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CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW   2009   Jan 23   Comment Summary

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W8AV   Single Op Assisted HP   185,7062009-01-24 03:40:13
Only could participate one night due to another committment this weekend but in
a word, WOW!!! These were the best 160 conditions I have hever experienced in
this contest. Lots of DX on the band and it was fun to have EU answer my

I hope that conditions on the second night are as good as the first. Thanks
for all the QSO's and see you next year. Goose, W8AV
K6III   Single Op HP   1,6002009-01-24 21:32:56
Still no real antenna for this band.
NX5M   Single Op Assisted HP   50,4802009-01-24 23:30:59
Was out of town Friday night but after hosting NAQP the past two weekends I did
not feel like operating anyway.
Got on Saturday night off and on to test out an amp and hand out some q's. Amp
puts out a smooth 1.5k but something just is not right. I was using vox, no
footswitch initially but found that the power was not there when I'd send the
first letter of my call. What tipped me off was the fact that so many that I
called were only getting X5M or 5M. At first I thought it was just because the
other guy might be switching between RX antennas but later noticed on the
wattmeter that I was putting out about 70 watts on the first letter and then
full power on the rest. I threw in a footswitch to key the amp and all was
well after that....but I do not like to use a footswitch so if anyone has any
idea what I need to do please let me know.
Heard GM3POI 2 hours before sunset here.
I heard the band was really good the first night but in the little time I spent
in the shack tonight I was not very impressed.
S53M(S51FB)   Single Op HP   241,3532009-01-25 01:38:35
Part time operations, worked just Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. I wish
I had better receiving antenna.

Statistics by countries:

DL 140
UA3 79
UR 67
OK 66
SP 41
S5 33
LY 23
G 21
HG 21
OM 21

FM5BH   Single Op HP   826,5032009-01-25 03:26:37
The first night was terrible the top band sound like 20m but the second very
bad.I have a lot of noise here and I try to listen on all my antennas even the
2 elt 40m. I put a sort of beverage all around the QTH on the fences; It's help
a lot.
My apologizes to all of you that I could'nt copy.

I worked 3 JA sations for the first since I am on the air (1978)
but it's very difficult to find a free chanel in the JA window 1810-1825
Everyone would like to work them. Now 1830 to 1835 is less crowned than in the

My working condition

invL with a CWS UNUN (50-26 ohms) AT THE BOTTOM.
A long piece of wire 150m all around the QTH.
a K9AY loop
MFJ 1025 and NCC1 to try to kill the noise and also the DX Hi...

It's was a very enjoyable week-end

best 73

Laurent FM5BH
PY2NY   Single Op HP   1,6512009-01-25 04:14:03
I lost main hours of first night, arriving at home around 0400Z after sharing
six bottles of wine (including a marvelous Ribera del Duero Rento 2003) with
two M.D. friends. I agree with FM5BH that first night was better. At saturday
night, nothing else but 4 USA stations, including K1DG and K9RS.
Anyway, I did my mission - beat my previous record of 14 QSOs - now, my new
personal record is 15!!
Find nobody calling CQ from Brasil - they were just working S&P. I did a try on
1805... Finish the contest with no PY multiplier on hands.
FT1000mp MKV Field + 600w Alpha 91B, AlphaDelta DXA-Sloper 20m high.
DJ1YFK(@DKØWL)   Single Op Assisted HP   112,2002009-01-25 04:44:10
A few hours of S&P in the first night only. Thanks for all the QSOs.
K9CT   Single Op HP   161,7572009-01-25 05:14:30
Only could get on the first few hours and then at our SR. Great rate and good
ops on TB. Condx were good.

IC 7800, Alpha 87A, Short top loaded vertical with 60 radials and 4
Bidirectional Beverages.

73, Craig K9CT
ZY7C(PY8AZT)   Single Op HP   168,9242009-01-25 05:26:02
This contest was suppose to be a M/S effort, but others Ops couldn't make their
way to our Contest Station. So, I did it as last minute Single Op.

First night the band was really noisy. I work feel big guns and after 03z noise
virtually gone and listen to signals was easy task. Then, at 4z I got strong
headache and no aspirin around. I tried fight the pain for couples hours until
I couldn't stay on the chair anymore. I Shutdown station about 6z.

Second night, prop was much better and strong signals arrived from everywhere.
Some of them answered my first call, and others, even S9+ never return even a
single ..--.. to me.

Well, for about 10 hours on the air, 205QSO's far way from EU or W/VE is not
that bad.

Thank you for QSO and sorry If I cannot put in the log, let's try next time.

ZY7C website is:
QSL via PT7WA (direct or buro)

73, Luc
K5KA   Single Op HP   50,3372009-01-25 06:08:02
Great condx !!
K1TN   Single Op LP   4,9662009-01-25 06:25:33
Antenna: 66-foot end fed wire 18 feet above ground.

My usual S9 +20 local noise was down to merely S9.

Worked C6 and VP9. Heard a few EU. Called FM, PJ2, CM6 without success. Worked
W0SD, which may be the farthest I've worked from here on 160. Good ears, Ed!

I've had it with working 160-10 with this "antenna." In the ARRL DX CW contest
I'm going to work 20 Meters only. Don't expect me to jeopardize any records.

K1IM   Single Op HP   185,0312009-01-25 06:26:41
Nice conditions Friday ! Reflecting back, I should have run later into the
morning! SA Q's were few and far between! EU was great! It was nice to work
both KL7 and KH6 again this year.

See you all in Dayton at the test banquet

Tom, K1IM ex WA8TTS
AA5VU   Single Op HP   6,5202009-01-25 06:39:44
Cherry picked states for Triple Play. Log accepted by CQ and LoTW Robots
W4PM   Single Op Assisted HP   242,6582009-01-25 06:41:57
RIG: Ten Tec Omni VII, Ameritron ALS-600 500W
TX ANTENNA: Inverted L - 60' vertical, 88' horizontal, Nine 45' radials
Low Noise RX antenna - NONE!

I split my time equally between the W4ML@W4HZ multi-op as the first night
operator and my home station on the second night. This way I could add more
points to the club score. The better antennas (Tx & Rx) and higher power at
W4ML yielded a greater number of multipliers but I actually made a few more Q's
at home the second night due the the greatly improved conditions. The fantastic
opening to EU allowed me to actually run EU stations which has never occured
before in my experience in 160 contests at my station and I was even able to
work a JA and a UA0 station for the first time ever on 160!

Thanks for the Q's. CU in this one next year.

Puck W4PM
W1EQ(@K1ZE)   Multi-Op HP   534,4562009-01-25 06:42:18
This was fun!!!!!.
Wall to wall stations...
We had excellent European runs at their sunrise on both nights.
Thanks to WC7S for WY, and WAS. Missed LB, NT, YT and NL provinces.
We could have used 1 more CW operator. Were both getting old for this stuff.
W1EQ, Bob
WX7G   Single Op HP   160,9202009-01-25 06:54:12
First time in HP class. 500 watts to a balloon vertical. Yaesu FT-450 (don't
contest with this), Ameritron AL-811 amp.
K2TT(K2TTT)   Single Op Assisted HP   90,9362009-01-25 06:59:11
First time in the cockpit of my new K3(thanks to KR2Q for his asembly and
learning curve time). What a nice radio, spring is time for EU beverage.
Had fun.
KB7Q(@WA7U)   Multi-Op HP   367,5392009-01-25 06:59:28
Trying out a refurbished old Denton MLA-2500 amp with friends. Only had the 80'
base-loaded tower on receive so missed many European stations calling. That is
sure an area for improvement.

What a weekend for 160 DX, we'll remember this one!

The K3 continues to amaze and delight, we're all learning what buttons to press
when to make the 2nd receiver play politely.

Off to the warm sands of Arizona tomorrow.

Gene, Fred, Todd
W6NF   Single Op LP   44,0222009-01-25 07:14:25
My best 160 contest ever. Missed ND, CT, RI, WY (that's a surprise!) but worked
a few new DX entities. No EU though...mostly because of incessant CQ'ing by
stateside stations. ES9C was an honest S-6 at times (as early as 0030Z Sunday
with a very quiet band) on my K9AY loop (with no preamp) but a K4 CQ'ing over
and over 100Hz above him made my calls over a 15 minute period futile. Same
deal, different CQ'er, with EA8AH at about the same time. This is further
evidence that 160 is no longer the "Gentleman's Band". Still it was
100 watts and 65-foot tee-loaded vertical did a good job...and NV was well
N3KS   Single Op Assisted HP   652,4822009-01-25 07:21:05
Used a 1/4 wave balloon vertical with 40 ground radials. Strong winds forced me
to bring it down late Friday night, but managed to get it back in the air for
Saturday night. Seemed like conditions were excellent to EU, especially Friday
night. Never caught up with WY or VE4.. 73, Kam N3KS
VA3KA   Single Op Assisted HP   75,9782009-01-25 07:35:00
Just a few hours here and there. Decided to try SO/Assisted and work as many DX
countries as I could. Great conditions, especially at EU sunrise Sunday AM!
Booming EU stations up and down the band!

Nice DX include TF, P3, 6W, 4Z, T7, EW, KL7 and KH6.

Amazing what a low antenna (Inverted VEE @ 45 feet)can work when conditions are
so good.

See you in the SSB Test. Hope we get a repeat in conditions.
W5JAW   Single Op LP   38,4322009-01-25 07:47:22
100 W, 12 ft Tee Top vertical

Put in a couple of hours Friday night, about 45 minutes Saturday night, and a
few minutes around sunrise both mornings. Mostly just S&P, looking for
multipliers. As usual, tried for WAS, but missed DE and ND. I heard the
latter twice, but he was S&P also, so never made a QSO.

Friday night's condx to EU were fantastic. The short time I was on the next
night didn't show many DX signals, however. No JA's were heard at sunrise, but
did work a couple of UA0s to make WAC during the contest.

Jim, w5jaw
K8IA   Single Op HP   395,6132009-01-25 07:52:19
Ten-Tec Orion II
Alpha 91B
Xmit Antenna: Omega Match fed 78' Shunt Fed Tower w/54 radials
Rx Antennae: Pair of K9AY rx loops; 320' "Bent Beverage"
N1MM Logger in SO2V mode w/Orion II diversity

With conditions so great, especially the first night, it became a stragegy of
when to vacate a CQ frequency to do serious multiplier hunting. Needless to
day, I am extremely happy with my 57 countries and my qso total as well. That
is a light year beyond what I thought possible beforehand, especially here in

Activity was way up, especially from our Eu 160 brothers and sisters. Plus,
propagation allowed some of them to be truly loud here in the west coast. I
love when that happens! ;-)

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona USA
AD4EB   Single Op HP   200,0722009-01-25 07:52:54
Best conditions on 160m I've ever seen. Antenna is an inverted L at a height of
50 feet, with about 20 various length radials. Beverages would sure have
helped, but luckly local noise was exceptionally low for a change.

Worked all contiguous states, never heard DC. Also worked 3 new countries on
this band.
N7IR   Single Op LP   131,7502009-01-25 07:58:43
Fantastic conditions! As a result I spent more time in this event than I had
planned to. Personal best score + WAS and WAC in one weekend. Thanks for all
of the Qs. See you in the ARRL DX contests.

Elecraft K3
Shunt-fed, top-loaded 22 meter tower
K9AY loop array and N6RK tuned loop

Gary, N7IR
K3TD   Single Op LP   17,7192009-01-25 08:07:46
Inverted L 30'H x 75' L

Conditions were great. Heard my first Europeans and South Americans on 160
with this antenna. Missed almost the entire first 24 hours.

Tad, K3TD
VP9/N1SNB   Single Op LP   702,8602009-01-25 08:09:38
Operated from VP9GE (WA4PGM was here last year signing VP9I) -

100 watts into an Inverted L about 200 yards from the ocean. The rig was an
FT-857d. I forgot my computer control cable so everything was more or less
keyed by hand on the paddles. Sorry for the sloppy code. I also learned that
the 857d has a factory "on" preamp on all bands. Weird and annoying when their
are lots of stations S9+60 in a small region. Best signals from the US: K1AR,
K1DG, NQ4I and K8CC - all come to mind. From Europe: ON4UN, GW3YDX were very
strong. Also, many LA, OH and SM were S9+. I jotted many signal reports at the
time of QSO - so if you're interested in your signal strength when we worked
drop me an email.

Thanks to everyone that dug out my signal. To all the Europeans calling at
sunrise: I tried my best to pull everybody out. I think a combination of
operator and receiver limited my ability.


JA7NI - reports the the first VP9-JA qso on 160! 10:06 at 1811.0. Also,
getting "aloha" from KH6CC to finish my weekend WAS was super. A few 4Z's, an
EY, and UA0 were all notable.

With 100w I couldn't hold a freq during primetime anywhere south of 1870.0.
The persistence of eastern European callers is astounding. On a few Q's I must
have gone back and forth 10+ times. (can you tell I'm a 160 novice?)

Overall, a great contest. Thanks for the QSOs.
K7RAT(N6TR)   Single Op HP   713,6132009-01-25 08:11:08
Wow! 155 JA QSOs + 139 Europeans (okay - probably about 10 dupes for each).

This was the contest I have always been dreaming of - and it finally all came
together. Time to go stare at my transmit antenna and just shake my head (an
80 foot tower - gamma matched). The beverages all did their job - and the K3
with diversity reception was great.

Had a great run into Europe on the second night. The only two mults I heard in
Europe that got away were E7DX (who almost had my call once) and ER0ER who never
heard me at all. I think I called E7DX and YU1LA about 600 times each.

Great to be called by EL2DX, OA4TT, BU2AI, ZL1AZE, VK3OI, HK3O, DS1REE, PY5EW
and at the very end of my on time, YC2EUZ. F8BPN finally made it into the log
for a new state for Mau!!

I have a hunch all of the scores are really inflated - but I will go to sleep
now hoping I can hang onto a spot in the top ten.
AI4MI   Single Op LP   27,5442009-01-25 08:14:58
Great conditions. Used IC746Pro barefoot to 100 ft. sloper w/3 radials in city
lot. Always impressed by the skill of the ops out there! Thanks for the QSO's.
I'll be in this one again next year, for sure!
W6SX   Single Op HP   30,4022009-01-25 08:15:46
K3, AL-1200, 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with MB-V-A, TRLog
W7RN(K5RC)   Single Op Assisted HP   248,0562009-01-25 08:27:43
Unprecedented conditions on the West Coast. 40 Europeans and only 48 JA's.
Working Zone 16 and 17 at 1300Z along the Northern gray line. Europe Q5 at
0000Z but not workable until sunset, 0100Z. Called many Europeans that did not
hear me.

KY7M was scheduled to operate but took ill. I had only limited time and did not
reach the potential of the station and band conditions.

FT2000D, Emtron Amp
1/4 wave vertical with 75 radials
DXE RX 4 Square
K1JT   Single Op LP   81,9342009-01-25 08:28:38
Missed the first night, but lots of fun in the second! Strung a temporary
Beverage of sorts across the street and between houses ... neighbors never
noticed [or at least so far, so good. :-)] It was a big help on receive.
Thanks for all the fun!
N8VW(@K8MK)   Single Op QRP   200,0002009-01-25 08:28:51
I'll post something on my blog at after my hearing
returns to normal and I get some sleep.
K5WA   Single Op HP   498,4752009-01-25 08:33:56
It sure was nice to have great conditions on a contest weekend! Now I have a
small glympse of what the east coast boys are accustomed to hearing. One of
these days I'll have my sleep schedule corrected so I can make it to
sunrise...come on retirement. Transmit vertical with elevated radials played
great, but need lots of work on my "beverage" situation. Had local noise on
Saturday night and couldn't hear at all through the EU sunrise. Tossed in the
towell soon afterward. LOTS of FUN!!
N5TW   Single Op Assisted HP   112,1672009-01-25 08:42:39
Was just trolling around handing out points and looking for new ones.
Conditions Friday night were especially great. The DX stations I heard were
generally loud enough to hold frequencies and I usually got through with one
call - that is cool from Texas! I am so in love my my Elecraft K3 and used
it's diversity mode with my sub receiver slaved to the main VFO the entire
time. One ear had the transmit antenna which is a 4 verticals either
configured as a 4-square or ganged in an omni configuration and the other ear
had one or more of the Beverage antennas. This was the first time I've really
needed the 250Hz roofing filter to slice through the very crowded band. There
were key clicks on the bands but it seems like we are making progress on that
front - they did not seem as bad this year. Zero overload products with the
K3 and this contest is THE TEST for that! Great fun!
N2QT   Single Op Assisted HP   269,0012009-01-25 08:52:12
Rig : FT1000 MKV , Alpha 87A
Antennas : Shunt fed 65 ft tower, switchable EWEs

Soapbox : Wonderful propagation with low noise (especially Friday night/Sat
morning. Had a dinner to go to on Saturday night so missed some prime operating
time. Mainly just did s&p to pick off the packet spots and look for Europeans.
Missed WY for WAS and my KH6 qso was kinda sketchy but pleased with the
multiplier count. There was a lot of good stuff above 1.870 where my tuning
network gave up but was able to work a fair amount using the rig's tuner and
barefoot. My cw seems to be getting better but when I get tired I just can't
tell the difference between b, d, s and h. (some other letters get randomly
messed up too!).
N5AW   Single Op LP   169,1982009-01-25 09:01:47
Fantastic conditions Friday night. Not as good Saturday but still not bad.
Thought I did well last year working 47 countries with 100 watts - worked 50
(48 DX + W & VE) the first evening this year! NT0V answered my CQ Sunday
morning for 50th state + DC. Only the second time I've dont that in a 160
contest. Missed lots of the VE provinces though. No attempt to optimize score -
mostly S&P doing my multiplier thing. Only down side was no new band countries.
Heard four I needed but unable to work any of them.

Continue to be amazed at W5JAW's 12 foot vertical and 100 watts on 160 - 48
states and 19 countries in 4 hours with that antenna is awsome!

K3 100 watts, 42m tower with elevated radials, Beverages: 240m NE, 160m NW
KØTO   Single Op HP   101,6602009-01-25 09:04:54
Very nice conditions on the band. Lousy line noise impaired my operation. Power
company says they will respond this time [after two failure-to-perform's] . We
shall see.

Some very impressive signals and impressive operators with very good ears.

Let's do this again !
WA7LNW   Single Op Assisted HP   131,8822009-01-25 09:08:30
Amazing propagation event! Worked 13 new countries moving my overall 160 meter
DXCC total to 119.

This is a tough band on your ears...but can be extremely exciting when it opens
up like it did this weekend. Saturday seemed to be the better EU opening

Station: FT-1000MP, Alpha 76A, 160 meter inverted-v @ 72 ft., 300 ft. beverage
antennas NE/SW and NW/SE, WriteLog ver. 10.67B

See everyone during ARRL DX Contests!

73's de Jack, WA7LNW
New Harmony, UT
NN7ZZ(N5LZ)   Single Op HP   133,9052009-01-25 09:12:29
Wow. Definitely the best contest conditions I’ve ever experienced on topband.
Unfortunately, I was only able to do a part time effort this time around,
primarily on the second night. This is my fifth year in Utah. Not having any
receive antennas, I rarely hear even a whisper from European stations, but this
weekend I was called by several (OM7M, OH3SR, CT1FJK, HG8X, OH5KW, G3TXP,
SM2CEW), and I managed to log my alltime high DX mult number... and, sorry, but
was unable to fully copy several others. No receive antennas here, just an
Alpha Delta DXA sloper at 50 feet. Thanks for the Qs.
73, Don, N5LZ
VE3MGY   Single Op QRP   162,3702009-01-25 09:14:11
Just a part time effort due to other commitments this weekend so I went QRP/p
to see how the new TX vertical is "really" working and subsequently I have
absolutely no complaints. Who ever says you need a KW [ or more ] to DX on 160
is very, very wrong. The band was extremely quiet [ S1 - S2 on the vertical ]
all weekend. NA,SA and EU were 20/9 to 30/9 at times - it sounded like 20M
Friday night. The biggest problem was breaking the pile ups [ this would be
where a KW would help ] but one on one a few watts made it through Q5 on the
first call. There was some real exotic propagation going on as well with little
or no loss on some signals. More than just E/F valley ducting this weekend. Nice
to hear all the CCO stations on the air - even some VE3 calls I haven't worked
on 160 before made it into the log.

Tnx fr all the Q's.

W3GH   Single Op HP   520,9402009-01-25 09:14:29
First time ever working all 50 states by CQing the first night. Missed NL/MB/YT!
Fantastic conditions.
WO4O   Single Op LP   19,9802009-01-25 09:18:15
S&P working DX only...
WA1Z   Single Op LP   428,1562009-01-25 09:22:51
Elecraft K3 and Ten Tec Orion (RX-only spot station), audio routing through Top
Ten DX Doubler

Antennas: Inverted L (vertical portion about 25 Meters), four 92-Meter long
Beverages NE,SE,SW,NW

Conditions were fantastic! Looking forward to seeing all the huge scores that
come out of this. Thanks to everyone for all the QSOs!

W7WHY   Single Op Assisted LP   15,3562009-01-25 09:34:37
Working a 160 contest here with low power is like pulling teeth. I hear lot of
stations and they don't hear me.

I thought if I changed the antenna, maybe things might get a little better. I
put up a new inverted L Friday and it seemed to help a lot.

Friday night the band sounded better than I have heard it in years. Lots of
European DX coming in, the east coast was really loud, and 160 sounded like 20
meters. My noise level on the inverted L was about S-2. But, still really
struggled to work anyone other than 6's and 7's.

Saturday night was better. I actually WORKED 2 european stations for the first
time ever on 160. GM3POI must have a good set of ears as they came back to me
on the first call, even though they were S-1. Also worked CU2X with a good
signal. The UA0 and PJ2 were also goodies here. Thanks for a real thrill for
an OT!

I think this is the last time I'm gonna operate this contest without an amp. I
musta heard '..--..' 10,000 times :-) 73 and thanks for CQ for putting this
contest on.


TS-450SAT + invertd L antenna ~100 watts.
N1MM Logger (gets better all the time)
N5XJ   Single Op Assisted HP   58,4322009-01-25 09:37:42
Only able to run low power ( 100 watts ) here on 160M since amp has a bad band
selector switch and used an inverted-vee for both TX es RX. Managed to work a
few EUs : OK,DL, F, G, HA and was called by and worked RW0CWA 9 minutes after
my sunrise Sunday morning.I am working on improving my CW contesting skills. I
think it is getting better , fewer repeats needed but still need to work on
handling multiple callers. Thanks for the QSOs and much needed practice!

73 de Mike N5XJ
DL1ELY   Single Op HP   92,7502009-01-25 09:46:19
Well, thats not one of my highlights...I recently bought a used Heathkit SB-1000
amplifier, but it disappointed me, only putting out abour 200w on 160m. After
losing the first hour due to testing, i started the contest, and despite
"semi-LP" the first night was quite OK with much running, and some NA and even
YV5AMH for my only SA calling in, gee! After continuing on saturday evening,
quickly frustration set in, being unable to work new mults that were CQing with
S9+ into my face, and being unable to hold a QRG. At about 21Z i decided to quit
this contest and let my frustration about the bad amplifier go...Better luck
next time.

TS850S, Heathkit SB-1000 (200w only), FD4-Antenna in the city
KH6LC   Multi-Op HP   532,0302009-01-25 09:46:33
Well, that was a change for the better. Conditions were excellent with lots of
Europeans heard, some quite strong, and even a few in the log. Worked more DX
on 160 than ever before, contest or not. Not a lot of activity heard from the
southern hemisphere, though. K3 + Ten-Tec Titan + various antennas. Aloha
from Hawaii.
N5UL   Single Op HP   113,3342009-01-25 09:49:21
Thanks for the QSO's. 73, Chas.
VE6WQ(@VE6JY)   Single Op HP   620,2572009-01-25 10:05:05
This was certainly the best 160M contest I have ever experienced. Conditions on
Friday evening, Saturday morning and at sunset on Saturday afternoon were
excellent. The Saturday sunset opening was certainly the best opening to Europe
I have heard out here in Alberta where Europeans are a rarity on 160M. After the
fantastic sunset opening, Saturday night and Sunday morning were not as good as
the previous day. Worked all states. Never heard VO2, VY1, VY0 and VE8. Was
sure glad when VE4EAR called on Sunday. Equipment at Don's was an IC-7800 and
Emtron linear. The main transmitting and receiving antenna was a very high
dipole. We also had a 160M vertical that seemed to work better only on a couple
of paths. An array of receiving antennas including beverages were only used
intermittently as the dipole seemed to hear very well in all directions. As
always Don was a great host making sure I had coffee and food as required.
NI5T   Multi-Op HP   478,7322009-01-25 10:21:39
Well, this one was a lot better in other places than it was here. It was good,
but really just a parallel with last year. Each year our group gets better at
the tasks necessary to make a Multi-single operation successful on Topband.
This year was no exception and we had a lot of fun.

To us, it appeared the farther north the stations were located in the US, the
better prop they had. Stations in Colorado were working stuff we couldn't hear
a whisper of 800 miles to the southwest. But, such is Topband.

2008 -- 1,266 Q's; 58 ST & Pr; 58 DX; 487,200 points

2009 -- 1,295 Q's; 58 St & Pr; 58 DX; 478,732 points

This year a few more Q's but a bit less score due to less 10 pointers.

Again we came up a bit short of the magic 1,300 Q's and a bit short of the
magic 1/2 million points. Those have been our goals for a LOOOOONG time, and
they will still be the goals for next year.

Thanks for all the contacts; everyone and everywhere.

73 from the NI5T team.

Milt, N5IA
VY2SS   Single Op LP   24,4022009-01-25 10:24:02
No antenna for first night. Got it fixed and worked S&P until NHL time.
K6XT   Single Op HP   127,6702009-01-25 10:28:31
Had a great time as usual. Fine evening sigs from Europe, not so good from Asia
mornings - at least at my antenna. With all the activity past few years finding
an open CQ slot is Job 1. And slot width is very narrow these days. 73 Art
KØOU   Single Op Assisted HP   9,2822009-01-25 10:33:56
Not much going on here. Just learning N1MM program. But was on for a while both
nights and can report that the condx Friday night were the best I've ever heard
from my own station. Saturday evening not as good. Running 600 w to an invL and
no recieving ant. CU all in the next one.
K9NR   Single Op HP   542,5922009-01-25 10:36:53
Incredible condx. DX was everywhere.

Murphy got my amp, necessatating a mid contest repair. Lost some precious
operating time and a good run frequency!

Thanks for all the contacts

73 de Don K9NR
WØETT   Single Op HP   86,6252009-01-25 10:37:25
Enjoyable contest and very nice topband condx. Wkd several new countries, all
US states, and 6 VE provinces. Mni thanks to the expeditions and ops who got
on to give out dx mults and thanks for hearing my 200w!

Started out LP with IC756pro3 but EU didn't hear my 100w too well. Figuring
that I'd rather work some new countries during this low sunspot cycle, I hooked
up the FT1000MP MkV with 200w (the extra 3 db made a big difference!) to
vertical-shunt fed tower w/45 radials, inverted L with 60' vertical wire up
tower and long wire going to a fence post towards the east, which makes a big
difference in rx, and 1 480' beverage to the NNE. I used everything!

Wkd GMCCers: N0KE, K0UK, AC0DS, KJ0G, KV0Q (very LOUD, Bill!), K0FX, K6XT,

73 Ken, W0ETT
Parker, CO
XE1RCS   Multi-Op HP   1,142,1002009-01-25 10:49:12
Best conditions ever! Worked more than 220 Europeans and 6 new DXCC entities.
Thanks to our tech-guru Jesus XE1JG our Bevarages worked extraordinary well and
luckily we had no atmospheric noise. Joining us for the first time was David
XE2GG/N6AN who, with Masa-san XE1MM, formed a dynamic duo not seen since Batman
and Robin! The cherry on top of our ice cream sundae was working Nodir EY8MM.
CU in February. We hope conditions are as good as this weekend.
VE3OSZ   Single Op LP   101,4622009-01-25 11:02:25
100% S&P
Excellent propagation. Never had so many DX QSOs before in a topband contest.

Drake TR7 100 watts
Inverted L
No receiving antenna (broken !)

TR Log 692/Post 693
N2WN   Single Op LP   369,3802009-01-25 11:04:09

That was the most fun I've ever had on 160! Heck WAC, WAS and better than half
way to DXCC in one weekend! Big thanks to WC7S (and apologies to WC6H who I
mistook for Dale) for the last multiplier and last state just before the clock
ran out.

I can run, but have never ran EU on the Top Band before. I was always tickled
if any DX called when I ran! Now I'm spoiled rotten ;o)

Beat my previous best score the first night and had set my sight on beating the
US LP record, which I just squeaked by. Judging by what I heard and have read,
more than a few records will fall. I suspect these new ones will stand a
loooong time.

Ran my K3 with the Tee vertical and used the short beverage at times. I think a
nulling loop is in order.

It was a blast!
K2QMF   Single Op Assisted HP   46,6482009-01-25 11:28:16
Great Conditions...
W6XI   Single Op Assisted HP   171,2062009-01-25 11:35:22
Great conditions into Europe on Friday night. Not as good on Saturday night but
still great for 160.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   59,1002009-01-25 11:54:07
* FT-2000 and 160M inverted-L

Really quiet band this weekend, especially Saturday night. Must not have been
as quiet in some other areas, as many stations couldn't hear me at all. Felt
like more than 5.5 hours on, but that's what the clock tells me.

Hit my goal of beating last year's score, but Qs were only 4 more and found
just one extra country than 2008. Enjoyed myself a lot, even though rates were
often down around 15/hour. Had a few great flurries of activity and that made
up for the long doldrums.

Used the inverted-L tied into the toprail of a 4'-high, 250' chainlink fence.
Added a couple of 130' radials that were mostly on the ground. Top of the wire
was at about 70', with the horizontal section sloping down to a fir tree -- far
end about 35' lower than the turn in the L.

The FT-2000 is stunning on receive with the new PEP firmware and EDSP upgrades
this month. Simply beautiful to use on a packed CW band. Yaesu gets a big, warm
"thank you" for the enhancements.

Found that the tuner isn't as quick but it was able to match things flat at the
rig-end better than the older FT-920's tuner in previous years. I didn't have to
worry about where in the band I was playing. That's a good thing, because this
FT-2000 starts to reduce output power even when SWR approaches a timid 1.5:1.

Year QSOs W/VE DX Score
2009 244 44 6 59,100 5.5 hr
2008 240 44 5 55,762 -
2007 145 37 2 27,027 8.5 hr
2006 220 45 3 50,400 7.0 hr
2005 342 52 2 88,182 10.6 hr
WA1FCN   Single Op LP   123,1622009-01-25 11:59:35
I for one say the DX window should stay the DX Window.
I improved 160 antennas and got a little lower score than last
year. Oh well.
TF3CW   Single Op HP   573,8702009-01-25 12:01:49
WOW, this was fun..... that is, until the amp broke. Great conditions the first
night, with lots of strong US/VE. Imagine to QSO KL7RA and K7RAT (Oregon)@ 1134
local time, in broad daylight. Thanks for all the Q´s, CU in ARRL DX in

Siggi TF3CW
N7RK   Single Op HP   62,2732009-01-25 12:02:07
Great conditions and a lot of fun despite my constant S9 noise level and a new
noise which sounds like a plasma TV wiping out 1828 to 1860 on the second
night. Worked 2 new countries. I don't believe I have ever heard this much
activity on 160. Was also amazed at the distances of some of the daytime
signals heard for a so called "local" band".

Rig: FT-1000MP and TL-922 amplifier
Antenna: 72 ft base loaded vertical (transmit and receive)
ACØDS   Single Op LP   94,6892009-01-25 12:08:40
Best conditions ever for a 160 contest here. Friday night was especially good.
Not quite as nice on Saturday nite with QSB early and then some percipitation
static in the AM. Used single K3 at 100W, 40 ft tall temporary inverted L and
a single loop RX antenna. Finished installing a total of 32 radials of various
sizes for the inverted L a week before the contest, and the extra radials did
seem to improve the performance.

Highlight was working ES9C early Friday evening - my first European QSO on 160.
Japan was the best DX in the other direction. Had WAS completed the first
night. But never did even hear a station from DC. Were there any? Nice
signals from N0KE, W0ETT, K0FX, WC7S and K0UK.

... Craig AC0DS
YL2PP   Single Op HP   274,7202009-01-25 12:10:37
Tnx for nice contest QSO's Very good conditions in contest ! T N X
de = Tom =
KH7Y   Single Op QRP   1,6062009-01-25 12:16:00
K3/10 and inverted L at 90 feet from our new QTH at the south end of the island
of Hawaii. Many loud stations but few that could hear my puny 5 watts!! More
power next year. Thanks to those we worked for pulling us out of the noise.

Aloha, Fred KH7Y
DJ9VA   Single Op HP   509,3002009-01-25 12:33:14
Thanks to All for nice Contest.
VY 73! Victor DJ9VA
W4KAZ   Single Op LP   33,2202009-01-25 12:37:55
Lots more fun than I expected.

Complete BS at:
K5NA   Single Op Assisted HP   793,9712009-01-25 12:55:27
Thursday night before the contest and Friday night during the contest were two
of the best nights I have ever heard on 160M for EU to NA QSOs. But conditions
dropped off significently here in Texas for Saturday night.

With the great Friday night conditions for the contest, this was my best score
ever including my scores from New York in the 1980s. But of course I was
single-op/assisted for this contest and not just a single-op as before. I did
single-op assisted because I enjoy DXing as much as contesting and you never
know when a new Topband DXCC might be spotted.

But because conditions were so good to Europe I probably did more DXing than I
should have. There were times when I was search and pouncing for mults more
than CQing when the band was really open. I have no idea if this actually hurt
or helped my score.

This is my first serious effort in this contest in at least 15 years. My last
serious effort was back when the contest was 42 hours long and had no limit on
single-op hours. Now the single-op limit is 30 hours and I wish it were a bit

I started the contest soon after 2200Z and operated through sunrise the next
morning. At that time, I was surprised that I had already exceeded 16 hours of
operating. Though I still had a fair QSO rate going, I immediately QRTed and
headed to bed.

Knowing that I had less than 14 hours left to operate, I delayed starting up on
Saturday afternoon until after 2300Z although the band was already open. As I
operated through Saturday night I realized that I didn't have enough operating
time to make it until sunrise if I operated continously. So I forced myself to
take two 30 minute breaks during the night to extend my operating time. I tried
to pick times off when it was really slow, but that never really happened.
Eventually, I had to just push away from the radio, stop operating, and watch
the clock move forward.

If the purpose of the limited operating time is to keep the single-ops from
CQing all day long, then that is an OK thing. But I think single-op would be
better served by a slightly longer operating time. I believe 32 hours would be
ideal, at least for the sunrise/sunset conditions here in Texas.

I had a lot of fun in this contest. And that's why I contest - to have fun.

73, Richard - K5NA
KØUK   Single Op HP   108,4932009-01-25 12:55:38
Best conditions ever..GO GMCC thanks to all who called in...OH sorry Art, K6XT
didnt realize it was you till it was too late..Great signal. And great signal
from all GMCC'er PTL bill brown
N5NA   Single Op Assisted HP   74,8802009-01-25 13:14:13
At the suggestion of W5AJ I installed a 160m antenna earlier in the week. I
attached the braid to my crankup about 8' off the ground and stretched ~130' of
wire across the yard to a pole about 10' off the ground. What is this
antenna...a half sloper? half dipole? Whatever, I'm sold!

I was amazed that I managed to work all states and some DX with this antenna.
My station log had a grand total of 230 QSO's on 160m from 1977 until before
the contest so I've more than doubled that total.

I had a great time!

Station is an Orion, Alpha 89, and whatever you call that antenna described
W2VJN   Single Op HP   514,5762009-01-25 13:39:15
The great condx kept this OM up both nights! Signals were not particularly
strong, but the DX was hearing me when I called. Signals from the east coast
were way down and that helped in hearing the Euros a lot.

Worked 260 10 pointers including: 172 JAs, 52 Euros, 21 other Asia and a few
from AF, SA and OC.

4 El sloper array
Alpha 91B
K3 (a keeper)
KQ6ES   Single Op LP   7,9242009-01-25 13:41:05
Thank you to the many who worked hard to dig me out.

FT-1000MP 100 watts
Butternut Vertical
W7YAQ   Single Op LP   13,4622009-01-25 14:00:30
I had not planned to operate as I had packed up my MA160V vertical for my trip
in 2 weeks to 3D2/F and T2. However, Saturday night I started listening on my
80 meter inverted V, pushed the K3 antenna tuner which overcame the 5:1 SWR,
called Fred KS7T in Montana, made the QSO, and had fun for the next few hours.
I was actually very surprised to work all continents and CT9M for a new one.

S56A   Single Op Assisted HP   187,7252009-01-25 14:03:44
Good condx even on my low trap dipole!

73 de Mario, S56A
AA3B   Single Op Assisted HP   230,2742009-01-25 14:05:26
More Countries than States/Provinces!
K5LH   Single Op Assisted LP   21,1002009-01-25 14:05:47
Equipment: Omni V (100 W) , 80 M dipole @ 50 ft + tuner, Aetherlog for Mac, DX

First-time entrant despite 37 years on the air CW only. Minimalist S&P effort.
Managed to work 5 new states and 2 new countries on 160. Hope to have a real
antenna up by next fall. Thanks to all who fished my signal out of the
QRN/QRM. As usual in CW contests, lots of highly competent, courteous and
patient operators. Looking forward to next year. CW forever! Chris,
KN3A   Single Op LP   41,6652009-01-25 14:06:03
Great band conditions both nights. Got Alaska first try! Worked several western
states and provinces I had never worked before this weekend. Sure hope some of
them use LOTW.

Kenwood TS 450SAT
G5RV @25 Ft.
N1MM Logger
LN9Z(LA9HW)   Single Op HP   1,440,6072009-01-25 14:06:22
Great condx - especially to North America.

Worked 47 states. Called ID, but could not get through the US wall. Heard UT
below 1810 so couldn't call. Never heard WY. Anyway, pretty close to WAS on Top
Band in one weekend!

Hope condx will be the same in ARRL CW!
S53APR   Multi-Op HP   60,6452009-01-25 14:07:04
Just given away some points for fun. Thank you for QSO's!
KC7V   Single Op HP   366,2402009-01-25 14:08:18
I was not planning to spend as much time as I did but conditions were just too
good. I knew I could not start till 0200z the first night due to commitments
so I started to DX rather than contest. However, I finally started to run and
rates were tremendous.

The most fun was an amazing EU run at their sunrise on the 2nd night - a rare
occurrence from Arizona. I sure do miss having spots but this weekend made up
for it for a while.
K3MM   Single Op Assisted HP   582,5572009-01-25 14:08:53
Wasnt planning on spending much time, but got hooked by the good conditions with
relatively modest hardware from the home station.

73, Ty K3MM
W8FT   Multi-Op HP   430,9202009-01-25 14:10:32
Oh where oh where is Wyoming? Oh where oh where can it be?

We entered the contest to fulfill a local club challenge....see who can get the
Triple Play Award first. The digital, SSB, or CW guys in the club. We spent zero
time in preparation except to see we had one transmit antenna and zero receive
antennas working. We ended up receiving on an 18AVQ about 30 feet in the air
and it didn't do such a bad job.

We did fairly well but I imagine those who prepared well did amazingly great.

I will be looking forward to all the great scores being posted and the stories
behind them.

Bill AD8P
ED5T(@EA5ELT)   Multi-Op HP   125,8522009-01-25 14:10:44
Our original idea was to do the phone leg of this contest, however Ricardo EA5JK
asked us if he could operate phone since his plans had fallen through, and we
agreed. Since the idea for operating phone was for us to try new antennas, we
decided that we could do that just as well operating in the CW leg instead.

We also decided that day to apply for a 2 x 1 call instead of using Victor’s
personal call, ED5T was granted and we cross our fingers for continuity (2 x 1
calls are only available for certain contests, on 6 monthly basis, and cannot
be requested successively).

This was two weeks ago, a bit short notice for any serious antenna plans. Like
many Europeans, we at TCC are not immune to space problems when it comes to
putting up low band antennas, and even at our relatively clear hilltop
location, we are restricted. We have two towers, so any tower mounted antennas
are fine, but finding a place to install temporary antennas is tricky, having
an eco-protected forest on one side and a car park on the other.

Step to the fore our newest recruit, Toni (EA5DF), who had one of Ricardo’s
top band verticals at his house, in need of a bit of TLC. After a bit of
careful consideration, we decided we could temporarily mount this in a corner
without too much of a problem. Two of the centre aluminium tubes were replaced,
some new linear loading 2mm steel cable installed, and off we went. A removable
mount was made so we could just lift it and go when finished (yeah right, made
of concrete, took three of us to lift it).

For RX, Toni brought a 100m long beverage, which was strung up in the pines on
Friday, directed towards the states. Also, after dark, we mounted the K9AY
loops on a spiderpole, on the other side of the clubhouse. Thanks again to Toni
for the illumination, the installation would have been a lot more difficult in
the dark.

None of us have top band installations at home and are pretty much novices.
However even to us it was obvious that the band was in pretty good shape and we
were well pleased with the end result. We managed our objective, which was to
try out the new antennas, and reached a number of conclusions which we hope
will help us in future contests:

- We like the vertical because it lets us have a good performer which is easy
to install and take down, half an hour is all it takes.
- We especially like the vertical since it hears well. We found very few
instances where the beverage was better, and none where the K9AY was better.
This will significantly reduce our setup times if we do not have to use an RX
- Our big problem was being heard (let me know if we were not hearing you!).
After a bit of off time reading the ON4UN book, it seems we should improve our
radial system. We will try for four quarter wave radials elevated at 6m high
next time and see how it goes.
- We have decided we will use dedicated PCs with N1MM and nothing else
installed in order to avoid unexpected last minute IT problems. Yes, Murphy
came to see us!

The only negative point about the weekend was the extremely high wind, gusting
well over 100kmh. Fortunately the only casualty was our 40m dipole which lost
one of its tips.

Thanks to all who made it possible and CU in ARRL phone, hopefully with our new
Optibeam installed.

73 de Torrent Contest Club team
AF4OX   Single Op HP   606,1442009-01-25 14:11:33
What a great 160 contest weekend. Propagation good and atmospherics cooperated
with low QRN. One to remember! Thanks to all the stations who helped me more
than double last years score. Please submit your logs to LoTW for the TRiple
Play award!! 73
N5OE   Single Op LP   65,7602009-01-25 14:11:58
Casual operating for me from here, I missed the really good operating times on
Friday due to family commitment's but did S&P most of the wee hours of the
night. Most operating was done in a 6 hour window Saturday night with condx
being pretty good. Caught the last 20 or so during daylight hours right at the
end of the contest.
Thanks for the Q's
VA3DX   Single Op Assisted HP   528,0002009-01-25 14:12:36
Only LP since the amplifier is sick , ( hums )
Used it to get ZC4LI for a new one but otherwise LP

Watched the cluster , hence the HP Assisted category...

Heard GJ4 , CX , PY , YV, and about 5 others .. they zigged
and I zagged.... a few mults missed ..

Amazing conditions with only an Inv L for tx and rx ...
N8BJQ   Single Op Assisted HP   311,2482009-01-25 14:12:53
Fun contest - First hour was good at 132. The Assisted category made it more
fun. First time using CW Skimmer - the SDR-IQ is a pretty good receiver. It
probably hears better than I do. Packet pileups appeared to be pretty decent
for the most part. Nice to be able to work DX anywhere on the band.
WI2E   Single Op Assisted HP   37,3852009-01-25 14:15:55
Rig: TS-430S
Amp: AL-80A at 800W
Ant: 43 ft. vertical, 1,300 feet of buried radials (between 20 and 90 feet in
length) on my suburban lot, and a Palstar AT2K tuner

I had a great deal of fun during my limited operating time. I worked eight new
countries on 160M and experienced good rates when I was in the chair, especially
given the setup here. Next year, I'll be ready with an inverted-L and a
complement of receiving antennas. Thanks for all for the QSOs. 73, Joe WI2E
K5EK   Single Op Assisted HP   102,3822009-01-25 14:16:00
Great Contest
K1EP   Single Op LP   356,5082009-01-25 14:16:27
Wow! I thought conditions were great Friday night, but late Saturday night was
incredible. My raw score beats the current USA low power record, but I think
that other scores will be even greater. I worked several new countries and
missed some that I thought would be there. Did not even hear CE1/K7CA and I
usually work him in all the 160 contests. I have spent years looking for KL7
on 160. I had a sked Friday morning before the contest and worked KL7RA.
Thanks Rich! But then later that morning I worked NL7G. Now, if I could only
work one in the contest. Sure enough, Saturday morning I heard KL7RA running
and worked him with virtually no problem. The bands were crowded too. I had
several instances of other stations creeping up on me. I had one station
follow me a couple of times as I nudged up to get out of his signal. Others
just start calling CQ right on top of you when you know that they can hear you.
I even had one instance of someone calling me, I worked him and then he took my
QRG. But aside from those rare instances, it was a great contest. I had a
stretch goal of making 1000Qs and for a while it looked like a stretch. But
after the Sunday morning Eu sunrise run, I knew I could do it. Missed some
sections, like WY and DC. Where was W3DQ or N7NG? Heard one VE4 doing S&P but
I couldn't snare him. More than doubled my score from last year. Thanks for
all the Qs!!!
LZ1GL   Single Op HP   279,4122009-01-25 14:17:09
Nice contest - see you in the next one !
73, LZ1GL Krasimir
K2WK   Single Op Assisted HP   502,1252009-01-25 14:17:51
Rig: Pro 3, 87a, Inverted-L w/4 elevated radials.
Great high angle conditions.
W8JI(VE7ZO)   Single Op HP   1,314,7782009-01-25 14:18:45
Well, another great experience on 160M at the W8JI superstation. Last year I
participated a CQ 160 multi operation from Tom’s and then the ARRL 160 but
getting re-acquainted with the station tools and their proper management still
takes me all weekend with much left to learn at the end. For a contester with
origins in northern Canada and the west coast, operating 160M from W8JI is a
real treat.

Conditions/activity were excellent and similar on both days with extented, late
openings to Europe/Scandinavia and solid JA runs. Decent propagation over the
pole with QSO’s in zones 17, 18 and 19 showing up in the log on Saturday
evening -- UN2, 7Z, A71, TA stand out. I find that there is remarkable
patience on top band from many stations and especially the JA’s when asking
for multiple repeats to clarify call signs. Its gratifying when all the hard
work pays off.

I appreciate all those who answered by calls and I apologize for any that I
missed on my end. Thanks to Tom for the use of his station and being a
terrific host.

vy 73, Jim VE7ZO
K3WW   Single Op Assisted HP   953,0082009-01-25 14:20:25
Wow. Spent full time for the first time that I can remember. Too good to not
go for every last QSO.
NA 1228
EU 412
SA 8
AF 4
AS 7
OC 1
3KL7s, UA0, 2 JA's... never close to that on my tough ones before.

73 Chas
N2NT   Single Op Assisted HP   966,2742009-01-25 14:20:39
Anyone who missed this one will be sorry.
Best conditions I've ever heard. Looking forward to all the big scores and big

Hope everyone had fun, and not too much trouble with the new rules.

73, Andy N2NT
K2SX   Single Op Assisted HP   273,9002009-01-25 14:21:05
Nice to hear EU coming in this far south around sunrise. High local noise level
hurt and appreciate the patience of some of the weaker signals for repeating
until the info came through. Surprised to work 55 countries with an invert3ed
L in a tree with one elevated radial. Just think what I cudda done if I had a
real antenna and the patience to sit still and listen through the noise.
N8TR   Single Op Assisted HP   373,6322009-01-25 14:21:50
Great Conditions. All Q's S&P.

Radio: K3 with diversity reception
Amp: Acom 2000A
TX Antenna: Shunt Fed Tower (108' total with two XA's and 2 el CC 40 on
+40 radials
RX Antennas: 3 two wire beverages 500'(NE/SW,SE/NW,E/W)and a rectangular
(70' by 320') of short verticals.
SE2T   Single Op Assisted HP   42,9752009-01-25 14:22:36
Leisure activity from a very northern QTH for this test... 73
N4YDU   Single Op LP   262,3922009-01-25 14:23:16
On for three hours the first night - kept falling asleep at the rig, so I went
to bed. Second day was awesome. Operated from 3 p.m. local to 5 a.m. local and
enjoyed logging 76 Europeans! First time I've ever been able to run Europe on
160 with 100 watts. Hopefully it won't be the last. Conditions were amazing.
The excitement made it easy to stay awake.

Rig: ICOM 765
Antennas: Transmit Inverted L, Receive, 40M half squares (20).

More at
K7WA   Single Op LP   2,9162009-01-25 14:24:38
My circle of "working the locals" has expanded!

K3 100W
Short Wire and Big Tuner
AD8J   Single Op LP   28,3502009-01-25 14:28:10
I could hear Europe better than I have ever heard them before. But they
couldn't hear me!
OK2W(OK2WM)   Single Op Assisted HP   708,2902009-01-25 14:28:18
My tcvr FT1000MP, PA OM Power , MicroKeyer , ant VA 27m, 2 rx beverage, MIRTA
ant 240 meters long. Thanks for oll station call me. Karel OK2WM
K6MM   Single Op Assisted HP   34,7702009-01-25 14:30:31
Limited time, but really great condx. Missed CT, ND, VT and WV. DX included C6,
KH6, KL, KP2, PJ2, UA9, and XE. Needed more power for EU stations. Station:
Ran 600 watts into a homebrew helically wound vertical with 8 radials + K3 +
N1MM software. Thanks for the Qs and 73. John, K6MM
N2CU   Single Op Assisted HP   586,4302009-01-25 14:30:46
A personal best. Conditions Friday night were awesome. The band was filled with
DX. Saturday night not so awesome but I did work many more stations. I have a
constant low level line noise that is enough to block most of the second tier
DX stations on my K9AY loops but still managed to work a bunch. Thanks for your

FT1000MP, Drake L7, 46' Inverted L with 97 radials between 75' and 150', K9AY
loops, N1MM logger.

Tom N2CU <><
K7BG   Single Op HP   392,6722009-01-25 14:31:58
Wowza! What a way to end. Found VE4EAR calling another station who wasn't
hearing him with a minute and a half left in the contest and I moved up and
called him and he found me. Ending with a new mult is always fun.
Hearing zone 14 and 15 in the early afternoons made this an interesting contest
to say the least. I had a bunch of times where I was gone with other obligations
during the weekend, but I had a blast when I was around. I really think a
beverage plan has to be put on the to do list for this summer. It was really
rough using the xmit antenna on receive many times. The noise seemed to pick up
last night over the first night.
There won't be a record left in the books after this one.
In a few years we'll be talking about these topband condx like the OT's still
talk about high band condx in '58.
Wish I could have maxed op time, but I'll take what I can!
All the best,
W1KQ   Single Op HP   10,3852009-01-25 14:33:44
Between work, ice-dams, replacing a humidifier water pump, wife's birthday party
at Applebee's...5+ hours was enough to have more fun. My cw contesting skills
are improving to the point I am doing some running now besides S&P. I just
need an inverted L to get more countries on 160. Did work G4PWA though in this
one with my homebrewed Cobra dipole. VP9/N1SNB was an easy one.
N1IX   Single Op Assisted HP   393,4152009-01-25 14:43:17
My goal was 1000 QSOs. maybe next year.
I thought I would try the assisted category this year. I found that it makes
very little difference. As my friend Ted KT1V said "Just say no to packet".
W6YI   Single Op Assisted HP   100,6592009-01-25 14:44:13
Thanks to everyone for the contacts. My goal was to work new band countries and
this contest really helped due to the good conditions to europe. Family stuff
allowed for just a few operating hours.
N9TF   Single Op LP   34,8742009-01-25 14:44:57
So...I get up Saturday morning around 1230UTC to move my car out of the driveway
so my XYL can get her car out to go to work. I say to myself, self, we should
turn on the rig and check propagation on 160 for grey line. I turn the rig on
and HOLY SMOKE...There's a contest going on! I totally forgot about CQWW 160CW
this weekend!! Unfortunately, I had booked other activities for both Friday and
Saturday evenings, so my chair time was really limited.
From what I could tell from my vantage point, the band sounded great. Even got
a chance to work 4 DX with my low hanging short dipoles and 100 watts.
I got a chance to break in a new/used 756 Pro3 for the first time, and it
played wonderfully. Huge improvement over the TS-2000, like night and day. I
think I actually worked some stations in that next layer or two that I never
heard before! Just wish I had remembered about the contest so I could have set
aside more quality time!!
Had lots of fun as usual on 160. Got close to WAS, but missed RI, ME, ID, WY,
DE and HI. I was amazed at KL7RA's signallate Saturday night early Sunday
moring. Worked on first call with goods sigs.

I better check the contest calander so I don't miss any others!

73 Gene N9TF

Station conditions: Icom 756 Pro3 100 watts, Alpha Delta DX-LB at 35' drooping
over roof and back yard.
VO1MP   Single Op HP   67,8052009-01-25 14:45:07
Not sure why Contest Sponosors see the need to Divide NL into 2 sections
NF and Lab ... it's all the same Province.... sent the first 24 QSO's as 5nn
NL ... when Wayne VO1TA came along and told me it's 5nn NF this time ...
I guess because Labrador( part of NL ) is also a multiplier for this one
mebbe it's me having too many "senior moments"

73 Tks for QSOs
C'Y'All next one GLWCDR
G6H(@G6UT)   Multi-Op LP   10,1502009-01-25 14:49:08
First time 160m from Harow club before rebuild.
We hook up Inverted L with 40ft tower as support. Thanks to Dave for help.
Running FT857D with mods / filters barefoot. Nice to work VY2ZM and AA7JV.
Band was full, some signals bit wide. Strange to see EU calling bellow 1810.
It was interesting night, difficult with LP into not perfectly matched antenna,
but good starting point.

Thanks all,
Jiri M0ITY
WØZW   Single Op HP   16,7042009-01-25 14:49:14
Are there any hams in WV? Where are you??

Rig : Omni VII, Titan 425 amp
Antennas : Inverted-L
VE3FRX   Single Op QRP   112,5922009-01-25 14:52:04
Unbelievable conditions! Zero noise floor the whole weekend, so I could hear
everything, even Japan (alas, they didn't hear me....). Did 5 watts QRP to
defend my W/VE title from last year, even though I wanted to work the DX with
some juice.

Antenna was my 80m (132ft) shorted Zepp at 30ft (goes over the steel workshop
roof) (see Rig was my old TS-950SDX, which was a lot nicer to listen
to than the old TS-140S I used last year. Finally figured out how to use the
IF-VPT and AF-VPT controls, which made cutting the QRM a lot better. N1MM
worked flawlessly. Thanks to the N1MM team for making the CQ160 changes.

I liked the new 5PM local start and finish a lot better. Made EU contacts
right at the grey line on Saturday morning, but nil on Sunday. Caribbean was
hearing me on Sunday though as they had worked everyone else, so no QRM.
Great. Missed ND,UT,WY,MB,NS,NF and the usual arctic.

I tried running QRP, but mostly a exercise in frustration (1/2hr 1 call) and
lots of folks not hearing me and then picking my freq. for their runs. Such is
life in QRP! Still, I am tickled at how I was heard by so many stations, even
some barely moving MY S-meter, though usually had to send my call at 16 - 18
wpm to be understood.

Thanks to all the great OPs with great listening antennas and patience to pull
me out! Still a lot of alligators out there, but I'm not complaining.
Thanks to the CQ contest team for running another great 160m contest. Easily
my favorite band. Now to get a proper vertical and RX antenna up for next

Jeff, VE3FRX
near the shores of Lake Huron
K3NM   Single Op Assisted LP   122,3642009-01-25 14:52:20
Only on Saturday night and Sunday Had a lot of fun great contest
Thanks for the contacts and see you from V4 for 160 ssb
N4PN   Single Op Assisted HP   583,4702009-01-25 14:55:25
This one will be talked about need to further comment on
the conditions....they were simply GREAT!. Can remember when some of us
never thought we'd get AK to complete our WAS...(i.e, W2EQS, W4BRB
etc)...and could many of us ever work DXCC on 160??

Worked NT0V at 1209UTC the first night for WAS...! 14 hours-9 mins!!
With condx Friday night, thought surely Saturday night would be a was not as good but got much better later in the morning in
Europe....Like so many have commented, sorry if you missed this one...

Ended up with 193 - 10pt Q's,; 84 - 5pt Q's...8-JA's plus UA0CWA.

Spent much time in line to work 6W/DL2RMC on Friday night....then to
have 6W1SE answer my CQ at 0228 on Sunday morning....thanks also to
YV5AMH, PV8DX and HP3TA for calling me when I thought I had worked my
last mult on Sunday morning...

As always, Ed, VE4EAR found are really special and thanks
again..Missed VO2 and the VE8's like most everyone else...

This would be my best score ever and probably won't ever be topped
from my home station....

Rig: FT1000MP/AL1200 - KW
Ant: Inverted Vee - apex in pine end tied to street light
post across street and other end looped over my neighbor's tree
with that end only about 15' off the ground...have two very
short "bev's" (about 200' long) NE & NW - but they do help.
Logging: CT

Thanks to everyone who made this one to remember for a long time
73, Paul, N4PN
AA1K   Single Op HP   923,6402009-01-25 14:57:57
This was a fantastic weekend! Super conditions to Europe right from the start
the first night and I decided to search-and-pounce to chase the 10-pointers for
several hours. Later had some good runs -- and high in the band. 1888 was one
good spot with many Eu calling in. Nice to find EY8MM and ZC4LI up high too.

Second night started out only fair for DX and then went into deep doldrums. But
at 0440z the band broke loose again and we had several hours of Eu runs.

490 ten-pointers was an all-time high for me in this contest (287 the first
night, 203 the second), and overall score also was a personal best.

Worked a few JAs each morning, starting early, around 09z. RW0CWA was a nice
catch Sunday morning.

Missed Wyoming for WAS. Also missed Lab., NU, NWT and Yukon.

Rig: Orion I, FT1000MP in SO2R and Alpha 89. Vertical parasitic array for TX
and numerous phased Beverages for RX (though main Eu pair was not
Station details at

73/Jon AA1K


Date Hour Total 2 5 10
Running Total
2009-01-23 22 39 23 2 14
2009-01-23 23 51 25 3 23
2009-01-24 0 45 10 3 32
2009-01-24 1 40 18 5 17
2009-01-24 2 136 104 13 19
2009-01-24 3 38 22 3 13
2009-01-24 4 55 20 3 32
2009-01-24 5 72 20 3 49
2009-01-24 6 103 42 4 57
2009-01-24 7 51 27 4 20
2009-01-24 8 54 44 5 5
2009-01-24 9 52 44 4 4
2009-01-24 10 63 55 7 1
2009-01-24 11 51 47 3 1
2009-01-24 12 55 51 4 0
2009-01-24 21 1 1 0 0
2009-01-24 22 17 5 1 11
2009-01-24 23 48 38 2 8
2009-01-25 0 40 35 3 2
2009-01-25 1 63 57 5 1
2009-01-25 2 48 39 1 8
2009-01-25 3 33 32 0 1
2009-01-25 4 40 17 3 20
2009-01-25 5 79 20 3 56
2009-01-25 6 82 17 0 65
2009-01-25 7 32 12 1 19
2009-01-25 8 20 13 1 6
2009-01-25 9 14 12 1 1
2009-01-25 10 23 18 1 4
2009-01-25 11 16 14 1 1
2009-01-25 12 22 21 1 0
2009-01-25 13 1 1 0 0
2009-01-25 21 1 1 0 0
Total All Hours 1485 905 90 490
PR7AR   Single Op HP   5762009-01-25 14:58:15
IC-736 400W
DIPOLE 1/2 80M @ 10M UP.
K6NR   Single Op HP   198,5282009-01-25 14:58:36
Wow, what can I say - I have never experienced propagation to
Europe from Southern California on 160 like I did this weekend.
I worked 43 Eu stations in 24 different countries – that is
two more Eu countries than I have previously worked in my entire
160 meter career. I have lots of local noise and a modest
45' tall inverted L transmit antenna, so mother nature
certainly was smiling on us this weekend. Eu stations were
coming in just as well as the midwest or east coast, often
times better, and with very little QSB. Nothing like calling
CQ and having JW5NM call you just as strong as can be.

My total country count of 40 compares to 17 in 2006, my
previous best. I could not get very many good runs started,
almost seemed like propagation to some parts of the states was
not optimal. I did work all 50 states, but missed several
Canadian mults, including VE4 of all things. My total JA
count was down I think, to 27 stations worked.

Wonderful contest, hope we get more propagation like this in
the future.

As always, thanks for the Qs, especially those who hung in
there while I tried to pull them out of my noise.

73, Dana, K6NR
NR4M(K7SV)   Single Op HP   915,0862009-01-25 14:59:00
Terrific contest with absolutely unbelievable condx. What a treat! At times the
band sounded like 20 meters! We just put a diamond quad loop up with the top at
190ft. Hands down it outperformed the Tee over 45 radials during the weekend. I
saw Walt K2WK had commented about everything being high angle. Is that the
consensus of the resident experts on top band?
Orion II driving 4-1000 at 1400W. Antennas Quad loop and Tee. Four 2 wire
beverages. Orion set up in diversity. Thanks to all for the Qs and to Steve for
use of the station!
W5GZ   Single Op QRP   14,7002009-01-25 15:06:02
Had a blast QRP, but wish I could have spent longer Sat. evening (Work...Oh

K1VC   Single Op Assisted HP   256,8062009-01-25 15:06:56
Great contest. I had a blast. My goal was 500 Q's but I kept on going after I
achieved my goal. Band sounded great with lots of DX. Learned a lot about my
station and areas for

Alpha 78
Dipoles (2)
N1MM Logger v9.1.1
W1UE(@W1KM)   Multi-Op HP   1,127,5742009-01-25 15:07:25
Great conditions 1st 24 hours, very good condx second 24 hours. Continent
NA 998
SA 4
Europe 587
Asia 24
Oceania 1
Africa 4

Thanks to all who worked us. Congrats to at least K1LZ and W2GD, who smoked us
good according to Getscores.

Dennis W1UE
YT1HA   Single Op LP   81,2632009-01-25 15:08:31
Well this score with a piece of long wire from my window to street light is
Direction to UA.
I was thinking to go outside Belgrade for contest but it was too cold,so I
decided to try working a few hours from my home.Ant was ready few minutes b4
contest(tnx to YU9DX for help).First qso was @ 00:18 GMT UP2L :)
In the morning was 205 qso in log,next day just 2-3 hours operated ,and also
same time in sunday.
I am sorry that I couldn't go to 4O3A location , last year we made a great
It was nice contest ,I cold imagine what kind of dx worked big gun stations:)
Here FT 1000 mp mark V field
100 W
ant some kind of slooper (garbage) but works:)
N1MM software
Thanks everyone!
CU in contest's!

73 Zik YT1HA

qso by countries:
OK 40
DL 39
UR 36
UA 23
S5 21
YU 17
SP 16
LY 14
HA 13
YO 8
OM 7......

4Z 2
5B4 2
CT9 1
K 4
VY2 1
ZC4 1
UN 2
AL2F   Single Op Assisted LP   31,3262009-01-25 15:09:00
CQ160CW Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2009-01-24

CallSign Used : AL2F
Operator(s) : AL2F

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : 160M
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : 01
Gridsquare : B049ET

Name : Kristoffer Kerce
Address : PO BOX 973
City/State/Zip : Anchor Point AK 99556
Country : USA

ARRL Section : AK
Club/Team : AK DX CLUB
Software : N1MM Logger V9.1.2

Band QSOs Pts Sta Cty
1.8 130 681 40 6
Total 130 681 40 6

Score : 31,326
Rig : ft-857d, MFJ-696 tuner, WinKeyerUSB

Antennas : 160m Horz. Loop at 35 ft, Inv.L 45'Vert.x85'Horz.

Soapbox :

Awesome!!! Great band. It was pretty good Friday night with the 160m loop,
heard lots of signals, but few heard me, only 18q's VA being the longest path.
On Saturday with encouragement from NL7Y and KL7RA, I decided to put up an
Inv.L. I tied an Inv. L about 45ft vert. up a tree and 85ft horz. onto my 5btv
and added 3 130ft radials to the set. Install went really well, first shot was
short, added some wire a little to long, trimmed and tunes at 1.830. I was
stoked and ready to go. What a difference!!! People could hear my on the
Inv.L. I didn't know about this band at all, but now I'm hooked. Worked
GM3POI on the 2nd call, I almost fell out of the chair. 112 q's on Sat. night,
could have worked more but the brain gave out around 05:30local 14:30utc.

Thanks to all that heard me.
73-AL2F-Kris in AK..

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2009-01-25 Signature : kk
KR4F   Single Op Assisted HP   295,2202009-01-25 15:09:13
No thunderstorms!! Local noise down to S2 in CW bandwidth. Wonderful cndx!
(But still wish I had a receiving antenna).

Great fun!

Johnny, KR4F
VE3QAA   Single Op Assisted HP   364,6202009-01-25 15:09:22
Band conditions excellent. Problem running with new software, and decided to
S&P. Solved problem early Sunday morning and had some good runs after that.
Decided part way through contest to use cluster for S&P, so entry is Single OP
Assisted. Missed several provinces and states, but in final minutes of contest
was called by W3A with surprise "DC" state! 63 DXCC entities was personal
record for me in any contest.
VE1ZA   Single Op LP   43,0362009-01-25 15:18:00
Not to much operating time
NE7D   Single Op LP   46,9842009-01-25 15:22:12
FT-1000MP M-V Field, 100 watts
"T" vertical (ladderline to 80M OCF dipole)
and new MA160V
N1MM logger

I'm new to 160..... is it always like this? Wow!
VO1TA   Single Op HP   220,3042009-01-25 15:22:44
Great conditions, Nice to be able to work the ten pointers almost two hours
before sunset. Heard a couple of Ja stations for the first time, Too bad their
window is so small. Never had a chance with the number of big North American
stations cqing in the vicinity. Guess there is always the next time.
Heard Hawaii and Alaska as well but could not break the pileups with a single
worn out 3-500 and an inverted L at about 35 ft.
Thanks for the fun time cu in the next one

Wayne VO1TA
Kenwood 850
Inverted L @35 ft with 6 (not enough radials)
Hardline rx loop
KØDXC   Single Op Assisted LP   111,5402009-01-25 15:23:25
Rig - IC-756PROIII
Antenna - Alpha Delta DX-B Sloper @ 35 ft and a SBOG (Short Beverage On Ground)
RX antenna

..... I don't know what to say.....

The CQ WW 160 CW 2009 was very interesting. Propagation was INCREDIBLE.

I started out the contest trying to run (I had a little success) and I actually
had a 120 hour for the first hour of the contest. This is the best rate I've
ever had - IN a contest. I can beat that easily in Morse Runner but that
doesn't count.

After the first hour, someone took my frequency; literally....And yes, they
were 20 over 9 so I'm guessing they could hear me and they knew I was there. It
wasn't worth fighting him for it so I just left.

I started searching and pouncing. I heard a TON of European stations! Most of
them were S5 to S9+10 but I could not work a single one! My antenna (DX-B) has
very high angle radiation. It gives me a decent signal in some parts of the
U.S. but I've never expected to work much DX with it. This summer I'll have to
think about maybe putting up an Inverted L. (Or something that works for DX.)

Then I went back to my previous run frequency and started calling CQ. The first
station I worked was the one who had kicked me off before. Funny.

Anyways, around 10:00 PM local time I worked my first DX - VP9/N1SNB. It took a
couple of calls but I eventually logged him. He had a good 599 RST into Southern

I had very little success running stations or holding a frequency. Whenever I
tried to run, a EU station would fire up the CQ machine right on top of me.
Even though he was weak I would still loose my frequency when his pileup came
along. It should also be illegal for DX to operate split in a contest. My
preferred run frequencies are towards the bottom of the band, but a certain
station hanging out around 1800.5 - 1801.5 kept signing "UP 1!". Of course, the
rest of the world just starts calling (without listening) "up 1".

There was a lot of talk about removing the DX window before the contest. From
what I read, people had mixed feelings. Looking back now that the contest is
over, I think that a good decision was made. The DX spread out making it easier
for people to pick them out of the noise and get them in the log. Even though
the window was "gone" I still didn't call any U.S. stations inside of it.

Even though I only worked 11 countries, I heard MANY more.

After the first night I had about 420 QSO's, 3 DX, and 45 States/Provinces. My
total score was about 48,000. I thought that it wasn't bad and I was hoping to
win low power Ohio.

Just for fun I was to to see how WB8JUI was doing...... My hopes
for winning instantly vanished. I had more QSOs, but he had 90 mults for a
score of over 120,000! Amazing! Apparently he was working all the DX that
couldn't hear me!

The second night I got on around 4:30 local hoping to establish a run. Well,
that didn't happen. I couldn't run, then my mom came upstairs and asked me to
come down for dinner. I did. After dinner I was still discouraged so I watched
TV for another half an hour. Then I got back on the radio.

I still couldn't run so I went search and pounce. Suddenly I noticed that
Win-Test was not putting calls that I worked into the band map. I purchased
Win-Test this Monday so I haven't had time to set it up or get to know it.

Once again I got frustrated and I took another break, this time to get my
logging program working correctly. While configuring the bandmap, I decided to
also try to configure the wtDx Telnet. This took another half an hour but then
I actually got packet running from my station! I knew I wasn't going to stand a
chance at winning so I decided to go assisted for the remaining 5 hours of my
operating in the contest.

Assisted was actually kind of fun. It saved a lot of time not having to tune
through the U.S. QRM to try to find DX. While I was assisted, I was able to
work 6 more countries!

This included working Hawaii, now I have an unconfirmed (hopefully LoTW will
soon change that!) W.A.S. on 160 meters! I worked Alaska in the contest too! (I
almost fell out of the chair when I worked both of them, HI!)

Then I looked at the clock, it was 6:30 AM local time. I was not tired at all
but decided to go to bed to prevent being put in the dog house. I think my mom
would have blown a few fuses if she knew I had stayed up all night on the
RADIO! Hi! While I try to keep all my radiosport efforts "low key" my parents
aren't to fond of these contests.

Anyways, I was woken up around 10:00 (I had a good 3 and a half hours sleep) by
my brother blaring music in the room right next to mine.

Well, I got up and let the dog outside. Then I discovered a box of donuts
sitting on the kitchen counter! Delicious!

After that I called my grandpa, K9MMS to see how he had fared through the
night. We had a few QSOs during the evening but I wasn't sure how things went
after that. He told me that he was going to go get back on the air for about an
hour and a half until the contest ended, I decided to do that too.

I wasn't assisted for the last hour and a half of the contest. We currently
have a situation with our internet so that we have to have a "Sprint Mobile
Broadband" card plugged into the computer to connect. The card was in use
downstairs so I had to make due without packet. (I don't think I missed
anything anyways! Hi!)

I tuned the band a few times and all I heard were stations that I had already
worked. I called CQ in the middle of the band and only worked about 10
stations. Then I decided that be would be all for me in the CQ WW 160 CW this
year, I had fun (most of the time) and I am looking forward to it next year! I
worked a lot of familiar calls - it was nice hearing everyone.

Highlights -

- I struggle working seven stations, my antenna doesn't give me a good signal
in that part of the country. A few times when I would call someone in seven
land he would only catch the last or first part of my call.

"K0? 5NN UT"



- I had my first "120/hour" (IN CONTEST)

- I worked MANY familiar calls

Negatives -

- I couldn't work any DX. From reading people's comments on the contest this
was the best 160 propagation we've had in a while. I missed out.

- I had a very hard time running.

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs! I hope to work all of you again in the CQ WW
160 SSB! (parents permitting!) :-)

VY 73,

Cal, K0DXC
N2BA   Single Op HP   655,3202009-01-25 15:32:22
Wow, that was a lot of fun, a personal best.

The antenna is an inverted V at 95' It wasn't tuning up very well. Went out to
look and one leg was on the ground, under a foot of frozen snow/ice.

Apparently, a neighbor had cut down the tree I had tied it to. Luckily managed
to get the end off the ground before the starting bell.

73, Brooke N2BA
WB2ABD   Single Op HP   324,1042009-01-25 15:35:02
Lest we be spoilt ... I remember condx like this during a TopBand contest once,
for about an hours' duration ... this was the whole weekend. To get an EU run
with my low dipole and noises floored me. OTOH I couldn't work a JA or UA0 on a
bet. But then I did work a couple of new countries for 160M.

Mixed feelings about the earlier start time ... I start running out of gas when
the bands' still open to EU ... ugh. NE beverage went kaput, and the possibles
are buried under a coupla 3 ft. of snow that turned to ice. But all in all, I'm
happy with the way this weekend turned out. Personal best for this 'test.

T-T O2 TL922~900W inv vee @ 60 ft. K9AY loops N1MM/uHam MK
N2MM   Single Op Assisted HP   550,0002009-01-25 15:35:41
Icom 756pro
Alpha 78 ( modified with 2-3cx800a)
Inverted L (90ft vertical)

First night excellent condx, 2nd night fair until 0330z when the band
Ended up with almost 250 10 pointers. Missed WY (too weak to work when spotted)
and VE4. Also missed 10 countries that were spotted. (pileups too fierce to
spend much time). Never got around to putting up the beverages, but bands were
super quiet so not much of a hindrance this time. Apologies to the 7 stations
that I worked after 2200z Sunday. I forgot the new
N6WG   Single Op QRP   18,8402009-01-25 15:36:30
SOAPBOX: Boy, what a contrast in experiences. I've seen a number of reports
SOAPBOX: talking about the great conditions, and all the DX that was worked.
SOAPBOX: I'm wondering if we're talking about the same contest :-) Certainly,
SOAPBOX: I did better last year.
SOAPBOX: I had some mini-runs, one at a rate of 120 Qs/hr. Lasted all of one
SOAPBOX: minute :-) Then a 10 min run at 48 Qs/hr and a 60 min run at 22
SOAPBOX: Not that bad for QRP and a simple wire vertical.
SOAPBOX: Unfortuantely, I didn't hear any of the fabulous DX that everyone
SOAPBOX: got to work. Here only worked KL7, KH6, XE and PJ2.
SOAPBOX: I wound up with 205 Qs, 36 States/Provinces, and 4 Countries. Total
SOAPBOX: points were 18,840. Nothing to shout about, but I did get a good
SOAPBOX: night's sleep :-) I see now I should have toughed it out and stayed
SOAPBOX: up later.
SOAPBOX: Anyway, I had fun, and got to compare several receiving antennas here
SOAPBOX: on different signals and conditions.
SOAPBOX: Thanks to everyone that wrestled with my mini-signal and eventually
SOAPBOX: made a QSO of it.
SOAPBOX: Hope to see you all in the SSB run.
SOAPBOX: The Little Station with Attitude
VE3XB   Single Op Assisted HP   618,9762009-01-25 15:39:04
It's impossible to be competitive from the middle of big city so I decided to do
DX-ing instead, using few available spoils like cluster and an amplifier limited
to less than 400 w by ALC driven by TV, entertainment centres, computers and
various building appliances.

Friday night conditions were unbelievable so I couldn't resist starting calling
CQ and had few pretty good runs. Saturday night band was covered with some kind
of white noise and I became an alligator and am sorry if I missed your call.
Later same happend to me and I couldn't get through to the stations coming from
the West and Pacific. Somebody said it was one-way propagation. Missed both
sunrises staying longer in bed due to cold.

Thanks for QSOs, see you all in ARRL CW in February.

73 Yuri

Equipment: TT Orion II, Quadra VL-1000, half-wave sloper coming down from the
top of 35m apartment building and 2 small RX verticals placed apart on the roof
patio and phased via NCC-1.
K4TD   Single Op HP   646,5272009-01-25 15:39:25
First, thanks for all the QSO's!!! This is one of my favorite contests.

On Friday at sunset the Europeans were booming into North Alabama. I was very
surprised at how loud the signals were in general. Interestingly enough, it
seemed to me that the signals were all "high angle." All my antennas are
configured more for low angle (yeah I know...) so after stubbing my toe in a
couple of pile-ups, I opted to S&P for strong US stations until my prospects
improved. However, starting just before the 00Z hour, baby, it was
"Katie-bar-the-door." :-) According to SH5, during this time my best
60-minute rate was 152 and my best 120-minute rate was 287. Now that was
fun!!! :-)

Here's the geographical breakdown:

EU 238
AS 52 (47 were JA's)
NA 1101
SA 5
AF 4
OC 2
Total 1402

Look forward to seeing everyone back in this one next year.





particular contest, spectrum is limited, signals are loud and room for error is
low. Not a good scenario at all. At my station, I made the decision to run the
filters in my rigs (currently Orions but switching to K3's) pretty tight. I can
hear fairly "inteference free" inside a 250-300 Hz window. Out of respect for
my "band neighbors," I don't listen too far outside that window when the band
is packed. I lost count of the number of times someone would transmit on the
frequency I was using to run when trying to work the guys on either side of me.
A couple of times my neighbors were loud, interesting DX with the result being
bedlam. I realize this is a complicated problem that won't ever be completely
resolved, but I feel that a little more attention to detail on our parts when
in S&P mode would certainly provide some needed relief.

K4EDI   Single Op Assisted HP   16,7322009-01-25 15:39:54
Trying to work on my CW skills...I do a lot of SSB and RTTY contests, but this
was the first time that I ran a little bit on CW. Stepped out of my comfort
zone of the usual S & P on CW! Had fun and will do more!
IØQM   Single Op Assisted HP   3,2892009-01-25 15:40:38
Apologise on my behalf for 25W into 5m wire antenna. Nice contest and very good
operators to keep my call at the first shot! 73 bob.
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   255,4082009-01-25 15:41:17
Wow, 160 meters as I have never heard it before. I had to periodically check to
make sure I hadn't inadvertently bumped the band switch over to 20 meters.

I got off to a bit of a late start due to the new starting time this year. I
think I set a land speed record on my normal hour and twenty minute commute
home from work. Note to self, call in sick or take a vacation day next year!

Worked the final two states (KH6 and WY) for WAS early Sunday morning. Special
thanks to KH6/VE7AHA for hanging in there with me for several minutes while I
fumbled around trying to pull him out of the noise. Thanks Andy, your
perseverance was greatly appreciated. Also picked up 10 new DXCC entities.

Congratulations to N2WN and N8VW for outstanding LP and QRP scores. It will be
interesting to see how much this one rewrites the record book for the CQ 160 CW

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
N6RO   Multi-Op HP   420,3162009-01-25 15:43:33
Long opening to EU both nights; 48 EU, 100 JAs. Spotted several times by zone
16 & 17 stations on Sunday morning. Despite beverages and DIVERSITY receive,
we still had noise problems. Chased packet spots at the expense of QSO total,
but had more fun! K4VU did the heavy lifting Friday night, N6RO Saturday
night. Let's hope we have these band condx next winter!

K3, Alpha 76, Wire 4-Square, 3 beverages.
KV8Q   Single Op LP   6,1292009-01-25 15:45:59
Nothing serious. Just three hours of having fun. Lots of activity,
even during the day.
K7ABV   Single Op LP   6,7842009-01-25 15:46:12
well, I had a nice time, didn't push myself, and I guess it shows haw..wx was
cold so best place to be is in the radio room...thanks to all for a qso..
NN3W   Single Op Assisted LP   131,5802009-01-25 15:46:55
Started out unassisted on Friday but was bored to tears, and went into "play DX

Put up a new inverted L on saturday, and got it up to about 70 feet. What a
difference.....Saturday was much, much better!
G3LET   Single Op HP   835,1462009-01-25 15:46:56
Rig: K3 + amp - 400W
Antenna: Sloping wire 380 ft from 150 ft sequoia tree, fed with manual tuner
against a couple of radials.
Logger: Paper and pencil (SD will be used as the post-logger to create the
entry file)

Wonderful conditions on the second morning, with all of the west coast of the
US and Canada wide open to Europe for several hours. The rest was a bit
In an effort to fill in some of the poor directions from the antenna, I'd
recently extended the original 250ft by an extra quarter wave. Although this
may have helped a bit with Asia and Africa, being my first bash at this event I
hadn't realised the importance of giving priority to NA. The new arrangement
didn't have the same edge in that department at all, or to JA.

Spent what seemed like hours missing out on CE1/K7CA (easy in the SP with the
original wire) and only managed one JA. Several other mults with good signals
got away, including VQ9, YV, P4, UK, several more West Coast states and most of
Western Canada. Anyway, the weekend was most enjoyable - many thanks for all
the QSOs!
W8AKS   Single Op LP   22,2642009-01-25 15:47:31
Wasn't going to get into it; but with the super condx, couldnt resist. Did
something new I've never done in a major contest and that is tried "running".
Found an open freq high in the band and let her rip. Thanks to all who found me
and those who spotted me. Appreciate it. Will have to try it again next month.
C6ANM consistently sounded like a local.
DK8EY   Single Op HP   63,4402009-01-25 15:48:13
Rig: ICOM IC-7400, Ameritron AL-80B
Antennas: 5-ele-beam, 2x23m dipole
VE3RZ   Single Op Assisted HP   388,1782009-01-25 15:48:58
I knew that I had no chance for a full time effort so I thought I would try and
get a good run on Friday evening/Saturday morning. Got home from work early
and looking forward to starting at new time of 5:00pm local - only to find that
when I went out to see if antenna in good shape, the inverted L was lying in the
snow.... Had to try and get it up fast - one of the rope supports had broken
due to frayed rope against tree limb....So, I changed around the antenna,
ending up with a long slope from the feed point to the attachment in tree at
about 45 feet up. Then a slope down to one of the apple trees... Total length
is about 155feet. Weather of course, was about -20C with wind chill and there
was about 2ft of snow in the back yard... Got back into shack and with fingers
crossed I tried the SWR - great 1.2:1 So after losing first hour we tried some
S&Ping - decided to use DXCluster to see how many countries could be worked. I
think everyone has said it, the conditions were FANTASTIC, I have never heard
so much DX on 160m and many times it sounded just like 20m. Worked through
local sunrise then went to bed - but not before 400Qs 54 Sections and 55
countries in the log. Felt very good as I had only ever worked 20 countries
before in a 160m contest. Saturday night was lost as I had to attend a
birthday party in Toronto - so only got back at about 11:45pm local time.
Still managed to work a goodly number of stations, including the last ones for
a WAS finishing with WC7S (thanks) for the only WY station I heard. Heard VE4
S&Ping early in contest, but never again. Nothing heard from Artic Canada. Good
to work KL7RA and KH6LC. Clearly heard OY9 but pileup too bad to get through.
Other DX heard but not worked included HD2, RW0, JA, ZC4. Glad to work 40 Eu
countries and got through pile up to 6W.

Setup: K2/100 & Command HF1250 - 1000w
Ant: Low inverted L

Thanks for all the Qs and looking forward to the next one..

N4TZ/9   Single Op LP   242,6602009-01-25 15:49:12
I don't know who was more surprised when UA6LV heard my 100 watts
at 2226z the first night! I worked more than a dozen Europeans
before the old 0000z starting time. Great start to the contest.

I was going to get on for a few QSOs to check the recently acquired
second Orion against the first one. But enjoyed digging out the DX
so much that I put in about 17 hours of operating. Worked 80 ten
pointers, but apparently missed a number of Carribean stations while
listening on the European beverage. Was thrilled to work my first
zone 19 and zone 1 on 160 - missed WY stateside.

The newer Orion seems to be good to go in the next contest.

Terry N4TZ/9
FM5CD   Single Op Assisted HP   584,0402009-01-25 15:51:25

73, Michel
N1DG   Single Op Assisted HP   172,5472009-01-25 16:00:21
Amazing conditions!!!
W9RE   Single Op HP   616,4202009-01-25 16:04:28
Apologies to stations I could not pull out, had an S9 noise to the NE, N and NW
that just cropped up. With the noise I never planned on operating much but
realized most likely I would never experience conditions like these again
during a contest. No contest in the past 35 years can hold a candle to this
one. I should have done more S and P'ing then CQ'ing but ended up reading 8
editions of "Pile Up" @

In addition to the nite time conditions, during the daylight hours conditions
and activity was just amazing. At 3 o'clock local having a decent hour is

Worked my first UA9 and worked 238 -10 pointers.
K4LY   Single Op Assisted HP   283,3202009-01-25 16:11:45
Was this fun! By now everyone knows conditions were super. I operated assisted
for the first time. While others perhaps have moved on to CW skimmers, I used
for the first time in a contest the N1MM bandmap with internet. What a ball!
It was like a video game, Pacman comes to mind, trying to work everything in
the bandmap. Once you work a station, it never appears again in the bandmap,
and a truly big gun could work the bandmap until it's white- no stations at
all- except newbies being spotted. Well, I'm no big gun and the bandmap always
had plenty of new stations to try to work. I did not try to maximize my score
by calling CQ (just for a few minutes on 4 occasions) or even doing much tuning
so the many stations not spotted, no doubt the majority, probably didn't make in
to the log. My goal was to see how many countries I could work with a fairly
marginal setup, a sloping inverted L that is tied into my multiband Hygain
Hytower at the 12' level and runs at a 45 degree angle up to the 63' foot level
on my tower 50' away and then over to the 63' level on my VHF tower. With the
Hytower only 50' from a curving lane on one side and my house on the other,
there is only room for 50' radials over 180 degrees with some longer ones in
other directions. I'm using two KAZ receive antennas, one favoring NE and the
other NW. The super stations (those with good 4-squares, etc,) work the DX
first or second call. The big guns (with 1/4 wave verticals, lots of radials
and good locations work the DX pretty quickly. Then I work the DX! Or try to.
I eventually worked almost everything I heard (over 200 Europeans, I think)
with the exception of several Europeans that didn't hear well. I probably heard
a half dozen or so countries I didn't work. Thanks for the Qs. Was this fun!
KT3Y   Single Op HP   847,9902009-01-25 16:12:27
Excellent Conditions:
Excellent Activity;
Excellent Radio: K3

TX antenna: 26m wire Tee between two trees
RX antennas: 3 2 wire Beverages

NA 1114
SA 4
EU 397
AS 5
Af 4
OC 3

73, Phil
NQ4I   Multi-Op HP   920,3022009-01-25 16:13:38
What can I say, but that conditions were the best I have ever seen!! On Thursday
before the contest we got a glimpse of what was to come and believe me it was
fantastic! The band was better than 20m meters at a sunspot high! The stations
that called in from EU were stronger than most New England stations....and they
came in waves...two or three at a time and then a few stateside and then back to
the EU callers....We had W8ZF join us after a 25 year hiatus from contesting,
boy did he pick a great time to see 160 m conditions! he sat in the drivers
seat on Friday and was just in wonder as one after the other EU called in...our
multilpier count would be tied with K1LZ as the highest total with 142 total
mults! At the end of 24 hours we had over 1000 Q's , 58 states and provinces,
and 75 countries...unbelievable!!! Dean W8ZF was only on site for the first
night...that left W4SVO, Myself, and Greg N3ZL to finish off the contest....I
started coughing and wheezing Saturday morning and by the time we opened up at
19z on Saturday, I had a full blown cold...took some of the cold medicine and
was history after that..slept all night Sat night...woke up at 5am (10Z) and
joined the frey then....but Mark and Greg had manned the station in an
admirable way...they had some really impressive numbers by then...we ended up
working 31 JA's and 3 UA0's...unheard of from this location ever.....and then
there was the big signals from OH8X...Unbelievable!! In the unbelievable
category was EY8MM, RA1AIP, OG2P, and other Northern EU signals that were
outstanding!! We had made some antenna improvements and they must have paid off
well...we have replaced the 1/4 wave length verticals with 3/8
to do is to phase and drive them in 4 directions for additional gain...also we
will be adding phased and staggered beverages in 4 directions ....This was
Greg's(N3ZL) second ever Multi effort, and he manned the multiplier station on
Friday night..he started the run at 19z and he was in the seat when the band
opened to EU just before sunset...and the boy did a great job! As always the
logs will go to LOTW and and direct qsl's go to my manager K4PK.....thanks for
such a great contest...congrats to W2GD, WE3C, K1LZ, K1TTT,W1UE, and N0XR for
using and posting their scores for the world to see...what a
great horse race this weekend!! 73 de Rick NQ4I
W4ZV   Single Op HP   957,4402009-01-25 16:22:33
This is my second pass at submitting and I didn't save a copy of the first so
will make this brief. First congrats to VE7ZO/W8JI! I predicted there would
be several scores over 1M, and we have yet to hear from some of my suspects.

I noted that these conditions were the result of convergence of a
"perfect storm":

1. Extremely low geomagnetic before and during the contest.
2. Unusually low atmospheric QRN over NA and EU. This is the first CQ 160 in
my memory that did not have at least one night of lightning-induced QRN.
3. Favorable weather with no ice storms, blizzards, etc to damage antennas,
cut power, etc.

I just came into the shack at 0 UTC to write this and thought something
happened to my antennas or rig. The band is nearly dead quiet on CW except for
a fairly weak OM3PC. I think it died from exhaustion! This will certainly go
down as the best ever CQ 160 and I expect the many records broken will stand
for probably a very long time!

By the way, kudos to Andy N2NT for the format changes! I think every
one of them made the best 160 contest even better.

73, Bill W4ZV
K4XU   Single Op HP   80,5232009-01-25 16:30:00
Conditions were very good this year. After about midnight local, when most of
the neighborhood plasma TVs are off, I can even hear Europe. How do these
things get past FCC Part 15?
I kept chasing N4OGW and WC7S around - never did get a MS or WY. Never heard ND
or DC and except for the usual suspects, the VE's were playing hard to get.

Thanks to all who stopped by.
N4PSE   Single Op HP   85,4102009-01-25 16:31:37
Fun, part time effort. 400W to a very low trapped inverted L thrown over a tree
with 7 short radials.

Did notice a few CQ machines that never seem to answer anyone. At first I
thought it was my lousy signal- but other strong callers never got answers
either. One K9___ in particular I ran into at least a dozen times and never
heard him answer me or anyone else--- oh well, whatever floats your boat!

Good conditions Friday and early Sat nights made EU DX very easy. My
propagation to EU dropped way off mid evening Saturday and I went to bed.

This a nice event that doesn't take up an entire weekend- xyl friendly!
KM9M   Single Op Assisted HP   17,0972009-01-25 16:33:36
Not much time, on and off for around 6 hrs. Very bad QRN. Apologies to those
that called and I couldn't hear, and many tnx to those who repeated over and
over again. Due to icing of antenna components, pretty much had to sit and
QSY/retuning was a huge undertaking.
K9AY   Single Op QRP   212,8952009-01-25 16:36:59
Sure picked a good weekend to turn down the power. Lots of great ears to go with
the fabulous conditions. I knew this one was different when I could hold a run
frequency with 5W and even have a few DX call in!

With 160 like this, who needs 10M?

73, Gary
WØPC   Single Op LP   38,3942009-01-25 16:37:15
Much better band condx this year. Goal was to match last years score, but
managed to really blow it away. Thanks for all the Qs and hope to hookup with
everyone on the next one.

73 de W0PC (Rick)
K4EU   Single Op HP   23,2682009-01-25 16:42:21
Ran for two hours Saturday evening on 1800.75.... Thanks for the Q's.....
73....//Steve K4EU
VE7FO   Single Op Assisted HP   11,9002009-01-25 16:42:34
Don't usually enter this as antenna is inv L 30 ft high with radials
buried in a 12 x 30 ft lawn with the vertical at one corner. However,
I thought I'd try out the getscores real time reporting system just
for fun, so I got on at midnight on Sat. It was kind of fun to see
my score showing up but, as I wasn't competitive with anyone, it
didn't feel like any kind of race. I did, however, notice that VA7ST
hadn't made a Q for several hours so I sent him a harassing e-mail
telling him to get his butt back in the chair. That was fun.

I entered the HP category, even though running a barefoot MkV at 200W,
because I didn't see any point running only 100W and having fewer
people hear me. It was often a struggle as it was. There are some
VERY patient folks out there

I was only going to try it for a few minutes but, well, it's a contest
and CW to boot so I hung in until about 0230.

I was surprised by the number of people who could actually hear me.
Up 'til now, my best DX on 160 to the west was K7C and to the east was
the west coast of the Mississippi! I worked 29 states including MA,
NJ, NY, all the 3's except DC, all the 4's and a bunch of others.

I actually heard an Eu station, to my great surprise. Very weak and
didn't bother calling him. Heard a couple of UA0's S&Ping. They were
strong enough I think I could have worked them but never heard one

After a while I got tired of people not hearing me when I called so
found a spot at 1806 and started "running", thinking that there's no
point wasting time calling folks who mostly don't hear me. This way,
the folks who can will hopefully find me. They did - helped a lot by
a spot from AL9A (hope I got that right). Actually made 19 of my Qs
that way with an average rate of about 30. I was pretty happy about

Once again, thanks for your patience everybody.
K1TO   Single Op HP   656,3702009-01-25 16:44:15
Lots of fun!

About 9 hrs each night. Had given up after the first night and just S&P'ed
half-heartedly on and off for a few hours to boost the mult total, but then
CQed and had a ball with a mini-pile of E EU calling at their SR.

The NE and N Bevs are somehow picking up noise, so I listened the whole first
night on the NW Bev, even to EU. Only on the second night did I discover that
the xmit ant actually hears OK and a lot better than the NW ant to EU (doh!).
This is one side effect of never operating outside of contests.

Other highlights were 7Z1SJ and JA8ISU (~0730Z!) calling in, plus finding
TF3CW, MM0XAU (GM/S) and OY9JD. Only ones heard and not worked were 4O3A,
EL2DX amd UP0L. Didn't stay up late enough to work anyone in the Pacific
besides KH6.

FT-1000MP, AL-1500
1/4 wave GP with 3 raised radials
~300' Beverage to NW

Thanks for each and every contact!

73, Dan, K1TO
DR1A   Multi-Op HP   1,295,3252009-01-25 16:44:49
Stormy weather on Friday and Saturday prevented setup of our Vertical antenna
(Inverted-L, which would have consisted of two 18m Spiderbeam Poles - one
carrying the transmit wire and the other being the support pole for the
horizontal wire.)
We ended up just using our DIPOLE @ 30m. Propagation was OK in the first night.
USA was closed most of the second night, and opened up just a little before
sunrise on Sunday. It is always a highlight to work W6/7 on 160m. This year we
had 19 west coast contacts:

24.01.2009 0317 K8IA AZ
24.01.2009 0326 WA7LT WA
24.01.2009 0717 K7BG MT
24.01.2009 0749 N7JW UT
25.01.2009 0251 N7DD AZ
25.01.2009 0526 K7RAT OR
25.01.2009 0529 N6SS AZ
25.01.2009 0542 AC6DD CA
25.01.2009 0553 NK7U OR
25.01.2009 0639 W7EW OR
25.01.2009 0644 AA7A AZ
25.01.2009 0648 W7IUV WA
25.01.2009 0652 W2VJN OR
25.01.2009 0656 KC7V AZ
25.01.2009 0659 K7QQ WA
25.01.2009 0709 VE7SV BC
25.01.2009 0717 VE7CC BC
25.01.2009 0722 AD6C CA
25.01.2009 0726 K6NA CA

We missed quite a number of multipliers, who were good copy, but we could not
get through... But that happens all the time... ;-)


73 Ben
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   58,1852009-01-25 16:46:51
OK, everyone has already said it...WOW...conditions were great. Even for me to
work the Canary Islands with my antenna that droops down to 9 feet. Only a few
evening contacts. I had a full day work at the ship on Saturday, so I needed
the sleep on Friday...and I was pooped Saturday night. Lots of contacts
throughout the day on Sunday. 7 DX 160M country count now stands
at 7. Of course, I heard more than I could work. My rate really shot up in the
last hour of the contest when I just sat and called CQ. It would be nice to
have more time for the next one. 73 and GL to CCO.
W4NF   Single Op Assisted HP   656,9642009-01-25 16:57:01
That was a Blast! The conditions were excellent and everything worked. Of
course I didn't get any sleep before the contest and stopped at 2:30AM on
Saturday morning and took a 2 hour nap and then got back up at 4AM and went
until about 7AM. I made it through until about 4AM on Sunday morning before I
hit the sack again.

The best part of the contest was the pileups from EU that resulted in 300
10-Pointers. Canada really helped out also with 71 of the the 90 5-Pointers.

On the Monday before the contest I put down 20 more radials under the Inverted
L for a total of 60 which equates to about 6000' of radial wire. They seemed
to help with the runs. The NW/SE and NE/SW Reversible Beverages really helped
out also. Thanks for all the Qs and I'll see you in the next one. 73, Jack
W1NN   Single Op LP   256,3102009-01-25 17:01:09
This would have been the #3 score for W/VE low power last year. Probably won't
make the top 20 this year!

It's been a long time since I've been able to operate this event. I'm almost
always out of the country in late January. I picked a good year to operate!
Band was super quiet.

I was shooting for 1,000 Q's and only missed by 11. Figured I'd be lucky if I
worked 20 countries, so I was very happy to almost double that number. It was
real tough to be heard by most EU stations on Friday night but on Saturday I
got through to most stations on the first call. There were many EU stations
calling CQ all over the band and the pileups were very small (on Saturday). On
Friday I didn't even try to work the 6W but got him on the first call Saturday.

Easily worked 49 states, most multiple times. Never heard WY. Didn't SC used
to be rare?

32 dupes removed from the above total.

Ladder line-fed dipole @ 50' and an Omni VI.

73 & thanks for the fun!

Hal W1NN
K3ZM   Single Op HP   1,276,3502009-01-25 17:02:45
For the first time, I worked JA's in a 160 contest (2 of them). That was nice.
I am making progress. I hear them fine, but my signal over there is ordinary.

I worked so many EU's the first night that I didn't think any could be left! I
was wrong. For the entire weekend, I made 688 EU QSOs or 37.6% of my QSO total.
A few of these are dupes. Whew! That is hard work from Virginia!

Consistent with the guidance of our intrepid contest director, I spent much of
the time way up the band CQing and looking for EU. (Nobody goes between 1810
and 1840 any more - it's too crowded!).

Conditions were very quiet on Saturday night, especially during the wee hours
local time. I worked dozens of EU's whose signals were almost non-existent.
The ambient noise level was approximately zero, as were their signals. Many
thanks for their patience as I progressed through their callsigns.

One highlight was working SM5EDX on Saturday morning at about quarter to noon
his time. He was 569 and was copying me beautifully.

Many thanks to my PVRC buddies for calling in.


Peter K3ZM
W3USA(K8MR)   Single Op HP   4,0802009-01-25 17:03:06
I got back from a day trip to tend to my parents in PA in time to fire up with a
new call for the last few minutes of the contest. Once the packet spot hit, I
was laughing at how wild the pileup was.

Thanks to CQ for not sharing ARRL's obsession about using more than one call
from a location/transmitter. Although it was such fun I'd still be willing to
do it in an ARRL contest, just without submitting the log.

73 - Jim K8MR
WX3B   Single Op Assisted HP   329,7812009-01-25 17:07:10
Wow - what a great weekend for the radio!

If you didn't know better, you could have sworn 160 sounded like 20 at times
with a non-stop, steady stream of easily readable Europeans calling. It became
a game to pick them out from under the loud USA stations calling.

W6 and W7 were as loud as I've heard them, and even the short 300' beverages
were quite effective and directional. This was the first contest I got to use
my new K9AY 8 position beverage switch (I have 4 directions) and I can't
believe how much fun it was to push buttons instead of trying to randomly
rotate a switch.

Unlike previous 160 contests, the conditions seemed to favor my station in the
pileups to any direction but south, which was like banging my head against a
wall. I did better on Saturday night, however I easily missed 5 multipliers.

Hope we have conditions like these for the 160 SSB contest!


Jim WX3B
K1LT   Single Op HP   757,5102009-01-25 17:15:40
As I gain more experience as a contester, I seem to be getting more

Since the exchange changed to zone from country prefix, I dutifully
populated my messages with zone 4. The problem with that is the fact
that I'm not DX. After the first couple of contacts, I became
painfully aware something was profoundly wrong. Fortunately, my brain
seizure immediately relaxed, and I was able to fix my problem and stop
asking W2s for a zone. We all know I'm a lid.

So, other than my initial confusion, there was no apparent effect of
the modified exchange. Worked Europe the first day at 2204Z, the
second day at 2135Z, and the third day at 2135Z as well. So, the
starting hour change didn't have much effect on opportunities to work
Europe. Of course, conditions were very good and the chance to work
Europe while the sun is still shining will probably go away for a few
years. Naturally one still has the same number of hours to work
Europe, but dividing the opportunity into three pieces feels better.
Obviously, this perception benefits the Eastern US and not many

My 8-regular-octagon receiving array is still not ready for prime time
or any time. I did get the software to synchronize properly with 2
sound cards after adding some code to handle a sampling delay of one
card relative to the other. However, there are still unexplained
phase shifts in some of the individual array elements which prevent
proper phasing. Once I fix the errant phasing then the array will

In the mean time, the 8 element linear array still works quite well.
In fact, sometimes the beam is too narrow. I usually leave the main
lobe parked on 45 degrees for Europe, but I have to move it to 60-75
degrees in order to hear the weaker New England stations. In
fairness, one has to switch between Beverages to find all of the
signals, so I shouldn't complain.

Since the phased array works so well, I've been neglecting the
Beverage farm. The ESE/WNW Beverage transformer box seems to have
failed, and the box in the basement that injects DC to the cable to
the in-the-field Beverage switch developed a connector problem that
inserted a lot of common-mode noise.

Since last year, an annoying new noise source has emerged. The noise
sounds like continuous train of impulses with 60 Hz modulation. This
noise appears to be due west of me, and is present nearly all of the
time. During the day, a noise blanker removes it nicely, but at
night, atmospheric noise strength matches the impulse noise strength,
rendering the blanker ineffective.

My west Beverage also hears the noise, but not as much. So I tried to
use the two receiver approach to handle directions west by using the
Beverages in the left ear and the phased array in the right. But the
extra noise in the Beverage system because of the connector problem
confounded that approach.

Therefore, reception of Midwest and West Coast stations and Hawaii was
severely limited. My apologies for being an extremely loud alligator
in that direction. Saturday afternoon I fixed the connector problem
on the injector box, and the second night I had much better West
reception, although not as good as in the past. Also my apologies to
South America for not listening in that direction often enough.

The first night I went to bed about an hour after European sunrise and
managed to get myself up and awake in time more my sunrise. Worked 3
JAs and a couple of South America. I was able to nap during the day
first time ever. Maybe the caffeine management helped a little. The
second night I went to sleep right after European sunrise and managed
to get up in time for sunrise. I set up a run frequency and enjoyed
unexpected calls from HI3TEJ and RW0CWA. However, no JAs. When the
sun came up, I started thinking about the lack of JAs. D'oh! I was
on 1834 kHz! A quick QSY to 1814 to start running netted 1 JA. We
all know I'm a lid.

I took another short nap and came back to the radio about an hour and
a half before the end. I CQed for about an hour for another 44 QSOs,
then went hunting for EUs and found two of those.

QSO points seem to be almost 30% better than last year, even though
the QSL total is only 5% better. I read an explantion for that
somewhere ...

DX worked: 4O, 4X, 6W, 9A, C6, CE, CM, CN, CT, CT3, CU, CX, DL, E7,
EA, EA8, EI, ER, ES, EU, F, FM, G, GD, GI, GM, GM/s, GW, HA, HB, HC,
HI, HK, I, J3, JA, K, KH6, KL, KP2, LA, LY, LZ, OE, OH, OH0, OK, OM,
ON, OZ, P4, PA, PJ2, PY, S5, SM, SP, SV, TA, TF, TI, UA, UA2, UA9, UR,
V3, VE, VP9, XE, YL, YO, YU, and YV.

Equipment: Icom IC-765, ETO 91B (K8ND loaner), 8 element phased array
and SDR receiver, 12 Beverages (2 broken), 65 foot "T" vertical and 80
radials, 2 computers and keyboards, 3 screens.
K6GEP   Single Op LP   5702009-01-25 17:22:29
Just giving out points to the West Coast. Didn't put my 160 meter inverted
vee up this year, and used 80M dipole instead.

My best distance was a VE3. This weekend was educational for me on what is
possible on 160. I heard DX outside North America for the first time.
Heard HD2A, TM6M, a CT1 and G3TXF. Amazing!
N3GJ   Single Op LP   283,7102009-01-25 17:23:28
Wow! Every once in a while you get a contest where the condx are nothing short
of amazing.... this one was one of them! With low power I usually look forward
to getting about 20 countries in the log and I'm happy. When I had 20 DX mults
in the log in the first few hours of the contest I knew it was going to be
good. Even better was to have Europeans answers my CQ's... wow.. that usually
doesn't happen on 160 for me. I got fooled both nights during Eu sunrise when I
tuned past steady S9+ CQ's thinking they were US guys then hitting the brakes on
the tuning knob when I hear S51TA or OK5W or HG1S and staring at the rig in
amazement thinking this thing really on 160?!?.. :-)
Good to hear everyone and congrats on the FB scores. Lots of new records to be
set I'm sure.
73, Geo

IC-756ProIII at 100w
Inv L up 50 feet and out 77 feet with 12 radials
Win-Test v 3.24.0
NA2M   Single Op HP   67,9912009-01-25 17:25:50
RIG: Elecraft K3 - Ten-Tec Titan 800W
ANTENNA: Inverted "L"

First CW contest with K3. Great!
N6AA   Single Op HP   78,4802009-01-25 17:27:44
Was away a good deal of the time, but still managed 15 Europeans, a high number
for me.

1st night - only called stations, keying manually and logging by computer.

2nd day - interfaced computer to rig.

2nd night - operated with rig keyed by computer including calling CQ at times.

... err. Looks like the operator fell asleep at the rig for 15 minutes around
0900 the second night with the CQ machine repeating. Telephone rang, and
helpful competitor alerted me that many were calling and I was not coming back
to anyone. Gulp. Burning candle at both ends didn't work. Does this phone call
mean that I should enter as assisted?
KN5H   Single Op LP   14,3822009-01-25 17:33:17
Ran 100w to 125' wire tied to center of coax, braid tied to tower. Lots of good
ears out there. If a station did not hear me at first, I would come back and
call every 30 minutes until he did. Worked every time, just needed the right
combination of conditions and luck. Heard many EU stations although none heard
me. 73
K6CSL   Single Op LP   1,9632009-01-25 17:42:56
This effort from 40M Delta Loop(radially mounted on the back wall of my mobile
home in Riverbank, CA) and 100W, netted me my most distant east QSO with NR5M
in TX. I also made my 1st KL7 on 160. TNX to all the KB'ers who gave me QSO's.
Bert, K6CSL
K1BV   Single Op LP   53,9842009-01-25 17:43:25
I'm the QSL manager for EY8MM who reported working MANY East Coast stations in
very good conditions.
AA4V   Multi-Op HP   686,6602009-01-25 17:45:22
Wow....what a week-end!! Gay, N4SF and I did a M/S here on the Isle of Palms,
just off the coast of SC. We have been operating the 160 contests together
since the early 1970's and this was the best CQ WW 160 score that we have ever
made. Kudos to the Elecraft K3...what a radio!!!! The A and K index cooperated,
conditions were really excellent and the cool, rainy weather was no match for
the K3's NR algorithms. The K3 coupled with pennant receiving antennas really
enhanced the experience. We worked 59 out of 62 states/provinces (missing only
LAB, NWT and YT). We worked only one WY near the end to complete WAS. Best DX
was EY, UN, UA0 (z19, 4Z5J (who was loud for hours at a time) and a number of
JA's who called in on Sunday morning. We worked an all-time high of 289 10
pointers. Thanks to all for the contacts. Steve, AA4V and Gay, N4SF.
K9RS   Multi-Op HP   1,294,1602009-01-25 17:47:30
Great conditions for this contest.!
N4OGW   Single Op HP   106,1282009-01-25 17:48:10
Only could operate 4.5 hours Friday night and 1 hour Saturday night. Shunt fed
vertical, 1500W, two 500 ft beverages.

Sorry for the qlf CW, I discovered while trying a new logging program that it
does not support Winkey correctly :0

CU in the Sprint, finally a contest short enough that I can operate the whole

NS3T   Single Op LP   125,9942009-01-25 17:50:37
You know conditions were good when I can get 42 Europeans in the log from my
little backyard antenna! I'm sure the big guns will have some huge scores.

With a 12 day old baby at the start of this contest, there was no way I was
going to be able to do a big effort. So I used the new kid as a human alarm
clock to make sure I made my way down into the shack after changing another
diaper and helping out in the middle of the night as the XYL fed the screaming
little guy.

I got on as much as I could both nights, but I had to sleep. I got up around
0530z on Sunday and decided to just S&P hard for as many 10-pointers as I could
get from Europe and it paid off. Five new countries made their way into my log
as well, so that was great.

My highlight was going to be my first zone 16 on 160 from Ukraine, but then I
finally heard Alaska on 160 for the first time in 27 years as a ham, and after
just a few calls, KL7RA made it into my log. That was very cool.

Thanks to everyone for the contacts and hopefully I can squeeze out a few more
hours during the SSB weekend.

73 Jamie NS3T
Your home for ham radio contest news

TS-2000, 100 watts
125 foot inverted L
NØKE   Single Op HP   212,1702009-01-25 17:50:38
Without a doubt this is the best of conditions I've ever experienced for a 160m
contest. 160 conditions have been outstanding for about two weeks (I'm talking
about Colorado, not the east coast). I was afraid they would return to average
for the contest but that was not to be fortunately. I worked ES9C followed by
several other Europeans before it was even getting dark Friday night. I
finished the ~400 ft SE beverage about 3 hours before the contest so I now have
4 directions. 100% of my contest receiving was on the beverages. Transmit
antenna is a 1/4 wave sloper from a 55 ft tower that also has a 2 el 40 and 7
el 6m yagi. It was nice to work 40 QSOs to Europe in 21 DXCC. 78 of the 748
QSOs were outside W/VE. It was nice to find W3A in DC above 1860 at 0720z
Sunday for the last of US mults. Missed VO and VE9 among the relatively common
VE mults. WAC was made in 2hr 12 minutes late Saturday. It took me several
years to accomplish 160m WAC back in the 1980s. As several others reported E7DX
had a better than average signal out of Europe but just couldn't hear many
western US stations including this one! At 0000z Saturday I heard OH8X just
above the noise. I thought I was wasting my time calling but got him on one
call. A few minutes later I worked OG2P who was about the same strength and
then a few minutes later OH2BO who was even stronger. Around 0830z Saturday it
was nice to easily work TF3CW, SM5EDX, VP9/N1SNB, OY9JD and a nice number of G,
GW, GM and F stations. I probably could have scored better if I hadn't been
cherry picking DX stations for so much of the time. JA conditions were not much
with only 12 QSOs plus 2 UA0, all Saturday morning. 2 KH6 QSOs were the only
things heard from OC. Phil N0KE DM69em
VE3RER   Single Op HP   114,1762009-01-25 17:53:21
Pretty good DX conditions.
KU8E   Single Op HP   230,4822009-01-25 17:53:31
Station :
IC756PRO / AL 811H 600 watts (on loan from K4BAI - Thanks John)
Inverted L (60 ft high) with 6 130 ft radials.

Just put my Inverted L back up in the air the week before the contest. Seems
like I don't get around to it until the last minute every year. (after winds
from a summer thunderstorms usually knock it out of the trees.)
I'm glad I spent the time on the Monday holiday before the contest to get it
back up in the trees. My kids have reached that age that cub scouts and soccer
are taking a priority over having time to do ham radio stuff.

Got it all tuned on Tuesday night after work and spent the few days before the
contest playing DXer. I just had a feeling before the weekend the Condx were
going to be special. I took the 'just have fun' attitude going into the
contest. With a modest station a 600 watt amp and no RCV antennas it would be
hard to be very competitive with anyone.

All I can say is WOW !! I usually don't have EU stations answering my CQ's.
I had several DL,SM G,OH8X and KL7RA (thanks Rich) answer my CQ. I counted 73
ten point QSO's in my log which was probably a new high for me. The highlight
of the weekend was breaking the pileup to OY9JD for a new one !! I heard maybe
10 other counties (and VE4EAR) that I never worked.

Congrats to all the 160 regulars. This was probably a dream weekend for those
stations who have all the toys....

73, Jeff KU8E
W4PK   Single Op Assisted HP   410,3122009-01-25 17:55:39
Had fun. This was my first serious attempt at doing a CW contest, to learn how
to operate N1MM logger, and also to improve my cw copying. I normally just do
S&P, but this time I did some running and actually had fun doing it! Highlight
of the test was to finally contact T77C for a new country.
KØTV   Multi-Op HP   547,3362009-01-25 18:07:04
Wow, great conditions on 160. Since the station had been crippled by the ice
storm in December, we were just going to get on and have some fun.

K0TV was the victim of the big ice storm that hit New England in the middle of
December and I wasn’t sure we’d have anything ready for this contest. I did
get one transmit antenna up and running a couple of days before the contest. The
beverages were a disaster also but I managed to get some of them up for the
contest. I wasn’t sure how the station would perform but everything worked
well. The full transmit antenna system wasn’t on line yet but the single
Inverted L did a fine job. Next year we should have the phased array of three
Inverted Ls up and running.

The operator crew was augmented this year by K1BG and W1END who put in quite a
few quality hours. We weren’t watching the rule changes and missed the early
start this year. We did get on a few minutes before the old start time but
missed more than an hour at the start of the contest.

Conditions were so good that we actually beat last year’s score in all areas.
I was disappointed to have missed Wyoming. We did get the other 49 states though
along with 67 countries. That was a new high. There was one hour where WO1N made
76 ten point contacts.

This contest’s MVP goes to Ken, WO1N for an impressive performance on
Saturday night.

Best 73 to all,

K8GG(@W8TOP)   Multi-Op HP   671,3842009-01-25 18:08:10
Our score at 1400z Saturday was what we typically do in 48 hours from Michigan.
We logged about 15 more countries than usual and at least 300 more contacts. We
had many short openings to Europe and pre-dawn openings to UA9-UA0 were a
pleasant surprise. Despite logging a record number of countries, there were
few South American and Caribbean stations heard, and very little Oceana
activity other than Hawaii.
K8MR   Single Op HP   120,9672009-01-25 18:09:32
A Saturday evening/Sunday morning effort. There were lots of signals I just
could not pull through the noise, which included local snow induced power line
noise. I have no RX antennas, so sorry to those who I couldn't hear.

A lot of those very weak ones that I could copy turned out to be very close in
guys, where the MUF was apparently below even 1.8 MHz.

73 - Jim K8MR
K4BAI   Single Op HP   243,3002009-01-25 18:12:16
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, "t" vertical. Best band conditions I have ever heard
for this contest. Many DX QSOs in spite of having no real antenna for this
band. Thanks for the QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
K1DG(@N1LI)   Single Op HP   1,334,6542009-01-25 18:13:43
Gee...these 160M contests are kind of fun.

Worked my first JA ever on the band Saturday morning.

Worked another 25 JAs Sunday morning. Running JAs on 160 from

I think I will wake up Monday morning and find it was all a dream.

Thanks for all the QSOs!


Doug K1DG
ZL1AZE   Single Op Assisted HP   1,9472009-01-25 18:15:08
Antennas: Inverted vee dipole, T vertical and coax receiving loop.
Equipment: FT1000MP MkV Field and AL80A amp 400W.

After working this contest previously from ZL6QH I had forgotten how difficult
it can be to make 160M QSOs from a small city lot!

I only have about 1000 square metres (1/4 acre) to play with so it is
challenging to squeeze effective 160M antennas into such a small space. I ended
up using a somewhat ‘bent’ 160M inverted vee dipole, and an 80M inverted vee
dipole as a T vertical antenna, with both antennas being supported from a 15
metre tall pole. Surprisingly enough, the dipole was often as good as the
vertical for transmitting, probably due to my QTH being elevated on a hill side
about 100 metres above sea level and therefore offering improved takeoff for
horizontal polarised signals.

The other challenge is the high level of local man made noise at my QTH. I have
traced the noise to an industrial/retail area about 1 kilometre away. During the
contest the noise level in a 250 Hz band width ranged from a ‘quiet’ level
of S4 up to a maximum of around S8! The dipole offered slightly better signal
to noise ratio than the vertical antenna. I also tried using a small coax
receiving loop in an attempt to null the noise but this no more effective than
the dipole. Consequently I was only able to copy the loudest stations, a real
handicap in a location like ZL where signals are generally not loud!

It was the first time that I have operated in this contest from my city QTH so
it is difficult to make an accurate judgment about conditions. However, I got
the impression that conditions were generally OK (but not great) on the
Saturday night and rather poor on the Sunday night. Apart from the local QRN
problem, there was little evidence of atmospheric noise.

It is interesting to note the comments from the northern hemisphere stations
about the fantastic conditions this year. The southern hemisphere didn’t seem
to fare so well, and it is also more difficult for southern hemisphere stations
to break through the QRM when the NA and EU stations are busy working each
other :-)

I noted that some of the loudest stations were PJ2T, XE1RCS, KH6LC, KV0Q, K5RX,
RK0CWA and JA2XYO – all with signals peaking up to strength S7/8 or better.

The path to Asia and Europe seemed to be poorer than that to America. JA
signals were several S points down on the levels that I heard in the in the
week prior to the contest. I only managed to very briefly copy four stations
further to the East – ES9C (S6), RN4WR (S5), UA6LV (S4) and RK4UWR (S4).

It was frustrating at only being able to make a total of 22 QSOs (less than two
QSOs per hour!) but it was also a lot of fun, and I look forward to trying again
next year.

Thanks for the QSOs and persevering to copy my signal!

73, Brian ZL1AZE
SP4Z   Single Op Assisted HP   609,7522009-01-25 18:20:41
Good propagation helped me to get 9 BAND WAZ Achievement
Just before contest KH7C and XE1RCS in first morning.
I am very happy of this

Made "only" 93 North America QSOs. Only few from CQ
Need to setup true vertikal or shunt tower.

73 Wes SP4Z
VE3CX   Single Op HP   597,8652009-01-25 18:22:10
Very quiet, and great, great conditions!

Thanks for the QSO's

Tom - VE3CX
VE4EAR   Single Op LP   37,6502009-01-25 18:25:05
I am sure most stations will remark how great the conditions were. I suppose
they were great but with the poor antenna here, it didn't make much
Only heard 1 station from EU, a YU1 I believe. Very strong but not a chance of
him hearing me. Heard plenty of others working EU or AS, but not a peep was
detectable here. Noise floor was reasonable at S4-5, reasonable for me at

All S&P here, my CW is not good enough to try and run a frequency. As with most
CW contests, just on to hand out the VE4 multiplier. Some great ears out there!

Had a lot of fun and only missed, RI, DE, WV and ND. My big DX was an KL7, XE1,
C6 and VP2. Nothing special for the rest of you big guns, but big time for me
with 100 watts and an 1/8 wave sloper.

See you all in SSB, hopefully with antenna this time.

W3EF   Single Op LP   320,9762009-01-25 18:26:51
Wow...haven't been on for this contest in 7 years, but I clearly picked the
right year to return! My two phased inverted Ls may be a bit crude but they
clearly worked, particularly since I bumped them each up to 4 elevated radials
this week and raised most of the radials to 16'. Now most of the EU stuff I
can hear on the beverage I can actually work (some of it even before 0500Z).
As other have commented, some of it even called in! Sweet!

I overslept Saturday morning and missed the grey line, but the rest of the
weekend was fine and the final 2 hours added a few points as well (in a vain
attempt to catch the scores of some who had already posted to 3830!). Heard my
first ever JAs on 160, though I didn't work one. Most interesting mult was
MM0XAU for the Shetland multiplier (on his grey line). CE1/K7CA seemed weaker
than usual but I was very happy to snag him as well. Missed only Idaho for the
lower 48 (though I did hear it call someone) and never heard KH6, VE4, VO2, or
the YU/NT/NU trio.

Congratulations to WA1Z, K1EP, and anyone else who broke the old LP record.
Never thought I'd even be close, but I came within 10% of it. Progress!

This is also the year I've switched to N1MM Logger. It's superb. I am still
working out the kinks in the operator though....

73 and cu in ARRL DX,

Maury W3EF
VE2TZT   Single Op HP   1,118,8702009-01-25 18:34:23
Happy to have been there for those historical propagation conditions.
I guess that all the past records will be blasted.
Who tells that the solar minimum has only some dark sides ?
From here,in VE2, CQ zones 1,17,18,19 and 25 had been worked several times in a
few hours, which usually needs a few years...
Thank to all the hams who answered my calls.
Gilles, VE2TZT
C6ANM   Multi-Op HP   809,1002009-01-25 18:39:17
Very exciting contest. Best 160 cndx I have ever heard. Mainly came to the
Bahamas to thaw out. We put up an Inverted-L with 44' vertical and 20 radials
plus 2 Beverages. Rig was a modest Yaesu FT-857D. Was overwhelmed by contacts
with EY, 4Z5 and UA0s. We heard JAs and were heard by JAs but did not have
exchange. Happy to finally work WY and MB on Sunday. Of course, no YT, NT, NU
or LB. Thanks to all for the Qs and new countries!
VE3NE   Single Op LP   239,8552009-01-25 18:46:44
Missed the first couple of hours.
I think condx were not bad but not particularly good either (at least from
here). The band was fortunately very quiet (quiet in city lot terms). Stations
that are usually strong were below their normal level. Just to name a few I
could barely copy F5IN, HA5JI was only around 559, LA9Z was not that strong
either, CU8A was also below previous good condx level, GM3POI was coming in as
Because of the quiet band I heard a lot of stations (I guess EUs) but most of
them were not readable at my place. It was very hard to find a frequency where

I did not hear those weak signals again presumably EUs. The strongest DX was
EA8AH. Heard a strong HB9 who was calling HD2A. Carribiens were not very
Strong, CE1/K7CA was coming in with his usual signal.
I guess the score and the QSO number is quite good for the 9 hours I worked
so activity must have been good too.
See you next time.


Lali VE3NE
160 Total %
NA 474 474 91.2
EU 39 39 7.5
AF 3 3 0.6
SA 4 4 0.8

160 Total
4U1U 1 1
CE 1 1
CM 1 1
CN 1 1
CT 1 1
CT3 1 1
CU 1 1
CX 1 1
DL 9 9
EA 2 2
EA8 1 1
F 3 3
FM 1 1
G 7 7
GD 1 1
GM 1 1
GW 1 1
HA 2 2
HC 1 1
I 1 1
J3 1 1
K 420 420
KL 1 1
KP2 1 1
LA 1 1
OK 2 2
OM 1 1
PJ2 1 1
S5 1 1
SM 2 2
SP 1 1
UA2 1 1
V3 1 1
VE 45 45
VP9 1 1
XE 1 1
YU 1 1
K3JT   Single Op HP   82,9842009-01-25 18:49:35
Nice to "socialize" with the gang. It's a big party! Cx great ! 73..
Terry K3JT
N1LN   Multi-Op HP   857,7362009-01-25 18:54:59
This had to be the absolute best combination of ingredients that I have had the
opportunity to experience for a 160 meter contest. Start out with a cold
weekend in the middle of the winter, mix in great band conditions, no equipment
failures, outstanding food, a couple bottles of wine and what do you get? Three
guys having lots of fun. Thanks to Jack - W0UCE and Bert - N4CW for making
this CQ160 such an enjoyable time. If we just worked a VE4 the weekend would
have been perfect. Where were you guys?

When we finally shut down on Saturday morning and checked out our totals we
were quite pleased. We were well ahead of last year and ahead of this year's
goals. Then we looked at each other and made the same statement. "If we did
this well, what kind of numbers would the big stations be posting?" By Sunday
morning our then reset goals were also beaten. Then to top it all off the
final QSO at 21:57 UTC was one last multiplier. A big thanks to 4Z5J. Again
the question came up about how our score would hold up against the big
stations. Well, I have been out to 3830 after the contest and now I know.
The big stations have already started to post HUGE numbers. Congratulations
are truly in order for a job well done! Based on the 2008 results we would
have been in second place for Multi-op USA. Right now we are hoping to stay in
the top 10.

We have already started to discuss what we could have done differently in hopes
of improving on our 2010 results. Bottom line - we need more 10 point Qs. We
had 1325 two point Qs, 90 five point Qs and 332 ten point Qs.

We would really like to thank everyone that posted us to the cluster. From a
quick check we were posted 49 times. The rate meter let us know every time.
Also thanks to the many ops that were patient with us for asking for repeats.
The band was in great shape and your signals were strong enough, but there are
still stations with those wonderful Key Clicks that make close proximity copy
quite hard even with the K3 filters cranked down to 200hz. These stations are
not the little guys either. Some of the biggest Clicks are from the BIGGEST
stations. Before next year please buy a few K3s to go with your monster
antennas and get rid of the clicks.

Station: Elecraft K3, AL 1500, Inverted-L, Inverted-V, and for receive we had
five beverages: W - NW - N - NE - S

Bruce - N1LN
HI3TEJ   Single Op LP   219,1202009-01-25 18:58:22
Thanks to all and special to my nice and warm JA qso's I did apreciate your 10
JA qso and the good part only running 100 watts into my only TX and receiver
antenna my Tower.
My new 160 location just few steps from the Main tower improved my RX, I did
worked and listen JA 1 hour after the Sunrise...
I'm sorry I couldn't work more in this contest due to a ladder fall

CU in the next play and God bless you all...

HI3TEJ,Ted Jimenez
Puerto Plata, Dom. Rep.

RIG FT2000 (100 W version)
4 60 feet elevate radial
N1MM Logger and keyer
KVØQ   Single Op HP   634,1282009-01-25 19:02:09
Friday afternnon I decided to get on a give out some contest qsos and to tune
around for new countries. The conditions were the best I have experienced on
top band in 45 years of ham radio. Needless to say I spent almost 24 hours this
weekend playing radio! The European openings at times were like being on 20
meters with strings of Europeans coming back to my cqs and the deep over the
pole Russians were quite workable both in the evening as well as in the morning
during the Ja runs.
I was so excited to hear Europeans coming thru I felt guilty by not regularly
tuning for mults, my qso total suffered accordingly. The weekend conditions
spoiled us out in the western USA. It was nice to experience what the East
Coast stations have come to expect.


Bill KV0Q
AD5VJ   Single Op Assisted LP   19,0302009-01-25 19:05:01
Here are some of the highlights for me
and my little low power, wire station Hi Hi

Total Time on 7.38 hours

Thanks to everyone for the advice from our club in North Texas and from the Top
Band Reflector.

Well I knew the Butternut Vertical was not going to be effecient enough for
this contest. I tried to get an inv-L in the air but didnt make it.

Instead I had enough time to make my newly erected 80 meter dipole into a T by
working it from ground with my tuner.

For the first time in my life and I know this was good conditions on the band
that helped me more than my technical improvments Hi Hi

But for the first time ever, I worked some decent DX stations and could
actually hear more of them than could hear me, but thats ok, at least I could
hear them finally thanks to my new short beverage.

DX I actually worked and
almost fell out of my chair:

France TM6M
Martinigue FM5BH
Mexico XE1RCS
lots of Canada including an AB and a SK
The Isle of Man MD4K
Morroco CN3A
Ecuador HD2A
The Virgin Islands KV4FZ

So I must say I am very pleased this year and will be improving things here for
next year and we will see then.

I will say to anyone who is waiting to but up something for 160, stop waiting,
you will be waiting forever. On 160 you put something, anything, up and then
improve on it from there with allot of help from your friends.

Thanks for all here in this club who have given me some great insights into the
band and some ideas for improvment that were worth a pot of gold.

N1CC   Single Op Assisted LP   15,2462009-01-25 19:18:40
Am building an Inverted L - Bad cold kept it from going up. Antenna used was a
65 foot sloping coax fed without shield to one end of Inverted Vee at 32' high
and that is 41 feet long with an 80M Isoresonator in the leg... Thats 106'
overall with no radials. Worked pretty good considering its absolute

Hope to have the inverted L up for the SSB contest.
N3SD   Single Op Assisted LP   11,8942009-01-25 19:20:53
Had a lot of fun.

73, Greg
N6XI   Single Op HP   36,9202009-01-25 19:20:58
Oh how I wish I had allocated some time in advance for this epic running of the
CQ 160 CW! It sounded like 40M but I only had a few hours available to operate.
K7IA   Single Op HP   47,7752009-01-25 19:22:58
I worked the contest with the gang at NI5T on Friday night, but a last minute
Sunday committment forced my return home. I got a few hours in from home, an
"inverted mountaintop" QTH (read: a canyon location in the off-grid New Mexico
outback an hour from Silver City. But even with only 500 watts and a simple
vee, the Topband offered some fun, and, for my first time ever, some true DX
into EU and deep SA. Home QTH ops was a big step downward from Larry and
Milt's operation, but it was a thrill to experience 160 from the modest digs

Thanks for the contacts and for hanging in with the QSB condx!

K9DX   Single Op HP   1,178,7792009-01-25 19:36:14
I believe this was a once and a lifetime occurance that we will be talking about
for years. It was like 40 or 20 meters. Thanks to all.
K8WDN   Single Op HP   115,7852009-01-25 19:42:46
Wow. 160m came to life this weekend. Working into EU at 2300 on Friday was a
new experience

K3 with PW-1
Gap Voyager vertical
K5ZD   Single Op HP   527,7442009-01-25 19:54:27
Wow. It is rare that excellent conditions in the days leading up to a contest
actually stick around for the big event. This one did!

I have a plaque on my wall from winning this contest (for the USA) in 1995 that
shows a score of 465K. Never imagined I could surpass that in a full weekend of
operating, much less only 8 hours!

Operated 4 hours Friday night, 2 hour break, then 2 more hours. Only 3 hours
Sat night but wow, the Eu signals were amazing. Then 30 mins on Sunday

Band was very quiet here. No QRN at all. Eu signals were very loud about 1
hour before their sunrise.

Missed 4U1UN because he was only working Eu when I tuned by. Heard several JAs
on Sunday morning, but always calling other people.
KZ1X   Single Op Assisted HP   25,0502009-01-25 19:56:52
207 QSOs:

501 QSO points
x 50 Multipliers
= 25050 Score

Did I calculate this correctly? ;-)
WØAIH   Multi-Op HP   803,5202009-01-25 19:57:16
Wow!! That was a good run!! It will be hard to top this score again, but we
all were enjoying it while we could.

There were stacks of EU calling like I have never seen before on this band.
This does not happen in the upper Midwest, but it did this weekend! A lot of
10 pointers and a good number of QSOs sure adds up. Glad the good conditions
that were on the band earlier in the week stayed thru the weekend. We also had
a very good JA run as well. Without looking at the logs we estimate 15-20 JA's
in the log. We are usually very lucky to get 1-2 if we work any at all.

Last years score was our previous high score:

Summary 2008 W0AIH - Ops W0AIH, W0BV, K0TG
Total: QSOs = 1319 State/Prov = 58 Countries = 63 Total Score = 462,341

We sure blew that away. Looking at there were a lot of good
scores all around this weekend.

It was great putting all of Paul's excellent hardware to use this weekend.

73, John K0TG
VA2WDQ   Single Op Assisted HP   413,1002009-01-25 20:09:13
Rig: FT-1000, PA Ameritron AL-80B 700 watts
Ant: Inv. L - 10m up

What was a fantastic propagation! It was a real fun almost as on 20 meters band
during the first night! We have presented QC section quite well: VE2TZT, VE2FK,
VE2DWA, VE2OJ, VE2DXQ, VE2HLS, VE2DC, CG2AWR were online during the test.

Unfortunately I missed few hours during Saturday night.

Thanks to all overseas operators who had a pation to work my modest station.


W7EW(@W7AT)   Single Op HP   434,7002009-01-25 20:14:12
OPerating foolishness caused me to start about 4 hours later than I should
Running EU on 160 is as fun as running JA on 6. Running the Beverages through
the forest where the two phased verticals live probably couples them together
hurting the Rx, but haven't come up with better options yet.
Nothing broke. I stayed awake because people were calling. Best conditions
ever on a contesting TopBand event.
Congratulations to N2NT for spiffing the contest and arranging for the
This was fun....which is what this is all about.
73 and I remain,
Lew W7EW
EY8MM   Single Op HP   925,3202009-01-25 20:44:20
What a contest!

First morning I worked over 40 USA stations. Excellent condition.
First night I worked only 10 USA stations. Good condition.
Second night I worked K3ZM. Even European was weak. Poor condition.

But few moments make this contest bright and unforgettable.

No commercial power both nights. Used generator. Lost about 6 hours of darkness
and about 300 qso's (I recon).

XE1RCS was solid copy for about 2 Hours! 579 when QSO. While calling XE1 team
UP2L was very close to their frequency. When they realized I am calling Mult
they QSYed. True gentleman behavior guys! Appreciate it! Than I have been
called by Al CE1/K7CA! And only than I managed to work Mexico as a New Country
and Zone!

29 state/provinces worked. If someone tell me that before contest I would think
he is crazy. Propagation first hours of the contest made me crazy!

When I was called by C6ANM, TI4CF I almost felt down from the chair.

I spend a lot of time S&P. QRM level in EU was so high that my signal was
buried. I am too far from populated areas: 5000 km to West EU, 10,000 to US,
6000 km to JA. But I was rewarded with impressive multipliers. Few to mention
is VP9/N1NSB 599!!, KL7RA 579!!, 6W/DL2MRC, TF3CW, JW5NM, PJ2T and few
excellent Africa, Asia and Oceania mults.

First night I had good copy of many US/NA stations like W8JI, VE3EJ, VE3EY,
K9RS, V31YN but no qso.

It was great event even!

73, Nodir EY8MM
N3ZA   Single Op Assisted HP   79,0242009-01-25 20:46:21
Enjoyable contest. Very good conditions!
K7RSM   Single Op Assisted HP   30,6242009-01-25 20:49:08
CQ160CW Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2009-01-23

CallSign Used : K7RSM
Operator(s) : K7RSM

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : 160M
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : AZ
Gridsquare : DM33XP

Name : Bobby McDonald
Address : 19654 N 35th Place
City/State/Zip : Phoenix AZ 85050
Country : USA

ARRL Section : AZ
Club/Team : Centrial Arizona DX Association
Software : N1MM Logger V8.11.0

Band QSOs Pts Sta Cty
1.8 220 528 53 5
Total 220 528 53 5

Score : 30,624
Rig : 756pro3 & a Home Brew 800W solid state amplifier.

Antennas : K9AY loop for RX and Inverted L for TX.

Soapbox : I worked 48 out of 50 stated missed RI and WY, I think
their was only one WY station on and he was QRP.

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2009-01-25 Signature : Bobby McDonald
VE7UF   Single Op HP   100,1492009-01-25 20:58:55
1AM local time on the second day of this contest is not the best starting time.
My new beverage antenna parts did not arrive until last week and I didn't make
enough time to convert the 100 degree inverted vee at 125 feet into a 4 element
full sloper so I was only interested in making a few Qs in the very good
conditions. I don't usually make near this many Qs on the second day at this
time of the night. Did not do any S&P or DXing but worked all states except NE
and DE. My thanks to all that called.

73, Duane VE7UF
WA2JQK   Single Op LP   73,9202009-01-25 21:19:06

THANX es 73 Bob WA2JQK
K6TA   Single Op Assisted HP   156,1242009-01-25 21:27:22
Great conditions and very quiet band both nights despite heavy rain/hail that
usually brings S9+ static.

My first chance to really try the K3 in a 160 contest, what a great radio. I
was able to pull out weak European stations just a few hundred Hertz from S9++

Had WAS by dinner time on Saturday and 15 countries in Europe is amazing.

Equipment: K3, Alpha 87A, Inv Vee at 30 meters, TR6.92

Continent List

USA calls = 397
VE calls = 36
N.A. calls = 10
S.A. calls = 3
Euro calls = 21
Afrc calls = 4
Asia calls = 5
JA calls = 31
Ocen calls = 3

Total calls = 510

6W CN EA Ga KP2 Mn Ns PJ2 Tx Wy
Ab CT EA8 HC KP4 Mo Nv Pa UA9 XE
Al CT3 ES HL Ks Ms Ny Pe Ut
Ar CU F Ia Ky Mt OH0 Qc V3
Az Ca FM Id LX Nc OK Ri VP9
BV Co Fl Il La Nd ON SM Va
Bc Ct G In Ma Ne Oh Sc Vt
C6 DL GD JA Md Nh Ok Sd Wa
CE Dc GM KH6 Me Nj On Sk Wi
CM De GW KL Mi Nm Or Tn Wv

Ken, K6TA
K9MMS   Single Op LP   155,0402009-01-25 21:28:53
Wow, what great conditions on Friday night! Day two was not nearly as
productive for me -- even though I tried just as hard on Saturday. This was my
best DX QSO count ever (LP) in a 160 meter contest.

It was frustrating that even with three 160 meter TX antennas (inverted L,
sloping Marconi, and Cushcraft MA160V) it is still difficult to make my LP
signal heard in EU. I need to revise the 160 TX antenna situation to
better-optimize it for DX work.

Worked: 47 contiguous states (never heard WY) plus D.C. ; 8 VE provinces ; 31
DX QSOs (24 countries) . . . three KL7's and two KH6's in the count.

My Elecraft K3, 100 watt P.A. / tuner failed in three successive 160 meter
contests (SP 160 warm-up, ARRL 160, and the real SP 160) in 2008. The K3 is
still at Elecraft for analysis, resolution, and repair. I used my IC-746PRO
for this entire contest. The noise reduction and filtering are great. I tried
to use an ICE 186A receiving antenna switch with the IC-746PRO, but the two
units did not play well together at all -- time delays incompatible as
currently configured. A few times, I manually switched the receiving antennas
in and out, but for most of the contest, I was without the use of the separate
(four) receiving antennas. Bah, Humbug!! Fortunately, though, the IC-746PRO
performed very well on receive, and it did not balk at long CQ runs -- as did
the K3 (which failed after 1 to 3 hours into each of three 160 CW contests
while transmitting). Kudos to ICOM!!

On Friday, at the beginning of the contest, an early CQ run from 2212 to 0059
Z, on 1805 kHz with low power, netted 250 QSOs. That was FUN! On day two, I
just could not get any good CQ runs going, and S&P found many already in the
log. Also, for me at least, I did not hear nearly as much DX as I did on
Friday night.

Day one: 542 QSOs, and 75 mults, for 98.7 kpts.
Day two: 259 QSOs (2 dupes), and only 5 more mults, for 155,040 points.

As always, 160 meter CW contests are great fun. Thanks for the QSOs.

Gary . K9MMS
VA7RN   Single Op HP   28,1002009-01-25 22:27:34
Just a casual effort, with an quarter wave sloper. My main object actually was
to fill in my 160M WAS, and any Triple Play CW States I missed. I was quite
surprised at how good the conditions were. Maybe next time I will give it a
more serious effort. It was however my best score so far. Thanks for the Q's
N6RV   Single Op Assisted HP   67,2002009-01-25 22:39:08
IC 756 PRO II !00 W Barefoot
FT 1000MP MK V 200 W barefoot
Shunt-fed LM-470 tower

What great conditions! I worked 10 new countries! I worked solid stations from
both Europe and Africa! I do not think I will see this again in my life time.
Even the stations who only poked through the noise with the 120 Hz filter in
came back in very short order. It is a credit to the 3 DB more transmit power
on this side and the significant antenna investments by many of the DX
contesters! Well done!

I have to apologize to all the DX I attempted to work on 160M over the past
several years. I have been severely handicapped. You see I have been using the
PRO II on 160 almost exclusively. I remember a few years back I connected the
antenna to the MK V and noticed that signals that were 3 dB below imagination
on the PRO II were very readable on the MK V, I mean head and shoulders above
the PRO II. During those long slow periods in the middle of the last two nights
when the band is worked out and I was barely conscious I began imagining how
many DX stations were frustrated by my continual calling. When they responded I
was no where to be found. Fortunately I was running 100 W and most DX did not
hear me. Having been on the DX end I have held complete conversations, one way
albeit, on 160 with operators back home telling them you are not copying me and
their response was thanks for the 59 03. I recall one who I moved down to 160
from 75. After went met again on 75 I told him he did not hear a word I said
and if he claims me in his log I will remove all his contacts from mine. To
make a long story even longer when I hooked up the MK V I suddenly realized why
all the locals worked DX and I didn't. I am talking about more than 10 dB! After
the switch I could not resist the extra 50 watts (actually 100 W, 50 W over the
LP limit) and I decided to switch to SO Assisted HP. Unfortunately the MK V was
not set up for computer control. I will fix this ASAP. A simple serial cable
will do the trick. Nevertheless Writelog still populates the band map with
calls from the internet cluster. I found this very interesting since I normally
operate SOLP and all spotting is shut down. In spite of the almost instantaneous
station improvement K6NA, K6SRZ, and N6RO were working things I could only
imagine hearing! Maybe in a few years I will move to a place with more space.

I wish I had discovered this a few years ago. I really was blaming the shunt
fed tower!
KX7L   Single Op QRP   7,5952009-01-25 22:48:55
Had a great time: condx were mostly quiet, heard DX, even if I couldn't crack
the pileups, and found that even adding 3 new radial to my inverted Ell
improved it considerably (I guess I have more broken radials than I thought.)
The usual "tip of the hat" to those great ops who pulled my 5W signal out of
the noise.
E77CFG(T94KU)   Single Op LP   448,0002009-01-25 22:54:39
100W + inv.L
S51TA   Multi-Op HP   1,538,0642009-01-25 23:08:40
TX ANT: 2 el full size vertical array @ water pier

Will be short as I am still feeling dizzy after sleeping for no more than 10
hours overall from Friday.

We finished first night with more than 700k and!, Strong winds
which started Saturday night collapsed both of our balloon
we were left without our smoking gun antenna array ..... nevertheless we were
able to repair one vertical after winds calm down for the Sunday afternoon

Result is far beyond our first expectations however we feel bad about the
events with strong winds........dreaming about what score could we possibly

US was amazingly strong this year so we thought we were on 20m, we made 400US
and 39 VE .....

Team wanna get some feedback so do not hesitate to send an email.

Check for pictures which will be uploaded on my homepage within several days

73 Ted, s51ta
IV3JCC   Single Op LP   39,3862009-01-25 23:27:31

First cq 160 contest, just to try this band not usual for 160 antenna
no contest, HI.
For being able to participate I have lengthened to "zig-zag" the dipole of the
80m, swr at 1830 1.1 but the effectivness near zero.
However I have been able to connect my friends of CN3A, and surprised 2 USA
stations and 1 Canadian. To log 45 countries in 160. Propagation truly good and
listened operating truly skillful to decode incredible speeds.
Really monsters,I will not be never like them.

Tnx to all de iv3jcc Gianni
KL7RA   Single Op HP   992,3702009-01-25 23:39:47
As been reported, bands were excellent. Oh Nine WW 160 CW will go down in
History.160 has been very good to Europe all week and I was worried it would
peak too early and in fact it probably did but we had a great first day. The
end of the second day we were back to 6 Q's a hour and begging but I'm use to
that. I usually can use my full size 1/4 wave vertical for receive which is
really nice here in Alaska as you can work the pile regardless of the prop
direction and we usually have two directions going here at once and sometimes
three when the band is this good. Bad luck as heavy winds starting blowing
light snow against the vertical making it useless because of the snow static so
I had to use the receive antennas which works great but cuts what I hear in the
pile in half. Or thirds. I often camped out low in the band but that requires a
lot of work defending a good freq. Trying to work the really weak stations makes
the freq sound quite and quickly attracts CQ's. About 10 seconds is all you
usually get. A bad spot brings a blast of "loud" stations you have already
worked, also in about 10 seconds. When I'm tuning up the band working mults the
process starts where stations tying to get my attention will get ahead of me and
dump my call and theirs. I tune the dial to hear the original owner of the freq
telling me to QSY and I haven't even been there yet. We call this radio
contesting and it sure is fun. The new contest director is Andy, N2NT and I'm
sure he is pleased with the conditions, maybe not so much when he starts
working on the huge log files. He does have his staff and the BARC so all is
well. 73 Rich, KL7RA
G4BYG   Single Op Assisted HP   101,1012009-01-26 00:12:33
Due to illness this was the first time for years I have not been able to compete
as M2D. I did a token effort from my home qth which was very noisey as usual.
Had some fun though and expect to see many super scores after the very good
band conditions during the first evening/night.
Hopeful to be back next year at a competetive entry.
73 Vic G4BYG
OL8R(OK1FCJ)   Single Op Assisted HP   582,6152009-01-26 00:19:29
I was not planning to give over whole weekend to CQ WW, I planned first to make
few qso's to see conditions and operation on crowdy band. Luckily I was not so
much tired and family comprehension made possible to devote more than I
planned. Just before contest I repaired preamplifier on east/west beverage. I
run Friday and Saturday night, skipped completely Sunday evening. Total time
was approx 22 hours.

FT1000MP + N1MM + OM Power
Inve Vee up 22m
beverage east/west
OL4W(OK1IF)   Single Op LP   224,9652009-01-26 01:02:03
This year I was interested what is LP. I must say, that LP is more like QRP HI,
but not like HP.
DAØCA(DL1REM)   Single Op Assisted HP   490,4852009-01-26 01:06:53
Inv L + 500w

73`s de Frank DL1REM
OH5TS   Single Op LP   188,0962009-01-26 01:28:14
Low power with Icom-746PRO and just one quarter wave sloper towards North made
this happening unforgettable. Missed many multipliers and some, like EA8AH took
more than half an hour to get. Openings to NA were really good. Nice contest,
thanks to all participant. 73 de Kari OH5TS
DL4ME   Single Op HP   283,9362009-01-26 01:31:26
TS850 - ZZ750
microHAM USB Interface
DF7ZS(@DR4A)   Multi-Op HP   707,0562009-01-26 01:33:25
First night was quite o.k. Our goal was to beat last years result of 525k
points, which was our benchwark for a single element station. A new beverage in
direction US did help even though it was only 140m long. Main antenna was an
inverted L build with a 18m fiber glass pole from Spiderbeam. Second help to
boost the score was the RX of Elecrafts K3. Equipped with a 250Hz Roofing
Filter we found even free slots on a band which is well known as crowded with
lots of QRM/QRN before.

The second night did lack of conditions, US nearly impossible, carribean
stations could be heard but not worked. Between 0 UT and 3 UT even the rate
went down and we thaught about giving it up and take nap. Later on the
conditions came back and even some W6/7 made it into the log. The last night
was unspectacular and slow as usual.

Over all it made fun and the result is 25% up. Mission accomplished.

73 to all who called and worked us
Wolfgang DK9VZ
YE1ZAT   Multi-Op HP   22,6752009-01-26 01:43:27
Great experience !!

This was our first time tried to operate contest as outdoor and found location
which is at the beach side.

Thanks to all contacts and patiences to hear our 'weak' signal as our TX
antenna was only dipole at about 10 meters above sea level!

Also would like to express our appreciation and salute to DX Engineering as we
were using active receive antenna ARAV2-1P as our main RX antenna, which is
really working fantastic !! Very difficult to copy any call at dipole but quite
easy at RX antenna.

All members are really enjoying all moments even there were also lot of
'problems' from the set up the station till during the contest. But all was
ended with big smile and satisfaction as we can break our own best record in

To work 160 M in our area is really not easy at all. At the first night,
propagation was totally impossible for us (and other stations in Indonesia) to
make any contact. Luckly second night propagation was getting friendly and we
can break many EU and US stations.

Complete story will be posted in soonest.

Hope to meet you in other contest !

Best 73
for YE1ZAT
SQ1K   Single Op HP   329,0662009-01-26 02:02:02
TRX: FT-1000MP
PA: ZZ750 700watt
ANT: Inverted L RX ANT: One Beverage 90m long

In this year propagation was great, I made more than 300qso`s than in year
It could be better??? Yes probably.....

Bart SQ1K
YV7QP(VIC)   Single Op LP   1,8602009-01-26 02:07:38
Check log
F8BPN   Single Op HP   255,7862009-01-26 02:18:32
What a nice week end! I can't remember such good conditions, and even better
for a contest.
Never heard so strong signals all over North America, never heard so strong
signals more than one hour after sunrise. Unbeleivable! We all know K9DX, he
was 30 dB over S9, just like a local station, and he was not the only one.
All west coast stations were strong, almost as the ones from the east coast.
I worked CA, OR, WA several times, States I never heard before.
Now I have to find 3 stations to complete my WAS from ND, ID and HI.
KB7Q was still audible at 0800z it was about 45 minutes after my sunrise, but
it was too late he didn't hear me.
The problem is that when you can find a "clear" frequency you have hard time
to leave it, because you don't know how long it will take to find another
one later...
So of course you miss some multipliers.
I also worked a new one with 4U1UN as #188.
A shame VP9/N1... didn't show up below 1850 kHz he could have been #189, but
he was out of band for me.
Second, also a shame, this contest takes place the same week end as our REF
contest, I shared my time between the two contests and some times also from
the Radio Club F6KLO.
So, of course my scoring is not very good. I wish I could spend all the time of
the week end for this contest. It was this year I should have done that!

160 meters is a magic band, it's why we love it!

See you on the band 73/88 F8BPN Mau
KQ3F   Single Op Assisted HP   64,6102009-01-26 02:31:51
So that's what 160 meter contesting with an amp looks like. I can hold a run
frequency and DX stations (some of them, anyway) can actually hear me.
N6TV   Single Op HP   98,5502009-01-26 02:33:26
I couldn't put in a full time effort, so I was happy to finally get the sweep of
all U.S. states plus Washington DC. Missed VE9, VO1, VO2, VE4, VE8, VY1, VY0.

From my small suburban lot, this contest is quite a challenge. I was happy to
work a few Europeans and JAs, but I wish I could have worked more.

Ant: Shunt-fed tower, 100' (30m)
Rx: KC2TX Rx Loop
Rig: Elecraft K3, Alpha 87A
Software: Win-Test 3.25-dev
YU9DX   Single Op Assisted LP   34,7902009-01-26 02:33:51
ft1000(field) 100w
39m wire at 12m

Came to my friend's flat (YT1HA) for a drink or two and to see how the
things were going on and ended with less than 2 hours run with 201q in the
log.He said he has the ant for 160 but the only thing I saw was some kind of
wire from his window at 4th floor to street light pointed to NE.Had two
beverages (my left and right ear)and amp (coffee and rakija).Big gun indeed.Tnx
to all who called me.
RU3VD   Single Op LP   164,9342009-01-26 02:42:13
Rig. : Icom IC-7000
Ant. : 24m. Vertical + K9AY

73! Aleksej
S57AL   Single Op HP   537,3702009-01-26 02:46:01
RIG: FT-1000MKV Field
ANT: INVV @ 30m + receive LOOP @ 6m

73, Ivo, S57AL & CU in SSB part.
IT9RBW   Single Op LP   23,5402009-01-26 02:50:24
My experience in cw is really low.However that i try whit small setup.
I'm sorry if sometimes i asked to repeat.No rx antenna,on tx a kind of L
antenna :) whit vertical part just 5 meters.So much difficolt but i'm
satisfacted for just 4 hours and approximatily 100w whit Icom 756 pro 3 that i
find have some limited on cw.

See you again

OK1FPS   Single Op LP   311,6762009-01-26 02:58:14
Very good condx this year . I wanted to enter this contest only for while
because I had a little flu. But I cannot stop it because conditions were very
I used only easy setup from my home. Ant sloping LW 63m long and 30m up.Bare
Icom IC 746 and 100W.
Thanks all for points 73 Pavel OK1FPS
S57DX   Single Op Assisted HP   812,0152009-01-26 03:02:49
OL7R   Multi-Op HP   826,7282009-01-26 03:15:25
Nice contest as usual. Our best result. Missed easy workable mult MM0XAU which
was still doing only DX mults probably. Hard to catch him on some place. Anyway
nothing special. Best propagation to US side was 5:00-7:00Z in second window.
Glad to see strongly VHF oriented groups like OK4W running on the TOP band, hi.
Also congrats to OL7M group for their famous DXCC score and nice final result
for the first participation in CQ160. Bottle of Whisky is waiting for you

modified FT1000MP + Alpha and OM Power
3el. 1/4wl sloper system (330°,45°,180°)
5/8wl vertical (= prolonged from 80m band, 47 radials 1/8wl, 4 radials 1/4wl)
RX 4sq K9AY without LNA
Win-test 3.24

GL and next to see you ... de Milan,OK1VWK on behalf of OL7R group
OK1JOC   Single Op LP   220,4402009-01-26 03:35:27
TS570d, 100w , inv.Vee
MØBJL   Single Op LP   241,2002009-01-26 03:44:36
Equipment: Yaesu FT920 (100watts), Inv L with 100 1/4 wave radials.

Had problems with my amplifier prior to the contest starting so to save an
expensive repair I opted to enter the Low Power category.
My first ever 160m contest and the band seemed more like 20m, signals were
enormous all the way through the band which made it difficult to wean out the
stations outside of Europe, however I did manage some decent North American
states/Prov the best being the state of CA. EY8MM was a nice one but just
couldn't break the Eastern EU wall to work UP2L and UK9AA which I could hear
very clearly.
I'd have liked to have worked a few more DXCC but I was pretty pleased with the
result with only 100 watts under difficult conditions.
73 and thanks to all those that I made QSO with.
Shaun, M0BJL
G3LZQ   Single Op Assisted HP   440,5382009-01-26 04:15:57
A token S&P effort, had not planned being QRV. Couple of hours 01-03z/07-10z
Saturday missed lots during the 4-hrs off but it raised the interest..
06-09z Sunday great to mid/far West although not as strong as Saturday.
Highlight was working UA0SR 1405z 2.5hrs B4 my sunset.

Have to feel for those at the end of a huge nonstop Eu calling pile who waste
Q's by not listening after one call..almost deliberate QRM..

We missed having Vic G4BYG over to pilot M2D but he will be back next year.
73 and thanks for the QSO's my first effort for a number of years.

John G3LZQ
VE3UTT   Single Op HP   124,3342009-01-26 04:21:56
>95% S&P due to amp troubles.
OZ7TTT(OZ5WQ)   Single Op LP   61,9502009-01-26 04:31:17
Best result in CQ WW 160m CW from this QTH.
Used IC735- 100W output and an inverted L-ant.
First 24 hours was fair, with many W/VE Saturday morning.
Heard four times the amount of W/VE's I could make!
In the last 24 hours the band was covered with CQ- mashines making it very
difficult for a small gun to find multipliers.
Cu next year.
73 Peter OZ5WQ/ OZ7TTT
VE3EJ   Single Op HP   1,188,9362009-01-26 04:32:10
The noise blanker on the K3 is prettty effective but not effective enough to
overcome the S9+ power line noise problems combined with a super crowded 160
band. I think that I generally can hear fairly well on the low bands but not
this weekend. I have been working with the power authority to clean things up
but they unfortunately did not have time before the contest to take a look at
the suspect power pole.

My apologies to those who called that I could not hear. I suspect there were a
lot of stations that I missed.

Thanks to N2NT for the very favorable rule changes and for arranging the great
band conditions.


LY2IJ   Single Op Assisted HP   1,291,8292009-01-26 04:35:05
Used cluster and CW skimmer to maximise fun and not to feel so alone in
small metall container.
Very nice condx to NA - missed OK, KS, ID, MT, UT, WY + VO2, VE4, VY, VE8.
Lack of propagation to JA.
I wish - key clixers fix their rigs and JA's extend their band!
SP2LNW   Single Op HP   414,0402009-01-26 04:48:11
Great condx! TB sounds like 40 mtrs. First use of a new MA160V setup (built hour
before the test - need more radials). Additional QRM from local pump station.
Tnx all for QSO's. 73! Slaw sp2lnw
DL8SCG   Single Op HP   481,7312009-01-26 05:06:49
K3/100 + Alpha Amp
Inverted L + K9AY
KG4CUY   Single Op Assisted HP   97,9202009-01-26 05:11:10
Lots of fun, and worked new ones KH6, KL, OH0, OH, OK, EA8, GD. 500W, 53'
OL1C(@OK1ONA)   Multi-Op HP   410,0802009-01-26 05:31:52
Good ConDX.
F5IN   Single Op HP   194,0282009-01-26 05:42:13
Powered by Win-Test 3.24.0

kenwod TS-940S TL922

160m >> shunted-feed tower (24m)

+ K9AY system loop
VE3HG   Single Op HP   32,2922009-01-26 06:03:41
Had to work on the weekend so half-hearted effort but Friday night was magic.
Single-wire sloper easily hearing EU countries and working them on first call
at 500 watts.Never strong here but low noise at this suburban lot essential to
any success. Saturday night noise floor just covering EU although did manage KL
and C6. Considering adding a shortened 160 dipole to replace an 80/40 shorten
CE1/K7CA   Single Op HP   614,5002009-01-26 06:09:35
Where were all the great conditions I've been hearing about.
Right, they were all up north. At least we had plenty of summer
QRN to move the S meter, S9 + 10dB. However, there were still plenty
of signals around the band. I know there were lots of stations calling
under the QRN because I could hear them in there but just not loud enough
to compete with the QRN. If you think it's difficult to hold a frequency
in NA you should try it from down here where everyone has their RX antennas
pointing away from you and signals are down. However, that is 160m contesting
and it is still loads of fun and always has nice surprises in store if you are
The K3 worked great but did not have diversity RX since the 2nd RX broke
a few days before the contest and I didn't want to take a chance on creating
more problems by trying to fix it before the contest. Parts are hard to find
down here if you are in a hurry.
K3, Ameritron AL-572 amp, 42' top loaded vertical with 30 1/4 WL radials, 450'
beverage, 4 el phased broadside/endfire short vertical array.
KØPK   Single Op QRP   79,9922009-01-26 06:13:58
Very good DX conditions, especially to EU. Heard many more stations than I could
work with 5 watts. It was difficult walking away from all those high point
multipliers! Managed to get CM,CN,CT3,CU,EA8,F,FM,G,GM,KH6,KL7,VP9 and XE into
the log. Missed WAS by one...never heard Idaho. VE4EAR called in near the very
end...nice to get rare MB as a final mult!

It's really the receiving OPs that make QRP a fun game. There are many very
good ears out there! (and some not so good :-) It still amazes me that one can
repeatedly call a loud station only to have them CQ in your face, yet a single
call to a very weak station often brings an immediate QSO.

Setup: FT2000 & TS940 @ 5 watts, 95' TLSF TX vert, 80m CFZ, Coax loop, short
bev. RX, N1MM.

Thanks for the Qs! 73 - Paul, K0PK
VY2LI   Single Op LP   2,2882009-01-26 06:44:43
When Robby VY2SS told me I was going to have to carry the load for VY2-land,it
was a pretty daunting responsibility.Where the heck was VY2ZM? It was a big
relief when I learned that Jeff was in, and I was out.I stuck around anyway to
help relieve some of the pressure from him!!! All said 'tongue in check'.As
those that worked me discovered, I am a lid on CW.Contacts were all S & P and
mostly during daylight hours,after I finished the BARTG.CW contesting is
becoming more fun as my speed improves and confidence builds.Be gentle if you
hear me.Thanks CQ.73,Bill
W1XX   Single Op HP   225,2042009-01-26 06:45:50
This contest was a blast! I just got back on Top Band this fall after a hiatus
of several years....great timing! It was great fun being one of very few
stations on from RI and thus on the receiving end of several huge pileups.
Late in the contest I even responded to a desperate station calling "CQ RI."
EU QSOs were easily workable from our sunset with EU signals at their sunrise
sounding like locals. I like the rules' changes although my logging program
was not current on DX be edited later from paper notes. This contest
is now a MUST on my contest calendar.
-- John, W1XX

TX/RX: FT-1000MP w/INRAD 400 Hz CW filter
Amp: Drake L7 = 1 KW
TX Ant: "T" Vertical with linear loading & LC with 16 1/4 wl radials
RX Ants: 2X W8JI 550-ft NE-SW Beverage
288-ft W Beverage
G3BJ   Single Op HP   1,220,9782009-01-26 06:47:27
I wasn't going to do this contest, but after a few hours on Friday evening, I
got seduced by the conditions. So my strategy evolved as I went along. It's
the first time, I've done CQ160, and I must admit it was fun. But the first
mistake was to start the contest thinking I was going to do a token effort and
using my home call. I should have started with G5W, as by the time I realised I
might stay the course it was impossible to change, of course !

Friday evening/overnight was a blast, with excellent conditions (although only
limited openings for me to JA). But the US was great. Managed to sit on my
frequency almost all night, and the rate was OK. Operated from 22.00 until
about 08.15, and then hit the hay. But by the end of the first session I had
some 60% of my final score in the bag.

Saturday evening didn't seem to have the same sort of propagation, and for me
Saturday night was dire. It only really got going later on, in the last two
hours before dawn. Operated from about 17.00 to 08.15 again (with a 45 min
break in the middle of the night), leaving about five hours for Sunday

Sunday was slow as well, and it seemed I had worked almost everything I could
hear. Picked up a few mults on S&P, but keeping a run frequency and running S&P
is tricky in this contest, I found.

By 21.50, when I ran out of time, I was ready for bed.

A great contest, an perhaps next year I shall be better planned, with a few
additional receive antennas. The K9AY did superbly, but I wonder whether a
beverage to the US would also help.

Congratulations to GM3POI and M6T (G4TSH, I assume), who were both going great
guns, and will make my effort seem very much like a rookie !

A few moans as well: I got attacked by the continuous carrier jammer on a
couple of occasions, which was irritating. But more significantly, three times,
I found a clear frequency, and after the necessary "QRL?" a few times, started
working stuff, only to be jumped on a few minutes later by someone claiming
they had been on the freq all night. Well perhaps, but they were evidently not
there when I called QRL ? and were I suspect S&P-ing. I had a long discussion
with an OK1 who was one of the culprits, but to no avail. This is poor
operating in my opinion. If you go S&P you run the risk of losing your run
frequency - you can't leave a "reserved" sign on the channel !

Didn't hear Nevada, Kentucky, DC and Kansas, but apart from that, got the full
US set, and most of the Canadian ones that were likely to be active. Reading
the DX spots after the contest, I see I missed quite a few DXCC, but that is
the challenge of the contest. I wonder what SO(A) is like in this contest ?

Using the usual stuff here - FT1000MP MkV + linear, 90ft vertical and dipole
(although the tower was down, so lost about 25ft of height here), K9AY for
receive + Win-Test.

Thanks to all for the QSOs

73, Don, G3BJ
K1TR   Single Op HP   65,5202009-01-26 07:10:43
K3, AL1200, K2KQ "double-L"
VE2DWA(LU7DW)   Single Op HP   363,8882009-01-26 07:15:30
All reports sent were 599 QC, unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description: Kenwood TS-930, Ten Tec Titan.

Antennas: Inverted L w/8 x 1/4 radials buried in the snow, Inverted vee @ 10

PC: Pentium 1 166 MHz w/CT 10.04 (DOS) Paddle Bencher BY-1


I was planning to operate with my buddies @ VE2OJ, but as I got a bad cold, I
operated part-time from my home, 90 % was S&P with very good propagation and
getting 60 DXCC (4 new ones: 5B, LX, EW, UA2) and 20 Zones (19 was a new one)
in less than 14 Hs of operation made my weekend.

As I've operate S&P old-fashion style (turning the big Knob called dial) I
found several good multipliers almost without callers (before them were spoted
in clusters and the madness starts), but I need a 125Hz filter to really enjoy
160 meter.

Being called by my friends N5KO and George N3GJ (my band-mate @ K3LR) were a
nice surpise !

I can't wait for SSB leg of his contest, I'm planing to be SO HP as VE3AP.

73, Claudio LU7DW-VE2DWA-VE3Ap
G3YBY   Single Op LP   60,1642009-01-26 07:34:36
Casual part time entry.
Had to drop the mast on Saturday night due to high winds.
W4IX   Single Op LP   308,1362009-01-26 08:18:14
Another great contest. I don't know why I had such a hard time getting through
to the European stations, they were in here from 2200z till 0900z but it seemed
I cud only work them around 0500z or later..spent way too much time calling
tjhose guys, they were extremely loud here but did not hear me. I know my
antenna needs work, it was hastily put up, just a simple Inv. L with vertical
section at 40 feet. I put up a short beverage in the woods that was supposed to
be favored to the NW direction, but it worked for Europe better than the NW
direction and was way better than the Tx antenna, maybe my resistor is bad??
Lows: Signal too weak in pileups: Missed HK,6W,EL2,ZY7,YV,VK,JA,UA,UY,E7
Highs : For the first time on 160, 3 KL7's ( AL2F called me early Sunday
morning, 2 KH6's, T77C ( I dont know how he hrd me through the super QRM around
1830 khz ) and still unbelievable, having RK0CWA call me high in the band at
1232Z well after sunrise. Cant wait to join the QRO ranks..hi 73's and tnx fer
all the Q's. ( still reading all the great 3830 reports..amazing results )
VE3CWU   Single Op LP   2,6862009-01-26 08:18:31
Lot's of fun for a first time CW contest.
73, Bob
KN4Y   Single Op LP   18,9072009-01-26 08:22:28
Good conditions, was happy with my results using 100 Watts. Plenty of CW
stations to keep me awake.
YL3FT   Single Op HP   451,2422009-01-26 08:34:50
Rig:IC756pro3 OM2500HF
ANT: Inv."V"
KI7Y(@K7ZSD)   Single Op HP   134,5042009-01-26 08:38:48
A last minute operation at K7ZSDs. Thanks to Brad and Ruth for the hospitality.
The best conditions I have ever experienced on 160M.
W2GB   Single Op LP   103,1032009-01-26 09:15:23
I can't recall hearing condx like this in a long long time.
Imagine what I could have done if I actually had a decent 160 antenna.
Will work on that over the summer
P33W(RA3AUU)   Single Op Assisted HP   1,964,9282009-01-26 09:28:15
This is something to remember !!!

Wasn't planning to make it very seriously since I had other things to do.
Missed some few hours going around with my XYL :)

First night was the best with over half of the QSOs.
Second night had to fight with heavy thunderstorms, so sorry if I didn't copy

The most remarkable QSO was KL7RA 1.5 hour before it started getting dark in

73s, Harry RA3AUU
KY5R   Single Op HP   111,7862009-01-26 09:45:52
GReat cndx as echoed by all who previously posted hr. Missed my sunset openings
both days but able to play at EU sunrise Sat nite. Great to hr all the activity.
This was an part time,S&P effort as I am not up to speed to run on such an
active band. After this test I may have to finally get "on the stick" [to get
up to speed on running inthis mode. All op's I hrd running where having a good
time. Hate to be sitting on the sideline...... Tha Alabama Contest Group had a
good showing. Look for all in the SSB version of this event in Feb. Tim, KY5R
in " sweet home Alabama"
SP7DCS(CHRIS)   Single Op LP   200,7722009-01-26 09:47:49
Thanks to all for nice qsos. This was my first start in CQ 160M CW Contest.
See you in next year!
73 de Chris SP7DCS
W2TX   Single Op LP   164,5442009-01-26 10:00:13
There were very good signals from Europe from 0500 to 0730; outside that window
they were hard to hear/work from here. There didn't seem to be as many
Caribbean stations this year, and heard very few SA stations.
Ant: base-loaded 64 ft. vertical
Rig: Omni-VI with TT auto-tuner

Thanks to all for your QSO's-
ZC4LI(STEVE)   Single Op HP   401,5902009-01-26 10:12:18

Antenna:- Titanex 160HD
Rig:- Icom-756 pro3
Amp:- Acom-1000
Software:- Win-Test 3.24

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's.
I only managed to get in 10 hours as I was otherwise
occupied in the BARTG Sprint Contest. As it turned out
I should have stuck with the 160 as condx were pretty
bad on the other bands !!

Log is on LoTW for paper cards please see QRZ.COM

73 Steve.
YU1LA   Single Op HP   1,030,0002009-01-26 10:31:05
For the third year I'm not lucky with making a good beverage antenna.I did
everything this year : 320m long wire, 2m up from the ground, good grounding,
the DXE-BFS-1 Beverage feed system by W8JI, the 75Ohm feedline...And again
NOTHING...Lost so many USA calls in the heavy EU QRM...Sorry for KL7HBK...
I'll try again next time, but I don't know what to change ?

Ivan, YU1LA
N2GC   Single Op HP   171,4982009-01-26 10:59:36
IC756PROIII, AL-1200, 80mtr dipole @35', Xmatch

Wow! That was fun even with my lousy antenna.
N7ON   Single Op Assisted LP   58,2782009-01-26 11:04:17
Rig: Elecraft K2/100
TX antenna: inverted-L, vertical height 30'
RX antenna: coax loop

Lots of fun from my condo station. All antennas were back in storage 15
minutes after my last QSO. Thanks to all for the QSO's.


John, N7ON
EA5BM   Multi-Op HP   586,0952009-01-26 11:19:15
Field day style operation.

Strong windstorms. Antenna broken for two times due to high winds.

Txing with:

First attempt: 31 m vert.
Second attempt: 28 m vert.
Third and last attempt: 25 m vert.

Rxing with 2 beverages USA and ASIA near 200 m long each

Locking for multipliers more than for qsos and score.

Thanks for calling us
A71BX(@A71BX/P)   Multi-Op HP   419,7962009-01-26 11:47:42
Another Field Day-style effort from the Qatar Amateur Radio Society group. This
time, an inland location so not as strong as last trip. But beverages helped us
hear much better! It never rains in the desert except for when we put up a
vertical for the low bands. Conditions were really terrific the first night and
poor to good the second, but we had great fun! Great to work as far as my home
state of Texas and to even hear some weak W6's! Had to stop early to take it
all down so we could get back to work on Monday, but it was worth it to hear
160 in such terrific shape.
OK6Y(OK2PTZ)   Single Op LP   267,6752009-01-26 11:53:18
Very nice contest! My first serious participation. I did not believe I can made
700 QSO on one band from the centre of the town.

I spent 2 weeks before contest to prepare new RX antennas - 2x K9AY
end-fire/broadband array. It "improved" my ears for sure. :-)

So thanks for all contacts.

OLØW(OK1DSZ)   Single Op HP   584,9152009-01-26 11:57:18
Initially not serious participation because of a two weeks long business trip to
LZ, which ended friday afternoon just a few hours before the kickoff. After one
day with family, contest started for me on Saturday at 15:30Z. I planned to
operate only one night, but on Sunday morning, when I saw I have the same QSO
total as I had in the same moment last year, when I operated full time, then I
decided to go also the last night.

Terrible mess in 1810-25 segment, it is getting worse and worse year by year. I
belive the life would be much easier, if CQ 160 contest commitee decided JA is
a) not multiplier at all or b) everyone gets this mult automatically without
working any. Otherwise I am afraid what mess will be in JA window within next
few years.

Thanks to all who found the way into my log. See you next time.
DL3EBX   Single Op LP   21,6582009-01-26 12:01:29
I was quite surprised to make about 150 QSO´s in this contest with my small
antenna setup and 100W.
Antenna was a simple wire (20m long) which is end-feeded. Feeding point is abt.
10m high and the end is abt. 4m above ground. The MFJ-Antenna Tuner did a good
Nevertheless, it was impossible to make any US QSO (even never heard
state-side....). But it was greast fun.

S57M   Single Op Assisted HP   656,4602009-01-26 12:04:44
Very nice contest, no QRN, good condx to USA, new best score on my location! I
realy enjoyed. TNX for all calls guys! See you in the SSB part !

GL&73s Bojan S57M
DL1AUZ(@DFØHQ)   Single Op HP   1,095,6552009-01-26 12:05:45
EU 71%
NA 25%
AS 4%
AF < 1%
SA < 1%
W8CAR   Single Op HP   510,1682009-01-26 12:10:09
WOW! I never would believe that I would work 193 10 point Qs in this test. Condx
were awesome to say the least. The band was dead quiet and I could hear every DX
station with gain to spare-some stations so loud they sounded like locals. I
never heard so much DX on 160 at once. I am guessing that every record will be
broken and stay that way for some time to come.

Really way to much fun and one to remember for years to come!!!!
WØSD(WØDB)   Single Op HP   936,0542009-01-26 12:15:23
This has to be a once in a lifetime experience! I am so glad I came up to Ed's
to do this contest. Worked over 250 EU and over 150 JAs. It was incredible to
be working EU in broad daylight from SD! Normal conditions bring us a couple
dozen each of EU and JA. Some EU and JA were over S9, but the majority took
some work do dig out.

As always, Ed's station played perfectly. Rig is a K3 with sub receiver,
antennas are 1/4 wave vertical, dipole at 170', and beverages NE, SW, SE and
NW. Thanks Ed and Edith for your hospitality and for a super weekend, and
thanks to all for the QSOs!

73, Joe W0DB
W4VIC   Single Op HP   42,7462009-01-26 12:39:45
PROIII, N1MM, MicroKeyer, Acom amp.

First time out with a real 160 M. antenna (Inverted L at 35 feet, 2 elevated
radials -- Thanks Barry, K5VIP, for antenna installation). Still plagued with
RF problems shutting down ops -- had to operate with 200 - 300 watts most
times. Also did my first serious attempt at running on Sunday afternoon. Not
entirely comfortable with that but more experience will help -- no doubt in my
book that thus lies the path to more Q's -- even with an extremely modest

Thanks for the Q's. Vic, W4VIC
WØBH   Single Op HP   101,2462009-01-26 12:45:11
Very good conditions this weekend .. wish I could have spent more time in the
chair. I heard 160m activity almost the entire day with very loud adjacent
state signals on the band calling CQ Contest during daylight hours.

Rates the first evening hovered around 100 until midnight with a surprise
European station calling in from time to time. Overall, worked all states
except AK and HI, missed the DC mult and NU YT NWT MB NS NF LB in VE-land. DX
worked included CT OK F G OZ XE and SN.

Thanks to all for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
NO3M   Single Op LP   103,7682009-01-26 13:02:37
Saturday/Sunday experimented w/ remote operation from the laptop roaming around
the house. Used Skype for audio stream and remote desktop to PC in the shack.
Worked surprisingly well, but just enough delay that some auto CQs jumped on
callers before intervention. Next experiment will be w/ stereo audio stream to
engage SO2R remotely.

Rig: K3
Antenna: Mangled Inverted-L (top @45ft)

Eric NO3M
N4KG   Single Op Assisted HP   283,0232009-01-26 13:05:18
WOW! These were the Best Conditions I have ever heard (or remember) for this
contest. I came in at sunset from running a replacement wire into the woods and
the first 3 stations I heard were Loud Europeans. That did it, this was going
to be a DX / Multiplier Contest for me.

The 3 previous nights had exhibited excellent propagation (negating the N4KG
theorom that there are never 2 good nights in a row on 160M). Friday evening
had 3 hours of Strong Signals from Europe from 2330 to 0230Z with weaker but
still workable signals the rest of the evening. The Biggest and BEST highlight
of the contest was hearing and finally working EY8MM for an all time New One. I
never could hear the UN / UP stations.

Saturday night started off with noticably reduced signals from Europe, but they
were still workable with a little more calling. Foolishly I took a 2 hour break
from this activity to return to find improved signals from Europe.

Both nights were extremely QUIET at my location and it was easier to copy the
weaker signals on my Transmit Antenna (an Inverted L supported by an 80 ft tree
in the woods with 50? radials).

In retrospect, I would like to have put in a few more hours and spent more time
CQing, especially during the EU and JA openings. Only 3 runs, with 98 Q's in
the last hour of the contest from 3 to 4 pm CST (2 hours before sunset).

Radio: Icom 746 with cascaded 500 Hz filters. Definitely could have used a
narrow CW filter, even with PBT engaged.

Antenna 1 - Inverted L at 80 ft apex with 50 radials
Antenna 2 - Elevated GP (140 ft of Rohn 25) with 6 elevated radials
Parasitic Relfector (130 ft R35 tower with 3L15 on top) located between
Antenna 1 and Antenna 2 - produces 10 dB F/B beaming East and NorthWest
(It took several Years before I recognized this problem and installed
the Inverted L the week AFTER missing ST0RY several nights in a row!)

Stats QSO Multipliers

USA 338 48/49 heard but missed Idaho (he was calling others)
VE/VO 34 8/14 missed VE4,8,9, VO2 VY1 VY0
NA DX 17 12 (plus W/VE)
SA 4 4 CE CX HC PJ2 (heard P4, ZY wkg EU)
EU 121 41 Some EU stations were S8 on my meter
AF 4 4 6W CN CT3 EA8
OC 2 1 KH6 (KH6LC was under a BC spur on 1820 and barely readable)

Total 526 Q's 56 W/VE 67 DXCC for 123 Mults = 283,023 points in 18 hours

Tom N4KG in North Alabama
W3YY   Single Op Assisted HP   74,7632009-01-26 13:06:19
Got on just to get some states for the Triple-Play award. I worked 47 states,
including AK and HI. Missed ID, WY, and ND. Not bad for just a few hours.
Would have enjoyed working DC, but never ran into anyone there. Kind of
surprising since this is one of the few contests that count DC as a mult.
Saturday afternoon I got on for an hour or so just running barefoot and still
had nice runs in the middle of the day. All in all, a very fun contest.
F4EIZ(MARC)   Single Op Assisted LP   169,1882009-01-26 13:10:24

Well a fantastic contest...
Still using my portable station with my camper.

Rig :
TS480HX 150W
8 batteries 100Ah
Vertical 24M top load, 1700m radials
K9AY 7M and 14M hight
Beverages : 270M Est, 270M Ouest and 350M Nord/Ouest

No so good in cw to made RUN so only S/P.
Conditions for Nord America impressive, incredible, 8 news ones, FM, 6W, C6,
VP9, XE, PJ2, CM and finally ZC4. I need 3 more for the 100 DXCC on the top

Except the weater... a great great WE.
CUL Marc F4EIZ, 100% portable
S55M(@S58W)   Single Op Assisted HP   696,2762009-01-26 13:17:45
Ant: Bent leg slooper, single 240m BEV to NA (only 1st night,later "gone with
the wind")
FT1000MP+GS31 amplifier

Well, once again mr. Murphy did his job exellent.

It started on tuesday, when we tried to mount the antenna on the hilltop
location of our RC. The contest from there are always semi-field day type. We
have to mount the antenae b4 the test and dismount everything after it.
Not because of some stupid rule, but because of extreme winds and weather
there. Slavnik (tha name of the hill) is the latest barrier between the hot
mediteran sea area and cold internal continent so extreme winds from the south
or north east are common there.
So on tuesday, the wind from the south was so strong, that was difficult to
close the doors of our little house on the top. Climbing the 45m tower was
simply impossible. So we decided to postpone the work until thursday, when i
finaly attached the upper leg of the dipole to the top of the broadcast tower.
The other leg was attached on friday morning. So far, so good but on friday
evening the weather went from bad to horrible. I drived up on the location
during the snow storm with moderate wind and when i went in shack i heard some
familiar noise comming from the antenna connector. Sparks up to 1 inch of
lenght from the connector to grounding nut were visible for more than one hour.
So, at the beginning of contest i listend almost everything on that NA BEV.
I was happy with the score on sathurday morning with more than 500 qso in my
log. 27 S/P and 56 DXCC were also promissing.The sigs from NA were really
booming. I spoke on the phone with Ted (S51TA) and i told him that we r
"srewed" if the northeastern wind will build up. I wish i didn't mention that.

With the wind during the evening i lost my NA BEV, wich was pulled out from the
isolators and burried under the snow. And Ted (as You probably read) lost one of
his verticals. Digging small signals without RX antenna during this contest is
always "mission impossible" and i did, what i could with that remaining wire,
wich i also used for TX.
And of course, my AMP suddenly refused to work on sathurday evening, withot
bangs, sparks and blown fuses. Just wont go on TX. Fortunatly, i had the spare
one (Thanks Agar-S56RGA) and i didn't lost much.
With another BEV for east and without the wind and the snow problems, the 1Mio
pts would be reachable for me with this simple and modest setup.

The biggest frustration was calling W0SD, wich was S9 on my S-meter, and
hearing him calling in my face for more than 20 minutes (25.jan 08:25 UTC).
The "worst RX" diploma goes to K8CC (called him a lot on 25.jan04:52 UTC
without reply).

In log:

DL 197
UA 130
W 101 (VE 13)
UR 95
OK 85

And amazing number of 46 S5 stations. Not bad for country of 7827 sq mi and
population of 2.000.000 people. (

Just to mention:
We lost one off-road car on friday afternoon (by our mistake with filling in
wrong fuel on the same gas station, where we are refueling for years, but they
changed the setup this week :(( ) and one on sunday during our home return (the
car catched fire due to the boiling oil in transmission).
Special thanks to Agar S56RGA and Rudi S58RU for all the help and support.
Without You, this wouldn't be possible.

Congratulations to E7DX,S51TA and 4O3A teams.
Impressive score also from Nodir EY8MM wich is far away from zones of top
activity and he called in on my cq.

At the end just one wish:

Rare DXCC operators please work split mode.
It's very easy to control the crowd (you can call it EU zoo if you want) that
K2PS   Single Op HP   14,1102009-01-26 13:49:05
Just a couple of hours operating as fresh meat!
K7ZA   Single Op Assisted HP   29,6362009-01-26 14:08:21
Fun and frustrating at the same time! Was mostly looking for new countries. All
QSO's were S and P. Heard much more than I worked. More radials next time.
ON4WW   Multi-Op HP   1,229,5802009-01-26 14:17:24
Best ever conditions for a topband contest. A pitty the band closed a couple of
hours the second night, but still...great fun!
Since I did the key click modification on my ft-1000mp some years back, it
seems that I have become a victim of my clean signal. I now experience stations
coming ever so close to my run frequency, in a way that I get bothered by their
key clicks and/or other transmission anomalies. Luckily most move immediately
when I explain them what the problem is. Thanks.
73 all es tnx for the Q's - Mark.
ps: oh yes, when a new multiplier has been spotted, it helps when people give
their call once, maximum twice and then LISTEN for the DX. Giving their call 3x
and then again 3x and then again 3x...I wonder if they have ever calculated how
many seconds they are blocking the frequency in just one go.
ES9C(@ES5TV)   Multi-Op HP   2,086,8202009-01-26 14:49:00
This was once in a lifetime propagation and success. We were seemingly in the
right place at the right time. Seems that souther EU and maybe even western EU
(!) did not have a huge advantage to US. We have 500 NA in the log and that is
unbelievable. Missed only ID from WAS! Also missed LB, MB, NT, YT and NU from
VE. From east we have 90 JA and 78 UA9 in the log.

QSO count is net of dupes, 172 dupes gives EI9C and IS9C pretty good score

In addition to the full size 4 Square as the 1st radio RX/TX antenna we managed
to erect wire 4 Square for the second station on Friday before the contest. It
is using a 42m high tower as support and is about 600m from the other antenna
and allowed quite good reception on the band. Both are phased with Comtek
hybrid coupler.

Statistics below.


By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| Hr | 160 | Total |
| | | |
| 22 | 199 | 199 |
| 23 | 192 | 192 |
| 00 | 160 | 160 |
| 01 | 135 | 135 |
| 02 | 114 | 114 |
| 03 | 81 | 81 |
| 04 | 63 | 63 |
| 05 | 66 | 66 |
| 06 | 46 | 46 |
| 07 | 51 | 51 |
| 08 | 17 | 17 |
| 09 | | |
| 10 | | |
| 11 | | |
| 12 | 34 | 34 |
| 13 | 48 | 48 |
| 14 | 26 | 26 |
| 15 | 53 | 53 |
| 16 | 42 | 42 |
| 17 | 30 | 30 |
| 18 | 14 | 14 |
| 19 | 28 | 28 |
| 20 | 74 | 74 |
| 21 | 44 | 44 |
| 22 | 50 | 50 |
| 23 | 63 | 63 |
| 00 | 64 | 64 |
| 01 | 35 | 35 |
| 02 | 55 | 55 |
| 03 | 29 | 29 |
| 04 | 36 | 36 |
| 05 | 44 | 44 |
| 06 | 55 | 55 |
| 07 | 18 | 18 |
| 08 | 22 | 22 |
| 09 | | |
| 10 | | |
| 11 | | |
| 12 | 10 | 10 |
| 13 | 20 | 20 |
| 14 | 29 | 29 |
| 15 | 26 | 26 |
| 16 | 24 | 24 |
| 17 | 28 | 28 |
| 18 | 27 | 27 |
| 19 | 33 | 33 |
| 20 | 25 | 25 |
| 21 | 18 | 18 |
| | 2228 | 2228 |

ES9C - Continents
By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes)

| Band | EU | NA | SA | AF | AS | OC |
| 160 | 65.0% | 24.8% | 0.4% | 0.3% | 9.3% | 0.2% |

Worked DXCC

DXCC | CT | 160 | TOTAL
1A | EU | |
1S | AS | |
3A | EU | |
3B6 | AF | |
3B8 | AF | |
3B9 | AF | |
3C | AF | |
3C0 | AF | |
3D2 | OC | |
3D2/c | OC | |
3D2/r | OC | |
3DA | AF | |
3V | AF | |
3W | AS | |
3X | AF | |
3Y/b | AF | |
3Y/p | SA | |
4J | AS | |
4L | AS | 3 | 3
4O | EU | 1 | 1
4S | AS | |
4U1I | EU | |
4U1U | NA | |
4U1V | EU | |
4W | OC | |
4X | AS | 4 | 4
5A | AF | |
5B | AS | 1 | 1
5H | AF | |
5N | AF | |
5R | AF | |
5T | AF | |
5U | AF | |
5V | AF | |
5W | OC | |
5X | AF | |
5Z | AF | |
6W | AF | 2 | 2
6Y | NA | |
7O | AS | |
7P | AF | |
7Q | AF | |
7X | AF | |
8P | NA | |
8Q | AS | |
8R | SA | |
9A | EU | 11 | 11
9G | AF | |
9H | EU | 1 | 1
9J | AF | |
9K | AS | |
9L | AF | |
9M2 | AS | |
9M6 | OC | |
9N | AS | |
9Q | AF | |
9U | AF | |
9V | AS | |
9X | AF | |
9Y | SA | |
A2 | AF | |
A3 | OC | |
A4 | AS | |
A5 | AS | |
A6 | AS | |
A7 | AS | 1 | 1
A9 | AS | |
AP | AS | |
BS7 | AS | |
BV | AS | |
BV9P | AS | |
BY | AS | 1 | 1
C2 | OC | |
C3 | EU | |
C5 | AF | |
C6 | NA | 1 | 1
C9 | AF | |
CE | SA | 1 | 1
CE0X | SA | |
CE0Y | SA | |
CE0Z | SA | |
CE9 | SA | |
CM | NA | 1 | 1
CN | AF | 1 | 1
CP | SA | |
CT | EU | 2 | 2
CT3 | AF | 1 | 1
CU | EU | 2 | 2
CX | SA | 1 | 1
CY0 | NA | |
CY9 | NA | |
D2 | AF | |
D4 | AF | |
D6 | AF | |
DL | EU | 284 | 284
DU | OC | |
E3 | AF | |
E4 | AS | |
E5/n | OC | |
E5/s | OC | |
E7 | EU | 3 | 3
EA | EU | 16 | 16
EA6 | EU | |
EA8 | AF | 1 | 1
EA9 | AF | |
EI | EU | 4 | 4
EK | AS | |
EL | AF | 1 | 1
EP | AS | |
ER | EU | 5 | 5
ES | EU | 5 | 5
ET | AF | |
EU | EU | 23 | 23
EX | AS | |
EY | AS | 1 | 1
EZ | AS | |
F | EU | 15 | 15
FG | NA | |
FH | AF | |
FJ | NA | |
FK | OC | |
FK/c | OC | |
FM | NA | 3 | 3
FO | OC | |
FO/a | OC | |
FO/c | NA | |
FO/m | OC | |
FP | NA | |
FR | AF | |
FR/g | AF | |
FR/j | AF | |
FR/t | AF | |
FS | NA | |
FT5W | AF | |
FT5X | AF | |
FT5Z | AF | |
FW | OC | |
FY | SA | |
G | EU | 71 | 71
GD | EU | 1 | 1
GI | EU | 4 | 4
GJ | EU | |
GM | EU | 4 | 4
GM/s | EU | 1 | 1
GU | EU | |
GW | EU | 2 | 2
H4 | OC | |
H40 | OC | |
HA | EU | 38 | 38
HB | EU | 5 | 5
HB0 | EU | |
HC | SA | 1 | 1
HC8 | SA | |
HH | NA | |
HI | NA | 1 | 1
HK | SA | 1 | 1
HK0/a | NA | |
HK0/m | SA | |
HL | AS | 3 | 3
HM | AS | |
HP | NA | |
HR | NA | |
HS | AS | 1 | 1
HV | EU | |
HZ | AS | 1 | 1
I | EU | 40 | 40
IG9 | AF | |
IS | EU | 1 | 1
IT9 | EU | 1 | 1
J2 | AF | |
J3 | NA | 1 | 1
J5 | AF | |
J6 | NA | |
J7 | NA | |
J8 | NA | |
JA | AS | 90 | 90
JD/m | OC | |
JD/o | AS | |
JT | AS | |
JW | EU | 1 | 1
JW/b | EU | |
JX | EU | |
JY | AS | |
KG4 | NA | |
KH0 | OC | |
KH1 | OC | |
KH2 | OC | |
KH3 | OC | |
KH4 | OC | |
KH5 | OC | |
KH5K | OC | |
KH6 | OC | 1 | 1
KH7K | OC | |
KH8 | OC | |
KH8/s | OC | |
KH9 | OC | |
KL | NA | 2 | 2
KP1 | NA | |
KP2 | NA | 2 | 2
KP4 | NA | 1 | 1
KP5 | NA | |
LA | EU | 19 | 19
LU | SA | |
LX | EU | 2 | 2
LY | EU | 42 | 42
LZ | EU | 10 | 10
OA | SA | 1 | 1
OD | AS | |
OE | EU | 5 | 5
OH | EU | 39 | 39
OH0 | EU | 2 | 2
OJ0 | EU | |
OK | EU | 108 | 108
OM | EU | 31 | 31
ON | EU | 11 | 11
OX | NA | |
OY | EU | 1 | 1
OZ | EU | 12 | 12
P2 | OC | |
P4 | SA | 1 | 1
PA | EU | 41 | 41
PJ2 | SA | 1 | 1
PJ7 | NA | |
PY | SA | 1 | 1
PY0F | SA | |
PY0S | SA | |
PY0T | SA | |
PZ | SA | |
R1FJ | EU | |
R1MV | EU | |
S0 | AF | |
S2 | AS | |
S5 | EU | 44 | 44
S7 | AF | |
S9 | AF | |
SM | EU | 41 | 41
SP | EU | 78 | 78
ST | AF | |
SU | AF | |
SV | EU | 4 | 4
SV/a | EU | |
SV5 | EU | |
SV9 | EU | |
T2 | OC | |
T30 | OC | |
T31 | OC | |
T32 | OC | |
T33 | OC | |
T5 | AF | |
T7 | EU | 1 | 1
T8 | OC | |
TA | AS | 4 | 4
TA1 | EU | |
TF | EU | 2 | 2
TG | NA | |
TI | NA | |
TI9 | NA | |
TJ | AF | |
TK | EU | |
TL | AF | |
TN | AF | |
TR | AF | |
TT | AF | |
TU | AF | |
TY | AF | |
TZ | AF | |
UA | EU | 178 | 178
UA2 | EU | 6 | 6
UA9 | AS | 78 | 78
UK | AS | 1 | 1
UN | AS | 14 | 14
UR | EU | 161 | 161
V2 | NA | |
V3 | NA | |
V4 | NA | |
V5 | AF | |
V6 | OC | |
V7 | OC | |
V8 | OC | |
VK | OC | 3 | 3
VK0H | AF | |
VK0M | OC | |
VK9C | OC | |
VK9L | OC | |
VK9M | OC | |
VK9N | OC | |
VK9W | OC | |
VK9X | OC | |
VP2E | NA | |
VP2M | NA | |
VP2V | NA | |
VP5 | NA | |
VP6 | OC | |
VP6/d | OC | |
VP8 | SA | |
VP8/g | SA | |
VP8/h | SA | |
VP8/o | SA | |
VP8/s | SA | |
VP9 | NA | 1 | 1
VQ9 | AF | 1 | 1
VR | AS | |
VU | AS | |
VU4 | AS | |
VU7 | AS | |
XE | NA | 1 | 1
XF4 | NA | |
XT | AF | |
XU | AS | 1 | 1
XW | AS | 1 | 1
XX9 | AS | |
XZ | AS | |
YA | AS | |
YB | OC | |
YI | AS | |
YJ | OC | |
YK | AS | |
YL | EU | 17 | 17
YN | NA | |
YO | EU | 25 | 25
YS | NA | |
YU | EU | 28 | 28
YU8 | EU | |
YV | SA | 1 | 1
YV0 | NA | |
Z2 | AF | |
Z3 | EU | |
ZA | EU | |
ZB | EU | |
ZC4 | AS | 2 | 2
ZD7 | AF | |
ZD8 | AF | |
ZD9 | AF | |
ZF | NA | |
ZK2 | OC | |
ZK3 | OC | |
ZL | OC | |
ZL7 | OC | |
ZL8 | OC | |
ZL9 | OC | |
ZP | SA | |
ZS | AF | |
ZS8 | AF | |
| | 1690 | 1690

Powered by Win-Test 3.24.0
I2WIJ   Single Op LP   82,1612009-01-26 14:56:12
Condx have really been super, otherwise I cannot explain my best score ever
with 100W and a windom for 80m!!! in down town Milan!!
The more I work 160 the more I get surprise!
And I slept both nights, without being on at EU sunrise.
Really glad to have work also this time my friend Jeff, VY2ZM,
my 160m beacon! HI.
I am really sorry not being able to use my country qth Inv L,
that I setup by the end of the year for Stew-Perry
with the Cushcraft R7 and a walnut tree as supports!
73. Bob, I2WIJ
OG2P(OH2PM)   Single Op HP   1,138,0002009-01-26 14:56:43
Great conditions to North America but JAs were about 20dB weaker than usually.
Although UA0s from zone 19 were loud the JAs were very weak. Certainly most of
us made our alltime records in number of QSOs and especially in the mumber of
DX QSOs. Only in 2003 from EA8BH and 2007 as 4O3M I have made more QSOs than
this year. But I did not think, not even in my wildest dreams, that I also
could make higher multiplier count from OH than in EA8 or 4O3.

A few days before the contest I worked 70 JAs in a short time but now I was
really relaxed when I got the first JA in the log on late Saturday. The band
below 1840 and especially in the JA-window was so growded that I was forced to
do unusually much S&P which luckily produced reasonable multiplier count.

My vertical is only 26m high with elevated radials. The bandwith is very
narrow,but perfectly matched at 1820. When operating above 1840 I had to reduce
power to save the amplifier tubes for high reflected power. However I was able
to work many nice multipliers even close to 1900.

I very well accept the fact that on the same continent at least five stations
must be able to operate within 1 kHz bandwidth. Contesters are adaptable and
improving. But on the other hand I totally disagree with the reality that
some stations with reasonable code speed but clicking signals cover alone more
than 1 kHz.
It was a pleasure to monitor e.g. last years's EU top, GM3POI, runs with strong
and clean signal. Who has the courage to list those whos signal does not meet
the quality standards ? Should there be an on-the-air audit for all HP stations
just before the contest ? In Finland our annual fee to the local telecom
authority is based on used bandwidth, just the same principle as commercial
and professional users have. Use of limited natural resources will charged or
taxed. I think that five times higher annual fee for a clicking contest station
does not work. How about dividing the final score by a factor 2-5 depending on
the bandwidth taken ? I am well aware that there is no final and practical
solution to this issue. However it must be continously discussed, otherwise we
quietly agree or at the most, swear in the club meetings.

Hopefully the good experincies in this year's contest are encouraging those
who participated for the first time or with a limited effort to revist the 160
meter contests also in the future.

Once again, after all my 50 years of contesting, I enjoyed it very much !

Cu in contest, Pertti, OH2PM/OG2P
TA2RC   Single Op LP   423,1802009-01-26 15:18:42

We did not live any unusual good TB propagation at this part of the world:(
A few days ago I did a good JA and NA runs from station.I tried to operate from
Kefken Island,my real contest location,but transport is cancelled from bad WX
conditions again.

Midnights were better here,made good EU runs but at two mornings there were
very poor propagation,especially last two hours to sunrises.It was not possible
to catch more NA multies.

And hard fight with storms and rain statics at this area.SV9,SV5 multies was
not QRV.Also TA3D is effected from this WX conditions.

Toys here:
***1/4 WL inverted L on sea wall of my garden with 8 1/4 WL radials on the
ground,a copper ground rod to ground,and a bold aluminium wire group ending
with a big aluminium plaque in the sea.
***TS 870S,80W,Win-test and Rigblaster plus.
***Still no RX system:(

I missed a real contest operation from Kefken Island with HP and RX system...

TNX for all QSOs,SRI for those I lost in QRN & QRM.

73 from Anatolia!

VE3JM(@VE3RM)   Single Op HP   1,011,9212009-01-26 15:22:25
Operated this contest second time in a row from Don's. Still there is a lot to
learn how to operate in this one.

I put up a single Beverage about 150 meters long towards Europe two months ago
just before CQWW DX in November. The wire vertical antenna broke a month ago
due to high speed winds, so I came to Don's a week ago to fix it. It was very
windy and cold that day, but this was my last chance to get the antenna fixed
before the contest. Usually I am OK to climb up the towers, but this time it
was a bit scary.

Also added 4 radials a week ago and few more just before the start of the
contest. Originally I was planning to get rid of the loading coil at the base
of the tower and extend the horizontal wires of the T to get a proper match,
but Don thought that wasn't necessary.

Still believe that the vertical would be a much better antenna without the
coil. This is probably one of the reasons why I was not spotted often even
though I was running about 80% of the time.

Used the second radio without an amplifier. I listened on it using the Beverage
since both transmitting antennas are just next to each other. There was some
interference from the main radio, but still managed to make a bit over 100 Qs.

The highlight of the weekend was working few JAs. Never heard them before on
160. There were probably more calling in, but there was no receiving antenna
for that direction.

Radio 1: FT-1000 MP Field, AL-1200
Radio 2: FT-2000
Wire vertical 60' high
Dipole with the apex at 70'.
Single Beverage 500' long towards Europe

Good showing by many VE3s. I expect that Nick EY had a blast. I was also amazed
with VE3MGY's QRP score. Well done, Brian!

As usual, I would like to thank Don for letting me operate from his station
again. Don just turned 80 last Friday.
CX6VM   Multi-Op HP   193,9232009-01-26 15:26:30
Friday night wondeful conditions, that band was crowded from bottom to top, and
many incredible signals!...but many of them couldn´t heard us....

At saturday night was worst, not as good condx as friday, and high QRN.

Congratulations to CE1/K7CA for great score, If you been here in deep south you
know how much effort you need for each QSO in topband.

See you in ARRL CW

WI9WI   Single Op HP   161,2162009-01-26 16:16:53
I missed the ARRL 160 and SP this winter because the weather was too bad in late
November and early December to put up my temporary antenna at home in Madison,
and I usually go to the cabin for this one, mainly due to much better antennas
and quiet conditions there. This contest and WW CW are about the only times
during the year when I have a chance to work DX on 160. My wife came along
because we wanted to ski Sunday, so we left in the early afternoon Friday when
she finished with work, arriving at the cabin about 0000Z. The inside temp was
29F on arrival though it had been down to 3F the week before on my recording
thermometer. The outside temp mid last week got down to -35F, the lowest level
in a few years.

I got the fire going and the electric heaters humming and finally got on the
air about 0130Z. By that time the temp inside was up to 43F. As many have
mentioned conditions were outstanding. I am blessed with very low rural noise
levels at the cabin, unlike Madison, and this turned into more of a DXpedition
for me than a contest. I spent a lot of time S&P looking for mults instead of
CQing to build the QSO totals. I was able to hear Europeans all through the
night both nights until I quit about 0900Z. Europeans were actually calling me.
This is virtually unprecedented. I worked several Europeans on Saturday before
my sunset, again unprecedented. I hope we see conditions like this again in my
lifetime. I didn't stay up all night or get up early either morning due to a
bit of a nagging cold, so I'm sure I missed some JA/PAC mults other than KH6.

S/P missed: WY(never heard a one), DC (heard one S&Ping); VO1, VO2, VE9, VY1,
VY0, VE8

DX worked: KL7, KH6, C6, CM, FM, HI, VP9, XE, PJ2, CT3, EA8, 5B, DL, EA, EI, F,
G, GD, GM, GW, HA, I, LA, LY, OE, OH, OK, OM, ON, OZ, S5, SM, SP

Heard a lot of DX I couldn't work due to weak signals, big pileups (I elected
not to waste very much time in any pileup, there were too many other
opportunities), or in some cases big signals who CQd in my face. The ones I
remember: UA, UA2F, UT, UA9(zone 18), YL, ES, ER, EY, CT, CU, 9A, HB, LZ, PA,
E7, YO, YU, CE, CX, PY, HC, TI and I'm sure a few more I've forgotten.

Gear: K-3, AL-82 1000 W out
Ants: Inv L 75 ft vertical the rest sloping down, full size dipole with center
at 60 ft which is as high as I can practically get it
Short beverages to E, S, W. K9AY loops
Friday night I listened mostly on the transmitting antenna because it was so
quiet, and signals were so strong. Saturday it was a bit noisier so I used the
receiving antennas a bit more.

Most fun 160 contest ever for me.

Thanks for all the QSOs


W3SO(W3YOZ)   Single Op HP   182,1002009-01-26 16:51:02
I had the longest run of EU's stations worked ever including
6W as a new country among others.
These were the most extraordinary conditions I've ever heard.
I'm located on Wopsononock mountain at 2,500+ ft elevation and this
station is primarily a VHF/UHF contest station.
However, I'm trying out 160 meters with very quiet conditions at this

Ant: 1/4 wave vertical with elevated and ground radials.

73, Marty, W3YOZ
K8AC   Single Op Assisted HP   178,5832009-01-26 17:03:57
Very limited time to operate this time around, and was checking out a new rig
and station setup. No doubt the best band conditions I've ever heard from this
part of the world. 23% of my QSOs were 10 pointers - hard to believe. Four new
ones in the log, so it was a very good weekend indeed!
VE6SV(VE6RST)   Single Op Assisted HP   444,3962009-01-26 18:39:17
With a late start....

Got carried away working the DX never heard in this part of the world - ever.
Missed 10 to 15 country mults heard but not worked EY VQ9 A71 LZ BY BU MM0 HS

Thanks for the Q's

73, Max VE6RST
VA3EC   Single Op HP   60,4562009-01-26 18:39:37
Part time effort. Lots of fun. I now firmly believe verticals are like
alligators, big mouth, no ears. I never heard Europe. Time for a Flag.
Maybe there should be a "Lot Limited" category?
Thanks for the Q's. I had fun running but got buried when I got spotted. My
first time seeing 137/hour for the last 10 minutes on the WriteLog monitor.
Harry VA3EC
K5GO(@WD5R)   Multi-Op HP   828,0582009-01-26 18:51:47
For the past three years Doug and Marlene have allowed me to operate from their
great station and home in the single operator category.

After three good years and almost exactly the same score each year, I thought
it would be fun to try the multi-operator category, and talked Doug into
operating with me in that category. We tried the two radio thing with one of
my relay boxes for a while and then settled into just having one operator at a
time. I was able to get plenty of sleep and had a great time with the receiver
connected to one of the best beverage farms in the country.

As usual, Marlene (the real WD5R) was wonderful, stayed awake almost as much as
we did, and made some wonderful meals.

I smiled when N6TV showed up on Skimmer and laughed to/at myself when I worked
Bob and informed him I had found him using Skimmer.

We had few problems working stations that we called with the exception of
4U1UN. I must have called him for a total of about 45 minutes and never made
the contact. The best big pile-up contact was OY9JD.

Congratulations to all those who worked it hard and made a big score.

160 Meters is always a lot of fun from Arkansas when the conditions are good
enough to work Europe and JA. We logged approximately 220 Europeans which is
about 50% more than the average number for the past three years.

Looking forward to the ARRL DX Contest in the M/M category.

Really hoping the big ice storm that is hitting us as I type will not be too

73 to all from Marlene (WD5R), Doug (N5ECT) and

Stan, K5GO
NDØC   Single Op QRP   5982009-01-26 19:01:08
Just played around for a couple hours. QRP on 160 is just as challenging as I
imagined. I need a lot better antenna - trying to run 5 watts to a tuned 80
meter dipole really sucks. Thanks to everybody for your patience, good
receivers and awesome receiving antennas for pulling me out of the noise!

FT897D at 5 watts to a dipole at 45 feet

Randy, ND0C
NK7U   Multi-Op HP   541,3232009-01-26 19:34:45
Wow, still can't believe the great conditions. In 30 years of contesting I don't
ever remember a EU station answering one of my CQ's, what a thrill from the West
Coast. Have to apologize to all stations we couldn't hear that heard us and all
the repeats we needed. Trying work in this contest with just transmit antennas
and a 59+ noise level plus the crowded band conditions still have my ears
Thank goodness Jon,KL2A, had his young ears and great CW abilities sharing the
contest with me. He worked many, many stations that I just couldn't pull out of
the noise.
Since moving to the new location last year, I just barely got the transmit
antennas up before winter shut us down outside. Receive antennas are on the
agenda for next summer. Congrats to Tree for a great score from the NW. Just
shows what a great operator with good receive antennas can do, would have like
to have seen what he could have scored from the NE. Hope to see most of you in
the SSB version, don't think it's going be anywhere near as fun.
73 Joe
WDØT   Single Op QRP   5,7712009-01-26 20:52:59
Thank you to all 91 I worked that had VERY good ears to hear this very weak
signal. I set up a portable operation from my Mom's QTH in Sioux Falls, SD on
Friday nite. Bought 3 sticks of 10ft each EMT conduit from Menards, 1.25", 1"
and 3/4" and self tapping screws to put together. Set up the vertical with
ratchet straps to the back deck of the house, approx 4ft off the ground. Top
of vertical was loaded with 130ft long wire, 65 feet each side, so it was a T
design. Worked the vertical against 15 radials. Fed with 450ohm open wire
line, radials tied to one side, vertical to other side. Feedline came in from
the deck under the bottom of 2 doors and into the living room where my mom let
me set up. Set up tuner and TS940S turned down to 5 watts. All manual keying
and logging.

My family and I were in Sioux Falls for a swim meet for my son who is 10 years
old and daughter 8 years old. Couldn't operate too early into each morning as I
had to be up by 6:00 AM to get ready for the swim meet each morning. Needless
to say, 4 hours of sleep each nite took its toll by Sunday when driving back
home, 3 hours.

Boy, its amazing running QRP who you can and cannot work. Some stations I
expected to work easily, could not hear me at all, and others I thought I had
no chance of working were easy. There were a LOT of great ears to hear this
weak station, but best of all was K9AY, who I found out was also QRP and had a
GREAT score. He had no problem copying. There were many notable others who had
excellent ears, including K3MM, K9NW, VE3TA, K8GG, W5RYA, N5AW, W0ETT, and
K7OX, and others. Also was W0SD(W0DB), Joe, great friend, but he doesn't
count as he is only 35 miles west of where I was operating at!! Sure a fine
bunch of operators on the air, congrats!

Only CQ answered was by Mark, N0UD(WB0OAJ)in ND for my only ND! Thanks Mark.
Overall, conditions sounded excellent, but with the temporary setup I wasn't
able to take advantage of great propagation. And weather conditions didn't
allow me to set up any other way, as it was below Zero and 20 Mph winds when
setting up, so I was thankful to survive that!

Friday nite, I operated 3 hours and netted 31Q's, Saturday nite operated 7
hours and netted 60 Q's, for 9.1 Q's/ hr contest average! All S/P except the 1
CQ answered by N0UD.

Congrats to the MANY excellent scores, these conditions may never be repeated

73 God Bless, Todd WD0T
DQ4W   Multi-Op HP   1,034,5002009-01-26 21:21:26
Very good propagation both nights; best result in QSOs, countries and
states/provinces and highest number of US (196) and JA (20) stations in last 13

Nice to work a number of W6/W7s:


Other good QSOs were the two Dakotas W0SD and NT0V and VA5DX. Best DX was KL7RA
on Sunday morning, almost two hours after daybreak.

Liked the new daytime break - it gave us time to experiment with antennas and
the operators had a good lunch together.
VA6ZZZ   Single Op HP   156,9842009-01-26 21:37:08
Missed the first half of the contest,operating strategy ended up with trying to
hold a calling frequency,running, and just take it as it comes. No effort to
look for mults.(No packet cluster...really clunky with dial up internet). It
was very nice to be called by EU stations...that NEVER happens at this location
on 160!! Congrats to VE6WQ,VE6SV & VE5UF...good job. No doubt it was THE 160
opening of the Millenium...will the SSB weekend play as well??
73,tnx for the Q's...Gerard VA6ZZZ
YL9T(YL2TW)   Single Op HP   538,7362009-01-26 21:47:51
As it is said before here, the propagation was very good. So this was my ever
best 160m WW contest. Due to the AC power limits my power at the position is
only about 250W and this is not enough for getting through kW wall when trying
to work new mults. However USA openings were excellent.
See You all next year again. 73!
PC5M   Multi-Op HP   659,2322009-01-27 00:56:32
Nice condx especially first night. Managed to work 250 US/VE stns. Kept hearing
US almost all day in full daylight. Think we missed some easy and obvious
multipliers so still something to work on for next year....
G3TXF   Single Op Assisted HP   779,5802009-01-27 01:33:27
An excellent weekend on 160m......

73 - Nigel G3TXF
OL3X(OK1FC)   Single Op LP   37,2402009-01-27 03:25:53
TS830S atn. delta loop
S53O   Single Op Assisted HP   917,6092009-01-27 03:53:38
TX ant.Shunt Fed Tower+50 radials. RX ant. 5x beverig.
Very nice contest,good open to USA,new best score on my location! tnx for all
calls guys!
73 Ljubo-s53o
UP2L(@UN9LG)   Multi-Op HP   1,172,4042009-01-27 04:16:16
This was the first planned operation from a new Kazakhstan contest station being
under construction at the present time. Grigori UN9LG, the owner and the main
driving force, just wanted too badly to fire up the station even though it
wasn't quite ready for the true Multi op. The station is situated about 6 km to
South West from a large city of Kostanay on southern shores of river Tobol which
measures about 1 km wide at the station's QTH, thus providing a over water take
off in the direction from West to North East. Station's property line borders
water for at least 600 meters and varies with floods and dry periods. The
station is all by itself and no other living houses nor any sort of industry
for kilometers around the place.
Our transmitting antenna was a 35 meter high tower holding a pair of 7L20s
on 22 m long booms with the bottom antenna 18 meters below the top one. Some 30
radials 40 to 60 meters long. Rx antennas were 4 bi-directional beveareges bilt
in a professional style (very straight, not following the landscape's ups and
downs, made of 4mm OD copper wires, the transformers done by ON4UN's books),
287 meters long each dual run. We only had ONE radio IC7700, which was so new
that wasn't even tested before the contest. And it turned out to be one of
those that wouldn't transmitt under 1810 (a note to MANY of you guys that stuck
under 1810 the whole contest (like W2GD) and we could do nothing to work you).
So it was a multi op event for us but only in a one by one style.
Now a few comments on the contest. The first 5 hours were just
unbelieveble! We had 463 QSOs 3 states and 54 countries and we had to send CW
with the keyer, so sri fr QSD at the beginning. Since we had only one radio we
had to learn how to use the 2nd VFO of the rig to be able to move arnd the band
for the spotted mults. At first when I realized that 7700 DOESN't have one I
just couldn't believe it! So, we had to use A/B switch and tune the B VFO only
when not transmitting on VFO A and when not transmitting on VFO A one naturally
wants to listen after a transmittion on VFO A's run frequency if someone calls.
So it was quite a task, but by the end of the contest we were doing OK and just
wondering why in the world wouldn't ICOM incorporate a virtual 2nd VFO like in a
756 pro's. Just a guess. If they did so who would ever bother buying a 7800
The 2nd night was a very poor CNDX night. For instance a very good sample of
how poor CNDX were for us here. The night b4 contest EA8AH was s9+10-25 dB at
around 22z. The 2nd night of the contest EA8AH wasn't louder than s4-s5! Most
of EU Top Band residents were 20 - 30 dB down to their normal levels. Same was
true for JA. At the same time the CNDX over the Top were just UNIQUE! We heard
layers of US/VE's and the loudest were as loud as VY2ZM whom we don't consider
a VE. Jeff is just a totally different story. So, this time Jeff didn't have
his usual dominating signal he was just as loud as K9DX, VE3EJ(tried u dozens
of times John, improve ur Northern RX ability!), K1DG, NX5M, N7DD, W8JI, K5NA,
W7EW, XE1RCS (no QSO, though) to name a few. Even more interestingly. Herb
KV4FZ this time was just barely audible here and I didn't even try to call
because of such poor reception and huge pile of constantly calling LIDs. Well,
not only on u Herb. Haven't heard a single burst of MM0XAU's throught the
The 3rd night was even worse! From 18:00z to 19:40z the band collapsed and
we couldn't even attract attention of UR and UA3 stns 5QSOs during that
All in all it was GREAT CONTEST, GREAT ACTIVITY with unexpected 60 NA qso's
and only 2 SA and 3 West Indies, 915 Eus and 185 JAs. I was amazed at how well
the beveareges worked (the pattern is just unbelieveble, the opposite durection
extra loss is unnoticable) also how quiet the place was.
It is worth to specially mention the enthusiasm of the boys at this NEW
KAZAKH SUPER STAR ... ups STATION. I hope very soon they will be on all bands
with big signal and ambitions.

For the team Willy UA9BA

P.S. QSL via UA9AB
UV5U(UX1UA)   Single Op HP   525,3002009-01-27 04:38:21
Directions to the West and East seemed to bring weak signals. All the game this
time had been played over the North Pole. So the main conlusion would be we
have to prepare more dedicated BV's and one especially to the strait North. 60
NA stn's from 27 S/P has been logged. Missed all the West Coast alltough tryed
to hear on its sun rise.

Thanks to all who called me,
73 Sergei UX1UA aka UV5U
S52W   Single Op LP   345,6952009-01-27 04:48:45
ANT inv L – 10+30m
RTX TS850SAT 100 W

Thanks to all who heard my LP signal. Some STN have really big ears (TF3CW,
EY8MM…) On the other hand some STNs were totaly deaf. I can not understand
how it's possible that they didn't hear me, even their signal was S9+. And
they were not so rare.
Anyway I enjoyed in contest every minute and had a lot of fun.

73 Damjan S52W
S53F   Single Op LP   330,5362009-01-27 04:48:50
Ant: Inv L
Rig: FT-2000, 100w

73 de s53f Vinko
S54O   Single Op Assisted HP   389,1502009-01-27 04:48:55
Ant: dipol
Rig: TS-850s + gu81

73 de Boris S54O
DJ5QV   Single Op LP   55,7342009-01-27 04:51:55
Well better than expected with 100W and just 9m vertical.
Could hear some DX but of course did'nt get through most of the time.
Thanks to the good ears in 42 countries.

OH4A(OH6KZP)   Single Op HP   1,014,3902009-01-27 05:09:02
Fabulous conditions towards North America. Unbelievable, in fact. US/XE/VE7
stations heard in the middle of the day on Sunday here. In contrast, strangely
difficult towards the East, only a shadow of what took place in CQWW CW.
Anyway, a DX QSO percentage of 24.8 (6.19 pts/qso) is something I could've only
dreamed of before the contest, so I am happy.

This time my Achilles heel was the DXCC multiplier count; usually I do pretty
alright with multipliers, but this contest it just didn't happen, no matter how
I tried to run and S&P. Need to analyze and work on that. Perhaps some more
learning about how the band usually behaves is needed.

In any case, I'm really happy I operated this contest. The station and the
antennas (slopers) worked fine, and I got some more experience with 160.
Although with the expectations created by the fine conditions, I guess from now
on I will be disappointed in 160m propagation every time....!

Thanks to Jukka OH6LI for letting me use the station and the family's cottage.
And congratulations to OG2P and OH8X/OH6UM for the good scores!

Kim / OH6KZP

Continent List

USA calls = 209
VE calls = 23
N.A. calls = 6
S.A. calls = 1
Euro calls = 1053
Afrc calls = 3
Asia calls = 83
JA calls = 28
Ocen calls = 0
YT1TA   Single Op LP   214,2722009-01-27 05:33:55
My first real effort in a 160 M contest. Started on saturday after noon with
small problem with swr. Problem is solved and I am totally amazed. Ran my 100
watts to Inverted-L antenna 40m long trough antenna tuner. Obviously some great
receiving antenna's on the other end :-) .
Special thanks to YT7AW who make antenna for me.

Thanks to all who called me. See you next years

Alex YT1TA
W2GD   Multi-Op HP   1,332,4622009-01-27 06:02:48
Location: On Barnagat Bay, West Creek, NJ, 20 miles north of Atlantic City.

Run Station: IC-756ProIII, IC-746, Alpha 91B, 1.5 KW
Mult. Stn: IC-756ProIII, Alpha 76PA 1 KW
Software: WIN-TEST
Antennas: 2 ele Vert Wire Beams NE and W, Vertical Dipole, Beverages NE, E, S,

WOW....again, another WOW! Its still hard to believe conditions were so
good.....and two nights in a row to boot....unheard of.....after several years
of CQWW 160 CW weekends that never quite lived up to our pre-contest
expectations at the bottom of the sunspot cycle. We'll certainly be talking
about this one for years and years to come.

This was a total TEAM EFFORT and the best I've seen in 2+ decades of 160M M/S
operations. Everyone in our group gave this event their very best, and the
results speak for themselves. Thanks for stepping up guys!

Due to business commitments, I started the contest weekend 1500 miles away at
NR5M in STX. Delayed concrete work pushed back a planned business trip K4ZA
and I originally scheduled the week before. So circumstances made it possible
for Don and I to give the new 160M TX antenna we'd erected last fall (a 5 ele.
parasitic array) some meaningful testing. And it was terrific! In less than 8
hours of operation, 68 countries were logged, including EY8MM and scores of
Europeans. Another big WOW.....working Europeans first call from SOUTH TEXAS!
Can it get any better?

Unfortunately the winds were too strong Saturday morning to attempt raising a 3
ele 80M yagi up to its planned home at 130'. Managed a few more QSOs before
leaving for the airport in the afternoon. My biggest regret was having to be
in transit back to the east coast on Saturday evening - missing what would turn
out to be one of the more exciting periods of the contest.


Here is a description of the West Creek operation by someone who was there much
of the weekend, Bob N2OO:

What an exciting contest! Running Europe and beyond both nights was as if we
were on 20 meters! I have usually been on the mop up crew for these operations
doing the "deep night" duty since I live so close to the site. But this year
since John, W2GD wasn’t going to be able to participate for most of the
contest, and it seemed that the team might be a tad light, I made a point to
dedicate most of the weekend to the effort. I actually spent both nights at the
site this time, and WOW, was I glad I did! The camaraderie and cohesiveness of
the team was exceptional! Kudo’s to each and every team member! We all had a
ball! It was really exciting to search out needed multipliers and then do high
5’s when we got them! We needed ND and WY! Looked pretty bad going into
Saturday night! But sure enough, we got them both! As a matter of fact, we
worked several ND almost in a row! Then finally, we found the only WY station
posted, worked him and a short time later another WY came along and called in.

What worked at the station? Almost everything. We kept the Northeast TX sloper
array in play for almost the entire EU run on both evenings exclusively running
10 pointers in Europe! It was insane! Friday night was the better of the two
nights with a steady EU opening that was rocking from the start and continued
till at least 0800 UTC! Yeah, 10 hours straight of EU! Also, I can’t remember
ever running 10 pointers in the first couple of hours of this contest like this!
Saturday evening started OK, then dipped, EU was still workable but mostly
weaker. But then sometime around midnight local (0500) a switch was turned and
all hell broke loose again, adding nearly 150 ten pointers in just two hours!
Europe started to be workable both days from 2100 UTC forward! We were still in
bright daylight! Same was true for EU sunrise with many EU stations noted to be
in full daylight as well. I can’t wait to see some of the stats to find out
the 10 pointer ratios per hour! Only disappointment was not working many
JA’s, just 4. Hearing that direction seemed to be our only weakness. We will
have to work on the NW beverage for next year and make it as good as the NE if
possible! Also, although it most likely did not play an important role in this
contest, I think we need to replace the east beverage. Also, I think all
beverages need to be terminated to null the building and any potential noise
issues emanating from it.

By the way, it was also worth noting that all beverages performed quite well.
No weird paths were noted. Only issue was NW this time.

Finally, I felt the operation of the run station vs. the multiplier station ran
quite smoothly this year. There was a smooth transition from letting the run
station run EU into letting the multiplier station get more active gradually as
time wore on. By Saturday, the multiplier station became very important hunting
out new multipliers at first and then easing into working anything at all new.
It just ran quite smoothly this year! And the 40 hour limit seemed to work
quite well giving us needed relief during the daylight hours.

Finally, this year’s team really got along quite well together! That in
itself had a lot to do with the score.


Now some quick statistics:

690 EU
12 AS
11 SA
6 AF
2 OC

Total 10 point QSOs: 721

Between 0500 and 0700 UTC on 1/25/2009, we worked 156 stations of which 147
were EU ten pointers. It doesn't get much better from this side of the pond.

After attending a family social event Sunday, I managed to finally get down to
the station and operate the last hour of the contest, adding a handful of
additional ten pointers to the total....still in daylight!

This was an amazing weekend regardless of where you might have been operating
from worldwide. The new start/end times and limit on total M/S operating time
were a big improvement...the rule changes implemented by N2NT are great - TNX

One last note. We'd like to see more of the M/S gang using automated score
reporting during the contest. It was really fun and exciting to watch the lead
swap back and forth nearly two dozen times on Friday and Saturday.....those
pesky ops up at W1UE/W1KM and K1LZ really kept our team hopping! And at the
time we didn't know we were probably trailing behind WE3C and K9RS. That
fantastic run of EU I mentioned earlier probably saved the day for us.... it
was a real horse race this weekend right to the end....but we didn't know at
the time just how close a race had developed. Congrats to our fellow FRCers at
K9RS and WE3C for their great competition, and to the teams at W1UE and K1LZ for
keeping us on our toes! And finally, a big thank you to each and every station
that made the time to operate this contest and give out contacts.....the growth
in interest and activity really made it self evident this year!

We again thank the owners of WYRS-FM for their continued support and for
allowing us to use of their wonderful facilities in West Creek, NJ.

We plan to be back again next contest season.....hopefully with a few more
antenna and station improvements.

QSL direct via W2CG or use LOTW.


John W2GD for the TEAM

P.S Please look for our SJDXA brothers during the CQ160 PH weekend. They will
be operating from West Creek under the call N2CW.
W3A(W3DQ)   Single Op HP   101,0242009-01-27 06:19:31
Being off the air for 8+ months, I hadn't planned on being on for this one. But
the lure (and multiple challenges) of 160, having a special event callsign (W3A
QSL information is on the NW3DC page on QRZ.COM), and likely being the only one
on from this mult, I couldn't stay away.

I cobbled the station together, but never got the RX antennas up or the
bandpass filters installed. My inability to hear the weak ones was obvious, and
I apologize to all who called (and called and called) to no avail. And apologies
to all whose calls I busted. I clearly need to practice more and be better

My operating strategy was wrong. I ran *way* too much, and missed states I
could have worked had I S&P'd more: AR, DC, KS, SD and WY, and too many
Canadians, including VE4. Timing and home schedules being what they were, I
also missed the EU openings and KL7RA early Saturday and Sunday mornings local

Having said that, I had -- as always -- a great time.

I'll be back as W3DQ for the "three weekend contest orgy" next month: ARRL DX

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC
VA3RKM   Single Op QRP   10,4162009-01-27 07:47:51
K2, 5w, 1/4-wave wire at 12ft. Great condx for DX, even if I could only work
Bermuda myself.
N8II   Single Op HP   315,2522009-01-27 08:29:35
Bottom line, objectives acheived, but 1000 Q's is only a bit player role this
year. I knew I was toast after a bad night's sleep Thursday. And speaking of
Thursday, 160 condx were abosultely one of the best nights ever that night.
UA9MA was Q5, SM4CAN was S9+15-20 db, and UA3's were working W7 easily. Things
seemed pretty much average to me the 2nd night and were good the first night,
but Eu was too busy working Eu to S&P them the first few hours when condx were
best. I tried to run high in the band above 1850 at the start taking N2NT's
advice and it was wall to wall Eu running Eu from 1850-1860 without much
activity above that. The second night, I tried around 1845 kHz which was clear
around 2245Z, but went 5 minutes without any answers from anyone. Running lower
seemed to be much better for me. I stopped ridiculousy early around 03Z both
nights. Saturday during the day was pretty busy which led to a case of "why
push myself when I know I won't make the top ten"; watching the figure skating
championships was more enjoyable. My hat is off to all of you who stayed up all
or most of night; there were some great scores and I guess the best condx ever
in the contest, but it was unfortunate the Thursday condx didn't quite reoccur
Friday. I felt good Monday morning which I wouldn't have
if I had operated into the night and still made a personal best in Q's/mults.

I seemed to do fine in the pile-ups this time around, but I'm not quite loud
enough to get a real Eu run going. Best S&P catch was probably TF3CW who was
weak and lonely Saturday PM. The 6W was a new country, thanks! I also found
KL7RA at 1314Z about 55 minues past sunrise. Condx to the west especially
Friday were good when the other end was in broad daylight. Sunset here was
about 2225Z and I was called by NI5T in NM at 2327Z, AA7A AZ 2330Z, VE5UF
2340Z, and VE7IG 2341Z! They were all no struggle to copy, VE7IG was around
LY2IJ gets the good ears award, hearing me at 2144Z; the next Eu was around
2215Z. Also, VY2SS called me at 1330Z about 2 hours past his SR and over 1 hour
past mine. I had about 993 Q's around 1340Z Sunday when I had had enough;
surprisingly, I ran a dozen more around 10AM local all the way to 2 in FL. A
few hours were over 100 Q's; the worse than expected time was 2140Z-2330Z on
Saturday, but later the callers started rolling in. One well known DX'er with
the PU suffix, plopped zero beat onto my 2-1/2 hour old run frequency and
wouldn't move; he has done the same before to others. The suffix says it all,
pretty shameful. I worked pretty hard to not make Eu wait, sending a QRZ DX
whwenver I heard a weak one under the loud callers; thanks for your patience
and points. I had 79 10 point Q's with 32 in zone 14, 27 in 15, 7 each in 16
and 08. Highest Q totals stateside were OH 59, VA 50, NY 48, PA 45, VE3 43, TX
38, NC 38, and IL 37.

73, Jeff
VE3DZ   Single Op LP   564,2092009-01-27 08:51:31
This is my first effort from my home QTH in this Contest after doing it HP for 7
or 8 years in a row from VE3SY, VE3OI, VE3NE and Zone 2.
My initial plan was just to make few Q's in this Contest here and there since I
don't have a very good set-up for Topband at my place, but when S51TA answered
my call few minutes before the start of the contest (and a good hour before our
sunset) I started to realize that the band must be in great shape.
We already know that conditions were exceptional on 160 the last weekend, so I
just want to express my feeling - I could never imagine that I might be able to
work SO MANY DX stations from my place on this band. My antenna was resonanting
somewhere around 1790, so I stayed most of the time in the 1800...1815 segment
which allowed me to work a lot of U.S. stations for points but very few DX. I
ended up the first day with only 29 countires in my LOG.
On Saturday afternoon I spend 2 hours outside at minus 15 deg Celcius trimming
and tuning my half sloper, but in the end it was perfectly resonanting around
1830. Saturday night (EU A.M. Sunday) was fantastic, probably because of
conditions but more likely because EU stations did not already have that huge
pile-up like they had on the first day which allowed them to hear better. For a
couple of hours while S&P'ing I was able to put A LOT of EU stations in my LOG
one after another, bringing the total of DXCC to 56. Still coud not break a
pile-up or attract attention of quite a few big guns like 4O3A, UW2M and
others. The activity from U.S. and Canada was enormous and, in my opinion, is
growing every year.
Even in the last hour of the Contest, at a day light, there were stations to
Never heard WY or VE4. KL7RA was booming here on Sunday morning. Heard 2 JAs
but did not even bother to call (huge pile-up).
I had my usual PL noise, but ANC-4, NB on a radio and RX antennas sort of
helped this time.
Equipment: FT1000D, ANC-4 noise canceller, half-sloper with APEX at 56'.
RX antennas - K9AY loop (tnx VE3NE) and 40 m Delta Loop (helped in few cases).
K4SAC   Single Op LP   46,4922009-01-27 09:03:54
This was a great contest with lots of activity! Band conditions were great,
noise was low. Probably the best 160 has been in quite a while. Thanks to all
that struggled to hear my signal. I had several runs going and that is always
loads of fun. CW isn't dead! 73, Jack K4SAC
OM7M   Multi-Op HP   1,770,7772009-01-27 09:22:03
Really good conditions. The propagation was very similar compared with last
year. Wyoming was the only state which missed for WAS. Equal number of
multipiers compared with ES9C, but lack of JAs&UA9 this year. 250Hz filter is
too wide for JA dx window :-( so first day we decided to stay outside JA window
except last usable hour for JA window. Second day prop. to the east wasn't so
Anyway we are satisfied with the score and congrats to ES9C,OM8A & RK2FWA for
their famous score

455 W+VE
41 JA
50 UA9,0

432 W+VE
26 JA
48 UA9,0
K8KS(@N8CC)   Multi-Op HP   535,6002009-01-27 09:53:26
We operated not at all seriously this year, taking beer and restaurant breaks,
and occasionally leaving the radio unmanned for our bull and fish story
sessions. No wonder our op time was less than 30 hours! We just had too much
fun, hi hi. We operated from N8CC's wonderful 160M station and he was an
exemplary host as usual. It was also nice having some visitors hang around
with us and watch the operators in action. What a great contest!
E7DX(@E77DX)   Multi-Op HP   1,601,7302009-01-27 10:55:12
2 x FT-2000 + AMP
4 SQ + Titanex V160HD
2 x 250m beverage to NA
2 x 250m beverage to JA
1 x 250m beverage to 260 deg
1 x 200m beverage to 90 deg
1 x 300m beverage to north
1 x 250m beverage to south

Not quite nice WX condition for 160m test
Wet and rainy allmost whole weakend!
Since all snow and ice melted just before contest
all fields around where very swampy.
All this was probably not quite good for our RX capabilities.
I noticed that our RX antennas performing much better if ground is frozen
or we have snow or ice on the ground.
But lets not froget QRM, our freq was most of the time not realy clean.
It was very frustating having every 15 min somebody cqing just 100Hz beside or
less (sometimes also in zerobeat). Maybe we need get back to our old FT-1000MP
and undo key click modification ;)
Also band condtion where here very strange, not bad but not realy good,
we had much better openings to JA´s and NA in past few weaks!

Anyway we just reach our traget; 2000 Qs and more as 1,6 mil points,
DXCC and States/province are below we expected but we are happy, even
its look like that this score will be not enough for EU TOP TEN in MO
My opinion is that station from central and north EU had much better condx as
we had!

Over 300 NA stations, over 150 ASIA stations in log!
70 JA´s where worked first night, but only 2 of them second...
no ZL, no VK, no KL7, no KH6, no XW, no XU, no EL, no VU, no HL, no BY.....
all of them we worked (some of them few times) in weak before contest.
Even caribian was not loud enough, Herb KV4FZ is usualy very strong, but not
this time. Heard CE1/K7CA (weaker as usual) but not possible to work him....

During sonday i noticed some kind of problems with our 4 SQ,
time to time we did produced more RFI on other HF Bands and getting it also in

CW keying of one FT2K/PC, like some bad contact or simular, but i didn´t find
anything .....

Thanks for QSOs and CU in one of next Contests!

es best dx
for E7DX Team
SN9Z(@SP6EQZ/9)   Multi-Op HP   557,1632009-01-27 11:59:47
FT1000 Mark V + PA
Ant: TX Inverted V, RX 1 x K9AY, US beverage 300 m , JA beverage 240 m long
We were disappointed calling many JA's but nobody had answered.
We could hear them 1 hour before our sunset & theirs sunrice 599+.
Nice condition excellent fun.
We could hear a dozen or so new countries but to long time was needed to get
them through.
ON4UN   Single Op Assisted HP   1,378,1102009-01-27 14:06:49
Just over a month ago I was a week in the hospital for surgery. I now have a
“bionic” right knee… When the other knee will be done, I will break all
my records in running up and down my towers. Not so difficult for me, even at
my age (I approach 70), as I never climb my towers, I have good friends who
like to do that much more than I do!

Anyhow, the bionic knee surgery which takes a few hours, had left me a bit
“down” (the 2 hours anesthesia), so I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a
real contest. I told the XYL I would “take it easy” and just have some fun
which means I would not go for a score. After all I had to be in this contest:
it was likely the last year of the present sun spot cycle dip, and I really
wanted to give my new K3 a ‘real life’ test.

To start, not having checked the (new) rules, I came in the shack around
23:45z, in time to find out the contest was almost 2 hours old. Well, that was
not going to make much difference; I was just going for fun anyhow.

I had been following (from a certain distance) the very good propagation that
had been around the last couple of days before the contest, as well as the
quite regular very good openings across the North Pole path to the West Coast,
Alaska and Hawaii in the last several months. Hence I decided I would just try
to work as many North American stations as possible, and forget about other
QSOs (= Europe). After an initial search and pounce session, I settled down on
a clear frequency and started to run: “TEST ON4UN TEST USA”. It took a while
before the Europeans settled for this strange way of operating in this contest,
and I just refused to work European callers and sent “EU TMRW”. They seemed
to accept this and did not cause any trouble. Thank you guys and girls.

It was fun. Conditions were good, but not really super exceptional compared
with what was to follow. Notwithstanding the fact that I was off the air for
one half hour to repair a blown coaxial connector, I had worked 47 North
American States + VE provinces, and even worked 4 stations in California
(K6OYY, W6YI, K6NA and WA5VGI) and one station in Oregon (NK7U) by sunrise. Not
bad at all. My “North America only” strategy yielded me 81% 10 pointers (293
DX stations and only 71 Europeans). A normal ratio would be 30% DX or less. But
of course, I had less total number of QSOs. After the contest I found out that
my good friend and neighbor Mark ON4WW had well over 750 QSOs but only about
150 North American stations worked. As conditions had been pretty good, it
seemed to me that it was better to concentrate on working DX, which means North
America. I reasoned I could always work European stations in the afternoon and
evening, if, of course, these European stations were going to be around.

After about 5 hours of sleep, I came back around 14:00z, two and a half hours
before our sunset. This is the time the band is quiet and you can work some
semi local stations to the East. I worked about 85 stations (only 2 in Asia)
in the next two hours. Conditions seemed poor, and around 16:00z I quit for
another two hours. I wasn’t really in a competitive mood anyhow.

Back around 18:00 z the band was loaded with European signals, but very little
DX from the Far East. Anyhow, I had to work those Europeans I refused to give a
contact before when I was working all the US stations the first night, so … By
20:00z I had worked 244 European stations and ONLY 15 DX stations. Boy, that was
not very good.

A first pleasant surprise came at 20:04z when KL7HBK was entered in the log
with a genuine 59 signal. Maybe the band would surprise us after all? But it
remained rather quiet, with 290 QSOs in the next four and a half hours (average
1 QSO per minute), with only 39 DX stations. The better QSOs were with VA5DX and
VE6BBP, 15 to 45 minutes before sunset in VE5 and VE6 land. Take this together
with the KL7HBK contact, and maybe we should conclude aurora absorption was way
down. Good!

But I was too optimistic. Around 00:30 z the band seemed to collapse
altogether. Well, why should I do a boring job, I want something exciting. So I
went to bed and put my alarm clock for 05:00z. After all I was not going in for
a score, and just wanted to relax a little.

05:00z: the band still sounds very quiet. I decided to go search and pounce and
see if I could hear some of the stations that were spotted and that I still
needed as a multiplier. Within 40 minutes, I worked 4 new multipliers: MT
(K7BG), OR (K7RAT), WA (K7SS) – it took me more than10 minutes to get
Danny’s attention and to break through the US pileup he had - and RI (W1XX),
my last multiplier on the East Coast. That was fun, but everything was still
“slow motion”.

Then, all of a sudden someone switched on the light, or rather the propagation.
Between 06:00z and 07.00z I worked 66 DX stations, of which nearly 20 were on
the West Coast (W6-7 call area). BC (VE7CC) and NV (N6ET) were new multipliers
in that time frame.

This West Coast festival continued in full swing until 08:00z, more than 30
minutes after my local sunrise. It seemed like there came no end to it.

By sunrise I had worked 65 stations in the “difficult” area near the left
coast (or should I say “black hole” which also includes Colorado, Wyoming,
Montana, New Mexico, Alberta and Saskatchewan).

CA: 25 stations, AZ: 10, WY: 1, UT: 3, CO: 6, NV: 1, WA: 5, NM: 2, OR: 4, MT:
VE7: 2, VE6: 5. Total: total = 65 stations.

It appeared I only missed Idaho. I’d never done so well with the multipliers
in the 160m CW contest, and this was a “just for fun”, a “relaxed”

By sunrise I had 493 DX QSOs in the log, vs. 624 European contacts, that is
still a pretty good ratio, I think (44% DX, 56 % “local”).

Off to bed for a couple of hours. Before starting the late afternoon and
evening session on Sunday, I took a look at the rules and the previous records
on That’s when I realized I set a European
Multi record two years ago with 1.3 Mi points. I was not really multi-operator
(being all by myself), but using the DX-cluster, I realized I now fitted in the
new “single operator assisted class” category. I also realized I could do 30
hours, and at this time I had only put in 18 hours and 40 minutes, and the
contest would take only a little over 6 hours to the end. At best I could end
up with less than 25 hours on the air. But why care, this was only a relaxed,
just for the fun contest.

No, there were no further surprises in this contest. It was not a full time
miracle contest. It is true the conditions to the West coast, especially
between 06:00 and 08:00 and Sunday were short of miraculous (the best I have
ever seen in 21 years on top band), but it was another story to the East. All
together I worked only TWO JA stations (JH4UYB and JA3YBK). I heard others
(JA7NI was 59), but trying to work them was too slow, and in the time I spent
working one JA I could work more than 2 European stations, so I did not really
try hard. The last two country multipliers in this contest were YE1ZAT and
UK9AA (nrs 84 and 85).

By 22:00z it appeared that my relaxed and just for the fun contest weekend with
less than 25 hours on the air, had yielded me a better score (5% higher) than my
2 year old multi-operator European record. With 1449 QSOs, 57 state + province
multipliers and 85 country multipliers, the score is 1,378,110 points.

Maybe I should have participated in a more competitive mood, and have slept a
little less (I missed over 5 hours of opening time to the US! – lazy John -)?
The main thing is that I had fun, I enjoyed myself, and I got a kick out of it.

Bad experiences in the contest? Yes, a few. Too many operators, when leaving
their run frequency to go and shoot for a multiplier somewhere off there run
frequency, think they “own” that frequency, and come back after minutes and
claim it’s theirs. It happened to me twice that, during an S&P session I found
a very clean frequency. In such a case I always send “QRL?” and after 2
seconds “QRL?” again. Then I send my call just once, and if still no
reaction, the frequency is mine. I call CQ contest, work 2 or 3 stations, and
all of a sudden the previous “owner” is back doing as if nothing happened.
He went on a chase or for a pee, but as we say in French “qui va à la
chasse, perd sa place” (who goes for a hunt looses his frequency). It
happened to me with UA6LV and SP3BQ, who both would not listen to reason, and
in an aggressive way persisted in reclaiming their old frequency. Something
should be done about this very unethical behavior.

Another negative point is the fact that there are still too many signals with
very bad key clicks, and some with very noisy sidebands. Some of those horrible
signals are coming from famous calls. I worked two stations that sounded like
spark transmitters, I could not really tell their transmit frequency and gave
them both a 591 14 report. I hope they understood.

I have a suggestion. The organizer of this contest should think of setting up a
SDR receiver that records the ‘entire’ 160m band (say 1.8 to 1.9 MHz) in
e.g. 3 or 4 different places (Europe, Japan, USA left coast and USA right

Participants who feel stations are transmitting with very bad quality signals
(clicks, noise sidebands) should be reported with details (time, frequency) and
a contest committee could use the band recording to check these complaints, and
in case they are found to be correct, apply some kind of penalty to those
stations. The available technology makes it possible to make such recordings,
and using these as explained would be helpful in putting some gentle pressure
on the contest participants to transmit with clean (state of the art) signals
so that they operate and behave in an more ethical way.

The extraordinary conditions from 06:00z to 08:00z on Sunday morning have
pressed me to write this little story. So I would not forget.

The K3 performed flawlessly; too bad it cannot yet eliminate the bad key clicks
from some stations (DR1- was the champion in the key click category…).

And also, so I could thank all the stations who gave me a call and the points.
I also would like to apologize to those I did not copy well enough for a QSO. I
will try to do better a next time.

A special tribute goes to the stations on or near the difficult left coast of
the USA I could work:

K6YUI (a total of 25)
WA: K7SS, N9ADG/7, K7OX, W7RY and K9JF
VE7: VE7CC and VE7SV
AZ: K8IA, W9NGA, W7RH, W6XI, WA7NB, N7DD, NQ7R, AC7A, KC7V and AA7A,
NM: W6PU and N7KA


John, ON4UN
N9ADG   Single Op HP   251,3002009-01-27 15:00:50
Great conditions! Late start, sleeping four hours every night, and still this
many contacts? If I worked you between 2009-Jan-09 2339 and the end of the
contest, I have audio of the QSO. Check where
some audio files are uploaded, or email me.

Thanks for the Qs!
Brian N9ADG
UU7J   Multi-Op HP   1,547,3642009-01-27 15:34:37
Thanks to all, who calling and answer!
73! CU in CQ 160-Meter Contest SSB.
K7AWB   Single Op LP   24,6982009-01-27 16:18:03
110 foot long wire on a Icom AH-4 tuner mounted on a field fence post going up
to the 70 foot level of an adjacent Rohn 45 tower. IC-756pro legacy at 100
watts and 2:1 SWR.
N1DC   Single Op LP   26,2002009-01-27 16:42:06
Lots of fun and a very quiet band. Didn't have much time Friday night.
Heard many more stations than I could work. Managed to work several EU stations
for the first time. A less than horizontal 80M dipole makes it hard to hear me
beyond 1,000 miles. Thinking about putting up an inverted L.

Thanks for the QSOs.

Rig : TenTec Omni VII 100W 80M dipole apex at 30 ft MFJ Differential T
73 Rick N1DC Braintree MA (EMA)
W1EBI   Single Op Assisted HP   18,0442009-01-27 18:01:58
I was preoccupied with family matters so had to miss one of the best weekends on
KØDI   Multi-Op HP   408,0202009-01-27 19:08:03
Great conditions from our perspective both nights. Used a single
balloon-supported vertical and spent too much time wrestling with the balloon!

Some tremendous signals on the band:
KL7RA sounded like 20 meter stateside Saturday morning. After searching for so
many lite KH and KL Qs to complete a sweep or work all states in 160 contests, I
just had to stop and listen to that for a while as with the signals from JA a
few hours later.

Strong signals from Eastern Europe as well, UR5QU came blasting in sounding
like stateside.

This 160 contest was unique for the best conditions I've experienced on the

Had a great time with our temporary set-up. Thanks for all of the Q's

Dave K0DI
WC7S   Single Op QRP   31,2402009-01-27 19:33:13
Great fun, and I wish I could have found DE and RI, almost fell out of my chair
when KH6 and KL7 answered me. Making a run with qrp was very fun too.
thanks to everyone that makes this much fun possible in just 12 hours.
C U next test too.
N7WA   Single Op HP   40,3332009-01-27 19:38:42
Work issues made the usual Multi with N7ZG impossible so I just got on and
dabbled a few hours. Unfortunately, did not hear the multitude of great DX
reported by everyone else. Conditions seemed decent but not exceptional here.
The first night, the amplifier started smelling but I kept going until the
transformer started humming badly. Replaced a capacitor in the high voltage
supply the next evening and the amp worked fine from then on.

dink, n7wa
NZ1U(@KB1H)   Multi-Op HP   638,6002009-01-27 20:11:42
Band conditions Friday night can only be described as spectacular!
By the time the sun was up Saturday morning we had 62 DX countries
logged and over 170 European contacts as well as 47 states
(including KH6 and KL7) plus DC...thanks Eric at W3A.
Great alignment of such special conditions on a contest weekend.

We worked NE and ND (K0HA and NT0V) late Saturday night for
states 48 and 49. WC7S in WY was spotted about an hour before
sunrise here but we were unable to hear him. Then, just before
our sunrise, WB7S, ALSO in WY, answers our CQ for state #50.
Thanks for the call and thrilling QSO Jerry! Sunrise enhancement
often offers great surprises on Topband.

W1WBB operated about 23 of the 34 hours. He added the skill of
running and now after three topband contests he is
well aquainted with the station equipment. W1UJ provided about
3 hours of relief Saturday night and KB1H about 7 hours. Max rate
for 60 minutes this contest was by KB1H with 113 QSOs. Max run
rate was 154 QSOs at 114.5 QSOs/hr. KB1H was surprised to work
6W/DL2RMC at 2019Z Sunday for the last multiplier in the log.

I don't know if we ever see conditions like this again! Thanks
for all the QSOs and plans are for some topband improvements
when the weather gets warmer. - 73 Dick-KB1H, W1WBB, W1UJ
W4BAB   Single Op HP   12,0802009-01-27 20:23:56
Great band conditions - had fun!
OMØWR   Single Op HP   495,4652009-01-27 22:21:13
Rig: TS850S/AT, PA 750W
Ant. Grounded 1/2 lambda loop, 25 radials 50m long
No RX ant, no cluster, no chat.
Thanks for all QSOs.
Best 73 and cuagn in other contests.

OP5T(ON5UM)   Single Op Assisted HP   371,9042009-01-28 02:25:34
FT 1000 MP Mk V + TL 922
TX Antenna : sloping Inverted L over raingutter feedpoint @ 6 m (stealth
RX Delta fixed to east .
QRM from plasma Panasonic 5 m below rig ...
Severe storm friday had my inverted L all tangled up around it's telescopic
support and was showing an infinite SWR . No way to untangle in the dark so
there goes first night ( appears to have been the best ).
Got up by daylight to unravel the antenna and make my 1st qso's @ 07.42 UTC
with K9RS .This early morning session took me to 10.00 UTC with my best ever
run on TB with 95 qso's .
Back in business @ 13.00 UTC to work some EU .350 Qso in the log finishing with
zone 23 (no multi , hi ) @ 00.37 UTC. Went to bed (yess) and was back @ 05.10
UTC. Worked 50 DX in a row . First time ever worked MT/OR and AZ from home .
Also logged KV4FZ, FM5CD,FM5BH,C6ANM,VP9/N1SNB, 6W/DL2RMC,PJ2T,OY9JD before
going back to logging EU untill 08.13 UTC.Back on the band @ 15.30 UTC untill
21.57 UTC with some breaks to finish up the contest .
Guess if I had been able to work the 1st night and stay on the second one also
maybe I could have reached the 1000 Q mark what would be something more or less
unthinkable here untill now. All in all , even missing prime time ,this is my
best score from my condominium station . So, fellow little pistols , never give
up and try something like me . 2 x 0.4 mm wire will do the trick as long as You
have a good counterpoise ......
Thanks all for the great time I had and hope to have many more of this kind
without Mr Murphy checking in ..
SSB leg will be at OT5A M/S probably .

73 ,

Jim ON5UM / OP5T
SM5MX   Single Op LP   163,5202009-01-28 06:14:41
Never ever heard a band so full of key-clicks!
LX7I(DF1LON)   Single Op HP   1,202,3762009-01-28 07:52:15
What a great contest. Goal was to reach 1.400 QSOs, 120 Multiplier and a 6
points average to have a score over 1Mio points. Like in 2008 I used two 160m
dipoles, two beverages (NA and JA) and additionally an L-antenna for 160m. The
vertical part of the l-antenna was support by one of the towers so that the
wire was just two meters away of the steal. This resulted in a very broad SWR
on the 160m band and maybe even a strange radiation. But nevertheless I used
the l-antenna the first night only and could make 866 QSOs with a lot of NA

The second night I hoped to get some JA stations and tried to find a free spot
in the JA window (which is nearly impossible). I also noticed a slightly
getting worse SWR on the l-antenna which I did not pay much attention. I only
could hear JA7NI who gave out some points. No other JA. The rates were still ok
so I continued to call CQ. But contrary to the first night, nearly no NA
stations were heard. Between 2UTC and 4UTC I had rates fare below 16 Qs/h and a
lot of frequency fights. Seems to be a new sport. If you lose the QRG to a weak
DX station that is still ok, but if someone calls right in the middle of your
CW filter with S9+20db CQ, that is something different. So we both made no QSOs
for 10min, than the station left the QRG, I could make a couple of QSOs, and
than the next one tries to steal the QRg. So I looked for a new place to stay
and after 15min… (grrr)

I found some nice pileups where I never heard the DX station. V31YN was heard
only once within a 10min period when I stayed on his QRG. The remaining time
whole EU was calling without even to have a slight chance to hear the DX. I
never found 6W/DL2RMC, but I think I found his pileup. Luckily he called in a
couple of hours before contest end. A nice surprise as KL7HBK who called in
and was very difficult to copy. There is no beverage pointing to north so had
to copy his signal on the TX antennas with all the QRM.

In the very early Sunday morning hours the SWR was real worse on the l-antenna
and the rates were so unproductive that I decided at 05:30 UTC to make a last
attempt or go to bed early. I choose a place on the upper 160m band and used
the stackmatch to reduce the SWR (or to move the high SWR away from the PA to
be able to have more output..) and was rewarded with a two hour NA run like in
the first night. On Sunday morning I had 1525 QSOs in my log.

On Sunday evening the SWR was so bad on all three antennas that I was not able
to transmit above 1830 anymore. What had happened was very simple: I had
temperatures just below 0 degrees, a slight wind and fog. This mixture created
an ice shell on all wires (0,5cm). The dipole designed to the upper 160m band
luckily still had a SWR around 2 on 1825 so I used this one for the remaining
hours. Like on Saturday evening I could find no JA stations on 160m. Luckily
JH3PRR called in for my JA multiplier.

At the end I made 1681 QSOs, plus 40 dupes, and 119 multi’s.
17% (295 QSOs) DL, 15% (260 QSOs) W, 7% (122 QSOs) UA
WB9Z(KE9I)   Single Op HP   914,3642009-01-28 08:07:19
Thanks for Jerry (WB9Z) for providing use of his fantastic station !

These were the best 160 contest conditions I have ever been witness to. 297
Europe, and 62 Asia (54 JAs). Smattering of AF and SA, only 2 OC. Where were
all the VK/ZL ? The first night worked EU to 0830Z then the band opened to JA.
Next night spent some time hunting mults. Had a goal of 2K Qs and 130 Mults,
missed the Q total by just a bit. Sat night was hard to find a spot to call CQ
! Missed some mults EI, EY and others. I had a blast ! Thanks again Jerry (9Z)

73, Jerry, KE9I
SK3W   Multi-Op HP   1,033,3402009-01-28 11:15:31
Great fun with super condx. Frustrating though not to be able to raise attention
from strong W7´s at full daylight on our side.
Band so crowded so BW less than 250 HZ used all the time on the Orion.

PA5KT(@PI4Z)   Single Op HP   474,2402009-01-28 11:27:52
Due to limited time I just could spent one night.
The other nights the station was used by PA0INA.

This time it was my goal to work some new states.
Before the contest I started with 36, now the score 44. I worked more new ones
but they did not confirm by LotW (yet).

I tried to avoid the pile-ups so did not work on dx multipliers. Running gives
me more fun then being one of the big Eu pileup zoo.

K3 + Alpha 374A, 400W output.
t-Antenne (21m vertical part, 20m horizontal), 30+ radials.
Beverage model W8JI switchable NW/SE just 10-40cm above ground.
HA8BE   Single Op LP   529,9002009-01-28 12:16:31
Rig: IC-756
Ant: Vertical(28m)
Rx ant: 4xEWE

It's me worked last state: South Dakota (50)!
Big activity, good condx!
Nice contest!
Thanks for all QSOs!

73, Bela
IK4XCL   Single Op LP   283,5002009-01-28 12:25:29
Wonderful contest !
My best records: SCORE & NA's stations to log (#44 )
MNI MNI TKS to all !
CU 2010.


TX ant:
inverted L

RX ant:
low dipole @ 5mh
2 broadside array beverages beam NA
N4VA   Single Op Assisted LP   80,4002009-01-28 12:52:22
Worked Alaska to finish 160 WAS.

Missed ID, NV, ND, HI and WY in the contest.
K9FO   Single Op QRP   97,9202009-01-28 13:17:15
Wonderful conditions. I have been doing this contest for 55 years and this was
the best! 49 states with QRP. Only missed WY. Rig: Tentec Orion, Inv L with
1500 sq ft ground screen, 3 beverages

Lets keep this sunspot minimum going for a few more years! 73, Will K9FO
UX3MZ   Single Op Assisted LP   86,9862009-01-28 13:46:23
TX: Yaesu FT-990
Ant: Inverted Vee
PI4TUE   Multi-Op HP   841,1042009-01-28 13:47:02
ANT: Two 1/4 wave end fed slopers with feedpoint @250 feet, direction 290
and 45 degrees
RX aid: DX Engineering NCC-1

-- Aurelio, PC5A
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   406,2552009-01-28 15:10:39
I was only planning some token participation. The antenna array lost two
directions to the weather a few weeks ago, one of them being NE - meaning
Europe, so knowing I was going to be severely handicapped in that very
important direction I wasn't exactly juiced. (SW was the other missing
direction.) The contest was already 3 hours old by the time I got going and I
started out just tuning for DX for a couple hours. I was still able to work
the "usual suspects" off the SE antenna but it was obvious condx were very
good. Ultimately, as others have noted, I got sucked into the fray by the FB
activity and condx!

I was mildly amused when I crossed the 140K mark sometime late Friday night as
I recalled an effort 20 years ago going all out both nights for that score -
and I think it might have even made Top 10! Times certainly have changed....

Despite the compromised antenna, still managed 112 ten-pointers including 12
JAs (I cannot fathom working 150+ that some are reporting!!) and a couple zone
19 stations very early. Obviously missed a lot of EU QSOs. A minor highlight
was 64 QSOs in the 14z hour Saturday morning...that's 9-10AM EST. Pretty sure
I've never had a daytime hour of that magnitude in a 160 'test.

WAS. WAC. Missed VE4, VE8, VY1, VO2

Savor this one! A very large time....congrats to all the very FB scores out

73, Mike K9NW
N7NM   Single Op Assisted HP   45,5652009-01-28 20:19:03
Started out with a goal of filling in a few states for WAS
so went assisted. Strung the wire around the yard, over the
hightest branches I could reach, over the roof and down around
the back yard. Ran in to see if I could hear anything and low
and behold there were signals - Lots of 'em!! Over the next
15 hours worked 49 states with only WY to go and 3 hrs till
sunrise. Took 2 hours but finally heard WC7S for the last one!
Never heard Europe, didn't want to get into the JA frenzy, and
really didn't know or care what my score was till right now but
this will be the one contest I probably always remember. What a
Doug - N7NM
W7RH   Single Op LP   191,8662009-01-28 22:41:48
After missing some of the best conditions during a contest this season for top
band in the CQWWDX due to downed antenna. I braved 12 miles of grueling mud to
make it into my Remote Arizona Ranch location. Antenna and computer issues
caused me to be a couple hours late starting.

My antenna system is tuned primarily for DX operation and is tuned for
1810-1860. During the contest I spent most of my time in the area 1825-1860. I
started off slow, but was hearing LY2IJ early afternoon 2 hours before darkness
and my planned start time. I started with CQ working many state-side when I
realised the band had good propagation to EU. Perhaps I spent way to much time
S&P working DX in that 25kHz area but I was having way too much fun. Working a
few EU during a DX contest with 100W is normal. Working 30-40 is definitely
not! Had I been able to work all that I heard I would have had at least another
30 Countries in the total.

I do not have at this time have any dedicated RX antennas. My receive and
transmit was done on either 4 elements broadside (East_West) or 3 elements
end-fire NE-SE-SW-NW.

Perhaps my most thrilling contacts were OZ1LXJ and GI3OQR who worked me 90
degrees off axis while I was beaming to and working Asia.

The conditions this weekend were the best that I have ever heard in 40 years of
operation on 160 meters. Thanks to all those who worked me in the test! It will
certainly go down as a year to remember in my lifetime.


Bob Kile, W7RH
ERØWW(RA4LW)   Single Op HP   1,224,7502009-01-29 01:28:55
ER0WW - Continents
160 - All modes
QSOs (with dupes)

| EU | NA | SA | AF | AS | OC |
| 73.1% | 21.0% | 0.3% | 0.3% | 5.3% | |
SN1I(SP1NQF)   Single Op LP   245,0552009-01-29 02:25:01
Rig: IC-751A 100W
Ant: dipole @ 40m
EI6DX   Single Op HP   170,0002009-01-29 02:31:19
Great contest and a lot of activity on 160. I used K3 for the first time - what
a difference it makes! HF2V only gave me 22KHz of usable space. Thankfully,
thanks to K3 the 22 KHz felt more like 100KHz. Got quite a few new DXCC thanks
to it. Impressive storm on the second night - strong wind and lashing rain. The
waves in the see were monstrous. It was a bit scary looking at the bent vertical
and see its tip staying parallel to the ground for seconds at a time. Perfect
night for chasing DX and sipping brandy in front of a fireplace.

Thanks to all for calling.

See you in ARRL next month.

OK1MQ   Multi-Op HP   453,1802009-01-29 05:29:29
Our first attempt in multi-op with my old friend Beda, OK1MQ.
Great contest. First time over 1k QSOs, first time over 20 states/prov. with
very simple equipment. And top experience was to hear 5996 from XE1RCS-new
one/new zone. Tks so much, XE boys !!
CU next time
Rig: FT1000M5 + PA 800W, Half wave inverted L
no RX ant, no cluster
AB5MM   Multi-Op HP   357,3042009-01-29 06:49:15
Great condx to EU better than last year.
SK7DX(@SM7BCX)   Multi-Op HP   1,413,7902009-01-29 11:00:59
Tnx to all great operators on 160! The condx were great!
We had a lot of fun during the weekend and we hope that we will make a new
record in SM again.
No problems with antennas or other gear. We used N1MM and it worked great.

See you all next year and thanks for all the fun!
KJØG   Multi-Op HP   110,1002009-01-29 13:51:11
OLØA(OK1CZ)   Single Op HP   950,7462009-01-29 16:34:34
Condx were great, possibly even better than in 2008, especially to America, so I
was able to improve my last year's score. I enjoyed the openings to the mid and
west US/VE. Of the 307 DX QSOs 246 were US/VE stations. Some of the west coast
signals were real weak but during the second peak on Sunday morning some were
just amazing. Also XE1RCS signal was surprisingly consistent.
On the other hand I could work only 3 JAs and did not find VQ9,XU,VK,9M2 at
all. The QRM on the lower part of the band was terrible and the JA segment
1810-25 in the evenings was real mess so no wonder that no DX could be heard
under all the EU huge signals only hundreds of Hz apart.

RIG: FT2000 + PA, Log N1MM
ANTs: 27m vertical with 450 radials, Dipole at 24m and beverages

My thanks go to Jiri OK2RZ for letting me use his contest QTH near Ostrava.
Thanks every one for the QSOs and CU next time.
73 Petr OK1CZ
AC6DD   Single Op HP   409,8512009-01-29 18:13:03
This was yet another portable contest operation. I tried my best, but as always
there are so many variables in going on a field day style operation.

This was the second year for me operating from the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse.
Due to a chronic lack of free time I have not solved any of the noise issues
related to my other site at the Ocean Pier. I was hardly active on 160 this
winter, made only a few QSO in the ARRL test, I entirely missed participaring
in the TBDC by remote, when a telephone cable went out for 3 weeks. The power
went out to this same place two years ago in the middle of the CQ160. The
infrastructure in this area is third world grade.

Again the weather was not cooperating, not as bad as last year, or the year
before, but whenever you have to set things up in the rain it is not very
pleasant, and needles to say it, it takes much longer. For a plus - it was not
very cold.

New for this year was the K3. I initially wasted two days on a two radio setup
with the K3 and the MP and an ACOM 2S1. I had problems with inhibiting the K3
transmit and after trying for hours with different combintaions I found a
broken ground fault in the ACOM 2S1.
Same with trying to get the DX doubler working on a computer with no parallel
port with a so2rxlat box. All wasted time, I decided to use an older computer
with a parallel port instead, and in the end I only used one radio anyway.

The K3 receiver is great, easy to use, not so the setup - a lot of stuff there,
the radio has some strange quirks too. Anyhow I am glad I got this radio. I have
the 500 Hz filters, but I wish now I had the 200 Hz filters too - coming next.
I was using the 100 Hz bandwith a lot trying to sneak in between loud

The conditions to EU were just incredible. The NE was also my quietest receive
direction, and the results show it - 52 EU stations in the log, in between them
six S5 stations - big ears in Slovenia!
I am a little dissapointed in the JA total. At 111 is better than last year,
but not great. The storm made this direction very hard on the first night, it
was magnitudes better after the storm cleared the next evening.

In short, it was great!

Rig: K3
Amp: ACOM2000A
TX Ant: Lighthouse Vertical, bunch of short radials, some longer ones.
Log: TR4W

I am working on bit more detail and few pictures here:


Niko - AC6DD

WB4MSG   Single Op QRP   50,5182009-01-29 19:17:49
rig elecraft k3 qrp
antenna vertical wire

Great contest and some very good conditions
OK1DQT   Single Op HP   389,3202009-01-30 05:21:02
Thanks to all for excelent weekend. The conditions were great. Unfortunately
there werw same technical difficulties during the weekend. Just short windstorm
at 02.40Z in Saturday caused breakage of the part of my GND HALFLOOP, which is
placed at my neighbors´garden. I finished the repair at noon on Saturday. This
repair made me quite tired. Again started at 16Z. I was pleasded by HS0ZEE who
called me while he had a sunrise. The fast login ZY7C was also wondwerful
moment. The other multiplayer - XE1, CE1, V31, KV4, 9H, UK, PJ2, HI and VP9 was
not sucessful anymore.CU in next year
Rig: IC746 + home brew PA 700W
ANT: GND HALFLOOP (17- 47-18 m) with several short radials,
220 m Beverage for 60 degrees
PJ2T   Multi-Op HP   2,158,1002009-01-30 06:07:21
Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me!

This was the second time Jim W8WTS and Jeff K8ND have operated the CQWW 160 CW
Contest from the PJ2T station, having had to miss last year due to the demands
of our mutual employer.

This year, we had two significant new technological resources to test: 1) an
Elecraft K3, and 2) CW Skimmer, using RF Space SDR-IQ.

Elecraft K3: This was the first time that we had a chance to test the K3 in the
challenges of the PJ2T on-air environment. We often have loud, very deep pileups
(more outside of the contest on other bands, but even on Topband). The K3
acquitted itself well, allowing us to pick weaker stations off the side of
louder callers and CQers. A++. We'd like to start replacing our FT-1000MP
radios with K3 radios as finances allow, although the tolerance of the K3 to
the constant, unrelenting salt-air environment at Signal Point is still a
question mark.

ADSL vs CW Skimmer: We have had a continuing problem with the ADSL network feed
for the station when transmitting on 160 meters. We've tried commercial filters,
tons of appropriate ferrite, and makeshift shielding. We tried to determine if
there was a connection between wet ground/dry ground and the failures. Prior to
the contest, we tested the ADSL connection, and were unable to make it fail.
Five minutes into the contest, the DSL link failed, and continued to fail all

We set up a CW Skimmer using an RF Space SDR-IQ radio, and had it running on a
laptop which also ran a copy of VE3NEA's DX Atlas showing the greyline map. It
was connected to our full RX antenna system through the K9AY RAS-8x2 RX
antennas switching system. It could have any RX antenna connected at any time,
with the operator able to select the antenna with a pushbutton as he does for
the antenna he is listening with. The CW Skimmer mostly was left on the Europe
Beverage (during EU dark hours), or USA/JA Beverage. Ideally, it should
automatically switch constantly among all the possible RX antennas to pick up
all pop-up multipliers that can be heard from Curacao.

When ADSL failed and took our packetcluster link with it, the CW Skimmer
provided a good bandmap of active stations. We were able to pick up multipliers
that may not have otherwise called ot been heard in our pileups. Writelog
version 10.69D allowed us to simultaneously connect to the CW Skimmer and the
K3LR Packetcluster. CW Skimmer gets an A++ for the weekend. (K9AY's RAS-8x2
continues to score A++ from us in reliability and ease-of-use).

The good Topband conditions in the North were not good to us at 12 degrees
above the Equator. With the North American stations and the Europeans in a
feeding frenzy, they didn't listen down our way. Our usually-loud signal was
lost among the European and USA stations CQing at and among each other. Our
pileups were not as deep as usual, and were often encroached by others seeking
a CQ frequency of their own, making it difficult for the "second tier" stations
to hear us. The result for us was just a few more QSOs and a few more
multipliers than we made in 2007, with only a slightly higher claimed score.

We had only two hours with rates over 100, two with rates over 90, and three
with rates over 80.

We have never worked so many JA stations on Topband from the PJ2T station! A
total of 76 Japanese stations were logged, mostly on the first night, between
0800Z and our sunrise around 1100Z. This is more stations worked for any single
country besides the USA (1011), even more than Canada (63)! We attribute this to
very low Auroral activity during that first night, so our usual aurora-skimming
signal path was clear to Japan. Our breakdown by continent is shown below:

160 Total %
NA 1112 1112 71.7
SA 19 19 1.2
EU 320 320 20.6
AF 5 5 0.3
AS 90 90 5.8
OC 5 5 0.3

Congratulations to the many European multi-op stations who have made
outstanding scores, and to CN3A, who (apparently) did very well indeed from the
African continent!

Station Equipment:
Transciever: Elecraft K3
Amplifier: Cary LK-800 (2 x 3CPX800A7)
TX Antenna: Inverted-L over ~60 radials (~60' vertical, sloping up to ~90')
RX Antennas: 1000-foot Beverage - Europe
650-foot Beverage - USA/JA
DX Engineering RX 4-Square
Flag - Northern Europe
Flag - VK/ZL

RX Antenna Switching: K9AY RAS-8x2
Contest Software: Writelog v10.69D
CW Skimmer: RF Space SDR-IQ receiver
CW Skimmer v1.4 Software

We had a great time! Jim W8WTS's XYL Janis and Geoff W0CG/PJ2DX and YL Dorothy
provided logistical and moral support, including a memorable birthday
celebration for K8ND during contest operations.

Thanks as always to our club (, the Caribbean Contesting
Consortium (CCC) for their support of the club station at Signal Point (PJ2T),
and to Geoff W0CG/PJ2DX for his extraordinary work as house owner and as
self-described "Signal Point Maintenance Man"!
DL3YM(@DF2PY)   Single Op HP   935,1022009-01-30 07:13:49
For years I had been planning to do this one from a competitive QTH, and it sure
looks like this was the right weekend to finally realize the plan. I believe you
simply can not have more fun on topband, can you?

As everybody else I am simply amazed at the superb condx, especially so to the
west. Signals from the east were significantly attenuated, which shows in the
marginal number of stations from Japan that I could work. In addition, no
Oceania at all was heard nor worked. Another interesting effect was the band
taking a deep dive early Sunday morning. From 0200 - 0400 my rate went down
considerably as did signal levels, but fortunately condx recovered just in time
for an opening to the US west coast that all who joined in the fun will hardly
ever forget.

The station performed flawlessly all weekend and I think I learned a lot about
propagation and how to improve my score next year.
Many thanks to my host Wolf and family for the great hospitality, and to my XYL
and the boys for excluding me from their weekend plans.
TM6M(@F6KHM)   Multi-Op HP   1,691,1282009-01-30 09:43:20
First time we took place to this event!
What's a nice wend.

The first night was very good (2/3 of N/A were in log there)
At end of 1st night we endeed with 1000 qsos.
So we expected that we could finished contest with 2000 qsos.
But the second night wasn't so good as 1st one.(perhaps not for all; poor
signal to N/A except at end of night!)
Pleased to be break by KH6.
Some others nice dx as CE , CX , HK ,HK0.

Endeed contest with 628 NA in log !!!

Only 1 state missed "ID" and some of rares VE : LB , MB , NT , YT , NU

Antenna tx : 25m top loaded vertical with radials
rx : 4 bevs with preamp (200m coaxial cable for each rx antenna)

Congrats to super EU scores.

See you once again in ARRL CW

TM6M crew
EA2LU   Single Op HP   856,7762009-01-30 12:12:02
Great contest, great propagation, great fun, but, on my side still low ERP and
bad rx antennas, things to improve next year...The better: work 12 JAs stations
for the first time for me, thanks to the effort of URE to get especial
permission from our PTT to operate the full band. Also the great pleasure to
well complet the DXCC during contests operation only.
Thanks you all for the QSOs and patience answering my QRZ.
73 and see you next year, Jorge
S5ØK   Single Op Assisted HP   836,7522009-01-30 13:33:32
Station Description: Icom + Harris RF124
Antenna(s): Vert + one Baverage
YT2AAA   Single Op HP   14,8482009-01-30 14:04:27
1,5 h on Saturday in bright daylight
W1TO   Single Op LP   12,4992009-01-30 16:37:35
Short time operating from home when not at K1TTT.
VE7SV   Single Op HP   690,7722009-01-30 21:42:23
The best conditions of my lifetime on topband. 80 european contacts with 38
european countries...140 JA's, 19 UA9/0's. I am still in shock.

The biggest thrill was to have UP2L(UA9BA op) call me in the middle of a JA
pile-up for a new one on topband. Thanks Willy!

Elecraft K3
Alpha 86
1/4 wave sloper
OZ7BQ   Single Op LP   144,2742009-01-31 10:03:12
This contest is really enjoyable. Lots of stations on the air. This year we
enjoyed good conditions, particularly on saturday morning. Too bad I was too
tired at the time.
I am mostly a S&P operator but when calling CQ, I was surprised to note how
many very weak station I could work.
My rig was an IC 746 and an inverted L-antenna, cut for 80 Meters with a
center-loading coil and a simple L-network at the base.
cu nest year
73 OZ7BQ
W8RU   Single Op HP   61,6322009-01-31 11:12:57
That was a blast! Thanks to everyone for the QSOs.


Ron (W8RU).
VE3FU   Single Op LP   1,5402009-01-31 18:37:50
No 160m antenna here yet so I loaded up the sloping 80m dipole and got on a few
minutes here and there. Working guys was much easier higher up in the band.


XU7ACY   Single Op HP   62,6802009-02-01 04:34:20
Very difficult to hold a frequency and run so did mostly search and
pounce,although during my first sunrise VE1ZZ and VY2ZM both called me and were
worked.It was all downhill from there thou.Only managed abt 15 q's the second
day and never heard or worked any USA west coast on either nite.Was very
frustrating,not even being able to work into JA with any degree of
success.Sounds like all the propagation was between USA and Europe this time
around.Peter,XU7ACY (NO2R)
VK6DXI   Single Op HP   6,4502009-02-01 06:53:29
Very difficult conditions here. After all it is a summer time...
Only few W's heard second night,but none worked.
Eu was quite strong, but hard to get through.
Some good Eu signals heard at the top of the band,
but ...VK allowed operating frequencies are from 1800 till 1875.

Best surprise... being called by 6W/DL2RMC.
SO8R(@SQ8JLA)   Multi-Op HP   666,4222009-02-01 11:51:34
Rig: FT-1000MP Mark V Field


TX: vertical 31,5m with 80 radials, inv V at 23m high

RX: beverages

40'-120m long
130'-200m long
275'-160m long
310'-300m long

tnx for all contact,

73, de so8r team
VA7DX   Single Op HP   114,2402009-02-01 17:38:55
Awesome conditions on 160m this weekend.
Running a modest antenna here (dipole at 70') yet
still managed to work into EU and AF. I was hearing
lots more than I was able to work.

Managed about 11 hours of operation.

FT1000MP and Acom2000 worked flawlessly as
usual however same can't be said of laptops. One
total failure and second not far behind. My apologies
to those I sent gibberish to on occassion.
Looking forward to next year!!
K8GT   Single Op Assisted LP   9,9902009-02-01 20:16:28
My elevated feedpoint Inverted 'L' with three elevated radials fell victim to
some tree clearing. My neighbor said that he didn't think that he would be
getting at the trees on my property right away, so I thought that I could make
it through the contest. Sounds like I missed the "once in a lifetime band
opening", but I'm glad the back property is being cleared of all the dead and
fallen 75-80 feet tall Ash trees that made it hard to even walk around, and
dangerous, too, with leaners. Time for a new antenna or more.
CT9M   Multi-Op HP   2,515,0002009-02-01 22:53:25
Conds to Eu were worst than last year. We made less QSOs with UA,DL,OK e.t.c.
On the other side we made more NA /592 USA,51 VE/ than last year. We made also
more JAs /18/.
I would like express our big thanks to all members of Madeira contest team
/CT3EE,BD,DL,DZ...../for helping.

73 Rasto OM3BH, Jozef OM3GI /OM8A contest team/
K7DR   Single Op LP   19,8502009-02-02 00:15:59
I have been a ham since 1970 and never HEARD, let alone WORKED any European
staions on 160. The night before CQWW 160 I worked OZ, CT3 and several G's
around their sunrise, and did it rather easily some peaking well over S9. I was
lucky that the condx continued into CQWW 160 and worked Europe again in between
all the very strong NA stations. I agree with the many others who commented
that these were probably once in a lifetime condx, it only took me 39 years to
work Europe on 160, with a low dipole and 100 watts!

Dave - K7DR near Detroit, MI


IC735 to a 160m dipole at 30ft, with the ends at 10ft squeezed into a
horizontal "U" shape in my urban lot.

In the wintertime I add a couple 70 ft lengths of wire to the ends of my 80m
inv vee.
OH4AB(@OH4MFA)   Multi-Op HP   506,4602009-02-02 10:09:52
SOAPBOX: We participate in CQ 160 meters again this year with OH4AB team in
SOAPBOX: multi-op category from OH4MFA/OH4KZM station. We are sure happy we
SOAPBOX: did. Great conditions, even here above 62nd latitude. Lot of NA
SOAPBOX: for us, Asia was a bit disappointment, mostly EU in our log
SOAPBOX: naturally. Normally we have only few NA contacts, this year we get
SOAPBOX: 26 multipliers! We didn't listen radio during daylight hours, so
SOAPBOX: we can't tell, if we could have heard DX in broad daylight. We did
SOAPBOX: some antenna work for couple of weekends before contest. Repaired
SOAPBOX: and re-arranged Beverage antennas, fixed half wave dipole and
SOAPBOX: tuned parasitic vertical array elements. We used K2/100 on running
SOAPBOX: station with amplifier and FT-920 on spotting station. N1MM was
SOAPBOX: used on both and they were networked with WLAN. Receive antenna
SOAPBOX: was split to both rigs and a relay was installed to protect
SOAPBOX: Yaesu's front-end. Main station had control of antenna directions.
SOAPBOX: This setup was quite effective while searching and pouncing. Other
SOAPBOX: radio was spotting stations in N1MM bandmap and TX operator could
SOAPBOX: just jump from spot to spot. No, we didn't have any DX cluster
SOAPBOX: connected to our PC's. Occasionally we checked text-TV version of
SOAPBOX: DX Summit, but it was not very useful. When running, it was quite
SOAPBOX: slow to find new stations on the RX radio, but it still helped to
SOAPBOX: get some multipliers and new stations in log when running station
SOAPBOX: jump to get another QSO with other VFO. Funniest moment for us
SOAPBOX: happened during saturday morning sunrise, while operator decided
SOAPBOX: to check how stations come in with our 10 meters high dipole
SOAPBOX: antenna. Click of antenna switch and silence...damn, we were using
SOAPBOX: cloud warmer for several hours. It was accidentally left on-line
SOAPBOX: when operator was changed around 3 Z. No wonder it seemed to be
SOAPBOX: hard to get DX in log. But we worked also VP9 with this dipole!
SOAPBOX: When switched back to parasitic vertical array it was like one call
SOAPBOX: and DX was in log. And it was already daylight. This incident gave
SOAPBOX: us lot of laughs and happy moments later on during contest.
SOAPBOX: Ofcourse we could have made much more contacts with better antenna.
SOAPBOX: But we will remember this for long time and will check what antenna
SOAPBOX: we are using. We did improve our club's record from last year by
SOAPBOX: over 30%. So it could be long time until we break it again, maybe
SOAPBOX: never. But we will try anyway. Thank you for contacts and we hope
SOAPBOX: to see you later on the Topband!
SOAPBOX: OH4AB contest team
SOAPBOX: Rigs: Elecraft K2/100, Yaesu FT-920
SOAPBOX: Amp: Commander HF-2500
SOAPBOX: Software: N1MM Logger, Home planet for showing grayline
SOAPBOX: TX-antennas: Parasitic vertical array, dipole 10 m high
SOAPBOX: RX-antennas: 2 x two-wire beverages 180 m long
SOAPBOX: 1 Beverage 250 m long
SOAPBOX: Other: coffee + other beverages, sauna, snacks etc
SOAPBOX: Station info:
VE3CUI   Single Op HP   226,9962009-02-03 08:24:38
Absolutely once-in-a-lifetime-like conditions!!! I have NEVER before been privvy
to 160-meters being open --- literally --- around the clock, 24 hours per day,
until this weekend. It was especially gratifying to work all of the VE3-types
that I did, too: they were out there in droves! What an wonderful contest, what
an amazing band...what a great time it was!!!
W3TS   Single Op HP   508,4152009-02-03 11:42:44
Murphy moved in 1 block down the street 3 weeks before the contest with a 10
over S9 power line noise. I tracked the noise to a pole that the power company
had worked on last summer. At that time they replaced the bell insulator and
the lightening arrestor. I found out after the contest that they came by the
Thursday before the contest to work on the noise and saw it was the pole they
fixed last siummer. They didn't do anything. On Monday after the contest they
call the power co. noise engineer and told him they had worked on the pole last
summer. The noise eng. said he would meet them some time to check out the
problem. Well yesterday they all got together and found that the new Lightening
arrestor was bad and replaced it again. Now my noise is gone and so are the
great contest conditions.

TX Ant: 1/8 wave wire Tee - with 70 x 70foot long radials (My 60 foot high
80/40M fan dipole with the feeder shorted).

RX Ant: I used my TX TEE antenna for all contacts. I ran a noise nuller with
one input from the TX TEE and the other input was a coax to the power pole
ground wire near my house. I used this because it had a very high noise level
with very little signal pickup. I also have 2 x 300 foot long NE/SW and SE/NW
reversable short beverages. (The best I can do with the neighbors help on an
"in town" 150 x 200 foot lot). Which I could not use due to the very high local
line noise.

Rig: Ten-Tec Orion plus 2 x 3-500Z at 1300 watts output

Logger: N1MM
W8GP   Single Op QRP   54,0542009-02-03 20:05:39
Excellent conditions,I just wish I could have operated the entire contest but I
had to work Saturday. Thanks to everyone who pulled my signal out of the
FT-950@ 5watts
1/4 wave vert.with 35 radials
5 beverages
WØOR   Single Op LP   135,7922009-02-04 07:38:41
Fantastic conditions to Europe from "the black hole" of Minnesota on Friday
night. Even with low power and a simple inverted L, I had Europeans calling
me. Seemed like a lot of activity. This is one of my favorite contests.
OL6P(OK2WTM)   Single Op LP   228,3002009-02-04 10:47:47
I was very tired and mised W-windows sunday morning.
Nice contest but all band is better.
Thaks all for qso.

73, Petr
OL7M   Multi-Op HP   1,047,3252009-02-05 05:36:49
First contest from the QTH. The 40m vertical with 120 40m radials worked
realy great but our RX capability was not as good. A lot of place for
improvements for next year. OK1MAC and OK2ZW returned to TOP band after
many years and realy enjoyed it. Will be back next for sure.
Great condx made the contest real fun. And we had fun!


Zdeno OK2ZW on behalf of OL7M
CU8A   Multi-Op HP   745,6322009-02-06 08:23:06
We suffered very much from a stron storm, which made the erection of our
normalö 24m high GP impossible. We had to work with loop 12m-15m up.
Our operator CT1GPQ didn't reach the island in time because the airport of
Flores was closed until January 24!
K8CC   Multi-Op HP   715,0002009-02-07 21:24:07
Rig(s): FT-1000D, FT-1000MP
Amp: AL-1200
TX Ant: 140' Shunt-fed Tower
Rx Ant: K9AY Loops NW/SE & NE/SW

As others have already noted, a spectacular contest condx-wise. The result
being the best score we've ever made in this contest.

W8MJ and I made a somewhat last-minute decision to operate. Severe winter wx
in Mich for the week prior to the contest prevented any opportunity to erect
additional receiving antennas.

The excellent propogation was mitigated for us by constant atmospheric noise
which was S3-S5 (even with 500 Hz rcve bandswidth) all weekend and in all
directions. Our apologies to the European stations which called us but which
we could not pull through the noise. With this noise, it is phenomenal that we
were able to work 214 European stations.

After the European path closed on Friday night, the pileup on every multiplier
spotted on packet turned into a feeding frenzy. The same thing happened
Saturday night on every new station.

Product recommendations from the contest:

K9AY RX Loop - This is a wonderful receive antenna, considering it's small size
and simplicity. While it's not as good as a 500' beverage, it made the
difference between making the contact or not for a number of QSOs.

Ameritron AL-1200 Amplifier - 1600+ QSOs and 4000+ CQs this weekend, and this
amp never got overly warm or made any fuss at 1500W. Never complained as we
QSY'd all over the band making QSOs.

Three hours after the contest was over, confirmations for all 50 states from
the contest had appeared in LoTW. Ain't LoTW wunnerful?

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs.


VE7CC   Single Op HP   596,2322009-02-09 00:12:53
Great conditions. 30 European countries!

K3 - TL922
1/4 wave slopers (one east and one west)
2x 480 ft 2-wire beverages
MMØXAU   Single Op HP   120,5752009-02-10 06:04:54
Had some nice pile-ups ... was spotted 24 times.
... and I had to QSY. Was easy to start a new pile-up on a new QRG
a few kHz up or down (between 1870 and 1900 kHz).
Only one (just one !!) spot was helpfull (25.Jan 0732UTC 1892kHz)
bringing the W7,W5,W0 in (OR,UT, AZ, NM, TX, AR, CO, IA).
Most of the other spots were destructive ... smashing my pile-up !
Next time just tune the band - you will find the SHETLAND multiplier
NEAR (- but NOT ON !) the spot frequency immediately after the spot:
OH8X(OH6UM)   Single Op HP   1,112,1392009-02-11 04:00:12
The two year long "Arcala Monster" project is approaching the final straight
and the 3 el 160m yagi was put into action first time during this CQ 160m CW
contest. The last remaining topics had been mostly around matching and
rotating. On Thursday night things were finally functioning satisfactorily.

With only one night of testing behind, the contest started. The first night
went otherwise pretty reasonably, but it proved to be almost impossible to fit

in on any frequency during the first hours. Boy, what a buzz! Just before the
sunrise on Saturday morning the yagi's SWR rose for the first time and the
contest was carried on with the 4-SQ. No clear reason for the SWR was found
until late in the afternoon. After a few fixes the yagi was fired up again
on Saturday night, but unfortunately just for a few hours. The SWR problem
was back again. Nothing could be done until Sunday daylight, so the whole
second night and Sunday sunrise went without the "Monster" again. Second
climb to the tower on Sunday afternoon brought the yagi back into action
for the last six hours of the contest. The main problems were with complex
matching of the elements.

Even though no real comparisons between the "Monster" and the 4-SQ were
done this weekend, my overall feeling is that there definately is some good
potential in the "Monster". Although the 4-SQ in Arcala is performing
very well, my feeling is that the rates usually went higher with the
"Monster". Unfortunately I couldn't check this feeling on the second night,
when there was a good opening to NA with much less QRM than on the first

Congrats to all the great scorers around the world, and thanks especially
to Pertti at OG2P (1396 qsos) and Kim at OH4A (1401 qsos) for a very tight
competition. Beware you guys down there in the South! We're approaching you!

Major thanks to the Arcala extremes team for all the hard antenna works and
other preparations done for this "southerner", who after travelling some 9+
hours was able to sit to the table set ready for him and enjoy this great
Contest once again!

For more Radio Arcala, see

73 es cu in the pileups! Contest IS!


PS. Veijo/OH6KN, don't you think it's about time to have a sauna in Arcala,
too? :)
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   Single Op LP   288,2302009-02-16 02:54:29
TS850SAT , two INV.Vee's , Coax. INV.L by KN4LF

Wow! Amazing conditions!
INV.L being only 12 meters vertical , performed better than INV.V
Had to tune it by internal tuner due to narrow bandwith.
W8TE was ODX to the west from MI. Heard a lot more than worked, but I'am happy
with 3 new DXCC for me : A71BX,6W/DL2RMC,KV4FZ
UA0SC were 599++ just 15min to sunset. He was ODX to the EAST.
Thanks for all the contacts. 73 de Nasko
4U1WB(AJ3M)   Single Op Assisted HP   3,6342009-02-18 17:14:09
Thanks for the QSOs.


Masa, AJ3M
OHØE(OH2MM)   Single Op HP   1,768,4222009-02-25 21:16:37
QTH: Our traditional OH0 QTH since 1982 on Brando Island, Aland.

Rig: FT1000MP + Alpha 91 beta 1 KW
Ant: two sloping dipoles with the higher end at 36 meters. One sloping to West,
the other sloping to East. No separate listening antennas.

We at the 60th latitude were blessed with a fantastic propagation. Maybe this
happens once in lifetime during the 160M Contest. Being this far North, we
seldom have a chance to work the West Coast of USA so easily. Furthermore, KL7
and KH6 were workable with good signals over the North Pole. Normally these
paths are badly affected, or even closed, by Aurora. The only US state I didn't
get was DC.

As expected, the band was very crowded. It was difficult to find a spot for
CQing in the lower part of the band. Th upper band was cleaner. However, many
countries cannot go above about 1850 according K8ND's list at

Many stations had KEY CLICKS giving a hard time to people working within 1-3
kHz apart. For example, FT1000MPs have a considerable key click if the click
modification has not been done. Bad clicks and bad tone are unsportsmanlike
conduct and should be sanctioned.

73, Ville OH2MM
WE3C   Multi-Op HP   1,274,7342009-03-12 07:14:08
The fantastic conditions allowed for very close competition in the Multi-one

We had the opportunity to review and compare our hourly rates with W2GD’s top

Q’s/Point 2 5 10 Total
W2GD 1098 106 700 1904
WE3C 1091 107 626 1824

Two and Five point Q’s were almost identical. Ten point Q’s tell the

10 Point Q’s W2GD WE3C Dif
First night 22:00–7:00Z 392 292 100
Sat morning Asia 1 5 -4
Second night 22:00-7:00Z 280 294 -14
Sun morning Asia 2 17 -15
Other Q’s 25 18 7
Total 700 626 74

W2GD had a much stronger EU opening the first night of the contest than we did.
The 100 ten point Q jump at the start gave them a huge advantage which we could
not overcome. However, we had a big opening to JA that W2GD did not experience.
It appears, even with super great conditions, propagation differences had a big
impact on our score.

Looking at the SO score postings also shows a consistent pattern of the near
coastal water stations experiencing super conditions.

Congratulations to all the SO stations on your fantastic scores! It is a true
accomplishment considering the ten less hours of operating time and knowing all
the efforts we make as a Multi stations to achieve our scores in 40 hours.

Congratulations to the W2GD & K9RS teams, great job!!

A super special thank you to the WE3C Team for your outstanding efforts
and performance!


The WE3C Team