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IOTA Contest   2014   Jul 26   Comment Summary

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9A/S51TA/P   SO12CW HP   359,7302014-07-27 02:23:47
Best regards, Ted, s51ta
ZW5B(@PY5EG)   SO(A)12SSB HP   699,5552014-07-27 04:57:18
It is always a pleasure to work the IOTA Contest
This time SO (A) 12 SSB
Thanks for being on my log
YT2AAA   SO(A)24Mixed LP   1,470,8812014-07-27 05:13:29
IC-746PRO + 80m 40m INV-V, 20m wire GP
SE3X(SA3BYC)   SO(A)12SSB LP   68,1502014-07-27 05:15:06
Ofcourse after a long period of very hot weather thunderstorms came this
weekend. First at lunch saturday, then early evening and during the night and
finally sunday at lunch. Up here 520 asl thunder is frightening and I have to
close down everything.
But nice contest and a very nice opening on 10m early sunday gave me a nice
run. Will be back next year!

73 and thanx to all involved in arrangement and all contestants! /Johan
N1RR(@K1TTT)   Multi-Op HP   3,326,6402014-07-27 05:24:54
1409 x 332

We support a Multi-Single and Multi-2 categories for non-island stations.
This operation was conducted in conjunction with the 30th year celebration of
this station - K1TTT.

Charlie N1RR
F8AOF   SO(A)12CW LP   289,8002014-07-27 05:26:20
PY2PT   SO(A)12Mixed HP   108,3362014-07-27 05:36:31
Thanks and congrats for all!
After a long time, I returned to IOTA Contest!
A lot of fun and time to test some devices.
Thanks guys from Alto da Serra Dx & Contest Station.
DD8SM   SO(A)24SSB HP   774,5212014-07-27 05:39:42
Nice contest
OM2MM   SO12CW LP   22,8782014-07-27 06:16:01
not much time had for this contest. Made 3 new countries, hope they'll confirm
via LOTW soon.
config: FT-1000, Butternut HF-9V laying on the ground, N1MM logger, DigiKeyer
LY7Z(@LY2TA)   SO(A)12Mixed LP   1,170,8582014-07-27 06:17:15
K3 + tribander@15mh and wires for 80/40



73! Andy
OZ4SOP(OZ4CG)   SO12CW LP   34,7102014-07-27 06:25:09
RIG: Kenwood TS590S (100W)
ANT: G5RV up 8m
DL6JF   SO12CW QRP   34,8172014-07-27 06:27:20
RIG - Magloop 80cm
VE3UTT   SO(A)12CW HP   250,5942014-07-27 06:29:19
Forgot until 20:00 UTC - Old Age! So just did all S&P chasing islands and
their hard working operators.

K3 / Optibeam
VE3KI   SO(A)12CW HP   311,5202014-07-27 06:41:10
Familiarization/testing new antenna
K2QMF   SO(A)12Mixed HP   119,6162014-07-27 07:00:01
It's GOOD to be an Island!!
NP4DX(WP3C)   SO12SSB LP   933,0302014-07-27 07:04:49
My first 12 hours contest!

CU in the next contest! 73'

Worked IOTA

AF-004, AS-003, AS-004, AS-007, EU-001, EU-004, EU-005, EU-007, EU-008, EU-009

EU-012, EU-013, EU-014, EU-016, EU-021, EU-023, EU-024, EU-025, EU-026, EU-029

EU-031, EU-034, EU-036, EU-038, EU-044, EU-049, EU-055, EU-057, EU-075, EU-080

EU-089, EU-092, EU-099, EU-110, EU-114, EU-115, EU-120, EU-121, EU-123, EU-124

EU-128, EU-129, EU-132, EU-136, EU-146, EU-168, EU-170, EU-171, NA-014, NA-015

NA-026, NA-027, NA-029, NA-055, NA-067, NA-069, NA-083, NA-085, NA-092, NA-096

NA-097, NA-099, NA-104, NA-128, NA-136, NA-137, NA-142, OC-001, OC-021, OC-070


Alfredo Velez WP3C/NP4DX
Twitter: @wp3c
Instagram: @wp3c
W2JU   SO12CW LP   27,0602014-07-27 07:19:02
Thanks for all the Qs!

73, Alec W2JU
OK1CZ   SO12CW LP   568,8542014-07-27 07:36:54
Despite rather poor condx I improved my last year's score a little.

Eqpt used TS480 at 100W out, 3el. fixed Yagi at 7m and a wire Vee 2x54m.
IT9VDQ(@IB9T/IR9Y)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   919,8802014-07-27 08:06:56
at IB9T/IR9Y contest QTH the antenna of 20m. is down for maintenance, so I'm not
able to be a competitive one ... made just ​​for fun and because the IOTA is
one of my favorites! :)
AA3B   SO(A)24CW HP   1,062,4322014-07-27 08:13:24
6324 QSO points.
DJ8OG   SO(A)12SSB HP   1,170,3782014-07-27 08:15:25
Thanks for all QSOs,
73 Matt - DJ8OG
KCØDEB   SO(A)12Mixed LP   24,1982014-07-27 08:30:41
Band Mode QSOs Pts IOT
7 LSB 1 15 1
14 CW 15 160 10
14 USB 32 415 21
21 CW 3 32 3
21 USB 3 32 2
Total Both 54 654 37
Score: 24,198
GMØFGI   SO(A)12SSB HP   346,9692014-07-27 08:38:09
Conditions poor. Spent too long chasing weak mults on 15 and 10m. 10m only
opened to Scandinavia Sunday morning.

Thanks for all the contacts and to organisers.

Equipment: ICOM 7600 ACOM 1010 (400watts max), Hexbeam at 25ft, 40m quarter
wave vertical wire
N1LN   SO12CW LP   135,1392014-07-27 08:44:16
Spent too much of the short time on the air running. When I did S/P my IOTA
mults went right up, but S/P is too slow.

Condx from here not great. 15 was OK Saturday morning, 20 was OK Saturday
evening, 40 was noisy, 80 was terrible.

Bruce N1LN
VE1RGB   SO24CW LP   75,1072014-07-27 08:45:55
Pitiful conditions for LP and single-element antennas. I did pick up four new
IOTAs, though, so my time was no entirely wasted!

K3 + P3 + multi-band wires + 40M vertical

Gary, VE1RGB
M5Z(JK3GAD)   SO(A)12CW LP   7,2102014-07-27 09:16:10
K3, 5 meter wire with ATU (LDG), Win-Test

Operated only 2 hours on Sunday. After 10 minutes without RBN, I decided to
switch to SO(A) then I felt different world is suddenly open!
Some Es open to Scandinavia on 10m but very quiet on 15m.

73 Kazu
N6AR   SO12Mixed HP   380,7232014-07-27 09:56:58
Sure could use more Caribbean, African, and Oceana activity!
OH1F(OH1TM)   SO12Mixed HP   71,2322014-07-27 10:03:19
This was not a real contest effort. Just a couple of QSOs while repairing the
tower rotator direction indicator. Thanks!
WX4G   SO(A)24Mixed HP   1,184,9402014-07-27 10:06:37
Great contest...lots of activity!! I am amazed at how well I did with just a 2
el stepper at 40ft, and a 40 meter single vertical with 8 radials!!

Hope everyone sends in their log so I can finally get some confirmed IOTA'S.

Thanks to all those on the so many islands who roughed it for the contest.
IN3FHE   SO(A)12Mixed LP   288,2402014-07-27 10:14:32
Bad rx condx with strong rain, storm , and big noise .
K3 and vertical multiband antenna, as usual, big fun as always.
73, in3fhe, Helga
HG7T(HA7TM)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   3,749,8402014-07-27 10:25:55
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
VY2TT(K6LA)   SO24Mixed HP   5,600,0402014-07-27 10:28:28
10 opened at the end, but not too many were aware. Lot's of activity. 15m phone
was as good as it gets.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
OK1JOC   SO12CW LP   202,8602014-07-27 10:30:13
GW6W   Multi-Op LP   2,182,0562014-07-27 11:31:14
A superb weekend in the warm sun at the western edge of Holy Island overlooking
the Irish Sea. This was a field day style portable operation using a variety of
vertical and wire antennas and the local club's caravan.

Conditions seemed typical of mid-summer here with noisy low bands and sleepy
hf, though some 10m SpE was welcome on Saturday. The general imbalance between
cw and ssb wasn't by design - regularly we'd be struggling to get decent runs
going on phone with our 100w max and then be faced with immediate pile ups when
we gave up and moved to cw. Not totally without problems and we lost some time
with unexplained mobile phone based network drop outs and a frustrating
generator failure in the very early hours of Sunday.

Thanks for all the Qs, a great contest.....
PJ4DX   SO24SSB HP   2,216,7002014-07-27 12:10:06
Rig: Yaesu FT-2000, Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.2Kfx amp at 600W. Ants: Spiderbeam at
30ft, Butternut HF2V with elevated radials.

Having taken part in the IOTA Contest from 3 IOTA groups in OC (as P29DX,
9M6DXX and 9M6DXX/P, and 9M8Z) and now one in SA, I am more convinced than ever
that this is a European contest. When the bands were wide open to Europe, it was
great, but when there was only marginal propagation to EU, it was dire! There is
simply not enough casual contest activity in NA/SA (or JA, for that matter) to
make this a really fun contest. I would really, really like to like this
contest but can't quite bring myself to do so - sorry! Nevertheless, I will
probably back next year so I guess it can't be all that bad!
F5BSB   SO(A)24SSB LP   1,066,7162014-07-27 12:42:07
Thanks to each on for give me points . Pleasure to meet you again during contest
73's 88'ss from F5BSB Ann
W1UE(@W1KM)   SO(A)12CW LP   327,2042014-07-27 12:44:41
A fun day of low-stress contesting, mostly S&P. Did it all from a remote
station- transmitter/receiver/antennas about 75 miles away. On a warm summer
day, too lazy to go down to the swamp!

Wound up LP because I forgot to plug in the linear keying line when I was last
at the remote station on Thursday. Did some work there and neglected to plug
it in.
Also neglected to enable the antenna rotors remote connection, so was stuck
with the antennas all on Europe. For this contest, not a bad place to have
them stuck on!

Thanks to all for the QSOs. It was low key and fun!

Dennis W1UE
W2CDO   SO(A)12CW HP   22,2272014-07-27 12:47:58
Just having fun with this one. Many thanks for the Qs. Best wishes to all.
Station: Mark V + Alpha 9500, hexbeam on roof tower, 40m half square, 40m
dipole, HF-2 for 80m
LA5LJA(@LA7TTT)   SO12Mixed LP   337,3982014-07-27 12:51:52
Late start for me in this contest, due to thunder storm I started 1618z.
Try to work the iota's but the qso rate was very low, due to my low signal.
I was the last one in the pile to get a serial nr. and the iota Reference.
I think the iota stations should only send their iota nr. It would have
speeded up the rate a little. Conds could have been better.
Was giving up the iota hunting and was calling cq on sunday. Sunday 10 mtr
become open,and I was getting a good run on 10 mtr cw and logged 190 stations
in 2 hour, great on a g5rv. Some nice iota's worked was AS-136 AS-150 AS-158
This was my best score in the iota contest ever. Low mults but qso's ok.
OHØV(OH6LI)   SO12Mixed LP   1,800,0002014-07-27 13:09:43
I operated a little more than 12 hours. The 3830 score submission is an
estimation of the 12 hour real score.

IOTA was again an impossible contest to have a good run as people participating
IOTA are much less considerate than in zone sending contests.

Pileups were more fierce than for example in CQWW.

Root causes for immature listening-calling-thenwhat behavior does not correlate
with peoples' years on the bands. Some people seem to take IOTA extra seriously
- which it most probably deserves.

Hear you all IOTA enthusiasts again in 2015 - probably with a real 24 hour
operation from this side.

The main transmit antenna setup is about final.
160 6x sloper
80 6x sloper
40 2o2 + 2o2 + 2 el yagis
20 3o3o3 + 3o3 + 3o3 yagis
15 4o4o4 + 4o4 + 4o4 yagis
10 5o5o5 + 5o5o5 + 5o5 yagis

Station automation was built forward before the IOTA 2014.
Band filters and antenna selections are now ready for a full two radio setup.

Next steps are to add some antennas; secondary and receiving plus 3rd radio.

This was as full family expedition as I can accomplish.
I was swimming, driving around and dining with the family.
Other than that, I was at the OH0V station.
Rephrasing the words used by Olli OH0XX : Minimum sleep, maximum result.

What a great experience !

Still on Getaberg - 73,
Jukka OH0V (OH0JJS / OH6LI)
OH5TS   SO24CW HP   3,048,7302014-07-27 13:27:01
Just a few days before the contest I looked at last years results. As an island
single operator I could clearly benefit of getting into assisted. And I was
really considering it. But I have never been assisted when SO so why should I
start now. It made me think about the purpose of the island contest and yes
indeed, it's clearly stated in the first paragraph of the rules. The aim is to
promote contacts between the island station and the rest of the world. So I
decided to unassisted and just run pileups and do S&P only if and when
pileups freeze. So I did not chase for a max multiplier but rather max number
of QSO's.

The contest was tough this year due to very hot weather. Right after the start
I lost receiving and had climb to the tower to fix a faulty connector.
Thereafter it all ran fine and conditions were OK. So it turned to a nice
contest with my normal screwing with the keyboard and win-
test. Thanks to all, very good and disciplined ops! 73, Kari
K2DSL   SO(A)24Mixed LP   61,4042014-07-27 14:08:51
Slow start but picked up later in the afternoon. Great to log SV5, FR-R, E5-S,
ZL, VK and others.
W4O(N4YDU)   SO(A)24Mixed LP   419,7602014-07-27 14:27:01
Ninth year in a row doing this from the NA067 Group - third straight year from
Ocracoke. I spent a week there this year with my wife and in-laws - great time.
The rental property was not the best for antennas but I managed to sling up a 40
meter inverted vee on a 30 foot mast. The antenna was fed with ladder line and
used on all bands. The biggest disappointment was the amount of line noise. It
was S9 at times. It seemed to improve after the heavy rain but it was still
tough. I put up a RX loop and that made 15 and 10 usable. Too bad conditions
were rough on the day of the contest. I worked JAs each morning on 20 with ease
during the week but heard none during the contest.

The start of the event was good but then the rate went bad after three hours
and I took a few naps, walked the dog and went to the beach. The bands got a
lot better at 22 UTC and it was fun chasing other Island stations and attempt
to get some sort of rate.

Always fun to pal around with WB8YJF/4 who operated from a rental property as
well. At one point there were three hams from Ocracoke calling a mult at the
same time! I believe there were a total of five active stations from Ocracoke
Village during the event.

Rig was a K3 with WinTest software.

Time for a radio break - it's been a busy radio summer - one to remember for


WB8JUI   SO12CW LP   18,4452014-07-27 14:40:07
Not the best of conditions.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
DH8BQA   SO(A)24Mixed HP   585,9512014-07-27 14:53:37
Handing out a few point while beta-testing N1MMLogger+.

73, Olli - DH8BQA -
K1IMI(N4CW)   SO12CW LP   147,2662014-07-27 15:06:34
Let's see...late breakfast away from home, walking the dog, mowing the lawn,
lunch, mowing the lawn (didn't finish before lunch), and thunder and lightning
shutdown mid-evening....that's why I didn't put in a serious effort! But I was
pleasantly surprised at some of the runs I had...very productive for 100W! And,
as usual, it was lots of fun running into old friends. BTW, Fred, K3ZO, was only
S9+20 on 20M, and S9+40 on 40...amazingly loud! 73
YV8AD   SO24Mixed LP   350,0882014-07-27 18:02:01
Very poor condx here because of caribbean storm arriving!...lightning + noisy
bands...10 was closed....
KØVBU   SO(A)12CW LP   33,8942014-07-27 18:55:39
Poor condx here.
Bill K0VBU
SV8/OM6NM   SO24CW LP   1,191,2502014-07-27 23:20:39
Very nice weekend and excellent holiday style operation from southern foreland
of the island. I have had used TS590 and Kelemen multiband dipole only in
"inverted V" position with center not more then 2 metres above the
bulding roof. (abt 7 metres over the ground). Just nothing and so much fun! The
place was pretty open to N and N/W about 150 metres above the sea. I would like
to thank to great local people who allowed me to stay in their house.

Thanks to everyone I could get into my log. I met a lot of friends!
See you in cq ww season.

Norbert, OM6NM
5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   SO(A)24SSB HP   4,595,1002014-07-28 01:42:32
Thanks to all who called.
I had some long spells of qrm which dropped the rates down.
Conditions average not as good as last year.

73 Norman
OG6N(OH6NIO)   SO12Mixed HP   2,330,6342014-07-28 01:47:26
This contest was 11 hours of leisurely searching for island stations and only 1
hour running. Some pileups were just too thick and unruly so I had to skip many
stations. Towards the end 10m started to open but I had already consumed my 12
hours of operating time. I was glad to be able to work a few new IOTAs. Most of
the stations were from EU but occasionally some nice DX went into the log. YJ0UO
being the most distant station.
W1END   SO12CW LP   4,9122014-07-28 03:19:33
A few trips to the shack while doing other things around the house.
Thanks to all.

Eldon - W1END
OM7KW   SO(A)12SSB LP   596,5262014-07-28 03:34:32
Used FT-1000MP, 3el Yagi 20/15/10m, vertical 40m and delta loop 80m.
IT9BUN   SO(A)12SSB HP   1,135,3602014-07-28 05:45:28
Contest as always very funny, very intense in the 20 meters, little traffic due
low propagation on 10 meters. 12 hours operation no low bands

See next year

IT9BUN - EU025 - Sicily Island
IT9RZU   SO24CW LP   1,338,4002014-07-28 06:20:56
One of IB9T/IR9Y Contest Team
PQ5M   Multi-Op LP   262,4802014-07-28 06:43:20
DXpedition and IOTA Contest 2014
Sao Francisco Is.
SA-027 DIB SC-02 DFH SC-06
BA4TB   SO(A)24Mixed HP   592,2502014-07-28 06:56:52
Poor propagation!
YU1BN   SO12CW LP   16,4912014-07-28 09:48:54
Thanks for all the contacts.

IT9MUO   SO24CW LP   783,0202014-07-28 11:08:05
Alfonso, IT9MUO
One of IB9T/IR9Y Contest Team
IQ9UI(@II9P)   Multi-Op HP   10,660,3602014-07-28 13:50:23
A nice contest for new operators at II9P. We were very happy to meet our friends
Francesco, IT9JQY, and Giovanni, IT9GAC, operating at our station.
Sorry the problem with electricity power line is not over (copper power lines
were stolen before CQ WPX CW!) and we had to generate our power. In fact we had
problems with the generator and bad gasoline and we had to stop the operations
for almost three hours (not continously) during the night and the morning. I
think we could have 500 QSOs and abt 100 multipliers more without those
The station is performing well except some problems with QRN on 10 meters.
I wish to thank everybody for patience to work us and for many QSOs we had. It
is always a pleasure to listen for those old callsigns/friends from EU-005 and
other countries/islands as well. Very nice opening on 10 meters during saturday
night till 22 GMT... it was a sporadic E opening but it was possible to work G
and North EU and (!) some USA stations with very strong signals and good QSO/Hr
rate of 120/h in CW and 140/h in SSB !!!

Best rate was at 09Z with 170 QSO/H on 20 meters.

Preferred mode was, as always, CW!

Software used Win-Test, Radio K3s, Antennas MomoBeams multi stack on 10 and 15,
single stack on 20, Wire Yagi NW + 4sq on 40, 4 Sq on 80.

Next contest will be CQWW RTTY but, if you want to operate from II9P, take a
look at the Comiso Airport fares...maybe you can be with us with few Euros and
cheap flights.

Best regards,

Fabio Grisafi - IT9GSF - One of II9P Arcibessi Contest and DX Club.
VE6WQ   SO12Mixed HP   131,5502014-07-28 14:41:59
Very disappointing condx up here. We had very good condx throughout the previous
week and again on Sunday but Saturday was rather poor to Eu. The auroral oval
was up as high as 9 at times due to the coronal stream which makes it pretty
difficult in northern Alberta.
Equipment ICOM 7600, SPE-1k-FA and 3 ele SteppIR @ 45 ft
5P2I/P(OZ1BII)   SO24CW LP   177,2702014-07-28 14:47:41
Rig: Elecraft K3 @75Watt
Ant: Diamond BB7V vertical - no radials

Heavy rain and thunder saturday - else sunny with 27 degr C
I used to much time RUN and to Little S&P :o(

Thanks for QSO's - See you in the next CW Contest.
73 de 5P2I / OU2I / OZ1BII Henning
N5T   Multi-Op LP   48,5552014-07-28 16:26:42
Red DAemon Contest Tean - Work'em Like The Devil
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO24Mixed HP   1,184,8682014-07-28 18:06:22
Missed first 4 hours. Tough condx with spotty propagation early on and nearby
thunderstorms throughout. EU propagation improved a bit later on but the storm
QRN persisted. Too bad more US ops don't take advantage of the good number of
easily accessible IOTA counters on the coasts.

Thanks to all the IOTA DXpeditioners and to RSGB for sponsoring this fun
summertime event!

73, Mike K9NW
JA1BPA(@JG1ZUY)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   866,1602014-07-28 20:01:28
Tough weekend at JG1ZUY with 35 deg C. maximum temperature and 80%
humidity. Inside the shack, it was peaking 40+ deg C. with
transceivers, amplifiers, and PCs emitting heat all the time
and without air conditioning.

I have never tried to operate full 24 hours for this contest due to
the heat concerns during the day time. My strategy was to operate
the first 9 hours without break, and to save 3 hours for the local
evening opening (08~11UTC). However, it turned out that the
propagation on 15mb deteriorated over the course of the day,
and I did not have "evening opening" at all.

The first hours were great with nice opening on 15mb followed
by another great opening on 20mb. The pile-up on CW at the
beginning was too fierce with everyone zeroed-in and having
the same tone (typical result of RBN spot when everyone clicks
on it). I moved to SSB to handle the pile-up better. SSB
pile-ups were more manageable with different voices,
accents, etc.

Thank you for all the QSOs. My next contest activity will be
RDA Contest in August. In September, I plan to visit K1TTT
contest station in Massachusetts to participate in their
Multi-op. activity in WAEDC SSB Contest.

Best 73,

Icko, JA1BPA
N2GC   Multi-Op HP   1,032,8952014-07-28 20:49:16
Another year of lousy conditions for this contest. Would have been nice to have
the conditions we had 2 weeks earlier for IARU/WRTC. Highlight this year was
being called by FR4NT on 40 SSB. Most of the 20 meter SSB QSO's were made by my
son Leo KD2FIX who had a ball running them. His 11 year old ears also helped
his OM pick calls out of the noise on 40 SSB:) Even with the lousy conditions
still had fun and as Ted K2QMF says "its goood to be an island".

73 Mike N2GC
F5RD   SO24SSB LP   88,7222014-07-29 00:38:21
Transceiver: ICOM IC-751AF 80W in RTTY.
Antenna: Dipole 80/40m and GP 20/15/10m.
Software: N1MM Logger V14.6.0.
I enjoyed very much this contest. I had a lot of fun.
This year, more stations contacted but less points because less islands heard.
The weather was very stormy this weekend and sometime the QRN was very strong.
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard.
S56A   SO(A)24CW LP   1,489,5692014-07-29 02:51:52
QRN on Sat, QSB on Sun with DX stronger than EU. It is more fun from the

73 de Mario, S56A
DK8ZZ   SO(A)24Mixed LP   2,846,6822014-07-29 08:03:27
Since 2007, my first IOTA Contest as World Station. After two times being #1 as
one of 9A0D i had to try to do my best from the continent, and it is a quite
different. :) No runs at all...

Did not worked a whole 24 hours due to some Sunday activity with family.

Thanks to Ivo, 9A1AA for a nice fight into MIX LP ASS category :)

See you in 2015, hopefully once again from Zirje Island (9A) EU-170.
ESØU   Multi-Op LP   3,257,9302014-07-29 09:12:33
Rigs: 2* k3, antennas x-7 jp-2000, 40m vertical, 80m vertical
N2BJ   SO(A)12Mixed HP   55,2002014-07-29 09:49:10
Was under the weather this weekend and only could do a few hours. Still sick!
SO9T(SQ9ORQ)   SO(A)24SSB HP   1,782,4382014-07-29 12:33:05
THX for very good contest

FT-1000MP + PA
2el QQ 14/21/28

SP8K   SO(A)12SSB HP   352,7492014-07-29 13:03:20
Some problems with 40m anntena and internet connection. 73 Kornel
S51CK   SO24SSB HP   1,844,5312014-07-29 14:24:56
73 de S51CK -Ivo
DJ1OJ   SO(A)12Mixed LP   78,6502014-07-30 08:25:09
FT-1000MP 100 W
ANT: GAP-Titan (8bands vert)
CK2I   Multi-Op HP   1,845,1802014-07-31 19:46:10
Thanks for all qso, and patience in heavy thunderstorm followed by the heavy

Hope one day Europe turns there antennas to NA in this contest, they would see
that the bands are open up to 28 mhz. Hearing them was easy but working the
pile up was harder.

73' cu Next Year From NA-128

NA128 Contest Group
LZ7A(LZ1AO)   SO(A)24CW LP   942,7142014-08-01 04:39:56
TS-590, 12 el.Logoperiodic, Inv V's for low bands. Thanks to LZ1RF, for kindly
hosted and the ability to use his equipment. Serge/LZ1AO
LA/DL1CW/M   SO24CW LP   1,228,1602014-08-01 13:11:19
Had no feeling to find the rght time for 40m since I had almost 20 hours of
daylight... 10m on Sunday brought an unbelievable run for EU and UA9/0.
IC-7000 and verticals. 73, Arno
W1WBB   SO(A)24Mixed LP   537,5102014-08-02 11:13:52
Strategy was to maximize island QSOs for mults/points in S&P while at times
running to get QSO count up. Kept at it over 12 hr mark with improved
conditions into Eu into Day 2, reaching 500k pts goal. Best QSO/mult count for
me in this event. Had 186 total 15-pt QSOs - 37% of all QSOs.

Taming the 'Eu Beast' pileup while running on CW once spotted on cluster was a
real challenge. So many stations zero-beat on frequency with callers 500 Hz
wide and numerous out-of-turn/LID ops...discipline was enforced and I gradually
worked thru large piles on 20m and 40m to provide new mult for many. Rig TX
issues kept me off 15m band so many add'l Q's/mults lost there. Nice brief
opening on 10m Saturday to Italy about 2100Z added a few unexpected mults.

As this was primarily a 20m/40m contest for me I entered Mixed-mode to be able
to jump to SSB when things got slow and locate additional mults. With high
Aurora level polar & near-polar paths were closed...not even a JA in log!
Good condx to Eu on 20m after 1800Z thru 0530Z - band remained open to areas
worldwide even as I shutdown after 0700Z. Forty meters was very noisy with
much thunderstorm QRN - repeats on #'s needed often.

Event remains mostly an Eu contest from here...agree that much more
participation needed from Caribbean and elsewhere to make this really fun.

But always a good time operating from my island QTH!

QSOs to LoTW. Rig: Icom 706mkIIG; Hexbeam up @ 32'; 88' Doublet up @ 45'; N1MM
Logger; vintage Dell computer on final leg - sorry for cw speed issues.

73, Bill W1WBB
GA1J(MMØBQI)   SO24Mixed LP   2,107,7842014-08-16 07:38:01
NP2X(K9VV)   SO12CW HP   78,0232014-08-26 12:02:05
Fun contest. Had other things to do, but enjoyed it.