:30
Just played around after the disasterous start due to rule change/software
change. Better next year.
N4FP/M   SOSB/20 LP   5642015-04-19 14:52:47
Took opportunity to test mobile rig during MM contest. Worked ok. Kenwood
TS-440SAT, 100 watts to Hustler horizontally mounted atop 3 ft mast attached to
magnetic mount on roof of Kia Rondo.
KE6K   SOAB QRP   9,8492015-04-19 15:34:08
Very casual effort. Thanks to all who took the time to dig me out of the noise.
Was a fun contest.
KU7Y   SOAB QRP   1,6172015-04-19 15:58:59
Unable to put in the time for this one but I still managed to work a few and
have some fun. Ron, KU7Y

KX3@ 5w
3 ele yagi up 50', still stuck at 90 degrees!
AM89ØOM(DJ1OJ)   SOAB LP   238,9832015-04-19 16:16:11
ANT: GPA-50 (vert. 10/15/20) dipole (40m)
AM890OM (SES 90 yrs IARU) is not a comfortable contest call
but wanted to bring the special call into the air - and had fun
WIØWA(KBØJSH)   SOSB/15 LP   5,2002015-04-19 17:01:52
Thanks for all the QSOs.

88, Amanda

Ten Tec Orion II, Omni VI (~100w)
Butternut 10-80m vertical
Butternut 40/80m vertical (winter only) DOWN 4/1/15
HyGain 10/15/20m vertical (winter only) DOWN 4/6/15
N1MM Logger+
VE2FK   SOAB HP   321,9502015-04-19 17:03:30
Fun even with poor propagation.
Many EUro and many QRP.
73, claude VE2FK
K1GQ   SOAB HP   216,8602015-04-19 17:08:33
K3 2000A Dipoles SkookumLogger
W9ILY   SOSB/15 HP   159,4882015-04-19 17:08:38
IC-756PRO2 with Optibeam OB9/5 beam and phased verticals.
PX2X(PY2EL)   SOSB/10 HP   92,2502015-04-19 17:14:34
Another great party !

I had a chance to be on the air for few hours, but I had a great time.
For some reasons (Propagation I guess) I did not hear japanese stations.
We had also "opportunity" to work some station who were participating
of YUDX Contest at the same time.

My working conditions:
Kenwood TS 590
Amp Supply LK 800C (1KW)
Antenna: Dipole x Dipole (stacked)

Work PX2X in all contests !
73 de PY2EL (PX2X)
PS7ØFEB(PP1CZ)   SOAB LP   182,8682015-04-19 17:16:42
Thank you for the contacts guys.
I worked as PS70FEB.
Best 73 from PP1CZ - Leo.
K3UU   SOSB/15 HP   22,9022015-04-19 17:18:20
This has always been one of my favorite contests in which to participate. Very
low key and lots of good operators. This my third or fourth year, can't
remember, but always a lot of fun. Thanks to all for the QSO and cheers from
Florida. Karin K3UU
N1IX   SOAB QRP   229,6802015-04-19 17:20:06
If I had a nickel for every ..--.. i heard I'd be a rich man.
LT7H(LU7HZ)   SOAB LP   495,1852015-04-19 17:23:27
SOAPBOX: GUD CONDX with some minor C flares on Saturday, operated SO2R with
SOAPBOX: (r1) FT840+4 El and (r2) FT890+3 El. It was fun. Looking forward
SOAPBOX: already for next year. Pestered by some bad spot as LT0H.
AA3B   SOAB HP   830,0982015-04-19 17:26:17
3673 QSO points.
XQ1CR   SOSB/15 LP   88,3952015-04-19 17:37:50
Nice contest as allways, 73DX 4 everyone
L33M(LU3MAM)   SOAB LP   213,1202015-04-19 17:58:04
Foi novamente uma festa para os aficionados do CW. A todos os
participantes, parabéns pelo extraordinario sucesso. Até 2016.
W3HAC(KØOO)   SOSB/10 LP   1,6082015-04-19 18:43:51
Great to hear such activity and the openings were most interesting. This was a
true educational experience. Limited time this run due to other
responsibilities. Look forward to the next go around.


N3RS   SOAB HP   382,1042015-04-19 21:18:18
Sorry i couldn't have put in more time. This is a snappy fun contest. maybe
next year.

73 de Sig
ZM2B(ZL2BR)   SOAB HP   252,8742015-04-19 22:09:38
QSO points: 2143

First time in this contest and probably my last. Propagation on the ZL-SA path
is only any good for short periods. SA stations were very hard to find and many
were weak. Obviously most SA stations with beams were aiming North for W/VE or
North East for Europe. ZL is off the back of their beams and even with a kW and
a yagi I could not get replies from many SA stations.

Result was only 46 SA mults from 50 contacts with 44 stations. Heck I worked 32

Got heaps of calls from stations who were probably not in the contest and
probably won't send logs in and who probably won't appear in the minimum of
five received logs.

Oh well ce la vie.

73, Frank
S56A   SOAB LP   98,8572015-04-19 22:43:45
Lot of contests this weekend but bad luck with BY. Also YUDXC on high bands is
not fun as we are too close. So I was DX-er chasing mults and SA prefixes. It
was fun with occasional OC long path. Obrigado Brazil with a lot of fancy

73 de Mario, S56A
N3QE   SOAB HP   159,0682015-04-20 03:22:54
A couple hours each morning plus some other activity in afternoons.

15M was just superbly good condition. In addition to expected SA and EU
openings, both mornings I had openings to JA/OC/AS. Wow!!!
PY4ZO   SOAB LP   308,2562015-04-20 05:02:53
Rig: FT-897D 100w
Ant: 40/20/15m Rotary dipole - 10m Vertical 5/8
KP2F   M/S HP   375,3002015-04-20 06:11:22
Caribbean Contesting Consortium (PJ2T) operating from St. John, USVI
ZV2K(PY2SHF)   SOAB HP   428,6702015-04-20 08:05:18
Station downtown São Paulo

FT-1000MP + Amplifier KL505 300W
10m Yagi 4 ele OWA WA3FET 35 meters high
15m Yagi 4 ele YU7EF 38 meters high
20m Yagi 3 ele YU7EF 40 meters high
40m Moxon 34 meters high
Inverted Dipole 80m 37 meters in high
UR5FCM   SOAB LP   6,2162015-04-20 12:56:08
ANTENNA: Frame 10m, three turns on the 1st floor window
RX/TX: HomeMade
POWER: 20 Watt(s)
K1QO   SOAB LP   107,4842015-04-20 13:33:11
Band QSOs Pts Pfx
3.5 3 22 0 1
7 45 222 6 3
14 73 309 11 17
21 74 251 13 26
28 37 210 25 4
Total 232 1014 55 51

Score : 107,484
Rig : k3

Antennas : OCF Dipole @ 30'

Soapbox :
This is my favorite contest, many thanks to CWJT, which I am
proud to be a member (#604), what a wonderful group!!! Lots
of participation. Many thanks to all those who heard me
with my OCF dipole and trusty K3 @100W. The bands this year
were not great but lots of Member Stations make things a lot
of fun!! Many thanks to CWJT !!!! 73/88 de K1QO (Ann)
N5AW   SOAB LP   65,8002015-04-20 15:42:10
This contest gets better every year. Wish I would have been able to put in more
time - especially on the lower bands. Local thunderstorms and social
commitments prevented that. Somehow I lost my original log but was able to
restore most of it. Think I'm missing a few QSOs and a multiplier or two worked
at the end.
K5YAA   SOAB HP   27,9622015-04-20 15:54:48
The score, prefixes and country count are all incorrect as N1MM+ would not allow
logging anything but NA and SA. I will let the log checkers figure out the
score. Also, my N1MM+ outputs a Cabrillo 2.0 (maybe I need to update it) and I
had to do a manual thing in the webform to get the log accepted. Lot's of work
but the organizers went to so much trouble with their mail announcement I
figured they were due some participation. Fairly good activity in the MM test.

Bands were fair but storms kept the 40 meter action minimized with some pretty
strong static crashes.

Thanks to the organizers.

73, Jerry K5YAA
Rig: K3, Alpha 9500 8el 10 6el 15 6el 20 and 3el 40 Force12 arrays. N1MM+
logging and a fast Win 8.1 PC which sends better CW than my old Dell XP laptop.
PY9MM   SOAB HP   1,064,8262015-04-20 16:19:52
Thanks to all amateurs for this wonderful weekend, especially those contacted.
Thanks for the points.
PW2D(PY2ZXU)   SOSB/20 HP   509,4652015-04-20 17:44:45
Many thanks to the Alto da Serra Contest group for letting me play their great
station. No man made noise and thankfully very little QRN during the weekend.
And to those I worked, thank you for the QSOs
KN4Y   SOAB LP   15,9962015-04-21 11:57:35
Thanks for the invitation to us Florida seniors, enjoyed working the various
countries, I have put this contest on my calendar for next year.
PU5UAI   SOAB QRP   135,5902015-04-21 20:34:24
Antenna farm:
. 5el 10m Yagi
. 4el 15m Yagi
. 2el 40m Yagi
. full dipole 80m
. Low Bands RX Flag Antenna
K4BAI   SOAB HP   325,8372015-04-22 05:15:15
IC756Pro, Alpha 91b, TH6DXX, dipole. Thanks for all QSOs. Very enjoyable
contest with fair conditions on all bands 40-10. Heard no contest activity on
80M. Look for me and KU8E in FL QSO Party this weekend as W4AN/M. 73, John,
AB1J   SOAB LP   180,0752015-04-23 06:36:16
This was a Hotel California experience for me. Once I got in I couldn't get out.
Luckily, the contest ended and I wasn't doomed to wander an infinite hall of
mirrors. I worked a lot in the yard and garden during the weekend, trading off
periodically for some radio. It was a nice mix.

The 40-10m bands were open but conditions were less than ideal. I struggled and
so did others. Luckily the exchange is simple with a few interesting twists,
like C, M, Q and Y. I'm glad it isn't a serial number contest.

I've come to be curious about how many ops are using code readers in contests
and otherwise. That would explain some of the persistent problems certain
stations have copying calls. I experimented a bit with code readers and the
result was I promptly downloaded Morse Runner for practice and took inspiration
from John Henry, the steel drivin' man. The difference is I'm still alive after
whuppin' the machine.

This is a nice contest and I hope it continues to prosper.

Ken, AB1J

20-15-10m attic dipoles and outdoor 40m stealth antenna
K6CSL   SOAB LP   4882015-04-25 04:54:48
Conditions were poor due to events on the sun. The contest was fun anyway. Bert,
W6QU(W8QZA)   SOAB QRP   57,5282015-04-26 08:05:38

Radio: Elecraft K-2, 5 Watts


10-15-20 3 element SteppIR up 10 Meters
40 Butternut HF-2V Vertical with 3 radials
40 DX-LB trap antenna up 10 Meters

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of activity this contest has now! I
heard major stations calling "CQ MM" like A65CA and A45XR!

My best QSOs were:

15 Meters: VO2NS (WAZ Zone 2), IS, LX, BY, 4L8, and 5B
20 Meters: TX5P (Clipperton Isl), FK8

This contest was a lot of fun and I hope to spend more op time in it next year!
Many thanks to the contest organizers!

73, Bill W8QZA - W6QU