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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB   2005   Nov 19   Comment Summary

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W5VX   Single Op HP   84,3002005-11-20 14:23:26
Just got on to work some friends and couldn't find them. So I decided to just
play around till I found them or they found me. Five hours later I have a sore
throat! Conditions seemed real good, except 10. Not nearly as many QRP stations
on phone but lots of "S" stations. No sweep but I didn't look very hard.
VO1HE   Single Op LP   87,3182005-11-20 15:31:54
Not a bad effort for me. Low bands are not my forte so the early going was more
difficult. Went to bed early to get a early start but I think it was too early.
Not much on the bands at 1000 UTC. Once 20 started to open, it got better.
Unfortunately, my beam decided to freak out for some reason. Wouldn't resonate
anywhere so I changed over the intermediate cable with no effect. Switched on
the tuner and that only made it mildly workable until it decided to cooperate
again and all was fine.

Got a nice pileup going on 20M. Surprised that I found a clear place to call
but, like usual, it didn't stay clear too long. There weren't a lot of VOs on
this contest so I guess that made the pileup better for me. When it started
getting difficult to hear stations I tried working the numbers and was quite
pleased that most of the stations allowed me to do this. I tried to work
everyone I heard and I think I got to work more than I would have had I just ran
it open.

15 never opened as good as I had hoped but I got a few good runs going. Lots of
QSB though. 10 didn't open at all.

Anyway, I managed to get AK but missed MB, NT and PAC. Heard a couple MB but
they couldn't hear me. I think I heard the VY1 but can't be sure and never heard
anything from PAC at all.

Had lots of fun but never got to eat at all during the day. Next year is solar
minimum (I think) so it will be a challenge to better this score but there's
always hope :)

Thanks to all who called. Sorry to the stations I just couldn't pick out of the

73 -- Paul VO1HE
KI9A   SO Unlimited HP   6,4002005-11-20 15:57:50
Not up for it this year, been working too many hours!!

73-Chuck KI9A
KD5OWO   Single Op LP   21,4522005-11-20 16:16:24
Good Contest! Worked a lot more stations than last years SS. Hoping for many
more next November. I had planned to put in more operating hours, but didn't. I
think what really hurts me in the contests is not having an antenna on 75
meters, when the evenings come and 20 dies, 40 is usually so full of broadcast I
have to give up for the evening hours. I am hoping to add radials to my
vertical, so that will help. Still I will lack 75 meters.

Thanks to all who worked me.

K4MA   SO Unlimited HP   37,6002005-11-20 16:25:43
Last 5 sections from were: NLI, OK, SFL, RI, SNJ.

73, Jim K4MA
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   25,2002005-11-20 16:36:58
Had limited operating time. All QSOs S&P.
NØRU   Single Op LP   33,3002005-11-20 16:57:34
Second score submittal for SS. Figured QRP was NOT the plan this year.
Trying new logging program with Orion, got plenty to correct before things
go smooth. Simple antennas: Hy-Tower and CF Zepp. Thanks, Robb N0RU
VA3PC   SO Unlimited HP   48,8002005-11-20 17:08:02
New Radio rule #1 - Don't try and run without your headset adapter.
Its hard to type and hold a mic at the same time...hi
Last two sections for me.. MAR and IA.
Thanks to all for the Qso's. 73 Paul
W4MYA   Multi-Op HP   204,0002005-11-20 17:12:47
Thanks for the Q's
Take care
N5ZC/REMOTE   SO Unlimited HP   83,6802005-11-20 17:23:57
After 26 years I've finally realized that SSB contesting stinks compared to CW.
I had two great first hours over 100 q's each. It was down hill from there, I
just didn't feel loud on 40 and 80 and really couldn't get any good runs going.
However, I worked most stations I called on the first call. I was even told I
was loud, but I just could not get any decent runs going after the beginning of
the contest.

The F12 C3 at 75 feet is a bit high for domestic contests, and the sloping
dipoles didn't get the job done this year. Who knows maybe it was propagation
from this end because in the past the antennas for the low bands seem to work
pretty well.

On a positive note, the remote station played very well again. I used Carl's
(N4PY) software for control. After the CW test I asked Carl if he would write a
driver that would sense my foot switch attached to an open com port. He got it
done in about 5 minutes. Having a foot switch to key the remote TS-480 sure
made things easier. I didn't have to rely on VOX.

I have more info about the remote on


Rich - N5ZC
N5ZM   Multi-Op LP   20,8002005-11-20 17:46:45
We were just in for the sweep. Made it 10 of the last 11 years.

Thanks to all who helped..
VA3DX   Single Op LP   131,6802005-11-20 17:53:22
SSB contests wipe me out ..... gimmee CW !!
NX9T   Single Op HP   75,6002005-11-20 17:59:40
Only had a few hours this time 'round. Spent most of my 6 or 7 hours on
Saturday night around mid-night and then a few hours Sunday morning before
church. My kids are 6 and 8 now...and have plenty of energy and ideas of how to
keep dad busy. I am attempting to maintain a "presence" in HF contesting as
best I can while prioritizing my family. To meet this goal, I try to get on and
"make hay" for a few hours but just can't slug it out for hour son end these
days. There will come a time... Enjoyed the contacts, especially the couple of
nice runs that developed. My hearing loss is starting to cause me more of a
problem it seems as well. Thanks to all who hung in there with me!
75m SSB provided the expected hassle from the nuts.
Jeff NX9T
AA4GA   SO Unlimited LP   48,0002005-11-20 18:20:02
Playing around trying to learn how to use cluster spots in N1MM.

SSB low power just isn't a lot of fun from here...
ADØK   Single Op LP   6,3642005-11-20 18:25:00
It was tough to break through the big guns with my 100 w and low dipoles, but I
appreciate the courtesy and patience of the operators who dug me out. Not sure
if my audio was good, either, so anyone who can send me comments will be
appreciated. This was my first SSB contest and I was not sure I had all set up
correctly as I spend nearly all my time on CW and RTTY. Still, only 5 hours
operating due to family requirements and managed to snag 42 sections. Wait till
next year with higher dipoles and beams on 40, 20, 15, and 10.
WK4Y(@W4MYA)   Multi-Op HP   173,3162005-11-20 18:27:56
Thanks for the Q's
Take care
Roy and Barry
K7VU   Single Op LP   154,4402005-11-20 18:33:42
missed PAC and NT - and I have a splitting headache!
N4PN   Single Op LP   228,0002005-11-20 18:39:28
Fun as always...SS becoming one of my favorite contest. Easy to stay busy
either LP or HP. Went HP last year and can see the difference in HP vs LP
when comparing 20 meters. More Q's last year on 40, 20, 15 and 10. This
year was surprised with more Q's on 80 meters but spent a lot more time
there working stations all over. No Q's last year on 160, but found lots of
activity this year and made 17 Q's.
Worked N5KDV on 80m in MS for #78 at 0535z on Sunday morning. Went for a nap
and off time hours at 0900z needing NL and NWT. Early on Sunday morning, on
20m VO1TA called at 1313z for #79. Did not hear a thing of VY1JA or any
NWT up until 1557z when VE8NSD called with #34A for the last mult...sweep agn!
(I called him back as VE7NSD....glad he corrected my mistake). Still had most of
Sunday to just work whoever I could find.
See ya next year!
AA6PW   Single Op LP   107,5202005-11-20 18:43:28
Conditions here were not good with a noise level on 10-20 meters of S9+.
Finally was able to get a good run on 15 meters on Sunday morning. With 20
meters being the only decent daytime band was hard to squeeze in and find a run
location running barefoot. Apologize for the constant fills. Had some
unexpected company come over on Sunday afternoon to save me from gutting this
one out to the end. Thanks for the Q's.

K7ZO   Single Op HP   35,0282005-11-20 18:44:29
Just got on for a few hours here and there. One of the rare contests I have done
from the home QTH -- could not make the trek over to NK7U this year. So, it
meant 300W and some low wires intead of a kilowatt and endless beams.

Fun to make a few Q's and say hi to everyone. This was more of a social outing
for me than a competitive contest.

I had several stations give me QSO #1 well into the contest. I always
congratulated them, said the first Q is always the hardest, and to go on and
make a bunch more! One guy did a great job with the exchange. Sounded like a
seasoned veteran. I complimented him. He said, "Yep I have been rehearsing for
this". It was his first contest QSO ever! We need as much new blood as we can.
Let's make it fun for the newcomers and they will keep coming back.

N5UWY   Single Op LP   48,7502005-11-20 18:49:47
Missed PAC, ID(!!), NT, NL, and QC. Dang Canadians. :-)
W4KAZ   Single Op LP   45,9542005-11-20 18:51:30
Half of the Q's on 40 meters, none on 10 meters, and 20 meters was not too
helpful. Whats an op with wet noodle antennas to do? Such is life....
NØFP   Single Op LP   3,2002005-11-20 18:53:59
No time for contests this weekend.
W6RCL   Single Op LP   53,9602005-11-20 18:59:24
Missed AL, RI, NLI and Newfoundland....never heard any of
them -- worked every section I heard!

I put up a NVIS dipole in order to work close in sections
like San diego, Orange and Santa Barbara -- then ended up working
them on the vertical and not needing the low dipole!

I was planning a QRP operation, but I was hoarse when
the contest began -- after 10 mins of no one being able to
hear my weak voice, I gave up and went to 100 w!

EQUIP: FT-847, Force 12 C4SXL at 50', HF2V-(elevated), TR-log and Heil
mic and Clearspeech speaker.

73 de alan
K6RIM   SO Unlimited HP   115,5202005-11-20 19:01:41
Time was limited due to a schedule conflict.
W3LL   Single Op LP   100,6402005-11-20 19:02:27
A clean sweep! Last three were PAC, BC and NT.
NS3T   Single Op LP   6,5602005-11-20 19:04:15
Just got on here and there to test out the setup for CQ WW CW and try
out my recorded voice files. If you had a Q with me, it was all on
tape, whether I was S&P or calling CQ. It's a long term project,
but is working very well with Writelog and lots of recorded voice files.

I think this contest may have the highest percentage of people using
recorded exchanges, judging from the Q's I heard.
Sure is nice to save the voice when working a phone contest.

See you next weekend.

Jamie NS3T
K7MM   Single Op QRP   76,6402005-11-20 19:04:54
My first QRP voice sweep (a double QRP sweep this year)!
Special thanks to VY1MB for "enforcing" the pileup to listen for QRP stations!
W7WHY   SO Unlimited LP   5,1802005-11-20 19:05:03
Well, had to work Saturday and Sunday so couldn't get too motivated for this
one. SSB is not my mode anyway.
KØBJ   SO Unlimited HP   17,7662005-11-20 19:09:10
All S&P. Between attending a G&S opera 200 miles away and playing in an
orchestra concert here, not much time at the radio. At least I got my
NI1N   Single Op HP   217,6002005-11-20 19:09:53
I think I need to try SO2R as Sunday was really boring. I skipped a few hours I
could have operated because of that.
AD5VJ   SO Unlimited LP   57,0962005-11-20 19:11:00



N7TR   Single Op HP   115,2002005-11-20 19:11:03
Still building the station...but the first 4 hours were awesome! Rich N7TR
KT4Q   Single Op LP   82,0802005-11-20 19:11:43
Could not start until after 8:00 on Saturday and felt I was always catching up.
Conditions seemed pretty good all in all. Even 10M had a little opening.

Rig: FT1000 MP MV (running 150W)
Ant: X7 @ 60ft
R7 @ 80ft
Carolina Windom @ 65ft

73 de KT4Q
AJ3G   SO Unlimited HP   124,1602005-11-20 19:12:34
Clean Sweep within the first ten hours!!
W6MVW   Single Op LP   1,8862005-11-20 19:13:43
TS-850, 100W; Cushcraft R5
82 min. of ssb is enough. Thanks for QSO's.
WW9R   SO Unlimited HP   103,7962005-11-20 19:17:25
It was great to see 15 open.
Kenwood TS-570D
Ameritron AL-811H
Gap Titan DX
Gap Voyager
W6OAT   Multi-Op HP   141,0942005-11-20 19:18:14
Began contest as Single Op Assisted, but WA1QQK dropped by for a couple of hours
so we became a Multi-Op. However, we continued to use the "U" precedence since
that's what we started with. Missed NL section.
W7VMI(@NØAX)   Multi-Op LP   55,5002005-11-20 19:18:52
A friendly "come over and operate" multi-op for the local club. Doug AH6B got
to run "almost" like the old days on Maui. Dave N7LKL got his first taste of HF
contesting. I croaked my chest-congested way to a handful of basso-profundo
QSOs sounding like Lerch from the Addams Family - too bad it wasn't Halloween.
Nevertheless, a fun time was had by all and I was able to do some RFI filtering
around the house while the other guys generated "test signals."

73 from WWA...

Ward N0AX
Vashon-Maury Island Radio Club
KY1V   Single Op HP   177,7602005-11-20 19:20:08
It would have been nice to have an 80 meter antenna.

The SteppIR BigIR worked well on 40 meters ground mounted with 64 radials under

The SteppIR 4el Yagi worked great in bi-directional mode, which is needed
desperately when you are in the middle of the US.

Never heard a soul on 10 meters and 15 meters was noisy, which is quite

This is the first SS I've operated since the mid 80's. I was rusty, but I had a
lot of fun!

David ~ KY1V
KØTG   Single Op LP   60,0602005-11-20 19:20:39
Conditions seemed good, but I could not get any good runs going. Except for
some short runs on 15 and 20. Still had fun. Frustrating at times, but fun!

CU in the DX test next week from W0AIH.

73, John K0TG
NA7XX(@WØMU)   Multi-Op HP   287,2002005-11-20 19:22:00
Murphy hung around all week, blown bandpass filters to finding a charred
director on the 4 ele SteppIR. We put out lots of RF and had a good time. 40
was brutal on day 1.

FTDX-9000 worked very well.

DX Eng RCV 4 square array worked great! Made 75 lots of fun. Amazing array!

Mike W0MU
K4JPD(W4ATL)   Single Op HP   231,8402005-11-20 19:22:53
FT-1000 MP MkV and FT-1000D
Yaesu Quadra and Alpha 77
80M and 40M Dipoles at 50 feet
4el 40M at 125 ft
KT36XA at 100 feet

This was my first SOHP effort. In the past I have worked this contest either as
a multi-op or low power.
N3CA   Single Op LP   170,8802005-11-20 19:26:38
This was the first real test for my new Force 12 C3E beam at 50ft and resonant
dipoles on 40 and 80 to replace my G5RV. It was an interesting contest - I
discovered that I have audio feedback on 80m when my laptop is attached to my
radio, so I was without the voice keyer for a lot of the time. My voice is now
very sore. This was my second time doing Sweepstakes - last year I participated
with KI3DS a few weeks before earning my general.

I was surprised that I was able to get a clean sweep running low power. I s/p'd
for the first hour or two combined with short bursts of running. 10m was open to
the west coast at the start of the contest. I got all sections by 3pm Sunday,
the last being Hawaii which I found on 15m. Surprisingly, some of the last
sections I needed were Oklahoma, Santa Barbara, and Mississippi.

It was also good to hear other young ops on the air. I am 17, and I also heard
young hams KB0VVT, KC0INX, W3MTC (op W3ADX), K3ASK, N4CV, and KC2NMZ in the
contest. I'm looking for young hams to join a youth team for the next North
American QSO Party. We've had two incarnations so far. Send an email my way if
you're interested.

See you all in the 10m test.

Mike N3CA
K8IR   Single Op QRP   53,2502005-11-20 19:27:26
Down a bit from last year. Missed NE, PAC, QC, SB, and OK.
It's mostly a daytime contest for me on QRP. Only made 11 QSO's after
0100, including both nights.
WK6I   SO Unlimited HP   164,0002005-11-20 19:28:44
Thanks to everyone for putting up with my voice keyer - it's amazing what one
can do 10 days after throat surgery! - j
KØKX   Single Op LP   12,4802005-11-20 19:30:37
massive pile-ups on OK and VO1 not able to work them.
NK7U   Multi-Op HP   288,1602005-11-20 19:31:07
See for contest stories & pictures.

73 NK7U
K6OWL   SO Unlimited LP   25,2002005-11-20 19:32:35
A few hours on Sunday only.
Operated from W6YX on Saturday.

Thanks for the contacts.

73, Mark K6OWL
KØDU   Multi-Op HP   270,0802005-11-20 19:35:04
N4GG   SO Unlimited HP   83,7762005-11-20 19:35:18
All that time permitted. Still setting up here at the new QTH.
K6TKD(@K6LRN)   Multi-Op HP   67,8602005-11-20 19:40:21
Thanks to all for the Qs.
W8RJL   SO Unlimited HP   76,3142005-11-20 19:41:16
I should have looked for "Pacific" section at peak of propagation on 15 meters
between east coast US and Hawaii. I always enjoy SS. Ron W8RJL
VE6EX   Single Op LP   192,4802005-11-20 19:51:36
Thanks all for the great spots and all the Q's. The pileups were wonderful!!See
you all next weekend for wwcw.
Cheers, Dan..
KU5S   Single Op HP   107,1722005-11-20 19:52:41
WY4N   Single Op LP   32,3682005-11-20 19:55:09
Was slow the first hour, but got an excellent run on 20 in the last 2 hours.
Thanks to all that called me, it was fun being at the receiving end of a pileup

73 Adam WY4N
N2ZN   Single Op LP   9,5922005-11-20 19:57:25
SSB contests? Ugh! I seemed to hear a lot of "thanks for NLI" this year. Are
we becoming rare? No wonder I can run now-people need the section. Nice SS
season; see you all next year.

WT9U   Single Op HP   149,6042005-11-20 19:58:08
Missed VO1 and VY1. Never heard VO1.
KE6ZSN   Single Op HP   123,8402005-11-20 19:59:20
Thanks for all the NCCC Qs and the spots in SS Phone and CW. 73&KB John
AD4EB   Single Op HP   229,9202005-11-20 20:02:22
Worked 79 of the multipliers without too much problem, but was begining to think
I would not acquire NL. Sunday afternoon decided to QSY to 15 meters to look
for NL there. No luck searching so called CQ. Suddenly VO1MX returned my call,
the first sweep for me. Then on the next CQ, VO1JNS returned my call. Guess
when it rains it pours HI.

Thanks for all the calls and repeats. Used N1MM Logger which worked perfectly!
VE3SY   Single Op HP   68,4142005-11-20 20:08:38
Able to put in a few hours on and off over weekend. Surprising that PAC zone
was the only one missed. Also had a terrible time finding a VE7 and ended up
finding a one in a QSO and not in the test. The tradional difficult zones were
logged early in the test including NL and NT.
NJ7I   Single Op LP   43,6082005-11-20 20:13:06
Missed NL for the sweep.

IC 746Pro, 3 el SteppIR @ 65', Inverted V 40 & 80
KØOU   Single Op LP   114,5502005-11-20 20:18:48
Missed NL - heard a couple answering CQ's Saturday but I couldn't run them down.
Antenna problems all weekend - some kind of short in the tri-band section caused
my signal to drop out making it hard to get thru an exchange with out having to
give repeats, or to hold a cq freq. Hafta go to work on that. This was my worst
showing since 1987. Still had fun. SS is better than sex.
Tnx for the Q's and the patience with my crummy signa. 73 de K0OU Steve in MO
KE5C/M   Single Op HP   9,6002005-11-20 20:25:00
My wife drove the 150 miles back from Dallas to Temple, TX after my business
meeting ended today. Operating mobile is a lot of fun, but you are always in a
high QRN/QRM environment. Thanks for the QSO's!

N6ZFO   SO Unlimited LP   109,6682005-11-20 20:29:53
For the 3rd year out of last 4, I was visited by "the interrogator" on 15m. This
minor pest calls in on Sat of Sunday afteroon on my 15m run frequency with his
now familiar series of questions starting with "how far are u from the Golden
Gate Bridge?". He's quite pleasant about this line of questioning, which
proceeds to "do you visit the Napa Valley a lot" , "how's the wx there in Marin
county" etc, etc, etc. These questions are just continuosly snuck in after the
CQ's. When someone answers, he usually pauses (although not always - but then
he's not too strong). So there's a kind of symbiosis . . he helps keep the run
freq open with this chatter. I've found it doesn't really matter if I answer
the questions or not. After about 15 minutes, he goes somewhere else.

Sat night on 80 we had a more annoying visitor - I'll call him "The swoosher".
This is a stn with a big sig who talks his way along the band moving
continuously at maybe 250 Hertz/second. First up, then down. When I qsy'd 10
KHz down to pick up a W6XU spot he drifted through there as well, so he's
covering a little ground with the tactic.

All-in-all a fine contest this year despite the awful cdx on 40/80m Sat night.
By the time those bands opened (0700Z??), everyone in the East with any sense
had gone to bed.

73 Bill n6zfo
K6JEB   Single Op LP   29,9202005-11-20 20:49:05
Murphy didn't show up until day 2, in the form of the neighbors complaining
about some interference in their cordless phone. So I never really got the
chance to make the last hour of runs for us low power folks who makes runs in
the last minutes of contests. Missed some really 'obvious' sections. I imagine
using spots would have led to a clean sweep. Conditions weren't great, no
opening at all on 10m. But there was a fairly consistent path to the East Coast
throughout most of Saturday and into the night. Thank to the QRO folks for all
the persistence in working us peanut whistles.

73 de K6JEB
AE6Y   Single Op HP   104,0002005-11-20 20:53:46
Work commitments kept me away from the contest except for Saturday afternoon,
Saturday late, and Sunday morning. But I really enjoyed it. Conditions seemed
to be very good on 15-80, though nothing was heard on 10. SO2R worked well and
helped me to find some early mults. Though the NCCC encourages use of packet
for this contest, I prefer not to, as one of the enjoyable parts of SS is trying
to find all the mults by yourself. Thanks for the Qs.
73, Andy, AE6Y
Rig: IC 756 Pro and Pro 2, Alpha 87A and Ten-Tec Titan
Ants: Force 12 3 el 20-10, 2 el 40, 1 el 80, 2 el SteppIR.
Software: CQPWIN ver. 10.2
KD3GC   Single Op LP   134,3002005-11-20 20:57:26
Had Fun!!! See ya next year.
K7BG   SO Unlimited HP   87,3602005-11-20 21:01:24
Didn't plan on operating much, but couldn't help getting in the fray. There was
a bad car accident near my place (gravel road) with a half dozen of my son's and
daughter's high school friends involved so spent most of Saturday at the ER. As
of tonight (Sunday), three of them are still in the hospital, one in critical

Operated quite a bit Sunday. It was amazing how the rate went up once I decided
to turn on the amp!

Kudos to VE6EX and K7MM who let me tailgate on some needed mults at the end.
K7MM was doing a great job bringing some rag chewers into the contest from VE
land. Great patience Dan. I think you may have brought a new contester or two on

Finally caught up with the big multi boys "down south" at NA7XX near the end.
Nice job guys.

N4QV   Single Op HP   40,7362005-11-20 21:05:54
I found a few hours to play this weekend. This is my first SS contest. I
usually play in the DX contests.

I Only had a 40 meter inverted-V and a severly detuned sloper on 80 up since I'm
in the process of downsizing and took the Pro-95 down. I was amazed that I
could generate pileups as deep as they were, with only 600 watts and an
inverted-V! I guess SFL was not on much because of Wilma. The only other SFL I
heard was Bob, N4BP, running them as usual.

I had great fun and I'll be back!

N6ED   Single Op HP   20,2122005-11-20 21:07:20
Coming off the great run of last year, I was really looking forward to SS this
year....Planning had already begun at K6NA in November last year and had been
coming along nicely until I received a phone call during the summer that my
sister-in-law had gotten engaged. I thought to myself, "that's cool as long as
it's not November 19th!" Wellllllll, guess what? Yup :-(

I spent the next few weeks thinking of what rare African disease I could come
down with, or unchangable work assignment that just so happened to be in SDGO,
or if faking my own death would give me a "good enough excuse" to bail.
Unfortunately nothing I came up with was acceptable with my wife, or family so I
took the bitter pill and bowed out this year for a more important event in the
grand scheme of things. (I'm sure you guys would debate me on this!!)
I'm glad to report that the bride showed up and everything went according to
plan which was cool. My new brother-in-law has agreed to start studying for his
call so I'm working on him to get hooked by the contest bug ;-)

Operating from the station at my dad's place which I built in high school, I was
happy to at least get in a little action. I got in 40 mins at the start before
leaving for pictures. You should have seen it, contester in Tuxedo running
rate!!! It was a far departure from my normal contest attire but kinda funny
anyway. I didn't return until the last couple hours of the contest to hand out
a Q to all the hardcore guys who had run out of fresh calls. Bands seemed to be
pretty vacant at the end....

I have learned a valuable lesson this weekend, tell all your family that they
can't plan anything which includes you the 3rd weekend of
That ought to about cover it!!

73 to all and see you for real in the next one
Craig N6ED
KØHB   Single Op HP   164,6402005-11-20 21:31:31
That was different!

No Sunday afternoon drudgery --- my best three hours were 1900-2200Z on 40M!
W4EF   SO Unlimited HP   4,9882005-11-20 22:01:53
Got dipoles for 40 and 80 meters hung from the new tower just as it was getting
dark here on Sunday evening. Although the dipole wires are still tangled in the
tree limbs, I managed to get them pulled far enough away from the tower that I
could squirt out some RF and pass out a few points before the end of the big
event. Had a pretty good packet pilup run on 75 meters that kept the rate up
above 2 to 3 QSOs per minute for about 25 minutes before things finally leveled
off. Nice to work many familiar callsigns.

Rig: Ten-Tec Omni 6+ and Drake L-7

Antennas: 40M inverted-vee at 60'
80M inverted-vee at 60'

Logging Program: Sharpie Extra Fine Point Marker (black)
and Office Depot 8 1/2" x 11" Lined Notepad :):)

73 de Mike, W4EF.....................
KF3P(WX3B)   Multi-Op HP   113,1282005-11-20 22:54:00
Thanks to the Carroll County Amateur Radio Club for the excellent station - it
rocked on 20 meters.

99% Cqing - surprised that all sections but NL came to me. Highlights were
having PACific and NT call me in the first 10 contacts!

This was my Sunday operation. Very nice to hear all the PVRC activity.

I will post WX3B and WY3P results soon.


Jim WX3B
N7MH(@N6XI)   SO Unlimited HP   92,0402005-11-20 22:59:03
Missed NLI and QC.
WX3B   Multi-Op HP   140,6022005-11-20 23:03:56
Had fun and was visited by Bob, W3RAR and Bob, KD3D.

Was horsing around with my new WX0B Stack Match to split power between two
directional antennas on 20 meters. Boy was that fun...and easy.

Also noticed that my 80 meter vertical DOES serve a purpose. It actually picks
out the stations 1,000 miles and further out west better than the dipole.

Never got on 15m, and "reserved" 40 meters for WY3P operations, which Mike,
N3VOP did Sunday morning (Separate report).

Now it's time for CQWW CQ!

Happy Thanksgiving...


Jim Nitzberg WX3B
WY3P(N3VOP)   Multi-Op HP   17,4582005-11-20 23:08:23
Thanks to Mike, N3VOP for the operation!
W6KC   SO Unlimited HP   51,5082005-11-20 23:28:34
Good to hear 15m rocking with signals most of the weekend. Had a couple of nice
runs on 15 Sunday morning, but never found NL for the sweep. I'm still using
the CT digital voice card (DVP) that I bought in 1992. It says the call and
serial number, so I can operate a length without a real makes a phone
contest almost as good as CW...but SS CW is the best!

73, Jim, W6KC
N6HC   Single Op HP   208,2442005-11-20 23:38:16
Greetings fellow masochists:
This Sweepstakes season has been a disappointment at the "Hotel California". I
missed NNY in the CW operation and NFLD in the SSB operation. How will I be
able to sip my java over the next year? I agree with Dick, W6TK. We need to
teach those NNY guys CW and the Newfies need to learn how to articulate into a
Too bad I never caught a ten meter opening. Did it ever get active?
At least I was able to put a full time effort into this contest and Murphy was
held in abeyance. I definitely have to try SO2R; I got the DX Doubler and now I
need to practice, practice, practice. Otherwise, it will have to be a multi-op
from the "hotel" next year.
It was a treat to say hi to all the usual suspects; too bad we can't visit
longer during the contests.
I guess there was sparse activity from the O.C. (Orange, Riverside and San
Bernardino counties) this year. I had many stations telling me that I was their
first ORG ...even late in the contest. It was gratifying to be able to give
them a multiplier.
I wish everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving; see you next weekend in CQWW.
Best regards,
Arnie N6HC
AE7DX   Single Op LP   71,8902005-11-21 00:35:50
My best SS ever from a sections standpoint...missed only NT. It was so strange
to hear K1RX on 10 with an excellent signal and no others on the band at the
N6KI   Multi-Op HP   205,4402005-11-21 00:55:13
This was a great opportunity to test my new SteppIR MonstIR antenna,
on 20 mtrs as I had gained 1 element over my old Telrex 40 thru 10 mtr antenna
that only sported 3 elements on 20 and was never a great performing antenna on
that band

20 was the money band and the MonstIR performed very well and was always able
to maintain my CQ freq.

Also brought in 2 newbie Contest Ops N6NOW and KG6RCW for a good training

Performance on 40 and 15 was awesome and hope to give it a workout in a few
in ARRL 10 mtr if we have ANY decent propagation !

The 180 Deg Swap feature worked great when we were pointed east and Hawaii
called off the back of antenna.
From S Zip to S9+ in a couple seconds !

My small prop pitch rotator is getting more of a workout due to the weight
distribution with heavy motorized
elements on each end of the boom !

73, Dennis N6KI
K1TN   Single Op LP   48,6642005-11-21 02:50:51
100 watts, one dipole. Missed BC, NWT, Pac (never heard).
K4XS   Single Op HP   327,5202005-11-21 02:52:27
SS this year seemed like two contests First day was a blast. Day two was a

Day one started out with a 140 hour on 20 and two personal record hours in SS
for me of 164 and 155 on 40. It looked like I was going to have a personal best
in SS and I went to bed feeling pretty good although I was missing a couple of
key mults...KL7, and NT.

Day two was work. I found it hard to generate deep runs even on clear
frequencies, and my best hour was a 73, with most hours running around 50 to 60.
S/P was a grind on 20 since signals were LOUD and the band was crowded, and the
same was true on 40. 15 was better but had the same old faces over and over,
W6XYZ and W7XYZ. I saved the last hours for 40, hoping I could repeat the
enormous runs from the first night, but even that was a grind, with ESP level
signals and high QRN from approaching T-storms. I finished the last ten minutes
of contest with accompanied by some YL or some testoterone depleted guy
repeating "Xray Tango, again, again" in a screechy voice over and over. The
second day it felt like the stacks were too high and the angles of arrival were
much higher than the first day. Just a guess!

I was ahead of WP3R by 200 around 1400Z, but he was kicking butt and I have no
doubt he passed me. K5TR was around 100 ahead at 2300Z, but I never heard a
peep from him after 0000Z so it should be an interesting finish.

Thanks to all of you gave me a QSO and especially the FCG CW guys who found a
mic and got on to give me a couple of points.

Random thoughts:

Why would a ham try to establish a QSO by calling CQ on 14275 over and over on
Sunday afternoon during SS?

Why is it that during a 100+ hour run, you get a guy who gives you a 5/9
Michigan and when you try to get a complete report he disappears, ruining your

How come you can waste several minutes trying to pull a KL7 out of the mud who's
calling you, only to have him disappear without being able to complete the QSO
and then have four or five KL7 stations call all loud and Q5.

Why can't the receiving station get double points for pulling QRP guys out of
the muck on 40.

I'll be back for my share of the fun next year!

VA3NR   Single Op HP   25,6002005-11-21 03:35:39
Just playing around a bit. Had fun.

73, Chris VA3NR

[Mk-Vf, Al-811, HF6V vert]
NA5Q   SO Unlimited HP   50,8802005-11-21 03:35:59

N4BP   Single Op HP   176,0002005-11-21 04:08:28
Not my year for Sweepstakes! CW from NP2B was a bust due to not being able to
get John's 2el 40M to play. At home, all antennas were destroyed by Hurricane
Wilma. Anybody need parts for a TH7DX? :-) I did manage to get a new A4S up
the tower in time for SS Phone, but no antenna for the low bands. Saturday
afternoon, 20M went dead after two hours and I was done for the night. I did
manage to tickle the A4S with enough 40M RF to make ten QSO's, but that was a
struggle. The A4S did seem to perform quite well on 15 & 20, but late into the
SS it looked like I would miss the sweep lacking GA in the log - wierd. Did
manage to snag one GA and make my goal of 1000 QSO's though, so finished as a
happy camper.

K5ZD   Single Op QRP   39,4562005-11-21 04:21:50
Missed NNY, SC, AK, MS, MAR, NL, QC, and NT.

As someone commented when I worked them, "Life's too short for QRP!" Especially
in this contest. Frustrating to call guys who are 59+20 on 75m and have them CQ
in your face. But, it accomplished its mission -- to keep me from operating too

QRP does show you who the great operators are. They seem to get good clear
frequencies where they can hear and they copy everything in one pass.
K1RX   Single Op HP   19,6002005-11-21 04:41:17
I know I set the new worlds record (on 160 M)! Spent the limited time operating
10 M by day and 160 M by night. This was a strategic decision of the main op,
K1EP who went SOHP on the other bands. So while he ignored these two bands, I
chose to pound away as long as the bands were open - as an experiment! (not
quite the same as WK4Y and W4MYA who split all the bands evenly)

Received lots of comments on 10 M about being the only signal on the band (and
loud) and on 160 M, conducted a tutorial on Sweepstakes and the exchange, that
generated lots of first QSO in contest responses! Sure it was crazy, with an
increbibly slow rate and some locals were buzzing about saying, I was going mono
10 M and was out of my mind.

On 10 M, I found propagation to be more like double hop E skip to the west coast
(slow fading), and the first hop crowd were coming in from KY, IN, IL, WI, MO.
AE7DX writes: "It was so strange to hear K1RX on 10 with an excellent signal and
no others on the band at the time!" Thanks for that comment and I apologize for
misleading you, thinking there might actually be others on the band, as crazy as

On 160, worked a new country, 5T5SN while waiting for any activity in SS.

See you next year - 73, Mark, K1RX
W4ARM   Single Op LP   76,0762005-11-21 04:55:57
Missed WCF, SC and NT (Where-o-Where was Jay!)
W3LJ   Multi-Op HP   18,4222005-11-21 05:08:18
Using the IC-746.
KE3OM(@W3LJ)   Multi-Op HP   59,4962005-11-21 05:11:56
Sunday, using W3IDT's IC-756PRO
K3NCO   Multi-Op HP   26,6502005-11-21 05:15:02
Using the IC-756PRO-II.
W4NF(@W4RM)   SO Unlimited HP   240,8002005-11-21 05:16:31
Thanks Bill (W4RM), Lori and Brian for having me in you home again for the
annual Sweepstakes Contest.

The station played great again and the addition of the horizontal 80 Meter Loop
really helped with the close in Qs. I had 79 sections when I went to sleep
after the first 11.5 hours and just needed Alaska. After my dinner break on
Sunday evening I pointed the 3 stack of C31XRs to the NW and started running on
20. About 5 Qs into the run W4TFS/KL7 called in to complete the sweep. Love
the Stack!

There sure were a lot more people in the Unlimited category than before so I'll
have to see if the score is still worthy of Top Ten standing as it was when the
category was not as popular.

I really worked the second radio this time and came up the same number of Qs as
in previous years. Go figure. Thanks for the Qs and now it's time to get ready
fro Deer Season.
73, Jack W4NF @W4RM
K2PT   SO Unlimited LP   28,6842005-11-21 05:41:44
My first SS, good contest, but the exchange took me a liilte while to get burned
into my head so it came out my mouth correctly. Claiming best score in Stafford
County VA with a flagpole! The N1MM software helped me get the multis by being
abe to focus on them as they poped up, to think I used to log with a
pencil...73, K2PT
NDØC   Single Op QRP   36,2602005-11-21 05:42:03
- Just kind of "dabbled" this year. Had a little fun, working around some other
family commitments. Nice openings on 15, but I had to miss some of the prime
times to operate. Oh well... next year!

Equipment: Ten Tec Argonaut 509 (3 watts), Yaesu FT 897D (5 watts)

Antennas: Wilson System 3 (3 el tribander at 50 feet) and tuned dipole at 45
KF1V   Single Op LP   13,7762005-11-21 05:53:01
Limited time (yard work) but had a lot of fun. Worked the K1RX beacon on 10
meters but didn't hear another sole. Guess the dipole at 7 feet was not that
effective. Nice to hear the 05 checks on the air although was thrown a bit when
a station responded with 09.

Next year I'll rake the leaves earlier to allow more time on the air.

73's - Mark
NA4K   Single Op LP   138,2502005-11-21 06:10:35
Missed NL for the Sweep.

Steve NA4K
KT4PD   Single Op LP   12,6882005-11-21 06:17:25
Using Force-12 flagpole vertical.
K4AF(K9GY)   Single Op HP   37,8082005-11-21 06:30:25
Scheduled to work the whole weekend but was able to get up to the shack for some
operating time. Thanks to Rich N6CY (Navy O-6) for loaning the club his amp! It
was great to work contesting buddies...that really lifted my spirits. Sometimes
I had to wonder if it was WPX with some of the calls, hah! Some QRP signals were

TS-940, ETO 91b amp, dipole

Best of health to all,
K1EP(@K1RX)   Single Op HP   209,7602005-11-21 06:31:05
At the last minute I decided to do high power. I have never done a single op
contest high power before, so this was something new for me. I have done SO2R
for SS, but it is almost impossible with low power, so I figured the second
radio would be easier to use with some power. I also decided to forget about
10M and of course skip 160M. With that in mind, and the fact that I was guest
op at K1RX, a great MM station, K1RX decided to also enter SS, but with *only*
10M and 160M!. I was skeptical at first, because I never see anyone list any
160M scores for SS, at least in the years since the ARRL has listed the
breakdowns on the web. See his writeup for the contest, as I was amazed. Back
to my contest. The SO2R setup was radio 1 (IC756 Pro II) on 80M and 20M, and
radio 2 (IC 756 ProII) on 40M and 15M. Since this was a MM station, each band
had its own amp, which made tuning easy, but challenging since the amps were not
always located in the same room.

The contest started great, with a 123 hour on 20M. I soon learned that HP in SS
makes a world of difference. You can actually hold a frequency and generate
runs. The next hour dropped off from that amazing first hour (at least for me),
as I tried 15M to work some of the west coast and maybe those elusive northern
sections, i.e. VY1 and KL7. No luck there, but I maintained a decent rate, and
after the first 7 hours, I averaged 80/hr, with only a handful of sections
missing. I believe that at that time, I was missing RI, NT, KL7, VE4, and QC.
Now, RI and QC should be a piece of cake for me, but RI didn't show up until
about 1AM and QC until 5:30AM on Sunday. I think I only worked two VE2's the
entire contest and their serial numbers were very low. I know that sometimes
VE4 can be tough, at least for the east coast and I hoped that someone would be
on. Finally, about 1430Z on Sunday morning, a VE4 called me on 20M. Then of
course, five more called later in the afternoon. Then it was on for the hunt
for my usual two missing sections, KL7 and NT. I was calling CQ on 20M and
having a reasonable rate Sunday afternoon of 50+, using the occasional message
of "looking for KL7 and VY1". That produced someone who told me I was calling
CQ right on top of VY1MB. Huh? Sure enough, right above me was a pileup, but I
couldn't even hear him! Great. So I took a 30 minute break to regroup my
thoughts. I had heard a KL7 on 15M before the contest on 15M so I though I
maybe I should try there. After the short break, I first tried 20M, but the
rate was low, so I went for 15. I found a nice quiet spot high in the band and
had a decent rate. I kept calling CQ on 15M, while searching 20M stations and
checking on the pileup. I switched and I decided to call CQ on 20M and search
15M. I tried for about a half hour, still no luck. I checked the pileup and
could now hear VY1MB, but it was a zoo. At one point, I tried for about 10
minutes to bust the pileup, but I could see it wasn't going to work. I then
found a new 20M run freq and was immediately called by a KL7, nice and loud and
QRP to boot! Okay, 79 down and still had VY1 to deal with. I went to 40 to
scan the band and then back to 20 for a scan there. I found a run frequency on
20 where the pileup used to be, as VY1MB was no longer there. Soon, someone
came on and told me I had a great signal into Miami, but unfortunately, I was
close to a net and asked if I could QSY. I told him I would but he would have
to give me a point first. He was excited about that prospect and I walked him
through the exchange. As I searched the band, I found the VY1MB pileup down
low. I made my move and gave a call. Presto, I heard, "Who was the Echo Papa?"
I guess my good deed was rewarded with my last section. With a couple of hours
to go, I found another NE division HP station and chatted a little. We were
dead even on Q's and I thought I had a chance to beat him out. I went back to
dig out some more points with heightened motivation. Then I found KK1L in VT.
He was 200 Q's ahead of both of us. With less than a couple of hours to go, I
knew I couldn't manage 200Qs, even if he shut down right then! I think I lost
all my motivation at that point. Ron as usual, put in a great score from VT, as
he does every year. Something to shoot for next time! Some other random
stories from the weekend. There was some drunk guy on 80M Saturday night who
kept asking me what number I was up to now. Hope he had fun. And then there
was someone who kept sending my call on CW on 15M while I was running. What was
up with that? Thanks again for all the Q's. I know that this time, with high
power, I didn't have to give as many fills!! I still can't understand why I
have to dig out some U or B stations, while a Q station just booms in there. I
know that there were several stations that I was their first NH mult. Glad to
have been there for them.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   222,1482005-11-21 06:32:31
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1.5 KW output, TH6DXX, zepp and dipole on 40, inverted vee
on 75. Thanks for all the QSOs. Missed NL and never heard one.

Big drop in score from last year and change in emphasis from 40 to 75, primarily
because 40 was long a great deal of the evening hours and 20 closed much earlier
than last year. If there was any short skip on 15, I missed it. Probably got
beat in GA by at least two high power stations and one low power station. Good
activity from SECC members. 73, John, K4BAI.
VA1CHP   Single Op LP   105,3362005-11-21 06:33:13
This was a nice break from RTTY contests, even though I have no voice left! I
almost got the clean sweep missing only NT, AK and Pac. I heard the pile up for
the VY1 but couldn't hear the station. I had no idea where the AK and Pac
stations were, never heard a peep. Lots of MAR stations on! Thanks for all the
contacts and my apologies to those I couldn't hear thru the noise.

K6LL   SO Unlimited HP   272,1602005-11-21 06:38:15
This was my first use of the N1MM Logger. It worked quite well, with just a few
relatively minor glitches. The so2r mic and wav switching is sure elegant.

About an hour into the contest, the speech processor in one of the rigs failed.
Fortunately, the non-processed audio still worked, but it lacked punch, and made
me feel weak. I pretty much stuck to the other rig after that, which made for a
lot of amplifier tuning on the band changes.

I was on 14298 before dawn, and when the 14300 net got active, they sent out the
frequency cops. They proceeded to jam me with God-awful noises, but the funny
part was that they jammed the entire net for about 10 minutes with their broad
signals! It turned out well for me, because I found out that 15 was open and
scooted. I even got a nasty e-mail from one of the net members. It's like they
are on a Mission From God, and require a clear channel of 6 KHz or more.
Likewise, the sstv jammers were out in force. They apparently demand that 14225
to 14235 remain clear of any ssb, even if no sstv'er is using the frequency.

Competition is sure increasing in the Unlimited category. The filtered packet
spots (US, VE only) were coming in at about one per second, with only the
non-dupes appearing on the bandmap. It's like being at a multiop with 300 people
doing an S&P search for you! I didn't do much spotting until the end, because I
never learned how to do it with the N1MM Logger. Finally, I found a handy button
on the screen that had been staring me in the face for 20 hours.

Gotta run out and buy the bird. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks for all the

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

WW4LL   Multi-Op HP   211,3602005-11-21 06:49:18
NNY was last one in the CW test and one of the first in this one. MS was the
most difficult for us, then after we worked one, we must have worked 3 or 4

Lots of good ops out there working under very crowded conditions. Thanks for
your patience. Extrememly difficult at times to pull out the QRP folks. Good
to hear some young hams on as well as Student stations and several female

Tnx to all as it was lot's of fun as usual. 73'.....Fred WW4LL
W3PP(N4BAA)   SO Unlimited HP   252,8002005-11-21 07:18:55
I think Jose had a good time. We chatted about lessons learned after the
contest, and he is ready to make a serious effort next year. I always
thought that this station had the potential for great scoring with the
right driver at the wheel. It's a pleasure to sit and watch such a
skilled operator drive this machine. With no SO2R here and having to play
musical chairs at the different band positions, I think he did well.

73 Dallas W3PP
KT3W(W3PP)   Single Op LP   19,0402005-11-21 07:22:17
I took all the BP filters out of the 160 position and hooked up the spotting
dipole for 40 and the spotting triband vertical. I found (just before the
contest) that wind and downed trees had ripped all the radials off of the
vertical. With no counterpoise, SWR was over 3:1 on 10/15/20. I managed a
Q with one local on 15 and 3 Q's on 20. The signals had to be in excess of
30 over 9 for me to get through, and then I was asked for a lot of repeats.
About 20 percent of my time was used making those 4 Q's. Near the end, when
Jose was on 40, I stole an unused 80 meter antenna (my EUR wire array) and
it seemed to play very well. Twas fun considering I had not planned on
doing ANY operating.

73 Dallas W3PP
NØAC(@NØNI)   Single Op LP   160,5282005-11-21 07:26:26
Thanks to Toni and Colleen for the use of the station. Missed VE4.
K8MR   Single Op HP   140,9602005-11-21 07:31:06
A relatively laid back operation, picking hours when I felt like it. I did the
second and third hours, then was off until I woke up at 3 am and did an hour on
75. I was not planning to get up early, but at 7:15 am my cat was on my chest
staring at me, so I got up, threw him out of the house, and got on the radio
early enough to get a frequency 40 and have a couple of 100+ hours. Then poked
around on and off for the rest of the contest.

Last sections: MS, AK, BC.
Single qso sections: SB, MB, NT, PAC, PR.

73 - Jim K8MR
NN3W(@N4RV)   Single Op HP   249,1202005-11-21 07:40:17
First of all, a big thank you to Jack Reichert, N4RV, for permitting me to
invade his home QTH for the weekend. I originally had no plans to operate this
contest as I had burned up most of my "hall passes" for the year. I even turned
down John Evans who had invited me to operate Clarksburg for SS. Nonetheless,
about a week before the contest, Jack, who lives about 2 miles away, invited me
to op. Since the logistics were very, very easy, I accepted his invitation.

Jack did a tremendous amount of work getting the station ready which had not
been run in close to a year. He climbed towers, restrung wires, put up a
fantastic 40 meter loop, fixed relays, and did other chores. Mr. Reichert, I
salute you.

Now, as to Sweepstakes.

This was my first Phone SS in since 1991 when I oped K6XT in San Diego when I
was a young teen-aged contester. During those years, SCCC and SDDXC met and
always discussed Sweepstakes. Amongst the stories and strategies that were
traded and passed along by guys like Glenn Rattman, Jim Neiger, and Charlie
Oakes (now SK), was the notion of the fabled East coast strategy - "Stay on 40."
I heard it, but never understood it. I do now.

It's quite amazing to see how you can make nearly 70% of your QSOs on the low
bands. There was an endless supply of stations to work and was very easy to

Jack's station performed very well. I felt very loud on 40 and 80, and took
liberal use of his Beverages to negate some horrible S9+ powerline noise that
appeared not more than 3 days ago.

Unfortunately, not having experienced East coast SS operating, I miscalculated
on off times. I had to take the last hour off to make my required 6 hours of
off time. That was a mistake since the 0200z hour for me on 80 was very, very
productive and I would have gladly traded the last off period for one during -
say - 1700z. My other drawback was that there is no SO2R at N4RV. As such, I
could not really S/P will working on one radio. To spread out a bit, I took use
of the second receiver on the FT-1000 and tuned the same band that I was running
to listen for stations. This did work for about 30 Qs, but it was not easy.

On the other hand, I had very good runs on both 40 and 80 and did well working
the piles. It was a joy to run.

Anyhow...Congrats to the top tier performers like W7WA, K4XS, and W6YI. Very
impressive scores.

Equipment: FT-1000 MkV Field
Linear: Alpha 87
80: dipoles NE-SW and NW-SE with 4 beverages
40: 4 el wire beam towards Europe; 2 dipoles; square loop
20: tribander
15: tribander; 5x5 stack
10: tribander; 6x6 stack
VE6CNU   SO Unlimited LP   36,5402005-11-21 08:05:31
This was my first contest using a real contest rig - my new FT-1000MP and I
loved the EDSP and all the filtering. Unfortunately, I didn't get much time to
operate, but I still had fun. I managed to get two more sections than on the CW
contest, but I attribute this to using the packet spots this time (going
unlimited low power). Where are Quebec, Manitoba and the NWT when you need
them? Hope to better my score next year.

Jerry, VE6CNU
WD5K   Single Op LP   168,1602005-11-21 08:06:42
FT1000mp 100w
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Dipole
80m Inv V
N2NL   Single Op HP   54,5162005-11-21 08:21:23
~4 hours

I wish I could have been on more, but this had to be a "family weekend".
I'll be travelling over Thanksgiving weekend, and since I was gone for SSCW, I
needed to stay home and get caught up with homework, ETC. Conditions sounded
great when I was on, and I felt loud with the amplifier on - a big change from
the CW weekend.
It's fun being fresh meat the 2nd day:

The best 60 minute rate was 115/hour from 1902 to 2001
The best 30 minute rate was 148/hour from 1925 to 1954
The best 10 minute rate was 162/hour from 1941 to 1950

I'm really looking forward to next weekend. CU on 20M from K3LR!

73, Dave N2NL
KC5R   Single Op LP   84,5462005-11-21 08:45:04
What's the deal? I miss ND and NNY on CW and work about 4 of each on SSB? Then,
I work about 4 RI stations on CW and miss them on SSB? I guess when it rains, it
N6CY(@N3HBX)   SO Unlimited HP   207,0402005-11-21 09:23:12
THANKS to John N3HBX for the station loan and hospitality. The score is
definitely "operator-limited" and not "equipment-limited"
THANKS to Mark KD4D for configuring TR-LOG at the N3HBX Clarksburg MD station
and helping ensure I was set up for success.

This was my first big U.S. contest effort since 2000, having returned to the
U.S. this past summer. I don't have a big station so a query on the PVRC
reflector netted an offer by N3HBX to operate at his wonderfully capable and
well-engineered SO2R station.

My learning curve was steep. I've operated WriteLog SO1R and made a big leap
this weekend to SO2R with TR-LOG. To all who fell victim to my cockpit
error...CQing on my second/mult radio (oops) after completing a Radio2 QSO (with
fills), I'll do better next time. Additionally, I forgot my actual QTH (MD) and
called VY1MB when he was asking for 4-land (I live in VA). My identity crisis
led to a (claimed) "cheap sweep" and some on-air grousing.

Other lessons learned:
--I need to learn how to use beverage antennas, which likely would have improved
my reception on 80 meters and resulted in fewer fill requests.
--Band strategy. Looking at the QSO distribution I might have been better served
to do more CQing on 40 and 15 meters.
--QSOs from the "Search and Pounce" radio amounted to about 12 percent of the
QSO total. I need to be more aggressive at tuning Radio2 for potential QSOs.
--There are plenty of stations on 75 meters that will demand that you move. I
did that THREE different times on Sunday evening only to discover that the hole
I vacated quickly got filled by another station!
--Thank goodness we had at least one sunspot this week and openings on 15/10
N4SL   Single Op QRP   43,3442005-11-21 09:39:51
SSB QRP is evil.
KD4D(@N3HBX)   Single Op HP   232,9602005-11-21 09:44:09
Thanks to John Evans, N3HBX, for letting me use his fabulous new station! The
beverages he put up helped a LOT on 40 and 80.

This year, I think I spent a little too much time on 80 at the expense of 40. I
may NEVER get the strategy for SSB SS down. I got off to a better start than
usual compared to the competition but fell apart on Sunday. I just never seemed
to be able to get a good run going on 20 Sunday morning.

I had resigned myself to 79 sections when I finally found a loud VY1MB
on 20. I really appreciated John's stacked yagis for THAT second
radio QSO! I got through on the second call. :-) Never heard VY1JA
at all.

Well, a phone contest is better than no contest, right? :-)

2005 SS SSB - KD4D

---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
21 0 0 64 10 74 74
22 0 0 70 10 80 154
23 24 0 56 6 86 240

0 93 1 0 0 94 334
1 108 0 0 0 108 442
2 69 2 0 0 71 513
3 96 0 0 0 96 609
4 87 2 0 0 89 698
5 75 12 0 0 87 785
6 38 6 0 0 44 829
7 6 3 0 0 9 838
8 0 0 0 0 0 838
9 0 0 0 0 0 838
10 0 0 0 0 0 838
11 1 4 0 0 5 843
12 8 39 0 0 47 890
13 0 44 3 0 47 937
14 0 9 37 0 46 983
15 0 5 48 0 53 1036
16 0 50 14 0 64 1100
17 0 34 10 0 44 1144
18 0 0 19 7 26 1170
19 0 0 45 8 53 1223
20 0 0 13 12 25 1248
21 0 37 5 0 42 1290
22 1 4 27 0 32 1322
23 9 13 0 0 22 1344

0 45 1 0 0 46 1390
1 35 5 0 0 40 1430
2 11 15 0 0 26 1456

TOTAL 706 286 411 53

2005 SS SSB - KD4D

1. Il 83
2. Va 69
3. Oh 61
4. Mn 53
5. Mi 47
6. Nc 46
7. Mdc 44
8. Scv 42
9. NTx 36
10. WWa 34
11. Wi 33
12. Em 33
13. Ga 33
14. Co 30
15. STx 28
16. ENy 28
17. Ep 25
18. On 25
19. In 24
20. WNy 24
21. Tn 23
22. Nh 23
23. Mo 22
24. Ct 22
25. Az 21
26. Ks 20
27. Sv 20
28. Ky 20
29. NNj 19
30. Or 18
31. WPa 16
32. La 15
33. Ar 15
34. Wv 15
35. NLi 15
36. Ok 14
37. Ia 14
38. NFl 14
39. Nm 13
40. Lax 13
41. Sjv 13
42. WcF 12
43. Sc 12
44. Org 11
45. Ne 11
46. Eb 11
47. Al 11
48. SFl 11
49. Ri 11
50. Id 10
51. SNj 10
52. Vt 10
53. Sf 9
54. Sdg 9
55. WMa 9
56. Me 9
57. NNy 9
58. Nd 8
59. Wy 8
60. Nv 8
61. Mar 8
62. Mt 7
63. WTx 7
64. Bc 7
65. Ut 7
66. Qc 7
67. De 7
68. Ms 6
69. Sd 6
70. Sb 6
71. Ew 5
72. Mb 5
73. Sk 4
74. Pr 4
75. Vi 4
76. Nl 4
77. Pac 3
78. Ak 3
79. Ab 3
80. Nt 1
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   195,9362005-11-21 10:10:59
Missed "KH6" and "VY1" sections.
KØTO   Single Op HP   227,6042005-11-21 10:24:56
Very good rates over the first five hours on 15 and 20 (above 100 per hour). Was
not expecting that much 15m activity. My apologies to K9NS who for some reason I
tried to work on every band. [dupe failure for that call I think].

It was nice to see once again so many people with whom I have spent November
weekends during the past 53 years. {It is really good that SS is 30 hours on one
weekend per mode these days rather than 66 hours on two weekends per mode (max
of 40 hours operating) as it was in the 50's}.

Tod, K0TO
N4OGW   Single Op HP   44,6222005-11-21 10:32:44
Just got on for the few free hours I had to run some stations. It seems like MS
was not not quite as rare as during the cw weekend (I worked two in the short
time I was on), but still the number of people calling was surprising. I had a
pileup going on 75M late Saturday night, big enough that it became hard to pick
out calls. Then someone started calling CQ with a KW+ AM signal on top of me.
Not worth the energy to find a new freq at that point, that's one reason I don't
do phone SS seriously :)

KK1L(KKL1)   Single Op HP   249,2802005-11-21 11:06:54
Every year I feel like I am getting just a little bit better at this. I was
disappointed in the first hour, but in the second and third hours my running
really seemed to click. Later on in the contest the same techniques did not work
as well. The overall contest felt like it went very smoothly for me. There were
still several hours which just would not produce Q's at the rates I would like.
This just seems to be the nature of SS. It was not for lack of trying. I was
doing all the same things that attract rate at other times. The 11th hour (start
of bed time), and the 26th, 27th, and 28th hours (dinner time Sunday) were in
the 30's...arrrrghh that is grueling.

A key station improvement this year was a 2x6 remote antenna switch I designed
and built. It is a real joy to be able to put either radio on any antenna. I do
not have a full array of isolated antenna choices on all bands, but every year
there are incremental improvements. Apparently there was some activity on 160m
this year which I might have been able to glean a few new Q's from if I could
have run 80m while S&P on 160m. I share a feed line to my 160m and 80m inv-V's
so this was not possible. Hindsight says I could have called on 160m while S&P
on 40m during the last 30minutes (80m was really lean in the last hour this
year). I am not sure it would have made much difference at all. I have in the
back of my head somewhere somebody famous said (of multiband contests) "If you
are calling on 160m, you are losing".

My TX antennas are all on one tower at this point. With the new 2x6 switch I was
able to do some interaction experiments in real time. I have a 2el40 on top at
99 feet. Then a pair of phase-able TH6's at 90 feet and about 56 feet. There was
definite coupling between the TH6's. I found however that if I pointed one of
the stack at 330 deg and the other at 240 deg I could be on 15m and 20m with
good effect and with only very frequency specific minor interaction. I had
checked the system before the contest, but did not consider the 90 degree
misalignment trick until during the contest. It did confirm for me that the 2x6
relay board layout was effective for crosstalk.

All in all I was not bothered by intentional QRM. There was contester late in
the contest, who lost his cool a bit on was late and that stuff
happens. I have been guilty of it too.

I do remember not being able to get within about 5 KHz of one particular 1x2 6
lander. Twice on 20m I would this intense unusual QRM which seemed like it was
less than 1 KHz away. I found the same station on both occasions down the band
about 4 KHz with an S9+0dB signal. The QRM on the freq I was using was S7+. I
understand about running shoulder to shoulder at 1.5KHz apart and bone crushing
signals being loud on the +/- bandwidth tails, but this was nothing of the sort.
I wish I could remember the call, so I could point this out to them (I can only
narrow it down to about six stations). I know I would want to know if it were

I was asked very politely at one point if I might consider moving for a net that
was going to start in 15min on 20m. I made the usual trade a Q for moving deal
and said I would start sliding up a bit over the next 15 minutes. At the end of
that time I was 1.5 KHz above the net with a descent rate. I still had a station
come up from the net and ask me to move (again politely). To this person I
explained briefly and politely that I had already moved, that nets are announced
+/- QRM, that I did the "+" part, and they need to do the "-" part. Seemed fair
to me. I was there another 40 minutes with no complaints.
W5GZ   Single Op LP   50,1722005-11-21 11:14:49
Should have put in more hours Sunday, but the "Call of the Turkey" at the church
was just TOO loud! Could have (should have) put in 6 more hours....I, and my
possible "Clean Sweep".....but not my stomach... regrets it!


N6BV(@N6RO)   Single Op HP   294,7202005-11-21 11:17:12
Thanks, once again, for the hospitality of N6RO, whose magnificent station I
operated. Ken put in a part-time effort, as N6RO, while I slept and on bands I
wasn't using during Sunday afternoon. He generated more than 600 Qs for the NCCC
this way!

We replaced the old KLM 40-m beams with two new 4-element M2 40-meter beams
recently, with the final fix coming just three hours before the start of the
Phone SS. The new antennas really played well on 40, and the 20-meter stack
really played as well.

The 15 and 10-meter bands were open, at least part of the time, but there seemed
to be little activity there compared to previous years. Those few who ventured
to 10 and 15 had huge signals.

It was great to see four stations in NT, and no fewer than two stations in other
rare sections. Three NL stations called in!

I discovered that the "Hardware NB" (noise blanker) in the Orion doesn't
actually shut off when the front-panel button say "off" -- I discovered this
about 5 hours into the contest when I had to put 18 dB of attenuation in the
front end to prevent terrible buckshot noise. Turning the Hardware NB off from
the receiver menu cured that problem. Otherwise, the Orion performed
beautifully. It's a keeper.

73, Dean, N6BV
N6RO   SO Unlimited HP   121,8182005-11-21 11:39:28
---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- ----- ON
8 80 15 0 0 95 95 :45
9 32 30 0 0 62 157 :60
10 1 9 0 0 10 167 :15
11 1 9 0 0 10 177 :09
12 1 107 0 0 108 285 :60
13 0 48 0 0 48 333 :28
14 0 0 0 0 0 333
15 0 0 0 0 0 333
16 0 0 0 0 0 333
17 0 0 0 0 0 333
18 0 0 0 0 0 333
19 0 0 0 0 0 333
20 0 0 48 44 92 425 :60
21 0 29 0 70 99 524 :60
22 0 0 0 76 76 600 :45
23 0 0 6 0 6 606 :04

0 0 0 63 0 63 669 :60
1 28 0 26 0 54 723 :60
2 48 0 0 0 48 771 :60

TOTAL 191 247 143 190 771 9:20

The primary operation at Radio Oakley was N6BV (1842 x 80); so the station
produced 2613 QSOs. I had two jazz gigs during the contest period and visiting
Sister-in-law; wife fell and broke her wrist Saturday. So, I operated 3:30
during Dean's sleep break Sunday morning, and 6 hours Sunday PM on whatever band
Dean was not using. Highest rates were during "East Coast Sunrise"
(1200-1330Z)on 40m. Of course, I was fresh meat then. Missed NL. One hour of
sleep over the weekend, I'm getting too old for this (52 years of SSing). But
I'll do it again next weekend! 73
K3AN   Single Op LP   77,9242005-11-21 11:47:43
One antenna- an end-fed 130' wire in a "sideways L" configuration, using a SGC
autotuner. There's nothing like a contest to expose your antenna's limitations!
Missed SB, BC and NT. I don't think I've never missed BC before.
VE4MM   Single Op QRP   69,1502005-11-21 12:41:27
Tough conditions this year but came close to a sweep. 5 short.
Better luck next year!

Mike, VE4MM
K6LA   Single Op LP   162,7202005-11-21 12:46:27
How weak was my signal on 20 meters?

It was so weak that I was able to run on 14232 khz for 30 minutes Sunday
afternoon before the SSTV crowd noticed me and started to QRM.

I don't think I'll go low power again until the top of the next sunspot cycle.
Even 20 meters closed here a few minutes after sunset.

My most memorable incident was Sunday evening on 40 meters. I decided to move
all the way to the top of the band to find a place to run. A BC station was on
7300 and when I slid below the QRM from it someone asked "Is this frequency in
use?" I said yes and started CQing and was able to stay there for a long run.

73, Ken, K6LA
WN6K   Single Op LP   104,8322005-11-21 13:02:51
Line noise never got below S-7 ....great weather (80's temp) = High Line Noise

Missed NL & NT

Thanks to all those that put up with my requests to repeat.

WN6K, Paul
KTØR   Multi-Op HP   273,1202005-11-21 13:45:56
Always enjoy this contest, what a great time. Always fun to have guys over and
get on the air. Nice to hear all the sections on and thanks to all that called
in. Seem Sunday was a real grind after noon on. We could not buy a Q on Sunday
evening. And 80 was tough, seemed had good signal on 80 but, not many callers. I
need better recieving antennas for low bands. 40 was great Saturday night I had
a blast running the pileup. Thanks to the guys for coming over and making the
multi-op a good time. Sorry to the ones we could not pull out of the noise and
QRM. Score down a bit from last year, I think the good conditions on 15 meters
hurt us here in the midwest.

See you all for CQWW CW....GL to all.
Vry 73 Dave KT0R
VE1OP   SO Unlimited LP   10,0802005-11-21 14:18:46
15 minutes on the low bands Sunday morning and an hour on 20 Sunday
afternoon...Conditions seemed good when I was on, even bagged VY1MB...

C U in CQWW CW...

73, Scott VE1OP
K6VVA   SO Unlimited HP   91,2002005-11-21 14:27:06
Rigs: TS-480S/TS-870S * A3 @33ft + Wires

Due to logger audio/RF problems, I didn't get started until 0125 Zulu and had no
DVK type capabilities which was the absolute pits.

I did enjoyed many of the creative callsign Fun-etics which were used :-0

It was amazing to work so many ND stations this weekend, whereas I couldn't find
a single legit (Non-Bogus Post) ND during the CW SS !!!

My biggest thrill was getting called by N3BB on 15m...I didn't know Jim even
owned a microphone :-)

Tnx for all the Q's.
WØAH   Single Op LP   43,1202005-11-21 14:37:20
While wife was at motel, I stole away for 11 hours and operated portable from
our small travel trailer on our upstate SC lot where we will be moving in 1-2
years. Used my new Yaesu FT 857D and end fed wire antenna tuner (Yaesu
FC-40)which loaded a 60' sloping wire from the 42' level of an oak tree. It was
OK on 15, 20, and 80M, but would not load on 40M. I felt about as strong as
when running QRP with my monobanders in Colorado. Unusual goals: instead of
maximizing score, I hunted down states and completed WAS, finally working AK,
HI, RI, and AL Sunday afternoon/evening. Also wanted to better last years top SC
entry which I did. As with the CW SS in CO, I never heard BC! I couldn't break
the pileups to WSF and NT. Only worked one other SC station, but heard others
S+P ing. No luck running with my setup. Worked some of my Grand Mesa of Colorado
buddies and many Colorado stations: K0DU, K0KE, KC0INX, KB0YH, K0GAS, W0ZA,
N6KL, K0IRL, W0ZP, K1EQA, W0NTA. Heard friend W0ETT calling others.
I will be here for the CQWW (goal: DXCC if I get some better wire antennas up)
and maybe the 160M test.
This one was as fun as a DXpedition for me!
Doug north of Inman SC EM85wb
NG1Q   Single Op LP   12,2402005-11-21 14:55:31
Low Dipole and relatively low (90 watts) power and low energy make for a low
score! But still quite fun.
K5NA   Multi-Op HP   252,0002005-11-21 14:59:32
It was a fun weekend with a great visit from Dennis (K5YA) and Sharon (W5YAA).
Since Susan (K5DU) and I live over 80 miles apart from Dennis and Sharon, doing
a multiop is a good way to get together and visit.

Last year Sharon didn't have a ham license but she tried operating in the
contest and found she really liked it. This year she was back with a general
class ticket (W5YAA) and a lot more experience. She did a terrific job

Scott, KI5DR, came over before daylight on Sunday morning and operated until
noon. This gave the rest of us the chance to relax and get ready for the Sunday
afternoon drudgery. Thanks Scott!

It was great fun to operate the SS phone and enjoy friends as well.

73, Richard - K5NA
K8PO   Single Op LP   147,2882005-11-21 16:19:40
No voice keyer
75M dipole vee at 50 ft E-W
75M dipole vee at 40 ft N-S
40M dipole vee at 45 ft E-W
20M dipole vee at 25 ft NE-SW

AK, NT, PAC, BC missed
W4/AL2F   Single Op LP   23,5522005-11-21 16:22:45
Rig : FT-857D

Antennas : 500ft Loop @ 50ft

Soapbox : Had a good time working the contest. Thanks to
everyone who took the time to pull my signal out
of the noise
W3YY   SO Unlimited HP   82005-11-21 16:53:51
My best rate ever. 120 QSO's/HR for the entire time I operated (60 seconds).
Worked VY1MB and AL9A. This makes up for all the times I've had 78 or 79
sections and no NWT or KL7, HI.

Maybe next year, but other priorities ruled this past weekend.
VA3DF   Single Op QRP   32,4302005-11-21 17:00:42
Hand microphones and phone contests are definitely not a good mix. Looks like
there are going to be some changes around here!!
K6IF   SO Unlimited HP   250,4002005-11-21 17:04:48
Great fun, as always. Started out right on track with my two previous best
efforts (in '02 and '04) - 371 in '02, 378 in '04 and 365 this year in the first
3 hours. Went to 40 quite a bit earlier than in previous years, and was
rewarded with personal bests on 40 and 80 meters. However, I paid a price on
the higher bands...

I never seemed to really get rolling on 15 after the first 90 minutes of the
contest, and 20 was very tough. I usually find a nice quiet freq high in the
band and run tons of low # A guys who are close to ESP level. This year I
didn't find that quiet frequency until late Sunday afternoon - and without much
happening on 15 I struggled to keep up with last year's pace (1677 x 80 last
year). Family commitments kept me from the radio for the last couple of hours,
but given my historical performance during that time I don't think I would have
made it much over 1600 or 1625 anyway.

A very unpleasant visit from a mad neighbor took me off the air for a while in
the 17:00 hour Sunday, and really shook me up mentally. It took me a while to
get my head back in the game - and you can see it in my rate sheet.

Congrats to K6LL for another great showing in U, and thanks to all who make this
such a fun and competitive event. W4NF and I had a nice chat just before the
contest - despite the fact that we were in direct competition. That is what
makes this such a grand hobby!

K6IF was:

TS-850 + Alpha 76
Orion + AL-1200
4 el. SteppIR's at 38' and 73' for "run" radio (either one)
2 el. SteppIR at 55' for second radio
2 el. K6IF 24' boom 40' yagi at 80'
Force12 Mag 180S at 85'

QSO/Sec by hour and band

Hour 80 40 20 15 Total Cumm OffTime

D1-2100Z - - - 127/38 127/38 127/38
D1-2200Z - - 37/9 75/6 112/15 239/53
D1-2300Z - - 126/7 - 126/7 365/60
D2-0000Z --+-- 7/3 79/1 --+-- 86/4 451/64
D2-0100Z 1/0 76/7 1/1 - 78/8 529/72
D2-0200Z 17/1 64/1 - - 81/2 610/74
D2-0300Z 18/0 43/0 - - 61/0 671/74
D2-0400Z 20/0 36/0 - - 56/0 727/74
D2-0500Z 18/0 42/2 - - 60/2 787/76
D2-0600Z 44/0 8/0 - - 52/0 839/76
D2-0700Z 26/0 20/0 - - 46/0 885/76
D2-0800Z 19/0 2/0 --+-- --+-- 21/0 906/76 27
D2-0900Z - - - - 0/0 906/76 60
D2-1000Z - - - - 0/0 906/76 60
D2-1100Z - - - - 0/0 906/76 60
D2-1200Z - - - - 0/0 906/76 60
D2-1300Z - - - - 0/0 906/76 60
D2-1400Z - 3/0 38/1 - 41/1 947/77 8
D2-1500Z - - 95/0 2/0 97/0 1044/77
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- 85/0 7/2 92/2 1136/79
D2-1700Z - - 9/0 35/0 44/0 1180/79
D2-1800Z - - 19/0 17/0 36/0 1216/79
D2-1900Z - - 70/0 3/0 73/0 1289/79
D2-2000Z - - 9/0 45/0 54/0 1343/79
D2-2100Z - 14/0 2/0 38/0 54/0 1397/79
D2-2200Z - 2/0 58/0 - 60/0 1457/79
D2-2300Z - 5/0 57/0 - 62/0 1519/79
D3-0000Z --+-- 10/0 36/0 --+-- 46/0 1565/79

Total: 163/1 332/13 721/19 349/46
N2NT   Multi-Op HP   283,3602005-11-21 17:11:05
Thanks to N2NT for hosting another SS phone multiop.

The computer on the S&P station lost it's network card about 3 hours into the
contest. We scrambled and got the network running with a test file on another
laptop running CtWin.

Now all we had to do was transfer the file from the main computer to the backup
computer. Problem: no working floppy drive on the backup computer. We finally
just e-mailed the .bin file to the second computer. We had Internet
connectivity but no working LAN.

Sometimes I think this stuff was easier with pencil and paper! Speaking of
which, W2RQ did a fine job logging the old fashioned way for about 5-10 minutes
while we got the two computers synchronized. Bill's continuoing participation
in NTS nets came in handy. I think the only thing that would have made it
better for him would have been to put a pad of radiogram sheets in front of

Thanks to all the contest clubs (PVRC/NCCC, etc.) that support Sweepstakes so
strongly. We notice the difference. I think it is unfortunate that the club I
belong to (FRC) seems to have zero interest in SS.

The quest for 1800 QSOs continues. I really thought we were going to make it
this year. 40 meters took forever to get short Sunday morning. That may
partially explain why our Sunday was not as good as last year.


John N2NC

for the N2NT crew
VE2FU   Single Op LP   19,9642005-11-21 17:17:44

SSB is not my favorite mode, I just wanted to give QC multiplier for I
forgot the QRP and went on class A !
For here I missed vo1 ve1 ve3 ve4 ve7 ve8 !
Surprised to hear so much activity from VI and PR ...had to listen twice to see
if there were still in the 4 figure numbers...

73' CU next year
Phil VE2FU
W4NTI   Multi-Op HP   70,2402005-11-21 17:19:02
Unfortunatly my other op couldn't stay too long. But he is learning how to be a
contester. Conditions were decent. Had several good runs on both 20 and 40.

My goal was a Clean Sweep. Managed that and slowed down.

K1BX   Single Op LP   167,5202005-11-21 17:47:09
A3 @ 60'
3 ele 40m wire beam @ 50'
80m InVee @ 70'
N1MM Logger MO1R

Last 3 were SB, MS, KH6

ND beats SD 9 to 4

Was 250 Qs behind last year's score Sat Nite. Sun was good enough to finish only
55 behind 2004.

Thanks to K8PO in ME (both modes) he was a class A pacer.

Almost 100 Qs with checks >= 2000
KN4Q(@K1GU)   SO Unlimited LP   46,2082005-11-21 17:49:57
Thanks to Ned, K1GU, for making his station available for the contest.

Missed sections RI/MS/NTX/OK.


KB3HQE   Single Op LP   75,0002005-11-21 17:55:42
Band QSOs Sections
80 330 33
40 99 4
20 47 30
15 24 8
K4SSU(NA4BW)   Single Op HP   257,1202005-11-21 17:59:00
If someone would have bet me that I would have more q's on 80 than 20 I would
have taken that bet and laughed all the way to the bank. I'm not laughing
anymore. Q count is down over 10% from last year and the biggest change is the
reduction on 20. For some reason we experienced a broken like reception to it
thru out the entire weekend, not unlike and yet worse than the flutter when
working over the poles. That was really strange as I had never experienced that
working stateside from Dave's place before. Sorry if I missed your call on 20m
but something, atmospheric or otherwise was giving us a significant challenge on
that band.
As challenging as 20 was, 80 was very good. 40 had it's moments, but certainly
is a mess with the international BC.

GBU report follows-
Good = Best laugh - on 75m around 2:15 am local Sunday morning - some guy plops
down real close by (I'd been there for at least 2 hours)and starts calling not
1, not 2 not 3, not 4, but 5 yes five of his buddies on sked!! I about fell out
of my chair laughing because at least this guy was creative enough to make his
qrming humorous. BTW- no one showed up for the sked -it was a riot.

Bad - weird receive condx on 20m

Ugly - Why is it some folks insist on not working someone they say is a dupe yet
will happily spend 10 minutes telling you why they won't?? 20 second exchange v.
10 minute discussion. Do the math. I had 2 experiences like that this weekend
while calling the cqing station and they insisted they would not work me again.
One even made it a point to say 'he could research for me to find out when he
had worked me'. In hindsight, maybe I should have had him 'research it' for me
;) Perhaps when their NIL count starts growing they will pay more attention to
this. I hate working dupes as much as anyone but, how much credit do I get if
I'm not in their log??? Glad these were very isolated instances.

Thx for the q's and the laughs! 73's Brian
WA4VJC   SO Unlimited LP   35,6682005-11-21 18:20:18
N8MR   Multi-Op LP   58,5462005-11-21 18:32:56
40 and 75 Meters were too crowded for me on Saturday. So an executive level
decision was made to move to 160, and got a surprising number of QSOs. The rate
was slow, but it saved my ears for one evening.

15 Meters was decent this year, but the bulk of the SSers were on 40 Meters
throughout most of the contest.
W2WHP   Multi-Op LP   97,4402005-11-21 18:34:18
The biggest thrill came when my 10 yr old son Michael worked kh6 on 15 for the
sweep. A prouder moment a father has never had.. Thanks to all we worked see you
next year.
K9GX   Single Op HP   207,3302005-11-21 18:52:09
This was my first attempt at SS from this QTH. For years I've operated SS fone
at N4GN/KY4AA. I was fairly satisfied with the results as it was a slight
improvement over my "personal best" at Tim's place.

Overslept on the Sunday morning break and got back into the chair way too late.
The station seemed to play fairly well. No SO2R this time as radio #1 is

Bagged KL7 and VE8 early! When I took the big break, 09UT on Sunday, I had about
750 Qs in the log and needed only KP2, KP4 and MS! Figured I'd find the
Caribbean stuff with a quick S&P run up the band on 15 which proved to be the
case. Was kind of cool to pick up the PAC section thanks to KH6GMP on 40!

It's great to hear and work the many familiar calls. Enjoyed running into NF4A
and N6HC. Arnie and I usually exchange quick pleasantries and a bit of humor.
Was also encouraging to hear many new 2x3 calls, the school stations and quite a
few YLs.

Of course after several hours of listening to heterodynes on 40 and the
inevitable "band police" on 75 one begins to wonder why we do this!

Equipment this time around:
IC-746, ETO Alpha 374A, TR log
Antennas: C4EXL at 105ft, 75 dipole at 85 ft, HF9V, 160 inv L at 65 ft.

Thanks for the Qs!

73, Mark K9GX
K3KU   Single Op LP   21,3282005-11-21 18:55:15
Brutal! I got on just to have a little fun and to make some points for the
Club, but I wound up getting sucked in. A couple of hours Saturday night; a
good night's sleep; a few hours Sunday morning; a ride in the country with my
wife Sunday afternoon (droppped in on N3OC and on W3LPL as we passed by); and a
few more hours Sunday evening. I think the log parser will call it 9:27 all
together, but the log parser will not count that it took me about 30 minutes to
get my first QSO. I almost quit, but that first QSO was a VE1, so I got a
little rejuvenated.

Anyhow, 10 hours of S&P with a really weak signal. I knew that only the loud
ones would hear me. This year I kept the noisy computer on so it would mask the
second-tier signals. That way I wouldn't waste time and frustrate myself
calling them. (How can I be worried about wasting time when I'm only making 17
QSO/hr???) I think only about 10% of my QSOs were on the first call. Lots of
QSX, lots of repeats, lots of "QRZ?", a bunch of "try again later", and a lot of

Weird missed sections included LAX, MN, and CT (I kept thinking "Surely K1KI
will show up." And he did, on 75, 15 minutes before the end. I spent 10
minutes on him without success. Absolute zilch, even when no other callers.)
But I did actually work AK!

It was hard work, not very productive, being weak on fone is MUCH worse than
being weak on CW. But I kept getting sucked in! KD4D said "An SSB contest is
better than no contest." He must be right, because all I want to do now is
figure out how to improve my skills, and try it again next year.

73, Art K3KU (That weak signal you couldn't quite copy)
W7WA   Single Op HP   298,6202005-11-21 18:58:34
missed NL.
KS2G   SO Unlimited LP   67,9402005-11-21 19:23:24
First time using packet and HEARD every section, but still missed a Sweep by
one. VY1 was too weak and under too big a pile-up. Had to console myself by
getting Alaska when NL7QT (QRP) called ME during one of my runs.
K7RL   Single Op HP   309,1202005-11-21 19:26:04
W1BYH   Single Op LP   50,0862005-11-21 20:22:48
KØHW   SO Unlimited HP   116,6042005-11-21 20:42:27
Wow, fast contest and I ran out of stations to work at the end! I started out
on 15 with a great run for an hour and 45 min, took a break and never got back
into it until about 1 in the morning 07:00Z. It was great for the next hour and
a half but then ran out of stations on 75. I heard a few stations on 10 but
never tried calling any as there were pleanty on the lower frequency bands. It
is always fun to work SS as the friendships are renewed. I got my DVK system to
work this year with some laid back reports but only used it about half time to
send the report. I wanted to speed things up during the runs and I was faster
than the computer. I tried to work a station near the end that I did not have
in my log but he would not work me, said I was a dupe and gave me the time and
contact number and I had another station in my log and the call signs were 5
charactors each but the only thing the same was the first letter of their call
sign. I have listened to the recording and the one I have in the log is the
only one I hear on the recording. All I can say about it is be sure the station
you are working repeats YOUR call sign. I sure hope I was not the only SD
station he had in his log!

I used the amp and the 500' loop antenna at about 40' in the air for the entire
contest and it seems to have worked out real well. I looked back and did better
last year but I didn't take a break until 5-7 hours into the contest.

Someday I will learn to look back at what worked and didn't work the last

I missed NL for a clean sweep and it was not that I didn't hear them, I just
couldn't get through the pile-up. I gave up after a half hour of calling and
decided I would look the last 2 hours and they never appeared that I could find
in the last 2 hours.

Well it looks like we have the next 4 weeks lined up with CQWW CW, ARRL 160
ARRL 10 and the RAC Winter contest. 73 Jim, K0HW
K3BZ   SO Unlimited HP   102,2402005-11-21 20:43:05
This was my first Sweepstakes and I had new logging software so I got off to a
slow start with no DVK. That exchange is a bear. Finally got PAC at 1845Z on
Sunday for the last section, and spent the rest of the time practicing running
on 75. My SteppIR 3L did a fine job, especially the 180 feature. I had a lot of
fun and did better than I expected the first time out, so this was a great
learning experience.
NJ1F(@K1TTT)   Single Op HP   213,2802005-11-21 20:59:02
NØKK(@NØAT)   Single Op LP   177,2802005-11-21 21:17:37
Thanks to VE8NSD and KH6RZ for calling me for mults 79 and 80! You guys were the
only ones I heard from your sections!
Only 49 weeks till SS CW 2006!
W6YI(N6MJ)   Single Op HP   307,5202005-11-21 23:04:49
Thanks to W6YI for letting me use his station again. Normally K6AM operates SSB
SS, but this year he was out of town so W6YI's station was available. I got to
the station on friday night, and turned on the radio. Hmm.. thats weird, there
is 10 over 9 noise on 20m. I switch to 15, and its the same there. 10m? yeah,
it was there too. I knew at that point that it was going to be a looooong
weekend. Its not very often that you see a west coast station with more q's on
40 than any other band, but 40m was the only band I could actually hear on.

Thanks to VO1HE for finding me for my last mult. My next to last mult was LAX,
just like on CW (go figure.) Congrats to K4XS, K5TR, K7RL and W7WA for great

73, Dan N6MJ

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y --------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
2100 0 0 0 36 72 21 129 6.7
2200 0 0 0 51 88 0 139 7.2
2300 0 0 3 133 5 0 141 7.3
0000 0 0 26 104 0 0 130 6.7
0100 0 0 153 0 0 0 153 7.9
0200 0 3 125 0 0 0 128 6.6
0300 0 7 85 0 0 0 92 4.8
0400 0 39 57 0 0 0 96 5.0
0500 0 16 64 0 0 0 80 4.1
0600 0 19 52 0 0 0 71 3.7
0700 0 10 44 0 0 0 54 2.8
0800 0 13 13 0 0 0 26 1.3
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1100 0 1 6 0 0 0 7 0.4
1200 0 8 46 0 0 0 54 2.8
1300 0 0 20 1 0 0 21 1.1
1400 0 0 0 58 1 0 59 3.1
1500 0 0 0 51 11 0 62 3.2
1600 0 0 0 47 21 0 68 3.5
1700 0 0 0 18 40 0 58 3.0
1800 0 0 0 10 13 0 23 1.2
1900 0 0 0 33 3 0 36 1.9
2000 0 0 0 27 11 0 38 2.0
2100 0 0 0 54 1 0 55 2.8
2200 0 0 4 38 0 0 42 2.2
2300 0 0 16 34 0 0 50 2.6
0000 0 0 51 2 0 0 53 2.7
0100 0 2 51 0 0 0 53 2.7
0200 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 0.2
Total 0 118 820 697 266 21 1922

Gross QSO's=1930 Dupes=8 Net QSO's=1922

Unique callsigns worked = 1922

The best 60 minute rate was 159/hour from 0108 to 0207
The best 30 minute rate was 178/hour from 0122 to 0151
The best 10 minute rate was 192/hour from 2336 to 2345

The best 1 minute rates were:
5 QSO's/minute 1 times.
4 QSO's/minute 30 times.
3 QSO's/minute 165 times.
2 QSO's/minute 376 times.
1 QSO's/minute 550 times.

There were 279 bandchanges and 129 probable 2nd radio QSO's.
K7NV   SO Unlimited HP   132,8002005-11-21 23:34:11
It's always fun to get on for a few hours with the little station and work lots
of friends in a contest!

Thanks to all for these entertaining hours of fun & frustration with the

73, Kurt
K6KM(N6DE)   SO Unlimited HP   238,2402005-11-21 23:39:19
Thanks to Bill and Ginny for their hospitality!

-Dean - N6DE
W1GUD   Single Op LP   25,2722005-11-22 04:10:21
I didn't have a lot of time for the test...missed SFL and AR...
73, Warren W1GUD
VE3VSM   SO Unlimited LP   99,8402005-11-22 07:59:25
No beam, no amp, but lots of fun.
KAØGGI   Single Op LP   34,8482005-11-22 08:46:27
Another Adventure from the Silverado Mobile. I learned that the 80m CW
"stinger" for the RM-80 Hustler resonator WILL NOT load up in the phone band, no
matter how long you try to leave it. Glad I had purchased the SSB "stinger" ...
it's quite a bit shorter and did a fine job, although a 2:1 SWR bandwidth of
only about 150 KHz, as would be expected.

40m went WAY LONG and it was almost crazy working new mults out west from WCF
with 100W with the Hustler about 6' off the ground ... some awesome 6 and 7 land
40m arrays out there that could hear me on 40m phone!

Although I DID hear every one of these, I missed: RI, NNY, SFL(!), OK, BC, NT,
AK and PAC.

HATS OFF to the stations that stuck with me to assure the KA0GGI (mobile)
exchange was 100% in both logs.

I know I'm a "glutton for punishment (especially to try a SS SSB from the
mobile) as my FCG Brother in NFL told me, but hey ... I'm ATE UP with HAM radio,
and this set-up was the best I could manage at the time!

If this STUPID hurricane season doesn't hurry up and end, we'll be into the
HEBREW alphabet soon !

73s Frank (aka Mr. t0ad) KA0GGI
W5KFT(WM5R)   Single Op HP   282,4002005-11-22 09:31:24

160 - Inverted V @ 145'

80 - Sloping dipoles - NE, NW from 150', SE from 135'

40 - Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 150', rotatable
Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 70', fixed NE

20 - Hy-Gain 204BA @ 157', rotatable
Hy-Gain 204BA @ 105', fixed NE
Hy-Gain 204BA @ 53', fixed NE
Hy-Gain TH7DXX @ 60', rotatable

15 - Hy-Gain 155CA @ 135', rotatable
Hy-Gain 155CA @ 90', fixed NE
Hy-Gain 155CA @ 45', fixed NE
Hy-Gain TH7DXX @ 60', rotatable

10 - Hy-Gain 105CA @ 140', rotatable
Hy-Gain 105CA @ 100', fixed NE
Hy-Gain 105CA @ 60', fixed NE
Hy-Gain 105CA @ 30', fixed NE
Hy-Gain TH7DXX @ 60', rotatable

Radio 1: Kenwood TS-850SAT, Ameritron AL-1500
Radio 2: Kenwood TS-850SAT
Headset: Heil Proset
DVK: W9XT Contest Card
Software: TR Log 6.79
Other: SX0B StackMatches, Ameritron RCS-8V switches, ICE bandpass
filters, Top Ten Devices Band Decoders, Top Ten Devices
DXDoubler, CDE rotors

Thanks to Bryan for letting me use his station once again. One
of the amplifiers was still in the shop, so I only had high power
on one radio this year. I don't think this hurt me too much -
there were a few second radio QSOs I missed because the other
station either couldn't hear me or I got beat out by a high
power station, but it wasn't very often.

I got off to my best start ever in this contest, with my first
hour of over 150 QSOs in the Sweepstakes. I had some difficulty
keeping momentum over the next several hours. Conditions were
quite different from last year. 20 meters ceased being
productive a full two hours earlier than last year each evening.

I took an off time Saturday night during the 0200 UTC hour
when a shortwave broadcaster wiped out my run frequency and
I couldn't easily find another good one on 40 meters, and my
CQing efforts on 80 meters were not yet productive. I probably
should have persevered and stayed on the air. The last three
hours I was on in the evening were painful. I need to figure
out how to turn those forty and fifty hours into sixty and seventy
hours. I have yet to figure out how to do that, though.

I almost had a 100 hour on Sunday morning on 20 meters. I wish
conditions on 20 meters had been better than they were.

If I had to do it over again, I would have taken a half hour
off time in the 2300 UTC hour on Sunday, which was just a bad
hour for me, and not taken the half hour off that I took in the
0100 UTC hour. I think I'm still making a lot of tactical
mistakes in this contest - not just with off-time decisions,
but in choosing run frequencies and being persistent enough with
SO2R. TR Log says I made 46 second radio QSOs.

One pleasant aspect of this weekend's contest was a surprisingly
light presence of jammers. There were a few malicious carriers
here and there, but nothing like what occured last year in the

I worked every section more than once, and at least one station
from each section called me. I was a little surprised to work
not one or two stations in the Nt multiplier, but three of them.
I have yet to really understand why Alberta is so scarce in this
contest. There are really large cities in that province, and yet
I only worked five VE6 stations, the same number that I worked in
VE5 and VE4. I worked twice as many stations from Wyoming this

I love operating at the W5KFT ranch, although it's sometimes
a real challenge to keep the contest spirit going when it's
a gorgeous fall day and the sunshine is sparkling off the
lake just outside your window!

---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
21 0 0 0 158 158 158
22 0 0 60 56 116 274
23 0 1 108 0 109 383

0 0 104 11 0 115 498
1 0 108 0 0 108 606
2 0 32 0 0 32 638
3 31 22 0 0 53 691
4 62 19 0 0 81 772
5 72 2 0 0 74 846
6 34 9 0 0 43 889
7 31 25 0 0 56 945
8 13 32 0 0 45 990
9 1 0 0 0 1 991
10 0 0 0 0 0 991
11 0 0 0 0 0 991
12 0 0 0 0 0 991
13 0 5 58 0 63 1054
14 0 0 95 0 95 1149
15 0 0 42 20 62 1211
16 0 0 20 39 59 1270
17 0 0 16 5 21 1291
18 0 0 29 34 63 1354
19 0 0 50 12 62 1416
20 0 0 61 3 64 1480
21 0 0 72 0 72 1552
22 0 0 68 1 69 1621
23 0 7 36 0 43 1664

0 2 43 0 0 45 1709
1 0 34 0 0 34 1743
2 7 15 0 0 22 1765

TOTAL 253 458 726 328

Multiplier Distribution

1. Il 105
2. Va 83
3. Oh 80
4. Mi 76
5. Mdc 57
6. Nc 55
7. Mn 55
8. Scv 51
9. WWa 51
10. Co 42
11. Ep 40
12. Ga 40
13. Or 37
14. Az 37
15. Wi 37
16. ENy 36
17. Em 36
18. In 36
19. On 31
20. WNy 31
21. Ct 27
22. Tn 27
23. Nh 26
24. NNj 25
25. Sv 24
26. NLi 22
27. WPa 22
28. SNj 20
29. NFl 20
30. Lax 20
31. Sc 19
32. Ky 19
33. STx 18
34. Al 18
35. Ia 17
36. WcF 17
37. SFl 16
38. Sjv 16
39. Mo 16
40. NTx 16
41. Org 15
42. Sdg 15
43. Eb 14
44. Wv 13
45. Mt 13
46. Nv 13
47. Sf 13
48. Nd 13
49. Ar 13
50. Me 12
51. Bc 12
52. Ne 12
53. Ks 12
54. Id 11
55. Ut 11
56. Sd 10
57. Wy 10
58. La 10
59. Mar 9
60. Qc 9
61. Ew 9
62. Ri 8
63. Nm 8
64. WMa 7
65. Vt 7
66. NNy 6
67. Ak 6
68. De 5
69. Sb 5
70. Sk 5
71. Ab 5
72. Ok 5
73. WTx 5
74. Mb 5
75. Vi 4
76. Nt 3
77. Ms 4
78. Pac 3
79. Pr 2
80. Nl 2
K5TA   Multi-Op HP   297,6002005-11-22 10:28:59
Our little local club decided to see if we could post a
decent club score this year. Bruce, AA5B was the organizer
and self-described cheerleader. We put together 6 CW logs,
which left 4 spots for phone. None of us has much of
a station at present, so no big SO efforts. Bruce and I
did a one-radio, 2-hours-on, 2-hours-off "rotation multi"
at my house and actually did better than I expected. I
think our club claimed score will break 1 million in the
local category, so, as the famous banner proclaimed:
"Mission accomplished."

Thanks for the Qs.

-Scott K5TA


Radio: TS850S + SB220 (which became a one-holer Sunday AM)


80: 1/4-wave wire vertical w/ 4 elevated radials

40: Flat-top dipole @ 75'

20: Broken, intermittent KLM 5L @ 90' fixed 100 deg. w/pigeons
+ Inverted-V @ 60'

15/10: Hy-Gain DB1015 3L trapped duo-bander @ 30' (rotator works!)


station: K5TA
contest: ARRL November Sweepstakes

UTC 160 80 40 20 15 10 rate total
21Z 0 0 0 0 142 0 142 142
22Z 0 0 0 17 117 0 134 276
23Z 0 0 0 135 0 0 135 411
00Z 0 0 0 112 0 0 112 523
01Z 0 0 108 0 0 0 108 631
02Z 0 22 82 0 0 0 104 735
03Z 0 110 0 0 0 0 110 845
04Z 0 81 0 0 0 0 81 926
05Z 0 30 38 0 0 0 68 994
06Z 0 0 76 0 0 0 76 1070
07Z 0 0 41 0 0 0 41 1111
08Z 0 6 32 0 0 0 38 1149
09Z 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1149
10Z 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1149
11Z 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1149
12Z 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1149
13Z 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1149
14Z 0 0 0 91 0 0 91 1240
15Z 0 0 0 19 37 0 56 1296
16Z 0 0 0 0 45 0 45 1341
17Z 0 0 0 0 70 0 70 1411
18Z 0 0 0 13 45 0 58 1469
19Z 0 0 0 0 66 0 66 1535
20Z 0 0 0 0 41 0 41 1576
21Z 0 0 1 15 26 0 42 1618
22Z 0 0 0 60 0 0 60 1678
23Z 0 0 0 64 0 0 64 1742
00Z 0 0 33 5 0 0 38 1780
01Z 0 0 65 0 0 0 65 1845
02Z 0 0 15 0 0 0 15 1860
tot 0 249 491 531 589 0 ---- 1860
KA1ARB   Multi-Op HP   232,9602005-11-22 12:09:00
We got off to a terrific start on Saturday, even after dealing with computer RFI
issues and the amp overheating and shutting down. New loops on 40m made all the
difference. Sunday morning was tough, tried going to 20 m too early and should
have stayed up on 40. Sunday afternoon and evening was not spectacular but we
had some decent runs to end up with about the same score as last year.
W6AQ   Single Op HP   129,1202005-11-22 12:51:22
When I got to 807, I decided to hang it up and mix a big martini. Thanks to
VO1HE for answering my CQ and saving my bacon.
K6UFO   SO Unlimited LP   65,4402005-11-22 13:17:01
I caught the flu, and was dead in bed just two days before SS Phone.
I knew I couldn't do two straight 12 hours days as planned. I found
ND2T to replace my Saturday committment (Thanks Tom!). That way I
could take it easy and do what I could from home. By operating one
or two hours and then resting one or two hours, I put in about 15
hours over the weekend, and managed 409 QSOs and a sweep. Far below
my original goal, and far behind last year, but far better than
nothing. I was low power, and it was tough on SSB to hold a
frequency. Another problem was the beam was stuck pointing at 30
degrees (Europe), but it probably didn't matter. It was fun, and
by the end I was feeling better.

Mark "Mork" Aaker K6UFO
KM9M   SO Unlimited HP   106,7222005-11-22 13:23:48
Missed NWT, PAC, AK. Never heard PAC, and AK/NWT were very weak anytime heard.
1 signal heard on 10m.... Most Q's in a SS from here.
N4VA   SO Unlimited LP   81,1582005-11-22 13:58:50
First time I've ever made 500+ contacts in a weekend. I missed ORG / SB / NL.
I need to work on my strategy as those mults should have been easy from here. I
operated about 50% S & P. I was able to hold frequencies from time to time on
40 and 75 with my 100 watts and low wire antennas, so I spent a lot of time on
40 (it seemed more productive). The A3S at 75' was "ok" for making quick
contacts on 20 and 15. Had to wait in line for AL and NT on 20 though. I'll
need an amp to hold a frequency on 20 - that's for sure. Two thrills for me
were: KH6RZ calling me during a short run on 15 and being VA3HST's very first
HF contact. I explained to him how to operate in the contest and encouraged him
to stick around to work some more of us. Logged and duped on paper (two dupes -
not bad, I think - but two too many). I sure need to learn how to do computer
logging. All in all, had a terrific time in the contest. My first SS SSB as
PVRC member. 73, Larry Vogt, N4VA
WE9V   Multi-Op HP   165,4402005-11-22 14:13:37
Last minute fun multi thrown together. Thanks to Wayne AA9DY and
Scott KA9FOX for doing most of the operating and for Jerry N9GGO
for stopping in too. Wayne and Jerry got to see what a medium
gun station is like to operate from. I think they had some fun.

As far as the accident goes...since SS CW, I had to go in for an
emergency surgery (now surgery number 4 in 6 weeks) 2 days after
SS CW due to an infection in my foot. Spent several days in the
hospital again. Just had checkup with the infectious diseases
and plastic surgeon doctors today, both are very pleased. I have
a appt with the orthopaedic doctor next week, then another surgery
on 12/5, which will hopefully be the last surgery. This will be
to remove the rest of the metal hardware sticking out of my foot.
I still have 8 more weeks of wearing a cast. Yuk. Wisconsin
snow and crutches. Thanks to all who asked about my well being
during the contests.

Chad WE9V
AD4L   Single Op HP   132,2862005-11-22 15:00:51
G5RV @ 70', A4S @ 27', TS850 + SB200.
Fun this year.
W4BW   SO Unlimited HP   56,5502005-11-22 15:07:00
Always a fun contest with max participation, not to mention the challenges of
the long exchange. Great to hear lots of calls I recognized. Wish I'd had more
time available but great to get on for the last 6 hrs.

Thanks for the Q's and see all next year!

Bob Wilson - W4BW
KZ2I   Single Op LP   114,0802005-11-22 16:30:53
10 non-existent. 15 lousy. 20 full of the big boys - tough for the LP/tribander
crowd to hold freq. Did manage a couple good runs on 75, but not enough.

Guess I'm getting old. Took a break at 5pm Sunday and couldn't find the energy
to go back to the shack. Actually, the flu decided to bite me at the wrong time
- sorta recovering enough to go to work Monday (hooray). At least I got the
sweep. NEXT YEAR!!
WA8REI   Single Op QRP   47,2502005-11-22 18:41:17
Rig: Kenwood TS-820 [all TX and RX]
Output Power: slightly under 5 watts [monitored/measured by Drake W-4
Microphone: Kenwood MC-50
Antennas: 80 m. sloper dipole 22' to 35', ends NE/SW for all 80 m. QSOs; Hustler
4BTV vertical gnd mtd on MFJ 2'x2' stainless steel base in moist soil, 5 radials
approx. 33 ft. long each, three 3/8" nylon rope guys
Tuner: MFJ-941E [used for 80 m. dipole which is cut for CW end of the band;
tuner bypassed for use with the vertical]
Logging computer: Dell Latitude LM laptop [purchased at Dayton Hamvention for
$100 in like a champ]
Logging Software: N3FJP's November Sweepstakes Log version 4.0
Sections missed: SFL PAC AK NL NT
More fun than a Flyin' Pig belly deep in SLOP! I don't expect to make the top
10 in my category with the meager antennas. However, my score proves you need
not have a super station and a ton of power to have a lot of fun AND achieve a
decent score. Tnx all who employed their filters and tweaked their RF gain
controls to work me. 80 was hot all Sat. night/Sun. morning. Great openings on
15 m. 10 m. dead whenever I checked it.
A special tnx to ops in the "rare" states as well as ALL Canadian stations who
participated. Your mults were greatly appreciated. Whenever I worked a new
Canadian Province, I told the op I'd buy him a Molson Ice or a Labatt's Blue!
Oops! I should have bought those 12-packs FIRST. Hi hi. Great to work some S
precedent stations, too. I wish all of our young student ops great grades and a
great future. Happy contesting all. Hpe CU next year, "good Lord willin' and
the ether be ionized!" 73, 72, "Pig-Pen Ken"
K4CZ   Single Op LP   41,0262005-11-22 18:43:47
All S&P. Missed sections ME, OK, PAC, AK, QC, BC, NT.
VE5JL   Single Op LP   15,8602005-11-22 18:52:41
N2NFG   Single Op LP   53,7122005-11-22 19:53:33
Never felt confortable on any band besides 75M. 40 was a big bust every time I
tried it and the low dipole on 20 just didn't play as well as expected this
year. Had to work all day Saturday, so just took it rather randomly for most of
the time. Still, fun for a SSB contest. 73, Bob N2NFG
W7YAQ   Single Op LP   115,3602005-11-22 22:36:05
Last section worked was WV. Then worked 3 more in the next 12 QSOs.
Never could get really good runs going. Don't know whether it was the condx, my
age, the rig, or lower activity levels.

1. Contacting all those other CK 54 SS regulars.
2. Having VY1JA, VE9HF, and VO1HE call in.
3. Excellent activity from AK (8 QSOs), NE (12 QSOs), ND (7 QSOs), WY (7
MB (6 QSOs)

1. Only 1 QSO with RI, SB, BC, SNJ, AL
2. Finding VE5SF calling CQ on 160
3. All the M class stations

Thanks for the QSOs!
KD4MCA   Single Op LP   58,2162005-11-23 02:45:18
Have you ever felt like there was a conspiracy by the whole world not to talk to
you? That's how I felt during this contest :-(. It seemed like every time I
found a frequency clear enough to call CQ no one would answer. After about 5 or
10 minutes I would give up and go back to S&P. I guess people acknowledged me
then just to get me off their frequency :-).

Seriously though, this year I used the SS to test my new antennas here at my
hillbilly shack. Last year I ran SS on a Hustler 5BTV vertical and 319 Qs/75
sections later was pleased with the results off that antenna. This year I have
a Cushcraft A3S/40 meter kit at 41 feet and a loop for 80 and 160 and 383Qs/76
sections later was generally disappointed in my results. My 20 meter performance
was miserable, maybe I didn't spend enough time there, but I kept hearing the
same loud statons over and over. I was fairly happy with 40, 80, and 160 (the
few contacts I had there). BTW: where was everyone on 160? Why does no one
use 160 when 80 is wall to wall? I worked 3 sections for the first time on 160
on Saturday night.

Well for next year I have to turn on the 811H and become a better operator
because I am out of room for HF antenna work on my 3/5 acre lot here in the
hills of NC. Actually my XYL says our house looks redneck enought with the
antennas I have up now. Besides, now it's time to work on the UHF tower.

But most importantly, the conspiracy is over and next year it will be ok to have
a contact with KD4MCA :-).

Peace and 73
WB1EDI   Single Op LP   38,3322005-11-23 04:52:36
had a limted go at the contest. tried out my new Hiel Proset that my XYL got me
for my birthday. now i need to build a mike select switch so she can operate
with me. i used an FT1000 MKV Field. Ta33 JR @30FT and Full wave vert loop on 40
with wire vert on 80. still no 160 antennas.
N8II   Single Op LP   156,1042005-11-23 06:37:46
SS for me was different for me this year, unfortunately not in a
positive way! Low solar flux keeps getting the way of having a good
time and a successful outing. Band condx were not disturbed enough to
matter and the noise level on the low bands was low. It was an
average weekend for this point in the cycle.
The first couple of hours were tortuous; I couldn't run well anywhere
on 20 and 40 was too underpopulated. S&P was wait your turn, very few
successful first calls. I finally got a decent run going on 20 as the
activity moved down up high in the band. KH6GMP called in for Pacific
Sec. After 20 dried up, I moved to 75 and established a nice run on a
decently clear frequency. But, at about 0140Z the skip zone rapidly
lengthened out and my comeptitive dipole at 60 ft became a dummy load.
S&P was wait your turn again and running impossible. I tried my
vertical which does work well, but signals were almost always better
on the dipole. Out of desperation, I tried 160 and picked up 40 Q's
in a couple of trips. I quit for the night about 0415Z with 400 Q's
in the log and all of the eastern sections worked.
Sunday morning, almost no one showed up on 75 and 40 was slow with
long skip again til about 1430Z. Even then, almost no PA stations
were workable. All day long 20 and 15 were slow; 20 was wall to wall
activity, difficult to run well. 15 was not open well to CA much of
the day and was even poorer into WA, K7RI and W7WA were weakish.
40 was my best daytime band with a good run in late morning working
many ops with a NR under 100; I should have milked it a bit harder.
I only needed AK and NT as of late morning for a sweep which wasn't
really a priority. 15 didn't seem to be open up to there during a sweep
of the band around 2030. At 2120, I started looking on 20 and found
loud as always KL7J about 14308. Then I found VY1MB soon after; he made
2 Q's and asked for sections he needed, then annnouced "I'm taking a
break", oh well! 75 produced some good runs for a while Sunday evening
starting out on a very quiet frequency which turned into a sea of QRM
from ragchewers just above me.
I should have done better. It was more work than fun a lot of the time.
Low flux and low power don't mix! By mid-Sunday afternoon my neck was
hurting from the stress of operating/digging out calls/breaking thru
other callers S&P, so I took some breaks. Many thanks to the good old
contesters who knew me and made an effort to give me a Q, it was much
W6RK   SO Unlimited LP   282005-11-23 09:08:09
Didn't have much time this weekend.
KØRH   Single Op HP   87,2042005-11-23 11:46:50
K5TR   Single Op HP   332,1602005-11-23 12:16:32
Contest Dates : 19-Nov-05, 20-Nov-05, 21-Nov-05
Callsign Used : K5TR
Operator : K5TR
Station : K5TR
Category : SO AB HP

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults

80SSB 79 79 158 1
40SSB 648 647 1294 9
20SSB 1056 1051 2102 25
15SSB 299 299 598 45

Totals 2082 2076 4152 80

Final Score = 332160 points.

I feel like I have been slow in posting this but I have gotten to
where I like to make these 3830 posts include all the rate, mult and
station information. I use the 3830 posts in following years as
reference as to what I did for that contest and with what hardware

The only station change this year was finally getting some real
15m yagis up.

Congratulations on all the fine scores out there. It sounds like N6MJ
at W6YI would have pounded us all had he not had such bad line noise.

I finished my contest around 01z. I have never done this before -
and it was bit hard on the nerves when I dialed around and found K4XS
closing in. I quickly just went in the house and reminded myself that
I could not do anything about my score now that the contest was over.
I was thankful that I did not have to go down to 40m during those last
two hours and find a hole.

I got a pretty good frequency the previous night on 40 meters
and was able to stay there most of the night with few problems.

A big thank you to KE5C for the loan of his TenTec Centurion

Thanks for all the contacts.


160 - Inverted L
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

80 - Half wave sloping dipoles - sloped NE, NW & S from 120'.
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

40 - Cushcraft 40-2CD at 97' - NW
- Cushcraft 40-2CD at 125' - NE
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

20 - 6 element yagis at 80' and 40' fixed NE
- 6 element yagi at 90' - NW
- 6 element yagi 40' fixed NW
- 4 element yagi 60' fixed SE

15 - 6 element yagi at 70' - NW
- 6 element yagi at 35' - NE
- 4 element yag at 50' - SE

10 - 6 element yagi at 60' - NW
- 6 element yagi at 30' - NE
- 4 element yagi at 45' - SE

HR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOTAL SCORE
-- ----- ------- -------- -------- -------- ------- ------ --------- -----
21 --- --- --- --- 162/44 --- 162/44 162/44 0.01M
22 --- --- --- 112/16 41/1 --- 153/17 315/61 0.04M
23 --- --- --- 149/4 --- --- 149/4 464/65 0.06M
0 --- --- 54/3 47/2 --- --- 101/5 565/70 0.08M
1 --- --- 127/2 --- --- --- 127/2 692/72 0.10M
2 --- --- 95/2 2/1 --- --- 97/3 789/75 0.12M
3 --- --- 102/0 --- --- --- 102/0 891/75 0.13M
4 --- 2/0 88/1 --- --- --- 90/1 981/76 0.15M
5 --- 5/1 86/1 --- --- --- 91/2 1072/78 0.17M
6 --- 17/0 43/0 --- --- --- 60/0 1132/78 0.18M
7 --- 34/0 26/0 --- --- --- 60/0 1192/78 0.19M
8 --- 11/0 12/0 --- --- --- 23/0 1215/78 0.19M
9 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1215/78 0.19M
10 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1215/78 0.19M
11 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1215/78 0.19M
12 --- 1/0 4/0 17/1 --- --- 22/1 1237/79 0.20M
13 --- 7/0 6/0 61/0 --- --- 74/0 1311/79 0.21M
14 --- --- 2/0 62/0 4/0 --- 68/0 1379/79 0.22M
15 --- --- --- 34/1 23/0 --- 57/1 1436/80 0.23M
16 --- --- --- 48/0 21/0 --- 69/0 1505/80 0.24M
17 --- --- --- 68/0 7/0 --- 75/0 1580/80 0.25M
18 --- --- --- 52/0 11/0 --- 63/0 1643/80 0.26M
19 --- --- --- 40/0 27/0 --- 67/0 1710/80 0.27M
20 --- --- --- 81/0 1/0 --- 82/0 1792/80 0.29M
21 --- --- --- 71/0 1/0 --- 72/0 1864/80 0.30M
22 --- --- --- 79/0 1/0 --- 80/0 1944/80 0.31M
23 --- --- 1/0 63/0 --- --- 64/0 2008/80 0.32M
0 --- 2/0 1/0 59/0 --- --- 62/0 2070/80 0.33M
1 --- --- --- 6/0 --- --- 6/0 2076/80 0.33M
D1 0/0 0/0 0/0 261/20 203/45 0/0 464/65
D2 0/0 79/1 647/9 790/5 96/0 0/0 1612/15
TO 0/0 79/1 647/9 1051/25 299/45 0/0 2076/80

Gross QSO's=2082 Dupes=6 Net QSO's=2076

Unique callsigns worked = 2076

The best 60 minute rate was 168/hour from 2112 to 2211
The best 30 minute rate was 186/hour from 2124 to 2153
The best 10 minute rate was 198/hour from 2126 to 2135

The best 1 minute rates were:
5 QSO's/minute 1 times.
4 QSO's/minute 35 times.
3 QSO's/minute 173 times.
2 QSO's/minute 416 times.
1 QSO's/minute 580 times.

There were 189 bandchanges and 95 probable 2nd radio QSO's.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 2
4 866
5 797
6 407
7 1
8 1
9 2

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
Il 0 4 42 66 3 0 115 5.5
Va 0 3 25 55 24 0 107 5.1
Oh 0 3 38 46 8 0 95 4.6
Mi 0 1 19 52 12 0 84 4.0
Mdc 0 5 10 32 27 0 74 3.6
WWa 0 3 18 27 18 0 66 3.2
Scv 0 0 22 30 9 0 61 2.9
Mn 0 3 16 34 4 0 57 2.7
Nc 0 1 17 30 8 0 56 2.7
Ep 0 0 19 20 14 0 53 2.5
Wi 0 2 23 28 0 0 53 2.5
Ga 0 3 22 20 0 0 45 2.2
In 0 5 20 18 1 0 44 2.1
Az 0 0 19 24 0 0 43 2.1
Co 0 0 25 17 1 0 43 2.1
NNj 0 0 9 23 8 0 40 1.9
ENy 0 0 11 19 10 0 40 1.9
Or 0 2 8 14 13 0 37 1.8
On 0 0 8 20 7 0 35 1.7
Tn 0 2 12 21 0 0 35 1.7
Ct 0 0 4 17 12 0 33 1.6
WNy 0 2 12 12 5 0 31 1.5
Org 0 0 8 22 1 0 31 1.5
Sv 0 1 12 11 6 0 30 1.4
Em 0 0 7 15 8 0 30 1.4
WPa 0 1 8 12 8 0 29 1.4
Lax 0 2 14 10 3 0 29 1.4
NLi 0 0 6 15 5 0 26 1.2
NFl 0 0 10 16 0 0 26 1.2
Nv 0 2 10 10 3 0 25 1.2
Nh 0 0 6 12 6 0 24 1.2
Mo 0 2 12 10 0 0 24 1.2
WcF 0 0 13 10 0 0 23 1.1
Sdg 0 0 9 12 1 0 22 1.1
Ky 0 0 5 17 0 0 22 1.1
Sc 0 0 7 14 0 0 21 1.0
Ia 0 0 5 16 0 0 21 1.0
Sjv 0 0 9 7 4 0 20 1.0
SNj 0 1 5 10 3 0 19 0.9
Eb 0 1 3 8 6 0 18 0.9
STx 0 4 4 8 2 0 18 0.9
SFl 0 0 4 12 1 0 17 0.8
Ks 0 2 5 9 0 0 16 0.8
Sf 0 0 6 5 4 0 15 0.7
Wv 0 0 4 8 3 0 15 0.7
Bc 0 0 2 9 4 0 15 0.7
Id 0 0 5 5 4 0 14 0.7
Ri 0 0 3 9 2 0 14 0.7
Mt 0 0 4 6 3 0 13 0.6
Ut 0 1 4 8 0 0 13 0.6
Nm 0 1 8 3 1 0 13 0.6
Ew 0 0 3 6 3 0 12 0.6
Wy 0 1 4 6 1 0 12 0.6
Ak 0 0 0 9 3 0 12 0.6
Nd 0 1 0 6 4 0 11 0.5
Vt 0 2 5 3 1 0 11 0.5
Al 0 0 1 10 0 0 11 0.5
WMa 0 1 0 4 5 0 10 0.5
Me 0 0 2 6 2 0 10 0.5
Ar 0 3 6 1 0 0 10 0.5
NTx 0 6 0 4 0 0 10 0.5
Ab 0 0 3 3 3 0 9 0.4
Qc 0 0 1 6 2 0 9 0.4
De 0 0 2 3 4 0 9 0.4
Mar 0 0 2 6 1 0 9 0.4
Sb 0 0 5 3 0 0 8 0.4
Ne 0 1 2 5 0 0 8 0.4
NNy 0 1 0 3 3 0 7 0.3
Pac 0 0 2 4 1 0 7 0.3
Sk 0 0 2 5 0 0 7 0.3
Sd 0 0 2 5 0 0 7 0.3
Ok 0 0 3 4 0 0 7 0.3
WTx 0 4 2 1 0 0 7 0.3
Mb 0 0 1 2 2 0 5 0.2
Vi 0 1 1 2 0 0 4 0.2
Nt 0 0 0 2 1 0 3 0.1
Pr 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 0.1
La 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.1
Ms 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 0.1
Nl 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.1
Total 0 79 647 1051 299 0 2076

Callareas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 200 9.6
1 158 7.6
2 212 10.2
3 214 10.3
4 292 14.1
5 89 4.3
6 256 12.3
7 237 11.4
8 202 9.7
9 216 10.4

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 1219 58.7
B 378 18.2
Q 81 3.9
M 148 7.1
U 231 11.1
S 19 0.9
KØGAS   Single Op HP   94,8802005-11-23 12:53:43
The QRM and QSB were so bad I just quit shortly after completing the SWEEP!
VO1MX   Single Op LP   3,9602005-11-23 16:33:38
WP3R(KE3Q)   Single Op HP   379,8402005-11-23 18:09:59
Perhaps my most interesting SS at WP3R yet. After a really good, high rate
start, everything looking good, on track with teh rate sheet the first couple
hours, a power outage (brownout actually, 80V instead of 120, 160V instead of
220) put me off the air 2-1/2 hours out of the first five, causing me to trade
150 hours (historically but consistent) for 50 hours and putting me hundreds of
QSOs behind early. With no idea whether the power would come back I
contemplated my options -- start over with another callsign, WP3Q, single op low
power, since the MPs worked -- barely, they would blackout and go to 7000 from
time to time, but knowing I would be starting hundreds of QSOs behind the A
power guys too, and not 100% sure ARRL would approve of the move, although I
suppose they would think it was okay judging by the single op multi callsign
operations of recent years, as memorialized in a recent NCJ article. I did have
another (fresh) rig to use. Other options, blow it off and go to the beach or
something, struggle along low power but still in the high power category, etc.

So...I prayed and decided to force my self to sleep, during this unplanned,
really, really early offtime. It was 7:30 PM local when I looked at the alarm
clock for the last time -- and I'd already taken a half-hour offtime by then
too, as I recall! I did, indeed, fall asleep. When I woke up two hours later I
was really pretty surprised to see the one incandescent lamp I'd left on was now
burning at full brightness. Rigs on, amps on, accessories on, yep, everything's
back! (Actually, I had opened an eye a few times during the couple hours and
seen the light was still burning low.)

I now had about 50% of the QSO total of the "usual suspects," the contenders. I
was a few hundred QSOs behind. Since I try to be on the air during all the
highest-rate hours, and had just missed two of the highest, it meant I would be
on the air during some of the lowest rate hours. It did in fact work out that
way -- I traded a couple 150 hours for a couple 50 hours, a loss of a couple
hundred QSOs. Looking at this likelihood prospectively, I thought maybe I still
had a chance. I'd have to just "play my own game," do the best I could, hang in
there and see what happened, despite the temptation to quit. No, things were
not quite that hopeless, certainly! That's a little easier to say in hindsight,

I figured that most contenders would have saved a bit (or a lot) of offtime for
half-hour "offs" Sunday afternoon. I figured if I could keep up a rate of 100
(let's say), then every half hour they took off I could catch up another 50.

I did flail away on 80 and 40 a bit at night -- and considered taking more than
6 hours off -- was being on those hours at low rate really worth it? -- yes,
even low rate hours add up (I have a character tendency toward "the tortoise and
the hare syndrome" anyway, so I was consciously trying to avoid that) -- a
couple or three hours, then I was back into my normal nighttime offtime zone and
used up the remaining 3-1/2 hours I had to take off, got some more sleep, then
back on facing a long, long Sunday stretch with no offtimes left. (Let's say,
looking directly into the bloodshot eyes of a long, long uninterpreted operating
stretch.) Then again, from one perspective it's kinda nice to think I don't
HAVE to take an off time, so I can keep the rate going, every hour is a full
hour on the air making QSOs.

I was a few hundred QSOs behind the top guys Sunday morning, but apparently
there was a swing of as much as 700 QSOs during Sunday. Nothing like coming
from behind! I definitely worked at it and gave it all I had. I tried to
forget about the competition and keep running 'til I hit the tape (having just
watched "Chariots of Fire" for inspiration.)

I was surprised to hear, for the first time on the weekend, a new player, KP2TM,
giving a high number late on Sunday. Good goin'.

It was nice to have a few of my KP4 friends call me. Alaska and YU/NWT were
very scarce for me for a long, long time. The first Alaska to call me, I just
couldn't pull him through. Sorry. KL7WV I think it was. I hope you found
another KP4 to work! Bucking the conditions can be tough, on a needed section.
But eventually a few Alaskans went in the log, most very weak, but toward the
very end of Sunday one or two strong ones called. "All right!" when the VE8
station called and a little while later VY1MB. Super. ND was a lot more common
this time than two weeks earlier. VO1/2, VE4 and VE5 came along early enough,
and two or three of each at least, so I didn't have to sweat those,

The most exotic one, I guess, other than the rareness of VE8/VY1, was KH0AC who
called in with a good signal on an almost dead 20M. Apparently it wasn't dead,
just long. V73-I can't remember the suffix now -- called in at 0301Z Sunday
night to say he'd been listening in. As usual, I gave some quick signal reports
to various DX stations who called in during the course of the weekend.

So, thank y'all for makin' it a challenge and makin' it fun.

We have definitely been trying to control more and more of the variables at WP3R
and have made some real improvements on robustness, reliability and "livability"
too. (I'll stop short of calling it "comfort," although the op desk is up to
par now.) The AC is one variable we don't control too well yet. We've just
been kinda takin' our chances.

Thank you to WA3FET, NP4A, and WP3R for a lot of good work to bring it together
right. 73
N8IE   Single Op QRP   63,0002005-11-23 19:42:57
Way off from last year. 40 went long early and could not get a run going.
15 and 20 were so-so but very slow picking.

Only good thing was the NVIS antenna for 80M, it kept me from watching TV. :-)

Dan, N8IE
W8MJ   SO Unlimited HP   224,0002005-11-24 13:11:29
This year Sweepstakes was some what of a struggle for me. I wanted to run
unlimited with the use of packet, but during the prior two weeks was
experiencing difficulty getting connected to the local packet node in my area
with the KPC-2. Yeah I know old technology, but it work flawlessly for me last
year. Nothing changed on this end for this year. Anyway, K8CC came over and we
got things hooked for telnet packet, and it was working great. So I was all set
for Sweepstakes. At the start of the contest everything was working great, then
I noticed no packet cluster spots were coming through. Went over in the next
room to see that I was disconnected from the telnet connection via the internet.
Had to reboot the computer to connect again. Went back over and did a show dx
to get a some current spots, and went back to work. After a few transmissions I
noticed no spots again, went over into the next room, and notice error
processing, and disconnect again with telnet.

At this point, I am figuring no packet, and I am running unlimited. Anyway,
went back at it and kept working 40 on the main radio, and S&P on the 2nd radio
on 15 and 20 meters. Had to get the mults out west. I basically operated the
entire contest without packet, and during off times would connect back up and
check spots. Going into the 2nd day I needed 5 remaning mults to get the sweep
NT,AK,ND,MB, and NL. Got NL, MB, and ND within the next two hours of operating.
That left the evassive NT, and AK for me. I usually start looking for NT, and
AK around 1900Z on Sunday. That seems to be the best time for me. So I quickly
ran into the next room, rebooted the computer, and connected into telnet again
and ran some spots, and found AK, and NT spotted. I was able to get VY1MB, but
KL7AA was running stations by category's M, B, etc. I was still running on 40
meters, while still waiting to work KL7AA on 20. Eventually propagation faded,
and I no longer could hear him. So, I figured no sweep this year. About an
hour or so later I found KL7AA on 20 meters again, and this time he was the
strongest that I heard him, and was able to work him for the sweep.

Could not get a run going on 20 meters the first night like I did last year.
QRM was pretty heavy, and the band was extremely crowded. Finally figured out
that some how I was getting RF into my telnet connection. The phone line coming
into the shack comes down in out with all the coax lines, and I am figuring
thats were it is getting into the connection. I am running SBC DSL connection
for internet. Will have to take a look at that to see what I can do to correct
that. Anyway, about quarter to 7 on Sunday night I was pretty burned out, and
took some off time to get something to eat and regroup for the final 1.5 hours.
SS is always challenging, and always seems to present some unique problems at
times. But I have always enjoy it. I think this is my 20th year of operating

Congratulations to all the great scores. Great write up from WP3R, what a come
back. Great job by K5TR, K4XS, and KP2TM.

Looking for next year again. As I write this we have our first snow fall. I
was out this Thanksgiving morning plowing the driveway. Yep, old man winter is
here. Until the next one.

73's Ken W8MJ
NI7T   Single Op HP   171,5202005-11-24 13:53:05
SS is great fun and the ultimate gentlemans Radio Sport
VE7IN   Single Op LP   108,2622005-11-24 14:36:44
No sweep this time, missed NL,NT and PQ, guess not listening at right times, did
a band sweep fairly often.

Started on 10 but didn't stay there long, could tell by the sound of the band it
was just open a bit.

Thanks all for the Q's.

Earl VE7IN
AA4LR   Single Op LP   82,5442005-11-24 18:57:02
Cushcraft A3S/A743 @ 15m (10-40m)
Shunt-fed 15m tower (80m)
Cushcraft R7000 @ 2m (40m)

Elecraft K2/100 w/ KAT100
Kenwood TS-430S w/ AT-250
K1KP-style voice keyer (1 message)


Well, this did not come off as planned. I had been pumped for a couple of weeks
looking forward to SS Phone and a chance to exceed my personal best, and maybe,
possibly make a run at the GA LP SS Phone record.

First hour went pretty well with 77 Qs on 20m. Then the button fell out of 20m.
Hopped to 40m, but just couldn't get anything going. A quick run through 15m S &
P went well, but by 0100z, I was down on 40m and 80m making little headway. It
got worse as 40m closed down leaving just 80m.

By 0300z, I'm already feeling tired. At 0550z, I decide to make this a part-time
effort. I had to get up early in the morning and go to Church to see my eldest
Confirmed. It was going to take a chunk out of my operating time, but I just
couldn't face five more hours slogging it out on 80m at low rates S & P. Funny,
three weeks before I had stayed up two nights operating 40m at NQ4I.

So, hit the sack, went to Church and was on and off Sunday afternoon. I shut
down at 2300z. By 0100z I went to bed. It was odd, though, as my hands and feet
were very cold even under two blankets. Makes me wonder if I was coming down
with something.

Score isn't terribly bad for part-time. Missed NL, NT, and PAC - the three
farthest sections from GA. Never heard any stations from NL or PAC. Heard VY1MB
on 20m late afternoon on Sunday with a massive pileup. I came back to his
frequency a couple of times, waiting for propagation to lengthen out my way.
After about 40 minutes, he was gone -- probably chased off by the pileup.

Kudos to KD3GC who turned in a pretty good score just about a mile and a half
away from here. Mark, you beat me fair and square. Also to N4PN, who set a new
GA LP SS Phone record. Great job, Paul.
KØVBU   Single Op LP   58,7662005-11-24 21:16:04
SSB not my style, but great to work old friends and new. Thanks! And where was only missing section! 73 from Bill, K0VBU
K5ER   Single Op LP   93,6002005-11-25 00:19:16
Living in the same section as Pat, W5WMU, is a mixed blessing. I know I will get
an LA, but I also know I can't compete heads up, so I can't run HP. With only a
small tribander and wires, running low power, I was not a "big gun", so I
usually concentrated on the clean sweep, rather than on raw score. This has
worked in the past, as I have Clean Sweep cups from five years.

For 2004, I made a concerted effort to be more competitive. I won Louisiana(SO
Low power), and placed second in Delta Div. It was my first section win in a
major HF contest, but I wanted to do even better.

For 2005, I changed from a TH-3 at 60 feet, to a TH-6 @ 90 feet, plus a Force12
C-31XR @ 60' with a Force12 EF-240 at 72'. Thanks Kevin, W5KGT, and the other
guys for all the tower/antenna work.

This year, I almost got them all, only missed NT and (oddly) OK. Better antenna,
plus more agressive operating, (due to running several multi op contests the
past year with W5WZ), made a big difference. This year's QSO count went up by
36%. Although still not a "big gun", I am no longer just a "cap pistol" either.
Don't know how I will place, but it sure was more fun when you can hear and be

Thanks also to Dave, K8CC, for the NA software and Randy, K5ZD, for the support
files that make it a whole lot easier to run these contests.

For next year, will look at automating some of the station, replacing all the
(aging) feedlines, and optimizing the wires dipoles.

To all who made it into the log, thanks for another good time and hope to see
you in the next one.

WØETT   Single Op LP   82,6982005-11-25 15:55:54
The contest on Saturday was lively and fun. That evening, I had a great run on
20m way up at 14.347 and appreciated Alan KO7X finding me up there for his WY
mult. On Sunday afternoon, however, the number of contacts dropped way off -
maybe they tuned out in favor of football games. Finally, about 3pm, I ran out
of patience and gave up.

It seems to me that the old sweepstakes needs to be updated. Can this contest
be changed to stimulate more participation and contacts? Some have suggested
that stations be allowed to work each other again on all the other bands. Seems
like a good solution to me.

Nice to work GMCC members: K0EU, KO7X, K0DU, W0ZA, N0SXX, and K0AV. I did hear
Doug W0AH/4 in South Carolina one time but only when he called someone else.

73 Ken, W0ETT
Rig: IC756 w/100wts to HF yagis and 40m 2 el.
K6ST   SO Unlimited HP   34,2222005-11-25 19:01:35
FT900, AL811H, Tribander, Wires
K1KD   Single Op HP   231,3602005-11-25 22:25:31
I dedicate this contest score to my lovely wife, Gina. She agreed to let me
participate in the SS contest even though it meant having to take care of our
new two week old baby girl by herself all weekend. A less understanding person
would have balked at the notion of letting me play while she worked.
Fortunately, she understands how much enjoyment I get from the thrill of
contesting and was willing to cover my parental duties for the weekend. However,
she also understands the barter system quite well and will probably negotiate
some nice jewelry out of the arrangement! So much for my descretionary ham
radio fund!
W6YX   Multi-Op HP   193,2802005-11-26 09:08:12
In addition to the multi-one effort at W6YX set out in this report, the
facilities were also used for two single-operator efforts: ND2T using the call
W6AMM on Saturday and N7MH using the call W6RQ on Sunday. The single op's
generally chose their bands as the multi-op's (K6OWL and W6LD on Saturday and
KJ9U and W6RQ on Sunday) worked around them.

All systems worked well. Thanks for the contacts.

73, Mark K6OWL

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y --------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
2100 0 0 0 114 0 0 114 9.3
2200 0 0 0 51 43 0 94 7.7
2300 0 0 15 0 44 0 59 4.8
0000 0 0 95 10 0 0 105 8.6
0100 0 4 0 41 0 0 45 3.7
0200 0 19 25 0 0 0 44 3.6
0300 0 36 0 0 0 0 36 2.9
0400 0 15 15 0 0 0 30 2.5
0500 0 0 58 0 0 0 58 4.7
0600 0 0 52 0 0 0 52 4.3
0700 0 19 5 0 0 0 24 2.0
0800 0 40 3 0 0 0 43 3.5
0900 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1300 0 0 4 1 0 0 5 0.4
1400 0 0 25 0 0 0 25 2.0
1500 0 0 10 0 32 0 42 3.4
1600 0 0 0 21 28 0 49 4.0
1700 0 0 0 17 31 0 48 3.9
1800 0 0 0 0 53 0 53 4.3
1900 0 0 0 0 69 0 69 5.6
2000 0 0 0 0 53 0 53 4.3
2100 0 0 7 17 5 0 29 2.4
2200 0 0 5 17 0 0 22 1.8
2300 0 0 2 39 0 0 41 3.4
0000 0 0 0 42 0 0 42 3.4
0100 0 8 9 8 0 0 25 2.0
0200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Total 0 141 331 378 358 0 1208

Gross QSO's=1223 Dupes=15 Net QSO's=1208

Unique callsigns worked = 1208

The best 60 minute rate was 116/hour from 2102 to 2201
The best 30 minute rate was 128/hour from 2102 to 2131
The best 10 minute rate was 156/hour from 0029 to 0038

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSO's/minute 1 times.
3 QSO's/minute 57 times.
2 QSO's/minute 224 times.
1 QSO's/minute 585 times.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 1
4 593
5 434
6 171
7 2
8 3
9 3
10 1

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
IL 0 7 13 12 33 0 65 5.3
SCV 0 5 21 15 15 0 56 4.6
MN 0 3 13 16 19 0 51 4.2
CO 0 4 20 14 2 0 40 3.3
NC 0 1 8 16 11 0 36 2.9
WI 0 2 9 13 12 0 36 2.9
MI 0 0 7 13 15 0 35 2.9
VA 0 6 8 6 14 0 34 2.8
OH 0 1 8 11 13 0 33 2.7
NTX 0 2 6 11 12 0 31 2.5
MDC 0 4 5 15 5 0 29 2.4
GA 0 2 7 11 8 0 28 2.3
STX 0 0 7 5 13 0 25 2.0
IN 0 3 6 5 9 0 23 1.9
WWA 0 11 8 4 0 0 23 1.9
EMA 0 0 2 6 15 0 23 1.9
ENY 0 0 5 10 7 0 22 1.8
AZ 0 3 12 6 0 0 21 1.7
TN 0 2 4 6 7 0 19 1.6
SV 0 7 4 5 3 0 19 1.6
MO 0 3 6 1 8 0 18 1.5
KS 0 2 7 0 9 0 18 1.5
OR 0 9 6 1 2 0 18 1.5
KY 0 0 2 11 4 0 17 1.4
IA 0 0 4 5 7 0 16 1.3
NH 0 1 5 6 4 0 16 1.3
EB 0 1 3 7 5 0 16 1.3
CT 0 0 1 7 7 0 15 1.2
NNJ 0 1 2 8 4 0 15 1.2
WCF 0 1 6 2 6 0 15 1.2
WNY 0 1 3 6 4 0 14 1.1
ORG 0 4 6 4 0 0 14 1.1
EPA 0 1 6 3 3 0 13 1.1
AL 0 0 3 3 6 0 12 1.0
LAX 0 2 8 2 0 0 12 1.0
SNJ 0 0 3 4 4 0 11 0.9
ON 0 1 1 9 0 0 11 0.9
NM 0 2 5 4 0 0 11 0.9
NFL 0 1 5 5 0 0 11 0.9
UT 0 3 3 4 1 0 11 0.9
BC 0 5 2 3 0 0 10 0.8
MT 0 3 1 6 0 0 10 0.8
ND 0 1 3 5 1 0 10 0.8
SC 0 0 4 4 2 0 10 0.8
AR 0 1 3 3 3 0 10 0.8
SFL 0 0 4 0 6 0 10 0.8
AB 0 1 3 3 2 0 9 0.7
WY 0 2 4 3 0 0 9 0.7
WV 0 0 3 1 5 0 9 0.7
SD 0 1 4 2 2 0 9 0.7
MB 0 0 1 4 4 0 9 0.7
NE 0 2 1 2 4 0 9 0.7
NV 0 2 7 0 0 0 9 0.7
SJV 0 4 3 0 2 0 9 0.7
MAR 0 0 0 3 5 0 8 0.7
WPA 0 0 0 5 3 0 8 0.7
SF 0 5 3 0 0 0 8 0.7
LA 0 1 3 1 3 0 8 0.7
PAC 0 0 1 7 0 0 8 0.7
VT 0 1 1 3 2 0 7 0.6
QC 0 0 0 4 3 0 7 0.6
NLI 0 0 1 1 5 0 7 0.6
OK 0 0 1 3 3 0 7 0.6
SDG 0 4 2 1 0 0 7 0.6
ID 0 4 2 0 0 0 6 0.5
ME 0 0 2 0 4 0 6 0.5
WTX 0 1 1 4 0 0 6 0.5
SK 0 0 3 2 0 0 5 0.4
EWA 0 3 1 1 0 0 5 0.4
AK 0 1 0 4 0 0 5 0.4
DE 0 0 2 1 1 0 4 0.3
MS 0 0 1 1 2 0 4 0.3
VI 0 0 1 1 2 0 4 0.3
WMA 0 0 3 0 1 0 4 0.3
RI 0 0 0 1 3 0 4 0.3
NNY 0 1 0 1 1 0 3 0.2
DX 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0.2
SB 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
NT 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 0.2
PR 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 0.2
NL 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
Total 0 141 331 378 358 0 1208

Sweepstakes Checks
Check QSOs Pct
00 22 1.8
01 17 1.4
02 21 1.7
03 23 1.9
04 21 1.7
05 10 0.8
06 0 0.0
07 0 0.0
08 0 0.0
09 1 0.1
10 0 0.0
11 0 0.0
12 3 0.2
13 1 0.1
14 0 0.0
15 0 0.0
16 1 0.1
17 0 0.0
18 0 0.0
19 2 0.2
20 0 0.0
21 0 0.0
22 0 0.0
23 1 0.1
24 0 0.0
25 0 0.0
26 0 0.0
27 0 0.0
28 0 0.0
29 1 0.1
30 0 0.0
31 0 0.0
32 1 0.1
33 0 0.0
34 1 0.1
35 2 0.2
36 1 0.1
37 2 0.2
38 2 0.2
39 0 0.0
40 1 0.1
41 1 0.1
42 0 0.0
43 0 0.0
44 0 0.0
45 1 0.1
46 1 0.1
47 5 0.4
48 6 0.5
49 3 0.2
50 4 0.3
51 10 0.8
52 13 1.1
53 19 1.6
54 31 2.6
55 17 1.4
56 27 2.2
57 35 2.9
58 30 2.5
59 35 2.9
60 17 1.4
61 30 2.5
62 32 2.6
63 32 2.6
64 19 1.6
65 27 2.2
66 13 1.1
67 35 2.9
68 17 1.4
69 29 2.4
70 28 2.3
71 25 2.1
72 27 2.2
73 20 1.7
74 17 1.4
75 20 1.7
76 44 3.6
77 40 3.3
78 36 3.0
79 20 1.7
80 14 1.2
81 10 0.8
82 15 1.2
83 13 1.1
84 11 0.9
85 9 0.7
86 11 0.9
87 11 0.9
88 15 1.2
89 11 0.9
90 17 1.4
91 27 2.2
92 31 2.6
93 28 2.3
94 17 1.4
95 14 1.2
96 11 0.9
97 19 1.6
98 9 0.7
99 15 1.2

Callareas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 175 14.5
1 93 7.7
2 102 8.4
3 76 6.3
4 163 13.5
5 104 8.6
6 162 13.4
7 121 10.0
8 89 7.4
9 123 10.2

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 607 50.2
B 260 21.5
Q 35 2.9
M 128 10.6
U 163 13.5
S 15 1.2
N4OX   Single Op HP   288,6662005-11-26 12:24:03
Another Field day type operation. Rented two portable lifts.....a 60 footer and
an 80 footer. Antennas were a two element shorty forty Cushcraft on the 80 foot
lift and an old Telrex TB6EM tri-bander on the 60 foot lift. Put up a dipole at
60 feet SE/NW for 80/75 in the few trees that the huricanes of the past few
years have left standing. Hurricane Ivan claimed 18 pine trees and the next two
huricanes finished off all the other pine trees except the most hearty. As some
of you know, I live on the grounds of an elementary school and can't have any
permanent towers, so I have been perfecting the OX portable contest set up since
2000. Unfortunately, I had to work Friday night, so all set up was done on
Saturday morning starting at 0700. Set up was completed by 1100 including fine
tuning the 75/80 meter dipole. I had planned on being done at 0900, but as you
all know, antenna work always takes twice as long as you thought. Rotor on the
40 meter antenna didn't work and decided to point it NE and use a 40 meter
vertical for west coast. I don't think not being able to turn the 40 meter
antenna was much of a handicap. The 40 meter vertical played well even with only
16 temporary contest radials underneath it. Hopefully my score will hold for my
first ever top ten finish in SS. I have alot of respect for those ops who make
the top ten year after year.

73, Jay N4OX

P.S.-----Thanks to Chris Ressler, my son Phillip's best friend who is living
with me before he joins my son in the USMC for his help in setting up.
KI6IV   SO Unlimited HP   85,0042005-11-27 10:43:04
This was my best effort to date, also the most time I have ever put in.
the Sweep by 1, QC. Went to 10m for 3 minutes and made 1 Q, then back to 15m,
which felt like it was my bread and butter band. Sunday was almost boreing,
could never get a sustained run established, Figured out my comfort level is
45-52 Q's per hour, now if I could do that for 20 hours that would be 900+, just
dreaming here. The pea shooter station worked very good, even got some good Q's
off the back of the Yagi (TH-3). No equipment or logging problems. No power
line noise, no neighbor rfi problems or unwanted visitors. The roofing filter
in the MP did all it has been advertised to do.
N4NW   SO Unlimited HP   128,1602005-11-27 16:49:31
Clean Sweep!
KGØKP   Single Op LP   54,1502005-11-27 19:58:53
Restricted neighborhood. Low Power, Vertical down in a ditch behind the trees
so the neighbors can't see it. Better than last time. Better yet next time.
N3YIM   Single Op HP   14,8202005-11-29 18:03:02
This was my FIRST contest from my home station!

Need to get a reliable computer - radio interface going.

Thanks Jim, WX3B for your help!


WØDK(@NVØM)   Multi-Op HP   67,1842005-12-01 20:39:26
Missed NL, NE, UT, WY
The BARC JR's again put forth a good effort, these are new-to-contesting kids
who used to watch the older kids run the contest in previous years. Now the
older kids are away in college or had other plans for the weekend, so we
assembled a great crew. Thanks to Rip(NV0M) and Ellie (N0QCX) for the use of
their QTH (complete with great food) and we'll be back next year!
'73 Dan N0HF

Rig: Yaesu FT990, Drake L4 amp, Mosley tribander @ 80', inverted V for 40/80m
KP2TM(K9TM)   Single Op HP   309,1202005-12-03 10:09:41
The first contest from the new QTH. At the beginning of Sept 2005 there was
nothing radio at this QTH. After a week of work on the island (in Sep) the
towers were set and the antennas mounted. This trip I had to build the inside
portion and finish up some work on the antennas/rotors. Things seemed to work
well. It's always hard from an unknown station to know how things are going to
work out. You're not sure what the station is capable of and you don't have the
experience for the area.

I had hoped that the first 6 hours would have rates around 150. However, it
didn't work out that way. The first hour was a 144 (despite being on freq
before the contest to "warm-up" the freq). This started things on kind of a
bummer since my first hour at W0GU was a 180 a few years ago. Twenty seemed to
dry up in a hurry so mid way thru the second hour it was a trip to 15m. That
dried up by the end of the second hour and so it was back to 20m. By the end of
the third hour, 20m was toast for me. I couldn't hold a freq and tried to s&p a
few guys before hopping bands again but was getting beat out to the west coast
guys I heard CQ'ing by other mainland guys. So during hour four it was off to
40m to see if I could make it go there... nope (hour 4 was a disaster and
despite Q's on 3 bands only yielded 46 QSO's...ouch!). So I looked at 80m and
heard signals from the appropriate audience areas and found a freq on 80m. It
was mostly 80m and some 40m the rest of the night. When retiring for the night
I only had two good pieces of info: I already had the sweep; I was ahead of WP3R
(although others were ahead of me). The morning started off much better than
the evening ended. The rate was back to respectable levels (90s-low 100s) on
20m then 15m. I kept looking to 10m but I never heard it open or could make it

Thanks to K8CC for making the trip with me in Sep and spending so much time on
the towers. Also, thanks to Dave for all the time we spent bouncing ideas
around about building this station.

Thanks to everyone for all the QSO's. I'm already planning and looking forward
to SS SSB 2006.
73 Tim
KBØVVT   School Club HP   231,8402005-12-06 06:31:45
NE1B   SO Unlimited HP   11,6282005-12-07 20:34:53
Limited time available.
N2NI   SO Unlimited HP   5,0322005-12-10 21:11:24
Wish I had more time. Family comes first. Radio is close second.
VE7FO   Multi-Op HP   52,9302005-12-21 00:05:28
Another outing for my newbies. Only had 3 this time but they were all repeat
customers, which was nice. One of them, who has several contests under his
belt, had the ten minute rate meter up around 100 for a while. He was pretty
pleased (as was I).

I have to aplogize for some gross lid behaviour on my part on 20. Had one of
the newbies running when I noticed the ALC was peaking way too high. Stopped
running and did a bunch of hello test on the frequency while fiddling with the
controls which, for some reason, weren't doing what I expected. After rather
too much of this I realized I should switch to the dummy load so hit the B
antenna switch on the MkV. More testing until the newbie said, "If you're on
the dummy load, how come I can still hear guys calling you?" Oops, I was on the
R5 vertical. Switched in the dummy load, fixed the problem and went to another
part of the band to avoid sarcastic comments from all around NA.

I decided ahead of time that I'd try really hard to get a sweep and not worry
about Qs, given that, with the newbies, I'm not going to be able to make a
competitive score. Used the spotting network to help.

At 1600Z, I'm at 182 Qs and 66 Sections. First newbie arrives. He knocks off
WTx NNj, SNj, Nfl, Em and Sk. When he leaves at 1910 we're at 228/72. While
waiting for the next one at 2000 I concentrate on mults and manage to knock off
Sc, Me and NLi so, when she arrives at 2000 we're at 231/75.

After a bit of refamiliarization, she gets on at 2033 and promptly knocks off
Ri. She had to leave at 2130 but worked Mar just before she left. We're now at
246/77 and things are looking very promising. Just need Qc, Sf and Ms.

Did other stuff while waiting for the next newbie who arrived at 2200. Well,
this one isn't so new. When he left at 0030 he had knocked off Qc and we were
at 296/78, needing Sf and Ms. Sf didn't have me worried but Ms did. There have
been several SS with no Ms in my log.

At this point I took over - no more newbies coming. Mostly S&P, working guys as
I tuned the bands looking for the last two. Got N6ZFO for Sf a little after
0200 but no sign of Ms. I knew KK5K was on so kept a close watch on the spots.
Finally saw him spotted on 75. Went there and found a couple of guys ragchewing
on AM. Maybe he was there but I couldn't hear him.

About 40 min before the end I started combing 40 and 75 looking for him. Maybe
20 min before the end he was spotted on 40. I could sort of hear him but there
was a loud carrier on the frequency and, no matter how hard I tried to convince
myself otherwise, I really couldn't make out anything he was saying. I sat on
the frequency, prepared to stay to the end in case, through some magic, he
suddenly got loud and I could work him. Well, about 5 min before the end
another Ms station was spotted a few kHz up. He too was sitting under a carrier
which pretty well wiped him out. I was getting the odd bit, though, so parked
there until the end, waiting for the magic. No magic, no sweep.

I note that VE3SY said he had a terrible time finding a VE7. I heard hardly any
VE3's. Worked only 2. Guess cndx weren't very good between VE7 and VE3.

A number of folks on 3830 said they missed BC. There were actually quite a few
of us on, FO, YU, OGO, IN, JKZ, KET, NA. Don't recall hearing ST but he's
usually in there.

Made only 1 Q in 18 of the Sections. Gotta do better than that in the future.

Thanks for the Qs and your patience with my newbies (and me). Next newbie
operation will be NAQP SSB.

73, Jim VE7FO