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CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW   2005   Jan 29   Comment Summary

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K2TA   Single Op LP   25,0002005-01-29 14:44:57
Called it quits at 200Q's 50 mults for exactly 25K (it might be 25,008 if
KC2NTB/MM in NY gets 10 pts instead of 2...not sure if N3FJP contest software is
up-to-date on score calculations). This is one of my favorite contests. Ran
my K2/100 barefoot and had a blast for 5.5 hours.
NX9T   Single Op LP   7,7122005-01-29 17:32:49
Very limited time this weekend. Heard lots of good signals!
jeff NX9T
N1EU   Single Op HP   77,8502005-01-30 03:45:05
2.5 hours of running for a little fun in the contest. Condx seemed fairly good
although I noticed a bit of quick deep QSB and a few periods of continual static

Nothing beats stereo diversity reception when listening on multiple Beverage
antennas for callers in topband contests!

Thanks for all the q's and regrets to those I couldn't pull out.

Ten-Tec Orion, Acom 2000A
inverted L transmit
580ft Beverages NE, SE, SW, NW

Barry N1EU
K5NZ   Single Op HP   147,1862005-01-30 04:35:09
Great condx Friday night, glad I got on! Played till 1am and had 597/75, a
great start for me! Then a couple of hours mixed in Sat and Sun morn. Sunday
morn I had the great pleasure of having AC6DD fire up 4 cycles from me at +20db.
Asked him several times if he could not hear me..nothing..just CQ CQ. So I
just set my auto CQ and let her rip! He moved up some, problem is I was
perfectly positioned between VE3AAY and K9DX...think he found his funk wasn't
going to work much better with the likes of K9DX and finally went away. Try
tuning for a good freq next time bub, maybe you will learn a few skills..

That Mojo don't work here homee!

Other than that enjoyable lesson, had a great time working super ops!

KØRI   Single Op HP   23,0012005-01-30 04:45:43
Squeezed in a little OP time around Search & Rescue duties.
IC-756proIII + IC-PW1 amp to 160m horiz loop
AE9B   Single Op HP   140,5192005-01-30 04:48:30
Stopped at 666 because I figure he had something to do with the poor propagation
out west.
Although I only worked 10 Hours I was very surprised to not work a single JA
although I tried and I know they did too. Maybe next time.
Antennas worked well. Had limitted time but had a great contest opening (for
1st hour 99 Q's
2nd Hour 122 Q's
3rd Hour 101 Q's
Then I went hunting for some mults including 27 DXCC
Even got a few new ones Namely 9H1 and V5 on 1st calls

60 Total %

NA 640 640 96.1
AF 5 5 0.8
EU 13 13 2.0
SA 1 1 0.2
OC 6 6 0.9
9A, 9H, C6, CM, CT, CT3, D4, DL, F, G, HA
K, KH6, KL, KP2, ON, PJ2, S5, SP, V5, VE, VK
Stateside sounded great Worked all states except RI which escaped me somehow.

Something about listening to that Top Band ROAR..... CU in the next one.

1000MP (Click Fixed)
ACOM 2000A
1/4 Wave vertical
3 bidirection beverages
1 Flag
NN3W   Single Op LP   11,6162005-01-30 04:52:10
Just playing around. I need to rethink my antenna strategy as I heard many 59
stations that could NOT hear me...
ON7YX   Single Op LP   45,4142005-01-30 05:37:25
These were my 1st steps on 160m, it was fun !

73's Ron ON7YX
KO7X   Single Op LP   44,8912005-01-30 05:57:57
Missed RI, ND and AK.
WB2ABD   Single Op LP   23,7162005-01-30 06:00:35
MKV FIELD 40M DIPOLE 2 60 FT ( not set up as a Tee)
K6TQ(WN6K)   Single Op HP   81,6002005-01-30 06:22:58
Only a second evening effort at K6TQ's
Station: FT1000 /VL-1000
Ant: TX/ 127 ft. vertical
RX/ Beverage/1/2 sloper/ 2- DP's @ ten ft.

Thanks to Bill for letting me mooch the station.
N7WA   Multi-Op HP   58,8242005-01-30 07:04:33
We should have used N7ZG for the callsign as Guy did 75% of the opration.
Surprised how well the K9AY worked (it wasn't that good in December). That, with
the addition of a plain 'ol receiving loop, provided plenty of receiving
Still, there were a few more stations I would have liked to work - something to
build on for the future. Problem with this test is the total lack of real sleep.

thanks all for the Q's

some stats from the Seattle area:
Zn Q's
1 1
3 170
4 139
5 98
8 2
9 1
25 5
31 4
32 1
Total 421
KØDU   Multi-Op HP   228,5012005-01-30 07:15:27
Condx to Europe almost nil, JA good for about 50 QSOs. Using Inv L and NE and SE
beverages. Need more RX antennas for next year
W7RN(KL2A)   Single Op HP   253,9202005-01-30 07:15:34
** Attention Europe ** Did any of you stations hear W7RN ??

Please let me know:

WOW! The band sounded much like 40m.

Sure was interesting playing SO2R in-band 160. We used an 80m dipole on one end
of the property for receive, and it seemed to work ok.. was able to tune the
bands in the gaps and find the pile ups. Later in the game as it slowed a bit I
was able to put 20-30 Qs an hour in the log from Radio 2.

Great thrill to have no noise, and hearing D4B & CT9M 10-20db over S9. They
both were in most of their dark hours and a little after!

Didn't hear a peep from EU the first night, however did hear a few the 2nd
working W3GH, W3BGN, K1ZZ, etc... That was as close as I could get so kept 1 ear
on some of those boys for clues. Never opened.

The 1st night I called HK1XX for hours when I could, and ZS4TX the 2nd night, no
Q. Both guys were s9+ the entire time.

Topped it off with 100 JA Q's.

What a weekend to be on the air.

Thanks to Tom and Midge for allowing me to hang out
in the shack...

73 de KL2A

160 Total %

NA 909 909 88.9
AF 2 2 0.2
OC 8 8 0.8
SA 2 2 0.2
AS 100 100 9.8

160 Total

9V 1 1
BY 1 1
CM 1 1
CT3 1 1
D4 1 1
HL 2 2
JA 93 93
K 837 837
KH0 1 1
KH6 4 4
KL 3 3
KP2 1 1
PJ2 1 1
UA9 2 2
VE 63 63
VK 2 2
VP2E 1 1
VP5 1 1
VR 1 1
XE 1 1
YV 1 1
ZF 1 1
ZL 1 1

QSO/Sec+Dx by hour and band

Hour 160 Total Cumm OffTime

D1-0000Z 44/11 44/11 44/11
D1-0100Z 58/17 58/17 102/28
D1-0200Z 76/7 76/7 178/35
D1-0300Z 79/10 79/10 257/45
D1-0400Z 73/3 73/3 330/48
D1-0500Z 79/6 79/6 409/54
D1-0600Z 47/5 47/5 456/59
D1-0700Z 39/2 39/2 495/61
D1-0800Z 34/3 34/3 529/64
D1-0900Z 25/1 25/1 554/65
D1-1000Z 17/2 17/2 571/67
D1-1100Z 39/3 39/3 610/70
D1-1200Z 29/0 29/0 639/70
D1-1300Z 38/2 38/2 677/72
D1-1400Z 22/1 22/1 699/73
D1-1500Z 1/0 1/0 700/73 45
D1-1600Z --+-- 0/0 700/73 60
D1-1700Z - 0/0 700/73 60
D1-1800Z - 0/0 700/73 60
D1-1900Z - 0/0 700/73 60
D1-2000Z - 0/0 700/73 60
D1-2100Z - 0/0 700/73 60
D1-2200Z - 0/0 700/73 60
D1-2300Z - 0/0 700/73 60
D2-0000Z --+-- 0/0 700/73 60
D2-0100Z 1/0 1/0 701/73 60
D2-0200Z 29/2 29/2 730/75
D2-0300Z 36/0 36/0 766/75
D2-0400Z 52/0 52/0 818/75
D2-0500Z 38/1 38/1 856/76
D2-0600Z 29/0 29/0 885/76
D2-0700Z 41/0 41/0 926/76
D2-0800Z 9/0 9/0 935/76
D2-0900Z 7/0 7/0 942/76 29
D2-1000Z - 0/0 942/76 60
D2-1100Z 23/1 23/1 965/77 15
D2-1200Z 23/1 23/1 988/78
D2-1300Z 22/0 22/0 1010/78
D2-1400Z 8/2 8/2 1018/80
D2-1500Z 5/0 5/0 1023/80

Total: 1023/80



AE7DX   Single Op LP   7,5602005-01-30 07:34:02
Tough to get mults with a cloud-burner (80M vee at 38 feet). My first CQ 160
contest was still a blast!
N6RO   Single Op HP   295,4602005-01-30 07:49:54
Good prop. condx, none of the usual powerline noise nor rain static. Electric
fence noise most of Saturday night, so I had to ask for many repeats. Personal
best score despite no EU; thanks to 123 JAs, many OC and Asia. Top band is
coming back as the spots go down!

The JA window was brutal- clix and intermods made for hard work. I will order
roofing filters tomorrow!

Stuff: FT1000MP (w/Clix Mod), Alpha 76, Wire 4 Square, TRLog. Have three
beverages but the 4 SQ had better S/N in all directions.

CU in the Sprints
K9MUG   Single Op HP   88,2722005-01-30 07:58:44
Ice storm Friday night reduced tree-borne inverted-L
to an inverted cobweb. Then the power went out.
However, 160 is always a challenge, and always fun.

Tnx to all who q'd.

KØFX   Single Op HP   91,7702005-01-30 08:20:26
Lots of fun as usual. Missed DC, KY, NB,NF, LAB, YT and NWT.
Got 3-AF, 2-OC, 5-NA, 3-SA and 10 JA's.
Lots of Colorado stations this time.

Equipment: TS-930, SB-220, Inv L.

Thanks for the Q's

73 Don K0FX
KJ6RA   Single Op LP   10,4142005-01-30 08:25:56
The first time I have tried this contest with my limited
antenna system (inverted vee). Propagation worked pretty good and had a good
time handing out q's. Many station heard and had a great time!
W2VJN   Single Op HP   148,9182005-01-30 09:28:37
Conditions to JA were very good with 78 in the log. Sunday morning some of the
JAs were hitting S9 +20dB. Right near sun up I worked XW3DT for a good one. No
Europe worked at all.

FT 1000 MV Field with roofing filter
Alpha 99
4 elements of 1/2 wave slopers
CT WIN (worked very well)
K4XU   Single Op HP   103,6102005-01-30 09:44:56
What wonderful conditions! I have not had this much on 160m in years. The noise
level was very low here except for locally generated crud from the usual
sources. What made life difficult for me was the horrendous clicks from several
stations. The most egregious by far was KC6DD. On the scope with AGC off, it was
hard to tell if it was his exciter or a homebrew amp running class CE. We should
pass the hat for him so he can get it fixed.

One of my goals was 160m WAS in one weekend. Missed two. You'd think that in 15
hours of operating one could find a station in KY. Nary a peep. I heard a RI
station but he kept moving. No amount of CQing ahead of his travel direction
could snag him. Worked four VE2s and three SC which is quite unusual.

The BA4 on night Saturday peaked at S-8. Called for 20 minutes but the pile was
rather unruly. The JAs got to him before I could. Need to add more radials....

Hope it's this good for ARRL DX.

Gear: Omni 6+, Homebrew solid state 1500W amp (two p-p MOSFETs water-cooled,
will possibly write an article for QEX if any interest), inverted L off 70'
tower. One 300' SE/NW beverage wire on the ground (too many deer/elk running
around to put it in the air - works okay because the soil is VERY dry). 40m
vertical used as noise sense antenna with homebrew null steering.

Dick - k4xu
K8IA   Single Op LP   94,2022005-01-30 10:32:00
IC-765 to Inv V at 70', Inv L (60'X82'), Half Sloper at 65' and K9AY Rx Loops

Cndx noisy hr the first night but nice and quiet the second night. My score is
up about 90 q's and 4 mults from last yr and the only difference is the K9AY
Loops and Inv L, although the L didnt get nearly the use that it did in
December. "Meat" antenna was the half sloper this time, an antenna I put back up
the afternoon of this contest. I am glad I did. Lots more radials under the
tower this yr so maybe that helped the sloper as well.

K9AY loops were employed for rx almost 95% of the time. Looking back, I probably
didnt even need a rx ant switch. Xmit antennas were useless to listen on the
first night. The second night was quieter and I was hearing well on all

DX wkd is down this yr, only 9 countries. 13 last yr. Heard a bunch of stuff and
even several Eu, but with 100w its a waste of time to stay in a pile for vy
long. Amazing number of JA's but most were all answering the big guns and not
CQing themselves. Hard to generate much DX intrest at LP CQing. Still managed to
get a dozen JA's in the log but can see where the local big guns may have 100 or

All in all it was another fun contesting time, but sorry to hear some of the big
gun participants out east (W4ZV for one) had ice storm problems!

Thanks to all for the q's!

73, Bob K8IA
nr the Supertition Mts
Arizona USA
N6WG   Single Op QRP   23,5642005-01-30 10:45:11
Hmmm. This is getting to be too much like work. I really had
to bear down on this contest to make a decent score (for me, anyway).
It seemed like I just couldn't get any traction. Lots of stations
and states that I've worked easily in the past were right on the
edge of no contact. With a huge amount of patience on the parts of
the ops on the other end, the QSOs were made. Thank goodness there
are a lot of 160 stations in CA. They were just under 30% of my
total QSOs!
The good news is that I beat last year's score by a big margin,
and that had been my best to that time. This year I scraped up
23,564 points, beating last year's 17,340. I had 10 fewer QSOs,
but 7 more mults and 2 more countries. I'll take a 35% jump up
any day. Another good part is that I did it in fewer hours than
last year. Last year I took 30 hours to get 237 QSOs. This year
I took 25 hours for 227 QSOs. Let's see. That's 7.9 QSO per hour
last year and 9.1 for this year. For 5w on 160m, not bad. DX was
sparse this year, but I did work 3 KH6, 2 JA and 1 KL7.
The star performer in the shack this year was the new tuned
rotating loop. It's mounted on a rotating 20 ft mast outdoors above
my counterpoise. I found in the past that a loop under the counter-
poise doesn't do very well :-)
I had a choice of three receive antennas this year--my original
Flag loop fixed on the east coast, my 40m dipole at 43 feet, and the
new tuned loop. They all had their moments of superiority, but the
tuned loop beat the other antennas most of the time. I could have
worked the contest with it as my only receive antenna. I never did
use the TX vertical as a receiving antenna. I used some attenuators
and homebrew preamps to balance the signal levels from all receiving
antennas so I could switch between them and keep a fairly consistent
level of background noise. The signal levels then determined which
antenna I used at the moment.
Thanks again to all patient ops who struggled to pull me through.
Now it's time to start practicing for the coming Sprint. Hope to
see you all in the Sprint.
73, Bob N6WG
N7DD   Single Op HP   275,7452005-01-30 10:53:54
Twelve european countries in the log. That's fun from the
"far left coast".
KB7Q   Single Op LP   63,9602005-01-30 11:16:44
Operated this one from portable my RV on the CA/AZ out in the BLM lands. No
noise, but tough on the RV batteries after quiet hours when 'running', I was
down to 70 - 75 watts at each sunrise. D4B was a huge signal here for several
hours. I used a combination of inverted "L" and when the wind blew a 1/4 wave
kite supported vertical. Special Class: Snowbird Contesting, battery power.

Now where to go for the ARRL DX test?
W2JU   Single Op LP   48,3002005-01-30 11:50:44
Icom706, 200 ft. doublet at 30 feet, N1MM Logger
States missed: LA, MS, MT, ND. DX incl. CT3, KP2, ON, PJ2, VP2E, VP5.
Thanks to all the patient ops (particularly on left coast) who pulled me out of
the noise. 73, Alec W2JU
N9ADG   Single Op LP   72,6052005-01-30 13:08:12
Calm winds and good condx were great for balloon vertical. Too bad I had too
many loans against my "sleep bank" to get any credit extended to work more
hours! Would have liked to hear the CT9 and CQ3 stn's, however my only beverage
is perpendicular to that direction (didn't have time to troubleshoot a hastily
put up 200'er w/switching).

Reasonable sigs on the 1/4 wl vert, especially when running the Attenuation at
18db or so.

I echo the sentiments of "more antennas" expressed by many!

Never heard KY (did hear someone calling expressly for KY tho, and had a chuckle
over that one). Heard a couple of Maines, however they were S&P. Rhode Island -
W1OP (K1OP? Don't remember, since I didn't get) had a nice pile that was
uncracked by me. Took a few times of going away and coming back to the pile to
work my only "DC" station. XE2TG would have been nice, he was loud, but was
unable to crack that one. A really nice high point was hearing AH0A, and working
him, w/o attracting attention of others late in the contest. Didn't make KH0V,
though tried. VR2BG had some nice sunrise enhancement, then faded into the
noise. Would have liked to hear the familiar 9Y1 and JT1 stations!

Sorry to some of the JA's that I worked a couple of times -- gentlemen as
always. JH4UYB especially booming.

It took me a while to believe my brain saying "D4B"; I was incredulous that he
was so loud. I was even more amazed when I worked him first call. Ah! 160m!

Contests are always a good milestone to get some little details in the shack
taken care of (before contest start hopefully); wasn't able to finish my
outside rx antenna work however :-(.
NO2R   Multi-Op HP   377,9102005-01-30 14:24:10
Plaqued by S9 power line noise during the contest for the 3rd year in a
row.Trying to get Jersey Central Power and Light to fix their equipment for 25
months now with no end in site. NO2R
N3BB   Multi-Op HP   54,1802005-01-30 14:48:21
A big M/S effort at K5NA was cancelled due to some technical problems, and so I
played around a little, in part to see how the sloper here at home would work.
It's good but certainly not great. Friday night was "sort of OK" to EU, in that
I could hear 'em a little, but Saturday night was terrible. Even ON4UN was not
readable in Texas.

Kudos to some great ears in EU including S53O and RU1A. D4B of course is
amazingly good in all respects.

Congrats to some terrific 160 meter stations and operators. It was fun.
N7JW   Multi-Op HP   436,1042005-01-30 14:54:48
Our best score ever!
W4NTI   Single Op HP   41,8762005-01-30 15:02:17
Got my bent vertical up just in time. Ice storm hit the first evening of the
contest. Only accumilated 1/4 inch here. But I didn't get out but one radial
and just tied another to the 150' metal fence. Seemed to work out just fine.
S56A   Single Op HP   155,6112005-01-30 15:17:38
BCI from 300 kW 919 kHz AM. FT-1000MP + SB-220 + WINDOM 78 m.

DX 4L, 5B, A6, CT3, D4, EA8, IH9, TA, UA9, UN.

73 de Mario, S56A
W2GD   Multi-Op HP   809,1172005-01-30 15:18:32
WOW! What a finish. Story to follow. GREAT CONTEST.

John W2GD
KØHW   Single Op LP   37,0982005-01-30 15:18:50
Great conditions from here, had a great time, wish I could have spent more
on this one. I learned a lot about 160 propagation. I will try this next
planning to work all night and sleep during the day to get my 30 hours in.

ICOM 756 PRO II, 160 Inverted V dipole hanging from HyGain HDBX48 and
VA3EC   Single Op LP   62,3522005-01-30 15:19:03
Good fun, thanks for all the Ontario Q's.

VP2E(N5AU)   Single Op HP   898,7612005-01-30 15:21:31
Haven't been in this contest since 1994, but had a good time. Had lots of
hours without too many takers. Our transmit antenna seems to be about 10 to 15
db below what it should be, but the receive antennas are very effective. We
will work on the transmit signal before the next CQ WW. Thanks to all who
called and see you in the next contest.
W7TMT   Single Op LP   48,2222005-01-30 15:22:11
VO1HP   Single Op HP   262,5302005-01-30 15:24:55
Excellent propaagtion on all evenings ..... 160M sounded like the old days ...
like the bottom end of 40M!!! Very strong European signals notably T98U,
OK1RF,HA3O, and of course from Africa D4B!

Thanks for the fun and looking forward to next year with a new antenna and big

FT1000MP + KW + Rx loop + Inv "L" + WRITELOG

73 Frank VO1HP
KG7H   Single Op HP   127,3642005-01-30 15:25:18
Great conditions on first night, open to new england within one hour after
sunset. WAS (at least twice ofr each state except no RI! Always great to work so
many of my old friends back in Maryland/Virginia.
DX: VK (BOTH ZONES), ZL, JA (many of course), KH6, KL7, VP2E, KP2, KP4, ZP, ZF,
YV, D4. PJ2, XE. D4 had a great signal
73 to all. de Craig KG7H
N3GJ   Single Op LP   34,4512005-01-30 15:28:32
Not as much time to put into this one as I would have liked, but still had a lot
of fun.
K3NM   Multi-Op HP   6,3962005-01-30 15:29:42
Only worked the last hour i for got all about this contest till i arrived back
home today, i will be operating from V47kp with w2ox for the cq160 phone contest
hope t0o work many stations.
VY2ZM   Multi-Op HP   1,644,9842005-01-30 15:33:29
WOW! Had the pleasure of being invited to operate with Jeff at his great station
on PEI. Great host! Altho condx did not seem to be good when we
arrived midweek, due to salt build-up on the power lines, things really got
going once the contest started. This is a all-time best for Jeff from this
location in this contest.
We had 817 ten-point contacts total. One of the contacts just
a few minutes before the end was 9K2MU for country #75. We worked all states
except Alaska.
Jeff had told me before I got here to get ready to run Europe with signals
that sounded like 20 meters, and he was right on. Some of the signals were
just unbelievable.
Both VK and ZL called during the first night, so we got those mults out of
the way early as they both can be very difficult from here. It was really
something to hear 9V1GO coming in LP and also to hear VK6VZ who was really
loud also on the LP.
Outside of the contest, it is a bit more than I can comprehend to look out
the window and see the ocean completely frozen over....not just a little ice,
completely frozen.
The walk down from the road to the house is an experience all within itself.
It's got to be the longest one mile walk I've ever made...even tho we were
only carrying a small bag and some groceries. Coming from the South, I never
knew there was this much snow and ice in the world.
But, let me add, I'll gladly do it again.
73, Paul, N4PN & Jeff, K1ZM
W1ECT   Single Op HP   440,7702005-01-30 15:35:08
K3SWZ   Single Op LP   65,8922005-01-30 15:37:45
Beat my score from last year. Worked HK1XX for a new country.
I'm happy!
K2BA   Single Op HP   221,8592005-01-30 15:38:08
First time to work WAS (including KL7 & KH6) in this contest.
W9RE   Single Op HP   171,6122005-01-30 15:45:31
VE3RZ   Single Op LP   45,8922005-01-30 15:45:59
Rig: Elecraft K2/100
Ant: "Wet Noodle" i.e. Cushcraft R7000 fed with 110 feet coax (the coax was
probably the radiator!)

Thanks for a great contest. Lots of really good ears out there. Not too much
time to spend at the rig, but managed more than I had expected. Beat last years
score by almost 100%.

Heard AZ, SD, ND, MT, AB, BC, NB but couldn't make the qsos..

Till the next one....

Tony, ve3rz
WJ9B   Single Op LP   101,3882005-01-30 15:47:25
...lots of activity the first night but much slower start for me compared to
ARRL 160CW LP, and much less activity the second night as well. There's no
meters like 160 meters!

73, Will, wj9b, dit dit
K1EP   Single Op LP   132,5622005-01-30 15:51:39
Noise levels were low and there was a lot of activity. Never heard (and
obviously missed) NE or LA in the lower 48. Had a KH6 call me, which was cool.
A very fun contest.
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   120,5402005-01-30 15:53:00
Fabulous conditions. No noise at the QTH. Worked VK6, several KH6 stations, and
many EU stations. The antenna was a 1/4 vertical for both transmitting and

Station info is at <>. The QSL manager is W3TEF.

For the team: Wopsononock Mountaintop Operators,
VA3NR   Single Op LP   142,0252005-01-30 15:53:28
Worked only an hour or so at a time and took breaks for other activities to keep
it fun. Writelog says 12 hours on-time - That might be my limit to enjoy a
single-band contest otherwise it gets a little monotonous for me.

Conditions seemed to go up & down but maybe I just don't know much about 160m
propagation. I thought the West coast would be loudest at my sunrise but they
were much louder around midnight. Never heard MT, ND, AK, VO, VY1, or VE8.
Only NA mult I heard but missed was VE4. I did under-estimate my ability to be
heard in Europe and should have tried harder for some DX mults. QSOs were
about 40%-CQ, and 60%-S&P.

Thanks QSOs. GL/Have fun!
Go go CCO.

Chris VA3NR

[Mark-V Field, Inverted-L 30' vert x 105' horiz.]
K6OWL   Single Op LP   8,6522005-01-30 15:57:00
Just having some fun for a few hours here and there.
ACØW   Single Op LP   55,5782005-01-30 16:00:57
I definitely need to get some sort of receiving antenna. I heard several call
but just couldn't pull them out.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   88,1822005-01-30 16:04:43
* FT920
* N1MM Logger
* Inverted-L (80 vert, 50 horiz)

First CQWW 160 for me and had a great time. By the wee hours of the first night,
it was a struggle to find new calls. On the second night, calling seemed a good
strategy but finding a spot was almost impossible other than at the high end of
the band where the L wasn't as happy. Just two 100' radials and a couple hundred
feet of chain link fence under the antenna -- may have to beef up the system for
next time.

Kept hoping to run across KY, LA, ME, RI, and maybe KL7, but nothing heard.
Maritime provinces were just rare from this end of the country.

This is a fun one. Glad to have a basic 160m antenna at last -- it'll get plenty
of use.
W4MYA   Single Op HP   560,2802005-01-30 16:05:00
Enjoyed it
Now if we could just get rid of those clix!!

Take care
See you in the ARRL DX CW
KU8E   Single Op LP   24,7352005-01-30 16:06:27
I had planned on spending more time in contest but the ice storm that we had on
Friday night and Saturday ruined that plan. I ended up tuning up my zepp antenna
as a "T" after the ice started melting off on Saturday afternoon and fed it
again the radial systenm I had laid out earlier in the week for the Inverted L I
was planning to put up. See
for some pictures of the ice that I shot around the back yard..

Condx seemed very good.. I heard many EU, which of course could not hear me
since I was running low power (plus a crummy ant !) except for ON4WW. Also
managed to get D4B. Many of the West coast stations were very loud - S9 plus 20

I couldn't believe all the US (and VE - do they count as DX ??) in the DX
window. I told one guy he was CQing in the window and he replyed that "yes he
knew he was" and then just continued the CQ on 1833 right after I told him...
Amazing ???

Until next time....

Jeff KU8E
N6HC   Single Op LP   54,6362005-01-30 16:07:13
Still trying to get 160 meter CW WAS and still need ME and ND. Maybe next year
and I'll probably utilize packet spotting network so I'll know where to find
them. I'm always amazed at how active this band can become during the contest.
K6VVA   Single Op HP   56,4302005-01-30 16:08:27
TS-870S + AL80-B @ 800W. ANT: MAKESHIFT INV L @ 35FT TO 20FT ;-(
VE3GLO   Single Op LP   89,9362005-01-30 16:11:47

Countries - do not include - Canada and the USA

Conditions were good. Heard several Eurpoean stations during the last hour but
I was not surprised on how the pile ups were and how "Rude" some Ops are.
Especially when the DX station tried to reply but one or two other stations just
continued to call and not let the contact be made.

If we would just take a second or two to listen to the DX and then reply life
would be so much easier.

Look forward to working everyone in one or two Feb contests.

N2NT   Multi-Op HP   538,9362005-01-30 16:12:46
Everyone was sick for this one, so I did most of the operating alone.
Thanks to Peter WW2Y for coming over and sitting in the chair while coughing and
Conditions were pretty good, lots of DX. Worked more than usual but my apologies
to those I couldn't hear through the line noise.

73, Andy N2NT
W1CEK   Single Op QRP   6,0002005-01-30 16:19:25
Lots of fun running QRP.
KR4M   Single Op HP   26,1172005-01-30 16:24:39
Fun contest. Ice storm Sat. night forced me to shut down after 90 mins and most
of Sun. See you in Feb.
K1KD   Single Op HP   125,6802005-01-30 16:29:18
Equipment: Kenwood TS 850, Ameritron AL-572, Writelog
Antenna: Homebrew dipole @ 55ft
W8CAR   Single Op HP   236,0162005-01-30 16:40:20
Best start ever in this contest with over 400 Qs in the first 4 hours and a
personal best of 123 in the third hour. I stayed in the chair all night on
Friday- a first. Never heard any JA or pac other than KH6. 10 pointers and mults
down a bit from last year but had a blast as condx were generally great from
this QTH. The noisy street light got fixed two days before the test and I
managed to deploy the on ground beverage one more time as the property it
'wanders' to has been sold. QSO winners were OH with 64 and PA a close second
with 52.

NN1N   Single Op HP   440,8922005-01-30 16:41:00
When you start getting answers it's hard to quit in this contest! :-) 229
European QSOs. I have a long way to go with the station however.

Was only going to operate a few hours, but conditions seemed pretty good and I
decided to see who would call-in.
K8IR   Single Op HP   61,7322005-01-30 16:43:39
This is mostly a domestic contest for me with my cloudburner antenna, but
it's a lot of fun. The band was in great shape Saturday night, with lots of S9

signals from the west coast, a lot better than either the ARRL or TBDC weekends.
K1GU   Single Op HP   123,8402005-01-30 16:44:11
14 deg. C in the shack. I need a bigger amp.
KC1XX   Multi-Op HP   712,1522005-01-30 16:48:56
What a weekend...interesting conditions and a lot of activity! We had a great
time. Thanks to all the stations, both stateside and DX, who got on to give out
QSOs. Great contest. Congrats to W2GD on a super Multi-Op score and to KT1V
for a superb single-op score! Way to go Ted. And that VY2ZM score...leaves you
dumbfounded! Nice job Jeff and Paul. I'm sure other big scores will roll in,

Thanks to Matt, Christine, Sabrina, Cassandra, and Anika for the wonderful

(3) Ten-Tec Orion's, 2 of them interlocked driving an AL-1200 amp, third Orion
receive-only on Beverages
Antennas: 3-vertical array (NE endfire, SW endfire, broadside NW/SE), W1FV
Four two-wire beverages, 168 meters long, NE/SW, E/W, SE/NW, N/S.

Continent Statistics
KC1XX CQ 160 METER CONTEST Multi Single 30 Jan 2005 2359z

QSOs percent
North America CW 1008 74.2
South America CW 5 0.4
Europe CW 329 24.2
Asia CW 2 0.1
Africa CW 9 0.7
Oceania CW 6 0.4

Rate Sheet:



0 129/33 129/33 129/33
1 88/20 88/20 217/53
2 82/17 82/17 299/70
3 56/5 56/5 355/75
4 55/6 55/6 410/81
5 79/13 79/13 489/94
6 79/4 79/4 568/98
7 56/2 56/2 624/100
8 42/0 42/0 666/100
9 31/2 31/2 697/102
10 22/1 22/1 719/103
11 41/0 41/0 760/103
12 17/0 17/0 777/103
13 2/0 2/0 779/103
14 1/0 1/0 780/103
15 . . 780/103
16 ..... ..... 780/103
17 . . 780/103
18 . . 780/103
19 . . 780/103
20 5/0 5/0 785/103
21 20/1 20/1 805/104
22 36/0 36/0 841/104
23 27/2 27/2 868/106
0 24/5 24/5 892/111
1 20/3 20/3 912/114
2 50/1 50/1 962/115
3 57/3 57/3 1019/118
4 46/0 46/0 1065/118
5 48/0 48/0 1113/118
6 48/3 48/3 1161/121
7 40/1 40/1 1201/122
8 15/0 15/0 1216/122
9 8/0 8/0 1224/122
10 13/1 13/1 1237/123
11 10/0 10/0 1247/123
12 9/0 9/0 1256/123
13 8/0 8/0 1264/123
14 1/0 1/0 1265/123
15 . . 1265/123
16 ..... ..... 1265/123
17 . . 1265/123
18 . . 1265/123
19 . . 1265/123
20 5/0 5/0 1270/123
21 13/0 13/0 1283/123
22 12/0 12/0 1295/123
23 29/3 29/3 1324/126
DAY1 868/106 ..... 868/106
DAY2 456/20 . 456/20
TOT 1324/126 . 1324/126

QSO Counts By Country (>= 10 QSOs with a country)

KC1XX CQ 160 METER CONTEST Multi Single 30 Jan 2005 2359z

PRFX 160

DL 66
F 10
G 28
HA 13
OK 38
OM 12
ON 11
PA 10
S5 18
UA 11
UR 14
KØBJ   Single Op LP   23,5762005-01-30 17:03:55
Sunday morning JAs were easy armchair on my inv. L but they didn't seem to be
able to cpi me or other central NA.
KT3Y   Multi-Op HP   441,3782005-01-30 17:15:14
73 Phil
K9DX   Single Op HP   518,0002005-01-30 17:23:53
Conditions from the Midwest to the US and Canada were excellent, but the
propagation to Europe was up and down Friday night and mostly down Saturday.
Fewer countries this year than last. No Ja signals were heard or worked,
compared to about 30 JA's worked in the ARRL 160 test. I was suprised by signals
from VK6HD,VK6ZL, and S9SS who's signals came right over the stateside callers.
Too bad there are not a few thousand 160 hams in VK !!! Great fun .... maybe
next year .....
John K9DX
W4MEL   Multi-Op LP   4,9292005-01-30 17:35:49
Not bad for a random wire 25' off the ground!

W4SAA   Single Op LP   102,3202005-01-30 17:37:47
OMNI6+ & sloped dipole @ 140ft on water tower.

Good condx and band quiet...vy pleased to wrk 26 EU 2SA 4AF and 1 OC stations.
My best dx total so far.
USA sigs were vy strong.

Complaints...I slept to much, need Rx antennas (hv none),and need to RUN more.

See you ARRL DX
W8RT   Multi-Op HP   378,2302005-01-30 17:41:40
EU a bit tough to work both nites in the Midwest US, but we still managed a
reasonable multiplier effort. Good opening at sunset on Sunday to EU.

Lots of W/VE action - more Canadians than ever in our log and the W/VE
multiplier total is our best ever. But no JAs...

Total score is our best effort to date from Battle Creek.
VE3OSZ   Single Op LP   228,7202005-01-30 17:42:36
Condx were very good to the west coast - I worked more stations in California
than in Michigan for example ! Propagation to Europe was not particularly good
for me.

I was pleased to break the pile-up and work VK6HD. Mike has good ears !

Missed MT.

I ended up with my best score ever in the CQ 160 CW.

Drake TR-7, 100 watts
Inverted L, one beverage, one pennant.
TR Log

K4AQ   Single Op QRP   2,1602005-01-30 18:13:33

My fourth CQ-160-CW:

Score QSO S/P* DX* Time
2005 2,160 60 18 - 8.0
2004** 2,948 64 22 - 7.2
2003** 14,292 184 33 3 16.9
2002** 1,184 37 16 - 3.7
*uniques; **WB6BWZ


Best DX and Best Effort awards goes to W0AIH in Wisconsin for taking the time to
complete our QSO with accuracy. (290548Z) W0AIH was also my best DX (850
miles). Thanks!

My 28-ga insulated wire stealth antenna sagged almost 8 feet from the ice which
made it look "fat" like a 12-ga wire! If the antenna sagged another four feet,
the apartment below me would have easily noticed my stealth antenna. The antenna
"assumed its normal position" today after the ice melted.

Yaesu FT-897 transceiver operated at 5 watts into a 5-MHz 28-gauge insulated
wire stealth antenna with ICE LOADING up 40 feet in trees next to I-75 in
downtown Atlanta industrial area. SGC SG-211 MiniSmartuner in balanced mode.
MicroHAM USB rig interface. WriteLog 10.52f.

--Matt, K4AQ (ex-WB6BWZ)
K5GO   Single Op HP   380,9202005-01-30 18:13:44
Rig: Ten Tec Omni 6+ and AL-1500 amplifier.
Antennas: Shunt fed tower, NE, NW, SE, and E/W (unterminated) beverages

It was very slow on Saturday night. Europe came through pretty well on Friday
night but not so well on Saturday. Conditions were not good enough to run them
but was able to work all but a few multipliers that I heard. At one time I
thought it would be possible to make 1500 QSOs and that 1400 QSOs would be a
cinch, but then the rate went to about 15 average per hour for the next 10
hours. The best conditions were just as the contest ended. Wish I had been
about 30 minutes farther East, but did manage to work a few Europeans right at
the end of the contest as the sun set. EI6IZ was one of them and was a new
NS3T   Single Op LP   21,5262005-01-30 18:16:11
Worked in a few hours around the baby, the XYL's birthday dinner
and more. I heard a lot more DX than I could work - but at least
the one I did work was a new country for me, VP2E, #21. I also got
two new states, WA & WY. Just four more to go (AK, ID, ND & KS)
for my ole suburban backyard Butternut vertical.

As always, just fun to make some Q's and relax. Went to bed both
nights by 1:30am local. Just too much work coming up this week.
Can't wait for the ARRL DX CW.

Jamie NS3T
TS-2000 100w
K7NV   Single Op HP   83,6482005-01-30 18:18:52
Really enjoyed the few hours spent in this one, good time working lots of
friends. Hope everybody had fun.
Disappointing not to hear EU this year, last years one EU qso with HA0DU made my
contest, guess I was getting spoiled.

Same old high tech stuff, TS930, Alpha 78, xmit dipole 15-55 ft high, and recv
dipole 4' high.

Thanks for the fun!

73, Kurt
VE3EY(@VE3NE)   Multi-Op HP   358,3362005-01-30 18:26:39
A big thanks to Lali, VE3NE for letting me participate in this contest from his
shack while he is in CT3.

This was my first time in WW 160. It was real fun first night to work all the
QSOs. During the second night, after local midnight it got really boring.
Endless CQs but no QSOs. S&P wasn't that much productive either. Hats off to
those who preserved throughout the second night. It produced only a handful of
QSOs for me.

I missed LA state from the mainland US and LB, NT, YT and NU from Canada.

RIG: FT-1000MP Mark V + MLA2500
Antenna: Two Inverted Vee's - E + W
RX antenna: A 80m dipole
K3STX   Single Op LP   30,7532005-01-30 18:35:48
My first real effort in a 160 M contest. Took off a day of work to put up an
inverted L (70 feet vertical, 60 horizontal) and layed down 12 radials (8 were
66 feet and 4 were 32 feet, it's all I had) and hooked radials to chain link
fence around my small suburban lot. I am VERY disappointed with my performance,
especially with NO European DX worked at all. I heard LOTS of loud EU, but on
the first night I called and called and called. Nothing. Even far western USA
was a struggle, and in many cases the freq. was clear but they did not even ask
"K3?". I thought an inverted L was supposed to be a good antenna for 160. I
doubt it was the fact that I only ran 100 watts, cuz' there are many New England
low power stations who make dozens of DX mults and make many hundreds of QSOs. I
will have to re-think this. Forcing XYL to tend to the kids (including an
infant) while daddy plays on the radio to make a measly 4 DX QSOs might not have
been the best political move I have made.

If anyone has ideas of how I can improve things, let me know. It's not that I
could not hear THEM, THEY could not hear ME! All the Beverages in the world
won't help there. Could more radials REALLY make that big a difference?

WØAIH   Multi-Op HP   254,2202005-01-30 18:42:56
Good condx to EU on Friday. After some equipment problems were fixed early in
the game we were off and running. Thanks for all the Q's and the good ears out

Missed: LAB, NWT, YT

DX: CT3, D4, EA8, ZS, KH6, VK, ZL, CM, KL, KP2, KP4, VP2E, VP5, XE, ZF, HK,
YV, 9A, CT, DL, EI, F, G, GD, GW, HA, HB, I, LX, OK, OM, ON, S5, SP, UA.
AL1G   Single Op HP   4,9562005-01-30 19:13:45
My first ever 160 meter contacts!
AA4V   Multi-Op HP   340,4102005-01-30 19:19:57
It was a great pleasure sharing the chair with my friend, Bob Seymour, AF4OX,
who did a superb job. Despite high winds and heavy rain, especially
Saturday, we found conditions quite good with lots of strong Europeans coming
through at times. At other times, it seemed that the DX weren't hearing too
well,perhaps from local Eu QRM. We missed LAB, NWT, YK and Nunuvat. This was a
good test of the new Titanex V80E vertical mounted on the end of the pier over
salt water and all three Pennants were of immense help all week-end. I don't
think we made a single contact using the transmit antenna for receiving due to
the S7-S9 QRN from the storms moving through and offshore. This was our best
score ever in the contest, exceeding our former best score (set in 2003) record
by 3,000 points (thanks I4EAT at 2359:50 on Sunday night). Many thanks to all
who called us.
K6III   Single Op QRP   2,6692005-01-30 19:26:04
Elecraft K2 running 5 watts to a LOW inv vee.
W9SZ   Single Op LP   7052005-01-30 19:27:45
I was using 30 meter dipole tuned to 160. Really bad antenna for 160 but at
least I worked a few stations!
K6NR   Single Op HP   131,9842005-01-30 19:41:37
Great contest - first time a European station called ME on this band, rather
than the other way around! Thanks CT1FJK. Pretty good conditions to JA,
with 42 in the log. Worked new countries (DL, CT3, KH0, BY). Pulled
lots of stations out of the noise, sorry I couldn't get them all. My two
beverages (300') and K9AY loops were godsends. 73, and thanks for the QS0s.

Dana K6NR

Station: Icom 756ProII, AL-1200, 1300W to inverted L 48' tall over
67 1/8 wave radials,
3300' elevation in the California High Desert
KE6ZSN   Single Op LP   9,6602005-01-30 20:12:40
Thanks for the NCCC Qs ! 73&KB John
A61AJ(S53R)   Single Op HP   714,9602005-01-30 20:58:58
Not as close as good as the last year! No US opening, just worked a dozen. Had
worked three W1s and you bet - they were all from NH!!! Compared to last year
the band would get in shape some 3 hours later, while last year started right
before the sunset, and virtually died around 00:00 both nights. Managed to work
a few more countries than last year, however the score is still 250K down. After
all, this place is way away from EU and US - and that you feel in poor
K6KM   Multi-Op HP   157,3502005-01-30 21:24:41
Thanks to K6KM and N6RER for having me up at their station again!

This was only a part time effort due to line noise. A borrowed ANC-4 from N6BT
helped a lot.

Mostly wanted to test out the new dipole @ 90' we put up for NAQP a few weeks
ago. This is the best 160m antenna at K6KM's to date. Sure helps to have a
terrain height advantage of 300' to 1800' in all directions. The 160m dipole
worked better than any vertical we have used, most of which heard great but
usually never made QSOs past the state line.

State/Prov: missed ND, NB, NF, NS, NT, YT. Country breakdown as follows:

BY 1
CM 1
CT3 1
D4 1
HL 1
JA 45
JT 1
K 610
KH6 4
KL 4
KP2 1
KP4 1
PJ2 1
UA9 1
VE 38
VK 2
VP2E 1
XE 2
YV 1
ZF 1
ZL 3
ZS 1
Total 722

Heard but didn't work: ND; EA8ZS+AK, F, HK & 9V1.

73, Kenny K2KW
OL8R(@OK1FCJ)   Single Op HP   381,6002005-01-30 22:25:10
Conditions were not so good as year before, I have also missed saturday morning
opening to US/VE, went sleep at 5 a.m.. I could take advantage of both beverages
prepared before contest. JA beverage is too short.

FT1000MP + PA Tentec
In Vee@20m
2 x beverage 250m & 150m
OZ8AE   Single Op LP   88,6892005-01-30 22:32:21
Condx not very good. The QRN was high saturday evening and sunday morning. Only
worked 2 states and PEI.
Rig: IC-775DSP max 150 watts into inverted L-antenna with elevated feedpoint and
6 tuned radials.
OK1CF   Single Op LP   297,4902005-01-30 23:50:49
Because of snow bounded and not reachable my mountains OK5W contest station,
tried to participate from my downtown QTH,like last year, with low power and
simple wire antenna. Wish better wheatear for the next year!
D4B(4L5A)   Single Op HP   2,966,7542005-01-31 00:29:43
My target was to set new world record
Last year my good friend Pertti OH2PM setup new one when Im setting new world
low power record hi
I promise him I will return it
My congratulation to Pertti OH2PM and Matti OH2BH for their unbelivable setup
in CT3 I hear them 60 db over much louder then CT9M and CT9C and thats local MM
station and just with temporally installation put signal like that on the air
Im sure 3Y will be easy one to work with such great operators and
Condx is not very good with my opinion
Lot of QRN specially last night
Lot of qrm
People comeup on my freq and start call cq and not allow me to finish contact

That way I loose some contact and multipliers also
I think its very realistic to work 100 countries in that contest
My setup in the contest is IC7800 with PA and Ants 2 el to Eu ,2 El AF/VK and
IV dipole about 600m over the ground to US
Im not so happy bytheway with performance of ICOM on low bands
Thank you very much for everybody who call
I know I dissapoint my good friend Tom SU9NC because I dont think he can
believe that I hear him
Target is reached I hope I have 2,9m points which is allmost 1m points over
existing record, I have more then 2000 qsos which is over WB9Z record 1775 and I
have 91 country which is also over UU7J 89 country record
Will see what will happen after log checking hi
73 Al 4L5A/D4B
OM7M(@OM3KAP)   Multi-Op HP   1,004,1892005-01-31 02:07:11
Our best score ever. We're pleased breaking 1 milion points.
New half sloper toward US worked UFB.
We were called by many rare US states. Great surprise were N7FU, N7RO and W7EKM.
They called us the second night. Along with N7JW the only few stns from west
Tks everybody for the qso. See u all in ARRL contests.
9A3RE   Single Op LP   219,6182005-01-31 02:07:50
ic-706mkII & t vertical 17m
73, Rudy
YU1ZZ   Multi-Op HP   384,7692005-01-31 02:16:43
73`s Milan,YU1ZZ
SQ4MP(@SN4L)   Single Op LP   201,1352005-01-31 02:35:57
TNX for all contacts and nice contest.
Wojtek sq4mp
YTØA(@YU1EXY)   Multi-Op HP   739,0442005-01-31 02:44:02
EU 947 QSO's
AS 88
NA 114
AF 10
SA 3
OC 3
K1TTT   Multi-Op HP   683,4082005-01-31 03:22:38
Full 48 hour operation, with qso's every hour!
VE9DX   Single Op LP   100,3862005-01-31 04:23:47
Went into this feeling I might be lucky to work VY2ZM, W2GD and a couple
others but to end up with 300 plus qso's. I am totally amazed. Ran my
50 watts to one side of my 80 mtr dipole through an MFJ941D antenna tuner.
Obviously some great receiving antenna's on the other end.
Thanks to all... Wish now I had space for a real antenna...!

Wkd 44 States plus DC
8 Prov.
14 Countries CT9,D4,DL,F,G,GD,OK,OM,ON,PA,UA2,VP2E,VP5,YU Heard many
Never could get KP2ZZ to hear me. Got up this am and work KP2/KI7VR first
Thanks again all... It was a blast. 73 Andy (VE9DX)
YEØX(OK1JR)   Single Op HP   87,7632005-01-31 05:08:07
Hi everybody, and thanks for QSO during this year CQ 160M CW Contest. Another
great experience. I beat my own YB 160m record..hi (2004 - 108 QSOs). First
night were amazing. 170 QSO, almost EU and JAs. Unfortunately no US even KH6.
Ordinary second night bring me 42 QSOs. Please check
and you can hear how difficult is 160M contesting during equatorial rainy and
stormy season. Log included.

73s Stan OK1JR/YB0AJR Contest Call YE0X
ON4WW   Single Op HP   1,031,1842005-01-31 05:10:40
Sometimes great conditions, my best effort ever. ON4UN's 1996 EU record was in
sight (1,124,375 points), halas, lost 1 1/2 hour due to a technical problem,
trying to work W0ZTL in ND (one of my last two States - that was worth the
effort but no favourable propagation), and numerous and unnecessary 'fights'
with guys trying to overtake the frequency.
Why is it that these fights are with EU-9A-UR-UA-HA-S5-LY prefixes, time and
time again ? As South Europe has a reputation in 'bad behaviour' working DX
stations/expeditions, East Europe seems to span the title during contesting. We
need a mentality change. People from those areas, don't get me wrong, I have
many good friends in your area, some I met personally, most I only met on the
But there are some wrotten apples in there, and they either need to change their
mentality, or should leave the scene.
For the HA8, I am contemplating to ask CQ for your disqualification, for reason
of 'unsportsmanlike behaviour'. Explaining to me, after 25 minutes of
deliberately QRM-ing me, that you went for a 'pee' at the 'WC' and that you were
spotted in the DXcluster as to proving it 'was' your frequency, does not give
you the right to come back to that frequency and claiming it was yours, and QRM
me for 30 minutes.

In all, it was a great weekend with mostly great sportsmanlike behaviour
contacts !
73 - Mark - on4ww.
AD4EB   Single Op HP   161,8502005-01-31 05:33:53
My 2nd 160m contest, really beginning to enjoy this band. Had a mild ice storm
Friday evening, placing about 1/8 inch if ice on the inverted L. Antenna still
seemed to work OK. DX stations were very hard for me to hear, thanks for all
the repeats !

St/Prov = 58 (All mainland + DC + AB BC MB NB NS ON PE QC SK)

VE3ZI   Multi-Op HP   394,6072005-01-31 05:34:37
Not at all a serious effort, and found conditions poor to Europe. Perhaps next
W4ZV   Single Op HP   438,2652005-01-31 05:37:03
Bummer! We had an ice storm move in today and it eventually detuned both my
transmit antennas to the point that they quit working. My amp seemed to tune OK
but I was getting about 1000 Watts reflected with 1500 forward. Whan I called
Ward N0AX and he said "QRP?", I figured it was time to quit! Ice is continuing
to accumulate and will not end until sometime tomorrow, so it's pointless to
continue. Too bad since it sounds like a very good EU sunrise opening on the
Beverages which still work OK. See you all next year and thanks for the fun
while it lasted.

73, Bill W4ZV
N4GG   Multi-Op HP   38,0012005-01-31 05:39:29
Didn't plan to enter, but found myself stuck at home due to the Atlanta Ice
storm. 1/4 inch of ice on the dipole the second night didn't seem to bother
anything - a surprise. The band sounded great the second night - maybe ice
improves performance?
K1ZZ   Single Op HP   506,8052005-01-31 06:18:14
Great contest, great ops. Didn't call CQ until 0520Z. Top Band has sure changed
since my first CQ 160 contest in 1968, from Michigan with W8TJQ and K8MFO!
Worked 272 Europeans this year, which is more than our total QSOs for a Top Ten
score in 1968.
SQ9UM   Single Op LP   2,4182005-01-31 06:23:31
Limited participation due to antenna for 160m absence,
so check-log only.

73! Alex SQ9UM
W1TO   Single Op HP   251,4652005-01-31 06:28:24
Missed LA, ND and MT in the lower 48.
SN2N(SP2ASJ)   Single Op LP   252,0542005-01-31 06:39:44
Rig IC765 Tx ant. LW 160m 25 m up , rx ant. 2x beverages
73for all Jurek Sp2asj
DJ1YFK(@DLØTUD)   Single Op LP   77,7752005-01-31 06:54:25
Running 100W into a mismatched sloper (25m up, SWR 5:1). Very high local noise
level made copying DX difficult, only worked A61AJ, several CT3s, D4B, VY2ZM,
KT1V, KC1XX, W1ECT and K1ZZ. Also heard W2GD, N2NT, K2YR and several others, but
no chance for me.

After I called D4B and got him with 100W on the first call (no pileup, he was
CQing again), I reduced power down to 5W and worked him again as DL0TUD; awesome
K4BAI   Single Op HP   89,3552005-01-31 06:55:07
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW output, random length long wire. Got a late start.
Conditions were not as good for Europe as last year. Thanks for the QSOs. 73,
John, K4BAI.
N2CU   Single Op HP   227,6792005-01-31 07:19:33
Well, as you can see from my summary something is blatantly wrong. My QSO total
should put me way up in the standings but the number of DX multipliers is
pitiful compared to the big guns. The 47' high inverted vee is a nice cloud
warmer but just doesn't cut it as a DX antenna. Next year will see an Inv. L
with more radials than you can shake a stick at, and some K9AY loops.

I finished with 28 dupes, but there were way more than that not logged.
Apparently some stations want to make sure they have "rare" NY in the log and
call in at every opportunity. I usually just work 'em and forget about it but at
some point I had enough and started sending QSO B4 messages.

Most worked state was CA with 61. I never would have guessed it from this
location with a cloud warmer. Missed ND and AK for WAS, plus NT, LB and YT from
our neighbors to the north. Had 906 US, 64 VE, 38 EU, 8 NA, 3 AF, 2 SA and 2 OC.
Never heard VK, ZL and of course, JA.

DX worked: DL, ON, G, CM, OK, S5, HA, 9A, OM, CT3, KH6, EA, SP, CT, C6, PJ2, YV,
VP2E, F, KP2, GD, UA2, D4, LZ, 8P, I, YU, VP5 and GW. BTW, what's with VP2E
sending "599 AXA" as a report? I don't get it.

This was a great contest and my best effort on 160m, which is truly a wonderful
band. Ops were courteous and no frequency fights occurred. The only problem was
US stations CQ'ing in the DX window. It didn't even sound like there was a
window at times. Clicks were not bad and I hope my de-clicked MP wasn't causing
any problems.

This was a great warm-up for the MN QSO Party this Saturday ;^)

Tom N2CU <><
VE3CSK   Single Op LP   271,8302005-01-31 07:42:56
Great contest! Fabulous conditions! Love those EU stations with the great
7S2E(SM2DMU)   Single Op HP   255,4022005-01-31 08:04:52
YL2TW   Single Op LP   17,7142005-01-31 08:16:20
Just a bit playing around... Was nothing to do on Sunday evening, so the results
are as You see. Had some fun working with just transceiver and 80m delta loop.
Amazing, how many stations I could work with that antenna!
W1AQ(N1RR)   Single Op QRP   3922005-01-31 08:55:30
Club station 80M dipole on roof in the snow and ends of the antenna
were on the ground under the snow.

I was surprised to work anyone ! Loudest stations were only S7 -> S9.
Worked VE3's a few W4's! I must have been vy weak. Heard HA5A and some W7's.
K8LV   Single Op HP   131,8202005-01-31 09:08:50
Lots of new gear in the shack this year. So what goes wrong, but a spectacular
light show from a 40 year old HV power transformer in the amp, 3 hrs into the
contest. Fortunately, I had an old power supply collecting dust which was
quickly wired into the amp, and back to 5A. into the feedline with less than 30
minutes down time.

I sure wish that some way could be found to equalize the enormous geographic
biases of this contest. With those near the salt water working hundreds of JA's
or EU's, all we can do here in the midwest is hold our own informal competition.
But all complaining aside, it is really a buzz to hear and participate in the
two nights of party-time, LF style. Thanks to all, and to all those with the
belly-fulls of JA/EU, I feel your pleasure!

Eric von Valtier K8LV
K9OM   Single Op HP   193,4522005-01-31 09:12:54
Wonderful contest ... thank you for the qso's!
OL4HQ   Multi-Op HP   369,0002005-01-31 09:23:23
Lost many signals first night due to technical problems with our horizontal "U"
antenna @ 150 m AGL. QTH ex LW BC station Radio Praga.
NA2M   Single Op LP   45,6962005-01-31 09:39:35
Great opening to EU in last hour of contest.
9H1ZA   Single Op HP   472,2962005-01-31 09:45:02
Equipment used:
ICOM 756pro
PA 600W
Top-loaded vertical RX/TX
Could not receive all weak stations because of high level of street light's
interference and QRN.
W8RU   Single Op HP   30,1402005-01-31 09:53:52
Really great conditions! Stations from the Left Coast were extremely loud. I
had a blast despite my limited time in the chair.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.


Ron (W8RU).
S59W   Single Op LP   120,8722005-01-31 10:10:59
Equipment: IC-775dsp, InvVee

After main antenna crash I retreat from serious effort and decided for operating
from home. Was working time to time. All nights Rig was Off. See ya in Arrl Cw
from same location on all band.
PC5M   Multi-Op HP   345,7522005-01-31 11:57:55
Nice contest, good condx. Too bad our big vertical broke down during erection.
Used first night only a dipole ! second night short vertical.Also had live
contest audio/video feed towards internet, good marketing instrument...
Till next year
73's Carel, pc5m
DK1II   Multi-Op HP   382,0502005-01-31 12:03:30
After 4 years of abstinence again a great fun!
OK2AB(ROSTA)   Single Op LP   140,0002005-01-31 12:22:08
Good contest and conditions.
FT 1000 MP - MARK 5
LW 40m 18m UP new ant.
Dipole 2x28m
YU7AV   Single Op HP   776,2982005-01-31 12:23:19
Power 1kW, ant: Inv-V, 2x Beverage (W,JA)

NA 122
SA 1
EU 987
AS 94 (34 JA)
AF 7
OC 3
ES6DO   Single Op LP   73,9642005-01-31 12:30:21
Limited operating time...1st night/morning nobody repling, only vy high QRM
level. Second night much better....but not one W/K/VE doesn't heard my 100 W.
Last evening again bad...even EI, MJ, 9H,CT ...doesn't reply.

Rig: IC706MKII
Ant: Inverted L with 2 elevated radials

73 and CUL
NZ1U(@KB1H)   Multi-Op HP   28,8202005-01-31 13:07:08
Comments: Had an open invitation to the Barnstormers to come operate but
everyone must be saving themselves for the ARRL DX Tests coming up. No one
came and I only played about 3.5 hours. The band sounded great from what
I heard. Hearing well deep into Europe and even worked a few rarer ones
through the QRM being generated from stateside stations not hearing the
DX underneath.

I think I want to go somewhere next year and help operate. These
winter contests in a cold barn is tough.

I should set up the station remote so N1XS can use it from TX!

Thanks for the QSOs

Dick - KB1H
NØAX   Single Op LP   32,1362005-01-31 14:05:54
It would have been a good year to put on a big effort from some beachfront
location, but the logistics gods didn't smite my schedule, so it was a part-time
effort. Quite enjoyable, even with some bursty noise on Saturday night. Very
pleased to put D4B in the log as a New One on 160. Never heard Yurp, but the
quiet, solid opening to the Midwest and East Coast was about as good as it could
be out here in Washington state. The band sounded like 40-meters. There are
more 160 operators every year as word gets out at how much fun it can be with
the good equipment we have available.

73, Ward N0AX
AD8P   Multi-Op HP   171,4842005-01-31 14:30:08
Single Op with packet here.

The CQ160 CW contest is one of my 3 favorite contests. The Stew Perry and ARRL
160 are my other 2. I had a great time even though I was a part timer. We had a
wedding to attend in Columbus on Saturday so I got out of the chair early on
Saturday morning to sleep before we left. We returned on Saturday night at 10 PM
so back in the chair I went until 2:30 AM. I teach a Sunday School class so I
was unable to stay up for any kind of far Pacific opening. Someone please let me
know if there was one.

The band was very quiet and conditions both nights for DX were great. The first
night I concentrated on rate only. I had the rate meter over 165 a few times
which was the best I have ever done. The first 3 hours ended up at 120 per,
again, personal best.

I managed to miss W1OP in Rhode Island for my only lower 48 missed. I did not
work KL7 either. In Canada I missed NT, YT, and LB. 58 domestic mults were in
the log however.

On the DX side I pulled out 28 multipliers. I think I ended up with about 60 ten
point QSO's. I was called by a couple of VK's which in terms of distance was the
best I could do. I did not chase multipliers on the first night at all. I would
only go there if it was a new country for me. I did get 2 new countries, HK and
LX. I know this would not normally be a good strategy to follow but I also knew
I stood no chance of doing my personal best or winning anything so I wanted to
work as many as I could and get any new countries. Now I have 102 worked on 160.
Not bad for a city boy.

I had great plans to install a beverage this year but with the ice storm and
snowfall afterward I just didn't have the time. I have 5 pennants up in the farm
field behind the house and they work awfully well for what they are. I just feel
a beverage will do so much better. Maybe next year.

I finally scrap heaped the very old Sigma XR-3000 D amp I bought from N4ZZ some
25+ years ago. I replaced it with a Ten Tec Centurion to match the Omni 6+
The equipment performed flawlessly as expected. However I was having some arcing
problems in the tuner. It's homebrew and about 30 years old but it never arced
before the ice storm. Late Sunday afternoon I was talking to a local DXer, W8ZD,
and discussing the antenna trouble. I realized what the trouble could have been
and checked.....sure enough I fixed it. It was a problem in a splice on the open
wire feed for the antenna. Open wire feeders are great but do require a bit of
maintenance and it needs to be done right.

Thanks for all the Q's. It was a blast....
K4HA   Multi-Op HP   209,7602005-01-31 14:40:44
Band conditions were OK, but still had some local noise.
Murphy hit here before the contest, and with the help of Bob W2XL we sent
his butt scurrying along. After fixing the Inverted L, replacing a bad piece
of cable, and getting the AL1200 fixed..we were ready. Thanks to all for the
WØETC   Single Op QRP   14,9602005-01-31 15:02:09
As I've done for the past several years I played around in this one running all
of 5 watts. It is fun to see what 5 watts can do on top band. The big thrill
was finally catching a lull in the D4B pileup and working them while running
QRP, it took a while but dang it felt good!!

73 Larry L

DL8MBS   Single Op QRP   44,6162005-01-31 15:08:08
PJ2T(WØCG)   Single Op HP   948,5182005-01-31 15:25:41
Commercial power failed Saturday afternoon, wiping out the entire second night,
so this was half a contest. Had 833 x 56 x 52 at the end of the first night. The
generator let me down -- wouldn't deliver stable and reliable AC, so I was
forced to give up. Life in the Third World.

Great conditions Friday night/Saturday morning, with some Europeans peaking at
30 dB over S9!

We'll try again next year.
K4EU   Single Op HP   37,9902005-01-31 15:43:39
Having just returned from two weeks in KH6 on Saturday morning, it was a big
thrill for me to hear and work KH7X on Top Band. Inverted L up 40' with only 4
undersized radials under it worked well in the short amount of time I had to
operate. Thanks for the Q's. 73....//Steve K4EU
K8MR   Single Op HP   7,8142005-01-31 15:48:21
A one hour shot at 11z Sunday.
W3USA(K8MR)   Single Op HP   14,6542005-01-31 15:53:11
CQ 160 is one of those contests I don't do seriously, but like many contests
I like to get on and pass out some qsos to those who are in it seriously. I
hope they will some day return the favor in a contest I am serious in.

Actually I like to give out qsos to those who are serious and who are also
willing to expend some effort to make qsos. So sometimes (including this
contest) I get on and exclusively CQ. Those who tune are rewarded (as are
those who watch the clusters). Those who punch F1 over and over aren't.

So, I got on for the 11z hour Sunday morning as K8MR, for 112x31 for 7,814

Since CQ 160 now goes until 0000z Monday, there is a Sunday night session.
To reward those crazy enough to be up before dawn on the second day and still

at it Sunday night, I wanted to be able to start over fresh. I pulled out
the rules as printed in CQ magazine and carefully read them. I found no
prohibition on using the same transmitter under two calls, using two callsigns

from one location, or any of the other ARRL issues. So thanks to apartment
bound MRRC newcomer W1NN, I fired up under the club call of W3USA at 2200z
Sunday. That was good for 187x34 for 14,654 between then and the end of the

I estimate that I worked 50 guys with both calls.

Both were high power. I had some power line noise this weekend, so I did
have somewhat of an alligator sensation of not being able to copy a number of

callers. Hopefully it was not an excessive number.

Since I decided on a CQ only approach, I worked no DX.

I hope nobody minded the extra qso resulting from my use of two calls.
Since they just aren't making new CW ops any more, sooner or later the one
transmitter/one callsign rules of ARRL and others are going to have to be
reexamined if we're going to have people to fill up a long contest, especially
on CW.

I think a better approach is like that of pitchers in baseball - once you
bring in another one, the first one can never reenter the game. Which is how I

did this one.

73 - Jim K8MR
W1CTN   Single Op LP   48,4442005-01-31 16:42:06
Another enjoyable 160 meter contest. CW is not my primary mode but I am
beginning to enjoy it more. I just find the little pileups I get to be a little
overwhelming. But at least I am getting some QSO's! I did approximately 70% S&P
and 30% running. When you are low power on top band you have to be flexible
enough to know when to QSY.

I felt that conditions were pretty good, as a fair amount of DX was heard (but
most not worked) here. West coast stations were heard and worked here in CT
earlier than in the past. Just never heard ND, SD, MS, LA, MT, ID and of course

Maybe next year I should just concentrate on finding and working Alaska for

I have descent luck receiving here, but a couple of pennants and beverages would
not hurt, I just need to find the time to erect them. Here is my arsenal for 160
meters. (a real pop gun affair)

Rig: FT1000MP MK 5 @ 100 watts
Ant: 1/4 wave inverted L - 45' vertical x 83' horizontal.
Ground system: 32 radials ~100 feet long in marshy soil.

Projects for top band:
a. Make the L into a cage or conical to increase bandwidth
b. 2 pennant antennas
c. 2 beverages

BTW, I wish more people would post their antenna farms when posting their
Big, small or real compromises I think everyone is interested in antennas on top
band, so please post your info. Just my .02

Thanks for all the QSO's and CU in 160 SSB contest.

73 from Radio Ansonia,
Dave W1CTN
WB4MSG   Single Op LP   47,7532005-01-31 17:15:18
Great contest and good conditions. I didn't get to operate very late as i had

to work all weekend so had to get some sleep. Did get to try out the new ant.
and it seems much better on the long distance stuff than the the shunt feed

Thanks to all for the contacts.
VE3QAA   Single Op HP   279,9052005-01-31 17:51:49
Started out non-serious,as I had problems with switching the tx vertical array.
Only 200 Q's first day, mostly S&P. Became more serious second day as I found
the vertical array worked OK in the omni-directional mode. Saturday afternoon I
discovered that my array switching matrix was connecting both parasitic elements
of the EU beam as reflectors, which were pushing against each other! Too late
to have much impact on score.
WB2AA   Single Op LP   84,3152005-01-31 18:32:43
NA5NM   Multi-Op HP   288,9602005-01-31 19:27:12
The conditons from SW New Mexico were not as good as expected and somewhat below
last year's contest and the ARRL 160 in December. The first night the east
coast did not really show up until 0300 or so. With no Central Americans in the
contest, few from the Carib and poor prop to EU, our Mult count was 8 less than
last year.

Our team is improving and we had 16 more Q's than last year. High hour from way
out here was 88. Low was 6. We just ran out of stations to work. We did work
all 50 states and all Canadian Provinces except NWT, YT & LB.

The good guys from the Golden State were again our bread and butter,
contributing 139 Q's to the log. That is 12.2% of our total. I doubt any state
has a greater level of participants. Texas was 2nd with 69 and Washington a
close 3rd with 61. Would you believe 15 Nevada, 11 Idaho and 4 Wyoming? Back
east the honors went to Tennessee and Virginia with 30 each. The single Q
contributors: RI, DC, ND, NB, PEI, & NF.

Highlight was the 92 JA's in the log, a few more than last year. That is pretty
good from New Mexico. DX heard but NOT worked was I4, BA4, 9V1, EA8, DL5, OM5,
OK1, CX7, ZS4 and UA6. With those in the log we would have improved a bit on
the 2004 score. But sometimes the spotlight just doesn't shine.

Equipment was a pair of FT-1000-MP's which have been de-clicked and roof
filtered. The Amp was the Alpha 91b that made both the XZ1N and XZ0A trips.
The TX antenna was a 1/4 WL Ground Plane with 2 dozen radials. RXing was done
exclusively with Beverages which were signal split and separately selectable by
the run and S & P stations.

Thanks for all the contacts, apologies to those we couldn't pull out of the
noise floor, and we hope to have all of you and more in the SSB 'test at the end
of February. OBTW, any DX reading this post which heard our signal, called us
and we didn't respond? We just didn't feel LOUD and perhaps it was our hearing
that failed us.

Milt, N5IA
One of the ops at NA5NM
K7TJR   Multi-Op HP   231,9572005-01-31 20:05:56
WOW !! What a great time we had, conditions were pretty good, lots of
and K7TJR'S new expermental multi-element rec array working pretty good, just
sometimes hard to figure out which direction to turn it to find them weak
callers !
worked 121 JA's ! we did not think that there was that many JA's who could
actually get on 160 ! what a surprise, and thanks to them all for the Q's !
also, first time we have ever broken 1,000 Q's,and from Oregon no less, what a
blast ! we'll be back next year, with bigger and better rec, antennas
73... Ken.... K7ZUM
KU1CW   Single Op HP   341,6382005-01-31 20:41:12
Was working on antennas damaged by ice storm (totals 7) at day and WW at night.
Fixed 160m just few days before the contest and had no time to test it. Fell
asleep during second night for few hours, but hope did not miss too much... I
think last year was a better propagation from W0.
Will try 160SSB this year.
73. Alex KU1CW
AB9H   Single Op HP   48,2562005-01-31 21:37:31
I really needed to read a comment from AC6DD,to get inspired and to put few
words on my own! What a roller-coaster! After a spending time and effort to put
my shunt feed tower to work, with newly installed varriable vaccum
capacitor,motorized, Jennings UCSL-1000, so tunning was completely done from
the shack - without trips outside into a snow. Burying as much radials into a
snow before contest, as much my city lot will allow to do, and with nice
beginning, with almost 240 qso in first 2 1/2 hrs!Nice feeling with working
DL3TD at 02.48 then SN7Q at 02.49 , everything had looked perfect as it could
be! Then little slow-down, but piccking up again with CT9M at 04.42 and PJ2T at
04.43, I have expected that it would be a nice and pleasurable contest! But,
then crash! Everything got screwed up! Noise level rose to 40 over S-9! I put
all available filters on my TS-2000X to work but nothing! Dead like a mummy!
just barrely have made another 160 qso-s till end of the contest! As a
passionate as I could be, I tryed to get thru the contest mostly calling, and
thinking, hopefuly that it will be comming back! But nothing! Only after
contest, I have checked my e-mail, and bingo! Messages from several ham-s
telling me that my signal was fine but that I could have some receiving problem!
Spend a day today walking thru the alley and observing and listenning power
lines immediately in a back of my house! And bingo! Suddenly with just a little
of a wind, isolator on the utility pole just above power line transformer have
started arcing! What a relief! At least I am sure now, that my antenna project,
and a radio are OK! To solve problem will need a time to get Com-ED people to
fix their part ! But this time I want to say to everyone whom, if I have caused
QRM, or did not answer call, I am very sorry, and will look forward to work you
next time!
73 Joe AB9H
YR5O(YO5BRZ)   Single Op HP   320,3522005-01-31 22:25:15
IC736 & FT857 + KW on a Quad LOOP antena (168m all)
2 Beverage's USA + JA,
Try to "outlive" the Big EU-Gun's just on the shadow ...
it was a nice contest with a lot of participants
first time activate YR5O call (QSL via YO5BRZ)
SP5TAT   Single Op LP   70,3802005-01-31 23:12:44
Started just for fun with a bare IC-761, about 50 watts output, and a very
low-hanging half-wave dipole on my <1/4-acre lot... I really enjoyed the
contest. Thank you for all of you I made QSO with. This afternoon the dipole
goes higher up :)
WA4PGM   Single Op QRP   61,1242005-01-31 23:25:25
Slept way more than I should have, had a long week leading up to CQ160. Finally
getting home about 1 hour before the contest I laid down for a 45 minute nap. 35
minutes into the start the computer locked up and needed 2 reboots to get going
again meanwhile losing about 10 minutes in the first hour. Good condx the entire
weekend, wrked less DX but more Sections than last year. Worked CM, KP2, KP4,
PJ2, VP2E, & VP5(called me!). Missed AK, HI, LA, ND for WAS, heard LA(s&p) &
HI(big pileup). No contacts with EU this year even though many were strong both
nights, not even a ?? Always next year, good luck all and thanks for the

Hour Total
0 62
1 44
2 26
3 24
4 54
5 23
6 24
7 33
8 2
12 8
22 13
23 36
0 10
1 26
2 8
5 17
6 9
7 15
8 10
10 3
11 7
All Hours 454

AL 8
AR 2
AZ 1
BC 4
CA 1
CO 4
CT 9
DC 1
DE 3
FL 17
GA 19
IA 3
ID 1
IL 10
IN 11
KS 2
KY 2
MA 16
MD 13
ME 4
MI 19
MN 12
MO 3
MS 4
MT 1
NB 1
NC 19
NE 1
NH 8
NJ 17
NM 2
NV 1
NY 25
OH 28
OK 2
ON 23
OR 4
PA 36
PE 1
QC 3
RI 1
SC 7
SD 1
SK 2
TN 25
TX 11
UT 1
VA 32
VT 5
WA 7
WI 9
WV 5
WY 1
Total 454

S57AL   Single Op LP   117,4682005-01-31 23:27:39
Equipment Description: TS-850-SAT, Inv V
CU,73, S57AL
AAØRS   Single Op HP   293,6002005-01-31 23:34:29
Thanks to everyone who operated, it takes a lot of hard work by a lot of people
to make 160 sound so busy. Conditions into Colorado were mediocre, no really
outstanding signals from Europe on either night and those that were audible were
sharing the frequency with NA stations making it impossible to even call them
without offending someone. Our usual opening to Japan, when we can expect to
work 100 or more stations didn't happen, only 15 contacts were made the first
night and about 10 on the second. Thanks to the European operators who did work
at it to get the call in the log, there were no easy qsos this year. Overall,
conditions were poor but the high level of NA activity helped to keep it
I have been participating in this contest for over 30 years, from both sides of
the Atlantic and like many others have gone from paper logs to the current high
tech logging and DX cluster scenario we use today. The inequality in the scoring
system has always been there and you have to accept it, but the loss of the
serial number exchange, the nonsense of a universal 5NN signal strength report
and the loss of split frequency operation have all contributed to a lowering of
the challenge of making a "real" qso. Like so many other things we have to
accept these days, its all about quantity, not quality. Todays contest is like
fast food, you rush in and gobble it down, some of us get indigestion, some of
us get fat .... Bummer!

Those of you that had fun are the real winners and I salute you.....
Dave AA0RS / G3SZA
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   Single Op LP   150,1002005-02-01 00:02:15
Setup at new contest QTH: TS850SAT@100W,Two Shortened INV.Vees(DL2KQ
portable mast,One to NW/SE,one to NE/SW.

The sunday before contest we with my daddy,LZ1TA successfully errect the
Inv.vees, but in the stormy weather it was not possible to put them high in the
sky :(.I was encouraged to make several QSO and it seems that both antennas
work fine despite low apex.

Contest started very well and I was amazed to work many DX with 100w.Finished
first morning with 240QSO including D4B,NO2R. Several North Americans wereheard

with huge signals: K9OM was Strongest,followed by W2GD,VY2ZM,KF3B,WE3C,K1TTT.
Usually as I am Low Power,the second night is more productive for DX,as in the
beginning Big Guns do their job.I go to bed with big expectations for second
Second night started slowly,but then I was able to work many Asiatic Russians
including UA0ANW for first time ever.JH4UYB had big signal but never find him
CQing.Around 00Z I found SWR drift on NE Vee.Go
outside with battery light to check what happens.Boy it was a HUGE Snow/wind
storm.It was about 1 meter deep snow all around house!Quickly go back to warm
shack and oops the power line shut down.Four hours later still dark and I give
up,contest over for me.On Sunday I pack the equipment,put the boxes in my
trusty car and go drive at home.Mission impossible - road was closed at half
way with two meters deep snow.Go back at contest QTH and surprise-we had power
back!Decided to stay last night,as it was impossible to go home.Unpack the
Equipment again and GO Contest!Last night produced ~90QSO and 3 more mult.
Monday morning at 8am I call my boss(she is lady)and explain the situation.
She said "No problem"!At 10am I was in home,this time road was open.

Many thanks for all the QSO,specially to D4B,NO2R being new ones on top band.

Hope better weather for next time,73 Nasko LZ9R
LY4A(LY2FY)   Single Op HP   884,2802005-02-01 00:41:22
Congrast to Alik D4B for record, Krzysztof SN7Q and MARK ON4WW for good

See you on the CQ 160m SSB

OK2PMS   Single Op HP   69,4602005-02-01 00:46:37
TS-570D 300W and ANT LW62m
LX7I   Multi-Op HP   847,7702005-02-01 00:54:56

FT 1000 MP MK V
Emtron DX 2

Dipole at 36m
ZL6QH   Multi-Op HP   287,0252005-02-01 02:04:40
The raw score of 287K is very satisfying and is a significant improvement over
our previous best score of 99K in 2000.

This is usually a slow contest from ZL but this year we were kept busy on both
nights. Although the band was noisy with S9 atmospheric QRN, signals seemed to
be better than usual, especially to Asia and Europe. In particular, we were
surprised to be able to run European stations until 30 minutes after our sunrise
on both mornings.

Approximately 40% of our 390 QSOs were with North America, 39% with Asia and 17%
with Europe. We could have easily worked more European stations if some of the
operators had spent more time listening rather than QRMing each other :-)

Two antennas were used to make most of the QSOs - a vertical "T" antenna plus a
sloping dipole (highest point 40m AGL). The dipole sloped towards JA and the
short path to Europe and semed to give us some useful advantage in this
direction. See for photos and more information about the ZL6QH

Thanks to everyone for the valuable QSOs and we look forward to working you
again in future contests on TOP band.


Brian ZL1AZE and Chris ZL1CT (GM3WOJ)
SN8F(SP8FHK)   Single Op QRP   131,5462005-02-01 04:45:43
ant: inverted Vee; vertical;
trx: IC-746 5 wtts out;
OL9R(OK1WMV)   Single Op LP   4,2532005-02-01 05:01:50
PWR 100W, Ant 40m wire (L), I was working only 1,5 hours..
So ...see you in the ARRL CW.73 Vendy OK1WMV (OL9R @OL7R)
OMØC   Multi-Op HP   467,7552005-02-01 05:27:51
The first HF contest from our new contest QTH.

Yaesu FT1000MP MarkV
ETO Alpha 1200W out
Inv. V dipole 30m above the ground
200m long beverage dir USA

Hope to see you in other contests on HF/VHF/UHF/SHF and microwave...

73 de Rich OM2TW & Co.
Z37M   Multi-Op HP   560,5202005-02-01 05:35:31
No packet, no cluster, no multiplier station and only 300-400 wats which is
enough to keep the frequency HI. Thanks to all for calling us and see you soon
in WPX RTTY contest !

Rig: FT 1000 mp + PA 400 w
Ant: Inv "V" and Inv "L" and 2 X beverages (east and west)

North America CW 40 3.5
South America CW 1 0.1
Europe CW 1050 91.4
Asia CW 51 4.4 (only 1 JA)
Africa CW 6 0.5
Oceania CW 1 0.1
KTØR   Multi-Op HP   107,6692005-02-01 08:13:05
Had a great time. Was not going to operate as much as I did, but got in there
and had fun. The band was nice and quite for me and stateside was very good.
Even worked a few eu, which is rare for me on 160. Worked all states execpt
Was surprised to even work DC, have not worked that in awhile. Was fun to have 2
KH6's call me. And 2 SD back to back.

Thanks to all that called in. 160 is a amazing band.

DX worked was XE,VP2E,D4B,PJ2,KP2,CT3,F,KH6.

Vry 73 Dave
VE6EX   Single Op LP   152,6252005-02-01 08:51:43
Well I have to say that that second night really killed me. Only about 100q's
and no mults at all. Local noise was over s9 both nights and a real slugfest for
prop the second night. Thanks to all who called and especially who spotted me. I
put in a very full first night and looked good and in the hunt/could see maybe
~200k if the band would work--not to be. Still a good band for all, tons of 40
over signals.
Dan, VE6EX..
AA1K   Single Op HP   638,7602005-02-01 09:08:37
I only had a few hours for this contest.


CONGRATS to KT1V for a super single op score, and W2GD, KC1XX and K1TTT for
outstanding multiop totals.

This years's pre-contest project was to get the vertical transmit array working
in all four directions. While it still needs some final tuning to get the best
f/b and gain, it already is performing nicely over a single vertical. Details at

For most of the weekend, signals were better copy on the verticals than on the
phased Beverages. But at times they would flip-flop in a short period.

Friday night gave us 60 Europeans in the log. We ended the night with all W/VE
mults except VY0, VE8 and VO2. Never heard those all weekend and never heard KL7
-- only one needed for a contest WAS. Some good mults did call in though:
5B/K3UY and ZS4TX at their sunrises. 5B was the only Asian heard all weekend.
Also worked ZL and VK as sunrise approached -- these are never a sure thing in
this contest. Special thanks to W0ZTL -- the only North Dakota we heard all

Had an equipment failure at 0531z that cost us 48 minutes to debug just as we
had begun a good European run.

Second night, a dozen or so Europeans trickled in before 01z, but then the
European signals suddenly got VERY loud for about 30 minutes before taking a
nose dive and having flutter for a short period. Sounded like a flare had hit
us. But the big waves of Europeans started rolling in just before 03z through Eu
sunrise. The 04z and 06z hours were the best, though with many weak Europeans
calling in. Sounded at times like every Butternut vertical and low dipole on the
continent was calling me.

Sunday evening gave us only three Europeans but included T9 for a new mult. We
heard many others from across the pond but they either were dupes or couldn't
hear us.

I think the only mult I heard but missed all weekend was an LZ4 who called in
Saturday night but got swallowed up by the pileup.

The gear: FT1000MP with Inrad roofing filter and pair 250hz filters. TS940S
second radio -- usually listening on a South or West Beverage while beaming
Europe on the main radio. Top Ten DXDoubler SO2R box. Homebrew 4-1000A
grounded-grid amplifier. TX verticals, 4-el 229 ft. "boom" toward Europe, 3-el.
132-ft "booms" to SE, SW and NW. It's a modified K3LR array. Multiple phased
Beverage receiving antennas, 500-935 feet long. NA logging software.

The stats:

2 point QSOs: 1004 (last year we had 1017)
5 point QSOs: 83 (last year we had 58)
10 point QSOs: 290 (last year we had 320)

N America: 1049 (78%)

S America: 3 (100%)

Europe: 271 (20%)

Africa: 6 (0%)

Asia: 1 (0%)

Oceania: 6 (0%)

UTC 160 rate total
00Z 136 136 136
01Z 106 106 242
02Z 88 88 330
03Z 99 99 429
04Z 94 94 523
05Z 37 37 560
06Z 36 36 596
07Z 62 62 658
08Z 48 48 706
09Z 34 34 740
10Z 19 19 759
11Z 27 27 786
12Z 24 24 810
13Z 0 0 810
14Z 0 0 810
15Z 0 0 810
16Z 0 0 810
17Z 0 0 810
18Z 0 0 810
19Z 0 0 810
20Z 1 1 811
21Z 19 19 830
22Z 18 18 848
23Z 29 29 877
00Z 48 48 925
01Z 30 30 955
02Z 41 41 996
03Z 51 51 1047
04Z 75 75 1122
05Z 44 44 1166
06Z 51 51 1217
07Z 39 39 1256
08Z 26 26 1282
09Z 17 17 1299
10Z 15 15 1314
11Z 14 14 1328
12Z 10 10 1338
13Z 0 0 1338
14Z 0 0 1338
15Z 0 0 1338
21z 11 11 1349
22z 12 12 1361
23z 16 16 1377
tot 1377 ---- 1377
UTC 160 rate total
22Z 0 0 0
23Z 0 0 0
00Z 325 325 325
01Z 266 266 591
02Z 243 243 834
03Z 416 416 1250
04Z 264 264 1514
05Z 197 197 1711
06Z 151 151 1862
07Z 189 189 2051
08Z 124 124 2175
09Z 106 106 2281
10Z 52 52 2333
11Z 60 60 2393
12Z 51 51 2444
13Z 0 0 2444
14Z 0 0 2444
15Z 0 0 2444
16Z 0 0 2444
17Z 0 0 2444
18Z 0 0 2444
19Z 0 0 2444
20Z 2 2 2446
21Z 38 38 2484
22Z 42 42 2526
23Z 89 89 2615
00Z 209 209 2824
01Z 196 196 3020
02Z 176 176 3196
03Z 270 270 3466
04Z 582 582 4048
05Z 251 251 4299
06Z 454 454 4753
07Z 278 278 5031
08Z 58 58 5089
09Z 34 34 5123
10Z 36 36 5159
11Z 36 36 5195
12Z 20 20 5215
13Z 0 0 5215
14Z 0 0 5215
15Z 0 0 5215
tot 5215 ----- 5215

UTC 160 rate total
22Z 0 0 0
23Z 0 0 0
00Z 36 36 36
01Z 12 12 48
02Z 15 15 63
03Z 15 15 78
04Z 2 2 80
05Z 4 4 84
06Z 9 9 93
07Z 2 2 95
08Z 3 3 98
09Z 4 4 102
10Z 0 0 102
11Z 1 1 103
12Z 0 0 103
13Z 0 0 103
14Z 0 0 103
15Z 0 0 103
16Z 0 0 103
17Z 0 0 103
18Z 0 0 103
19Z 0 0 103
20Z 0 0 103
21Z 0 0 103
22Z 0 0 103
23Z 1 1 104
00Z 3 3 107
01Z 1 1 108
02Z 1 1 109
03Z 0 0 109
04Z 2 2 111
05Z 3 3 114
06Z 4 4 118
07Z 1 1 119
08Z 0 0 119
09Z 0 0 119
10Z 0 0 119
11Z 0 0 119
12Z 0 0 119
13Z 0 0 119
14Z 0 0 119
15Z 0 0 119
tot 119 ---- 119
Mult QSOs
CT 25
MA 37
ME 11
NH 21
RI 6
VT 6
NJ 61
NY 54
DC 2
DE 3
MD 21
PA 67
AL 16
FL 34
GA 27
KY 7
NC 41
SC 13
TN 38
VA 55
AR 6
LA 4
MS 6
NM 4
OK 5
TX 40
CA 61
AZ 9
ID 2
MT 3
NV 7
OR 11
UT 5
WA 42
WY 3
MI 43
OH 65
WV 12
IL 31
IN 19
WI 26
CO 18
IA 5
KS 6
MN 24
MO 18
NE 6
ND 1
SD 3
NS 4
QC 6
ON 43
MB 1
SK 4
AB 4
BC 8
NB 1
NF 2
5B 1
9A 8
CM 3
CT 2
CT3 3
D4 1
DL 69
EA 3
EA8 1
EI 3
ER 1
ES 1
F 9
G 28
GD 1
GJ 1
GM 1
GU 2
GW 3
HA 8
HB 5
HK 1
I 7
IT9 1
KH6 2
KP2 1
KP4 1
LA 1
LX 1
LY 6
OE 3
OH 6
OH0 1
OK 34
OM 4
ON 15
OZ 1
PA 7
PJ2 1
PJ7 1
S5 15
SM 9
SP 7
SV 1
T9 1
UA 7
UA2 1
UR 3
VK 3
VP2E 1
VP2V 1
VP5 1
XE 1
YL 1
YO 1
YU 5
YV 1
Z3 1
ZF 1
ZL 1
ZS 1
9A1P   Multi-Op HP   462,7042005-02-01 09:56:52
Hi, another funny contest :)New location this time and worst score ever!

RTX: K2 - 100w full option / TS930
PWR: Alpha 86
ANT: 1st night half slooper (slooped to the sea, direction USA,
2nd/3th night L vertical 18m aluminium + 22m wire.
RX antennas: JA beverage + USA/JA beverage... worked very good on the poor
ground nr the sea! We have finished contest at 20:47 GMT Sunday after 1000
Thanks to all for qso's!
73 de Patrick 9A5AEI

North America CW 59 5.9
South America CW 0 0.0
Europe CW 901 90.1
Asia CW 33 3.3
Africa CW 7 0.7
Oceania CW 0 0.0
HA1ZZ   Single Op QRP   149,5652005-02-01 10:44:06
RIG: TS-830s 5W ANT: H VERTICAL,K9AY, 2x Beveridge 184 m.
EA7NW   Single Op LP   138,6242005-02-01 10:53:28
Great participation this year. Very happy with my score, although
I believe that the conditions were worse than in 2004, with more qrn the
Sunday. Some European stations arrived very loud but did not listen ( too much
power, bad rx) . NA, the best ones. I worked almost all those that I could
listen. I have improved the results of the last year. I believe that more cannot
be requested to a dipole g5rv and to qth with qrm constant of s9. Greetings and
see you next year.

S57DX   Single Op HP   575,0402005-02-01 11:17:22

OK1FC   Single Op LP   107,4452005-02-01 12:16:26
Rig: TS830S, ant. delta loop 170m
IK4VET(@IO4T)   Single Op HP   64,4642005-02-01 15:22:30
Nice contest!
Worked just second night.

FT 920 + TL 922 + vertical 16m hight + dipole

K6LRN   Single Op HP   30,2962005-02-01 15:30:11
183 2 pointers
21 5 "
7 10 "

Thanks to all for the Qs
WK4Y   Single Op HP   171,8252005-02-01 17:14:54
Thanks to all for the contacts and spotting. I had a good time, QRN here was
bad from Power Line Poles at times.
Equipment: Icom 756 Pro II and Alpha 76A.
Antennas: Inverted V, Apex at 80 feet. K9AY receiving Loops.
The loops did make a difference, especially to Europe. I didn't work all that
many from Europe, but I do believe the Loops made a difference.

See you all in the SSB Contest.

Roy - WK4Y
N5OT   Single Op HP   221,1302005-02-01 18:15:59
No RX antennas, all QSOs made using transmitting vertical. Glutton for
punishment. Sorry I couldn't hear some PW signals. I had a very good time.
Longest CQing between QSOs was about 30 minutes on 2nd night. Bring it on!
UA9YAB   Single Op HP   131,0432005-02-01 18:16:14
That is interesting this evening on 160 prop. was better than on 80!
Stations of the USA and Canada I heard almost whole hour!
Many it was audible very loudly! Could lead QSO only with K7TJR, K5BG, many
thanks for the new countries and zones! For 6 works hours in contest has worked
with 7 countries new one to and now I have 104WKD!
It was my first work from a country house, ant have been hung up before the
At me the ant. the delta vertical and 2 KW, is new positions behind city, on
coast of the river.
Absolutely pure ether!! Dream!
Further I plan to improve ant and to hang up phased beverages!In these days off
I plan to work and listen still! Weather very cold, - 37, does not allow to be
engaged in annennas now!
Up to a meeting on 1824!
Alexander UA9YAB zone 18
VE3FU   Single Op LP   188,0642005-02-01 19:49:19
Inverted-L (63ft vertical)
3 x 600' Beverages, NE, SW, SE
1 x 300' Beverage NW

Vlad VE3JM offered to loan me his amp so I could go HP this year, but I chose to
go LP, aiming for the VE LP record: VE3ABG 452q x 54s/p x 36c = 251,910 in 1995.
The last time I made a serious run at the record was in 2001: 566q x 56s/p x
20c = 209,970. Obviously I fell short again this year.

In 2001 I used a balloon supported vertical. I had problems with it blowing
into all the trees in the back yard so I decided to put up an inverted-L this
time. The inverted-L doesn't seem to get out as well as I can hear with the
Beverages. I counted 23 countries and 53 DX stations that I heard but couldn't
work. But it wasn't for lack of trying. It's pretty easy to go through my log
and see the gaps in time between QSO's where I was S&Ping the band calling them
all. Most of the time they kept on CQing, even though no one else was calling,
from what I could hear. Occasionally I'd get a "?" or "VE3?" or "FU?" and then
they'd give up. Rarely did I get through on the first call. The exceptions
being: D4B, F5OIU, VP5/K9NW, PJ2T, KH7X, and KP2ZZ.

After the first night I had: 332q x 54s/p x 10c = 102,912. I was only missing
ND, RI, LA, and MT in the mainland US (I've never heard KL7 on 160m). I had
worked all provinces except NS. I never heard or expected to hear any of the
Northern mults.

In hindsight, I probably should have went HP. But if I did, I probably would
have thought I could have worked most of the DX with LP and broke the VE LP
record :=)

Countries heard but couldn't work: G, DL, S5, T9, I, 9A, OK, GJ, HA, YU, UA2,
GD, YV, HB9, PA, HK, SP, LY, LX, YO, OH, VK, ZL.

Countries worked: CT, F, OM, ON, YL, CT3, D4, CM, KP2, VP2E, VP5, KH6, PJ2

Congratulations to VE3OSZ for a great score and to VE3CSK for breaking the VE LP
W3DQ   Single Op HP   56,6662005-02-01 20:27:48
The goal this year was to put in more time and have decent antennas on my
40ft(12m) x 140ft(43m) 1/8 city lot, and I almost made it. Thanks as ever to
N3OC, the TX antenna is now an inverted L, 65 ft up with 21 radials. I put up 2
EWEs, but they didn't add anything at all to the mix, with or without a preamp.

My daughter's 13th birthday was Sunday, and as a result I didn't get on at all
that day. I managed to miss (apparent) openings on both Saturday and Sunday

A summer lightning storm brought a new Orion into to replace the fried Omni-6+,
and combined with the inverted L, I learned all about intermod induced by local
AM broadcasters. With an "AM Brickwall Filter" from WB5WPA, the intermod
virtually disappeared and I was able to hear the weak stations I've never heard

Using the Orion (and a Hercules II) for the first time in a CW contest was a
great experience. While the Orion's ergonomics are very different than the Omni,
operating the radio was really no different than before, with two major

In his presentation at the PVRC meeting earlier in January, Scott, W4PA, talked
about the Orion's panoramic sound and diversity reception capabilities. With my
meager station and mediocre CW skills, I tried the panoramic sound capability.
It was very good, indeed, in helping me discern signals in the bandpass. The
other unique characteristic, as pointed out by others (K3ZO and W4ZV come to
mind) is the ability to crank down the bandwidth and watch nearby offensive
signals go away. I did this a couple of time to great effect, or so I thought,
until I realized that -- at least in one instance -- I was *very* close to a
weaker station CQing (sorry LX7I). This was an instance where the panoramic
audio helped make that discovery - I heard him in my left ear, clearly off my
frequency, but still awfully close.

I've attached some stats for those inclined -- a comparison between 2002, 2004,
and 2005 (I wasn't on for the 2003 'test) from this urban location. Starting
earlier on Friday night this year made a big difference, and I suspect getting
going much later on Saturday hurt.

See you next time!

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC

W3DQ: 2003(M/S), 2004, 2005

------ QSO Rate Summary ------ ---- Multiplier Summary ---
Hour 2002 2004 2005 M 2002 2004 2005
------------------------------ --------------------------
2200 0 0 0 VA 30 PA 26 PA 29
2300 0 0 0 PA 27 VA 22 ON 28
0000 0 0 32 NY 25 OH 20 VA 26
0100 0 0 31 MD 23 NY 16 NY 21
0200 0 3 29 OH 22 NC 15 OH 21
0300 20 35 14 NJ 21 TN 15 MI 19
0400 61 40 52 ON 21 MD 14 TN 18
0500 27 23 35 TN 17 FL 13 IL 17
0600 23 0 53 WI 17 TX 12 NJ 14
0700 46 29 4 IL 15 ON 11 NC 14
0800 19 16 0 MA 15 IL 11 MD 13
0900 0 1 0 GA 14 WI 10 MA 11
1000 11 0 0 MI 14 NJ 9 FL 11
1100 25 0 0 IN 12 MI 9 CA 11
1200 16 0 0 FL 10 GA 9 WA 10
1300 0 0 0 TX 10 IN 8 IN 9
1400 0 0 0 NC 10 CT 7 AZ 9
1500 0 0 0 NH 10 NH 6 CT 8
1600 0 0 0 CT 9 MO 6 NH 8
1700 0 0 0 MO 7 MA 6 TX 8
1800 0 0 0 AL 7 CA 6 WI 8
1900 0 0 0 WV 7 AL 5 MN 8
2000 0 0 0 MN 6 MN 5 AL 7
2100 0 0 0 SC 5 CO 5 GA 6
2200 10 23 0 KY 4 WV 4 MO 5
2300 12 27 0 RI 4 AZ 4 QC 5
0000 42 3 0 CO 3 IA 3 OK 4
0100 31 26 39 DE 3 NM 3 DE 4
0200 10 6 34 UT 3 OK 3 SC 4
0300 7 0 23 AZ 3 KY 3 VT 4
0400 9 34 34 IA 3 RI 3 CO 4
0500 12 18 18 ME 3 SC 2 NV 3
0600 15 13 6 I 2 ME 2 OR 3
0700 9 23 0 G 2 DE 2 WV 3
0800 0 0 0 OK 2 AR 2 UT 3
0900 0 0 0 OR 2 QC 2 IA 2
1000 0 0 0 CA 2 LA 2 AR 2
1100 4 0 0 VT 2 NV 2 KS 2
1200 3 0 0 DC 2 SD 2 MS 2
1300 0 0 0 PEI 1 VP5 1 ME 2
1400 0 0 0 QC 1 FM 1 NM 2
1500 0 0 0 ZF 1 C6 1 BC 2
1600 0 0 0 VP5 1 PE 1 VP2E 1
------------------------------ FY 1 NE 1 PE 1
Total 412 320 404 AR 1 EA 1 NS 1
WA 1 OR 1 AB 1
HI 1 DC 1 MT 1
PR 1 FED 1 NB 1
NS 1 NS 1 YV 1
EA8 1 KS 1 XE 1
KS 1 UT 1 SK 1
DL 1 MS 1 NF 1
F 1 F 1 CT3 1
NE 1 GD 1 ND 1
MS 1 NE 1
MT 1 VP5 1
V47 1
OL1F   Multi-Op HP   229,2182005-02-02 00:21:42
IK4XCL   Single Op LP   67,4362005-02-02 02:28:32
First time cq ww 160m CW. Really gd contest.
Mni TNX to everybody es GL !
Roberto IK4XCL

KND TS 850 - 130W - VERTICAL 10mH 3 bands by IK4SPB - beverage 178m beam N/NE
5B/K3UY(RA3AUU)   Single Op HP   1,203,2002005-02-02 02:59:57
It's funny to say but it was my first attempt in CWWW160 in last 18
years :)

Unexpected storm, rain and heavy static made me almost stop running
for 4 hours before my sunrise on Sunday.
The best opening was on the last 4 hours of the contest were I managed
to make most of AS/OC DX and NA/JA QSOs.

I had my second VFO listening D4B running huge signal and high speed
both NA and Europe at the same time while I heard nothing from NA.
Congrats Al ! Hope with antenna changes I can come closer next year.

73s, Igor "Harry" Booklan RA3AUU
KØEJ(@K4JNY)   Single Op HP   172,9312005-02-02 05:44:22
tnx to Jeff/JNY for letting me play with his toys.

73, mark K0EJ
S52W   Multi-Op HP   423,6122005-02-02 05:57:37
Hard life in EU on 160m without beveriges. Anyway the best score on 160m CTEST
for call S52W, because it was the first one :-)
N7LOX   Single Op HP   49,3002005-02-02 07:16:48
Fun time- D4B best dx so far for me. Using just a low N4XX inv -L.
Couple of receive antennas without preamps - a loop made of catv hardline and a
pennant. They did help- preamp would help I guess..
C.U all in SSB sprint Brian N7LOX
K8FC   Single Op HP   109,4252005-02-02 07:29:32
Murphy got me good. The second night was a disaster. We had a snow storm
working and at 10:45 pm local I lost the power (crashing the computer ) I lost
the power 13 additional times until 11:45 PM at which time it went out for good.
Power was not restored until 4:45 am the following morning, too late to jump
back in.

European signals were nil at this location when I could operate. This one was
not a bunch of fun from here. Good luck to all participants, thanks for the q's
see ya next year.
YO9HP   Single Op HP   299,8802005-02-02 07:52:53
Band was quiet, propagation was decent, but my Inverted-V was not good enough as
receiving antenna. See you next contests! Alex - YO9HP.
S57UN(S57UN+CLUSTER)   Multi-Op HP   396,8042005-02-02 13:14:51
Congratulations D4B for good score and VK6HD for a great signal.I work
45 NA calls.Thanks for all qso,73 and cuagn in next contest.

73 Renato-S57UN
VP5/K9NW   Single Op LP   130,4102005-02-02 15:23:06
IC-746 100w

Work trip took me to Provo the week before so I figured I'd add an extra day and
hand out a few QSOs in the contest Friday evening. Due to the major ice storm
around Atlanta, my Saturday flights were cancelled and I rebooked for Monday.
Two bonus days in the sunny Caribbean....tough to take, I know! Anyway it gave
me the chance to hand out a few more QSOs Saturday night as well.....and so I

Thanks to VP5JM for accommodating me on short notice.

Thanks for the QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
N1LN   Multi-Op HP   283,6702005-02-02 18:37:12
This was once again a fun contest. I did have my doubts when I got on
Thursday evening only to hear S9+5 static crashes. Fortunately the storm
moved on by Friday and conditions were great.

Friday night was MUCH better than Saturday for working EU. I have the
feeling we were heard by more stations than we could hear, so I apologize
if you called us and we did not respond. Something about this area of south

Knowing that south Texas is not exactly the prime location for a 160 contest,
we did not try to beat anybody but our own previous finishes. So, we set our
goals to beat our 2004 score (Q count and mults) and also try to hit the 1200
Q total. Well, we may have missed the 1200 Q target but we did beat all of
last years totals.

Reading through other postings I was pleased to read many people mentioning
key clicks. I am running a FT1000-MP "WITH" the mod installed and I would
like to think that if I had clicks someone would tell me. Not being sure if
everyone shares that same "let me know" attitude I won't offer full calls
but W8xx, N7xx, N5xx, KU1xx, AA0xx and the winner N4xx sure had LOTS
OF CLICKS. If you think these are your calls and you want to know.... send
me an email.

We ended up missing ND, LB, NWT, YT and NU for a section sweep. Imagine
26 hrs of operating and no Qs with North Dakota. Oh well, we did much better
with DX than we anticipated. Thanks to all that worked us and to those that
were kind enough to give us repeats so we could complete the contact.

73 until next time,
N1LN, Bruce & NO5W, Chuck

Hour 160 Total Cumm

D1-0000Z 116/38 116/38 116/38
D1-0100Z 69/9 69/9 185/47
D1-0200Z 96/5 96/5 281/52
D1-0300Z 99/5 99/5 380/57
D1-0400Z 47/10 47/10 427/67
D1-0500Z 58/11 58/11 485/78
D1-0600Z 66/5 66/5 551/83
D1-0700Z 52/3 52/3 603/86
D1-0800Z 44/2 44/2 647/88
D1-0900Z 35/1 35/1 682/89
D1-1000Z 31/0 31/0 713/89
D1-1100Z 21/0 21/0 734/89
D1-1200Z 22/1 22/1 756/90
D1-1300Z 13/1 13/1 769/91
D1-1400Z - 0/0 769/91
D1-1500Z - 0/0 769/91
D1-1600Z --+-- 0/0 769/91
D1-1700Z - 0/0 769/91
D1-1800Z - 0/0 769/91
D1-1900Z - 0/0 769/91
D1-2000Z - 0/0 769/91
D1-2100Z - 0/0 769/91
D1-2200Z - 0/0 769/91
D1-2300Z - 0/0 769/91
D2-0000Z 30/2 30/2 799/93
D2-0100Z 32/0 32/0 831/93
D2-0200Z 40/0 40/0 871/93
D2-0300Z 33/0 33/0 904/93
D2-0400Z 50/1 50/1 954/94
D2-0500Z 33/0 33/0 987/94
D2-0600Z 36/1 36/1 1023/95
D2-0700Z 21/0 21/0 1044/95
D2-0800Z 5/0 5/0 1049/95
D2-0900Z 9/0 9/0 1058/95
D2-1000Z 3/0 3/0 1061/95
D2-1100Z 19/0 19/0 1080/95
D2-1200Z 27/0 27/0 1107/95
D2-1300Z 7/0 7/0 1114/95

Total: 1114/95

NA 1047 1047 94.0
SA 3 3 0.3
EU 50 50 4.5
AF 3 3 0.3
OC 4 4 0.4
AS 7 7 0.6
VE3PN   Single Op HP   315,7462005-02-02 19:49:36
Started with a BANG antenna came down,
Took 2 to 3 hours to rig a temporary inv Vee at 72ft. and an hour to
warm back up. Sure is hard to unreel coax at -15 to -20 C.
But boy was it worth it 100 Europeans in log!!

N5TW(W5TA)   Single Op QRP   45,5302005-02-02 19:52:22
Interesting to try QRP on 160. With Tom's 4-square got out quite well. Was
able to work most everything I could hear except into Europe and in pileups.
Band was about as quiet as I've heard it in Texas. A fun contest. Dick, W5TA.
OM8A(@OM3RMM)   Multi-Op HP   904,1162005-02-02 23:35:48
Thanks for nice contest, good activity from far east. We missed a few USA states
and common mults/GU,3A,ZC,EY etc./
Congrats to OK1RF and OM7M.
HB9CRV   Multi-Op HP   488,1232005-02-03 01:55:32
Our 1. participation from Switzerland. We suffered from low temperatures of -15
C outside resulting in +11 C inside of the old military barack. Bad propagation
in direction NA and Asia during the first night and weak propagation Sunday
RU1A   Multi-Op HP   722,1762005-02-03 07:20:43
FT1000MP , 3 el wire , 45 m boom fix to USA , up 54 m

265 DL , 130 OK , 117 UA , 90 NA
The best hour was first , 150 qso/h ...
WØETT   Single Op LP   45,6892005-02-03 21:26:38

Second contest with the inverted L antenna with two radials (at 10') that I put
up for this contest season, an antenna recommended by Bill K0UK. It performed
pretty well allowing me to work African stations D4B and CT9M on Friday evening.
D4B was in for 30-40 minutes peaking s5 - 6 at times. Both stations came back
with first call so condx must have included their morning sunrise peak. Was
frustrated to hear first EU on 160 (F5OIU) who was in for over an hour with
peaks at s5 but he couldn't hear my LP signal. Must have called him 20 times...
Frustration extended to hearing ZL6QH later and two JAs (on Sat. morning) but no
QSOs. My new IC756 ProII did an admirable job but 100w power level couldn't
make the grade thru the competing sigs.

Glad to work GMCC members K0DU, K8FC, K0SX, and K9BWI in contest.

73 Ken, W0ETT
S5ØC   Multi-Op HP   630,9472005-02-03 22:11:38
UA6LV   Single Op HP   421,0692005-02-03 22:36:26
We had an ice storm move in contest and all my Ant,s on the ground now ...
K5GN(@W5KU)   Single Op HP   33,2202005-02-04 00:12:00
Wow. Band was VERY quiet for this part of the world. Wish I had been able to
swing out to the station earlier, but had a date with my XYL (right choice, just
bad timing). Worked several JA's after sunrise. Didn't appear to be great
condx, lots of fading, but lots of great sigs.

DX: ZF, KP2, PJ2, VP5, KH6(2), JA(6)
LZ9W(LZ4UU)   Single Op HP   420,0002005-02-04 00:42:47
It is a pleasure to work from LZ9W!!!
9A4W   Single Op HP   283,1502005-02-04 10:00:23
Equipment: TS450/TS930 + HM qro 400W + inverted V @ 23 m agl

73 Tomo 9A4W
M2D(G4BYG)   Single Op HP   792,2282005-02-04 11:52:40
My best effort yet from M2D.
Most enjoyable contest with noticeably improved operator behaviour. Well done
No radio or computer problems experienced this time. Plus antennas worked very
well. Had a couple of long wires on the ground and realy helped in weeding out
some of the rarer stations out of the general clutter.
Band conditions were only OK with the first night producing most of my America
qso,s. No noticeable peak to USA just a steady throughput from 0100 till 0630
when the band seemed to go away from me. Second night was a struggle with lots
of fairly quick qsb on dx signals making it difficult to pick out the weaker
ones.Sorry if I missed out on those calling.
John G3LZQ kindly supplied the station. FT1000MP,Alpha 87 Amp. 90ft
vertical.(much modified Titanex)
N1MMLogger software(no gremlins here either)
plus a variety of switching boxes and DSP audio filters.
I must also thank his XYL Trixie for her help in keeping me fed and watered. Its
a real pleasure to operate in comfort as I can remember a lot of my previous
efforts in CQWW160 were done wearing thick warm jackets and Wellington Boots.
Will be back for more next year.
See you then.
G4BYG (Vic)
ON6LY   Single Op LP   52,3002005-02-04 13:17:50
My first 160m contest very nice till the next time!!!73 to all
HK1XX(PEDRO)   Single Op HP   103,7852005-02-04 13:59:30
This is my first 160 top band contest,I never play on this game.
First day good propagation, I was put 4 antennas in my contest station,Inverteed
L 27 mts up.,slooper to USA and long wire 140 mts.
For receibe EWE antenna.
First our af contest QRM was 5/9+10 db to much QRM,antenna EWE not funtioned to
One hour after the antenna for reception broken, I dont Ear nothing only QRM and
the big guns stations.
Im retired at the first 7 hours of contest.
I hope put a new antenna for reception for 160 phone.
Many thanks for patients people.
C4M(5B4AGM)   Single Op QRP   265,0002005-02-05 00:51:32
Tx: ICOM-726
Ant: 2x35 meters verticals phased, 17 radials, location - 50 meters near beach
2 Beverage N-W, N, each 250 meters long
NN3Q   Multi-Op HP   116,6102005-02-05 04:56:57
Missed Friday evening, but still had a good time. Very low power line noise this
K5ZD   Single Op HP   238,7282005-02-05 08:15:49
Only able to operate 4 hours on Friday night and 2 hours on Saturday night.
Conditions sounded great. Very strong signals from Europe and West Coast. It
was crowded down low so ended up having best success running around 1870-1875.

Continent breakdowns:
160 Total %

EU 131 131 21.9
NA 459 459 76.9
AF 3 3 0.5
SA 2 2 0.3
OC 2 2 0.3

Didn't notice any bad signals this time and frequency fights were minimal.
Overall, very enjoyable contest! Wish I had more time.
W3AU(K4GKD)   Single Op LP   95,0372005-02-05 18:51:52
This was the first contest entered using the W3AU call in memory of Ed
Bissell, Jr.

W7DRA/Ø   Single Op LP   39,0002005-02-06 09:08:05
supprising how weak the west coast was here in nebraska. sorry to have fogged up
the dx window, the calabration on both the 6ag7 vfo and the mixer/bc453 was non
existant. next yeat i will have a more selective receiver, by including an FT241
xtal filter to the IF section.
DF3CB   Multi-Op HP   284,1422005-02-06 09:43:46
Thanks to VE2IM in Zone 2 -- my **last** zone 160m WAZ :-)
WØRTT   Single Op LP   51,3002005-02-06 10:00:57
Lousy conditions but great fun! Longest hauls, VK6HD and D4B
YL2PP(TOM)   Single Op LP   28,2442005-02-06 12:00:53
I wkd trcvr ICOM 751A and Ant - Delta 169m
Thanks for contest QSO's ! 73! de = Tom =
DK1NO   Multi-Op HP   141,9842005-02-06 12:25:53
Thanks to Hannes for a nice evening at his snow-covered station!

K4RO   Single Op HP   118,2562005-02-06 13:42:19
---- ------
0 123
1 100
2 67
VE6AO   Multi-Op HP   101,8022005-02-06 14:14:32
Nice conditions - actually quiet band noise at time. Nice change here.
Did not hear Japan this time, but nice signal from D4B!
Fun as usual. Thanks for all the QSOs. Need some longer runs next time for
Jeff VE6GJ
Calgary DX Club
NR4M   Multi-Op HP   421,5202005-02-06 14:52:53
We'll be baaack!
W4EF(@W4EF/6)   Single Op HP   140,2962005-02-06 19:46:28
Rig: Yaesu FT-847

Amplifier: Drake L-7 at 1KW output

Power Source: 2 x Honda EU2000i Generators in Parallel

Antenna: 45ft tall top loaded vertical w/16 x 100ft radials (Friday night)
25 x 100ft radials (Saturday night)'s-Ham-Radio-Page/Salton-Sea-05/Salton-Sea.htm

Operated portable along the eastern shore of the Salton Sea with a 45 ft top
loaded vertical (modified gap antenna). Had planned to put up a W8JI shorty 4
square that I built for receiving, but my wife and I got to the site too late
and I just didn't have time to get it installed and get any sleep. I had hoped
to put it up during the day on Saturday, but the SRA park ranger made me move my
TX antenna because I was blocking the turnaround for 18-wheelers who use the
park's porta-potties at night, so I spent all day Saturday tearing it down and
re-installing it (including the 2500 feet of radial wire). After moving the TX
antenna, there was just no time left for installing the RX array. The park
ranger was kind enough to let me operate all night on Friday before she made me
move the TX antenna on Saturday morning, so I can't complain too much (next time
I will ask permission before I install my antenna - hi). Anyway, it was too bad
about the RX array since I had S5 to S7 power line noise all weekend from the
nearby medium voltage lines. It definitely would have helped (ahh, next year).

BTW, sorry for any dupes I may have inflicted on others. My new (used) laptop
bombed out on QSO #1 (K9DX), so I threw it aside and logged the whole contest on
notebook paper with no dupesheet (I didn't have time to make one up - hi).

Congratulations to Ken, N6RO for setting a new (and exceptional) highwater mark
from W6 in the CQ 160. I hope have my act more together next year and be gunning
for him.

73 de Mike, W4EF.............................
S51NZ   Single Op LP   155,0782005-02-07 03:48:06
Tnx for all stations for qso's and sorry for my bad ears because i don't have
areciving antena. See you in next contest.
73's Huby-s51nz
N3RS   Multi-Op HP   234,7022005-02-07 05:55:25
Conditions were super. Couldn't put much time in, but did manage over 100
Europeans in the log. The vertical was hearing as well as my beverages for most
of the DX QSO's. This was a packet assisted effort.

73 de Sig
YV5LIX   Single Op LP   9,8562005-02-07 05:56:36
WI9WI   Single Op HP   112,4012005-02-07 11:03:27
Best conditions in this test from my northern Wisconsin cabin QTH in many years.
Excellent activity too. Managed all the states except KL7...heard one on Fri
night S&Ping but couldn't catch up to him. Heard a number of Europeans, but the
ones that were stronger couldn't seem to hear me, and the three or so who called
me (a DJ, an EA1, and a CT1) were so weak I couldn't pull their calls out for
sure. Heard and not worked: G, DL, SM, SP, OK, HA, 9A, I, YU, EA, EA9, EA8, F,
HK, ZL, and a couple I've forgotten. Never heard a JA. Did manage to work the
VK6. Hopefully by next year conditions will be as good, and I will have
improved my transmitting antenna. Thanks for all the Qs.


OL6P(OK2WTM)   Single Op LP   102,5612005-02-07 23:05:07
Only for fun. With LW 41m only 6mH. First night good condx.
Thanks all for QSO.

73, Petr
W1FJ   Single Op HP   223,8602005-02-09 05:00:14
There was too much snow to get into the W1KM station in the woods so we scrubbed
the multi effort and I played around from the home QTH. Lots of great scores in
the multi catagory, congrats to all. Let's hope for less snow next year.
S57M   Single Op HP   539,6002005-02-09 07:59:33
KØRF   Multi-Op HP   231,1042005-02-09 17:56:24
Another part-time effort because of volleyball coaching for me and work for
George. We managed to get in about 20 hours before having to quit for good at
about 0730 the second night. I had to leave for a tournament at 1000Z with the
team and George had to save some energy for work. Anyway, it was fun and I hope
we can get more competitive in the next one.

73, Chuck

BTW I did the click mods in both FT 1000MP Mark V Fields. Hope they were
RL3A(@RK3AWL)   Multi-Op HP   469,0172005-02-10 06:20:26
more info at:
4N1N(4N1JA)   Single Op LP   112,9942005-02-13 03:30:39
YU1JW   Single Op LP   136,8172005-02-14 05:23:59
73`s Lazo,YU1JW
CT9M   Multi-Op HP   1,496,2862005-02-14 06:00:10
Comments will follow....
N2GC   Single Op HP   16,3202005-02-15 06:06:50
Lots of fun even with an 80 meter dipole and tuner. Someday I'll have a resonant
ant on this band.
LY3BW   Single Op HP   293,9302005-02-17 00:19:09
FT1000MP-MARKV; +PA (1000W); GP+BEVERAGE tnx fb test, 73
N2WN   Single Op LP   80,5352005-02-17 09:47:33
CQ160CW Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2005-01-29

CallSign Used : N2WN
Operator(s) : N2WN

Band : 160M
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : TN
Gridsquare : EM76

Name : Julius Fazekas
Address : 102 Malvern Road
City/State/Zip : Oak Ridge TN 37830-5325
Country : USA

ARRL Section : TN
Club/Team : TCG
Software: N1MM Logger V4.0.192

Band QSOs Pts Cty
1.8 533 1239 65
Total 533 1239 65

Score : 80,535
Rig : Elecraft k2/100

Antennas : 1/8 wave Vertical

Soapbox : My first 160M Contest! It was grrrreat! Would have liked to
have heard more DX and worked all the states, still I'm very pleased with the
results. Thanks to all
RY9C(@RK9CWA)   Multi-Op HP   481,6202005-02-18 23:39:13
First try from out-of-city QTH 50km south of Ekaterinburg
Much lower noise level, good experience with 2 new antennas.
Will be back next year!
MJØAWR(K2WR)   Single Op HP   376,5062005-02-20 20:22:01
A very challenging contest. With all the world's contesters squeezed into one
band, 400w and a low dipole is not nearly enough to hold a frequency. Still, I
had no trouble working anybody I could hear.
UA6LV/6(@RN6BN)   Single Op HP   22,2302005-02-21 22:51:16
From great Setup RN6BN to NA on TOP .
K4MM   Multi-Op HP   110,7682005-02-23 03:33:49
Florida Power and Light strikes again. Terrible line noise. Recently installed a
short 380' beverage for rcv to Eu. It worked much better than my usual Inverted
"L". Thanks to K4RX for the instructural assistance. Had to relocate "L" leg to
cure RFI problem. Son John, W4IX, did most of the operating. Worked all states
except KL7. Thanks to all who worked us.
K3BU   Single Op QRP   126,6582005-02-23 11:19:39
Correction on mult distribution.
OK1KDO   Multi-Op LP   231,8182005-02-24 17:09:59
TRX TS-830S 150W Ant Dipole 2x40m Good conditions for Eu. TNX for contest
QSO. 73 de Stan OK1WN / 1.op Club station OK1KDO (Radioclub Domazlice).
AC6DD   Single Op HP   173,7372005-02-25 06:05:03
I probably should have given up with this contest before even starting - Too
many problems. And I thought that I had it all covered this time.

This was again a portable operation from a pier, third 160m and probably the
last one. This time I was permitted to put up a low dipole and two 18'x
100'EWE's for receiving on Thursday evening, this was without any cabling. The
rest of the station
was set up starting on Friday morning.

The setup was:
- 90' vertical fed into a Harris RF601 automatic antenna coupler
- One low dipole 10'-15' off the ground
- two EWE loops with direction switching, MFj1005 noise canceller, preamp
- FT1000MP (modified for clicks a few days before the contest)
- ACOM2000A

I got pretty good at setting things up. In five hours I had everything from
being boxed, to set up and almost running. I can only get acess to the pier
during the weekend and have to remove everything by Sunday evening. I tried to
videotape the setup, so I can see where I am wasting precious time,for next
time. The camera's battery failed, so nothing from the tape.

Just a few minutes before the contest start I discover that the Harris tuner was
not working (first failure ever), the dipole was a total waste of time, and half
of the ewe's are not working. After a few hours of trying, I get the tuner
working in manual and make a few contacts before the amp shuts down from arcing.
I find a bad PL259 at the antenna switch for the vertical's coax. I use the
dipole's coax, but it is 5' too short to reach the vertical. I find a piece of
wire and add to the vertical to reach the coax. A few minutes later I get
another arc and the amp shuts down. Bad coax form the amp to the switch. This
one is easy to fix? No the coax won't reach the amp. I add another piece of
wire to the vertical. ( By the way I hi-pot every cable that I make. These two
were not hi-pot tested recently, and they were used several times.) Finally I
am on the air. Soon I realize the EWe's are not working at all, as the vertical
hears much better even with all the noise. I listen to a
horrendous noise all night, and by morning I feel that I missed more stations
than I have worked. I end the night with 550 QSO's.

I sleep from 8-12. I find the problem with the ewe's but can only fix some of
it. I make a new receiving antenna from the dipole wire. I find the preamp is
oveloading my receiver, so I bypass it, the MFJ unit is useless. I again mostly
use the vertical for receiving.

By early morning I get someone sending me "clicks" for several times. I think
it it a joke. as I modified the radio, plus I had no reports most of the night,
and also none the night before. (I had no reports of keyclicks last year with
an unmodified radio.) Than I get a jammer - you know wo you are. I could not
figure this one out, but he stays with me for a while, than leaves and comes
back again. You need an amplifier next time, or even better get an antenna, as
you are a little girlieman.

I am not yet sure what is going on here. Finally NA5NM just plainly asks me to
stop. I ask him what is the problem and gives me a report of keyclicks and a
wide signal. I turn down my output power to half, but have no idea what is
causing the problem. Other than the jammer who loves me, I hear no more

Towards sunrise the logging program, or the laptop starts acting up. I finish
logging on paper.

The sun is up and now the fun really starts, as I have to dismantle everything.
The seagulls left me a lot of presents all over my stuff. I make it home at 2
PM, drink four Sierra Nevadas and go to sleep. The final result is approximete,
as my laptop is still behind a guano covered pile of coax.

I have no idea what caused my reported signal problems. Anyone else hear it? I
apologize to anyone that I affected. I spent several hours modifying the radio
before the contest, so this would not happen. I would welcome any reports from
the contest to help me find the problem. I heard some unusual noises on Sunday
morning, but have no idea where they were coming from. At first I thought it was
a foghorn, but there was no fog. RF possibly? Something broke? The mod made
keyclicks worse? Did the lower power solve the problem?(this was late Sunday
morning). Did I have a bad signal from the beginning, or it all started on
Sunday morning?

This portable operation at the pier is getting to be too much effort for me. I
am only 40, so I will spend the next 160m CW contests doing something more
useful, like drinking beer and watching TV, instead of enduring being jammed by
some of the gentlemen on 160.

I would like to thank Milt, N5IA @ NA5NM as the only person who came forward
with his call sign and discussed the problem.

Niko - AC6DD
9AØR   Multi-Op HP   764,7292005-02-26 07:26:37
Vertical TX antenna, 50m high tower,on poor ground with 20 radials,
one dipole 10m above ground, NE, NW beverages. No cluster first
night.Krk Island EU136. Special thank's to 9A5Y friends for their
help and support.



0 109/28 109/28 109/28
1 102/10 102/10 211/38
2 53/2 53/2 264/40
3 56/8 56/8 320/48
4 65/14 65/14 385/62
5 53/3 53/3 438/65
6 49/3 49/3 487/68
7 32/2 32/2 519/70
8 11/0 11/0 530/70
9 . . 530/70
10 . . 530/70
11 . . 530/70
12 . . 530/70
13 . . 530/70
14 6/0 6/0 536/70
15 18/0 18/0 554/70
16 45/3 45/3 599/73
17 56/2 56/2 655/75
18 63/1 63/1 718/76
19 40/4 40/4 758/80
20 53/1 53/1 811/81
21 40/0 40/0 851/81
22 44/1 44/1 895/82
23 19/1 19/1 914/83
0 22/2 22/2 936/85
1 33/7 33/7 969/92
2 10/2 10/2 979/94
3 18/5 18/5 997/99
4 14/0 14/0 1011/99
5 18/1 18/1 1029/100
6 23/1 23/1 1052/101
7 6/0 6/0 1058/101
8 ..... ..... 1058/101
9 . . 1058/101
10 . . 1058/101
11 . . 1058/101
12 . . 1058/101
13 . . 1058/101
14 4/1 4/1 1062/102
15 11/0 11/0 1073/102
16 15/0 15/0 1088/102
17 29/1 29/1 1117/103
18 21/0 21/0 1138/103
19 15/2 15/2 1153/105
20 13/0 13/0 1166/105
21 28/0 28/0 1194/105
22 20/0 20/0 1214/105
23 30/2 30/2 1244/107
DAY1 914/83 ..... 914/83
DAY2 330/24 . 330/24
TOT 1244/107 . 1244/107
BREAKDOWN in mins/QSO's per hr 9A0R CQ 160 METER CONTEST Multi Single


0 59/110 59/110 59/110
1 61/101 61/101 120/105
2 60/53 60/53 180/88
3 60/56 60/56 240/80
4 60/65 60/65 300/77
5 59/54 59/54 359/73
6 62/48 62/48 421/69
7 60/32 60/32 481/65
8 25/26 25/26 506/63
9 . . 506/63
10 . . 506/63
11 . . 506/63
12 . . 506/63
13 . . 506/63
14 20/18 20/18 526/61
15 48/22 48/22 574/58
16 41/65 41/65 616/58
17 60/56 60/56 676/58
18 60/63 60/63 736/59
19 61/40 61/40 797/57
20 59/54 59/54 855/57
21 60/40 60/40 916/56
22 60/44 60/44 976/55
23 50/23 50/23 1025/53
0 42/32 42/32 1067/53
1 60/33 60/33 1126/52
2 45/13 45/13 1172/50
3 49/22 49/22 1220/49
4 49/17 49/17 1270/48
5 46/23 46/23 1316/47
6 60/23 60/23 1376/46
7 13/28 13/28 1389/46
8 ..... ..... 1389/46
9 . . 1389/46
10 . . 1389/46
11 . . 1389/46
12 . . 1389/46
13 . . 1389/46
14 5/53 5/53 1393/46
15 27/25 27/25 1420/45
16 46/20 46/20 1466/45
17 46/38 46/38 1512/44
18 63/20 63/20 1575/43
19 38/24 38/24 1613/43
20 33/24 33/24 1645/43
21 64/26 64/26 1710/42
22 56/21 56/21 1766/41
23 59/31 59/31 1825/41
DAY1 17.1/53 ..... 17.1/53
DAY2 13.3/25 . 13.3/25
TOT 30.4/41 . 30.4/41
BREAKDOWN in kilo-points by hr 9A0R CQ 160 METER CONTEST Multi Single


0 130 130 130
1 64 64 195
2 22 22 217
3 46 46 263
4 71 71 334
5 27 27 361
6 25 25 386
7 16 16 401
8 3 3 404
9 . . 404
10 . . 404
11 . . 404
12 . . 404
13 . . 404
14 2 2 406
15 5 5 411
16 25 25 435
17 24 24 459
18 21 21 481
19 27 27 508
20 18 18 526
21 12 12 538
22 17 17 554
23 9 9 563
0 16 16 579
1 38 38 617
2 11 11 628
3 26 26 654
4 6 6 660
5 11 11 671
6 12 12 683
7 2 2 684
8 ..... ..... 684
9 . . 684
10 . . 684
11 . . 684
12 . . 684
13 . . 684
14 5 5 689
15 3 3 692
16 4 4 696
17 11 11 707
18 6 6 713
19 12 12 725
20 4 4 729
21 9 9 738
22 6 6 744
23 21 21 765
DAY1 563 ..... 563
DAY2 201 . 201
TOT 765 . 765
SV1/LY1DF   Single Op LP   310,0122005-02-27 12:10:55
During 3 nights spent on the top of the mountain I have
enjoyed the contest and the clouds below me so much.
Unfortunatelly my home-made masts went down two times because of
the heavy wind, rain and snow. Frozen metal mast, sticking to the
skin, snow up to the chest during the second part of the contest
and good pile-ups turned out to be a beautiful combination.

Chesk out the photos on my home page:
VE9KAR   Single Op LP   77,9222005-02-27 18:25:15
This was my first Contest other than FD, Had a lot of fun, band was very
busy,I'll be back next year. Rig is ts-570Sg, ant is Inverted V Dipole with apex
at 40', sloping down to 15'. Logging program was N1MM Logger.Learned a lot from
this contest.