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NA Sprint SSB Contest   2015   August   Comment Summary

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AB9YC   Single Op LP   2,5842015-08-29 18:57:58
Twenty meters was still poor like the NAQP. I had difficulty hearing stations.
Forty was much better.
NW3H   Single Op QRP   1,6532015-08-29 19:20:57
It was an honor to identify with ALAN to honor KO7X. Alan you will be missed.
RIP OM. Alan was one of my first contacts when I started out in Radiosport and
it will not be the same hearing the familiar friendly voice from WY.
KU9V   Single Op LP   6802015-08-29 19:54:50
This was my second sprint, I cannot imagine how this will grow, as someone new
to it, all I hear is people talking before the QSO is finished, I like the idea
of the Sprint, but it may be my last one due bad ops. Really frustrated right
N6EE   Single Op HP   4,3462015-08-29 20:14:26
Very good conditions. Voice gave out with an hour to go :( Fun while it
Remote from condo in NJ to Remote Ham Radio station in Monticello NY. Station
worked much better than my voice :)

Thanks for the Q's.
KK9EJ   Single Op LP   362015-08-29 20:33:59
First sprint. Not sure I was ready for that......
N5TIT   Single Op LP   1,6242015-08-29 20:57:00
I had fun even though the bands were not in very good shape. Called CQ for a
bit on 3803 and no takers. Lots of stations in the extra part of the band
however no one was listening above 3800 khz.
KB9OWD   Single Op LP   4,0002015-08-29 21:00:42
I had sinus surgery about 4:00 P.M. CST Thursday and really felt crummy most of
the day Saturday, still wearing gauze under the nose etc and just miserable,
tired etc. I planned to make 10 or 15 QSO however started to feel a bit better
so stuck around an hour and a half or so.

States missed were: IA, KS, NE, CT, MA, NJ, AL, KY, TN, NM, AK, WY, MI and

As many did, I utilized Alan and thought of him often while bouncing around
QSO's. An all around great guy and a big loss to the amateur radio community!

Thanks for the QSO's, back to resting!!


W7ZRC   Single Op LP   10,0242015-08-29 21:03:25
Well, haven't done a Sprint in a long time and it was fun. Thanks! 73, Rod/w7zrc
K2PO   Single Op HP   9,6202015-08-29 21:03:59
Fun time. Never heard IA, NJ or KY, and also missed WY. RIP KO7X.


/Bill, K2PO
W6SX   Single Op HP   2,1002015-08-29 21:05:30
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
WU8R   Single Op HP   8,7712015-08-29 21:05:32
Nice contest. Poor band conditions. Still had a lot of fun. Thanks for the Qs!

10, 15, & 20 - 2 element N4GG wire array at 30 feet
40 - Dipole at 30 feet
80 - Random wire at 30 feet
F1AKK   Single Op HP   2,4902015-08-29 21:05:58
Before contest 20m was wide opened to East Coast with loud signal.
I think the band died around start of contest but some strong signal from rst
I heard very weak W.Coast on 20 , i tryed to worked some on 40m
N6RO,K6LL,W7WA,K0EU ... but thems never heard me i guess ssb may be noisy to at
this time of the year in NA as in W eu !
1st hour 33Q after that was around 15 or so!
I never heard west indies as last February part.
Thanks for the ones who heard me!
See you next contest
AL9A   Single Op HP   3,1452015-08-29 21:06:30
Not quite the full time effort I had hoped for, but considering the recent
geomagnetic storm activity better than expected. Actually heard many loud ones
on 20M, but when everyone went to 40 or 80 I was toast. Too much A index and
daylight to be heard on 40M. Great to work so many SMC calls.
N6RO   Single Op HP   13,9322015-08-29 21:07:53
Too much work, back to CW! But it was a nice salute to Alan KO7X.
ACØW   Single Op LP   4,0172015-08-29 21:08:00
Got a late start so put in a token effort.
W7WHY   Single Op HP   6,2042015-08-29 21:08:54
Started out great but when I hit 40, the audio from the computer was barely
moving the meter on the amp. Only putting out about 100 watts. Had to stop and
take the plug off the mic that went into the sound card and put an 8-pin plug to
plug into the front of the TS-450.

Missed not having the macros from the program and being able to use the 2nd
radio with the DXD.

This was a lot of fun and ready to do it again. 73 and thanks for the Q's.


TS-450SAT and SL-811H ~ 500 watts.

20 meter HB 2-el monobander at 25 feet
40 meter delta loop
80 meter inverted V
KM9R   Single Op LP   5,0402015-08-29 21:10:18
1st SSB Sprint. 100w multiband dipole @ 35 ft. Tnx for the qso.
W1UJ   Single Op LP   5,6582015-08-29 21:10:46
Hand Mic.... TS-2000.... Wires and 40m stuck towards EU....

Had fun even though using the backup to the backup radio and most antennas

Felt really nice to air it out....

KJ9C   Single Op HP   4,1912015-08-29 21:11:09
K3, KPA500, stealth dipoles
WW9R   Single Op LP   4,4282015-08-29 21:11:14
This was my first contest with my new Flex 6300. Wow, what a radio! The
receiver was amazing, the filters worked better than I had hoped and the sound
quality was easy on the ears.

I worked a lot of Al's and Alan's tonight. What a nice tribute to ALAN KO7X.

Pat aka "Al"
N3QE   Single Op HP   10,0002015-08-29 21:11:31
200 Q's, 50 mults, nice round numbers :-)

My youngest daughter helped me raise a 20M vertical wire moxon, up about 32
feet at top in the backyard, pointed west, just an hour before the contest
started. Discovered it tuned well below the CW part of the band... so propped
up the bottom of it by about 2 feet, which put it right in the middle of 20M
phone! Worked well for me!
N8XX   Single Op QRP   2,9232015-08-29 21:12:32
Wow! Started off with loud signals on 20, but I was being beaten by the big
guns. Went to 40 early, worked quite a few, then went back to 20 and got some
multipliers. 40 was the "mother lode" but often others would beat me
otu of the jump ball. When folks moved to 80, had a better chance because I
could hear locals as well as the longer distance folks. Heard California on
20, 40, and 80, ut never beat the "jump ball."

Did better than I figured, with the CME hitting and propagation predicted to be
marginal. Guess my supplications to the sun gods were heard! :)

Thanks to the organizing team.
K6LL   Single Op HP   14,6882015-08-29 21:13:01
Never got to 80. It was fun.
K6GHA   Single Op LP   6,6722015-08-29 21:13:35
Some fun moving and rapid fire QO's finally set into a rhythm.
Glad to have sprinted... now out of breath. ;-)
K4OV   Single Op HP   5,4902015-08-29 21:16:29
Wow, it has been a long time since I was in a Sprint. I forgot how much fun
they are! After a little time to warm up, I got into a rhythm and had a blast.
Thanks to the work behind the scenes to keep the SSB Sprint going!

Rob K4OV
K8CN   Single Op QRP   1,0352015-08-29 21:17:19
I had planned to skip this evening's sprint, but Todd, WD0T's invitation to try
this new form of QRP punishment (SSB) was more than I could resist. Not sure I
will make a habit of SSB contesting without much better antennas, but at least I
tried it and gave out the NH mult to a few. Always great to hear so many of the
Thursday night NS crowd and even work a few. Whopping number from Bob, KW8N
near the end, so congratulations are in order! Thanks to all for your patience
with my even weaker than normal signals, thanks for the Qs, and 73, MikeNH.
KØEU   Single Op HP   19,1542015-08-29 21:18:02
In memory of KO7X, who will be greatly missed. RIP OM. This was a real grind it
out. 20M was up and down. 40M a little better. 80M noisy, but better rate than
40 at the end. Was hoping to find an Iowa and a New Mexico for W.A.S. but that
was not to be. Never heard either one. Snagged most of the Canadian mults,
though, as well as D.C., KP2, KP4. Congrats to KW8N who I'm sure won the thing
again. At least I increased my mults from last January. 73 Randy K0EU.
NDØC   Single Op QRP   6,1922015-08-29 21:19:03
This was really fun! The activity level was good and the conditions seemed
surprisingly good as well. Despite running QRP I actually got a pretty high
percentage of replies on 40 and 80, which has been a problem in the past.

Thanks to everybody that pulled me out of the noise on 80!

Station: Yaesu FTDX3000 running 5 watts output; Cycle 24 TX38 tribander (2
elements on 20) at 40 feet and dipoles at 38 feet for 80 and 40

Randy, ND0C
NF4A   Single Op HP   13,0352015-08-29 21:21:08
In memory of Alan Brubaker, KO7X, used ALAN as the name in the contest. Thanks
for all the QSOs.....heavy noise here sorry for asking for repeats.
K9PG   Single Op LP   12,5972015-08-29 21:21:33
Bands seem to really suck until sunset approached...took some extra time to
explain the QSY rule to some newbies and say "thanks for getting on."

Heard 2 mults that I didn't work... WK7G in IA and N5QJ in AR.

And thanks to everyone who revived this contest and to everyone who got on to
keep it alive!

Nice to hear so many ALANs on...we're gonna miss ya buddy....thanks for the
great memories and all the late night chats!

K9PG Alan IL
W9RE   Single Op HP   16,6442015-08-29 21:22:38
Got a bad curve in first 5 minutes. Just this week started using a sound card
and SO2R box on SSB and I tested it and the messages barefoot and all was OK
but with the amps on it was bad audio so had to recable and no computer CQ's
and no 2nd radio.

Very good activity for so, so conditions.

A big thanks to all who participated and are helping bring this contest back to

Missed NM and NJ.
N4IQ   Single Op HP   9,9452015-08-29 21:25:11
First NA Sprint SSB for me. Lots of fun, lots of multipliers and lots of good
ops. Thanks to K4BAI for putting together this team and thanks for the other
team members for participating.

Can't believe I never worked a NJ station. Hear HI but did not work him.

Rig TS590s; ALS1306 amp; two 80M Carolina Windoms and a 40/20M SuperLoop, N1MM+
KW8N   Single Op HP   19,7222015-08-29 21:25:26
Band condx not very good at the beginning. We did get some shorter skip for a
little while on 20 meters. Missed KY. Never heard one. I guess NU4N was only
on 20 meters? Also missed VE6.
NW2K   Single Op HP   12,4952015-08-29 21:27:32
Phone Fray, every Tuesday night, 10:30pm ET (0230-0300z Wednesday).

It mirrors NAQP SSB; exchange name and S/P/C, mults per band.

Suggested center frequencies are: 21.325, 14.250, 7.175, 3.800 (avoid
3.790-3.800, and lower is better), 1.875.


Join the free Yahoo Groups Reflector for communications:

No logs, just report scores to

The first several weeks will be for practice but be sure to post your scores to


Please forward this email to your clubs and amateurs that might be interested.

Thanks, 73, Dean, NW2K
N9ADG   Single Op LP   1,1272015-08-29 21:30:00
My original planned rural location (with a G5RV) had an S9 (powerline) noise, so
scrambled to get everything together to do this from the garage at home (50x200
lot), where my noise level turned out to be a totally acceptable and surprising
s1-s3 on a hastily set up BigIR vertical with two radials about 3 feet off the
ground. My efficiency must have been terrible, as I was only able to chain
together 6 Qs (hats off to AC0W who heard my CQ first!) the whole contest. I
could work the Southeastern US more easily than West Seattle (cough, k7ss,
cough); sigs couldn't make it over to Gig Harbor. A overall humbling
experience, I was very excited to work KH6 in the last 1/2 hour. First time use
of the new IC-7410 which I won in the recent Pacific Northwest DX Convention
raffle -- thank you WWDXC & ICOM, it was a totally pleasant experience!
Heard but didn't work VY2, "Rum" in VI who was LOUD, VE3, VE2, VT,
NY, KL, OR, WI, IN, AR, LA, MS, DC, KS, NE, TN... Thanks for the fun!
KU8E   Single Op HP   12,8242015-08-29 21:31:06
K3 - KPA500 and wires

Wow! 20 meters was pretty good from here in GA. Can't remember ever working two
VE8's (let alone one) and a VY1 ever in a sprint! Missed IA, NJ(!), NM and HI
for WAS. Missed AB, BC and MB (Heard one but never hooked up) in Canada. Worked
CM, KP2 and KP4 in the Caribbean.

The amp helped, but running just 500 watts still get beat out a lot. Had some
type of problem with my 40 meter antennas. One end of the NW/SE dipole fell
down and the SWR was high and it was unusable with the amp. Some RF or
something was
getting in to the KPA500 when using the zepp on 40 meters and the SWR would
jump and trip the amp.

Don't like SSB contests that much anymore but this one was fun with the good

VE3YT   Single Op HP   8,7892015-08-29 21:35:44
What a great time! Seemed like there was lots of activity with new people
coming on in the second half. Thanks for all the Qs. 73 Vic
K6CSL   Single Op LP   3232015-08-29 21:36:15
Ugh! Poor conditions(Flux-109, A=43, K=3) Really rough with my
"invisible" antennas and 100W. When I went to 80m at 03:30Z, hoping
to close with a few KB'ers or other locals, I found no one there, or at least
no one above 3800KHz.
K9NW   Single Op LP   802015-08-29 21:46:29

73, Mike (Alan) K9NW
AE6Y   Single Op HP   15,6752015-08-29 21:46:37
That was certainly more fun than SSB Sprints of yore -- thanks to the committee
for organizing the revived Sprint.
Worked all mults heard, but never heard AK, KY, NM, NJ(!). OTOH, getting
called by both VE8GER and VE8NSD was a kick -- don't forget, Gerry and Garth,
to come out and play in CQP also.
73, andy ae6y
PS: Don't miss the 50th running of CQP this year, with special awards. I'll be
N6R fromn K6TA/K6KO's QTH in Amador County.
WDØT(@KDØS)   Single Op LP   13,9502015-08-29 21:47:23
Thanks to everyone for showing up, lots of very good activity.. Seemed the bands
were down somewhat, at least here, on 20m especially. 40 was Ok, 80 noisy..
Still recovering from the flares.

Missed 2 mults I heard, KS and ND, had KC0W in mid QSO on 40m, but got covered
up and could never complete it, bummer! Otherwise I didn't hear a bunch of
mults that were there this time!

Sure great to hear all the Alan's and Al's out there! KO7X is very much missed
and will be, thanks Alan for all the Q's!

Thanks all for making this a really fun, enjoyable, quick event, 73 Todd WD0T
N6AN(@W6UE)   Single Op HP   4202015-08-29 21:54:00
Nice tribute to KO7X, originally an SCCC member.
Alan, you are missed!

David (REX)N6AN
N4HAI   Single Op HP   492015-08-29 22:02:45
40 min
NE9U   Single Op LP   5,8802015-08-29 22:05:31
My first SSB sprint! Well, it was more of a jog. Nice to run into voices I've
worked on CW a zillion times.
Scott NE9U
NC7M   Single Op HP   9,2822015-08-29 22:06:05
First 'Radio Sprint' of any kind for me.

People were having fun as I did.

Thanks for the QSOs 73 Marc NC7M
W7WA   Single Op HP   14,2682015-08-29 22:08:00
Unfortunately I lost the grid at 0257Z when a squall line passed through. Power
returned at 0350Z and I was able to work the last ten minutes on 75. A big
thank you to the group who resurrected the phone Sprint.

73 Dan
K7ZS   Single Op HP   4,5152015-08-29 22:12:57
Managed to squeeze in the first 2 hours of the sprint. Always fun, and the
bands rebounded pretty good compared to the last few days!

73 Kevin K7ZS
WM5Q   Single Op LP   2,0702015-08-29 22:15:37
First Sprint for me. Lots of fun. It took a while to get the hang of it. I'm
sure I spent too much time tuning around and should have stayed closer to each
previous frequency - no sense looking for loud stations or multipliers since
everybody moves after one QSO.

Low tribander - Classic 33 at 18 ft - and I kept it north, it's pretty broad at
that height. Signals on 20 were strong and the hardest part was close spacing.

Low inverted Vs for 40 and 80 - feedpoints just under 30 ft. Signals on 40 also
strong, easy QSOs all over. Had an interesting fade on 40 - tried to work a guy
in MS, he was next-door loud, and in a matter of seconds the path just died and
I could barely hear him in the band noise. Not so fortunate on 80, static
crashes were pretty strong, and with the low wire and no receive antenna, I
could only work the loud ones and CQing was pointless most of the time.

Spent too much time on 80, not enough on 20, left 40 too early, and maybe
should've started on 40 to get the close ones.
N7MZW   Single Op LP   4,7042015-08-29 22:28:46
Kenwood TS-950SD, Heil BM-10 Headset, and a home brewed G5RV up 50 feet, at
6,053 feet elevation from my Apartment QTH in Cheyenne, WY. (Laramie County).
I used the name of "Alan" in my exchange in honor of Wyoming
contester KO7X,Alan Brubaker, who became a silent key while preparing for a
recent contest. R.I.P. Alan-Wyoming and the contesting world has lost a true
N6ED   Single Op HP   16,3592015-08-29 23:11:44
Great tribute to Alan KO7X, especially N7MZW putting on the elusive WY mult in
his memory. Great Job!!
Conditions were very noisy and 20m at the start was very sparse with many
normally loud guys down in the mud, rates really suffered. I CQ'd way too much
due to the lack of condx. 40/80 was also plastered with big static crashes,
definitely thunder storms in the skip zone made it tough plowing.

Great to hear all the activity despite the conditions. Missed AK and NM for
WAS, heard AL9A in the early going but never heard him again. NM was never
heard. VE7/VE6 also never heard but got 2 VE8's!! WTG NT boys!!

C U all in the next one, and thanks to the team who is keeping this contest
alive, definitely the fastest and "funnest" 4 hours in contesting!!!

73, Craig N6ED
VE4EA   Single Op HP   8,8322015-08-30 00:14:08
Participation seemed to be quite good, with several ops arriving later in the
Sprint. Thank you!
I need a new "name" for these contesting. My name is too tough for
many to copy. I'm not Carl, Karl, Tary, Charlie, Alan and definitely not
I'm open to suggestions.

Thank you to all for the Q's

73, VE4EA
KØEJ   Single Op LP   1,2502015-08-30 03:47:39
just PT from home. FT1000MP->OCF. 73, Mark K0EJ
K4BAI   Single Op HP   16,4722015-08-30 04:52:32
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. Thunderstorms in
the general area caused a lot of QRN on 80M and made the last part of the
contest a read endurance test. Also, I had a bad head cold and had to
continually turn off the VOX when coughing. My voice at best doesn't hold up
well in phone contests. The FS-2 voice keyer isn't working properly, so that
made talking even more difficult by having to speak every word myself. But, it
was a lot of fun and this is the next morning and I have survived. Thanks for
all the QSOs and thanks for all who participated even if we didn't connect
during the event. Apologies to some I may not have heard well enough to work.
I had some sort of local computer hash that bothered certain parts of 20M. 73,
John, K4BAI.
N4PN   Single Op HP   5,5042015-08-30 04:54:16
Had intended to work the Kansas QSO Party from 10am until 8pm and miss the
last two hours of the first day, but had worked 97 of the 106 counties at
8pm. So, stayed the course and ended up with even 100 counties - needing
only 6 on Sunday for the "sweep." But, it only gave me two hours in
Sprint....It looks like the Sprint is alive and well....
Enjoyed working many stations in the Sprint that I had heard all day in
the KSQP....
Thanks to all..
73, Paul
K5NZ   Single Op HP   10,2002015-08-30 05:08:25
Great job organizers saving the SSB Sprint, even though I hate phone contests!
High SWR 40/80 phone band made for no amp and about 55w fun so had to
throw in the towel when I got to 80..

Booming beacon signals here were, K7 suuuga suuuga, N9RV, W7WA, N7TR, K4BAI,
K6SRZ.... Did work some mults I couldn't believe! Again to the credit of the

4 Advil and a shot of N1LN's Velvet Whiskey after to cure headache and ringing
in my ears!
N1LN   Single Op HP   17,0522015-08-30 05:33:18
Thanks to the organizers for not letting the SSB Sprint to go away. Activity
was good and rates were constant for the entire 4 hours.

20 started long but fortunately shortened up to allow a few more Qs. 40 was
outstanding as always. Using beverages and diversity mode on the K3 made for
an enjoyable (and quiet) time. 75 had plenty of static crashes, but for the
most part signals were pretty good.

I ended up missing NJ, NM and HI for WAS. Canadian mults surprised me with
both NT and YT ending up in the log.

Thanks for the Qs, the fun and the quick 4 hours.

Bruce - N1LN
KT4ZB   Single Op LP   4,2642015-08-30 05:36:58
Fun - Good to catch HI & NT on LP. Thanks to sponsors and thanks for the

Best - Jere aka Mark
W1VE(@K2LE/1)   Single Op HP   12,3662015-08-30 05:47:13
A Lot of fun seeing the gang... was swapping between VY1AAA remote and the
station in the shack here in Vermont. YT propagation was not the best, but put
a few guys in the log! Glad to give out VT; Andy and I are here fixing the
station after a lightening strike; getting ready for the fall contest season.

73, Gerry W1VE
VY1AAA(W1VE)   Single Op HP   4802015-08-30 05:56:12
Propagation was not good at all from thr arctic -- but for those who had the
beam north, they were rewarded. Switched off between YT and VT; could mostly
only call CQ because was always getting beat in the pile...

Some well known guys in the log included KW8N, K7SS, K4BAI, VE9DX... along with
a few little pistols.

Lots of good things on the way at J's station -- look for Big Sigs in the DX
Contests and Sweeps this year!

As always, thanks to J for all is help in making this remote a reality.

73, Gerry W1VE / VE1RM -- VY1AAA Yukon Canam Contest Club.
N9RV   Single Op HP   16,4452015-08-30 06:19:37
Shack was in pieces at the start, doing some rewiring. I actually kicked the
computer over with my foot during the contest -- luckily it survived. Nice to
operate this contest when there is fresh meat to be hunted, but it still is a
lot of work.

I missed WV and HI. Also VE6, VE7 and every VE1 except NB. Conditions much
better than expected.

RIP Alan.
KØAD   Single Op LP   11,3732015-08-30 06:28:26
Good acticity again this time. My score was almost identical to February.
Congrats to the contest organizers.


K8MR   Single Op LP   9,3502015-08-30 06:36:48
This one exceeded expectations! I figured I'd get on to pass out a few fresh
meat qsos to the deserving, and indeed started half an hour into the contest to
give the sharks their undisturbed feeding frenzy time. Nor did I bother with the
amplifier - I was lazy, and I need to lower my expectations in line with the
transition to spending winters condoized in Florida. I also took off a few
minutes to work some Kansas guys in their QSO party.

Yes, I occasionally did wonder why I kept getting beat out to guys with good
signals, and then remembered that I was barefoot and much of the competition
was not. But other than not working scatter signals, I had a pretty good kill
ratio when calling guys.

Great multipliers! I can recall only once, quite a while back, hitting 50 mults
on CW. I missed a couple I heard like OK, KP2, and NE, but never heard New

And as always, sad to hear so often the name of a recently departed friend.
RIP, Alan.

73 - Jim K8MR
KO7X   Single Op HP   29,2502015-08-30 06:38:35
You could count on that WY mult like clockwork from Alan.

Since I don't keep up with contesting much, didn't know why all the Alan's last
night ..but as I tuned around last night kept thinking OK where is KO7X for my
WY mult... Sorry to see this morning the tribute was for him.

Thanks for the many QSO's Alan.. RIP..

Top of the box this time for KO7X!

KB9WHV   Single Op LP   2642015-08-30 06:47:49
Very fun and fast paced contest with a lot of stations! Had some success on 20m
but struggled on other bands due to the antenna.

Thank you to everyone who participated! I was able to get ever state I was
missing on my WAS besides Nevada!

WQ5L   Single Op HP   9,3602015-08-30 06:53:54
Phone, low bands, and summertime QRN, oh my! I had to kick in the ATT on 40/80
to save what is left of my hearing. 20 was punk with huge skip zone at the
beginning but got better in the second hour.

Missed six states: IA KS KY NJ, and AK and HI who I chased around 20m but no
dice. Great participation from Canada (7 mults -- no AB or BC tho), and worked

KO7X will be missed -- RIP OM. 73 de WQ5L
N7TR   Single Op HP   17,7652015-08-30 07:00:26
What an incredible tribute to KO7X!
I spent way too much time on 20 and missed some easy mults. 80 was run on a 20
foot high dipole that I put up before the contest since my tower that holds the
80 meter antennas was down. Worked pretty well.
Surprise mults were both VY1AAA and VE8NSD. Thanks guys….
Missed Mults…. NJ, DC, KY, NM, IA, NS, NF, LB, AB, BC, NU, HI. Worked a
guy that gave me MDC as mult and I asked several times if MD or DC….and he
just gave MDC. I logged it as MD. Heard a VE7 very weak on 40 but could never
copy the exchange. Assumed 80 I would get him. No luck.
Special thanks to the organizers and for keeping it alive. Lots of fun!

Rich (Alan) N7TR
AD8J   Single Op HP   10,0002015-08-30 07:00:47
Forgot that that I didn't have a 75 meter antenna until after the amp told me it
didn't like the 80 meter antenna. So did a bit of LP on 75 and went back to 40
so I could use the amp. Other than that hickup, the remote station played
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   2,6862015-08-30 07:12:12
Could only do about 2.5 hours after a long day. Great operators!
N4CF   Single Op LP   1,7282015-08-30 07:15:26
Planned to operate four hours, managed two.
K6MM   Single Op HP   5,5862015-08-30 07:19:10
Had to stop at 3.0 hours but fun while it lasted. 73, John, K6MM
WØPAN   Single Op LP   2,3102015-08-30 07:21:31
Skip to East Coast not good so Midwest was the go to area. Always great to work
the top notch operators in the Sprint. We were in a thunderstorm warning mode
so the QRN was a definite challenge. As usual, my vertical in an HOA
restricted area performed well.
WJ9B   Single Op HP   6,1102015-08-30 07:37:17
I couldn't get my 80m ladder-line fed antenna to tune, must be broken, so qrt.
SSB is a challenge for me but I'll do ssb Sprint and get better at it. I
imagine guys use voice recordings...talking for four hours isn't fun. Tnx for
your patience.

Nice to see ko7x wy at the top of the list! RIP.

73, wj9b AL
N4OO(@K4JPD)   Single Op HP   16,4732015-08-30 08:10:41
First ever HP sprint for me. Far more fun!!

Didn't know if this would be a go due to a nasty AC mains lightning hit. Big
Big thanks to Steve to getting the station repaired enough to allow me to
No rx ant though and that was really challenging given the brutal QRN last

Can I buy a mult? Missed KY and NJ for WAS.

What a massive salute to KO7X. I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Alan @
Dayton last year. RIP OM.

73 N4OO Br'i'an
W4LT   Single Op HP   8,8782015-08-30 08:21:39
Rig : Elecraft K-Line

Antennas : A3s @ 40ft - 2 1/2waves in phase for 40m/short dipole for
80m @ 38 ft

Soapbox :

My first Sprint at the invitation of K9PG/The Mighty Dipolio and must admit it
was quite fun! I actually made 20 whole QSO's on 80! Wow!

Just figuring out the protocol made my entry less than serious, but this is a
really great time on the radio! We should do it more often! Quarterly, maybe?

I really like the QSY rule and the four hour format a lot!

Thought I had the rules understood, but the small nuances like why your call
sign is sent first or last escaped me, so all my pre programmed N1MMPlus
automation went out the window within the first 10 minutes as I figured out and
learned the "protocol" of the contest. So mostly live voice and
manual non ESM logging, as my pre programmed DVK messages and macros didnt
apply to contest protocol reality and I didnt have time to recreate them
because, well, because I was having so much fun without them!

This contest seems to attract the die hard contesting cream of the crop. Many
excellent ops with excellent signals involved, and listening to their exchanges
is an education in QSO working efficiency. As usual in a phone contest, some
guys think that all knobs to the right indicate great signals, however, not so!

Very enjoyable time, worked many friends as well. We will be back for a
sophomore try in the winter, which will give me the ability to actually hear
signals on 80 meters, as the summer thunderstorms make for 20 over S9 QRN on 80
and 40 down here in Florida.

73 - W4LT-Lu (and yes, its spelled L-U not L-O-U: After all, I'm Spanish not
N4YDU   Single Op LP   1,5122015-08-30 08:33:17
Good to say hello to folks.


WA5FWC   Single Op HP   7,9502015-08-30 08:34:55
Fun contest, great way to spend a Dog Day in August. 4 hours of fun and
contesting HF. I had a great time a Thunderstorm right on top of my QTH for
most of the time. all bands seemed to have plenty of activity. QRN was a big
henderance. Signals were great between the Crashes of noise. 80 meters was like
an intercom after the QRN, great signals from alllover NA. forty was worse than
normal as there was more going on than 20 meters. Qrm and Qrn made it a very
hard gomost of the time. 20 meters died at about 0230 when the Qrate dropped to
a snailpace. I did work Alaska and Hawaii during this time. one of the bright
points was workin NP2 on 80 meters.the switching freddquency was a hoot as I
was not sure if the freq was mine or the other guy most of the time. I cant
wait until next time. I will try it again!
KN5TX(KG5DMX)   Single Op HP   2,9402015-08-30 08:41:39
Lot of fun My first Sprint, I will do it again!
AB9M   Single Op LP   2802015-08-30 08:43:57
SSB Sprints are tough for me; hearing disability makes decoding call sign and
exchange more difficult due to the QSY rule. Either the station I can copy QSYs
or by the time I figure out the what the station calling CQ call is, he has
worked someone else.
K7SS(@K7RI)   Single Op HP   16,6802015-08-30 09:10:27
Great to see so many folks turn out for this fun!!

Tried like crazy to get WAS, but KY eluded me. Did get RI for nr 49, in a last
ditch attempt on 40m .. thanks Bill W1WBB.

Did find KP2, and a KP4 ragchewing (op insisted he didnt have a number for me,
but did give me 59, so i logged it). A treat QSO from VY1/remote/W1VE, and
VE8GER, as well as only ONE KL7 and 2 KH6.

Looks like this NA SSB is going be more and more popular as we go on.

Luckily we were sliding out of severe solar disturbance time (just
barely)...and today the K index is back to K-1 as if nothing happened last
week. So it goes.

Already looking fwd to next NA SSB in Feb/Mar time. Thanks to the gang who
put in so much effort making it happen.

Thanks for all the Qs and thanks to host Tom at the K7RI city-lot super

73 de DanWA K7SS
N4KH   Single Op LP   5,0292015-08-30 10:02:04
I'm not a big sprint guy but thought I'd give out some Q's. It turned out to be
fun except for the QRN on 75 meters. Thanks for the QSOs.
Jim N4KH
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   4162015-08-30 10:06:42
I had one hour before a dinner appointment to support the
contest and to honor Alan KO7X. It started with the usual
chaos, QRM, alligators, and rule violations - but it gets
better after 30 minutes as guys get the groove. I finished
my hour and went out for dinner. No, we didn't discuss the
merits of the QSY rule... See you next time.

NN7SS Alan WA (K6UFO op)

20m: C3 at 52ft, C-31XR at 71ft
One Kenwood TS-590s turned down to 5 watts
KH6CJJ   Single Op LP   1,5962015-08-30 10:07:06
The first hour and a half on 20 was very slow. It was just too early for a low
power station from Hawaii. I lost the next hour because of a dead battery in
the XYL's car. Starting around 0230 UTC, conditions improved and with fewer
stations on 20 it was easier to be heard. Moved to 40 for the last 30 mins,
but 1730 Hawaiian time was still too early to be heard much in the Mainland US.
None the less, I had fun and will try again next February. Thanks to the
organizers for keeping this going.

73 and Aloha,
W3TB   Single Op LP   2,0462015-08-30 10:19:00
Expected to see activity on 80m but found none. Hm-m-m-m.
K6LA   Single Op HP   4,0952015-08-30 10:48:55
After getting beat out and beat out and beat out, I decided I wasn't having as
much fun as I wanted and stopped.

I did get a very nice pocketed T shirt for working WAS in the last SSB sprint
which arrived the day before the contest. Good timing.

73, Ken, K6LA
K2RD   Single Op HP   5,0602015-08-30 10:55:17
First time ever in a SSB Sprint. New station played well on 20 but high swr on
40SSb and no 80 antenna yet limited operation. Primary motivation was to honor
KO7X but was new and fun experience.
W3DQ   Single Op HP   9662015-08-30 11:57:15
Running out of the usual summer excuses. Haven't turned on the radio since May,
nor have I fixed the wires that came down in the spring.

Would have been nice if everything worked and I'd been on for the entire 'test.
Oh was fun nonetheless!

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC
W1TEF   Single Op QRP   42015-08-30 12:53:56
The Gods of Electricity decided that I didn't need power to operate any of the
shack radios, so after 2 Qs, the power was cut off and I was left in the dark.
Accident up the street took out a pole and transformer. So, that's the whole

I will play in the next event. I have to have a better score - this is

de W1TEF/4
AB4B   Single Op LP   4,6802015-08-30 13:59:56
Station still running on 3 legs due to "arc n sparc" event last
No radio control es antenna switching. Radio and antennas OK however.
Awaiting new PC's and monitors and building new BPF/Switch gear post haste.
Good to see activity on all bands. Had a watchfull eye on WX as T-Storms abound
all around me. Didn't want to get "snake bit" agn so soon! Somewhat
concerned about HP class in this event. Hope I gave AL to those who were
"in it to win it"
as K9PG graciously invited me to be active somehow.

See all in next event fm the "Heart of Dixie"

Tim, AB4B
N3BB   Single Op HP   4,2002015-08-30 14:03:43
Tried to throw in a couple of hours. Lots of activity from stations not active
in CW stuff. That was interesting. Got to hear some voices for the first time
in a loooong time. Tnx to K5NZ for rustling up some activity. All in all, it
was rather fun. I sort of got the hand of voice contesting about the time I ran
out of gas. Congrats to some good variety and activity. Jim N3BB
N8FYL   Single Op LP   4,0322015-08-30 14:10:20
Lots of activity made for lots of fun!
W4BW   Single Op LP   2862015-08-30 14:13:52
This is my first attempt at a Sprint event - and WOW. It's still pretty strange
to me - but certainly fast paced! After a little over 30 mins, I'd had all my
little mind could take and bagged it.

I'll say my exciting moment of the evening was having E50A in South Cook Is.
respond to my CQ - and I was his #1 contact. This was my #8 Q of the evening
and a pleasant surprise that he heard my 100w!

Not sure I'd want to do this again in the summer - and 4 hrs would be a real
mental challenge for me.


Bob - W4BW
K7MK   Single Op HP   7,0972015-08-30 14:58:24
Operated from my cabin. Got 80M dipole in the air and N1MM going 3 minutes
before the contest. Used my "new" SB-220/K7ZS-built amp and it
worked great.

30 minutes off for dinner let the Low Power (and better antenna equipped) W7ZRC
to pull ahead and most likely take the Idaho point total.

FT-920, SB-220, R5, 40m & 80m dipoles. N1MM+

Thanks for all the Q's. Fun contest!
WN4AFP   Single Op LP   1,0502015-08-30 16:29:18
Member of the Southeast Sprint Coalition #1 Team. Thanks John for the
opportunity... This was a part-time effort.. The NA SSB Sprint was another
reason to upgrade! I am currently working my way through the ARRL Extra manual.
I worked 95% of my contacts between 7.178-7.185. Only able to operate 40m &
80m this time. I worked 40m only because I couldn't find any stations above
3.800 mhz. It was great to work five South Carolina stations - W4OC, N4IQ,
KB9WHV, W4RWL and KB4GYT. We used to be a 'rare' multiplier. Hope to do much
better in the next one. Great to work all of the Alan's tonight..great tribute
to KO7X. Looking forward to the next one. 73's Dave WN4AFP (THE BIG EVENT
09/19/15 visit to join the party)
W4RWL   Single Op LP   1002015-08-30 18:13:55
A little too fast for me but, enjoyed it none the less.
W1WBB   Single Op LP   5,4122015-08-30 18:55:47
Fitting...only missing W7 mult was WY -- KO7X (SK) *will* be missed!

No CT, MA, RI, NJ, or DC in log for close-in mults. Hint: This op can often
be found at 3803/7178 LSB or above (esp on the hour/half-hour later on!!

500 or so fewer points than Feb 2015 SSB Sprint (Revival). Still very good
action with marginal conditions.

Nice to be called by VE8GER! He was only VE in-the-log for much of the Sprint.
Realized I later lost my only ON-VE3 mult as QSO was 3rd consecutive within 1
kHz ;^(

No other RI, nor NJ, DC, KY, or WY heard from USA. Just VE4, VE8, NP2 and F1
worked outside USA.

Well done again to organizers of this revived Sprint!

73, Bill W1WBB
VY2LI   Single Op HP   2,1782015-08-31 08:57:58
A brief foray to fly the VY2 flag. Lingered a bit too long at the Pub to catch
our Texan friends, Jay and Tammy, who entertain here during the summer;
consequently, was a bit late starting and never really got into gear. May have
a violated a few QSY rules in error. My apologies.73,Bill
N2WF   Single Op LP   5,8962015-08-31 09:39:57
K7SV   Single Op LP   7,2482015-08-31 17:13:55
Many good mults on. Sure is more fun when there are lots of mults to shoot for.
Kind of got a kick out of rag chewers telling a contester there was a qso 2khz
up or down. He apparently didn't understand the Sprint because he kept coming
back telling different folks the same thing! Had a long day and ran out of gas
well before the end.
WR3R   Single Op LP   7,3602015-08-31 17:28:47
Enjoyed the test. Tks for the Qs!!! Gary WR3R
K6YL   Single Op HP   122015-09-01 12:56:16
Just a few minutes! I can definitely see how spending more time in this sprint
would improve my contesting.
NP2X(K9VV)   Single Op HP   7,4882015-09-02 07:20:25
Had 40m beam down for TS Erika.
K3KU   Single Op LP   2,9162015-09-04 10:43:17
The skills that we with lower-tier signals learn for "regular"
contests -- finding small holes in which to run; tricks for cracking pileups --
are of no use in Sprint. Losing 80% of the jump balls means you don't have any
fun if you want to make a rewarding number of QSOs. This contest is the
ultimate in "The 100 Loudest Guys Compete to See Who Can Work The Most of
Each Other." I'm going to have to find a different way to have fun in
Sprint (especially SSB), or just skip it.
NR4C   Single Op HP   602015-09-04 12:10:24
I don't like the format of this contest.
WØBH   Single Op HP   5,2362015-09-05 14:33:35
This was Kansas QSO Party weekend and I was out mobile with more than 1000
contacts already in the log on Saturday afternoon. I really wanted to operate
from home in memory of Alan/k07x, so I cut my mobile route short. Lorna and I
enjoyed visiting Alan (and Eileen, before she passed away) in Wyoming a number
of times as we went by on I-80 enroute to the Snowy Range or the Pacific
Northwest. The QSL card photo of Alan that's still out there on is the
one I put together for him. This one was for you. RIP, my friend.

73, Bob, w0bh
KØA(WØBH)   Single Op LP   702015-09-05 14:37:30
This was Kansas QSO Party weekend and I was out mobile with more than 1000
contacts already in the log on Saturday afternoon. I really wanted to operate
from home in memory of Alan/k07x, so I cut my mobile route short. When Sprint
started, I made 10 Sprint contacts from the mobile before arriving back at

Lorna and I enjoyed visiting Alan (and Eileen, before she passed away) in
Wyoming a number of times as we went by on I-80 enroute to the Snowy Range or
the Pacific Northwest. The QSL card photo of Alan that's still out there on is the one I put together for him. This one was for you. RIP, my

73, Bob, w0bh
K1IMI(N4CW)   Single Op LP   3,7002015-09-11 07:47:02
Operating on 20 was fun; grueling on 40! Always fun contacting friends...