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BARTG Sprint 75   2010   September   Comment Summary

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W9ILY   Single Op LP   6902010-09-19 14:06:32
Thanks to all who pulled me out of the noise. Conditions seemed very poor.
K4GMH   SO Expert HP   13,6802010-09-19 14:27:04
Thanks to BARTG for sponsoring the Contest. Also, thanks to all who were kind
enough to work me.

Good turnout and with several new calls being worked on 75 Baud.

Surprised to be able to work several European stations on 15 m following the
start of the Contest. Lately, 15 meters is not open to Europe at 1700Z or at
least it seems.

Nice to have the Contest right before CQ WW RTTY as had to get a few things
working as have not been in some of the recent RTTY contest. Going to have to
get the mess of wires in back of the desk in order to eliminate the loose
connectors, etc.

Seventy five baud is fun. Definitely have to keep your eye on the screen when
running SO2R, 75 baud! The SO2R timing has to be adjusted to the faster pace
of 75 baud. Sometimes I made the adjustment and other times I seemed to be
fumbling everything. The faster pace should help with the 45 baud SO2R of CQ

See you in the CQ WW RTTY this weekend.

Mike, K4GMH
WØRAA   Single Op LP   9522010-09-19 14:27:57
This was my first 75 Baud RTTY contest and it won't be my last. Only got a
little over an hour in, but it was still fun. CU next year.
5P9X(OZ9GA)   Single Op LP   7,2102010-09-19 14:30:31
On 40 meter 33 q's
KTØDX   Single Op HP   15,7382010-09-19 14:59:04
This sprint was a good break from 45 baud RTTY. I really enjoyed myself in this
one as I had to change up make a change in the way I operate in longer
The 20 meter band was not in the best of shape and sorry to the EU stations
that were calling and I was not able to get a print on your call. Never heard
a SA or AF station but managed one JA for Asia when I was trying to call a
station in Iceland. I made a quick check of 10, 15 and 40 meters and never
heard anything on these bands.

I hope to be back for another go in the next sprint and thank you to all the
stations I was able to work and to W0RAA for telling me the night before about
the BARTG Sprint.

W6SX   Single Op HP   2,2562010-09-19 15:34:57
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, MMTTY, N1MM
FM5CD   Single Op HP   20,9252010-09-19 15:40:17
Due to a tropical storm, i had to stop and unplug all antennas twice. Rain
statics were terrific most of the time. Nevertheless, i almost ran during two
hours and i had fun ... Thanks.
N8NOE   Single Op HP   2522010-09-19 15:51:58
Using FLDigi for the First time in a Contest, and had a LOT of Technical
Problems running it. Also seems I had trouble with Rig-Control and this may
have been locking the software up and in TX mode. Got a Bit frustrating and
after 1 1/2hrs
Just kinda quit. Saw some known calls and did get a few, but decoding was ruff
it seems also. Use to running CocoaModem, and started that up, seems to decode
much better. A great Learning Experience, but think I'll run a contest with
something I know a bit better. Other than Problems it was nice to see some
calls on I know and give a few points out..NO HIGH score here, but some fun..
73 Jeff-N8NOE
K5AM   Single Op HP   6,5282010-09-19 16:18:23
Location: Horse Mountain, elevation 2400 m (7900 ft).
Generator power.
VA2UP   SO Expert HP   20,4242010-09-19 18:34:26
This is a fun contest. It was good to be back after a bit of a break. Still
working on the station and the antennas are not yet in place. Was hoping to
have them up for CQWW next weekend but I've been delayed and will have to do
with what's available at this time. Took the new K3 for a fast 75 baud spin and
I'm very pleased with the rig. I have to sort out some problems that caused blue
screen and computer shutoff 3 times during the contest. This is what happens
when you have a new setup I guess. Couldn't figure out the problem yet but will
keep looking this week.
Hope to see you all next weekend in CQWW. Thanks Bartg for a very fun format
and all the work.
73, Fabi va2up
VA7ST   Single Op LP   1082010-09-19 20:53:11
Spent many hours today trying to get my NetMos (MosChip) 4-port PCI serial card
to work properly. Four of those hours were while listening to the guys having
fun in the contest. Managed to get it working for precisely 11 minutes (after
three hours of installing, restarting, reinstalling, etc.), in which I made my
12 QSOs. It was the best 11 minutes of RTTY contesting in a long time. Till the
computer froze solid.

Never did get it working -- XP and NetMos drivers don't mix, I guess. Well,
they worked fine for two years, until a couple weeks ago. Back to the
USB-to-Serial cables, which work just fine (but EXTFSK doesn't do 75-baud, or
I'd have run the whole test!)

Very sorry to have missed most of this one.

-- Bud VA7ST
AL9A   Single Op HP   18,6122010-09-19 22:10:12
Fun working the higher baud rate, but from this location it was single band
only. Nothing heard on 15M at all. The last hour got very slow as the new
ones were few and far between. It seemed there were very few K and VE stations
responding to my CQs. The Sprint time slot was in direct competition with with
the Sunday NFL games so I suspect a lot of US/VE operators were watching the TV
rather than watching their RTTY screens. Hopefully this event will build a
larger following in the months and years ahead.
G3LDI   Single Op LP   6,3362010-09-20 01:50:18
Lousy propagation - as usual! Beam stuck, rhombic broken, linear U/S and had to
configure a new PC for the test. Had to read the news and phone son/daughter as
well, so only spent about two hours. Must do better next time!
F5QE   Single Op HP   21,8552010-09-20 09:08:06
PA FAULTY on 40/80 ! Fun agn thanks for call 73 pAUL
KI7MT   Single Op HP   12,3122010-09-20 10:29:07
First off, Thanks to BARTG for putting on the event, 75B RTTY is a great contest
mode in my opinion. Only one complaint, the time was far to short. I would like
to see this test become a 24hr plus event. Compared to a CW test, 45B RTTY
works at a slow pace, now, it's going to appear "Very Slow" :-)

Just back from a summer away from the shack. Had few bugs to work out, but over
all things went pretty smooth. I checked 10m/15m several times, but heard
nothing by way of 75B RTTY.

Was nice to have a RTTY event the week before the CQWW, as it helped me
indentify a few issues that need correcting beforehand.

Tnx for all the Q's and hope to see you in the CQWW RTTY event this comming

For those interested, all Q's uploaded to LoTW & eQSL.

RIG: FT-2000D
Interface: Navigator, by US Interface
SW: N1MM v10.9.3 + MMTTY - FSK
Ant: 20m 4el Bruce Array + 2x Phased Verticals
Tuner: AT5K
AMP: AL-1500 (Ran LP most of the event, did not need HP)

GMØFGI   Single Op HP   15,9962010-09-20 10:43:09
Interesting fun mode, had some problems decoding on 80 and 40m at times, maybe
conditions but probably my setup.

Thanks to BARTG for organising and for all contacts.

EQUIPMENT: ICOM 7600, ACOM 1010 300 watts
ANTENNAS : 20-10m VK2ABQ at 25ft; 40m Vertical, 80m Loop at 30ft
F8CRS   Single Op LP   2,3682010-09-20 12:26:40
only 1h15 because i was very busy but nice contest , 75 should be generalized to
all rtty contest.

73 david F8CRS
E72W   Single Op HP   32,7122010-09-20 14:15:56
The first time I participated in this contest, I liked it for two reasons:
first, because it only takes four hours to do it, and the other reason it is
really fast hi.

73 Seki E72W
F6FNL   Single Op LP   2,1602010-09-21 01:09:52
Still lot of fun with 75 Bds...
9H3UM(SQ9UM)   Single Op LP   19,8662010-09-22 04:16:43

73! Alex
G1RNZ   Single Op HP   4682010-09-23 12:35:08
QSO: 14086 RY 2010-09-19 1737 g1rnz 001 1737 UT7MR 017

QSO: 14088 RY 2010-09-19 1754 g1rnz 002 1754 OK1USU 000

QSO: 14088 RY 2010-09-19 1756 g1rnz 003 1756 OK1VRF 037

QSO: 14088 RY 2010-09-19 1759 g1rnz 004 1759 M5AEX 019

QSO: 14089 RY 2010-09-19 1808 g1rnz 006 1808 AL9A 038

QSO: 14088 RY 2010-09-19 1812 g1rnz 007 1812 DD7ZT 015

QSO: 14100 RY 2010-09-19 1816 g1rnz 008 1816 E72W 064

QSO: 14098 RY 2010-09-19 1819 g1rnz 009 1819 DM5TI 054

QSO: 7048 RY 2010-09-19 1830 g1rnz 010 1830 G1XKZ 043

QSO: 14080 RY 2010-09-19 1837 g1rnz 011 1837 WX4TM 086

QSO: 14081 RY 2010-09-19 1840 g1rnz 012 1840 FM5CD 073

QSO: 14088 RY 2010-09-19 1844 g1rnz 013 1844 S57U 046

QSO: 14091 RY 2010-09-19 1846 g1rnz 014 1846 VA2UP 085

QSO: 14094 RY 2010-09-19 1848 g1rnz 015 1848 OE9R 061

QSO: 14095 RY 2010-09-19 1849 g1rnz 016 1849 K4HMB 077

QSO: 14096 RY 2010-09-19 1852 g1rnz 017 1852 LZ8E 077

QSO: 7046 RY 2010-09-19 1908 g1rnz 019 1908 MI0GRG 033

QSO: 7045 RY 2010-09-19 1911 g1rnz 020 1911 DK3RA 040

W4UK   Single Op HP   7,0982010-09-24 15:41:21
Wire Dipoles Only.