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North American QSO Party, RTTY   2010   February   Comment Summary

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ACØE   M/2 LP   7,6202010-02-27 19:46:29
Fun time on Saturday. Got the XYL to sit down and make a dozen Q-s.
Thanks to all who gave us a QSO.
Jim AC0E
Penny KD0CYE
Garden City, Kansas
WØYK   Single Op LP   130,8152010-02-27 20:22:52
This was very difficult, physically. I woke up this morning sick--fever, aches,
chilled, etc. Decided to just go the first ten hours so I could get back to
bed. Wish I could have backed out of my team commitment.

I CQ'd on 10 meters the first five minutes of each daylight hour. Only
groundwave to locals. Missed a lot of mults on 80 because I couldn't get
through to many of the East Coast stations. They just CQ'd in my face ... must
have had noisy conditions.

Thanks for the QSOs.

Ed - W0YK
W1IG   Single Op QRP   14,2202010-02-27 20:26:36
Put up the new G5RV today. Worked real well. Also picked up a Automatic Antenna
Tuner. Helps a whole bunch.
Great contest! Bob W1IG

5 Watts with the FT817ND
N1MM Logger
NØBUI   Single Op LP   48,6002010-02-27 20:37:18
Thanks for all the qso's.

73, Mike N0BUI
WW4LL   Single Op LP   63,5852010-02-27 20:52:25
This was just plain UGLY! I believe this is the lowest NAQP score I've ever
submitted. I couldn't get anything going on 15 and 20 after the first 30 mins.
so took a 30 min break. Worked another 30 mins then took an hour off. The
later it got, the better 80 got.

Missed ND & SD and 5 provinces.

After conditions had been so good lately, I was optimistic for this contest as
well but it didn't pan out.

Thanks for the contacts and 73'....Fred WW4LL
N4CW   Single Op LP   56,0682010-02-27 20:52:55
What a letdown on the high bands compared to last weekend!!! Plenty of activity
on 40 and 80, though. Thanks to a LOT of patient ops for the Q's.
W1UE   Single Op LP   30,1282010-02-27 20:55:19
I wanted to test out the YCCC SO2R Box RTTY software with Wintest, and it passed
with flying colors. Went out of my to try and break it and never could.

A fun time, especially on 80M. Spent more time there than any other band;
after I broke for family time at 0030, 40M was poor when I got back on at
0230Z. 10M Qs were both moves of locals on my part.

Thanks for the Qs. See you next weekend in the SSB DX Section.

Dennis W1UE
K7ZD   Single Op LP   35,1082010-02-27 21:10:12
Poor showing here, no excuses, just couldn't stay focused.. but had a good
73, Gary K7ZD
N7AT(K8IA)   Single Op LP   96,8692010-02-27 21:15:13
My first fulltime RTTY contest. I have much to learn!

73, Bob K8IA
aka "Outlaw"
N7AT Club Station
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
W7NNN   Single Op LP   33,4642010-02-27 21:26:32
Bands kinda went dead after 7:00pm local. Great fun as usual though!!
73 - Eric W7NNN

Ten Tec Jupiter
Double Extended Zepps
KL7AC   Single Op LP   58,6172010-02-27 21:30:49
First time running a Sprint and what fun!Just followed the sun and have been
happy with the results. 40 died with and hour left but no problem. Still need
to put up a decent 80M antenna, waiting for summer though. Never got above
minus 5 here.

My favorite part is the 100W rule. Evens out the field a bit.

73, Andre KL7AC

40M dipole
AA5AU   Single Op LP   132,9562010-02-27 21:32:36
Probably my best NAQP RTTY score of all time. 15M stunk but 20, 40 & 80 were
great. NA stations really get it when it comes to this contest. Repeats were
rare and only 7 dupes (1%). Couldn't ask for any more considering my puny

Station A
Icom IC-756 PRO III
Dunestar 600 filter
WriteLog with MMTTY plug-in
DXP-38 as second decoder
JPS NIR-12 audio filter

Station B
Kenwood TS-870
Dunestar 600 filter
WriteLog with MMTTY plug-in
DXP-38 as second decoder
JPS NIR-12 audio filter

WX0B SixPak Antenna Switch

Cushcraft A3S at 55'
Cushcraft A3S at 25'
Cushcraft D40 at 62'
Homebrew 80M inverted vee

Thanks for all the contacts. It was a really cool contest.
73, Don AA5AU
W7WHY   Single Op LP   37,1462010-02-27 21:39:23
I knew I wasn't going to be home for all of this, but had fun while it lasted.
Actually sat on 14.119 for over an hour and worked stations. That was fun!

Coolest thing that happened though, was I was calling K1SFA on 80 while CQ'ing
on 40. Just as I called them on 80, they called ME on 40. That really made my
day! Then next Q, I worked them on 80.

Isn't it nice with low power and NO PACKET CLUSTER!

Thanks for the Q's and 73

Radio 1 TS-450SAT
Radio 2 TS-450SAT

80 meter dipole, 40 meter vertical, 20 meter homebrew 2 el yagi, 66 foot zepp
for 15.
N1MM Logger + MMTTY
W4RK   Single Op LP   50,7992010-02-27 21:39:30
Nice activity level, especially on 80 meters. Need to get up on SO2R.
KJ6RA   Single Op LP   5,4452010-02-27 21:46:37
Not much time to spend on the radio today, the day was much to nice to spend
KL7RA   Single Op LP   55,2452010-02-27 21:49:18
Started late and as a casual give out the mult deal but 15 was running
with great rate so put in the whole ten hours. Had to wait for 40 to
open then 80 as our lower 48 propagation is a few hours behind the
main crowd and 100 watts doesn't do much from here. Also hard to
get the mults but we make up for it with a pretty good pile-up when
things do start cooking which makes this contest fun. 10 never did
open except for some loud South America but I called CQ there off
and on. Spent most of my last hour in S/P and moving for stations that
still needed the KL7 mult on any band that could hear me but we had
four KL7's on the bands which is a good turn out for RTTY. Now
back to 160 SSB and "noise". 73 Rich KL7RA
AD6WL   Single Op LP   103,8272010-02-27 21:50:51
I am amazed that I actually broke 100K. Anything that could go wrong for me did
go wrong. Between computer problems, the storm and antenna switch failure my
off times were dictated for me so I could resolve issues. But I pushed through
and didn't do half bad. The last half hour of the test I had no 40M antenna so
I worked single band for that portion.

I counted 16 new callsigns that weren't in the super check partial. Everyone
who sent their exchange with a dash caused problems for me; Writelog would read
WA-WA as WA-W. There were a couple guys name Lou and Writelog put that name in
the State each time.

For the most part exchanges were very good and none were too excessive.

73, Jim
K6TD   Single Op LP   65,6602010-02-27 22:02:06
Many three band repeats, some four band repeats.

Thanks for all the QSOs, 73 K6TD
VE4EAR   Single Op LP   74,4802010-02-27 22:02:22
Wish I could have spent a few more hours in this. Beat my best score by a bit
based on 15m activity. Missed some peak hours during the day due to other

Would have been the perfect contest for SO2R but just didn't have the time to
set things up. Spent some time in the CQ160 contest but I was way too weak
there to play with the rest and the rate was painfully slow.

K6GEP and I may have to have another QSO after Team Canada thrashes Team USA
for men's Olympic gold in Hockey.

Looking frward to ARRL DX next week

Ed 73
NF6P   Single Op LP   36,2972010-02-27 22:04:17
That was fun. 15 meter opening at start really helped the first hour and
overall mults. 10 never opened here, but we did try. 40 Closed a bit early.
AD4EB   Single Op LP   87,0002010-02-27 22:04:26
Slow at start, and slow at finish. At times thought I was in a CA QSO party,
with a little DX mixed in. 20 meters was strange, didn't know where to point
the beam. Anyway, had fun and looking forward the next NAQP RTTY contest.

73 - Jim - AD4EB
N1JM   Single Op LP   14,1102010-02-27 22:05:12
Haven't been in a rtty contest in over 3 years. It was good to be back, even
though I have to contend with an HOA and CC&Rs. All contacts were S/P.

Radio: K3
Antenna: Hy-Gain 14AVQ
NØEOP   Single Op LP   9,1652010-02-27 22:06:59
Interesting conditions.I think that 15 was better than 20 but not many stations
there. 80 meters was difficult. I do not see how I worked a lot of the
stations. Some were so weak that I could just bearly see them. THANKS to
everyone that worked my weak signal. IT WAS FUN!
K6NV   Single Op LP   22,9842010-02-27 22:08:21
Not much time today, just a coupole of hours this afternoon and a few minutes
tonight, more time than I thought I would have. Conditions very good,
equipment workd flawlessly. Good score for me for the time I put in.
K4GMH   Single Op LP   55,6762010-02-27 22:11:11
Team: PVRC#1
KD7MSC   Single Op LP   36,2882010-02-27 22:12:49
Great time as always!

Rig was TS-930s, homebrew FSK interface, N1MM and low dipoles.

73, Sean
K2DSL   Single Op LP   43,3442010-02-27 22:14:58
15m didn't have as much activity as the past 2 weekends when I took a listen on
the band. Wasn't able to put in a full evening - dinner out, chauffeuring kids,

Used N1MM in ESM mode for the 1st time. Took a little getting used to and a few
times I wondered why it did something but I do like it better.

I do wish folks would end their CQ with CQ or QRZ and not their call. When I'm
tuning the band and come on them sending CQ, I need to wait another turn to see
if they are calling CQ or sending their call to someone else calling CQ on the

Always fun when everyone else is working 100w along with me. Kenwood TS-2000
running 100w into a G5RV and with all the snow off it it isn't sagging. Thanks
for the contacts! David - K2DSL
W7WW   Single Op LP   117,1962010-02-27 22:17:49
VX9HF(VE9HF)   Single Op LP   71,1202010-02-27 22:18:30
Yaesu FT-1000MP, Hygain TH6DXX. Alpha-Delta DX-A, N1MM
WF7T   Single Op LP   51,3482010-02-27 22:19:02
That was fun! Thanks all for the Q's and especially NCJ for sponsoring a great
QSO party. Nice to see signs of life on 15, and pretty strong signals on 20M
in spite of it being my worst band. Got to 40M early and good too since it went
long very soon after dark. 80M seemed bottomless but a bit noisy. I had some
fun runs on 80M...great adrenaline!

Heard NE and VT but always seemed to miss them. Never heard ND nor HI.
Surprised to work NWT (finally) but missed out on NU, NL, YT (if anyone from
these Provinces were on).

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN


FT847@100w to G5RV@29' and Inv. L
N1MM 10.2.5/SignaLink USB
WT6K   Single Op HP   6,2162010-02-27 22:19:05
Busy Weekend. Spent some of my operating time at Gene's KF6ZYD QTH getting his
station setup for the contest. Made his first RTTY contact while I was there.
Even with the limited time I enjoyed the RTTY contest.
N3WZR   Single Op LP   31,6442010-02-27 22:23:10
Boy it was nice to have 15 open this year! All in all a fun contest.
N6WM(@N6RO)   Single Op LP   131,3072010-02-27 22:26:06
Well that was fun. Did not know what kind of shape I would be in after dabbling
in the 160 test last night, but seemed to get going and get into the game.
Conditions seemed fairly acceptable, but wish we could push into "upper band"
goodness.. maybe by next one!

It was great hearing the gang out there again, and I always have a great time
working the regulars and being a domestic test fun to work the local gang along
with everyone else.

Always special thanks go to Ken N6RO for the use of the superstation, and I
should be back here for vocal torture next week! :-)

73 and seeya next time!
N7WS   Single Op LP   44,4842010-02-27 22:28:36
Sorry team--- a rather pathetic outcome. Lots of N1MM troubles, most of them my
inexperience, but not all. Had to give up running; about 25% of the time my CQ
transmission would terminate early and part of my call would get sent to the
entry window. This caused no end of mischief.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   92,4142010-02-27 22:31:06
Gear this time out:

* SO1R unassisted LP (FT-2000 and N1MM + MMTTY)
* Steppir 3 element at 27' all day
* 40M Steppir dipole at 45' in the evening
* 80M twin-vertical array E-W

Went in with no expectations at all, other than a hope of beating a previous
best set in 2007. Figured 15M might pop open well enough to add some mults. It
did, and the mults helped.

Actually, I didn't just beat all previous outings, I left them in the dust. 19
more mults and 120 more QSOs than I've ever managed before in Feb. NAQP RTTY.
Bumped the high score from 60,836 up to 92,414 (claimed).

Overall, the bands were just plain better than they have been for half a
decade. No particular band jumped out as a clear strong-suit -- they were all
very good and I kept plodding along adding Qs and mults. Thought about going
SO2R on the lower bands but was busy enough I didn't feel the need to be more

80M was the most stingy Q/hr-wise, with the final two hours extremely slow.
But, as it always seems, if you keep at it there are stations to work. In the
final few minutes I roamed the band looking for anyone to work. Then, with
three minutes to go, or so, I found a window to CQ. Sent a few calls, and added
FL to the mult count with my final QSO at 0559:30z.

And the highlight, besides contacts with so many familiar "faces", was a
contact worth no points at all: ZD7JC calling in from St. Helena during a 20M
run. Man, that was GREAT!

Hope the other Aurora Busters has as much fun as I did. Some had plenty of
severe wind and icing challenges affecting antennas in a big way. Out here in
BC I was expecting wind that never showed up. Being on the team helped keep me
in the chair at all the right times.

Took all my off time at once, and had a long nap from 2115z to 2316z (1:15 to
3:15 p.m. Pacific) and I think it was just the right choice.

Had a very super time of it. Thanks for the Qs and thanks NCJ for the 'test.

-- Bud VA7ST

Score history (claimed)

NAQP Qs Mults Score
2010 Feb 574 161 92,414 10 hrs
2009 Feb 367 122 44,774 9 hrs
2008 Feb 421 131 55,151
2007 Feb 454 134 60,836
2006 Feb 401 141 56,541
2005 Feb 420 142 59,640
2004 Feb 219 100 21,800
2003 Feb 191 87 16,616

20M Qs Mults
2010 204 44
2009 114 35
2008 173 46
2007 170 38
2006 135 38
2005 133 42
KK1X   Single Op LP   27,1692010-02-27 22:35:22
Either propagation is improving or I've improved as an operator. Gotta be
N9LAH   Single Op LP   53,0702010-02-27 22:38:42
Highlight was having TA1DX call on 40 meters in the middle of a pile up of state
side guys.
K6LL   Single Op LP   127,1942010-02-27 22:44:57
My break times were all dictated by precipitation static from passing storms. My
highest antenna is the 2 el 40 and that's the one that took the brunt of the
noise. Consequently, the 40 score is a little low. It all worked out though,
and was a lot of fun.

The K3's worked well, despite one having a blown audio amp, and the other with
about half a dozen front panel buttons that don't work.

Thanks for the qso's.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

N6HI   Single Op QRP   92010-02-27 22:45:52
Just had a few minutes near end of contest. 5W.QRP, 20 foot End-Fed Wire.
NK7U   M/2 LP   173,3522010-02-27 22:46:06
That was fun. Our first ever full NAQP RTTY.

Jumped off to an amazing start with a 170+ first hour. We figured we would blow
through 1,000 QSO's. But then each hour got less and less until we hit a low of
40 QSO's in the 22:00 hour. Things got better from there and we exceeded 100
again in the 03:00 hour before the inevitable decline the last two hours.
Relative to CW and SSB versions it didn't seem like as many stations were on
the air though those that were were active - we had many 3 and 4 banders.

For us 15M was great at the start and stayed open for several hours. From there
down though the bands seemed noisy with both QRN and QRM. It seemed like every
QSO was a struggle. Each mult on 80M was a major accomplishment.

This is our third RTTY contest this year at NK7U -- we are starting to get the
hang of it. Now time to start optimizing our setup for it. We will be back.

VE9DX   Single Op LP   43,2502010-02-27 23:07:26
Busy weekend...thus poor showing.
Got on in the 160 mtr contest also.
Managed 4 contacts.
Very little S&P.
Thanks to all the callers... Andy
KK7PR   M/2 LP   111,9962010-02-27 23:22:18
Another fun weekend at the Portland Radio Contester Club station. Many thanks
to Joe AD7XZ, Jerry K7VIT (who FINALLY made it to the station!), Steve N7VS,
Caroline AD7UP (great job for first time RTTY'er!), Jennifer K7NAA, Andy KE7AUB
(special thanks for delivering food!) and of course Jim KI7Y. Band conditions
were OK, sure fun to have 15 meters back. Encountered some oddities in the
latest N1MM software, but overall the station played well with no inter station
interference, no networking issues, the pair of Ic756 ProII radios, SteppIR
beam, antenna switching etc. etc. All of it worked flawlessly - almost too
smooth?!?!? I guess the work on the station is paying off!

Best 73
Kevin K7ZS
Portland Radio Contester Club
W6OAT   Single Op HP   77,4802010-02-27 23:24:40
This is a CHECKLOG. I ran high power on 80 meters.
I wanted to see if I could work the four remaining
states I needed to complete an 80m WAS on RTTY. I
worked all four -- CT, DE, SC and MS -- in the last
N6HC   Single Op HP   85,0792010-02-27 23:29:44
It has been awhile since I played in a NAQP-RTTY contest. I started an hour
late because I needed to finish my Saturday LA Times crossword and sudoku
puzzles first! I heard nothing on ten meters. Fifteen meters was okay for a
little more than an hour early into the contest. I had some fun runs on twenty
and forty meters. Eighty meters was very noisy, probably due to the rain and
thunderstorm that passed through Orange county in the early to late evening. I
ran about 300-400 watts to keep my neighbors happy. I could probably have done
just as well barefoot (except on 80 meters). Surprise calls came from 5E50SA
on two bands, FG/F6AUS, and an IW1 (Italy) on twenty meters. Several JA and
UA0 stations checked in too. All in all, a fun ten hours to fritter away on a
rainy SoCal Saturday. Thanks for all the Qs.
Best regards from the "Hotel California". Arnie N6HC
N6AN(@W6UE)   Single Op LP   5,5462010-02-28 02:07:03
It took me a while to figure out how to combine MMTTY and N1MM so I could use
the computer with my K3 on RTTY for the first time.
Thanks for the QSOs,
David N6AN
K4XD   Single Op LP   46,3742010-02-28 03:36:59
Steady activity kept this interesting but I faded after 9 hours and a little
short of 400 Q's. Probably left another 50 Q's on 80M due to getting bleary
eyed! I kept switching between the 756 Pro II's RTTY filter and "normal"
filter, the RTTY filter hears better but people were calling outside its edges
so if I seemed deaf that may have been why. Good to see both familiar and
new calls!
N2FF   Single Op LP   36,7402010-02-28 04:24:06
Worked KA2D, N2GA, KS2G, and N2MUN - So, I worked all dem Owls what were in the
contest. Glad to see those feathers flying.

My MP decided to cooperate and transmit on 80 for some 36 QSs and 22 Mults. I
spent most of the time on 20M.

It was fun but I am more than usually confused as I was also in the 160 contest
at the same time. It's a bit of a blur. I quit early to move to the 160
VA3DX   Single Op LP   15,9902010-02-28 04:28:06
A bit of rtty to go with the 160 SSB contest, Olympics and
snow shovelling .....
N1MGO   M/2 LP   123,8162010-02-28 04:40:15
Much better than last years effort! Propagation was much better with 20 staying
open longer. KB1JXJ provided cheer-leading and kept the food flowing, as

Where was ND?? We never found ND.
See you from VT in the July NAQP.

Bambi (Gordon, Charlie, Ray, Paul)
KØDU   Single Op LP   107,2532010-02-28 04:48:12
My second RTTY contest ever. The Flex 5000A played well. I Can't imagine doing
SO2R I never did multi task to well. Love the panadapter on the Flex, nothing
seen or heard on 10 meters. 15 was open but didn,t produce that much out here
in western Co.I think the band was long I had a ZD7 and a few Africans call.
Thanks to all for the contacts. 73's Jerry K0DU
WB5TUF   Single Op LP   74,3822010-02-28 05:28:01
My firsst real attempt at SO2R with two K3's and Butternut verticals with lots
of radials.
VA1CHP   Single Op LP   55,4882010-02-28 05:29:53
Went into this contest not expecting much. 3 El Steppir and Butternut Vertical
out of action due to wind damage. That left me with a GarBru designed Windom
which is really really low--20 feet above ground and configured like the hind
leg of a dog Hi Hi, but it worked rather well. Even worked a few EU as well as
AK and Hawaii. Thanks for the Q's and when the WX gets better its off to Home

N2CU   Single Op LP   33,0002010-02-28 05:31:59
Playing around when I could. Not quite as good as last weekend, 15m was a
welcome addition.

TH6DXX 48'
2x40m slopers
80m 1/2 sloper

Tom N2CU <><
K3 #3582
N2BJ   Single Op LP   41,3012010-02-28 05:34:49
WX4TM   Single Op LP   116,1302010-02-28 05:46:27
This is about the hardest I've ever worked in a contest. I am amazed at how much
SO2R can make a difference in one's score particularly in this contest. The
multi's obtained on the 2nd radio were very significant. It's the rythm that
really makes the difference. Of course it's also antennas, filters and
'conditions'. I found that I was switching between vertical and inverted V
alot to get good reception particular on 40 and 80M and between high beam and
low beam (86 ft and 50 ft) on 20 and 15M especially when working between east
coast and west coast. I struggled with strategy. 20M runs were slow while all
15M Q's and about 50 Q's on 40M were achieved S&P on the 2nd radio. 40M runs
were also slow with about 50 Q's on 80M S&P. The best run, which really
surprised me, was the last 2 hrs on 80M. There was no 'holding a frequeny' in
the prime areas of the bands, so I was either very high or very low most of the
time. 15M appeared open till just after dark - heard KL7RA repeatedly most of
the afternoon there. I was disappointed I didn't get more Q's on 15M. I was
surprised at some of the DX that called me: JA's on 20 and 40; 5E50SA Mohamed
on 40M and on 20M off back of my beam! (or was it long path?); BA2IA Qing on 20
right at my sunset and JT1BZ on 20M an hr after sunset!. Many thanks to these
and to all for your patience while working me and helpting me to obtain my best
ever NAQP score. Tom WX4TM
K3SV   Single Op LP   3,3582010-02-28 06:04:05
Part time for SWACC #3.
73 Bill
KY4F   Single Op LP   35,9192010-02-28 06:04:06
It was a struggle here. Never really got anything going. Everyone worked was
loud, so hard to believe conditions were to blame. Participation seemed off.
Maybe the 160 test lured folks there?

Rate was slow from noon until first break at three. Figured I'd take two hours
off at that point. My reasoning was that surely as darkness settled in, the
rate would go up.... Wrong! LOL... Best hour was 42 and that was before the
break when I thought the rate was too low. Live and learn I guess.

Haven't checked the other reports on 3830 yet, so will be interesting to see
what others experienced. One interesting note... of my 307 QSOs, 38 were CA
stations! 12% from CA... thanks 6 land, with out you I might have dozed off a
few times. hihi

Thanks to all the Q's and the fun.

73, Doug
WB2RHM   Single Op LP   47,7472010-02-28 06:06:15
SO1R. Started one hour+ late, missed the initial rush. BTW - ALEX is the name
of my new grandson. He was born a week ago, but spent his first six days in a
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit because of respiratory problems - he recovered
strongly, and he came home yesterday at noon. What better way to celebrate his
spunk than to send out his name on RTTY for 10 hours :-) 73 - Ben WB2RHM
WØLSD   Single Op LP   12,2202010-02-28 06:07:04
Planned on 10 hr. operation, but babysitting grandkids stopped that.
Decided to hang out on 40 for a few hours. Observation.. Not many repeats and
guys seemed to have it together on this one. When asking for repeats of name or
state, that is all they sent, not my call 5 times and 599 4..hi Good macros..
W6SX   Single Op HP   76,1452010-02-28 06:14:36
Check log.

K3, ACOM 2000A, 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, MMTTY, N1MM
KK5OQ   Single Op LP   96,4962010-02-28 06:21:34
15M closed except to 6/7's. 40/80 crowded with big signals except 6/7's.
TS-850 400hz filters
Optibeam 12-4 @ 55ft
FWL longwire 80M @ 55ft
KTØDX   Single Op LP   70,1802010-02-28 06:29:19
Great contest as usual. A lot of new calls made it into the log which I was
happy to see. I wish folks would have taken a look at 15 meters at the start
of the QSO Party, the band was open. This was the first year that I can
remember in which I did not log a NE station.
KT6YL   Single Op LP   30,2082010-02-28 06:38:01
Still working with broken antenna / rotor. I didn't plan on doing any contests
anymore until antenna problem is fixed BUT I got the 'diddle' fever yesterday I needed to do some RTTY in order to feel better ;-)
Thanks to all who worked me and of course thanks to all the 'regulars' I meet
every time again.
CU in the next contest.
Best 73 de Tiny KT6YL
KØIO   Single Op LP   6,9302010-02-28 07:03:08
K3 using CW to RTTY feature and K3 readout. Too cold to work on my 80-m
inverted vee which has problems, so used my 40-meter loop which worked OK --
also used it on 20 and 15. This was fun -- will have to interface the K-3 with
Writelog, one of these days. John "IO"
KR4F   Single Op LP   44,5202010-02-28 07:05:36
Had meant to do this one part time, but got caught up in it. Still having sever
power line noise, so usual apologies to those I couldn't hear while CQing.
VY2SS   Single Op LP   51,8502010-02-28 07:19:49
All my antennas had a heavy coating of ice at the start of the contest and SWR
was very bad. Then I started to hear ice hitting the roof and that cheered me
up some. About two hours into the contest it was mostly gone but I missed a lot
on 15M because of it.

I find that around 2200Z my rate drops almost to zero in this contest year
after year. I can only work EU on 40M and 80M. I guess verticals are not the
answer for domestic contests. This year I shut down and watched the Canadian
Mens Curling team win the gold medal. When it was over I found I could run on
40 and then 80 but I quickly ran out of gas and missed the last 3 hours.

Fun contest as usual.


WB4YDL   Single Op LP   50,0522010-02-28 07:22:01
As usual, this was a lot of fun. This was my first contest in quite awhile and
my first SO2R effort. There is definitely a learned technique to it and I'm
really excited about it.
The bands were a little wonky and still no 10M activity. 15M barely had a
pulse. 80M was great and not too noisy even with my dipole.
Thanks go to NCJ for sponsoring the NAQP !

73, Jamie
K4FJ   Single Op LP   70,1442010-02-28 07:33:55
I hope that those who chose to include dashes between name and qth enjoyed
editing out the errant dashes as much as I.

Thanks for the qsos.
W7VP   Single Op LP   44,8312010-02-28 07:36:54
Good action of 15. Could not get runs going. Problems with SO2R so worked it
SO2V. First action on newly acquired TH6DXX for 15 and 10.
K7JJ   Single Op HP   16,2902010-02-28 07:44:57
IC-7000 driving ALS-500M; 400 watts
HiQ 4/80 Screwdriver antenna

JA & KP4 only "DX"
NØKE   Single Op LP   11,3962010-02-28 07:46:36
Very part time. Nice to see some of the usually hard to find VE mults on 15-VE9,
VY2, VE1. Also had a ZS2 and PY2 call on 15.
K1ZZI   Single Op LP   83,7722010-02-28 07:47:52
Less than expected results. A lot of S&P with 50 less Q's but more mults than
last year. 80 got better as the night went on. It was an unexpected hard but
fun workout. Thanks for all the contacts!

Ralph K1ZZI
AE5PW   Single Op LP   40,1312010-02-28 07:56:18
It was nice to see some life in the 15 meter band again. Once again, as in
every RTTY contest, I had LOTS of people call me AE5P. I guess some ops are
too dependant on SCP. I wish I knew how many busted QSOs will be in other
people's logs because of them insisting on calling me AE5P.

This happened to me at least four times:


There are going to be a few people who pulled that one on me with NILs for
those QSOs.

Other than the problems with getting people to log my callsign right, I had a
great time and really enjoy RTTY contesting. The sandman began harassing me
and I called it quits about two hours before the end of the contest.

Setup here was a Yaesu FT950 (100 watts) to a Butternut HF9V ground mounted
vertical antenna.
W1TY   Single Op LP   59,4512010-02-28 07:57:56
Lots of fun. Much better than dealing with the snow that never seems to stop.

K2DB in the next chair operating his remote station in NNY.

Worked lots of local friends the regular RTTY contesters. 99% of the ops had
excellent technique, the rest will learn.

Next up, BARTG on 40 meters.
NR4M   Single Op QRP   27,4322010-02-28 07:59:23
This sure was a change! Never have it done any QRP contesting.
I thought about doing this contest, but really couldn't figure out why I
should. Then, as 'hoot' I decided to do it QRP. I figured 5 watts would make
it at least 'memorable'.
As it turned out, I kinda enjoyed it and was surprised that it wasn't as
painful as I had imagined.
Signals were strong and the ops courteous. Can't beat that!
Thanks everyone for their efforts in putting up with a relative RTTY novice.

73 de Steve, NR4M
N2WK   Single Op LP   99,2002010-02-28 08:01:59
Thanks for all the Q's. Enjoyed working all of you, especially the newcomers!
KC4HW   Single Op LP   56,9562010-02-28 08:18:34
15M antenna still broke!

Not much of a 80m antenna, used the 160m inverted vee and tune it for 80m, I
was actually surprised that some heard me but most of them were in the Eastern
US! The 20m and 40m antennas played very well.

I thought that activity might have been down.

Missed ME, MD and several VE providences. Got KH6 late but understandable
given the situation that they faced earlier. Worked DE and KS in the last 45
minutes. Also thanks to AE1P for hanging in there with me on 80m for a NH
multiplier. Worked several EUs (EA, G, IT9 and TA1) and 3 JAs also. Don't
remember doing this before in NAQP, hadn't really played in the contest in
about 5 years, but was glad to have the DX activity.

No second radio still. Hard to think that I will ever get that going
again--too many obstacles, WORK being the biggest one!

My high rate hour was 64 at 0000Z on 40m. Also had a 61 and 62 hour rate on
20m at 2000Z and 2100Z Not to much to brag about. In the lower rate hours I
really did not take up the search for stations soon enough. I tend to sit and
grid out those CQs, not allways the best thing to do!

OK, thanks to all for the QSOs. Especially on 80m!

Next week is ARRL DX PH, but I am standing the booth for the Alabama Contest
Group/Alabama QSO Party at the Birmingham Hamfest on Saturday, so if you are
around, look for the booth. We will be glad to see you!

W6YX   M/2 LP   233,7092010-02-28 08:58:42
Wow! Our highest QSO total ever (1,077 QSOs) and back above
200 Mults for the first time since 2005. Our Highest Score yet
(and maybe a new record?)

It came together in the last week, as K6UFO realized we had won
this six times in a row,and this was no time to slack off! We
could only setup three radios (two run, one for local spotting)
instead of our usual four (two for local spotting). A few of
our usual ops couldn't make it, so we were a bit short, and
during midday had only the two run operators and no spotting!
With more spotting we could have added another 30 to 50 QSOs.

We worked 11 DXCC entities, and when the DX (outside NA) started
calling, we knew the band was "too-long" and it was time to move
to the next lower band.

We monitored 10m before the start and weren't enthusiastic, but
picked up 5 local QSOs in the first 10 minutes. We monitored 10m
a lot during the day, but never heard a real opening outside CA.

We more than doubled our QSOs on 15m compared to last year.
Signals were weak to average, and fading up and down, but there
were consistently people calling, and who could be found, so we
stayed and milked it as long as we could, until the JAs called at
22Z and we new it was time to break into 40m.

20m was good right from the start, and despite the crowded QRM,
Tom ND2T ran on 14.083 for four straight hours! Finally, the lure
of Search-and-pounce (and some new Mults) moved him around the

As usual 40m was tough at first 22Z when K6UFO had to fight to
get heard, turned great at sunset 02Z when W6LD ran it hard, and
then tapered off until almost nothing at the end, giving W6RK as
relaxing finish.

We moved from 20m to 80m without losing any rate, and 80m really
picked up an hour after sunset, and provided KZ2V ran it well
right to the end, especially with the strong spotting help by N7MH.


One 15m antenna was broken, and one rotor indicator not working.
Another rotor got stuck - but was manually unstuck.

10m: Force 12 C-31XR tribander at 60ft
15m: Force 12 C-31XR tribander at 60ft
20m: 6 el yagi at 60 ft & 5-el at 36 ft
40m: 4 el yagi at 60 ft & inverted V-dipole
80m: inverted vee at 50 ft
Spotting: Mosely Pro-57 tribander at 40ft and 2 x listening beverages
One Yaesu FT-1000MP 100 watts
Two Yaesu FT-1000MkV turned down to 100 watts
Writelog and MMTTY plug-in

QSO/MUL by hour and band

Hour 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

D1-1800Z - - 92/32 67/32 5/1 164/65 164/65
D1-1900Z - - 60/9 60/12 - 120/21 284/86
D1-2000Z - - 49/5 41/2 - 90/7 374/93
D1-2100Z - - 50/7 28/2 1/0 79/9 453/102
D1-2200Z - 16/14 31/2 4/0 3/0 54/16 507/118
D1-2300Z - 39/16 41/1 - - 80/17 587/135
D2-0000Z --+-- 58/12 30/2 --+-- --+-- 88/14 675/149
D2-0100Z 10/10 59/3 15/1 - - 84/14 759/163
D2-0200Z 31/19 72/5 - - - 103/24 862/187
D2-0300Z 56/15 47/4 - - - 103/19 965/206
D2-0400Z 43/4 18/0 - - - 61/4 1026/210
D2-0500Z 37/6 14/1 - - - 51/7 1077/217

Total: 177/54 323/55 368/59 200/48 9/1
WØBH   Single Op LP   28,9432010-02-28 09:14:04
Split my time between the CQ160 SSB, NAQP RTTY, company, and the Winter Olympics
this time around. I lost my ProIII transmit to the ice during the ARRL DX CW
last weekend, so that gave me a chance to connect my IC7000 up which will soon
give me a second radio on RTTY.

Since I wasn't really in this competitively, I didn't do statistics this time,
but did work a few more new RTTY states on the various bands.

Thanks to all for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
AA4YL(@W4HOD)   Single Op LP   12,5512010-02-28 09:47:59
New 40 meter inverted V worked well. I still missed MS DE and HI for WAS RTTY.
Thanks for the contacts.
W4UK   Single Op LP   17,9282010-02-28 09:48:24
Wire dipoles only.
W6KY   Single Op LP   23,2172010-02-28 10:14:11
Only had 5 hours. All S&P except for abt 10 minutes of CQ'ing on 40.
100 watts, Gap ground mounted vertical..
73, Art W6KY
KI5XP(@W5WMU)   Single Op LP   143,3762010-02-28 10:17:16
I experienced the same things as my team members. Very slow start, just seemed
as though I couldnt get anything started on 15/20. I usually work this contest
all the way through the first 10 hours and take the last 2 off. Things had
gotten so slow around 22:00z, that I ended up taking an hour off. Looks like
plenty of people did the same exact thing. It ended up being a good decision,
as I picked up plenty of mults on 80 in that last hour that Im sure I wouldnt
have, had I not taken the break.

10 never opened, in fact I have to check to see if there's an antenna on 10, or
was it really that quiet. 15 was sporadic. Deep qsb made it hard to copy the
guys who insist on sending my call 3 or 4 times then their information. It
would always drop on their info. Couldnt really sustain a run on 15 or 20 for
long without calling to dead air. Lots of search and pouncing this time

Thanks for the qso's, and look forward to another one. Thanks to all the
southern guys who joined up with LCC to fill out almost 2 entire teams. We'll
get both of them filled for the next one.

K6TU   Single Op LP   28,4082010-02-28 10:29:17
Tough slog on 80m - time for some serious antenna improvements especially for
the lower bands.

Didn't get started until well over an hour into the contest as hadn't planned
on competing! Had fun anyway!
AL9A   Single Op LP   19,3602010-02-28 11:15:18
Too many family activities getting in the way all day. Got a late start, but
15M was surprisingly good. Unfortunately after less than an hour had to pull
the plug and head off for the granddaughters bowling alley birthday party. By
the time I got back 20M was shutting down and 40M wasn't quite open yet. When
40M opened it was time to break for dinner! After dinner 40M had died off, but
80M wasn't open yet. Arghhh!!! Anyway, for the brief operating time available
I managed to have fun.
PY2NY   Single Op LP   14,2682010-02-28 11:35:27
PY2NY - Off Times >= 30 Minutes
2010-02-27 18:00Z - 2010-02-27 18:43Z 00:44 (44 mins) (Start late)
2010-02-27 21:47Z - 2010-02-27 22:40Z 00:54 (54 mins)
2010-02-28 00:43Z - 2010-02-28 01:26Z 00:44 (44 mins)
2010-02-28 01:37Z - 2010-02-28 05:59Z 04:22 (262 mins) End early
Total Time Off 06:44 (404 mins) Total Time On 05:16 (316 mins)

PY2NY Max Rates:
2010-02-27 1849Z - 2,0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 120 per hour by PY2NY
2010-02-27 1857Z - 1,3 per minute (10 minute(s)), 78 per hour by PY2NY
2010-02-27 2337Z - 0,8 per minute (60 minute(s)), 45 per hour by PY2NY
N4KG   Single Op LP   54,6632010-02-28 12:33:20
This was a WEIRD Contest from NORTH Alabama. Most of the time I felt like I
couldn’t get anything going, especially on 40 Meters, but even on 80M. In
the CQ RTTY WPX contest, I had a peak hour of 77 Q’s vs. 56 in this contest.
In the WPX contest I would have 3 or 4 stations call at one time. In this
contest it took 3 or 4 or 6 CQ’s to generate ONE QSO. Where was everybody?
Did the CQ 160M SSB contest “suck the wind” out of this event? Or do I
need to put up some LOW Inverted Vee’s for 80/40M? My High Dipoles (aimed at
EU and JA) were getting beaten out too often on 80 and especially 40M!

In the CW event, I like to alternate 30-ON, 30-OFF to use up my OFF Times
before going to the Low Bands. The good openings to the West on 15 and 20M
kept me Hunting and Calling multipliers for the first 90 minutes with such
finds as VE8EV, some VE7’s, VX6AO, KL2R, KL7RA, AH7C, KH6GMP, and other
western states. The Down Side is that Hunt and Call on RTTY is MUCH Slower
than on CW or SSB. The West Coast accounted for 25% of my contact total.
AZ 15, CA 67, OR 12, WA 21, VE7 8, KL7 5, KH6 2 = 130 QSO’s. Do any of them
ever ANSWER CQ’s?

Long Skip was prevalent on ALL bands with NO Back-Scatter heard anywhere. On
20M my skip zone was defined by W1, NY, VE2, WI(1), MN, OK, and TX (only 2).
NIL to W3,8. The guys even 200 miles to the South had Much Better Coverage to
the North. I'm hearing grumblings from the 160M SSB participants also. With
so many contests back-to-back, maybe this is a good weekend to take a break...

Tom N4KG in NORTH Alabama

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 06g) by K5KA

Contest: NAQP-RTTY
Callsign: N4KG

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
1800 0 0 0 31 8 0 39 39 9.4
1900 0 0 0 6 18 0 24 63 5.8
2000 0 0 0 15 12 0 27 90 6.5
2100 0 0 0 19 7 0 26 116 6.3
2200 0 0 29 13 0 0 42 158 10.2
2300 0 0 31 7 0 0 38 196 9.2
0000 0 0 14 6 0 0 20 216 4.8
0100 0 0 40 1 0 0 41 257 9.9
0200 0 19 4 0 0 0 23 280 5.6
0300 0 37 0 0 0 0 37 317 9.0
0400 0 56 0 0 0 0 56 373 13.6
0500 0 38 2 0 0 0 40 413 9.7
Total 0 150 120 98 45 0 413

Gross QSO's=413 Dupes=0 Net QSO's=413

Unique callsigns worked = 292

The best 60 minute rate was 59/hour from 0343 to 0442
The best 30 minute rate was 68/hour from 0358 to 0427
The best 10 minute rate was 84/hour from 2234 to 2243

The best 1 minute rates were:
3 QSO's/minute 2 times. DUH ! Pretty much sums up from N.ALA.
2 QSO's/minute 51 times.
1 QSO's/minute 305 times.

There were 19 bandchanges.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
4 214
5 154
6 45

Callareas Worked
Area QSOs Pct Mults. by Band
80 40 20 15 10 Total

W0 39 9.4 6 5 3 0 0 14
W1 30 7.3 4 3 4 0 0 11
W2 41 9.9 2 2 2 0 0 6
W3 24 5.8 3 2 2 0 0 7
W4 62 15.0 8 7 1 1 0 17
W5 27 6.5 5 5 4 0 0 14
W6 71 17.7 1 1 1 1 0 4
W7 60 15.5 4 7 6 6 0 23
W8 20 4.8 3 2 0 0 0 5
W9 33 8.0 3 3 1 0 0 7
KH6 2 0 0 1 1 0 2
KL7 5 0 1 2 2 0 3

VE1 0 0 0 1 0 1
VE2 1 1 1 0 0 3
VE3 1 1 0 0 0 2
VE4 1 1 1 0 0 3
VE5 hrd 0 0 0 0 0
VE6 1 1 1 1 0 4
VE7 1 1 1 1 0 4
VE8 0 0 1 1 0 2
VE9 0 0 1 0 0 1
VO 0 0 0 0 0 0
VY 0 0 0 0 0 0

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
CA 0 12 9 24 22 0 67 16.2
NY 0 11 9 8 0 0 28 6.8
WA 0 4 5 8 4 0 21 5.1
AZ 0 2 5 6 2 0 15 3.6
TN 0 7 6 0 0 0 13 3.1
VA 0 6 7 0 0 0 13 3.1
IL 0 11 2 0 0 0 13 3.1
OR 0 4 1 4 3 0 12 2.9
MA 0 3 4 4 0 0 11 2.7
CO 0 3 3 5 0 0 11 2.7
PA 0 4 7 0 0 0 11 2.7
OH 0 6 5 0 0 0 11 2.7
AL 0 4 2 3 1 0 10 2.4
MN 0 2 6 1 0 0 9 2.2
TX 0 6 1 2 0 0 9 2.2
BC 0 1 1 4 2 0 8 1.9
CT 0 2 0 5 0 0 7 1.7
ON 0 2 5 0 0 0 7 1.7
WI 0 2 3 1 0 0 6 1.5
NM 0 2 2 2 0 0 6 1.5
NJ 0 2 3 1 0 0 6 1.5
IA 0 2 3 1 0 0 6 1.5
GA 0 3 3 0 0 0 6 1.5
NC 0 4 2 0 0 0 6 1.5
FL 0 5 1 0 0 0 6 1.5
NH 0 1 2 2 0 0 5 1.2
AK 0 0 1 2 2 0 5 1.2
WY 0 1 2 2 0 0 5 1.2
AR 0 3 1 1 0 0 5 1.2
KY 0 3 2 0 0 0 5 1.2
IN 0 4 1 0 0 0 5 1.2
LA 0 4 1 0 0 0 5 1.2
MO 0 5 0 0 0 0 5 1.2
AB 0 1 1 1 1 0 4 1.0
QC 0 2 1 1 0 0 4 1.0
WV 0 3 1 0 0 0 4 1.0
UT 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0.7
NV 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0.7
MB 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.7
DX 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.7
KS 0 1 2 0 0 0 3 0.7
MD 0 1 2 0 0 0 3 0.7
OK 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.5
RI 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.5
NWT 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.5
HI 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.5
NB 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.5
SD 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 0.5
MI 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 0.5
DE 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 0.5
SC 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 0.5
NS 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.2
ID 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.2
CM 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.2
XE 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.2
MT 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.2
VT 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
MS 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
Total 0 150 120 98 45 0 413
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   6,5002010-02-28 12:51:58
73 - Rick WB8JUI
W4GKM   Single Op LP   101,9562010-02-28 12:52:53
Thanks for all the contacts and sorry for repeats. This is really a good contest
for me as it is short and fast. I was glad to see some new stations on and it
looks like this RTTY thing is going to catch on.....hi hi
K5WW   Single Op LP   8582010-02-28 12:59:37
Started out pretty good on 15. Then went to check ten, heard nothing, came back
to 15. No replies there anymore, despite huge signals. 2 minutes later found
out that my rig was putting out less than a Watt. Still made a few Qs on 20
with that kind of "power"; but the fun was over.

Too bad I made those first dozen Qs with 100 W, or I could have submitted in
the QRP category! :-)
N7MQ(@N6LF)   Single Op LP   71,3002010-02-28 13:41:37
Thanks to Rudy N6LF for loan of his super antennas, and for his and Diana's

SO1R with IC 756 Pro 2, and while not the latest and best of ICOM line, is a
great RTTY rig. Still behind the Feb 2008 Q count, but with 15 and better
mults, my best score to date. Great to have 15, and checked 10 regularly, but
no 10 up here in the Northwest.

15 was a S&P and go back to 20; never could get a run going on 15. 20 was a
struggle; short runs and dry up; S&P until found a hole and CQ again with short
runs, then back to S&P. Took a break and waited for 40 to open and much better,
and 80 was good. Hard to get runs going on either 40 or 80, but a combination
of short runs and S&P until time up.

Noticed a number of new calls and a couple of familiar calls that not seen on
RTTY before; great to see NK7U in the RTTY log and nice results from Joe's
great station.

This was a lower QSO count that my previous best in February 2008, but the
mults made the difference and best score to date. Not bad for a SO1R effort;
can really see the need to upgrade to two radios, but making a portable SO2R
station - well, thinking very seriously about it!

Just before the contest as testing, had problems with my primary laptop ...
WriteLog would not decode. The XY box looked like a tangle on old fishing
reel, and no decode. Jumped over to MMTTY and worked fine; even quick antenna
chat with Don AA5AU. Had to change out and go to my backup laptop; I mean you
do travel with a backup radio, additional interface and cables, plus manuals
etc? It worked fine, and five minutes before the contest start, was back up.

Thanks for all the Q's and hope my Em Comm volunteer work slows down enough to
be more active in RTTY contesting.

ICOM 756 Pro 2 [Inrad mod]
SteppIR Monster yagi for 15, 20 and 40
High 80 meter dipole in Rudy's fir tree forest.
WriteLog/MMTTY plug-in
Dell laptop WinXP Plus

73, Mark N7MQ
K3GP   Single Op LP   53,9922010-02-28 15:54:05
My pre-contest goal was 400 Qs x 150 Mults, didn't quite make it.

It sure will be nice when the sunspot gods open 10 meters again.

Lots of fun, as always.
AD5LU   Single Op LP   33,3352010-02-28 16:04:28
Kenwood TS-570
Signalink USB
K1SFA(@K1TTT)   M/2 LP   180,5402010-02-28 16:25:57
Thanks to K1TTT and the Lucky Dog for letting me take over his house and station
yet again. I think I can speak for Jose, Mike and Steve in saying that we
definitely had a lot of fun in this test.
KI7MT   Single Op LP   48,7302010-02-28 16:39:27
Man, this was fast and furious but was allot of fun for sure.

Had "several" SW Failures / Issues which did not show up through the week of
testing I did. Needless to say, I will be chaging packages, as this was the 3rd
test in a row where issues cropped up.

I missed judged my off times with this one. I could have done much better had I
taken time off earlier in the day and spent more time on the low bands. In
previous 12 hour events, this had not been the case. Oh well, rolled the dice
and came up short :-)

I listened on 10M about evrey hours or so, but never heard anything. I had
several good runs on 20M so not allot of time for 15M, but did manage to snag a
few multi's. I really need to get SO2R sorted out here.

I never heard (ND, ID or MT ). I suspect if I had more time on 80M, would have
gotten the sweep.

Only a couple of dupes this time and lots of new calls for the Master-File.

Overall, had allot of fun. Lots of big scores being reported, looks like
everyone had a good time with this one.

TNX for all the Q's and SRI for all the "AGN AGN" messages :-)

Logs uploaded to LoTW and eQsl for those that are interested.

See ya in the next one.

KØHW   Single Op LP   19,1582010-02-28 17:08:18
First Contest / QSO Party worked this year. Thanks Dave for the invite. I am
working temp work now and then for the U S Census 2010 so keeps me off the air.
And I am also getting rid of all my STUFF on eBay. 73 Jim K0HW
VE3KI   Single Op LP   2,4842010-02-28 17:18:20
I only made a few test QSOS, jumping back and forth among fldigi (AFSK), MMVARI
(AFSK), MMTTY (AFSK) and MMTTY (FSK). My main purpose was to test the
installation procedure and operating procedures for the fldigi engine, which
has just been added to the latest version of N1MM Logger. It appears to be
working OK, and will be useful for other digital modes, but it wouldn't be my
first choice for RTTY contesting.
KL2R(N1TX)   Single Op LP   27,5482010-02-28 17:47:57
I was a little under the weather today. Took it easy. I was on at the start,
took a lunch break, back for a couple of hours, then took a long nap.

I started on 20m, then checked the other bands. I thought 15m came up nicely,
and I had a sustained rate of 80+ an hour for nearly two hours. I hit 100/hr
briefly, which is best ever for me in RTTY. By the time I got back to 20m,
the aurora came up to 4 and the Kp was acting up. I could get a little
traction calling CQ but then noticed even loud sigs needed a repeat or two.
Changed freq, much the same. Did some frustrating S&P on 40 and 80 at the end
for about an hour.
K6GEP   Single Op LP   19,8972010-02-28 18:05:26
I didnt commit enough time to break my personal best for this contest.
15 and 20 seemed great. 40 was good early on. 80 was strange. I was
getting really deep QSB from Northern Calif stations on 80 like K6TD. He
couldn't hear me!

Thanks to KQ6ES for CQing on 10m where I worked him. I probably
was his only Q on 10. I only sampled 10m about 3 times, and I think
I was very lucky to find him.

Rig: FT-990 , 100W

80 meter dipole sloping from 40 feet
80 meter OCF Windom sloping from 40 feet
40 meter inv vee at 45 feet (for 40 & 15)
Wilson SY-2 Tribander at 18 feet, with direction blowing in the wind

N1MM + MMTTY Software
VE3KF   Single Op LP   53,9502010-02-28 19:34:17
Big fun!
K3 Elecraft
A3S and 5BTV

Alex, VE3KF
WD8RYC   Single Op LP   2,4202010-02-28 23:14:35
Due a family crisis, I could not play as long as I wanted.
K3TN   Single Op LP   30,2812010-03-01 03:27:19
I'm still not all that psyched about RTTY contesting, but got on to test out all
the new moving parts (K3, MK2R+, N1MM/MMTTY, which all worked) and kinda got
hooked after I tried running a bit. Very cool to have ZD7VJ and some other nice
DX call in on 20 and 40 while calling CQ.

There is something interesting about a contest where you can talk to your wife
while running stations!
NØMA(W7II)   Single Op LP   10,6762010-03-01 08:52:07
Haven't been on RTTY in years so this was a shakedown run for our club station.
WA6L   Single Op LP   31,7202010-03-01 09:53:17
I am actually starting to look forward to these rainy Saturdays. They give me
the chance to spend quality time with my radios.

I was able to dedicate about 6 hours to the contest, all of them framed around
an evening with the XYL, the fireplace, and Netflix. So I got the benefit of
the great opening on 15M, but missed out on most of the 40M time. Contrary to
what others have said, I found 80 meters to be HUGE during the last hour or so
of the contest. I never heard a thing on 10M, though I called CQ for 10
minutes or so on three occasions.

I had a nice run on 15 and a decent one on 20. Strangely, on 80M I could reach
every station that I called, but nobody was answering my CQ.

All and all it was a fun time!

John, WA6L
WB5AAA   Single Op LP   31,0082010-03-01 10:53:01
had several Q's that did not give me a reply for cfm ... so I just deleated the
QSO... also had some slow replys to my call on their CQ I guess I was waiting
on someone that was working SO2R so I just moved on down the band..
W5AP   Single Op LP   101,5562010-03-01 11:23:20
What a fun contest - Thanks NAQP. I hope to make the summer event
I enjoyed the 10 hour time limit and max power of 100W as well the exchange
(name and no rst)
Rigs: IC-7800 & K3
Antennas: 80 Invert V @ 50'
40 FW Diamond Loop
20 4el SteppIR @ 57'
15 KT-34 @ 35'
KG4MGE   Single Op LP   27,0902010-03-01 15:38:33
Thanks to all for the contacts makes a new contester have fun while working
W1TO   Single Op LP   2,9112010-03-01 16:13:19
Limited time due to family visit.
K8BL   Single Op LP   20,0002010-03-01 18:15:08
Wanted to try out the built-in RTTY mode of the new IC-7700
during a Contest and grab a few more Q's I need for WAS Triple
Play. It was kinda crazy since I don't have a Computer/Radio
interface with my antiquated Contesting Software (CT on DOS).
So, I'd make a Q and enter it manually in CT as if I was operating
the NAQP-CW Contest. (I know, how clunky!!) Then, I edited the
ADIF File after the Contest to show it was RTTY. You know the
old saying ---- Whatever Works!! Some day, I'll have to upgrade
my radio computer to Windows, get modern logging/contesting
software and interface it all to the radio for RTTY. I'm tired just
thinking about a project like that!
The new radio has a USB port for a keyboard which is nice for QSO's
and DX-chasing and S&P Contesting. Also, there are 8 memories for
storing messages that are launched from the F-keys on the keyboard.
So, I was able to run just about the entire time by merely hitting F1
and F3 where I had my Call and Exchange stored. Quite easy and fun.
W6ONV   Single Op LP   46,8542010-03-02 19:08:00
What a great time! This was the third RTTY contest (RTTY RU, WPX and NAQP) that
I have been able to put in a full effort as a single op. I started the contest
S&P on 15 and 20. From 20-21z and 21-22z I was able to establish runs on both
15 and 20M with a 40/hr followed by a 55/hr, which were the best rates I would
see during the contest.

I had planned on taking the final two hours of the contest off so working 190
straight were planned. I ended up taking 55 minutes off starting at 2335. I
came back on 40M, which did not last long. When the band went long I moved to
I really need to improve my low band antenna (currently a SteppIR BigIR). The
band was terribly noisy and it seemed many of my calls to East Coast stations
went unanswered. I had hoped for better numbers on 40/80M, but must make due
with what was achieved.

I set my goal of 350 Qs and 125 Mults before the contest. While I didn't match
my Q number, the mults made up for those lost QSOs and I ended up besting my
goal by 3,104 points. All in all I had a good time and felt it was a success.
Thanks to all for the Q's! See you in the next RTTY contest.
W9ILY   Single Op LP   34,6842010-03-03 10:08:31
Thanks to all for the QSOs from my mobile setup using Hamsticks. The /9 seemed
to be a problem for some, but I hope it wasn't too much of an issue. See you
all in July!
W9ILY/9   Single Op LP   34,6842010-03-03 10:09:08
Thanks to all for the QSOs from my mobile setup using Hamsticks. The /9 seemed
to be a problem for some, but I hope it wasn't too much of an issue. See you
all in July!
W4VIC   Single Op LP   12,6162010-03-03 10:10:41
K2DB   Single Op LP   42,0002010-03-04 19:30:32
Another remote operation

Paul K2DB
WN6K   Single Op LP   61,1772010-03-04 21:56:22
Better late than never they say...

The excitement from the ARRL CW Weekend gave thin promise in this one as things
were less than expected - at least for this operator.
- 15m did not seem to want to hold its own
- 20m was a battlefield with too many walking wounded
- 40m is always too early or too late
- 80m was a wasteland of noise and lost opportunities for the antenna

Thanks to W6KY, Art for proving that crosstown openings on 10m exist.

WN6K, Paul
GW4SKA   Single Op LP   12,4442010-03-07 04:18:57
Conditions not as good as previous weeks with high noise on 40 and 80. Still
managed to surprise a few NA stations by calling them on 80; they just don't
seem to expect European stations in this contest.
VX6AO   M/2 HP   189,2442010-03-15 14:33:39
Must be getting old got cramp after 11 hours and had to go to the washroom

Great fun working all the old faithful stations again.