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Worked All Germany Contest   2008   Oct 18   Comment Summary

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S51D   SO Mixed LP   5,4512008-10-19 06:49:56
just 4 fun :-)

73 Simon
OR2A(ON7YX)   SO Mixed HP   54,0002008-10-19 07:53:02
AL 811 H running 300 watts
INV VEE for 40 and 80 meters
DJ7EC   SO CW LP   117,2162008-10-19 08:09:45
Many times interrupted by heavy problems with my brandnew K3, took me 2 hours to
locate and fix the problem.Second surprise were some TVI problems in my
neighborhood, wich had to be solved before I could continue with contesting.So
I dropped from serious to "just for fun" effort and took a long sleep during
the night. It was much fun anyway, cu all agn next year in WAG!

73´s Hauke DJ7EC
N4AF   SO CW HP   127,0922008-10-19 08:10:37
Fun activity. Nice to have enuff spots for 15M to open.
80M sounded awful.

73, Howie N4AF
DL3EBX   SO Mixed LP   262,4402008-10-19 08:11:31
IC706 MKIIG (100W), Vertical (40-10m) on the balcony, 20m wire for 80m.

Tnx fer all QSOs.
VE1DT   SO CW HP   79,3802008-10-19 08:11:36
Fun contest. Gets busy at times and also pretty slow after 0000Z. Had a brief
opening on 15, not nearly as long as last year.
DL7BY   SO CW LP   371,6022008-10-19 08:21:32
More qsos than last year, but less multies :-(((

Thanks all for enjoying contest.

EQUIPMENT: FT920 + Cuscraft A4S / windom-antenna

cu in cw-part of WWDX

73'2 es best DX Ben DL7BY
K5LH   SO CW LP   3,2762008-10-19 08:39:54
Part-time effort. Station: OMNI V (90 W) and wire dipoles.
N4PN   SO Mixed HP   123,1202008-10-19 08:41:11
20/40 meters came to life .. even 15m opened but not very well here
in the deep South...K3ZO and others were running on 15m on Sunday
but only very week stations heard here...
DA0BCC was leader for me, with by far the most Q's...big signal on
all bands/modes.
My score/Q's down from last year as contacts on 15m way off this year.
Thanks to DARC and all who participaed...lots of fun...and maybe, just
maybe, we'll finally get more of those majic sunspots..
73, Paul, N4PN
LZ3FN   SO CW HP   326,7002008-10-19 08:51:26
Condx much better than last year.
Thanks DL6KVA and DK5WO for qsy-ing
73 LZ3FN
DL1A(@DJ6ZM)   Multi-Op HP   1,668,3972008-10-19 08:52:12
RUN: FT2000, ACOM 2000A, MULT: K3, L4B
ANT: 2el 80m, 3el 40m, 5el 20m @ 35m. 4el SteppIR @ 25m, OB9-5 @ 20m

Thanks for all the QSOs, we really enjoyed this contest! Lots of nice
multipliers from JOTA stations from all over the world.

Once again, we enjoyed the excellent hospitality of Toffy,´DJ6ZM. More details
about the station at
VE1RGB   SO CW LP   15,9002008-10-19 09:46:11
Just a part-time effort. I'm saving myself for IL QP. Nice to be able to hand
out the VE multiplier to some clearly grateful DLs.
DL8WAA   SO CW LP   439,9922008-10-19 10:03:44
Rig: TS-480SAT
Ant: Spiderbeam + Trap-Dipole, 10m up

Thanks for calling!
LZ1GL   SO CW HP   129,3632008-10-19 10:34:12
Thanks to all the German operators ! They are doing very well.
I hope to see more of them in our LZ Open and LZ DX Contests that are coming
soon. For more information please visit
NN3W(@N3HBX)   SO Mixed HP   251,0762008-10-19 10:38:33
Thanks as always to John N3HBX for letting me do this one. We have a sunday
antenna party and the WAG was a good time to test things out and figure out
what needs to be worked on.

Good participation and decent conditions except 80 which sounded downright
terrible for the most part. Folks were dirt weak.
DO9ST   SO Mixed LP   10,9122008-10-19 11:37:05
worked portable with 100 watts and dipole, simultan on JARTS RTTY TEST and many
times for catching some DX ... ALL JUST FOR FUN ... see you all on CQWW !
DL4ME   SO CW HP   413,2712008-10-19 11:53:44
TS850, ZZ-750, Dipole and Spiderbeam, N1MM-Logger.
Thanks for QSO's.

73! Ron
YT2AAA   SO Mixed LP   145,3262008-10-19 12:46:57
IC-746PRO + W3DZZ dipole @ 6m

FB contest
73, GL, AAA
DK8EY   SO CW LP   4,5752008-10-19 16:59:16
ICOM IC-7400, 5-ele-beam, 2x23m dipole
ZM2B(ZL2BR/ZM2B)   SO CW HP   20,2502008-10-19 18:03:42
Worked everyone I heard.

The late afternoon/early evening Long Path opening was on 40m only, and just 22
DL stations were heard/worked. The slightly shorter Short Path opening produced
the rest of my contacts, starting on 20m and later on 40m. 15m didn't open to

Was amused when a DL station asked me QSY to 80m, two hours after our sunrise.

Operating standards of the DL stations were very high, as is usual in this
contest, I wish all contests were like this.

73, Frank
DR5X(DL8LAS)   SO CW HP   683,6202008-10-19 23:40:43
Icom IC 756 II
Acom 2000

10-40m Optibeam OB12-6 @ 20
80m 2x26m doublet @ 16 m

Rec Ant: EWE NE , 3,40m AMA magnetic loop
ISØ/IT9VDQ   SO CW LP   2,7542008-10-20 01:22:38
S56A   SO CW LP   18,0542008-10-20 02:48:27
N1MM Logger claims negative time spent in this contest :-) Enjoyed CW, MF and
BCC exotic mults. Worked VK9DWX on 7/14/21 MHz and JARTS RTTY at the same

73 de Mario, S56A
SP2LNW   SO CW HP   100,8722008-10-20 07:46:35
Tnx all for QSO's ! It was my first use of a skimmer in the contest. 73! Slaw
RD4WA   SO Mixed HP   348,8402008-10-20 08:07:10
Good contest!
OE3KAB   SO CW HP   34,8272008-10-20 08:24:47
Rig: TS 480 HX 200w, Doublet antenna
Nice Contest! Met some "old" friends....
DF1LON   SO CW HP   581,4002008-10-20 08:32:37
Great contest. Goal was to make 1.000 QSOs.
10m was open at least a bit and nice to hear stateside on 15m. Even KH6 was
worked on 20m.
Great performance of the new OP40-1 40m rotary dipole.
TS-850+FL2100b (RUN)
TS-850+AL80b (MULT)
Antenna: FB33 (Triband Trapbeam) / FD4 (Windowm) / OB40-1
Non of the PAs every made more than 500w!
I had huge interferences between both station. SO2R was just a try and a lot of
things have to optimized for the next time.
DP4K(DK3DM)   SO CW HP   1,011,2202008-10-20 10:44:42
Hi @ all !

First of all BIG THANK YOU to all who gave me a call in the Contest !
After some years operating as M/S in the WAG it was time for me to do it SO
this year.
I had a lot of fun in the contest and thanks especialy to the stations I asked
to QSY to another band ! Nice to hear 15m open to NA and 10m showed some life
also. Good opening to UA9 on 10 from here.
I think activity was very good and I hope everyone had as much fun as I had.
I´m pretty happy with my score considering I had no DX cluster avaible and no
SO2R setup. Let´s see what others have done ;-)

For all who will do CQ-WW-SSB next weekend I wish good luck ! I will take a
rest in the SSB part ;-)

Vy 73 de Heiko (Bud) DK3DM @ DP4K

FT 1000D + ACOM 2000

80m: Inv Dipole @ 23m , Titanex vertical
40m: 2 ele fullsize beam @ 24m

20/15/10m : Optibeam 16-3 @ 23m , JP2000 @ 26m

See some more info on:

Contest : Worked All Germany Contest
Callsign : DP4K
Mode : CW-HP
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : All bands (AB)
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... : O03
Locator : JO41DM
Operating time : 24h

80 0 509 47 1151 2.26
40 0 449 57 1377 3.07
20 0 404 54 1362 3.37
15 0 201 43 671 3.34
10 0 45 16 99 2.20
TOTAL 0 1608 217 4660 2.90
TOTAL SCORE : 1 011 220

Operators :
Soapbox :

Powered by Win-Test 3.11.0
DD1MAT   SO Mixed LP   169,5682008-10-20 11:47:52
ts570; 10-15-20 spiderbeam, 40 vertical, 80 loop
YP9W(YO9WF)   SO Mixed HP   508,6982008-10-20 12:54:40
This is a new all time record, but unfortunatelly it will not stand up after the
log checking :(
I should have slept less than 3 hours. It wasn't my target to set a new record
(alive from 2002 - 500,214 pts by RK4FF), but things went really nice in the
end of the contest. Hopefully, I will come back next year with a new record :)

73 Ionut YO9WF / YP9W / YQ9W

P.S. The contest starts in the evening, which is great for my job because I
have enough time to finish my work and get ready for the battle.
DR4A   Multi-Op HP   940,4522008-10-20 12:55:01
Thanks to all who worked us.
We took part in the non existing class "Multi OP CW only", but WAG made again
lots of fun. The entry was only planned as an equipment check for the upcoming
CQWW CW, but then we ended up with 22,5 hrs OP-time. The new 40m Array did play
very well incl. calls from interesting mults like 6M7V and ZM2B, where we have
to call normally; thanks for that.

cu in the CQWW CW
73 de
Wolfgang DK9VZ
K4BAI   SO Mixed HP   6,2402008-10-20 14:46:49
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, TH6DXX, zepp, inverted vee. Thanks for the QSOs. A FB
contest. Please look for me this weekend at the M/M station NQ4I in CQ WW SSB.
Then November 26-December 3, I will be on Bonaire with KU8E, K4RO, and W4OC.
We will sign PJ4/homecalls and PJ4A in CQ WW CW. QSL all five calls via K4BAI.
Hope to work many of you on many bands from Bonaire. 73, John, K4BAI.
LY4U(@LY5W)   SO CW HP   154,4402008-10-21 07:20:46
Only 400W, 6 hours sleep, about 15 PC restarts, 10m didn't even listen, 15m no
regular F or E skip, just reflectons, 20 really opened briefly and to
south-west DL only, 40m skip too long for LY-DL 15 hours (all night), 80m was
the only band that was really open long enough to Germany. Anyway, enjoyed it
fully - excellent CW operators in DL, first time used bandmap - both spotting
and using spots. Thanks to LY5W for station and shashlik after contest.
GØCKV   SO CW LP   111,2522008-10-22 13:47:05
A relaxed contest where you can have fun with low power and wire antennas. Skip
was however too long for the fairly short London to DL path on the high bands
this weekend.
DP9A(@DLØJE)   Multi-Op HP   1,746,0662008-10-23 08:17:51
Unchecked Score.
DLØLD(DL2AA)   SO CW LP   50,1162008-10-24 05:38:32
A part time effort to activate our club call with the current special DOK
At least 80% of the stations hesitated before the QSL or AGN came back. Thanks
to all who called in and took the time to pick up this unusual DOK.


F5IN   SO CW HP   165,2882008-10-24 08:33:48
Powered by Win-Test 3.22.0

kenwod TS-940S + SB220
60m >> shunted-feed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (

& K9AY loop system
DL1EKC/P   SO CW LP   481,5842008-10-27 11:48:34
Running K2 plus Spiderbeam for 20/15/10, rotary dipole for 40, GP for 80

Two days antenna setup, one day CQ TEST, one day for dismantling the antennas.
A lot of work for the antenna impaired, but I love this contest. See You next
year ...
A71BX   SO CW HP   2102008-10-28 13:13:53
I was testing my new OB12-4 & good luck to everybody in the contest
J49V(DL5AXX)   SO CW LP   199,0802008-10-29 13:07:11

9A5Y(@9A1CCY)   Multi-Op HP   230,0002008-11-04 10:07:02
Liebe freunde,

We made 150 Q's less then last year but some more mults, so raw score is
alomoust same.
Our goal of over 1K QSO in this condition wasn't real; on 20m without any
pileup :-/, on 15m only big guns on S&P and on 10m short skip only 5min :-(
Maybe on 2m we will be better ;-)
Finally worked one special "J".

73 & 55,

Tom, 9A5TO