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IOTA Contest   2017   Jul 29   Comment Summary

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SP1JQJ   SO12SSB HP   51,1682017-07-29 14:21:20
Band QSOs Pts IOT Pt/Q
7 3 6 0 2,0
14 128 1023 31 8,0
21 25 193 6 7,7
28 6 90 2 15,0
Total 162 1312 39 8,1
Score: 51 168
1 Mult = 4,2 Q's
KM4SII   SO(A)12SSB LP   1042017-07-29 20:19:32
Well... portable operating with a small, low antenna, SSB only and poor
propagation does not make for an impressive score!

I operated off-and-on throughout the day using a Yaesu FT-450d and a Buddistick
vertical in the backyard. I worked a couple of stations in North America at the
start of the in quick succession and then conditions started to deteriorate. At
some points, there were barely any signals audible on the 20m band. I could work
what I could hear, but I was not hearing much :) By sunset, although I had
worked a number of stations, none were Island stations so I had ZERO points...

All QSOs were into the USA and Canada. On 40m although I was hearing a lot of
stations, only the signals that were S-9 or louder could copy me. A few
Europeans could hear me on 40m but couldn't quite pull me out.

On 40m, I was finally able to work two Island stations to put a score on the
board. Overall, conditions were quite poor and strange on 20m as the Carribian
stations who are usually S-9+ on 20m were barley even audible here. I could not
hear P40X at all and KP2XX was very weak. It seemed that they were much louder a
bit further north. I almost made a QSO with KP2XX but when he came back to part
of my call, someone else kept calling and he came back to him instead. So I
missed that QSO....

Despite a tough time and a low score, it was fun to enjoy a day outside with a
little contesting thrown in! Thanks for the QSOs!

73 de KM4SII - Mason (14 years old)
K7ABV   SO12CW LP   5882017-07-29 20:20:59
not much gg on,cndx very poor...guess can expect these kinda things when bands
are not eu or asia the little time I put in...maybe next year...
K3PP   SO(A)12CW HP   60,3722017-07-29 21:08:47
Not as much time to play today as expected, but enough to keep me happy! Getting
through the EU wall during my afternoon was tough on 20m. I'm happy to see a
little bit come through from EU on 15m! VY 73 de Glenn K3PP
W6SX   SO(A)12CW HP   7,2802017-07-29 21:10:15
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
MDØCCE   SO12Mixed HP   835,9592017-07-29 23:50:10
FT DX 5000, Quadra, 400W
20-15-10m: 4-el SteppIR up 55ft
40m: Inverted Vee, 50ft apex
80m: Titanex vertical
KØVBU   SO(A)12CW LP   50,1752017-07-30 00:56:18
K3; TH6DXX @ 50\'; 80/40 Trapped Inverted V @ 30\'

Really fun contest. Great to finish up with a EU opening 0600-0800.
Thanks for digging me out.
Bill K0VBU
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO(A)12CW HP   442,9522017-07-30 03:50:00
Another fun time chasing the IOTAs! Wish there was more island activity from
North America. It gets kind of slow here when there is only marginal
propagation to EU.

Thanks to RSGB and all the island activators!

Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
SQ3RX   SO12CW LP   556,1042017-07-30 03:54:16
Kewnood TS480Sat @100W
40-10m GP7 multiband Vertical by SP7GPX
80-40m G5RV
N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6589

Thanks for all QSOs.
73! Mek SQ3RX
VE2FK   SO(A)12CW HP   124,4702017-07-30 04:44:08
Thanks for the Q
EA2CW(@EA2RCF)   SO(A)24CW LP   456,3202017-07-30 04:49:36
There was no or little noise, but felt SSN 0 in short low bands prop and fast
upper bands windows with no Es. Better luck next year. Thank you for Qs and
mults to all participants
W5FMH(@KJ5Y)   SO24Mixed HP   291,7762017-07-30 05:01:20
Station was operated remotely.
Log will be submitted as a checklog.


*Contesting is a way of life*
DJ1YFK   SO(A)12CW QRP   240,2402017-07-30 05:02:50
K2, 5W, 10m long Vertical

Fabian, DJ1YFK
OH2PM   SO12CW HP   228,3262017-07-30 05:03:11
Just the 300 QSOs needed for OH-marathon.
K2ZR   SO(A)12CW LP   15,1582017-07-30 05:04:43
RIG: K2 @95W
LY5W   SO(A)12CW HP   470,0522017-07-30 05:13:13
RSGB Islands On The Air Contest - 2017-07-29 1200Z to 2017-07-30 1200Z - 384
LY5W - Off Times >= 60 Minutes

2017-07-29 1200Z - 2017-07-29 1314Z 01:15 (75 mins) (Start late)
2017-07-29 1417Z - 2017-07-29 1548Z 01:32 (92 mins)
2017-07-29 1651Z - 2017-07-29 1750Z 01:00 (60 mins)
2017-07-29 2014Z - 2017-07-30 0140Z 05:27 (327 mins)
2017-07-30 0432Z - 2017-07-30 1130Z 06:59 (419 mins)

Total Time Off 16:13 (973 mins)
Total Time On 07:47 (467 mins)
OE1HHB   SO24SSB LP   366,3682017-07-30 05:14:43
TS590SG + 19 m wire vertical for 80/40m + 5 m long vertical for 10-20 m
PY5EG   SO(A)12Mixed HP   199,2602017-07-30 05:21:51
G6M(G4BYG)   SO(A)12CW LP   675,7502017-07-30 05:29:32
Managed just over 11 hours out of the twelve allowed in my category.
Band conditions were flat but steady with qso's on all 5 bands this year.
Half way through the contest I noticed the IOTA call history file was giving me
as in EU-120 which I hope most folk would listen to my real sent EU-005
But I guess will lose some Q's because of this.I must get them to change it
Being an LP (Assisted) entry I spent a lot of time in search mode as well as
jumping to new multipliers when required via the Band maps. Great fun and super
operators on the whole. Total enjoyment.
Equipment: Elecraft K3/100. 100w into a homebrewed Cobbweb nest of dipoles for
20-10m. A dual dipole for 80/40m. A small dual 1m dia rx antenna.
Software was N1MMLogger+ which was outstanding.
Thanks to the organisers who do a brilliant job in managing the contest.

Band QSOs Pts IOT Pt/Q
3.5 44 460 24 10.5
7 217 1520 37 7.0
14 186 1440 46 7.7
21 108 850 31 7.9
28 21 235 12 11.2
Total 576 4505 150 7.8
Score: 675,750
1 Mult = 3.8 Q's
2EØCVN   SO(A)24CW LP   72,4002017-07-30 05:41:54
Vertical antenna!

Not too much activity and more time had on the bands then planned! Nice to get
on for the contest.
KH7XS(K4XS)   SO12SSB HP   639,7602017-07-30 05:42:52
Operated the first half hour or so. Conditions were crappy so I shut it down
and figured I'd do something else over the weekend. Went shopping, and went to
restaurant. Came home and checked conditions around 0000Z and they sounded
better. Sat down to just play and did around 11.5 hours "playing"
non-stop. Condx improved dramatically from the night before.
TM3Z(F4DSK)   SO(A)12SSB HP   257,0402017-07-30 05:58:59
Software : N1MM Logger V14.9.0

Band Mode QSOs Pts IOT
7 LSB 134 905 30
14 USB 270 1645 37
21 USB 75 345 10
28 USB 24 165 7
Total Both 503 3060 84

Score : 257 040
TM5T(F5VKT)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   307,0082017-07-30 06:05:06
Casual part time entry
K4BAI   SO24Mixed HP   514,9952017-07-30 06:05:21
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH7DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. Good activity.
Poor high band conditions, as expected. 40 and 80 were quite good for mid
summer. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
OZ7BQ/P   SO24CW QRP   216,4602017-07-30 06:19:25
Operating QRP with an Elecraft KX3 and an end fed 21 M invertered longwire. The
QTH is on Fanoe Isl. EU 125 close to the North Sea and overlook the beach.
Had to stop a few times sunday morning due to passing thunderstorms.
It was a pleasure to be able to make some contacts on 10 and 15 Meters.
EI2KM   M/S HP   2,398,0002017-07-30 06:37:10
Dear Friends,
Excuse me for I have now consumed two beers post contest in mid afternoon
having abstained up till now. This is our second run at the IOTA contest and
it was even more fun this year. Conditions were better on 15 and 10 for the
second daylight period this year whereas last year the second morning was
stinko for us. Our score may be up nearly 20%. This is a contest which
demands making use of search and pounce.

Three of us did this contest, EI2KM aka F8FUA, EI2KC and EI2CN. For me
it is definitely good to share the contest effort with friends as it allows a
modicum of sleep which is very welcome when 73 years old - my fellows 2KM and
2KC are younger and more fit. Thank you for the 24 hour contest which is so
different in so many respects. Working Europe is as good as working an
island on the other side of the world. You need to adjust your strategy.

Well thanks to all for the wonderful time. Now I am off to the scratcher
for an afternoon nap post two beers.

73 Doug EI2CN

K3 with P3 and large screen
Acom 2000A at 1500W contest power for EI
4 element SteppIR Yagi at 80 feet or 24M with trombone for 40M

80M inverted L

SteppIR Big Vertical for 80M SSB

Hi-Z four square rx antenna for 40M
Hi-Z eight circle rx antenna for 80M


MicroKeyer II
SX5R(SV5DKL)   SO24CW HP   2,084,1152017-07-30 06:52:57
Lots of fun with my contest call in this year's IOTA contest.
SPE Expert 1K-FA
Cushcraft A3S
Low bands Inv-L

SX5R QSL via instructions and QSL policy in SX5R registration page.

Stathis, SV5DKL
EA3KX   SO(A)12CW QRP   114,2912017-07-30 07:05:49
Elecraft KX3 5 watts
TA-53M for 10-15-20 Dipole for 40-80

Too much difficult to make QSO's with IOTA Stations
OV9ØEDR(OZ1BII)   SO12CW LP   43,5242017-07-30 07:43:25
Rig - Elecraft K3 100W
Ant - 20 mtr endfeed wire Inverted-L
VE3UTT   SO12CW HP   154,7002017-07-30 08:10:21
Missed first 5 hours due to power outage which put an end to an effective
12-hour entry.
PJ4DX   SO12SSB HP   688,8802017-07-30 08:14:48
All seemed to be going well until a mysterious local noise source at S9+10dB
opened up at 0150UTC and completely wiped out 40m. 20m and 80m were unaffected
but 20m was dead at that time apart from KH7XS and 80m suffered from the usual
tropical summer thunderstorm static. Apologies to those who called me on 80m
who I could not copy, particularly GM7V - I tried really hard to copy the
serial number but could just not pull it out through the QRN. I noticed that
many stations in both EU and NA had poor quality 'boxy'-sounding audio, making
it more difficult than it should have been to copy them under marginal
conditions. Rig: FT-2000, Acom 1500 at 1kW to Spiderbeam for 10-15-20m at 10m,
a pair of phased verticals on 40m and full-size 80m quarter-wave vertical. 73
Steve PJ4DX
WX4G   SO24Mixed HP   587,2892017-07-30 08:28:04
Somewhat disappointing conditions, never heard any Asia. However, was surprised
to see 20 meters opened to Oceania at 3am here in FL. Tend to operate as a Dxer,
looking for new IOTA's..and rarely call limits score. I am tending to
feel guilty for not operating an IOTA when I have several islands within 30
miles of my QTH. This will be remedied next year!!

Thanks to all for another enjoyable contest...and especially the Europeans for
putting on so many IOTA"s!!

Bob WX4G
KZ5D   SO(A)12CW HP   50,2042017-07-30 08:30:22
Didn't get into the fray until late Saturday morning. Was in and out of the
shack and made contacts sporadically. Lots of fun. With no sunspots showing,
conditions weren't as bad as I expected.
OZ4CG   SO(A)24CW LP   792,1202017-07-30 08:36:55
RIG: Kenwood TS590s (100W)
ANT: G5RV + 15m dipole
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6589.0.
N5AW   SO12CW HP   170,6402017-07-30 09:21:11
Saw some complaints about poor conditions but considering the sunspot cycle I
thought they were pretty good. Worked quite a few Europeans on 15 Saturday
morning - not strong but anything is good these days. Some big signals from
Europe on 20 in our late afternoon. 40 was open to Europe two hours before
sunset and big signals later in the evening. Biggest surprise of all was some
good signals from Europe on 80 meters. That's rare through the summer QRN down
here in Texas. My apologies to several callers I could not pull out of the
static on 40 but did work several QRP Europeans. All in all a fun contest.

K3s - Expert 1.3K-FA 1200 watts. Yagis 20/15, Moxon 40, dipole array 80,
K8AJS   SO(A)12CW HP   52,1232017-07-30 10:33:29
Thanks for the QSOs!

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/P3 & KPA500 500 watts
Antennas: 204-foot G5RV, 3 ele quad
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.6589.0
VY2TT(K6LA)   SO24Mixed HP   2,789,1242017-07-30 11:27:22
Lots of fun except in the middle of the night when everyone I hadn't worked on
the low bands went to sleep, so I did also.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
DL8MBS   SO12CW QRP   79,3442017-07-30 11:29:01
K2 & 2 lowwires
Still in holiday hangover, so most of the time too lazy to use 2nd VFO while
queing for island stations.
OH/SMØW   SO12CW LP   789,4502017-07-30 11:42:02
Small Island DXpedition
OZ2PBS   SO(A)24SSB HP   1,127,9852017-07-30 12:07:49
IC-7600 + IC 7300
ACOM 2100
micro KEYER 2R+
Mosley TA63N + Dipol
4 x Beverage appox 160 meter.
W7WHY   SO12CW HP   1122017-07-30 12:21:23
Conditions were horrible here. Listened for a while on 20 and there were 2
stations I could copy loud enough to call. Listened on 40 in the evening and
it wasn't much better. Nothing but empty bands here.

Thanks the Q's and 73
K1IMI   M/S LP   71,9902017-07-30 12:33:58
Operation was from Little Deer Isle, on the northern end of Penobscot Bay in
mid-coast Maine. This year's location was "Pine Trail", a higher
elevation than last year's on the water's edge. Great location, but the
mosquitoes were terrible. We operated from inside the car and kept the windows
Power was 100 Watts by external batteries and an N8JKX regulator.

Jim and I tried the station configuration at our "home" QTH the
evening before the contest, but we were pressed for time before dark.
Everything SEEMED ready-to-go with our mobile setup...HAH! What we found out
was that, on CW everything worked just fine (that's what we tested prior to the
contest), but on phone we had r.f. feedback problems, regardless of what antenna
we tried (we had several mobile antennas and a 24-foot extendable flagpole
(mounted in a "drive on" mount which Jim had fabricated)that we used
as a non-resonant inverted-L. During the contest, we reconfigured the rats nest
of wires that enabled power, r.f., and computer control...that helped a little
and later we were able to use the Outback Outreach mobile antenna on 40 for a
few mults. Other than that, we enjoyed the operation, starting on 20 with some
great runs, then signals petered out until late afternoon on 20. After a burst
of activity, we moved to 40 and enjoyed some great European runs, eventually
giving up in the dark around 10 PM locat time for the 2-hour drive back
"home". Thanks to all those who worked us...I know we missed a
73, Bert N4CW/K1IMI
G8D(G3SJJ)   SO(A)12CW HP   615,7002017-07-30 12:44:24
Best contest ever. Conditions better than expected. FB opening to Asia early
evening with JA, 9M2, VK5 and HS0. Great to meet so many friends.

SO2R - K3/Expert 1.3K-FA + FT1kMP/Acom 1K
A4S, 2 el phassed 40m GP, 80m dip0le at 18m
Low Band Systems Triplexer
OZ/DF2SD   SO24SSB LP   538,1502017-07-30 12:49:55
I must stoped my contest activity around 6.00 UTC Sunday morning
because of coming heavy thunderstorms over the North Sea.
I lost more than 6h of contest activity what's a dissapointment for me :-(
Thanks to all for the call de OZ/DF2SD from EU-125 Fano Island.
OL6P(OK2PP)   SO(A)12CW LP   745,6002017-07-30 13:04:09
I operated for fun from my home station.
Congratulation Tom OK2BFN for very good score.

Thanks all for QSO!

73, Petr OK2PP
OL5Y   SO(A)12CW LP   1,206,4282017-07-30 13:16:01
Very nice contest as usually. Decided again for CW 12H. CONDX were better last
year but this year without QRN at all! Experienced strange behaviour of on/off
time counter in N1MM. Thanks to all who heard my call and SN.
RIG: SunSDR MB1 + IC756, microHAM MK2R+, Station masters, Stack master,
ANT: 3el tribander ECO @ 19m, stack of SpiderBeams @ 17+25m, 2-el Quad for 40m
@ 25m, Inv. V for 40/80/160m @ 19m
KM4HI   SO(A)24Mixed HP   116,0642017-07-30 13:20:12
Entered this contest with a list of 16 anticipated IOTA's which were posted on
various DX sites. Only managed to hear and work 4 of 'em. So all of my op time
was spent in S&P mode looking for Island stations. Avoided World station
working only 24 vs 96 IOTAs. Came away with only 7 new IOTA's. With poor
conditions most of Saturday, it was yet another contest spoiled by Ole Sole.
And its going to get worse? Made the switch from WinTest to N1MM+ which was
awkward initially but enjoyed having the microKeyer do its thing.
Thanks to all for the Q's.
73 de Jim KM4HI
GW6W   M/S LP   3,790,8002017-07-30 13:36:45
3 days in a van on Holyhead breakwater field day style (EU-124). Two K3 radios
and laptops powered by 2 Honda suitcase generators. Selected antennas included
a Spiderbeam,a dipole and 1/4 wave vertical for 40m (15m) and a 80m dipole fed
with window line. Also put up a Moxon for 10m and vertical dipole for 20m but
never managed the inv L for 80 due to time and weather.

No real problems bar a poor Band Data cable from one radio to the Antenna
Genius. Low bands went very quiet overnight, 10m opened right up in the last 2
hours which finished the contest with a flurry of superb action to tax tired
brains. Hard work but a great weekend.
WB2AIV   SO12Mixed LP   1,9472017-07-30 14:24:13
K3 and 80m OCF Dipole
G6XX(G4FAL)   SO24Mixed HP   2,786,2502017-07-30 14:35:37
This was the first serious outing for G6XX which is an historic callsign that
has recently been reissued to the RSGB after some 93 years. See the
page for G6XX for some of the history of 6XX and later G6XX.

It's been a while since I did an IOTA mixed mode, unassisted entry as a single
operator and I was little rusty. I tried to keep a balance of band and mode
operation and spent quite a lot of time searching for IOTA island mulitpliers
on both modes. I didn't hear any VK or ZL entrants despite looking a few times
but had a few far east, Africa and South American QSOs. As usual the main focus
was on European Islands. I was glad of the opening on 10m on Sunday morning as
this allowed me to improve my QSO rate at the end rather than see it tailing
off. It was encouraging to see plenty of UK activity including multi-op and
single op stations.
9A9J(9A7ZZ)   SO12SSB LP   335,8732017-07-30 14:58:19
Yaesu ft-450 , Antenna: OB11-3, vert.quad 40, vert.oblong 80.
CF2NDX(VA2SG)   SO12CW LP   9,5252017-07-30 15:29:18
TS590S - Ground plane
JA1BPA(@JG1ZUY)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   720,0052017-07-30 17:37:42
*** Solar cycle minimum is here to stay! ***

The propagation on higher bands has definitely deteriorated even
compared with that of last year. 10/15mb was completely dead when
the contest started (our local time 21:00), but 20mb was very good
toward Northern Europe. My best rate for the 60 min QSO rate was
the first hour and I worked 128 Qs on CW, not bad for a contest with
serial numbers.

I have read that the RSGB CC is considering shortening of contest
exchanges for IOTA stations, but I personally like the challenge
of the current loo~ng exchanges. The serial number contest is very
different from contests with predictable exchanges where you can
run SO2R (or 2BSIQ) more easily.

See you again in CQ WW contests.

Best 73,

Icko, JA1BPA
YL1S(YL1ZF)   SO(A)24CW LP   1,762,4972017-07-30 23:12:22
The station is located on the island, but pity it does not count for IOTA
becauce of 200 meters rule. Also need to add second radio otherwise it is
getting boring.

73 Kas YL1ZF
S56A   SO(A)24CW LP   1,164,5822017-07-30 23:26:23
I prefer to go to islands! Red mults collected from RBN bandmap. Even few BY.
Summer condx suitable for forthcoming EUHFC. Antennas 135 degrees ahead of
rotator :-)

73 de Mario, S56A
BG4TMC   M/S LP   765,6002017-07-31 00:25:02
Rig: IC7410, TS590
Antennas: HexBeam, Inv Vee

Contesting from this part of the world is NOT fun!
MØDXR(@G3RGS)   SO24Mixed HP   3,635,7302017-07-31 02:39:26
Had a superb time this past weekend in IOTA. Dave G3RGS was as
welcoming as always. I realised my entry would be somewhat limiting as
I was only using one radio but it was great fun in any case.
Conditions were interesting. Worked only two JAs all weekend, one of
which was S9 and got me ready for a lovely JA run which didn't
materialise! Nice to work a single ZL on 40 but no other VKs or ZL logged.
Lovely Es opening on 10m on Sunday which helped. Well done to
VY2TT on an excellent effort in this category and also to G5W for a
monster score as multi-ops. Lots of other UK activity which was great to see.
Thanks for all the QSOs - Mark M0DXR
DK8ZZ(@DP7D)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   5,978,5602017-07-31 03:56:29
Another IOTA Contest is over.
First at all, thanks to DP7D/DF0MU Team who allowed me to use their nice
contest Station. A trully HAM Radio spirit, friendly people, a perfect place to
This time, I wasn't at home (around 250km souther). Strange CONDX this year.
Less than 200 UK Stations un the log (last year over 350 UK & EI).With good
monobander antennas easy to break any pile up and pick up the MTPL during the
The last two hours some Es opening on 10/15m.
Tried to Run some CQs, but less 15PTS QSOs than expected.
At the end, 200Qs more, but also 1M less PTS than 2016.
Congrats to LZ5R for great score.

RIG: IC 756Pro III + PA
80m: GP, Dipol
40m: 2 el, dipol
20m: 5el, 4el, Optibeam Tribander
15m: 5 el
10m: 5el

Powered by DXLog.

CU in 2018

Zrinko (Zik) DK8ZZ
IT9VDQ(@IB9T)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   2,474,7002017-07-31 03:57:48
73 de Giu, IT9VDQ
IT9DWW(@IB9T)   SO(A)24SSB HP   124,3202017-07-31 04:35:30
After more than a year away from "Radio", my first time was not
exciting! Very little concentration and fatigue at the limit! But at least I
started doing "Radio"! GREAT FUN HI Dany
KN4Y   SO24CW LP   10,2482017-07-31 06:15:45
I am entering my log as a check log. I had great expectations as I planned to
operate mobile on St. George Island (NA-085), FL. I set up in the parking lot
where I could observe all the YL's and etc headed for the beach. I started
calling and calling, nothing, tuned across the bands and heard nothing. Got out
to make sure I have my antenna connected and tried again. I made a contact,
later another contact, it was going to be a slows day. At 1800z the skies
blackened and I took this as an omen to head back home. Around 2200z I tried
the home antenna and was able to hear stations. I worked stations as a fixed
station until 0500z. There is not category for my operation so a check log.
But I enjoyed the attempt at mobile.
9A/OM6NM   SO(A)24Mixed LP   137,3422017-07-31 06:16:26
Thanks to Vedran 9A4VV and friends from 9A1V I could operate 24 hrs from JN82IW
in Vela Luka, Korčula isl. with easy set-up as always.

Kelemen GP 4 bands vertical in vert. dipole construction, duobander 80/40
dipole, deltaloop 40 m and 20 m dipole; TS590S and gasoline HONDA generator.

I would like to say sorry for not replaying some of you even after several
calling. It seems to be I had some radio settings problem this time.

Thanks to RSGB and enjoy the summer friends!

Norbert, OM6NM
WB2WPM   SO12Mixed HP   9,9592017-07-31 06:42:25
Poor conditions especially start of contest.
NP4LW   SO12Mixed LP   3,3802017-07-31 07:06:47
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: Win-Test 4.25.0
ADDRESS: 00685
SV8CS   SO(A)12SSB LP   244,2002017-07-31 08:29:54
Iota contest again after 10 years. Linear amplifier failure. FT-2000 power
mosfets burned. Continue with IC-756 with bad receiver. Antenna for 15m Hy-Gain
Long John 5 elements monobander at 25m . Dipole for 40m. See you next year- 73
de SV8CS/Spiros
ESØDJ   SO(A)24CW LP   1,162,2702017-07-31 08:38:33
Rig YAESU FT-847, Antennas 80m GP, dipole, 40m dipole, 20m 3-el Ygi, 15/10 m.
MØMCX   SO12SSB LP   188,6492017-07-31 10:21:57
Just having fun on 100w over 12 hours phone to prove my DX Commander antenna in
anger. Nothing like trying something out in a contest to see if it works!
Thanks for the all the fun folks. See you next year.
AA4V   M/S HP   1,519,6202017-07-31 13:10:31
Three of the operators (Rick/W4GE, Dave/K8AJA and Steve/AA4V) from last years
CQWW Phone entry 6Y4V got together at AA4V's Isle of Palms, SC location. We
were plagued by rain and lightning through the local midnight hour causing a
shut down or two. The receiving antennas really helped. Conditions ebbed and
flowed throughout the contest period. 40m at morning Gray line was good...just
not enough stations from Asia active in the test. RA0, JA, KH2 and some others
were active but soon faded away. We were multi/single using N1MM+, 2 Elecraft
K3's, ACOM 2000 and SPE Expert 1.3K amps. Antennas were Steppir yagi, verticals
for 40m and 80m with loop and pennants for receiving Thanks to everyone for the
contacts. See you again in October from 6Y in the phone test.
K3EST(@N6RO)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   893,8852017-07-31 13:20:34
Condx to Europe very poor. Condx to Asia good. Last hour was fun on 40
SSB...several YB IOTAs called in. A K# Sat afternoon turned off with "Low
battery" message...turned out to be a faulty power supply. Sat afternoon
worked JG6JAV and BV0L on 15m Cw. JAs on 80 CW had good signals but little
activity. Late Sat night 20m finally opened to Eu but tough to work many.
Thanks to all who called me. A big thanks to Ken N6RO for his support during
the contest including Sat dinner.
73 Bob, K3EST
WQ6X(@NX6T)   SO(A)12CW LP   34,9682017-07-31 14:15:52
This was another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T ("NashVille") in
Family obligations kept me off the air during 15:00z thru 06:00z so I made the
7.5 hours of actual OP time work for me.
Equipment-wise I ran a barefoot Elecraft K3 into a 3-el Stepp-IR, 2-elements
on 40 meters and a droopy inverted Vee for the 3 QSOs on 80 meters.
As with other recent remote contests, using an old Autek QF-1A audio filter
to process the laptop audio produced far better results that the DSP filtering
built into the K3.
My biggest CW contest BEEF is with the BONEHEADS who work me and then move
up barely 200hz to call CQ, when there is PLENTY of open frequency space
1 or 2 khz away.
While I missed the 40 meter opening to Europe and heard no AF stations (and
1 SA station), this IOTA contest was a lot of fun. Because of the format of
island designators,the IOTA contest makes for an interesting challenge.
You can read my write up about this GiG in an upcoming WQ6X Contest BLOG
OG5A   M/S HP   3,657,7752017-07-31 15:35:49
Had a log problems with Win-Test in the beginning of the contest. We have to
merge two logs now so there might be few QSOs more in the end. Propagation was
quite good with no aurora this year even here in north. Even had an opening in


Antennas: 80/40m GP, 80/40 Beverage, A4S yagi, Butternut HF2V, R5 vertical
Radios: K3 and TS-480SAT
Amps: SPE 1.3K-FA, Acom 1010
Log: Win-Test
Thanks all for QSOs! 73 de Simo OH5GIO
KU8E   SO12CW LP   30,5102017-08-01 05:48:27
Portable in Jekyll Island, GA. Causal effort during family vacation to the
Georgia coast. IC7560Pro2 and wire hung from the balcony of our condo.

Jeff KU8E
SM5CKV/P(GØCKV)   SO(A)24Mixed LP   2,429,7902017-08-01 07:55:40
My third IOTA contest ever and I used the same location and setup I used in 2013
and 2015. Lost 15m antenna in strong winds a couple of hours into the contest
and could not fix that with the light lines being blown around in the wind so I
almost gave up but then it dawned on me that I could use the 40m dipole on 15. A
couple of hours later I found that the 20m antenna was bad too - I probably
destroyed it when trying to fix 15 so I was again close to give up. Then it
dawned on me that I could lengthen my low 10m dipole to resonate on 20. But I
had forgotten to pack spare antenna wire. I found a mains extension lead which
I slaughtered and then I was back on 20. On Sunday 10z I was so tired so I
decided to QRT but I checked 10m and found big G signals via Es. So, out again
to shorten that 10m dipole back to original and my score got a tremendous boost
with mults and 15p QSOs during the last 90 minutes of the contest. Overall good
relaxed fun and very satisfying to do OK with a simple field-day-style setup
and associated improvisations.
VE3KTB   SO(A)24SSB HP   11,9342017-08-01 08:21:46
First IOTA contest from Ontario South for me, and in the middle of getting the
family ready for vacation departure. Far fewer distractions of that type when
working from NA-008! :-)
5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   SO(A)24SSB HP   3,997,8402017-08-01 09:26:19
propagation not too good son Sunday
Thanks to all those that worked me.

See you next contest
9A7DX(@9A1CCY)   SO12SSB HP   946,8002017-08-01 10:27:47

This one worked from city location, but have lots of fun anyway.

Operated SSB & with tribander for a change ;)

Sorry for bad copy, especially on 20m - there ware constant S7 city noise

Thanks for Q's & 73's

ISØ/OM8A(OM3RM)   SO24Mixed HP   5,243,6102017-08-01 13:10:39
My special thanks go to Walter IS0SWW, that I can use his beautiful station.

Thanks to organizer too for nice contest .

Tibi OM3RM
VU2DED   SO12Mixed LP   1,3052017-08-01 18:41:55
Working conditions: Icom IC-707, barefoot with homebrew Carolina Windom antenna,
40M through 10M and Yaesu antenna Tuner FC-700.

Conditions for DX contacts were not that favourable in this part of the world
but still enjoyed the contest.

See you next year.
New Delhi ML88on
IT9RBW   SO(A)12Mixed LP   578,7152017-08-02 07:35:48
The iota is always very fun. Unfortunately due to some physical problems it was
very hard to stay 12 hours active. The pauses were chosen only on the basis of
physical tiredness. I could do something more.

Thanks all de

CR3G   M/2 HP   7,444,1702017-08-04 01:05:56
Ian G3WVG and Nigel G3TXF operated in the new Multi-Two category from the RRDXA
contest station in Santana, Madeira.

Our usual favourite logging software WinTest gave us a big surprise. Under the
new Multi-Two rules in the IOTA Contest both stations can operate as RUN
stations (previously one of the two stations had to be a MULT station).

Once the contest started we were expecting WinTest to feed from the same
number sequence to both RUN stations. This did not happen. One Run station was
given ODD serial numbers and the other was given EVEN serial numbers. We only
noticed this a few minutes into the contest and wondered "what the hell
going on with the serial numbers?". Nothing we could do at this stage
than just carry on with the almost comical ODD and EVEN serial number
sequencing. This certainly gave rise to more than usual "what was your
number?" queries on both CW and SSB.

We are most grateful to the RRDXA for the use of their contest station on
Madeira and to Ricardo CT3KN for assistance with the CR3G callsign.

73 - Nigel G3TXF
IT9RGY   SO(A)12SSB LP   267,3002017-08-04 11:25:39
A funny contest in a really hot summer weekend!
antenna was fixed to North and no 80m was in that's the I could do
from home!

3element 10-20
"Dipole" 40m

Gabry IT9RGY
SP4Z   SO(A)12CW LP   7,9202017-08-04 15:10:46
73 Wes SP4Z
M7X(GØTSM)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   1,060,4002017-08-05 01:39:34
FTDX5000/VL1000. Hexbeam +low 40/80 dipoles.
HA3OU/P/QRP   SO12CW QRP   5,9502017-08-05 22:22:09
Thank you for listening to my modest equipment with 4W output max. power.
QTH: Lake Balaton, Zamardi beach.
MM1E(MMØGOR)   SO24SSB HP   1,123,2802017-08-07 09:35:06
My first SOAB SSB HP Dxpedition to Great Cumbrae Island EU-123
W1WBB   SO(A)12CW LP   230,6802017-08-08 15:06:52
All about working the 15-point QSOs! Had 120 15-point Q's but only 51 unique
IOTAs worked. Many common IOTAs not active on CW in this event, esp. in
Caribbean, which is quite disappointing. Greater recognition of IOTA station
scores *by continent* in the future may help spur additional IOTA activity
outside Eu.

Always very slow for first few hours as Eu works Eu. Took until my
mid-afternoon until Eu sigs on 20m really came up. Next time will save some
time to work western Eu at their sunrise on 40/80m ... hit the 12 hr limit too

Really wish final results would offer breakdown by continent, in addition to
other categories already provided. Kudos though to RSGB contest folks for
rapid results turn-around and interesting results format with photos from the

QSL via ClubLog and LoTW.

Icom 706MKIIG to Hexbeam up 10m high; 88' doublet up 13m high on 40/80m. N1MM+
Logger with WinKeyer USB.
IK4AUY   SO12Mixed HP   341,5832017-08-10 11:20:15
rig: TS-590SG, Lin Ampl BLA600 RM Italy, ant. Ultrabeam 3 El Yagi, dipole
40-80m. morgain. Max power out 500W. Soft. QARTest. Enjoied very much the
contest in the 12 hours category. See you next time. Sergio, IK4AUY.
K1WDY   SO12SSB LP   1952017-08-12 04:51:38
Only had 1 hour to turn everything on and operate. NEWCOMER.