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NA Sprint SSB Contest   2010   September   Comment Summary

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KCØW(KCØW/M)   Single Op LP   12010-09-18 19:02:05
Played in this one just for the fun of it...........Why so little participation
in this 'test? I got bored with the low turnout & called it quits after only an
hour & a half. The CW Sprint last weekend had a HUGE turnout and was really fun.

I'm in the process of constructing a world class contesting station here in
North Dakota, check out my QRZ bio for more information about it. The station
will be FREE & open to all to use after it is completed sometime by 2012.

The TS-480 and screwdriver antenna in the KC0W/m appears to be firing on all
12 cylinders. As always, glad to help out the boys by giving them the ND mult.

Tom KC0W/m
KU5B   Single Op QRP   3842010-09-18 19:21:47
Oh, the things I do to torture myself...and you.

My dad (W5JSJ) and I took a trip to Dallas to see my aunt and I decided to run
up to the OK line and operate from the car for a bit. (Yaesu FT-100D, Little
Tarheel II hatch-mounted)

Signals were pretty good but mine must not have been (as expected). The noise
on 40 became horrendous and I decided to pack it in earlier than planned.
Congrats to the select few of you that heard me. Juggling a hand mic and
logging on WT was a fun challenge, nonetheless.

Texas QSO Party is next weekend; Sept 25/26. Chuck, NO5W has a whole bunch of
activity planned for y'all and almost the entire state lit up. I promise the
mobiles will be louder than I was.

Colin "Bob" KU5B/OK
W7WHY   Single Op HP   7002010-09-18 19:55:13

K6LL   Single Op LP   3382010-09-18 20:45:51
100 watts to an 80 meter dipole 15' high, surrounded by tall mountains. With
100' of RG-8X to antenna, the K3 tuner quickly reached 1:1 on all three bands,
but most people just cq'ed in my face. It will be nice to get back to Yuma on
WI9WI   Single Op HP   3,0262010-09-18 20:47:08
I have real bad noise here in Madison on 40 and especially 80. Operated with a
couple of breaks until my head hurt, then quit. We need more activity in this
one, but I have no idea of how to generate it. Glad to pass out some Qs.


WØPAN   Single Op LP   1,4282010-09-18 20:51:25
S9 Noise on 40 was rough. Fun Contest to operate. Got to get the wire antenna
up before the next contest!
KE7YF   Single Op HP   4,1042010-09-18 20:53:58
IC-746 PRO AL-811
20M Dipole at 20 feet
40M 14AVQ Vertical on ground, two 33ft radials
75M Hustler Mobile antenna on ground, two 33ft radials

Even 500 Watts on 75M to a poor antenna does not get you contact!!

Had fun. Thanks for the Q's

W4IX   Single Op LP   6,1092010-09-18 20:59:18
Bands went downhill fast...needed Amplifier Baaaddd!!! 73's John W4IX
VE9AA   Single Op HP   5,1092010-09-18 21:06:26
Not much activity from New England it seemed.
Had fun for a short 4 hour blast using low wire antennas.
73 de Mike VE9AA "MAR-I-TIME"
VE4EAR   Single Op HP   5,3642010-09-18 21:07:35
Very noisey on 80, conditions improving towards the end.

Reasonable signals on 40 but plenty of QRM as would be expected.

20m was long to start.

80m was so painful almost began watching the clocking waiting for it to end.

WW RTTY next weekend!

Thanks for the Q's

AL9A   Single Op HP   3,6802010-09-18 21:08:14
I'm always amazed at how many guys get so far ahead of me so fast! I know some
are SO2R, but still... Fun event nonetheless.
N6WM(@N6RO)   Single Op HP   8,8832010-09-18 21:08:33

seeya next time

N6EE   Single Op LP   4,8752010-09-18 21:10:04
Conditions pretty good. Fun contest. Thanks for the QSOs.

K3 / SteppIR DB18E @ 45 ft. / 80M vee @40 ft.

Ron N6EE
NDØC   Single Op QRP   2,4642010-09-18 21:10:13
Pretty good conditions on 20 - the rotator got a good workout, but that only
lasted for about 1 1/2 hours here, then it was time to head for the low bands
and take my beating. 40 was rough and 80 was about impossible with few
stations heard here. - Had fun despite the frustration of trying to be heard
through the QSB and QRM with only 5 watts. As always, I'd like to express my
undying gratitude to those of you that struggled to pull me out of the noise.

Station: Yaesu FT 897D at 5 watts out to 3 el tribander at 48 feet and wires
for 40 and 80.

Randy, ND0C

"You don't have to be crazy to contest with QRP ... but it helps."
NF4A   Single Op HP   1,7162010-09-18 21:11:46
Only got to operate 1 hr and 2 min....had a meeting at the Shrine Temple I had
to attend and when I got home, 20 was dead...bad QRN on 75...sorry to those who
called me and I couldn't pull out
N4PN   Single Op HP   9,1802010-09-18 21:12:58
At the start on 20m, things looked good for the evening.
20 was good all over the place....all call areas - good copy.
40m went long in a hurry but lots of good signals around
the commercial broadcast that have long been gone - Yeah!
Nobody on 80m until the very end....
Missed VE8NSD on 40m, but think I got every one else that
I heard...
Thanks to all,
73, Paul

FT1000MP/AL1200 - 1KW
Alpha-Delta 40/80
Logging with NA
KØUK   Single Op LP   6,7262010-09-18 21:16:45
First I thought there was a Rockies team but it didnt show up on the list. So I
had to select none.
Had fun..thanks to Jon W4ZW, KO7X Alan, W0ETT Ken for the start. PTL bill UK
W4ZW   Single Op LP   5,3962010-09-18 21:17:59
Rig : Yaesu FTDX-5000MP Antennas : Full wave 80M Delta Loop

Soapbox : New rig, new antenna (yesterday), and RF gremlins in the
computer! N1MM went crazy at random intervals and I hope my log is reasonably
complete. After having to reboot my computer umpteen times, I took a break,
found the toroids and applioed them in the obvious places. XYL brought me
dinner and insisted I stop for 20 minutes with her. So time on was about 3
hours or so. I only had a hand mike and that made logging cumbersome. I
forgeot to bring one of my Heil's with me from Florida. I can see that I need
to wire up a 220 line since I need the ACOM with only wires for antennas!

Great to hear old friends on!
N7RQ   Single Op HP   6,2322010-09-18 21:20:32
This is my second year operating this contest, this time as high power. This is
sort of a pain & pleasure event. It's an awful lot of fun, but like exercise
that's good for you, it's a pain, too. It was great to see several Arizona
Outlaws in this event, and some old contest friends. Favorite thing heard this
year: "Go ahead!" (brief pause) "Did you call me a goat head?" Guess I'll be
back next year after I forget what a fun PITA Sprint is.
NR5M   Single Op HP   12,5122010-09-18 21:21:27
Lost 10-15 minutes toward the end due to technical difficulties. And was
running low power for some time on 20 meters without knowing it -- the 9500
faulted and I was wondering why I was feeling puny. Discovered that I was
putting out 55 watts!

Never could get SO2R going.

All-in-all another good learning experience. I think I had fun? Thanks for all
the q's.

George NR5M
AA3K   Single Op HP   3,5312010-09-18 21:25:21
First sprint contest. Quickly found I had to change my operating practices from
as compared to all of the other contests I do. All in all a fun quick contest.
N5DO   Single Op LP   8,2562010-09-18 21:28:01
This contest would be more fun if there was more activity.
WØETT   Single Op LP   5,5762010-09-18 21:36:30
I thought the bands were good in this one, tho 75m was noisy. Signals picked up
enough to match the noise allowing me to make some Qs and pick up a few more
mults. - All in all, it was an enjoyable evening on the bands.

Nice to work Rockies teammates: KO7X, K0UK, and W4ZW on two bands 40m/75m.
They all sounded like they were enjoying the pileups.

73 Ken, W0ETT

Rig: IC756pro 3 with 100w to HF yagis and 80m verical.
KO7X   Single Op HP   5,6522010-09-18 21:43:26
Lots of QRN tonight.
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   3642010-09-18 22:19:56
I think I've figured out how to make this fun again....a 15 minute sprint within
the Sprint. New category?? :-)

73, Mike K9NW
K7SS   Single Op HP   6,1922010-09-18 22:38:14
Boy o boy.....
got so bad i quit after 1.25 hr on 20m.
had a nice snack and visit upstairs...then
back for the last 1.25 hr. just couldnt leave it alone, i guess...
like a moth to the flame.

can recall many a ssb sprint w/ better condx and turnout.

like i said....boy o boy..

73 de Dan Wa
K8MM   Single Op HP   2,8522010-09-18 23:09:56
For the most part I was watching the MSU vs Notre Dame football game. I decided
to come down into the shack and operate during game breaks. Not very many
people on and the QRN along with the TPF's on 80 were pretty bad. I think I was
the only guy on from MI.


Ian - K8MM
W6YX(N6DE)   Single Op HP   8,3422010-09-19 00:23:33
SO1R, Elecraft K3, about 500W out of Heathkit SB-200 amplifier

The purpose of my participation in this contest was to test my gear before
going on a CQP county expedition in two weeks. It was a valuable test. My
Yamaha generator powered my K3 and SB-200 for the whole contest.

I had a few problems. Neither my footswitch, nor VOX, worked. I ran out of
time to debug it, so instead of bailing on NCCC Team 1, I just manually pushed
the XMIT button whenever I wanted to transmit. One hand stayed on the radio,
and I typed with the other hand. SO1R1H.

I started a few minutes late, and spent a lot of time between band changes to
tune the SB-200. It has been years since I have used that amp. The arcing
problem was recently fixed, but I didn't have a chance to test it before
Sprint. Fortunately, it seemed to work well on 20m-80m. In actuality, I
probably spent 3:45 on the air instead of 4 hours.

The other problem I had was that I forgot to bring the battery charger for my
laptop. I hooked up my K3 rig control to one of the W6YX station computers
instead. As a result, the ergonomics between the radio, amp, computer screen,
keyboard, and antenna switches were way out of whack, but just went with it.

QRN must have been terrible on 80m for stations east of Colorado. Called and
called many stations who were loud here. Most of them couldn't hear me.
VE4EAR, KA9FOX, N5DO, and NR5M were the exceptions who did hear me.

After the Sprint, I switched to my laptop to test my K1EL Winkey kit in the
Salmon Run on 80m CW.

All in all, it was a productive day of testing. Now I know what I need to work
on tomorrow.

See you in the California QSO Party on October 2-3!

-Dean - N6DE
KE3X   Single Op LP   9202010-09-19 04:39:20
Well, the last time I entered a SSB Sprint was the EU SSB Autumn Sprint 2009
from 4U1ITU, which was huge fun: unique callsign, good location, real antennas
and a LP division win.

What a difference a year makes. Tonight almost every QSO needed multiple
repeats, and only got a QSO if I was the lone caller. After 1 1/2 hours my
voice was failing and I switched off the radio. Put it this way: my Salmon
Run score of 1,238 (10 QSO's in 10 minutes) was higher than my Sprint score

The bright spot was being called by AL7IF on 20-meters, also nice to work a few
NCCC Sprint regulars including W9RE, W7OM and N6ZFO. Every time I enter a
weekend SSB contest, I appreciate the NSL more for it's high rates and short


Ken KE3X
VE3RZ   Single Op HP   3,6482010-09-19 04:57:28
80m antenna developed problem after 5 Qs... More maintenance needed..
Thanks for the fun.
N1LN   Single Op HP   7,8262010-09-19 05:21:30
This was painful from the beginning, but is always one of those times that you
just KNOW it will get better. Well, it did not. When the clock hits 04:00 I
always ask myself why did I do that again, and yet I keep coming back. It has
to get better - doesn't it?

The conditions were quite bad from here. 20 sounded fairly OK, but for the
most part I had moved to 40 full time in less than 1 hour. 40 went long very
early and the noise level was over S9 here. I kept switching between my high
beam, low beam, beverages and K9AY for RX. None were very good. I felt like
an alligator at times as I could here stations calling me, but I just could not
hear them above the noise level. I kept going between 80 and 40 but the higher
activity on 80 started well after 40 went long. Good thing for SO2R as I was
able to pick up a few mults by jumping between bands. About 03:30 I was
watching the clock and thinking that this is ALMOST OVER!

As for stats:

121 unique calls (only nine 3 band sweeps)

Hour 1 = 63
Hour 2 = 53
Hour 3 = 32
Hour 4 = 34

The only mult I heard that was missed was Mississippi. I never even worked my
own state.

Thanks for the Qs -

Bruce - N1LN
N2BJ   Single Op HP   2,0882010-09-19 05:25:55
Only had about an hour to play on this one
K9ZM   Single Op LP   5282010-09-19 06:18:16
More brutal than I remember it. Waves of storms. Could not make myself be
heard running 100w.
K4OD   Single Op LP   2,3802010-09-19 07:02:24
FT-897D 100 W
TB-Wires at 43 ft

20 was wild and loads of fun
40 was passable but a lot of work
80 might as well have been left off my rig

Had a blast all things considered!
Beginning to like these sprint thingies
N5UM   Single Op LP   1,8272010-09-19 07:35:09
First try at Sprint SSB. I forgot all about it and didn't get on until about
20 minutes into it. I'll have to plan ahead next time. Didn't do too badly
for the time I put in and the lack of antennas and power (100W to ground
mounted vertical). My vertical is tuned for the CW part of the band on 40, so
had to use the tuner. I would have been toast on 75M. Maybe I'll put up a low
dipole or something for next time.

73, Al N5UM
KZ2V   Single Op LP   5272010-09-19 08:29:26
KØOU   Single Op HP   6,7202010-09-19 09:53:32
That was painful work. Lightening and thunder all over the place, caused the dog
to bark constantly and created 20 over 9 QRN. I just couldn't hear anything
unless they were extremely loud. I almost gave up, especially when I got to 80
in the last hour. I was glad whwn it ended, mercifully.
NA4BW   Single Op LP   4,8642010-09-19 10:02:10
A real grinder from here. Nobody seemed strong on any band which is unusual and
CQ's went w/o answer most of the night. 73 Brian NA4BW
KT4ZB   Single Op LP   1,3002010-09-19 11:17:02
Fun time - FT1000 Field, TH6DXX, Dipoles, N1MM

Thanks for Q's - Jere
W9RE   Single Op HP   11,0882010-09-19 12:22:24
I had an idea this one was not going to be fun and it sure wasn't. 80 from here
is usually pretty good but last night it was brutal. 44 Q's in the last hour
and 14 of those were on 40! On 80 I worked 0- W1's, 1- W2 and 2- W3's!!!

Several other contests sure hurt activity , and of course being a SSB test
always hurts but we need to resurrect this one to make it fun for all. I did
work several stations that were using it as a training tool and that is great!

Basically worked all the mults I heard in the test but kind of heard a KP2 and
KP4 on 20 but they were not in the test.
K6LA   Single Op HP   9,1522010-09-19 16:13:32
Conditions were worse than for the CW sprint.

I've got an audio problem on one radio I have to figure out.

73, Ken, K6LA
K4BAI   Single Op HP   3,0722010-09-19 19:28:05
FT1000MP, AL811H, 500W, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. Took XYL out to
dinner and to a concert by Emile Pandolfi, a pianist and comedian. We got home
for the last two hours of the Sprint. 20M was still open to the west coast and
Hawaii and to W9RE. 40M was long, but QSOs were still possible as short as OH,
NJ, IN, and MO. Two Alaska stations were worked. 80M was very noisy, but QSOs
were possible with VE9AA and most everywhere else except for the far west
coast. Two AZ stations were worked. Heard a few W6 stations, but QRN was too
high. Did work one station (only) below the DX window. There was a lot of
open space down there, but no one answered my CQs there. Worked NH6O and 20
and 40M. Thanks for all QSOs. South East Contest Club team brought out a good
crew from GA, AL, SC, and FL. 73, John, K4BAI.
K6CSL   Single Op LP   7702010-09-20 04:25:20
An improvement over February SSB Sprint. I wasn't on for Sept. 2009, Patti and I
were at a family wedding in Sedona, AZ at this time last year. Bert, K6CSL
KW8N   Single Op HP   12,2672010-09-20 19:42:30
This was the first time in quite a while that I wasn't getting things fixed and
ready to go at the last minute. Much more relaxed and functional during
operating time.

Conditions on 20 and 40 not too bad and reasonable number of stations
available. But then what a disappointing mess on 75 meters. Deafening static
crashes made it very difficult from the Midwest. Don't know how much else of
the country was affected.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   6002010-09-21 00:32:19
Managed to put in an hour in a couple of sessions. Not my forte, but did enjoy
getting on for a bit to hand out the BC mult. Thanks for the Qs!

-- Bud VA7ST
K8MR   Single Op HP   2,5742010-09-21 07:17:34
I response to KW8N's pleas on the local reflectors to get on the air for the
Sprint, I did.

I was falling asleep, so pulled the plug by 0200z. From the reports, I did not
miss much on 75 meters.

73 - Jim K8MR
KA9FOX   Single Op HP   11,6562010-09-25 08:14:03
Was tired after contest and figured I'd submit log next day, but forgot! Almost
missed the deadline!

Contest was pretty fun until it was time to switch to 80m, where the QRN was
unbearable -- perhaps the worst I've heard 80m for any Sprint contest. No
beverages here, so wound up listening on my tribander most of the time. Only
92 QSOs in the last TWO hours. OUCH!!

Worked all mults heard, but still missed: CT IA KY ME ND RI SD VA VT WV VE5
Especially happy to have worked so many VE's, especially VE8, and also thanks
to KP2B for passing out a few QSOs at the start.

Congrats to big scores from NR5M (178 QSOs on 20m?? WOW!), KW8N and W9RE.

73 - Scott KA9FOX
K9VV/KL7   Single Op LP   5702010-09-28 10:18:51
Portable operation while enjoying the beauty of AK. QTH was campsite at 300
feet overlooking Klutina River. Antennas: 20m half square, 40m inverted-L w/2
elevated radials. Interesting operating this contest from the other "corner"
of the country. Contrary to the contest ending at midnight in KP2, in KL7 the
sun is not even below the horizon at the end of this contest! It was a
challenge attracting the attention of folks with 100 watts & being so far away.