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North Carolina QSO Party   2016   Feb 28   Comment Summary

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N1CC   SO Mixed LP   20,0542016-02-28 16:25:48
Station: Elecraft K3/100 at 100W to F12 C3 @64', 80/40 Fan Dipole EW at 50'.
WriteLog V11.28J with out-of-date support for this contest. Score reflect the
maximum bonus points of 450 added to the contact total.

Quiet conditions, however, still not "great" ... I had good 20M, fair
40M and marginal 80M. Not a peep on 15 or 10. Majority of the contacts were
made on 20 SSB, and 60% of the time I ran out of NC stations calling CQ and
found that running my own CQ's was productive.

I ran QRP in the SCQP 6 hours got 55 contacts, Low Power in NCQP the same
amount of time made 142 contacts ... more on 80/40 than possible with QRP -
only due to congestion and noise. This was a 3-fer weekend with another 252
contacts in the CQ 160 Phone contest in 7 hours. So a "20-Hour"
effort yielded 439 contacts - not a great overall rate, however, I did get a
good workout!

I think the concept of SC+NC weekend will work, however, it might take a year
or two to catch on. Both days saw some Jamming taking place on the QSO Party
effort, more Sunday on NC.

OK! On to the next one, see NC+SC next year!
WB2P   SO SSB LP   22,9902016-02-28 16:35:50
Total score includes 450 bonus points. The most counties I have ever done in one
NCQP. 100W, G5RV, YAESU FTdx1200.
WT2P   SO Mixed LP   6,2522016-02-28 16:58:12
Fun contest.. Glad to support some NC friends in their QSO party in between
getting stuff ready for next week.
VE9AA   SO Mixed LP   16,0322016-02-28 17:08:38
Score does NOT incl. any bonus pts.

Started 3 hours late and was interrupted for supper, TV with family etc. Time
on is an estimate.

A good deal of fun. K5CM/M Connie had an AMAZING signal mobile. Louder than
some of the home stations. Many other multiband QSO's. N4YDU rockin'. Go Nate

TNX fer the Q's from the frozen lands of VE9

Mike VE9AA..IC7410 + Wires
W7GF   SO CW LP   1,1582016-02-28 17:09:42
150 point bonus for Swains County, W1VOA, and W4DW.
K8MR   SO Mixed LP   7,6252016-02-28 17:14:17
I may have worked some bonus stations, but this is what N1MM tells me. Nice time
while 20 meters was working to NC.

Condo QTH in Sarasota, 53 ft vertical wire with half a dozen radials, K3 tuning

73 - Jim K8MR /4 for the winter
N4YDU   SO Mixed HP   372,9162016-02-28 17:16:26
Nice to be able to go high power in this one now. Lots of fun and thanks for the
QSOS. Missed my own county (Franklin) but had fun chasing the mobiles. The
organizers are doing a tremendous job.


VA3GKO   SO SSB LP   9,1902016-02-28 17:27:25
Great activity from the state. Good fun.
Greg, va3gko.
N4VV   SO Mixed LP   10,2762016-02-28 17:28:13
Bonus Points: 450
K4HC   SO Mixed LP   139,5222016-02-28 17:39:27
Didn't start out with a mind to do more than have fun, taking breaks and getting
lunch. Ended up doing better than last year, and may actually have a chance to
win my category, thanks to N4YDU and AD8J running in the new High Power
category, and the notable absence of AA4NC. Special thanks to K5CM/M and WA4PGM
for all the mobile counties.
WA6KHK   SO Mixed HP   11,5382016-02-28 17:43:52
Thanks to all who were willing to help me out here on the west coast. Special
shout out to Joe, K4REB, who went out of his way to get 3 of my last 6 counties
in NC! Also to KM4APN who got me Tyrell county (thanks Allen and Marc for
getting Tyrrell again later!). Still a lot of guys running AND STAYING on 40
and 80 meters early. I saw N5FPW spotted early on 40 meters in Clay county and
he NEVER came up to 20 meters to help out the west coast!!! That is now one of
my last 2 counties in NC and 21 counties for all of the U.S.!!! Come on guys!
Do some calls on 20 meters! I am sure someone will spot you on the clusters!
Thanks again to those who went out of their way to help us out with emails and
phone calls. You guys were great!
W4IX   SO Mixed LP   51,3282016-02-28 17:46:26
Thanks for a great "Carolina Weekend". Tried running on 40 meters at
the start but there were too many rag chewers complaining and asking me to move
so it was hard to find a suitable freq so I just S&Ped for a few hours, then
I found a spot and the Q's kept coming....Thanks guys.
AD8J   SO Mixed HP   248,3792016-02-28 18:19:11
Managed to put in the full 10 hours. Conditions seemed to be very good. 20
meter phone seemed to be the most productive for me. Nice to be able to work
stations in Europe on most bands. I probably missed some counties as I didn't
chase the mobiles but tried to maximize the rate.

Remote station with TS-480SAT, Acom 2000A, SteppIR DB-36, inverted vee for 75
and vertical for 80.
KB4KBS   Mobile SO Mixed LP   17,8582016-02-28 18:30:51
On the second leg of this very special and fun weekend I traveled through five
counties and was relatively untouched by Murphy - aside from having my Ham
Stick "flop over" and get dragged down I-40 for about a half-mile
before we could find a place to safely pull off to the side of the road.
Fortunately only the whip received some road rash, and that didn't appear to
alter its electrical length appreciably. After that was fixed, things went
well - the radio tuned up the antenna to a near flat SWR.

We (my lovely wife who was my capable chauffeur and I) were able to take a two
and a half hour route and squeeze it into eight hours covering Buncombe,
McDowell, Rutherford, Henderson, and Polk counties. It was a wonderful and
beautiful drive.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

Yaesu FT-450D (100W)
Ham Stick
Chrysler Town & Country
AJ5E   SO SSB QRP   6,2062016-02-28 18:36:12
For some ridiculous reason I decided to try QRP for this one. (After all, NC is
just right next door - easy peasy.)

The first few Qs were deceptively easy, so naturally I'm thinking "NO
PROBLEM, I got this." Things got harder as the day progressed and more
people jumped in. Bustin' a pileup from QRP is an endurance test.

Anyway, glad I done it. Might even do it again one day.
VE3UTT(W1AJT)   SO CW LP   17,3162016-02-28 19:04:21
K3 / Optibeam / 80m Dipole

Includes 450 bonus point sweep.
K3TD(@K4QPL)   Mobile Mixed LP   130,1702016-02-28 19:38:46
This was a fun day. Beautiful weather, no visits from Murphy and a lot of
activity with good band conditions. Tad did the hard work on SSB while Jim
enjoyed the CW runs. Our target was 10 counties in 10 hours with the objective
of spending an hour in each county mixed bands/modes. We were mostlyl on
schedule but ended up back in WAK before time was up so we made a few more Q's
for County 11 before a half hour Bojangles break and arriving home at 0103Z.
Thanks for all the great "followers". It was like hearing old friends
when we activated a new county. We had no "Clean Sweeps" but KV8Q came
close with 10 missing only WIL. The "Great Ears" award for DX goes to
DL3XXX who worked us in 9 out of 11 counties missing only our first ROB and
last WAK which was unworkable as we were on 80/75 there after dark. Several
other DX stations had more than one Q.

We made a point of changing bands and modes often to give everyone a chance to
work us and for Tad and I to give each other breaks. We checked 15M from time
to time but it never seemed to open. We were also amazed at the amount of line
noise in the rural counties. Seemed like we'd go along for miles next to power
lines emitting a continuous buzz like a power saw. We apologize to many
stations we just couldn't pull through the noise and the poor rx capability of
a mobile antenna.

Auxiliary 12V battery for voltage stability; Elecraft K3s; P3 Panadapter;
Tarheel 160-10M Screwdriver; Hamstick 20M as quick change antenna (but didn't
match the Tarheel for performance). Software N1MM+, all packed into a Honda
Pilot SUV with one seat folded down to hold a shelf and the "weapons
officer" on duty riding starboard aft position.

Thanks again and see y'all next year.


Jim, K4QPL
Tad, K3TD
WN4AFP   SO Mixed LP   26,5202016-02-28 19:40:24
Score includes 450 bonus points... I hope that everyone enjoyed our first - The
Carolina Weekend! I ran a bonus station in the SCQP yesterday and today I
worked many of the same stations in the NCQP. The NCQP is always a challenging
and fun contest. Band conditions were favorable between our states all weekend.
Of course, 40m was my main band. Thanks for WA4PGM and K5CM for all the mobile
counties. Congrats to Marty the NCQP team. Looking forward to next year's The
Caroline Weekend. 73s Dave WN4AFP (SCQP Team Leader)
N2CU   SO Mixed LP   10,1782016-02-28 19:56:17
Could only operate the last couple of hours. Still, had fun in the
"Carolina Weekend".

K3/100, TH6DXX, 40m Inv V, 80m wire vertical, N1MM.

73,Tom N2CU
W3HAC(KØOO)   SO SSB HP   5122016-02-28 20:28:33
Happy to hear from the great state of North Carolina.

A lot of fun and I look forward to next time around.


Pat K0OO
W1END   SO CW LP   7,9982016-02-29 03:32:33
Includes 450 poits for bonus and sweep. Great activity; I almost did as well as
last year. Most signals were good with a few in the noise. Couldn't crack a
few pile ups on the mobiles. But enjoyed my time in the chair - again.
Thanks to all. Eldon- W1END
KV8Q   SO CW LP   25,9322016-02-29 05:14:27
Conditions were not nearly as good as last year. 20 was too long and it really
showed. I heard lots of stations on 20 but was usually beat out by the EU's
and W6/W7's. Forty was the band from here. Special thanks to the
mobiles/rovers for all the Q's & counties:
K5CW - 21/20
WA4PGM - 20/20
K3TD - 10/10
W4MPS - 3/3
W4TMO - 2/2
Thanks to all for the ten hours of fun. I'm glad my schedule allowed it. Next
W2GDJ   SO SSB HP   125,7142016-02-29 06:05:13
First time operating the contest. Had planned on doing mixed mode but 2 hours
into the contest I decided to stay as SSB only. High run rates kept me on 40
for most of the contest. Missed mults by sticking on lower bands but my wire
antenna plays better on 40 and 80 than the higher bands. Had planned also on 10
hours op chair time but had a few chores that interrupted the contest. Thanks to
all who worked me. Dave W2GDJ

Score includes 500 Bonus points
KS4YX   SO Mixed LP   4,2702016-02-29 06:14:56
I had a grand time working this one despite only being able to be OTA for about
three hours.
WA4PGM   Mobile Mixed LP   175,4792016-02-29 06:57:47
The bands seemed really bad to me or maybe the antenna system was poor. We
mounted a 9 foot mast and mounted 3 resonators horizontal 80/40/20. It took
awhile to get everything tuned and secured. I could hear callers on 40 but just
couldn't copy a call due to noise and lots of QSB. The bands improved a bit
during the day not like the propagation of last year. I guess our third
operator was Murphy as he put up a good battle with laptop cw keying issues. We
lost part of the antenna just before Charlotte and shortly after ran into a
heavy traffic jam. It took quite awhile to get out of Charlotte. I decided to
just limp on home and cut the trip short. Thanks everyone for contacts and
kudos to Mike for putting up with me!
Kudos to the organizers!!!
W9QL   SO Mixed LP   8,3222016-02-29 09:51:47
Very poor conditions caused a reduction in score over previous years. I would
have put more time into this one, but there were periods where I could not hear
a single NC station. Having said that, I was surprised that I worked all of the
bonus stations and counties in the first hour. So that helped boost the score a
little. I usually work this one as SSB only, but decided to do mixed just to add
a few more Q's. Hopefully, we'll have better conditions next year.

FTdx5000MP with a G5RV at 35 ft.
KG6MC   SO Mixed HP   6,2222016-02-29 13:21:58
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul
3.5 CW 17 48 5
3.5 LSB 8 16 1
7 CW 7 21 5
7 LSB 33 66 25
7 PSK 1 3 1
14 USB 1 2 0
Total Both 67 156 37
Score: 6,222
1 Mult = 1.8 Q's
W1WBB   SO CW LP   13,9702016-02-29 17:23:13
Great job CW mobiles (QSOs): WA4PGM-13, K5CM-13, K3TD-8.

20m a bit too long other than into Western or West-Central NC, esp during first
1.5 hrs. Low-bands good throughout event. Lots of good CW activity so stayed
in Morse mode! In and out of shack so missed some counties with the mobiles.
KN4Y   SO Mixed LP   7,9162016-03-01 07:09:09
Conditions today were a lot better than yesterday, it a 40-meter activity from
here with a nice 80-meter run late. I ran only CW which is not the premier mode
choice of the North Carolinas.
N2CQ   SO Mixed LP   15,6572016-03-02 08:08:26
Bonus stations not included. Website to include them.
N8FYL   SO CW LP   2,9002016-03-02 14:07:40
Bonus Station Summary
Callsign(s) : W4DW, NI4BK, W1VOA
QSOs : 4
Bonus Points : 200
K5ZZR   SO SSB HP   6262016-03-02 15:11:42
3 Bonus stations. Good operators...
K5CM/M   Mobile Mixed LP   259,3262016-03-02 16:59:12
Score does include bonus points.
Was great fun to operate this one with my daughter N5KK.
Conditions seemed good most times. There were times I did not have enough time
to work the pile-up down before I had to change counties. Thanks to Marty and
team for putting on a great QSO party. Already looking forward to next year.
I know all Q's are important but here are a few of the most worked.
DL3DXX (24)
VE3UTT, N3CZ, KQ3F(20)
W0GXQ, DL3GA(19)
W3DYA, K7TM, DK2OY(18)
W4IX, N2CQ(17)
WB9CIF, N4RS(16)
WA6KHK, AD1C(14)
WA2VYA, K8MR, K3TW(12)
N9JF, N6MA, K3KNL(11)

Antenna: TarHeel 200A-HP used on 80 and 40. Hamsticks on 20 and 15.


Connie, K5CM and Melissa N5KK
K4BAI   SO Mixed HP   14,5772016-03-04 04:58:40
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. Logging computer,
an IBM ThinkPad, died Monday night before I could get the NCQP files off. Thanks
to a local computer repair place, Cyber Connection, the NA Logging Program files
were copied to a CD before the hard drive died completely. So, I was able to
submit the log toward the end of the week. Of course, only a few QSOs on 20
were possible due to our being too close. 40 and 80 were pretty good for me
and activity level was good too. Thanks especially to the mobiles. Score
includes 450 bonus points. 73, John, K4BAI.
DL3DXX(@DFØSAX)   SO Mixed HP   19,4252016-03-04 07:38:26
Thank you for the party. I operated high power. If I understand the rules
correct my entry must be "Mixed". I found no power separation in CW
category. However I only made CW QSOs. Good propagation on 80m with huge
signals. Never tried 15m.
Stations worked most: K5CM (24x), WA4PGM (16x), K3TD (9x)
Result includes 450 bonus points for working all 5 bonus stations/counties.
W4ANT   SO SSB LP   6802016-03-06 16:28:27
I had just a little time on Sunday to participate, sorry couldn't be more.
Thanks to all who played with us in SC on Saturday. Carolinas Weekend is the
start of something new. Log submitted as a checklog.