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North American QSO Party, RTTY   2002   July   Comment Summary

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VA3PC   Single Op LP   19,1002002-07-20 21:53:24
Thanks to all who put up with my attempt to run once or twice. As you can tell
I normally S & P. Made one goal (100 mults) and didn't make another 200 q's.
Oh well there's always next year!
'73 Paul
AA5AU   Single Op LP   78,0882002-07-20 23:05:57
I didn't know if I was going to be able to operate this one full time or not.
I was on-call at work, and despite many of you thinking I was "shagging", I
did get very lucky and did not have a single trouble call on Saturday.

I had a major outage that affected 3 oil rigs for Chevron-Texaco Friday night
that kept me up 'til 2 a.m. I thought it was going to ruin the whole weekend
but I was lucky. Rebooted the mux and it came back up. Whew! I didn't have a

Anyway, the contest started off slow and got worse. I was maintaining about
66 Q's an hour when the flare hit at 2107Z. No signals anywhere on any band.

I had lost my Linksys Internet router Saturday morning, so I ran to Best Buy
purchased another one and installed it only to find out that the only thing
wrong with my old one was the power cube was not putting out enough voltage.
Shoulda, woulda, coulda...

When the bands died, I figured they wouldn't by down for too long. An hour
later there were signals on 20 so I restarted after a 70 minute "rest period".
Things really didn't get very good the rest of the way. 40 started up about
2330Z, so said goodbye to 15M which was dead anyway. Nice finding KH6ND
I left though. Left 20 for good at 0142Z and concentrated on 40 and 80 the
rest of the way. Man were the low bands noisy or what? It was a struggle.

Only really weird thing was JA1BHK calling me on 20 at 2048Z. That's a very
strange time for JA here, but then again, these were very strange condx!

Never did hear 8P6SH. 5K0Z was a surprise on 15 & 20. KH6ND on 40 right at
the end was my last multiplier. Took 30 minute break to eat pizza at 0009Z so
ended the contest at 0529Z. Thanks to AA9RR, VA3DX, W4LC, N0AC & PJ2EL for
5 band QSO's.

Thanks to everyone who worked me. It was nice to see both familiar calls and
new ones alike. Despite the poor condx, I still had a good time.

73, Don AA5AU
K4WW   Single Op LP   60,7512002-07-20 23:20:19
Am I the only one in the contest that didn't work a KY station?
K8IR   Single Op LP   21,8902002-07-20 23:27:48
The solar flare made it easy to schedule the off time this year.
VE3BUC   Single Op LP   14,9642002-07-21 04:54:15
Lousy conditions but managed to beat last year's score. Go figure.
KC4HW   Single Op LP   36,3222002-07-21 05:49:11
First of all thanks to everyone for the QSOs.

We weathered the solar and weather storms here on the East coast of Central
Florida. We had severe thunderstorms start right at the beginning of the
contest and lasted well into the evening. Plus getting hit but the flair, made
thing pretty bad around here. Oh well, such is life in the "diddle fast lane".

Had a good time and the station checked out pretty good. Used the EWE receiving
antenna on 40 and 80 and it helped on the print. All in all it was a good day,
any day playing Ham Radio is better than a day working!! hi hi

N5ZM   Single Op LP   44,8052002-07-21 06:27:55
I guess I didn't do all that bad considering the how the flare messed things up.
I don't believe I ever worked as hard at getting Q's and came up empty handed so
much of the time. But it was nice to work coast to coast and north to south on
80 mtrs. Also got Hawaii on 4 bands. Thanks to all for the Q's.
K3WW   Single Op LP   5,0002002-07-21 06:57:36
Limited time, bandes sounded rather empty from here when I had a chance
to get on.
NA4M   Single Op LP   35,0922002-07-21 07:05:49
An X class flare knocked the bands dead for a while - not a signal anywhere.
Even without the flare conditions seemed somewhat down. 15m didn't produce as
many Qs as I hoped and 10m was a bust. My 1st move to 40m at about 2330Z was
too early as I could hear east coast guys but they could not hear me as they
CQed in my face when I called them. Great to see a lot of familiar calls along
with some new ones. Always a fun contest.
NY1S   Single Op LP   35,5182002-07-21 07:11:04
Thanks for all the QSOs. Bands were in rough shape from here. Had a power outage
at 2008z. Lucky that Writelog makes a backup journal as you go along. The radio
blackout hit here at 2112z and lasted 41 minutes. The bands never fully
recovered after that. By 0400z there was a nice aurora going overhead. That
obviously did not help on 40 and 80 meters. As the blackout ended, the European
paths opened first followed by the southeast US.

See you all next year.
K5NZ   Single Op LP   21,5072002-07-21 07:13:57
Stinko Condx and for some reason in RTTY it is next to impossible to get people
to move bands? This is the real fun of the NAQP format, get with it RTTY
I asked at least 30 or more to QSY and of that only KC1YF moved and we worked 3
bands (TNX Wayne) for the effort and my friend Andy, VE9DX, tried but no luck.

VE3IAY   Single Op LP   19,9002002-07-21 07:19:21
The solar flare hit mid-QSO (never completed the exchange), but it didn't
actually change my off-time plans too much.

I used TRLog to an MFJ-1278 TNC for transmitting (FSK), but relied mostly on
MMTTY for receiving. Radio: TS-850S to a ground-mounted AV-5 trap vertical.
AF4Z(DON)   Single Op LP   32,8802002-07-21 07:30:27
Worked total of 10 hours taking two 30 minute breaks due to thunderstorms in
area. Several close hits and had 2 power outages requiring rebooting. They
don't call it the Lightning Capital for nothing. Writelog recovered all my
unsaved QSOs. After thunderstorms, my noise level was S9 on 15 and 20. Once
rain dried and bands returned, worked lots of NA and EU stations. Thanks to all
I worked and hope you had as much fun as I did.
W8UL   Single Op LP   21,6322002-07-21 07:35:55
Initiation for a new Force12 Model C4 (10-40 meters) antenna at 65 feet. Hard
work on 10 meters, 15 meters not much better and then the flare. Hoped for 20000
points and reached it.. Nine hours and one minute of operating time...Found out
my 80 meter antenna definitely needs improvement...
KI6DY   Single Op LP   47,3282002-07-21 09:01:52
Not my best effort in this contest but alot closer than I expected considering
conditions. Shut down for my two hour break three hours into the contest.
Figured that was the thing to do when tuning across 20 and 15 yielded nothing
heard. Conditions better when I returned on 20 but 15 never seemed to recover.

Went to 40 way earlier than planned just to get a rate as 20 was slow by

Did not hear VE6RAJ on the air at all so not hopeful for our Baud Boys team

73 KI6DY
K6OWL   Single Op LP   1,5642002-07-21 09:24:35
Just a couple of hours in the evening post-flare. Not much to report.
VE9DX   Single Op LP   13,3762002-07-21 10:45:54
Aurora is wonderful to look at but once you have seen it once... This was a
hard go this time. Best signals on 80 but most could not hear me. Needless to
say lost lots of mult's. Never was able to get a run going. North was not the
place to be this time. 73 Andy (VE9DX)
W4UK   Single Op LP   28,8362002-07-21 11:10:47
Wire dipoles only.
N2WK   Single Op LP   31,3952002-07-21 12:36:11
Only made 117 Q's in the first 5 hours. Very poor conditions above 43 deg lat.
Rates did not pick up until 2300z. Stations in the south enjoyed a bit better
propagation. I almost threw in the towel but stuck with for the team. Thanks for
all the Q's and mults.

73, Wayne
WØETC   Single Op LP   34,0482002-07-21 14:11:30
A week before the contest the main frequency turning on my IC775 frooze stiff
and my IC756 developed less than 1 watt power output. My choices were to join
the multi op effort at N0NI (N0AC in the test) or to fire up a 22 year old
TS930S that had been on the shelf for 5 years.

Being a masocist I hooked up the old 930. As I didn't have an FSK interface for
it I would have to run AFSK mode during the test. That meant wide filters and
no rig/computer interface. I had doubts about the 930 holding up for 10 hours at
100 watts output, so I placed a large RS muffin fan on top of the case sucking
out air. Surprisingly the power supply and finals survived the contest.

Before the contest I decide even 20,00 points with this set up would be a
decent score. The solar flae made me think I had beeen too optomiistic. But I
kept plugging along. At times with the wide filters the QRM was so bad I felt
like pulling the plug, but I kept diddling away. In the end all things
considered I was happy with the score.

To all who joined with me and participated on a TCG team, my thanks. If you
want to do it again next time you are more than welcome to join us. If you
didn't play on a team please conside it for the next time around. And, you are
among those like me who are really insane, I will make an effort to organize a
TCG RTTY sprint team or two, or three.

73 W0ETC Lar IA
VA3WN   Single Op LP   6,8442002-07-21 18:05:07
Made my first RTTY qso 4 days before the contest started, so I'm still learning
the ropes. Sorry for being the lid calling you off-frequency, hi hi.

One homebrew 40/15 dipole up 10m is not the way to contest effectively. Gotta
get me some new skyware.

Thx fer the fb QSOs in this new mode for me. C'ya (sorry, Shelby) next

73 Travis VA3WN
W5CTV   Single Op LP   1,8912002-07-21 19:23:26
OK for a RTTY newbie I guess. I didn't come anywhere near the goal I had set
for myself. I had a hamfest that took me into the first two hours, and was
going ok until the &^$%&%$ flare took everything out. It was so bad I couldn't
even hear AA5AU and he's just a few miles as the crow flies. By the time the
band came back the wife and kids were back and I was out until they went to bed.
That gave me a little over 3hrs left to play. I went right up to the bitter
end. Got 5K0Z on 20 just as time expired for a new mult. I got Uli on 15 and
20. My first QSO was with my fellow Stray Cat PJ2EL, Ernie. He was my only
teammate worked. I saw AI9T working some, but was never able to hook up. I never
saw my other two teammates. Hope they did OK.

I tried to go down to 40, but I don't have an antenna up for the low bands. I
could barely get the tribander to load up, but I couldn't get enough juice out
to get to anyone. I just wanted to grab a couple more mults. As they say in
Saints fotball...there's always next year.

All in all I had fun. Made some new friends and picked up some new states.

Hope to see you on the bands for more than Chris, LA.

KI5DR   Single Op LP   6,1602002-07-21 19:28:51
First time ever on RTTY.
N4CW/1   Single Op LP   12,7822002-07-21 19:38:54
Used N1MM Logger for the entire contest; worked great! Thought something was
wrong with the station when the blackout occurred; it's been a long time since I
last saw that happen (1958!!!). Hat's off to NY1S for getting double the number
of Q's I did from Maine. Give me CW anytime!!! 73 and thanks for the Q's
N5ZC   Single Op LP   3302002-07-21 20:05:12
Just playing around for a few minutes. I flew my R/C plane Saturday morning and
painted the rest of the day to try and finish our home remodel project. I'm way
behind since I spent last weekend operating W1AW/5 during IARU.

I did finally get FSK working via a com port. It sure is nice to use the RTTY
filters on my 756pro.

I'm in a restricted neighborhood and was only using a 20' vertical with two
radials. The antenna has the Icom AH-4 tuner at the base. I plan on building a
20m delta loop and making the 20' vertical into an inverted L for 80 and 40.
That should improve things just a bit for this fall.


Rich - N5ZC
Amarillo, TX
W1SRD(@K6IDX)   Single Op LP   42,4962002-07-21 21:27:44
My first attempt at SO2R. My first NAQP RTTY. Special thanks to Brad, K6IDX, for
the use of his great station. The West coast is tough for this type of contest,
even without flares. I heard many on 80M, but few could hear me. Later openings
on 40 and 80 as well as few stations in the short skip zone made 20M the money
band. No MT, NV, DE, SD, GA (huh?). Missed the usual VE's.

The flare made for a nice nap.

Colophon: Writelog, MMTTY, MMTTY Plugin on one PC. FT-1000MkV. 7 on 10M, 7 on
15M, 6 on 20M, 3 on 40M and a 4 square on 80M. All at 3500' in El Dorado county
GUØSUP   Single Op LP   2,7752002-07-22 03:12:02
I really must start remembering to submit via 3830!
73 de Phil GU0SUP
IKØHBN   Single Op LP   8,5502002-07-22 04:10:07
I had a lof of fun, even if solar flare cancelled NA for 1 hour leaving only EU
on bands. Many EU stations asked for a qso even if the rules were clear enough:
no contacts among DX's stations.
WL run flawlessly, gaining even more the pleasure of meeting "the old
Read all you next year.
N1NB   Single Op LP   25,2002002-07-22 08:38:07
Only afterwards did I learn where 15M. Started out nice then...poof.
Still managed to do better than last year operating 2 less hours.
Much due to 84 Q's (25% of the total) in under 90 minutes on 40M including a run
of 55 in 55 minutes.
Took my breaks, including one unknowingly during the worst of the flare, in
anticipation of going 'til the bitter end, but -recovering from a nasty cold -
ran out of gas at 04:30z.

Steve N1NB
WBØO   Single Op LP   7,8102002-07-22 09:13:55
I fired up my $39 RTTY station for the first 2 hours of the test, had some
fun but then had to go to work. Activity sounded good, wish I could have
stayed around. My state of the art setup:
BayCom modem - $39
Hamcomm shareware - $0
486 racing along at 25 mhz running the BayCom in DOS - less than $0
486 racing along at 33 mhz running NA 10.56
TenTec OMNI VI+ at about 75 watts
TH7 @ 50' SE and TH7 @ 50' SW on top of a 400' hill.

73, BILL WB0O in North Dakota
LP7H(LU9HS)   Single Op LP   17,2522002-07-22 11:59:16

thanks to all friends that communicated with me, there were not propagation
conditions in 10 meters, only from Argentina of they listened stations in
and 20 meters.
The word "PUCARA" , is a word of Indian origin that means a high position
(mangrullo), where the natives used it to see the advance of the enemy
It is also the name of An airplane of combat of production Argentina, IA-58
It is for that reason that I like like name to carry out the contest.

KD8FS   Single Op LP   18,9152002-07-22 13:57:43
Fun test!
K7ZUM   Single Op LP   28,4382002-07-22 19:02:43
what happened to everybody !!!! flare really fouled up all of the fun this
weekend !! so in between no signals, and signals, I puttered around the
shack trying to figure out how my son (son's ?) blew up there game computer
AGAIN !!!!!! hot games i guess !!!
was fun anyway.... de Ken.... K7ZUM
W6YX   M/2 LP   69,5762002-07-22 20:55:43
Station #1: Yaesu FT-1000MP, Hal DXP38, MMTTY
Station #2: Kenwood TS-850, Hal P38, MMTTY
Station #3: Icom 756Pro, MMTTY
All stations were networked using Writelog v10.31C, and had rig control.

10M: 6 el Telrex @ 70', 5 el HyGain 105CA @ 30'
15M: 6 el Telrex @ 70', 5 el HyGain 155CA @ 25'
20M: 6 el KLM @ 60', 5 el HyGain 205CA @ 40'
40M: 2 el Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 50'
80M: inverted vee @ 60'
KLM KT34XA @ 60'
Mosley PRO67A @ 60'

Wow, was this a lot of fun or what? The three of us had a great time. We
decided to get crazy with the setup this time with three stations, and dual
decode on two. The idea was to have a third station to listen for band
activity, scout mults, pass mults to, and transmit when one of us wanted to take
a break. Unfortunately we could not gain the full benefit of this station, as
there were rarely two bands open and active at the same time, let alone three
bands! Still, Marc made great use of his 756Pro on 40m in FSK mode using the
RTTY filters.

The solar flare obviously hurt us badly out here on the west coast. I saw notes
by others that the flare was felt at about 2105Z. It seemed to arrive much
earlier for us, as things really declined at 2021Z. There would be 10 seconds
to a few minutes of time where the bands would open, but they'd quickly close
again (as Doug N6TQS similarly noted). It was not until about 2230Z that 20m
reasonably recovered. This was over a two hour blackout period for us!
Additionally, 15m never seemed to recover. We only had about 15 QSOs on that
band after the flare. We tried passing many mults to that band from 20m, but we
were largely unsuccessful because of the band conditions.

Looking back, we were very happy that we got off to a decent start on 15m. Even
at the beginning, the band seemed tremendously quiet. I tuned to SSB and found
a 1-land station calling CQ and commenting that he was checking to see if his
station was working because the band seemed so quiet! As for 10m, it was a
complete wasteland. Very disappointing. We could only contact CA, HI, and

Despite the solar flare and 10m conditions, I was very pleased with our results!
We had a lot of enthusiasm and a good strategy. We did better on 20m and 80m
this year, had 7 more multipliers, and were only 3,700 points off of last year's
claimed score! Our 34 QSOs and 19 mults on 80m is definitely cause for great
celebration from the west coast in this contest! It has been mind boggling to
read the huge 40m/80m totals from midwest/east coast stations.

Our congratulations go to the N0AC M/2 team which put up a tremendous score!

We completely missed MT, NV, DE, SD, and a bunch of VEs. I heard VY1MB and
VE5SF briefly on the bands, but we never ended up making a QSO with them. KD4K
in GA was tuning around 20m in the last hour of the contest. We managed to
catch his attention, much to our delight!

While setting up a few days before the contest, we encountered a puzzling MMTTY
plug-in installation problem. Whenever we executed the plug-in setup file, we
got the following message: "Setup failed to launch installation engine: no such
interface supported." It turns out that this error message is documented on the
InstallShield web site, and there is a list of 14 possible items which can
this problem:

Our problem was #9. The computer was missing the stdole32.tlb file (it had a
file named stdole32_o.tlb instead). We copied this file from another Windows95
machine, and suddenly the MMTTY plug-in installed without any further problems!
Thanks to Steve W1SRD who pointed us in this direction, otherwise we would have
never figured it out!

Kent K6ENT also performed quite a bit of debug while trying to get a USB-serial
converter to work with Writelog. He solved the problem, and got rig control and
FSK to interface with it. In the process, he found some very interesting
idiosyncrasies with this particular converter, and is relaying this data to
AA5AU for the USB-serial help file on Don's page.

Thanks for all the QSOs!

-Dean - N6DE
F6FJE   Single Op LP   5522002-07-22 21:16:42
Equipment : IC706MKIIG , Vertical (10-15-20), Dipole in Vee (40-80)
soundcard + MMTTY V1.61

Comment : all has been said about this contest.
Personal goal not catched (50 QSOs and 40 Multi).
From Europe it was a funny , strange, crazy and more Party..(and a short
Hope to be better the next year.
73's to all, and congratulation to Larry / W0ETC for the TCG teams
9A5W(@9A1A)   Single Op LP   32,2072002-07-23 00:54:57
For the first time in NAQP. Using 9A1A antena systems gave me a lot of
fun.Heard on 40m W7CT,UT, but 100W were not enough to get him. His sigs were
nice here in Croatia.No openning to west coast on 20m in the morning.

Equipment here I used : TCVR 7S950SD, Antennsa 15m 6+6+6 el, 20m 6+6 el and 40m
3 el Yagis.
WB4EQS   Single Op LP   32,1162002-07-23 14:07:49
Typical summertime Florida constest--LOTS OF THUNDER AND LIGHTNING--on top of
poor band conditions. I got a chance to try out a new 80M superloop antenna.An
improvement over the dipole that I had been using, Not as good as AA5AU. Don
must be standing in water down thar in the swamps. He always has a strong
signal. It was fun anyway and my score was better than last years.
W1GZ   M/2 LP   28,2242002-07-24 04:28:43
Great Contest!! Used call W1GZ, name Chaz, N1mgo & WN1E took turns operating.
Set up field day style at a hunting camp near Rutland VT. Ran with a G5RV hung
from the trees, with a generator to power the computer and radio. WN1E had a
scare, I left for a walk in the woods, then the bands shut down, he thought the
radio broke, untill he figured out the real problem!! I got back just as the
bands started to come back.
Equipment: IC-756 Pro II, Writelog, G5RV at about 30 feet, small Honda
Even with the flare problem, still beat last years score, from same location.
K4PX   Single Op LP   24,9752002-07-24 07:17:18

XE2AC   Single Op LP   1,1342002-07-25 11:33:00
Low operating time, High Fun
W1ZT   Single Op LP   49,9822002-07-25 15:14:43
Solar flare aborted 15m contacts and mults at a critical time. But more 40m Qs
this year and the blackout lasted about 50 mins at this QTH. Still a good
contest and good activity.
PA5AT   Single Op LP   1982002-07-28 07:37:07
hihi... what a score...
but I had only short time for the hobby and wanted to give some points...
unfortunately that was exaclty the time when the x-flare hit... for 30mins the
band was completely empty. Also no BC stations on 15Mhz band audible here...

Ok... next time !

Greegings, OP Ulli

P.S.: nice to work W1ZV and NY1S on 80m... there was a horrible QRN, but the
100wtts really came through nicely !
VA3DX   Single Op LP   53,0672002-07-31 07:48:23
Never saw NV, SD, ND, MT or AK anywhere.
40 Mtrs was the best band..
PJ2EL   Single Op LP   44,8502002-08-19 17:37:18
First participation with surprisingly good rates during first hours of
Due to bad atmospheric conditions in US there were no conditions in the
late afternoon, this definitively broke the rythm. Except this incident
it was a nice experience for first time participation. After midnight local time
rates went down considerably, I became very sleepy and decided to stop even with
about somewhat less than 2 hrs to go. I can't remember al the callsigns but I
think that Don(AA5AU) was the only station I could work on all bands. Thanks to
all participants, probably see u next year.