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NA Sprint RTTY Contest   2014   October   Comment Summary

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N6RO   Single Op HP   5,4002014-10-12 00:08:54
Bummer, due to lack of activity; most diddlers focused on the MAK. This was a
waste of electricity and time. Should have done the OC CW test.
NW2K   Single Op HP   1,6472014-10-12 03:37:06
NA Sprint SSB and RTTY need repair.
KE3X   Single Op HP   1,8562014-10-12 03:45:15
One radio. Ran out of stations to work fairly quickly - even worse than the SSB
Sprint. It appears this event needs to be moved to another weekend, to avoid
conflict with Makrothen RTTY.

Primary goal was to work the last 4 states needed for Triple Play - got GA and
SC ... now lets hope W4IX, W4OC and WW4LL upload to LOTW! 73,

W1UJ   Single Op LP   3,4322014-10-12 05:26:07
I beat my 10/2013 score by a couple hundred points. Activity low, but was fun
in a challenging sort of way to try and find the unworked guys.


Band QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 28 28 1
7 55 55 24
14 21 21 8
Total 104 104 33
Score: 3,432
1 Mult = 3.2 Q's
W6SX   Single Op HP   1,9442014-10-12 06:03:01
In a radio funk--couldn't keep BIC.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, MMTTY and
2-Tone, N1MM.
K6LL   Single Op HP   5,2152014-10-12 06:31:46
It was really slow toward the end, but the team competition kept me in the
WØYK   Single Op HP   4,9682014-10-12 07:19:16
Thanks to everyone who participated, especially those who had just spent several
hours in the Makrothen. That's always a challenge for the October Sprint since
the Germans started up another RTTY contest right up against the long-standing
NA Sprint.

We could have a "real" Sprint if each of us would recruit one more
new participant. ;>) Although, limited participation sort of evens the
playing field by allowing everyone to catch up eventually as we all work though
the other stations. Still, if was fun to get on in my favorite contest format.

Apologies to those who had trouble copying my signal. No working antennas for
these bands so most of the RF went into antenna tuners. And, 20m was 500 watts
from a KPA500.

W4IX   Single Op LP   3,3002014-10-12 07:37:25
My first RTTY Sprint. The only issue I had was there was a setting checked in
N1MM that cleared my qso enter line when QSYing...well I think I lost a few
QSO's due to this...sorry guys. Good luck to everyone in the upcoming CQWWSSB
Test. I will be manning the 20M Station @ NQ4I. 73's
K5AM   Single Op HP   3,8402014-10-12 07:44:50
Location: Horse Mountain, elevation 7900 ft.
Off grid, generator powered.
W7WHY   Single Op HP   2,6972014-10-12 07:52:52
Wow - that was slow! Think I worked everyone I heard in the first 30 minutes on

Only 29 mults in 3 hours - that is pretty boring.

Worked for about 40 minutes on 20, went and ate dinner. Came back and heard
the same 15 stations calling CQ. Took another break and watched a show on TV
with the wife. Came back and there were the same 15 stations calling CQ

Don't know why they would schedule the Sprint and Makrothen on the same day.
I'd imagine after 16 hours of diddling, most op's would rather take a break
instead of doing another 4 hour contest.

If it is gonna be this slow we need to bring back dupes or just let it die a
slow death. 73

Radio 1 TS-450SAT + AL-811H ~400 watts
Radio 2 ST-840

20 meter HB 2 -l monobander at 15 feet
40 meter vertical dipole
80 meter dipole

N1MM Logger+
N3QE   Single Op LP   3,6302014-10-12 07:57:40
Got to use my new matching-network switch matrix to advantage! Especially on 20M
I felt satisfied. 40M seemed freaky long from the get-go but thanks to some
other dedicated east coast ops in most cases we were able to complete the

Dabbled in some other contests this weekend too but only as warmup for the
sprint :-)
WI9WI   Single Op HP   2,8202014-10-12 08:40:48
KØYQ   Single Op LP   2,2502014-10-12 09:25:00
The sprint format is really enjoyable and I simply don't understand why more ops
don't participate. Just a casual effort here but lots of fun until the well
starts to run dry.
K7TQ   Single Op LP   3,0522014-10-12 11:12:01
More Qs than last Oct, but fewer mults. Things sure slow down in the last hour.
W6OAT   Single Op HP   2,6402014-10-12 11:32:48
Limited operation. Had theater tickets for a play starting at 03:00Z. Was fun
making the few QSOs that I did though.
WW4LL   Single Op HP   2,9962014-10-12 15:13:33
Conditions were not great, nor was the participation. Thanks to those that did

73'....Fred, WW4LL
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   2,4032014-10-12 16:21:02
First hour on 20m was lots of fun. Then I couldn't
find any new stations, or get any answers to my CQs.

Reluctantly, I went up to 40m and struggled. Very
noisy as a thunderstorm moved in, very rare up
here in the Northwest. I started hearing loud thunder
at 0140Z and the lights flickered a few times, so
I disconnected the antennas and took a break. Storm
was leaving my area after 20 minutes so I jumped
back in. Still noisy, and I was running late, as
the band seemed to be emptying out. Either people
leaving for 80m, giving up, or the band "going
long." I tuned the band numerous times looking for
any new stations.

Time to "go wild" with QRP on 80m! No answers to
my CQs, and everyone CQ-ed "in my face" when I
called them. The only trace visible back on 20m
was T30D worked on RTTY and QRP! 40m only had loud
CQers I had already worked. Ok, then some more
80m character building. The end finlly came, and
I'm embarassed to see I didn't even work
90 stations, ouch!

NN7SS Burt WA (K6UFO op)

20m: C-31xr at 72ft
40m: 2 element yagi at 78 ft
80m: Delta Loop from 80 ft
Two Kenwood TS-590s turned down to 5 watts
Writelog, MMTTY, microham keyer
SDR-IQ receiver and Spectravue Panadapter

QSO by hour and band.
80M 40M 20M Total Cumm
00Z ---+- 6 33 39 39
01Z - 7 7 14 53
02Z - 20 - 20 73
03Z 11 4 1 16 89

Total: 11 37 41
K7SV   Single Op LP   3,0742014-10-12 16:34:32
If I hadn't committed to a team I probably would have folded during the first
hour. Somehow I can't apply the word fun to this contest.
AL9A   Single Op HP   1,5412014-10-12 16:49:20
Sprints are always tough from AK because the clock works against us. The only
usable band is 20M. By the time 40M shows some life it is near the end of the
contest. I only tried 80M in the last few minutes because I've never tried it
before and I must run somewhat reduced power to save the balun on my vertical.
Didn't hear much at all, but managed to work W0YK and N6RO. Glad they have
much better 80M antennas than me!
KØVG   Single Op HP   1,6202014-10-12 19:15:44
First Sprint for me. Fun contest.
K3GP   Single Op LP   5762014-10-12 20:12:53
No joy in this sprint - very high CQ to QSO ratio, and all too often lost out
when calling a CQing station. Need to go look for the pins in my coax ;).
W4GKM   Single Op HP   1,5682014-10-15 07:24:26
Sorry for late posting but I have been under the weather.