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Arizona QSO Party   2009   Oct 10   Comment Summary

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N7AT(@K8IA)   M/S HP   181,3652009-10-11 17:07:44
CW Position:
Orion II, Alpha 91B

SSB Position:
FT-1000MP, Acom 1000

Dunestar 600 Band-Pass Filters
Array Solutions SixPak
N1MM Logger, version 9.10.1, networked

160 – Shunt-Fed Tower, 78’, w/60 radials, K9AY Rx Loops, Short “bent”
80 – Inverted Vee at 66’
40 – CW: M-Squared 40M3L 3 el yagi at 71’, SSB: Inverted L
20 thru 10: 3 el SteppIR at 78’; Bencher Skyhawk at 45’

A STRONG thumbs up to my fellow Arizona Outlaws Contest Club members for
showing up and putting Arizona on the air in a big way!

Kudos to you non-Outlaw AZ participants as well. You need to be Arizona
Outlaws! I know who you are and I will be in touch. Count on it! ;-)

The first running of the Arizona QSO Party appears successful. Gary, KE7DX, and
his team did quite well in organizing and promoting the event. Next year I am
certain it will be even bigger and better.

I’m not a big state qso party participant. It’s been 30+ years since the
last one I had any interest in. Plus, I don’t think xyl Sandy N7RQ ever
operated in one. Oh, we do 7QP but a state qso party is a different animal. The
AZQP caught our attention and I know we’ll be back.

We took this one pretty casually. Lots of breaks, a couple of good NHL games on
TV, some quality time with the animals etc. Just an easy going contest for us.
Tag team Multi-Single operation, one band at a time. The SO2R single-ops will
be way more efficient.

SSB activity was off the charts to what I was expecting. Sandy had a seemingly
never-ending supply of 20m-ssb q’s every time she sat down. Right up to the
end. Yeah, she made every one of those 955 20m ssb qso's!

CW activity could have been better, but, hey, it was the first year of the
event and I am optimistic that future years will bring many more of the cw
crowd into the fray.

The DX activity and the allowable multipliers from DX countries were a real
perk to the operation. Both Sandy and I had some nice little DX runs going,
just like a DX contest where we were the hunted!

This contest had a side benefit. It uncovered a tech problem with some new
equipment here, that I hadn’t seen before, and plenty of time for me to lick
that problem before CQWW SSB.

Tnx agn Outlaws, non-Outlaws and all the out of state participants. You made a
fun weekend.

73, Bob K8IA
88, Sandy N7RQ
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club – N7AT
VA3GKO   M/S LP   1,4722009-10-11 17:08:55
First time for this contest and had a great time.
Missed La Paz County for a Clean Sweep.

Would like to commend KS7S/M for providing numerous rare counties.
See you next year.

KS5A   Single Op LP   4,6862009-10-11 17:16:48
A puny effort on my part, but I had pressing work the entire weekend ... I
couldn't resist jumping in when I could (the boss went shopping). Thanks to
all for the contacts and look forward to next year.

Hats off to Gary, KE7DX, and his crew for putting this QP together. Nice job.
K7WP   Single Op LP   11,7112009-10-11 17:34:03
Rig: FT1000MP / Force 12 6BA @ 70' / 80m Sloper / N1MM

A little over 3 hours of great fun! Congrats to KE7DX and Catalina Club for a
great job initiating the first of many AZQP's. Time was limited here, but
great to hear so much activity. Thanks for the Q's and C U in the CQWWSSB!

73, John K7WP ..
K5LH   Single Op LP   1,2762009-10-11 17:59:45
Tandem effort with PAQP. Kudos to KS7S/m for miles and miles of desert duty.
Surprised to be able to work 14 out of 15 counties in casual operation.

Rig: Omni V, wire dipoles, Aetherlog.

73, Chris, K5LH/DK5LH
N7CW   M/S HP   60,7512009-10-11 18:14:38
Thanks to all the EU stations that called in to make this contest fun.

73, Bud N7CW
ND8N   Single Op LP   4902009-10-11 18:18:36
Not much activity heard on my daytime (stealth) vertical - felt like I was
operating on 28Mhz. But then I got to operate for 4+ hours at W7SA on Sunday
morning (SteppIR @ 60ft + KW) - the endless pile-ups made up for my whimpy home
effort. Great time overall. Score adjusted for 100 bonus points for working
W7SA which was one of my 18 QSOs :-)

73, Paul - ND8N
K7LY   Single Op HP   75,1522009-10-11 19:35:30
Phone only sure limits score. Did have a unique experience though. First time
I ever was able to run Europe from AZ (no East coast wall to penetrate for a
change)! Only worked 11 of the 15 counties. Many thanks to those putting
together this very first Arizona QSO Party. Had a great time.
W7SWL   Single Op LP   6512009-10-11 19:58:34
Adjusted for W7SA bonus. Kinda rough from 800 miles. 10 and 15 were non-factors,
20 tended to being a bit long and 40 and 80 weren't that well attended. Thanks
to the organizers and the players. Looking forward to next year when I'll "be
K7L(K6LL)   Single Op HP   326,9212009-10-11 20:01:20
The digital qso's all came from the rtty sprint, which ran from 5-9 pm local
time on Saturday. I'm surprised that nobody complained about my "YMA" appended
to the sprint exchange. Maybe they thought it was just rtty garbage characters.

The multiplier count above may be off by 2 one way or the other. N1MM's summary
sheet differed by four from the multiplier window, so I took an average.

There were very nice (for AZ) openings to Europe on 20 on both days.

It's really amazing how much fun you can have with a tribander at 48 feet.

Thanks for all the contacts.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

NQ7R   Single Op LP   26,7522009-10-11 20:16:47
A few nice runs both Europe and stateside. Only 5:35 on time. Nice to have a
run frequency and hold it with about 75 watts output. Perhaps people are
getting their AZ counties via 7QP??
WF7T   Single Op LP   6182009-10-11 22:17:51
This one has potential! Worked AzQP between PaQP, did not spend a lot of time
hunting mults. W7SAx2 for bonus points.

Looking forward to next year...

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN
100W to G5RV @ 30 Ft.
N1MM/Winkeyer USB
W6RA   Single Op LP   1,5562009-10-11 22:37:54
Worked 14 counties on Saturday, then spent Sunday looking for
La Paz for the clean sweep, but no luck. Thanks to KS7S for the
great mobile work and to the organizers for the fun qso party.
PA3ARM   Single Op LP   2922009-10-12 03:12:44
First contest activity in 2 months (with PA party as well).
Could not enter on Saturday but vy vy pleased with propagation on Sunday.
Worked 2 out of 5 AZ counties to go fer mi USA-CA ......
Amazing to hr KS7S/M after PA stns vanished....hoped he wud drive into GRAHAM
(new cty) from GREENLEE b4 dissappearing but he let me wait till next yr hi hi

Tks all fer organizing this 1st AZQP. Hpe to be on next year agn.
73 es cu

Ten Tec Orion II 100W
2 x 10m dipole NW > SE 10M up fer 20m NA
The challenge hr is to compete wid LP es wire ants only
(also fer USA-CA)
N2WN   Single Op QRP   9062009-10-12 05:03:58
Worked W7SA three times (score includes 100 pt bonus). Many thanks to KS7S for
running mobile, heard but was unable to work him in AZNVO, but was happy to
work him seven times. Only missed a couple folks I heard, mostly SSB. Nice to
see a good DX opening for Az, heard a lot of folks who play in the various US
QSO parties having some fun for a change.
N6MU   Single Op LP   1,8222009-10-12 08:16:57
Score includes W7SA bonus. Too close for anything but 40 meters and was hoping
for lots of activity during the day. Didn't happen, unfortunately. Like many,
missed La Paz county. Thanks to Jim, KS7S, for being the only mobile out there.

John, N6MU TS-570 & 4BTV
KK7YL   Single Op LP   16,3542009-10-12 09:33:17
Very Fun Contest! Will do it again next year. Contacted bonus station, W7SA on
CW. Made 24 PAQP Contacts (It takes 2X time to ask W3/K3 Stations if they are
in the PAQP, and then log them twice in two separate logs). Any chance of
moving AZQP to a different weekend (not in competition with PAQP)? Thanks for
the Qs. 73, Rita - K7FA
K7FA   Single Op LP   4,1412009-10-12 09:52:46
Limited time prevented greater participation. Logged several PAQP Contacts,
including their PA Bonus Station (Does not count in AZQP). Thanks to all those
fellow ZONERS (Arizona Hams), and a special THANKS to those Out-of-State HAMS
that responded to Arizona Stations. Combined participation made this 1-st
Annual Qso Party a success. 73, Tom - K7FA
K4BAI   Single Op HP   9162009-10-12 10:40:30
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Congrats for a FB first
AZ QSO Party. A lot of activity on CW and SSB and from mobiles. Apparently all
15 counties were QRV. My time was limited, but I had fun. Look for the GA QSO
Party the second weekend in April. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
W5ESE   Single Op QRP   1442009-10-12 10:47:11
Had fun in the AZ QSO Party.

Conditions weren't very good, but was particularly glad to make
at least one contact on 15 meters.

Thanks to all the AZ participants for making it fun for us.

K7DPS   M/S HP   17,3002009-10-12 21:02:55
Many thanks to the Catalina group for sponsoring and coordinating the contest,
and to the stations in both the Arizona and Pennsylvania contests and all of
the others who answered our calls.

From our end, propogation was not too bad and we worked a fairly steady stream
of callers on our run frequencies. Rig is a somewhat 'mature' Kenwood TS-430
and Heath SB-200 to a tribander at about 30-feet. I suppose it's a little like
fine wine or compound interest - older stuff is not always too bad of a thing.

Dave and I are members of several amateur radio clubs including the K7DPS
Amateur Radio Group and the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club, and we were fortunate
to operate this one from the station at work.

See everyone down the log, and , again, thanks.


John, WA7NWL
Dave, KC7AQZ
KK7AC   Single Op LP   42,1922009-10-13 10:57:11
All states but DE. Wish there was more DX for mults. 20 meters was great, 75 was
soft toward the late eveneing. KK7 "Apache County"
KS7S/M   Mobile LP   57,6602009-10-14 09:45:29
Counties activated: 9 (CHS, SCZ, PMA, GHM, GLE, GLA, PNL, NVO, APH)

US/VE Mults: 45

DX Mults: 17 (HA, SP, DL, OK, XE, KP4, PA, G, ON, UA, SM, LY, OM, I, YO, HK,

Other AZ Counties Wkd: 5 (SCZ, MHV, CNO, MCP, YVP)

It was a long (800 miles), but fun weekend doing “the mobile thing” in the
1st AZ QSO Party. I had originally planned on activating eight counties, but
discovered I wasn’t too far from PNL at my overnight stay in GLA, so started
Sunday morning from there before continuing on my original plan. Of course,
that put me a couple of hours behind my original schedule and I ended the
contest in GHM on my way home. For me, the fun part was seeing what domestic
and DX stations followed me from county to county – sure were some nice
signals out of EU. I had planned on some stationary 80M operation from my
stopover point but was just too worn out at that point and even 40M didn’t
sound all that active after 0200Z or so. I know I missed a lot of contacts by
being primarily CW – maybe next year I will try some more SSB too.

Thanks to all for the QSOs, especially the "followers" - Frank, WA2VYA, was the
champion working me in all 9 counties! Many others caught me in 5 to 7
counties. DX champs were HA8IB, DL3DXX, SP5SA, and OK2EC.

Thanks to Gary, KE7DX and the Catalina Radio Club for sponsoring this fun

Equipment: ICOM IC-7000 (100W) – High Sierra Sidekick w/5' whip and
TurboTuner – assorted HamSticks on Tri-Mag Mount – DXE Cap Hat and CB whip
on Sidekick base section for 80M stationary operation
K7IA   Single Op LP   77,7482009-10-14 18:52:30
For the First Annual Arizona QSO Party, I took the pickup truck-loaded camper
over to Cochise County Arizona from my home QTH in New Mexico to help out my
"other" old home state (first licensed in Tucson in 1959 as KN7IPZ after moving
there from Los Alamos, NM in 1956). My wife and I "camped" at Rustler Park in
the Coronado National Forest, a site at the 8500 foot elevation level in the
Chiricahua Mountains in Southeast Arizona (home of Geronimo's Chiricahua Apache
Band). Rustler Park is nearly at the head of a canyon running northeast. I set
up my Field Day station there, but unlike Field Day, I operated low power
instead of QRP, as I do in Field Day.

I had prepared to operate all three modes and to work both the AZ and PA
contests , principally running as an AZ QP station. When things got slow (and
they did on Saturday afternoon), I switched to S&P mode and worked the PA QP
runners. I also switched to RTTY and worked a few Makrothen RTTY contest
runners, supplying considerably more info than they needed! They needed only a
four digit grid square, but they got an RST, "Arizona," and "Cochise County" in
addition to my grid square (DM51, which may be an uncommon one, considering the
comments received!). Many thanks to the North American Makrothan ops for
responding to my macro message, "I need your state for the Arizona QSO Party,
thanks!" Only one op refused to send his state, so he isn't in the log--not a
bad rate of return!


K3, 95 watts CW and SSB, 70 watts RTTY (I know, it's rated for 100 watts key
down, but my PA amp module went west during a low power RTTY contest earlier in
the summer--it was an older version of the module, but why take chances for less
than a 1 db reduction in power?).


20 meters: homebrew wire Moxon Rectangle in the treetops at 65 feet, pointing
Northeast and down the "waveguide" canyon

40 and 80 meters: vees at 65 feet

160, 15, 10 meters: vertical wire, 40 feet long, running from top of camper
and connected to SGC 230 Smartuner at its base. I also used this combination
on 20 meters a few times when a polarization change improved signal strength

Logger: N1MM with two contest datafiles--one for AZ QP and the other for PA
QP. N1MM easily switches between multiple contests, especially when two (or
more) files are separate and not in a single master datafile. The only
challenge I had was keeping track of serial numbers of the PA QP Q's. That was
simple when I was S&Ping the PA runners, but attempting to switch contest
datafiles when I was running the AZ QP became too slow and unwieldly. I
quickly decided to keep track of PA QP serial numbers manually on paper, and
while I ran, hand out sequential serial numbers, crossing off each one sent. I
abandoned my original plan to correlate incoming PA QP serial numbers and
counties for stations who answered my running calls, so I unfortunately won't
be able to submit a log to the PA QP sponsors. However, all PA QP stations
worked are in the AZ QP log and will be uploaded to LOTW.

Things got off to a great start on Saturday AM at 1000 local time. The Moxon
displayed its notable forward gain and broad forward lobe, and many midwest,
southeast, and northeast CW stations got into the log quickly. I maintained
what I thought what I thought was a good Q rate, and then the EU stations began
calling and sending exchanges as though they were aware that the Arizona QSO
Party was on the air! Great fun!

On Sunday morning, things were even better, principally because the second leg
of the QSO Party began two hours earlier, at 0800 local time. Europe had an
extra two hours to send electromagnetic energy into Arizona, compared to
Saturday AM, and whatever contest they were working on Saturday no longer
existed on Sunday!

I missed only a few states: RI, HI (the ridgeline was west of me), AK (heard a
KL8, but so did numerous PA ops!!), NV, and UT. I worked only five of Arizona's
15 counties, and most of the Q's were from Cochise County--the county I was in!
I was hoping to work other AZ counties at night on 80 and 160, but I heard
nada--did the ops fall asleep after big suppers??

Nothing ever heard on 15 meters, so I never checked ten. Likewise, 160 was
empty, even though the QRN was low.

CW QSOs were like garden variety contest Q's with no real ragchews. I'm not a
phone guy, but I was surprised by the number of phone Q's I made and by the
number of 3 and 4 station pileups wanting to work Arizona. Thanks!! This
improves my interest in the upcoming CQ WW SSB!! Many phone stations made
quickie exchanges, but I enjoyed quite a few ragchews, turning a "contest" into
a "Party!" Thanks to N1MM .wav macros, the voice held out for the entire

Most interesting ragchew: K9DIG, Linda, near Grand Forks, ND, where I
practiced oncology in the early 90's. Her OM is an ENT surgeon there, who
arrived after my time.

Best DX QSO: IW6DRH--a mobile!!

Closest DX: KB7SKY, Jason, who was camped in the Chiricahuas at Barfoot Park,
only a mile from me.

Only eyeball QSO: KB7SKY, Jason, at about lunch time on Sunday, as he was
heading home to Bisbee.

Saddest QSO: A great-sounding fellow in Vermont, who, after getting a
contest-like exchange during a pileup, asked, "Don't you want to get
acquainted?" He was right--QSO Parties should be parties and not contests.
Where has competition taken us?? Food for thought...

Many thanks to the ops who turned their antennas to the southwest and added
some AZ Q's to their piles of PA Q's. Many ops weren't certain about the QZ QP
exchange, and so they sent everything--name, county, grid square, serial number,
etc. Thanks for joining us!! We hope you enjoyed working Arizona and will put
us on your calendars for next year!

Finally, thanks Gary, KE7DX, for hosting this fine first outing! I'll not
forget my "other" home state next year!

Dan, K7IA
WØBH   Single Op HP   2,1252009-10-15 16:30:09
Score includes 100 bonus points for contacting W7SA.

This weekend I worked both the PAQP and the AZQP. I was pleasantly surprised to
find a number of AZ stations on, and many were loud into Kansas! While there was
more activity from PA, it wasn't fast and furious. The AZ activity made a nice
difference in overall rate and kept me in the chair longer than planned. I
think the two QPs complement each other nicely.

After the PAQP quit on Sunday, my county total stood at 14. I decided to see
if I could find Navajo county and finally did at 2253z when KJ7KY called in.
From reading the other posts, it appears that La Paz county was the rare one
this year. I worked La Paz earlier when N6VQL/m called me. I'm not sure if he
was working the QP or just travelling through, but it appears I certainly owe
him a big thanks! That goes times six for KS7S/m, who did an outstanding job
of county coverage in a big state with big counties.

Overall, I worked 80 unique calls with top honors to KS7S/m. Stations with 3
Qs included KK7AC, N7AT, N7CW and N7MAL. Besides KS7S/m (6) and N6VQL/m (1),
the only other mobile I worked was KA0IYS/m with one contact. I also worked
Gary, KE7DX, and compliment him and the Catalina Radio Club on a definite first
year success. That hard work paid off!

73, Bob, w0bh
KE7DX   Single Op LP   7,6162009-10-15 21:51:47
Operated portable from the Gardner Canyon area in Santa Cruz County. Excellent
weather this time of year, slept under the stars in one of the blackest skies
I've ever been in. Power (mis)management prevented me from operating the whole
time period on Sat. After a good night's sleep, figured out a workaround so
operated the entire period Sun. Started slowly but after a couple of hours the
rate picked up. Was surprised by DX calling me! Thanks KS7S for operating in
over half the counties in Arizona! Thanks to all the participants that made
the first Arizona QSO Party a success!