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50 MHz Spring Sprint   2017   May 13   Comment Summary

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AEØEE   Single Op LP   62017-05-13 19:59:40
100 W (45 digital), Moxon at 10' (below roofline in the urban canyons).

All USB except one MSK144 contact with W0ZF (no meteors involved, sadly).
W5PR   Single Op HP   5,0602017-05-13 20:02:19
VERY slow start, then the second and third hours pretty good, then slow last
hour. My first outing in this one. Very enjoyable.

QSO/Grid by hour and band

Hour 50M Total Cumm

D1-2300Z 2/1 2/1 2/1
D2-0000Z 47/21 47/21 49/22
D2-0100Z 58/21 58/21 107/43
D2-0200Z 3/3 3/3 110/46

Total: 110/46
K6CLS   Single Op LP   22017-05-13 20:02:33
# Log4OM by IW3HMH version
# created: Saturday, May 13, 2017


<A_INDEX:1>7 <ANT_AZ:1>0 <ANT_PATH:1>S <BAND:2>6m
<CALL:4>K6HN <CONT:2>NA <COUNTRY:13>United States
<CQZ:1>5 <DXCC:3>291 <EQSL_QSL_RCVD:1>R
<LOTW_QSL_SENT:1>R <MODE:5>JT65A <MY_COUNTRY:13>United States
<MY_CQ_ZONE:1>5 <MY_ITU_ZONE:1>6 <MY_NAME:15>Cliff Sojourner
<QSL_SENT_VIA:1>B <QSO_DATE:8>20170513
<QSO_DATE_OFF:8>20170513 <RST_RCVD:2>00 <RST_SENT:2>00
<RX_PWR:1>0 <TIME_OFF:6>235629 <TIME_ON:6>235629
<TX_PWR:2>25 <K_INDEX:1>1 <PFX:1>W <SFI:2>69

<A_INDEX:1>7 <ANT_AZ:1>0 <ANT_PATH:1>S <BAND:2>6m
<CALL:5>N6JET <CONT:2>NA <COUNTRY:13>United States
<CQZ:1>5 <DXCC:3>291 <EQSL_QSL_RCVD:1>R
<MY_CQ_ZONE:1>5 <MY_ITU_ZONE:1>6 <MY_NAME:15>Cliff Sojourner
<QSL_SENT_VIA:1>B <QSO_DATE:8>20170513
<QSO_DATE_OFF:8>20170513 <RST_RCVD:2>59 <RST_SENT:2>59
<RX_PWR:3>100 <TIME_OFF:6>231953 <TIME_ON:6>231953
<TX_PWR:2>95 <K_INDEX:1>1 <PFX:1>W <SFI:2>69
VA3ELE   Single Op LP   22017-05-13 20:02:39
Woohoo 2 POINTS :-)

Just got on for a bit to play using a 40m Saggy Vee (saggin on my roof). Noise
level was at first 20dB over s9 and then dropped to s7. Managed to work Dana
VE3DS and Jack VE3AIZ both in FN03.

73 de Peter
KO9A   Single Op LP   7522017-05-13 20:02:53
Excellent local activity paired with a sliver of Es to FL and some rocks out

Thanks again to N9GH, K9JK, and K9PW for getting out and roving.


Jim KO9A
KX7L   Single Op LP   362017-05-13 20:03:25
Almost forgot completely about the contest until about 0230Z. Better late than
never, I guess.
VE3DS   Single Op LP   1262017-05-13 20:07:23
Tough condx here...wireless head set QRM on 125 so spent most of my time on
digital msk144 - good to work K5GZR EL29, and WW2DX up in FN65. K1SIX made the
fastest qso of the night...thanks Bob! ... A morning contest would probably be
better, next year? 73 de VE3DS
W6ABM   Single Op LP   332017-05-13 20:09:24
Pretty quiet today.
W3IP   Single Op HP   1,5962017-05-13 20:10:20
Intermittent E skip made the contest interesting, although the last hour was
very slow here.
K5AM   Single Op HP   162017-05-13 20:17:38
N2NT(WW2Y)   Single Op HP   1,6802017-05-13 20:19:07
Only one sporadic E QSO, W5PR in Texas. MSK144 made up for it. Thanks to Andy
and John, N2NC for the opportunity to participate in the sprint. I hope to hear
all of you in the June VHF event next month.
N6ZE/M   Single Op LP   22017-05-13 20:56:35
An unusualSprint this time! 'Forced' to eat prime rib and Yorkshire pudding in
Beverly Hills to celebrate Mothers' Day from 4pm to 7:30pm! Managed only 2 QSOs
in 1 grid, but I did operate. Of 5 Spring VHF/UHF Sprints, I operated in 4
events: 2m from dm03/04; 135cm & 70cm from cn87; & this one from dm04.
Thanks to the sprint organizers
KØPG   Single Op LP   1102017-05-13 21:03:38
Fun. Missed the brief E skip opening. Thanks to the rovers.
K2EZ/R   Rover LP   12017-05-13 21:45:34
Down at my Texas QTH. Threw together a temporary lash up to use on the vehicle
as I ran around. Operated a bit starting in EM20 and later for a short bit in
EM10. Heard W4PR while in EM20 but I was not being heard. Heard a station
while in EM10 but lost them so ended up with no QSOs.
VE7AFZ/R   Rover HP   722017-05-13 22:48:09
Thanks all for the QSO's and the QSO attempts. Band conditions seemed a bit
flat from CN99 compared to prior sprints from the same location. Was running
300 watts into a 3 element beam. Had delays getting from CN99 to CN89. Didn't
have enough time upon arrival at the mountain side site in CN89 to put up the
mast and beam antenna, so struggled with the whip antenna and 50 watts and
again band conditions seemed a bit flat compared to prior contests from that
site with that antenna and power level.

All in all though a fun day to be out roving.
WW7D/R   Rover LP   1,6922017-05-13 23:26:47
Good turnout compared to last year, but fewer grids were active and propagation
was so-so in the Pacific Northwest. No enhanced propagation noticed.

I roved the CN86/CN87/CN96/CN97 intersection from the foothills of Mt. Rainier
with a stacked pair of 3-el yagis (and a 2 el. hex beam while in motion),
TS-480 w/170W TE Systems brick.

Here are the results:

35 unique calls worked

CN86: 30 QSOs, worked CN84-CN88, CN98 (6)
CN96: 27 QSOs, worked CN85-CN88, CN98 (5)
CN87: 17 QSOs, worked CN86-CN88 (3)
CN97: 20 QSOs, worked CN85-CN88 (4)
K4MM   Single Op HP   3082017-05-14 03:35:45
RIG: FT-950
AMP: 2006A
ANT: 7JHV @ 30'

Thanks to all that worked me. 73

Tom Colyard K4MM
N7US   Single Op HP   552017-05-14 05:30:58
K3S/P3/KPA500 SteppIR
WA6EJO   Single Op LP   32017-05-14 06:31:30
Envious of the 6M east coast opening I saw on DX Sherlock! No such luck in So
N1JEZ   Single Op HP   4762017-05-14 06:34:34
Poor conditions. MSK144 and ON4KST helped!
K3AJ   Single Op HP   2402017-05-14 06:34:54

Radio - K3/P3
Amplifier - Acom 1500
Antenna M2 6M5 at 50 ft.

My apologies for the dupes - I mistakenly thought we could work once per mode.
N9NB   Single Op LP   15,4252017-05-14 08:38:27
This was a fun multi-op operation with N4YDU and W4FS at N9NB. We threw up a 5
el yagi on a spare mast, and had fun playing good ole ham radio. We worked some
satellites (W4FS) and some HF (N4YDU, N9NB) and remote (N4YDU). We only sent the
4 character grid square, this is a check log. 73 ted n9nb
WA6OSX   Single Op HP   632017-05-14 08:49:43
K7SWS   Single Op LP   72017-05-14 10:02:48
Could only hear local stations, Used a 847 and a very old Ringo.
VE2NCG   Single Op LP   62017-05-14 10:19:25
Went on top of Mt-Shefford QC, no propagation and almost no one on the band....
W2BVH   Single Op HP   702017-05-14 11:04:47
Heavy rain here. I was concerned that rain created mismatch would damage power
transistors (which are unobtainium) in the amp. So limited operating time.
Thanks to sponsor and participants.
K3ZO   Single Op HP   6462017-05-14 11:20:41
Nice to have some Sporadic E show up this early in the season.
KA2KQM   Single Op LP   842017-05-14 13:45:19
Nice to hear the activity on the 50 MHz Sprints from GA. Ran 100 watts to HB 6
element antenna. Brief opening to EL29. Longest contacts were to W5PR and AJ4F
in EL29. Rest of QSO's were GA, SC, AL etc. Thanks to all for getting on the
air and creating activity for all to enjoy! 73, Kent O'Dell, KA2KQM
VE3IQZ   Single Op LP   552017-05-14 15:31:34
I worked ve3cru/r x3, va3nw,va3znq, va3hd, ve3kbt, ve3zv, ve3mt, ve3fhm,
Grids worked, FN03, FN04, FN13, FN14, EN92.
100 watts to a 5 element beam at 30 feet.
VE3CRU/R   Rover LP   992017-05-14 17:16:23
Got 11 qso's with 8 unique calls in 5 unique grids. Weather was good for me but
heavy rain 50 km west and beyond. Prop was very poor. Best odx was VE3ZV at
225 km in EN92vw from FN14 followed by VE3DS at 132 km and K2ERG at 106 km who
was only American worked. Did hear a 3 in FN11 ragchewing with N2LID in FN12
but unable to get the attention of either. Heard no others that were not
worked. Closest worked was VA3HD in FN14 at perhaps 15 km. Got 3 qso's with
VE3IQZ in FN04 and 2 qso's with VA3NW.

Thanks to sponsor CSVHF and to Kent O'Dell and Mike Metroka for their support,
and to all who participated.

Icom 756 ProII to a dipole 11' high (DE of a VE3BFM 4 elmt beam)


Bill Burgess VE3CRU/R
N2SLN   Single Op LP   2862017-05-14 19:16:38
N7EPD   Single Op LP   3802017-05-14 20:59:29
Missed a couple stations in CN89 and a couple locals that I could hear but they
couldn't hear me. Need to get the amp back online now. Just a corroded old
5el Cushcraft beam this time that I almost didn't get up in the air in time.
But enjoying the new quiet QTH!
N3RG   Single Op HP   1,2102017-05-15 03:56:53
mixes modes... SSB/CW/digital
K1KA   Single Op HP   1982017-05-15 08:40:27
Had a nice start, but then the contest ended early for me due unexpected
visitors "dropping in". My wife said I had to be gracious. Got back
on for the last 10 mins on MSK144 but no rocks left by then. Qs were 14 SSB, 4
MSK144. Added some grids with MS I would not have gotten on SSB, but took quite
a bit of time to arrange on the various boards. Next time I might try to
prearrange MS skeds like in the old days.

K3S + SPE 1.3K-FA @ 1KW + 5 el at 75 ft.
KK4ZDK   Single Op LP   3782017-05-15 09:46:17
Great Contest
AG6AY   Single Op LP   42017-05-16 19:41:13
All the locals...
K1TEO   Single Op HP   2,0022017-05-17 07:12:14
Local condx very poor. Was just on the edge of the E- skip. Did work 2 TX
stations including W5PR who was in for about 10 minutes.

Tnx to the sponsors for running the sprints this spring!

Jeff K1TEO
KJ4ZYB   Single Op LP   482017-05-18 16:25:41
Operated from my Dads Front Porch while visiting Him in West Va using a Par
K3CCR(N3UM)   Single Op LP   1982017-05-22 19:39:25
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care retirement
community in MD just E. of the Washington, DC beltway.

To start I made 17 LOS Qs in 45 min., in 6 grids out to ~100-150 miles. Then,

in the next 42 min. I made 1 QSO, a dupe! Did everyone go watch TV after they

quick-checked the band and heard no E skip? I beamed south and then southwest

for one last try before I gave up. Bingo: W5PR in EL29 and KE5JXC in EL39
between New Orleans and Huston, then EM12 and EM13 stations near Dallas. A
spotlight opening, sparse activity. One more LOS QSO in FM07, and that was
K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)   Rover LP   1,3772017-05-25 11:30:01
Op time includes driving along 42 degrees N latitude from west of 90 degrees W
longitude to east of 88 degrees W longitude to operate from SIX Grid Squares
(EN42, EN41, EN51, EN52, EN61 and EN62) during the contest time.

It was a seasonal Saturday evening across northern Illinois, maybe even a
little above average temps and some brief sporadic E to the southeast made
an appearance.

Mults total is based on 'classic' Rover scoring; count mults separately
from each grid-4 visited and add them up. Five unique grids worked.

Breakdown by Grid-4s I visited:

Grid Qs Ms
EN42 1 1
EN41 4 2
EN51 15 9
EN52 9 6
EN61 10 4
EN62 12 5
Tot. 51 27 = 1377

Total DX - 7514 km

The number of different calls in my log was up over previous Spring 50 MHz
Sprints, with 20 total - 15 from IL, 2 from FL and 1 ea. from AL, IA and WI.

Visiting SIX Grids added a LOT of driving and I didn't expect to complete
QSOs with any station from all six of them but Bob2, K2DRH, came through on
that (Thanks Bob2!).

The big contributors to to my path length total were KD4ESV at 1730 km at
0040Z, just edged out by K4MM at 1826 km about 10 minutes later. I also
heard WB4OMG and W5PR but wasn't able to link up with them (and I see that
Chuck had a pretty good run according to his 3830scores posting). Next
longest path was WA3GWK at 1281 km, about a half hour after my QSO with
Sam. These three QSOs accounted for over 60% of my total of path lengths.

Some notable 'local' paths were to WS9V at 278 km (Good 'ears' Skip!),
W9FF at 212 km (Good 'ears' also, Roger), two Qs with K2DRH at 189 and 190
km and one with K9PPY at 166km (Thanks Jim). Three other paths topped 100
km, two QSOs with WA0VUS (Thanks Nick) and one more with K2DRH. Four more
QSO path lengths were in the high double-digits (>80 km/>50 miles) -
W9EWZ and W9ZIH for two each. Thirty more Qs had paths between 10 and 70 km
and 6 Qs had paths less than 10 km.

THEN there was the 'crowd' that gathered, waiting for me as I completed my
'crossing' of EN51/52 from west to east. I had hoped to be back into EN61
or EN62 by 0230Z but didn't make it until 0240Z. Thanks to the 'crowd',
I was able to complete ten QSOs from EN61 and an additional 12 QSOs from
EN62 before the 0300Z end time of the contest.

Thanks also to ALL who were on, active and participated in the 2017 50 MHz
Spring Sprint. Continued thanks to Kent, KA2KQM, and Mike, WB8BZK, for their
work as the Spring Sprint hosting team and to the Central States VHF Society
for their sponsorship of the Spring Sprint series. Thanks also to Bruce,
WA7BNM, for providing the 3830scores web page and for supporting both the
Spring AND Fall VHF & Up Sprint events.

73, JK
KE7MSU   Single Op LP   1202017-05-26 10:03:47
Operated from Bald Peak Park ~20 mi SW of Portland, OR
100W, home brew Moxon.