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JIDX CW Contest   2012   Apr 14   Comment Summary

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KB7Q(@K7FA)   SOSB/20 HP   2,4942012-04-14 19:29:50
Tom, K7FA let me use his fine station remotely. I'm out in Hawaii, the gear is
in Arizona. The 3,000+ miles in between added some latency, but it really had
no effect up to about 30 wpm. These Remoterig boxes really work!

My goodness where have all those fine JA contest ops gone? It was slim pickings
most of the day even with a KW and a monobander.

Gene, KB7Q
K8IA   SOSB/15 HP   10,1912012-04-14 19:59:47
Fit 3 hrs in, between home stuff and NHL Playoffs. Fifteen was spotty and
activity seemed down. Fun though.

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
N6RO   SOSB/10 HP   1,1162012-04-14 20:19:24
K1GI and I decided to do two single banders; Masa picked the right band,
setting a new claimed score record for 15m!

10m was punk, loudest JA was S4, and the intermittent power line noise was S7,
so not much fun.
K7MI   SOSB/15 HP   13,6402012-04-14 20:24:46
My favorite contest but missed it the last 2 years. First real contest effort in
3 years. Could not get on until 2115Z and that hurt a lot. See all my JA friends
next time.

73 de Larry K7MI
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SOSB/15 HP   8,0082012-04-15 04:00:26
Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's

Log is on LoTW and EQSL.
For a card please see

73 Steve, ZC4Li.
S53M(S51FB)   SOAB HP   14,0602012-04-15 04:16:18
TNX for all calls
Part time effort.

73 de Miha, S51FB
KA3DRR(@W6SL)   SOAB HP   12,6632012-04-15 06:11:24
Many thanks to all the JA-operators who went into the log this weekend. A spring
thunder storm rolled across the central coast creating QRN conditions on 40m
early Saturday morning. Conditions improved on 15m in the afternoon however 10m
east-to-west path never ionized at least from this location. Lastly, we have a
little work remaining on the 6L 20m monobander before it is fully operational.
Again, thanks to all the JA-operators who populated the KA3DRR RadioSport log!
73 and looking forward to next year.

Scot, KA3DRR

40M 3L @ 45FT
20M 6L @ 45FT
15M 6L @ 55FT
N1MM Contest Logger
W6H(@W6HCD)   M/S HP   114,5322012-04-15 06:17:40
San Diego Contest Club (SDCC)used W6H Call Sign in JIDX contest this weekend as
a tribute to their friend Hiro, JA1FRQ who would operate with us on his visits
to to San Diego. Hiro loved to come to the W6HCD portable site and help the
SDCC set up our tower trailer antennas and then enjoyed operating with the
SDCC team.
Hiro passed away March 5, 2012. We will miss this kind and gentle man who
thoroughly enjoyed Ham Radio DXing and Contesting.

This years effort yielded our highest QSO tally but with no opening for us on
10 mtr band and 80 and 160 not yielding many QSOs we lost many mults.

40 and 15 were the money bands for us this year.

K3, ACOM 2000A, 2 El 40 Yagi at 78 ft, 3 El SteppIR at 40 ft, 80 and 160

73, Dennis N6KI
N6SS   SOSB/80 HP   7,8482012-04-15 07:32:48
Rig: K3, Alpha 99
Tx Ant: Rotary loaded dipole up 160 ft.
Rx Ant: DHDL

Many QSOs were a challenge with mediocre propagation and lightning static
W2VJN   SOSB/80 HP   10,2122012-04-15 07:49:53
Difficult copy the first night due to QRN. Signals were much stronger the

K3, Alpha 91B, 3L Array of 1/2 wave slopers.
N5AW   SOAB LP   6,2642012-04-15 09:17:13
Last year I had 49 QSOs on 10 - this year zero ...and the cycle is supposed to
be on the upswing? Enjoyed it anyway.
WN6K   SOSB/15 LP   9,2252012-04-15 09:25:54
Just a little time available this weekend so thought I would do a 15 only. I
did check on 10m but only heard South American stations calling JIDX - if it
was open to JA, it was sporadic so I did not give the effort.

WN6K, Paul
N5TIT   SOSB/15 LP   1302012-04-15 09:44:22
JIDXCW Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2012-04-14

CallSign Used : N5TIT
Operator(s) : N5TIT

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : 15M
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : 04
Gridsquare : EM13MA

Name : Jeffrey Smith
Address : 4253 Hunt Dr
Apt 1205
City/State/Zip : Carrollton TX 75010
Country : USA

ARRL Section : NTX
Club/Team : DFW Contesting Group
Software : N1MM Logger V12.3.1

Band QSOs Pts Pfx
21 13 13 10
Total 13 13 10

Score : 130
Rig : Kenwood TS-2000X

Antennas : 40 Hamstick Whip at 3M AGL

Soapbox : I was quite surprised that 15M was open to Japan on
afternoon. I have a heavily compromised antennas and not
had any luck making qso's outside the 1000 mile range.
To my surprise the JA's were coming in strong (S3 to S7)
here at my apartment QTH.
OH6GDX(OH1NOA)   SOAB LP   4802012-04-15 11:30:31
40m: dipole 7m up
20m: dipole 5m up
15m: 40m dipole

We made 20m dipole during the contest as 80m dipole didn't tune on 20m. Some
big gun JAs were S9+ on 40m, but couldn't break the pileups.
OK1JOC   SOAB LP   2,2962012-04-15 12:20:25
N7IR   SOAB LP   10,8902012-04-15 15:00:15
Spent a few hours during the local morning and another session in the local
afternoon in this one. Propagation was very unstable and the openings were
short. Two runs, 1 hour on 40 and 1.5 hours on 15, were responsible for 112 of
the contacts. The other 3.5 hours were spent search and pounce and trying to
run on 20 meters. Hope that next year is better because this is a fun contest
from Arizona. Thanks again to our Japanese contesting friends!
Gary, N7IR
NH2T(N2NL)   SOAB HP   518,6162012-04-15 15:02:56
The JIDX CW is a real fun contest from here, since Guam is ideally located for
good propagation to Japan on all bands. All SO and MO all-band record scores
are either from KH2 or KH0. I'm not sure why I missed this contest last year,
however this was my first effort in the JIDX CW since 1998/99 when there were
still separate high/low band contests.

My plan was to move as many multipliers as possible, typical NAQP strategy.
Many thanks to all who moved for me! I never worked or heard 29 (Fukui) or
JD1. 02 (Aomori) and 41 (Saga) were rare. Great hearing the activity out of
NE Japan (03, 06, and 07) after last year's earthquake and tsunami.

Things got very slow on Sunday, and I called CQ for 20 minutes at one point
Sunday evening without an answer and no one new to work on the 2nd radio. I
almost went to bed but several new mults called in during the last hour - glad
I stayed on till the end.

Score is a new SOAB record (as well as beating the multi-op record also). It
will be interesting to hear Tack JE1CKA's story from 9M0L, and how his JIDX
experience was with big DX pileups on him with many callers. On Sunday it was
demoralizing to hear his gigantic pileup on 10m, stations I had not worked,
while I was CQing away without an answer. To add insult to injury - he had to
go split which moved his pileup on top of me!

Thanks to all my JA friends for the QSOs!
73, Dave KH2/N2NL
KH6LC(NH6V)   SOAB LP   239,9762012-04-15 15:05:11
This is one of my favorite contests to operate low power (<100w).

My score improved by 40% over the record which I had set last year, thanks to a
longer opening on 10 meters and some increased participation.

QSOs were down on 80 and 40, however multipliers were up on all bands. CQing
barefoot on the low bands is always challenging from here in the middle of the
Pacific Ocean, even with big antennas.

Congratulations to JS3CTQ who was worked on 6 bands, and to the 10 others who
made it into the log on 5 bands:

JA7COI ...missed on 10m for a 6-bander

Worked 538 unique stations and all prefectures except for the three Ogasawara
islands (48,49,50).

"Domo arigato" to Tack JE1CKA and the JIDX Contest Committee, and to the
generous award plaque donors. Let's all try to keep this contest growing into
the future with increasing participation from DX.

Also, thanks to Lloyd for his excellent leadership, building and maintaining
this FB station.

Rob, NH6V
CE3CT(LU1FAM)   SOSB/10 HP   23,2682012-04-15 15:12:31
Thank to Roberto for the use of the station!

I was back from 3G7C DXpedition to ChiloƩ Island SA-018 and decide to give it
a try to JIDX on 10m!

Good JA runs on 10!

Thanks for the qsos!

Lucas LU1FAM
K6MM   SOAB LP   1,3342012-04-15 17:16:29
Had very little time for this one. Conditions were good on 15M; noisy on 20M
with static crashes and QRN. Thanks for the QSOs. 73, John, K6MM.
K2CYE   SOAB HP   252012-04-15 17:25:07
Not many JA's on during my limited radio op time this weekend.

W1UJ   SOSB/20 LP   2162012-04-15 17:42:29
Strong JA signals and good ears to hear my LP signal.

K2PO   SOSB/40 LP   6,9702012-04-15 20:19:15
Conditions didn't seem quite as favorable as last year: 40m seemed to open later
and close earlier.

I ended with 4 less Qs than last year, but 3 more multipliers, for a net gain
in score (with two less hours in the chair).

Thanks to all the FB Japanese operators, and to the contest sponsors!


/Bill, K2PO
JG1VGX/Ø   SOSB/10 LP   2,2942012-04-15 21:08:16
Location: Saku-daira, Nagano
TRX: IC-706mk2 50W
Ant: Mobile whip (2m long)

Initially planed to operate at a fixed 1kW station in Chiba, but a minor
trouble prevented me from doing so. I then switched my operation to semi-fixed
mobile in Nagano, where I hoped the number is rarer than Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama

Perhaps the right band for SOSBLP mobile was 15m, but I chose 10m since I was
very tired from a long drive and needed some sleep. Condx was even less than
expected and I ended up working only 37 stations during 12 hours of opening,
but in exchange I did a lot of side work, having read three books while doing
S&P! I found this a new style of operation and it could be called SO2T (single
operator two tasks, combining contesting with other chores). Very productive

73 rin JG1VGX
K6CSL   SOAB LP   1212012-04-16 01:03:13
Frustratingly poor conditions. I hope next year will be better. Bert, K6CSL
AL9A   SOAB HP   11,0402012-04-16 11:33:42
I really, really wish that those sending by hand would take the time to listen
to what their code sounds like! Trying to decipher gibberish is not only a
challenge, it detracts from the fun of the contest.
K3FIV   SOAB LP   1,0322012-04-16 21:33:00
Really poor conditions to JA from the northern California coast. Usually local
afternoon (JA morning) finds 15M full of strong signals. But on this day the
few signals were weak. It must have been some unusual propagation condition
surrounding JA - signals from VK/ZL were strong here as I listened to them "CQ
JIDX" with few responses.

Kudos to JA1BPA - the only station I heard on 10, who was extremely patient and
eventually got my callsign intact. Thanks for all the 42 JAs who managed to
copy my 100W-and-a-wire signal!

Rig: Flex-3000, 100W
Ant: 80M Carolina Windom at 12 meters, all bands
QTH: CM88eu, about 1 km. from the water
N8OO   SOAB HP   80,1452012-04-16 22:42:01
surprise on 20 meter have no propagation
80m real noise lot of JAs call me but.....even 6 el ant not real help
73! N8OO
9A7T   M/S HP   23,4002012-04-16 22:59:10
Poor conditions. CU in th next one!
BV1EL   SOAB LP   269,8802012-04-17 05:05:02
Rig:IC-7600 100W
Ant:R8 for 40m-10m, MA8040V for 80m

Thanks all and see you again in the next contest!
W6SX   SOAB HP   1,6642012-04-17 12:33:20
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with MB-V-A and Matchboxes, N1MM.
9A5MT   SOSB/40 HP   5132012-04-18 05:43:14
9A2UZ   SOSB/80 HP   182012-04-18 09:51:13
CX2DK   SOSB/15 LP   9022012-04-20 17:58:27
Hi! My first cw contest..
Special thanks to the stations that did QRS!!

Marcelo CX2DK
HL5YI   SOAB HP   2,6242012-04-20 18:11:14
Participants of the contest japan ham host country is too small.