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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB   2015   Nov 21   Comment Summary

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KO7SS   Single Op HP   164,1642015-11-22 09:21:29
I need to save some energy for CQWWCW, so the goal was 1000 Q's in 10 hours,
and I got it :)

73, Bill KO7SS on Mt Lemmon in southern AZ
K4WW   SO Unlimited LP   55,8002015-11-22 11:27:33
Multiple issues with logging program, deflated any real interest.
K4NV   Single Op HP   77,0242015-11-22 11:52:27
Only put in 4.5 hrs. but had fun. Worked all sections which was a surprise.
Bands seemed good to me.
Thanks, to all for contacts 73 Dennis K4NV
VA3PC   SO Unlimited LP   36,5202015-11-22 12:01:20
100% S/P, last few sections SD, AK, MS.
W4XO   SO Unlimited HP   93,4582015-11-22 12:39:49
Fun contest! Thanks to K7UT (UT)for the sweep! Thanks for the Q's.

N9DFD   Single Op LP   60,0602015-11-22 13:04:57
A few good run and bands in pretty good shape.

Wish I would have had more time
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   2,2402015-11-22 13:15:59
Only able to get on briefly on Sunday around 18z.
I was in San Francisco, remote to the NN7SS
station in WWA. 10m had a few, but very loud
signals. 15m was more packed, but not so strong
signals. I just S&Ped up each band until my time
was up. Glad I didn't have to do a full-time.
Thanks for the fun.

NN7SS (op K6UFO)

10m: C-31xr at 72ft
15m: C-31xr at 72ft
Elecraft K3 turned down to 5 watts.
Elecraft K3/0, RemoteRig,
W1TEF(@W4DFG)   Single Op QRP   2,2042015-11-22 13:17:59
Didn't have a lot of time, but handed out a few Qs for others. Next year, I'm
going to run the full 36 hours. Had fun though - it was fun handing out Qs
Thanks to all those who pulled me out of the noise.

Best regards,

Tom, W1TEF/4
Lexington, SC
K7ULS   Single Op LP   16,2242015-11-22 13:21:47
Powder Mtn. 9000'
FT-897D 100w

10 meters only still a technician but it was fun none the less. Had a pileup
going a few times then calling and calling with no q's. Some weird prop at
times hearing Montana and Arizona stations s-9 but no answer. Made one guys day
I was his last section for clean sweep.
73 de K7ULS
K6UFO   SO Unlimited HP   2,4642015-11-22 13:29:16
I was in San Francisco, but got on for the 19z hour
on Sunday from Maine. Completely different than the
18z hour I did as NN7SS from WA. Very little on 10m.
15m had enough to occupy my time, but I needed the
high power. Thanks for the fun of passing out the
ME Mult!


10,15m: Tennadyne T-14 Log Periodic at 114 ft
Elecraft K3, Expert 1KW Amp
Elecraft K3/0, RemoteRig,
W4ZYT   SO Unlimited HP   15,5762015-11-22 13:36:23
Good signals and good participation. A sudden serious illness in the extended
family put the kibosh on my participation after early Saturday evening. Had
high hopes for 160, but it was pretty much a bust here.
KV4JK(@W4JAM)   Multi-Op HP   52,6222015-11-22 14:29:38
Was fun to watch a new hand SP after only working field day. Was fun and only
missing 4 at start on sunday.
NX4N   Single Op HP   18,5902015-11-22 14:50:39
Just a little stroll down SS Phone way...hope you enjoyed it! CDX seemed pretty
good and I worked VE8 (missed him in CW SS), VE6 and KL7 Saturday afternoon on
15m. I actually filled in WCF for some folks - surprising since FCG usually
has our section well covered.

73 to All and see you next year for SS 2016,
Chris, NX4N
W6AMD   Single Op LP   1922015-11-22 14:51:42
I had a lot of fun, and look forward to the next contest.
73, Tony W6AMD
KC1ENE(@KC1CWF)   Multi-Op LP   1,2402015-11-22 14:52:08
Was going to operate with another friend, both of us are under the age of 13.
The goal was to train/educate as many kids as possible about contesting. We
were able to get a kid who had never been on HF before making his own contacts.
One of the rigs failed, and we only ended operating for a little bit in a
not-so-serious way. We learned a lot! I made a few Q's but was mainly playing
N1LN   SO Unlimited HP   200,0302015-11-22 15:12:47
Sweep was much easier in SSB than in CW. Done after 5 hrs. Had fun getting
some Qs for the PVRC club competition.

Bruce - N1LN
WØPAN   Single Op LP   19,2002015-11-22 15:28:32
QSB was rough at times. Lost a couple of Q's with mults because of it. Thanks
to K7JQ for the Q to get AZ!
W6NS   Single Op QRP   9502015-11-22 15:31:44
Rig: KX3 5.0w Antenna: Buddy Pole (dipole) 8 ft AGL.

First contest from my antenna restricted home. The good thing a 1000 ft down
slope from north to east, less down slope from south to west south west. Bad
thing 500 ft rise from north to west south west a range of mountians from east
to south about 10 miles out. This place is very quiet even with 2 115KV lines
two blocks away (low humidity is so good).

Had my eyes opened to what it must be like to contest the first time; used a
hand mic and headphones, laptop on lap not external keyboard (that is all

See you next weekend from CA in the WW at the little pistol RV portable

Thanks to all of you that took the time to hear my weak signals.
KC3BXK(@W3RFC)   SO Unlimited HP   7982015-11-22 15:44:24
First contest. Still learning.
WA3AER   SO Unlimited HP   60,1882015-11-22 15:47:54
Was it me or were there fewer stations participating on Saturday until late
On a whim, I started on 10M expecting nothing. Condx prior to the contest were
very good to our West Coast; but that did not hold and not a lot came of 10M on
Sunday. 15M is noisy at my QTH, but results were a bit better for me than 20M.
Shockingly, the low bands which I rarely operate, due to higher noise levels,
produced well. 80M on Saturday evening kept me going a lot longer than I
thought it would...and it was the key to exceeding previous years' scores for
this S&P operator. (I have yet to establish a run from my home QTH!)
Again, not quite a sweep. :-(

K3 w/DVR (YAY! I can still talk.)
Hex Beam and 80/40M loaded dipole
W4UT   SO Unlimited HP   26,8922015-11-22 15:56:02
I didn't work this contest full time, but I wanted to make a sweep. I was able
to complete the sweep Sunday morning by working K1SD in RI.

It was great to hear so many stations on from the Northwest Territory during
this contest.

It was a lot of fun to hear the bands so active!

73 to all,
VO1MP   Single Op HP   117,3622015-11-22 16:01:31
Quite Obviously 15 meters was THE band from here ... always.... nice to be able
to help others with their sweeps ..AND IN THE PROCESS get a sweep of your own .
lot of regulars .. last section WAS .....MS..... N5PA...
Did most of of the test with the built in N1MM voice keyer.... IMHO it
tends to slow the process A BIT .. however it does save the vocal chords
thanks for the QSOs
Vy 73 Brgds to all
NJ9T   Single Op HP   42,9002015-11-22 16:06:31
With the heavy wet snow, had to spend time outside clearing snow. Had a good
time Sunday.
AF4RK   Single Op HP   7,5842015-11-22 16:51:09
Social obligations cut into the operating time. First time ARRL SSB
Sweepstakes. Usually operate CW or RTTY. Got the N1MM+ Digital voice keyer
working with Audacity and a couple of rock n' roll audio mixers. Last QTH, the
antenna was so close to the radio that RF got into everything. Here the Hex
Beam is about 40 feet away. Ran 1 KW no RF problems and the audio was working
well after a dose of Deoxit on all the connectors. Got the hang of it and
started a run just as the band closed. There's always next year!
K3SEN   Single Op HP   24,4262015-11-22 16:54:10
Saturday was almost a bust. Heavy thunderstorms and record breaking rainfall.
By the time the rain ended I was sleeping! Just couldn't get into it. Thanks
for the Qs. 73 Dale K3SEN
N2CU   Single Op LP   10,0002015-11-22 16:57:48
Very nice conditions.

K3/100, TH6DXX 48',40m Inv.V

Tom N2CU <><
K3PA   SO Unlimited HP   14,2762015-11-22 16:59:41
Just playing to test the station and work for the sweep.
N9NBC   Single Op QRP   8642015-11-22 17:01:35
not much time gave a ham class sat and sun but got a few qso s
N3XF   Single Op HP   101,0942015-11-22 17:02:11
Conditions better than expected. Nice to get a sweep early.
NØBUI   SO Unlimited HP   66,4002015-11-22 17:05:28
Thanks for the Qso's. I was able to make the sweep.

73, Mike N0BUI
WØLSD   Single Op HP   25,0662015-11-22 17:16:26
Always a fun contest even though the exchange is grueling. It was nice to hear
the many guys I have worked in RTTY contests over the years.
Decided to S&P and go for a sweep, just made it with UT on 40 near the end.
KE4S   SO Unlimited HP   71,8782015-11-22 17:24:04
K3/P3, 4L SteppIR, 80M horizontal loop
NW2K   Single Op LP   41,6342015-11-22 17:35:13
The Phone Fray SSB contest is a weekly event, every Tuesday night in NA
(0230-0300z Wednesday) for 30 minutes of fast-paced fun. Exchange and scoring
is the same as NAQP SSB (name and S/P/C, mults per band). Use the NAQP module
in your favorite contesting software. Rules are here:

Communications via Yahoo Group here:

Suggested center frequencies are: 21.325, 14.250, 7.175, 3.800 (avoid
3.790-3.800, and lower is better), 1.875. We've been starting on 20 as of late
and quickly getting to 40-80 with Q's on 160 in the last few minutes.

Please pass this on to your club and others that might be interested. Midweek,
for 30 minutes, is just about right!

No logs, just report scores to

Thanks, 73, Dean, NW2K
N3QE   SO Unlimited HP   79,9482015-11-22 17:36:09
First half of HMO effort at home. Hugely great 40M then 80M conditions the first
N4YDU   SO Unlimited HP   93,4582015-11-22 17:37:03
Conditions seemed pretty good when I was on. NT was much easier to find in
comparison to the CW leg.


WE9V   SO Unlimited HP   169,3202015-11-22 17:39:18
This was more fun than usual, but not so fun that I wanted
to do the entire 24 hours. Operated the first 7 hours, then
another 3.5 hours late Sunday afternoon.

There was a TON of new Sweepstakes participants, observed by
them not being in my huge pre-fill database.

I didn't get the sweep as fast as CW weekend, but did so in 4.3
hours, after a 45 minute break, found Sam VE5SF spotted for my
last one.

Thanks to everyone for the Qs.
Chad WE9V
K3PRC(N3QE)   SO Unlimited HP   72,2102015-11-22 17:40:41
Second half of HMO effort done at KE3X's wonderful accomodations. Thanks Ken!

Hugely great conditions on 15M. Not just to to 6/7/0 land, but to everywhere!
Something made there be a really spectacular pipeline to 1-land and 2-land,
especially CT.

After getting called by multiple VE8's and KL's and others on 15M, an idea came
to mind: Complete the sweep! The remaining sections were all easy before sunset
on 40M.
NØHJZ   Multi-Op LP   79,5402015-11-22 17:46:05
Had some help from my 15-year old nephew. He had fun and we almost had a sweep.
Where was PR?! Thanks for the Q's everyone!
N3AM   SO Unlimited LP   70,2182015-11-22 17:46:29
I can't believe I operated over 13 hours in a phone contest! I did my usual
non-preparation for the contest and tweaked the radio and logging settings
during breaks. Half way through the contest, I got the N1MM function keys set
up to key my K3 DVK, which saved my voice.

I had an initial problem of the RX audio cutting out in short bursts. I checked
the K3 user manual for some recommendations on the "Sub Pot SQ Main"
settings, which appeared to clear the problem (tapped the "1" button
to toggle from "SQL ALL" to "SQL FM"). It's also possible
that it was just Internet stutter between my MD QTH and control location in
South Florida that cleared up later in the contest.

John, N3AM
KB8O   Multi-Op HP   143,2582015-11-22 17:47:42
Slow start for us. Just wasn't into the contest from the start. We had a little
freezing rain Saturday night but the sun burned that off Sunday morning. Did
mostly S&P from the start and Ran Sunday with good rates. See everyone in
the next one.

Jay KB8O
Doug AB8M
VO1BQ   Single Op HP   44,2202015-11-22 17:53:53
Tired and shut down at suppertime also the XYL had invited her folks, so I was
strongly encouraged to QRT anyways... A happy XYL = a happy life ;o)

Hope I helped a few get their sweep. 15M was pretty good, I was running 1K
with a D3 up about 30ft. Tired Running several times, but no takers, switched
to S & P and was getting most with first call and little difficulty, so I
stuck with what was or seemed to be working. Only problem with that was I kept
finding stations I had already worked.

Sweepstakes, are my favorite contest, I had to take leave from work this year
for both CW and SSB sweeps. Hopefully next year they will fall on my weekends
off. I'm off every second weekend.

Rest of my Contest season is very sporadic & only putting in about 2 or 3
hrs at best per contest. Although down the road when I get some Real Antennas
up, you'll be hearing more from me ;o)

73 and see you all next year.

K8MR   Single Op LP   46,8162015-11-22 17:54:48
Once again I took the station to the (salt) waterfront in Sarasota. K3 with a
MFJ telescoping mast for 20-10, 33 foot end fed wire for 40. The vertical was
planted about 10 feet out in the water, which was about a foot deep at high
tide. After a while I noticed intermittent SWR fluctuations; I realized that as
the water dropped below the 2 foot aluminum mast to the plastic beach umbrella
anchor, the ground system was changing as the waves came through. I hooked on a
six foot bare wire to the support, and things stabilized.

An all Sunday operation; weather on Saturday was threatening rain much of the
time. No surprise that salt water and fresh meat go well together. 167 of my
QSOs were in runs of >100hr. Sections missed: NFL, SFL, SC, MS, ORG, SF, and
NL. Most worked section: MI, 21 QSOs. Other well represented ones were IL with
13, CT and MDC with 12, and VA, OH, and MN with 11. ENY rounded out the two
digit group with 10 QSOs. Last new section worked: STX!

I had a couple of good eyeball QSOs with non-ham visitors, and a all time first
QRM source: a pontoon equipped ultralight, which made quite a noise (acoustic)
and a heck of a wind when he took off with his prop wash pointed right at me.

All in all, a nice way to do SSB SS, especially when hearing from W8MJ about
the 14" of snow he had in MI!

73 - Jim K8MR
W4VIC   SO Unlimited HP   54,7562015-11-22 17:59:26
Missed MS and UT.

Thanks for the Qs. 73, Vic, W4VIC
VE3VN   Single Op LP   17,7482015-11-22 18:00:28
Handing out a few Q's on a lazy Sunday.
N3RC   SO Unlimited HP   114,6962015-11-22 18:07:24
n3rc op at k9yc sta
W1KQ   SO Unlimited HP   66,8982015-11-22 18:09:37
My second Clean Sweep ever.
ND3N   Single Op LP   36,6002015-11-22 18:10:03
Voice contesting still not my forte, but this year SS brought me a few firsts.
First time I have ever worked NT (though I left a lot of the others open).
Also first time I've made an effort to run frequencies. I figure about 80% of
my Q's were made while I was running.

Rig: Kenwood TS-590S
Antennas: GAP Challenger + 80/40M inverted vees.
KD4D(@N3HBX)   Single Op HP   236,7162015-11-22 18:12:13
Thanks again to John Evans, N3HBX, for letting me invade the farm again. Used
my new toy - a Microham u2r - for this one. The Soundcard setup was
straightforward and the u2r worked well. I really like the "stereo"
receive key in N1MM....

I started on 20 - that was NOT the place to be but I stuck it out for about 45
minutes. My first hour was TERRIBLE - half the rate I had last year. I went
to 40 then, but 40 went long pretty quickly. I don't think I'll ever be on the
right bands at the right times in this one! :-)

This may be the fastest unassisted sweep I've managed in Sweepstakes - I worked
SF for the last section at 04:24Z. VY1AAA called me on 80 meters Sunday morning
at 12:02Z - it was light outside! He had a good signal! That's never happened
before. I ended up working 3 NT stations.

Score was down over 10% from last year.

Thanks for all the QSOs!



Mark, KD4D

Rates do not include dupes.

Date Hour Total 3_5 7 14 21 Running Total
2015-11-21 21 53 0 8 42 3 53
2015-11-21 22 101 0 96 5 0 154
2015-11-21 23 73 46 22 5 0 227
2015-11-22 0 76 67 9 0 0 303
2015-11-22 1 88 79 9 0 0 391
2015-11-22 2 74 67 7 0 0 465
2015-11-22 3 72 13 59 0 0 537
2015-11-22 4 91 35 56 0 0 628
2015-11-22 5 71 64 7 0 0 699
2015-11-22 6 63 9 54 0 0 762
2015-11-22 7 41 21 20 0 0 803
2015-11-22 8 44 23 21 0 0 847
2015-11-22 11 3 3 0 0 0 850
2015-11-22 12 48 38 10 0 0 898
2015-11-22 13 39 2 20 17 0 937
2015-11-22 14 43 0 23 20 0 980
2015-11-22 15 50 0 31 19 0 1030
2015-11-22 16 47 0 1 28 18 1077
2015-11-22 17 61 0 0 6 55 1138
2015-11-22 18 29 0 0 4 25 1167
2015-11-22 19 66 0 0 47 19 1233
2015-11-22 20 56 0 0 48 8 1289
2015-11-22 21 16 0 0 13 3 1305
2015-11-22 22 28 0 24 4 0 1333
2015-11-22 23 30 16 10 4 0 1363
2015-11-23 0 39 22 17 0 0 1402
2015-11-23 1 24 24 0 0 0 1426
Total All Hours 1426 529 504 262 131 0
WØETT   Single Op LP   48,6402015-11-22 18:13:19
Pretty good condx for this one especially 15, 20, and 40m. Surprised to work a
lot of multipliers early on after missing them in the CW SS test. Missed NE,
ND, and VI in this one.

73 Ken, W0ETT
W9PA   SO Unlimited LP   35,5242015-11-22 18:14:23
K3, P3, Bencher Skyhawk, Moxon Modified XM-240, 80M Dipole
Software: DXLog by 9A5K v.2.2.19
NF4A   SO Unlimited HP   53,4522015-11-22 18:17:20
Only operated for 6 hours.....SFL was the last for the sweep with WCF and SC 2nd
and 3rd. Thanks to AB4B for letting me work K5EEE in SFL after he had worked
KB3Z   Single Op LP   3,9602015-11-22 18:18:22
The exchange seems too long for me. Would prefer to see just a serial number and
ARRL Section.
W4PK   SO Unlimited HP   45,3602015-11-22 18:19:00
I spent more time trying to get my new sound card interfaced between my
computer, mic and radio than I did operating for this contest. it took some
figuring out how first just get it hooked up, then working, and then finally to
get all the levels set up correctly.

I never could figure out how to get the N1MM+
"ctrl-shift-function-key" to work properly for recording on the fly.
It would go ahead and record but with no audio, and I am sure that I have missed
something somewhere. I used Audacity instead and I had no problem using that
program after I spent yet more time learning how to use it..

I normally do not like operating SSB since it gives me a headache after just a
few hours of operation. But for PVRC I am willing to make that sacrifice! And I
did work quite a few of the PVRC members, by the way.

I was amazed at the high numbers some of the operators had, with several more
than 2000! My hat is off to those of you who can stand it for 24 hours or

I mostly just did S&P but toward the end of the contest I tried my hand at
running some. I had the most success on 80M using just a low dipole. I do have
an 80M four-square but I didn't discover until I tried to use it that I had high
SWR in the phone portion of the band. It is fine in the CW portion, but my
vacuum relay switching method for changing resonance to 3.8 MHz must have taken
a lightning hit. No telling how long it had been that way since it has been
several years since I have used the phone portion of the 80M band.

This time I missed SFL and ONE for multipliers. During the CW portion I worked
all but NT. This time I worked several!

73, Sam W4PK
K4QPL   SO Unlimited HP   91,3002015-11-22 18:21:43
The luxury of multiple Q's for every section is seldom seen in CW SS!
Amazing turnout from the midwest. Never worked so many 8's and 9's.
Voice and ears don't hold up well with SSB so I tended to turn off the
interstate runs and take the S&P backroads a lot in a part time effort. A
downer on rate but an overall relaxing weekend with new "K-line".
Thanks for all the Q's. Less QRM and frequency confrontations than usual. P-3
waterfall was a big help finding a run "channel". I did enjoy asking
a guy claiming a "net" frequency on 20 what the net did and how many
members it had. He admitted there was no one else on frequency and to please
carry on! I never did get an answer as to the purpose of this so-called net


Jim, K4QPL
K6LL   SO Unlimited HP   117,6942015-11-22 18:24:24
Friday before the contest was a trip to San Diego for a surgery post-op checkup
(successful). After six hours of sitting in the car and three hours of sitting
in the surgeon's office, I didn't feel like sitting for two more days in a

It was fun to be a casual participant for a change.

Something happened in the Al-1500 too. No RF out on 20 meters, but it works
fine on 10, so I guess it's a meltdown in the tank circuit somewhere.
Shouldn't be a big deal, but I've only got 2 days to fix it before traveling
for Thanksgiving, then CQWWCW.
N9EF   Single Op LP   7,3442015-11-22 18:30:32
Only had minutes available here and there.
NEØU   Single Op HP   188,1082015-11-22 18:35:44
Missed ONN
K6LA   Single Op HP   249,9962015-11-22 18:37:20
15 meters was the money band here. 10 was open for quite a while but lonely.

Lots of QSB on 15 & 20. I walked away from over a dozen QSOs that were
below ESP, except on the initial call. Impacted the rates, even early.

I found VY1MAB on 20 without a pileup for the sweep Sunday morning. VY1AAA
found me later in the day. PR was easy but there was only one. No other
sections were tough.

It felt like participation was down because I could generally find a reasonable
frequency and the rates just weren't there on wide open bands.

Looking forward to heading up to PEI for CQWW CW as VY2TT.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
K3WA   Single Op HP   26,3982015-11-22 18:37:28
A couple of hours just to say I did SSB.
KU9V   Single Op LP   3,9222015-11-22 18:37:46
Under the weather all weekend, and need to get an 80m antenna up. Not as much
fun as Nov SS CW, but still enjoyable.
K8NWD   SO Unlimited HP   110,0582015-11-22 18:38:15
Another part time effort. I wanted to get some points for Mad River and also try
for a sweep. I ended up getting a sweep in both Phone and CW. First time for me
in either contest. Sure were a lot of NT stations on in Phone compared to CW.
Good propagation. Ran the K3 and SPE Expert 1K-FA amplifier and had no
problems. worked a lot of the club members. Great fun all the way around.
W4WWQ   SO Unlimited HP   68,0602015-11-22 18:42:34
4UN1WB made me stop and think. Bet others passed him by thinking he was in
another contest, but the World Bank is in Washington DC. Did better than
expected. Got PAC,AK,NT,DE early on. Needed help to find VI,PR,UT,QC,SFL and
then worked a lot of them. Nice to hear many identify as PVRC members. Worked
many locals too for a change. Still can't keep butt in chair very long.

K3 P3 KPA500 3ele SteppIr @ 50' and 80/40 trapped dipole
K2DSL   Single Op LP   28,8802015-11-22 18:44:10
Just a few hours on Sunday morning & early afternoon.
NDØC   Single Op QRP   70,8822015-11-22 18:44:39
This was my first SS in a couple years and it was fun to get back into the fray!
It was pretty much just slogging away, S&P and looking for the elusive
mults since I wasn't able to get much going for runs. I actually did some CQs
answered - even on 40 and 80 - amazing. But they were just one or two or three
- no real runs.

I was very fortunate that I found VY1MAB in the second hour. I finally picked
up Nebraska for the sweep with just over an hour left. I was really starting
to sweat it. It had been several years since I got a sweep and was relieved to
get it again, especially with QRP unassisted. It really seemed like the
activity was down over all and several sections just didn't seem to have
anybody running.

15 and 20 were equally good depending on the time of day and area of the
country. At times, I seemed to be heard pretty well on the low bands, but at
other times I got CQ'd in my face. Such is QRP. But it did strike me that I
didn't get as many "I need everything again" responses this year.

This was the first time I used the DVR - really made a difference and saved my

Yaesu FTdx3000 running 5 watts out
TX38 tribander at 40 feet and inverted vee at 39 feet

Randy, ND0C
K6LRN   Single Op HP   101,0242015-11-22 18:45:05
This time no VI.
Thanks to all for the Qs.
WA6JRZ(W6XK)   SO Unlimited HP   16,6002015-11-22 18:55:36
Goal: Participation Pin/Sweep
VE2CWT(VE2FU)   SO Unlimited LP   33,9302015-11-22 18:56:03
Had a few hours to give the QUEBEC multiplier. (cw is more relaxing !)

Log upload to LOTW shortly.

Mostly S/P ...Starting QSO Nr 1 with VY1MB ! great NT participation all

RIG IC-7800 K4KIO HEX-BEAM, Trap Inv-vee

73' Phil VE2FU
WB2P   SO Unlimited LP   153,8822015-11-22 18:56:17
Special thanks to W2YC for the use of his station #1. Had a blast, biggest score
yet. Got sweep at 0527z, two hours longer than last years high power effort.
Can't wait for next year.
N4CF   SO Unlimited LP   70,8822015-11-22 18:58:25
My best SS score ever. I beat last year's SSB score by 33%, and this year's CW
score by 10%. A clean sweep was the icing on the cake.

10M gave me a handful of mults right at the start -- what a trip!

Worked a bunch of PVRC stations. Nice to hear so many on.

A nice run on 80M late Sunday evening gave this s&P op confidence to try
running more often. I was at 375 Qs, and wondered if I could make it to 400.
Next thing I knew, the Q counter was at 427. I called QRT at that point, with
about an hour left in the test.

Looking forward to next year.
N5ZC   SO Unlimited HP   302,2862015-11-22 18:59:33
This is the first serous effort using the new tower/antenna system. It's also
my best personal effort to date in any SS category other than operating MM at
K5NA's a few years back. We'll see how the score holds up after log checking.

Tower 1:
C31xr's stacked at 38', 78', 118'
M2 40mLLDD 4 element yagi at 130'
F12 D240 2 element 40m yagi at 58'

Tower 2:
C31xr at 79'
D240 2 element 40m at 85'

All the C31's can be tied together using stack match's and stack match II's.

80m Delta loop at 78' horizontally fed.

Nothing on 160m yet, hoping to get that resolved prior to ARRL 160.

Pair of K3's, KPA-500, AL-1200, Microham MK2R+ so2r box etc etc.

Great to run into lots of old friends during the weekend.
VY1AAA   Multi-Op HP   67,3922015-11-22 19:00:06
A lot of fun operating from VY1 remote from my home QTH in NH. J's station
still needs a lot of work, and J was my right-hand man, performing manual
antenna changes and tuning. It really was a case of bailing gum and chewing
wire -- we had no directional antennas -- just 1/4-wave ground planes on 80-20,
and used them through a tuner on the other bands. The Alpha 9500 is down, so
only 750w on a spare amplifier.

You never know the challenges of operating from the Yukon until you operate
from there. Tons of auroral static (sounds just like power line noise) for a
good part of the day. J need to work on th 80m antenna, but we had 45-65 km/h
winds Saturday night, so, at 3am it finally calmed down and I could use the
full size GP on 75. Sigs from the east coast were impressive, with K4PV
pounding in from FL. Great to work a bunch of my friends on the east coast.

I was really trying for a sweep, but missed WV and VI. Sat on frequency with
KP2XX for about 2 hours on 40m, but he never heard us. Jeff, N8II was audible
on 75 but not workable on Sunday.

Congrats to John, VE8EV, for a very fine showing!

Look for bigger and better things from VY1AAA in the coming contests.

Thanks to J for doing all he does. Thanks for the VY1AAA remote team for
keeping the idea alive. Final thanks to all of those who helped us get a new
rig in J's shack!

73, Gerry W1VE
WØNO   Multi-Op HP   299,2982015-11-22 19:02:41
Thanks to W0NO for hosting our annual event.
W1SRD   SO Unlimited HP   198,8682015-11-22 19:03:18
Too many problems with N1MM+ and Flexradio for reliable SO2R.
Troubleshooting USB port conflicts during a contest is not fun.
TU for the QSO's.
VE3KI   Single Op QRP   55,3602015-11-22 19:04:12
Thought I'd try QRP in a phone contest. Hard slogging. Thanks to those who
pulled my signal out of the noise.
W6RW   SO Unlimited HP   83,3322015-11-22 19:04:20
Murphy took out the VCO that covers 15 and 17 meters on my FT-1000MP early in
the contest so I couldn't do anything on 15 after that. It was frustrating
searching for QSOs on 20 meters on Sunday and seeing all of the 15 meter spots.
Overall I had a great time. GO OUTLAWS!!!
KØTG   SO Unlimited LP   7,9902015-11-22 19:04:23
Limited time this weekend. I thought that I would get in far more than 2 hours

73, John K0TG
K1VSJ   Single Op LP   39,6882015-11-22 19:04:35
WDØT(@KDØS)   Single Op LP   195,3822015-11-22 19:04:54
Thanks to Jim KD0S and Shari for letting me invade and use the FB station!

Conditions much better this weekend on the high bands, especially 15m, it was
fun, but the other bands were real WORK!

Congrats to the FB scores in every category.. Another SS in the books, 73 God
Bless, Todd WD0T
AA9A   Single Op HP   136,6182015-11-22 19:05:01
Family commitments Saturday night and all day Sunday. Managed to get 8 hours of
operating time.
WN1G   Multi-Op LP   139,4402015-11-22 19:06:03
That was fun!

Not quite the score we had last year, but, 20 and 15 were less productive this

Last section for the sweep was OK of all things.

Great to see so many Check's in the teens! Welcome aboard new folks! Hope you
had fun.

73 all and thanks for the Q's.

Doug & Linda
KK6L(@NE3F)   Single Op HP   192,7262015-11-22 19:07:11
Another successful guest op from the NE3F Contest Station in Reading,PA. Thanks,
K3MD   SO Unlimited HP   177,9522015-11-22 19:08:05
Computer problems at start, N1MMPlus would not list SSB Q's on bandmap, so
switched to WL, switched back, lost 30 Q's that did not transfer from adif.
Then N1MM stated giving a right mouse click when space bar or tab pressed,
traced to shorted keyboard, switched keyboards, then OK.
K6JEB   SO Unlimited HP   94,2882015-11-22 19:08:55
I had a pretty good time! I worked Matt K0BBC/VY2 for MAR right after I started
(an hour late, getting the remote tuner on the new antenna, read on) so that
put me into a great mood right away. At 1809UTC on Sunday, I worked W1WMU for
a Clean Sweep. It was a lot easier to stop worrying about multipliers once
they were all worked.

The night before, I installed an S9 43' vertical on the radial field I have for
my 160m Inverted-L (brought it down for Sweepstakes). At the base I tune it
with an LDG remote tuner, works better than my multi-band vertical. By This
contest wouldn't have been the same without the long run I had on 15m. Rig was
a Yaesu FT-857D into an Ameritron ALS-500M amp. I used the Cushcraft A3S for
10m, 15m, and 20m. And everything else was done on either the Butternut HF9V
or the new 43' S9 vertical. One other thing that made this SSB Sweepstakes
bearable was putting my Timewave DSP-59+ in-line with my audio and WOW what a
huge difference it makes to make able to use EFFECTIVE DSP on what you're
hearing. Good fun and hope to do even more next year!
VA7ST   Single Op HP   123,1642015-11-22 19:08:55
Not a good outing at all. Went to bed at 0730 with 367 Qs and 70 mults. Missing:
RI VT NLI VI PR SFL EWA WWA AB BC GTA MAR and NL (13 sections). Got back on at
1100z (3 a.m.) but 75M was nearly empty and I was playing catch-up all day. The
bands weren't very good Sunday and rate was far below 2013 and 2012 running high

Missed BC -- the only other BC station I heard was VA7RR on 10M and 75M but he
was never workable from here. What a shame so many BC contesters sit this one

See you in CQWW CW.

Year-over-year (raw)...
2015 SOHP 15hr 751 82 123,164
2014 SOLP 17hr 676 83 112,216
2013 SOHP 15hr 1016 83 168,656
2012 SOHP 20hr 1210 83 200,860
2011 SOLP 14hr 667 80 106,720
2010 SOHP 11hr 554 73 80,884
2009 SOLP 16hr 500 74 74,000
2008 SOHP 16hr 753 78 117,468
2007 SOHP 11hr 421 77 64,834
VE3RX   Single Op LP   57,1202015-11-22 19:10:16
Worked more sections this year, but missed QC, NE and of all things, AL
Never heard NE at all.

Only part time effort due to other issues, but still good to give out ONN where
I could.
N1MM crashed once, no idea why, right in middle of qso - had to restart to get
the serial number to give. Never happened before. Time to upgrade maybe.

K3 @100W
th3jr @ 65'
40/80 Inv-V
AD8J   Single Op HP   109,4402015-11-22 19:10:40
40 meters was my best band. Remote station worked FB.
K3AJ   SO Unlimited HP   136,1202015-11-22 19:11:48
Radio: K3
Amplifier: Acom 1000
80M - Inverted V @45 ft.
40M - 4-square vertical array/Inverted V @45 ft.
20/15 - 3-el SteppIR @ 50 ft.
N1MM+ Logger/Win 7 PC/K3 DVR
N6BV(@N6RO)   Multi-Op HP   244,6842015-11-22 19:12:00
None of our team could do a serious SO, so we rotated thru the chair this
We used Dean's callsign, a four decade tradition in fone SS at N6RO. This was
also an opportunity to introduce SS to our newest member, and quick learner,
Vicki N6KLS.

10m was productive in the first hour of the test, but little activity on
Sunday, tho the band was open. Other bands were nominal. I did the east coast
SR opening on 80/40m and it was surprisingly productive. 40m was a ZOO Sunday
eve. hard to find a useable freq.

GL in WW CW next weekend, N6RO
N2BJ   SO Unlimited HP   191,2322015-11-22 19:12:02
Antennas iced up
WA6KHK   SO Unlimited LP   56,9382015-11-22 19:12:05
I couldn't put that much time in this year but I got the sweep!
NØHR   Single Op HP   124,2542015-11-22 19:12:09
Had some audio issues - I think they were related to a setting on the K3 or a PC
issue. Spent most of the contest troubleshooting but did get a few nice runs.
K5KG   Single Op HP   74,4182015-11-22 19:12:13
Limited time operation on this one. Using a new Win7 machine, and freaked out
when the keyboard locked up when I QSY's to 20m. Ferrites on the keyboard
cured the problem, after a few frustrating minutes trying to come to grip with
the problem!

Was pleased to work both VY1MB and VE8EV, but missed MS, VT, SC, and SFL.

K3, KAT500, KPA500
Triband yagi, 2L 40 and inv vee for 80.
Band condx relatively good. Essentially no QRN.

73, George, K5KG
KD9MS   Single Op LP   55,2782015-11-22 19:12:35
Wow! My first sweep! I got 82 two years ago and I didn't want to do that again.
I am so glad I put up my inverted L for 80m, mostly to get ready for the CQWW
CW but I wanted to try it out. 142 contacts on my FT450D at 100W! 25 sections.
Lots of hunting in this one. While everyone else in IL was hunting deer, I
hunted sections! The worst thing about a contest like this is if you can't
operate at night, you miss all your close in mults. But I finally did get that
last one!

How sweep it is!

73, KD9MS
K2QO   Single Op QRP   5,3202015-11-22 19:12:46
I'm not a big HF SSB fan but got on for a bit. The highlight was working two NT
stations IN A ROW!

Got lots of compliments on my QRP signal. Just running the stock settings on
the K3. The Yamaha mic must be pretty good.

K3 at 5W, 2-el at 55', 220' CF Dipole, and a Yamaha CM500 boom set. Skookum
Logger on a Mac Mini for logging.

Mark K2QO
K1DG   Single Op HP   13,7782015-11-22 19:12:51
I had limited time available and had to be in NH Saturday night and Sunday. The
80 and 10M antennas here are broken, as well as the rotator on the 40 and 20M

I decided to practice some S&P and try for the 83-in-83 trick. The last
time I tried this was about 20 years ago on CW, when I spent the final 4 hours
of the contest trying unsuccessfully to lure a NE station who was also
S&Ping across three bands to call me. I heard him off and on for all of
that time. For all I know, he was also doing the 83-in-83 and ignored me
because he already had NH.

This time I pulled it off. Last section was ONE. 82nd: QC. 81st: WNY. 80th:
Maine(where I was Saturday!)

Another mug for the shelf. Back to Maine Friday for the WW CW. Everything there
seems to be working.


Doug K1DG
N5UM   Multi-Op LP   105,7422015-11-22 19:13:32
Yikes - I forgot how tough SS SSB was at 100 watts. Got off to a slow start,
but things picked up after the first few hours.

This is the first multi-op effort from the new N5UM QTH. Thanks to Jeff,
WD0GTY for sharing the chair with me here. He also brought a small 3 element
tribander that we put up at 20 feet which helped with a few tough mults that we
would not have worked otherwise.

Last 2 sections worked for the sweep were UT and QC - which are not usually
difficult from here. The Nebraska filter evidently was not engaged this

Rig: IC7410 100 Watts -- also TS480 as 2nd receiver
Antennas: 3 element tribander at 20 ft
Hustler 6BTV ground mounted on 32 radials
160 meter inverted L that seems to work pretty well on 15 meters
thru rig's tuner
102 ft doublet up 40 ft fed with 450 ohm window line all the way to
Dentron MT2000A tuner
Pixel sat magnetic loop for receive, but only used a couple of

73, Al N5UM and Jeff WD0GTY
W6SX   SO Unlimited HP   13,6222015-11-22 19:14:23
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
N1CC   Single Op QRP   50,8682015-11-22 19:14:34
Station: Elecraft K3/100 running 5 Watts output. F12 C3 @64' and 80/40 Meter
Fan Dipoles at 50', one broadside E-W and the other N-S. Most of the puny 80
and 40 operation used the E-W Fan Dipole as it seemed to work better. Tried
CQ's on 160M, never got an answer and did not see any stations on that band
while I was there.

Since QRP class does not use spots ... I was curious as to if I had been
spotted by the U and M gang so after closing my log I signed on the Cluster and
checked. On 11/21 at 2217 I was spotted on 21422 by N3DXX; and on 11/22 at 2041
I was spotted on 21236.1. The first spot showed a run of 25 calls after the
spot out of the 30 contacts made with that run attempt - that was my best run
on SS Phone. The second was made after I already had ten contacts on that
frequency, and the spotter KB8O was the last of those QSOs - so nothing was
produced you could correlate to the spot. The first one may have doubled what
my own CQing was generating.

Unlike CW using QRP I needed to give fills for most of the contacts, only the
top operators did not need a fill. Several Q's did not make it into the log
because the station working me didn't want to do any more fills ... probably
slowing their rate down a bit, hmmm.

I came "close" to a sweep with 81 Sections. I missed NL that I tried
to work several times, not able to bust the unruly gangs calling the VO1
stations. I missed STX, because I did not hear any stations from STX ... not a
single one. Plenty of LA, MS, NM, WTX, OK, and NTX stations ... didn't hear any

Worked 3 stations in NT and several AK, VI, and HI stations - all were easy for
the QRP signal to bust their managed pile ups. Saturday a "new" OTH
Radar was on 14.209 through 14.214 with a 30 dB over nine modulated buzzing
broadband signal from the Gulf of Mexico... one KP2 had to give up on 20 Meters
- this may be a sign of an enemy radar operation from one particular island, as
it did peak on that Island's central highlands.

There are 5 other "Q" class stations in my log. I stopped early
because I had worked every station I could hear and was finding and 80 and 40
were too long to hunt for STX, 20 and above were just the strongest west coast
signals ...

Saddened to hear of KL7RA becoming SK at the start of the SS period. A top gun
was lost this weekend.

See you all in the CQWW.
WB4OMM   SO Unlimited LP   127,8202015-11-22 19:15:08
Yaesu FT-2000, Heil ProSetPlus, AT-1000Pro, WinKeyer USB, HP Compaq dc7800
MiniTower dual core; A3S Beam with 10M/15M/20M at 38', Yaesu G-450A Rotator;
280' 40M/80M loop at 35'. N1MM contest software, LOGic Logging Software.

Wow! What a weekend. Beat my last year's score by 20 QSOs! Went to bed
Saturday night/Sunday morning 1AM local time with a little over 200 Qs and 80
sections. Got the sweep by 10AM on Sunday morning in the first hour back on!
It poured rain on Saturday afternoon to the tune of over 4 inches - set a new
record for the area! Bands were in pretty good shape except for 10M (a
whopping 17 Qs there)...and could barely hear anything on 160M, so didn't have
any joy there either. As always, a GREAT contest!!! Hope everyone got the
73 (and Happy Thanksgiving!!) to all.
Steve WB4OMM
N3YUG   Single Op HP   98,2722015-11-22 19:15:30
I wish I would have had more time to put. I beat my past QSO mark, but not by as
much as I wanted. I was happy to get my first clean sweep! It was also my
first HP op, the new amp did well.
W7VJ   Single Op HP   115,1822015-11-22 19:15:37
Missed OR, EWA, and BC! All a stones throw from here. Bands went long. *0M
was a pleasure with lots of east coast and Midwest. Nice change from the
relatively poor conditions we have been having.
KC4HW   Single Op LP   68,5522015-11-22 19:16:43
Thanks for the QSOs!

Really had lots of activities this weekend, but was able to get in the mix
today. Enjoyed it.

Missed MS SJV UT PR VI NL and MB. Really did not tune around very much.
Seemed that there was a good demand for AL section.

Enjoyed it.

NA5NN(K2FF)   SO Unlimited LP   151,0602015-11-22 19:17:06
Always nice to hand out "Mike Sugar!"
VE3BR   Single Op LP   38,0382015-11-22 19:18:48
Radio: Ten-Tec Jupiter
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5295.0

After getting the 3 "difficult" Ns (ND, NE, NT) that are always a
problem for me, I thought I was on to something. Then I missed a whole bunch of
the "easy" ones...
W4LT   SO Unlimited LP   189,4062015-11-22 19:20:01
The W4LT corollary:

"There's no Meters like Twenty Meters" AMEN!

First time using the cluster on SSB. Its great for CW, but not so much for
phone. Seems that not enough folk spot stations, so you end up using the big
center knob just as much as in SOABLP Unassisted. Pool technical emergency
this morning and a bathroom plumbing emergency (the shower diverter valve
broke) caused no sleeping in this morning. Got the shower up and operational
with 10 minutes to spare for the start of the contest. There are no plans that
survive interface with reality!

I will definitely do the cluster again for CW, but will go back to Class A for
Phone next time. Sweep was attained when I went to 14.250 and sweet talked one
of the Puerto Rican guys that hang around there to work me for the points in
Spanish. He obliged!

This is always a very fun contest and I enjoy the hell out of competing in it.
It was my first contest ever as a Novice back in the mid 70's and I continue to
practice mastering it. Its simply my favorite contest of all.

Elecraft K3 with Cushcraft A3s at 40 feet and two half waves in phase at 38
feet plus a GAP MonoGAP 40 veretical at 6 inches. It continues to be a
challenge competing with multi tower big antenna SO2R stations. Wish there
were a triband/wires SO2V class for this contest.

73 and thank you all for the points and the fun times!

N8FYL   SO Unlimited LP   51,1282015-11-22 19:20:53
My first clean sweep! Sunday propagation was better for me here in Michigan
than Saturday so I hit the bed at 0130 local time and got back at it about 0700
local). Maybe the snow storm had something to do with it? I've got to get a
better antenna for 80 meters. The G5RV is just not cutting it (on 80M) - I
can't run full power - unless I want to log on paper :-)
W8WTS   Single Op LP   28,9202015-11-22 19:25:56
Thanks all of the QSOs. My log is posted and public at
KØUK   Multi-Op LP   159,8582015-11-22 19:26:38
K9SF(@K9XD)   Multi-Op HP   241,6962015-11-22 19:29:11
finally we worked a contest with out any line noise, first time in 5 years. Also
put up new antennas for 80 and 160 that worked great for my little lot. I made
a few mistakes being so rusty. I never saw so much snow stuck to the antennas
and was waiting for problems, but they all worked. Look forward to the next

73s from the K9XD team.
K6SCA   Single Op HP   117,9202015-11-22 19:30:18
Missed VI & NL. Heard DE but could never find him again. Radio, amp &
antennas work flawless. Now if we could just fix the operator...<hihi>.
Thanks to all who worked me!
NJ8M   SO Unlimited HP   142,8442015-11-22 19:32:31
First single op effort in over 16 years. New home station. Now to make it
better, and where was HI? Only on 15 10. Antennas Vertical and OCF dipole. 800
N7WA   Single Op LP   30,4642015-11-22 19:34:22
It was fun being fresh meat and 15M was open so we didn't have to all crowd onto
20M. Never did check 10M.

I really need to get the pre-programmed voice messages back on line. My mouth
only works for about an hour before it starts saying really weird stuff.

dink, n7wa
K5YAA   Single Op HP   14,1102015-11-22 19:36:14
Since SSB ain't really my thing I thought I would pull a K5KA trick and see if I
could work the sweep using the same number of Qs. Well, I goofed up and doubled
up early on with WPA then along came that beggar N4PN who said he needed OK so
I broke my concentration, set aside my objective and handed him a Q. I went two
over the limit and it plagued me the entire time I was on. Still an interesting
way to operate one of these things.

NL was my last to get. I CQd "Looking for the Rock" on both 20 and
15. No answers. A fellow came along, a W3 and said, "Well, give me a Q and
I will tell you where a VO1 is." I explained to him what I was trying to do
but he persisted. Blackmail I thought so I refused. While the the W3 was
explaining his terms another fellow hollered out two frequencies on 15. Just
the .NNN so I scooted to the second one he called out and there was Gus running
'em. I told Gus, "Thanks Gus just finished my sweep". He said,
"Glad to be here for you." Thanks Gus for yet another Q with
Newfoundland. SFL was next to last which makes no sense at all.

I understand from Barry, W5GN that our good friend and fellow contester Rich
KL7RA has become a SK. A heart attack as Barry explained. Barry said, when he
called me, I have an actual message to convey. He gave me his SS exchange then
forwarded his sad news traffic. Barry took time to tell me about the many years
he had known and been around Rich and how much he enjoyed him. I did get to meet
Rich last year in Dayton which I am glad of. RIP Rich, we all will miss your AK
mult and top operating from one of the tough ones to get. I never had the
chance to visit Rich in AK but I know he was always gracious to anyone
traveling through that needed a ham rig to use or a place to rest and be with

Thanks to the ARRL and all the workers behind the scenes for another FB SS
season. This thing has been around for many many years and was a mainstay for
me back in the sixties. Many calls I worked even as a Novice are still in the
lineup. K0DEQ, K4BAI, K9UQN, K9WZB, K4QPL, W4MYA, K9BGL and many others too
numerous to name. Fellows it's my pleasure to still be able to talk to each and
every one of you and I hope we can still do it for many more seasons.

73 - Jerry K5YAA
Rig: K3, Alpha 9500 and Force 12 yagis up high so I can be as loud as possible.
W6KC   SO Unlimited HP   54,7802015-11-22 19:36:22
It's always great to complete sweeps in both the CW and Phone Sweepstakes
weekends. My most excitement was getting a call from VE8NSD only 22 minutes
into the contest while I was CQing on 10m...he gave me is #1. I later worked 3
more NT stations...that was fun too. Last sections were SB and AK.

73, Jim W6KC

K3, AL80B & N1MM+
TA33jr @ 30 Ft
40M Inverted-V & 80M Dipole @ 30 Ft
W9AV   SO Unlimited HP   92,7942015-11-22 19:38:53
I hadn't planned to put in a serious effort but got sucked in when I approached
my first ever sweep. Last sections were WI (thanks Steve!) and AK. This contest
sure take a lot of talking!
N9GUN   SO Unlimited HP   23,9362015-11-22 19:39:46
Thanks to the major snowstorm in Chicago area, I re-herniated a disc in my neck
shoveling. I had limited chair time because of it.

Thanks for the QSOs.

73 de Tom, N9GUN
WT2P   SO Unlimited LP   53,8202015-11-22 19:44:24
Got a late start at the beginning of the contest dealing with antennas and snow.
Put up the 80/20/15 dipole up in the middle of the snowstorm and then had to run
back out about 10 times to tune 80M to SSB. Still no go. At least the antenna is
somewhat tuned to my favorite mode. Attempted Saturday AM to put 80/20/15 wires
on the new 1:1 balun box that came in the week, and found it very difficult to
get all 3 to stay on the thing. More garage time this winter to come up with a
solution to get all 3 elements tied into a single point where I can actually
get it attached to the balun.

SSB contests are normally not my favorites with the exception of NAQP so I
found it hard to focus most of this weekend (although the snow outside did have
a say-so). I decided to stay up late on Saturday and spend a lot of time on 80M.
Glad I did, it was quite fun and I don't get to operate on 80 often from this

Sweep: So close, but yet so far. Missed PAC, SB, UT (!!). NL amd NT. Heard a
few PAC, and NL and NT on 15M but I just could not bust through the pileups.

Thanks to all the SMC members that I have in the log, and thanks to those who
stopped by (and spotted me) when I was CQ'ing on 40M on Sunday afternoon.

Onwards to January NAQPs. Hope to see you in the log.

Happy Holidays,
AL9A   SO Unlimited HP   76,3602015-11-22 19:44:24
SWEEP YES!! Started the day needing DE, NE, SFL, ONN and SK. After a few hours
had SFL, ONN and SK in the bag. Started to despair about DE and NE. Finally
during a run on 15M was called by N5SEZ running class Q for NE. Glad he found
me as I likely wouldn't have found him running QRP!

After more CQs I finally asked "Any DE, any DE?", but just silence.
After about 10 minutes more work I was called by AA1K who said, "You still
need DE?". My heart started beating faster as I answered in the
affirmative. So he gave me his report which was #1 from DE! Apparently some
kind soul heard my plea for a DE station and contacted AA1K who was kind enough
to come on frequency and give me the final one for the Sweep! Awesome.

I also appreciated the many stations who came on and expressed surprise, shock
and sorrow at the passing of KL7RA last Friday. I'm sure Rich was watching the
proceedings and was impressed by his wide circle of friends expressing their
thoughts. He will definitely be missed.
KT4Q   Single Op HP   190,4022015-11-22 19:45:51
Conditions seemed to be pretty good. Thought I was doing pretty well but didn't
meet last two years scores. Had some nice runns on 15m, 20m, and 40m. 10m
wasnt strong enough to generate any legitimate runs. 80m was just to must
atomosphic noise. The last three sections for the sweep were SFL, NT, and AK.
Spent over an hour trying to get SFL. Heard only two SFL's (N4BP and W4MLB).
Both stations were covered up with people needing the SFL section. Finally got
the Melbourne station. Thinking a sweep streak was in trouble but worked NT
then AK while running. Got the sweep around 2:00 pm. Then worked another 4 NT
and 4 AKs.

First time I set up the software for DVK. Pretty cool in use and saved my
voice some. Need to figure out how to increase the volume of my wav files in
Audacity. Still worked great.

Rig: Yaesu FT-1000MP MV
Amp: AL-572 (1300w)
Ants: X7 Tribander @ 55', Carolina Windom/Beam 80 @ 40', R7 Vertical at 85'
S/W: Writelog 11.25C
K4BAI   Single Op HP   198,0382015-11-22 19:46:26
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. This was a very
happy weekend for our family as our son was married on Saturday morning. I
managed to get in some hours between the wedding and parties and entertaining
out of town family and friends. Bands were in pretty good shape and activity
seemed excellent. The sweep was easy. Thanks for all QSOs. Look for me with
KU8E, W8FN, and PJ4LS as PJ4A in CQ WW CW M/S next weekend. We will be QRV
outside the contest as PJ4/home calls. 73, John, K4BAI.
KM7N   Single Op LP   1,0002015-11-22 19:48:18
Just jumped on a couple times between weekend chores. never been a big SS guy,
but I have to admit that this was pretty fun.
N4CU   Single Op LP   5,3282015-11-22 19:49:26
Got North Dakota for WAS. Had a good time. Still got my voice (lost it in DX
SSB) Looking forward to CQ WW CW.
WX4G   Single Op HP   213,4762015-11-22 19:51:05
I was going to operate 10 hours...but stations kept was like I was
the only I just kept going. Enjoyed and appreciate all that

KV1J   Single Op QRP   20,5802015-11-22 19:51:09
73, Eric KV1J
KH6LC(NH6V)   Single Op LP   239,2062015-11-22 19:52:23
I always enjoy the good competition in this contest.

We're getting ready and looking forward to working you all next weekend in CQWW

Mahalo, 73, & aloha,
Rob NH6V
N6MU   Single Op LP   13,7782015-11-22 19:53:37
Made an unassisted 83x83 Sweep. It takes lots of listening, hi. Would you
believe my last section was my own - ORG! That's never happened before. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 5BTV
K6ST   SO Unlimited LP   2,3002015-11-22 19:58:22
Fun playing around. 15m Saturday afternoon had great band conditions.
N1DID   Single Op LP   65,9282015-11-22 20:01:15
I just moved to CT from CA 3 weeks ago and this is totally different. I love
having real antennas. The conditions were great, and not having to fight the
HOA (I could only use a buddipole in the past) was fantastic.
KØLUZ   SO Unlimited HP   85,9882015-11-22 20:03:32
Goal was to continue my string of clean sweeps. I figured I would be done by
early Sunday, but I couldn't work a Mississippi station. I heard them several
times backscatter, but they were too popular with too many callers to break the
pileup using backscatter. I also tuned and watched the Telnet, but no
Mississippi stations spotted on Sunday afternoon. I tuned across the bands to
find one calling CQ SS.
Seems they all must hunting and pecking, so I picked a spot on 40 meters and
commenced to run for 90 minutes until a Mississippi station finally called me
at about 5 pm. More time than planned, but hey, it was fun and ran across a
bunch of guys I've worked for many years during the contest. The memories get
a chance to flood back in. See you next year!
K5YAB(K5YAA)   Single Op HP   72,2282015-11-22 20:04:38
I made some new wav files for the use of K5YAB. I considered speaking in a high
pitched voice but didn't figure I would be able to disguise my beard so I just
let it rip. I knocked some of the dust off of XYL Carol's K5YAB call sign
because I just can't turn down action on the bands and didn't want to mess up
my YAA effort at 83 for 83.

I got quite a number of comments from others. N2IC Steve said, "Jerry you
have all sorts of call signs." I responded, "You bet Steve". I
said to N4OX after he said "That sounds like Jerry at the mic",
"Do you know my husband K5YAA?" OX said rather sarcastically said,
"I thought you were married to N4PN". What? Me and ol Papa Novembah
love each other but that's the extent of our relationship. Geeze. Paul, I guess
we are gonna have to stop meeting like we do.

Even though I came to the party late I managed to get 78 sections. WY was the
only continental state I missed yet WY7SS and others were on all day. The lady
at WY7SS had huge pileups, I don't think just because she was in WY though. I
mean Alan KO7X used to handle modest pileups but he was quite a bit uglier.
VI, PR, QC and MB were the other four missed. All well represented in the
I haven't read 3830 reports but I bet a ton of ops made the sweep. Finding
VE8EV on 15 CQing and having VE8GER call in on 15 had to be some sort of
miracle. Thanks gentlemen for arguing with the aurora.

75 meters kept producing right up to the final bell. I had no problems with the
pig farmers on 75 until two minutes before it ended. Some ol' boy started saying
"It's Over It's Over" every time my vox dropped. I told him not yet, 3
minutes to go and pounded away. When it did actually end I heard him comment,
"These last two days of legal QRM are finally over." Great
observation if you are a pig farmer but at least he called it legal QRM. I feel
so much better knowing he considers it legal to occupy a frequency especially
after all the years of operating in the armpit of amateur radio - 75 SSB.

Thanks ARRL - Sweepstakes is one of the finest gatherings of amateur operators
during the year.

73 - K5YAA aka K5YAB
Rig: K3, Alpha 9500 and Force 12 yagis. 80 meter Vee up 80'.
N2QT   SO Unlimited LP   45,1922015-11-22 20:04:48
Family obligations kept me from operating till after lunch on Sunday. I pretty
much just clicked spots and did some S/P except for one run of about 50 on 80.
N7RVD   Single Op HP   106,5962015-11-22 20:05:42
Fun little contest. Conditions were somewhat better two weeks ago in the CW
test. No sweep for me, but close: got 81 of 83. Missed BC and VI. Would I
recommend this contest to a friend? Hell yes!
AL1G   Single Op HP   64,6802015-11-22 20:05:55
Thank you to all the ops who sent their condolences to the Alaska ops on the
loss of Rich, KL7RA. We all miss him very much.
KR2E   Single Op LP   22,6442015-11-22 20:07:08
FTDX-3000; 90W; Ground 4BTV Vertical.
All S&P
AB4B   Single Op HP   64,9882015-11-22 20:08:26
Some Sunday drive operating hr. Had spent all day Saturday working
outside on new 80mtr 4 sqr project due to chilly WX fer the next few days
here in NA(north Al). High bands were gud hr all day. Then this evening got to
40 late and couldn't get anything going so dropped to 80 and let it roll
getting squeezed off a freq and decided it was time to hang it up. Hope to be
able to do F/T effort next year God willing!. Some big numbers out there this
afternoon for sure. Hope all enjoyed their efforts for this event. See all in
the 10mtr contest next month......Happy T-day to all from the " Heart of
Dixie "
es TNX for the Q's.

Tim, AB4B Toonersville,AL ROLL TIDE
NM2O   SO Unlimited LP   136,2862015-11-22 20:09:00
Second SS SSB from NNY. 80M was the big band here.
My antenna is a 80M dipole with twin-lead and tuner.
Tuning on 15 and 20 was acting up and not tuning correctly, so low QSO numbers
there. One or two stations were worked in each section in W6 and W7 sections.

NNY was well represented on 40 and 80 meters.

It would be interesting to learn if NNY is well represented in the West Coast

Quite a few newer operators on the SS this year. That's a good sign. More newer
operators on SSB as compared to CW SS.
WB8RFB   Single Op LP   4,4102015-11-22 20:10:31
Only had a few minutes here and there because of work schedule and need to
shovel and snow blow all that "stuff" that fell out of the sky.
K4XD   SO Unlimited HP   89,1422015-11-22 20:14:12
Working mostly multi-ops for the past year has been good and bad. The good -
way more fun being part of a team, lots of new learning, and some nice wins.
The bad - it's spoiled me for doing a contest by myself! I couldn't really get
myself motivated for a 24 hour grind, so decided to work this one until I felt
like I needed a break, and then come back when I was in the mood.

So, about a half-time effort, with a mix of running and S&P (more like
searching and puttering), some stops to tweak the station and experiment with
some of the more arcane N1MM+ and MK2R+ settings to see if I couldn't get
things to work in a more useful way. Still not quite there with audio
switching for SO2R. I'm sure there is a configuration that would work the way I
want it to, but N1MM+ and MK2R+ have so many interacting settings, it's a
challenge. And I didn't want to break it totally in the middle of the

I thought conditions were quite good - at the start of the contest the bands
were open from 40M to 10M with decent activity all over. I started on 20 with
3 S&P Q's to a blank spot, and then started a run on 14174. The first
couple of Q's were shaky - that SS exchange is a brain teaser and tongue
twister at first. But by the third Q I got in the groove and things flowed
from there.

Remembering those awkward moments after fatigue sets in and I start botching
the exchange, I wrote it out on a piece of paper and taped it to the bottom of
my LCD monitor. I don't know why I hadn't done it sooner, it was actually
quite handy. Just turn your brain off and read the sheet.

One advantage of my half-time effort was that I never really hit that horrible
slog, begging for QSO's and fighting exhaustion. Sunday afternoon actually
seemed pretty busy, with lively bands the whole time.

I know it's just propagation differences, but it drives me nuts when I do a
little S&P and the guys I'm working have mini-pileups, then I find an empty
spot and start CQ'ing and there's nothing, or 1 every two minutes. Kinda makes
you feel like the kid no one wants on their team :-) !

I managed to get a lot of the more challenging sections in the log early - NT,
AK, PR... and went to bed early (11PM ET) with only QC, AB, BC, VI, SB, and PAC
needed for the sweep. I lounged until 6AM and then got on 80M for an hour.

I picked up AB, BC and VI on 20M when they were spotted, and decided I better
go fishing for QC on 40M while the going was good. I set up shop on the high
end of 40, and sure enough, the second Q was a QC. Yes!

I took the XYL out for breakfast (I told you this was a leisurely effort!) and
when I got back, SB had been spotted on 15. I picked him off and was pretty
confident PAC would follow shortly, which it did.

Things I like about SS:
- Suddenly everyone is super excited about someone CQ'ing from MS (N4OGW Tor
had a major pileup for a while!)
- The hunt for sections - this is one of the only contests where you it's a fun
challenge, but you have a very good chance at working every single mult
- The vibe on 80M Saturday night, 40M Sunday morning

Things I don't like about SS:
- An escalating confrontation between a non-contester and contesters which
started sounding like the Jerry Springer show.
- Finding my SAL-20 lying on the ground Sunday afternoon, probably a victim of
stampeding deer
- Not really noticing a big difference in low band reception from when the
SAL-20 was up in the air!

Overall, I ended up working more than I expected and my ears were not ringing
nearly as much as usual after a phone contest. I attribute that to only
working 12 hours and the conditions being pretty good. I worked stations close
to the noise but didn't kill myself trying to work the ones that were inaudible
whenever nearby stations were transmitting.

Thanks for the Q's, and go PVRC!

Rowland K4XD
N9TF   SO Unlimited LP   73,3722015-11-22 20:14:29
13" of heavy wet snow fell from the wee hours of Saturday morning through
Saturday afternoon. Antennas were loaded with thick ice and snow, which made
for some RF loading issues and intermittent erratic SWR swings. Most of the
issues were with the 80m OCF dipole as one leg over the roof was buried in
several inches of snow and the 90 foot leg ended up getting wrapped into tree
branches from a drooping "wet snow" weighted cherry tree. Auto tuner
on the K3S got a workout Saturday night. Made it somewhat difficult to get a
good rate going Saturday night. Things improved throughout the day Sunday, as I
was even able to hold a run freq on 40m for an hour at the top of the band.
Peaked at 89/hour, and finished that hour with 75 contacts.
Saturday night was also a little bit of a learning curve with N1MM+. Keyboard
controls are a bit different that what I had "grown up on" with
N3FJP. Once I got all the windows in a comfortable position on the two
monitors, and trained the brain to use the space key instead of the tab button,
and remember to use F12 to wipe, things got a whole lot better. If only I didn't
have to keep worrying about the fluctuations of the SWR :(
When I pulled the plug at 2am Sunday morning for sleep I was at 207 Q's (7
hours S&P)and 68 mults. I had already taken care of all the
"risky" mults early in the contest. NT PAC and AK were in the log, so
I was pretty confident I would be able to get the remaining 15 Sunday. OK ended
up being my last section, which I finally found one late in the afternoon
Sunday. I was getting a bit worried I would miss a sweep by one.
I had set three goals for this contest, 1) Sweep, 2) score over 50k and 3) 500
Q's. Made 2 out of three.
Had a lot of fun and worked a bunch of SMC. The SMC call history file which I
uploaded to to N1MM was a really nice tool to identify members. Thanks for the
help with that Anthony! (space bar, not tab!)

Operating conditions: K3S 100 watts, 2 element trband at 37', 80m OCF dipole at
35', N1MM+ logging.
W4MLB   Multi-Op HP   166,7882015-11-22 20:15:15
The contest was meant to get new amateurs on HF for the very first time,
operating their first contest using quality HF equipment. The club station was
used. Transceiver was a Yaesu FT3000 into a Harris amplifier (3-1000Z). The
antenna used was a Mosely Pro-67 C2 at 60 feet, and an inverted Vee for 80M.
All in all, a very successful operation.
K1RZ   Single Op HP   49,9802015-11-22 20:20:11
First SS in several years. Lots of activity. Always a fun time and 2015 was
also. Thanks everyone. 73, Dave k1RZ
KS4X   SO Unlimited HP   17,0982015-11-22 20:36:57
Did play when I had time . got the sweep yea !
NQ6N   SO Unlimited HP   48,3362015-11-22 20:40:50
Got a chance to operate for a few hours. Highlight was a 99 hour from my QTH.
K3, M500 headset, KPA-500, 4 band trap vertical erected one hour into the

Was amazed how many very weak stations were copyable just above the noise on
K5IT   Single Op LP   21,6322015-11-22 20:44:33
A lot of factors such as zero preparation and having lots of prior commitments
during the contest led to a much lower score than last year. I do not think it
will be competitive at all, but my search/pounce rate has improved. Managing
weak and crowded bands is now very easy thanks to Warren Pratt's new spectral
noise reduction filter (NR2) and spectral noise blanker (SNB) in OpenHPSDR
PowerSDR which I ran at all times. The only other DSP feature used was the auto
notch which flawlessly filtered out on-frequency tuning. I could not hear it at
all while the station running the freq always complained.

I had problems this year with (self-generated) QRM at my location. Cursed LED
lights. The S9+20 noise problem turned out to be a new 'dusk to dawn' LED
security light. Luckily I have it on a switch to override the photocell. The
remaining S9 noise issue turned out to be a sticking relay on my radio PA
board. A couple of minutes of 100W key down fixed that mid-Sunday morning.

The new shorter call helped, too (previous entries under KF5SAB), but I did
have some hangups since it's not in the partials database yet. This contest
will fix that.

73 to all,
John K5IT
K6CSL   Single Op LP   6,5362015-11-22 20:48:45
Well, This is about half the Q's I did on CW and about 1/4 the score. Phone is
just really tough with my "invisible" antennas. Need I say more. It
was still fun. I'm just waiting for CQ WW CW next weekend. TNX to the KB'ers
who helped my score on 80 and 40m. 73's, Bert, K6CSL
WA6URY   Single Op HP   14,9602015-11-22 20:48:47
Tnx for the Qs ! Dan - remote in Tokyo
K8TE(@WØLSD)   Multi-Op LP   170,9802015-11-22 20:55:38
We put together a multi-single with WOLSD's gear at Ken's rental cabin. It's a
pretty good RF site except the west with Mount Princeton looming high above
cabin's 9,000 ft. ASL. With an abundance of beams, wires, and towers we had a
lot of fun directing the RF where we needed it.

We were hoping for a better score but at least we be the ML record for CO by
over 100,000 points, not bad for two old farts! Thanks to all who patiently
gave us contacts amongst the QRM! We had all but one section nabbed well
before we took a break Saturday night and I nabbed KP2XX very early Sunday
morning for the Clean Sweep.

Now, what shall we do for next year? 73, Bill, K8TE, Terry, KS5Z
KØOU   SO Unlimited HP   184,7582015-11-22 21:05:02
Well, that was fun (mostly). Murphy checked in at the end by getting RF into the
computer, causing it to lock up, finally had to turn the amp off for the last
two hours of the contest. With the computer locking up and then the amp turned
off the rate plummeted Sunday and I did not make my goals. Fortunately I had my
sweep early Sunday morning, tnx to KP2XX. Went to bed Sat nite with 82 mults
after getting RI, SFL and AR on 80 meters by 06:0z. 20 meters was my workhorse
band but 80 was a pleasant surprise with nice runs Sat evening. Tnx to all for
the Q's and to the ARRL for sponsoring my favorite contest.
N2YO   Single Op HP   67,7042015-11-22 21:05:27
Thanks for Qs.

73s de Chip N2YO
K8CC   Multi-Op HP   215,1362015-11-22 21:05:29
SE Michigan got hit with the first winter snow the day of the contest. When we
turned on the radios to start the contest, we were greeted with S9+++ snow
static on every band 80M-10M, which lasted thru the daylight hours on Saturday.
So we had a terrible start, losing the first 18 minutes with no QSOs before we
figured out that the wide noise blanker in our FT-1000Ds would cut the noise
enough that we could at least work the loud stations.

10M was productive both days, 20M and 15M less so. 40M went very long with
poor signals after dark, leaving 75M as our only productive band at night.

Worked a lot of difficult sections early. Finished our sweep early Sunday AM
when I correctly surmised that a 20M spot for KO2XX was actually KP2XX and so I
QSY'd there and worked him easily for our last section.

So while we were disappointed in our QSO total, the operators had a good time.

73, Dave/K8CC
NG7M   Single Op HP   2,2502015-11-22 21:09:31
Haven't made a Q for 15 months from the home station... so when I finally get
back on the air I work a few stations in the SS SSB. :) Looking forward to CW
next weekend in the CQ WW. I had fun handing out a few UT Q's this afternoon.
73 de Max NG7M
K6OK(@W6SR)   SO Unlimited HP   69,6602015-11-22 21:15:40
Part-time effort, Sunday only. 15m was great, had one run that lasted almost an
hour. 10m was open but not very many stations to work so didn't spend a lot of
time there (at this point in the sunspot cycle it's a shame not to use 10m).
Nearly got a sweep, missed NL and UT. Something notable: 19 QSO's from 2014 and
2015 checks, it's great to work new hams.

Many thanks to Rick W6SR for allowing me to use his fine station.
K4OV   Multi-Op HP   326,3562015-11-22 21:25:34
We were pleased to set a new personal best for our multi-op effort with K4OV and
N1BA. We started with some strong hours Saturday afternoon and evening, and
then things were unspectacular but steady for the rest of the weekend. We
replaced/repaired all of the wire antennas this year, but otherwise there were
no station improvements. And, no station failures either!

Thanks for all the Q's.
N6WM(@K6LRG)   Multi-Op HP   263,1102015-11-22 21:28:58
This is the second year that I have hosted a multi Single SS effort with N6NU at
K6LRG. He is really getting his contest legs now, and he was a huge contributor
to our effort to put up at least a quarter mega point.

Sweep came fast and early this year with the last section of all things being
San Francisco saturday eve. thanks N6ZFO. Was great to start out with a bang
on 10 meters.

Thanks All for the Q's. we had a great time putting another SS in the books.

73 and seeya next time


K3, Alpha 99 and Monobanders, and a Wire for 80 onsite on the 2000 ft hill.

73 and seeya next time

K7VAP   Single Op HP   54,6482015-11-22 21:52:19
When K7MO offered me the use of his station, I jumped at the chance. Other
obligations kept me away until Sunday, but over 7 hours was enough for me. I
had to rarely press the CQ button!

10 meters early on was a bit weird. There was this opening to IL and MI.
After putting the adif into my normal log, I had found out that those states
are suddenly in top five states worked due to this. And then, there was a
small opening to Brazil off the side of the beam. I worked six Brazil stations
that weren't part of the contest, but I took advantage of them anyway.

I couldn't have picked a better day to take off of work!
W6ATV   Multi-Op HP   20,5842015-11-22 22:06:29
Conditions on Saturday seemed poorer than most years, but Sunday was much
WQ6X   SO Unlimited LP   41,6102015-11-22 22:14:47
While I enjoyed myself immensely, band condx this year were HORRIBLE.
10 meters hardly happened and 15 was largely a Saturday affair.
Radio was an FT-1000MP into an HF2-V Vertical and a Cobra Inverted Vee
about 23 feet high - just enough to do the job.
W6YI   Multi-Op HP   375,6582015-11-22 22:32:56
Thank you to everyone for the contacts.The group has been together for years and
it is always fun to share chair time with each other. Conditions were better for
us than in the cw contest. 10 and 15 were open both days and 40 was really
great.The station played well and all the operators did a great job. The test
ended with our BBQ steak dinner. We will see you in the WW CW as two of our
group are traveling, N5ZO will be C92ZO and N6MJ will operate ZF1A. The rest of
us will be under various rocks, all the best, Jim,
K7SS   Multi-Op LP   72,0442015-11-22 23:23:27
Good part time fun !
last 2 mults were neighbors, BC and MT.

Danny K7SS
NX6T   Multi-Op LP   122,5082015-11-22 23:55:15
There's nothing like arriving at a Gun Fight with a Knife (MS LP) especially
when condx are poor (S9+ QRN Saturday) or you don't have enough OPs
(Sunday).....Could never get anything going on 10 or 20 mtrs. At least the OPs
did a great job making sure we got our SWEEP ! 73 de Dennis N6KI
KØVBU   SO Unlimited LP   12,6402015-11-23 00:05:49
K3/100 TH6DXX@50\' Trap Dipole apex 30\' N1MM+

Only had a few hours this weekend. Tried for the "Sweep" with 83
Didn't make it, but did work two NT's anyway!

Thanks and 73
K0VBU - yes, on SSB!
K7XC   Single Op HP   109,8922015-11-23 00:18:55
SWEEP! Not a full effort due to technical issues caused by brain farts of a very
tired old man. Saturday the station just wasn't playing so I opted out and went
to bed well before planned. Early Sunday morning I found two very old coaxial
jumpers that acted like a pair of 10dB attenuators making the bands seem awful.
With them removed, the station sprang to life again. I then decided to switch
from low to High Power for the rest of the event. Boy am I glad I did as
suddenly 20M came alive as I ran rate for almost 3 hours w/o a break! A fun
event! See you all later in the 160/10M contests in December.
N3HEE   SO Unlimited LP   15,1202015-11-23 01:30:24
Just making a few Q's for PVRC. K3/100 & Wires.
N8VV   SO Unlimited LP   26,2442015-11-23 02:33:53
Missed RI and ONN
K3TN   SO Unlimited HP   41,8882015-11-23 03:37:01
Just the usual "Want to help PVRC score in phone SS but the weather is too
nice outside" kind of operation. Always nice to work all the CK's starting
with 0 and 1 in this one. A decent number of 15s, too.

I think conditions on the high bands were not low-wire friendly - I had many
opportunities to work NT but never busted through. Was getting beat out by Q
stations... I did make my first ever 160M QSOs, as was rehabbing my T antenna
and wanted to test it out.

Across both CW and SSB SS, never worked UT - very odd. Did get the usual
comments "Wow, every station I work is from MDC" and gave the usual
reply "Not much else to do in MD, and the Redskins are already losing by

K3 to KPA-500 to 135 OCF dipole at 45', 51'T on 160m
W2VM   Single Op LP   15,7762015-11-23 03:49:49
Band QSOs Pts Sec
7 51 102 35
14 28 56 13
21 37 74 20
Total 116 232 68
Score: 15,776
1 Mult = 1.7 Q's
VE4VT   Single Op HP   261,7822015-11-23 04:09:52
Always look forward to this contest. So preparation started several days in
advance. Looking back on previous SSB-SS events I have learned that the
transition from band to band is always a problem and a real rate killer.
Especially the move to 40m on Saturday night. Go to early in an effort to
secure a frequency and you are CQing into an empty band. QSY to late and there
is no room to be had.

While getting the shack ready, I could not get the second rig to key from the
microham MK2R+. Wasted about 4 hours playing with the configurations and cables
with no success.

Started on 20m high in the band and ran decent rate for 3:15. Before leaving
20m, I had already put 78 mults in the log, missing only AB, QC, PR, VI, NL.
All the usual hard ones like ND, SK, NT, and NE had called in early.

Actually found a spot on 40m and soon had a run going. Added Alberta to the
log and the mult total stayed that way until Sunday. Stayed on 49m as long as
possible as I dreaded the move to 80m. I have a 10-20/9 noise level here on 80m
and it is impossible to pull out the weak ones. I cut the power back to barefoot
150W on 80 so the receive/transmit coverage would be more balanced. I recorded
the entire contest so if you are interested in hearing what I hear on 80, send
me an email.

Took the usual 6 hour break from 0700 - 1300z. Very quickly found NL and VI on
20m. I had a station from QC call me for a chat that wasn't in the contest. I
dragged an exchange out of him but I eventually worked several others. So PR
was the last remaining section. Enjoyed some good runs on 20 and eventually
moved to 15m. When rate slowed, started tuning around on the second radio.
Found a weak PR station on 10m but couldn't break his pileup with 100 watts and
a vertical. The sweep finally came at 21:49z when I found NP4G calling CQ on
15m. It took some timing balancing a run on 20m while calling him on 15m but I
was able to do the happy dance for a few seconds.

Didn't bother trying to run on 10. The few signals heard didn't justify the
rate sacrifice. 15 and 20 were in great shape for a domestic contest so just
stayed with them.

One of the lows in the contest was reading an email announcing the passing of
KL7RA. We had just exchanged emails the day before he entered hospital. A very
big loss to radiosport.

Hopefully no one missed MB for their sweeps. There was quite a few on. Thanks
for all the Q's. Hope to hear everyone in the RAC winter contest in a few


3 el yagi @52 feet for 20/15/10
BiggIR vertical for 40m
80m sloper at 50 feet
Microham MKR2+
K1RX   Single Op HP   126,9902015-11-23 04:17:25
Fun short runs. Nice to see alot of old friends still at it.

73, Mark K1RX
W7KAM   Single Op LP   26,2802015-11-23 04:20:13
100 watts into a G5RV up 20 foot.
K4MM   SO Unlimited HP   26,3942015-11-23 04:24:19
Only part time S&P. SSB not my best mode. Thanks to all who put up with my
raspy voice. KL7AIR was last Section. Big pile up.

TX: FT-950
AMP: NCL-2000
ANT: 160M Inverted "L"

73 Tom K4MM
KC9QQ   SO Unlimited HP   66,8982015-11-23 04:29:29
I sure missed the good conditions we had last year, but I still had a lot of fun
during my part time effort.
K8BKM   SO Unlimited LP   81,3402015-11-23 04:47:19
Second SS effort in as many weeks. My first SS for both modes. Didn't have as
much heart into the Phone effort as CW, but I wanted to contribute points for
the club competition.

Discovered that running low power was much harder on Phone than CW. Found it
very hard to find and keep a run frequency, so it was almost entirely S&P.
Also, my station isn't set up for phone contesting - no headset mic, no
footswitch, no audio feed from the logging computer, so it was pretty much a
manual effort.

I found the contest got off to a slow start. I turned in much earlier Saturday
night than I did on CW, due to a much lower rate. The good news was that I
worked NT early in the contest, setting myself up for the coveted Clean Sweep.
Sundays activity proved to be much better and the high bands were quite
productive. I was able to hold a run frequency on 15 and 10 for a while,
working a lot of part-timers and non-contesters. I had to search a bit but
finally got my last section for the Clean Sweep - ONE. Who knew? The last three
were BC, QC, and ONE. Not typical, I would guess.

I had the pleasure of working a few young Check 15'ers who I congratulated and
encouraged, and I heard a 92 year old who thought it might be his last SS. A
lifetime hobby.

It was fun to run the two contests back-to-back, to compare conditions, efforts
and results. In the future however, I think I'll stick to CW.

Tom, K8BKM
NY6DX   SO Unlimited LP   99,7662015-11-23 04:48:45
Great contest, good to see alot of activity from NT. Was able to help VY1Zm with
needing NLI for the sweep. Broke my own section record and had a lot of fun.
K1ZW   SO Unlimited HP   14,4842015-11-23 05:03:34
Used N3Fjp software excellent!
NS3T   Single Op LP   14,4302015-11-23 05:16:21
Way too many family events this weekend, but it was fun to be on for a few hours
here and there. Always interesting listening to all the recorded voice files
out there in this contest. I definitely had a few computer-to-computer QSO's
this weekend.

Had the usual visits on 75 meters from a few of the pig farmers early on Sunday
morning. Really aggravated one of them by firing the voice file that said -
"You're too weak to read old man."

73 Jamie NS3T
K4TMC   Single Op LP   14,8842015-11-23 05:31:51
Elecraft K3/100
PAR EndFed Halfwave Verticals
VE3GFN   Single Op LP   76,9502015-11-23 05:34:02
My first SSB Sweeps! A lot of fun, and the rig and software worked very well. I
find CW contests much faster than 'phone ones. However, I had a run on Sunday
that went about 1 1/2 hours, and 100 Qs on 40M ... quite an exhilarating

The bands didn't sound as active as for the CW event, and my lower score
reflects that, for the same operating time.

I have to finesse my recorded messages for the next one, but that's about the
only necessary change.
KW8N   Single Op LP   215,8002015-11-23 05:40:36
Terrible rain static Saturday afternoon resulted in having to take an early Time
Off. Glad all sections were easily represented. NL was the last one for me.
10 meters opened on Sunday, but didn't seem to have that many folks there.
N4GG   SO Unlimited HP   18,8862015-11-23 05:42:44
ENjooyed a little SO2R S&P. Time restraints kept operating to a minimum.
Can't miss SS however. Always nice to share a Q with old friends. Looks like
a sweep was not that hard if you were there for 14 hours.... Well done to the
NT guys.

FTdx5000, FT1000MP, 2 X ACOM 2000A, wires in the woods
KJ9C   Single Op HP   68,0602015-11-23 05:44:15
K3, KPA, wires
VY2LI   Single Op HP   10,2822015-11-23 05:51:22
First, my condolences to the family of KL7RA, Rich. RIP. This was mainly a
limited op, the majority on S & P. I started out on low power, but switched
to HP after several Qs. My Cabrillo shows all Qs as B precedence,naturally, but
several contacts were on low power, so I sent A precedence. How does this
affect the receiving station? If anyone reads this, I would appreciate a
comment. Thanks for the Qs. 73,Bill
W5RU(@KN5O)   Multi-Op HP   345,7782015-11-23 05:52:48
This is our 5th year of SS Phone contesting as group from the Louisiana Contest
Club (LCC). This year we are very proud to have hosted Ward, N0AX and Fred,
WW4LL at our QTH. They made great contributions to our effort. Also,
congratulations again to the W6YI team for a great showing and to all the other
category winners.

We were hoping that 'old Sol' would cooperate for us this year, but it was not
to be the case. It also seemed like participation was down from last year. We
had a terrible time trying to run on 20M at the start. It took a couple of
minutes before our CQs were answered. Trying to run on 10M and 15M at the
beginning was difficult as well. After the first hour of a 'less than 100
hour', we began to catch our rythem, averaging above 100 for the next 7 hours.
Last couple of hours before our night time break were only 80+ hours, worse than
last year.. Decided to stop at 1:00AM local and take a 4 1/2 hr break before
restarting at 5:30AM local time.

Made our sweep much later this year, with VE4DXR calling in at 10:27PM Saturday
night. Saw VE4s spotted earlier, but decided to pursue running vs mult chasing,
thinking we would eventually have someone call in to give us the MB mult. KP2XX
was our mult #82, which we had to chase on 40M.

Sunday was typical BIC time, grinding it out through the Sunday doldrums.
Closest we came to to a 100+ hour on Sunday was a 98 hour. But looking back
over the hourly rates, they were averaging about 60-65 per hour, which was
typical for us. And in the last hour, the rate picked up a bit, also as was

Many thanks to my wife Lorraine for tolerating 4 house guests and keeping
everyone well fed for the weekend. And thanks to Dallas, K1DW, for hosting
Fred, WW4LL. If nothing else, we did eat well for 2 solid days.

Well, there is always next year.. Until then, wishing everyone a happy and safe
holiday season.

73 Ted KN5O for W5RU (Delta DX Assn and the LCC)

W5RU Team:

K1DW - Dallas, K5ER - Mark, W5WZ - Scott, KG5VK - Steve, N0AX - Ward, WW4LL -
Fred, KN5O - Ted
W4DTA   Single Op LP   43,1322015-11-23 05:58:46
Part time effort, Almost got it yet I still missed ONN for a sweep! maybe one
K2PO   Single Op LP   238,3762015-11-23 06:03:30
Great job by NH6V (at KH6LC) to be at the top of the SOLP rankings, given his
geographical remoteness, the disparity in daylight/sunlight with 99% of the
participants, and the declining solar conditions. Hearing the big numbers he
was giving out (and likewise with NP4G and VA7RR) helped keep me focused.

My log shows 26 folks with a CK of 2015, and 42 more with a CK of 2014. That's

VI was the last section for me. (Naturally, I worked a second soon after.)

Tnx to all the casual contesters for lifting everyone's scores!


/Bill, K2PO
Portland, OR
W7ZRC   SO Unlimited LP   137,6142015-11-23 06:12:06
Thanks for the contacts! 73, Rod/w7zrc
KG6MC   Single Op HP   107,4202015-11-23 06:13:20
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5309.0
K9JK   Single Op LP   4502015-11-23 06:13:40
Struggled for about 2 hours sitting in the car with transceiver and a
mag-mounted antenna, FAR below optimum for an SS set-up. THANKS to the stations
that pulled my puny signal through.
NT1K   SO Unlimited HP   50,9622015-11-23 06:14:18
Fun time, got clean sweep and 50k for HCRA
WB9HFK   Single Op LP   39,3002015-11-23 06:26:59
IC-746Pro @ 100W
Vertical and Wire Antennas
All S&P

Mark - WB9HFK
AA4NC   Single Op QRP   66,5662015-11-23 06:29:43
In my quest to operate all categories and modes of SS, I chose the dreaded QRP
Phone category this year. It is the most work I think I have ever put into a
contest. My hat goes off to those that do this regularly. I would also advise
that they seek immediate psychiatric counseling :>)

Due to household responsibilities I didn't get to put in full time.
Thanks to those that pulled out my puny signal.

The race for the sweep seemed entirely backwards as QRP. VY1AAA had great ears
and heard me very early on the first call. Most other "difficult"
sections came fairly early. I was at 80 sections late Sunday afternoon,
thinking a sweep was not going to happen. I needed UT, ORG and WCF - all active
sections, but I couldn't convince anyone there to hear me. After working a UT
and an ORG, a flood of other UT and ORG stations started coming out of nowhere!
I finally heard WX4G on 20m in WCF. He worked hard and pulled me out for #83.

It seemed overall that participation was down, but maybe that is because of my
QRP and almost 100% S&P vantage point. I know that like the CW weekend
there were a lot of 50's and 60's checks and not a lot of 00-15 checks, so it
would seem we may be aging out? I wonder if there is a way to promote
participation similar to the very successful ARRL Bicentennial operations?
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO Unlimited HP   122,3422015-11-23 06:38:17
Sweep was pretty easy. Last three were SC, ONE, OK - not your typical last

Thanks for the QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
NF1R   SO Unlimited HP   22015-11-23 06:40:44
Congrats to Tom, K1KI, for getting my sole QSO in this Sweepstakes.

My wife and I had a baby daughter, Ingrid, Tuesday afternoon. I had about 5
minutes to operate from the W6/San Jose site Sunday
afternoon, right before we got the call to retrieve our daughter from the
Stanford hospital nursery.

W4MYA   SO Unlimited HP   224,2662015-11-23 06:42:03
Run em
K3NDM   Single Op LP   2422015-11-23 06:44:59
Band QSOs Pts Sec
7 3 6 3
14 8 16 8
Total 11 22 11
Score: 242
1 Mult = 1.0 Q's
KT4ZB   SO Unlimited LP   96,5642015-11-23 06:52:52
I think I have a love-hate relationship with this contest. I enjoy the contest a
whole lot; but, part of me is a little too lazy to work that hard for 24 hours.
I think running low power doesn’t help either. So after getting a sweep, I
tend to take time off and do other things.

This year several of my ham friends worked on the tower and put up a new
Cushcraft 2 element 40 m beam just before CQWW. It worked well for the DX
contest so I wanted to see how it might work stateside. SS was the ideal time
to check out its performance on 40 m. Collecting 600+ QSOs in 13 hours using
low-power on 40 m was fantastic and fun. I felt strong most of the time and
VE8, HI and AK were all easy. Lots of good comments too. And for one of the few
times I able to hold a frequency for long periods of time. Longest run was 67
and best run rate was 105/hr. Made 78 of the 83 sections missing Utah, South
Dakota, Puerto Rico, southern Florida and Labrador. It's always interesting to
see how the different sections are on the air. For me in Savannah, South
Carolina can be difficult to work only hearing it on 80m many times. This time
I worked three South Carolina stations on 40m near the beginning of the contest
and I don't think I heard another one the rest of the contest.

Talked to many of the SEEC folks as well as the folks from Phone Fray. Special
shoutout needs to go to all those people who were on the air near the end of
the contest with very low numbers. It was pretty amazing to work one after
another with only single or double-digit serial numbers. My thanks to the
contest committee for sponsoring this great event.

Jere, KT4ZB
Yaesu FT-1000 MP, Mark V, Cushcraft XM-240 beam and N1MM+
N3JT   Single Op LP   46,6622015-11-23 06:53:06
I operated from FL using my VA station (remote via Internet means). It generally
worked out okay, though responding is always 1/3rd second delayed. I did get
frequent vox triggers by strong incoming signal audio despite wearing
headphones. Not sure why but it caused me to ask for repeats in a number of
cases even though there were obviously strong signals both ways. The antivox
of the K3 did nothing to fix this. Not sure why. Another reason CW contests
are easier!
K1KNQ   Single Op LP   122,4722015-11-23 06:55:44
Rig: Yaesu FT-1000D
Antennas: 80M - 4 sq. vertical array, 40M - West and North slopers, 20M - 4el
Quad fixed NW, 15/10M - 4el interlaced quad.
Software - N3FJP

Missed MS and VI for sweep.

Jack K1KNQ
KK4XX   Single Op LP   3122015-11-23 06:56:40
SSB :-( while packing to move...
W6NF   Single Op LP   2,4802015-11-23 06:59:56
Tough sledding with an indoor Slinky dipole. Found I had RF feedback issues just
before the start. Tried to work K4OV and found the switching power supply would
shut down after uttering just a few syllables. After four attempts to work him
prior to SS I finally tried shutting off all transmit audio processing and that
did the trick. Amazed to work VE8EV on 10, only to discover NT was a common mult
this time! Hopefully I will get a planned 135-foot end-fed wire up this week so
as to have some fun in the CQ WW DX CW Contest next weekend.
N3CRT   Multi-Op LP   56,7002015-11-23 07:02:09
Decided to go for section record for ML. Beat the previous record by a few
points. Frustrating to have heard and almost worked the missing sections a few
times throughout the contest.
N8SBE   Single Op LP   57,0242015-11-23 07:02:23
Came two closer to a clean sweep this year, missing only NE (?!) and VI. Ran
only 14.5 hours this year, compared to 19 last year, but beat last year's score
for a personal best. Since switching to a ZS6BKW ladder-line fed dipole at 35
feet from a ground-mounted GAP Titan DX vertical, I'm getting much better
results on 40 and 80, especially for domestic contests, like the NA QSO Party
and Sweepstakes. I can actually work most stations I hear, even though I'm
still running barefoot (I've never owned an amplifier). My two-element
spider-boom quad at 40+ feet is still doing yeoman's duty on 20-10 meters.
K2QB   Single Op HP   40,7362015-11-23 07:06:42
First contest other than a RTTY where I entered as HP. Had to put the new ACOM
amp through it's paces. Worked perfectly. Very happy with the purchase.
K1LT   SO Unlimited HP   69,0562015-11-23 07:09:33
I had no particular goal for Sweepstakes SSB other than to make 50,000
points for the Mad River Radio Club. Also I wanted to see better
performance from my 80 meter vertical after putting down 21 more 90
foot radials bringing the total to 63 and replacing some of the skinny
aluminum above the HyTower with fat aluminum while repairing a "became
too short" problem.

I worked all of the typically difficult sections right off the bat
futzing around on the high bands including 3 NT stations. 40 was
messy and long just after dark so I went to 75 earlier than normal.
CQing on 75 brought contacts slowly but steadily on the relatively
empty band until a GW3 called me to say that I was operating in the
"European DX window". I'm not sure what DX he expected to hear but
got off the radio until my extreme annoyance with phone operation
subsided. I watched some DVR'd TV, spent some time on the phone for
work and had a nice sleep.

Sunday I felt guilty about quitting so I kept coming back to the radio
between work phone calls and filled in the rest of the western
sections including a 4th NT (!), AK, VE7 (!!) and SB (!!!). I found
NL without trying during that time.

When 75 meters became productive again, I CQed for quite a while until
the section count climbed. EMA (!!!!), SNJ, KY, SC, and AL were my
last 5 sections. I had to resort to the spotting network to find SC.
AL called me just as I began my last CQing effort at 0100Z to finish
the sweep.

With the sweep in the bag I could alternate tuning and CQing until
time ran out. I worked several more AL stations and a couple more KYs
and EMAs but W4GE was the only SC section.

Equipment: Elecraft K3, P3, Alpha 8410, Cushcraft X7 up 60 feet, full
sized 80 and 40 verticals on the ground.

PS: I sent "B" but operated "U". Old habits ...
KE7X   SO Unlimited LP   153,0122015-11-23 07:21:53
Yea for all the MT ops!
KØEJ   Single Op HP   184,2602015-11-23 07:25:12
spent some time making sure all was well in preps for CQWW-CW. Had all but
KP2/KP4 when I shutdown for the night. Found them both fairly quickly after
getting back on after church Sunday morning. Played til 2000Z then headed home
for dinner with xyl. Had some new local noise issues - fixed one in the shack
- another one is from neighbor's - only at night and cyclic - maybe a heater? -
it did get chilly!

Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all from the TCG!

73, Mark K0EJ
NA1DX(@W3LPL)   SO Unlimited HP   199,5322015-11-23 07:29:27
It was my first time operating at W3LPL's station. It also was the first time I
operated at a large multi contest station other than W3AO many years ago on the
Eastern Shore or more NA3DX’s 3AB Field Day operation.

The station time was shared with Pip/WB4FDT. I started on time running on 20m.
After two hours, my plan had me taking a short break for dinner, maybe a
mistake, but I had been up early that day, so I wanted to keep on a decent
energy schedule. That helped Pip get on the better band. After a full 30
minute break, I got back at it on 40m. I had a sweep before going to the bunks
shortly after 3 am. I set my alarm for 5:30, but I made a mistake and set it
for PM and not AM. So, Pip was up at 6 am. He jumped on 80m and I eased onto

Pip and I rotated around bands in a reasonable fashion. His start on 80m got
him ahead of me on Qs. We kept him on the hottest band since he had to take a
mid-day break with his XYL. When he left, I took over trying to stay on the
most productive band. My goal was to stay in the chair as much during the core
hours and not be in the hunt the last few hours. I wanted to finish my 24
hours as soon as possible.

After sunset Sunday, 20m and 40m were not doing well. So, I decided to take a
30 min dinner break, pack up the gear, made my bunk, and threw a dinner in the
microwave. I loaded up my gear in the truck and got some fresh air. After
dinner I felt much refreshed and energy started climbing again. The bands
seemed a bit better and I found some slots to run, with S&P here and there
as needed.

With an hour to go, I needed about 75 Qs to get me over 1200 contacts. So, I
asked Pip if I could jump on 80m for my last hour. He was nice enough to slide
over to 40m. I then got a run going on 80m and bebopped to 20m to catch some
spots. With 10 minutes left I needed less than 10 contacts. I worked all the
spots on 80 and 20, and just kept calling CQ on 80m. In the end, I cross the
24 hour finish line with 1202! I had 801 last year at my home QTH.

Lot’s of fun!
NP4G   Single Op LP   256,8022015-11-23 07:33:00
Great Contest. Congratulations to K2PO and KH6LC for great score and for the

After being third place last year, I decided to try again SS Low power
category. I operated once again from KP3Z (thanks to Felipe NP4Z, Aileen XYL
and the two kids Evan and Alexander for hosting me this weekend). Started the
contest calling in 10M but propagation fell early so had to move up the bands
quickly. From 15 to 20 and settled on 40M most of the time. Good Old Sun is
fading away as propagation in the higher bands proved difficult unlike last
year. I remember running 10m for about 1 hour last year and this year I was
lucky if it was 30 minutes.

40M proved to be the money band. Propagation was fantastic specially to west
coast once all east coasters went to 80M and QRM was less noticeable. It was
nice to work a few West Coast QRP stations on 40M the first night.

The new 40M 2 ele full size is working great and we gave it a run for its

Worked both K2PO and KH6LC early in the contest and they both gave me a higher
serial number that I gave them. Worked N2IC and he surprisingly for me his
exchange was for a different category so I thought this was my chance!!

This was my first try using SO2B in sweepstakes unlike last year and it proved
helpful. Nice to have something to do when you are calling out low rates!

My last worked section was NP2X. Worked him Sunday morning on 15M. Thanks Fred,
I owe you a beer!

Thanks for all the Qso's.

For Los Chachos Contest Club

73 to all
K2ZR   Single Op LP   51,8982015-11-23 07:34:16
K2 @ 95w

Dick, K2ZR
VA3DF   SO Unlimited LP   135,1242015-11-23 07:34:21
New personal best score and lots of fun! Everything worked well and I managed to
complete the sweep at 1857Z by working AK.

Apres contest celebrations involved a lot of beer and pepperette sticks - life
is good!

As usual, it's a jungle out there...


WX3B   Multi-Op HP   181,6042015-11-23 07:34:44
The 2015 Parallel operation at WX3B was a BLAST!!

A warm welcome to Evan, KC3BWA who ran his first ever Sweepstakes effort from
WX3B in this takes a cast iron stomach to cuddle up to all those
big signals on either side of your run frequency and hammer out that MASSIVELY
long exchange QSO after QSO!!

Bill K3WI also did his sheer magic act by stating at about 6:30am as FRESH MEAT
on 80....going to 40....then 20....and 7 hours later he has over 600 QSOs in the
log and he just missed the sweep. That's one way to keep the action going
non-stop in SS!!

Dennis N8IVN also had an excellent part time score, and he rode 15 meters for
all it was worth....also amassing an excellent multiplier total and not missing
the sweep by much. Dennis ended at 600 QSOs.

The WX3B personal effort got off to a reasonable start with 130 QSOs in the log
the first hour on 20 meters....and that turned out to be one of two hours I met
my predicted RATE goals. The second hour was much slower....and it wasn't
until I moved to 75m that I had a reasonable rate again. Fortunately, 40
meters was able to also produce while 80 was being shared.

On Sunday, I am never prepared for the drudgery which makes this such an IRON
man event. I was reasonably well-rested to start....and I expected rates in
the 30's....and that's exactly what I got!! Fortunately 15 had a stellar
opening and even though rates were dismal, tuning around and hearing how well
the band was open was fascinating. The back-scatter up & down the east
coast was impressive, and the signals from the mid-west and west were

At 3:00pm after 18 hours in the chair I began putting my station back together
as a multi-op for the upcoming CQWW CW DX contest, leaving Dennis N8IVN happily
on 20 meters where he finished the contest and another great SSB event was in
the books.

This was team WX3B's first attempt at a competitive parallel operation from
WX3B. Unlike K4VV's (former) parallel sweepstakes operations, or W3LPL's
seamless parallel effort, WX3B dedicates one radio to each team member, and
band switching is accomplished the OLD FASHIONED running home run
coax jumpers to antenna resources, changing band pass filters and re-tuning
amplifiers!! I am pleased to report there were no equipment OR operator
malfunctions, and everything worked GREAT!! Having 3 of us in the chair(s)
Sunday afternoon was a lot of fun.

Many thanks for all the PVRC support, like others have mentioned, it was GREAT
hearing from PVRC friends, other friends, and listening to the comments about
all those east coast stations on for Sweepstakes this year.

Best wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving and excellent CQWW CW contest
coming up.


Jim Nitzberg WX3B
K3DCW   Single Op LP   6,0202015-11-23 07:40:50
Operated SO-LP-Non-Assisted

Unable to get on much due to work on both Saturday and Sunday
afternoon/evenings, so I started at 0530z and did S&P through the 160m, 80m
and 40m band going bottom to top once each. Wish I could've done more, but work
and sleep take priority.
N3MK   SO Unlimited HP   73,5382015-11-23 07:47:20
This was a bit of an experimental contest for me. I just purchase an Apache Labs
anan-100 SDR transceiver and used PowerSDR with N1MM. Everything was running
stable with the virtual audio and serial ports along with an Logitech USB
microphone. However, I had a lot of trouble making contacts Saturday night and
had no chance of holding down a frequency even with my KW. I played with the
audio settings all night. Rates were low. Finally on Sunday I decided to put a
switch in between my trusty Icom 756 pro III and the anan-100. As an example I
tried calling AK for 30 minutes until I was blue in the face. Switching over to
the Icom I got him on the first call through the pileup. I was also easily able
to hold down a frequency for some short runs. I'm going to have to work on the
audio with the Apache Labs rig. SDR is amazing technology but there are so many
options and configurations that it will take time to really get it working
optimally. Granted, I've had my trusty 756 and have the audio tweaked to
perfection, but I didn't think it would be so hard to get it right with the
Apache. The whole setup was quite stable on Windows 10. The potential of the
Apache with PowerSDR is definitely there - Don N3MK
NØKK(@NØAT)   Single Op LP   168,6562015-11-23 07:50:42
Thank you N0AT for allowing me the use of your station.
N5AA   Multi-Op HP   69,2222015-11-23 08:08:13
Susan (K5DU) and I decided it would be nice to do a multiop using our family's
club callsign, N5AA. That way we could both get some operating time in this
weekend. But Susan ended up doing about 99% of the operating.

Our common goal was to get a sweep and then to do casual operating for the rest
of the way.

73, Richard - K5NA
K7MK   SO Unlimited HP   128,9822015-11-23 08:09:28
Semi-Field Day operation from the McCall cabin again. Started setup 2 hours
before the contest, but got the beam up and radio going just as the contest
started. However was getting interference into audio with beam, so used R5
vertical on Saturday. Took off prime time Saturday night for family
activities. Sunday debugged interference and took homebrew DVP offline (never
a problem before). Got to use the beam on Sunday and results were much

Operated from our minimally heated, no water or sewer (during winter) cabin in
McCall on Payette Lake. Temps were about 5 degrees over night...

Goals were a sweep and Idaho Unlimited HP record. I think both were achieved.
Fun runninc neck-and-neck with W7ZRC down in Boise. Although he was Low Power!
His permanent station, skill and more time in the chair beat me out with his Low
Power effort.

FT-920, SB-220, A3, R5, 40 and 80M dipoles.

Thanks for the Q's.

K2DBK   SO Unlimited LP   43,6582015-11-23 08:12:24
My first sweep! I only had a limited amount of time for this, as I had plans for
both Saturday and Sunday evenings. I did surprisingly well very late Saturday
night/Sunday morning picking up 27 sections on 75. Sunday afternoon I started
getting closer to a sweep but towards the end, I only needed DE, which normally
I would pick up on either 40 or 75 but it was too early for that. I only had
about 20 minutes left before I had to leave for a commitment, and lo and behold
there was NY3C booming in on 40m from DE. I worked him and thanked him profusely
(hope I didn't hold up the pileup for too long!)and he told me (as did a couple
of other folks) that they were surprised at the relative "rarity" of
NNJ as well. (Where was everyone else?) Thanks to everyone for helping me get
my sweep.
W1IE   Single Op HP   49,8002015-11-23 08:12:56
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5309.0
K1OU   Single Op HP   181,2722015-11-23 08:17:06
Even though I didn't do as well this year, it was fun. I put the old workhorse
1000MP back in line and everything functioned perfectly except for the

W9XT Voice box
Force 12 C3S at 71'
75 inverted vee at 60'
40 meter inverted vee at 48'
KB2HSH   Single Op QRP   1,4442015-11-23 08:26:32
Feast or famine on 10m QRP. I was surprised that I even was able to MAKE the
contest, as I am in the process of moving into a larger apartment. I got the
PAR EF-10/20/40 up in record time! Conditions were less than stellar, so I
appreciate every QSO made with the big guys. Highlight of the weekend was
working KH6LC with less than 5W. Second coolest thing was hearing my friend
N3CRT working stations, and vice-versa.

Not a record-setting score, but apartment...a growler of 8% alcohol
dark was still fun.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

NJ6G   Single Op LP   13,2162015-11-23 08:26:33
First time using N1MM, had a few issues to begin with but worked it out. I like
it. 43' vertical wasn't getting the job done, I could hear them but not work
them. Next upgrade for the K3 is the voice recorder.
W9ILY   Single Op LP   5,3202015-11-23 08:29:02
IC-756PRO2 with Optibeam OB9/5 beam and phased verticals.
KM2O   Single Op HP   92,8002015-11-23 08:39:21
Missed DE, AK & PR
N4PN   SO Unlimited LP   192,3942015-11-23 08:43:49
Had family obligations Saturday night, so could only put in a total of 19 hours
20m was "tuff" at the first, but much easier later when the
"guns" went to the
lower bands....had very little QRM on 14.325 for hours until some A-hole who
apparently doesn't like contest or contesters, put all sorts of weird noises on
top of me...40m was not easy with just a dipole...surprisingly, 80m was the
"money band" - sat on 3.635 for hours with very little QRM..
Sunday afternoon became a "drag" but not as bad as other times in
Working in the Unlimited Class is becoming a favorite with me...worked my last
two sections VI & NT in the same minute....
Thanks to ARRL and to all who showed up once again..
73, Paul, N4PN

Alpha-Delta (40 & 80)
Logging w/Win-Test
WW4SF(@W4ANT)   Multi-Op LP   41,5002015-11-23 08:43:56
We set a goal to work the clean sweep as we dabbled in a 1st attempt at a
multi-op station. The clean sweep showed up Sunday morning with WCF being the
last section worked. Overall conditions seemed to be good with lot's of
KS2G   Single Op LP   68,2022015-11-23 08:47:34
Pleasantly surprised to find 10-Meters open at the start of the 'test.
But overall I found conditions disappointing ... although that's not surprising
given where we are in the current cycle.
Never heard any Pacific stations, and VY1MB was too weak for me to have any
chance of getting him when I heard him as 15-meters was closing Sunday
So fell two sections short of a Clean Sweep.
K3UA   Single Op LP   196,5442015-11-23 08:51:42
Great job everyone.

Always nice to say hi to old friends and folks that we mainly know exchanging
reports with each other.

Did a typical K3UA hobo SS operation from home with K3 and single 80M dipole
and tuner. Thank goodness for 80M to produce most of my Qs with over 650

Might try and get an all band vertical up to try SO2R next time.

Was tuff without a computer interface and have to actually CQ and do exchanges
entering with my voice. Needless to say my face is sure beat up and tired

Did I add that I tolerate phone but long live CW!

Again great job everyone and see you all next week in the code WW from K3LR.

Phil K3UA
W1AN   SO Unlimited HP   92,1302015-11-23 08:54:15
Had all section worked S&P by Saturday evening with the exception of SD. Got
SD as my first QSO on Sunday. Lots of fun.
73, John W1AN
K6KNS   Single Op HP   49,9202015-11-23 09:01:13
I was really impressed when I heard operators helping those who didn’t know
the exchange. All were patient while talking them through it. That was
awesome; true spirit of Amateur Radio. To get acclimated with the long exchange
with SS, I began with Search and Pounce. Later I Ran but had a keyboard issue so
that was short lived. I enjoyed hearing my fellow club members on the air as
well as getting logged. Thank you all!...Dave K6KNS
WX6V   SO Unlimited HP   95,1182015-11-23 09:31:32
Great to see so much activity from the NT and NL sections in this event this
year. Lots of activity from all sections (except the lone PR station) made this
a fun weekend. Had an interesting phenomenon on 80 Saturday night when we had no
ground wave propagation at all in NorCal to work local stations. Worked 'em on
Sunday instead. See y'all next year.
VE8EV   Multi-Op HP   220,1162015-11-23 09:34:37
SS from NT is always about the aurora. After the relatively quiet conditions
during CQWW exactly one solar rotation ago, I knew conditions for SS Phone were
going to be above average. With the solar cycle on the wane I thought this
might be the last chance to take a run at a section record so I went as
"Multi" for this one.

I could tell the geomagnetic field stayed fairly quiet as conditions on 40m
were fair from up here (which means I worked almost everyone I could hear) but
the lack of sunspots showed on 10m where activity was way down from the past
few years. 15m and 20m were beyond crowded. I got pushed off a run frequency
more often than I could count but thankfully the spotters were out in force and
starting over wasn't the chore it usually is. Another few years and we'll all
be jammed onto 20m again :(

Despite battling with a flaky T/R relay that got worse and worse all weekend, I
hung in there almost til the last hour. I made my final few contacts on 20m
barefoot and then worked a couple of guys on 40m by hitting the foot switch and
manually pressing the KEY TEST button on the amp at the same time. Fortunately
by that time there was nobody left that I hadn't already worked so I called it
a day.

Thanks to everyone for all the Q's especially, as always, the 1-Alphas that
take pity on me CQing away on 20m after everyone else has already moved down to
forty. Last contact in the log was K6LL on 40m who said "let me turn the
beam your way" and made it an easy one for me. Sure wish I had a magic
button to make *that* happen all the time!

John VE8EV
4U1WB(AJ3M)   Single Op HP   69,0002015-11-23 09:44:32
Part time effort from the World Bank Amateur Radio Club station in Washington,
Thank you for the QSOs.


WA6ZTY   Single Op HP   117,5022015-11-23 09:52:48
Operated solely on 10/15/20 meters so had problems working the closer sections
(AZ, UT, OR, and ID). I felt very lucky to have worked all of the California
sections. Never heard a VI or NL (ran unassisted). The tree cutter will be here
in a few weeks and will remove the ailing tree that is in the way of my 40m
dipole installation so, hopefully I'll have that band back for next year.
Without 40/80m, the contest is over for me each evening at 6pm when the higher
bands go silent. My new ALS1306 amp runs much cooler than the pair of 3-500's
that it replaced and not having to retune for band changes is a real plus! No
interference complaints from neighbors (so far).
WA5FWC   SO Unlimited HP   210,1562015-11-23 10:00:11
This was a fun contest,I worked many of the guys that I coontest with on the DX
bands. I have always liked SS and this is one of my favorite contests to work.
I think that SS was the first contest I ever tried my hand at many years ago
and it has the same glamour today. The bands were not in the best of condition
and 10 meters just did not seem to make sense.I sis work dwell on 15 but it
opend late andclosed early but my Q rate was good as the totals show forty was
ok but I stayed on 20 as long as the Q rate was good then switched to 80 and it
was like an intercom great signals and no QRM very Quiet! I probally left some
Qs on the table as I did not stay on 40 as it was jammed packed and lots of
'q'r'm and hassel form the resident groups. I guess that this is a good as it
will be for a while as the cycle is on the decline. I hope that you had as good
a time as I? Gary WA5FWC
KØEU   SO Unlimited HP   348,4342015-11-23 10:07:20
This was my first serious SS phone entry in quite a while. I can't do the CQWW
CW next weekend, so thought I would give it a try. Not having prior high power
SS phone experience, I grabbed the rate sheet that George K5TR posted from his
stint at N9RV a few years ago (thanks, George) as the basis for my hourly rate
goals. Could not match his first 6-7 hours of rate, but was on par the rest of
the way. In the end, I came out 67 QSO's short.

20 and 40 were the money bands for me. I didn't even try 10 or 15 the first
day. Only had a few good hours on 10/15 on Sunday morning. Had one nasty blue
screen of death problem with the computer in the 0400 hour, which required
multiple reboots to get things working again. Only made 6 QSO's in a 30 minute
span. Other than that, no equipment problems or computer glitches. I did get
several comments that some of my voice recordings were "much lower"
in volume than my "real" voice. I will have to look into that if I do
this again.

Spent a lot of time Sunday explaining the SS exchange to casual ops that wanted
to give me a QSO. I encouraged them all to seek out others that were calling CQ
and add to there scores as well. Not sure if they followed through, but I hope
they gave it a shot.

I could complain about the use of leading zeroes, "please copy", bad
audio, poor DVK messages, etc. but I doubt it will change things. It is what it
is. Just glad to be able to keep my BIC for 24 hours and say hi to a great bunch
of contesters that I've been working in contest after contest for the past forty

Kudos to the Canadians who got on in force and provided multiple contacts from
each section. Good show! Who would have thought that ONN would now be the
rarest of the VE mults? Only one PR and one VI in the log (hope I got those
exchanges right!). 2 NL and 2 ONN. Worked all other sections at least 4 times.
12...count em...12 North Dakotas!

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
2100 0 0 0 137 0 0 137 137 6.5
2200 0 0 0 147 0 0 147 284 13.5
2300 0 0 0 142 0 0 142 426 20.3
0000 0 0 41 82 0 0 123 549 26.2
0100 0 0 119 0 0 0 119 668 31.8
0200 0 1 112 0 0 0 113 781 37.2
0300 0 0 98 0 0 0 98 879 41.9
0400 0 4 51 0 0 0 55 934 44.5 (Blue
Screen of Death trouble)
0500 0 80 13 0 0 0 93 1027 48.9
0600 0 58 11 0 0 0 69 1096 52.2
0700 0 24 7 0 0 0 31 1127 53.7
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1127 53.7
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1127 53.7
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1127 53.7
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1127 53.7
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1127 53.7
1300 0 1 24 0 0 0 25 1152 54.9
1400 0 0 47 28 0 0 75 1227 58.5
1500 0 0 0 68 6 0 74 1301 62.0
1600 0 0 0 106 1 0 107 1408 67.1
1700 0 0 0 86 1 0 87 1495 71.2
1800 0 0 0 0 19 39 58 1553 74.0
1900 0 0 0 0 7 61 68 1621 77.2
2000 0 0 0 13 21 18 52 1673 79.7
2100 0 0 0 37 25 0 62 1735 82.7
2200 0 0 2 81 1 0 84 1819 86.7
2300 0 0 6 59 0 0 65 1884 89.8
0000 0 0 75 4 0 0 79 1963 93.5
0100 0 1 72 1 0 0 74 2037 97.0
0200 0 3 59 0 0 0 62 2099 100.0
Total 0 172 737 991 81 118 2099

Gross QSOs=2109 Dupes=10 Net QSOs=2099

Unique callsigns worked = 2099

The best 60 minute rate was 151/hour from 2145 to 2244
The best 30 minute rate was 160/hour from 2335 to 0004
The best 10 minute rate was 174/hour from 2335 to 2344
AA4LR   Single Op LP   106,7642015-11-23 10:24:41
Cushcraft A3S/A743 @ 15m (40-10m)
Shunt-fed 15m tower (160,80m)

Elecraft K3/100 w/ KAT3 running 100 watts


All in all, a pretty good performance this year. This is the first SS Phone
effort above 100,000 I've made since 2004.

Since moving back near Gwinnett county, I've been working to make the station
ready for contesting, but I haven't quite had time to do everything. I decided
about a week before SS Phone to not take things so seriously. After coming down
with a cold on Thursday, this was probably the right tack.

I managed to get the 80m shunt feed networking going again, with the addition
of a new variable capacitor. But I didn't have time to build a 80/40/20m trap
dipole, nor get the K9AY loops back up, nor set up the second radio. So, it was
just one radio and one set of antennas.

Right at the start conditions seemed pretty good. Spent the first half hour on
20m, until I got pushed off a run frequency. Next couple of hours were running
on 20m, followed by quick scans of 10 and 15m. Found VE8EV before 2300z on 15m,
which meant a very rare multiplier was in the bag. Hit 40m briefly at 2345z, and
when I came back an hour later, it was already modestly long.

Tough going after 0200z -- with 40m going long and all the west coast stations
crowding down, it was off to 80m. Generally, I don't find the shunt-fed
vertical to be very effective in the early evening. That was my experience up
in Floyd county when I had both the 10m high dipole and the inverted-L. Lacking
an alternate 80m antenna, I slugged through until 0630z, at which point I
switched off for sleep.

I ended that evening with 310 Q and 77 mult. Not a great start, but not too
bad. I needed only VI, MS, OK, AK, NL and ONE for a sweep. I decided my efforts
on Sunday would focus on getting the sweep.

Back on at 1330z, a found a spot on 40m and immediately got rate of about
100/hr. I really should have gotten on earlier!

A little later I was on 14233.5 kHz running with good rate, despite someone
transmitting white noise and other sounds. I ignored them. Eventually, someone
calls in asking me to move up because I'm interfering with the SSTV frequency.
I tell him that I'm 3.5 kHz from the SSTV frequency! He cut in with some
profanity, and later the noise and weird sounds continues. Hmm.

Despite all the good runs on 40 and 20m, I still need mults. VO1MP was all by
himself on 15m, and ONE found me during the runs. At 2000z, I found three AK
stations on 15m. I'm beginning to wonder what happened to VI. Generally, VI
stations show up strong on 15m in the early afternoon on Sunday. I even did a
tune of 15m with the beam pointed to the Caribbean in case I missed something.

Finally found NP2X at 2230 on 20m handing out low serial numbers. That left
only OK and MS. Where were these guys? While running, I would get excited
whenever a 5-lander would call in -- but they seemed to be all TX stations.
Finally, in frustration, I asked one guy - "Where the heck are the
Oklahoma guys?" He said he worked one of them down on 80m last night.

Needing only MS and OK, I focus on running on 40m, trying to turn the 40m
rotary dipole to favor that direction. No dice. By 0000z, back on 80m -- found
OK at 0047, and turned off the radio at 0116z. I never did hear a single MS
stations all weekend.

All in all, I'm happy with this effort -- any time I can reach 100,000 in SS,
that's good. Given the conditions (which were OK), and the station and operator
prep (which was not), a good effort.

See you in a couple of weeks for the ARRL 160m!
K1SD   SO Unlimited HP   82,3362015-11-23 10:24:49
Bad conditions for me this weekend. Surprisingly had some significant equipment
problems - mic shorting out, intermittent, distorted. Took it apart 3 times and
put it back together without identifying any problem but it started working for
a few hours and then acted up again. Major bummer.

Mostly S&P but a few good runs, especially on 75m in the last hour. That
was fun.

73 James K1SD
KH6TU(AD6E)   SO Unlimited HP   26,3982015-11-23 10:25:58
Tough working west coast stations when all their antennas point east.
N9SD   Single Op LP   47,5862015-11-23 10:26:24
First time doing SS in about 20 years, and first substantial contest since I put
a station back together. 9hours 18minutes of fun.
K4XU   Single Op LP   62,4842015-11-23 10:52:35
Missed NL.
K7RI   Multi-Op HP   243,3562015-11-23 10:54:20
SO1R station: one transceiver, no second radio. Thanks to everyone who worked or
tried unsuccessfully to work us through the QRM. First time Sweepstakes SSB for
two of us. A few computer glitches consumed some time that we could have spent
operating but we all had a good time.
K9CT   SO Unlimited HP   224,7642015-11-23 11:15:34
Please copy.....

My effort was the same but the result compared to last year is down by 300
qsos. The difference is the rate in the first few hours. Last year, I could run
well on 40 for most of the contest. I think that the upper bands were so good
early that most of the early operators never made it to 40 and just shut off
their radio. The upper bands do not favor us when the skip is long and I miss
those operators. It would be interesting to know how many operators are on for
the first few hours and never come back on.

My morning before the contest should have been routine. I was well rested and
ready for the event. However, mother nature had other plans as it was snowing
wet snow and blowing fiercely...the power was off and then on at least a dozen
times. UPSs in the shack were beeping like crazy. The amps would be on then
off...another three minutes that seem like an hour. Where are those solid state

In the setup, I noticed some unusual network issues and spent some quality time
figuring out why I had so much latency. Long story short, I got it going. I use
the UDP from N1MM for switching filters, antennas and SteppIR you
understand the concern. I don't understand why Murphy decided that Saturday was
the day for this.

This is kind of like my golf game...I can always find a reason. Anyhow, I did
the best I could as we all do.

I again used the FlexRadio 6700 SO2R. The OTRSP works great and the Recording
on the Fly was easy to use with N1MM. I used a Maestro prototype for the
interface. This is a nice tool...just see a signal, touch the screen and
listen. Complete band awareness for S&P and finding the new run
frequency. My hand was never very far from the keyboard.

It was terrific having so many stations on from AK and NT. Rich, KL7RA is
missed and his friends put on a grand show from AK. It is also nice to see the
effort in the remote from VY1AAA paying off...the side effect is getting more
people on from NT...and they had good conditions too!

My last few multipliers were NE, RI and then QC! I ended up working many from
those sections but it was surprising. Rare sections... 1-PR, 2-VI, 2-ONN, 3-NL,
4-MS, 4-MB. Most represented 75-VA and 73-MDC.

It was fun but not as much fun as CW. It is always nice to share a few words
with friends on voice.

73, Craig K9CT
N3KN   SO Unlimited HP   70,5202015-11-23 11:23:21
Dang! Where was Mississippi?
KU2M   Single Op HP   278,7142015-11-23 11:25:43
First attempt at SS in HP class. Everything went fairly well other than my 80M
Inverted Vee mysteriously failing; thank Bog for my DB36's 80M dipole. Didn't
think I would get the sweep until finally stumbling upon KP2XX relatively late,
on Dupeday (some people call it Sunday)... whew!

The recent, sad loss of Rich, KL7RA tempered moods this weekend; I for one will
miss the booming signal and engaging personality of KL7 "Radio
N5DO   Multi-Op LP   197,3742015-11-23 11:55:39
We set a goal of 1250 QSOs but ended up short. With great conditions on 15M the
goal was reachable, but the SteppIR DB-18 wasn't working on 40M so we had to use
a vertical on that band with limited success. The SteppIR was working fine two
weeks ago during the CW weekend but in the two weeks since then there were four
or five days of high winds. It appears one of the coax connectors on the relay
box for the 40M portion of the SteppIR may have vibrated its way loose.

Despite that setback it was still an enjoyable weekend.
W3TZ   SO Unlimited HP   42,1642015-11-23 12:15:28
At least there was one station in Mississippi, chased him all over the bands
before I caught him late in the contest.
NH6Y   SO Unlimited HP   74,4562015-11-23 12:23:19
Missing ONE....
W3LL   SO Unlimited HP   215,8002015-11-23 12:25:31

Thanks for the Q's and spots.


Bud W3LL
KF6HI   Single Op LP   6,3642015-11-23 12:44:24
Recently moved from LAX area to AZ. Still lots of work to do on the shack and
antennas. Was just able to get some up some low dipoles running barefoot, but
good to be back on the air.
W3UL   SO Unlimited HP   72,5422015-11-23 12:47:12
Band QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 139 278 10
7 238 476 39
14 17 34 14
21 36 72 16
28 7 14 4
Total 437 874 83
Score: 72,542
1 Mult = 5.3 Q's
VE6EX   Single Op QRP   74,8442015-11-23 12:54:12
Hi All:
Great opening on 10m and the low bands were hopeless HiHi..Huge improvement
over last years qrp/5 watt effort..Generally did 24 hours tho' lots of 1Q per
hour stints...lots better than my score other ssb "Q" score ...Bigger
"Q" scores out there yet to come..Did mostly on 15m where there was
some room HiHi..

VE6EX was 5w by the peak read bird, N1mm+ (worked well) into a Mosley 33 3
el city lot single op 1 radio residential Calgary with inverted vees for 40 and
80...Cheers, Dan VE6EX..
NA2U   Single Op LP   502015-11-23 13:11:38
Worked K1KI, VY2ZM, NR5M, NV9L, and N0XR.

73 from the desert,

KE4VH   Single Op LP   35,0762015-11-23 13:24:33
This year's contest came one week after I had heart surgery, and I had only been
out of the hospital for a few days. I was pretty weary from the experience but
decided to give SS a go. I just didn't have the energy to make a good showing.
Was sorry to see 10 meters in relatively poor shape; during last month's CQ WW
DX, I got a big chunk of my contacts there. The sunspots giveth, and they
taketh away.
K5TR(K5OT)   Single Op HP   250,6602015-11-23 13:31:20
Thanks George K5TR for the station time while he was enjoying the contest
weekend in FAR west Texas.

Larry K5OT
K3YDX   Single Op LP   59,2802015-11-23 13:38:52
This years score was down from last year but last year ran assisted and with
medium HP. Will go back to HP next year to help avoid the dreaded CQ in my
face syndrome!

Much easier and quicker to search for sections on phone than CW though I likely
have reduced the life of my vfo encoder gears by a few years after spinning the
knob up the band then down again!

I had just put up an OCFD which by and large well outperformed my vertical
except for perhaps on 15 meters. It was a treat seeing 10 meters produce as it

Much fun running into so many familiar folks on the bands and seeing some low
check numbers and low serial numbers coupled with 2 X 3 callsigns. I hope
others thanked them as well for taking the time to get on and making some

NØMA   Multi-Op HP   255,4742015-11-23 13:43:12
I believe this is our best effort for SS SSB.
Much easier without the CME that occurred for SS CW.
There is a big vacant spot in our log that belongs to KL7RA. We all miss you
Rich and thanks for all the KL7 Qs. I always enjoyed reading Rich's post
contest summaries.
N8SS   Single Op LP   4,2482015-11-23 13:56:11
Put in a few minutes here and there while I was out of town and in the mobile.
W2PV(@K2LE)   Multi-Op LP   70,3562015-11-23 14:02:43
Thank you to Andy, K2LE and Gerry, W1VE for allowing me use the the Vermont
station. Thanks also to YCCC for allowing me to use legendary W2PV callsign.

The station, remote facilities and especially the new antenna switching
arrangement/hardware worked extremely well.

I am looking forward to an "all-persons-on-site" visit to Reedsboro
this coming weekend and multi-single entry in CQWW-CW, the weekend of November
28 (2015) - together with:
Andy, K2LE
Gerry, W1VE/VE1RM
Tom, VE3CX

Cary, VE4EA
Winnipeg, MB

K3, 100 Watts
Microbit RRC (via Elecraft)
Antennas: Numerous
W4GE   Single Op HP   108,1602015-11-23 14:21:17
Good contest. Very polite waiting in turn while running calls. Thank you!
Perhaps next time I can work in a complete 24 hour shift. Should have worked
more on 40!!
KC1CWF   Multi-Op LP   1262015-11-23 14:40:25
Used call for testing setup and radio. Just made a few Q's.
N8II   Single Op HP   202,3542015-11-23 14:45:40
Thanks to a back order, it took 3-1/2 weeks for my replacement rotator motor to
arrive late Friday. Saturday, I was up the tower in 50 degree sunny weather
with a wind gusting up to 20 MPH thankfully at my back. The motor swap went
very easily about 45 minutes from terra firma to back again. I was really not
cold or fatigued.

As others in the PVRC have mentioned, my start was painfully slow, mostly
running on 15 the first 18 minutes, then down to 20 until 0010Z. I did find NT
in that first stint on 15 with a big pile up.

75M was wonderful for quite a while settling in above 3800 on a mostly QRM free
frequency. The biggest rate limit for quite a while was slow exchanges from the
callers. My first 3 hours starting at the 00Z hour were 115, 135, and 113 with
a best 10 minute rate of 162. One clock minute, I did squeeze in 4 Q's. Around
0230Z, the pig f...ers arrived in earnest with some very inventive QRM! First
there was bell ringing, then a recorded overmodulated transmission complete
with loud background noise. I gave up the spot at 0310Z. After a quick snack, I
ran some more until 0430 when the callers dried up, so despite having plenty of
gas in the tank, I called it a night.

Sunday was slower than I had hoped for. Best hours were on 40 at 13Z with 84
Q's and surprisingly 21Z with 74. I only had about 20 minutes all day with a
good run rate on 20. The casual ops tend to shy away from 20 I suppose, because
they think they need a big signal to be heard. So, 20 was a disappointment
compared to CW SS. Also, we seemed to never have a moment of Es, so the skip
zones were relatively long compared to CW, but backscatter was still workable
on 20/15. Skip zones on 20 and 40 went long quickly after dark. Most of the
S&P I did, the scatter guys were already logged on 75/40. 15 had plenty of
activity, a virtual run fest for those west of the Mississippi. 10 M activity
was disappointing, despite some loud mid day signals. I quit at 01Z because new
Q's were just too slow coming with long stretches of no answers to CQ's. I did
tune across 75 and found about a dozen new stations among the other 40-50 I had
already worked. Overall, I would have to say activity was decreased from the
last time I made over 1K Q's about 3 years ago. Some added incentives from ARRL
might help.

The sweep was pretty stress free. I was missing 5 sections at 1540Z when I
found SK and VI on 15, then KH6 called on 20, then NP4G on 10 (can't understand
why all of the hundreds of hams in PR are not interested in SS!), then found ONN
on 20 at 1850Z.

Most common sections were VA with 77 Q's, MDC 69 (Go PVRC!), OH 54,
MI 52 (aided by the snow storm!), IL-51 (SMC), AZ 31, and ENY 30. Surprisingly
common were DE with 12, ME 11, and ND with a record 11 Q's thanks to their
economic boom.

I appreciate each and every QSO, but would have to say that operating skills
are on a declining slope. I would have S&P'ed more if it were not for guys
having big problems with inputting exchange info. At least 6 times, an op would
be QRX over 10 seconds. Repeats when I knew I was louder than the QEM abounded.
And please, do not spell out your section, then speak it out too! Virtually
every station in NLI sent "N L I, New York Long Island" instead of a
much faster "Norway Lima India". Also, many stations repeated info
when they were extremely easy copy and also spoke slowly or hesitantly. When I
was running on 75, I could have spoken much faster, but was afraid of too many
repeat requests. Luckily during the really busy times, having to repeat was
minimal. My signal on 40 was even worse than usual due to a SWR fault probably
in the 4:1 balun which forced me to transmit on a south sloping dipole, work
will be done. I would guess a threepeat will come for PVRC in the club
competition, congrats to all!

73, Jeff
K3WTT   Multi-Op LP   22,7502015-11-23 15:13:40
Our first Sweepstakes. Lots of fun.
WØCN(@KA4RRU)   Single Op HP   226,9762015-11-23 15:20:18
A special thanks to Mike, KA4RRU, for the use of his station.

Thanks for all the Qs!


Dan, W0CN
VE3CX   SO Unlimited HP   241,8622015-11-23 15:23:53
Thanks for the QSO's, and to VE3KRV and VE3RX for helping ME get the sweep!

At Dayton a few years ago, someone suggested I get a T-shirt that says "I
AM the mult!" Spent lots of time running, mixed in some S&P to make
sure everyone who was looking was able to find the ONN mult.

Tom - VE3CX
N4DJ   Single Op LP   8,7982015-11-23 15:27:56
I did not have much time, but at least made it on! My first QSO and section was
NT. Never had that happen before!
Thanks for the Q's.


Elecraft K3 at 95 watts output, Inverted L and dipoles.
NR4C   Single Op HP   4,6802015-11-23 15:33:14
Started on Sat with froggy voice. Made one contact and decided not to push it
and quit. Sunday, felt much better and put in some time. Must have driven
operators mad with normal voice for serial number, followed by this froggy
recording of "Bravo nr4c 02 va". Turned out to be one of my best
performances by QSOs in a given time period. And, 39 sections out of 60
contacts is probably my best multiplier ratio.

Good time, wish I had felt better Sat nite.
KUØG   Single Op LP   142,5942015-11-23 15:39:58
Lost 4.5 hours of prime operating time Sunday due to a family gathering and gave
up about 1.5 hours before end time when I couldn't find people I hadn't already
worked. Disappointing band conditions didn't provide much for me on 10 and 15,
20 was productive time but the band closed down way early here. Not one of my
best outings...
WB2WPM   SO Unlimited LP   46,9042015-11-23 15:44:58
Only missed 'QC' for the sweek :(
KØTT   Single Op HP   245,5142015-11-23 15:50:35
First time I've done full 24 hours in this contest. Dipole for 20m at 75' worked
surprisingly well. Lots of high angle into nearby states. One "Q"
power station from NE peaked at S9+20db!
VA7VF   SO Unlimited LP   52,8002015-11-23 15:57:16
Enjoyed my second time operating this contest. First time with new 2 letter call
sign VA7VF, which became official two days before contest.
Would have had clean sweep if able to work UT, VI and ONE.
Accurately copying the lengthy exchange is similar to what would be needed to
operate an emergency station.
VE3YT   Single Op HP   127,6542015-11-23 15:58:57
Had a great time. Highlights included working so many NS sprinters and hearing
their voices, getting my first clean sweep on Phone and having nothing go wrong
with the gear (or the hot water heater I just installed)! Thanks for all the
contacts, and all the patience from QRP stations and people I duped.
W2DLT   SO Unlimited HP   16,1282015-11-23 16:01:03
Wish I'd had more time - and wish I'd had time to update my Icom 7600 before the
contest so that N1MM+ would work automatically. Manual logging was VERY slow.
Better next time. Thanks to FRC guys who tried to help solve N1MM questionos.
N8XE   SO Unlimited HP   19,3522015-11-23 16:18:18
Casual operating mostly looking for sections. Could not find NE for the life of
W3VYK   Single Op LP   39,6742015-11-23 16:41:44
Great contest, First clean sweep from home station.
N4CO   SO Unlimited LP   19,9202015-11-23 16:42:04
Last two sections WCF and MS on 40 meters. Very high QRM, stations only about
KK7AC   Single Op LP   119,5202015-11-23 16:45:17
QSO #432 in just under the 12 hour mark provided me a sweep with VO1MP in NL
after a band switch from 20 to 15M. Achiving the real goal of this contest, my
appetite for sitting in the chair for the remainder of the contest grew dim, so
I imposed a goal of acquiring 700 Q's in honor of the Nataions Station,
"The Big One" 700 WLW; the dream and ultimate reality of Powell
Crosley. (I received inspiration after working the VOA radio club station just
down Tylersville Road in Mason Ohio about a mile from where the great WLW
transmitter lives with the big beautiful diamond shaped Blau-Knox tower that
pumps out 50KW and great programming to this day).

But I was running on 20M when I hit 700 and over shot it by 2 (I could not
ignore those that continued to call, ya know?). Suffering from OCD, I could not
stop at 702, so once again I set a goal of another, but not as great, mid-west
station, WGN, which resides on 720 on the AM dial. So that's it -720 and I shut
it down.

This is good because the next great midwestern AM blow torch I could think of
was "the other" Chicago station; WLS on 890KHz.....and I sure as hell
was not working until 890. Although I respect Larry Lujack, Lil Tommy Johnson,
Don Wade John Records Landecker, Steve Dahl, Gary Meier and Dick Biondi, I
could not do it.

1120 KMOX (ala Bob Heil, K9EID and the SK Bob White, KM0X) in St. Louis was
next, so imagine my plunder?.

It's a mid-western thing -maybe you would not understand. Did I go off the
trail ?
W1DYJ   SO Unlimited LP   27,3002015-11-23 16:56:40
Rig: TS590S
80, 20, 10 Fan dipole at 20' (SW-NE)
40, 15 40M Vertical, 4 raised radials @ 10'
Logger: N3FJP Nov SS Ver 5.8

My first SS. I didn't expect the sweep, so I'm quite happy with 78 sections.

Missed OK, SDG, NV, WY, and NE. (Heard four of them but couldn't connect.)
I was happy to get all of Canada!

I have been concentrating on DX contests for the past few years. I thought
it might be fun to improve my Maine QTH WAS totals for a change. I had
always thought the extended SS exchange would be a burden -- but I discovered
that the exchange slows everyone done a bit and I found the contest to be
quite gentlemanly! This will probably become one of my favorites -- especially

once my CW skills are up to it!

My antennas in Maine are modest at best. 40 and 80 were the best bands.
The 80M dipole is so low that it is quite omnidirectional and works quite
well in the eastern US. 40 is OK -- nothing like a high dipole, but I have
no tall trees!

The dipoles on 20 and 10 are aimed poorly for domestic Qs. 10 seemed dead
all weekend; 20 was very noisy, probably because the 10 & 20 dipoles hang
on the side of the house. (Plans are in process to improve this.) Using
the 40M vertical for 15 makes the pattern too high, so it isn't very effective

either. (One of these days I will purchase that upper HF yagi!)

Looking forward to next weekend and CQWWCW!

73, Larry -- W1DYJ
K2PS   Single Op LP   7,2962015-11-23 17:09:41
Just got on for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon. High point was working
VE8EV first call.

73, Pete, K2PS
KK4R   Single Op LP   26,1302015-11-23 17:32:34
Things started out slow, and my goal was to at least make 100 contacts, so I'm
quite happy with 201 QSOs. Although I didn't plan to chase multipliers, my
second QSO was AK, and just down the band I found NT, so it was hard not to
keep an eye on the count. In the end, I wasn't very lucky, but it was
to work the multipliers that usually elude me, even if I missed some easy

Operating time was limited, and as a result, most of my production was on 80m.

Although on Saturday, it seemed like I had a puny signal, on Sunday I had a
couple of good runs separated by dinner. It was the first time that I ran
stations on phone in many years, and it was surprising how quickly my voice
scratchy. I'm going to have to think about voice recording if I keep getting
N4TOL   Single Op QRP   10,2002015-11-23 17:35:29
Nice to work all the FB ops, and appreciate all that heard me.

Yaesu FT-817
Elecraft T-1 Tuner
OCF wire antenna

73 John N4TOL
KD7PCE   Single Op LP   13,9202015-11-23 17:49:39
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Williamette Valley DX Club
NAME: Stephen Davis
ADDRESS: 18 Almond Way
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5309.0
AEØEE   Single Op LP   89,7082015-11-23 17:53:46
100 W, dipoles at 20'.

That was fun, and it was exciting to hear several people complete their sweep
or worked-all-states with my contact! I completed my first Sweepstakes
worked-all-states with 36 minutes to go on Sunday evening. I worked to find VI
to complete the sweep, but they eluded me. Sunday morning I managed a nice long
run on 15 m (with a few periods of rate slowing due to other stations trying to
call CQ only 1 kHz away) and a short one on 40 m Sunday evening (again, it's
hard to run after a station comes on only 750 Hz off).

Band conditions were better than for the CW weekend, but there were definitely
some swings. At times signals would really start popping up, and there were
times when there would be no strong signals anywhere on the band.

Here's how things compared to last year.
Up: QSOs, sections, score, 10 m QSOs
Down: 20 m QSOs, number of microphones found not working Friday night, crummy
driving conditions to/from SD.

I only made 3 QSOs on 10 m Sunday afternoon, but it was worth all the time
spent putting the antenna up---I found 3 NT stations calling on a lonely band
(two would get a 59 report, the other 45).

Unlike last year, I did not drive four hours to my Sweepstakes location only to
find out late on Friday night that my microphone didn't work. The whole weekend
went quite smoothly, in fact, and the weather made dealing with antennas and
driving much nicer than it was last year (cold, snowy, and blowy).

This year I made use of having TWO feedlines coming in to the shack, so I could
do band changes more rapidly (and without going outside). I took advantage of
this by using the dual VFOs to search one band while waiting for another chance
at the pileup on another. It helped me find a few multipliers, but clearly
there is some improvement in technique needed (e.g. more time on 20 m, finding

Thanks to everyone who came out to make this an enjoyable contest!
VO1KVT   Single Op HP   73,0402015-11-23 18:12:47
The last tone I need for the sweep was VE2, did not hear anyone from QC until
late in the contest, there they were on 40m, of course a few minutes after
there was another VE2 booming in on 20m, lots of fun again and good to see a
few VO1s on the air this time.
73 Ken, VO1KVT
W6YX   Multi-Op LP   151,3922015-11-23 18:20:12
We decided to try something different this year and go Low Power multi-op. It
was much harder than I expected.

My original plan was to use an FT-1000MP Mark-V as the run radio since it could
run at 150W. Two K3s would be used for S&P. The MkV unfortunately had a
problem with the mic input so we ended up using one K3 for running and the
other for S&P, both set to 100W.

I had assumed we'd work most of the many CA stations on 80 in the evening but,
as WX6V pointed out in his contest report, there was poor ground wave/NVIS
propagation and we could barely hear most of the west coast stations much less
work them with low power. We didn't work N6BV@N6RO until late Sunday on 40
even though we had tried calling many times. We called N6ZFO on several bands
but Bill never heard us.

Our last 2 mults were NL and DE with N3DXX finally worked for the sweep at
2326Z on Sunday. We'd heard N3DXX and K9RS on Saturday but hadn't been able to
crack the pileups.

It was very odd to look at our band breakdown late on Sunday and notice that we
had between 215 and 218 Qs on all the bands between 40 and 10. A few more were
worked on 40 after that.

Having cluster spots was useful at times but frequently there would be a pileup
that we couldn't break for several minutes with low power. It was often more
productive to tune the band to find someone we hadn't already worked. While I
was at the S&P radio I posted all callsigns to the cluster that weren't
already in our bandmap. If you saw spots from K6SU those were from me.

Thanks to Nick/KZ2V and John/K2YY for joining in the effort.

-Mike, N7MH
W8MJ   Single Op HP   101,2502015-11-23 18:24:57
First time back on SS since 2009. Ran part time only, and enjoyed every minute.
High light was have VE8EV call me on Sunday morning Cq'ing before going to
church. What a neat surprise. Thanks for all the q's, and the log has been
uploaded to LOTW.

AA5B   Single Op HP   300,1282015-11-23 18:27:42
My last QSO put me over 300k, which was my stretch goal. Cool! It's interesting
that my worst band total was on 10 meters -- the only band with a yagi. Signals
were strong, but I didn't get anything going very quickly and 15 seemed like a
better place to be.

I lost mental focus for a couple hours on Sunday afternoon, found myself
spinning the dial and not working much of anything, but I took the dog for a
walk and cleared my head. The last several hours were good, despite weird
conditions, so the break seemed to work okay.

Great to work so many friends, but I sure missed hearing K L 7 Radio Alaska.

Bruce AA5Banana
WBØTEV   SO Unlimited HP   195,2162015-11-23 18:42:12
You know its going to be a fun SS when you work 3 NT stations (VY1AAA, VY1MB
& VE8EV) in the very first hour! Kudos to the guys up north who worked to
make the Northern Territories much less of a rarity. Now if only the activity
from MS and PR would pick up. Would have had a double sweep if I could have
found a 2nd Mississippi or Puerto Rico. Had the sweep at 0446Z when I followed
a spot to N4OGW on 80m. Only sections not worked at least 3 times were MS(1),
PR(1), VI(2) and ONN (2).

I was pleased to see a spot from W0ZC up in KS indicating that I had given him
the sweep after working me. I wouldn't have thought that NTX would be a last
section worked, but it was one of my last 3 as well.

Score would have been higher had I put in more time. With daughter home for
Thanksgiving week, I had other priorities. Was QRT for almost all of Sunday AM
and early afternoon.

For the fellow statistics junkies here's the CBS file:


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
2100 0 0 0 0 57 0 57 57 4.8
2200 0 0 9 61 1 0 71 128 10.9
2300 0 0 10 38 24 0 72 200 17.0
0000 0 0 40 31 0 0 71 271 23.0
0100 0 0 98 0 0 0 98 369 31.4
0200 0 1 32 0 0 0 33 402 34.2
0300 0 13 42 0 0 0 55 457 38.9
0400 0 0 79 0 0 0 79 536 45.6
0500 0 4 64 0 0 0 68 604 51.4
0600 0 33 8 0 0 0 41 645 54.8
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 645 54.8
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 645 54.8
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 645 54.8
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 645 54.8
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 645 54.8
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 645 54.8
1300 0 0 0 53 0 0 53 698 59.4
1400 0 0 0 70 0 0 70 768 65.3
1500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 65.3
1600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 65.3
1700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 65.3
1800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 65.3
1900 0 0 0 2 9 5 16 784 66.7
2000 0 0 0 58 1 0 59 843 71.7
2100 0 0 0 88 0 0 88 931 79.2
2200 0 0 0 73 0 0 73 1004 85.4
2300 0 0 53 13 0 0 66 1070 91.0
0000 0 1 41 2 0 0 44 1114 94.7
0100 0 1 6 0 0 0 7 1121 95.3
0200 0 9 46 0 0 0 55 1176 100.0
Total 0 62 528 489 92 5 1176

Gross QSOs=1176 Dupes=0 Net QSOs=1176

Unique callsigns worked = 1176

The best 60 minute rate was 113/hour from 1336 to 1435
The best 30 minute rate was 124/hour from 0055 to 0124
The best 10 minute rate was 162/hour from 2238 to 2247

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSOs/minute 3 times.
3 QSOs/minute 72 times.
2 QSOs/minute 267 times.
1 QSOs/minute 414 times.

There were 36 bandchanges and 4 (0.3%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 1
4 529
5 469
6 174
7 2
9 1

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
IL 0 6 31 20 1 0 58 4.9
VA 0 5 22 25 5 0 57 4.8
MDC 0 3 26 25 1 0 55 4.7
MI 0 2 23 28 1 0 54 4.6
OH 0 5 29 15 1 0 50 4.3
MN 0 4 23 19 0 0 46 3.9
AZ 0 1 19 16 0 0 36 3.1
ENY 0 0 12 13 4 0 29 2.5
NC 0 1 17 10 1 0 29 2.5
WI 0 0 13 14 0 0 27 2.3
WWA 0 0 8 7 7 3 25 2.1
GA 0 1 15 8 0 0 24 2.0
NNJ 0 3 7 13 0 0 23 2.0
CT 0 0 7 12 2 0 21 1.8
EMA 0 0 8 12 1 0 21 1.8
NFL 0 0 14 7 0 0 21 1.8
IN 0 2 9 10 0 0 21 1.8
WNY 0 0 8 9 3 0 20 1.7
KY 0 0 13 7 0 0 20 1.7
EPA 0 0 8 10 1 0 19 1.6
CO 0 0 9 9 0 0 18 1.5
LAX 0 1 10 4 2 0 17 1.4
SV 0 0 7 7 2 0 16 1.4
TN 0 1 8 7 0 0 16 1.4
SCV 0 1 6 5 2 1 15 1.3
ID 0 1 3 5 4 1 14 1.2
MT 0 0 1 9 4 0 14 1.2
STX 0 1 12 1 0 0 14 1.2
EB 0 2 1 5 5 0 13 1.1
LA 0 0 11 2 0 0 13 1.1
NH 0 0 4 9 0 0 13 1.1
SDG 0 0 6 3 3 0 12 1.0
OR 0 0 7 2 3 0 12 1.0
WCF 0 0 5 7 0 0 12 1.0
MO 0 1 8 3 0 0 12 1.0
KS 0 3 6 2 1 0 12 1.0
SFL 0 0 7 4 1 0 12 1.0
WPA 0 0 7 4 0 0 11 0.9
NLI 0 0 2 9 0 0 11 0.9
ONE 0 1 2 5 2 0 10 0.9
ORG 0 1 5 3 1 0 10 0.9
SD 0 0 3 7 0 0 10 0.9
RI 0 0 1 9 0 0 10 0.9
AB 0 0 4 3 2 0 9 0.8
WMA 0 1 5 2 1 0 9 0.8
ND 0 1 1 7 0 0 9 0.8
NV 0 0 4 4 1 0 9 0.8
NE 0 1 4 4 0 0 9 0.8
BC 0 1 1 2 4 0 8 0.7
IA 0 1 2 5 0 0 8 0.7
NM 0 0 7 1 0 0 8 0.7
UT 0 0 3 5 0 0 8 0.7
SNJ 0 0 5 1 1 0 7 0.6
SB 0 0 1 4 2 0 7 0.6
ME 0 0 1 5 1 0 7 0.6
AL 0 0 5 1 1 0 7 0.6
ONS 0 0 3 4 0 0 7 0.6
NTX 0 3 3 1 0 0 7 0.6
MB 0 0 2 3 1 0 6 0.5
SJV 0 0 2 1 3 0 6 0.5
MAR 0 0 4 2 0 0 6 0.5
VT 0 1 1 4 0 0 6 0.5
SC 0 0 2 4 0 0 6 0.5
AK 0 0 0 2 4 0 6 0.5
PAC 0 0 3 1 1 0 5 0.4
NNY 0 0 3 2 0 0 5 0.4
GTA 0 0 3 2 0 0 5 0.4
QC 0 0 0 5 0 0 5 0.4
SF 0 0 2 0 2 0 4 0.3
SK 0 0 0 1 3 0 4 0.3
NT 0 0 0 0 4 0 4 0.3
DE 0 0 1 2 1 0 4 0.3
EWA 0 0 1 1 2 0 4 0.3
WV 0 1 2 1 0 0 4 0.3
AR 0 2 2 0 0 0 4 0.3
OK 0 2 2 0 0 0 4 0.3
WTX 0 1 2 1 0 0 4 0.3
WY 0 0 2 1 0 0 3 0.3
NL 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 0.3
ONN 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.2
VI 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.2
PR 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
MS 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.1
Total 0 62 528 489 92 5 1176

Sweepstakes Checks
Check QSOs Pct
00 10 0.9
01 7 0.6
02 13 1.1
03 12 1.0
04 8 0.7
05 11 0.9
06 11 0.9
07 14 1.2
08 12 1.0
09 14 1.2
10 13 1.1
11 8 0.7
12 17 1.4
13 21 1.8
14 26 2.2
15 13 1.1
16 3 0.3
17 0 0.0
18 0 0.0
19 1 0.1
20 0 0.0
21 1 0.1
22 0 0.0
23 0 0.0
24 1 0.1
25 0 0.0
26 0 0.0
27 0 0.0
28 0 0.0
29 0 0.0
30 0 0.0
31 1 0.1
32 0 0.0
33 1 0.1
34 1 0.1
35 0 0.0
36 0 0.0
37 0 0.0
38 0 0.0
39 0 0.0
40 0 0.0
41 0 0.0
42 0 0.0
43 0 0.0
44 0 0.0
45 0 0.0
46 1 0.1
47 3 0.3
48 3 0.3
49 1 0.1
50 2 0.2
51 0 0.0
52 5 0.4
53 7 0.6
54 12 1.0
55 23 2.0
56 18 1.5
57 19 1.6
58 29 2.5
59 43 3.7
60 21 1.8
61 22 1.9
62 32 2.7
63 29 2.5
64 18 1.5
65 22 1.9
66 20 1.7
67 23 2.0
68 19 1.6
69 37 3.1
70 21 1.8
71 30 2.6
72 19 1.6
73 22 1.9
74 27 2.3
75 27 2.3
76 48 4.1
77 34 2.9
78 30 2.6
79 23 2.0
80 14 1.2
81 9 0.8
82 12 1.0
83 9 0.8
84 11 0.9
85 9 0.8
86 10 0.9
87 9 0.8
88 8 0.7
89 22 1.9
90 11 0.9
91 25 2.1
92 20 1.7
93 18 1.5
94 17 1.4
95 14 1.2
96 19 1.6
97 9 0.8
98 14 1.2
99 7 0.6

U.S. Call Areas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 122 10.4
1 111 9.4
2 119 10.1
3 90 7.7
4 148 12.6
5 58 4.9
6 113 9.6
7 111 9.4
8 122 10.4
9 111 9.4
Total 1105 94.0

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 474 40.3
B 270 23.0
Q 32 2.7
M 113 9.6
U 274 23.3
S 13 1.1
K8BL   SO Unlimited LP   155,3762015-11-23 18:51:14
Good WWV Numbers for a domestic contest and good participation. All of the
ARRL Sections were well represented. In the CWSS, I sweated out NT until
late Sunday afternoon after I had given up getting a Clean Sweep. This time,
I had NT in the Log in the first 15 minutes! I think I heard 4 or 5 of them!!

The last Section worked was SFL of all things. That gave me the Sweep around
1 AM Local Time.

The only equipment issue was my own doing. When I recorded the messages on my
voicekeyer, I guess I didn't enunciate very well. After a few responses to
KABL and my Check being questioned as 11 instead of 61 and a few Thank Yous
for Wyoming instead of Ohio, I decided to re-record everything without any
marbles or pretzels in my mouth - HIHI. How did ever we do Phone Contests
without voicekeyers??
N2NC   Single Op HP   101,5922015-11-23 18:51:18
VE4DRK   Single Op LP   14,0802015-11-23 19:01:31
While I only had my upper band antenna working, it was still fun to work the
contest with my vertical. Propagation was pretty good from ve4-land, so can't
complain about that. Good to work a number of the group. 73, Dan ve4drk
VE4DXR   Single Op HP   102,8702015-11-23 19:08:45
Had a great time.
Used .wav files with function keys for most of the contest. Most stations found
my message intelligible. Saved my voice and helped me stay alert.


Lee, Ve4dxr, Radiosport Manitoba
WO9S   Single Op QRP   1,6802015-11-23 19:14:34
Just had an hour and a quarter at the end. Calling the strongest stations,
QRP was not much of a handicap. Worked stations from WWA to PR.
VE5SF   Single Op LP   192,7262015-11-23 19:21:47
Good conditios and some sustained runs. Quit for the night at 6:47 UTC with
only MT and VI needed. Went calling for MT on 80 M in the morning and found a
KP2 at 14:16 UTC on Sunday morning for the sweep - one of the earliest ever for
me. Next goal was 1,000 QSO's which came later in the afternoon. Came across
VA6UT (AB) and WA7GVT (ND) late in the test on 80 M who were discussing how
disappointed they were not being able to find SK and was pleased to provide
them each a contact! These mults and VE4 and VE6 are always difficult from
here. A few interruptions meant about 23 hours of on the air time. Thanks to
all for the QSO's.

N5PA   SO Unlimited HP   44,3522015-11-23 19:27:29
Conditions better than I expected.
K6GHA   Single Op LP   72,0902015-11-23 19:47:10
Simply need to RUN! S&P gave me most sections (NL and WV were allusive this
year). But needed a better rate to get to where I want to be. Next year will be
the year to buckle down and give it an honest run!
Thanks to all of the 'good ears gang' on the air who were able to pull out my
call or stayed with me when conditions weren't cooperating. I hope I returned
the favor to a few folks as well.
The broom is back in the closet... new house cleaning sweep planning begins for
next year!
K1HG   Single Op LP   8,7362015-11-23 20:10:54
Very part time effort - trying to fill in missing states for 40 meter WAS.
Propagation good. TS-570SG, 100 watts, G5RV at approximately 35 feet. Enjoyed
my time on the air.
KØHC(WØBH)   School Club HP   223,4362015-11-23 20:45:29
Our 2015 Hesston College ARC Sweepstakes team included three aviation students
(Tyler, Elliott, Michael) and one computer science student (Brady), all
unlicensed. We didn't get as much practice in this year as in previous years
due to exceptionally busy schedules, but we did get valuable practice in the
California QSO Party and met a number of times in October and November to
practice logging and talking.

This year was about as unusual as Kansas weather (tornados, a blizzard and an
earthquake all in one week). We had a record slow start with 75 / 57 / 75 / 64
rates the first four hours (we often break 100) and it just got slower. On the
bright side, we broke our own club Clean Sweep record with Wyoming station
N7NKD who called us at 0705Z. The final five countdown was SFL, GTA, PR, SD,
and WY. We had two singleton sections, ONN and PR. It was great to take our
"overnight" break with the Sweep already in the log, but the 200 QSO
deficit from our average over the past eleven years made it bittersweet.

Sunday started out slowly, but midmorning, things began picking up. Sunday is
usually slow and gets slower, but this year we broke our average in all but two
of the last twelve hours, often by 10 or even 20 contacts. We still have our
lowest score ever for 24 hours of operating, but at least Sunday was actually
fun! Our "Sunday Sweep" attempt came up four short - ONN, NE, OK,
and PR (all not heard).

The students certainly had fun, too. They worked as a team at the run station
with one student logging and another talking. We didn't use the second S&P
radio as much this year, but it came in handy working mults on Saturday. The
students really appreciated those of you who took time to encourage them, and
we want to thank all of you for being out there for us to work. It was
especially fun to contact 14 (S)chool stations and chat for a bit. We hope to
hear you all again in 2016!

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College ARC
WFØT   Single Op LP   44,1482015-11-23 21:05:17
First contest running more than 5 watts. It was a ton of fun!
K5TA   Single Op HP   286,8482015-11-23 21:14:32
I probably would have sat this year out if not for the club competition. The
NMBRC has been ambushed a couple of times recently, and I didn't want that to
happen again! Looks like we did pretty well.

When I built this house in 1977, you could step outside and see the milky way
almost every night, and the radio spectrum was absolutely pristine. Over the
years, unobstructed half-mile views have been split into 2-acre fenced lots
with big houses and barns, a small airport has become a gigantic mall, and a
multi-billion-dollar Intel plant has sprawled across the western horizon
("Jobs, jobs, jobs..."). The dark sky and the quiet bands are no
more. Lately, it has been worse than ever, with some obnoxious devices in the
neighborhood wiping out 160 and 80 meters, and the electric company creaming 10
and 15.

This fall I feel like George, a character in the short story "Harrison
Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut. The Handicapper-General must have been
displeased by my success last year, and since everyone in the nation (of the
story) is required by law to be equal, I seem to have been issued these
handicaps to bring me into compliance.

Seriously, it has been a bummer, but on the other hand, it would be a shame to
miss Sweepstakes. Glad I didn't. Thanks for all the Qs, and I apologize to
the stations that I couldn't quite hear....

73, Scott K5TA
W1SJ   SO Unlimited HP   287,3462015-11-23 21:48:27
Had big runs the first few hours and thought that perhaps this was the year I
might break the magic 2000 QSO level from the NE. Alas, it was not to be. My
old standby, 80 meters got weird at 0400Z with a lot of phase distortion and
short skip going away. That corrected itself in time, but then the band
promptly ran out of gas at 0800 and I had to reconfigure my off times. Sunday
started out OK for a few hours, but then at high noon, the rates collapsed on
20 meters and 15 was even worse. For 3 hours I scratched and clawed out some
awful rates until things came back later in the afternoon. Maybe I was getting
boycotted! I was able to produce just a average score based on my results over
the last few years.

Mults were easy to come by. Heck, there were more stations on from NT than from
VT. This was a lot better result than the CW bash 2 weeks ago when I could not
even hear NT or AK from here.

Wish list:
-Big, butt kicking yagi on 40 meters - I get no respect on that band!
-High, high yagi for 20m when the skip goes long
We can dream, can't we?

Until then, I'll live with my tribander and dipoles at 50' and my trusty 900
NC6K   Single Op HP   66,5182015-11-23 22:12:49
Only got on for about 13 hours, and had to use the random length dipole for most
of the contest. The amp helped on TX, but conditions were spotty at times. Still
a lot of fun to get on - beats not operating!
KT8K   Single Op QRP   35,2802015-11-23 22:47:32
Hi everybody - I had fun and hope you did, too.
I had a lackluster Saturday evening though, due to a sinus headache that made
shouting into a microphone uncomfortable. Conditions weren't especially great
either. Still, I dug in and put 50 in the log in the first 3 hours or so - not
bad for QRP SSB. Sunday both my head and the conditions were better but by
0100Z everyone was piled up in 75 meters and the three new stations I could
find in a careful scan had huge and constant pileups - impossible to penetrate
with my QRP-to-dipole signal. So I quit early - unusual for me but I was
pretty exhausted.
It was great to put so many of my fellow Mad River club colleagues in the log,
though. Go Mad River!
Now I'm stoked for the big one next weekend - CW - my favorite - so 73 and I'll
see ya on down the log! Best reception to all - Tim, KT8K

- Tentec Orion dialed down to <5 Watts
- WGA TR2000 headset with footswitch
- ancient XP laptop struggling to run N1MM+

- 20/40/80m 3 wire "W", tree suspended, feed point at about 45 feet
- 10/15/20 vertical dipole, feed point at 60 feet (cushcraft A3 driven
- 500 foot horizontal (somewhat) loop fed with TV twin lead and LDG Z-11
N1RM(@W4AAW)   SO Unlimited HP   33,9482015-11-23 22:49:38
Operated Position 2 at W4AAW as single op effort. Networking/N1MM issues
started polluting the Serial number autofills, so had to complete the contest
disconnected from logging network. Lots to figure out before trying this
configuration again.
WB6CZG   Single Op QRP   2,2882015-11-23 23:03:29
KX3 with PX3....80 meter dipole at 70FT....Using N1MM plus ( second time using )
but at least for me, huge learning curve.....I will probably go back to
Write-log that is so much easier to use.
K3MM   SO Unlimited HP   183,2642015-11-23 23:39:26
Too many family distractions to play full time but managed to get a NW beverage
repaired for 75M. Worked perfectly for an easy call-in from NT! first NT
ever on 75/80M. As usual, 75M was my money band for SSB. One of these days I'll
figure out how to be as loud on the higher bands....maybe.

WN6K   Single Op LP   136,6122015-11-24 05:38:45
We had very dry Santa Ana conditions here all weekend and the powerline noise
was not an assisting operator. S6-S7 on all bands minimum. Although it was
open, 10m was not the producer that it was last year (600) so I had to work
harder on 40 to get the closein CA mults.

I never heard an NL- "Never Found Land" so the broom goes back in the
closet for another year.

WN6K, Paul

FT-5000 (Gobs of Knobs)
OCD 80m (The Worms below it thank me for the Warmth)
SteppIR DB18 (Fun on 40-10 again)
KR4FS   Single Op LP   10,2002015-11-24 05:44:32
First contest for points and it was a lot of fun.
K4ALE   Single Op LP   16,6802015-11-24 06:07:50
I hate having to be employed!! Interferes with contesting. Personal best for
this contest. Long wire antenna only; low power. Used KX3 and KXPA100, so I
could hear people who could not hear me. Lots of fun. No sweep, but I got
some sections I have never gotten before. Have they outlawed radios in NYC,
Long Island, and Mississippi?
WG3J   Multi-Op HP   90,6362015-11-24 06:11:07
had a lot of fun , bands were not great for us but we worked everything we heard
, looking forward to cq cw ..
KRØP   SO Unlimited HP   21,2802015-11-24 06:39:04
CLUB: Lincoln ARC
NAME: John Mardock
ADDRESS: 29401 South Golden Pond Road
ADDRESS: Nebraska
ADDRESS: 68358
KP2XX   Single Op HP   172,6922015-11-24 07:11:00
Lots of Fun! Thanks to all for the contacts.
K7IR   Multi-Op LP   210,9862015-11-24 07:23:29
NN4RB   SO Unlimited HP   51,6262015-11-24 07:26:51
Put over 16 hours in the chair, however my butt was not sore. I got a new chair
last week. My score was lower this year than last, but hopefully the sweep will
come back confirmed. I thought I had it last year, but one was thrown out.
This brings up a discovery on my part. One of the setup and use items of N1MM
software for this contest was overlooked by me. I had the problem last year and
again this year where the number and check was swapping positions in the log.
With fields being prefilled, I would still have the problem and was about to
make a comment to the group. However, I found where the entry field was
explained. Yes I had read it before, however it did not register. Once I
realized to not use a space between the number and precedence and not use a
space between the check and section, the software did not get confused and swap
positions. This should be stressed to newcomers to N1MM and probably other
software. I have never liked to call CQ, but I must get past that if I expect
to get more points.
In this contest, I found that the OCF and vertical work as good or better than
the beam, and thank goodness for a beverage. A low wire antenna is great for
receive on 80 and 40.

(20, 15 and 10) Mosely TA-33jr, Ham IV @ about 40'
80/10 OCF dipole at about 44'
35' vertical on top of metal storage shed - Remote tuned TMC_ATS-2_Antenna
Tuner at antenna
450' Beverage
W9QL   SO Unlimited LP   81,1742015-11-24 07:45:41
A few hours before the contest began, I wasn't sure I would be able to operate.
We had over a foot of heavy, wet snow overnight and the G5RV was coated with
wet snow. The center insulator was covered and the antenna would not tune. I
tried desperately to shake the downlead to try and knock the snow off, but no

By the time the contest started, I could get the antenna to tune about 4:1 on
15 and 20. Never did get more than about 40 watts out and had to wait for the
pileups to thin out to be heard at all.

SWR was much better on 40 and 80 later in the day and that really helped. By
0100 Saturday night, I was missing only ORG and VI. Heard them earlier on 15,
but they could not hear me. A highlight was having VE8NSD from NT call me on 80
Saturday night. On Sunday morning, the antenna was working much better and I had
the Sweep by 0830 local.

I operated on and off most of Sunday after shoveling out, with an afternoon
break for football. Had some good runs toward the end of the day and finished
much better than I ever thought possible with the antenna issue.


FTdx5000 with a snow-covered G5RV at 35 ft.
K9IUA   Single Op QRP   14,9762015-11-24 07:56:16
Thanks everyone for the contacts.
AD1C   SO Unlimited LP   55,8902015-11-24 08:00:12
Radio: ICOM IC-7700, 100 watts
Antennas: Hy-Gain AV-640 vertical
1/2 size G5RV dipole in attic
Software: WriteLog for Windows

Missed NE and WY for the sweep (howdy, neighbors).
VO1 and VY1/VE8 were easy this year.
IN (!) and SB were not.
W6NL(K5TR)   Single Op HP   323,2022015-11-24 08:12:22
Continuing my desire to operate the sweepstakes contest from different parts of
the country this year I headed out to W6. Dave - W6NL invited me to come out
to his fine station and see what the contest is like form Northern California.
The W6NL station is located in Las Gatos, CA on a 3500 foot mountain top that
has a view of a lot of the Santa Clara Valley Section. During my stay the
visibility was quite good and the view out the windows is amazing.

The contest was difficult for me this year - I only had three hours over 100
and had one of the worst Saturdays rate wise that I have had in a long time. I
am not sure if it just my poor operating / band choices or if the conditions
were really that difficult. As always - and even more so from out west - was
hoping I could stay on 15 and 20 as long as possible just did not work out and
the band change from 15 to 20 proved to be difficult for me and I had another
poor hour early in the contest. 20 meters closed in the 01z hour - way to early
- and forced me to find a home on 40. After such a poor start I was pretty far
behind most of the stations and from then on I was just hoping that Sunday
would be really good. I took all all of my off-time over night and was in the
chair on Sunday from before sunrise until the last 20 minutes of the contest.
That makes for a very long day. Again on Sunday 20 meters closed early and I
was back on 40 meters when it was still light outside. The only upside to that
was getting to work some of the many W6 stations that are hard to work when you
are in W6. This is a big disadvantage to the W6 SS contesters - they do not get
to work all of those casual stations on the high bands that most of the rest of
the country gets to work. So far it has been interesting doing this contest
from some different stations and from different places in the country. I
suspect it will be even more different and more interesting doing this contest
from stations east of the Mississippi river.

Great scores from W7WA, NR5M, N2IC, AA5B(with his dipoles again I bet) and many
others. It looks like 40 and 20 were good to some of the stations to the east
based on the numbers. Thanks for all the contacts and another fun SS.

This is my 33nd high power single op entry and my 37th ARRL SSB SS contest.
You can see a summary of my results here:

My operating was not that great - but the station was fantastic.
In the weeks before I arrived Dave took care of some issues he was having with
one of his amps and one of his radios and even managed to find a few spare
radios to add to his inventory in the event of a failure. He also put a spare
amp next to the operating position - as Dave said to keep the other amps

The station:

2x Kenwood TS-950SD
2x Alpha 87A amps

10m 7 el @ 32'
15m 6 el @ 34'
20m 5 el @ 70'
40m 2 el @ 70'
80m 2 el wire beam @ 140'

All are W6NL designed, built and modified to survive the high winds he gets at
his mountain top location.

Dave and Barb were fantastic hosts, keeping me well fed during my stay and
allowing me to invade their house and station for the weekend. I had a great

You can see a few photos here:


BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults

80SSB 121 120 240 3
40SSB 553 547 1094 3
20SSB 573 565 1130 16
15SSB 568 565 1130 61
10SSB 150 150 300 0

Totals 1965 1947 3894 83

Final Score = 323,202 points


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
2100 0 0 0 0 121 0 121 121 6.2
2200 0 0 0 0 147 0 147 268 13.8
2300 0 0 0 38 56 0 94 362 18.6
0000 0 0 0 119 0 0 119 481 24.7
0100 0 0 0 85 0 0 85 566 29.1
0200 0 0 96 1 0 0 97 663 34.1
0300 0 0 108 0 0 0 108 771 39.6
0400 0 5 77 0 0 0 82 853 43.8
0500 0 49 32 0 0 0 81 934 48.0
0600 0 19 39 0 0 0 58 992 51.0
0700 0 25 24 0 0 0 49 1041 53.5
0800 0 5 2 0 0 0 7 1048 53.8
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1048 53.8
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1048 53.8
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1048 53.8
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1048 53.8
1300 0 15 5 3 0 0 23 1071 55.0
1400 0 0 0 77 1 0 78 1149 59.0
1500 0 0 0 84 9 0 93 1242 63.8
1600 0 0 0 30 23 8 61 1303 66.9
1700 0 0 0 0 78 1 79 1382 71.0
1800 0 0 0 0 48 3 51 1433 73.6
1900 0 0 0 0 1 67 68 1501 77.1
2000 0 0 0 0 26 37 63 1564 80.3
2100 0 0 0 0 24 34 58 1622 83.3
2200 0 0 0 46 31 0 77 1699 87.3
2300 0 0 0 73 0 0 73 1772 91.0
0000 0 0 63 8 0 0 71 1843 94.7
0100 0 0 64 1 0 0 65 1908 98.0
0200 0 2 37 0 0 0 39 1947 100.0
Total 0 120 547 565 565 150 1947

Gross QSOs=1965 Dupes=18 Net QSOs=1947

Unique callsigns worked = 1947

The best 60 minute rate was 150/hour from 2154 to 2253
The best 30 minute rate was 168/hour from 2223 to 2252
The best 10 minute rate was 186/hour from 2244 to 2253

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSOs/minute 14 times.
3 QSOs/minute 143 times.
2 QSOs/minute 436 times.
1 QSOs/minute 590 times.

U.S. Call Areas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 218 11.2
1 161 8.3
2 190 9.8
3 142 7.3
4 279 14.3
5 179 9.2
6 158 8.1
7 142 7.3
8 198 10.2
9 194 10.0
Total 1861 95.6
KC2TA   Single Op LP   8,5002015-11-24 09:18:32
Been battling a bit of laryngitis since the CQWW SSB -- really limited my
operating time. Really stretched it Saturday evening / night. Sunday I was
basically useless with a mic.

Looking forward to CQWW CW!

N4EEB   Single Op LP   1802015-11-24 11:26:11
Hamstick/6 Ft.
VE3KTB   Single Op LP   42,4082015-11-24 12:50:27
Tough to be heard when low power but managed a couple of short runs. Had the
usual problem as Sunday wore on. No one left to call and the rest couldn't
hear me. I have to get a steerable antenna one of these days!
N2MF   Single Op HP   149,5682015-11-24 14:07:39
Could only operate from the beginning to early Sunday morning, and a brief
period Sunday afternoon. 80 and 40m seemed excellent here. By contrast
couldn't attract much attention on 15. But that's pretty typical for SS from
central New York. Lots of fun none the less.
WR3R   Single Op LP   172,6402015-11-24 14:41:20
Lots of fun. Thanks to all who to took time to dig me out of all the noise/QRM.
At times it was a nice clear frequency, but it was often a tight one.

Did not expect to get a clean sweep, needing UT, AK and SK on Sunday afternoon
and had been stuck on 80 multipliers for hours. Decided to call CQ on 15 and
20 meters since I was getting some responses then with low power. Fortunately
UT called in first. About 90 minutes later, I just about fell off my chair
when a nice lady in AK called in. Missing only SK, I quickly went outside and
turned my Steppir yagi slightly further to the northwest using the old armstrong
technique. Within a few minutes, I found VE5AAD calling CQ and was able to work
him on the first call! Sweep!

Upgraded from my Collins S-line and high band dipoles used in prior years to
all "new" gear this year consisting of a Yaesu FT-1000MP and a 2
element Steppir yagi on an AB-577. Continued to use my old 80 and 40 meter
dipoles strung in and between trees. All worked well!

Tks & 73s, Gary WR3R
W4AD(W4RM)   Single Op HP   18,4802015-11-24 14:49:32
Part time effort while the remainder of the station was being operated by N3AHA
(ACE)using W4RM callsign.

I only got in 2.5hrs in 5-7Am timeslot but was happy to put 56 Mults with both
NT and PAC calling in on 80M

73 Bill W4RM
N5XE   Single Op QRP   16,8002015-11-24 14:57:30
I don't usually work SSB contests, but decided to try my hand at QRP on this
one. 15-meters was my best band, with 82% of my QSO's. Conditions seemed
fairly good for my area.
N6ZE   Single Op LP   8,0962015-11-24 15:17:36
Only had time to operate for a bit on Sunday afternoon. No great DX, but got to
do a bit of 'rag chew' with some 6 meter buddies.
N2TUX(KC2ASA)   School Club LP   15,0382015-11-24 15:34:04
N2TUX used the SS to see what performance would be like on a G5RV. The club
Trustee/Advisor operated for 11 hours from his home QTH (only 2mi from school)
since the school station isn't fully assembled yet and he had attended a school
music festival the prior two days preventing him from bringing the equipment
into school.
N8VCF   Multi-Op HP   156,0602015-11-24 17:08:19
We had some computer technical difficulties getting started so a late start.
Once we got going we had a good run going averaging 70 q's an hour for the
first 8 hours. Special thanks John for his help.
K4WES   Single Op LP   54,3522015-11-24 17:57:42
Many thanks for the QSOs!

73 de k4Wes
K4PV   Single Op HP   223,0402015-11-24 18:02:41
I enjoyed a good effort. I used my Flex 6700 and my Alpha 9500. I need to
improve my antenna systems for domestic contests.
KO4DN   Single Op HP   35,0402015-11-24 18:19:09
Enjoyed it!
WB4FDT(@W3LPL)   SO Unlimited HP   192,2282015-11-24 18:33:13
Thanks again for Frank putting up with the two of us for phone SS. I had
previously promised my XYL I would accompany her to a charity affair in Hunt
Valley on Sunday, and I lost 6 hours of operating, so my operating time was
just a little over 20 hours. I discovered that when 40 meters went long,
Frank's 3 element 40 meter antenna at 200 feet continued to pump out lots of
QSO's out west. In this contest I was impressed with the number of checks
that were between 2010-15. On the CW weekend, nearly all checks were
between 1955-85 and very few over the year 2000. Unlike the CW contest,
this contest continued to have new entrants even the last few hours--even
minutes-- of the contest. Oh, my last section was Delaware about 1200z sunday
morning. Pip WB4FDT
NØECK   Single Op LP   40,5842015-11-24 18:55:17
Rig: IC-718
Antennas: 20m Vertical, 3-wire inverted-L for 40-80-160
N4MUH   Single Op LP   11,1302015-11-24 19:00:55
Always a fun time!
W4RM(N3AHA)   Single Op HP   247,0082015-11-24 21:42:45
Thanks again to Bill for inviting me to operate single op from his first class
multi-op station. The radio, amp, and antennas were all playing very well.
Like last year, I SO2V'd (my term for SO2R without a second radio) in between
transmit times...a definite disadvantage to competing against stations using
packet and SO2R operators...but I like a good challenge. I started the contest
with much better rates then I had in 2014, but went to bed Saturday night at
about the same point as 2014. Rates on Sunday were down (well, for me anyway),
and it was a struggle all day to try and achieve my 2014 score...I finished 100+
Qs short of 2014.

It was a thrill to have AK, HI, and NT call me on 80 meters Saturday
night/early Sunday morning. This left me with only two mults, VI and PR to
find on Sunday. It's always stressful to call CQ, listening to VFO B in
between transmit times and worry that I'm not going to find that last mult.
And then it seems to always happen, after finding and contacting the last mults
with S&P...I end up working another VI and PR on my CQ frequency later in
the contest...but you never know, that might not happen one year.

Thanks for the Qs...see you next year.

Rates including a couple dupes
Date Hour Total 3.5 7 14 21 28 Running
11/21/2015 21 110 110 110
11/21/2015 22 96 65 31 206
11/21/2015 23 90 90 296
11/22/2015 0 74 68 6 370
11/22/2015 1 86 86 456
11/22/2015 2 102 100 2 558
11/22/2015 3 79 79 637
11/22/2015 4 83 83 720
11/22/2015 5 85 85 805
11/22/2015 6 61 61 866
11/22/2015 7 39 39 905
11/22/2015 8 10 10 915
11/22/2015 12 6 6 921
11/22/2015 13 69 12 57 990
11/22/2015 14 33 28 5 1023
11/22/2015 15 27 22 5 1050
11/22/2015 16 43 43 1093
11/22/2015 17 38 36 2 1131
11/22/2015 18 11 11 1142
11/22/2015 19 33 20 13 1175
11/22/2015 20 36 36 1211
11/22/2015 21 19 19 1230
11/22/2015 22 58 58 1288
11/22/2015 23 51 51 1339
11/23/2015 0 43 32 11 1382
11/23/2015 1 47 31 16 1429
11/23/2015 2 61 16 45 1490
Total 1490 554 441 255 227 13 1490
KD2JA   SO Unlimited HP   8,6702015-11-25 01:27:26
Gear: Icom IC-7700, Acom 1000, Palstar AT5K, MacMini running Windows Pro 7,
N1MM+,Black Cat Systems CI-V.
Antennas: Dipole up 40 ft.
The contest was fun except I had to get off the air during lightning storms. I
did all S&P operating assisted. Had one redneck QRM me trying to work a W6.
I asked him to let me make my contact and I would be gone! His reply was Waaa
Waaaa like a baby! Now I know why I do not get on 80M much!

Fell asleep during the storm so I missed some operating time! Next year I will
do better!
Glenn Belkin KD2JA
VY2ZM   Single Op HP   338,9722015-11-25 04:38:56
Congrats to the very best of the best in this one - W7WA, N2IC and NR5M.
It is always great fun attempting to "hang with you guys" in this
one. I really need a certain kind of conditions in an SS to do really well from
here and this past weekend the planets just did not line up correctly for me.

So congrats to the perennial top finishers. It is my honor just to stay
anywhere near you guys in an SS.

N9RV   Single Op HP   202,7142015-11-25 15:55:15
In and out of this contest -- every time I got on the rates were decent. Main
objective was to add some points for our new club. Lots of new contesters get
on for phone SS, great to hear all of you!

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
2100 0 0 0 0 33 118 151 151 11.8
2200 0 0 0 0 167 0 167 318 24.8
2300 0 0 0 20 51 0 71 389 30.3
0000 0 0 16 113 0 0 129 518 40.4
0100 0 0 139 0 0 0 139 657 51.2
0200 0 0 6 0 0 0 6 663 51.7
0300 0 14 41 0 0 0 55 718 56.0
0400 0 0 14 0 0 0 14 732 57.1
0500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 732 57.1
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 732 57.1
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 732 57.1
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 732 57.1
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 732 57.1
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 732 57.1
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 732 57.1
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 732 57.1
1300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 732 57.1
1400 0 0 40 44 0 0 84 816 63.6
1500 0 0 0 55 0 0 55 871 67.9
1600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 871 67.9
1700 0 0 0 0 0 60 60 931 72.6
1800 0 0 0 0 29 41 70 1001 78.0
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1001 78.0
2000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1001 78.0
2100 0 0 0 2 24 0 26 1027 80.0
2200 0 0 0 74 0 0 74 1101 85.8
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1101 85.8
0000 0 0 49 41 0 0 90 1191 92.8
0100 0 0 92 0 0 0 92 1283 100.0
0200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1283 100.0
Total 0 14 397 349 304 219 1283

Gross QSOs=1285 Dupes=2 Net QSOs=1283

Unique callsigns worked = 1283

The best 60 minute rate was 171/hour from 2152 to 2251
The best 30 minute rate was 198/hour from 2152 to 2221
The best 10 minute rate was 216/hour from 2154 to 2203

The best 1 minute rates were:
5 QSOs/minute 2 times.
4 QSOs/minute 55 times.
3 QSOs/minute 193 times.
2 QSOs/minute 175 times.
1 QSOs/minute 124 times.

There were 10 bandchanges and 0 (0.0%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 1
4 501
5 530
6 247
7 2
8 1
9 1

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
Va 0 1 18 18 14 25 76 5.9
Oh 0 0 12 19 21 7 59 4.6
Il 0 0 21 11 26 0 58 4.5
Mi 0 0 18 10 21 3 52 4.1
Mdc 0 0 16 8 11 12 47 3.7
Az 0 0 18 25 0 2 45 3.5
Wi 0 1 10 12 15 0 38 3.0
Mn 0 1 14 8 15 0 38 3.0
Nc 0 0 5 9 5 15 34 2.7
Tn 0 0 7 10 8 6 31 2.4
NFl 0 1 7 8 1 12 29 2.3
Ga 0 1 6 8 7 6 28 2.2
WNy 0 1 8 4 4 10 27 2.1
NNj 0 0 6 7 4 9 26 2.0
In 0 0 4 7 13 2 26 2.0
EPa 0 0 3 3 2 17 25 1.9
STx 0 0 4 3 17 1 25 1.9
ENy 0 0 8 7 3 6 24 1.9
Mo 0 0 5 5 13 0 23 1.8
Ct 0 0 8 3 1 10 22 1.7
NTx 0 1 8 4 8 0 21 1.6
Ky 0 0 4 4 11 1 20 1.6
Co 0 0 11 5 2 2 20 1.6
Sv 0 0 10 8 2 0 20 1.6
Eb 0 1 6 11 1 0 19 1.5
Lax 0 0 5 14 0 0 19 1.5
Scv 0 0 9 9 0 0 18 1.4
Nh 0 2 2 3 5 5 17 1.3
EMa 0 0 6 3 3 4 16 1.2
NLi 0 0 3 5 2 6 16 1.2
Sdg 0 0 8 8 0 0 16 1.2
WPa 0 0 4 1 5 4 14 1.1
Al 0 0 5 4 2 3 14 1.1
Ar 0 0 5 4 4 0 13 1.0
Ons 0 0 2 2 4 4 12 0.9
Ks 0 1 5 4 2 0 12 0.9
Ok 0 0 3 2 7 0 12 0.9
SFl 0 0 4 6 0 1 11 0.9
WTx 0 0 4 3 4 0 11 0.9
La 0 0 0 4 5 2 11 0.9
Org 0 0 3 8 0 0 11 0.9
Sb 0 0 5 6 0 0 11 0.9
Ne 0 1 7 0 2 0 10 0.8
Nv 0 0 4 5 0 1 10 0.8
Vt 0 0 2 3 1 3 9 0.7
Sc 0 0 2 4 2 1 9 0.7
Ri 0 0 2 2 3 2 9 0.7
WcF 0 0 3 2 1 3 9 0.7
NNy 0 0 4 0 0 5 9 0.7
Qc 0 0 2 3 2 2 9 0.7
WWa 0 0 5 3 0 1 9 0.7
Or 0 0 9 0 0 0 9 0.7
One 0 0 2 0 1 5 8 0.6
Me 0 0 2 1 1 4 8 0.6
Sjv 0 0 3 3 1 1 8 0.6
SNj 0 0 1 0 4 2 7 0.5
Ak 0 0 1 1 3 2 7 0.5
WMa 0 0 0 3 0 4 7 0.5
Wv 0 0 1 1 4 1 7 0.5
Sd 0 0 7 0 0 0 7 0.5
Gta 0 0 2 2 1 1 6 0.5
Ms 0 0 0 3 3 0 6 0.5
De 0 1 0 0 1 3 5 0.4
Ia 0 0 3 0 2 0 5 0.4
Nm 0 0 1 4 0 0 5 0.4
Nd 0 0 3 2 0 0 5 0.4
Sf 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 0.3
Ut 0 0 2 1 0 1 4 0.3
Sk 0 0 1 1 0 2 4 0.3
Mar 0 0 1 0 2 0 3 0.2
Ab 0 0 2 0 1 0 3 0.2
Pac 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.2
Mt 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.2
Bc 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.2
Nt 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.2
Id 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 0.2
Wy 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.2
Mb 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
Onn 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.1
Total 0 14 397 349 304 219 1283

Sweepstakes Checks
Check QSOs Pct
00 13 1.0
01 9 0.7
02 9 0.7
03 9 0.7
04 7 0.5
05 9 0.7
06 11 0.9
07 17 1.3
08 16 1.2
09 11 0.9
10 16 1.2
11 16 1.2
12 26 2.0
13 31 2.4
14 33 2.6
15 26 2.0
16 1 0.1
17 0 0.0
18 0 0.0
19 1 0.1
20 0 0.0
21 1 0.1
22 2 0.2
23 0 0.0
24 1 0.1
25 0 0.0
26 0 0.0
27 0 0.0
28 0 0.0
29 0 0.0
30 1 0.1
31 1 0.1
32 0 0.0
33 0 0.0
34 0 0.0
35 0 0.0
36 0 0.0
37 1 0.1
38 0 0.0
39 0 0.0
40 0 0.0
41 1 0.1
42 0 0.0
43 0 0.0
44 0 0.0
45 0 0.0
46 1 0.1
47 1 0.1
48 3 0.2
49 2 0.2
50 3 0.2
51 4 0.3
52 7 0.5
53 6 0.5
54 15 1.2
55 18 1.4
56 14 1.1
57 26 2.0
58 33 2.6
59 34 2.7
60 29 2.3
61 27 2.1
62 37 2.9
63 31 2.4
64 26 2.0
65 27 2.1
66 20 1.6
67 25 1.9
68 23 1.8
69 30 2.3
70 20 1.6
71 33 2.6
72 24 1.9
73 14 1.1
74 21 1.6
75 25 1.9
76 46 3.6
77 38 3.0
78 23 1.8
79 24 1.9
80 14 1.1
81 14 1.1
82 18 1.4
83 10 0.8
84 11 0.9
85 6 0.5
86 12 0.9
87 14 1.1
88 13 1.0
89 20 1.6
90 18 1.4
91 29 2.3
92 22 1.7
93 21 1.6
94 17 1.3
95 16 1.2
96 13 1.0
97 11 0.9
98 15 1.2
99 10 0.8

U.S. Call Areas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 123 9.6
1 112 8.7
2 138 10.8
3 99 7.7
4 183 14.3
5 107 8.3
6 128 10.0
7 72 5.6
8 140 10.9
9 129 10.1
Total 1231 95.9

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 598 46.6
B 255 19.9
Q 41 3.2
M 89 6.9
U 285 22.2
S 15 1.2
AD5XD   Single Op HP   214,3062015-11-25 21:05:42
Rig: Elecraft K3
Amp: Collins 30l-1
Ant 20/15: Mosley CL-33 @ 42 feet
Ant 40m: Inverted "V" at 35 feet
Ant 80m: 1/4 wave end feed long wire with Collins 180S-1 tuner
N7VS   Single Op LP   18,9102015-11-25 21:39:51
competing commitments limited my operating time. Perhaps next year will be
KH6CJJ   Single Op LP   30,8202015-11-25 22:16:47
Only worked 4.5 hours because of competing priorities. 10 Meters was good
Sat afternoon all the way to New England . Unfortunately everyone moved
down pretty quickly. Sun morning 10 was open again across the country, but
there were not many stations on. From looking at some of the scores on
3830, many had very few contacts on 10. It may be that the band was long,
so many could not hear much. Too bad when the band was still good. For low
power stations, 10 is the band.
N7NKD(N7MZW)   Single Op LP   139,1582015-11-25 23:39:50
First time as a "Guest Op" for me at the QTH of N7NKD located East of
Cheyenne, WY. in Laramie Co. Kenwood TS-950SD, Heil BM-10 Headset, and a Hygain
HY-Tower Vertical as the only antenna. Tough to find a freq for running at
times, so much more hunting and pouncing than I typically do. Some good runs on
20. 15, and 40 when I could find a clear freq. Missed NL and SD for what would
have been my 3rd clean sweep. I operated 10 feet from a running pellet stove
which caused all of the internal fans in the TS-950SD to come on during a long
pile up. This reduced output power to 70 watts until I sat the rig on the front
porch for a few minutes, and then all was well again with normal output. Nice to
work several school Ops and a few members of my Grand Mesa Club as well. I was
impressed with how quite Bob's rural QTH was, and the HY Tower vertical
garnered good signal and audio reports from coast to coast. Thanks to Bob for
acting as Control Op so I could sample the Extra Class privileges. This
strategy netted several Q's. A special thanks to Bob's XYL, Betty for providing
lots of great food. Now if I could just stop hearing Bob's call sign in my
head... Thanks to all for the Q's. I LOVE SWEEPSTAKES !!!
WP2B   Single Op HP   30,9882015-11-26 02:33:53
Band QSOs Pts Sec
14 84 168 39
21 170 340 22
Total 254 508 61

Score : 30,988
Rig : K3 and SPE 1.3k-FA Amplifier
Antenna: Force12 Tribander @ 55ft
WZ8T   Single Op LP   140,2702015-11-26 05:54:51
Was only able to get some short runs going. Got run off my calling frequency a
lot. Just could not get any rate on 15m or 10m even though there were a fair
number of stations on.

Last minute antenna work on 80 dipole in the snow was fun
K3CCR   Multi-Op HP   126,1602015-11-26 08:39:08
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. For SSB
SS, N3UM and W3GB were the operators. Last year the same team
claimed 631 QSOs, a sweep, and 104.7 K points. Our 2015 goal was
to do better than that, especially on 80 m with a much better
antenna: a high inverted V now vs. a much lower dipole last year.

To start we did quick S&P on 20 m for half an hour, then found a
slot and ran, making 68 Qs in 46 min. for 89/hr. But, at 2230 Z
the rate dropped abruptly and we went to 40 m, which was steady
but slow, running or S&P, as was 80. We stopped to sleep at 05 Z
with 70 sections but just 236 Qs. (In 20:20 hindsight we should
have spent more time on 20 and 80.)

Early Sun. AM was better: a
few dozen Qs on 80 and then 81 Qs in 1 hr. on 40 m, 13-14 Z. Next,
20 and 15 m were steady but slow. At 18 Z we shifted focus to
finding the last 5 sections: NT, AK, SK, UT, and RI. AK and NT
were easy: we worked 3 of each! By 2036 we had our only SK and
only UT. The holdout was RI, found 3 hr. later on 80 m with
3.5 hr. to go. In 3 of the last 4 hr. we made 54, 54, and 53
Qs on 80 m, for 189 more Qs on 80 than last year: goals met,
new 80 M antenna proven in 22.6 hr. BIC vs 24 in 2014.
KØOO(@N3HBX)   Single Op HP   148,7362015-11-26 11:56:06
I would like to thank my gracious host Dr John Evans N3HBX who allowed me to
come into his home and operate from his station. I would also like to thank
Jim WX3B who encouraged this all out effort BIC.

I found this years ARRL SSB SS to be a real challenge. The sections that I was
used to as hard to get were among the first that I worked. The Hardest sections
that I found this year were NLI and the West Indies sections VI and PR. These
sections were found with a bit of hunting on Sunday to much relief. Thanks go
out to all that were involved. Never underestimated what it will take to earn
the coveted mug.

I was happy to have made the unassisted clean sweep. I heard and worked many
friends that I have known through the years and would like tho wish them all
well in the upcoming holidays. It was nice to work them during this competition
and welcome reunion.

My best go out to all that were in the competition and I look forward to next

Best of 73

Thanks to all

Pat K0OO
K3KU   Single Op LP   100,5322015-11-26 12:07:29
VO2AC   Multi-Op LP   13,5682015-11-26 20:46:29
TS-480SAT (100W), HF9V

Unfortunately I have an S7-S9 line noise on all bands from 160-20m. Because of
the high line noise, I didn't want to CQ, fearing there'd be many people
calling that I wouldn't be able to hear, causing frustration for everyone. I
hope to have it sorted next summer.


Chris VE3FU / VO2AC
VE3FU   Multi-Op HP   47,9742015-11-26 20:46:31
Worked 74 sections between 40m and 80m Saturday night. Picked up VI, NT, and NL
on 20m and AK, BC, and SF on 15m on Sunday - my only QSOs on the high bands.
Found NLI and DE on 40m and ONE (last one for the sweep) on 80m.

Thanks for the QSOs!


Chris VE3FU / VO2AC
VE6SV(VE4GV)   SO Unlimited HP   323,7002015-11-26 21:22:17
AG6AY   SO Unlimited HP   32,9762015-11-27 08:02:17
Only missed 5 US sections but I had a tough time with eastern VE this year.
However, managed 5 contacts into Northwest Territories which is a first for me.
80 opened up nicely.
NF1L   Single Op LP   2,5522015-11-27 08:35:43
transmitter running at half power or less need to trouble shoot
K4TOJ   Single Op LP   1,3862015-11-27 11:15:27
Used a TS-590S with Carolina Windom Compact 80 at 10 M. Thank you for the Q's!
W2TZ   Multi-Op LP   144,7522015-11-27 13:06:33
Another 2-person LP M/S (UNassisted) from the "rare" WNY section :-)

Nice to get the Sweep again. Thanks to the ops that get on to hand out Q's,
especially from the rarer sects.

Fred & Vic
W3SO(W3YOZ)   Single Op HP   150,3882015-11-27 14:46:11
Thanks for all the Qs.
KC9UJS   Single Op LP   34,6942015-11-27 20:55:50
Operated part time on and off while fulfilling other obligations.

Lots of issues with my 40 - 80 dipole over the contest as ice/snow accumulated
and melted and the wind blew. Seemed like SWR was different every time I keyed
up on 80, and occasionally it wouldn't tune up all.

Another fun sweepstakes and my 3rd sweep in 3 years!
KC3DIG   Single Op LP   22,3202015-11-28 07:35:53
[log removed from comments]

Band QSOs Pts Sec
7 67 134 31
14 38 76 16
21 44 88 22
28 6 12 3
Total 155 310 72
Score: 22,320
1 Mult = 2.2 Q's

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: Chris Ordiway
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5309.0
WB9KPT   SO Unlimited HP   134,4602015-11-29 15:45:06
Great contest - first clean sweep!
KG3V   Single Op LP   26,3522015-11-29 17:19:04
Only able to put in a part time effort for Phone this year. Still recovering
from the CW marathon.
WBØYYE   Single Op LP   7,5662015-11-29 17:20:38
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's ARRL November Sweepstakes Contest Log 5.8
CLUB: Lincoln ARC
NAME: Dan Sellmeyer
ADDRESS: 324 South 52 St.
ADDRESS: Lincoln, Nebraska
ADDRESS: 68510
N8FE   SO Unlimited LP   14,1122015-11-29 17:32:05
S&P was good but the trouble is the pileups were really busy. Could have
done more on 80 but couldn't break the pileups. Also Ontario couldn't hear me.
things to work on next year. But I beat my score from last year by over 2,000.
had a great time even with the snow storm.
AA5UK   Single Op LP   2,7002015-11-29 18:11:46
Part time S&P to give the SMC club some points. I put up a 60 foot wire
Antenna up during the peak of the snow storm. 10M was a fun band!
K9XW   SO Unlimited HP   114,8722015-11-29 21:23:41
Fun with just a trapped raised wire vertical in the trees for 40/20/15. Thanks
for the QSOs.
KV4LV   Single Op LP   7,1442015-11-30 07:38:07
Old Yaesu 747 (100w) feeding horizontal off-center dipole strung at 35ft
NJ1F(@K1TTT)   Multi-Op HP   245,1822015-11-30 17:25:18
Thank You to Dave K1TTT for the use of his superstation! He is not only a
fantastic host but a great cook!
AA3S   Single Op LP   2,8422015-12-01 14:09:20
Out of town with family until Sunday evening
W8PSP   Single Op HP   103,7502015-12-02 20:03:49
Great time. Last couple sections were UT, MB, and SK
N2ZN   Single Op HP   29,9202015-12-03 15:46:21
Sunday only-blew the 20 meter antenna and that pretty much ended the fun.
W1WMU(W5WMU)   Single Op HP   170,8882015-12-04 11:24:42
Casual effort, would rather be in La. for this one but not possible this year.
trying to get station ready for CQWWCW, then 160 contest...... 73 to all..Pat
(time to move South as there is snow on the ground already).
AI4WU   SO Unlimited HP   52,4562015-12-06 02:56:41
Casual operation, but still managed the clean sweep!
VA7RR   Single Op LP   237,2142015-12-06 15:47:24
A little late in posting . . . pretty good conditions during the daylight hours.
Unfortunately, 20 disappeared almost immediately both days after sunset, which
means my rate did as well, as my home station is not a "big gun" on
40 and 75. I went 20 minutes during the second to last hour on 40 meters
without a QSO - just could not find a good frequency to CQ or S&P anyone
new to work.

Congrats to NP4G on the FB A-power number, and to NH6V at KH6LC and K2PO as
well. Looks like only 13 QSOs separate the 3830-reported number 2 through 4

Thanks all for the QSOs.

KA6JLT   Single Op LP   2,4082015-12-12 15:25:02
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's ARRL November Sweepstakes Contest Log 5.8
NAME: Rob Walker
ADDRESS: 4800 Kietzke Lane
ADDRESS: 89502
W8PEN   Single Op LP   81,2122015-12-13 19:17:14
Lot of fun in this contest. My new 80 meter loop played well.

I am having a ball re-introducing myself to contesting.
NC6B   SO Unlimited LP   71,3802015-12-15 19:13:16
NC6B's Contest Summary Report for ARRL-SS
Created by N3FJP's ARRL November Sweepstakes Contest Log
Version 5.8

Total Contacts = 430
Total Points = 71,380

Operating Period: 2015/11/21 21:01 - 2015/11/23 02:55

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
80 0 19 0 19 4
40 0 110 0 110 26
20 0 132 0 132 31
15 0 137 0 137 32
10 0 32 0 32 7
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 0 430 0 430 100

Total Contacts by Section:

Section Total %
------- ----- ---
MDC 23 5
MN 19 4
VA 19 4
IL 18 4
MI 15 3
NC 13 3
AZ 12 3
GA 12 3
ENY 11 3
NTX 9 2
OH 9 2
STX 9 2
WWA 9 2
CT 8 2
IA 8 2
KS 8 2
MO 8 2
MT 8 2
NFL 8 2
NNJ 8 2
TN 8 2
CO 7 2
EB 7 2
ID 6 1
OK 6 1
WI 6 1
AR 5 1
IN 5 1
KY 5 1
NM 5 1
OR 5 1
SD 5 1
UT 5 1
WCF 5 1
LA 4 1
NH 4 1
RI 4 1
SCV 4 1
WTX 4 1
AB 3 1
AK 3 1
EMA 3 1
EPA 3 1
MB 3 1
ME 3 1
MS 3 1
NE 3 1
NLI 3 1
NNY 3 1
ONE 3 1
SB 3 1
SC 3 1
SF 3 1
SFL 3 1
SJV 3 1
WY 3 1
AL 2 0
BC 2 0
EWA 2 0
GTA 2 0
LAX 2 0
ND 2 0
NV 2 0
ONN 2 0
ORG 2 0
PAC 2 0
PR 2 0
SK 2 0
SNJ 2 0
SV 2 0
WMA 2 0
WNY 2 0
WPA 2 0
WV 2 0
DE 1 0
MAR 1 0
NL 1 0
NT 1 0
ONS 1 0
QC 1 0
SDG 1 0
VI 1 0
VT 1 0

Total = 83

Total Contacts by State \ Prov:

State Total %
----- ----- ---
CA 27 6
MD 23 5
TX 22 5
MN 20 5
NY 19 4
VA 19 4
IL 18 4
FL 16 4
MI 15 3
NC 13 3
AZ 12 3
GA 12 3
WA 11 3
NJ 10 2
OH 9 2
CT 8 2
IA 8 2
KS 8 2
MO 8 2
MT 8 2
ON 8 2
TN 8 2
CO 7 2
ID 6 1
OK 6 1
WI 6 1
AR 5 1
IN 5 1
KY 5 1
MA 5 1
OR 5 1
PA 5 1
SD 5 1
UT 5 1
4 1
LA 4 1
NH 4 1
NM 4 1
RI 4 1
AB 3 1
AK 3 1
MB 3 1
ME 3 1
MS 3 1
NE 3 1
SC 3 1
WY 3 1
AL 2 0
BC 2 0
HI 2 0
ND 2 0
NV 2 0
SK 2 0
WV 2 0
DE 1 0
NL 1 0
NT 1 0
QC 1 0
VT 1 0

Total = 58

Total Contacts by Country:

Country Total %
------- ----- ---
USA 400 93
Canada 22 5
Hawaii 3 1
Alaska 2 0
Puerto Rico 2 0
US Virgin Is. 1 0

Total = 6

Total Contacts by Continent:

Continent Total %
--------- ----- ---
NA 427 99
OC 3 1

Total = 2

Total Contacts by CQ Zone:

CQ Zone Total %
------- ----- ---
04 184 43
05 161 37
03 76 18
01 3 1
08 3 1
31 3 1

Total = 6
K4MI   SO Unlimited LP   44,3222015-12-22 17:16:09
Got the Clean Sweep for the first time ever this year! Of course, it isn't as
difficult working assisted. Definitely my best year working Sweepstakes, and on
SSB nonetheless. Hoping to match or beat this score next year!