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New England QSO Party   2016   May 7   Comment Summary

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WQ6X(@W7AYT)   Single Op LP   8642016-05-08 14:39:08
This was a multi-contest effort from the W7AYT QTH.
Radio was an FT-1000mp into a Comet CH-250 Vertical.
You can read more about my contest activity at:
WA1FCN   Single Op LP   14,7662016-05-08 15:50:57
I would say this was the worst conditions of any previous NEQP.
Score was not even half of past few NEQP's. Still glad I was in it.
Sure nice to meet all the regular guys year after year. I wonder
how my club did after wining the club competition two years in a row ?

N8BJQ   Single Op HP   7,0402016-05-08 16:59:56
Not much time this weekend. Nice to get K7GM on 5 bands & K1GQ on 4.
K2LE/1   M/S HP   93,8622016-05-08 17:07:24
Wow! Worst conditions EVAH in this contest!
Andy, K2LE and I did this remote, he in Long Island and myself in NH.
We were running N1MM locally, and I networked the clients over a VPN.
Only one of us was logged into the remote at a time.

Thanks for all the calls and QSYs... This is one of my favorites, especially
on CW... but man, the conditions were hard to take!

CU next Year!

73, Gerry W1VE
KI1U   Single Op LP   43,9002016-05-08 17:07:42
Rig - K3-100
Antenna - Full size 80 meter delta loop
Software - N1MM
AD4AX   Single Op QRP   1,1602016-05-08 17:10:52
This is the first time I've worked a contest QRP.
W1EQ   Single Op LP   40,0682016-05-08 17:12:08
Weird conditions. 20 to the west coast Sunday afternoon was outstanding. On
Sunday, I could just barely copy. Last contact on 40 CW was CE2AWW.
K3, 100 watts. 3 el steppir and wires.
W1EBI   Single Op HP   28,8662016-05-08 17:12:16
First time logging 7QP and INQP QSO's with N1MM+, a few exchanges didn't compute
but the extra action made it more fun. Punk conditions did not help, though.
NF4A   Single Op HP   11,5002016-05-08 17:15:36
I was hoping to do a full time effort but only got to operate for 4.1 hours due
to work involving a tower crew and a broadcast FM antenna. Conditions SUCKED
Unlike last year, Dukes and Nantucket were as easy as WORMA ;) Thanks to all
the mobiles who ALWAYS make a QSO party !!
N1DID   Single Op LP   13,7672016-05-08 17:29:14
Terrible Propagation - just horrible.
W1HIS   Single Op HP   73,1542016-05-08 17:34:22
One antenna for all bands: wire, 70 ft long & 30 ft high.
AB4B   Single Op HP   11,7992016-05-08 17:38:02
Well it is what it is.....Hope fer better cndx next year.
Hope to see some of the activity for the Alabama QSO party in 1st of June.

Thanks for the q's,

Tim , AB4B
W1DYJ   Single Op LP   1,7502016-05-08 17:38:20
Conditions were terrible. Bands were empty. Nothing on 15 or 10. My eighth
year and my worst score.
W7KAM   Single Op LP   2162016-05-08 17:39:10
Part time effort. 100 watts into a G5RV up 20 foot.
N4PN   Single Op HP   46,3642016-05-08 17:39:38
Despite a flair, generally bad condx and Mother's Day, it was still a lot of
fun....sure all scores will be down...
Needed four counties when I got on for an hour before church....WASME, KNOME,
and FRAME plus WASVT.....thanks to Marty, K1PIG for Franklin and fixed
calling in from Knox and Washington...
Tried to get a few mobiles to help me with WASVT, but not much luck...Then in
the last hour, N1FD/m was CQing on 40m on the LamVt and WasVt line....SWEEP!
Thanks to NZ1U/M - 19Q's; K1M/m (Jeff) 16Q's followed by N1FD-7; K1BX-5 and
Missed Tom, K1KI, not being on the road this year..but worked him fixed many
times....and missed Bob, WA1Z, not on this year...Joe, K1JB, led the way with
eight (8) Q's, including 10m CW..
Thanks to all who braved some very bad condx and complete black-out for hours
on Sunday...
73, Paul, N4PN
K1GQ   Single Op HP   12016-05-08 17:44:44
SkookumLogger, K3, 2000A, 2-el 40, tribander, wires


All CW, almost all CQing. Quite a slog. Visited 15 and 10 every half-hour on
Sunday. 46 dupes; probably half due to multiple QSOs with rovers in INQP and

Missed ND and and 8 of the 14 Canadian multipliers. Abysmal country count (20).
K1BG   Single Op LP   104,1252016-05-08 17:46:24
Terrible condx. Went to my Sunday softball game and missed the lasst few hours
to have mother's day dinner with my 95 year old mom.

As usual, had a great time.
VE9AA   Single Op HP   11,1112016-05-08 18:02:30
No idea of actual score as I ran 4 QSO parties this weekend. Had fun.
Condx tough, especially the weak backscatter on 20m.

73 de Mike VE9AA
N3XF   Single Op HP   9,7172016-05-08 18:21:31
Conditions were horrible. 80 and 40 were very noisy and I was too close to W1
for much on 20. Had a good time working many old friends.
WA6KHK   Single Op HP   7,2802016-05-08 18:30:42
Between going to a birthday party on Saturday night and spending all Sunday
morning for Mother's Day, we came out with a decent score. The bands were in
and out again. K1M was a great rover! Good luck to all.
K1ZZ   Single Op HP   68,8702016-05-08 18:31:18
I split the regular SO2R setup in half so Linda, KA1ZD and I could operate at
the same time but she got bored quickly and I used the weekend to learn my way
around a new laptop I'll be using at CU4DX in CW WPX.

Rig: K3 and KPA500, 500 watts
W8KNO   Single Op LP   7202016-05-08 18:42:28
Strange propagation; only heard KU1O on phone. I knew they were because I could
hear WA, CA, AZ, TX, GA, TN, FL and VEs working New England.
K1RX   Single Op HP   134,5362016-05-08 18:43:41
As previously stated, about the worst I have ever seen for conditions.

Limited operation with some family activities in play but did enjoy the high

Next year, maybe a more rare county...

73, Mark K1RX
NF1R   Single Op LP   7202016-05-08 20:05:30
It was my wife's first Mother's Day, so not much time to operate in this one.

Remote operation from the W1/Danbury CT site through Google
Chrome console sitting at my dinner table in Stanford, CA. 38 minutes of
finger-fumbling QSOs. Conditions were not great.

K7DR   Single Op LP   4,6802016-05-08 23:35:59
FT-dx3000 100 watts
40M OCFD at 25 feet
70 feet end fed wire
Write Log 12.03E

Last year 7 land had the better signals and I concentrated on 7QP, this year I
was hearing the W1's better so ran the NEQP. Most stations got me on the first
call, and I had a very few repeats. The geo-magnetic storm hit around midnight
EDT and signals on 80 had a lot of Au flutter and some dispersion too. At the
same time condx went downhill from W1, the west coast was coming in
surprisingly well on 80, even with the t-storm static. The K Index hit 7 and
stayed above 5 for the rest of the weekend. Signals were weaker Sunday
afternoon on 40, but the background noise had quieted down and could copy weak
signals pretty well.

Dave - K7DR MI
W3HAC   M/S LP   3082016-05-09 00:36:50



K1ESE   Single Op HP   9,4602016-05-09 01:55:43
Limited time, poor conditions, my glove didn't fit, the sun was in my eyes, the
other kids were picking on me.....
K1XM   Single Op LP   53,9222016-05-09 04:56:00
Part-time effort in really bad conditions. The 10 meter QSOs were all
ground-wave with other New England stations. My 80 meter antenna is still
broken. I never heard any of the mobile stations although I checked many

On the other hand, the modified SO2R Box code worked perfectly.
AG2AA   Single Op LP   2,5482016-05-09 05:04:25
solar storms made for strange band conditions. lots of fun otherwise! note to
many callers - NY is NOT in new England (for this contest at least) HI HI. I
had several out of state callers answer my CQ, thinking I was "in
state", and then they realized the problem when their logger would not
take NY as an exchange. 73 to all.
N1IXF   Single Op HP   16,1762016-05-09 05:10:57
Just a few hours between family obligations. As others have observed, condx were
WN4AFP   Single Op LP   5,2542016-05-09 06:15:19
Due to very limited time and some very strange band conditions, I changed my
approach to this year's NEQP... I had planned to work this QRP like last year
and make it a close race at the top of that category, but things did go as
planned. I made several Qs at the start on Sunday morn and then on Sun
afternoon I returned to the rig and I heard nothing on 20m. I thought that my
G5RVJr at 6 feet was on the ground or something. I was an Aurora etc...I went
to 40m and K1KI was S30, so I had a strong S&P run with 33 Qs in the last
hour of the contest on 40m. I did work those most difficult MA counties of
Dukes and Nantucket. One interesting observation... out of by 79 contacts, all
but only 15 callsigns were longer than the 1x2 style and only one 2x3. Thanks
to the NEQP team for putting on a solid QP each year! 37s Dave WN4AFP
VE2FK   Single Op HP   46,0002016-05-09 06:56:04
So much fun. Too bad propagation was not at rendez-vous spécially
for mobile difficult to copy.

This Result for all QP QSO mixed but mostly in NEQP

73, Claude VE2FK
WA1HK   Single Op LP   11,1392016-05-09 07:28:37
W1FJ   Single Op HP   96,9682016-05-09 07:45:19
Glad I pushed on Saturday, Sunday was drudery. Nice to have all the 7qp and Ind
guys drop by. By 2200 Sunday I had enuf so Ruth and I went out to hear some

Mostly fun, thanks to all for the Qs
N1DC   Single Op LP   41,6522016-05-09 08:29:51
Thanks to Tom and the entire NEQP organizing team for another great event. This
contest is always fun despite the conditions this year.

My goal was 600 QSO's and at least 80,000 points. I only has 240 QSO's in the
log Saturday night. I figured some nice runs on Sunday would get me to 600 Q's.
Boy was I wrong!!!

Sunday conditions were unbelievably bad. The worst I can remember since I
started contesting in 1968. WWV was barely readable at S0/S1 on 20MHz and there
was only QRN across all frequencies above 20MHz. A total blackout from that G3

I needed QSOs and multipliers and the only band with any propagation was 20M. I
tried at least 5 times to work EU with the beam pointed East. No luck.

I tried turning the antenna due south and heard a 4Z5 but could not work him.
Weird propagation to say the least. No SA or Caribbean stations were heard
either on Sunday. Amazing from here!

I moved the antenna West and kept it there for the bulk of Sunday afternoon.
Stations were very variable with a lot of QSB and heavy QRN. W6/W7 stations
were generally booming but others further east were often in the noise. I
worked Bert F6HKA (my only Sunday DX QSO) with the beam pointed West.

I tried SSB a few times in S&P mode. Worked a few and got good signal
reports. Tried calling CQ a bunch of times but got only one QSO. Back to CW.

This turned out to be a tough slog with rates way down compared to last year. I
usually average around 60/hour in the log. This year about 37/hour.

The big difference was multipliers. Only 3 DX QSO's (18 less than last year).
With the same operating time as 2015 I was down 33,000 points.

Time to change my strategy. New goals: 400 QSO's and 40,000 points. I didn't
realize how tough this would be.

45 states(missed ND,NE,AR,LA,WY), 4 provinces, 31 NE counties, 3 DX QSO's
Thanks to HK3Q, DL3DXX and F6HKA for hearing me and calling.

Worked several mobile op's outside NE. Special thanks to W9MSE/M who worked me
from IL, WI and IN!

Great to hear many familiar contest ops on the air. Thanks for the QSO's.

Station: TenTec Omni 7 @100W, WinKeyer USB, MFJ Diff.T tuner, Heil ProSet Plus
Antennas: 4 element yagi @30ft, 80/40 dipoles @35 ft
Computer: Windows 7 running N1MM

73, Rick N1DC
W1DX   M/S LP   8,1512016-05-09 08:32:52
Early on, Tom put out a call for someone to go to Dukes County MA (a.k.a.
Martha's Vineyard) it was the only county on in 2015. After making
inquiries with on-island hams, we got in touch with John, W0RBN, to provide
logistics on site. As a result our CTRI Contest Group team of W1AN, W1XX, and
K1XA committed to operate Field Day style from Owen Park on Sunday thanks to
the generous hospitality of W0RBN. After operating from home on Saturday with
fabulous conditions, we made our way to Woods Hole to catch the early morning
ferry in time to be set up at 9 AM.
Unfortunately, as reported by many, propagation on Sunday was the worst
ever. Running a K3, 20-meter vertical dipole, and 40 meter dipole, contacts
were often 20 minutes apart. Stations like WN1GIV and N4PN would pop in super
strong only to disappear moments later. Some Qs had to be completed later on.
Used to running hundreds of contacts from home, we struggled to top 100 Qs.
We took down the station at 5 PM so as to catch the ferry back to the
continent. But first we celebrated our effort with thanks to John, W0RBN, our
tremendous host, with a brewski at the Black Dog. Though the score results
were far less than expected, we took solace in knowing we had helped put Dukes
County back in the QRV column. TNX to all who struggled to hear us. 73! --
John, W1XX
W1XX   M/S HP   61,2302016-05-09 08:37:13
Saturday only limited operation. Went to DUK MA for Sunday.
VY2LI   Single Op HP   6722016-05-09 09:07:01
A few minutes here and there to fly the VY2-flag.73,Bill
K4SBZ   Single Op HP   7002016-05-09 10:32:47
Very poor band conditions into North Florida. Happy to make 3 contacts on PSK31.
Need more digital participation in QSO parties.
K1KI   Single Op HP   305,1742016-05-09 13:05:12
The first few hours were pretty good, but Sunday was hard! Was CW only on
Saturday for 9 hours and 800 QSos, but Sunday morning the bands were lifeless.
Decided to try SSB and found plenty of activity on 20m, and later on 40m.
Alternated about 30 minutes of SSB then CW for most of the day. Managed to
work all states (SDak was the last one), missed VE6 VE8 VY1 VY2 and most of
Europe... I always enjoy working new callsigns and now have plenty in the log
from the SSB effort. Looks like the magic distance for QSOs was 900-1000 miles.

FL 132 QSOs
TX 107
CA 84
IL 76
DX 73
TN 70
IN 69
AZ 66
OH 62
AL 59
GA 58
MO 57
WA 56
NC 50
PA 43
WI 42
OR 41
MI 40

See you next year. Conditions will be better... Tom
GØDVJ   Single Op HP   9302016-05-09 15:28:41
Atrocious conditions especially on Sunday.
Simple wire antennas only.
NE1QP(@K1TTT)   M/S HP   175,6442016-05-09 16:28:20
Conditions were awful!

Thanks to Dave for the use of his fine station.
W6SX   Single Op HP   12,8522016-05-09 16:29:20
Conditions Saturday not great. Conditions Sunday nonexistent.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
W1GIV   Single Op LP   10,3602016-05-09 17:27:43
This was my second year participating in the New England QSO Party.

Saturday night was great on 40m. Most of Sunday the bands were not the best.
Only ended up making a couple additional contacts Sunday.

It was nice to make my yearly QSO with WN1GIV, the former holder of my
callsign. This year I was able to work him on SSB and CW.

My claimed score seems to be higher than last year, but we will see what
happens when the results come in.
KEØTT   Single Op QRP   8842016-05-09 18:23:03
K3/10 at 5 watts to an 88' dipole up about 50' fed with ladder line and an old
Matchbox tuner. Sometimes used a 44' dipole with similar set up when band
condx were right for that ant. Thanks for the fun, and hope to C U next time.
73, dan ke0tt
K1EP   SO Mobile LP   1542016-05-10 06:55:03
I tried a last minute mobile effort. The weather was gloomy and wet, not too
enticing. First county was Cumberland Maine. Murphy hit early. I forgot my
headphones, the laptop charger didn't charge the laptop, and I never found the
switch to actuate the screwdriver antenna. The bands were dead. I was using
a new triple magnet mount and I thought maybe the lack of a good ground was a
problem with getting out. I fabricated a solid ground strap before going out
again Sunday morning. Still no luck in anyone hearing me. I heard many
locals, some 7's and 4's. Maybe next year I will plan it a little better!
K1KA   Single Op HP   8,9702016-05-10 07:38:27
I didn't think I was going to be able to participate at all this year due to
family obligations. I was able to grab a almost 2 hours Sunday afternoon, and
had a nice 20m run. Added a few on 40 later.

FT1000MkV, Henry 2KD5, Cushcraft X7.
N4CW   Single Op HP   9882016-05-10 08:16:45
Just couldn't break away from all my, Mothers Day!!! I was
surprised not to run into any mobile stations in the short time I was on. 73
N1FD/M(@AB1OC/M)   M/S Mobile HP   36,5982016-05-10 16:32:28
We had a great first time at operating the club's callsign during this NEQP.
Propagation sucked on day, as it did for everyone. Snagged the mobile's
Scorpion ant on a bridge or low tree branch while crossing the river in
Winsdor, VT. Recovered to a point and soldiered on. Was happy to hand N4PN
WASVT for his clean sweep--we await the steak dinner offer for making that
possible. Sandwiches prepared by the teams Head Chef were TOP NOTCH.
W1WBB   Single Op LP   41,0402016-05-10 16:58:16
Lots of QP activity Saturday. Chased many of the 7QP stations knowing I
wouldn't get them Sunday, so lost on run rate but added to mult count
hopefully. Was able to operate much of last four hours on Sunday
(unanticipated) while the strong geo-magnetic storm (sustained K-index of 6
after 03z) remained in effect...managed 115 additional QSOs somehow with bands
sounding quite dead and stations just north of me sounding weak and watery.

Found KP2 on 10m Saturday for only QSO (& new mult!) on that band. Amazing
40m sig from K2RD in Reno NV (not NY or NJ...I asked) @ 2120z, 2.5 hrs before my
east coast sunset!

Stuck to my favorite mode of CW just for fun even though this is not a
mode-specific event. Thanks to all for the QSOs!

Icom 706mkIIG to 5-band Hexbeam at 32' for 10-20m, 88' doublet up 40+ ft and
low OCF 135' dipole via tuner on 40/80m; N1MM+ logger and K1EL WinKeyer USB.
Clublog and LoTW user.

73, Bill W1WBB
NX6T   M/S HP   12,6502016-05-12 03:15:14
Poor Conditions on 10, 15 and 20 with most Qs done on 20 and 40 mtr bands.
Lots of Lightning storm QRN on 80 and 160. Activity overall seemed down and
may have had something to do with Mother's Day weekend, yielding very few QSOs
on Sunday. Fruitless CQs on Sunday morning may have been due to operators not
noticing that our 1500 Watt amplifier was not on line so all stations in
morning were worked with 50 watts from 1 of our 2 manned stations..... 73 de
W1AN   Single Op HP   12,8382016-05-13 12:50:08
I wasn't sure I would get on at all after a long day putting up drywall Friday
in Newington. Saturday after a late start I quit after a couple of hours to get
a little rest before heading out at 4:00AM to Martha's Vineyard to set up
W1DX/DUK~MA. Conditions Sunday were, well, as you know.. BAD.

73,John W1AN
NZ1U(@W1UJ/M)   M/S Mobile LP   60,2882016-05-13 19:29:20
What a super time! Again taking a ride across this wonderful region. Good
times, good friends, good food!

The conditions were poor as we only harvested about half of our normal QSO
count, additional excuses could include ferry rides, and Mother's day errands,
and Mother's day visits!

Another factor is the noise.... Sticking to the South this year, there was
significant noise in each of the bigger cities, and surprising amount of noise
on the entire island of Martha's Vineyard. Boston and Providence were pretty
rough operating from the roads.

The roads seemed OK, even with an early W1WBB warning about RI, we still must
give them the crappiest roads award!

40m Antenna was shorted and not working until mod-day Sunday......

It is an indescribable experience participating as a rover. We have covered
each county of this region, as a rover, except for NAN MA.... This year's
ferry ride will hold us over for a very long time.

We had planned and executed an 'easy' trip which would include a trip to
Martha's Vineyard island and hand out QSOs from the -vacant in 2015- DUKMA.
All went off well, one of our first contacts was W1DX who was already covering
the island.... We cut our trip 3 hours short and caught the next ferry back.
made ~30 QSOs.....

It looks like we had QSOs from 25 counties this year.

Could not find space in any 'mobile window' Saturday night, and would lose the
frequencies often- Sunday was better- Had many guys in the 7QP give me the 'ol
'Only 7QP sri' when trying to work them.....

The NO5W CQ/x software worked well. the county warnings and switching relieves
a bunch of stress.

2003 WPX Contest Caddy
NO5W CQ/x GPS Enabled Software.
S&T 2010
High-Sierra motorized with 6' whip ANT1
Hustler Resonator setup ANT2

NJ1F   M/S Mobile LP   16,1922016-05-15 07:47:02
Thank You Saul K2XA for being available to do the operating. We were able to put
several rare counties in VT on the air Saturday. Everything worked and we were
able to reduce the "RF NOISE" in the Imapala
KB1RFJ   Single Op HP   4942016-05-16 19:29:30
First time contesting under my own call sign. Only had an hour to operate.
Looking forward to the next contest!
K9NW   Single Op LP   16,9922016-05-16 19:43:44
Score is combined total for INQP, 7QP, NEQP.

73, Mike K9NW
K9UIY   Single Op QRP   17,1842016-06-05 18:58:05
Thanks to all for pulling my 5W signals out of the pack. Special thanks to all
the mobiles...and for those willing to change bands when 10 and 15 were open to
W1 Land from here in the Midwest region. That was fun! Would have wanted
better propagation, but we took what was given to us. See you again next
year's NEQP. 73, Vic K9UIY
WA6URY   Single Op HP   6242016-06-06 05:57:28
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo