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BARTG Sprint 75   2012   April   Comment Summary

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ACØE   Single Op LP   2402012-04-29 13:22:14
Solar Flux 121 Sunspot # 118 propagation near nil. Thanks for the Q-s. 2
Scottish stations were the highlight

VA7ST   SO Expert HP   1,4702012-04-29 14:07:10
Not much to report -- very sparse activity this time out. Bands were open nicely
to the UK, judging by the very loud signals especially from GM and GW that made
it over the pole, but very few signals heard.

Very low activity from stateside compared to last year. Hope more jump in next
time, as this could be a very FB event with more participation. Would love to
see it expanded to be a major on the calendar.

73 es thanks for the Qs,

-- Bud VA7ST
W6SX   Single Op HP   4502012-04-29 14:32:57
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with MB-V-A and Matchboxes, MMTTY, N1MM.
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   Single Op LP   1,4762012-04-29 14:39:23
Propagation on high bands were poor.
I enjoyed speedy 75 baud RTTY!

73 Kazu. M0CFW(JK3GAD)
AA5AU   SO Expert HP   11,8402012-04-29 14:43:14
Got disinterested after the first hour. I tried setting up for SO2R but had RFI
problems running high power and didn't really want to go low power. So went
ahead high power with one radio and it was a bit boring to say the least.

Love the contest. Wish there was more activity. Condx were fair on 15 meters at
the start but the Europeans left after the first hour to go to 20 and I couldn't
hear them until near the end.

Hopefully I'll be better prepared next time. One good thing, in a way, I found
the 15 meter section of my band filter was not working. I hadn't used it a long
time but glad I found it now instead of just before the next contest.

Thanks to all that worked me. 73, Don AA5AU
W4UK   Single Op HP   9,5202012-04-29 18:53:04
Wire dipoles only
VA2UP   SO Expert HP   20,9602012-04-29 19:32:24
This is a fun contest! My noise level was particularly high today and couldn't
copy stations below S6. Too bad.
Despite the fact that this is a 'sprint' and high speed on top of it, it will
be a must to make macro messages longer. In my view 3 repeats on callsign and 3
or 4 for the exchange are necessary most of the time.
As the contest gains popularity we'll know in time how to properly adjust to 75
Thanks all for the fun , sorry for the many many unsuccessful repeats I had to
ask for today. Thanks Bartg for holding the event!!
73, Fabi va2up
F5RD   Single Op LP   5,9362012-04-30 00:19:46
I began the contest at 21:30 TU.
It's a bit late to get a good score ! Only 53 QSO's.
I will try to do better the next time.
Thanks to all who worked me.
F5RD Bernard
F5QE   SO Expert HP   42,3852012-04-30 00:23:27
Thanks all, 75 bauds contest is again fun, 73 Paul
GW4SKA   SO Expert HP   40,5002012-04-30 04:11:27
Weak and noisy bands really made it hard work on 75 baud. Many repeats and lack
of activity slowed the rate down. The high winds here prevented me turning the
beam, which lost many contacts at the beginning of the test. Tough!
WØLSD   SO Expert HP   6,3002012-04-30 06:27:36
What a hoot!!! First ever 75 baud operation and it reminded me of watching for
meteors.. better be on your toes as the data streams by! Quite a few repeats.
Started on 15 with some good EU signals then the band died or they went to 20.
Could never get anything going on 20 and finally gave up after 2 hours with
little activity at my QTH. Didn't seem like a lot of NA stations participated.
WB2RHM/4   SO Expert HP   6,7202012-04-30 07:03:33
SO1R effort, need to get the second rig set up for AFSK 75Baud for next time.
GM4KLN   SO Expert HP   43,0102012-04-30 07:45:49
75bd rate great fun as always, but seemed to be much lower participation this
time. Not a single station on 10m, and sadly no VK/ZL heard at all, so missed
out on the 6th Continent mult.
Bands generally weak and noisy, and had to request repeats more times than I
wanted to do.
Thanks to all that worked me - hope the Sept contest is better publicised and
more stations take part.
73, Ian GM4KLN
GMØFGI   SO Expert HP   25,0802012-04-30 11:03:28
Poor and noisy conditions, many repeats needed. 40m antenna went intermittent,
sorry for any problems caused.

Thanks for contacts and to organisers.
N2BJ   Single Op HP   1,3682012-05-03 15:05:27
G3LDI   Single Op LP   9,1802012-05-05 03:41:37
Had problems decoding this time, not sure why. I tried various profiles and none
seemed to improve the copy. Good fun though.