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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2017   0300Z Mar 9   Comment Summary

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N4ZZ   Single Op LP   7842017-03-08 19:49:58
Tks for the Qs 73, Don n4zz
W6NF   Single Op LP   162017-03-08 19:50:05
Did a firmware upgrade on the TS-590S and found it required resetting most
(all?) menu parameters. Took a half-hour to get everything sorted out. :<(
Conditions seemed pretty poor anyway.
W4MJE   Single Op LP   2252017-03-08 19:52:36
Not much happening on 40 except CWops. Had fun working new stations and N3RS
who was one of my sponsors. Thanks Sig.
AD1C   Single Op LP   3,1362017-03-08 19:55:53
Radio: Yaesu FTDX-5000, 100 watts
Antennas: Hy-Gain AV-640 vertical
1/2 size G5RV dipole in attic
Loaded (shortened) dipole for 80 meters
Software: WriteLog for Windows
K5GQ   Single Op LP   1,5202017-03-08 19:55:55
Wow - nice to work 40 stations on 40M. Even IT9MUO. THERE were a couple of
weak ones I just could not bring out of the noise.
IT9MUO   Single Op HP   1,0892017-03-08 19:57:12
Thanks all for Q's
CU next week!
73 de Alf IT9MUO #1569
KM5PS   Single Op LP   9612017-03-08 19:59:47
Juat a part time effort this week, had to watch tv with the wife. See everyone
next week.

AA3B   Single Op HP   15,1802017-03-08 20:00:57
Band QSOs Pts Mlt Pt/Q
1.8 5 5 3 1.0
3.5 57 57 45 1.0
7 70 70 67 1.0
Total 132 132 115 1.0
Score: 15,180
1 Mult = 1.1 Q's
W9ILY   Single Op HP   4,8282017-03-08 20:01:06
Optibeam OB-9/5 at 18m and phased verticals.
N3QE   Single Op HP   6,4502017-03-08 20:01:30
Czech army key! Happy CWA day!
K4HQK   Single Op HP   1,5542017-03-08 20:01:32
Icom 7410
Ameritron ALS-600 amplifier
80 meter dipole
40m/30m inverted vees
N3HEE   Single Op LP   3,6542017-03-08 20:01:34
Fun ! Worked lots of CWT's tonight.
VE3MV   Single Op LP   1,5962017-03-08 20:01:36
K3,P3 @100W to 3el SteppIR @ 70ft, and Butternut vertical for 160, 80 & 40M
WIØWA(WALT)   Single Op LP   1,9362017-03-08 20:01:37
I think I posted the wrong call this morning. It should have been WI0WA. Why do
some ops not confirm the QSO? Lost VE2AXO and N3RS because I couldn't confirm a
needed fill.

Thanks for your QSO, Walt

Operating conditions at the station of N0AC

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #4-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
K1DW   Single Op LP   3,8402017-03-08 20:01:47
K3SEN   Single Op LP   2,7562017-03-08 20:01:57
Thanks for the Qs. 73 Dale K3SEN. Elecraft K-Line/MyAntenna EFHW-4010.
N8BJQ   Single Op HP   5,3282017-03-08 20:02:01
Thanks for the Q's. CU next week.
K6RB   Single Op HP   8,9002017-03-08 20:02:04
Enjoyable. Thanks for the Qs. CU next week.
N5TOO   Single Op LP   3612017-03-08 20:02:05
Radio and antenna interface problems!!!
AD8J   Single Op HP   5,3252017-03-08 20:02:09
I'll be ZF2AG next week.
K4AFE   Single Op HP   1,7602017-03-08 20:02:18
Thanks for the QSOs.

Kenwood TS-590SG
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
W6TN   Single Op LP   4202017-03-08 20:02:20
Thanks for the Qs! 73, Trung W6TN

Rig: TS-590SG
Ant: OCF @ 30ft, Sigma 40m, K6MM 160m vertical
Pwr: 100w
K5IX   Single Op LP   1,5582017-03-08 20:02:30
Winkeyer konked out--had to revert to paddles. It was fun! Nice to hear some
CWAs out there.
K6NV   Single Op HP   2,8502017-03-08 20:02:34
TNX for the Q's............Bob

Rig: K3 KPA amp
160m: Inverted L @ 70\' with elevated radials
80m: Vertical supported by a 80\\\' tree
40m: Dipole at 70\\\'
20, 15, 10: TH-3 @ 60\\\'

K9AY Loop System for receive
AD5TT   Single Op HP   6252017-03-08 20:02:41
What a rush. Thanks!
K3UA   Single Op HP   8,1002017-03-08 20:02:41
Mono 80 - Lotsa new calls! No static crashes!
K4OAQ   Single Op LP   3,4812017-03-08 20:02:48
Yaesu FTDX1200, G5RV dipole up 35 ft
Tks for the Qs
73, Fritz K4OAQ
Bristol, TN
K3PP   Single Op HP   1,5482017-03-08 20:02:55
I got to play in both the 1900z and 0300z CWTs today. I want to thank everyone
for the QSOs and the warm welcome to CWops! I have more than a few give me a
"WELCOME GLENN" after our QSO! What a great bunch of people! I'm
honored to be a member!
KE4S   Single Op HP   2,3322017-03-08 20:02:57
Rig- K3/P3, Expert 1.3K-FA
80m horizontal loop and 40m delta loop on 40m
W7KF Skyhook II inverted L for 160m/80m
Thanks for the contacts es 73 de Dave KE4S
N4FP   Single Op HP   3,8442017-03-08 20:02:58
Flex 6300, AL-811H. 40/80 dipole, 160 inverted vee
PJ4/K3SW   Single Op HP   1,5212017-03-08 20:03:09
Had some fun on CW-T from PJ4.

WJ9B   Single Op HP   11,1362017-03-08 20:03:10
73, wj9b
K4QPL   Single Op HP   6,0802017-03-08 20:03:13
Great to work all the CWA's. FB and congratulations.
Jim, K4QPL
W1UU   Single Op QRP   1,2582017-03-08 20:03:26
Flex-6500 5 watts to a 43\' vertical with 25 radials
K5WK   Single Op HP   8,9762017-03-08 20:03:36
Thanks to all.
N1LN   Single Op HP   6,6992017-03-08 20:03:40
Conditions and participation seemed pretty good tonight. Worked quite a few
signing CWA.

Many stations must not have heard about 20 wpm night.

Thanks for the Qs.

NN5O   Single Op LP   2,9682017-03-08 20:03:40
Another fun run. Thanks to all who slowed down for the CWA newbies and other
potential members. Only a few of us must not have gotten the memo and were
burning up the carbon between the paddle contacts. Ha.

So many terrific exchanges tonight! And, I thank all of you for making this
such a great, fun learning experience. I'm not shooting for any kind of
score...just looking forward to the next Q so we can chat for a few seconds.
That's what I call the world's greatest social network!

Have a fantastic weekend...and don't forget to set your clocks forward if
you're in most portions of the US.

--Dr. Larry S. Anderson, NN5O #1327
Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis)
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion 565AT ~100w into 400 foot horizontal loop up 40 feet
AI6O   Single Op HP   1,4062017-03-08 20:04:10
Fun evening using the key. Thanks for the QSOs and deciphering my fist! 73

Ed, AI6O
NQ6N   Single Op HP   4,8242017-03-08 20:04:29
Welcome to the new participants! Conditions were rough this evening, lots of


N1MM Logger

160m inverted L w/ FCP
80m inverted L w/ FCP
40m dipole at 25'
20m vertical with two short radials.

BOG for diversity RX, primarily on 80 and 40m as it's too short to help much on

My EDZ for 20m and my 40m vertical were both damaged by the high winds we've
been having.
WR7Q(BOB)   Single Op LP   3242017-03-08 20:04:49
First time in years. Good to get back. Only uphill from here.
K5CM   Single Op HP   9,6822017-03-08 20:05:06
Hope to see some of you in the Oklahoma QSO party this week end. Always several
mobiles to keep you busy.
Connie, K5CM
N5EE   Single Op LP   3,7702017-03-08 20:05:10
Love the QRS format. Nice to hear the CWA's and thanks for the Q's.

73, Ken
F6JOE   Single Op LP   3422017-03-08 20:05:57

73 Jean - F6JOE
AA8TA   Single Op LP   5292017-03-08 20:06:10
I was hoping to work at least one of my CWA advisors; did find Mark, K5GQ, but I
don't think Mark heard me very well. Spent most of my time running with
moderate results. Have to learn to relax and not press the wrong keys all the

With this being the last CWT before daylight savings time, I'm not sure how
many of these I'll be able to do. They sure are fun. Wish everybody all the
best and thanks for the QSOs.

Kenwood TS-590S, barefoot
GAP Titan, 16 feet AGL
KE8AQW   Single Op LP   642017-03-08 20:06:13
NC6K ERIC 1640 *
NG7M MAX 1201 *
K5AX TOM 107

N3RS   Single Op HP   10,9142017-03-08 20:06:14
160M 3 3
80M 42 37
40M 62 62
Tot 107 102

Score ==>10,914
WX5CW   Single Op LP   6502017-03-08 20:06:51
20170309 0304 7026.4 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 K5XU
KEN 1584
20170309 0306 7026.4 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 KT4XN
TOM 1738
20170309 0311 7030.8 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 K5AX
TOM 107
20170309 0313 7031.5 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N3RD
DAVE 232
20170309 0314 7030.5 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N0TA
JOHN 885
20170309 0316 7029.6 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N3RS
SIG 34
20170309 0320 3532.0 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N3SEE
JOE 1283
20170309 0321 3532.5 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 K3UA
BILL 1579
20170309 0322 3531.3 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 K4OAQ
FRIT 1658
20170309 0325 3530.6 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 K4AFE
20170309 0330 3541.6 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 K8JQ
STEVE 1402
20170309 0331 3538.5 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 K3WW
CHAS 177
20170309 0334 3537.0 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N8DNA
MIKE 743
20170309 0336 3527.5 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N4ZZ
DON 902
20170309 0340 3528.0 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 K4QPL
JIM 244
20170309 0342 3529.1 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 K4RO
KIRK 387
20170309 0344 3530.0 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N3QE
TIM 1223
20170309 0345 3530.4 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N3RD
DAVE 232
20170309 0346 3531.0 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 NQ6N
MATT 1013
20170309 0348 3532.1 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N5EE
KEN 1766
20170309 0350 3541.0 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 WB0SND
MIKE 1469
20170309 0353 3539.0 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N4FP
WAYNE 1190
20170309 0354 3539.0 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 K4SQK
JOHN 194
20170309 0355 3539.0 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N8BJQ
20170309 0356 3539.0 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 K2XR
20170309 0400 3539.0 CW WX5CW CHRIS 1762 N5IR
BILL 799
N5PHT   Single Op HP   3,6482017-03-08 20:07:39
Thanks and conditions very poor again at my QTH in North Texas. But managed to
get some Qs. I few did not get the word on 20 wpm. One would think it would
eventually be obvious to them something was up! Hope to cu next week. Session
#246 without a miss! Thanks for the QSOs.
KEØEK   Single Op LP   1,8482017-03-08 20:08:18
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Kaw Valley Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
NAME: David Coultis
ADDRESS: 3214 SW Westwood Drive
ADDRESS: Topeka, KS 66614
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6076.0
NN4K   Single Op HP   8122017-03-08 20:08:26
Tnx for the Qs. Noise on 40 and 80 was badddd. Signals were weaker and
apparently mine was to as several ops didn't hear me when they regularly do.
(Have to go outside and see if my wires are still in the air.) Overall it was
worth it and lets hope we get better conditions next week. Don't forget to
adjust for DST this weekend. Best to all.
73 Mac NN4K
KT4XN   Single Op LP   5762017-03-08 20:08:45
From Chiefland, FL Flex 6500 90 Watts into G5RV
W3WHK   Single Op LP   1,3682017-03-08 20:10:09
FT-840 <100w. G5RV antenna up 11m
NC6K   Single Op HP   3,7052017-03-08 20:10:09
Just a quick S&P effort until the last 10 minutes, when I decided to run on
80 M. A little chaos with some of the new CWA folks at first - nothing like
calling a station and having three come back to you at once! I felt bad for the
poor guy who was on the frequency.
K5AX   Single Op HP   9,9002017-03-08 20:10:32
Thanks Q's. 40M was pretty good. 80M sounded ok.
CWA - 14
Non-numbered participants - 17
Good activity, everyone kept the speed down nicely. I hope today was good
training reinforcement for all the CWAs and other students.
2 X K-3
1 X 2K-FA
160M - UTLS, 80M - Inv Vee @ 55', 40M - 2 el shorty 40 @ 65', 20M - 4 el mono
@ 57', 20/15/10 - TA33N @ 50'. RX Ant - SAL30
K5VI   Single Op LP   2562017-03-08 20:10:44
It was good to be back on the air for the Wednesday evening event after a couple
of months away. Plenty of signals on 40 but with some QSB on this end. Worked a
few on 80, but my antenna for that band is pretty poor. Still fun in any

Rig on this end--Yaesu FTDX 3000 with a 20-15-10 meter driven element
(rotatable) up 28 feet and an inverted v for 40 meters up 33 feet at the
apex--and pressed into service on 80 meters at well.

Thanks to all for the Q's, and I look forward to next week!

73 es Adios from El Paso,

N5AW   Single Op HP   7,2252017-03-08 20:12:55
Interesting session. First had to deal with what seemed like intentional jamming
- carrier zero beat. Can't say for sure it was intentional. Would go off for
short periods and then come back on. I finally moved just enough to be able to
copy callers that were zero beat with me. That bings up another point - seems
like I'm getting more and more callers that must be clicking on spots because
they are exactly zero beat. Sometimes impossible to copy anyone until someone
finally slips in a call while others aren't calling. After about 35 minutes on
it 40 seemed about the right time to move to 80. However was getting many
callers that were obviously beginners on CW and contesting so decided to stick
it out on 40. After all isn't a big part of what these slow speed sessions are
all about? Rate wasn't very good but it was a nice feeling to work those folks.
WA6URY   Single Op HP   1,8132017-03-08 20:13:37
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
K4BAI   Single Op HP   7,1282017-03-08 20:13:49
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, dipole, inverted vee. 40 and 80 in excellent
condition. Nice to work some middle of their night Europeans (DL1NKS, F6JOE,
IT9MUO) on 40 and a lot of CWA advisers and graduates. Congrats to all of
them. And thanks for all QSOs, 73, John, K4BAI.
K1SEC   Single Op LP   1,5582017-03-08 20:16:00
Total Contacts = 41
Total Points = 1,558

Operating Period: 2017/03/09 03:00 - 2017/03/09 04:00

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
80 29 0 0 29 71
40 12 0 0 12 29
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 41 0 0 41 100
WBØSND   Single Op HP   3,4022017-03-08 20:17:10
Congrats to the CWA ops
NG7M   Single Op HP   3,0092017-03-08 20:17:51
It was fun at QRS tonight, I think we should do a couple more QRS CWTs over the
course of the year. KF7ZN Ron just completed level 2 of the CW academy and he
worked 2 stations tonight and was so excited. I was one of the 2 QSOs he made
and it was well worth it. Ron lives about 5 miles from my QTH. Anyway, it was
fun even at the QRS speeds. Max NG7M
WA9LEY   Single Op QRP   3242017-03-08 20:18:41
Attic dipoles and a Wolf River Coils portable vertical outside for 80 meters.

Thanks to those who pulled me out. I thought I'd let you know something
interesting(at least it was for me). A friend gave me his Heathkit HW-8,QRP
rig, when he was moving out of town over 35 years ago. It has sat in a box and
I never used it for all that time. On a whim, I hooked it up today and it
still works. Also, I haven't used a straight key or bug for about the same
amount of time. I pulled out my old bug, turned it sideways and used it like a
straight key. It was sloppy CW and after about a half hour of brass pounding, I
got tired and switched to my other rig, dialed it back to 5 watts and continued
N2JNZ   Single Op QRP   1002017-03-08 20:19:43
had fun !! Rig here a YouKits HB1B MKIII and antenna a ZeroFive 40 meter
K3WJV   Single Op HP   6,4682017-03-08 20:20:51
Cu next week.

stn 1 FT1000MP & Alpha 89
40mtr inv v 40mtr sloper @55ft
Palstar HF-AUTO to add 15&20

stn 2 K3/P3 & Acom 2000A
2el K4KIO Hexbeam-6 bands @24ft Green Heron controller with G-450A rotor
3 band two legged fan inv vee broadside N/S @ 55ft 40-80-trapped 160

Rx ant - pair of 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs with DXE ncc-2

SO2R >> TopTen Dx Doubler Band Aides A/B relays

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
W6SX   Single Op HP   2892017-03-08 20:21:35
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
W1QK   Single Op LP   3,1902017-03-08 20:22:28
An enjoyable session. Great to work both CWA students and instructors.
Thanks for the contacts. 73-Dan-W1QK #1506
K7SV   Single Op LP   3,2492017-03-08 20:43:42
With 40 producing fairly well decided I'd do a K3UA on it tonight! Worked lots
of CWA folks again. Way to go all.
WN4AFP   Single Op LP   1002017-03-08 20:46:03
Thanks for the 10 Qs - K5CM, CG3KI, K4QPL, K8JQ, K5WK, N5EE, N3QE, N3RD, K4OAQ
and K3UA. 73s Dave
W4ER   Single Op QRP   1212017-03-08 20:56:40
Started late after 40m had gone long. Thanks for the Qs!

KX2 @ 5 watts to BuddiStick

73, John
AB7MP   Single Op LP   7802017-03-08 21:00:45
Really nice to hear signals again! Really nice night!
KF7ZN   Single Op LP   42017-03-08 21:05:46
First CW contest ever, still very new to CW, got an email from the club and
decided to join in, I decided to keep my score low so a not to intimidate
anyone. Actually I copied a group of membership numbers, and call signs,
struggled with names for some reason however only had a couple where i got all
three of them. But have to start somewhere. Wish there was more of these. I
will try next week to work a few, even at the higher speed,I figure good
practice, and good to get on the air, am looking forward to lots more CW.
KA6JLT   Single Op LP   812017-03-08 21:49:58
ADIF Export from N3FJP's CWops CWT Contest Log 1.4
Written by G. Scott Davis
Log exported on: 3/8/2017 9:44:02 PM
<LOG_PGM:29>N3FJP's CWops CWT Contest Log
<PROGRAMID:29>N3FJP's CWops CWT Contest Log









N8XX   Single Op QRP   1212017-03-09 03:33:47
40 was "long" with weak, warbly signals for the most part from the
start. Tried a few "jump balls" but those folks were getting big
pileups and I couldn't break through. Quickly went to 80, and found that few
were checking 80, so pickin's were slim. The RBN was hearing me fine, with
quite a few SNR>20, so I know I was getting out.

It took until about 0345Z for the horde to invade 80, and by that time most
signals were "long" so was hard to make contact even then.

But, 11 Q's, from folks who "found" my "run" was better
than zero!

72/73 de n8xx Hg
K4RUM   Single Op LP   1002017-03-09 04:25:46
What a slog! I have much antenna work to do at this QTH.
K4GM   Single Op HP   1442017-03-09 05:57:15
Sorry, but doing the CWT at 20 wpm just doesn't work for me. Hope to see all
next week.
K1SX   Single Op QRP   1962017-03-09 07:44:18
Tnx all & great job CWA! 20 wpm nice for getting used to N1MM too...ESC
& grab the bug.
Genesis G11 SDR, doublet @ 50'
N4TMM   Single Op LP   3422017-03-09 11:25:00
AD1C 0313 7027 JIM 131
K5CM 0314 7028 CON 1662
K6RB 0320 7028 ROB CWA
K5AX 0322 7030 TOM 107
N3RD 0327 7032 DAVE 232
K3WW 0328 7033 CHAS 178
AA3B 0330 7033 BUD 242
WC7Q 0332 7035 SAM 1226
CG3KI 0334 7035 RICH 783
K0MP 0335 7036 BILL 1736
W7OM 0338 7036 ROD 680
K4QPL 0343 3528 JIM 244
N4ZZ 0345 3527 DON 902
K4RO 0347 3529 KIRK 387
N3QE 0350 3530 TIM 1224
N3RD 0352 3530 DAVE 232
NQ6N 0354 3531 MATT 1013
K3UA 0356 3533 PHIL 1579
K1DW 0359 3534 DALLAS CWA
KJ9C   Single Op HP   2252017-03-09 13:48:39
K3, KPA500,
K5XU   Single Op LP   2,0212017-03-12 15:27:40
I won't make many until we are back on Daylight Wasting Time again.
YO3GNF   Single Op HP   252017-03-13 01:35:26
73 de YO3GNF, op. JACK.