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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB   2009   Nov 21   Comment Summary

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NØXR   SO Unlimited HP   10,0322009-11-22 10:25:21
I decided to get on the air from home in between shifts at a multi-op.
W4XO   SO Unlimited HP   61,9202009-11-22 13:20:47
A casual part-time effort due to family and work responsibilities. My first SS
SSB sweep. Very fun contest and thanks for all the Q's.

KUØG   Single Op LP   128,6402009-11-22 15:10:32
Beat my QSO count from last year by 220-ish! Got the sweep by 18z Sunday, too.
Lots of fun this time around! Good luck to all!!!

73 de Jim, KU0G
W7ACX   Single Op LP   2,8002009-11-22 15:34:53
1st contest for me
K3TD   Single Op LP   12,5442009-11-22 15:41:08
Inverted L 30'H x 75'L

Part time effort on Sunday - great to see 15 meters open. Thanks for the Qs!

Tad, K3TD
K4WI   SO Unlimited HP   65,6002009-11-22 15:47:54
YEAH!!!! double sweep for 2009!!!!
VA3PC   SO Unlimited HP   56,2482009-11-22 15:56:42
Missed MS, quit when my brain fogged and my voice gave out. ;-) 73
KI9A   SO Unlimited HP   128,0002009-11-22 16:01:51
Sweep both modes this year. Nice WX kept me out of the chair too much this
weekend, after over a month of horrible rainy WX, had to catch up on outside
work. Had 3 hours over 100/Q, and 2 hrs just under 100/Q, which is a 1st for me
at home... I like that, considering I made a few changes to my wire antenna's
here on the city lot.

73- Chuck KI9A
W7ZR   Single Op LP   112,0002009-11-22 16:13:39
Just when you think you can quit doing SS SSB it pulls you back.
ND9E   SO Unlimited HP   28,0002009-11-22 16:23:57
A painful 4 hours for my promised 200 SSB QSOs. Can't wait for voice
recognition technology to convert SSB to CW signals.
W4MJA   SO Unlimited HP   78,4502009-11-22 16:28:31
First ever SS and learned a lot. Enjoyed the run time, and at one point I was at
a rate of 144/hr. First real serious effort with the FT-1000MP, and I can't say
enough about this radio. The wires performed flawlessly all through the
contest. No 160 antenna didn't hurt, but running handicapped on 15M needs to
stop. Looking forward to casual effort in CQWW CW.
WM3O   SO Unlimited HP   134,4002009-11-22 16:33:54
thanks to Bob Curry, KC3VO for getting the HF-2500 working in time for the
contest. it feels good to get the sweep after missing AK in SS CW.

thanks to the NCCC for putting the huge numbers on the air, and it looks like
the SMC might have been getting numbers out too. Sunday is more interesting
with more "targets"

a sure fire way to get a pileup is to have a plate of hot dinner handed to you.
nothing like cold spaghetti!

K3WW   SO Unlimited HP   160,0002009-11-22 16:36:39
looks like same score as CW.
Worked at least 2 of everything but RI.
Last section was KL7 fairly late Sunday, ended up with 6 of them.
K6RIM   SO Unlimited HP   170,5602009-11-22 16:42:41
Pretty decent conditions, especially on 15M. All mults in good supply. Lots of
activity, and very good ops. Thanks for the Q's!
NX5M   Single Op LP   32,0002009-11-22 16:51:17
My goal was to only make a few qsos, mostly search and pounce, get a sweep using
low power using bands that a guest operator was not using at the time and doing
it on my backup antennas (tribander, 40m vertical and 80m vee). Done!
I imagine I was pretty weak. There is a lot of loss in 400 feet of RG213 which
is what is currently being used to feed the antenna set I was using.
Found MS on 80 for the last needed section but could not make the qso....until
I realized I was trying to do it on the 40m vertical. Glad I got that one in
the log before the masses arrived.
K7XC   SO Unlimited HP   129,4402009-11-22 16:58:02
SWEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What joy to work a sweep in each mode... A small victory
considering that my 37ft crank-up tower trailer was pushed over in 85 MPH winds
a mere 24 hrs before the contest. Fortunately the tower destroyed only itself
and it's long boom 50/144 Mhz antennas, It could have been much worse. As a
result of dealing with all of the madness of a downed tower, broken antennas, a
dead back up generator, and a hole in the wall where the cable entry port used
to be, I started the contest dead tired and emotionally spent, not my idea of

Kudos to Patrick - WX7M who showed up 3 hrs after the tower fell to loan me a
IC-4KL solid state auto tune KW amplifier. He stayed and together in the huge
winds and bitter cold we ran a 220V line into the shack so the station would be
QRO in time for the event.

I stopped with 5 hrs left in the contest as I just didn't have the energy to go
any further.... I met my goals of a sweep and at least doubling last years score
so i called it a night.

PS: SSB sucks! CW FOREVER! KB!!!!!!!!!!
WE9V   SO Unlimited HP   68,1602009-11-22 16:59:58
Too much stuff to do, and with temps super warm
(in the upper 50's from Wisconsin in late November),
it was tough to operate this one. Finally put in
4 hours on Sunday afternoon. Was very pleased to
get a sweep in 3.5 hours, with MS being the last
one, VE4 was 2nd last.

Thanks to all the guys who get on from the
rare sections.

Chad WE9V
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   39,5202009-11-22 17:01:08
Missed SB, MAR, NL, & NT.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
K7ZO   Single Op HP   9,5462009-11-22 17:07:38
Only had time for a couple hours on the air. Spent most of the daylight hours
putting up my Christmas lights -- yes my display is that big it takes me days
to put it up. Think 4,500' of extension cords.

Fun to catch many of the west coast regulars.

VA3YOJ(@VE3RM)   SO Unlimited HP   58,7202009-11-22 17:09:39
VA3DF   Single Op QRP   60,4442009-11-22 17:21:12
Got off to a terrible start, just could not work anyone and was almost at the
point of going outside to see if everything had fallen down. However, things
did start to come around and gradually I crept ahead of last year's pace.

Put in a late night on Saturday and finally called it quits with about 205 qsos
in the log. Sunday morning, the cat woke me up after about 3 hours of sleep and
I eventually worked my way down to the shack - first qso was a new mult and
after that I started a very nice run on 40 that put about 100 qsos in the log.
Did not get the sweep but was still happy with the contest result.

Lots of positive feedback regarding my signal strength - those comments are
always welcome!

As usual, it's a jungle out there when you run qrp!!


W1IG   Single Op LP   20,4802009-11-22 17:27:06
Picked up a Yaesu FT-840 in excellent condition and ran Low Power for the SSB
SS. Had fun looking for AK and PAC. Found AK but not enough antenna I guess!
Had a good run on 40 Meters. And thank my employer for cancelling my run to
boston. They still have to pay me. Hi Hi.....

73 Bob W1IG
KM2O   Single Op HP   144,0962009-11-22 17:36:26
Missed Mississippi!
N9FC   Single Op HP   14,7602009-11-22 17:36:35
sorry smc group.very bad week.
84year old mother rush to hospital friday,just took care of weekend.
KH7Y   SO Unlimited HP   165,9202009-11-22 17:37:21

20 and 15 meters were good for the weekend, 40/80 were poor here, had a real
hard time getting a run going on 40. Also big power line noise limited the rx
ability here.

Thanks for contacts, hope to see you all in CQWW CW. We will be with the KH6LC
gang in the east coast of the big island.

Aloha, Fred
WC2Z   Single Op HP   11,5442009-11-22 17:42:52
thx fer a great contest
NF4A   SO Unlimited HP   112,9702009-11-22 17:56:24
Of all sections to miss for a sweep.....WCF.....made me think....WTF?
W8MJ   SO Unlimited HP   255,2002009-11-22 17:56:38
Log has been uploaded to LOTW.

Ken W8MJ
K2NNY   Multi-Op HP   299,3602009-11-22 17:58:55
CLUB: Rochester (NY) DX Assn
KO7AA   Single Op HP   97,6802009-11-22 18:00:47
Years ago I would put in full efforts for SSCW, SSSSB, and CQWWCW but that
seems a lot tougher these days. So I got on to get some club points and
maybe stir up some activity on 15M.

Poor old 15M has been gone so long that I had to look up the sub-band edges.
I sat on the same frequency for 6 hours straight. For about 2 hours it was
great - W6 to VE5 to VE1 to W4 all at the same time. When the band faded I
thought about going to 20M but that was too scary a thought!

73, Bill KO7AA in Tucson, AZ
K4OD   Single Op LP   30,6602009-11-22 18:02:10
ANT: 20/15/10 - TH3MK4 AT 45 FT
80/40 - ALPHA-DELTA 80/40 AT 44 FT

Limited operation time but still not up to par.
Still had a great time though!
W7WHY   SO Unlimited HP   3,7622009-11-22 18:03:48
Just a few minutes scanning the bands. with the QRM and bad hearing, SSB is
just too hard to operate.

Weirdest thing I had happen was some guy told me on 40 that they were operating
USB on 7043 and I was operating LSB on 7045 and would I please move because I
was interfering with their QSO. Just sat here dumbounded for a few seconds
till I realized what the heck he had just said :-)

Thanks for the Q's and 73.

K7ABV   SO Unlimited HP   37,6202009-11-22 18:05:05
nice casual effort this weekend, their are plenty of contests during Nov. so I
can't go full hog on them all hi...thanks to all for a q and cu in the bash
next year..congrats to all those that put in a hugh effort, they are inspiring
N2WN   Single Op LP   38,0882009-11-22 18:11:45
Interesting conditions.

Some of the "rare" CW SS sections are not so rare on SSB and vice versa. Heard
a few comments about Delaware being the toughest.

Thanks for all the QSOs.

KO7X   Multi-Op HP   96,1602009-11-22 18:11:50
Last section worked for the sweep was Alaska. Brian, KD7RQU, operated for the
first few hours. He is getting the hang of it, slow but sure. He has a little
bit of trouble dealing with the QRM (who doesn't?). WY7SS more than doubled our
score - great job by Dwayne's crew this year on both modes.
WA7U   Multi-Op HP   290,7202009-11-22 18:14:12
Phew, now that will make for agood nights sleep. We had a blast wringing out the
new (to us) Alpha amp. It helped on the 40 meter wild west show.
ACØE   Multi-Op HP   42,5042009-11-22 18:18:30
N9NE   Single Op QRP   47,1202009-11-22 18:20:47
Masochism: a taste for suffering.
QRP Phone: Masochism.
N9GTC(WW9R)   School Club HP   33,3962009-11-22 18:34:43
Thanks for all the Q's
WW9R   SO Unlimited HP   104,0002009-11-22 18:38:20
Thanks for all the Q's
Yaesu FT1000D Mark V
Ameritron AL-811H (600W)
Gap Voyager for 40 & 80
Gap Titan for 15 & 20

Pat WW9R
W6RK(@K6IDX)   SO Unlimited HP   206,5602009-11-22 18:38:40
Now I remember why SSB wasn't my favourite mode. Mood swinged from painful to
super fun.

I had never planned to do SS SSB this seriously but after one day hangover
after SS CW, appetite grew to do both of these as full time efforts.

Thank you to Dean N6DE for organizing this and K6IDX to let us use his great
K6VVA   Single Op LP   79,0002009-11-22 18:42:01
My only 3 Q's on 10m were all Alaska stations at the start of SS - go figure
that one!

Operated remotely longer than planned, and learned another lesson: Life is
also too short for low power in the SSB SS from California. Never again ;-(

Missed only NT - heard a real weak out-of-sync VY on Sunday morning but nothing
after that. Was surprised to work so many of the TNC (Thursday Night
Contesting) CW gang on SSB this weekend. Accordingly:

CW is like music
SSB just like noise
That's I why prefer
Thursday Night Contesting with the CW boys
- LocustShave

I had planned to make only 300 Q's, but decided to slog things out on & off to
500. After many hours I found out why I was getting beat up so much - somehow
the processor button on the rig got turned off. Who did that?

The highlight of the SSB SS was getting called longtime ham friend Bob/W6RJ,
for QSO #500 and ending up in a nice rag chew with both of us operating
remotely. Tnx, Bob !!!

73, Tnx for the Q's, Mults & Happy Thanksgiving...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
K6GEP   SO Unlimited LP   10,9522009-11-22 18:48:22
Sweeps SSB is my least favorite contest of the year, so I tried to have some fun
trying to work a sweep in 80 contacts. Missed it by 6: WPA, NNY, SNJ, NLI, DE
and SC.

Funniest pileup: K6EP and I (K6GEP) were both in a pileup trying to work
KO7X. He sorted out our similar callsigns like a pro, and worked both of us.

I am sure there is a long history behind running the contest until 0300z, but
I think we need to realize that effectively, it is over at 0000z. Most of the
East Coast mults QRT at that time. I have never worked a needed section past

Good to hear and work some School stations in this one.

Condix were great on 15, and pretty good on 40 & 80. I am surprised that I
ignored 20m so much. I really should have had my beam up for 15. I hope
to jury rig it for next weekend. My Windom performed well on the upper part
75. I used my 80m dipole for 3600 - 3700.

Gripe: Please watch the text that you spot during SS, so you don't spot a
section. If you say that someone is IN Aruba, they get spotted as Indiana!
DE seems to get mis-spotted a lot too.

Rig: FT-990 , 100W

80 meter dipole sloping from 40 feet
80 meter OCF Windowm sloping from 40 feet
40 meter inv vee at 45 feet (for 40 & 15)
W2PV(@K1TTT)   Multi-Op HP   277,4402009-11-22 18:51:17
Thanks to Dave for allowing us to use his fine station.

It was an honor to use the W2PV call.
K6LRN   Single Op HP   111,3902009-11-22 18:54:29
Ears throb, throat is sore, butt aches...boy, that was fun!!
Thanks to all for Qs...glad to see some action on 15.
W5KI   SO Unlimited HP   80,6402009-11-22 18:56:04
Enjoyed operating, except for the propped up swollen ankle from an early morning
slip, fall, sprain before the test. Glad I did all antenna fixes before the
last morning.

Completed a sweep by early Sunday morning, so that was fun. Most of the day
Sunday, amazed at number of stations saying thanks for the needed Ark mult.
N6XI   SO Unlimited HP   171,2002009-11-22 18:58:00
Early sweep this time at 0313Z (only 5:40 operating time). Lots of activity kept
the rate up through my part-time effort but the crowding was unbearable at
times. MN seemed to be everywhere. I was shocked by how many signals were
technically deficient - distorted, broad, muffled. The Old Man would have
applied the Wouff Hong to hundreds of participants! It's time for a tutorial on
how to operate an SSB transmitter.
K7VU   Single Op HP   148,5202009-11-22 19:00:30
Missed NL! Maybe next year I will have real antennas...
KØOU   SO Unlimited HP   200,9602009-11-22 19:01:52
That was fun. 40 meters was where it was, with 15, 20 and 80 all playing about
the same. 80 was noisy for me and 15 was long, but good for the ditant mults. I
never worked so many ve8's and WWA stations. Got my sweep at 12:00z with VO1KVT
after going to bed at 08:30z with 79 mults.. Ended up working a bunch of VO1's.
Will plan to see everyone in the CQWW next weekend. TNX for the phone Q's this
weekend. 73 de K0OU Steve in MO
K4BAI   Single Op HP   243,0042009-11-22 19:03:31
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp, dipole, inverted vee. Much better score
this year than last. 15M had good openings, including short skip. Same for
20M. 80M was very noisy as a rain front was moving through this weekend. 80M
QSOs were way down from last year and very few west coast QSOs compared to last
year. Thanks for all QSOs. Never heard a VO (NL) station. Please look for me
and W4OC from Bonaire as PJ4/home calls Nov 25 to Dec 1 and as PJ4A in CQWW CW
with PJ4LS also operating. 73, John, K4BAI.
KDØS(WDØT)   Single Op HP   345,0722009-11-22 19:03:49
Conditions were great, really blessed with that, and with no equipment issues.
It was a great weekend to play radio! Missed ND for the sweep, thats unusual
for here, usually work a few. I went on a search for them for the last 2 hours
but no station found.. Some really great numbers out there, my goodness, whats
up with W6YI?? Man what numbers. Worked a lot of regulars, and a lot of new
calls , so thats encouraging.

Thanks all for the great fun, and to God be the glory that He allows us to have
this much fun on radio!!

Lord bless all, 73 Todd WD0T
NM6G(W6CZ)   SO Unlimited HP   185,6002009-11-22 19:03:52
160 more Q then 08 - 40 short of goal. Glad 15 was open this year as it really
was the workhorse.
KV7DX(KN5H)   SO Unlimited HP   67,0402009-11-22 19:04:49
Tnx KJ5RC for MISS, last sect for sweep.
KK1L   Single Op HP   294,0802009-11-22 19:04:54
Outstanding conditions. I beat my personal best by over 300Qs. New strategy,
some planning ahead of time, and plenty of sleep! I even enjoyed Sunday.
VE3RM   Multi-Op HP   47,8402009-11-22 19:05:42
Thanks for QSO's and the CLEAN SWEEP!!!
KE7YF   SO Unlimited LP   39,4502009-11-22 19:07:16
IC-746 Pro 100 Watts
15M Antenna dipole made from Hustler Mobile Sticks and Resonators @ 20 feet
20M Antenna Inverted Vee @15 feet
40M Antenna Mobile Hustler Vertical ground mounted, no radials
80M Antenna Mobile Hustler Vertical ground mounted, no radials

15M opening helped reduce the QRM on 20M.
K4TD   SO Unlimited HP   85,9202009-11-22 19:08:54
Thanks for all the QSO's. Just a part-time phone effort from a full-time CW guy
to help out the ACG. My sympathy to you guys who do this mode on a regular
basis... I actually tried running a little bit on 15 meters (way up in the
band) and got caught by KR4F and KY5R. Hope that doesn't cost me too much...

Highlight of the contest for me was inviting NR4MM to come over and use my
station a little bit on Sunday afternoon while I was on time off.


W3WPA(W3WC)   SO Unlimited HP   51,2002009-11-22 19:09:45
Clean Sweep using the Allegheny Valley Radio Association callsign W3WPA!
KB3LVH   Single Op LP   16,8002009-11-22 19:10:08
Lots of QRM during this contest.
W6YI   Multi-Op HP   416,4802009-11-22 19:10:26
Thanks again to Jim, W6YI, for inviting us to his station for this contest.

Conditions were great across the board. Our score increased quite a bit from
last year, and thats mostly thanks to 15m. It was open both days across the
country, and that really helped pick up the rate. As usual, 20 and 40 were the
workhorse bands, with decent numbers on 80m as well.

There seemed to be lots of '08 and '09 checks, which is always nice to see.
Thanks to everyone for the q's, and see you all again next year.


Dan N6MJ for team W6YI
N9LYE   Single Op LP   103,5122009-11-22 19:10:46
My personal best score using only a 160 meter Inverted-L and a modified G5RV for
K6DF   SO Unlimited LP   23,9362009-11-22 19:10:47
Great Fun! Go NCCC!
KJ4HYG   Single Op LP   25,0902009-11-22 19:11:08
While I'm not really a SSB guy, I won't say that I didn't enjoy this contest. I
made myself a goal to get a clean sweep this contest (slightly unrealistic, I
know), and I did not end up so far from it. I got all the sections in the 1, 8,
and 9 call areas, and I only missed one in the 2, 4, 5, 6, and 0 areas. I only
managed to get three of the Canadian sections.

N1MM managed to mess up my log, because I ended up with 193 QSO's and a serial
number of 194. I'm afraid that it shifted all of the serials up 1. If so, then
I am really in trouble.

Near the end the bands got extremely noisy, and I had to work as hard as I
could to copy people.

I operated the entire time with only 40 watts, and received a LOT of "Great
Signal" comments. Enjoyed it a lot and can't wait for the next CW one to come

Rig: TS-520 @ 40 watts
Antenna: 102 ft doublet up 75
Logging: N1MM Logger on a Macbook Pro (VMWare Fusion)

chris / kj4hyg
N6MEF   SO Unlimited LP   51,4082009-11-22 19:11:44
My second SS SSB effort. I doubled the number of Qs from last year and, with
the increase in sections, came close to tripling my score! Whooah! It's still
a little pistol score, but that feels good.
W9WI   Single Op HP   19,2702009-11-22 19:12:08
Just for the h*ll of it, tried my darndest to make 200 QSOs using only 15
meters. Came pretty darned close. (I actually made 180 QSOs on 15, but 9G5TT
doesn't count!)
K9CT   Single Op HP   273,1202009-11-22 19:12:25
My best effort yet.

Thanks for the qsos

73, Craig K9CT
K6JEB   SO Unlimited HP   51,1002009-11-22 19:13:32
The bands were reflective of the season: mashed potatoes and gravy all of
Saturday. Thanks for the spots! That makes a huge difference when you're a
little gun.

Jack, K6JEB
NØKE   Single Op QRP   71,3602009-11-22 19:13:52
WTX and KY were last two for sweep. Last year I had 8 more QSOs, 79 sections and
372 more points!
K2DSL   Single Op LP   52,1282009-11-22 19:13:54
No noise on 40/80 in Sat with some noise on Sun, but nothing too bad. Missed MS
again which was the only US state I missed in the CW Sweeps. Maybe someone can
organize a DXpedition to MS?

I had to leave during the peak 20m time on Sunday to go to the NY Giants game.
At least they won, though they did their best to try and lose it in the end.

Thanks to all the ops for a great contest. It's a lot of fun for a smaller
station like mine to work these sweepstakes contests.
KB9OWD(@W9BCV)   Single Op LP   146,8802009-11-22 19:14:56
I am pretty sure this is my top score in this one so far. Great conditions on
15 throughout. Huge signals to 40 over or more most of the day to somewhere or
another on Sunday. Opened with 91 the first hour on 15 and about 130 in the
first hour and a half there!

I should have stayed up one more hour Saturday night. I pulled the plug for 4
1/4 hours off at 2 A.M. local time. Prior to that, I had a rate of between 70
- 90 an hour for the previous 2 hours on 80 and had a good frequency there.
The trade off of one more hour there vs one of the slower hours Sunday
afternoon would have added some QSO'S. Got back on at 6:10 A.M. Sunday morning
and went straight through to 0115Z when I took the last hour and 45 minutes off
to meet the required off time.

I had a hard time finding a place to stay parked on 20 and 40 however had good
luck on 15 and 80 with holding a frequency and decent rates. Had one issue
with RF getting into the signal and it wasn't perfect at the end yet but I
think I have it mostly resolved. Only had one major frequency issue on
Saturday evening on 75. Working in law enforcement, I was confident that I had
been called every name in the book at one time or another. I take that back
after hearing one guy come up with some creative lingo for me!

Didn't finish the sweep until about 2100Z Sunday with NT. Last 5 or so that I
needed to finish up after off time Saturday night were NT, PR, NLI, VI, DE and
ME. Had several ME call me along with NLI. Found at least 2 of each with the
exception of NT. I believe I had multiples of each section with the exception
of DE and NT.

Alot of well represented sections. Top 6 were:

SCV & VA - 41
IL - 36
SV - 35
MN - 30
OH - 28
MDC & MO - 27

Thanks for all the QSO's. Great to run into so many friends! Thanks to Duane
and Penny for letting me play radio again this weekend! See alot of you in
ARRL 10 in a few weeks. Off to W0AIH for CQWW CW next weekend!


KD5J   Single Op LP   37,1802009-11-22 19:15:29
2009 ARRL November Sweepstakes KD5J


QSOs QSO pts. Mults.
80m 108 216 14
40m 124 248 26
20m 22 44 11
15m 32 64 14
TOTALS 286 572 65

Claimed score = 37180
N6TV   Single Op HP   248,1602009-11-22 19:15:41
I operated phone SS for the first time in years, for two reasons:

1. Help the NCCC Total in the Club Competition
2. Get more time phone operating to prepare for WRTC-2010

What a humbling experience. My throat hurts.

I tried to learn from my experience during CW SS at W7RN, where I started on
15m instead of 20m. Big mistake.

This time I started on 20m instead of 15m. Big mistake.

Nothing is ever easy when it comes to contesting.

Bob, N6TV
K6YT(WØYK)   Single Op HP   198,4482009-11-22 19:15:46
Had to work on Saturday, so took my 6-hour break at the beginning. But I was
too tired to go 24 hours after that. Hoped to break 1500 Qs but fell way
short. Could not find a NL ... and one didn't find me either. Worked lots of
MAR though, and of course three NTs. 40 got wierd near the end where it almost
went dead, then came back in the last hour. Now I can put the microphone away
'til next Sweepstakes. Thanks for the Qs.

Ed - W0YK
NDØC   Single Op QRP   75,3662009-11-22 19:17:38
- Challenging with QRP, as always. Saturday afternoon was great, especially wit
15 open and the rates were pretty decent, even with S&P. But Sunday was
excrutiatingly slow: difficult to find fresh meat to work and I was 95% plus
S&P. It is very difficult to establish and maintain a run frequency and
impossible to do it on 40 or 80, at least with my antennas. I did have some
decent runs (for QRP)on 15 though. 20 and 40 were really rough with QRM - it
will be nice to get 10m open to take some pressure off 20!

Appreciated all the comments on my signal strenth and audio quality, some even
before they knew I was QRP!

I had hoped to break 500 QSOs but obviously fell short - Bummer. Seemed like
VEs were really scarce and I never heard a single VE4 - so ended up one short
of a sweep. Double bummer!

Sounded like there were some good QRP scores and I know that N0UR surged ahead
of me on Sunday and kicked my butt to take Minnesota and the Dakota Division.
Congrats Jim!

As always, thanks for the good ears out there, especially on 40 and 80.

Randy, ND0C

Station: Yaesu FT897D at 5 watts out to 3 el tribander at 48 ft and tuned
dipole at 45 feet. N3FJP logging program and Heil microphone
W4EF   Single Op HP   2,3562009-11-22 19:18:59
Rig: Yaesu FT1000MP MKV
Amp: Alpha 91B
Antenna: 160 meter Inverted-L w/Tuner

Woke up from a nap and realized that there was ~1/2 hour left in the contest.
Had a fun time handing out a few QSOs before the end.

73, Mike W4EF........
KG4TEI   Single Op LP   37,2302009-11-22 19:20:01
A BIG THANK YOU to Mark, N4BCD, for helping me get my new antenna in the air
just before the contest. It made all the difference. This is the best score
yet from my QTH using S&P. Although not a clean sweep, this is by far better
than last year. 73 all and thanks for the contacts! Kevin - KG4TEI
W9IIX   Single Op LP   15,4882009-11-22 19:20:19
been 30 yrs since last sweeps here, had a sweep the first time,still a good time
WX4MM   Single Op HP   104,1602009-11-22 19:20:41
Tnx for all the QSO's. First ever clean sweep.
K3MD   SO Unlimited HP   190,0802009-11-22 19:20:58
Better than the CW portion with the new expanded 80 meter SSB band!! Many new
hams. First clean sweep in 5 years.
K3KU   Single Op LP   24,4762009-11-22 19:21:04
Condx weird during most of the time I was on. Missed 5/9 of California Sections
and a bunch of other easy stuff (e.g., WI). SSB is always a struggle from my
station. ONLY answer to CQ was an ENY I attracted during a brief Es opening on
20M at 0220Z Monday (heard a WI S&P then, but could not attract him).

My Ham Radio open house brought KB3GJP from next door; WA3ENM (CK 48) from a
few doors past that; KB3VR from a mile away; and K3CU (CK 48)from a few blocks
away. None of them got QRV in the SS. Good reminiscences with the OT's.

K3CU is no longer active. When I was in High School in this neighborhood he
was K3CUI, world reknowned for working USSR hams. A high school ham buddy and
I got up the courage to knock on his door one day. What a thrill as he took us
in and showed us his station! He had all kinds of Russian awards on his wall.

73, Art K3KU
W1MAW   Single Op LP   14,4102009-11-22 19:21:56
Great time. Looking forward to next year.
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   74,0802009-11-22 19:22:50
More than 100 Qsos behind last year, but got a sweep!

Before the contest, signals on 20m were much stronger
than 15m, so started 20m. S&P, S&P. Could hardly
ever hold a CQ frequency for more than a few minutes.
1st hour on 20m was a 39, all S&P.

2nd hour I went to 15m to get the loudest signals
before they faded. 20m was always crowded messy.
On 40m I was lucky to keep the rate above single digits.
but it was always better than 80m. Heard the VY1 and
later worked VE8. Got called by VO1! Last sections were
VE6 and EWA which I wasn't too worried about - they're
close to here WWA!

See you on CW or RTTY...

NN7SS (K6UFO op)

80m: Half-slopers from 60ft or 48ft.
40m: Force 12 Delta 240 at 78ft, 40-2CD at 50ft.
20m-10m: C-31XR at 71ft, C3 at 50ft, Steppir-3el 40ft.
Two Yaesu FT-1000MPs, turned down to 5 watts
Writelog software
K6III   SO Unlimited HP   47,4002009-11-22 19:23:43
No sweep... Missed but heard: NLI, WPA, SC, MS, NL. Either they were moving
or the pile-up was unbreakable.

Spent a lot of time spotting mults and KBers. At least that is something I can
do reasonably well. Hope you found them helpful. I suspect technology will take
spotting over in a year or so.

WriteLog worked perfecly and sez I was on for 14.25 hours.

Modest station: IC765 + IC2KL linear coasting at 400w (except on 80m).
Force12-c4 at 55ft, Windom at 60ft, Double-L for 160m I sometimes used on
Little RFI problem on 80 when running more than 200w which kicks the DSL Modem
off line. So I throttle it down a little to keep the spots going out.

73 de Jerry, k6iii
Grass Valley, CA
(Nevada county)
W1KQ   Single Op HP   52,3502009-11-22 19:23:57
Rig: FT-1000D Amp: AL-1200 Ant.: Cushcraft X-9 / Dipole*
* Dipole was originally 200' doublet given to me by the ham I purchased my
tower and antenna system from. Wasn't having much luck with the dipole on 40m
and 80m so at 3 AM I was out on the roof freeing up the north support. Been
working on a replacement linear loaded dipole to replace my my former "Cobra"
antenna but decided to cut 55' of line off the north end of this dipole. I
was going to cut 10 feet off the south end to have a 135' OCFD but I left the
south end in tact and what a difference!! Must have accidentally found the
correct impedence point. Even my new tuner that I thought had a couple of
blown components began working like it should. Not knowing how to use modeling
software I don't have a clue what the specs were on this dipole....fed and still
fed with stranded 450 ohm window line to a W9INN 4:1 balun and about 25 feet of
RG-213 to the shack.

Missed working ND and SC even though I heard them; missed three Canadian
provinces, BC, NL, and NWT as well. Next year I don't plan to have an unknown
antenna for 40m and 80m as I did this time and hope that I can get more ops
time and not be out at 3 AM working on antennas.

I give this a 10 out of 10 as far as enjoyment. Definitely one of my favorite
AE2T   Single Op LP   34,5722009-11-22 19:24:18
Only played around on Sunday.
K3MM   SO Unlimited HP   316,8002009-11-22 19:24:19
Wow! Was 20 meters awesome or what?? The evening runs from the east were all
over the map, leading to my biggest score in this contest ever. Sunday wasnt
as good as Saturday as it never got as short and closed earlier, but it was
still impressive. I'm sure there were lots of new records or at least personal
bests from the Right coast this weekend. Certainly my best SS phone score

73, Ty K3MM
KT4Q   Single Op LP   98,7502009-11-22 19:24:29
Worked this as about as hard as I could. Had to burn my last break due to a
lightning storm but it was time for a break anyway.

Radio:Yaesu FT-1000MP MV @ 150w
Ants: Cushcraft X7 @ 60ft
Carolina Windom/Beam @ 35ft
G5RV @ 45ft
Log: Writelog 10.58E
W7RN(WX5S)   SO Unlimited HP   287,5602009-11-22 19:26:30
Many thanks to my host K5RC!!
W1STT(W1STT`)   Single Op HP   103,0162009-11-22 19:29:39
So close but yet so far. Missed the sweep by 1 : ( SK

I really enjoyed this contest . The station is playing AWESOME ! !

OH Canada that is how the song plays out.
K1LT   Single Op HP   106,5602009-11-22 19:29:59
Besides avoiding phone operation, the goal this year was to work AZ,
KY, OK, WA, and WY on phone enough times that I'm certain to complete
my Triple Play award. The other 145 QSOs were completed by the end of
January, so these have been languishing.

In order to be sure to have worked enough AZs, KYs, OKs, WAs, and WYs,
I had to run stations. So I did. However, I can't run terribly well
on bands above 40, so I had to do a lot of pouncing to be sure of the
AZs, OKs, WAs, and WYs. So, while hunting for AZs, OKs, WAs, and WYs,
I also worked multipliers. After a while, it became quite apparent
that I would have to work a Sweep, (mixed metaphor alert) or never
show my face on phone again.

For are forewarned. K1LT will be splattering yet again.
K7IDX   SO Unlimited LP   12009-11-22 19:31:19
K3 with a battery
good weekend to be on ...rainy
had fun working mults and giving some qso's
don't know score....paper log ....don't care...
got on for fun
NS3T   Single Op LP   9,0002009-11-22 19:32:09
Unfortunately, I was dealt the same bad hand both weekends of Sweepstakes this
year - too much work, too many family events and hardly any time in front of
the radios.

CW weekend, I worked an 18 hour day on Saturday. SSB weekend, it was only a 16
hour day (and both times it was the same subject - Congress & health care.)
Then both Sundays were filled with trips to the in-laws for family events with
all the kids, etc.

So thanks for all the QSO's in the short time that I was on the air. I had a
nice run near the end of the contest on 75 meters that was enjoyable.
Everything was all on tape as usual. A lot of people are doing wav files in
this contest, that's for sure.

I hope to get some sleep this week so I can get on for CQ WW CW.

73 Jamie NS3T
Your home for ham radio contest news
AK4I   Single Op HP   58,8282009-11-22 19:32:22
One of my favorite contests.
NE9U   SO Unlimited HP   22,3562009-11-22 19:33:32
Spent most of Saturday up nort playing in the woods and Sunday I trekked to
Lambeau field to watch the Brett Farve'less Packers play so I didn't get much
operating time in. Nice to work those i could!

Scott NE9U
KT6YL   SO Unlimited HP   139,0402009-11-22 19:33:59
Can you say SWEEEEEEEP?? Yeeeaah! I did it, this is my first sweep(only second
time I participated in ss ssb) But last year I missed my sweep by 1. Needless
to say I was happy with my sweep this time around, I even did a little victory
dance ;-). It was rough on my voice, and I was getting tired Sunday afternoon,
but I hung in there and got actually to my surprise a good time on 80 meters
Sunday late afternoon. I usually don't really like 80m, but it all worked out
fine with lots of 6es and 7s calling in. I need to thank my husband Kevin for
his support, he even took care of snacks, food and drinks for me, if you only
knew how lost he is without his radio ;-) Thanks for all the QSO's, CU in the
next one.
best 73 de Tiny
AK6M(K6MM)   SO Unlimited HP   135,0902009-11-22 19:35:35
Had a great time as a guest-op on Day One of SS at the N3ZZ supertation in
Cupertino. Tom, N3ZZ has put together a beautiful station but was unable to
operate because of recent shoulder surgery. Running a 1500 watts into either a
4-element SteppIR or 2-element 40M beam makes this phone slugfest much more
enjoyable. Missed NT for the sweep. Great participation, good conditions all
around. Thanks for a "good time" all around. 73, John AK6M/K6MM
W1SKB   Single Op LP   19,5922009-11-22 19:36:03
Had A TON Of fun in SS, My first year as a new ham.
Hoped to get a sweep and 200 Q's but gave up the first night at 3:00 am
Huge mistake. Did not come back on until 8:00 and then only for a few Q's.then
when we got back from church was able to operate for a while, but we had to go
again, did not get back until after 9:00.
So all in all had a Great Time

See you all in the next one.

73's Samuel Barton W1skb
VE4EAR   Single Op HP   205,1202009-11-22 19:38:28
Wow, that was fun!!! A number of first for me, the biggest of which was actually
holding a 20m frequency for over 5 hours and running at a rate of over 100 Q's
per hour. Nothing for the big guns out there but this little pistol feels pretty
exhausted after that.

80/40m were not in good shape Saturday night from here. I tried running but
with no success, endless CQ's without a single answer. Spent the night doing
S&P. Pulled the pin earlier than planned around 0600z as the rate was painfully

Started again at 1100z and the few statiosn I could hear were easlly worked. I
finally found a frequency and was able to actually run for about 3 hours, well
past my sunrise. I was getting concerned that I wouldnt find a spot on 20m
again but the rate meter was well over 100 and at time hit 200 so I couldn't
leave. Even managed to snag K0GF to grab the elusive ND mult that has eluded me
in the past SS.

Finally went to 20m and miraculously, found a frequency. The pileup started and
continued for over 5 hours. It was obvious when you were spotted on the clusters
as the pileup just mushroomed. The most annoying thing (pet peeve of the week)
is when the big guys park themselves right next to a rare multiplier. Obviously
hoping to feed off the pileup. A great strategy but I wish they would stay out
of the passband of the station they cozy up against. 250-500 Hz is not
sufficent guys! I am not sure how many times this happened.

Spending all the time running on Sunday, I was hoping that the much needed
mults of NL, NT would find me. Almost on cue, VO1KVT shows up with a great
signal for 79 followed by VE8GER for 80 and the sweep. Much appreciated guys!

Hopefully no one missed VE4 this time out. There were several of us on
including GF, GV, YU and JWJ I believe, there likely were others as well.

Hope to see the topband crowd in the 160 contest!

73 Ed
NN4F   SO Unlimited HP   24,9242009-11-22 19:38:31
Part Time Operation Saturday Night, after being out all day saturday and Sunday
with family commitments.
K9MMS   SO Unlimited HP   76,8002009-11-22 19:39:05
Since I missed a sweep in SS CW by one section (NL), I decided to go HP
unlimited in the Phone SS. Only my second time ever to ever go assisted (as
single op) in SS. I still had to do a lot of searching to complete the sweep.
When I resumed operating on Sunday afternoon, I only needed MB and VI. MB was
the last one worked.

The main goal was a sweep. After working MB. I had a couple of good CQ runs in
the last few hours of the contest on 80 (mostly) and 40.

Thanks for the Qs and Ms.

KT4ZB   Single Op LP   64,6002009-11-22 19:39:14
This year I selected low power, no cluster. Sweep was pretty easy last year
with high power. Missed four this year; MT, SB, QC and NL. Never heard them at
all. Found a pile for NT and got through but why no QC? Heard others looking
for SB. Lot's of fun, but was a shortened contest because of company so
couldn't really get on for any extended period of time. Also, I felt like it
was really hard to be heard and never could settle on a frequency because of
the QRM.

Thanks for the QSOs - Jere, KT4ZB

FT1000D, TH6DXX, wire dipoles, N1MM.
VE6EX   SO Unlimited HP   228,8002009-11-22 19:39:23
Hi All:
Well that surely was another epic ARRL event was'nt it. A big thanks to the
League for another Sweepstakes fun time. Sure filled up the bands did'nt it.
Certainly better condx on 15 than the CW event. Fun all around for a first SS
Fone **Unlimited** effort at VE6EX. Thanks for the Q's and see you all next
weekend for CW bigtime (or at least easy CW) for everyone. I worked the dupes
and kept on running the best I could in this one.
Cheers, Dan.. VE6EX
NN3W(@N4RV)   Single Op HP   315,2002009-11-22 19:43:30
A big thank you to Jack N4RV for inviting me to his house to operate this one.
We did a fair amount of prep work to get all the antennas ready and the shack
ready. It really played.

This was a surprising Sweeps! A personal best for me (first time over 300k);
definately a section record and possibly a division record on submission (won't
likely survive under log checking). It started off awfully with my rate well
below my 2008, and I struggled for 3 hours to get back to normal running.

I made some oddball band change decisions, and they often paid off - especially
going to 20 Sunday at 2230z. 105 hour on Sunday afternoon? Wow...

Finished the sweep early Sunday when I happened across VE8EV. I heard him,
then he disappeared. He came back about 5 minutes later without the pileup.

40 is an amazing band - now with it being partially B/C free. Bottomless pit
of callers.

Lots of bozos this time. The entitlements are getting out of hand. I got
jammed for being in the DX window which now apparently extends to 3.802 (thanks
to NF4A for his comment on this), and I got jammed for being two close to the
SSTVers which now apparently goes as high as 14.235. I also got jammed because
I dared to move within 2.0 KHz of another station. I'm sorry, but if you can't
handle QRM from a station 2.0 KHz away, consider not contesting competitively.
KV1J   Single Op QRP   12,2402009-11-22 19:43:35
Thx for listening for my QRP signal.

73, Eric KV1J
K6MM   SO Unlimited HP   78,5262009-11-22 19:46:58
Split-Operation this weekend. Saturday ran as AK6M at the N3ZZ station. Sunday
was my call at my QTH, but operation was interrupted for a bit with a
pre-planned family event. Once again great conditions on 15M really helped to
get away from the wall-to-wall signals on 20M. Weaker signals were much easier
to copy on 15M. This phone contest does take a toll on your senses (eyes, ears,
and body). Still - it'a one of the best trainings for sharpening your operating
skills. CU in the next one! 73, John K6MM
KC5R   Single Op QRP   101,4402009-11-22 19:49:11
I started out asking why am I doing this again this year. I used up my
"patience" allotment on Sat night and had to fight the urge to quit. It didn't
help that I gave up a party on Sat night and a game on Sunday to scream my head
off and get 3 hours of sleep while playing radio with 5 watts. In the end, with
the help of a few beers, I pushed through.

From my end, things seemed rough this year, as 20/15 were packed a bit more
that usual. It was even tough to get a spot on 15 at times. Every time I'd get
a fairly clean frequency, someone inside my skip zone would get up on it, and
leave me with what little run I had managed to eek out(W5WMU, NR5M, K4RO..and
some others). I guess it's just an occupational hazard. I did find some spots
on 40, but it never seemed like I could be heard as well. Given the mults I had
a tough time with, my skip was a bit "off" on the low bands, making it less
productive for me. So I ended up S&P for probably all but about 120 QSOs, which
is why I'm about 70 QSOs behind where I was last year.

Managed to get the sweep in the log at 1658z with VO1HE. Got VE8EV in the 2nd
hour of the contest, along with VE4GV to ease my predicament. My last 5
sections were: EPA, ENY, IA, NLI, NL. I worked (2) or more of everything except
NNY, SNJ, OK, ND, NL, and NT. I worked a plethora of VE5s (6). I also manged
(40) VA and (31) MDC mults - wow! PVRC must be "getting the vote" out.

Fell about 15 minutes short of 24 hours.

Well thanks to all who listened up...
KM6I   SO Unlimited LP   22,8002009-11-22 19:49:21
K3 barefoot, G5RV inverted vee at 60 feet.

Family obligations kept this to an overnight effort.
NØHR   Single Op LP   79,4962009-11-22 19:50:24
My SteppIR control box is still on its way back from the SteppIR Doctor - so, my
antenna is stuck on 15m. With that in mind, I wasn't planning to work in this
contest - but still had it on my calendar of "contest weekends".

I had some free time on Saturday and decided to work on my clumsy wire 80m
vertical... it's now up to a whopping 3 radials (and a chain link fence).

Anyway, my wife noticed the calendar had a contest and asked if I was going to
be in it. She said "there's not much else going on this weekend - you might as
well". Sweet!

So, I finished my antenna work and got on the air with my new IC-7600. It was
my first experience with the IC7600 in a contest. Still have some kinks to work
out - but I'm happy with it so far.

Had a couple nice runs - and a lot of time exploring the rig. Would have been
more fun with a 20m antenna.

Thanks for the fills.

73 Pat N0HR
N6RO   SO Unlimited HP   121,6802009-11-22 19:52:32
Operated in the background while N6BV did the major effort from Radio Oakley
(1920/80=307K). Missed NL and VE2! Splatter was incredible on all bands! Now
back to CW NS for relief from SSB clatter.
NX9T   Single Op QRP   94,4002009-11-22 19:57:45
First of all...a BIG thanks to all you who take the time to work with us QRPers
when our signals just aren't quite "there." It is sincerely appreciated. I've
enjoyed the QRP approach to this contest the last 4 years now but have to
admit...I just might be about ready to go back to QRO. We'll see next year
(probably on the day before the contest as I never seem to know what I'm going
to do until then). This year I really didn't even know if I was going to be
able to do much at all as I have most of my wire antennas laying in the
branches of trees as ropes have been breaking right and left and I haven't had
the time to get out there and work on them. Fortunately, this contest seems to
like the low antennas! :)

My score is up very slightly from last year but my Qs are slightly down (less
operating time). My operating time was a couple hours less then last year so I
guess it really was a pretty solid "gain" for me all in all. Thrilled to get
the sweep for the first time in with QRP. Last sections were BC and Rhode
Island. Finally located BC when I went trolling on 20m rather late after
having already moved to 80m. I think many of us were pleasantly surprised to
find that opening.

Thanks again to all. It was fun and great to be able to say "hi" to many of
you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeff NX9T
KN3A   Single Op HP   71,4162009-11-22 19:57:54
What a great November SS this year. I was invited to do the SS at the hamshack
of N3BNA this year, and I was like a little kid. I had access to multiple beam
antennas, wires, beverages, a very nice Icom Pro II, and high power. I have
never used high power in a contest before, so I was sure spoiled being able to
turn beams, run power and work through the pile ups, and run frequencies. It
was so awesome to have VE8EV call ME instead of me trying to work through a
pileup. I ran out of time before I could work NL so I didn't get the clean

If people are using some sort of program to verify sections and power levels,
mine has changed as I am now EPA instead of WPA and I used "B" instead of "A"
this year. I'm afraid there's going to be a good number of busted QSO's because
of people depending on those programs - at least don't depend on them as being
100% accurate - just like you'd never depend on a spotter's getting a callsign
correct in a DX Cluster.

Thanks again Dale N3BNA - loved the hamshack and your hospitality.
W1WBB   Single Op LP   40,3282009-11-22 20:01:03
That was very a "whoop" from K3TW when he came back to me after my
exchange...I'd just given him the "Sweep" with my RI section with about 2 hours
left...first time I've been #80 for a fellow contester...lots of fun!

Nice to find ND (always tough for me) CQing alone on 20M early Sunday morn.
Mostly S & P throughout due to single wire OCF dipole and no amp. Had a fun
little run on 80M Sunday eve though...a bit of a challenge for me with no
footswitch, VOX or voice keyer.

Thanks for the Q's and we'll be active for ARRL 160...CU then.

73, Bill W1WBB
NØUNL(WDØBGZ)   School Club HP   192,8082009-11-22 20:03:08
Made all contacts on 40-meters ... Equipment was as follows Icom 746pro, AL-80B
at 500-watts into 40m-Dipole at 70-feet.
K6TD   Multi-Op HP   125,7602009-11-22 20:08:26
Station ran as a M/S between two long time friends.

15m sounded like 20m! Plenty of activity on Sunday, including the
arrival of two NL mults. YT was out in force. Thanks Guys.

Thx to all for the QSOs.

W6SX   Single Op HP   46,6202009-11-22 20:08:36
K3, ACOM 2000A, 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, TR4W
K6CSL   Single Op LP   9,0902009-11-22 20:08:58
Wow! A real challenge with my 100W and my "invisible" antennas. About half of my
CW Score. Conditions did not seem to be the best and the pile-ups were huge.
However, while being only 95% of my 2007 Phone Score, it is a 53% improvement
over my 2008 disaster. Now I know why I hate phone contests. So on the CQ WW CW
next weekend. Patti and I wish you all a good Thanksgiving. Bert, K6CSL
WY7SS(@WY7FD)   Multi-Op HP   248,1602009-11-22 20:11:45
20... The gift that just kept on giving. (Quote from N0AX)
W4PM   SO Unlimited HP   52,9502009-11-22 20:12:07
Rig: Ten Tec Omni VII, Ameritron ALS-600 500W
Antenna: 176' Center Fed at 60'

I spent about 10 hours in this one from home. I also operated most of Saturday
night with a multi-op entry from W4HZ's station with operators W4HZ, WK4Y and
AI4CM using the call AI4CM. SSB is not my preferred mode and I seldom operate
it but I gave it a go to help with the club score. I screwed up a couple of
times by forgetting to check the running block in N1MM contest logger and was
putting out spots of stations I worked. I was embarrased I did that and I want
to thank the folks who advised me of my error.

At home I mainly operated S&P looking for sections with just a few runs on 80
meters. Unfortunately I missed the sweep by one section. I never found MS!

Thanks for the Q's! It was fun in spite of the fact that I felt like a fish
out of water operating a SSB contest.

Puck W4PM
W5RU(@KN5O)   Multi-Op HP   274,5602009-11-22 20:18:37
We had a great time.. Bettered our score from last year by 300+ QSOs.. Got our
clean sweep early Sunday morning.. We're somewhat dissapointed with our 80M and
15M showing, but thankfully no hardware issues and the wx co-operated - no
thunderstorms as the rain rolled through on Saturday at the start of the

We'll see you in CQWW CW..

From the team at W5RU

Ted, KN5O
Dallas, K1DW
Greg, W5RY
Keith, W5KB
K6LRG   Multi-Op HP   227,6802009-11-22 20:19:27
Wow! how about the kickoff on 15M!! started the contest with solid 2 hours of
100+ rate on 15. absolutely fantastic. Was able to keep a hold on a run
frequencies on 20, but then trouble set in, as we discovered we were not
putting out any remarkable signal on the 40m beam. went to plan b and operated
what we could off the 40m steppir vert, but it was very difficult to hold a run
freq and my money antenna was out of service. went to 80m a did what we could,
but the damage was done. too bad HRO is not open on sunday. So went into break
knowing We had to maximize our upper band potential, fortunately then did not
dissapoint. picked up slack on 20 sunday am, then to 15 where the band remained
open for quite some time and continued to run, and completed our sweep. Then
back to 20 for more "splatter alley", but ultimately back to the 40 gp to try
and work some more, and lost a couple of run freqs.

Given the circumstances, I am quite pleased with the score, and the
contribution the effort! We will soon loose a great op over to to ACG(well
they get one back) as K6LRG and NCCC team member K4VU returns to his home
state, but it was fantastic working with Robin one last time during sweepstakes
this year, and he will always have a chair available at K6RLG.

73, and thanks to all for the q's
Seeya next time!

N6WM for K6LRG
W4SVO   Single Op HP   244,3202009-11-22 20:22:33
Great Contest. Lots of high scores. Over slept, so missed 2.5 hours. I was tired
from all the antenna work this past week. On Friday the KT-36XA went up. All the
low band antennas needed work, except the 40 mtr phased verticals. Anyway this
was the first SS since 1994 when I used my dad,s call W4PZV running 5 watts
QRP. Unless someone broke that record it is 15 years old. Mark W4SVO cu all
from NQ4I next weekend
K4XU   Single Op QRP   55,4002009-11-22 20:23:26
I am not a phone op but I got this new DVK in the K3 and I wanted to play some
more with N1MM. I was still cleaning up the yard when it started at 2100 and
did not get the snowblower moved from the barn to the garage until almost 2330.
Now we can have winter!

I quickly programmed four message memories and was ready, but since I just
wanted to fool around a bit, I decided at the last minute to go QRP. If 'YAQ
does it, then it must be fun. The K3 is dialed back to 5.0W and we're off.

Started on 15m. The second QSO was with VE8EV, followed shortly by VE4EAR, KL7
KP4 and KH6. Wow! This is pretty cool ...maybe I can make 100 Q's. I'm
searching and pouncing all over. The rate is terrible as I wade patiently
through several pileups for ND and DE. Later on when 40m opened, it went long
early and I was getting hammered by W6 and W7 competition going east. I tried
80m and started to fill in the nearby stuff, all of W6 and most of W7 were in
the log by 0600 except for WWA and OR. Went to 160m just to see what's up there
and ran into NK7U and K7SS rag chewing. Two more mults in the bag. Gee, I'm up
to 60 mults already with only 90 q's in the log.
The rest of the evening was spent looking for easy contacts - nothing less than
S9+20. Got some sleep at 1100z with 173 in the log.
Back up at 1530, 20m is hopping and so is 15m. S&P for mults and find a couple
of goodies- VO1HE, the rest of the W1's and W2's.... things are looking good
for a sweep - nothing but easy ones left - KY MS SNJ WPA VE6 and SC to go. At
1900 I reluctantly take a break for the Museum where I play docent on most
Sundays. Since I wasn't planning to do SS phone, I did not find a replacement.
So in the middle of best propagation time, I left the chair but dashed back and
was on again by 2300. Oh, it snowed last night and there's 4" on the ground.

Now I am madly searching for the missing mults as 15 then 20m close up. By the
time I got to 40m it was starting to go long. Found VE6EX, and then the others
except WPA. The whole last two hours are spent looking for a WPA but to no
avail. Rats. My first outing on QRP and I miss an "easy mult"! Where's K3LR
when you need him? Oh well....

Thanks to many stations for their patience in digging me out of the soup, and
to all for the contacts. This was fun.

K4XU in Orygun.
N6VI   Single Op LP   35,9042009-11-22 20:26:37
Low power, very low dipoles on only the low bands, and low hours added up to
high enjoyment. Worked all but four states and heard most of those but
couldn't break through the pileups. Pleased to see lots of checks in the 90's
and 00's, showing newer licensees are taking part. Thanks, all!

Marty N6VI
N6ML(@W6JZH)   SO Unlimited HP   259,2002009-11-22 20:30:58
No SO2R! (1 x K3, 1 x Alpha 77DX, 20/40 on a shared boom and 15 on another boom
on the same mast)

Condx good on 15. Crowded and painful on 40 especially, and 20.

The elusive last mult in this one was BC! Didn't hear a VE7 on Saturday at all,
nor see one spotted. VE7BC was on 15 on Sunday morning, but I couldn't hear him.
I stayed on the band and ran for a while, then a VE6 called, so I figured the
skip might be right, so swung the beam around, clicked on the spot, and there
he was, nice and loud!

Managed my goal of 1600 Qs - a 10% improvement on last year (as K6IAM) - maybe
I'm learning something ;)

Thanks for the Qs, and special thanks again to W6ZJH for the use of the

~Iain / N6ML
AJ4JD   Single Op LP   22,9402009-11-22 20:32:08
Great contest. A lot of good operators. Thanks for a wonderful time. All logs
will be uploaded to and LoTW shortly.

73 de AJ4JD,
NA8W   SO Unlimited HP   50,7202009-11-22 20:32:29
Lookimg more for clean sweep and working part time at my desk also. Had fun,
thats all that counts
W6KC   SO Unlimited HP   96,0002009-11-22 20:33:06
15 meters was the fun band, providing half of my total QSOs in about 3 hours of
operating with rates around 100/hr. My other 10 hours were spent mainly doing
S&P the other bands. It was nice to mark my check 59 milestone and 50 years of
hamming by getting a sweep on both the CW and SSB Sweepstakes weekends this
WC6H   Single Op HP   277,9222009-11-22 20:33:57
On the Friday night SS practice I noticed the 40 meter beam was not working. On
Saturday morning I looked at the antenna with binoculars and saw I had a broken
wire that was coming from the balun. The SS contest without 40 meters is not
Again I missed a sweep, but it wasn’t NT this time it was NL.
Thanks for all the Q's.
K6KR   SO Unlimited HP   38,7002009-11-22 20:35:17
It was great to have so much activity on 15 meters!
KD9MS   Single Op LP   17,5162009-11-22 20:40:53
Great contest! I didn't get to work as much as I wanted to with family
obligations, but I really had fun. Got to use the old FT990 some with
the butternut and made more contacts with that than the FT2000. These
Sweepstakes are much different from the DX contests and the antennas
you want to use are different too. Everybody wants everything LOW for
these contests and now I am learning why. I got to talk to a few new
hams during the contest and helped a couple setup their logs for it. I
know this is supposed to be a fast paced activity, but thanks to all
the guys out there that slow down and help someone get started. We
need more contesters and this is a great opportunity for new hams to
get into the sport.
KØTG   SO Unlimited HP   11,8682009-11-22 20:43:49
I had very little time to operate this weekend. Thought I would get on Sunday
and make the most of it by operating SO Unlimited HP. I thought I would get at
least 4-5 hours on before other events interfered again. Well, I should have
checked the ViQueens sked. I assumed it would be an afternoon game, but NO.
It was at noon. A neighbor called and I was getting into their TV. (Gotta get
that fixed if I can). I tell them to call when they hear that as they use their
set very little. Oh well. I squeezed in two hours at least. then off to other
things and could not get back on before the end.

15 was in great shape when I stopped. Sure wish I could have gotten a few more
CA mults in the bag.

I never have operated Unlimited before. It is a great way to get on and make a
few points quickly when you have limited time.

73, John K0TG
K8MR   Single Op HP   61,2722009-11-22 20:52:06
This was the first contest impacted by my new retirement job/business as a
duplicate bridge director. I am running a Sunday afternoon game, so that ties
up most of the day with it and preparations for it. Saturday evening we had a
great deal on tickets to the Cleveland Orchestra, so my wife and I were off to

I did a short stint on 15 meters at the start, and worked PR, VI, PAC, AK, NT,
and VE5 and 6. With those out of the way the rest of the mults should have
been pretty easy. In time I likely would have worked them, but in my short
operation I ended up missing DE, WCF, MS, VO, MB, and BC. The last section
worked was NLI.

Good fun being fresh meat at the end.

73 - Jim K8MR
NK7J   Multi-Op HP   136,1602009-11-22 20:52:25
The XYL and myself had a blast. Had some issues with the 40 meter antenna but
other than that everything worked great! Bands seemed in fair condition.
AL9A   SO Unlimited HP   104,1042009-11-22 20:52:51
Argh!! The Sweep still eludes me! Missed MAR, NL and of all places, MS! How
does that happen? Saw all of these sections spotted at one time or another,
just never when I had propagation to that particular part of NA. Both 15M and
20M seemed stronger on Saturday at the opening bell than on Sunday. Double
digit A index spoiled a lot of the 40M and 80M fun from 61 degrees north.
Never heard squat on either 160M or 10M! Someday!
AA4FU(@N4AF)   SO Unlimited HP   153,9202009-11-22 20:55:27
Thanks to Howie for letting me use his station for the contest. This was the
first time I've been in a SSB contest with a good signal.

The contest didn't get off to a good start. Howie and I are both CW ops and we
spent about 2 hours trying to get the wav files in N1MM to play. For the first
3 or 4 hours I was operating in manual mode without the wav files. I also
couldn't use the ESM feature of N1MM, so I forgot to put it in Run mode at the
beginning and was spotting all the stations I worked. Sorry about that.

Finally after several hours I took a break and did a little more investigating
and decided the problem was the cable between my laptop and the K3. It was a
stereo cable and needed to be mono on the K3 end. To make a long story short,
I tried inserting the DPDT switch I use for reversing CW paddles and by
reversing the left and right audio, it started to work.

Later in the contest I finally experienced what others have said about the poor
quality of some of the Heil headsets as the right headphone went dead. So the
last 12 hours I had regular headphones on my ears and the Heil headset around
my neck so I could use the microphone.

Even with those problems I still had a good time. My goal going into the
contest was to try to match what I did in the CW half. The number of QSOs was
down slightly but I did get the sweep, which made up for missing those
additional QSOs.
WF7T   Single Op LP   12,5082009-11-22 21:02:12
Work and family commitments kept me away from the radio however promised to make
100 Qs for the TCG effort. Quite enjoyed the time I was able to spend playing
Phone SS, and thanks to all for the QSOs!

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN


G5RV @ 30'
N1MM logging.
W6KY   Single Op LP   11,2242009-11-22 21:14:44
3 Hours of S&P.
100 Watts / Vertical
73, Art W6KY
KL8DX   Single Op HP   57,0842009-11-22 21:21:52
A weekend of extremes here in Alaska! I started out the contest
at 21 degrees below zero and by the time it was over, it peaked at
31 degrees above zero! It was fun to experience a rare (for me)
10 meter opening just prior to the contest. 10 meters opened for me
around 1945z and I worked 10 up through the beginning of the contest.
Prior to the contest, I had contacts from the Midwest to the West
Coast. I was having so much fun I nearly forgot about the start of
the SS! My final pre-contest QSO was with Tim, K7XC and he volunteered
to be my first contact of the SS. Once the contest began, I worked
another 22 QSO's until the band finally folded.

My goal was only to operate a short while and to hand out AK to those
that needed it. I did not expect the bands to be in great shape since
the AU levels peaked and there was lots of absorption going on with the
increase in the solar wind. Once 10 meters closed I threw in the towel
until Sunday at 1800z. 15 meters was in such great shape I had to stay.
But, as luck would have it, 15 meters turned out to be the band of fun.
I was able to find a clear frequency and called CQ and the flood gates
opened. I'm not much into SSB contests anymore but the biggest thrill
for me was to hear several stations thank me for their sweep. To me,
that's cool!

I stuck with 15 meters until there was not much left and then popped
over to 20 meters but did not stick around there long. The band was
packed and I was also hearing the modern version of the "woodpecker"
on the band (I actually recorded a bit of it when I was attempting
to work WY7SS). I have since retreated back to listening to the
comforting sound of CW and digital mark and space. I received
several comments about the number of Alaska stations on so it sounds
like the 49th was well represented. It was great to put a voice
with so many familiar callsigns and to hear from some long time
friends. For those that celebrate it this week, Happy Thanksgiving
and hopefully see ya's in the next one.

Denali National Park, Alaska
VA7ST   Single Op LP   74,0002009-11-22 21:27:51
Someone please bonk me on the head if I ever try this again with LP. What a slog
that was. Think I wore out the mic calling fruitless CQs.

Missed ME, WPA, EWA, AB, MAR and NL. Of these, I only heard an AB (VE6AO) but
they weren't aiming at the West Coast. AB, EWA and NL are now on my perpetually
most-needed list in SS.

Had hoped for much better conditions on 80M and 40M but they were very poor
here. 80M was particularly terrible -- just 30 QSOs vs. 204 last year with high
power. 40M was far better in daylight than after dusk, and one-way propagation
was very pronounced at times with many hours of hearing all the signals booming
in but not being able to work them.

Ended the first night at 0830z still needing 15: ND, EMA, ME, NH, ENY, NLI, DE,
WPA, SC, LAX, EWA, AB, MAR, NL and QC. Had just 200 Qs and 26,000 points.

Once I realized how bleak 80M was on Saturday night, I ended up cutting my QSO
target in half to 500. When I hit it around 0000z Sunday afternoon, I stopped
the agony.

Best hour was 2200z Sunday with 70. Averaged just 31.5 Qs/hour over 16 hours --
went in aiming for 35/hour over 24 hours but the low bands just didn't cooperate
so I took a lot more time off.

I had a goal of 100 Qs on 15Ms, suspecting SFI=76 would open things up. It did,
and I hit that goal in the first two hours -- in the process working many of the
toughest mults (though clearly not the very toughest).

20M was too packed to run much at all. Could rarely find a freq let alone keep
one for long, despite lots of big signals calling in to keep the wolves at bay.
FT-2000 did a good job of keeping the slot workable when I was lucky enough to
anchor in one place.

Overheard one quick but humorous exchange at the top of 20M, apparently just
after someone assumed a dormant slot:

"The frequency is in use."
"Yeah. They all are!... CQ sweepstakes..."

Had I been able to run more often, the score would have been much higher but
almost every time I QRLed a seemingly vacant sliver of space, someone was
already there to wave me off or spoke up soon after. Must have been like that
for everyone running low power.

Looks like I was spotted about 14 times -- thanks to the spotters! Sure noticed
the increased business at times. The spot-induced action included quite a high
number of A and B stations mixed in with the M and U callers. I like to think
the non-assisted callers were drawn to the flurry of action on the frequency
rather than by the spots themselves. I often scanned the band looking for bee
swarms buzzing over some needed mult (and then promptly spent too long trying
to work 'em).

Happy to get rare MB in the log twice thanks to Ed VE4EAR and Ed VE4YU.

Special thanks to Ralph K9ZO who helped me get out of Dodge when I was running
on 20M... guys were struggling to hear me with a 20-over QRO West Coast station
close by that I could not hear at all. He shepherded me to a clear freq and rate
soared for the next half hour and lots of stations got BC in the log thanks to
Ralph taking the time to do that. Thank you.

I also want to recognize the efforts of Rick K3JD, who operated like a champion
to hand out Delaware despite an obviously severe case of swine flu. Should have
heard him working through the fits of coughing -- what a trooper. Sick as a
dog, yes, but definitely a trooper. Well done and get well soon Rick (really,
you should have just employed the "secret weapon" from last year).

( See )

I thought people were particularly friendly and well-behaved, especially
considering the hyper-congested bands. I didn't have much success this weekend,
but I felt pretty good about how things went anyway -- in part because of the
nice experiences and quick chats with old and new friends.

I left lots of RF in the radio for CQWW CW next weekend. Looking forward to a
totally different story.

November-08 SOLP 16hr 500 74 74,000
November-08 SOHP 16hr 753 78 117,468
November-07 SOHP 11hr 421 77 64,834

-- Bud VA7ST
W8RJL   SO Unlimited HP   112,6402009-11-22 21:29:45
Made a visit to the junk box three hours before the contest start and found a
nice mil spec Collins transformer, a .3 ufd cap, some shielded cable and some
alligator clips to fashion an audio interface between the laptop and the
transceiver. Lucked out and audio levels did not have to be adjusted for
balance between Heil pro set and audio files generated the night before and
linked to the N3FJP logging program. An hour before the contest discovered the
big storm the previous weekend had turned the mast in the rotor so put on the
belt, climbed the tower and aligned the SteppIR. Due to over sleeping Sunday
morning and social committments Sunday evening only got 14+ hours in the chair.
Got most of the rare ones early but didn't find ORG for the sweep until about
1600 UTC Sunday. Equipment: 756 pro 3, Al-82, 3 ele SteppIR at 30 feet, 40
dipole and 80 inverted vee.
KA1ARB   Multi-Op HP   286,5602009-11-22 21:31:35
This was our best score ever - good conditions and lots of new stations popping
up on Sunday! This was also my first venture into two radios. I didn’t
manage to get all the SO2R wiring done between the equipment, which was a good
thing because I discovered that I don’t have any of the SO2R wiring done
between my ears. As a multi-op, we did 1.5-Op 2-Radio with lots of hand
signals, shouting, and smacks on each other’s arms. We did keep clean about
only one signal at a time, and ended up with a tandem rhythm that was pretty
cool. 173 total QSO’s on the second radio including many of the more elusive
mults. In fact, we managed a clean sweep with 2 NWT’s and 1 NL. We did
finally stop our running Sunday at 17:00Z to hunt down VY1EI on 15m for #80,
though we also got called by VY1WR at 00:03 on Sunday night.

We had our best start ever, on 40 meters, and I began to have hope that maybe
we’d make our goal. But then we spent far too much time in frequency fights
until finally moving to 80 meters at 4:30Z. We started to pick up steam on 80,
until everything just ran out of steam at 7:30Z and we went to bed earlier than
I ever remember. Got started again at 13:00Z on Sunday morning and things were
already HOT. We were behind last years score, but all day Sunday we had
consistently solid hours. Took our final time off at 22:30Z Sunday night for
40 minutes and then sprinted to the finish.

We managed to schedule Murphy to visit in the weeks and hours before the
contest and there were no problems left by Saturday afternoon. We did keep
alive our “no sleep Friday night” strategy with Lee WB1ADR fixing some bad
switching equipment until 2:30 AM. That didn’t stop him from carrying the
load all weekend with some great runs. Maybe someday we’ll see what he can
do on full rest!

Thanks for all the Q’s and 73,
KH7XS(K4XS)   Single Op HP   388,1602009-11-22 21:32:26
Started out with a limited SO2R arrangement, which quickly became close to
useless when the hard drive on the second xcvr computer decided to crap out and
operate sporadically and erratically, and eventually stopped allowing me to
enter QSOs.

Second year in a row in which I lost power in the third hour of the contest
resulting in 30 minutes forced off time.

The strategy for breaks I had planned to use quickly fell by the wayside when
conditions on 40 dictated more time on that band. 40 was nothing short of
amazing, with guys from the east coast calling in a 9:30 EST. KP2 was last to
call in for a sweep around daybreak.

I had several 150 hours but there were no really outstanding hours...just lots
of 100+ hours.

In checking the early posts, it seems like there were lots of 2000+ scores. It
should be interesting to see if all the top ten is 2100+.
N9WEW   Single Op LP   44,1002009-11-22 21:40:20
By far my best effort yet. I planned on working this contest some, but didn't
know how much time I would have to put into it. Got started about 3 hours late,
so I missed out on a lot of 15 and 20M contacts. Hopefully I can set aside more
time for future contests and make a concerted effort. Would have been nice to
make a sweep, but all things considering I think I got pretty close. More time
calling CQ would probably help some of those more rare mults, but being LP it's
hard to keep a freq long. Now I have a decent score to try and better next

AD7XZ   Single Op HP   12,9362009-11-22 21:43:57
WOW were the bands busy. Thanks to all who had the patience later on the lower
bands. Lot's of information to exchange for a SLOW two finger typest. Probably
should have done it LP but what the heck. Conditions didn't seem bad here in
the Pacific Northwest. I was only able to operate Saturday, but it was fun.
Again, thanks to all that I worked and to the Portland Radio Contestors Club
for Kevin's (K7ZS) support and to Brad (K7ZSD)for listening to me trying to get
the darn software logging program working. Sometimes I'm a real moron when it
comes to the software.
Thanks to all
WL7BDO   Single Op LP   8,9282009-11-22 22:02:35
Good to see 15m open. Made my personal goal of exceeding my last best 41%. Was easier to increase my sections worked than increasing my
N1CC   Single Op LP   69,6782009-11-22 22:10:37
Got a late start Saturday so may have missed the opportunity to get the sweep.
Spent my last 3 hours looking for MS to no avail.

The 43' Vertical again proved to be a worthy antenna. I was able to run for
hours on 75M with a 60 QPH rate late Saturday, and Sunday the same kind of rate
on 15M. I really was not able to run on 20 or 40 due to the crowding of the
bands. Given the low power and mode the rate was a surprise.

Power line noise is now an issue, I can hear signals when noise abates,
however, most of the weekend the noise level made the antenna combination turn
into an alligator, many A and Q stations were calling and I could not hear
them. Reports of very strong signals from close in and even KH6/KL7 stations
when I was not hearing them well - due to the noise. On 15M I needed to switch
in the inverted vee for receive with its lower noise but I could not make the
contact using the inverted vee as the transmit antenna.

Last year operated in "U" class and made the sweep ... probably would have
found MS using the packet network.
N6BY   SO Unlimited HP   24,9602009-11-22 22:16:50
This was my first full effort for Sweeps. All the equiptment worked great and
had a great time. Looking forward to next year 73.
K6BJ(AE6RF)   Multi-Op HP   26,1962009-11-22 22:30:03
Operated from the K6BJ Santa Cruz County ARC shack.

K3, N1MM, ALS-600 (which died about 2 hours in) tri-bander and new 80m dipole
for Sweepstakes.

K9YC, N1WC and K6XX deserve thanks for putting up the 80m antenna. Byron,
KI6NUL, Jeff W6NA, Bill AF6OH, Cece KJ6BNO and Cap KE6AFE all visited the
operation, but I couldn't convince anybody else to take the mic, it actually
was a "U" rather than "M"...

With the amp dead and the shack temperature dropping rapidly I bagged it a 1/2
hour early.

73 de Donald
AE6RF(@K9YC)   SO Unlimited HP   61,1402009-11-22 22:38:29
K9YC's shack was empty so I went for it. Much better than the K6BJ shack or my
noise infested, topologically challenged home QTH.

K3, N1MM, 3-el SteppIR + high dipoles on 40/80.

Had a run in with the 75m pig farmers. Fight and lose rate, or find a different
run freq and keep rate. No brainer. (My decision and also description of the
various pig farmers...)

Many thanks to Jim for allowing me to operate from his station.

Kilo Bravo!
N6KJ   SO Unlimited HP   25,1202009-11-22 22:46:35
Only had time to S&P off-and-on and try for a sweep. Got the sweep in the last
hour of the contest. How could WPA be so difficult?
K8MM   SO Unlimited HP   67,3602009-11-22 22:54:10
Nice to get the sweep after missing it during CWSS. Mostly chased spots in the
band map and CQ'ed Sunday evening for a couple hours.
K7HBN   Single Op LP   39,0002009-11-22 23:00:39
Missed NNY and NLI
NX6T(@W6HCD)   Multi-Op HP   138,2402009-11-22 23:22:16
Lost 4.5 hours when when 1 Op had family emergency but still very happy we made
the Sweep. 15 mtrs was our money band !
K1TN   Single Op LP   4,5882009-11-23 00:34:29
Just sending this in for the historical record, that I did manage to find a
microphone. Tuned around and called people I know. Sunday only, half a dozen
people said "First Southern New Jersey." If you had to live here you'd know why
it's rare. On Saturday evening somebody tried to burn down the Boardwalk
downtown. At least there was no shortage of water to put out the fire. One of
the stores that burned to the ground was The Hot Spot; I am not making this up.

On CW I missed OK and NL (in 500 Qs); in less than two hours this weekend I
heard three NL and two OK stations.

K3, 66-foot end fed wire.

Jim Cain
At The K1TN Superstation
Atlantic City
K3TN   SO Unlimited HP   107,5202009-11-23 03:31:33
TS-850 to Windom at 45', ALS-600 500w

Phone Sweepstakes is to CW SS as mountain bike racing is to road bike racing:
mostly identical activity using similar equipment but at the end of the former
you end up a lot more sore and muddy than you do after the latter.

Just a part time Points for PVRC (PfP) in the club battle effort. Went to bed
on Saturday night at 0400z needing all the hard VEs and a bunch of easy ones. I
got back on at 1000z to put in a few hours of running on 80. This was my first
use of packet spotting in SS - I had a decent rate but in the spot window saw
VO1HP (a section I needed) put out TX3A (a country I need) on 3524 saying
"Loud!" but I stuck to my guns and kept running. Right before shutting down for
the morning I trolled the bands and managed to poach VO1KVT from someone's run
frequency - thanks for the QSY, Ken!

Managed to close out the sweep with VE8EV and several KL7s on 15m when I got
back on in the early afternoon, after that it was all PfP operating as time
permitted, mostly trying to run on 40 and 80. You sure can see a lot more CKs
beginning with zero in the SSB SS - no-code definitely caused an influx.

A lot of bad .wav files in use out there. Several QSOs were like working
talking elevators. Mea culpa: since I didn't have the .wav files working in
N1MM and never hit F1, *and* had "Spot all S&P QSOs on," I was one of the lids
putting out spots on my run frequency til I figured it out. I also spent the
first day hitting enter twice to log QSOs before I figured out having ESM on
made no sense if I wasn't using .wav files.
N4ZR   SO Unlimited HP   145,8342009-11-23 03:42:50
Never even heard MS. Tor, where were you when we needed you? ;^)

One whole QSO on the second radio - had me rethinking whether it even makes
sense for me on phone.

73 and thanks for the Qs,

Pete N4ZR
NM2O   SO Unlimited HP   62,1962009-11-23 04:03:58
Operated from my WNY QTH with antennas from the Field Day box. New QTH seems to
run well on 80 Meters. Huge turn out from PVRC. I'm a member, but out of the
circle at this time. There seemed to be an endless supply of MDC, VA and NC
stations. Only two WV this time: N8II and K3ZJ.

For me, there was a key missing Section: Delaware. With the passing of W3PP,
that blank spot will be remembered. Dallas got KT3W for his local club, which
was nearly identical to my former call: KT4W. He told me a few times that he
got "hi Ray" comments all the time.

I will also note the passing of another PVRC member: W3GN. Larry was very
friendly to me and other "new guys" (especially N3CW and K3RV) around 1970, and
hosted many mult-ops. Due to the exact topography, W3GN had a relatvely poor
morning signal on 20M, but was huge in the afternoons. There were few HY Gain
DX Long John around, but his was a superior performer. That was not your
father's 204BA!!
VE9ZX   Single Op LP   88,6162009-11-23 04:22:58
Thanks and 73!
N3BM   SO Unlimited HP   5,1302009-11-23 04:35:41

S&P only.
W4KAZ   SO Unlimited LP   54,1502009-11-23 04:49:39
Apologies to all whom I victimized with my RF hot audio. Murphy struck Tuesday
evening in the form of discovering the RigBlaster to be lifeless. The ensuing
hasty changes to the audio stream were insufficient.

Thanks to all who bent their patience to log me through the splatter anyway.

The full rant, complete with whining and hand wringing at:

73 de w4kaz
W4NF(@W4RM)   SO Unlimited HP   264,4802009-11-23 04:50:45
This is a personable best for me in SS. Thanks again to Bill (W4RM) and Lori
for their hospitality and the use of his great station. I'll have to do a
little better planning next year as I arrived at Bill's house before the
contest exhausted from hanging Christmas lights all over our house on Saturday
morning. My wife Laurie didn't understand the importance of being well rested
before the contest, but she was understanding about me being gone the rest of
the weekend. Thanks for the Qs and I'll CU in the next contest. Now I need to
concentrate on the 25 people we have showing up at our house for Thanksgiving
and getting ready/packed to head to PA for Deer Hunting. 73, Jack W4NF
WØNO   Multi-Op HP   308,4802009-11-23 04:59:06
K0WA commenting: 40 meters was the best I've ever seen. Many stations. Many
new hams on too. Excellent conditions in Kansas. Low noise. Excellent runs
Thanks to NT stations for being on the air. Thanks for all the QSOs too. See
you in other contests.
W4PK   SO Unlimited HP   21,4502009-11-23 05:10:56
Limited time due to other commitments.

Made the mistake of trying to run my Heil microphone through my sound card on
Saturday and I spent hours trying to get the levels "good enough". After the
contest, I asked a local ham to send me a WAV copy of what I had sounded like
to him. In listening to the recording, I have a long ways to go. I apologize
to all for the poor audio quality that I had.
K5NZ   Single Op QRP   103,1742009-11-23 05:19:01
I would like to dedicate my SS effort to K5KA. He will be missed!

QRP.. If you want SO2R practice, you can't beat doing QRP!

Think I enjoyed it as much or more than going HP, had some missing antennas
so knew it would be hard work. S&Ping 2 bands hard is about all you can
do, but 15m gave me a gift Sunday, when I heard A power guys +30-40db
I knew I could find a clear spot and CQ. It worked! 20 could only be
used to run early and late, holes could be found but in just a few minutes
a B power would move in and close it up. The receive end are the real pros
out there and would take the time to get my Q power info.. with only a HF6
for 40m, I worked all the loud guys then took all Sat night off planning to
race at an event Sunday. Got up to leave at 5am and found it was cancelled
due to rain we had Sat. So good excuse to finish up SS ! Never heard DE and
missed that one for the sweep. Great Ops and a good time, thanks!

I know somewhere Ken is saying, " Hance you moron, QRP SSB ? "

With Respect, K5KA Stats!

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 06g) by K5KA

Callsign: K5NZ
Category: SINGLE-OP
Contest: ARRL-SS-SSB
Operators: K5NZ

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
2100 0 0 8 12 39 0 59 59 9.0
2200 0 0 3 18 32 0 53 112 8.1
2300 0 1 3 13 22 0 39 151 6.0
0000 0 0 4 26 0 0 30 181 4.6
0100 0 12 4 4 0 0 20 201 3.1
0200 0 2 2 3 0 0 7 208 1.1
0300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 208 0.0
0400 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 208 0.0
0500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 208 0.0
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 208 0.0
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 208 0.0
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 208 0.0
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 208 0.0
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 208 0.0
1100 0 8 19 0 0 0 27 235 4.1
1200 0 23 17 0 0 0 40 275 6.1
1300 0 1 2 40 0 0 43 318 6.6
1400 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 320 0.3
1500 0 0 7 11 25 0 43 363 6.6
1600 0 0 2 0 2 0 4 367 0.6
1700 0 0 0 0 27 0 27 394 4.1
1800 0 0 0 1 4 0 5 399 0.8
1900 0 0 0 4 37 0 41 440 6.3
2000 0 0 0 8 32 0 40 480 6.1
2100 0 0 1 16 26 0 43 523 6.6
2200 0 0 3 37 20 0 60 583 9.2
2300 0 0 2 29 0 0 31 614 4.7
0000 0 1 4 26 0 0 31 645 4.7
0100 0 0 0 8 0 0 8 653 1.2
0200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 653 0.0
Total 0 48 81 257 267 0 653

Gross QSO's=654 Dupes=1 Net QSO's=653

Unique callsigns worked = 653

The best 60 minute rate was 64/hour from 2213 to 2312
The best 30 minute rate was 80/hour from 2240 to 2309
The best 10 minute rate was 102/hour from 2254 to 2303

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSO's/minute 1 times.
3 QSO's/minute 8 times.
2 QSO's/minute 103 times.
1 QSO's/minute 419 times.

There were 152 bandchanges and 48 (7.4%) probable 2nd radio QSO's.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
4 362
5 209
6 82

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
VA 0 4 7 16 5 0 32 4.9
SCV 0 0 0 4 25 0 29 4.4
WWA 0 0 1 6 20 0 27 4.1
SV 0 0 0 9 18 0 27 4.1
OH 0 2 3 14 6 0 25 3.8
MDC 0 2 3 17 3 0 25 3.8
IL 0 4 4 13 2 0 23 3.5
NC 0 3 0 11 7 0 21 3.2
EMA 0 1 1 3 15 0 20 3.1
SJV 0 0 0 2 14 0 16 2.4
MN 0 3 1 12 0 0 16 2.4
CT 0 1 0 4 10 0 15 2.3
EB 0 0 1 2 11 0 14 2.1
OR 0 0 0 1 12 0 13 2.0
MI 0 0 2 8 3 0 13 2.0
TN 0 3 3 3 3 0 12 1.8
CO 0 1 2 9 0 0 12 1.8
STX 0 6 0 2 3 0 11 1.7
EPA 0 0 1 7 3 0 11 1.7
AL 0 3 5 2 0 0 10 1.5
NH 0 0 1 3 6 0 10 1.5
WI 0 1 1 4 4 0 10 1.5
WNY 0 1 0 5 4 0 10 1.5
ON 0 0 1 5 3 0 9 1.4
GA 0 1 5 1 2 0 9 1.4
AZ 0 0 1 7 1 0 9 1.4
IN 0 1 2 5 1 0 9 1.4
NNJ 0 0 0 4 5 0 9 1.4
KS 0 0 4 3 1 0 8 1.2
NE 0 2 1 4 1 0 8 1.2
WMA 0 0 2 2 4 0 8 1.2
ENY 0 0 0 1 7 0 8 1.2
LAX 0 0 0 2 5 0 7 1.1
SF 0 0 0 1 6 0 7 1.1
EWA 0 0 0 7 0 0 7 1.1
ME 0 0 1 2 4 0 7 1.1
NLI 0 0 0 0 7 0 7 1.1
RI 0 0 0 3 3 0 6 0.9
NNY 0 0 1 0 5 0 6 0.9
MO 0 0 2 2 2 0 6 0.9
VT 0 0 0 2 3 0 5 0.8
NV 0 0 1 3 1 0 5 0.8
OK 0 2 2 1 0 0 5 0.8
NFL 0 1 3 1 0 0 5 0.8
WPA 0 0 1 4 0 0 5 0.8
BC 0 0 0 0 4 0 4 0.6
IA 0 0 0 3 1 0 4 0.6
SDG 0 0 0 3 1 0 4 0.6
SFL 0 0 3 1 0 0 4 0.6
QC 0 0 0 2 2 0 4 0.6
PAC 0 0 0 0 4 0 4 0.6
UT 0 0 1 3 0 0 4 0.6
MB 0 0 1 0 3 0 4 0.6
WV 0 0 1 2 1 0 4 0.6
AR 0 0 1 3 0 0 4 0.6
ORG 0 0 0 2 1 0 3 0.5
SB 0 0 0 1 2 0 3 0.5
ID 0 0 0 1 2 0 3 0.5
MT 0 0 0 2 1 0 3 0.5
AB 0 0 0 0 3 0 3 0.5
SD 0 0 2 1 0 0 3 0.5
WY 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.5
WCF 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 0.5
LA 0 2 1 0 0 0 3 0.5
SC 0 1 0 2 0 0 3 0.5
ND 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 0.5
KY 0 0 0 1 2 0 3 0.5
SNJ 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.3
SK 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0.3
PR 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.3
NTX 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 0.3
MS 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 0.3
NL 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.3
NM 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.3
MAR 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.3
AK 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.2
WTX 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.2
NT 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.2
VI 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.2
Total 0 48 81 257 267 0 653

Sweepstakes Checks
Check QSOs Pct
00 5 0.8
01 5 0.8
02 4 0.6
03 1 0.2
04 5 0.8
05 6 0.9
06 6 0.9
07 10 1.5
08 10 1.5
09 8 1.2
10 0 0.0
11 0 0.0
12 0 0.0
13 0 0.0
14 0 0.0
15 0 0.0
16 0 0.0
17 0 0.0
18 0 0.0
19 2 0.3
20 0 0.0
21 0 0.0
22 1 0.2
23 0 0.0
24 1 0.2
25 0 0.0
26 0 0.0
27 0 0.0
28 0 0.0
29 0 0.0
30 1 0.2
31 0 0.0
32 0 0.0
33 0 0.0
34 0 0.0
35 0 0.0
36 0 0.0
37 0 0.0
38 1 0.2
39 1 0.2
40 0 0.0
41 0 0.0
42 0 0.0
43 0 0.0
44 0 0.0
45 0 0.0
46 1 0.2
47 0 0.0
48 1 0.2
49 1 0.2
50 1 0.2
51 4 0.6
52 6 0.9
53 5 0.8
54 15 2.3
55 22 3.4
56 14 2.1
57 21 3.2
58 24 3.7
59 30 4.6
60 12 1.8
61 13 2.0
62 20 3.1
63 19 2.9
64 14 2.1
65 19 2.9
66 13 2.0
67 22 3.4
68 15 2.3
69 15 2.3
70 13 2.0
71 13 2.0
72 14 2.1
73 14 2.1
74 12 1.8
75 14 2.1
76 23 3.5
77 23 3.5
78 14 2.1
79 7 1.1
80 4 0.6
81 5 0.8
82 6 0.9
83 8 1.2
84 1 0.2
85 3 0.5
86 6 0.9
87 3 0.5
88 4 0.6
89 10 1.5
90 10 1.5
91 14 2.1
92 12 1.8
93 10 1.5
94 10 1.5
95 3 0.5
96 5 0.8
97 8 1.2
98 4 0.6
99 6 0.9

Callareas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 61 9.3
1 77 11.8
2 60 9.2
3 57 8.7
4 84 12.9
5 37 5.7
6 114 17.5
7 71 10.9
8 43 6.6
9 49 7.5

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 238 36.4
B 168 25.7
Q 25 3.8
M 75 11.5
U 142 21.7
S 5 0.8
N5DO   Multi-Op HP   302,4002009-11-23 05:35:52
Our first time over 300,000. We had a couple of slow hours in the late
afternoon on Sunday or we would have met our goal of over 1900 QSOs. We take
turns operating one radio; our attempts to coordinate two radios simultaneously
but keeping only one signal on the air at a time several years ago did not work
and we felt we could not in good conscience turn in a log. However, we visited
at the end this weekend and felt we can still improve our score, so (like many
baseball teams) we have hope for better things next year! Thanks to all the
participants for making Sweepstakes (both CW and SSB)the best domestic contest

Dave, N5DO
K4LY   Single Op LP   29,7602009-11-23 05:41:05
Because of a head cold, my goals changed before and during the contest. Friday
I gave up the goal of a QRP effort and started low power with the goal of a
sweep. Soon my voice gave out, and I decided to mainly work on my LoTW 5B WAS
using spotting. I continued the A exchange since I felt others might find a
change to U confusing, but for most contacts, I was using spotting, and I will
not submit my score. However, I will upload to LoTW. If I feel well next
weekend, I'll try a serious QRP effort in the CQWW. I noticed much fewer
checks from the mid-50's (like mine!) than just a few years ago. Tempus fugit!
Doug ex-W0AH, W2CRS
KY5R   Single Op HP   257,9202009-11-23 05:51:54
Another great weekend of activity in my SS saga which atarted as a novice in
1963. With the little up-tick in prop it was finally fun on 20mtrs Sunday not
to mention 15mtrs though it was mostly west of the Rockies from here. Hope all
had there fill of the AL section this year as the ACG made a concerted effort
to "get out and operate" within the membership. As for my effort it was just
passable though I always learn something about myself and the station. Looks
like lots of work yet still ahead this spring outdoors as I make a run at
setting up a small multi-op station here in the "Heart of Dixie". Thanks to all
for the Q's and for the ARRL to continue sponsoring this personal tradition. CU
next year and in NAQP. Tim, KY5R in " Sweet Home Alabama"
N9TF   SO Unlimited LP   41,7002009-11-23 05:53:36
Played a little more than half the alloted time. 40m was best band. 20m was way
too congested, and I got a headache trying to plow my way through signals
stacked one on top of another! Missed 5 sections, NLI, heard one S&Ping, VI,
never heard, SB, never heard, ND, heard one S&Ping, and NT, tried for over an
hour to work VE8EV, but I think the path to the east coast and 6&7's was best
for him. Heard a few 8's&9's get through to him, but mostly 6-7-and east
Q's were pretty easy on 40 with 100 watts and wire, but 20m was difficult with
100 watts and 2 elements at 37'. 15m helped in getting mults in CA and AK.
Spent way too much time trying to work KL8DX. Was really hard to break the west
coast wall he had running. Band finally popped up nicely to 9 land for a few
minutes late afternoon Sunday for me to get through.
All S&P, rig 756 ProIII, dipoles for 40/80/160 at 35 feet, MA5B 2 element
triband for 15/20m at 37'.

GO SMC! 73 Gene N9TF
K5ZD   Single Op HP   123,7142009-11-23 05:57:40
Was just going to play around, but found conditions to be excellent! Then I got
hooked on looking for a Sweep.

Never heard any sign of a VY1 or VE8. Worked 2 of everything else.

My second mission was to finish the ARRL Triple Play award. Only need NDak on
SSB. Worked two of them. First one doesn't do LOTW. Second one was a
multi-op who said they did, but he didn't sound too sure. So now the waiting
W4RK   SO Unlimited HP   51,4042009-11-23 06:04:25
Nice to have 15 meters open. Always a good turnout for Sweepstakes. Enjoyed
being called by W1AW and K1ZZ just a few QSOs apart.
NA4K   Single Op LP   190,2402009-11-23 06:07:50
Thanks for all of the contacts.

Steve NA4K
N4GG   SO Unlimited HP   176,0002009-11-23 06:11:29
Missed SS-CW, so felt like I needed to do SSB somewhat seriously, even though
its a less-favored mode here. Also, the station is all high Q wire antennas
cut for CW, so the fully automated CW station kinda grinds to a halt on SSB as
the antenna tuners get manually cranked back and forth. For added work, a
front with rain and wind came through during the evening. The open wire
feeders need retuning as rain starts and stops, and wind causes the amps to
arc-fault when the feeders blow around in the woods. Staying on the air was a

Part of the clan announced at the start of the contest they were coming early
for the holiday - Sunday afternoon. That cut 24 hours to 14. The plan became
work 80 sections, make 1000 Qs and get a good night's sleep. All

80M was noisy due to the weather. The Sunday-night run on 80 is always a lot
of fun - sorry I had to QRT early and miss it. Happy with 1100 Qs given I was
coasting in fun mode. There were a lot of checks of 00 and higher. New blood

There has never been a 15 or 10 antenna at N4GG since moving here in 2003, and
that's been okay with no sunspots - guess its time to move that project up the
list. 15 sounded good on the 80 meter vee. 80 was noisy due to the storm and
the West Coast was much weaker than usual on 80. 20 seemed to close early. 40
was the money band as usual. The K9AY loop was a big improvement on RX over the
TX antennas, as usual.

The "protect the SSTV QRG at all costs" guys are worse on 40 than they are on
20. I tried to talk them into becoming contesters for the weekend - they would
have none of it.

2X: FT-1000MP+INRAD+Mods, ACOM 2000A, TenTec 239B tuners (great tuners at
WRITELOG, HB SO2R, Wires blowing around in the woods

73, Hal, N4GG
VY2SS   Single Op HP   128,9602009-11-23 06:16:43
K3 - TH6DX and verticals.

I had some RF feedback problems on 40M which I eventually overcame but its not
a big deal in this contest as I just put in the extra time on 80M.

I do not do many SSB contests anymore but I enjoyed this one and it was a
pleasure to run into so many friends.

I have a hard time keeping my interest up after the sweep but did manage a
couple of extra hours and it's always nice to hear "Thanks for the Sweep" after
a QSO.

See you all next year or sooner.


W7WA   Single Op HP   363,5202009-11-23 06:19:51
November is the height of storm season in WWA. Heavy rain began around 0200Z
Saturday evening and persisted until Sunday morning. The rain static waxed and
waned throughout the evening, at times forcing S&P for strong signals when I
would have rather been CQing. Not sure how much my score was hurt but I know
it would not have been enough to catch KH7XS. Congrats to Bill on the top
single op score. Thanks go to KX9X and the ARRL for their promotion of ARRL
contests. Great activity heard on all bands.

73 de Dan
NE4S   SO Unlimited LP   23,0402009-11-23 06:23:26
First Sweep...!
W2JU   Single Op LP   68,4142009-11-23 06:43:26
Missed VE7.
KS4L   Single Op LP   6,3202009-11-23 06:54:31
Just for the ACG!
VY1EI   SO Unlimited HP   78,2562009-11-23 06:58:26
Major technical problems caused me to lose the first two hours on the contest. A
half hour before the start I had infinite SWR on my radio. A quick look with the
binoculars at the yagi spotted a broken braid connection to the yagi. So I
frantically cranked the yagi down, then folded it over and started working on
the connection in minus 15 degrees. Nothing I did seemed to lower the SWR so
after an hour and half I gave up and connected the vertical, knowing that I'd
be lucky to get 100 QSOs for the entire contest. I got the same problem with
the vertical so right away I knew I had a radio problem. I swapped in the
backup radio and then Shebang, I'm good. So I connected up the Yagi, cranked it
back up to 60 feet, and had an instant pileup.

The first three hours always have the best QSO rates. I lost about 150
potential QSOs with the downtime so I lost alot but it was great to be in the
fray. I thought I was out.

It seemed like there were more contestants out there, alot more than last year.
Band condx on 20M and 15M were great. Many, many stations were booming in at
20db over. It was impossible to find any clear air on 20M and I had a hard time
getting spotted on 20M. Stations on the west coast have their beams pointed east
and east coast stations have their beams pointed west so until I get spotted,
its a slog. Usually after 5 QSOs someone spots me and then things get going but
20M was so packed I couldn't get it going. Nothing was happening on 40M or 80M.

On sunday I had a great 3 hour run on 15M, including one 85 QSO hour. That beat
my first hour on Sunday on 20M. 15M had more room and the spots kept coming.

Seems like NT wasn't a section in short supply so that's good.

VO1KVT   Single Op HP   93,4802009-11-23 07:05:02
Conditions were pretty good on all bands worked, I had good propagation into the
west and midwest on 20 and 15 meter bands. The stations I worked from Hawaii
were booming in here. It was nice to work many stations who needed NL for the
sweep, I guess that was the reason for some good pileups that I had during the
contest. I did not realize how many sections I had until the contest was over,
76 only 4 more for the sweep, WTX, MS, AK and NT. It was lots of fun with the
good conditions and we will see you again next year.
73 Ken, VO1KVT
K1EP   Single Op LP   10,9522009-11-23 07:22:56
Since I was recovering from a head cold, I didn't want to make a serious SSB
effort here. I decided to try for a sweep with only 80Qs without packet, but I
didn't make it. Not an easy thing to do, given low power and a non-resonant
vertical wire. I missed a couple of easy sections, like NLI, but they were
always S&P. I think I also heard all the other sections that I missed (SC, ND,
NWT, OR, and AR) except for NWT. Of course in CW I missed AK, ND, and MB which
I worked on SSB. The low bands seem very long most of the time, not hearing a
lot of the local sections.
K1ZW   SO Unlimited HP   18,6882009-11-23 07:25:57
All S&P, very frustrating with equipment and operator problems Saturday.

73 Larry
W7ZRC   Single Op LP   158,7202009-11-23 07:26:51
As always thanks for all the Q's. Had lots of fun on 15 and even made one Q on
10m (couldn't resist), no it wasn't someone accross town! I had a late nite on
Friday watching Boise State football, so had a hard time staying in the chair -
wanted to take more time off for sleeping.

Rig is an old TS950SDX (like its operator), A3S Tribander at 50' and 2 phased
KØTO   Single Op HP   210,5602009-11-23 07:27:07
Strange conditions early Saturday evening on 40m and 80m. Apparently skip was
very long on 40m and the 'dead zone' on 80m had a large radius-- at least here
in the Northern Rockies. At 0700 UTC 80m really opened up to the whole US.

Sunday conditions were more 'normal' and East Coast signals [from the contest
stations] on 20m and 40m at 2200 were incredibly strong.
W1XX   Single Op HP   290,0802009-11-23 07:30:26
TR 6.79 logged 18 duplicate QSOs for zero points so the QSO total is really
1815...but my best score ever. KL1V called in Sunday afternoon on 20 to
complete the sweep with another KL7 calling in later. A sole VI called in
relatively early. As usual, RI proved to be a strong drawing card with many
stations even late in the contest and high Q numbers reporting it to be their
first RI Q. Happy days for all! 40 continues to be my bread-and-butter being the easiest band for folks to find my 2-el M2 Yagi at 100 feet.
Kibitzed with a few other CK 54s about us old geezers still having fun
contesting. Perhaps a little noted plus for contesting in general was my
observation of the significant number of youngsters doing well getting their
feet wet in contesting. They were doing a fine job, some operating PREC "S" at
their school club stations. Bodes well for the future of contesting doesn't it?
Hats off to the unrecognized Elmers responsible. 73!

-- John, W1XX
K1TO   Single Op LP   54,8122009-11-23 07:33:03
Sections 70/71 were WCF/NFL and still missed SFL. Even loaded up the 160
antenna with the tuner to try and find some close-in sections on 75 at the end
to no avail.

Lots of big scores and enthusiasm, not to mention more School stations and many
more recent Checks than on CW. Tons of U stations, meaning that the goal of
garnering a Sweep is paramount for many.

The downside of that is that more and more folks are relying on less and less
others to actually tune the dial and find/spot stations. Thus, running becomes
an unpredictable mix of short fun spurts, when recently spotted, and long
tedious stretches, when not recently spotted.

RIP Ken, K5KA, who certainly contributed to the recent growth and success of

73, Dan, K1TO
W4HOD(K9MUG)   Single Op HP   53,7462009-11-23 07:45:43
This weekend, I had to choose between practising sleeping on a bed of nails or
operating sweepstakes SSB. Out of deference to our leader, KC4HW, I operated
the contest. Next year , it's the nails!

Darrell (K9MUG) operating W4HOD
NØIJ   Single Op HP   272,0002009-11-23 07:55:02
Great activity and good to see so many checks in the post 2000 period. Several
"unique" band situations--like 15 coming to life after it was dark on Saturday,
and 20 wide open from WI to Ohio Valley and east around 00:00 Z on Sunday. If
you caught these you were in good shape, otherwise left coasters seemed to
rule! Having 2 good antennas for 20 & 15 (East and West) made a big difference
for me. This was my personal best ever, and my 50th phone entry (52nd for CW).

Station at vacation home in far NW Wisconsin.

John, N0IJ (/9)
Duluth, MN
K5YM   Single Op HP   33,4082009-11-23 08:06:52
My first sweepstakes, hopefully will do better next year. Couldn't use amp on 40
and 80, will have better antenna next year. I didn't work OK either.
VE2DWA(LU7DW)   Single Op HP   136,1602009-11-23 08:07:11

TNX folks for all the QSOs and to VO1KVT for Sweep ! Part time operation
because I was repairing my 160 meter antenna before snow. (it is expected this

See you in CQ WW CW I'll be SO 160 meter

73, Claudio LU7DW
K5WA   Single Op HP   292,3002009-11-23 08:07:41
I just couldn't find an NL station. Had fun and got several issues fixed during
the contest that should have been fixed BEFORE the contest. I still have an RF
problem on 20M but the new antennas are working well, unfortunately the
operator (me) lost focus in the middle and I lost some ground as the other guys
ran past and left me in the dust. I am truly amazed that they can make the
right decisions for the 24 hours.

Still a fun contest even though I hate SSB contesting. ;-)
W6NF   Multi-Op LP   37,1802009-11-23 08:12:09
The 1st SS for my wife and son and a fellow working on his license. Some
intimidation factor but my wife (K7MKL) had a particularly good time. I think
we'll have to fight over the rig next year! High winds on Friday tried to turn
my 80-meter vertical into a pretzel and damaged my tri-bander. No 20 or 10
meter capability and limited to a 40-meter vertical on 15 but the 3/4-wave
vertical worked well enough.
KJ5T(@NX5M)   SO Unlimited HP   211,8402009-11-23 08:12:51
WOW! I think that one word pretty much sums up the experience. Bob invited me
out to single op this one at his station, I have operated before multi-multi
and multi-single at NX5M but never single op. It truly was a great test of my
abilities. In the beginning my rate was a bit slow, 20 meters was extremely
noisy, and I probably spent too much time S&P and trying to find a clear
frequency. Same on 40. Though finally I had about a 3 hour run on 40 that was
pretty good though I decided to go down to 80. I was informed I was probably a
bit too high in the band for contest QSOs, lesson learned. My rate
dramatically dropped until I shut down at 0834z.

Second day was much better, even though I started 50 minutes later than I had
anticipated that morning. Started out on 20 which was pretty rough again so I
went down to 15. I actually was running a pretty steady rate on 15, later in
the contest while switching to 80 I learned that the 80 receive antennas were
on. Another lesson learned to check that, I can't believe I was making
contacts with about 60db attenuation but if I would have checked that I think
my rate on 15 might have been that much better.

Found a nice cozy spot in the last few hours of the contest on 20 and ran a
pretty nice rate, ended on 80 though rate wasn't that high so I decided to
experiment with "Single Op 2 Radio" by unplugging the headsets and putting the
two keyboards together on the 80 and 40 stations. Was running on 80 and ended
up picking up several stations on 40 meters.

All in all it was a good contest. I learned a few new things and think that
overall my skill has been improved.
N7IR   Single Op QRP   11,0242009-11-23 08:21:38
Operated in SS SSB for the first time in many years to gather some points for
the club score. 40 was surprisingly productive with the 2el at 84'. CW is
much more enjoyable! See you in the ARRL 160 meter contest in a couple of
Gary, N7IR
WO4O   Single Op HP   164,3202009-11-23 08:23:54
SO1R (didn't bother w/ 2nd xcvr, having planned to make only 100 Qs)
Op'd LP intermittently while troubleshooting HP RF issues on 40m
Ran stations 99.9% of time
Worked NT in first 1/2 hour, so mistakenly thought Sweep was in the bag
Never heard NL for Sweep (should've op'd SO2R +/or S&Ped more to find one)
Missed a "FB opening on 20m Sunday afternoon" while playing tennis? My bad!
Ready for CQWW CW...
TU fer all the Qs
73 RiC wo4o
K3LL   Single Op LP   53,5762009-11-23 08:35:49
Great time. First time operating SS from W6 and first time operating SS in last
10 years or so. Weird reality working for mults that were practically automatic
back in WPA but nice to work all the mults west of the Rockies.

Stared a bit late, had the chance to go to the UCLA football game with my son
and his friends, so took advantage of that.

Thanks to KP2M and VY2SS for trying to hear me (but no Qs). Both were quite
loud here in LAX on 40m.

Hope to be back next year!


Cliff K3LL
K5XA   Single Op LP   33,7602009-11-23 08:36:23
Rig: Yaesu FT-1000MP
Antennas: F12 C31-XR @129', F12 C31-XR @81' (fixed NE), F12 Mag 240N@135',
Fritzel OCF Dipole @40'
Software: N1MM Logger V9.9.6

i was worried I wasn't going to get my first Sweep since 1994. My last section
was WTX, and I was happy to finally hear N5DO on 40M! Prayers for K5KA and his
family. Ken, you will be missed ... 73 Good Friend!
WT8C   SO Unlimited HP   40,4882009-11-23 08:45:00
Did not have many hours to operate. Tried for sweep but never heard MS. Guess
that I was not on at the right time. Lots of fun but voice started to give out
W5KFT(WM5R)   Single Op HP   310,2402009-11-23 09:02:37
Station at W5KFT

80 - Sloping dipoles - NE, NW from 150'

40 - Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 150', rotatable
Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 70', fixed NE
Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 70', fixed NW

20 - Hy-Gain 204BA @ 157', rotatable
Hy-Gain 204BA @ 105', fixed NE
Hy-Gain 204BA @ 53', fixed NE
Hy-Gain TH7DXX @ 75', rotatable
Hy-Gain TH7DXX @ 45', fixed NW

15 - Hy-Gain 155CA @ 135', rotatable
Hy-Gain 155CA @ 90', fixed NE
Hy-Gain 155CA @ 45', fixed NE

Radio 1: Kenwood TS-850SAT, Ameritron AL-1500
Radio 2: Kenwood TS-850SAT, Ameritron AL-1200
Headset: Heil Proset
DVK: W9XT Contest Card
Software: TR Log 6.78
Other: Ameritron RCS-8V switches, ICE bandpass filters,
Top Ten Devices DXDoubler, CDE rotors

Thanks to Bryan W5KFT for letting me operate from his station
in the Sweepstakes again. The last couple of years I've really
struggled in this contest, and came away feeling like I really
wasn't living up to the station potential. I made my share of
mistakes this year, too, but it looks like I will come away
with a personal best score. This is my first time in the 300K
club. Well, before the log checkers get their say, anyway :-)

I read the sad news about the passing of Ken K5KA right after
finishing the contest. I used his software for my post-contest
analysis. RIP OM.

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
2100 0 0 0 137 0 0 137 137 7.0
2200 0 0 0 153 0 0 153 290 7.8
2300 0 0 0 127 0 0 127 417 6.5
0000 0 0 86 1 0 0 87 504 4.4
0100 0 0 107 0 0 0 107 611 5.4
0200 0 0 103 1 0 0 104 715 5.3
0300 0 0 92 0 0 0 92 807 4.7
0400 0 1 78 0 0 0 79 886 4.0
0500 0 0 95 0 0 0 95 981 4.8
0600 0 1 89 0 0 0 90 1071 4.6
0700 0 12 38 0 0 0 50 1121 2.5
0800 0 16 48 0 0 0 64 1185 3.3
0900 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 1190 0.3
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1190 0.0
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1190 0.0
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1190 0.0
1300 0 0 61 3 0 0 64 1254 3.3
1400 0 0 62 6 1 0 69 1323 3.5
1500 0 0 6 53 0 0 59 1382 3.0
1600 0 0 0 50 2 0 52 1434 2.6
1700 0 0 0 78 4 0 82 1516 4.2
1800 0 0 0 66 1 0 67 1583 3.4
1900 0 0 0 63 3 0 66 1649 3.4
2000 0 0 0 25 0 0 25 1674 1.3
2100 0 0 0 56 2 0 58 1732 3.0
2200 0 0 0 69 2 0 71 1803 3.6
2300 0 0 6 47 0 0 53 1856 2.7
0000 0 0 49 1 0 0 50 1906 2.5
0100 0 0 31 1 0 0 32 1938 1.6
0200 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1939 0.1
Total 0 30 957 937 15 0 1939

Gross QSO's=1964 Dupes=25 Net QSO's=1939

Unique callsigns worked = 1939

The best 60 minute rate was 161/hour from 2142 to 2241
The best 30 minute rate was 170/hour from 2217 to 2246
The best 10 minute rate was 192/hour from 2230 to 2239

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSO's/minute 19 times.
3 QSO's/minute 150 times.
2 QSO's/minute 408 times.
1 QSO's/minute 597 times.

There were 117 bandchanges and 66 (3.4%) probable 2nd radio QSO's.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
4 856
5 746
6 331
7 3
8 2
9 1

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
Il 0 2 53 48 0 0 103 5.2
Va 0 5 32 60 0 0 97 4.9
Oh 0 0 43 38 0 0 81 4.1
Mdc 0 4 34 33 0 0 71 3.6
Mi 0 1 28 38 0 0 67 3.4
Mn 0 0 35 30 0 0 65 3.3
Nc 0 1 22 41 0 0 64 3.3
WWa 0 1 34 24 2 0 61 3.1
Ga 0 0 31 22 0 0 53 2.7
Sv 0 1 27 21 2 0 51 2.6
Scv 0 1 29 18 1 0 49 2.5
In 0 0 33 15 0 0 48 2.4
Ep 0 0 13 28 1 0 42 2.1
Wi 0 1 16 20 1 0 38 1.9
Or 0 0 22 14 0 0 36 1.8
Ct 0 0 18 15 2 0 35 1.8
Az 0 0 24 11 0 0 35 1.8
Tn 0 1 16 17 0 0 34 1.7
WNy 0 1 11 21 0 0 33 1.7
Co 0 0 23 8 0 0 31 1.6
Mo 0 0 18 12 0 0 30 1.5
NFl 0 0 16 13 0 0 29 1.5
Lax 0 1 9 18 0 0 28 1.4
On 0 0 6 21 0 0 27 1.4
Eb 0 1 15 11 0 0 27 1.4
Sjv 0 1 13 11 1 0 26 1.3
WPa 0 0 11 14 0 0 25 1.3
Em 0 0 12 13 0 0 25 1.3
SFl 0 0 6 19 0 0 25 1.3
STx 0 0 14 10 1 0 25 1.3
ENy 0 0 8 16 0 0 24 1.2
Al 0 0 18 5 1 0 24 1.2
Sc 0 0 10 13 0 0 23 1.2
Ky 0 0 8 12 0 0 20 1.0
NLi 0 0 6 14 0 0 20 1.0
NNj 0 0 9 11 0 0 20 1.0
Nh 0 0 9 10 0 0 19 1.0
Ut 0 1 13 5 0 0 19 1.0
Sdg 0 0 9 9 0 0 18 0.9
Org 0 0 12 6 0 0 18 0.9
Ia 0 0 6 11 0 0 17 0.9
Ks 0 1 11 5 0 0 17 0.9
Sf 0 1 8 6 1 0 16 0.8
Ok 0 0 15 1 0 0 16 0.8
WcF 0 0 5 10 0 0 15 0.8
Ew 0 0 5 8 1 0 14 0.7
Id 0 1 5 8 0 0 14 0.7
Nm 0 0 12 2 0 0 14 0.7
NTx 0 1 10 3 0 0 14 0.7
SNj 0 0 2 11 0 0 13 0.7
Mt 0 1 5 7 0 0 13 0.7
La 0 1 10 2 0 0 13 0.7
Sd 0 0 7 5 0 0 12 0.6
Nv 0 0 5 7 0 0 12 0.6
Wv 0 0 6 6 0 0 12 0.6
WMa 0 0 5 6 0 0 11 0.6
Ne 0 0 8 3 0 0 11 0.6
Sb 0 0 4 7 0 0 11 0.6
Ar 0 0 9 1 0 0 10 0.5
Mar 0 0 2 7 0 0 9 0.5
Wy 0 0 5 4 0 0 9 0.5
Nd 0 0 3 6 0 0 9 0.5
Qc 0 0 5 3 0 0 8 0.4
WTx 0 0 8 0 0 0 8 0.4
Vt 0 1 4 2 0 0 7 0.4
NNy 0 0 4 3 0 0 7 0.4
Sk 0 0 1 6 0 0 7 0.4
Me 0 0 2 5 0 0 7 0.4
De 0 0 0 6 0 0 6 0.3
Ab 0 0 2 4 0 0 6 0.3
Bc 0 0 4 2 0 0 6 0.3
Ak 0 0 3 3 0 0 6 0.3
Ms 0 0 0 4 0 0 4 0.2
Ri 0 0 2 2 0 0 4 0.2
Mb 0 0 2 2 0 0 4 0.2
Pac 0 0 3 1 0 0 4 0.2
Vi 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
Nt 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
Pr 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0.1
Nl 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
Total 0 30 957 937 15 0 1939

Sweepstakes Checks
Check QSOs Pct
00 19 1.0
01 22 1.1
02 19 1.0
03 30 1.5
04 27 1.4
05 31 1.6
06 34 1.8
07 42 2.2
08 51 2.6
09 32 1.7
10 0 0.0
11 0 0.0
12 1 0.1
13 0 0.0
14 0 0.0
15 0 0.0
16 2 0.1
17 0 0.0
18 0 0.0
19 3 0.2
20 0 0.0
21 1 0.1
22 2 0.1
23 0 0.0
24 1 0.1
25 0 0.0
26 0 0.0
27 1 0.1
28 0 0.0
29 0 0.0
30 1 0.1
31 0 0.0
32 0 0.0
33 0 0.0
34 1 0.1
35 0 0.0
36 0 0.0
37 2 0.1
38 3 0.2
39 1 0.1
40 3 0.2
41 1 0.1
42 0 0.0
43 0 0.0
44 0 0.0
45 1 0.1
46 1 0.1
47 3 0.2
48 6 0.3
49 5 0.3
50 6 0.3
51 8 0.4
52 21 1.1
53 23 1.2
54 31 1.6
55 39 2.0
56 33 1.7
57 42 2.2
58 58 3.0
59 58 3.0
60 33 1.7
61 41 2.1
62 50 2.6
63 49 2.5
64 43 2.2
65 38 2.0
66 26 1.3
67 45 2.3
68 33 1.7
69 37 1.9
70 36 1.9
71 37 1.9
72 36 1.9
73 27 1.4
74 31 1.6
75 34 1.8
76 61 3.1
77 60 3.1
78 53 2.7
79 26 1.3
80 26 1.3
81 20 1.0
82 17 0.9
83 20 1.0
84 11 0.6
85 12 0.6
86 23 1.2
87 17 0.9
88 19 1.0
89 26 1.3
90 25 1.3
91 50 2.6
92 36 1.9
93 38 2.0
94 35 1.8
95 22 1.1
96 29 1.5
97 22 1.1
98 17 0.9
99 13 0.7

Call Areas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 205 10.6
1 149 7.7
2 169 8.7
3 196 10.1
4 288 14.9
5 110 5.7
6 250 12.9
7 204 10.5
8 167 8.6
9 201 10.4

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 994 51.3
B 415 21.4
Q 48 2.5
M 150 7.7
U 310 16.0
S 22 1.1
N6AR   Single Op HP   106,9662009-11-23 09:06:07
Missed WCF- what a tragedy!
VE8EV   Single Op HP   116,6882009-11-23 09:08:48
This year's SS was a personal best for me and I'm finally starting to feel like
I know what I'm doing. I was expecting the auroral activity on Saturday to
keep me out of the game until Sunday but the high (not zero!) sunspot number
compensated somewhat, at least on the higher bands. I managed to get over 200
into the log before before 15m and 20m closed up. I wasn't expecting much on
the low bands Saturday night and I sure wasn't disappointed. Between 0200 and
0700 my score increased by only 24 points! Sunday morning the rate waxed and
waned with the aurora as I alternated between running and hunting for mults. I
knew the sweep was lost after spending a half-hour calling VO1HE without
success. Things finally picked up mid-afternoon and I even managed
back-to-back runs on 15m and then 20m until it closed up around 0100. 40m was
slightly better than the night before but practically everyone I could hear was
already in log so I pulled the plug and went home.

I'll post the usual in-depth write-up to later on

John - VE8EV
KF5SA   Single Op HP   31,5002009-11-23 09:25:00
My first contest in 48 years of operating. Disappointed that I didn't manage a
"sweep" but probably not too bad for my first contest. Recovering from a stiff
neck and looking forward to next year.
N3FX   SO Unlimited HP   162,0802009-11-23 09:33:30
A personal best. Good conditions and two new low 80M dipoles added up to a great
W4DTA   Single Op HP   37,1002009-11-23 09:50:50
I always wanted to do this contest, so this was a completely part time effort in
between looking for the best Santa for our annual Christmas photo, Church,
football, and spending time with the XYL and our Son.

Had a great time in 40, cranked the tower all the way up, and the steppir
performed as expected, also both the PW1 and the 7600 did a great job.

Had some decent runs, but felt shy of 10 for a clean sweep, could not find a VT
station anywhere when I was on, and also a few VE sections, so maybe next year.
I was able to pick up ND which was the last state that I needed for WAS under
this call.

VE3WIB   Single Op HP   113,1202009-11-23 09:51:02
Had a blast my attennas worked great for USA/Canada didn't know they were as
good as they were. Had a great runs on all bands. Was so exicted almost forgot to give VE8 his report he had to ask me for it.
Exceed what I expected when I started the contest , so may not be a winner but
better than I had planned for.
tried a new radio FT-2000 wow
what a radio , great for removing qrm noise etc, could work stations a kc apart,
by using the adjustments on the radio.
W7SWL   Single Op LP   15,6002009-11-23 09:54:45
Murphy was such a constant companion that I should enter as a Multi Op.
WD5K   Single Op LP   141,6002009-11-23 09:59:44
FT1000mp 100w
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Dipole
80m Inv
WØCN(@NR4M)   Single Op HP   241,6002009-11-23 10:08:17
Thanks to Steve, NR4M, for the use of his station and his gracious hospitality.

Thanks for all the QSOs!


Dan, W0CN
K6LL   SO Unlimited HP   257,2802009-11-23 10:31:24
I hate to say it, but I think I have gotten too old to really enjoy competing
seriously in Phone SS. The QRM is miserable, and my little backyard antennas at
48' really struggle to hold a run frequency. On Sunday afternoon I found myself
looking at the clock and wishing that it would advance faster so the pain would
be over.

With about four hours of op time left, I stupidly hot-switched the Six-Pak
antenna switch, which caused a loud bang in the right-hand amplifier. The amp's
fuses blew, and when I tried to restart it, a cloud of smoke and stink blew out
of the dual exhausts of the 4cx800's. The cloud of smoke briefly formed itself
into a large dollar sign before dissipating. The Six-Pak didn't work any more

I operated for another hour using the left-hand setup, with Six-Pak bypassed,
but I was pretty bummed out about the whole deal, and quit early. I know that
decision will probably be costly in the standings, but at that point I didn't
care, and I don't regret it today either.

I think that from now on I will just play around in Phone SS for a few hours.

There were some high points, though. It was nice to work the SS regulars, and
it was nice to see the broad 15 meter opening.


Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

W7YAQ   Single Op QRP   40,4642009-11-23 10:32:43
Glad to catch a few Qs on 10 meters and find 15 in good shape! Missed NLI NNY
SNJ DE SC MS VI MAR, though heard all but DE and MS.

Bob W7YAQ CK 54
K5NA   Multi-Op HP   323,8402009-11-23 10:44:51
It was another terrific ARRL Sweepstakes Phone Contest weekend.

KU5B (Colin) and N5ZC (Rich) were here to man the stations and do 99% of the
operating while Susan and I did mostly logistical support. Colin and Rich
operate well together and make a great team.

Conditions were down a little for us from last year and we ended up about 150
QSOs behind last year. The multiplier sweep was completed Saturday evening
without much problem. We worked at least two stations from every multiplier.

We are already looking forward to next year.

73, Richard - K5NA
K8IR   Single Op QRP   49,9202009-11-23 10:58:06
Missed ND and SC. Who would have thought the last VE section worked by a
Michigan station would be VE3, and then on 15 meters? Some most interesting
short skip on both 15 and 20 during the evenings.
K7RL   SO Unlimited HP   340,6402009-11-23 11:01:53
15m was open and in pretty good shape before the contest, so I decided to give
it a try. A steady rate and low QRM made for a nice a break from the madness
on 20m.

Unfortunately, heavy rain and accompanying rain static slowed me down on 40m
and 80m Saturday evening. It lasted quite a while and made copy difficult. I
apologize to those stations I couldn’t hear through the noise.

As a result, I was 66 Qs behind last year at my scheduled break. I made some
headway on the deficit as the contest progressed, but still finished 57 Qs
short. All-in-all, great activity, especially from the newer stations with a
check >= 2006 – my log has 204 such stations, almost 10%.

Thanks to all for the Qs, and Happy Thanksgiving.

73 de Mitch, K7RL
NF6P   Single Op LP   59,2902009-11-23 11:09:20
Low Power with a wire, what I'm I thinking! I get what the die hard CW ops say
about this "splatter-fest". Great to have nice runs on 80 for a change and a
good start on 15. 20 was a zoo and 40 was just not that great for me Saturday

Missed NNY and believe me I called and called. He never heard me. The NL and
NWT just never heard or found.
AL2F   Single Op HP   3,1502009-11-23 11:15:37
Just a 3.5 hour effort. Good signals on 80m, nice to get MDC, AL & LA.

73 - AL2F - Anchor Point, AK.
N7WH   Single Op LP   16,0002009-11-23 11:19:28
Great fun as always. Bands were open for a change. Got my 2nd Sweep in 12 yrs.
K6LE   Single Op LP   14,3642009-11-23 11:24:25
Had fun but 100 Watts to a doublet is always a challenge in a SSB contest.
W7VO   Multi-Op HP   129,7602009-11-23 11:27:49
We had our first run at ARRL SS SSB (Multi-Single) from the new QTH here in OR,
and had a blast. We had some problems, such as a power output control on the
FT-2000 that was accidentally turned almost OFF for the first half hour of the
contest. (no wonder nobody could hear us...). It took another 15 minutes to
find the problem....

We opened up the W7VO doors to the local ham club to let them experience
"Contesting beyond Field Day", and had a few takers. My wife Shelley (W7VOX)
had fun making a dozen or so contacts, her first ever on HF after being a ham
for some 30 years..... Everybody else that came spent a lot of time tuning and
listening around, and a few contacts were logged by them. Kudos (for the most
part) to the hams on the other end who patiently worked through the exchanges
with the new guys.......

A big storm that hit us on Saturday night did something to a power line, or
caused a branch to touch somewhere close, as line noise increased greatly to
the East from then on. Our best runs were on 15M, which closed like a light
switch at about 2300Z. 20M was unusable after sunset. Being a "little gun", it
was hard to find a run frequency anywhere but 15M.

The good news is that were able to complete the "clean sweep" at about 2200Z
on Sunday, my first ever. The elusive station from DE was the final one

Now, where did I stash that key?
WW2Y   Single Op HP   109,7602009-11-23 11:35:12
This contest is dedicated to K5KA. RIP Ken. I managed to find time to
operate in this contest between chores and family. Some of the "easy"
multipliers were hard to come by, such as AK, MS, VO1, WY, AR, and ND. WY7SS in
WY called me on 40m for a sweep at 2224Z, Sunday.

Equipment: FT1000D, Titan amp, 20m dipole, tree supported 2 el 20m beam hung
ropes pointed east using Crappie fishing poles and cedar wood, 40m inverted
@35ft, 80m 50ft high wire tee loaded vertical, and 80m inverted U @40ft aimed
N6BV(@N6RO)   Single Op HP   307,2002009-11-23 11:43:15
Here's my rate sheet.

BREAKDOWN QSO/mults N6BV 2009 Phone ARRL SWEEPSTAKES Single Operator

HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT
21 ..... ..... ..... 20/12 106/27 ..... 126/39 126/39
22 . . . . 133/15 . 133/15 259/54
23 . . . 92/10 12/1 . 104/11 363/65
0 . . . 102/4 . . 102/4 465/69
1 . . 116/4 . . . 116/4 581/73
2 . 1/0 88/1 . . . 89/1 670/74
3 . . 76/2 . . . 76/2 746/76
4 . . 95/0 . . . 95/0 841/76
5 ..... 14/1 66/1 ..... ..... ..... 80/2 921/78
6 . 26/0 45/0 . . . 71/0 992/78
7 . 22/0 61/0 . . . 83/0 1075/78
8 . 31/0 3/0 . . . 34/0 1109/78
9 . . . . . . . 1109/78
10 . . . . . . . 1109/78
11 . . . . . . . 1109/78
12 . . . . . . . 1109/78
13 ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 1109/78
14 . . . 37/0 3/1 . 40/1 1149/79
15 . . . . 81/1 . 81/1 1230/80
16 . . . 1/0 87/0 . 88/0 1318/80
17 . . . 5/0 71/0 . 76/0 1394/80
18 . . . . 74/0 . 74/0 1468/80
19 . . . 21/0 29/0 . 50/0 1518/80
20 . . . 63/0 1/0 . 64/0 1582/80
21 ..... ..... ..... 41/0 5/0 ..... 46/0 1628/80
22 . . . 66/0 . . 66/0 1694/80
23 . . . 68/0 . . 68/0 1762/80
0 . . 49/0 . . . 49/0 1811/80
1 . . 57/0 . . . 57/0 1868/80
2 . 31/0 21/0 . . . 52/0 1920/80
DAY1 . 94/1 550/8 341/26 597/45 . . 1582/80
DAY2 . 31/0 127/0 175/0 5/0 . . 338/0
TOT ..... 125/1 677/8 516/26 602/45 ..... ..... 1920/80

I started out rather slowly compared to previous years but the average rate
held up above 100 for the first five hours. I decided to open up on 15 meters,
since there seemed to be a number of big signals on 15 before the contest
started. I briefly tried to call CQ on 20 when I felt the rate wasn't that hot
on 15 but quickly went back to running on 15.

I struggled all weekend with very aggressive people plopping down within 1 kHz
of my run frequency and calling CQ, without the courtesy of asking whether the
frequency was in use. The amount of splatter seemed higher than usual, with
some very wide signals. But maybe I'm just getting old and crotchety.

40 meters was an endless well of weak signals, requiring multiple requests for
repeats. But perseverance pays off in SS, with an unusually high number, at
least for me, on 40 meters. The stacked 4/4 M2 antennas played well.

I went to bed for my six-hour break at 0830 Z with more QSOs in the log than in
previous years, and I looked forward to the grind on Sunday. NOT! But as I said
before, the game is to persevere through the pain and misery of SS phone.

As we have done for a number of years, the owner of the station, Ken, N6RO,
operated in the background on bands I wasn't using, or when I was asleep. He
started operating after a music gig he played until about midnight local time.

When I woke up after my customary single six-hour break, we shared the open
bands. Ken would let me operate the highest-rate band that was open, while he
used another band. For example, when I was on 40, Ken would be on 80. When I
was on 15, he would be on 20. That way we could maximize the number of points
for NCCC from a single station. He ended up logging close to 800 QSOs for the
club competition.

I think a lot of smaller stations ended up S&Ping on 15 meters, avoiding the
contentious zoo that was 20 meters. 15 was open nicely to all parts of North
America all Sunday. I engaged in only a smattering of SO2R operating, partly
because of our N6BV/N6RO dual-station operation -- but also because I quickly
became paranoid about losing a lucrative run frequency while doing a quick SO2R

Thanks to Ken, N6RO, for the use of his fantastic station.

15 m: 6/6/6 at 130/85/50'
20 m: 5/5/5 at 130/90/45'
40 m: 4/4 at 130/70'
80 m: 2L quad at 130'

Radios: K3, Orion
Amps: AL-1200, Homebrew 8877
Software: Win-Test

73, Dean, N6BV
K5EWJ   Single Op HP   73,7862009-11-23 11:44:10
I sure wanted a sweep but I never heard a NL station. I was surprised to work
two NWT stations and I finally caught MB and UT running toward the end. I was
pleasantly surprised to find a lot of activity on 15 where it is nice to get
away from the big crowds on 20. Sweeps are not my favorite contest of the
year, but I had a good time and was able to give N1MM a trial run on my new
Windows 7 computer. I only had to reboot two times during the 27 hours.
K1TR   Single Op LP   47,1802009-11-23 11:49:06
K3, A3 + Wires
K6NV   SO Unlimited HP   90,4502009-11-23 11:56:23
Started on 15m, which was good, did not feel like I was loud on 15m at all, at
least not like I usually do.

I missed out on Sat evening due to a social event I needed to attend (fund
raiser for the Sierra Avalanche Center held at Sugar Bowl- was a fun time).

I did spend more time looking for mults, but that did not do much good, I still
came up 5 shy of a sweep, missed CT, NLI, DE, WTX & MAR. This is unusual for me
to miss that many. I did hear the pileup for MAR on 20m, but no way I could
bust it.

80m and 40m were very good here, particulary 80m Sat night when I got back, had
a great run and made up some lost time.

We all need to keep in mind the timing on going to 40m or 80m, on Sunday I went
earlier than I normally do which paid off.

Sunday did ok on 15m, but just could not sustain any good runs with high
numbers, felt each QSO was a struggle. Just not loud on 15m. Have to think
about a different antenna configuration for 10-20m.

A good thing I discovered was having 2 antennas on 80m, my old standby inverted
vee and my 1/4 wave wire vertical hung in a tree with 4 radials. Switching
between the two was great and certainly paid off.

I keep thinking if I ever put in 20 or more hours I could break 1000 q's, going
to think about that for next year.
WB6CZG   SO Unlimited HP   8,7742009-11-23 12:03:41
I decided to join NCCC a couple of days prior to this contest and decided to use
N1MM as a logging program 3 days prior to the contest. I thought I could easily
figure out how to use it, hey 2 days of intense playing. Well right away I got
the “unknown error” message. Took a bit to figure out that it had to be run
in administrator mode. Now I was ready to “configure”. For many hours/ and
the remaining 2 days, I could not get it to communicate with my TS-2000. I also
had help from Jack KF6T for an 1 1/2 hours on the phone and still it did not
work. I was using a USB to serial converter cable that was working with HRD.
Therefore it should be OK…..wrong. It turned out it was the USB to serial
converter cable; I switched it out with a different one….IT WORKED. This only
got me to getting the program running but no time to configure it. So Barry,
K6ST, suggested N3JFP’s software…..and cost only $6. Got it going right
away so at least I could participate in SS.
That was the first problem; second problem was the newly acquired Heil foot
switch. It broke half way through the contest and I had to go to my Radio Shack
$15 foot switch that was a pain to use; kept sliding all over the place.
And lastly, my station is not set up for contesting. I was sitting on a stool
for my 11 hours operating time. It wasn’t my voice that gave out, it was my
As far as the contest goes, I have a G5RV/jr antenna at 50 ft, but is almost in
a vertical mode in the pine trees, I was limited to 40-10 bands. Wish I could
have gotten on 80.
My goal was to do at least 100 Qs (accomplished)……yes it is not
much…..but remember my butt.
VE5CPU   Single Op HP   101,4002009-11-23 12:25:15
Nice turn out this year. 15 and 20 were wall to wall but the run rates were
still pretty good despite the crowding. Had at least 3 great hours of running
when there were lots of participants and the run rates were 140 per hour, a
pretty good rate for this station. Don't have great low band antennas and 40
and 80 were pretty long from VE5'land so I was disappointined with my results
there. Got close enough to a sweep that I spent more time late Sunday
afternoon trying to get the last few that and I gave up running. I was still
denied and missed DE and ND this year.

As always, it is nice to work a lot of folks in the contest so thanks to all
those who participated and it is especially nice to run across all the folks
with familiar calls from over the years. Thanks to all those who made the log
and my apologies to those I could not get a clear signal on.
K3YDX   Single Op LP   30,1002009-11-23 12:35:34
Another series of lessons learned. Trying to contest with a 3 year old grandson
around is not helpful to the effort! A ground mounted vertical on 80 meters is
better than a dummy load, but not by much.
Got excited after finally working NV section I forgot to hit enter to log it
and tuned off the frequency loosing the data. Embarassed to have to go back
and convince him to work me again! Gotta remember to hit that enter key.
Lots of fun and always a pleasure to run into old friends.
N4PN   Single Op LP   228,8002009-11-23 12:39:37
Started on 15m with Bill, KH7XS, as first contact....72 Q's the first hour. Went
to the "mad-house" 20m but it was pretty hopeless with hopeless,
that when I went to bed at 3:30AM on Sunday morning had a whopping 51 Q's on
First hour and half on 40m was ok with 74 Q' 3 1/2 hours on 80m was
ok also with 295 Q's...
Sunday morning 20m was a little better as the other bands were open and didn't
get pushed around quite as bad as on Saturday..
QSO #35 was VE8EV on 15m....QSO #113 was W7ASF/VY2 and shortly afterwards,
N7FVP/VY2. No shortage of MAR with VO1KVT, VY2SS and VO1HE.
Lots of AK stations....worked eight (8)!! and only 4 HI...that's got to be a
first...Last three for the sweep was N4FCG/SFL; KP2M/VI....and QSO #977 was the
sweep - VE7BC!! That, too, is surely a first...VE7!!...but as always happens,
worked VA7ST, VE7AX, VE7ZR a short time later....13 hours between mult 79 and
80....Forgot, VY1JON, also came from somewhere on 15m Sunday afternoon...big
Had a RX on 10m but never heard a single signal. Never gave a listen on 160m.
Lots of fun....had a lot of new stations to call - explained the
exchange..maybe they'll be back next year...
N2IC(AA5B)   Single Op HP   363,3602009-11-23 12:44:58
The first 7 hours tracked exactly my rates from last year, but then I opened up
a 120-QSO gap during the next 5 hours (and maintained it all the next day,
thankfully). Conditions? Better focus? Don't know, but I'm grateful!

The good condx on 15 took a little of the pressure off of 20 meters, but not
enough. It was still bedlam most of the time.

My thanks go to N2IC for opening up his station again, and to K5KA for helping
to make SS such a great contest. I know you're watching and listening, OM.

-Bruce AA5B
KI4EEY   Single Op LP   1,5182009-11-23 13:04:24
Minimal effort for the first time. Hope the next will be 20x better.

Enjoyed getting my feet wet!!!


N3YIM   SO Unlimited HP   60,1602009-11-23 13:09:17
Great contest, had a good time, my first sweep, go PVRC
VA3RKM   Single Op QRP   9,9962009-11-23 13:21:44
K2, 5 watts, verticals and wires. It was hard on 20m for QRP because of the QRM
but 15m was good. Overnight on the low bands was very quiet. Best DX was KH7XS
on 40m, with their huge antennas.
K6RM   SO Unlimited LP   54,1662009-11-23 13:23:56
Missed ND, NLI, SNJ, DE, WPA, KY, es NL
Thanks for the Qs.
N1LN   SO Unlimited HP   172,4802009-11-23 13:29:39
This weekend I was once again reminded why I prefer CW to SSB contesting. If
the following explanation sounds like the typical 75m GERITOL net, I pre
apologize. The target Q count of between 1500 and 2000 quickly vanished.

Saturday afternoon I found out that it was my turn to come down with some type
of 'crud'. In this specific example 'crud' will be defined as a very soar
throat with accompanying loss of voice, stuffed up head and the occasional
cough. With CW - no problem.... use my computer, keyer and paddle. With SSB,
well - try to use the DVK as much as possible and operate for shorter periods of
time while relying on various decongestants, menthol cough drops, hot tea and
cold water. Saturday night, after a painful 6.5 hours of operation I had to
shut down at 22:30 EST ( 03:30 UTC) which was 4 or more hours earlier than I
originally targeted. I lost most of prime time 40 and 75 and many of the
missed Qs were never to return. Sunday morning started bright and early at
10:00 UTC (5:00am local) and I lasted for about 2 hrs before my voice went out.
The rest of the day was comprised of 1 hour here and parts of an hour there
that, when added, together totaled 14 hours of on-the-air time. About 3 hrs
were search and pounce that did not help the Q count, but did help the
multiplier count and the voice. I justified my U classification for two of
the 80 multipliers as both VE8EV and KP2M were cluster located and both Qs were
made on 15 meters.

I have read a couple other postings about operating within 2kcs of another
station and being asked to QSY. This weekend my experiences with close
operating were mostly " no issue " as the K3s address that situation quite
well. That is not true, however, when the interfering station has one of
those 5kc wide splatter signals and they are only 2kcs away. There were MANY
of those on this weekend. Another PLUS for CW contesting.

Thanks to all for the fills, the patience, the fun and most of all the
participation. Due to family commitments CQWW-CW will only be a casual
operation, but look for a multi-single entry in the upcoming ARRL and CQ 160 CW

Bruce - N1LN
(aka: NC4KW)
W6CS(NI6T)   SO Unlimited HP   94,0682009-11-23 14:33:58
Missed DE, NL. First half of a split operation.
NI6T   SO Unlimited HP   93,7602009-11-23 14:35:59
Second half of a split operation.
N6XG   Multi-Op HP   198,4002009-11-23 14:58:10
Doing a multi-op was an excellent experience.

It was nice to see 15M so lively.
N8XE   Single Op HP   30,7442009-11-23 15:17:11
Had a ball. Wish I had more time to do more of the sweeps.
KY4F   Single Op LP   38,8082009-11-23 15:39:27
Whew. That was fun. Much better score than I anticipated; my antenna being
literally a wire thrown over a tree! I guess that's the great thing about
Sweepstakes. I didn't have a lot of time to dedicate to this effort but wanted
to contribute to the club score.

Thanks for the Q's! I don't know which is more surprising... getting 77
sections or the third of the three I missed! ND and NL I can understand... but
missing SB? Go figure!

73's Doug
K6LA   Single Op HP   168,0002009-11-23 16:02:50
I don't recall who wrote next time he would choose a bed of nails over SS Phone,
but I think I will too, at least until 10 meters opens. 20 meters was just too
painful. After a few hours I had to walk away. I walked away again after
finding VE4EAR for my sweep. And a few other times.

I second what Dave, K6LL wrote.

73, Ken, K6LA
KØDU   Multi-Op HP   303,6802009-11-23 16:05:16
First of all the station played very well,no glitches other than a few times RF
was getting in to the logging computer key board.It was our first contest with
the Flex 5000A.I was familiar with the radio but Larry struggled a little. I
was new to N1MM. A pile up 500 deep is not the time to learn a new logging
program. It's pretty bad when your telling every one to stand by while you fix
a screw up with the logging, not once but several times it happened to me.
Another time Larry was calling and calling and no one was coming back,some how
he was running split transmitting on 40 meters listening on 20.Larry made the
comment that we were rusty. NO KIDDING !!! Larry and I are usually pretty good
as a team but the beginning of this contest should have made funniest videos.
Well as time went on we settled in and picked up the rate. Fortunately Larry
never gives up he closed out with a great run on 40 meters. Two years off has
taken it's toll on me I can only hope I get back to where I was. The bands were
pretty good we had big pile ups but just couldn't get a respectable rate going.
As to the Flex Radio the verdict is still out, I personally like it but it may
not be the radio of choice for contesting.I feel a K3 in the works. I want to
thank Larry K0CL for coming over you can always depend on him. Thanks to all
that worked us. Happy Holidays.. Jerry K0DU
KØOB   SO Unlimited HP   225,7602009-11-23 16:33:26
SO2R Mark V running 300 watts on AL-811
1000D barefoot
Antennas: Force 12 C3 with one 40 meter element @ 50 (Tuned for CW)
B&W folded dipole at 45

Last year was my first solo effort at SS Phone in 12 years because of all the
time I spent at the mighty KT0R. My goal this year was to walk away from the
contest knowing I had given it everything I had.

Ten minutes before the start I staked a claim on 20 meters. I quickly ran into
Hans, K0HB, and then Jay, K0QB. Jay stuck around to be my first Q and as soon
as the clock hit 2100z someone fired up a kilowatt just below me and just about
wiped out my Q with Jay. I knew I would have to QSY because the splatter was 20
over. I was really irritated but then my mind flashed back to my first SS Phone
with the big man himself, Dave KT0R.

It was my first SS phone at KT0R and I eagerly listened to Dave run stations
using a second pair of headphones. Dave made it sound so easy. I couldn't wait
to sit in the big chair and command the run frequency. Finally, Dave turned it
over to me saying he should go upstairs and check on the family. I quickly
jumped into the big chair eager to prove my contesting ability. All those years
of listening to the big guns run and now I was at a station that was capable of
such feats. I was certain I could run with the best of them and now I had a
chance to prove it. I quickly put on the headset but was startled to hear a
wall of S9 splatter. Was it that bad when Dave was running? I didn't remember
that with all the stations calling. Surely some big station must have just
moved in beside me. My confidence level started to plummet.

Dave returned to the shack about a half hour later to find me S&P. One look at
me and Dave asked, what happened to our run frequency? I looked at him
sheepishly saying I lost it to big QRM. Well, that's an easy one to solve Dave
said. You just need a new run frequency. In a move I will never forget Dave
took hold of the tuning dial of the 1000D and gave it a big spin. He then
quickly moved it back and forth before settling on a frequency. Then he gave
the command, call CQ! Again, it sound like a wall of crap to me so I quickly
said this isn't a good run frequency. To which Dave calmly replied, it's not if
you don't call CQ. So I started to call CQ with Dave listening. Dave kept
saying, hit it! Call CQ again! Keep calling CQ! You must be confident! You have
a mono bander and a kilowatt behind you. You will open the frequency! You must
run with confidence and the Q's will come. That is when I officially began
attending the school of contesting run by one of the most enthusiastic guys I
have ever known.

In that split second of remembrance I actually smiled to myself. Well, that's
an easy one to solve I said to myself as I spun the dial and started to call CQ
again. Using the skills Dave taught me my first hour was 114 Q's. My second hour
was down to 87 but back up to 101 Q's on my third hour on 20 meters. The party
ended around 6:30 when 20 really slowed down and I was forced to move to 40. I
used to look forward to going to 40 at KT0R. His two element 40 beam and a
kilowatt would part the QRM. At my place the QRM didn't even notice I was
trying to move in. My 40M element is tuned for CW and the SWR gets pretty high
above 7150. I just couldn't get any sustained run going. 80 is no better. I
tried running but no one called. I often had guys CQ in my face as my feeble
signal didn't even get above their noise level.

A little after 8 P.M. I noticed there were some spots for 20. Curious, I tuned
20 with the second rig and worked N0KK. Kirk reported he was having a good run
so I switched to 20 and started CQing. I had a steady rate until about 9:30
when the band just seemed to turn itself off. Back to 40 and 80 I went knowing
I had to suffer through the night before things would pick up on 20 the next
day. I was relieved to quit at 1 A.M..

I was back on at 6 A.M. needing MB, NL, KP4, and ND for the sweep. I turned the
rig on and switched to 80. The frequency I came to had VE4EAR calling CQ! I
called three times and he didn't respond when I noticed I was using the 40M
antenna. I switched and kept calling but, he disappeared! Oh well. I S&P 40 and
80 until I switched to 20 at 7 A.M.. That was the beginning of an exciting day.

I parked myself around 14.300 the until 7:45 that evening. People just kept
calling. I easily picked up the remaining sections for the sweep. At about 1 in
the afternoon I was really hungry and the house was empty so I had to quit to
make myself some lunch. I reluctantly walked away from a great frequency only
to find it still there 30 minutes later when I returned! The same thing
happened that evening when I quit to have dinner with the family and found the
frequency still there 30 minutes later. I used the second radio to rack up 95
Q's on the other bands but, there was never a reason to walk away from 20
meters. I am truly satisfied I gave this one everything I had.

I learned a lot of things about contesting from Dave. Of course, there were
others who attended the U of KT0R in Dave's basement shack. I often think about
how I miss Dave's friendship and those many enjoyable hours spent with him
working the contest of the moment. SS phone was his favorite contest. His
excitement for it was unmatched as it drew near. I am no KT0R but, in some way
Dave left a little of himself in each of us who learned from him and that is
heard from us in each SS. That, I think, is pretty neat.
W4BW   SO Unlimited HP   10,7122009-11-23 16:35:18
Thanks for the Q's.

Bob - W4BW
K1BX   Single Op LP   201,9202009-11-23 16:36:53
160 INV L @60'
80 INV V @70'
40 402-CD @50', INV V
20,15 X7 @60'

IC-775, IC-756PIII

If the following events occur, I have a decent chance of winning LP again:

1) No DX LP entry
2) Low QRN
3) No Aurora
4) Sweep
5) N4PN arrives home late on Saturday from a trip

Well, I didn't get number 5.

20 meters did not work for me late Sunday afternoon - it usually is very good
to W8 & W9. But QRM was too much. It was as bad as CQ WW.

Last section was VE7 (QSO #1005). Worked the tough ones early on 15m.

Activity seemed very good. Lots of new hams. Lots of "Tnx for NH" which is rare
the last decade. (Although I'll bet more QSOs were made from SD than NH -

Perhaps the SS LP Plaque sponsored by Ken, K5KA will soon bear his call in
memoriam. I enjoyed talking to Ken about sweepstakes a few times.

73, art
KØRH   Single Op LP   197,2802009-11-23 16:37:54
Best I have ever done as a single-op LP....I must be getting older as I
could only last 22 hrs....Thanks for all the Q's....Jim
AG4W   Single Op HP   65,2802009-11-23 16:42:43
Used Orion2 with 80/40 delta loops and the 3 element quad for 20/15/10. Had a
great time. Good opening on 15 meters. Could not believe MO was the last one
for the clean sweep.
WR3Z(@N3OC)   Multi-Op HP   238,8802009-11-23 16:44:24
Many thanks to Brian N3OC for use of his "left" operating position, and to Alan
N3ALN for his help with the Multi operation. This was Alan's indoctrination to
serious HF about throwing someone into the fire!! But a fine
job nonetheless.

I echo other comments regarding how nice it was to operate 40m without all the
broadcast stations. But the band was still wall-to-wall which made it tough
below 7200. Would have done more on 80m but split time with N3OC at the "right"
position so 40/20 were the big bands for WR3Z.

Congrats to all the big scores across the country. SS brings out some spirited
club competition so we'll see how it all pans out this year.

Barry WR3Z
AD4ES   Multi-Op HP   158,8802009-11-23 16:45:29
Obtained sweep at 1:15 PM local time! Very exciting to us all. We
tried to get to 1000 Q's but just couldn't do it. Loads of fun. Some
of the stations were so down in the noise we surprised ourselves at our
ability to get their report. 24 hours of listening does improve the
ability to hear details. It also wears you out!

Radio: IC765
Amp: AL572
Antennas: 3 el Stepp IR with 40M Driven Kit at 55 feet
Alpha Delta DX-A Sloper (160 / 80 / 40)
K4SSU(NA4BW)   Single Op HP   306,8002009-11-23 17:13:58
A handful more q's than last year. A much better start than last year left me
feeling pretty good at the 1st break up about 90 q's from last year at the same
time. Then there is Sunday. Sunday mornings have in the past been OK (compared
to the afternoon) but this year we received some heavy rain on Sunday and were
treated to some amazingly high rain static. 40 was especially painful and 20m
was not yet in the shape I needed, but was forced to go there vs. battling the
10 to 15 over static on 40. The rates suffered significantly as a result. Next
year right?

A few others have mentioned this, but I will also say the Sunday afternoon
doldrums were not that bad. Is that because I couldn't get much going that

I was very encouraged to see a far greater turn out of recent cks than I recall
in recent years. That's sure a good sign. Also, isn't great to work the school
stations? Great to hear the W2PV callsign on the air again.

Ran into a bit of swine cultivating above 3800 Sunday night. Decided not to
dance that dance this year and just went way down the band and didn't stay for
long. 80 just didn't produce like last year.

Toughest mult? VI but eventually had a couple of them. I think I have only 1
Mississpi q in the log though.

Thanks to Dave and Gayle - you guys are the best!! 73's all - Brian NA4BW
K4RG   SO Unlimited HP   112,8002009-11-23 17:15:02
I had a lot of fun. I had to start late, take an early nap, go to bed early and
sleep in late because I hiked the Billy Goat trails along the Potomac river in
MD that day and I was whipped. I was just trying to see if I could get a
clean sweep and could not find Oklahoma, so I decided to call CQ and worked OK
after 20 minutes and I just kept going until the end. I just wanted to get a
clean sweep and put in a score for PVRC. Thanks to all for the Q's.
K1HTV   Single Op LP   167,0402009-11-23 17:18:06
Equipment Description:

Radio: TS850 - 100 Watts
Antennas: (2) 160M Inverted-L's - also used for 20M & 15M
(2) ZS6BKW's (modified 80M G5RV's) - used for 80,40 & 20M
80M Inverted-L
80M low dipole at 35 feet with 1/2 wave wire reflector on ground
40M 1/4 wave wire Vertical
40M low dipole at 25 feet - also used for 15M

Club Affiliation: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Was pleasantly surprised that I was able to sweep all 80 sections with low
power and wire antennas. I started the contest on 40M with a 71 hour, then
20Mbut could only S&P at a much slower rate. I switched to 80M and had 61, 80
and 52 per hours rates between 23Z and 02Z. From 02Z to 05Z my rates were
miserable, only 25-30 Q's/hour on both 80M and 40M. Between 05Z and 07Z the
rates increased to 50+ Q's/hour.

I found it tough using wire antennas on the higher bands after being spoiled
for years with 5el Hygain monobanders at the old MD QTH. But the wires did
produce the QSOs needed to complete the sweep.

I made short checks of 15 Meters at 1430Z, 1630Z and 1700Z in hopes of
picking up PAC, AK, VI, NT and other western VE sections. In checking 15 Meters
I found most of the sections needed. The first time I heard NP2B and 2 Alaska
stations I was unable to break the pileups and didn't want to waste too much
time on them.

By 20:00Z I had worked 76 sections but still needed AK, PAC, NT, and VI. I
Switched back one more time to 15 Meters in hopes of snagging some of them.
I found and worked KL8DX for section #77. Seven minutes later, KH7T was in
the log for section #78. A few minutes later I ran across VE8EV calling CQ
no takers. That was an easy QSO for section #79. I finally found NP2B higher
the band and snagged him for section #80 and the sweep. The 15 Meters treck
off! Then it was back to 40M and 80M to try to run stations and bring up the

I'm glad that the solar flux was high enough to open 15M to Hawaii, NW
Canada and the Virgin Islands. It helped many of the deserving to get the

73 de Rich - K1HTV
K7SS   Single Op LP   51,8002009-11-23 17:24:41
Bands are getting better! 15 was a great surprise, especially with "A" class
power. 20 meter's dreaded MOSH PIT is pretty much restricted to B power if you
wanna run. Any brief attempt at running didnt last long.

GREAT to run into so many old familiar calls and say hello again....AND great
to have so many new guys in there playing too.

Really enjoyed the GREAT NW FIRST HOUR OF SWEEPSTAKES CHALLENGE we had up here
in the northwest corner. Looks like so far the top first hour is 172 by W7WA.
We gave a multiplier of 1 for B power, 2 for A power, and 3 for Q power to try
and equalize the race.
Waiting for a few others to chime in, before we declare the winner, and award
the wine prize.

As always SS was really FUN!! Long wait til Nov 2010.
N8II   Single Op HP   324,4802009-11-23 17:29:36
The funniest thing that happened during the SS was while I was trying to sleep.
I stopped at 2:06AM local (last hour was slow), and our adorable small dog kept
nuzzling up against me to be warmer. Finally, he got tired of being moved
away a bit and left. We have a Sleep Number bed with a frame that raises the
head and foot; at 2:40 the head started to rise a bit, then stopped; then we
rose to totally upright! I knew the remote button was being pushed somewhere
and immediately fussed at my wife thinking she had rolled over onto it. Turns
out it was the dog who had relocated to her chair and was laying on the remote!
It took about 2 minutes of frantic searching to find it.

On to SS, I couldn't really get enthused about SS going into it, so prepartion
was near zero. One hour before SS, I was cleaning the outside windows, not
thinking I would push it hard at all. I found a somewhat clear spot with 3
minutes until the start at 14256 and started CQ'ing. The first 5 minutes were
miserably slow, then the callers started coming. At 0102Z, I stopped the run
still on 14256 with 510 Q's in the log, best start ever and one of my best runs
ever! Rates were 115, 130, 137, and 122 in the first 4 hours. I could have
easily ran another 10/hr without all of the contest lid exchanges/fills; but
everyone has that to deal with. The last 2 hours were aided by Es which at
times shortened the skip zone up to MI and neighboring KY and OH. The west
coast was fading fast by then, but it was very late for any 20M opening. After
12 minutes for food, etc., it was on to 75M. I found the first clear spot below
3800 and was off running like mad again; the best hour of the contest was 03Z
with 142 Q's. I hit 1000 Q's at 0515Z, made 1500 by 1848Z (took about 5.6 hours
off) and was still running well on 75M at 0209Z when I hit the 2K ether. Actual
time on air was less than 23 hours, but the short breaks helped me maintain my
focus. Sunday was far from slow; when a run slowed down, the question was not
run or S&P, but where do I run next? Run on a new freq same band or try a new
one? I made 2 attempts around 17Z to run on 15 with aboslutely no callers, so
despite being wide open, 15 was just not worth spending the time. I had good
runs on 20 most of the afternoon, the band that kept on giving, with the best a
88 hour at 22Z. 40M produced a 97 hour at 14Z. With the late opening on 20 again
Sunday until it slowed around 24Z, 40 was full of loud CQ'ers, I tried to wedge
in twice with no callers at all, so it was on to 75M; 3805 was totally clear at

I chased no mults whatsoever until Sunday and had 75 at the sleep break. VE8EV
was found on 20 at 1343Z, WP3R on 20 at 1350Z, and KP2M on 15 at 1803Z. My best
luck was having VO1BQ call on 20 at 1644Z. I very nearly missed him in the noise
of my quite directional 205BA pointed west (have about an S4-5 noise in that
direction); I just happened to switch to the fixed south beam and heard him
calling. A swing of the beam, and he was at least S7. He gave me
NR 2! The last one needed was AK which I though would call in on 20. When I
fired up at 1936Z on 14199, KL7TS was the first QSO! I went on to run another 7
KL7's on 20. So, it ended up being my most effortless sweep ever, total mult/S&P
searching under 30 minutes.

Section totals: IL-98 MDC-62 MS-9 (some locals missed it)
VA-82 WWA-58 WV-10
OH-79 SCV-56 MAR-9
MN-71 AZ-51
MI-68 STX-50

It never ceases to amaze me the number of casual ops in SS with a number less
than 200. They are the backbone of the contest, not the 300 or so contenders.
Thanks so much for taking the time to help out us contenders! It's always nice
hearing familiar calls like N0IJ who reports his 50th SS phone entry, congrats!
It seems as if the number of big scores from PVRC was not that high, but with
the great condx and shorter skip allowing more East Coast Q's, we should give
NCCC a run for their money. Condx for me were much better than a year ago,
especially on 20 with the late openings and 75 with almost no skip zone. With a
better station, the increased activity, and a full 24, I could be dangerous. It
is rough without a big antenna on 40, it's about time to fix that with a revamp
of tower 1, or add a tower 2.

FT-1000, Titan-II amp. Antennas: 20-15M 5 el Hy-Gains at 90 ft. Force 12
tribander at 60 ft fixed S, 40M quad loop NE/SW center at 60 ft, sloping dipole
to SW, 75M ladder line fed dipole at 65 ft and seldom used for SS 1/4 wave
elevated vertical with 5 radials.

73, Jeff
KD8GOX   Single Op LP   52,7222009-11-23 17:36:28
The good. Very happy to work 3 QRP stations from MO and WWA. To me that is a
good measure for station performance. Scorewise I am happy.

The bad. Missed sweep by 1. I heard NLI on day 1 with a pile up and decided
to get them later - bad decision - since that is the one I missed - who would
guess it!

The ugly. Decided not to worry about putting up a marginal 80M antenna - this
decision probably cost me a sweep as well.


All good lessons from the school of hardknocks.

73 de Karl
N4XL   Single Op LP   16,3202009-11-23 17:44:49
I think I've found a new favorite contest!
K2SI   Single Op LP   45,6002009-11-23 17:49:46
Came up 5 sections short. Could not find OK, MS, BC, MAR, NWT. Had a lot of
fun trying though.
W3KL   SO Unlimited HP   102,5602009-11-23 17:52:35
Great contest. Conditions were great on all bands. Wish I spent more time on
15 on Sunday afternoon, but I had to juggle several non-ham radio tasks in
between getting seat time in.

I managed to get a run frequency relatively easily on 75, 20 and 15, but it was
hard to find room on 40!

I had to pull the plug at 0100Z on Sunday evening as I needed to get up early
on Monday morning.

Looking forward to CQ WW CW this coming weekend.
N6HC   SO Unlimited HP   205,4002009-11-23 17:54:55
I could not put in a full 24 hour effort due to a prior social commitment on
Sunday and a reluctance to forego a full night of sleep on Saturday! This was
the first Sweepstakes contest that I have entered in the Unlimited Class. Can
you believe I didn't achieve a sweep! Telnet was a complete distraction! I
doubt that I'll try that again 8>(
Fifteen meters was a pleasant surprise. Twenty meters was a madhouse. Forty
meters was more productive than I had anticipated.
My next door neighbors were away for the weekend so I didn't get any complaints
about RFI 8>)
My old 486-50 DOS computer logger only burped once during the contest. The
station equipment worked flawlessly. Life is good.
Thanks for all the QSOs. See you in the next one.
Best regards,
Arnie N6HC
W6TAI   Single Op HP   32,9002009-11-23 18:03:22
It was interesting to work '09 SS--with a check of '09! Although it was
intimidating to jump into such a big contest as a beginner, I found it
enjoyable and addicting! Thanks to everyone who took the time to welcome me to
amateur radio with words of encouragement. Special thanks to Wayne, N6NB, for
being such a patient mentor and motivating me to yell into the mike all
weekend. See you all next year!

Equipment: FT-857 transceiver, AL-572 amplifier
Antennas: 2 ele. tribander (TH-2) at 25 feet, 75
meter inverted vee up 23 feet at the apex,
40 meter ground-mounted vertical.
QTH: My cabin near Joshua Tree, CA.

-Carrie Tai, W6TAI
W5WW(@KC5FU)   Single Op HP   146,7202009-11-23 18:07:16
As the saying goes “plans are made for changing”. Such was the case with
this year’s SS Phone. The intent was to make a serious attempt and see how
the station would play. That plan quickly changed as I was standing on the top
of the tower at the start of the contest. I wouldn’t finish until two hours
later and pretty much beat from said antenna work. I can tell myself that I
won’t have to deal with that bad feed line and balun again…

Regardless I had a good time; conditions were pretty good for our part of the
country. And the station seemed to play pretty well. Got to 20m early on
Sunday, with the band being long I had some EU call me from time to time.
Biggest surprise was EP4MRG calling in with a 559 report!

Biggest downer of the weekend was hearing of K5KA’s passing. Ken was a class
act and a gentleman, may he rest in peace.

73 - Brent
K4EU   Single Op HP   164,0002009-11-23 18:15:23
First time over 1000 Q's in SS for me. After first 5 minutes of the contest
with AL7FD and VE8EV in the 15m log, I figured a sweep was on the way.... Went
searching for KP2 and KP4 on 15m Sunday afternoon otherwise all the other
sections called me.... Was able to run on 3700 for approximately 6 hours
Saturday night which accounted for more than half my total Q's..... It was good
to say hello to so many friends especially my Ham cousins K6EU and AB5EU. And,
thanks to all the not so serious casual ops out there who make the contest what
it is..... Thanks for the Q's and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
73....//Steve K4EU

QRO HF-2500DX Amp
8ele Log Periodic up 55'
80m/40m Inverted Vee up 65'
KJ4IC   SO Unlimited LP   55,3002009-11-23 18:17:17
Had a great time. Missed NL. CU next time.
73 - Bob KJ4IC
NØJK   Single Op QRP   8602009-11-23 18:29:33
Had to work both Saturday and Sunday - so no serious contest effort this year.
Had some time off Sunday afteroon, and went with my kids out to a friends farm
to do some trap clay shooting. I had along a little FT-817 radio, and a Radio
Shack CB mag. mount whip on the car. Added some wire to the end of the whip,
and it loaded up OK on 15M. Figured it might be good enough to make a Q or two.
To my surprise - it really got out! Over the next hour and a half I made 43
QSOs, including some real DX like WP3R, AL1G and KH7XS. A number of stations
commented "great Q signal!" Even some short E-skip to NM, TX and CO. But the
comments that impressed me the most were: "thank you for getting on and
helping out." While the numerous 200 - 300K scores and clean sweeps this year
get the attention - it is the casual ops and "Sunday Drivers" who make these
scores possible. This "Sunday Driver" was glad to help out.
KA9MOM   Single Op LP   48,6402009-11-23 18:39:02
Did far better then I thought I would. Antennas 5-BTV and a Inverted-V with the
apex at 35 feet for 80. Had trouble with the wall to wall signals on 20. 40 and
80 were great. All contacts were search and pounce. Worked all Cal. sections the
first night on 15. Missed ND,MAR,NL,and NWT. Haven't worked ND in the last four
sweeps. I did hear a weak MAR but he got knocked out by a big gun who moved in
above us on 40. Maybe next year.
NB7V   Single Op HP   19,5882009-11-23 18:40:48
The snow melted and the wind died down Saturday morning. I ran to put the bottom
XA on the stack. Finished at about 2:00 pm. Ran to the shack Threw all the
UUGHHH SWR & RF problems in the shack!!Then company came!!Don't they know its
Sweepstakes This weekend!!!Done for the day. Saturday morning I went to the
tower,tried every thing I could think of to get things working-nothing helped.
I finally I took the coax off of the stackmatch and and hooked the top XA to
the antenna switch and made a few contacts.But the RF kept freezing up my
It was not to be this year!
Thanks for the Q's
N6DE(@K6IDX)   SO Unlimited HP   270,8802009-11-23 19:45:18
I had a great time sharing the K6IDX station with W6RK again for SS Phone.

Our effort focused on maximizing our combined scores.

The day after Sweepstakes, I get a great deal of satisfaction out of having
operated this contest for the full 24 hours and knowing that I gave it
everything I had. I enjoy reading your Sweepstakes stories on 3830 and the
NCCC reflector. The dedication out there is remarkable!

Thanks to Brad K6IDX for the kick butt station.

-Dean - N6DE
K2PO/7   Single Op LP   45,0722009-11-23 19:51:08
Great to hear 15 open - more contacts on that band than 80/40 combined.

2 weeks ago, in a 24 hour CW SS effort, I missed NL for a sweep. This weekend,
in a more casual effort, I worked two NLs in the first 20 QSOs!! (Thanks VO1HE
and VO1KVT.) By QSO #22 I'd logged NWT, PAC, SNJ, MB, PR and VI! (Thanks
VE8EV, etc., and 15m!) But I missed "easy" sections like WPA and WNY. Ah well
... if was easy, it wouldn't be so much fun.

Kudos to those who racked up hundreds of QSOs on QRP - no small feat on SSB!


K5TR   Single Op HP   334,6442009-11-23 19:57:04
Callsign Used : K5TR
Operator : K5TR
Category : SO HP
Default Exchange : # B K5TR 76 STX
Team/Club : CTDXCC

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults

80SSB 47 47 94 0
40SSB 814 804 1608 11
20SSB 1031 1011 2022 50
15SSB 259 256 512 18

Totals 2151 2118 4236 79

Final Score = 334644 points.


2x Elecraft K3 radios (tnx k5ot and k5pi)
2x AL-1500 amps

160 - 1/4 wave sloping verticals sloped east and west
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

80 - Half wave sloping dipoles - sloped NE, NW from 120'.
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

40 - Force 12 240N at 120'
- Cushcraft 40-2CD at 87'
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

20 - 6 element yagi at 80' fixed NE
- 6 element yagi at 80'
- 6 element yagi 40' fixed NW
- 4 element yagi 60' fixed SE

15 - 6 element yagi at 70'
- 6 element yagi at 35' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 50' fixed SE

10 - 6 element yagi at 60'
- 6 element yagi at 30' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 40' fixed SE

I have to say that I love this contest. This was my 31st phone sweepstakes.

I have had some great weekends on the radio and some that were not so great.
The lowest point being last year when I had to stop because I lost my voice
after being sick for during the week prior to the contest. This year I had my
worst start in a long time and never really ever fully regained those lost
contacts. I am not sure why the start was so poor - I think it was a
combination of not getting any good frequencies on 20 meters and then having it
close fairly early forcing me to go to 40 meters. Sunday was very good for the
most part. The bands were in good shape and I had good rate. I still do not
feel very loud on 40 meters I guess I need to start saving up for some real
antennas on that band - or maybe I can just wait for some sunspots.

I have been using Elecraft K3 radios in the last few contests thanks to K5OT
and K5PI. After this weekend I can honestly say that it is a fine radio. I am
not sure how to describe it but put simply the radio sounds good - even at
narrow filter bandwidths on very crowded bands. I guess I need to start a
radio fund too.

Thanks for all the contacts and congrats to all the very fine scores out there
- nice to see some big scores from stations like WB9Z and N8II and others in
parts of the country that we do not often see in the SSB SS top ten.

I am already looking forward to the next one.

And here are a bunch of numbers created by the program CBS written by my friend
K5KA. I will miss Ken's wise words and counsel and I will miss Ken but I will
always remember him.

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 06g) by K5KA

Callsign: K5TR
Contest: ARRL-SS-SSB

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
2100 0 0 0 117 0 0 117 117 5.4
2200 0 0 0 18 112 0 130 247 6.0
2300 0 0 0 115 0 0 115 362 5.3
0000 0 0 70 28 0 0 98 460 4.6
0100 0 0 129 1 0 0 130 590 6.0
0200 0 0 82 22 0 0 104 694 4.8
0300 0 0 92 3 0 0 95 789 4.4
0400 0 7 88 0 0 0 95 884 4.4
0500 0 6 72 0 0 0 78 962 3.6
0600 0 2 82 0 0 0 84 1046 3.9
0700 0 7 37 0 0 0 44 1090 2.0
0800 0 10 53 0 0 0 63 1153 2.9
0900 0 3 27 0 0 0 30 1183 1.4
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1183 0.0
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1183 0.0
1200 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 1186 0.1
1300 0 0 1 71 0 0 72 1258 3.3
1400 0 0 0 99 0 0 99 1357 4.6
1500 0 0 0 83 0 0 83 1440 3.9
1600 0 0 2 74 0 0 76 1516 3.5
1700 0 0 0 84 5 0 89 1605 4.1
1800 0 0 0 63 30 0 93 1698 4.3
1900 0 0 0 4 81 0 85 1783 4.0
2000 0 0 0 41 27 0 68 1851 3.2
2100 0 0 0 64 1 0 65 1916 3.0
2200 0 0 0 27 0 0 27 1943 1.3
2300 0 0 8 71 0 0 79 2022 3.7
0000 0 5 5 23 0 0 33 2055 1.5
0100 0 7 40 0 0 0 47 2102 2.2
0200 0 0 16 0 0 0 16 2118 0.7
Total 0 47 804 1011 256 0 2118

Gross QSO's=2151 Dupes=33 Net QSO's=2118

Unique callsigns worked = 2118

The best 60 minute rate was 145/hour from 2217 to 2316
The best 30 minute rate was 162/hour from 2209 to 2238
The best 10 minute rate was 186/hour from 2222 to 2231

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSO's/minute 21 times.
3 QSO's/minute 167 times.
2 QSO's/minute 486 times.
1 QSO's/minute 561 times.

There were 135 bandchanges and 55 (2.6%) probable 2nd radio QSO's.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 1
4 846
5 843
6 425
8 1
9 2

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
Il 0 5 42 60 1 0 108 5.0
Va 0 6 28 52 5 0 91 4.2
WWa 0 0 24 35 28 0 87 4.0
Oh 0 0 31 46 2 0 79 3.7
Mdc 0 3 16 41 6 0 66 3.1
Mn 0 1 40 25 0 0 66 3.1
Mi 0 0 26 37 2 0 65 3.0
Scv 0 3 21 25 12 0 61 2.8
Ga 0 0 26 33 1 0 60 2.8
Co 0 1 24 31 4 0 60 2.8
Nc 0 2 19 31 5 0 57 2.6
Sv 0 1 20 20 15 0 56 2.6
Az 0 1 19 20 10 0 50 2.3
In 0 1 25 22 0 0 48 2.2
Or 0 1 15 14 18 0 48 2.2
Mo 0 0 27 17 2 0 46 2.1
Wi 0 1 15 26 0 0 42 2.0
Ct 0 1 11 16 10 0 38 1.8
Ep 0 0 9 24 4 0 37 1.7
Lax 0 0 16 18 2 0 36 1.7
Tn 0 1 13 17 4 0 35 1.6
Eb 0 0 10 21 3 0 34 1.6
Em 0 1 4 18 10 0 33 1.5
ENy 0 0 9 15 8 0 32 1.5
WNy 0 0 10 15 7 0 32 1.5
WPa 0 0 11 17 2 0 30 1.4
Sjv 0 2 8 17 3 0 30 1.4
On 0 0 9 13 7 0 29 1.3
NLi 0 0 3 16 8 0 27 1.3
NNj 0 0 9 13 4 0 26 1.2
Al 0 4 12 8 1 0 25 1.2
Sf 0 0 10 5 7 0 22 1.0
NFl 0 0 11 10 0 0 21 1.0
Ia 0 2 6 13 0 0 21 1.0
SFl 0 0 9 9 3 0 21 1.0
Org 0 0 10 9 1 0 20 0.9
STx 0 1 4 7 8 0 20 0.9
Ks 0 1 13 6 0 0 20 0.9
Ky 0 0 7 12 0 0 19 0.9
Ut 0 0 10 9 0 0 19 0.9
Nh 0 0 4 11 3 0 18 0.8
Ew 0 0 7 3 8 0 18 0.8
Bc 0 0 5 10 2 0 17 0.8
Nm 0 0 11 5 1 0 17 0.8
Me 0 0 4 11 2 0 17 0.8
Nv 0 1 8 6 1 0 16 0.7
Mt 0 0 4 7 4 0 15 0.7
Id 0 0 5 8 2 0 15 0.7
Sdg 0 1 8 6 0 0 15 0.7
Wv 0 2 7 4 1 0 14 0.7
Sb 0 0 8 4 1 0 13 0.6
Ok 0 0 9 3 1 0 13 0.6
Sc 0 0 5 7 1 0 13 0.6
Ne 0 1 6 5 0 0 12 0.6
Vt 0 1 5 2 4 0 12 0.6
SNj 0 0 4 5 3 0 12 0.6
WcF 0 0 7 5 0 0 12 0.6
WMa 0 0 1 5 5 0 11 0.5
NTx 0 1 9 0 1 0 11 0.5
La 0 1 9 1 0 0 11 0.5
Qc 0 0 4 6 0 0 10 0.5
Wy 0 0 5 4 1 0 10 0.5
NNy 0 0 3 5 2 0 10 0.5
Ak 0 0 1 5 4 0 10 0.5
Ar 0 0 4 6 0 0 10 0.5
Sd 0 0 6 3 0 0 9 0.4
Mar 0 0 1 6 1 0 8 0.4
Ab 0 0 2 4 0 0 6 0.3
Ri 0 0 3 2 1 0 6 0.3
Sk 0 0 3 2 1 0 6 0.3
WTx 0 0 5 1 0 0 6 0.3
De 0 0 0 5 0 0 5 0.2
Nd 0 0 2 3 0 0 5 0.2
Pac 0 0 2 3 0 0 5 0.2
Nt 0 0 0 2 2 0 4 0.2
Mb 0 0 1 2 1 0 4 0.2
Vi 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
Pr 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
Nl 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
Total 0 47 804 1011 256 0 2118

Callareas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 248 11.7
1 179 8.5
2 182 8.6
3 189 8.9
4 290 13.7
5 94 4.4
6 290 13.7
7 267 12.6
8 172 8.1
9 207 9.8

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 1154 54.5
B 414 19.5
Q 67 3.2
M 144 6.8
U 320 15.1
S 19 0.9
KIØY   Multi-Op HP   100,6402009-11-23 20:11:42
Had a great time and beat last year's score which is always a good goal to have!
W7VJ   Single Op HP   25,0002009-11-23 20:13:43
My hats off to Dan, W7WA for an outstanding performance. After the second hour,
Dan was already 100 ahead of me... starting on 15 was not a good choice.


KE2VN   Single Op LP   34,4162009-11-23 20:17:54
Great fun, 40 was FANTASTIC the whole time. Thanks to KK1L for VT. Nobody home
in OK. Heard DE and MAR, but couldn't work 'em.
N6YEU   Single Op LP   65,2082009-11-23 20:23:35
Fairly happy but could have done better. Much better saturday than on CW but
slowed down on sunday. Virtually impossible to call cq on 20 wall to wall sigs.
Missed WNY,NNY,MAR and NT. Heard MAR but he was sitting on 14350.0 and out of
band as far I am concerned but it sure didn't stop a lot of ops calling/working
him! Worked LOTS of MDC/VA Nice ops but I hope it didn't hurt NCCC. They were
like rats! All over the bands! 73,Fred
KG5VK   Multi-Op HP   229,7602009-11-23 20:43:13
We had a blast
I over slept and got us started late Sunday morning
Our best QSO Total ever
Thanks to all our OPS !
NØKK(@NØAT)   Single Op LP   195,5202009-11-23 21:14:11
I have to say that my highlight was coming across my 13 yr old daughter,
Kirsten, K0ADX, running in the contest. We had been working on some SO2R stuff
and it was just cool for me to hear her working people and having fun. When I
asked her if she enjoyed it her reply was a resounding yes! Fun to hear.

Thanks to N0AT for the SS traditions from his station.
NØQO(@WØUR)   Single Op HP   327,3602009-11-23 21:50:06
First I want to thank the people that helped get the station ready for the

Larry W0QE, John N0TA, Tom W0IVJ, Gordon W0RUN and Molly W0MOM for their
generous loan of an Alpha amplifier and of course Jim W0UR. Also I want to
thank Steve N2IC and Bob K0KR for their advice on strategy, operating, and
patience with my many questions.

I started the contest almost an hour late due to my underestimation of what it
would take to implement an SO2R setup in the 12th hour (not to smart) but I did
get it working (kind of.

I never tried to run 15 or 80 so it was all about 20 and 40m for me. Spent
most of my time on 20m running which took it toll, I was mentally fried by
Sunday. As a result I was not as patient or kind as I should have been to many
of the people that contacted me.

Still learning quite a bit and am happy that I was able to achieve a better
result this year than last.

Jim thanks again for letting me use and abuse your station.

73, Ken, N0QO
K4RO   Single Op HP   181,4402009-11-23 22:21:10
I had only planned a few hours of operation, but I got sucked into it.
After turning on the radio at 2315z and hearing K5ZD calling CQ on 15
meters with a 20dB over 9 signal, I knew that I had to get on and start
calling CQ immediately. By the time I got the DVP and logging SW going,
15M was still hot for about another hour. After a break for dinner with
Susie, I got back on the radio and got totally sucked into it. I proceeded
to operate literally all night long. I was amazed that QSO's were still
flowing in the log at 3-4AM local time, the 40M was gangbusters all morning.

If I had known that conditions activity were going to be this good,
I would have planned to go the distance. I've only done SS SSB full-time
as a multi-op, but never single op. I'm actually starting to enjoy phone
contests, especially when running high power. The overall operating skill
and courtesy seemed very high -- a great trend to see continue.

There will always be contest haters, and I met a few this weekend.
On the other hand, a little courtesy goes a long way towards creating
good public relations for the contesting community. Phone contests are
the arena where our image is most prominent. I tried to do my part
towards cooperating with the non-contesters on the band, and I received
some cooperation as well. We can probably get along if we try.

See you all next weekend in the greatest CW DX contest of them all.

73 Kirk K4RO
W6YX(N7MH)   Single Op HP   259,3602009-11-24 02:09:23
We decided to try to run 3 simultaneous SS Phone operations from the W6YX
station this year and see how it would work out. John, W6LD, brought his K3 to
the shack on Friday evening and he and I tried out various antenna combinations
to see whether we could have 2 stations on the same band using different
antennas. This is only possible because we have two main towers with antennas
on top of the hill about 500 feet from the shack and other antennas near and on
the other side of the shack, mounted on other smaller towers and wooden poles.

We learned that we could have 2 stations simultaneously operating on 80, 40, 20
and 10 with virtually no interference so we proceeded with the plan to have 3
full-time stations.

I made the mistake of choosing to start on 20 meters. That had worked well for
me last year with 3 straight hours averaging over 140 an hour. This year my
clear frequency at the beginning of SS attracted loud stations on either side
of me. The on-air QRM and noise in the room from the other two operations made
it very difficult to copy weak signals. My first two hours were both 77 Q's,
about half of what I did last year. The 3rd hour was my only hour above 100 at
123. I quit for the evening with 770 Q's at 0800, 240 Q's less than the 1010
that I had last year at the same time.

I realized that 15 meters must have been the place to be on Saturday after
working several stations with much higher numbers than mine. Sunday I
alternated between 20 and 15 meters, trying to dig signals out of the QRM on 20
and out of the QSB on 15. The 15 meter rate seemed to come in spurts, either
because the band was in and out or maybe because of packet spotting.

I made up some of the deficit relative to last year and only ended up 160 Q's
behind last year's total. Operating on the same band as another station in the
same room was mostly not a problem. The station has two Six-Paks, one with the
hilltop antennas and the other with the lower antennas. We found that the
switch position on the unused side of each Six-Pak affected the level of
interference between stations on the same band and we could often reduce or
eliminate audible hash by choosing the right switch positions.

I had more problems with the in-room interference, even though we all tried to
use voice-keying as much as possible. If we try this again we should try to
figure out how to set up one of the stations in a different room.

Early on Sunday morning I was called by a local who told me he could hear my
second harmonic from 14216 up on 10 meters. I thanked him for the report and
mentally calculated that he was probably hearing a few milliwatt signal if our
bandpass filter and the rig and amp were all doing what they were supposed to.
I then asked if he could give me a SS exchange while he was there. He obliged
and then abruptly finished with, "I'm not supposed to be on this frequency!".
I checked QRZ and found he had a General license :)

Thanks to all for the Q's and spots. Thanks also to W6LD and to the K6SU crew
for giving me preference for bands and antennas during our 3-station

-Mike, N7MH
VO1HP   Single Op LP   11,1322009-11-24 02:41:18
Not into SSB contesting but thought I would give it a try for an hour or so.
I know the need for NL is great so hate to not help out when possible. Missed
SSCW this year as we were visiting two daughters and son in VE3.

Although not a contesting rig I enjoyed playing with new ICOM IC-7200 + old
salvaged Peltor boom headset. Antenna Force 12 C3SS. My 80/40M dipole are cut
for CW.

Small log uploaded to LotW & eQSL

73 Frank VO1HP
NM2L   Single Op LP   20,8002009-11-24 02:49:30
Great fun even if it was only a few hours for me. 73 de Greg NM2L
WZ8T   Single Op LP   81,6002009-11-24 04:44:04
The clean sweep was great having the last one answer a CQ.
Could have used a few more QSO's but the voice just would not hang in there.
K8BL   Single Op LP   149,6002009-11-24 05:49:28
Last two Sections were NLI & NT. Long propagation didn't last very long and had
a hard time hearing PAC & KL7 & NT/YU except for an hour or two. Short stuff
was very good nearly all the time. Had some very good runs later on
Lost some time looking for TX3A since I hadn't worked them & finally got a
CW QSO on 15. Also, wasted too much time watching the Browns lose again!!
NC1I(K9PW)   Single Op HP   285,0322009-11-24 06:51:53
Special thanks to Frank (NC1I) and Bob (W1QA) for the hospitality & heroic
effort with the station upgrades.
AA6K   Single Op LP   48,4882009-11-24 08:07:23
Missed MS,SC,NL, and I cannot understand why I didn't even hear WPA.
AA6YX   Single Op LP   45,0002009-11-24 08:15:21
Only able to put in 10 hours, had family obligations. But, hey, every bit
help... right? 73 Dave
N9NC   SO Unlimited HP   177,7602009-11-24 08:25:47
One Radio

All wire antennas:

80/40 dipole
20m 2 el quad @30' fixed SW
40/20/15 Vee beam @30' 42m legs

Great to hear lots of 07/08/09 checks and plenty of School stations!
KH6LC(SMØDRD)   SO Unlimited HP   176,8002009-11-24 11:10:03
Had the second pleasure of this year of doing the SS from KH6LC/Lloyd's
wonderful station and location on Big Island, Hawaii. The flights from
Stockholm, Sweden to here and back are grueling but worth it!

Had good runs on 15 which was our big band, also nice with all the casual
contesters and new participants that called in. It was difficult for me to keep
a fq on 40, even being heard during the mainland night hours; same on 20 then.

Many people watched and commented our live video and audio on We
will feature this again during the CQWW CW when we will do a multi/2. Do check
it out then!

Goran, SM0DRD
WX9U   SO Unlimited HP   16,7042009-11-24 11:43:26
Very part-time due to major surgery..
K4XD   SO Unlimited HP   180,0002009-11-24 11:59:32
I don't mind digging weak signals out of Mother Nature's QRN, but the thought of
listening to hours of sideband splatter is my least favorite aspect of an SSB
contest. This year I found the anticipation was not as bad as the reality.
Maybe it was the bands, maybe it was my ears, maybe it was my fourth year of
participation, but once I got in the saddle, it was fun!

My goals were to get at least 100K points for PVRC, and if I was having fun,
try to break my former best SS total of 1001 Q's in 2008 SS SSB. A sweep would
also be nice, but since I already had a sweep in SS CW I knew that my
consecutive streak was safe and another SS mug was destined for the top of the
microwave. Small side story only amusing to SS afficionados -- I do keep my SS
mugs there, and at my XYL's recent birthday party, I stopped breathing when I
saw two guests grab SS mugs and fill them with "party beverages" and head off
into the midst of the crowd. I fought the almost uncontrollable urge to throw
a full body tackle and rescue my heirloom treasures from certain death -- I
could just picture them being flung with abandon into the fireplace to
commemorate my wife's special day -- but stopped short when I realized there
was no way on Earth to explain to a non-ham why an "I Worked A Clean Sweep!"
mug could possibly have any more sentimental value than a "I Drank Beer Until I
Fell Over!" mug, and would only put an exclamation mark on the already foregone
conclusion that my wife must be a saint to put up with "that strange man!"

Back to SS. Bottom line -- I had fun! I got well over the 100K point goal,
1125 Q's, my best SS score yet, and my first year to sweep both CW and SSB. I
haven't done a detailed comparison, but I think my percentage of time spent
running vs. S&P was also the highest ever. There is a part of me that wants to
believe my score would be even higher if I would just keep running even when
things slow down, but I suspect I am nearing the limits of my station and when
the rate drops into the 30's, I figure it's time to move on.

I had things set up for SO2R with the Icom 756 Pro II as the main rig, and a
Yaesu FT-857D as my barefoot second radio. I find SO2R phone to be challenging
-- I hear a lot better in my left ear than my right, and getting the same audio
in both ears really improves my ability to copy Q's. But I anticipated some
slow hours in SS and I figured having a second radio to S&P with would keep my
BIC longer.

Saturday morning came and I found myself going through the usual mental
checklist - WriteLog configured properly, antenna switches working, snacks at
hand (does anyone have a good SSB snack idea? I'm thinking the secret weapon
could be the SSB Contest IV drip!). With WX3B's urging, I limited my
"adustments" to mike gain and compression and an on-air audio check (thanks!),
and probably due to that sage advice, went through the contest without any
hardware or software surprises.

Things got off to a bit of a slow start -- I kept looking for that mythical
clear spot on 20M and kept finding myself getting pounded with SSB splatter. I
had a few runs of under 20 Q's and then went hunting for a better frequency, but
never found one where more than half the stations were audible without a lot of
fills. I had a few second radio Q's on 40M, but ended the first hour with only
40 Q's and 21 mults. Not the greatest start, but actually kind of typical for
me in the early hours.

I dropped down to 40M in the second hour and mostly ran, but still was limited
to about 40/hour. It wasn't until I hit 80M around 0030 that things started
popping. I wonder if I shouldn't have gone there earlier. I parked on 3740
and sat there until midnight, putting about 400 Q's in the log. Probably my
best run ever, with the QSO-o-meter hitting 167/hour for several stretches.
Boy is that fun! I discovered my "inner auctioneer!"

Bounced around for another 90 minutes on 40 and 80 with some S&P and a little
running, but the rate was hitting 30/hour and I decided to bag it at 1:30 so I
could get up early. My XYL helped with a restless night and I was back on the
air before 1130, doing a little S&P on 40 and 80 and then deciding to "dance
with the one that brought me" so far and ran on 80, pulling down another 50 Q's
before switching to 40. Had a couple decent (for me!) hours there, with 64 and
68 Q's, and then sampled 20M before going to church at 1530.

When I got back from church, I was at the same position relative to my sweep
attempt as I was in SS CW two weeks before -- 4 sections left to go. This time
it was NT, PR, NV, and ORG. I was pretty confident on NV and ORG, hopeful on
NT, but wondering if PR was going to be the same problem it was last year. At
1800, I saw a VY1 spotted on 15M and decided to move quickly and was rewarded
with a one call Q. Ten minutes later I saw a spot for ORG and even though I
figured one would call me later, I decided discretion was the better part of
valor and put him in the log with a quick S&P. (I guess if you use the cluster
you're not really "S'ing" unless "S" can also stand for "Spot!")

I saw WP3R spotted on 15M and tried calling him but he was very
uncharacteristically weak and mostly working central and western stations.
Uh-oh, is this going to be a repeat of last year? I spent way too much time
"DX'ing" him and after about 15 minutes realized I was wasting time so gave it
up for then.

It would be another hour before NV called me during a very nice run on 20 --
actually my best hour of the whole contest was the 1900 hour Sunday afternoon
on 20M -- 95 Q's. I guess due to my anemic performance on 20M Saturday night,
I was still "fresh meat" for a lot of 6's and 7's. Funny part was, as others
have noted, the band was open to a lot of the country on 20M Sunday afternoon,
with back to back calls from 1's, 2's, 5's, 6's, and 7's.

A few minutes after the call from the NV, I saw PR spotted again and this time
he was S9+20. I think he rotated the beam...! Got him with a couple of calls
for my second 2009 sweep, and just had to text my wife who I'm sure was
humoring me when she said "that's really exciting, dear!" At least she knows
where to find me...

I took a couple of other breaks and my total time was "only" 21 and 1/2 hours,
and yet this was my "career best" score. Maybe next year I'll work 20 hours
and see if I can score even better! The last three hours were all OK, with 42,
31 and 42 Q's, over half on 80, which was my "band that keeps on giving." I'm
not sure if it was really the best band for me, or just the band where I could
hear the best due to the low noise and therefore spent the most time with the
most enthusiasm, but I'm glad I was there. Last year I noticed that half my
Q's were on 20, but some of the locals with better scores spent more time on 80
and 40. So this year, I was conscious of spending more time there and it seems
to have paid off.

Thanks to all for the Q's and fun! Now, to start working on next year's

Rowland K4XD
N4OX(@K4IBS)   Single Op HP   267,8402009-11-24 13:06:24
Thanks to Bill, K4IBS for hosting me and helping me set up my 40 meter beam and
the portable lift I rented for the weekend. Rain static Sunday afternoon and
evening on 40/80 meters caused me to go to 20 meters where the rain static was
less severe, but the rate was not what it would have been on 40/80 meters.
Hopefully next year I will be QRV from my new location and not have to do a
Field Day type operation.
AD1C   SO Unlimited LP   104,4802009-11-24 14:01:10
Radio: ICOM 765 Pro III
Antenna: HyGain AV-640 Vertical
Software: WriteLog 10.73

I wasn't sure how much time I was going to put into the contest. I knew we had
some errands to run during the weekend. I wanted to get on mainly to fill in
the missing states for my Triple-Play award (TPA), since I had worked much less
phone than CW or RTTY this year. I decided to run unlimited (assisted) with the
help of packet, so that the bandmap in WriteLog would be useful as I tuned
around the bands. I sure could have used a voice keyer; I have all the
hardware and software, but have never set up the voice memories.

Saturday morning I took apart the top section of the vertical to see if I could
fix the 40 meter problem that developed during the CW Sweepstakes. I cleaned
and tightened everything, and remarkably, even though it was mostly horizontal
(leaning on a lawn chair), there was a nice SWR dip around 7100 kHz, so I
declared victory and put it up. It tuned up as expected, and I never had a
single problem with it on 40 meters during the contest.

The contest started out slow. I had hoped to work some of the locals on 75
meters right at the start, but I couldn't get either the vertical or the attic
dipole to load up there. I also had a high noise level, so I just bagged it.
I started on 15 meters, working RI and ME, two states I needed for TPA (Doug,
N1LI knew I needed ME, and was surprised I found him so quickly!). Signals
were good, so I ran around working guys, then started CQing around 21400 kHz
and worked a string of guys all along the East Coast. In the 2nd hour, I ran
around 20 meters trying to find a CQ frequency, but was unsuccessful.

My first "packet grab" was WW0H on 40 meters at 2228z; Nebraska can be tough
from Colorado. Since WriteLog does not highlight spotted calls as new mults
based based on the section in the spot comment field, I constantly had to watch
the packet spots window as the spots went by, and this was very distracting.

I could not really get any good runs going on either 20 or 40 meters early on.
So many signals! I'm always afraid of being too close to someone, or calling CQ
on top of someone I can't hear. Maybe if I felt louder. Anyway, I did finally
get a 1/2 hour run of stations on 7223 kHz during the 03z hour.

At 0547z (10:47 p.m. local time) I pulled the plug (with a splitting headache).
I have no antenna for 75 meters, and I had already worked most of the stations
who were still on 40 meters. I had 76 sections in the log, needing only NL,
SC, DE and MAR. Little did I know it would take just over 1/2 hour the next
morning to finish the sweep!

Sunday morning I woke up later than I wanted, and worked some DX before
checking on the contest (taking advantage of having the vertical up). I saw a
spot for VO1KVT on 20 meters, and after a few calls, that one was in the log
(the only section I missed on CW). I decided to check out 40 meters first, and
while tuning around found KF4GDX in SC right around the same time he was
spotted. Then I saw a spot for DE on 20 meters, but he had a big pileup. Only
a few minutes later, W3NX in DE was spotted a few kHz up from the first one, and
after a couple of calls (almost no pileup), that one was in the log. I saw a
spot for NY3C (also in DE), but he was not there. Tuning up 1 kHz, I found
VE1ZD, and despite some bad QRM, I worked him at 1507z for #80 and my first
ever sweep!

For the rest of the contest, I tried (harder) to run when I could find a
reasonable frequency. I stayed on 15 meters as much as possible, since the
signals were strong and there was lots of band to spread out. I still watched
the packet spots, trying to work guys in the rarer sections, to make sure I'd
have a "good contact" in each one after log checking. I saw spots for AK and
NT, but was unable to hear any of them; I'm glad I worked them Saturday. As
usual, I took off a few hours in the middle of the afternoon to watch

Near the end of the contest, I was CQing on 7290 kHz, I logged someone at
0159z, then I told the next caller, "Sorry, the contest is over". But the
spectrum scope on the '756 still looked "active", so I tuned around and there
were still plenty of stations on! I am used to the contest ending at 10 p.m.
local time on the East Coast, but in between my move to W0-land, plus DST, I
got all mixed up on what zulu time that actually was! So I operated for
another 40 minutes, putting 30 more stations in the log, the called it quits.

I only had a couple negative experiences in the contest. One was when I tried
to work someone who was not in my log, and not only did he insist we had worked
before, he proceeded to tell me all the QSO details! It would have been faster
just to work me again! He may have thought we worked, but I did not log the
QSO for whatever reason (maybe QRM or QSB wiped him out). The second was when
someone had the audio level of their programmed message recorded too low. All
I could copy of the exchange was the serial number (which he spoke), but the
rest (pre-recorded) was about 10 dB down, into the noise. After a couple of
tries, I finally implored, "Use your voice!" and he finally got the idea, and I
copied the info easily.

Below are counts of the times I worked each section and each check. Thanks to
everyone for getting on the air, and to the sun for finally getting some
sunspots going.

CK Total SEC Total
19 1 VA 32
22 1 IL 30
24 1 SCV 30
30 1 MDC 25
38 2 SV 23
40 2 OH 20
41 1 MN 19
48 3 IN 18
49 1 GA 15
50 1 NC 15
51 4 ON 15
52 12 SJV 15
53 8 STX 15
54 18 AZ 14
55 20 MI 13
56 12 OR 13
57 20 WWA 13
58 22 CT 12
59 21 LAX 12
60 11 EB 11
61 16 WNY 11
62 18 ENY 10
63 22 KS 10
64 17 LA 10
65 18 NH 10
66 9 NTX 10
67 12 AL 9
68 16 CO 9
69 9 EMA 9
70 13 SFL 9
71 13 EPA 8
72 14 SDG 8
73 21 SF 8
74 6 UT 8
75 14 MO 7
76 19 OK 7
77 14 ID 6
78 17 TN 6
79 10 WI 6
80 4 WMA 6
81 4 EWA 5
82 6 NFL 5
83 7 NNJ 5
84 3 ORG 5
85 5 VT 5
86 7 WPA 5
87 3 WV 5
88 3 KY 4
89 11 ME 4
90 8 NE 4
91 11 NM 4
92 9 NV 4
93 11 PAC 4
94 13 QC 4
95 8 RI 4
96 10 SD 4
97 8 WCF 4
98 4 AR 3
99 4 BC 3
00 8 IA 3
01 6 MS 3
02 7 NLI 3
03 4 NNY 3
04 11 SC 3
05 6 SNJ 3
06 7 MAR 2
07 12 AB 2
08 6 DE 2
09 7 MB 2
MT 2
NL 2
PR 2
SB 2
SK 2
VI 2
WY 2
AK 1
ND 1
NT 1
NØAX   Single Op LP   34,1642009-11-24 14:09:09
You know how it'll just get on "for a while" and work "a few"
stations. Saturday was porch-painting day, but Sunday morning I turned on the
FT100D and my first QSO on the 105' dipole was with VO1TA calling CQ all alone
on 15 meters! Well, a "while" later and with a "few" stations in the log, the
points were racking up. For a casual effort, it was a pretty good time.
Except...for finding out that K5KA had succumbed earlier in the day. RIP, Ken
- we'll have you in our thoughts in every Sweepstakes from here on out.
KØEJ   Single Op LP   12,9602009-11-24 15:20:39
73 es Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark K0EJ
KØADX(@NØKK)   Single Op LP   103,4522009-11-24 15:22:38
I had so much fun this year! I operated from my home station I share with my dad
N0KK just as last year.

My main goal was to have more contacts than I had managed to work in last years
SS, which was 455 Q's. So I set my goal for 700 this year. A lot I know!

I operated for 22 hours in total. I operated until 1am then went to bed. I set
my alarm to get up by 5:45am to be back in the chair by 6am but I fell back to
sleep and my mom woke me up 1 hour later. I got back on the air and operated
until 2pm when I had to take a short break. I then went until 9pm to finish.

The last five minutes I was really scrambling to find SOMEONE to work as my
goal was in reach! But before I knew it, it was 9pm and the contest was over
for me for another year. This years Sweepstakes went by so fast. I cant believe
its over.

Here are my results, remember I'm just 13 so I'll hope to do more next time.

Oh ya, I missed NE, PR, VI, SK, AB, NT

Cant wait till next year!

Kirsten, K0ADX
W3TZ   SO Unlimited HP   92,1602009-11-24 15:22:41
WOW 15 was open, I quess we can wait 6 or 7 years and then 10 will open.
W1WEF   Single Op HP   96,0002009-11-24 15:25:39
All of the tough mults on CW were easy on SSB. Had three VE8/VY1 in the log, at
least two of each mult.
K4VV   Multi-Op HP   261,2602009-11-24 16:24:55
First, a very heartfelt thank you to Jack and Sharon Hammett for giving me this
GREAT opportunity to be one of the first to test drive Jack’s new

Another large thank you goes to Mike, W0YR who took Jack’s station and
started fixing all the things that needed attention ....ranging from stack
match boxes….to rotor control, and my favorite project, building a
differential T match for the 80m (CW) dipole so that it could comfortably stay
a CW dipole while we operated it in the SSB band with a PERFECT match.

As Mike said in his posting, he may not have operated that long, but he put in
hundreds of hours at K4VV in preparation for the grand SS event.

The stated goal for the weekend was an interesting one – and I believed we
may have achieved it.

I wanted to have team K4VV put more Sweepstakes SSB points out of his station
than any other “highly motivated operation”, by running 3 parallel

This would also accomplish one of K4VV’s goals, which was to see how his
station would operate when it was stress tested with 3 simultaneous
transmitters on various bands throughout the weekend.

I am pleased to report that we had virtually zero defects/issues – and one of
the most amazing things I learned was how you can operate 3 transmitters from
one tower without any significant inter-station interference. This was a
total surprise to me.

Mike, W0YR’s interface of the top ten band decoders with the dunestar
selectable band-pass filters did their job!

Our operating team consisted of WX3B, K3WI and N8IVN, with assistance from K4VV
and W0YR.

After being slapped on the back (read: encouraged) by NI1N to unroll a 600 foot
beverage, I violated my own prime directive about not doing station work right
before a contest.

Jack, Bill and I took that 600’ walk and unrolled the gifts provided by Kam,
N3KS for a reversible beverage. The antenna worked so well, we even used it on
the HIGH bands at times, and wished we could have shared it on more than one
operating position (it was originally for the 80m operator, however we quickly
discovered it worked on 40….20, and 15).

Our original operating mission was to have Bill, K3WI and I flip-flop the hot
bands while Dennis, N8IVN took his turn on the off bands (a pretty tough
assignment, all in the name of beating NCCC!).

By 4:00am, I went to bed, and that’s when N8IVN got on 40….and stayed
there….almost the entire day on Sunday, with Bill on 20, and me on 15. Yes,
15 may be s suckers band, however there were enough sunspots and a 7/7/7 stack
so that it was actually relaxing, fun, and of course zero QRM most of the time.
When Bill and Dennis were finished with their operations, I took turns on 80,
then 40 and had a great run right as the contest ended.

I love it when a plan comes together! Congratulations to Bill, K3WI for an
outstanding effort – remember that Bill often had the second best band –
especially on Sunday.

Very strong work also done by Dennis, N8IVN – he started off on 15 (which was
excellent at the beginning of the contest) – and when that died – he got
marooned on 160 meters yet he somehow managed to make 73 QSOs. Once Dennis
got on 40, he got into the “zone”. Dennis had about 200 QSOs in the log
when I went to bed, and about 600 when I got back into the shack. ..and my
favorite part of hearing the run from across the room was listening to him
chase intruders off his run frequency.

Thanks again to Jack and Sharon for building the station, and organizing the
effort so we could all have such a GREAT weekend!
Jim WX3B for team K4VV

Results by call sign:

2009 Sweepstakes SSB at Team K4VV

Station #1: K4VV - Operators K4VV and WX3B

QSOs Sections Score
160 1 0
80 586 11
40 512 27
20 317 40
15 220 2
10 0 0

Total 1636 80 261,760

Station #2: W4XDX - Operators W0YR and K3WI

QSOs Sections Score
160 0 0
80 302 9
40 574 36
20 573 33
15 55 2
10 0 0

Total 1504 80 240,640

Station #3: KF3P - Operator N8IVN

QSOs Sections Score
160 73 13
80 116 1
40 666 23
20 8 1
15 85 36
10 0 0

Total 947 74 140,156
KØIV   Single Op HP   1,3442009-11-24 16:59:41
Rookie learned alot
VE7AX   Single Op LP   21,4202009-11-24 17:10:49
For a casual effort, I had a lot of fun but found the low power and limited
antennas a challenge. I appreciate the comments of VA7ST and others in this
forum confirming that low power - even with quality antennas - can be tough
sledding in SS. Still working out the kinks with my voice recording playback
system in N1MM. Thanks to all for your patience. I'll definitely be back next
W4EE   SO Unlimited LP   36,3562009-11-24 18:15:01
G5RV @ 3m (gotta work on that)
Tnx for the Q's
73, Jim
N1YX   Single Op HP   105,3862009-11-24 18:24:36
Had couple small runs, one on 80m Saturday night, one on 20m Sunday morning,
rest of the time was in and out hunting for sections. Without packets this is
hard, but more fun. PAC, NE, ND and most Canadians were bagged Saturday. Heard
MS Saturday, was too lazy to join the pile up. Sunday morning had 72, one by
one got PR, WTX, AK, VI, NT... Four hours before the end had 79, heard couple
MS stations but they where too weak to make reliable exchange. No sweep for me.
There is always next time.
W8WTS   Single Op LP   12,2122009-11-24 18:55:22
This was not a serious contest effort. I tuned around the bands and worked my
VA7IR   Single Op QRP   3,6042009-11-24 22:16:06
Finally got back on the air after being off for 21 years.
Was very disappointed with how much power some had to use?
at times there was stations using a lot of bandwidth with over modulation
20 meters before the contest was at a very quiet level, once it started
at my location the whole band was at a 9 s unit noise.
I could work most of N America with 5 watts?
would be nice to see a power limit for a what is a local contest.
besides that i did enjoy the contacts on 15 that did open.
thanks for those that gave me contacts
73 Ken VA7IR
N7PP(@W7IJ)   Multi-Op HP   163,3602009-11-24 22:20:28
The South Hill Contest Club operated from the station of W7IJ. Our goal was to
work a clean sweep and allow club members to hone their contesting skills and
have fun in the process. All goals were met !
Thanks to Bill (W7IJ) and Peggy Rohrer for hosting us.
Nick Winter, K7MO
N7PP Trustee
K7ZSD   Single Op LP   184,0702009-11-24 23:39:41
This year I worked harder for less. I am talking about the contest. Last year I
had 1404 Qs, and this year 1165. Saturday night on 40m was horrible for low
power from the Pacific Northwest. I worked everyone first call, but nothing
when trying to run, I mean for hours. Last year I had 687 Qs on forty, this
year 398. I did get some runs in on 20, but 100 watts was a dim bulb on that
band, it just attracted bigger bulbs that needed my socket.

The broom stays in the closet this year, I worked an NL ten minutes before the
start of the contest on twenty, he called me, I knew he would be back, NOT. So
I get a really good run going right at the bell on 14312, I have 17 Qs in 11
minutes, I am on a roll with my own frequency with low power. Then N4TAT, not
in the contest, with amplifier, calls CQ for 2 minute intervals. When he lets
up for five seconds, I am working phantom calls, he CQs again for 2 minutes
with a monotonous voice, he lets up for five seconds, I am working phantom
calls at high rate. No way, this guy is a veteran contest jammer, knows all the
tricks. I go to 15m.

I did have fun though, especially on Sunday afternoon when I got a good run
going on 14230 for about 20 minutes, just on the edge of diddly diddly diddly,
then he sensed my presence and jumped square on top of me. Well, I went up to
233 where he came from, immediately got a three deep run going for several
minutes. He came back, diddly diddly diddly, so I went to 230 again for good
rate, 20 stations again. So this went back and forth for almost an hour until
he must have phoned a friend and they soon covered both bases. I had 70 Qs in
an hour. I was just trying to stay out of his way.

So much for low power, I have enough humility built up for awhile. Next year
will be different.

So many great operators out there, thank you for all the Qs. It was a pleasure
to work several young operators, and many new calls with 08 and 09 checks.
Contesting is alive and well. See you next year, Brad
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   86,0802009-11-25 03:55:12
Did not think I was going to be able to put that much time in the chair. I could
not get comfortable in my chair due to a pulled muscle on the Friday in my back.
I forgot about my back when I was doing runs on 80m...the only band I could get
a run going. I was glad to hand out that ever-so-rare- ON multiplier (grin).
Last three mults were DE, NT then AK.
N4ARO   Single Op LP   39,3602009-11-25 04:51:28
First time ever to make a sweep in SS. Got all the hard ones early on. Last two
to work Iowa and BC. Enjoyed working the SSB but some of the recorded exchanges
do not sound like the operator which can cause confusion and calls for repeats
of the info.
KØHC   School Club HP   254,8802009-11-25 08:28:07
Another enjoyable SSB Sweepstakes in the Hesston College log, our best run to
date. This year, one unlicensed student helped out. Sam was a "veteran" from
last year and did an excellent job of logging and running as he had time.

We had one equipment glitch. The VOX decided to quit working with normal
settings during the middle of a QSO. We quickly tried the manual PTT thumb
switch which had been working. The switch also decided to pick "now" to quit,
making us think for a time that we had a more serious issue. Plugging in a
foot switch solved the manual PTT problem, and setting the VOX gain to 100% and
anti-VOX to 0% was a band-aid for the VOX issue, but the transmit problem cost
us a number of "long" minutes and stopped a nice run.

The last two Sunday holdouts for the Sweep were once again NT and NL. This
time, we found a very, very faint VY1EI on 15m with what seemed like no hope of
getting through. The conditions improved marginally, and somehow Eric was able
to hear us for #79 (he was #80 for us in the CW Sweep this year). Then at
1935Z, a loud VO1HE called in on 20 meters to make our day. We can't say THANK
YOU enough to the stations who put on the "rare ones" each year. For us, those
were NL, NT, PR and VI, each with only one contact. Another surprisingly rare
section (#78 on our list) was SNJ. We didn't put SNJ into the log until 1630Z
on Sunday, and we only worked four stations from SNJ overall, about a quarter
of our usual SNJ total. Since the totals for all surrounding states were
normal, propagation didn't seem to be the issue. IL (77), VA (75), and OH (71)
were the big producers this year. 15M was open quite a bit and loud to
different parts of the country at different times, but we could never get a run
going and stuck with the rate on lower bands.

Sometimes numbers or calls jump out as you operate along. On our #1111 we
worked N4CE who gave us #111 and a chuckle. We worked K3BBB and immediately
afterwards, WB8YYY. A check of the log shows we also worked calls with EEE,
GGG, III, MMM, OOO, QQQ, TTT and WWW. Of course, if things like that become
interesting, it probably just means you've been operating too long. I really
proved that point by giving out a new precedence (I'd just been thinking about
what time it was): "You're number 2015 Zulu, K0HC, check ..." For some reason,
I was asked for a repeat! Of course "S" for School caused a number of repeat
requests as well.

It's always fun stopping for a few moments and chatting with other school
stations. This year we worked 15: N0UNL KD5VVI K2CC W6YX N9UC W8SH W9JWC W8EDU
W5YM W1YK W6RFU KJ4QCP W5ZD W9YT and K0VVY. Special greetings to Middle
Tennessee State University (KJ4QCP) for a first-time entry. Interest seems to
be picking up every year!

Thanks to all the stations for being out there once again. Both CW and SSB logs
have been uploaded to LOTW. Until next year ...

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College Amateur Radio Club
W4XDX(@K4VV)   Multi-Op HP   240,6402009-11-25 09:04:27
Jim Nitzberg here, WX3B reporting for the W4DXD team at K4VV!

Bill, K3WI led the operational effort on K4VV's second operating position using
Mike, W0YR's club call sign W4XDX.

Bill had an outstanding performance during the contest, especially when you
consider he was often on the second hottest band, and in some cases the 3rd
hottest band.

In addition, Bill received praise for being the ONLY operator of the team to
actually stay IN the chair for 12 hours in a row - that's what I call sticking
to the program!

Mike, W0YR and PVRC Member Norm, AI2C were instrumental in rigging up K4VV to
have the 3 parallel operations in Sweepstakes SSB.

Norm Styer, AI2C has also spent a lot of time at K4VV, lending his expert
diagnostic skills to the rotating towers.

We had a crazy problem with the Super Bertha rotation system which would work
for about 3 minutes each morning and then, stop for the day.

Norm painstakingly diagnosed the problem and, thanks to his knowledge of DC
motors, found that the Baldor motor on the Super Bertha had one brush retainer
spring installed incorrectly (at the factory!).

Norm cleaned up the carbon mess and reassembled the motor correctly and, it

Norm is a retired Col. from the Army Signal Corp (as is K4VV) and an avid DXer
and Contester.

He is now diagnosing the problem with the prop-pitch system on Tower 4, the 40m
tower with the 4/4 K3LR OWA Yagis on the 48 foot booms. Once that tower is
working, K4VV will be LOUD everywhere on 40!

Norm - welcome to team K4VV and thank you very much for your enthusiasm and
diagnostic skills - we look forward to operating with you!


Jim Nitzberg WX3B for team K4VV
N9LJX   SO Unlimited LP   24,3102009-11-25 12:34:43
First contest in a couple of years. New shack setup seemed to work well. Good
break in for CQWW CW!

W2CDO   SO Unlimited HP   93,8522009-11-25 12:36:58
Wires and verticals only. Thanks for the Qs and the fills.
K1HI   Single Op LP   29,2802009-11-25 12:50:40
Gotta do something about my antennas...
K6VAR   Single Op LP   8,3702009-11-25 16:10:13
I think I need a better antenna.
VE7IN   Single Op LP   86,2502009-11-25 16:59:31
Well not as good as last year. Missed 5 mults. Did hear a couple while I was
S&Ping but never hooked up. Seems I did much better on 40 last year then this
year, perhaps my timing going to the band needs looking at.

Always enjoyable even with some of the crush when LP, and especially good to
hook up with ops I usually only meet during SS.

Thanks all for the Q's
W5MX   SO Unlimited HP   160,1602009-11-25 19:58:37
Not much on the SSB contests, maybe getting a voice keyer of sorts would help!
Start losing my voice after a while. Need to invest in one soon.
Plans with family Saturday night. Got up Sunday AM and thought I would just
hand out a few Q's on 40. I didn't get out of the chair once for 6 hours. It
was a non-stop run, maybe called cq 10 times. That got me fairly close to a
sweep by itself. checked the other bands out for mult's and a little s/p and
ended up with the sweep. Seemed like a great amount of activity and heard some
with some high Q totals. Thanks to all for the Q's and see you all in the next
one! 73's de Bryan, W5MX
WK4P   Single Op HP   173,4842009-11-25 22:41:20
I entered the 2009 SSB Sweeps with 2 goals, 1. to get a clean sweep and 2. to
finally reach the 1000 Q mark. I had accomplished the sweep before but never
had hit 1000 Qs, I usually spend too much time searching for that last section
or 2. I determined this year that 1000 was a bigger goal than 80.

I missed the sweep by missing ND. I searched for an ND station but never heard
one. I even asked stations I worked if they had heard one recently. No luck.
Funny thing is I ran the CW Sweeps QRP and worked 2 ND stations, go figure.

I did reach the 1000 Q threshold for the first time ever. I let out a big
"Whoooo" when I hit 1000, probably sounded like Ric Flair had become a ham.
And I must admit it felt good to give out a 4 digit number the last 1 1/2 hours
of the contest. Not too bad for a blind hillbilly with a small trap tribander
at 41 ft and a dipole at 60 ft.

Peace and 73
Adam WK4P...The Power
W3CQ(@KC4D)   Multi-Op HP   102,0802009-11-26 07:14:24
N6WG   Single Op QRP   3,5382009-11-26 14:07:40
Wasn't able to spend the time I had hoped for, but still had fun.
Besides workinbg the usual stateside suspects, I also had several
AK and HI QSOs, plus one NWT.

I've been tinkering with my recorded messages, and had several
compliments on the great QRP signal, so I must be doing something

Thanks to all for the Qs.
Happy Thanksgiving.
73, Bob N6WG
The Little Station with Attitude
KF3P(N8IVN)   Multi-Op HP   140,1562009-11-26 17:17:50
Jim Nitzberg here, reporting for the KF3P (op: N8IVN) at K4VV.

Dennis was in position #3 of Jack's new super-station and was warned that he
was likely to get the left over bands for a very long time.

Dennis started off and discovered 15 meter was not dead, in fact it was WIDE
OPEN! Jack's 7/7/7 stack may have had something to do with the band opening.

When 15 died, Dennis went to 160 and scraped out 73 QSOs with amazing
dilligence and patience.

At 4:00am Dennis assigned himself to 40 meters when WX3B went QRT...and that's
where he stayed, running stations until the end of his 24 hour shift!

Tremendous K4VV position #3 score from team K4VV and Dennis's first sweepstakes
effort! I think he will be back for more...


Jim WX3B reporting for team K4VV (N8IVN using KF3P)
KQ2M   Single Op HP   25,5962009-11-27 06:26:33
I haven't operated in SS SSB for many years and I forgot how much fun this
contest is. I took a break from my overloaded work schedule and operated a
little in the late morning and then again in the evening after coming back from
a concert with my family. The 20 meter antenna at 130' was clearly too high but
was the only one rotatable.

One of these years I will get back to operating this contest more seriously.
It was great to say hi to so many ops with familiar callsigns. Tnx for the q's
and Happy Thanksgiving!

Bob KQ2M
KK5LO   SO Unlimited HP   48,9602009-11-27 10:18:59
Despite the long exchange, this is one of my favorite contests. Boy howdy, 15
meters was really open this year. Come on sun spotsNext year I plan on adding
another 75 meter East/West dipole. I got my sweep, but, didn't stay in the
chair enough to rack up some more contacts. Maybe next year...
W7WLL   Single Op HP   45,0802009-11-29 10:03:15
Wish had more time. Just grabbed a freq and sat this time. No search and pounce.
WA7NWL   Single Op QRP   7,4622009-11-29 11:14:20
A LONG time since my last SS entry. I've operated QRP off-and-on over the
years, and decided to try SS QRP this year, knowing it would be a bit of work
with a low dipole (especially on SSB).

Several observations from the 'cap gun' perspective. First and foremost - many
thanks and gratitude to those stations who patiently worked through the contact
with my tiny signal. Second - and this in not new information, but - if you
are going to run QRP, optimize whatever antenna you can - if it's a dipole get
it up as high as you can. Next - if a station came back with my complete call
the Q was 'easy' from both ends; if they came back with either the prefix or
the suffix, it was a little bit of a chore, but not too many repeats; if they
came back with only one or two letters from my call it was a lot of work (agian
thank you) - there were only two Q's that were mutually discontinued). Lastly,
you can have a GREAT time with just a 'little station' at the QRP level,
regardless of the final score.

The antenna was really basic - a 20M dipole at 18 feet, with a pair of 16-foot
clip-on extensions for 40M - that actually loaded on 15M (never had that work
well before). Interestingly, 40M and 15M were better for me than 20M.

I sensed it would be a LOT of work when I was on my Q #10 and I heard Gary,
N7IR, at his #41.


John, WA7NWL
WBØTEV   SO Unlimited HP   79,3602009-12-02 18:52:45
For the complete spiel including the initial stalking of 80 mults in the first
80 QSOs and some statistical analyses see my Soapbox write up at
N9CO   Single Op LP   9,4082009-12-02 19:06:28
Just playing around between family obligations.
W6RFU   School Club HP   85,4702009-12-03 15:26:19
UCSB Amateur Radio Club W6RFU

We were not able to operate full time, but two new ops did get to experience
their first SS contest and enjoyed it. Our club is getting more active now in

Steve AC6T
W4LT   Single Op LP   156,0002009-12-04 08:58:09
Rig : Elecraft K3/100+KRX3

Antennas : Cushcraft A3S @ 39ft, Carolina Windom 80LP @ 37 ft, S9 Antennas S9V
elevated ground plane vertical @ 12 ft (as dedicated diversity and second
receiver antenna for all bands)

My first sweep in 33 years of SS! Great to use the K3 second receiver to comb
the band for multiplers on on the same and other bands while running and/or
calling CQ (especially while calling CQ on 10 and 15 with the tribander while
combing 20 and 40 for mults with the second receiver and vertical antenna).

This made the difference in finding WY and ND for me.

Found NWT quite by accident when my rate dropped on 20 and I moved to 15. I
punched the 15 meter bandswitch, heard an off frequency signal, tuned slightly
and THERE HE WAS, calling CQ! No pileup, either! Just amazing the luck I had
this time!

When running on 20 and 40, using the vertical on one receiver and the tribander
on the other while locked in diversity mode made fading almost non existant. I
could tell what polarity was strongest as the signals moved from left to right
over the stereo image in my headsets (tribander on the left, vertical on the
right earphone). The rig now has a facility to mix the signals, but I liked
the discrete separation better, at least for now :) Maybe I will change as I
get better at using the radio.

Cant say enough about the K3's receiver, although I wish I could make the audio
on the transmitter behave better from the dynamics processor standpoint. you
can actually punch holes in the audio if you get too excited as the compressor
release time constant is a bit slow to recover for my tastes. It also sounds
"thin" with less midrange harmonics than my TS850 had, which I liked. Maybe a
less peaky mic (rather than my Heil DX4) will help in this regard. I will
leave the compressor time constants to another firmware revision by Elecraft in
the future.

Worked lots of friends from FCG and SEDXC as well, Had to stop early due to
having to pack and get out of town for Thanksgiving week the following day
early in the morning. Didnt surpass my last year score, but did do the sweep,
so Im a happy guy!

I was even somewhat capable on 80 meters this time as I could actually HEAR
people! I have a 50kW AM broadcaster three miles away, which killed my former
Kenwood TS850's front end... The K3 didnt even know it was there!

I find it amazing to have class B and class U stations come down to my
frequency from adjecent frequencies with huge signals to tell me I am QRM'ing
them with my 100w signal when I cannot even HEAR them! The limiting factor in
using this radio in a SSB contest environment is the other station's radio. I
am amazed at what I could hear this time as opposed to my former rig, which was
no slouch, under the same conditions.

No 10m opening, which I was counting on, materialized. Too bad. Better luck
with the sun next year.

Was it that I could actually hear them, or were there many more QRP signals on
the air this year than before?

Now that I have learned how to use this radio better, I am enthusiastic about
my ability to improve my score next year.

AA4LR   Single Op LP   4,8722009-12-07 19:28:14
Cushcraft A3S/A743 at 15m high (15-40m)
Shunt-fed tower (80m)

Elecraft K2/100 w/ KAT100
K1KP-style memory keyer (1 message)


Got on for about an hour Saturday night. From what I could tell, conditions
were pretty horrible. Had to get up early Sunday, so didn't stay on long.