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Open Ukraine RTTY Championship   2012   Mar 3   Comment Summary

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OMØDX   SOAB LP   1,8962012-03-04 04:31:39
UR5FCM   SOSB/80 LP   9,8802012-03-04 05:18:49
Mode: RTTY
Band: 80M
Category: SINGLE-OP
Club Team: RU-QRP
Antenna: W3DZZ
RX/TX: HomeMade
Power: 25 Watt(s)
F5RD   SOAB LP   8662012-03-05 13:02:29
I began the contest with MixW 2.0, but I don't know why,
impossible to increase serial number.
After 3 contacts, I setting-up N1MM Logger and I could continue
without problem.
For the third part I had to stop at 09:30 TU
Thanks to all who worked me.
F5RD Bernard
CT1EEK   SOSB/15 LP   7922012-03-06 13:39:45
Not so good propagation this time. Tnx for all the Q's!