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Russian WW Digital Contest   2016   Oct 1   Comment Summary

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AI9T   SO RTTY HP   1,9522016-10-02 05:59:05
Bad Conditions and not much participation
K4GMH   SO-LoBands HP   11,8042016-10-02 06:05:35
Conditions were bad. Surprised at the signal level of stations, especially the
Eastern European stations, usually much stronger than worked in the Contest.
Which leads to thanking those who were kind enough to keep trying when asked
for a repeat.

Although the log says I operated for 2 1/2 hours much of the time was just
calling CQ. Did some S&P, but that was even less productive than the QSO
rate generated by calling CQ. Still I had fun.

Mike, K4GMH
KSØM   SO RTTY LP   1862016-10-02 06:45:55
Propagation was very poor. Copied only one Russian call but he did not hear me.
Very few DX calls found and very few USA calls found. I had just 2 USA calls
logged me first 1 hour and 10 minutes. Many calls I copied that did not come
back to me. I guess my 4 element YAGI and 75 watts was just not enough.
N1IXF   SO RTTY LP   36,1672016-10-02 11:20:34
Casual effort interrupted by other activities.
Not much activity in NA, at least that I heard.
EU was loud here but had a hard time breaking the wall of EU stations working
each other.

Thanks to those who did work me.
SP4LVK/QRP   SOAB QRP   31,6682016-10-02 22:17:57
RIG:FT-950 PWR:5 ANT:2el DeltaLoop & LongWire 73!
VU2DED   SO-HiBands LP   16,3022016-10-03 02:27:45
Working conditions: Icom IC-707, barefoot with trap Dipole antenna, 40M through
10M and Yaesu antenna Tuner FC-700.
Home-brew digital interface with AMD dual core desktop computer. Software used
HRD, DM-780.

Conditions for DX contacts were not favorable in this part of the world but
still enjoyed the contest.

See you next year.
Mumbai - India