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Worked All Germany Contest   2011   Oct 15   Comment Summary

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WØPAN   SO Mixed LP   1,0082011-10-15 17:57:54
Great to have 10 meters open up. Excellent signals into Arizona.
W4BQF   SO CW HP   105,7802011-10-16 07:15:28
Very good band conditions, especially on 10m. Also very good turn out by those
excellent DL operators. Thanks for the Q's!

Tom - W4BQF
VE1RSM   SO CW LP   33,1652011-10-16 07:24:36
OH1F(OH1NOA)   SO Mixed HP   124,4882011-10-16 07:27:46
I was operating this and JARTS RTTY this weekend. In WAG I was playing with
N1MM, in JARTS I used WinTest - both shared same Microham Keyer :) Overall
propagation was so good that I didn't work WAG as much as I planned

10m was nicely open to DL when contest started. The best pileups I got on 40 m
N4AF   SO CW HP   205,2962011-10-16 07:55:22
FB condx. 40m stuck to west ;-(
73, Howie

START DATE: 15-10-11

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: Howard Hoyt
ADDRESS: 549 Bluebird Trail
ADDRESS-CITY: Blounts Creek

RUN/SEARCH: 237/377 Qs

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults
80CW 62 62 186 19
40CW 59 59 177 19
20CW 120 120 360 24
15CW 180 179 537 25
10CW 193 191 573 25

Totals 614 611 1833 112

Final Score = 205296 points.
DL1A(@DJ6ZM)   Multi-Op HP   3,389,2562011-10-16 08:01:26
Thanks to Toffy, DJ6ZM for his excellent hospitality!
K2SX   SO CW HP   92,1602011-10-16 08:04:51
Sure didn't expect 10 meters to be my biggest band but nice to see the band come
back. Thanks for all the QSOs.
AA8IA   SO Mixed LP   13,8602011-10-16 08:07:35
Thanks to everyone for the Qs. All of the 10m activity was great!
VE9AA   SO CW LP   70,0562011-10-16 08:08:28
A few minutes here and there. 100w to a 160m OCF dipole @ 25' (ugh)
Prop good on 15m. Terrible on 80m. Nonexistent on 160m
DL5L was MASSIVE on 10m. An honest to goodness 50/9 Saturday. WOW!!

Ic-746, N1MM

73 - Mike
Z35F(BALE)   SO CW LP   109,2692011-10-16 08:15:28
Rig FT101B
Ant 40 = LW 20,15,10 = GP
SN5J(SP5JXK)   SO CW LP   102,3752011-10-16 08:24:10
73 de Jan sp5jxk/sn5j
VE9ML   Multi-Op LP   214,4342011-10-16 08:26:07
Great contest. Lots of activity and nice to see 10 and 15m open to europe.

5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   SO Mixed HP   551,2502011-10-16 08:27:11
Many none german stations called loosing me many contacts.
Great turnout from german stations, well done.
Enjoyable contest, I got a german station saying in J DOK but did not count
Nice to get all mults from here.
10m was just great could of stayed all day but needed other bands aswell.
Thanks to all those who called me with fantastic signals even with 100w and
nice to see some qrp 5w stations aswell.
73 all Norman
K5LH   SO CW LP   37,1702011-10-16 08:31:39
Amazing openings on 10 and 15 meters. Lower bands seemed disturbed with much
flutter on signals. Never worked districts G, J and L. Otherwise great
participation and discipline. Thanks for the contacts.

Rig: Omni V (90 W), wire dipoles, Aetherlog for Mac.

Chris, K5LH/DK5LH
VE1RGB   SO CW LP   152,7902011-10-16 08:37:49
Beat my previous best from 2005 which was 84K (and the Canadian record) by a
substantial amount.

I even had the fun of working DJ9DZ Vasily before the contest and we kinda
agreed to try for all bands, and we did it. The Q on 80M was conducted by ESP.
I'm sure he was as pleased as me!

K3 + P3 + two verticals + two wires
K4MM   SO CW LP   109,9262011-10-16 09:08:03
Rig : TS-2000, 90 watts & MFJ Versa Tuner.

Antennas : Dipoles and 40M 1/4 sloper (NE)

Very nice contest. First time I was serious. Thanks to all who worked my
signal. Please QSL direct or via LoTW. Danke.

Tom Colyard K4MM
Port St Lucie, FL
GØCKV   SO CW LP   274,8332011-10-16 09:23:14
I managed to work a fair number of multipliers on 10 and 15 in spite of the
pretty short skip distance between SE England and DL and lacking the beams and
power to attempt serious backscatter. K3, WinKeyer and WinTest were stable as
always. Antennas were very low-key. A temporary push-up GRP pole on the rear
lawn supported a Cushcraft D5 trap dipole for 10-15-20 only 5m up and an
inverted V for 40 with the apex at 7m up. An old low inverted-L was tuned to 80
- this antenna is literally invisible having disappeared into the suburban
greenery but LP to this antenna doesn't set the trees on fire (or the bands for
that matter). The old 1mm wire does tune and I can make qsos so I guess it is
still out there somewhere. It is quite satisfying to be able to have great fun
with such humble sky-wires. Almost all was S&P.
OK1DRQ   SO CW LP   143,1722011-10-16 09:51:27
NOT QRV 23.50 - 05.14 and 09.30 - 14.30 Z
W7YS   SO CW HP   17,8082011-10-16 09:59:22
KB1H(W1UJ)   SO Mixed HP   289,2782011-10-16 10:06:01
Thanks to KB1H for the use of his great station.

Before the start was a great day with the Barnstormer team on site-
KB1H, N1WK, NB1U, AA1CE, K1EBY, NR1X, and W1UJ.
-Raised 2/3 of one of the 80m verticals Hurricane Irene damage. No 80m in WAG
with compromised 4-square system.
-Raised/repaired the 40m EDZepp after Irene damage.
-Raised the 160m dipole after Irene damage.
-Antenna Launcher/Potato gun worth its weight in gold for these projects.
-Trussed the 3el full sized 40m
-Walked the beverages
-Carried new N1WK 6m amplifier power supply into Barn. (K1GX AA1CE Built)

For the WAG Contest;
-1:05 hours late start due to above projects.
-Made 6 QSOs on 10m SSB and decided that I was going to stick with CW.
-10m closed to DL early on Saturday at 86 QSOs. Shifted to Asia.
-10m was fantastic Sunday.
-Everything that called me was given a number and logged, even non-DL. I think
N1MM may have given those QSOs points. Last number given; 1061
-Took a break to go home from 01z-0835z
-Lots of typical errors and probable bad spots for K6JH and KB1S with short
runs of dupes.
-Really tried to work the 2nd radio hard; # band changes = 222
-Best single hour rate 102

We look forward to working the same German folks in the CQ SSB contest.

Jay, W1UJ and the Barnstormer Team - KB1H - NZ1U
DL3YM   SO CW LP   270,5762011-10-16 10:17:34
Great condx. It sure has been a long time since I was last called by W6 and W7
on 10m while running low power. Daytime OP hours were significantly reduced as
I had to play Soccer with my boys, wx simply was too good to stay inside. Maybe
I will manage a really serious approach next year.
DD8SM   SO Mixed HP   177,0712011-10-16 10:59:47
This was the first contest that I worked the whole time(24hrs) before my new
transceiver Kenwood (TS590). Just wanted to test my equipment to see if they
can handle the hard test.

Working conditions was very good at times.

Thanks to all that worked me. Hope to see you in the next contest.

DL3EBX   SO Mixed LP   28,6142011-10-16 11:19:41
Only abt 3h on the air due to lots of family committments.
Worked all QSOs with 100W (IC706) and a 20m wire. Nice to have some QSOs into
Stateside on 10m with this hardly existing antenna :-). 73 Frank
SP2LNW   SO CW LP   215,4602011-10-16 12:33:05
Workable path on 15 and 10 mtrs bands. Tnx all good ears.
Rig: TS-930S, Piexx, WT, TH3MK4, 2 ele verticals - 7MHz, inv V 3.5 MHz
73 Slaw sp2lnw
PG7V   SO CW LP   168,6722011-10-16 12:36:14
Yaesu FT-2000, 100w
Cushcraft R7 vertical
DX-A twin-sloper

PG7V Contestcalendar:
EC1KR   Multi-Op HP   497,6522011-10-16 14:23:38
First participation in WAG Contest from ED1R Station (, we made
this Contest with fantastic Team Leader, our friend Tobi DH1TW.

See you on CQWW-DX-SSB who ED1R.

VE1ZA   SO Mixed QRP   38,2322011-10-16 17:21:48
Wonderful contest and great conditions for QRP on the high bands.
Conditions not so good for 40 and 80m for QRP. Wished I could have
operated more time on saturday morning.

Thanks to all that heard my QRP signal
N4CW   SO CW LP   110,2052011-10-16 18:01:51
Delightful contest...wish I had more time to participate. Thanks for the super
participation by the DL's and the DARC sponsor of this event.
What fun to work DL's on 10M again!!!
Bert N4CW
KQØC   SO Mixed HP   34,9322011-10-16 19:16:40
There sure was a long dead time when the upper bands closed before 40 opened up
to Colorado. I never heard anyone on 80.
F5IN   SO CW HP   191,1302011-10-16 20:45:13
Powered by Win-Test 4.8.

IC -7400 + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (
DL6IAK   SO Mixed QRP   348,1602011-10-17 00:52:00
Great contest even with 5W you can touch the world, as long as willing to listen
to you hi ... best personal result ever, TRX K3 internal tuner (great RIG),
antennas portable 2*20m double zepp and fullsize vertical for 40m and fixed OB
9-5 at abt 10m for the higher bands.
73' Michael
DF7ZS   SO Mixed HP   884,4482011-10-17 02:05:52
Only a part time effort with ForceBrutal-33 (FB-33 3 element triband antenna)
and a dipole for 40m and 80m. Had to close the station early. :(


DH4PSG   SO Mixed LP   176,3192011-10-17 02:40:05
That'S a contest with fun for a "little pistol" station. All bands were
workable. Thanks to picking me up to W6AFA, K7LR, HO1X on the higher bands -
and of course to the friends from RA-AS, too!
Working horse was 40m, from 20m to 10m I've to do mostly/only s&p, that's the
antenna situation!!
Thanks to all OPs with good ears (and good antennas).
After the contest is before the contest!
Peter, DH4PSG
TS-850S, 100 watt, 150ft. Doublet @ 39ft, (2x23m @11m), open-wire transmission,
Annecke-Coupler, Danmike-Headset, UCXLog
ZM2B   SO CW HP   37,2362011-10-17 03:03:57
As always, a single target Eu country contest is an interesting challenge from
the Southwest Pacific. Score slightly down on last year due to missing a few
prime evening short path hours because of some important TV sport.

73, Frank ZL2BR/ZM2B
OR2A(ON1CB)   SO Mixed HP   71,2052011-10-17 08:51:51
Only worked on 40 & 80 meters !
UA9LAO   SO CW LP   185,1302011-10-17 20:52:18
ANT: Dipole (80M), Cushkraft R8 (40M), AD335 (20-15-10M)
DK3DM(@DA2C)   SO CW HP   1,579,5722011-10-18 08:18:47
Big THANK YOU to all, who gave me a call !

Had a lot of fun in this one, after long time no contesting for me. This
was the 1st fulltime contest in 2011 for me.
Especialy the first 10 hours were great with 1000 Qs.
Realy nice to see 15 and 10m alive again. nearly forgot how it is to work
DX on 15 and 10m. Hope this condx will stay or get even better :-)
Thanks to Uli, DL8OBQ for the use of his Acom and for moralic suport on
This is a new claimed DL-Record and I hope it will hold on after log checking.

Thanks for the fun and see soon again on the bands !

73 de Heiko, DK3DM

DJ8OG(@DJ6QT)   SO Mixed HP   1,290,7442011-10-18 11:05:58
Thanks for all the QSOs ... cu in CQWW

Matt - DJ8OG
DF2CK(@DKØKC)   SO CW LP   950,0002011-10-18 12:46:07
Great condx and vy good participation made this a contest full of fun.

Thanks to all who called or copied me. Special thanks to the YL from YO and all
the other OMs who jumped the bands with me for new mults!

Congrats to DK3DM for the great HP score!

73, Rico
OK7T(OK1FHI)   SO Mixed LP   204,2822011-10-19 00:09:05
Liebe folks,
vielen Dank fuer das schoen contest.
73 und Awdh, Radek - OK1FHI aka OK7T

TRX:FT2000 100W, ANT: 3ele.Yagi tribander, dipole
VA3EC   SO CW LP   34,5062011-10-19 17:20:18
Good Fun.
OU2I   SO CW LP   96,9212011-11-09 12:05:40
16 hours of operation.
Rig: Yaesu FT-450AT and 20 meter LW inverted L.
See you next year.

Best 73 de OU2I /Henning