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All Asian DX Contest, CW   2010   Jun 19   Comment Summary

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VE3XD   SOSB/20 LP   1,6002010-06-20 06:15:29
I worked 1 JA station on 15 but otherwise all I could hear were west coast
stations, no Asia, thus the single band submission.
N6RO   SOSB/40 HP   70,6022010-06-20 09:01:08
Despite QRN, condx not bad for this time of year. Could work JA's three hours
before their sunset, and three hours after mine!

Had more than 20 dupes, many stations not using logging software.

It was fun to work the same guys that were active in All Asian test 40 years
Oldest in the log was 90, youngest 14, three YL 00's.
K8IA   SOSB/40 HP   53,6362010-06-20 09:50:35
TT Orion II, Alpha 8410, M2 40M3L Yagi at 71'

Congrats to Ken N6RO for a really super score. New NA record for SOSB40 I
think!Great to share the band with both Ken and fellow Arizona Outlaw N6SS,
with all three of us doing SOSB40.

My score was my second personal best, having competed in SOSB40 six of the past
8 yrs. It's a decent score for my hardware, AZ QTH and operating abilities.
Competing against folks like N6RO and N6SS always keeps me sharp.

Except for 2-3 hours on Sunday, I struggled with some really strong static
crashes and Saturday brought several hours of some really rapid QSB as well.
Signals culd be S6-7 when answering my CQ and be down in the noise after I sent
my Exchange. Really frustrating and reminiscent of certain times on 160.

There were about 15-20 dupes. One guy worked me four times, including twice in
a 16 minute period! Are people still not using logging software? Why?

I think I may try All-Band next year. There were just too many streches of
no-answers, especially the second night.

Continued thanks to JARL for sponsoring the All Asian Contests.

CU all in IARU Contest next! Look for N7AT call.

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
OM3AG   SOSB/10 HP   26,4002010-06-20 09:55:07
Tnx for all QSO´s . Agn next year 73 Laci
ES4RD   SOAB HP   80,6742010-06-20 10:24:21
TRX:K3, ACOM1010
ANT:5el 3band Yagi, 2el Delta Loop
MDØCCE   SOAB HP   65,2212010-06-20 11:50:50
An interesting and fun contest, as always, with good conditions on 10m as a
bonus (at the expense of 160m, where I could hear only four Asian stations).

It was a busy weekend, sharing time among the All Asian Contest, The IARU VHF
Contest, and chasing DX on 6m, which had nice openings.

Thanks for all the QSOs and see you in the next one.

FO8RZ   SOAB HP   24,2822010-06-20 13:39:14
Just for fun ... !

Please for US stations, FO is not in ASIA ! :-)

Nice to be called by A65CA ... ! It is very difficult for me to contact this
part of the world.

Best 73 from Tahiti.
W4BQF   SOAB HP   6,7842010-06-20 14:08:30
Too much QRN here from summer storms for 40m. Sunday morning had a teriffic
opening to Asia on 20m. Heard a 15m opening, but had Father's Day issues to

Thanks for all of the Q's.

Tom - W4BQF

IC-7700/Alpha 8410/ 40m EDZ antenna
DJ1YFK(@DJ6ZM)   SOAB HP   62,8322010-06-20 15:37:07
FT2000, ACOM 2000A, OB17-4 @ 25m, OB80-1 @ 40m

A few QSOs on Sunday between other work at the station (DJ6ZM/DL1A/DM9K).
Great to see 10m and 15m in a decent shape to JA, hours after JA sunset. Missed
40m prime time due to other work. Lots of static, had to give up on a few calls,
sorry. Thanks for all QSOs.

Average (unique calls) about twice my age, 51.8. Min: 22, max: 79

73, Fabian DJ1YFK
YU1WC   SOSB/40 QRP   9842010-06-20 15:54:31
Pity there is no qrp category in this contest. Thanks to all who copied my

Genesis G40 5W
Sloping doublet @30/3m
W7ZR   SOAB HP   18,0832010-06-20 15:56:24
NB4M   SOSB/20 HP   2,9402010-06-20 16:04:34
Great band conditions...not.
WB8JUI   SOSB/20 LP   1,1602010-06-20 16:09:50
73 - Rick WB8JUI
YT2AAA   SOAB LP   60,9002010-06-20 17:07:15
RIG: IC-746 PRO, 80 W
ANT: W3DZZ multiband dipole

73, GL, AAA
CE1CR(CE1WBY)   SOSB/20 HP   722010-06-20 17:09:31
Poor propagation, bad conditions, qrm, qrn, qsb and everything!!!
W1WBB   SOSB/20 LP   4142010-06-20 17:11:41
Contacts with Asia always difficult from here with 100 watts, wire antennas and
few sunspots..NO amplifier here so I'm "low power" even though no such category
for non-Asian entrants ;^(. All QSOs S&P.

Propagation seemed just OK during the few times I operated...a bit each evening
and a little Sunday morning when the JA's were worked. Was away Saturday morn.

QSO summary: 14-UA9, 1-UA0, 4-JA, 3-UN/UP, 1-A6...A65BP was best DX late Sunday
afternoon! Was listening for more Middle East but none heard other than a weak
A4 earlier Saturday.

Thanks to those who pulled out my sigs... 73, Bill W1WBB

Icom 737 @ 100w
20m EDZ at 50 ft broadside to Europe
OCF 10-80m dipole at 28 ft (used for JAs)
N1MM logger
KL5DX(N5XZ)   SOAB HP   176,2922010-06-20 17:16:46
This was a fun contest at times, but quite a lot of it was lousy due to poor
band conditions. High noise levels always persist at this station, but I was
able to get through to some. Big surprise (for up here) was 15 meters opening
Saturday and Sunday (it was probably open on Friday, too). I missed the first
45 minutes of the contest and had some interruptions (sleeping being some of
them) but I am happy all things considered. I was hoping just to hit 500 QSO's.
K4BAI   SOSB/20 HP   4,1312010-06-20 17:45:50
FT1000MP, Alpha 78. 88' center fed zepp up 50.' Fair conditions to western Asia
most of the contest. Good conditions to JA and Eastern Asia Sunday morning.
Conditions to JA were not as good on Saturday. Heard no Asia stations on any
other band. Great to work good DX: E21YDP, BT4EXPO, BD2SH/7, 9V1YC, JT5DX
(who seems to be readable almost every time I tuned across the band, JT1BV and
A45WG. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
K6CSL   SOAB LP   1212010-06-20 17:45:53
Conditions were certainly poor for Low Power and small, wire antennas.
Essentially like the past 2 years, with solar flux between 69 and 70. It looks
like the new solar cycle is again stalled. Special thanks to the 11 stations
that persevered to copy my obviously poor signal. I sure hope that conditions
are better for next years event. Of course, that's what I said the last 2
years. Actually this score is about 3 times my last 2 years scores for this
contest. 73's to all and I'll try to be on for Phone. Bert, K6CSL
K3FIV   SOAB LP   4,0472010-06-20 17:51:16
Very poor condx on Saturday, signals from JA et al much weaker than normal, just
barely above the noise (and it wasn't very noisy at all). Was a real struggle
with just 100 watts and a wire antenna. Highlight though was working TA2ZF - I
guess there was a momentary hole in the EU wall!

Sunday condx a little better but still well below condx a month or so ago.
Seemed like many of the JAs and UAs were not listening for US stations though.
Heard also quite a few A65s but couldn't break through.

Real surprise was a Saturday opening on 10. Worked one very surprised JA, and
heard others mostly working stations in China that I couldn't hear.

Having fun with 100 watts (Flex-3000) and a dipole (Carolina Windom) at about
12 meters. QTH is one km from the Pacific Ocean - 8000 km of salt water helps
a lot toward Asia from here.

/Jack de K3FIV
W6SX   SOAB HP   3,2562010-06-20 18:36:34
K3, ACOM 2000A, single ladder-line feeder to 46 foot high parallel 80-meter
dipole and 40- and 20-meter inverted-V's, Matchbox, N1MM
NQ7R   SOAB HP   5,3072010-06-20 18:47:09
Poor conditions for me and no doubt missed prime openings. Can only hope for
better conditions for the future.

400 watts to TH6DXX @ 55 ft.
K7ABV   SOAB HP   5,6702010-06-20 20:06:50
Was nice to have a few goodies show up, A65, A45, JT5 XU7,9M2, just to name a
few..enjoyed seeing how much older I was from the DX..Noticed the USA stations
were mostlly older than the DX...don't know what that means hi...guess were
getting older fast...bands not all that good, but, then I don't stay up all
night either next year
VA7ST   SOAB HP   10,5412010-06-20 20:42:30
SFI=69 A=2 K=1

* FT-2000 + SB221
* 3 element SteppIR @ 27'
* 40M SteppIR dipole @ 27'

Managed to get in 6 hours, but mostly in short installments over the weekend.
Conditions were not good at any time. Perhaps the best short opening to JA was
on 40M around 1300z Saturday morning.

20M seemed open to JA all weekend, but I could tell they were mostly pointing
at EU, not NA. Worked a lot more UA Asian stations this year that in the past.
Also netted a few new ones, including XU7 on 20M.

15M was dead here every time I checked it.

Score and mults are up from any previous year, so I'm happy despite what seemed
like a tough weekend searching for stations to work.

Year Qs Mult Score
2010 127 83 10,541 HP
2009: 110 56 6,048 HP
2008: 119 68 8,092 HP
2007: 64 42 2,688 HP
2006: 74 51 3,774 LP
2005: 23 20 460 LP
2004: --
2003: 49 36 1,764 LP20
2002: 87 63 5,480 LP
9M2CNC(G4ZFE)   SOAB HP   278,4002010-06-20 21:08:07

K3/100 plus SPE Expert @ 400W
Force 12 C3-S at 12m
D-40 dipole at 12m

Exchange: 5nn 44

Bad conditions from here but I enjoyed the contest. One of favourites working
all stations.

This was a family holiday so a non serious entry. Contesting with a 2 year old
in the shack created a few unexpected breaks.

Amateurs further north - HS, XU etc were enjoying good runs on 10m but not so
from Kuala Lumpur.

Solar noise on 20m the first day was troublesome but better on the second day.
Some lovely signals from the East Coast of NA and good to work VE9DX again.

I am unable to install 3rd party applications on my work laptop. This contest
was run from a Windows XP VMware image on my laptop. Only two crashes during
the contest (caused by the host OS) but some problems typing fast caused a few
snafus in sent callsigns.

Thanks for all the QSOs. QSL via G4ZFE. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW when I
return to the UK.

73 de Rich, G4ZFE/9M2CNC
K7QQ   SOAB HP   197,0462010-06-20 21:27:02
Band QSOs Pts WPX
3.5 10 20 9
7 350 349 99
14 237 237 108
21 130 130 50
28 1 2 1
Total 728 738 267
Score: 197,046
15 Just didn't want to open from NW and was hearing East work them ??
K6AW(@N6RO)   SOSB/20 HP   102,0372010-06-20 21:49:54
Had to quit around 10:00AM local time this morning. Interesting contest, fun to
chase the Asian guys for a change.

Thanks to Ken for use of the N6RO superstation.

73, Steve K6AW
VE1RSM/VY1   SOAB LP   1,2162010-06-20 22:00:51
Not the best conditions here in the far North, Whitehorse, YT, Canada.
WH2D(K3UOC)   SOAB HP   7,4582010-06-20 22:44:28
First time in the All Asian CW contest in 14 years. Back in 1996, 74
participants (myself included) were DQ'd, most for failing to list their age on
the Summary Sheet. That didn't exactly endear me to the JARL AA Committee. But
times change, committees change, ridiculous rules do change as well. Hello to
Judge John in Georgia; greetings from Guam, where America's day begins.
RD3A   SOAB HP   1,027,8602010-06-20 22:51:18
A65BD(G4BWP)   SOSB/20 HP   106,3922010-06-20 23:11:04
As always operating time limitted as Sunday is a work day here.

Logs will be on LOTW (once it is working again), paper QSL via G5LP

73 Fred
DL4ME   SOAB HP   64,1852010-06-21 00:38:18
5-Band-QSO's to the following stations: RG9A, RK9QWM, RN9CWJ, RV9CX, RV9SV,
ZS1JY   SOAB LP   812010-06-21 02:03:31
Horrible propagation conditions from a ZS perspective...
PR7AF   SOSB/20 LP   1002010-06-21 03:05:02
Nice QSO's with asian stations !
IC 736
Martin - PR7AF

SO: 14005 CW 2010-06-19 2116 PR7AF 599 32 JT5DX
QSO: 14047 CW 2010-06-19 2118 PR7AF 599 32 JR6GIM
QSO: 14017 CW 2010-06-19 2119 PR7AF 599 32 RK0QZ
QSO: 14019 CW 2010-06-19 2121 PR7AF 599 32 JF1SQC
QSO: 14043 CW 2010-06-19 2127 PR7AF 599 32 JF2QNM
QSO: 14046 CW 2010-06-19 2131 PR7AF 599 32 JK1YMM
QSO: 14010 CW 2010-06-19 2132 PR7AF 599 32 UP4L
QSO: 14031 CW 2010-06-19 2142 PR7AF 599 32 JA3YAA
QSO: 14030 CW 2010-06-19 2150 PR7AF 599 32 JE1CKA
QSO: 14028 CW 2010-06-19 2200 PR7AF 599 32 JA6BZI
OR2F(ON8LDS)   SOSB/20 HP   4,3122010-06-21 03:18:02
indeed it's difficult to participate LP :-)

73 !
N2WN   SOSB/20 LP   5,5002010-06-21 05:14:11
I was tickled to actually hear, and even work, something other than
Japan and Asiatic Russia. Friday night was great into Russia, but only
so-so into Japan. Did hear a 3W in S&P and couldn't raise BW.

Had zero luck on 40 Saturday morning, and only a short time for 20
before returning to wonderful yard work. We had a storm roll in which
killed a large part of the afternoon, both yard work and radio, which
was fine as I really needed the break.

Sunday morning was great, solid JA opening, even got to run a bit.
Heard but didn't work HL, HS, BT4EXPO (who had a monster signal) and
one other who eludes me know. Best ears goes to BD2RJ, who was a lot
weaker than BT4EXPO AND almost directly under one of the loud UA9s,
heard him for a while before he heard me.

My best score ever in this event and was really happy to work as many Asians as
I did!

FWIW, I found that those who had a harder time hearing me were in their 60s and
older. Maybe coincidental, but do wonder if this is something else to look
forward too *sigh*

On the plus side, the ages seemed a bit lower, sadly some of the OTers were
missing. Heard a couple non-Asians in their 80s, no one in their 90s. Youngest
was 22, average seemed to be around 53 or so.

Lotsa new callsigns in the log!

Thanks all,
SN5J(SP5JXK)   SOAB LP   35,1082010-06-21 05:17:57
Antenna - sloper multiband home made
73 de Jan sp5jxk/sn5j, Age 49
JK1YMM   M/M HP   1,148,8622010-06-21 06:10:30
We are glad to see a result score higher than last years.
Thank you all for all the Qs.
OK1JOC   SOAB LP   19,3442010-06-21 06:54:04
KØVXU   SOAB HP   8,4962010-06-21 07:27:40
Working Asia from central US is not an advantage. Thunderstorms during the
weekend negated low band operation. QRN on 80 meters was a steady S9 + 10dB
with crashes to + 30 dB. 40 meters slightly less noise but still high QRN.
The surprise was openings on 20 meters that were nearly all 24 hours. For me
operation on 15 meters was limited to the first day. 15 meters was open to JA
but little activity. A highlight was working A65WG on 20 meters. Heard, but
not worked, was DS5DNO with a strong signal on 20 meters. Altogether, it was a
fun time. See you next year & 73 - Russ
SP3BJK   SOSB/20 LP   2,0722010-06-21 08:31:33
ICOM-746 100W, ant: INV V
W1UE(@K1TTT)   SOAB HP   69,3782010-06-21 10:32:15
This is a tough contest from the East Coast. In 4 years of doing this one
seriously, I have yet to work a station on 160, 80, or 10M. I could see the
activity on all 3 bands, but none of it was at a time that I had propagation to
the area. Even 40M was hot, but before I had any propagation. By the time I
could hear the JA stations on 40M, most of them had gone to the higher bands.

JK1YMM, JE1CKA, and JA7NVF were like beacons on 15M- I could hear them loudly
for probably 4 hours each day. One call from me would produce a QSO, but then
I would CQ on 15M and never work another station. That's the thing about being
on the other side of the world from most of Asia- I only have propagation from
here for a few hours each day on all bands except 20M, and if its better
strategy for a station there to be on another band at that time, no QSO is

Still, a very enjoyable contest. Did get to work 22 different Asian countries,
many of them more than once. Thanks for everyone for the Qs, and thanks to Dave
K1TTT for the use of his KB station.

Rigs: 1000MP x 2
Amps: Acom 2000 and HF2500
SO2R Controller: YCCC SO2R Box
Ant: 40M 4/4 at 45/18M
20M: 4/4/4/4 at 38/30/23/15M, middle 2 fixed EU
15M: 4/4/4/4 at 30/231510M, middle 2 fixed EU

Dennis W1UE
RA9AE   SOAB HP   561,6402010-06-21 12:09:12
FT-857, PA 1KW, ANT: QUAD 20/15/10 (3/4/4 ele), GP 160/80/40

CQ QSO: 1083, SP QSO: 40
YU2A   SOAB LP   70,8842010-06-21 12:29:46
W6FA   SOAB LP   1652010-06-21 14:54:16
Conditions were really poor. Operation from "W6FA - South" meant skimming a
mountain side to get to Japan. Rig: IC-756 100W and a 40 meter dipole.
K7IA   SOSB/20 HP   1,5182010-06-21 21:14:05
My first All Asia. Conditions were terrible in southwest New Mexico with
abundant QRN. I worked all of the signals that were strong enough to copy
through the noise. There were many more signals in the mush, but not even the
K3 could present them to these tired old ears.

I was ready to work 40 and 15, too, but no sigs heard.

Wonder what the op time would be if N1MM kept track of knob spinning and
listening time?

Thanks JARL! It's a good event! Too bad the conditions didn't cooperate.
Will give it another go next year.

73, dan
DK6XZ(E77XZ)   SOAB HP   56,2482010-06-22 05:45:18
My hope was to find some fun on 10m on Saturday. Yet, magic band seemed to be
much better open to JA and Asia that time. Still I am happy to have reached
several dosens of UA9´s ( but not a single UA0 ), 4 JA´s and VR2, BY, UK, UN,
A4, EX on that band.

A kind of highlight was a 2,5 hours lasting pileup on 20m that started at 13:00

Thanks to the Asians for being in the air and for calling.

73 Suad, DK6XZ

PS: See you in IARU HF Championship on 40 CW - DA0HQ@DL0MB
W4VIC   SOSB/20 HP   2,2402010-06-22 09:06:14
First time in All Asia DX Contest. Very much fun for short operating time.
Thanks to all those excellent JA ops for the Qs, as well as all the others.
See you next time! 73, Vic W4VIC
9A3B(9A1AA)   SOAB HP   106,9262010-06-22 11:26:01
Excellent propagation on 28 MHz for JA on Sunday morning (07z). It was nice to
relive pile up from JA.
Good announcement for IARU HF Championship.

See you in IARU HF C..........9A0HQ...40m....CW

73,Ivo 9A1AA
HL5YI   SOAB LP   9,0802010-06-22 13:50:34
vy happy time,,, cu agn 73.. de hl5yi..
JA1XMS   SOSB/40 LP   33,2222010-06-22 19:10:54
I have resumed amateur Radio in 2008 (after > 30yrs. blank),
also resumed contesting at the same time (but I didn't have
fancy antenna at that time).

I have started real contesting at 2009 WW Phone with NA-440
(Nagara 3EL) and Triband (Mini-multi 4EL).

I have started SOSB40 LP entry at WPX SSB. But I didn't
wake up all the prime time before this AA CW. (Prime time to
EU is about 2-4am or 2-6am with local time (17-19Z or 17-21Z).

I just got awake (I believe) all the prime time to EU ever for
this contest. I have really enjoyed SOSB/40 LP.

Probably because we are in summer now, I have lightning
noise (is it right wording ?), and even with strong signal, I
sometimes missed the one digit out of the number. Also QSB is
fast, that is the another reason dropping also one digit.

Thank you for calling me and for responding to my call.
Sorry if I don't replied your call (and slow CWing).

Rig ICOM IC-7000 (100W)
Ant Nagara NA-440 (3EL + wide driven element) at 100ft.
Logger N1MM (Thank you, Tom) + K1EL USB Winkey.

Histogram of ages I've contacted.
Age count
00's 1
20's 4
30's 27
40's 72
50's 95
60's 84
70's 24
80's 5

Max and Minimum.
W7YS 87

Thanks again,
Cu again at AA Phone in Sept,
Makoto Fujiwara JA1XMS
N2ZN   SOAB HP   2,5602010-06-22 21:00:29
Not a whole lot of QSO's for the time spent, but I enjoy spending the time to
S&P the bands carefully looking for those mysterious, fluttery Asian signals to
work during this contest. Thanks to the sponsors for keeping it running and
keeping the activity levels up. Lone 15 meter QSO was UA9PC, worked on the
second radio so I could officially claim SO2R.
UN8PT   SOAB LP   169,9042010-06-22 22:24:40
S57DX   SOAB HP   465,3002010-06-22 23:18:35
OH8X(JK3GAD)   SOAB HP   632,3882010-06-23 05:33:32
I arrived OH8X station on Wednesday and stayed there to learn station setup.
First of all, 160/80 tower is huge, everything else seems VHF antenna. On
Friday, I climbed 160m 3ele/80m 5 ele tower (100mH). It was not difficult to go
up. Only thing annoyed me is a lot of mosquitoes. They followed me all the way
up and bite me while I was walking on 80m boom. Structure is very solid and I
did not feel any vibration but slightly on the edge of 80m boom. Nice view from
the top, everything is green. Now do I need to do this during winter to see
everything is white?

It is bright during the evening so I did not expect good propagation on 160 and
80. 10 was tough band as OH8X is far North to get nice Es propagation but had
nice opening to JA on Sunday. 15 was open on Sunday morning towards end of the
contest but not so many JAs as they need to prepare for work on Monday.....

Overall, I really enjoyed this station and contest. Thanks to all who worked
me. Big thanks to Radio Arcala members for allowing me to use OH8X station.

See you all in Friedrishshafen and WRTC2010, then on the air in SSB part of All
Asian DX contest!

73 de Kazu JK3GAD/M0CFW
HG7T(HA7TM)   SOAB HP   467,1602010-06-24 07:46:33
FTDX-2000 + l,5kW
ANT:80 and 160 Delta loop 40M 3ele yagi 20M 6ele,15M 6ele,10M 7ele
Up 30 and 35 meters.
Sri RD3A big QRM 10M 20Kc S9+20db
Vy 73 Tibi HA7TM
F6DDR   SOAB HP   126,3362010-06-24 12:18:10
Contest : All Asian DX Contest
Callsign : F6DDR
Mode : CW
Category : Single Operator - Assisted (SOA)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : All bands (AB)
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... : 61
Locator : JN38DS
Operating time : 22h23

160 2 0 2 6 3.00
80 20 0 14 40 2.00
40 47 0 25 47 1.00
20 214 0 88 214 1.00
15 81 0 49 81 1.00
10 88 0 46 176 2.00
TOTAL 452 0 224 564 1.25
TOTAL SCORE : 126 336

Les doubles ne sont pas inclus dans le comptage des QSO ni dans les calculs de

Operators : PHIL F6DDR
Soapbox :

Powered by Win-Test 4.4.0
K9GY   SOSB/20 LP   1202010-06-26 05:48:05
FT-990 + Cushcraft R8
K7SS   SOSB/10 HP   92010-06-27 14:16:34
Lucky to get all three QSOs. Tnx. 73 de K7SS
JE1CKA   M/M HP   1,211,3682010-07-05 19:07:46
This was our 1st M/M operation in DX contest. All oprs are 60years old and
bit hard to operate all 48hours hi.
We worried by the intersection interferences so had to quit operation on
some bands. There were lots of things to maintain for the best socre.

Thanks for the QSOs

Tack Kumagai, JE1CKA/KH0AM