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Iowa QSO Party   2014   Oct 18   Comment Summary

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WØPAN   SO Fixed LP   1632014-10-18 16:25:20
WØGXA   SO Mobile LP   4,9642014-10-18 17:35:25
I've had better contests. I've been ill for two days and almost stayed home. I
drove across the state to put a few counties on the air for OM2VL (to finish off
Iowa) and SM7ZDI. My logging laptop computer failed half way through the
contest but... I had a backup laptop. I knocked off early so I could come home
and take a nap. 560 miles on the car....
WA6KHK   SO Fixed HP   2,2602014-10-18 19:35:19
Kudos to K0PC for putting out all those counties in 9 hours! I don't get mixing
the BSA jamboree with this contest. My log only accepts calls with Iowa county
names! No need to mix those two events guys.
W2FU/Ø   SO Fixed LP   3,6042014-10-18 20:07:18
Trying NYQP and IAQP at the same time......not as much activity from IA as I
expected, so spent more time chasing the NY guys around.

Fun in any event,

K3 - 100W and two dipoles. 400' beverage
N6MU   SO Fixed LP   3,0442014-10-18 21:21:10
Score includes 100 bonus points for working WA0DX.

Thanks to K0PC/M who kept it somewhat interesting the whole time. Worked him 16

Never heard any of the IA JOTA stations. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 5BTV
W1END   SO Fixed LP   6422014-10-19 04:33:05
Iowa is a good shot from NH and signals were mostly pretty good. Score includes
WA0DX bonus. Lots of activities this weekend including leaf raking etc. Thanks
to everyone. FTdx5000 and Butternut Vertical.

Eldon - W1END
WN4AFP   SO Fixed LP   2122014-10-19 04:44:10
This score includes working WA0DX bonus station. I only heard a few Iowa
stations from SC. 20m wasn't great to Iowa and 40m was loaded with RTTY in the
evening with the NYQP. I like the "flavor" of the JOTA bonus, but it
doesn't fit in with a state QP. I spent a majority of my time working NYQP. 73
W3DYA   SO Fixed LP   2642014-10-19 08:09:23
Not a serious effort; just trying to give contacts to those who return the favor
throughout the year when I'm mobile.
A fun contest but not very exciting since I finished, IA, for 3rd time long
73, Norm, W3DYA
KCØDEB   SO Fixed LP   3422014-10-19 08:28:30
Band QSOs Pts Mul
7 10 20 10
14 1 2 1
Total 11 22 11
Score: 342
1 Mult = 1.0 Q's
KEØG   SO Fixed QRP   5,9502014-10-19 19:34:41
K3/10 at 5 watts to a 34' vertical with 4 radials laid on the ground, fed with a
short piece of twin-lead and a Johnson Matchbox tuner. Put 6 counties on the
air. The weather was wonderful, the bands, not so much. I had trouble being
heard both in-state and out. I could hear DX from EU louder than USA stations
on 10, 15, and sometimes also on 20 M. Never heard a peep on 80 M, including
20 minutes of CQ'ing at the start. Worked a lot of NY QSO Party stations to
pass the time. C U all next time. 73, Dan, ke0g
K4BAI   SO Fixed LP   4772014-10-20 06:01:59
FT1000MP, 100W, TH6DXX, dipole. Forgot about the 125W power limit and first two
QSOs were with high power and are makred with an "X" and are not
counted in score. Score includes 100 bonus points for QSO with WA0DX. Band
conditions 40-15 were good. Went to theatre and missed any chance for low band
QSOs. Still need seven counties in Iowa all-time. Please e-mail me with any
suggestions for Adams, Audubon, Dickinson, Keokuk, Lyon, Shelby, Sioux. Thanks
for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
OM2VL(@OM8A)   SO Fixed HP   2,0322014-10-22 12:55:47
4 QSO Party + some DXpedition hunting on same weekend... :)

I found only 2 mobile: K0PC/M 16QSO/15 countie , W0GXA/M 6/6.

My BIG THANKS to Bob - W0GXA who added me last 4 missed counties ans Pat - K0PC
to added me the lastone: Palo Alto. I am really appreciated it!

73 Laci OM2VL
KØPC   SO Mobile LP   60,0642014-10-24 08:10:59
Many thanks to all who participated in the IA QSO Party. I had 179 unique calls
in the log. Many stations had multiple contacts but Roger, K0MPH was
outstanding with 27 QSOs. Tied for second were K5KPE & N6MU with 16 each.

Thanks to the Ottumwa ARC for sponsoring the IAQP for many years. I look
forward to another trip across my home state in 2016.

Pat K0PC