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Microwave Spring Sprint   2016   May 7   Comment Summary

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N2SLO   Single Op LP   1,0092016-05-07 08:21:40
Conditions not great- worked Dave K1RZ pre-contest then during contest. Heard
K3WHC(Steve)exchanged grids but he didn't get mine in FN10. Worked the
regulars, some were not around for the contest. All contacts on 1296.
K3OQ(@W3RFC)   Single Op HP   122016-05-07 10:47:12
First time for doing this one. Need to get CW paddle in better alignment.
K7YDL   Single Op LP   1,3742016-05-07 10:56:00
Added 3 QSO's on 927 FM... thanx Darryl WW7D for the FM Rig!
KF2MR/R   Rover LP   1,4562016-05-07 11:58:35
I had a lot of fun in this Sprint. I made contacts on 902, 1296, 2304, and 10G.
Unfortunately no contacts on 3456 with my untested transverter. Unique
callsigns were VE3CRU/R, WB2BYP, VE3DS, and KA2OQZ/R. There were several people
on ON4KST who I could have contacted if I had the time, but ended up way behind
schedule and felt too rushed to spend the time needed to line up these
contacts. A good event by itself and a good test run for June. Excellent
W1XM(KB1CGZ)   Single Op HP   9142016-05-07 12:36:53
Bleh. Not a lot of activity, though I was only from 8:30am until 11am and then
1pm-1:30pm (ran off to MIT's Moving Day 100th anniversary celebration).

Best DX was K1TEO FN31jh, but his 1296 amp was down and we couldn't hear him,
even though apparently we were booming in down there.
Usually those bands are not so alligatory, but it seems that way.

Missed WB2JAY and N2SLO (both FN30). They were fine on 2m, but could not hit
them up on microwave.

There did not seem to be a lot of activity on 144.260 either.

Summary by band:
903: 2 QSOs in 1 grid
1296: 2 QSOs in 1 grid
2304: 1 QSO in 1 grid

Note that in all cases that one grid was FN31. Did not work my own grid :(

On the bright side, I think our 1296 oscillation problems are finally fixed
(please advise if you heard otherwise)
KG7P   Single Op LP   4482016-05-07 14:23:11
PLEASE clarify the scoring. I multiplied the total nr of contact by the
longest contact and called that my score. Thats how I read the rules, but it is
K1RZ   Single Op LP   11,7952016-05-07 16:10:25
The night before the Microwave Sprint was rainy and misty in the Mid-Atlantic
region. By 8AM the humidity was still at 97% with the temp in the high 40's.
By 2PM the humidity had dropped to 80% but the temp only reached the 50's.
Such wx is not conducive to good microwave band conditions. But there were
still a good number of stations on and many of them took the time / were
patient enough to wait for the peaks. My furthest contact was W4DEX at 530 km
in EM95tg, on both 903 and 2304. Also worked VE3DS in FN03fq on 902 and 1296
and K8TQK in EM89je on 902, 1296 and 2304, both of who were within 13 km of the
same distances. Thanks everyone for taking the time to get on the Micorwaves
and make some noise. 73, Dave K1RZ FM19jh
K6UGA   Single Op QRP   12016-05-07 17:15:56
My first SPRINT as an operator! Used borrowed ALINCO FM handheld. Lots of fun
WZ1V   Single Op HP   1,5602016-05-07 17:37:26
Operated 1296 only. 11 Q's, 6 grids.
Condx poor, very few New England folks.
Best DX K3MD FN10. TNX to all who got on.
-73, Ron WZ1V
WA6EJO   Single Op LP   2642016-05-07 18:10:28
6 QSOs
5 6-digit grid squares
118.97 km longest distance
263.9 km total distance
WB4OMG   Single Op LP   1,7972016-05-07 18:46:04
KD7TS   Single Op HP   6592016-05-07 21:47:50
worked 6 bands, but we get no multipliers ? Nice day to be out on a hill
N6ZE(@N6ZE/ROVER)   Rover QRP   382016-05-07 22:41:11
I managed to do a bit of 33cm operating while involved in (& driving a
S.A.G. vehicle)during a major bicycling event: Cruisin' the Conejo. I actually
made 2 QSOs with WA6EJO, one from DM04ne and one from DM04md. I only counted
the furthest one for my score.
I made 1 QSO while in motion.
rig: ALINCO DJ-G29 + 9 element M>2 yagi
K8MM   Single Op QRP   432016-05-07 23:12:57
I made my only qso on 1296 with K8SIX.

I had plans of mounting the transverter at the top of the tower but ran out of
time troubling shooting tx and rx issues. I calculated that I only had 250mW
reaching the antenna after running 1.5W through 200' of 1/2" CATV
hardline. I plan to have it up on the tower in time for June.
VE3SMA/R   Rover QRP   4262016-05-08 07:01:15
Only had time to get 10 GHz into the car. Operated from 2 sites in FN03 and one
in FN02. An enjoyable outing with nice weather up until just after the end, but
I did hear a bit of rainscatter.
K8CC   Single Op LP   1902016-05-08 11:35:29
Station: IC-7000, 10W DEMI 903 xvtr, M2 902-14WL 40L yagi up 65'.

903 was the only "microwave" band that I have. Notice that I said
"903". The last time I was on the band, stations west of the
Mississippi River were on 902 and those east were on 903. Apparently most
eastern stations have QSY'd to 902 where the ambient noise from ISM devices and
such is much less.

I'll be ordering a new crystal for my xvtr very soon.

My only QSO was with K8GDT in EN91bf. Tried and failed with KU8Y in EN61 and
K8TQK in EM89. I could hear them, but they couldn't hear me. I could hear
stations on 902 by tuning my IF rig down to 143 MHz, but it wouldn't transmit
there since it was technically "out of band".

Using the ON4KST chat room kept me interested and in the chair, even with the
scarcity of QSOs.

I NEED 1296!

73, Dave/K8CC
VE3DS   Single Op LP   2,8072016-05-08 13:09:11
Had everything fired up at 730 am and then the power went out! Fortunately it
came back on with 5 minutes to spare. Weather was warm and sunny with no wind
at the start as we were between 2 storm systems, that appeared to block signals
to the east and west!
Best DX was the N/S path to K1RZ in FM19 @ 524 km & lots of activity
locally including VA3ELE, VE3ZV, VE3FHM, VE3CRU/R and KF2MR/R and KA2OQZ/R who
was rovering for the first time - got him on 902 and 1296 FM! Also Tony WA8RJF
had a great signal up here!
Hope to get the power amps going for June! 73 Dana VE3DS
Canadians don't forget to send your activity reports to me for TCA's "Six
Metres and Down" column. eh.
VE3CRU/R   Rover LP   1,9672016-05-08 16:53:30
Left home 6:45 am for hour's drive to FN03vx Cobourg. Got on Highway 401 then
realized I forgot to load the 10 ghz dish, one band down. Only station heard
and worked was VE3DS in FN03fq. Moved to FN04ba, heard and worked both VE3DS
and KF2MR/R, none others heard. On to FN14ba, worked KF2MR and much surprised
to have KA2OQZ/R work me on fm on both 902 and 1296, then worked KF2MR in
another grid. Got 3 more with KF2MR/R in last 5 minutes of the Sprint after I
rushed to FN13bx and hastily set up. Got 10 Q's with KF2MD/R, 5 Q's with VE3DS
and 2 Q's with KA2OQZ/R who was out enjoying his first rove. Closest qso's were
3 at 91 km with KF2MR/R on 902,1296 and 2304. No qso's on 3456 with KF2MR/R,
noticed the 12.6V p/s for the 3456 Toshiba amp was not turned on. OOPS!

Some good stations planning to be on had issues preventing it, and I am happy
with my score.

Heavy fog for a while, but it was another great and fun outing.

Thanks to the Central States VHF committee for their sponsorship and
dedication, and to all who participated, plus those who worked me.


VA3ELE   Single Op LP   9892016-05-08 19:09:20
Seemed to be a fair amount of activity on the chat. Highlight was working W3SZ
on JT65c2 via Airplane Scatter. Sorry I wasnt too active on this one. Many
failed components led to much frustration. After a short time I gave up on the
home base and put togetger the 10GHz portable station and headed for the
Northern shore of Lake Ontario. I was very happy to have worked VE3SMA and
VE3EG, not a long distance QSO, but atleast that was working as it should.
After Steve snd Keith headed out to Lake Erie, I went a little north where I
would have a better shot towards the west for some possible Rain Scatter. I
did hear some random voices on SSB, but no calls. Someone was hearing me as
they kept calling QRZ after each transmission. Oh well, maybe next time.

73 de VA3ELE FN03DM
K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)   Rover LP   2172016-05-12 12:20:56
3 Qs completed on 1.2G, 2 on 3.4G (including the 80 km longest path).

3 different calls worked (2 of them Rovers) and heard three other fixed
stations on 2 Meter Liaison, two of whom were interested in trying but time
obligations and lack of confidence in my 1.2G equipment led me to decline.

Maybe next year (or in the fall?).

Thanks to ALL who participated in the 2016 Microwave Spring Sprint and to
KA2KQM, and Mike, WB8BZK, for their continued work as the Spring Sprint
team and to the Central States VHF Society for their sponsorship.

73, JK
KE7MSU/R   Rover LP   1772016-05-12 17:36:48
I operated as a rover from Bald Peak, OR CN85lj and Kalama, WA CN86oa,
but made no contacts from the CN86 site.
So I didn't meet the rover requirements.
Great weather!
W9SZ   Single Op LP   2,0262016-05-14 10:47:22
1296 - 4
2304 - 1
3456 - 3
10368 - 3

The weather just wasn't cooperating. Rain, thunderstorms, high winds on the
hill. Dish blew over and got damaged so I wrapped it up then. Conditions not
great. I hope for better condx next time!
KB7PSG   Single Op LP   12016-05-14 20:27:40
Thanks, Ray :).
K8SIX   Single Op HP   3142016-05-16 18:57:31
First shot at 1296 in a contest. Can't wait for the next one.