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SMIRK Contest   2011   Jun 18   Comment Summary

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K4BAI   Single Op LP   62011-06-21 13:23:55
IC736, 100W, 5 element M2 beam at 60' Had 6M rig with squelch on the calling
frequency almost the whole weekend while working HF contests and it appeared
the band never really opened here. Better luck next time. 73, John, K4BAI.
N8OFS/P   Single Op LP   1602011-07-01 16:51:55
Broadcasting Live and Direct from the BIG Caboose at the AC&J Railroad...
52.525FM ONLY... Kenwood TS-60 @ 50W to 29.4ft of LMR-400 to the "DOMINATOR"
5.8 wave Vertical @ 29.5ft... Worked my first VY2 during this Contest...
VE2PIJ   Single Op HP   8402011-07-14 11:55:27
My best smirk contest, work EA8 wih a SQloop and 200w

Number of SMIRK Members Worked: ___9____ x 2 Points: 18
Number of Non SMIRK Members Worked _24___ x 1 Points: 24
Total Contact Points: _____42____
Number of Grid Squares Worked: ___20____
Final Score = Total Contact Points x Number of Grid Squares: ____840