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SP DX Contest   2016   Apr 2   Comment Summary

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S52W   SOABCW LP   15,2762016-04-03 00:47:20
FT2000 + dipole
73 Damjan S52W
DJ1YFK   SOABMixed LP   8502016-04-03 07:13:16
K2, 10W, Vertical

Limited time and poor condx, but still had fun.

Fabian, DJ1YFK
VE9AA   SOSB/20CW HP   7262016-04-03 08:03:02
22 stns in the last 22 minutes on 20 meter CW !

Sorry I missed the party.

Mike VE9AA...IC7410, quad loop, N1MM+
W2VM   SOABCW LP   1,4402016-04-03 08:15:53
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul
14 CW 33 96 15
Total Both 33 96 15
Score: 1,440
1 Mult = 2.2 Q's
IV3KKW   SOSB/40SSB LP   14,0162016-04-03 08:19:12
First time on SP-DX Contest for me; I chose to have some fun only on 40m where
conditions to SP would be nice due for short distances.

Really great number of stations active, it's been a nice surprise for me.

See you next year.

73's Alex IV3KKW
VE9BK   SOABCW LP   40,8242016-04-03 10:10:54
Conditions left a lot to be desired, but still had a great time.

73 de JP
SP6OJE   SOSB/40CW LP   33,3502016-04-03 11:20:04
Aurora - bad condx ... ;-(
SP4Z   SOABMixed HP   219,1862016-04-03 12:27:40
The worst condition I ever sseen in SPDX Contest - awfull. Bands were noisy.
Thanks for everybody to work you

73 Wes SP4Z
SQ4LH(@SP4Z)   SOABSSB LP   2,7302016-04-03 12:32:41
Best 73 to all
Renata, SQ4LH
WA2JQK   SOSB/40SSB LP   2972016-04-03 12:32:56
K1TO   SOABCW HP   19,3052016-04-03 13:22:18
Good activity level. First time in this contest in many years. Tnx for the

73, Dan
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOABCW HP   3,5002016-04-03 13:26:40
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
K2ZR/4   SOABCW LP   4502016-04-03 14:01:21
K2 @ 75w ANT: 40m Windom LOG: N1MM CONDX: Poor

Dick,K2ZR/4 Key West IOTA NA-062
W3HAC(KØOO)   SOSB/20SSB LP   272016-04-03 18:35:12
Happy to work a few.

next time more time.

great fun.


IZ3NVR   SOSB/40CW LP   4,7522016-04-04 00:55:14
Didn't think of participating. Switched on the radio on saturday evening and
noticed a nice activity level. Worked the first contact at 500mW (yes, half a
watt), thanks SP7IFM for the patience. I then decided to play around for a
limited amount of time at 80W.

Used this contest mainly to play around with the spots coming from the RBN and
to have some fun Running. 40m was the "go band" due to the easy skip
to SP.

Competed the clean sweep (all SP provinces) in less than 30 minutes, great
presence of SP stations.

Best Rates

Best QSO/h QSO Period Hour
10 min 48 8 1623...1632 02/04
20 min 42 14 1739...1758 02/04
30 min 36 18 1732...1801 02/04
60 min 29 29 1705...1803 02/04
120 min 23 46 1614...1807 02/04

FT450 @ 80W
K1CC   SOABMixed HP   129,9962016-04-04 09:32:49
What a difference from last year! Not only did we experience bottom of the
solar cycle conditions but a geomagnetic storm on top of that made it really
rough. No 10m and only an hour of 15m the first day. The 160 conditions were
terrible, even with a 4-square on a New England salt marsh. Other bands were
slow to open and quick to close. To top it off, there was terrible rain static
most of the time. Thankfully the verticals on 40 and the lower antenna on 20
made it possible to hear anything.

It was a good SO2R workout of the fully automated W1KM station and a joy to
operate. My thanks to Greg W1KM for use of his super station and to Dennis
W1UE for setting up the radios for this contest.
G4BYG   SOABCW LP   22,5602016-04-04 10:42:58
Was able to raise the mast at last after a period of heavy strong winds/rain.
Enjoyed the few hours I had available to participate.
Always fast and furious.
40m was the star band as usual.

Elecraft K3 100w
80/40 dipoles @17mtrs.
Dipoles for 20/15/10m @ 13mtrs.
N1MMLogger+ software.