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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY   2009   Sep 26   Comment Summary

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LN9Z(LB1G)   SOAB HP   132,8222009-09-27 05:30:55
Just 8 hours of operation prior to the SAC SSB Contest.
ACØE   SOAB LP   109,5822009-09-27 06:11:59
S53M(S51FB)   SOSB/40 HP   191,1302009-09-27 11:37:41
No time for full participation.

Tnx for all calls.

Miha / S51FB
WB8JUI   SOSB/40 LP   22,4402009-09-27 13:25:26
73 - Rick WB8JUI
K7EG   SOAB(A) HP   158,5742009-09-27 14:16:36
Started late. Quit early - 15 hrs. Had to overcome a couple of technical
malfunctions. Good NS and Asian paths. EU was poor Sat but good Sun. As
always rtty is favorite contest mode followed by cw.
WC2Z   SOAB HP   74,0292009-09-27 16:33:55
N7AT(K8IA)   SOAB LP   105,7922009-09-27 16:35:08
In 1966, I made my first RTTY QSO. It didn't tickle my fancy then and not for
the next 43 years!

Three days ago I made my second RTTY qso and participated a few hours in CQWW
RTTY to see what the attraction could possibly be. I figured, I started
contesting in 1957 and avoided RTTY all these years, so what could I possibly
be missing?

A lot of fun and, by present day hardware requirements, an interesting and easy
mode to get on, that's what I missed!

Gone is all that heavy iron from that first qso in 1966 at my university club
station. A large and very noisy Model 19 TTY with tape reader, a cobbled
together TU and a old, large scope. All replaced by a small, simple, interface
and MMTTY software. Humm...

Cajoled, for several years, by good friends KC7V and K7WP to try RTTY
contesting, "It is a contest, Bob, you like competition". To, "You'll like RTTY
contesting, its a lot of fun", I typically dismissed all their coaxing and
continued to focus only on my cw and ssb contesting activities.

But the crowning blow to my resistance was from xyl and Arizona Outlaws Contest
Club Webmistress N7RQ, who, two days before CQWW RTTY, posted a email on the
AOCC Reflector titled, "RTTY Contest Resources - Try Something New!!". Uh oh, I
am in trouble now. How could I set an example for the membership by ignoring
that? And from my wife no less....ugh. ;-)

Using the MMTTY and MMTTY w/N1MM links in her email, I found setting up for
modern day RTTY to be surprisingly easy. I was decoding RTTY signals within 10
minutes of downloading and transmitting a short while later. The MMTTY marriage
with N1MM Logger is smooth as well, although it will be a while before I am
super efficient all the RTTY contest features there. Neat.

Because of other previously planned family activities, I only had only 7 hrs to
play CQWW RTTY this weekend, and don't really have a competitive score for even
those 7 hours, especially since my goal was 100 q's on each band operated and
to learn the software and RTTY procedures. But I did have a blast, learned
something about RTTY Contesting and for sure will be back again. RTTY holds an
interesting perspective now.This seemd like a very natural, and effective, SO2R
or multiop possibility for a major effort

My weekend highlight was when N7RQ walked in the shack to see what I was doing.
Exactly the same time I was beginning a contest qso with Nodir EY8MM. As his
exchange printed on the monitor, her eyes got big and she just smiled. Small
yagi here, 100w this weekend, most assuredly would have been a tougher qso on
cw and probably not at all on ssb. Humm...."What's RTTY?". Words you wont hear
from me again.

Try it!

73, Bob K8IA, President
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
Club Call; N7AT
WI9WI   SOAB HP   1502009-09-27 16:36:41
First ever RTTY QSOs. Used the CW/Data function of my K-3. Sorry for any lidlike


K7ZS   SOAB HP   509,3282009-09-27 16:59:32
Only operated Friday night and Saturday. Wow, Saturday was like the good old
days - EU still rolling in as JA reopened. It was non-stop. GREAT to see RTTY
becoming more popular with Sound Cards making it SO easy.

Also, the little uptick in sunspots and a seemingly instant improvement in
propagation didn't hurt. THIS will increase interest in our hobby - a little

73, see you in RTTY Roundup!

Kevin K7ZS
KV7DX(KN5H)   SOAB HP   6,3902009-09-27 17:03:34
GP vvert = dummy load = tough going.
K6TD   SOAB HP   185,0552009-09-27 17:04:23
Great contest! Finally, a DX contest where DX could be worked from the NA West
Coast. Thx to SV9CVY for calling for NA west coast.

Tnx to all for the QSOs and CU in California QSO Party next weekend.

73, K6TD -KR-
OY3JE   SOSB/80 HP   132,1532009-09-27 17:04:59
Conditions where not good, verry few stations outside EU.
But great fun as usual.

Antenna vertical (20m tower)

Jan, OY3JE
NØEOP   SOAB LP   13,2242009-09-27 17:05:31
Bands stated out bad on Friday nigt. Saturday was the best and Sunday wasn't to
bad. Lots of QSB all three days. Wish I felt better and had a better antenna
system. Used FT-920, MFJ Versa Tunner V, and G5RV.
W8AEF   SOAB HP   1,018,2902009-09-27 17:07:40
Fun contest. Many new countries on RTTY.

Thou shalt not run equipment at their maximum power rating for a RTTY contest!
W6SX   M/S HP   122,8502009-09-27 17:09:48
K3, ACOM 2000A, 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, MMTTY, N1MM
K5ZD   SOAB HP   772,9922009-09-27 17:10:32
Great fun! RTTY ops just keep getting better. Was able to have 90+/hr rates
while running with one radio.

Biggest suprise was RW0A calling me on 40m. Then just as suprised to work 3 JA
stations on 40m more than 40 minutes after sunrise!

Only SO1R for the first day. On Sunday I decided to have some fun chasing
mults so fired up the second rig. Lots of transmitting time in RTTY so the
second radio provides lots of extra listening time!

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

NA 73 130 104 21 3 331 35.3
AF 3 1 5 2 0 11 1.2
EU 41 166 298 23 0 528 56.4
SA 1 9 12 15 2 39 4.2
AS 0 6 15 1 0 22 2.3
OC 0 1 3 2 0 6 0.6
W1IG   SOAB LP   92,4002009-09-27 17:13:14
Had some good runs. Ran the FT857D. Hope they add the QRP Category next year!
Bob W1IG
G4MKP   SOAB(A) HP   519,1622009-09-27 17:13:24
Thanks for the Qs. See you next in SSB with Dorridge scout team M0XXT.
PY2NY   SOAB LP   948,8642009-09-27 17:13:48
My God! Lost entire Saturday, leaving my home and going take part of my Mom's
party at Sorocaba !! 700km in one day !! I can imagine how much QSOs I lost
during the trip.

I began the contest at 20m LP and almost stay there, to try single band low
power classification. But propagation was a little bit better than months
before and I left 20m, doing all bands.

15m was the big surprise at last night with good runnings for a low power
station... N1MM + MMTTY fantastic job! I had lucky on 80m and 10m...

At Sunday, we lost one friend that was fighting against cancer. PY2EPC was a
good one, and loved VHF and UHF Contests. I stay with your family and friends
at night, loosing something else on the bands...

Like you can see, only 24 hours on the air, with 40 Q/hour in average, what
isn´t bad for RTTY Contest.

FT1000-MP Field 100w, KT34XA, 40-2CD, AlphaDelta Sloper DXA.

See you next contest...


Max Rates:
2009-09-26 0055Z - 3,0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 180 per hour by PY2NY
2009-09-27 2054Z - 2,1 per minute (10 minute(s)), 126 per hour by PY2NY
2009-09-27 2122Z - 1,6 per minute (60 minute(s)), 93 per hour by PY2NY

Off Times >= 30 Minutes
2009-09-26 00:00Z - 2009-09-26 00:00Z 00:01 (1 mins) (Start late)
2009-09-26 01:16Z - 2009-09-26 03:32Z 02:17 (137 mins)
2009-09-26 05:58Z - 2009-09-26 09:19Z 03:22 (202 mins)
2009-09-26 12:57Z - 2009-09-27 00:52Z 11:56 (716 mins)
2009-09-27 01:41Z - 2009-09-27 02:20Z 00:40 (40 mins)
2009-09-27 06:03Z - 2009-09-27 08:52Z 02:50 (170 mins)
2009-09-27 15:14Z - 2009-09-27 17:24Z 02:11 (131 mins)
2009-09-27 18:47Z - 2009-09-27 20:21Z 01:35 (95 mins)
Total Time Off 24:52 (1492 mins)
Total Time On 23:08 (1388 mins)

PY2NY Runs >10 QSOs:
2009-09-26 0001 - 0040Z, 14099 kHz, 45 Qs, 69,4/hr PY2NY
2009-09-26 0048 - 0115Z, 14111 kHz, 36 Qs, 77,6/hr PY2NY
2009-09-26 0333 - 0507Z, 7075 kHz, 84 Qs, 53,7/hr PY2NY
2009-09-26 1021 - 1055Z, 21075 kHz, 24 Qs, 42,5/hr PY2NY
2009-09-26 1120 - 1152Z, 21076 kHz, 20 Qs, 37,5/hr PY2NY
2009-09-26 1202 - 1256Z, 21078 kHz, 66 Qs, 73,4/hr PY2NY
2009-09-27 0053 - 0117Z, 14105 kHz, 21 Qs, 53,2/hr PY2NY
2009-09-27 0236 - 0423Z, 7035 kHz, 76 Qs, 42,4/hr PY2NY
2009-09-27 0437 - 0521Z, 7033 kHz, 19 Qs, 26,2/hr PY2NY
2009-09-27 1105 - 1323Z, 21074 kHz, 103 Qs, 44,6/hr PY2NY
2009-09-27 1350 - 1409Z, 21069 kHz, 20 Qs, 60,7/hr PY2NY
2009-09-27 1418 - 1513Z, 21069 kHz, 32 Qs, 35,1/hr PY2NY
2009-09-27 2022 - 2139Z, 14130 kHz, 114 Qs, 88,4/hr PY2NY
2009-09-27 2141 - 2317Z, 21100 kHz, 127 Qs, 79,2/hr PY2NY
2009-09-27 2326Z - 23:59, 14119 kHz, 50 Qs, 90,3/hr
YU7U(YU7BH)   SOSB/80 HP   72,0002009-09-27 17:13:49
Equipment: Yaesu ft2000 + Om power + MKII + Inv vee 30 m up.
Work from home in the center of the city is very hard. Anyway, lot of fun.
Thank you for all call's. QSL is sure via the buerau.

YU7U, Brane
DL1REM   SOAB(A) HP   205,6162009-09-27 17:13:55
rig: 1/4wl wire-vert. + 750w

73 de frank DL1REM
KN3A   SOAB LP   37,4062009-09-27 17:15:15
I almost didn't work the contest. So many things have happened since February.
We moved from WPA to EPA, just got an OCF dipole put up in the backyard, and
not permanently installed yet. Then last Saturday I was taking my son to his
first ever Penn State football game and 2 miles from the stadium I was involved
in a multi-vehicle accident and spent the day in the E.R. with a dislocated
right ankle and 11 staples on my right knee where it hit my 2 meter rig (tore
it right off the mounting bracket and the front of it came apart from the
impact with my knee). And, I totaled my Jeep in the accident. It was very
uncomfortable to spend much time in the shack with not being able to put any
pressure on my right foot.

This was the first contest since moving to Lancaster, PA (not counting any
contests before 1996 when I lived here before as KA3LUW or WY3X). The OCF
Dipole worked much better than my G5RV did when I lived in Pittsburgh. The band
conditions to Europe were pretty good any time I was able to get into the shack.
Hope I can spend more time in the shack for the next major contest.

73 Scott

Kenwood TS 450SAT
OCF Dipole
75 Watts
N1MM Logger
K6LL   SOAB HP   303,4502009-09-27 17:15:49
It was my first time ever in this contest, because I'm usually not in Arizona at
this time of year. It was just a casual, fun, part-time effort.

20 was quite good, but 15 was disappointing. With a few sunspots, I had hoped
15 would be better.

The station is back together after some equipment failures and taking part of
the equipment on the road this summer. Everything is working now.


Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

DQ4W   M/2 HP   4,743,2882009-09-27 17:16:27
Good band conditions and a few sunspots made this a nice contest for us.
Best QSO was FT5GA coming back to our CQ on 40 meters on Sunday evening.
Good to see so many JA stations on RTTY.
CX9AU   SOAB HP   550,8302009-09-27 17:17:37
RIG TS 440 + amp 500 w
ANT 10/40/80 DIPOLE

N8BJQ   SOAB(A) HP   1,081,6002009-09-27 17:19:32
Pretty darn good conditions on 20 and 40. 15 was not great yesterday but opened
a bit to EU later today. The extra mults helped. P49X is the only 5 bander - 10
was the tough one.

Test drove a Dishtronix DX2400 amp - nice to be able to run full power on RTTY
for as long as I wanted/needed.

Nice to have the antennas all working for a change.

Most of the pileups were pretty civilized. FT5GA seemed to be having
difficulty on 15 - never did work him.
WI2E   SOAB LP   101,4002009-09-27 17:19:36
My first CQWW RTTY contest. I enjoyed it and am planning on a full time effort
next year. Thanks to everyone for the QSOs!

Rig: K3
Antennas: two phased verticals (20-10M), 43 ft. vertical(40M), and inverted-L


KN4QD   SOAB LP   152,2802009-09-27 17:22:05
Didn't get to operate the whole contest, but was able to put in some good time
on Sunday. 95% S&P. Thanks to all for participating and providing the QSOs.
Highlight of the contest for me was probably when I worked R1ANC in Antarctica
within the first 20 minutes or so of the contest. Just happened to stumble
across him calling and was able to get him without too much difficulty.

See you all in the rest of the upcoming 'tests.
K4FX   SOAB HP   1,189,3252009-09-27 17:22:10
Lot's of activity, was pleasantly surprised at 19:10 on 20M when FT5GA called me
in the middle of a run, man that was easy compared to the 3 long days of calling
him on 20 RTTY before working him for my 3rd QSO (20m SSB CW & RTTY) last

I appreciate all the QSO's and I hope to see you all in the next one!

Icom IC-756 Pro II
Heathkit SB-220 @ 500 watts
A4S @ 75 feet
OCF dipole @ 65 feet
MFJ-989D tuner
Homebrew interface
Homebrew CT-17 clone
Dual Core Pentium /w XP-PRO and N1MM
W7VP   SOAB HP   222,7042009-09-27 17:23:05
Very wide range on 20 meters from 14,030 to 14,145. Sporadic 15 meter action.
LU8EOT   SOSB/10 LP   8,8652009-09-27 17:23:11
Hi everyone,

The condition on 10Mts. was very poor here during the contest, I used N1MM+MTTY
program and running 80W with my Yaesu FT-747GX and monoband 4el Yagi...

I thank a lot guys that called me in the contest...

I hope to hear all in the CQWW SSB!!!

Mark LU8EOT.-
PR7AR   SOSB/20 LP   239,2602009-09-27 17:27:08
FT-920 100W
TH3-MK4 10/15/20M ANTENA@10M UP
KC4HW   SOSB/40 LP   44,1002009-09-27 17:29:02
Thanks for all the Qs!

Used a Cushcraft 40-2CD at 118' and 100 watts.

Had big static for about 1.5 hours last night. Noise was S9+, but then
quitened down to somewhere around S4. But band conditions did not seem to good
after that.

First time to use the MK2R+, MMTTY and Writelog in combination. It all seemed
to do OK. Took a little while to sort out all the parameters but managed to do
so on the fly. Actually the first time to use the FT1000D on RTTY since getting
it back from repair.

OK, hope to see everybody in the next contest. Take care!

K2DSL   SOAB(A) LP   344,1202009-09-27 17:32:30
Bested last years score by 50 Q's and a lot more mults. Only worked a short time
late Fri because of other commitments but worked a good day on Sat and Sun.
Seemed to have a nice pipeline on Sunday between NJ and Alaska as all AK
stations were booming in. Lots of strong EU stations on multiple bands. Add a
nice NY Giants football win and it was a good weekend! Kenwood TS-2000 with
100w to a G5RV. 73 all and thanks for a fun contest! David - K2DSL
VA2UP   SOAB LP   1,637,9722009-09-27 17:33:34
Wasn't sure I could take part in this one until the last minute so not too ready
for it but I gave it my best shot and it still is a very demanding contest. I
think last years conditions were better but it's good to see some solar
activity even if still marginal.
Lost my freq many times to more powerfull stations but that's the name of the
game. It was a 50/50 run and S&P for me and I must say it gets pretty tyring
spinning the wheel all those hours.
A touch lower than last year's effort but I am happy with the result, it could
have been a lot worse.
Hope everybody had fun, I sure did. Thanks CQ and all involved for making WW a
successful event.

73, Fabi va2up
EY8MM   SOAB(A) HP   178,5002009-09-27 17:35:36
Very short participation this year due to QRL. Was looking for FT5GA and some
other DX.

73, Nodir
KT6YL   SOSB/20 HP   110,1662009-09-27 17:36:58
First time participating in CQWWRTTY.
Only 14 hours could be spent operating from the home QTH.
But I had a good time 'playing radio' in my favorite mode.

Many thanks to all who responded to my CQ's or S&P.

Hope to see you in the next contest.

73 es 88s de
Tiny KT6YL
KD7MSC   SOAB HP   121,0952009-09-27 17:38:53
Tough going with low dipoles but still had a great time. Rig was a Kenwood
TS-930, Henry 2K-3, and temporary dipoles. See ya in the next contest.
73, Sean
K7IA   SOAB HP   508,3892009-09-27 17:39:34
My second CQ WW RTTY. This time I mustered up some "stamina (for me)" and gave
it a good go, improving last year's Q count by over 50 percent.

80m was a nice surprise--quieter than in the past couple of months of
contesting and producing some nice Q rates until "everybody" was worked. 40m
was also quieter but jam packed with ops. It was a tough job to find a hole to
squeeze into for some running time. Considerate digi ops left the Texas QSO
Party to themselves until the Texans quit for the evening.

I should have checked 15 meters more often on Saturday--there could have been a
bunch of mults on Saturday that weren't available during the hour I spent on 15
on Sunday. The few I worked on Sunday (11 of them) were all in America del
Sur. Most of the ones I called never heard me--they were listening (and
working) EU ops. Heard only one America del Norte op, but he never heard my
call--he was listening to SA!! I won't make this mistake again during the CQ

Never bothered to check 10 meters--the rates on 20 were just too good to pass
up, and the mults on 15 just took too much time away from the "action."

The biggest surprise of the weekend came when my neighbor, N2IC, answered my 20
meter running call on Sunday afternoon--using RTTY mode yet! Things must have
been awfully boring around his mountaintop QTH this weekend!! Thanks Steve,
for handing me a mult from our home state!

With RTTY tones hypnotically in my ears, my wife Erin (KB5ZKE) wants to know
why I spend my break times answering the telephone only to get a dial tone...

Thanks, CQ Magazine, for sponsoring this, and other, fine worldwide contests!
A great warmup for the CW event! Thanks also to the worldwide ops who provided
the fine action!

Dan k7ia
W1UJ   SOAB HP   81,5122009-09-27 17:40:25
Wish I had more time, was real fun. Great SO2R workout.

Jay W1UJ
W3LL   SOAB LP   1,068,7562009-09-27 17:42:21
K3,MonstIR, 80M Vertical, 4 Way Beverages, N1MM, MMTTY, Dell.
A fun contest with lots of activity. Glad to see 15M open again.
Thanks for all the Q's.
AL9A   SOAB(A) HP   129,3442009-09-27 17:43:38
Well, that was certainly fun! My first RTTY contest ever - what a blast! Only
played around part time due to family activities and considered this to be a
learning exercise. Many thanks to Don AA5AU and his excellent web site that
provided many valuable tips on installing the MMTTY plug-in for Writelog and a
great primer on how to operate RTTY in a contest. As a bonus I got to work Don
after I mustered up my courage and started calling CQ!

Kudos too to the fine folks at microHAM for their excellent microKEYER II
product that made getting on RTTY relatively simple and to Joe W4TV for all his
excellent advice on configuration of both the MMTTY plug-in and Writelog.

Now to start checking all the contest calendars for future RTTY events! Can't
wait for the next one!
ABØLR   SOAB LP   584,8652009-09-27 17:52:09
I am back in the game again! and loving it !!!
N6HE   SOAB LP   54,2402009-09-27 18:00:07
First RTTY contest, with restricted antenna - wait 'til next year!!! Thanks to
the patient ops that dug me out of the mud!....73, Ray N6HE
ZV2C(PY2CX)   SOAB LP   348,6962009-09-27 18:01:16
DL1IAO   SOAB(A) LP   65,8602009-09-27 18:02:49
WT v 3.23 on HP Omnibook XE3
IC7400 + AH4 + 8+5m Aki Special with 10 short radials on balcony

Suprised to work zone 3 on 40m!


Stefan DL1IAO
W1KQ   SOAB HP   292,9782009-09-27 18:04:53
Rig: FT-1000D, Amp: AL-1200, TU: MicroHAM microKeyer, Software: MixW 2.19
(Registered) Antennas: Cushcraft X-9 Log at 42 feet. Homebrewed linear loaded
Inverted V dipole with apex at 75 feet.

99.9% S&P. Worked my second ever Zone 26 contact (from the U.S. that is) in
this contest. 3WIM, is my first (and right now only) Viet Nam QSO in almost 30
years of hamming...just running up the dial and copied a 3W. It's a big deal
for me just like the Cambodian QSO I had a few months back.

The new amplifier sure made a big difference in this contest. First time ever
running a KW...well 900 watts. Didn't want to run full legal limit as I wasn't
sure if the trees would catch fire or it the dipole would handle it...and twice
I had incidents of arcing at 1100 watts. But...I worked almost everyone I
HL5YI   SOSB/20 LP   17,0732009-09-27 18:08:33
Vy happy time in 2009 cq ww rtty contest. Cu agn next contest.
G,L de HL5YI Chae 73..
W7MRC(NG7Z)   SOAB HP   282,4922009-09-27 18:10:49
What a hoot that was! Wall to wall signals. Best score ever in a RTTY contest.
Running 500W this time sure made a big difference. Nice surprise to get a call
from 7Z1SJ in Saudi Arabia. First time ever working SA.
Thanks for the Q's
Paul NG7Z (W7MRC)
W7WHY   SOAB(A) HP   19,3052009-09-27 18:12:54
Not much time for this one. Just got on for a few minutes here and there when
coming into the shack. Missed al lthe high band actitity, if there was any, by
having to work Saturday.

Seems like 40 and 80 were pretty noisy here Friday and Saturday night. Missed
alot of easy DX on 40 that I usually work that just wasn't hearing me.

73 and thanks for the Q's.
W6NF   SOAB LP   38,3522009-09-27 18:16:23
40 was excellent...20 was very good, even with a KT34XA at 17 feet! Highlight
was working SV9CVY. My maternal grandfather was born on the island of Crete so
this first-ever SV9 QSO was special for me. Took an hour of calling...20
minutes on 40 and 40 minutes on 20, which is where I eventually got the Q.

Lots of fun...I'm getting hooked on RTTY (W0YK, take note)!
XE2WK   SOAB HP   153,7902009-09-27 18:26:45
A great contest this year, spread the good new countries allowed me to get my
DXCC-RTTY award, thank you all for points and QSO, we read in 2010.
73 de XE2WK
KV1J   SOAB(A) HP   158,0962009-09-27 18:28:29
73, Eric
N7NM   SOSB/20 HP   284,9342009-09-27 18:36:09
Had a great time as usual! Just not enough time
for other than single band
Very similar conditions to last year but beat my
score by 20K.
Huge participation and seems to be building every
contest. Definately my favorite mode!
CU next contest,
73, Doug - N7NM
YV1CTE   SOSB/20 LP   233,2822009-09-27 18:38:57
K1PY   SOAB LP   108,2522009-09-27 18:44:14
Tks to Larry W2LB, Tom WD8CQB, and Paul K2DB for antenna help without which I
could not have participated. That's part of what makes Rochester DX Association
a great club!
ZL1BYZ   SOSB/15 HP   143,4052009-09-27 18:46:29
Entering as SOSB/15 Assisted, but made a few QSO's on 20 & 40 when 15m wasn't

The particular interest in 15m was bought about by the HF Challenge on Club
Log, adding 26 new entities to the total on 15m for September to 66 so far.


Thanks for all the Q's, was a lot of fun.

73 John ZL1BYZ
YV1JGT   SOSB/40 LP   185,1032009-09-27 18:50:17
K6MM   SOAB HP   165,0872009-09-27 18:55:10
Nice openings to Europe both mornings from West Coast. Always a fun contest.
Elecraft K3 + 500 watts to SteppIR (40/20/15) + G5RV (80M)+ N1MM/MMTTY. Thanks
for the Qs. 73, John K6MM
KE4UW   SOSB/40 HP   93,6252009-09-27 18:56:15
I really enjoyed the contest, despite not being able
to spend as much time as I had hoped. Had to
spend most of the daylight hours helping one of the
kids move--why do these things always happen on
contest weekends? I was too beat to stay up all
night, so lost a few more hours catching some shuteye.

Because of the limited hours, I just stayed on 40m.
Antenna was a double bazooka dipole.

I had recently relocated the ham shack to a new
(and improved) room, and this was the first test of
the new setup. Spent the first half hour of the contest
ironing out software/computer issues on a system
I thought had been thoroughly tested. Another
good reminder to test EVERYTHING in advance.

Propagation was OK, but not great. Worked a fair
number of Europeans, but very few Pacific/Asia.
PU4MAI   SOAB(A) LP   2552009-09-27 18:57:34
TRX : Kenwood TS440SAT
TRIBAND 10-15-20M
K1LT   SOAB HP   848,8042009-09-27 18:58:19
This is my second entry into the CQ World Wide RTTY Contest, the first
being last year. I had no specific goal other than to beat last
year's score, which is the default goal of any operation. I also did
no advance planning, or even checking to see if everything (or
anything) works.

Checking might have been useful. About 45 minutes before the test, I
fired up the equipment, but there is no keying of the radio by the
computer. After some furious troubleshooting, I replaced the chip
resistor in the RS232 to TTL adapter that I made to interface the
computer to the radio. If you apply too much heat when soldering the
chip resistors, all of the silver plating boils off and then solder
won't stick for more than a year (apparently).

The lessons I learned last year about "continuous duty" operation
still apply. Its still amazing how warm and cranky various components
become after CQing for a while. I think after last year, all of the
famous IC765 wax dribbled all over the BFO trimmer caps, which has
caused the radio to sometimes "passband tune" away from the signal of
interest at random times. Power cycling the radio temporarily fixes
the problem. I've become adept at poking the power button between

Last year I blamed a perfectly good Potter and Bumfield relay for some
intermittent high SWR glitches. Turns out the culprit is me, for
failing to solder the center pin on the PL259 from the 40 meter

Since last year, I've built a 20 meter vertical on top of the
pole-barn's metal roof, and reverted the 4-BTV to a full sized ground
mounted 40 meter vertical, which also sort of works on 15 meters. 80
meters is still a bunch of wires forming a cage around the 160 meter
"T" vertical. The cage wires have 2 lengths, to give a narrow low SWR
band on 80 meters and another on 75. So, the SWR around the RTTY
frequencies is a little high, which makes the amplifier cranky. One
of these days, I need to get an antenna tuner.

Also, the SWR on 15 meters is a little high, again making the
amplifier cranky. One of these days I need to get an antenna tuner.

Surprise last minute multipliers: A61OO on 40 meters in the last hour,
J39BS in the last 15 minutes, and WW3DE for the Delaware multiplier on
80 as my last QSO during the last minute.

Multipliers on 80 were way down this year, 80 versus 107 last year.
But multipliers were up on all the other bands, so the net result is
only down by 5. Made more than 10% more QSOs, so I'm hoping that I
can squeak into a top ten USA high power single op unassisted category
that I just missed last year.

RTTY contesting is fun! I'd never be able to do this on CW, even
though I like it better.

elderly IC765, K8ND's ETO 91B (thanks, Jeff)
80/160: 65 foot "T" with extra wires for 80 and 75
40/15: ground mounted full sized vertical with 32 radials
20: full sized vertical on metal pole barn roof
10: beam laying behing the barn (it isn't a vertical)
MMTTY 1.66G, WriteLog 10.54C
W7NNN   SOAB HP   205,0002009-09-27 19:00:29
Great contest. Pretty good condx on 20 meters. 40 meters wasn't so hot. Nice to
work Kuwait and other DX from that part of the world.
See you next year.
73 - Eric W7NNN
Ten Tec Jupiter
Extended Double Zepps
K9CT(@K9CTQ)   SOAB(A) HP   779,7262009-09-27 19:10:54
Lots of fun and better condx. Nice DX surprises.

Tnx for the q's 73, Craig K9CT
WE6Z   SOAB HP   311,8662009-09-27 19:16:03
CQWWRTTY Score Summary Sheet

CallSign Used : WE6Z
Operator(s) : WE6Z

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : 03 CA
Gridsquare : CM98JS
Club/Team : Northern California Contest Club
Software : N1MM Logger V9.8.4

Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec
3.5 80 97 7 8 30
7 86 139 18 16 27
14 345 716 55 25 45
21 60 144 21 15 12
28 2 6 2 2 0
Total 573 1102 103 66 114

Score : 311,866
Rig : FT-857

Antennas : Force 12 C3, 40m Vee, 120ft long wire

Soapbox : Wow this was a fun contest. I beat my goal of 350 contacts
and worked many new countries. Lots of DX, I worked Africa and China for the
first time.
PY3KN   SOAB(A) LP   120,7502009-09-27 19:16:23
First operation in RTTY Contest. Used N1MM/MMTTY (fantastic). Problems with RF
return on 40m and 10m band, turning off my PC many times. Strong Storm and rain
all saturday's night and all sunday. TU fer all for the contacts anf hope cul
agn into next Contest.
VA7ST   SOAB LP   473,1842009-09-27 19:16:34
* FT-2000, N1MM Logger + MMTTY
* 3-ele SteppIR at 47'
* 40M SteppIR dipole, mostly at 47'
* 80M two-vertical array (SE-NW, broadside NE-SW)
* 80M Beverage 270' aimed due east
* No cluster

2009 Flux: 72 | Ap: 2>9 | Kp: 2>0
2008 Flux: 67 | Ap: 3 | Kp: 1
2007 Flux: 65 | Ap: 26>13 | Kp: 4>1

Went into this as a low-power entry, knowing I'd have a struggle but wanting to
see how the new antennas fare against performance from previous years. Figured
on putting in 36 hours or so, but only got in 26.5 and still felt tired at the

Hoped two sunspot groups would spark conditions a bit (opening with a 24 count
not seen in what must be several years). Flux was at 76 a day before the
contest but settled in at 72 for the duration. A welcome rise from SFI=67 that
has been the norm for months now. Alas, from here 20M didn't show noticeable
improvement, higher bands were still dead, and the lower bands were perhaps
worse that they have been recently.

Finished Day 1 with just over half of my final score....

QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec
Total 401 966 85 48 96 Day 1 Score: 221,214

Finished with my best low-power totals since 2004, and wasn't too far off my
best high-power totals from last year. Would have closed the gap with a
stronger 80M performance this year but that band just wasn't in good shape.
Second-best mult totals from here, so the antennas work even without high
power. Special congratulations to Fabi VA2UP for an awesome low-power score
from QC in these conditions.

Highlights include:
* working Phil GU0SUP for the first time in many, many moons.
* working a couple new RTTY DXCC including Lebanon and San Marino.
* watching my good friend Ed VE4EAR make hay with those new antennas!
This was the pay-off for all the time and effort he put in over the
past year adding a tower+yagis to the Winnipeg QTH. Great outing Ed.

* the sun. Ironic, huh?
* not having the FT-920 fixed to work SO2R. Would have made a difference.

80M ----------------------------------

Had to work the heck out of the knobs to get anything this weekend. Conditions
felt really bad. Those I worked had great signals, but seemed there weren't
many on.

Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec
2009 >> 3.5 110 214 8 9 36 LP twin verticals
2008 >> 3.5 205 398 9 10 46 HP twin verticals
2007 >> 3.5 106 209 7 8 37 HP delta loop

40M ----------------------------------

Band was weak to EU from here, but managed a few polar-path Qs. Not good to
Asia or the Pacific, and only so-so to the rest of North Americal. Worked
pretty hard Saturday evening to bump up the total to 160 Qs. Pleased to equal
the State count of last year using only 100W this time. Running the amp would
have punched through to a lot more EU countries, but even with low power this
year I'm down by 8 country mults and only 2 zones, so I think the dipole works
just fine.

Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec
2009 >> 7 160 339 26 17 42 LP rotary dipole @ 47'
2008 >> 7 204 441 34 19 42 HP twin half-squares
2007 >> 7 145 296 13 11 36 HP Single half-squares, EW/NS

20M ----------------------------------

Not quite sure what to make of conditions down in the real world (20M and
down). 20M EU opening was really strong -- and surprisingly early -- on
Saturday morning, well underway by 1430z and good until after 1800z. Sunday it
opened later (1500z to 1900z) and never hit the fevered pitch of Saturday's
opening. Still, wall-to-wall signals almost from 14050 to 14150 both days.

Found the bi-directional yagi mode worked well when JA and US were both calling
in, though splitting 100W two ways doesn't make you feel very strong anywhere.

Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec
2009 >> 14 408 1027 64 22 41 LP SteppIR 3-element
2008 >> 14 358 876 64 22 39 HP Mosley CL33
2007 >> 14 320 726 48 20 39 HP Mosley CL33

15M ----------------------------------

For some out East, the slight solar flux bump offered some 15M openings over
the pole, but from out West high-band conditions were not improved one bit. 15M
did not really open other than the expected useful propagation to South America.

Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec
2009 >> 21 25 63 9 7 7
2008 >> 21 17 35 4 4 8
2007 >> 21 28 64 6 7 7


TOTALS QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec Score
2009 Total >> 703 1643 107 55 126 473,184
2008 Total >> 784 1750 111 55 135 526,750
2007 Total >> 599 1295 74 46 119 309,505

Year-over-year Qs Mult Score
2009 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 703 288 473,184 SteppIR enhanced :)
2008 CQWW RTTY SOABHP 784 301 526,750
2007 CQWW RTTY SOABHP 599 239 309,505 1st HP entry
2006 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 561 242 300,322
2005 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 365 221 189,840
2004 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 760 220 482,062 1st contest w/tower
2003 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 257 168 101,304

73 and thanks for the contacts,

-- Bud VA7ST
XE2AU   SOAB LP   255,6292009-09-27 19:18:50
Had a lot of fun, nice opening on 15, too short for me hi hi
tnx to all participants
VU2PTT   SOAB(A) HP   50,5082009-09-27 19:21:41
This was a casual operation to test out things. Murphy finally struck and took
out my main station antenna - the Force 12 C3S beam (20, 15, 10) just the day
before the contest. Used my small Sigma-5 vertical which was slightly better
than a dummy load on 20m when installed on my roof. But must take it to the
beach one day to really check it out :)

Station: Icom-746PRO + SB-200 Amp (200 Watts)
Antenna: 40m Inv-vee @ 55'(nice on 15m), Sigma-5 Vertical (20, 10m)
Interface: MicroHAM MicroKeyer II
Software: N1MM Logger version 9.9.6

Given the makeshift nature of the antennas I used for the high bands, it was
great to see 15m open up and even managed to work 3 US stations, and a few new
RTTY DXCC counters. Thanks to W2FU, W3FV & NR4M for hearing me along with some
of the other nice multipliers like P49X, YW4V, CX5TR, 5C5W - all on 15m which
was my main band. A remarkable signal on 15m was UX0FF - pounding in here at
all times when the band was open.

It was good to hear the VU Digital specialists VU2LBW & VU2NKS rocking :)

Hope to have the antennas fixed before CQWW SSB & CW.

73 de Prasad VU2PTT.
KL7RA   SOAB HP   142,6002009-09-27 19:27:00
Limited time, just worked a few USA high rate hours on 20 and gave out the mult
on 80 to the Eastcoast and 15 meters to Europe. Heard KL8DX, AL1G and AL7R
working the contest so most stations should have got the double mult at least
on 20.

I will be in this one serious next year when we finally get better prop on 10
and 15. Yeah, I said that last year. 73 Rich KL7RA
AD8P   M/S HP   654,1542009-09-27 19:27:40
I had too many commitments over the weekend and after experiencing good
conditions you can believe next year I will clear some things before the
contest starts. All in all it was a pretty decent effort. Some sort of
atmospheric noise troubled me Saturday night on 80 meters and it cropped up on
20 during the day on Saturday. If you happened to call during that time I am
sorry for not hearing.

What a pleasant surprise to work into Europe on 15 meters. Even 10 meters
wasn't dead although it may as well have been. Strictly N/S propagation there.

I was hoping to work the FT5GA folks during the contest but no joy here. I
thought that would be my best shot on RTTY.

It was a lot of fun. See you next time.

Rig: Ten Tec Orion and Centurion 500 watts
Antennas 10-20 3 element Steppir at 72' 2 element Cush Craft at 85' for 40
and a high dipole on 80. Pennants are used for receiving on 80.
WA1Z   SOAB LP   1,743,2732009-09-27 19:29:56
Always fun...Nice to see 15 open more. Thanks for all the QSOs!
AD1C   SOAB(A) LP   42,4082009-09-27 19:33:11
Radio: ICOM 756 Pro III (100W)
Antenna: half-G5RV in attic
Software: WriteLog 10.73

I could not get that excited for this contest, even though I had the house to
myself all weekend. It was great to see all the new callsigns. Best QSO was
UA0FAI on 20 meters. Congrats to everyone who worked FT5GA.

73 - Jim AD1C

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total

CM 1 1
CT3 1 1
DL 3 3
EA 4 4
EA8 1 1 2
F 2 2
GI 1 1
HB 1 1
HI 1 1
HK 1 1
HR 1 1
I 5 5
JA 2 8 10
K 50 80 130
KH6 1 2 3
KL 4 4
KP2 1 1
LU 1 1
LX 1 1
OE 1 1
OH 1 1
OM 1 1
P4 1 1
PA 1 1
PY 1 2 3
S5 1 1
TI 2 2
UA9 1 1
VE 6 12 18
XE 6 6
YU 1 1
YV 1 1 2
N6AR   SOAB HP   1,206,5762009-09-27 19:36:28
Missed the first 2 hours and Saturday Morning so it was catchup the whole way!
Very few contest dxpeditions opn RTTY.
NØKM   SOAB LP   114,3592009-09-27 19:41:10
AL1G   SOAB HP   148,6742009-09-27 19:44:25
After QSO number 389 my amp quit working, so the rest of the Q's are with 100

Thanks to all who called me!
NI6T   SOAB HP   1352009-09-27 19:45:46
With social engagements, a K3 to stuff, and CQP to pack for, this minimal entry
had two purposes: give some points to P49X and work C37URE; both occurred.
N4OGW   SOSB/20 HP   460,9202009-09-27 19:52:09
Note: the qso total includes some dupes, but the point total should be ok.

This was my first time seriously operating a RTTY contest. I operated most of
the time when 20 was open although I did miss a few prime hours Saturday
morning due to thunderstorms. Conditions on 20m were better than I expected.

One high point: FT5GA called me. Low point: I completely missed my own state
for a multiplier!

Radio:K3; power about 750W; antennas 4 element yagi at 100 feet, 4 element yagi
at 50 feet fixed on EU.

K7QQ   SOAB HP   835,7372009-09-27 19:52:14
Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec
3.5 62 73 3 4 27
7 409 727 44 24 52
14 583 1377 74 27 47
21 82 164 21 15 19
Total 1136 2341 142 70 145
Score: 835,737

Big surprise with 15 on Saturday morning.
K4GMH   SOAB(A) HP   2,892,2782009-09-27 19:54:13
That was fun. Hope you also had fun.
Finally, a decent 15 meter opening from East Coast
USA to Europe. The Saturday opening was better
than Sunday's. Both days were good compared to what
we've had in recent RTTY contests.

Equipment operated okay at the start and for the
first 12 hours. Then the rain came with the
weather breaking one leg of the 80 m inv. vee. All
the 80 meter contacts were made during the first
few hours of the Contest.

Use a couple of Beverage ant. to listen so didn't
realize the transmitting ant. (inv. vee) was damaged
until tried to transmit on 80 m Sat. evening and had
a plus 5 to 1 SWR.

During the latter part of Sat. noticed a
random noise showing up on both radios (SO2R).
Not sure if the noise was caused by some type of
rectification when the broken leg wire was hitting
the tower while transmitting on either of the Yagis.
The noise didn't start until Sat., which leads me to
think the broken wire has something to do with the problem.
Will find out this week when the inv. vee is repaired.

Thanks for all the contacts - your working me is

Mike, K4GMH
K2YG   SOAB QRP   87,8282009-09-27 20:03:03
Elecraft K2 @ 5 watts, Tibander/Dipole/RITTY-RTTY
AE1P   SOAB HP   709,7162009-09-27 20:13:17
Had fun!!
Wish more op's would try 15m...was open most of the contest to somewhere.
It was Nice having FT5GA call on 15m,
and was nice to grab a few new DX spots.
1st time over 1K Q's, not bad for all homebrewed antennas.
Now new goal for next year...1500 Q's!!
KX7L   SOAB LP   17,7212009-09-27 20:18:12
After the news of the previous week, a song by the Police was stuck
in my head "There's a little black spot on the Sun today.." I was
originally going to just see what new dx I could find, but I was
having so much fun I couldn't stop.
N8NOE   SOAB LP   142,1462009-09-27 20:22:21
Scored using RUMped and CocoaModem..
Lot of fun in the Contest and got a few good DX Qso's along the way..
WN6K   SOAB LP   156,3922009-09-27 20:27:32
A kind of a part-time effort this year. Since the bands were also part time, the
effort seemed to match the mood of the bands. Sometimes the band (20m) seemed
impressive only to wane about an hour later.

15m never seemed good to me - it seemed to play like 6m sporadic e type -
wagging the antenna for backscatter and when you worked two or three in rapid was in a specific area and then it went dry.

Bad habits are creeping into RTTY contesting...I can't tell you how many times
I had to call guys AGAIN right after the QSO to get a confirm. They don't
acknowledge and go on to work the next guy and you are wondering if you worked
him or not....RTTY is slow enough without having to redo Q's ... oh well.

Diddle diddle dee,
WN6K, Paul
KD5J   SOAB LP   3,2342009-09-27 20:29:11
2009 CQ WW RTTY DX Contest KD5J Zone: 04


14 ON! 05 QC DL FL PA! 15 I VA 03 UT
MA E7 16 UA MD 04 SD G 08 HI 01 KL7

13 33 EA8 14 EA 15 05 NS OK! 09 HK SP
11 PY 06

13 09 P4 04 AL

Total: 63
Mults identified with ! are DX.
PW2B(PY2HL)   SOAB LP   697,7882009-09-27 20:31:50
AE5PW   SOAB LP   348,8402009-09-27 20:32:29
My goal for this year was quite simple - to make 500 QSOs and to have a higher
score than last year. I surpassed the goal and ended up with 673 QSOs, as well
as a new DXCC entity (Andorra) and a total of 15 new entities on various bands.
My score doubled from last year.

The conditions here in Arkansas were odd, as I didn't see much from the middle
of the USA. Most of my domestic contacts were west coast or New England
states. On the DX side, I was pleased (and surprised!) by the sheer number
of DX stations that I saw. I would assume that the sunspots and increased solar
flux caused more DX stations than usual to get on and see what those little
black dots on the sun were causing down here on earth.

I saw 10 meters open to South America for a while with an Argentina station
that had a S9 signal for several hours on Sunday. Too bad not many stations
(domestic or DX) were on 10m. On 15m, it was almost strictly DX. I made 45
QSOs on 15m and nearly all of them were outside the USA. 10, 15 and 20m all
seemed long to me. 40m was a hotbed of activity, both local and DX. On 80m, I
can't complain about making 100+ QSOs using a 25 foot tall vertical.

I didn't see VT, ID, DE, SC, or OK on any bands. What I enjoyed most about this
contest was the non-stop activity. I could tune through whatever bands were open
and find RTTY from segment-edge to segment-edge. Each time I tuned through I
could find new stations that I hadn't worked before. When I was tired of S&P,
I could call CQ and get lots of takers.

The typical Sunday afternoon slow time was not present for me in this contest.
I stayed busy through the final couple of hours and made lots of great contacts!
Other commitments took away a few hours of operating time on Saturday, or I
could have easily reached the 700 QSO mark. Thanks to everyone who worked this
little gun station.

My very simple setup is a Yaesu FT950 running 100 watts to a Butternut HF9V
ground mounted vertical antenna. No tower, no beam, no amp.

Hopefully the solar conditions will continue to improve, and next year we will
see much more activity on 10 and 15.

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %
NA 98 240 144 14 1 497 73.8
AF 3 2 3 2 0 10 1.5
EU 2 42 62 9 0 115 17.1
SA 1 11 7 18 5 42 6.2
AS 0 2 2 0 0 4 0.6
OC 0 1 2 2 0 5 0.7
AJ4FM   SOAB HP   19,1402009-09-27 20:32:56
My first contest I've worked to submit a score in 48 years. I think I like this!
Thanks to all that worked me. Now that I have this one in the books, it's time
to get serious. David
KE7YF   SOAB LP   60,3562009-09-27 20:33:36
IC-746 PRO 100W.
HOA Antenna Restrictions.
20M ANT: Rotatable dipole made from Hustler Sticks 3 meters off the ground.
80M, 40M, 15M ANT: Ground mounted Hustler mast plus band resonator, no
Rigblaster Pro, MMTTY.

Saturday Morning EU stations on 20M were as high as S-6 into my dipole.
Sunday Morning EU stations were only S-4 at best.
Heard many more EU than I could work with 100W.

Had fun anyway....thanks to all....73....Paul KE7YF
K6NV   SOAB HP   90,8042009-09-27 20:48:44
2nd RTTY contest I ever entered. Spent to much time S & P, running is easy and
a gas. Also, low power does not cut it, ran 500-700w and got everything i

3 ele tribander at 60'
dipole for 40m at 70'
Inverted Vee and vertical for 80m
N6TV   SOAB HP   103,5922009-09-27 21:09:34
Just a few hours on to verify that all the equipment/software still worked.
WØLSD   M/S HP   2,138,0242009-09-27 21:32:54
Had a great time operating, ears are still ringing, but that will get better.

Thanks to Ken, W0LSD for hosting us at his fine station in the mountains of
Colorado. Also to our fine in house support crew Jan, KB0QEP and Kate, K0YV.
There was no going hungry.

Someday 10 and 15 will get better.

73, John K0TG for Ken W0LSD and Bob W0BV
K6BL   SOAB HP   358,8002009-09-27 21:41:12
My first CQWW RTTY. Wow, did I learn a lot. Biggest challenges: tuning, sorting
out whose frequency it is, and new software (new to me). Most fun: CQing and
running. Thanks for the Q's, I'll be back.
OG8A(OH8VJ)   SOSB/15 HP   164,2982009-09-27 21:58:07
Huh what a contest. It was nice to see that 15 was open!
I broke my old Ameritron linear on early Sunday morning so half of the fun was
Next year again!

Pentti OG8A&OH8VJ
K9NR   SOAB LP   197,2252009-09-27 21:59:25
Small effort. Hope to finish antenna rebuild soon.
K7HBN   SOAB LP   162,1802009-09-27 21:59:56
Fun contest, 20 meter activity level unbelievable both days. I even managed to
work all continents on 15 thanks to EA8 and IT9 and a couple of timely JA's.
Low power can be frustrating at times but all in all I had a great time.
F/VA2SG/P   SOSB/20 QRP   962009-09-27 22:23:27
60 minutes running QRP FT817ND and buddistick. Antenna location not good but
thought it'd be fun giving some points.

73 Au revoir!
W4HOD   M/S LP   208,1322009-09-27 22:32:12
Great contest. The IC-746 Pro and MFJ 998 tuner worked flawlessly. Best score
for W4HOD yet. Lots of fun.
OK3C(OK2ZC)   SOSB/20 LP   225,0782009-09-27 22:32:52

2el QUAD
K9OM   SOSB/20 HP   354,2072009-09-27 22:34:48
My first RTTY Contest and what a blast! Sorry if I sounded like a novice- I was
one! 73, Dick- K9OM
EA4ZK   SOSB/20 LP   5,7602009-09-27 22:39:25
Not enough time for contest, my family and my job spent all my time.....
H2E(5B4AGE)   SOAB LP   992,0822009-09-27 22:41:34
Tnx all for a good contest. Didn't quite get to the million, better attempt next
VA7AM   SOSB/20 LP   130,1582009-09-27 22:58:02
Lots of fun!!
KL8DX   SOAB HP   104,5622009-09-27 23:32:38
A nice opening to Central & South America on Saturday on 15 meters but
Sunday yielded nothing on that band for me. I had to work the weekend
due to the end of our fiscal year. Denali is once again quiet and Winter
has arrived. It was 16 degrees this morning with 4 inches of snow on
the ground. Even though it is chilly outside the bands were hot. Wall
to wall on 20 meters. Thank goodness for RTTY filters! With Winter
arrives the contest season so looking forward to many more contests and
contacts. Was asked for my state several times but we were DX in this
one. Lots of fun and especially seeing many old friends and familiar
callsigns. RTTY is sure a popular mode but that's one of the many
reasons I enjoy it.

See ya in the next one!
Phil KL8DX
Denali National Park, AK
K7WP   SOAB HP   212,2562009-09-27 23:45:08
Rig: FT1000MP / AL811H / Force 12 6BA @ 70' / Classic 33 / 80m Sloper/ N1MM
(MMTTY) / MicroHam USB Interface II.

Technical issues and a busy weekend hindered a serious effort, but much fun was
had as always in this contest! Great to hear some propagation as well as a
bunch of activity. Due to the times that I was able to operate, I missed the
normal west coast JA runs, which are always a pleasure to hear and work...hope
to work all of you next time.

Thanks for all the Q's and C U all in the CQWWSSB!

73 from AZ,

John K7WP ..
W1UE(@K1LZ)   SOAB HP   2,705,5002009-09-27 23:57:13
I'd like to thank Krassy K1LZ, for the use of his great station. There were a
few glitches, but overall the station performed excellently, and any
shortcomings were the fault of the operator and not the station!

I know I checked that I was SO2R, but I was for only a short time. Turns out
there was a problem with the audio decoding for the right radio; maybe 1 out of
4 signals would decode in RTTY. Couldn't figure out hot to get it to work, and
I didn't want to undertake any rewiring of the station, so I spent most of the
contest using only 1 radio. I would like to have seen the score if two radios
had been fully available, but going back to 1 radio sure leaves one with lots
of spare time during the contest!

Happiness is having FT5GA call you on 20M for a double mult!

Nice to see a decent 15M opening. Saturday was better than Sunday, but it was
still nice to get a couple of runnable hours. LU1HF had an S9+ signal on 10M,
but he was the only non-local in the log on that band. It will be interesting
to see how many stations K1TTT has in the log on 10M.

Congrats to K4GMH and AA3B for great Assisted scores. Thanks to everyone for
the Qs, and hope to CU again next year!

Dennis W1UE
DL8MBS   SOAB LP   216,9482009-09-27 23:59:36
Luckily RTTY is so forgiving to the big number of family and work distractions
during the weekend. Having had national election day on sunday I wondered that
none of the parties tried to claim the bettering condx as a result of their
interstellar performance... ;-)
Even if it felt somtimes a bit like qrp it was more enjoyable for a little
pistol than other contests of the last months. Only pity was that so many
replies to the wealth of biig 40m-US-signals the second night earned cq in the
face. But with activity up to 7080 there must have been some QRM, too.

Rig: IC 718 + N1MM/MMTTY (fb!)
Ant: 40m-doublet @ 8m

Thanks for the Qs and best 73,

73, Chris
OH2BP(OHØBP)   SOSB/40 HP   156,2942009-09-27 23:59:59
ICOM IC-7700 + 1 Kw MosFET PA JRL-2000FH + Cushcraft XM240 @ 26M

It never opened really to the States. Thanks for all valuable Q's.
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SOSB/15 HP   331,5002009-09-28 00:04:58

Antenna:- C/Craft A3S @ 50ft
Rig:- Icom-756 Pro3
Amp:- Acom-1000
Software:- Win-Test V3.27

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's.
I kicked off eventually at 0546Z after sitting around
for half an hour wondering why it was so quiet, it took
me that long to realise that I hadn't hooked up my antenna.
I did however manage to work UN1L on 80ft of coax !!
The Alzheimers must be setting in faster than I thought!
Apart from that small mishap 15m stayed open on day 1 until
around 1500z and until 1700z on day 2 with a bit of a drop
out between 12 and 14z I even managed to work a few guys
stateside late on in the day although the signals were
pretty weak.

Why do some stations send the complete exchange after
the initial CQ !! I did mention it to a few guys so
hopefully they will take note.

Log is on LoTW for paper cards pse see QRZ.COM

73 and hope to cu in the TARA PSK Rumble next weekend, Steve.
VK6HZ   SOSB/20 HP   44,3202009-09-28 00:43:21
Finally some sunspots and some decent propagation! Now, what can I do about the
family??? Spent more time with the family than on the radio, but hey the SSB
test is only 4 weeks and it will be the reverse!
GØHVQ   SOAB LP   469,6122009-09-28 01:14:48
Great fun, what a difference a few sunspots can make. Set a target of 500 QSOs
and got 737, 15m much busier than expected and quadruple the usual QSOs on 80m
thanks to the loan of a vert, rather than the usual low dipole. Hard work on
15m due to low power - heard but missed JA, E21, VU, V5, and several YBs.

Darrell G0HVQ
DL3EBX   SOAB LP   18,4262009-09-28 01:15:39
Due to other comittments I was only able to work the last 4 hours of the
Tnx for all QSOs.

DJ8OG(@DJ6QT)   SOAB(A) HP   1,328,9562009-09-28 01:26:13
I missed almost the hole saturday (daylight), but from the early evening I had
lots of fun working this contest. Its relaxing compared to SSB, but the rates
are lower :-(
I had a little problem to receive sometimes and I could not find the failure?!
Anyway it was fun to work my 2nd CQWW RTTY.
Thanks to everybody who heard my signal.

Thanks also to Walter, DJ6QT, who gives me his great station for the contest.

73 de Matt - DJ8OG
S58M   SOAB LP   867,1402009-09-28 01:48:36
Rig: Icom IC-781
PWR: 150
3,5: INV V 20 m
7: 2 ee. Quad 24 m
14: 3 el. quad 17 m
21: 5 el. Yagi 9 m
28: 6 el. Yagi 11 m

I had a lot of fun in RTTY test. See U in WW SSB from same location.

73 de S58M
OL7C   M/S HP   257,7442009-09-28 02:05:39
more on
K4WW   SOSB/20 HP   66,3572009-09-28 02:37:46
With plans for attending 50th High School graduation reunion, over the weekend,
I knew it would be a very limited effort. I was really hoping to either find,
or get called by FT5GA, but it didn't happen.
VU2LBW   SOAB HP   220,1702009-09-28 02:46:49
Quite a bit of fun, as always. Found the band conditions were slightly better
than the last time. I spent my limited operating time on 15m and 20m. My home
is located in a high noise environment and it is sometimes difficult to dig out
the weak stations.

I would like to thank all of you have worked me and a special thanks to the
stations from NA (VA3DX, K0PY and others) who had to try numerous times to get
through the stronger EU stations. 40m was a disappointment for me as my vertical
was misbehaving with high SWR.

The station:
Rig: IC-756PROIII + SB-200
Ant: Create CD-318Jr 4 ele, tri-band yagi up 70', CP-6A vertical
Interface: Microham USB Interface II
Software: Writelog

73 and see you on the next contest!
-- Lucky / VU2LBW
ES5Q(@ES5TV)   M/2 HP   4,500,0002009-09-28 03:11:26
Congrats DQ4W!
AA2MF   SOAB(A) LP   141,9302009-09-28 03:48:11
First RTTY contest for me. Win-Test Logging Program with MMTTY. First night
spent getting the bugs out of the computer system. Had allot of fun. Plan to
do more RTTY contesting.
W2FU   M/M HP   5,760,5932009-09-28 04:01:27
Great contest in spite of real tough conditions on most bands most of the time.
Our first M/M on RTTY and only the 2nd RTTY we have participated in. Other was
M/S back in 2002.

Great battle back and forth with K1TTT and congrats to our "neighbor" team over
in Peru for a spirited competition that unfolded on GetScores for the full 48
hours. When the overnite crew left us Sunday AM with nearly 300K lead, we were
pretty confident. BUT that evaporated over the next few hours as 20 just never
opened to EU here in WNY until 11 am or so. It took all afternoon and then a
great last three hours with some 10 meter Qs and Ms and quite a few new mults
on other bands to push us back in front by a narrow margin.

Quite a bit of learning and some start-up issues, but overall, stuff worked
well and we only "lost" one amp (a 1960s 3-1000Z non-amateur) to the duty
cycle, and one computer. (P3 just won't cut it on RTTY apparently) The new K3
worked extremely well on 40 meters. Both 20 and 15 had startup problems that
prevented QSOs for the first 30-40 minutes on each of these bands until we got
them cleared up.

FWIW - It took about 5 minutes to get the amp replaced and running with most of
that the warm-up time on the AL-1500. It took nearly an HOUR to swap the
computer, get all the interfaces working and the 80 meter log recovered!

We had a great team of experienced W2FU operators and we did a lot of swapping
around from band-to-band to keep stations on the air. Getting the station
"ready" this early in the season, should help us later too. The Beverages went
up Friday, the new 15 meter stack is only 1/3 completed with 2 beams still on
the ground.

Thanks to the RTTY experience of N2WK, the setup and integration of everything
went pretty well. I spent most of the contest fixing, making better, and
installing the TIC Ring for the middle 15 antenna.

Great operating by all....N2WK, WA2TMC, K2TJ, N2ZN, K2DB, K0SM, N2CU, WB2ABD

CU you in CQWW -

LU1BJW   SOAB HP   594,1302009-09-28 04:33:41
Cycle 24 is here!
W4ZE   SOAB(A) HP   1,360,0322009-09-28 04:50:52
A very enjoyable contest with way more participation than I remember from past
years. The higher sunspot numbers sure helped. I found 10m open Sunday
afternoon and I was able to add some multipliers that I was not expecting. I
had to QRT at 2200z for family stuff.
WF7T   SOAB LP   99,1532009-09-28 04:51:35
An hour here, an hour there. Thanks to all for the contacts.


G5RV @ 10M high, 100W
W1AJT(VE3UTT)   SOAB LP   2,2802009-09-28 04:54:02
N2WN   SOAB LP   76,2552009-09-28 05:00:14
Had limited time to play due to SEDCO and TenTec Hamfest. Sunday was lotsa fun
particularly with 15M and some nice Asian DX on 20M. Added a few new RTTY DXCC
and one new mixed mode DXCC. Had hoped to catch the FT5, but never heard them.
Learned a lot from Jim, AD4EB's RTTY presentation at SEDCO. Modified some of my
script already and also my screen layout for N1MM (which really didn't like
either my check file or something I was doing, particularly with Hawaiian
stations, minor glitch for me). Still a lot to learn!

Elecraft K3
4 El SteppIr
dipole and delta loop
SM2JUR   SOAB LP   541,5802009-09-28 05:10:17
My loop horisontell antenn woked
just fb

Bennthy - sm2jur
KE1F   SOSB/40 LP   65,5202009-09-28 05:13:21
Lots of activity on 40.
NJ4U(K4EA)   SOSB/15 HP   253,6382009-09-28 05:28:03
15M was a lot better than I had expected. Good runs to Europe both days, many
strong signals from the middle east, lots of activity from the south, numerous
VK/ZL, and a nice JA run on Saturday kept me busy. As always, more activity
from Africa would be nice. Biggest surprise was being called by RW0A (z18)long
path with a huge signal on Friday night. The only multiplier heard but not
worked was a KL7. I found him calling a PY. I waited until he had made
several attempts and could not resist calling him. I called several time but
he never responded. The one (or two) that got away!

Neal, K4EA
VE4EAR   SOAB HP   1,022,6412009-09-28 05:31:04
WOW, So thats what sunspots can do!!!

Friday night 80m was a pleasant surprise, relatively low noise and was more
productive for me than in past contests. The 1/4 wave sloper is limited but not
much else can be done on the small city lot.

As soon as 20m opened on Saturday morning (1245z) to EU, so did 15m. Not strong
but did work several of the big guns. Unfortunately had to QRT in the middle to
deal with family commitments. (Timing is everything) 15m was not strong to the
Caribbean or SA and no AS or AF was heard. Stateside was non existent on

Some great runs on 20m which stayed upen to around 0000z to zone 14. It was
nice to get called by some DX for a change. Clearly not all DX runs a

40m and 80m were not as good the second night. Higher noise levels but did
manage to work some EU on 80m at my sunset. Unlike the east coast gange, EU on
80 is a real rarity from here. Consider everything north of +/-60 degree Azimuth
is a polar route and subject to all the wonderful things that can happen to the

On Sunday 20m opened a little later and there was no 15m opening to EU. However
15m did provide better SA and CAR propagation. Again no AS and only 1 QSO to AF
and the ZL areas. Stateside were limited to a few FL stations but did hear
several others from MN and WI on backscatter. They couldn't hear me

10m was dead both days here, at least whenever I checked.

Had a lot of fun and I am sure looking forward to sunspots returning!

The greates thing was running the entire contest at 400W with no complaints of
RFI. New neighbors=no problems.

I know I left a little more score out there but without the propagation to EU
or AS on the low bands and limited 15m openings, VE$ is not the optimum place
for these worldwide contests.

73 and thanks for the Q's and the repeats!

WA1FCN   SOAB LP   742,9802009-09-28 06:01:52
This contest showed why I like RTTY.
The last hour on 40 was the most exciting in
a number of years. I could not believe the number
of EU calling me, with my low power and only a
dipole at 65 ft. Only bummer was losing 2 hours Sat.
morning due to sever storms.
Almost same exact score of last year.
3V8SS(ASHRAF)   SOSB/15 LP   140,9762009-09-28 06:10:42
Thanks to all for calling! :)
I submitted the whole log but my category will be SO/15 LP.
I put a short story here:
Ashraf, 3V8SS
K6KR   SOAB LP   50,9492009-09-28 06:16:40
First RTTY contest. Had a great time!
KØPK   SOAB HP   343,6082009-09-28 06:20:29
First try at a major RTTY contest. Took a while for my CW-oriented brain to get
into the groove! Did primarily a 20m single-band effort with an occasional
foray to other bands for a needed country or two. Had first QSOs w/EU on 15m in
several years. Also had FT5GA on the screen briefly, but no workie!

Thanks for the Q's!

73 - Paul, K0PK
WVØT   SOAB LP   1,0242009-09-28 06:21:47
Windom antenna laying on the ground (don't you just "love" HOA rules).
4Z8BB   SOAB LP   1,344,1392009-09-28 06:40:21
WOW! 15 meters was hot! I even worked FT5GA! Had a great time with huge QSO
rates on 15 and 20 meters. Could have gotten a higher score but ran out of
steam with 5 hours left in the contest.


Ten Tec Orion II
Quad and Yagi antennas for 20-15-10
Wire loop for 40
G6PZ(UT5UDX)   SOAB(A) HP   4,441,0802009-09-28 06:43:37
Serge arrived from the Ukraine for this one feeling pretty beat after his long
journey. He wanted to catch some sleep before the start but only managed a
couple of hours after some set up issues with the computers.

I have been working hard to get our new 80m 4 square ready for Serge but it was
not to be as the control and phasing units are still in Russia with Vlad RA4LW.
We had planned on Vlad being here to set it to work but at unfortunately at the
last moment a visa issue has delayed his departure.

I decided to hook up one element of the new 4sq for the 80m aerial which worked
very well with strong runs into NA and some good DX too.
Generally tho' 40m and 20m were the money bands with 15 following up behind but
10m was almost non existant other than the usual batch of South Americans that
we always seem to find no matter what.

The first night was buzzing on 80 and 40m but unfortunately not to be repeated
on the 2nd as the bands just died. Serge decided to get his head down and
attack the bands again after some rest. 20M was not too bad during both days
but 15 was always a struggle although some good DX was worked at times into the
far East but never enough to keep any sort of rate going for long.

To sum up then, generally poor conditions on the higher bands with some
exceptions. The station worked well with a few issues here and there. Always
great to see Serge and maybe learn a little more about RTTY operation from a
great guy and op.

Paul G6PZ
KT1I   SOSB/20 LP   30,9762009-09-28 06:53:46
It was a busy weekend so I operated very much part time. Also had technical
problems that resulted in operating only on 20 M. enjoyed the action.
EC1KR   SOAB(A) HP   455,8802009-09-28 07:04:13
A nice Contest. 73 + DX
FT1000MP-MKV + 400W + OB9-5 + 1 ELM 40M + DXE-WA135 80M
YV1FM   SOSB/15 LP   259,0652009-09-28 07:05:33
Great and fun Contest... Thanks to all who contacted my station. Unfortunately 5
hours without electricity during the contest, of which 3 were in good
propagation. My setup: IC-746PRO 100W, MK2, N1MM software.
See you in the next...
YV1FM - Franco
VA3DX   SOAB(A) HP   756,3782009-09-28 07:05:59
Casual operating, 90 % of the time , just tuned the bands and called folks...
7Z1SJ called in on 40 meters, got FT5GA on 15 meters, 5H3EE called in, missed
KG6DX on 40 ..

New 80 meter Delta Loop worked well, aktho condx seemed poorish and noisy
AA5AU   SOAB LP   1,463,0882009-09-28 07:07:43
That was more fun than anticipated. The bands were great on Saturday with a
good opening on 15 meters into Europe. Had a really nice run on the high side
on 20 meters started at 1800Z, then 40 and 80 were really good Saturday night.
Biggest thrill was tuning across FT5GA calling CQ on 15M Saturday afternoon and
getting them into the log before the pileup got there.

Overslept Sunday morning but it was nice to get the extra sleep. Propagation
was not as good on Sunday so I took a lot of breaks and generally operated
casually. It was a fun weekend! Thanks to everyone who worked me. Congrats
to Bob, WA1Z, for a great score.

73, Don AA5AU
N8AGU   SOAB(A) HP   214,1492009-09-28 07:11:09
Great contest. We've come a long way from Model 28 teleprinters and 88mH toroid
filters ! 73 Alan N8AGU
P49X(@P4ØL/P49Y)   M/2 HP   8,600,0002009-09-28 07:12:09
Mother Nature nearly prevented me from making it to Aruba for this contest. The
normal harvest period for my Pinot Noir vineyard is early September, but this
year the last full day of harvest ended up being just prior to our 6am flight
the next day. I was exhausted getting on the plane and thankfully I had
planned to do an M2 this time with K6AW and W6OTC. Despite depressed band
conditions, we are pleased with our effort effort from Aruba. It was fun to
extend my normal SO2R configuration to Multi-Two. The three of us entered this
category from HC8N in 2007, and decided to try it from this more modest

Although the details differ, the overall results above are similar to what has
been achieved in recent years from HC8N in this contest. We were, of course,
disappointed in the ten-meter numbers. Mid-week, the band opened to the US
late in the day but the subsequent solar disturbance kept the band closed until
Sunday when it simply teased us with a very few contacts. We listened on 10
meters for hours and gave it every chance possible on Sunday but we could hear
very little to work. Another disappointment was 80-meters where yours truly
probably left another 100 QSOs on the band. The conditions on both 40 and 80
were challenging, with most signals just below the decoder's threshold and
sounding very hollow and mushy with lots of QSB. We changed AGC and MMTTY
decoder algorithms with little relief. This, coupled with my fatigue, resulted
in less than sterling numbers. I was fine on the higher bands, but the tough
conditions on 80 were more than I had energy to deal with!

Thanks to John, P40L (W6LD), and Andy, P49Y (AE6Y), for use of their station.
Also, to local managers and friends J-P, P43A, and his wife Chris, P43C.
Finally, I had a ball this weekend with Steve and Glenn!

Ed - W0YK/P49X
9A3XV   SOAB(A) LP   77,7002009-09-28 07:18:25
My first RTTY work ever. It was fun. I spend first day to learn how to tune RX
to receive anything... hi... Fortunately things were starting to be better
during the time.. :)))) (There is an amazing button in MMTTY - BPF)


80 INV L
40-10 GP
N1MM and MMTTY (nice stuff)

sale, 9A3XV
K6TA   SOAB(A) HP   124,8482009-09-28 07:34:19
YO9HP   SOAB HP   3,335,6162009-09-28 07:40:56
I had a lot of fun this weekend. Enjoyed the moderate openings towards JA and W
on 15 m bands, enjoyed the 3 band QSO-s with FT5GA, enjoyed working a lot of
new stations attracted by RTTY mode. Disappointed by poor management of
pile-ups by some DX operators..
Thanks everybody for calling me and for giving me the chance to make it again
(I hope..) to Top Ten of SO-HP category. See you in JARTS Contest! 73, Alex
EF8M(RD3AF)   SOAB HP   8,928,4882009-09-28 07:44:39
NF6P   SOAB LP   164,7002009-09-28 07:54:32
First contest with new call...(ex KD4HXT) An actual DX Contest with DX to work.
What a blast. Personal best in any WW effort. Wonderful conditions Friday and
Saturday from the West Coast. (at least the best in a very long
time) The number of great DX stations that called me kept me going. (9M2, Z3,
6W) Nice juicy mults on 15 meters for a change. Never heard a peep on 10
meters. Somewhat part time due to work on Sunday. Also got to bed early on
Saturday night. N1MM did have problem recording stations in HI and AK.
Had to change prefix and zone and go back and edit. Don't know what the deal
is. This was a good

FT950, FSK through Digi Keyer, 40 Meter Full Wave Loop at 25 ft, N1MM.
ND9E   SOAB(A) HP   139,5362009-09-28 07:58:50
Very P/T effort. Lots of visits from Mr. Murphy. 6 hours contesting time. 12
hours repair time.
AF4OX   SOAB HP   1,308,6772009-09-28 08:12:17
1200W, (20M,15M)=KT34A@40ft, (80M, 40M)=TX Homebrew Vert, RX Pennants
GM3SEK   SOSB/40 HP   344,4002009-09-28 08:29:57
Hardware: K3, GS35b amp, 4-square
Software: N1MMLogger, MMTTY
Support: McVities dark chocolate biscuits
A fun contest - thanks to everyone for the QSOs. Conditions to NA were the best
I've ever heard, but OC and the Far East have to be worked through the wall of
European QRM and clearly I missed some multipliers.
73 from Ian GM3SEK.
KSØM   SOAB LP   120,3932009-09-28 08:30:25
My best effort in this contest. I had a great time.
GUØSUP   SOAB LP   380,0352009-09-28 08:36:29
Nice to see some propagation at last! Not great, but certainly better than
recent months.
A great opening to W6/7 and VE6/7 on Saturday afternoon, which I took advantage
of, and just as well, as it wasn't repeated on Sunday afternoon.
Had a few good runs on Sunday, but could not get a run going on Saturday at
Hopefully there will be a few new band slots out of this!

Thanks to all for the points, and the fun.
My log is now on LoTW, but paper cards are always welcomed.

Very best 73

GB5ØATG(GW4SKA)   SOAB HP   1,014,0272009-09-28 08:44:58
Good to find decent conditions with Saturday very good here. Managed to miss the
best of it on 15 due to a problem with RF getting in to the audio; first time
this has happened and no changes to the gear. By the time I found that turning
the PC by 90 degrees fixed the problem it was too late! Saw the problems with
FT5GA which always happen with DXpeds in a test. Without split operation it
must be impossible to get any sort of rate, with all the world calling and very
few listening.
Thanks to all who managed to work me despite my poor selection of verticals and
wires ... should have the tower up next year :-) QSL and award info is on the
BARTG website
VE5CPU   SOSB/20 HP   19,8002009-09-28 08:59:00
A few hours of operation. Nice to work some DX. Highlight was South Korea!
YU7AE   SOSB(A)/20 HP   371,1242009-09-28 09:02:11
Great contest, thanks for nice weekend.
TS950sd with Inrad roofing filter and DSP-9+
Home made PA with 8877, about 600-1000w on rtty.
Antenna is 2el 3band Quad on 10m
Software RCKlog v.3.10 (5+)
KR7X(@K7ZSD)   SOAB HP   1,301,2002009-09-28 09:29:18
KR7X - 2009 CQWW RTTY Contest

Fall is here and another installment of the CQWW RTTY contest has been
completed at the Smoke Ranch Contest Station.

As always; a heartfelt thank-you to Brad and Ruth who hosted me yet again for
this madness, they are the best.

This year’s operation was without any major hitches, and I am more
comfortable with SO2R and the station set-up was just about perfect. I have
come to realize that ergonomics are what makes it easier to have significant
"butt in the chair" time. This is what helps to attempt a serious effort in any
48 hour contest.

The conditions were very good and a great improvement over the last couple of
years. 20m and 40m were significantly better than the last several years,
especially in the early afternoon where the DX used to disappear for several
hours from here until the JA's and Pacific would start to show up. 15m was not
so good, 10m sucked and I’ve got to get more serious about 80m!

My goals were to improve from last year’s 1400 Q's and 1,100,000 plus/minus
points. I accomplished this and feel that, on the whole, I did the best I could
given the conditions.

I must close with the observation that it was FUN, and that is what this is all
about. Thanks to all the stations that shared in the festival and to those I
QRM’d or couldn't work, sorry.

Brad/Ruth thanks for hosting me yet again.

Ciao and 73
Hank / KR7X
WB2RHM   SOAB LP   553,1592009-09-28 09:34:26
SO1R - It makes a difference!
SX5R(SV5DKL)   SOSB/20 HP   134,5122009-09-28 09:35:35
Had fun! What started as a full time effort ended up a part-time participation
due to social obligations and commitments. Ended operation on Sunday late
afternoon and lost all good mults of Carib and the Americas. Best highlight was
being called by HI3TEJ. Equipment used was a Yaesu FT-2000, an SPE Expert 1K-FA
@ 600W, a 12m high vertical base-loaded and a 30m Delta Loop fed w/ 10m of
450Ohm Ladder Line.
CU in the SSB & the CW parts.
IT9RBW   SOSB/40 HP   130,0482009-09-28 09:47:15
Just activ the first night,and some hours on saturday,nothing sunday.
Good condx to usa,much qrm from europe,big difficolt on vertical.
Good Experience for me on this mode.

Rigs Icom 756 Pro 3
Ampl 300 w
Ant Vertical Home made
Rtty whit sound blaster
Softw. Qartest

73s de IT9RBW
IY1NGM(@IR1G)   M/S HP   2,557,6442009-09-28 09:54:11
First thanks very much to Federico (IW1QN) that come and join us during this

We have had many problem during the contest…interface sometimes didn’t work
properly and once the system crashed. But as usual lot of fun and it’s very
nice to hear 15 m a little bit open.

First hours were amazing. After 1 hour of good running on 80 m we move on 40
where we had a very good pile up to NA. There we never hear (and work so) many
State as this weekend. Just before sunrise we move on 80 m where there was also
some interesting NA signal on the band. Morning was (as usual) disappointing
there. There was no possibility to make a good run and so we search mult quite
all time. Then when bands open to NA everything change…again good rate and
signal from west coast 59+20/59+30. Second night were not good as first one
but we worked many mults. The second day was quite as the first one…

Thanks very much to everyone that call us!

Filippo IZ1LBG (and IY1NGM group)
HI3TEJ   SOAB LP   2,519,4782009-09-28 10:02:35
Thanks God and to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's...
I finished shorted than last year score because my 80 meter 97q's not good
even I worked everyone I called did not get any run on that band.
On saturday spent a nice runs on 15 meter must of the time opened to EU and
just a FEW BIG ONES FROM USA also JA been a long time.
In 20 meter spectacular runs reached 120 QSO per minute rate so far I think is
the faster lap I ever did. AMAZING is not the real word for this but
JA,HL,VR,YB signals on 20 meter over the 30 dbs and passing thru my NA pile up
my lifetime RTTY Pile up.
Tnxs again to all the callers that make it posible found a very good tool on
the FT2000 for the deliberating QRM a pity I discovered 2 hours b4 contest
( Funny from the test Spent 2 hours calling for the Albanian station and the
Glorioso Station came to my freq. for a QSO HIHI can not argue).

2- FT2000 (100) WATTS
2L 40 meter + 1 rotary dipole
1/4 80 meter vertical

Blessing from the PUP Contest HQ
DF9ZP   SOSB(A)/15 HP   270,8642009-09-28 10:35:25
thanks for all contacts, band was better than expectet...Jo.
HQ9R(WQ7R)   SOSB/40 LP   307,6622009-09-28 10:35:49
Great contest! Thanks for the contacts. Big signals and great operators.

Radio: K3
Antenna: 43ft Zero-Five vertical, on the beach, 60 radials
Logging: N1MM

Thanks to The Radio Club of Honduras for their support.

See everyone in the CQWW SSB!

Ray, WQ7R..HR9/WQ7R..HQ9R
VY2SS   SOAB LP   1,138,4562009-09-28 11:10:53
This was the first contest for my new K3. It's going to be a while before I
reach for a knob and get the right one. It performed very well on RTTY but the
real test will be CQWW CW.

The contest started badly for me. I made only 18 QSOs on 40M in the first
hour. I should have started the contest on 20M. I hope I read this next year.

I surpassed my 2008 score by only 11,000 points in the last few minutes of the
contest. That is about 10 QSOs. I was in the chair for 30 hours. This was
much more than last year but necessary to make up for problems with my yagi. I
had to point it at Europe and work NA/SA off the back. An intermittant
connection up there had to have the wind on it just right to keep the SWR down
low enough to use it. The KT-34A and saltwater environment don’t mix very

My overall rate was 41.4 QSO/hr. My best hour was:
09/26 1600Z - 1.4 per minute - 84 per hour

Although I brag about the performance of my two dollar 40M elevated vertical
made from 5 x 33 foot pieces of wire hanging from my 56 foot tower, I am
starting to think I need more tools on that band. My 80M tower vertical worked
great but 80 and 40 would both benefit from a higher angle antennas to get the
regional multipliers.

Well , VA2UP Fabi did it to me again. Is it the SO2R? Or he is just a better
operator than me. Maybe both? I did mangage to close the gap by a small
amount. Next year Fabi!

Thanks to all who made it into my log (30 from Japan). And also thanks to the
contest sponsors.

YU1ZZ   SOAB(A) LP   69,6002009-09-28 11:25:11
Milan YU1ZZ
DLØNS   M/S HP   1,416,1462009-09-28 11:34:36
DL0NS Setup:
TS-850 + TL922 (running) + Microham MK2
TS-850 + SB1000 (multi) + Microham MK2 + ICE419
FB33 (20m/15m/10m)
OB40-1 (40m)
Windom FD4 (160m-10m)
KA2KON   SOAB(A) HP   354,0422009-09-28 11:40:27
It all started pretty badly. The new computer, that seemed to work fine before
the contest, decided to be a problem. Looks like a combination of a serial card
not functioning properly and some rfi that never bothered the old computer. Trip
to the computer store on saturday at least made things somewhat workable if you
consider I had to reboot the computer more than 25 times during the contest.
Had a lot of fun and did better than last year which is the goal. Looks like I
am now getting limited by the Icom 746 that had a hard time with adjacent
signals. Eeven a moderate station close by will wipe out the decoding. So a lot
of time with the pre-amp and agc off trying to keep my run frequency. Did about
half running and half s+p.
KY5R   SOAB LP   65,9402009-09-28 11:44:03
Wow what activity. Guess I need to get up to speed on this mode. Just S&P'd when
I had time. 40mtr ant broke so just three bands. Didn't check 10mtrs bust. Wrkd some pretty juicy stuff DX for any mode. Fiddled with
adjusting the radio as 1st time I have used it on RTTY. Got it sorted out now I
have to work on the op Hi Hi. I and my station are "in" fer more seat time on
this mode this season for sure. GL to all and TNX fer putting up with a
"green" op... 73 Tim, KY5R
GAØFGI(GMØFGI)   SOAB HP   661,8272009-09-28 11:59:52
Great weekend. Conditions up on recent weeks, Saturday better than Sunday. 20
and 40m money bands, with almost limitless stations to work. Good run into west
coast of NA on Saturday but I struggle to work SA. Interesting that more zones
and countries worked on 40m [helped by only 2 VKs worked in Z29 and 30] than on
20m but reverse in states/province numbers. Struggled on 80 and 15m but good to
see latter open at last. As always some good gotaways!.

Thanks for all contacts and to organisers.

EQUIPMENT: ICOM 7600, ACOM 1010 300 watts
ANTENNAS : 20-10m VK2ABQ at 25ft; 40m Vertical, 80m Loop at 30ft
OL3A(@OK1KQJ)   M/S HP   2,597,3192009-09-28 12:09:16
ONLY ONE RADIO FT1000MP + PA 1kW .... and fine weekend with Friends ....
No stress, but tranquility .....
73 de Pavel OK4RQ (OK1DRQ)
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   SOAB LP   1,454,3552009-09-28 12:28:15
TS850SAT and Icom720A (used for band map fill).
80 - INv.Vee
40 - 3el.Vert array
20/15/10 - 2el Quad
80/40 - Short Vertical
15/10 - 4el. yagi

Thanks for all QSO's. 2009 edition of CQWW was my personal best so far.

73, Nasko
K5AM   SOSB/40 HP   74,8062009-09-28 12:37:34
Location: Horse Mountain, 2400 m elev.
Generator power. Dipole at 12 m.
VE6WQ(@VE6JY)   SOSB/20 HP   740,8862009-09-28 12:59:41
Fairly good conditions this year up here in Alberta. Beat my all time best score
by 30k. Operating from Don's superstation is always fun. Used the new 4 stack
for 20m with top 5 element at 200ft. Having 7 20 m monobanders meant I never
had to turn an antenna.
Don is a great host always making sure I was well fed and woke up for the over
the pole openmings which were pretty good this year.

Equipment: IC-7800, Alpha 77 Amp
Antennas 5 element monobanders at 200ft, 160', 120' and 80' on Tower 1
5 element monobanders at 160', 120' and 80' on Tower 2
KG4JGQ   SOAB LP   196,0402009-09-28 13:02:49
Excellent contest. Tnx to everyone for the Qs. Look forward to trying for 48 hrs
next year.
VE1OP   SOAB(A) HP   1,453,1972009-09-28 14:45:23
SO1R, FT1000 Mark V, 450 watts, Tri-Bander, Dipoles, N1MM

Had full intentions of a 36-40 hour effort in this one, but found myself
finding it hard to stay interested a few times, so took many, many breaks and
got 2 full-nights' sleep...Ended up in the chair for 21 hours...Kind of wish I
had tied myself down a couple times as I could easily have reached my last
years score of 1.76 M, or even my personal best of 1.87 M...Oh well, the lawn
got mowed, chainsaws got winterized, kitchen taps got fixed and the contest was
very relaxed...

Highlight...Excellent propagation to Asia both Sat and Sun between 2000 and
2200...Snagged some tough mults...

Lowlight...The IW5 station who decided he liked my frequency enough to try and
steal it from me...Wasted 10 minutes getting rid of him...Ruined my morning,
took a long break...

Avg points/Q - 2.4, too low...
Avg score/Q - 1,042 OK
Avg Q/hour - 64.5 - Happy with this.
Best hour - 105 Q's
Best 10 min rate - 144 Q's/hour

All-in-all, had some fun, the station works well, ready for contest season...


Scott VE1OP
N4BCD   SOAB(A) HP   38,1212009-09-28 15:23:46
event to get used to the mode, new hardware, and the exchange. Operated off &
on for several hours. FT-950 w/RigBlaster PnP, SB-201 Amp, 147m Horiz Loop fed
w/ Ladderline.
XE2K   SOAB HP   1,079,7502009-09-28 15:38:58
My First chance to operate this RTTY contest, happy to meet a lot of friends
on the Air, will need to learn a little more to improve my skills and set up,
The openings in 20 and 40m where good for my location, happy to work A61BK and
A73A and be called by FT5GA in 40m, also DP1POL give me Antarctic, I was
not in the idea to make all the contest but try to have the most time to give
the Z 6.

After the contest the log was uploaded to LOTW and give me several new ones
and getting very close for the DXCC RTTY LOTW only, for that please upload
your logs and or enter to the program.

C U in the SSB and CW versions

K7VIT   SOAB(A) LP   122,3042009-09-28 15:49:46
Got off to a very slow start. Band conditions were pretty good, but I think a
day or so earlier they were better to Europe from my QTH. All-in-all, I think
things are improving band-wise. I'm pretty sure I have at least one busted call
in the log. ... And then there was my last QSO just before the closing bell with
OH6R (599+++) when I thought Europe was out to the West Coast. Was someone
pulling my leg? Maybe it was really OH6R using one of those Radio Arcala
CU on agn soon.
73, Jerry K7VIT
W9ILY   SOAB LP   291,3052009-09-28 15:49:54
I really had a fun time. Conditions were not bad and I worked a new one (C3) on
RTTY. On Sunday I worked ZC4LI and heard A7 but he faded before I could get him
in the log for another RTTY new one. I conquered a severe RFI issue on 80M so I
had fun there, too. Thanks to the organizers for another great contest!
K5NZ   SOAB(A) HP   145,9572009-09-28 16:02:00
Sure wish I could have played some more in this one but had a out of town race
this weekend and could only play Friday evening and some Sat morning before
leaving. How cool was it to be called by FT5GA on 40m!! Didn't think I would
have a chance to chase them for a RTTY new one, so a very nice gift! All the
help from W0YK's CTU info has me feeling pretty confortable with SO2R now... I
was having a blast working 20/40 Friday night..
W4PK   SOAB HP   1,291,1382009-09-28 16:12:23
Had a ball, a personal best score for this contest. Last year I managed 1155
Q's in 29 hrs 43 mins, and this year I got 1380 Q's in 29 hrs 12 minutes.

Last year I ran in the assisted catagory, but this year as an experiment I left
the packet off to run unassisted. Given my results, I probably will forego
packet usage in future contests. Also, I used Writelog last year and N1MM
Logger this year. Maybe that had something to do with my results too.

I run SO2R but I am not all that comfortable running with one radio while
S&Ping with the other. Invariably, if things are going slow on the run radio
and I call a station on the S&P radio, then I will have at least a couple of
stations call me on the run radio. Plus, I find that if I leave the run radio
off for something longer than about 3.5 seconds someone will invariably steal
my run frequency.

I do find SO2R to be very effective for dual S&Ping, even on the same band. I
spent about 60% of my time S&Ping and 40% running.

73, Sam W4PK
VE3KF   SOAB HP   910,4882009-09-28 16:31:05
It's the first my contest with Elecraft K3. Great radio!
Thanks all who called me.

K3 Elecraft + PA 500 Wt

73, VE3KF
KTØDX   SOSB/20 HP   83,5172009-09-28 17:12:30
Just testing the waters this time around. I have not done this contest that I
could remember. It was a lot of fun for the short time that I could put in
this year. Will plan to do this one next year as a full effort from this
station if the man above will allow me to be around next year. Great working
some of the stations that I have worked in other contests.
KG4CUY   SOAB HP   116,5722009-09-28 17:35:54
Emergency amp repair job in the middle of the contest kept 15m QSOs lower than
they might have been.
K6RM(@K9YC)   SOAB HP   38,8742009-09-28 18:15:26
BIG thanks to K9YC for use of his station. My main objective was to add a few
new ones to my DXCC count - I bagged 6 new ones plus a few I don't have
confirmed yet. And it was fun to try out some of that hardware (the tower and
Steppir) I had helped Jim put up this summer! Was I the only one who printed
"ELVIS IS ALIVE"? Thanks for the Qs!
Barry, K6RM
LU4HH   SOSB/40 HP   14,1522009-09-28 18:32:35
WA7NPX   SOAB HP   264,1362009-09-28 19:28:09
After a hectic work week I only planned to do a casual op. I even began
preparing a new computer only 2 hours before the start of the contest.
Imagine my surprise when I found my normally loud power line noise was
abnormally quite for some reason and the propagation seemed to be wide open to
I had only planned on making a hundred q’s or so but after hitting 100 q's
and having a ball I just kept going. What a fun contest.
Not trusting my equipment I started out only with S&P. Only after realizing
that I could work anyone I heard did I try my first run.
This surprised me as I was only running 400 watts to save the linear.
One item of interest though, there seemed to be very few South American and
Caribbean stations. Not sure if it was propagation or a true lack of stations
but enjoyed all the EU contacts for a change.
Looking forward to next year and will plan accordingly! 73's de WA7NPX
Rig : Yaesu FT-950 & Ameritron AL-811
Antennas : 2 element Qubex Quad at 10 meters and Hustler 6BTV vertical
WO1N   SOAB(A) LP   24,0792009-09-28 19:52:30
Station: FT1000D, C3-SS@38', DX-LB@50', N1MM/MMTTY

Just a few Qs to work some bugs out of the station and drive the family crazy.

N7MQ   SOAB HP   140,5952009-09-28 21:07:08
Limited time to operate; only 10 hours. But conditions much improved, and great
fun. Thanks for QSO's.
K2PO/7   SOAB LP   123,7602009-09-28 21:49:45
Licensed for 38 years - finally braved RTTY. I shouldn’t have waited so

It would have been nice to start the contest at the beginning, but other
commitments prevailed. Finally got to the shack 6 hours after the starting
bell and heated up soldering iron for finishing touches on the serial
interface. Then fought computer for too long – trying unsuccessfully to find
a driver that would allow me to use a wireless keyboard.

Finally sat down to operate – only to waste a further 40 minutes trying
unsuccessfully to make a contact. When even the locals replied AGN AGN I
finally figured out I was upside down. (More reading of AA5AU tutorial and
TS-850 manual…) Eventually, at 1:30 am (0830Z), made my first RTTY QSO: YW5T
on 40m.

Enjoyed the 20m opening on Saturday. (My low dipole didn’t really cut it on
Sunday morning.) Nice to work Africa (CR3L) and Pacific (FO8TZ) back to back
on 15m Saturday afternoon – like old times. Among the countries heard but
not worked were U.A.E. and Armenia.

Resolutions for next year: (1) Get ready before start time, and (2) Have
something more than paralleled dipoles at 35 feet for antennas!!

Thanks to those who took time to patiently dig out the weak ones!


N6CCH(@W6YX)   SOAB(A) HP   247,5002009-09-28 22:24:59
Murphy was along for the ride. Tried to open on 20m early in the day PDT on
Saturday, but WL was having fits with sound card for RTTY copy. Lots of fun
none the less, thanks for the spots and contacts.
RK4WWQ   M/2 HP   1,074,7802009-09-29 00:49:54
RIG: Yeasu FT 1000 MP Mark-V
Yeasu FT 990 + PA 500W
LOG: MixW 2.19
OM8A(@OM3RMM)   M/S HP   4,360,0412009-09-29 00:52:22
See you in CQ WW SSB contest !

73 ! Tibi OM3RM
G3YBY   SOSB/15 HP   42,2822009-09-29 01:05:39
Time limited this weekend so very part time casual entry.
Band stayed open later to SA than expected on Sunday.
OM1VA   SOAB LP   304,4342009-09-29 01:05:43
Impression from the contest on
VE2SB   SOAB HP   1,501,8482009-09-29 01:47:49
First time in SO2R. It is not my final score, I lost 154 qso in my log and I'm
trying to recovered them (God damned Elmer.
Daniel VE2SB
E79D   SOSB/40 LP   92,0002009-09-29 02:31:20
TS530, 2EL.moxon@21,IV@15
OE2GEN   SOAB LP   1,000,9302009-09-29 02:38:24
On 15M and 10M it was quit hard with LP. Nice openings on 20M late evenning to
USA. No chance to work FT5GA. Wintest works great!
USØHZ   SOAB LP   715,9222009-09-29 03:49:53
RIG: FT 2000
ANT: 1/2 Vertical romb all bands
Thank you very much for a contest.
It was a great pleasure to meet old friends.
73 Stan US0HZ
LX7I(@LX2A)   M/2 HP   5,496,8622009-09-29 04:05:01
Thanks for all the QSOs. This year we were not able to realy improve our score
from last year. As some team members were only able to join us on Saturday and
had to leave earlier, we were not able to run 2 Stations during the full

As I plan to change a lot the antenna layout, which will only be ready for the
CQWWSSB 2010, the performance of our 80M Antenna was not very good.

Informations about the ongoing changes on antennas and towers are available on
our website. LX7I will also start to be active on VHF and UHF,

cu you in the next contests !

73s de Philippe LX2A / LX7I
K2ZC   SOAB(A) LP   258,5002009-09-29 05:03:01
Thanks all for the contacts. 73 and gud dx
N2QT   SOAB LP   1,519,3922009-09-29 06:32:58
What an absolute blast! Improved my score by 27% over last year with an
extra 4 hours of operating. Lower country count on 80, but that was more than
made up for by the 15M opening and even a bit on 10M.

I'm still fretted by some external mix products that hurts me when running
40/20M concurrently but SO2R still makes things move along well for me.

Highlight was finding FT5GA cqing on 15 and working him with 1 call at 100w
after failing with a KW before the contest!

Many thanks to the sponsors and the participants and congratulations to WA1Z
for another great score this year!

Station: K3, FT1000 MKV Field,
KT34A at 60 ft,
3 el Steppir at 48 ft
40M rotary dipole at 54 ft
Shunt fed tower on 80 M
LZ8E(LZ2BE)   SOAB(A) HP   3,697,5082009-09-29 06:33:11
Little bit better result compared to last year.
Thanks to all who worked with me!
73, Boyan
DM5TI   SOSB(A)/20 HP   531,1002009-09-29 07:01:11
My notebook went kaput. Fatel error w/o chance to fix it. I needed roughly 8
hours to come back on the air with a spare one. I lost a lot of operating time
and necessary sleep.
AG4W   SOAB HP   1,002,0082009-09-29 07:15:47
FT5GA called me on 20!
K9MUG/4   SOAB(A) HP   416,9762009-09-29 07:45:30
Thanks to all who q'd. Couldn't answer the bell for the second day.
KS7S   SOAB HP   186,4202009-09-29 07:55:07
What a blast that was! A few sunspots sure helped.

This was a 100% better effort than any I'd had before in this contest (220 Q's
previous best).

Now for an 80M antenna and better high band antennas before next time.

Elecraft K3 AL-811 at 250W R7000 Vertical microKEYER/N1MM ver 9.9.6
OL6X(OK1DIG)   SOAB(A) HP   3,572,3442009-09-29 08:30:29
Thanks for a nice contest, it was my first all band entry in CQWW RTTY after
some SB in the past. I still have to improve the traffic significantly, i was
despartely missing a 2nd radio.
73's and CU in CQ WW SSB
Daniel OL6X ( OK7M,OK1DIG )
NO2T   SOAB(A) HP   937,5122009-09-29 08:45:10
Started slow, but picked up fast. Saturday was fun! Running on 20 with the rate
meter over 120/ hour was so so good. Wish that I could have held it there for
the entire contest. Saturday eve (local time) was a bad. First my 80 meter
dipole developed a short, followed by the 40 meter one. Very high humidity with
not enough rain to wash the insulators may have been the culprit. The net result
was no operation on 80 and only a few watts (about 60) on 40 meters. Sunday
afternoon and evening also the antennas were poor. Therefor the major effort
was 20 meters. The band, here in New Jersey, opened early and lasted a long
time into the evenings.
Lost much time trying to find out what was wrong with the low band antennas.
Fortunately did not damage the amplifier. It (Acom 1000) ran at 600 to 800
watts with no problems.
Most important, thank you for all the QSO's. Thannk you for putting up with and
answering my weak signals on 40 meters on Sunday evening(local time).
One big problem that must be noted. Many stations did not tune to my signal. I
ran with 300 hertz pass band using an SDR-1000 with very very steep skirts. If
you were more than 50 Hertz off frequency could not decode your signals. Had to
use AFC on receive. This means it took time to lock onto your signals which
slowed down the QSO rate. Please try to tune close to the signal before
answering. Many stations are not in log because of this off frequency tuning.
Hope to see you again in the contests - Jerry NO2T
W4GAC   M/S HP   882,2382009-09-29 09:05:41
This was the last club contest from our present location. Moving to a new
location with more antenna room and very low line noise. Hopefully we will
be up and running for next years contest with better equipment.

This was our best effort in CQWW. The MULT computer died with 5 minutes to
go and we didn't lose any date. Everything else held together.

Hope to se you all in 2010.

73 Ron KP2N
SPARC contest group
LA3BO   SOAB LP   108,1882009-09-29 09:43:15
My first RTTY contest ever! Very relaxing compared to CW and SSB..
Main activity this weekend was SAC SSB, so this was just to fill the spare
NX5O   SOAB HP   337,3442009-09-29 09:47:57
This year was good and had lots of fun even with all of the interruptions.
Everything worked good with no problems. Glad to see 15 open.
TF3AO   SOAB HP   535,4562009-09-29 10:10:03
Real fun as always. Sure the ACOM 1000 makes a big difference. Target was 1000
Q´s and got it at 1900 on Sunday. Conditions pretty good on Saturday, but we
had some Aurora at Sunday night so first of Sunday was tougher. Thanks to those
who worked me as well as spotted me. Spotting makes a big difference. Also
thanks to the organizers. 73 Seli TF3AO
LP2F(LU1FDU)   SOSB/15 HP   257,5842009-09-29 10:19:44
A big storm force me to give up on saturday nigth.
Very good log path conditions.
73 LU1FDU - LP2F
WØRAA   SOAB LP   12,8002009-09-29 11:34:58
Murphy reared his ugly head. Somehow a nasty virus hit my
system and it ended my participation in this contest. I did manage
a few contacts after I got things up and running again, but by then
I had kind of lost interest if for no other reason than just mental
exhaustion after chasing down this nasty virus most of Saturday
night and almost all day Sunday. All seems to be pretty much back
to normal at present, but I'm still leery, As for Band Condx, they
wera a mixed bag here. Some signals just did not
decode enough to be readable. A friend called and said the
same thing and wondered if it was just him. On Sunday, condx
had improved, but I was just out of it by then. Next time has got
to better. It sure couldn't get any worse.
PY2EB   SOSB/10 LP   17,2872009-09-29 12:14:49
A73A(@A71BX)   M/S HP   2,693,7042009-09-29 13:20:28
CU in CQWW SSB es CW and 73
for the group
de A71BX
VE3AP(LU7DW)   SOAB HP   2,629,8402009-09-29 14:23:08
Station Run: Yaesu FT-1000MP, H-B Amplifier 1Kw, PK-232, PC Pentium 233 MHz DOS

Station S&P: Kenwood TS-870, Alpha 87A, PK-232,PC Pentium 150 MHz DOS w/WF1B

Antennas: Bencher Skyhawk, TH-5, XM240, 80 meter dipole


THANKS AGAIN to Don-VE3RM for his great host, Thanks to all for QSOs, sorry
for some people that I was slow answering your call, because I have lot of
problem until Saturday afternoon because RF in the shack and I need to reboot
the PCs MANY times, these rebooting cost me some QSOs (they dissappears from in
the log)

I need to improve my SO2R operation, few multipliers in second radio, and as I
was using two keyboards (I fell like Rick Wakeman) many times I was
answering/calling stations in wrong radio, anyway trying SO2R using old stuff
2 PK-232, and 2 DOS computer running WF1B was a lot of fun indeed
Nice to being called by FT5GA and more than 50 JAs are in the log together with
3 QSos in 10 meter means new Solar Cycle is arriving.

See you in CQWWSSB I'll be @ K3LR for more contesting and lot of fun !

73, Claudio VE3AP-LU7DW-VE2DWA-N6LU
WD5K   SOSB/20 HP   173,2322009-09-29 14:43:17
FT1000mp + Amp 700w
TH7DX at 15m
KD8GOX   SOAB LP   9,5882009-09-29 16:36:58
Goal in this contest was to build 15M and RTTY count for DXCC and maybe snag a
good dx contact. Station really not set up for serious RTTY action - "cat with
a long tail in a room of rocking chairs" - you get the picture. Goal was
acheived with Zone 28, 38 and 25 QSO's. I hope I helped a few contesters and
the club out. See you in WAG. 73 de Karl
N7BV   SOSB/20 HP   104,5202009-09-29 16:37:29
Due to other committments, didn't have any time Saturday, so did a casual 20m SB
13 hour effort.
N6PE   SOAB HP   398,6712009-09-29 18:37:59
Amp fried on 10 meters and ran barefoot after that. Did better than last year so
I'm happy. Thanks to all that copied my tiny signal.

VA7HZ   SOAB(A) LP   4,9682009-09-29 20:52:17
A great contest The propagation God's were with me for a change.
Managed to work RTTY Guru AA5AU and some good DX stations.
My pet peeve is still stations that continually send CQ and not listen for
returns. Thanks to those of you who did. See you all next year 73
9V1UV   SOAB HP   106,5352009-09-29 21:01:02
40 7
20 7
15 0
10 0
Tot 14
VU2NKS   SOAB(A) LP   594,0442009-09-29 22:49:42
Radio: K3/100

Ant: 3 El Steppir with 30/40

PWR: 100W
OK2SFP   SOAB HP   414,7562009-09-30 00:40:09
Very limited time to play, and poor conditions did not help.
Thanks to all for the points.

Jarda OK2SFP
3Z7ØRG   M/M LP   429,7302009-09-30 02:18:13
3Z70RG is Special Event Station in a memory 70-th anniversary begining
II war world and a provocation in a profesional
Radio Station Gliwice at 31.08.1939 year
Station start in a MULTI-MULTI class . Operators was
YT5W(YU1AU)   SOSB/20 HP   817,1902009-09-30 05:05:13
TNX for all.
73 de YU1AU Miki
KN5O   SOSB(A)/40 HP   97,8902009-09-30 06:12:16
Note to self - don't upgrade N1MM 30 minutes before contest and think you'll
have it under control - bad move.. Got into contest late.. Worked only 2 bands,
but entering in SOSB(A) catergory. Alpha amp in for repair - blown bandswitch
wafer.. 30S-1 was acting up b/c it was getting too hot, so ran LP for a lot of
Q's. Operated 40M for only 8 hours.. Thanks to all the stations that called..
Especially FT5GA who called me on 20M! What a surprise! This was my second year
operating in this contest, but the first year I made a half-hearted attempt at
it. The XYL doesn't like to see me at the radio for long periods of time, so
it was interspersed with plenty of honey-dos - but - I really like this
contest! GL to all - Ted, KN5O.
K4FJ   M/S HP   3,013,8682009-09-30 06:21:22
Not bad for two well matured ops.
TI5/WW4LL(@TI5N)   SOSB(A)/20 HP   593,7122009-09-30 07:03:34
Pileups were great and EU seemed to just keep coming one right after another
from start to finish.

Lost tube in amp Sat night and had to pull one from another amp to replace it.
Used K1ZZI's K3 because it was light to travel with and worked well. I did have
one problem that is probably not associated with the rig but for some reason,
the frequency jumped on me about 6 times and I found myself on someone else's
run frequency. My apologies to W2FU station as I know that once I ended up on
their run freq.

There seemed to be an unusually high number of dupes this contest.

As others have mentioned, it was great being called by FT5GA but there were
several other surprises like Antartica. Saturday night, the run to JA was
awesome. Thanks to everyone who worked me.

73'....Fred TI5/WW4LL
RA9CB   SOSB/80 HP   9,1122009-09-30 07:26:35
Just learned what my new rig (ten-tec orion) and antenna (vertical) could hear.
Thank you for QSO's and see you next year for much more serious entry.
YV5VD(@YV5YA)   M/S LP   1,023,3162009-09-30 09:19:05
Very nice contest in RTTY the station radio Yaesu FT 897 100 watt, antenna yagi
Mosley for 40, 20, 15, 10 meter about to 19 meter hight, interface homemade
YV5KG, in 80 meter bad condition with antenna G5RV.

Location Cua state Miranda south of Caracas capital about 60 km.
LTØH(LU3HY)   SOAB LP   843,1502009-09-30 12:11:11

Regrettably the 40 or 42 hs that I had planned could not work, only 33 hs

Family problems and an electric power cut during the Sunday they made it
impossible to complete

But I am very happy because a lot of time ago that I did not work a contest AB
Low SO2R and it is really very comfortable and less exhausting that to work HP
SO2R ( less intrumentos to control, everything is more simpler )

Thank for QSO's.-

73 Juan LT0H (op LU3HY)
CR3L   M/2 HP   9,735,5882009-09-30 14:01:19
Thanks for all OMs who worked us and sorry about those we couldn't hear.
A lot of fun with only 4 Ops., next time we promise to be better.

73, Walter, DJ6QT

"unchecked score"
VY2LI   SOSB/40 LP   80,8782009-09-30 14:46:17
As usual, not a lot of time for this one and I really wanted to do my best to
mark the 10th anniversary of our first-place world finish in M/S at station
VY2SS.Since it was not to be, I focused on 40SB to assess my new
antenna(pleased with results) and another go at N1MM vs.Writelog.Jury is still
out.Pre-contest and post-contest still goes to Writelog;however,I am giving the
edge to N1MM in the operational section.Both programs could use some
improvements/updates, but it may be lack of knowledge on my part.

Otherwise, a fun test and thanks to CQ organizers for the continuing good job
of fostering radiosport.New calls keep popping up(not that long since I was
one) which is a healthy sign.Logs uploaded to LoTW and eQSL; hope we got into

driven el of my 2el Cushcraft @70'
AA4U   SOSB/20 LP   58,6952009-09-30 17:08:53
I sure had BIG plans for this contest and was prepared to spend alot of time in
the chair. However, I got really sick on Thursday evening and spent most of the
weekend somewhere other than the ham shack. Well, as you can see I did put in a
small effort. Conditions seemed really good and I hated not being able to
partake in more of the fun.

There's always next year... thanks to all I did work though.
FO8RZ   SOAB(A) LP   153,4702009-09-30 19:09:42

Only with 100 watts and 3 elets yagi up 6 meters for 15-20. Dipole for 40.

Don't forget to listen ! I sent CQ during 45 minutes two times with few QSO but
with very good signals. When I have been spotted on cluster, it was the pilup !
So remember that you have also to listen in order to find mults !

Some european station had a very good signals, but they had also a poor
reception ! Another one had twice ! Thanks !

See you just a few moment for SSB, but very seriously for CQ WW DX CW !

All the best and remember that the cluster is not the only way to have multis


FO8RZ Phil

ps: sorry for poor english
N4KG   SOAB(A) HP   473,9222009-10-01 04:20:55
Dry hacking cough all weekend turned into Swine Flu Monday. NOT FUN !

Highlights included:

A73A 15M (new?)
C37URE 80,40,20,15
EA8 80,40,20,15
EX 20
FO 15 (all time new one)
FT5GA 15 (all time new one)
HS 20
HZ 15
JD/mt 40
OD 40,20 (all time new one on RTTY)
OY 80
SV9 80,40,20
TF 20
UK 20 (all time new one)
UN 20
VQ9 15
9M2 20 (all time new one)

Just getting over Swine Flu.
Avoid it if possible !

Tom N4KG in North Alabama
W7ABC   SOAB(A) HP   41,5802009-10-01 06:54:47
kenwood ts950sdx, alpha 89, steppIR 3el with 40.
K1TTT   M/M HP   5,657,3642009-10-01 07:12:19
Good tight race to watch on, several lead changes and close all
the way to the finish.
CT3EN(@CR3A)   SOSB/20 HP   1,160,8742009-10-01 07:32:18
Thanka to all that contacted me and all the other participants. CU next contest
CT3EN - Duarte
KA4RRU   M/M HP   3,191,7602009-10-01 13:04:04
Had a great time and we did not break anything!

73 de ka4rru - Mike
F8DBF(@F6KHM)   SOSB/20 HP   1,186,7762009-10-01 13:49:31
Thanks all for QSO.
Like last year, good sign to JA and west coast of NA most of the day.
See u at SSB part with TM6M team.
73's de F8DBF Sebastien
TMØC(F/TU5KG)   SOSB(A)/20 HP   770,0402009-10-01 16:03:21
Thanks to all to have answered my calls. It is my first contest on RTTY mode and
I enjoyed well myself.
See you on SSB mode.
Bests 73


KØIR   M/2 HP   2,543,0482009-10-02 08:31:37
Ralph Fedor, KØIR was making final connections and adjustments to his station
while Bob Chudek, KØRC finished configuring the local area network for the
2009 CQWW DX RTTY Contest. There was not much time remaining before the launch
of this new Multi-Operator station in central Minnesota. Six operators would
put the KØIR callsign on the air for the shake down cruise. And this would be
the first RTTY event for several of the operators.

The station has three operating positions. Two are equipped with FT-1000D's and
a SO2R position with a pair of IC-756 Pro-3's. A fourth workstation is used for
administration tasks and is not interfaced to any radios. The amplifiers
consisted of an Alpha 9500, Alpha 8410, Acom 2000A, and an Ameritron AL-1500.
These were run conservatively at 1,000 Watts output. Ralph had an Ameritron
AL-1200 in reserve and a new Alpha 9500 was sitting on a pallet in the garage.

The software used was N1MM and MMTTY configured into a 4-node network. This
software ran without issues while the operators learned how to use it "on the

The KØIR qth is populated with a half dozen towers with stacks of antennas for
40 through 6 meters. Two of these towers rotate while the remaining towers use
traditional rotators. One older tower remains barren of antennas at the

Overall the results were beyond all our expectations. Certainly there were
issues that needed attention, but the problems were resolved or worked around
with minor impact. No smoke was released from any of the equipment and our log
shows 46 hours of operating time. One of those hours was lost late at night when
one of the amplifiers developed a T/R switching problem that attenuated RX
signals by 40 dB or more. Some 40m operating time was lost due to rain static
drowning the band with noise that covered every signal.

Because this was a maiden voyage into unknown waters, we did not set any hard
goals for the contest. We did exchange ideas on a "it would be nice" basis. My
idea was to make WAS and DXCC. These were achieved. Mark, WAØMHJ had the most
aggressive goal. This was to beat the total Minnesota Wireless Association club
score from last year. This was achieved. As a matter of fact, our claimed score
beat the combined total of the two best years on RTTY by the club. Most
important, everyone had a good time and learned a lot over the weekend.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN
GI5K(MIØLLL)   SOAB HP   5,156,2692009-10-02 13:02:10
Conditions were similar to last year, however achieved a higher hourly run rate
on the first day, operated with less sleep and was lucky to access a slow but
steady flow of DXCC and NA states on 15m.
Once again spent way too long on 10m with the second radio,
stretched over 48 hours it felt like i only worked 5 stations but the log shows

Three five banders CR3L, IZ0EHL YT0A, and only one JA for a double mult on 15m

Some stats below for furtre reference.
See you in SSB

QSL LOTW or direct via G3SWH

Chris MI0LLL / GI5K

GI5K - Continents
By band - By mode
QSOs (with dupes)

| Band / Mode | EU | NA | SA | AF | AS | OC |
| 80 RTTY | 70.8% | 26.6% | 0.8% | 0.8% | 1.1% | |
| 40 RTTY | 62.9% | 30.5% | 2.1% | 0.4% | 3.1% | 1.1% |
| 20 RTTY | 44.1% | 41.6% | 0.9% | 0.4% | 12.3% | 0.6% |
| 15 RTTY | 60.7% | 25.4% | 4.0% | 1.3% | 7.4% | 1.3% |
| 10 RTTY | 75.9% | | 10.3% | 10.3% | 3.4% | |

Powered by Win-Test 4.1.0

All bands - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| Hr | |
| 00 | 85 |
| 01 | 116 |
| 02 | 104 |
| 03 | 98 |
| 04 | 78 |
| 05 | 74 |
| 06 | 118 |
| 07 | 123 |
| 08 | 118 |
| 09 | 121 |
| 10 | 107 |
| 11 | 90 |
| 12 | 86 |
| 13 | 77 |
| 14 | 64 |
| 15 | 77 |
| 16 | 42 |
| 17 | 88 |
| 18 | 97 |
| 19 | 98 |
| 20 | 81 |
| 21 | 97 |
| 22 | 30 |
| 23 | 86 |
| 00 | 64 |
| 01 | 67 |
| 02 | 8 |
| 03 | 20 |
| 04 | 45 |
| 05 | 70 |
| 06 | 45 |
| 07 | 55 |
| 08 | 59 |
| 09 | 55 |
| 10 | 67 |
| 11 | 81 |
| 12 | 75 |
| 13 | 49 |
| 14 | 32 |
| 15 | 51 |
| 16 | 56 |
| 17 | 92 |
| 18 | 47 |
| 19 | 57 |
| 20 | 62 |
| 21 | 72 |
| 22 | 49 |
| 23 | 46 |
| | 3479 |

Powered by Win-Test 4.1.0
AD7XZ   SOAB LP   42,8842009-10-02 13:54:56
This was they very first time I did RTTY. It took me hours to figure what the
heck I was doing. Fun fun fun. Maybe next time I'll have a tad better score.
100 watts was difficult to break through at times.

73 to all, and the people I did work thanks for your patience.

EA3GLB(PACKO)   SOSB/15 HP   352,8242009-10-03 00:47:46
Possibly the LAST contest as "EA"
next in HI
hoping to see you in the screen again from Antille zone

Packo EA3GLB
HA8BE   SOAB LP   1,069,7462009-10-03 01:06:42
Nice Contest!
73, Bela!
SU1KM   M/S LP   419,0582009-10-03 04:49:42
A few hours CQWW RTTY to bring Z34 and the SU Mult in the air. Many thanks to
Mohamed, SU1KM, for this joint effort!

73 from Cairo
N6HI   SOAB QRP   5,1462009-10-03 16:21:06
QRP 2 Watts, End-Fed 20 foot random wire antenna thrown in a tree out my window.
First RTTY contest, First Cabrillo log submission. Learned a LOT!
9M2CNC(G4ZFE)   SOAB HP   1,327,9972009-10-03 21:45:17

Elecraft K3 and IC-PW1 amplifier - 400W output
20/15/20m - Force 12 C3-S at 12m
40m - Cushcraft D-40 at 12m
Software - N1MM and MMTTY

An enjoyable contest but the SFI was not high enough to keep the bands open all
day so only 30 hours on the air.


1. Propagation to the US
My highest number of States/Provinces ever in this contest. Very good
conditions on 20m led to a total of 126 NA QSOs. Short Path NA and EU
propagation happens at the same time. As EU signals are stronger some CQ NA
calls resulted in welcome multipliers and additions to my RTTY WAS. Thank you!

2. 10m
A welcome opening on Sunday evening (local time) into Europe helped my lack of
country multipliers on other bands.


1. 40m
Getting a run into EU is still very difficult and frustrating. Being spotted is
the key to keeping the frequency.

Thank you for the QSOs. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW when I return to the UK
next week. QSL via G4ZFE

73 de Rich, G4ZFE/9M2CNC
NR4M   M/S HP   2,154,9752009-10-04 15:11:55
Still getting our feet wet with rtty as a group. Kind of a laid back effort.
Everyone had fun and all the equipment held up well. The K3s are a sweet
rig on all three primary contesting modes.
N3CHX   SOAB LP   194,9362009-10-04 17:22:33
ICOM IC-746 feedibg Kenwood AT-200 Tuner to a Inverted Vee @ 50Ft > 20Ft
CX7TT   SOAB(A) HP   690,6902009-10-04 19:07:47
Great to see propagation finally open on 15m. Tnx to all for Qsos.
TI5/NP3D(@TI5N)   SOSB(A)/40 HP   506,8002009-10-04 19:19:51
Tried to beat my own NA record made in 2007 from KP2-Land.
Basically, the same amount of QSO's and multipliers, but went to Assisted
category since I was in Telnet by an error for several hours on the first day.

Huge pileup from Japanese stations both mornings; I had even to ask JA
operators to go by number at times. There are plenty of JA's Contest operators,
just the propagation is not cooperative these years.

I used new IC-7200 Radio and was pleasantly surprised with this small piece of
art. The Radio worked flawlessly during 4 days, no problems ar all. Filters
are great and the Radio itself is very easy to operate, will keep it.

Thanks to every one who called me and answered my calls.

Many thanks to CQ Magazine, to K4GMH and W0YK for hard work, this Contest is
one of the best RTTY Contests we have.

Special thanks to my friend and partner on this DX-trip - Fred TI5/WW4LL. Fred
showed fantastic result on 20 meters despite of some issues and bumps which
took place on our way, he is a great operator and has nice sense of humor :)
Keep on going Fred!

See you all in the next one!

73's Andrei TI5/NP3D
DK8EY   SOAB HP   35,7002009-10-05 03:50:21
ICOM IC-7400, Ameritron AL-80B
5-ele-tribander, 2x 23m dipole
N1MM logger, Toshiba Tecra M4
DO3ME   SOAB LP   21,0902009-10-05 03:53:55
ICOM IC-735, 2x 20m dipole, N1MM Logger
YW4D(YV1DIG)   SOSB/20 LP   339,8132009-10-05 09:57:40
My 1st intention was to chase the FT5GA while YV5JBI was running the contest,
being with the FT1000 mkV still damaged and only the FT847 available turned to
be a challenge, also the 20m stack was out as the lower antenna was full of
swr, out to be in low power (seems that life is too short for low/qrp power.. I
take the hat off to this ops, really not easy running a contest in lp or qrp !).

I turned into the contest just to not be bored while waiting for the DX.

Lost a lot of time on the Glorioso chase, even 4 hours on 12m saturday, one of
them fully S9 and not a single smile. Do the dxpeditions hear for the qso
minority like caribbean, africa, vk/zl at least 1 time in their life or just
enjoy the pile ?

The good thing was that I enjoyed a lot the few hours contesting, even got 2
needed countries in the LOTW so I would like to say THANKS to all who called
(some of them a cool stuff) and hope to had gave them points and mults !

As usual thanks to YV5AMH for the YV4A station

73 Paul YV1DIG
F5RD   SOAB LP   253,2722009-10-05 13:33:05
My eighth CQ WW RTTY DX Contest and the best
Except on 10 m (just 3 QSO's), the propagation was good on all bands
I contacted two new countries (C3 and A7)
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again in 2010.
F5RD Bernard
DO9DMB   SOAB LP   1,4562009-10-06 04:23:25
OP4A   SOAB LP   130,9772009-10-08 02:46:46
just worked on saturday some houres,
IC746, 100watts, trapdipole for 80/40m and a ECO multiband vertical.
N1MM loggingsoft
73 to all OP4A Francis
IV3TMV   M/2 HP   3,539,2142009-10-09 21:41:07
Hello everyone,
and 'was a good contest organized at the last moment not to miss the
opportunity' to participate in CQWW test.
Excellent propagation conditions in the first part of the test, unfortunately,
an incident, we did lose the first 4 hours of testing on 80 meters because the
radio showed an anomaly of TX
moved down. Then replaced the radio through IV3ZXQ, everything 'back
Pity about the result will be 'for the next time.
Excellent condition setup, everything worked out for the best, No 'was the time
to install additional antennas, but this' already' in the thinking of the next
test of 2010.
Thanks to all the participants for their long availability 'to operate from a
station unknown to them.
Good system to have a cook (emanuele) available for meals in turn.
I hope that everyone will have enjoyed and I hope eventually to replicate
perhaps during the WAE test
cu in the next test
Flavio iv3tmv
W6TQG   SOAB(A) HP   32,0922009-10-11 14:51:23
Casual part-time effort. Thank you for the QSOs!
KP4AH   SOSB/20 LP   7,4002009-10-18 09:32:10
Poor conditions, see you in the next contest! 73'
ZX2B(PY2MNL)   SOAB(A) HP   4,364,0602009-10-18 10:58:41
Thanks to everyone for the contacts. See all you on the bands.
6YØFF(N2FF)   SOAB LP   185,4152009-10-22 16:46:23
This was a family vacation with the contest as a plus. My antenna was a High
Sierra with two radials for each band mounted on a balcony next to our room at
25 feet some 25 feet from the sea. The "Num Lock" Curse hit us and gave us all
sorts of problems which were not discovered until the day after the contest. It
is always great fun to be rare.

QSL will be direct via my home call or via LoTW eventually.

The special call sign had one BIG unintended consequence. Many ops thought I
was PY0FF. There is only one letter difference.

I hope to do it again next year
K6GEP   SOAB LP   190,0032009-10-31 22:03:16
I had 26 fewer QSO's than my personal best last year, but thanks to better
condix and antenna on 20, I beat last year's score by 15,000 points.

I put up a sloping 80 meter OCF Windom the day before the contest, which
is never a good idea. I thought it would perform well on 80, and it did not,
and that cost me some points. I had to take some time off to put up my 80m
sloping dipole in its place for the second night.

On the other hand, the Windom is a real performer on 20. The opening into
on Saturday morning was fantastic! I don't think I have ever worked this
many Europeans during a contest.

I still am trying to break the 500 QSO barrier for this contest, and I just
couldn't make it. I worked an all time new one on Saturday morning - 9M2 W
Malaysia. Worked many other new ones for RTTY: PA, GW, YL, OE, OK, OM and HK.
I tried and tried to get a Greek station, and they just did not hear me.
Never heard the rare ones: Monaco, Andorra, & San Marino. Maybe I would have
found them if I was assisted?


80 meter dipole sloping from 40 feet
80 meter OCF Windowm sloping from 40 feet
40 meter inv vee at 45 feet
Wilson SY-2 Triband Yagi at 18 feet

KD7RUS   SOAB LP   8,3202009-11-02 09:17:06
airstream in a state park with hustler whips... 7000 works great