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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB   2008   Nov 15   Comment Summary

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W6RK(@W6YX)   SO Unlimited HP   94,8482008-11-16 02:28:38
Operation from W6YX on secondary band. Missed NL and PR.
W4PM   Single Op LP   20,0342008-11-16 08:20:55
One hour before the contest I checked to see if the antenna was still up after
the windy conditions. NOTHING WAS THERE! My CF zepp had broken in the winds
about 2 feet from the feed point. The ladder line was now lying across my roof
from back to front and the feed point was in my driveway. I decided to just
give up and not enter at all. There was no time to try to repair the antenna.
Later Saturday night I thought perhaps I could just give it a try. Tuning the
antenna as a random end fed wire I was able to hear and work stations so I gave
it a go. At least I was able to add a few points to the club score. Trying
again Sunday morning it was nearly impossible to make a contact. While the
wire was OK on 80 Saturday night I could only catch the attention of 3 stations
on 20 today. No time left to try more as we're off to the mountains today.
Next year I hope to try it again with an antenna up in the air!

Puck, W4PM
K4WW   SO Unlimited HP   64,8002008-11-16 13:12:40
Limited effort, only looking for a sweep. Now I will have a 2008 broom, to go
with my 1983 version.
VE1OP   SO Unlimited HP   25,0122008-11-16 14:14:12
A few hours and 25,000 points for MCC...

73, Scott VE1OP
KH7Y   Single Op HP   148,0002008-11-16 14:33:07
Thanks to N4PN and KP3S for the sweep, a first 2x sweeps in one year. 20 meters
was about useless even with the new K-3!

Thanks for the QSO's and see you all next year!

Aloha, Fred
WD4AHZ   Single Op LP   15,7322008-11-16 14:47:31
What a disaster.

RF problems with the microphone, RF problems with the computer, and some lost
QSO's in the log. Just couldn't get into it.

Hope to regroup for CQWW CW next weekend.
VE3GLO   Single Op LP   41,6002008-11-16 15:08:57
Grat fun. First time I managed a clean sweep. Just 100 watts and dipole
antennas. Looking forward to doing it again next year.

W4ARM   Single Op LP   10,0802008-11-16 15:36:14
Wanted to get a couple hours in to hand out some points and contribute the FCG
ND9E   Single Op QRP   6,1602008-11-16 15:43:32
New QTH, 5W to a wire thrown out the window
K9MUG   Single Op HP   71,8402008-11-16 15:48:59
Phone is not my regular line of work, but it has one virtue-- you can greet your
buds and hear their voices.

A good time was had by all. Tnx for all who qso'd.

I'm going to take a long shower and see if I can get that microphone dust off

WØRIC   SO Unlimited HP   50,8802008-11-16 15:57:10
The bands were very busy. Many fun pile-ups! Glad to get a CLEAN SWEEP!
VO1HE   Single Op HP   65,5502008-11-16 16:02:49
Missed ND, WTX, PR, AK and BC. AK I can understand but BC???? There's usually a
hundred of them on. I might have to use the cluster next year :)

Thanks to my N9 buddy in NH for giving me a call and a chuckle. No hard
feelings HIHI.

As I type this, one of the CF lights in the shack is starting to die so I must
go change it out. So much to do....

Anyway, loads of fun on a rainy yet warm day. CU in the next one.

73 -- Paul VO1HE
K5TR   Single Op HP   129,4802008-11-16 16:25:05
I was slightly sick with a cold the week before SS but I was feeling fine on
Friday and when the contest started but I ended up pretty much losing my voice
in hour 3 or 4 of the contest but keep going hoping it would improve as it
sometimes has in the past but it just keep getting worse. I quit a 6.5 hours
into the contest and tried again later but it was not getting any better.
Those few of you I called today know how bad I sounded. I found that I really
like this contest and even after quiting last night I really wanted to work
guys today. If I could have I would still be in the chair at the end even if I
was 1000 contacts behind.

I have been doing the SS for many years now and this is the first time I have
not gotten to put in a full effort and one of the very few sweepstakes that I
had any real failures of the op or even the station. So I guess I have been
lucky. Looking forward to doing it again next year for the full 24 hours.

It sounded like many people were having a good contest. I hope they did
well and I think all of the promotion by the ARRL has been great for
the SS. I hope it continues next year and into the future.

I had an OK start - it was not my best but also not my worst. I think I had
close to 100 qsos in the first 30 minutes but then the frequency got trashed
and I had to finally leave it for 15 meters and find a new one on 20 meters. It
was nice to hear 15 meters with some decent signs of life today.

21z 159 159
22z 140 299
23z 137 436
00z 107 543
01z 107 650
02z 99 749
03z 35 784 / 72

I stopped at 0323z

I ended up working a few more mults today to get it up to 78 only needing ND
and AR. I looked for awhile but about the only way to work those guys is to
call CQ or maybe tonight on 80 meters.


160 - 1/4 wave sloping verticals sloped east and west
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

80 - Half wave sloping dipoles - sloped NE, NW from 120'.
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

40 - Force 12 240N at 120'
- Cushcraft 40-2CD at 87'
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

20 - 6 element yagi at 80' fixed NE
- 6 element yagi at 80'
- 6 element yagi 40' fixed NW
- 4 element yagi 60' fixed SE

15 - 6 element yagi at 70'
- 6 element yagi at 35' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 50' fixed SE

10 - 6 element yagi at 60'
- 6 element yagi at 30' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 40' fixed SE
W3LL   Single Op HP   166,0802008-11-16 16:29:32
On Saturday evening the 80M antenna quit so had to rely on 40M.
The Henry Amp failed to start on Sunday morning so operated LP on Sunday.
Still managed to get the SWEEP.
VA2SG   Single Op LP   30,0962008-11-16 16:33:25
I dont like phone contest. Made this just to give the QC mult. CU at CQ WW CW!
K3WW   SO Unlimited HP   120,0002008-11-16 16:34:03
Same bottom line as CW. KP4 was the toughest section for me, with MS and LAX
the other late into the log.
Rain all night, tornado watch at start of the test, but 75 was pretty good.
I think there were more DE than EPA stations on this year.
N5AU   Single Op HP   66,7202008-11-16 16:42:32
The sweep on SSB was in question until KP3S showed up on 15. With no WP3R
operation, PR isn't so easy. I heard many stations calling CQ PR on 15 today
before KP3S arrived. It was nice to make the sweep on both modes this year.

I called a station with a 2008 check followed immediately by a station with a
1909 check....almost a 100 year spread on the air. I thought that was most
unusual. We might need at least a 3-digit check soon.
NA2U(@K2TTT)   Multi-Op HP   160,0002008-11-16 16:46:31
Biggest thrill was being called by VY1EI on 20m to complete the sweep. It's
always good to run into long-time friends during SS.

My thanks to Jay, K2TTT, for again being a gracious host by making his station
available, and for working in the middle of the night, in addition to daylight
operating, particularly his work on 75m.


W6MVW   Single Op LP   1542008-11-16 16:49:45
W2RE   SO Unlimited HP   258,4002008-11-16 17:00:37
It was fun!

Ray W2RE
VA3DF   Single Op QRP   51,1002008-11-16 17:00:55
Gotta love it when a plan comes together! Totally trashed my previous best score
in SS SSB.

Sometimes 80 m. is my friend and sometimes we are enemies - last night, we were
best buddies!

As usual, it's a jungle out there when you run qrp!


K4EU   Single Op HP   144,0002008-11-16 17:12:11
Very pleased with the sweep in this special year -- KP4 was the last
hold-out.... 80m was outstanding on Saturday night even with storms in the
area.... Had a run of 315 Q's on 3788 @ 97/hour and another run of 165 Q's on
3603 @ 93/hour -- Didn't see much reason to venture into the QRM fray above
3800..... Thanks for all the Q's and good to say hello to many friends.
73....//Steve K4EU

8-ele LP @ 55' for 20m and 15m
Inverted Vee @ 65' for 40m and 80m
N1CC   SO Unlimited LP   81,2802008-11-16 17:14:46
Operated in Unlimited Class so I could spot the hard sections. Tried on CW to
do it and missed too many, wanted the whiskbroom and this seemed to be worth
the individual competition issue.

With 100W and a low (30') inverted vee it seems that the "U" instead of "A"
tells some of the interlopers to not jump on top of you, a "U" could be
overpowering to you....when in fact its still low power.
VA3DX   Single Op LP   144,0002008-11-16 17:19:33
Tks to Rick VO1SA for section nr 80 ...
K6RIM   SO Unlimited HP   176,0002008-11-16 17:25:59
Last multiplier was KP4, late Sunday morning. That's unusual. Of course, later
worked a number of other KP4's. By late in the contest, all mults were
relatively plentiful.

But phone is such a slog ........
K3TD   Single Op LP   11,9882008-11-16 17:26:48
Inverted L, 30' H x 75' L
IC-756ProII, 100 watts

Missed most of the contest due to travel to Boston. Too bad - Sweepstakes is

Tad Danley, K3TD
NF4A   SO Unlimited HP   205,9202008-11-16 17:30:02
VY1EI called me for the sweep. Many Thanks.
W1MX   School Club HP   164,1602008-11-16 17:32:30
Don't hate us, we're deaf.
W4ZYT   Single Op LP   11,0002008-11-16 17:33:02
Family illness and departmental obligations reallytruncated my contest weekend.
Still it was fun to work a few hours, and it was amazing how many MDC and known
PVRCers I worked.
KI9A   SO Unlimited HP   164,0002008-11-16 17:50:33
Wow. There are going to be some big 80 meter totals this year! It was as good,
or better than I have aver heard the band in 30 years as a ham. Where was
WP3R? I was thrilled to snag NP4Z early Sunday am on 40, then, had a WP4 call
me on 80 about 10 min before I pulled the plug! MS was my last mult, then
worked about 5 of them. NE stations were coming out of the woodwork, nice to
see that! New open wire fed dipole at 50' was a great addition, was the first
time I ever really felt strong on 40/80, but, was able to hold a freq for a
long time..The GAP Voyager vertical played well to the coasts, and dipole
inside of 800 miles or so. 20 still sucks here. Bad.

ICOM 756 Pro 3
Heath SB1000 @ 600 watts
135' open wire fed dipole @ 50'
GAP Voyager 40/80/160
Cushcraft A# tribander @ 25'

73- Chuck KI9A
AD1C   Single Op LP   59,4362008-11-16 17:54:10
Radio: ICOM 756 Pro III (100W)
Antenna: half-G5RV in attic
Software: WriteLog 10.69B
Hardware: none (human voice)

Sections missed (but heard): PR (WP4SK), YT (both VY1EI and VE8EV)

I really didn't intend to operate this much. I was hoping to catch an AR
station or two (to finish LoTW WAS), but got totally sucked in. I had no
goals, until I started to get close to 75 mults (to win that coveted magnet).

Much less efficient effort than CW two weeks ago. I had only one short run on
20 meters, I just could not get anything going. I just tuned and tuned and

I got really lucky several times. I found VE4GV and was his 2nd QSO. I don't
know how I got through to VO1MP on 20, much later I found him with little/no
pileup. My wife brought me a cup of coffee while I was calling in the N0GF
(ND) pileup on 40. She left, and a couple minutes later, in the log! I spent
WAY too much time looking for Iowa on 40 meters Sunday afternoon, and finally
worked N0MA for #74. Less, than 10 minutes later, I found K7ZO in ID for #75
(I worked two more before quitting). N5DO in WTX was my last section.

Here's the count of sections I worked. At times it seemed every other station
I worked was in MDC:

MDC 22
SCV 21
IL 18
VA 16
WWA 16
MN 15
SV 13
EB 11
IN 11
OH 9
MI 8
CT 7
TN 7
CO 6
LA 6
MO 6
NC 6
BC 5
GA 5
NE 5
ON 5
AZ 4
KS 4
MT 4
OR 4
SF 4
WI 4
WV 4
AB 3
AL 3
AR 3
DE 3
ID 3
NH 3
NV 3
OK 3
RI 3
SB 3
SD 3
UT 3
AK 2
KY 2
MB 2
ME 2
NM 2
VI 2
VT 2
IA 1
MS 1
ND 1
NL 1
QC 1
SC 1
SK 1
WY 1

Looking forward to CQWW CW in a couple of weeks.

73 - Jim AD1C
N1BAA   SO Unlimited HP   43,8402008-11-16 17:55:41
"Sweep" effort only this year.
KJ6RA   SO Unlimited HP   102,8802008-11-16 17:57:10
Last two mults were PR & PR.
KE1FO   SO Unlimited HP   33,0002008-11-16 18:01:03
Had some fun. Tried out a new set of .wav files this weekend, and they seemed
to work pretty well. Numbers are still a little hard, and fills are not the
easiest to give, but it worked. More practice will make it better, but I doubt
there will be much of that as this event was a great reminder of why I don't
care for phone contests. Can't wait for next week's CQWW CW!

Mostly s&p with a couple of short runs.

See you all soon.

73 de Al, KE1FO
K9FWH   Single Op HP   9,0002008-11-16 18:02:28
Just got on to have some fun. Conditions were not the best up here, but the
station worked well. First SS run in over 10 years.
WA7U   Multi-Op HP   219,2002008-11-16 18:08:57
Add one K3, plus one Heathkit SB220, and a few improved antennas = big fun!
Our first Multi-op SS-SSB attempt. 20 meters was the 'money' band from this far
KY4F   Single Op QRP   11,2642008-11-16 18:10:38
Thanks to everyone who had the patience to wait on all the repeats! This was my
first attempt at a true QRP contest effort. Moved into a second story condo
last spring, which created a challenge so far as getting on the air. I did
manage to reach the down spout from my deck and connect a wire. Brought that
to an SGC SG-239 auto tuner... threw a couple radom length pieces of wire on
the deck for coutner poise and... away we go... I was surprised at how well 40
meters worked.. also surprised and how poorly 20 meters turned out. But, with
all that random length gutter and five additional down spouts... I'm pleased to
just be on the air and working anyone!

Once again, thanks to everyone for a great time!

73 KY4F
K8MR   Single Op HP   20,2462008-11-16 18:18:31
A busy weekend - work on Saturday, deciding that my snowblower needed parts more
than it was worth, resulting in a trip to Lowe's to buy a new one, packing to
leave on vacation with my wife on Sunday morning, then flying to Cancun. But I
did squeeze in a nice run on the low end of 75 and a few multiplier qsos on

See you in two weeks from PJ2T.

73 - Jim XE3/K8MR
VE9CEH   Single Op LP   60,0602008-11-16 18:21:52
Thanks and 73!
N3ZZ   SO Unlimited HP   93,0622008-11-16 18:22:30
Missed KP4. Heard em but couldn't work em.
VE3RZ   SO Unlimited HP   112,4802008-11-16 18:26:01
Rig: icom 756Pro
Amp: 3-500Z 500w
Ant: 80m dipole up 50ft
40m 1/4wave vertical
20m sloping dipole
15m (40m vertical)

Best personal score, and glad to get sweep - hope they all hold up.

Went to bed Saturday morning at 2:30am local with 532 Qs and 76 mults. Sunday
had family committments as daughter and husband were coming through Toronto
airport so met them for lunch. Back on band at 3:30pm local Sunday afternoon.

Found KL8DX for AK and VE8EV for NWT. No sign of ND or PR. Found N0GF at high
end of 40m and finally saw KP3S on 80m for final section.

Internet giving lots of problems (local terrestial radio network currently
having issues). But finally got them all.

Great fun as always, lots of great ops. Felt quite loud on 40m and 80m but
nowhere near as good on 20m and 15m - need beam. KT34 will be going up tower in
Spring so should have a better setup for next year.

Thanks for all the Qs and the fills. PC hung couple of times - 80m RF needs to
be tamed.

Very nice QSO total by VE3TA, congrats.

CU in WW CW. (probably single band 40m).

73 de Tony
WR1Q   Single Op LP   55,8062008-11-16 18:28:59
The best contest I've had the pleasure of participating all year for me. It was
interesting to note the practice exchanges both the night before and a couple
of hours prior to the start. I elected to practice my exchange with my club
members on 2M while driving to and from work a few days before the contest
began, and then to cement the flow of information, I opened a small notepad
window and left it clearly visible for quick reference, and yes I used it a

15 Meters performed admirably. The Kenwood handled the crowded 20 Meter phone
band far better than it did in the CQ DX. With it, I almost swept all sections.
I heard WCF, PR, SK, and NE but could not reach their receiver with 100 watts.
QC, NWT, NL, and ND were nowhere to be found. Overall, it was a great way to
spend a chilly weekend.

73, cya in 09.
W6YI   Multi-Op HP   363,2002008-11-16 18:29:17
This was by far our best score in this contest. We got off to a great start,
but things got really slow on Sunday.

See everyone next year.

Jim W6YI
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   74,8802008-11-16 18:29:48
Too much time off. Extra serial numbers that were left over will be used next
N5DO   Multi-Op HP   257,4402008-11-16 18:39:07
Thanks to Bill KE5OG for his help -- we each operated 12 hours using 1 radio.
It was a shakedown cruise for my new Elecraft K-3, which seemed to acquit
itself well although I think there are a few more settings to master. We both
wanted to get a 75th anniversary cup to mark the occasion, but it took a long
time to finally find a KP4 station to complete the sweep. Thanks for all the
KE3D   Single Op HP   36,6102008-11-16 18:44:15
Murphy strikes! Voice keyer breaks abt 5 hrs into the test. Over night the
wind gust manage a 90 degree rotation of antenna. But it wouldn't be a test if
there were not difficulties. The propagation was fair to poor. I heard all
sections but 2. Still the 1st SS and getting 73/80 ain't too bad.

Enjoyed it. Thanks to all for the QSOs.
K2Z(@KD2RD)   Multi-Op HP   247,8402008-11-16 18:46:40
It was fun having the old gang together again. Hope to see everyone next year!

Paul, John, Scott, Mike.
N5IA   Single Op LP   7142008-11-16 18:46:49
Ham radio club activities on Saturday plus church, social and family obligations
on Sunday limited my operating to a token check of 40 Meters a couple of times.

Milt, N5IA
K6DBG   Single Op QRP   9,0002008-11-16 18:48:15
Elecraft K2, inverted L for 160m, very frustrating over all.
K6YT(WØYK)   SO Unlimited HP   264,4802008-11-16 18:50:49
20, 40 and 80 worked well this weekend, but they behaved like high bands with
deep QSB. A number of ongoing QSOs had to be abandoned. Signals were weak and
I turned on the pre-amp even on 40 meters. Skipped 15 on Saturday. While some
signals were very weak, a number of QRPers were very strong.

Not sure what I did Sunday morning to slow myself down but from day break to
mid-day all the big guns local to me gained 100-150 QSOs relative to me. I
tried 15 meters on Sunday, but never got much going. It seemed like 20 was
always better rate.

The K3s really stand up to the heavy SS Phone QRM. Ran 1500 Hz receive filters
all weekend.

Thanks for the QSOs.

Ed - W0YK
WW9R   SO Unlimited HP   86,4002008-11-16 18:51:17
Thanks for all the fun. These two week-ends of Nov SS are amazing. See you all
in the next one.

Yaesu FT1000MP Mark V
Ameritron AL 811-H 600W
Gap Voyager for 40 & 80
Gap Titan for 15 & 20
N3FLP Contest Software

Big Bend, WI
W3GRF(K3MM)   SO Unlimited HP   277,9202008-11-16 19:00:08
Glad to have the honor of being W3GRF for the weekend! Glad to put Lenny back
on the air. Was fun receiving all the nice comments on the call. I just had a
hard time convincing everyone that my check was 36!

73, Ty K3MM
WM3O   SO Unlimited HP   103,8062008-11-16 19:04:37
missed AK for the sweep - maybe next year. :(
KD5J   Single Op LP   17,6702008-11-16 19:04:37
2008 ARRL November Sweepstakes KD5J


QSOs QSO pts. Mults.
80m 81 162 23
40m 26 52 10
20m 21 42 14
15m 27 54 10
TOTALS 155 310 57

Claimed score = 17670
AA6PW   Single Op LP   96,0002008-11-16 19:05:41
Part time effort. Last mults picked up with a couple of hours remaining in the
contest were WNY and WTX. Good time as always.

KUØG   Single Op LP   96,3202008-11-16 19:06:17
My first time back in solo contesting in over 15 years! Had a blast. Wish you
were here!!!

73 de Jim, KU0G
KC7V   Single Op HP   39,6062008-11-16 19:06:31
I was testing a new vertical antenna for 80m.
W6RQ   SO Unlimited LP   34,0502008-11-16 19:07:00
Worked from my little pistol home station. Managed to get 75 sections (missed
K6LRG   Multi-Op HP   128,8002008-11-16 19:07:00
A great time with some new OPS and some veterans here at K6LRG. Got the sweep,
not as many Q's as we wanted :-)but a great time had by all.
K4HR   Multi-Op HP   202,0802008-11-16 19:08:27
40m antenna broken and fixed pointing SW.
160m antenna would not work.
Could not figure out how toset-up voice keyer in N1MM with MK2
N5UWY   Single Op LP   80,7382008-11-16 19:08:50
Best ever contest from home, but missed NL! Arrrgh!!! Lost the computer
interface on Saturday night, so freqs are all goofy after that. Got the bands
right, though.

Where were the Newfoundlanders!!!!???????!!!!
KT4Q   SO Unlimited HP   90,0802008-11-16 19:10:34
Worked out some kinks with my new setup. Some antennas worked poorly and
required me to run low power on 80M

Rig: FT100 MP MV
Ants: Cushcraft X7 at 60 ft
Carolina Windom 80 at 30ft
W4ZW   SO Unlimited HP   12,9602008-11-16 19:10:48
Soapbox : Log says 2:45 hours, but I was just working in the shack and grabbing
a Q every now and then, especially when I saw a FCGer spotted. Too many family
committments all weekend to really work this contest and phone contests aren't
my favorite anyway. Great to hear so many FCGers on.
K5JX   Single Op LP   25,8722008-11-16 19:10:57
Rig: Icom IC746; Antenna: Ground-mounted Hustler 6BTV
What fun! This was my first time to use computer logging. I'm already planning
many station and antenna improvements for next year's effort from the southern
tip of Texas. 73 to all.
K5ZD   Single Op HP   107,6802008-11-16 19:11:37
Missed having WP3R make PR an easy mult. I had given up on the sweep, but
decided to come back in the shack during the halftime of the Cowboy's game.
Found KP3S with a big pileup on 3793. Yeah!

Thanks to AL9A and VY1EI for the other two difficult ones.

Amazing how many VA and MDC stations I worked. Congrats to PVRC for getting
their guys out.
AB2E   SO Unlimited HP   15,0502008-11-16 19:12:19
Had a chance to get on for 2 hours only Sunday night. Fun being a new station.
Rig: FT-1000D,AMP Supply LK800C-TNY
Antenna: 80m Inverted L

Thanks to all who called.

73 Darrell AB2E
KO1H   Single Op QRP   20,4602008-11-16 19:12:21
Havn't played SS SSB Since 05. GLad a managed to fit a few hours in.
80 was the place to be.
K1LT   Single Op HP   35,0522008-11-16 19:12:29
I got on to just mess around a little since I dislike operating phone,
but I got hooked on rate and chasing multipliers.
WC2Z   Single Op HP   16,0002008-11-16 19:12:36
KBØFHP   Single Op LP   9,9642008-11-16 19:14:31
Life got in the way this time...I was only able to work 3 hours in the contest.
My loop seems to work well. I worked very hard this summer trying to get it up
in the air about 65 feet - about 30 feet higher than last year, and the
performance was much better. I worked about one-third of the contacts in 3
hours that I worked last year in 14 performance is improved. Thanks
for everybody that worked me...
K1LZ   Multi-Op HP   277,7602008-11-16 19:14:31

73 ........see ya in the next one

K6III   SO Unlimited HP   51,2082008-11-16 19:15:18
Did a lot of spotting. Could only operate a couple of hours on Sunday due to
family and church obligations. Wished I could have operated more, but made the
correct choice.

Missed some easy sections; AR, QC, MB, PR, WNY, ND. Logged some rare ones
during the 1st hour, NWT, MAR, DE, RI, etc.
KØHW   SO Unlimited HP   165,9002008-11-16 19:15:54
I did the best ever for myself in this contest. I missed PR for the sweep, they
were heard and I watched the spots but when I listened they were weak here and
there was always a pileup I didn't want to spend the time in.

I thought conditions were great on 40 and 80, I even went to 160 with about 50
min left and picked up 20 more QSOs.

ICOM 756 PROII, Ameriton AL-1200, HyGain HyTower, Dipoles on 40, 80 and 160 and
HyGain TH11DX and Writelog.
W4MR(AA4NC)   SO Unlimited HP   268,4802008-11-16 19:16:46
Bad weather made the low bands QRN city on Saturday. Missed a lot of stations
calling due to lack of receive antennas (and bad ears!). Bands improved enough
on Sunday for me to beat the Roanoke Division Unlimited record score however.

Almost missed a sweep by missing Puerto Rico of all things when WP4SK called on
80 meters late in the contest. Gracias OM...

My ears hurt - I'm going to bed now...

VE3VZ   Single Op LP   2,6882008-11-16 19:18:10
Very busy weekend, not enough time to play.The high bands were dead when I was
Only operated on 80 and 40 with 100 watts and my G5RV up about 20 ft, noise
over S9.But as the big boy says " I sure had a lot of fun".

73 Don
N7WA   Single Op LP   22,8962008-11-16 19:18:23
Just played around as I don't really do SSB very well. Think I managed to get my
WAV files working. Found out that if the rotator control box sits directly on my
SO2R box (which is shielded as are the audio lines), it introduces 60Hz hum. It
was fun to run a bit on 15M. We can only hope 15M continues to show life.
dink, n7wa
NDØC   Single Op QRP   72,0722008-11-16 19:21:28
Pretty good conditions overall and I'm relatively pleased with my score in light
of very modest antennas (including low dipoles for 80 and 40)on a city lot. At
times the going was very tough on 40 and 80 and then it was like somebody
flipped a switch and I was able to get through the pile-ups. 20 really was the
go-to band for me, but either it didn't open as well from here to the southeast
or the activity there was down. Both 20 and 15 offered pipelines to California
from here. QRM was certainly a factor without 10 being open and more solid
consistent openings on 15 to spread things out. I never could get any runs
going - tough to carve out a spot in the QRM and be heard with only 5 watts and
so-so antennas.

I missed SC, PR, and ND. I never heard a single South Carolina or Puerto Rico
station - weird. I did hear one ND station S&Ping on 80 on Sunday night.

Thanks to everybody for their patience and persistence with all the repeats and
fills on 40 and 80 and pulling me through the QRM. I appreciate it.

Station: Yaesu FT-897D at 5 watts and Argonaut 509 at 3 watts
Antennas: 3 el tribander Yagi at 50 feet and tuned dipoles at 45 feet.

Randy, ND0C
NN1N   Single Op HP   284,1602008-11-16 19:21:47
Had a pipeline to MDC and VA I think.

One radio, but I really like it.

Me zonk now.
W7DTG   Single Op LP   31,7802008-11-16 19:22:36
Tried out a Longwire antenna during this contest. gave me stronger signal on
40m,80m and 160, but hurt score on 20M. Was also able to make a few contacts on
15M, which was near impossible before. Also got closer to my goal of a clean
sweep. Next year I will have a better idea of what works for me. Great fun and
lots of great op's. W7DTG (Don)
KØAD   SO Unlimited HP   123,0402008-11-16 19:23:15
Got the sweep when I worked KP3S at 0259 on Sunday evening.
KH6LC(SMØDRD)   SO Unlimited HP   137,7602008-11-16 19:23:46
For us cw diehard types, it was fun getting one's throat sore... I had two
wonderful runs on 15 both days, the high bands died on Sunday just when I had
to quit to go to the airport to meet my significant other, who had just done
the same grueling trip from Sweden to Hawaii (11 time-zones diff) as I did just
before the cw part. 40 and 80 were not fun this weekend in spite of the
fantastic station.

Wonderful to make the sweep on phone, too, Saturday night I didn't think I
would make it, missing both difficult and easy ones. SS is different!

Cu in the WW when we will make serious noise.

Goran, SM0DRD
W8MJ   SO Unlimited HP   250,0802008-11-16 19:24:02
Log file has been uploaded to LOTW.
KCØMO(@KØOU)   Multi-Op HP   238,0802008-11-16 19:25:09
A club project to operate SS from K0OU using QTH specific callsign. We had a
great turnout and a good time was had by all. Thanks to all for the Q's.
N4PN   Single Op LP   213,4402008-11-16 19:25:27
Cool weather brought good QRN on the low bands and plenty of
Got VY1EI early in the CW test but sweated out NWT in this one..VY1EI
called while high in the band on 20m Sunday afternoon....later worked
VE8EV on 20m also...
Worked at least two stations in every zone...that may be a first from
Some unbelievable scores in this one...and very high QSO totals...
I tried to stay off 20m as the "guns" couldn't hear me on scatter and
CQ's in my face ... just kept moving up the band...ended up on 14.342
on Sunday.....
Congrats to all who got the sweep and sure there's many...on frequency
when KH7Y worked KP3S for the sweep...
73, Paul, N4PN
K9NW   Single Op LP   85,4702008-11-16 19:25:55
Icom IC-746
40m dipole @ 25'

I had planned to op from my usual spot at K9UWA but weather trashed that trip
so I bagged Saturday and watched football games instead. Got up Sunday morning
and added about 9' of wire to each end of my 30m dipole, the only antenna I have
right now at home, and let the tuner take care of the rest. I was able to eke
out a few QSOs and mults on 20 and 15.

Missed DE, SB, PR.

73, Mike K9NW
W3WPA   Multi-Op HP   130,8802008-11-16 19:28:22
Thanks to everyone in the contest for another great time!
NX9T   Single Op QRP   94,2482008-11-16 19:30:41
That was a lot of fun. Thanks to all the great ops out there who turn on the
internal "pre-amp" to work with the QRP signals when things get marginal.
There are times when signals are super strong...then just as quickly they fade
away to about nothing. This was my 3rd year slugging it out in the QRP class
and I was able to get up to 23 hours (last year only worked 20).

Thanks again to all of you out there on the bands making Qs.

Jeff NX9T
W3KL   SO Unlimited HP   130,8802008-11-16 19:33:16
Fun contest! I tried to spend as much time as I could running. As a
consequence, most of my "difficult to get" multipliers called me, including
MB, ND, EWA, MAR, and NLI. I knew that NWT was out there and I waited for an
opportune time to get him on 20m (with one call). However, by Sunday afternoon
I was worried that KP4s would not show up, but KP3S showed up on 15 at 1915Z on
Sunday and that allowed me to complete the sweep.

I was hoping to spend more time on the air, but I got roped in to some domestic
chores early Sunday afternoon, so that limited my operating time.

Thanks to all who contacted me

73, Jeff
N5YA   Multi-Op HP   196,2482008-11-16 19:33:34
This was the maiden voyage of the new N5YA for Sweepstakes. Very limited
antennas at present - tribander fixed on EU, dipoles for 40 and 80. Missed
PR and NWT. Lots of steel going up here for the new towers. K5QE joined us
on Sunday for a rare appearance on HF.

Thanks and 73 to all,

N5YA, K5QE, and N5YA
W3KB   SO Unlimited LP   79,2002008-11-16 19:33:37
Includes Clean Sweep.
W2VQ   Multi-Op HP   175,8402008-11-16 19:37:46
It was fun watching the live scores, kept us going. Thanks to Jay K2TTT and
Fred NA2U for their FB effort also. It was fun watching the scores go back and
forth. Thanks for the great competition!

80M was the money band for sure. Low noise Saturday night/Sunday morning and a
clear frequency provided many contacts all over. Sunday afternoon we found a
clear frequency on 20M and that also provided lots of contacts. We achieved
our goal of over 1000 QSO's again and another sweep. We got our sweep Sunday
morning working PR on 40M, one of the earliest sweeps by us ever. Glad to get
NT/AK out of the way in the first hour for a change instead of last minute.

This is one of our favorite contacts to participate it with its uniqueness and
difficulty. We both had about equal amount of QSO's/radio time and we had a

Hopefully we can put another good effort in CQWW CW.

73 Paul/WQ2N
WA7LNW   SO Unlimited HP   197,4402008-11-16 19:38:06
Some big signals on the bands this weekend! Enjoyed looking up calls on
and inspecting those contest stations.

Nice hearing 15 meters wide open for the majority of the day.

Thanks to all who gave me a contact.

Station: FT-1000MP, Alpha 76A, 2 element HEX beam @ 72 ft., HF-2V vertical
40/80, 300 ft. beverages, Writelog software.

Look for everyone during CQWW CW Contest weekend.

73's de Jack, WA7LNW
New Harmony, UT
N9DGK   Single Op LP   7,3922008-11-16 19:39:18
This is my initial rookie contest. I enjoyed working this.
W7WHY   SO Unlimited HP   20,1842008-11-16 19:41:24
Well, SSB is not as much fun as CW!

Had to work Saturday so not much activity on the higher bands. Just played
around for a few hours.

For some reason, the rig started acting up on 20. Every time I would key up
with the amp on, I'd get a big squeal in the audio. Never have had that
problem before. Only happened on 20.

73 and CU in the next one.
VA7ST   Single Op HP   117,4682008-11-16 19:44:45
Missed Newfoundland and Puerto Rico... needed only those two most of Sunday but
never ran across either all weekend. Worked TWO NTs and no NLs. Lost the race
to 80 with VE4EAR when Ed got 'em all on Sunday. Spent about an hour doing
nothing but combing 20M and 40M for NL and PR but nada. So I had a nap in honor
of my close-but-not-close-enough effort. Got on a few more times during the
afternoon for those getting on late and still needing BC. Pretty thin in the
final hour.

Spent just shy of 16 hours in the chair. Ran when I could find a place. Sure
weren't many slots to wedge into, and none stayed useable for very long.

Didn't feel very loud anywhere except 80M Saturday night, and 40M into W6 and
W7 Sunday afternoon. Winds on Saturday morning kept me from making Phone-band
tweaks to the 20M tribander, so I lived with the high SWR when going high in
the band. Winds kept tower cranked down all weekend, yagi at 30'.

As I saw last year, my check year doesn't get across well at all. Had fills on
at least half of the Qs (some needed many, many repeats to copy it), despite
trying all manner of adjustments on the FT-2000 equalizer, including turning it
off, processor on or off. My voice, the HC-4 element, and that number do not

Often had a bee's nest of S3 activity under the callers who took the time to
point my way. Those who put me on the front of their beams got me first.

Fun time. Now two weeks of rest and final prep for CQWW CW. See you there!

-- Bud VA7ST
VO1MP   Single Op HP   113,7602008-11-16 19:44:49
Guess it is always good to ...

1: get sweep
2: have fun

not necessarily in that order,try as I might there was nary a kp4 to be
found, stumbled across one on 15 just as he apparently had given up in
"tangling with the pileup".... I think I maybe able to relate to the

Piss and Moan section..

1: "overprocessed audio' taking up loads of bandwith unnecessarily...

2: in the middle of a pile up.... here I am working stns as fast as I
possiby can using the prescribed sweeps format which means I do give my
call in every exchange and end every qso with Tks and then say
" VO1MP Sweeps" .. YET quite a few brain surgeons who are usually 30 over
come on with ..ur call ...ur call ... whats ur call.. I mean like I wasn't
gonna give it twice every qso anyway DUH !!

3: and then of course there is the ubiquitous " I Just know that I am the
station you called Anyway and I really dont care who you just acknowledged.. I
mean gimme a break.. eg .. as an example only ... how does wb2XXX
Whiskey Bravo 2 sound like aa6 xxx alpha alpha six ... either my audio is bad
or your ears are worse !!
another DUH !! Man I am doing the best I can with what I got.. a while ago
one of the rocket scientists on here suggested that if a rare section has
trouble with the pile up... split is the answer ... yeah like the stations
werent wall to wall and the was lots of space to work split .. another gimme a
break !!

I guess I really had mellowed a bit and forgotten why I had more or less
abandonned sweepstakes, I needed the shock value reminder once again, but
then again there is the good and the bad.. and you still have to separate
the wheat from the chaff.... but the 10 percent or so of lids sure make it
tough for the other guys.

OH well I guess I AM getting crotchety .. there now all that's off my

73 Brgds
C'y'all next one GLWCDR
NN4TO(K1TO)   Single Op HP   229,6002008-11-16 19:46:22
Again operated in memory of Vic, N4TO SK 8/15/08.

Activity seemed terrific!

73, Dan, K1TO
W3CQH   Single Op LP   2,1282008-11-16 19:48:15
Started late Saturday night and could only work for 1 hr, as we had company that
would not leave.. Slept in late on Sunday with intentions of getting on the air,
but XYL hogtied me to the paint brush to finish a project first (took about 5
hrs to complete). Finally got back on about 2100z with Atrocious 40 over 9
noise level on both 80 & 40.. Found noise source - its going to the landfill
tomorrow, I will watch the machinery there crush it! Added 180ft loop laying
on the roof to my stealth long wire in the tree, and only 1 radial to the AH-4
Crappy score but that's all I can do here from a retirement community that is
run by a NAZZI-HOA - that won't let me put up some decent antennas.
KØTG   Single Op LP   77,8242008-11-16 19:48:44
My planned operation from W0LSD was changed due to a change in my work schedule.
So I decided to go SOLP from home.

Had to cut my operating short when a neighbor called with audio interference
problems on their TV. Of course they wanted do see the Vikings play (why, I
don't know) :) So I shut down for a few hours (drats!) and went over to see
if I could do a quick fix with some torroids. No luck. Will have to look into

I get a kick out of some SO2R ops. You ask if the freq is clear then after you
work a couple stations they want the freq back. Having operated SO2R in the CW
test, I can see that, but if you are gone to long, you loose the freq.
Especially after someone works a few QSO's on it.

I missed PR, ND, NL & MB. There were a lot of people looking for PR this
weekend. I heard VE4EAR working the bands but he never found me. Never a wisp
of the others.

Thanks for the Q's es CU further down the log.

73, John K0TG
KT4ZB   Single Op LP   14,7202008-11-16 19:49:51
Came down with terrible cold Thursday/Friday and could hardly breath or talk so
decided to send some time running low power, no cluster and get as many
sections as I could with minimal contacts. Didn't start until fairly late
Saturday and really didn't think a sweep was possible as I would leave and help
Conni with stuff, then spend 20 minutes on the radio, etc. Then with 2 hours to
go, only needed PR and OK. No luck on any band, came back with 30 minutes to go
for one last listen and found KP3S in 80m DX window for 79 and N5UWY from OK for
the SWEEP:) Turned what I thought would be a bummer weekend into great fun!
FT1000D, TH6DXX and wires. Thanks to all for the QSOs.

Best - Jere
VE3NE   Multi-Op HP   16,1682008-11-16 19:52:01
My son (Richi / 13 yrs)and myself did a little multi-single effort...:-)
He made at least 80% of the QSOs and I was mostly helping with
the logging program.
See you next time.


Lali VE3NE
W1KQ   SO Unlimited HP   39,0242008-11-16 19:52:01
To make a long story short....this whole thing was a comedy of errors hence the
10.9 hours of op time.
The XP Pro PC in the shack had a MB failure. PS was fine. I was trying to get
the new Vista Business machine to do the DVK stuff with the MicroKeyer. Then
just before the contest N1MM stopped working on the Vista machine, it had
worked fine for the past month and in other contests since getting the new
machine. Decided to try the XP machine and that's when I discovered it would
not power up. So after working on the Vista machine finally got everything
working and started the contest on 40m at 05:38z. N6BV was my first contact.
Later RFI creeped in all over the place so I placed as much ferrite on as many
wires/cables as possible. The wind must have done something to my dipole
because I had to change the transmatch inductor settings by at least 20 clicks.
I still able to use the dipole thank goodness. Ended up with more RFI into my
MicroKeyer; after the wind did its thing the DVK option was out.
Can't wait to pull the dipole down to see what happened...probably a broken
wire on one side. Later the MK started acting up. Went into a keyed down state
during the contest so had to shut it down and troubleshoot that problem. When I
unplugged the mic cable from the rig the MK relay started clattering up a
storm. Don't know what it was but after disconnecting the cables and moving
the MK it began working when connected back up. It felt as if some force
didn't want me to participate in this contest. I still had more fun than not.
And I made sure that I documented all the settings and connections so that they
may be duplicated for the next phone contest. I don't think the CQ WW CW is
going to be a problem at least I hope not. The SS CW went smoothly...and I used
the Vista machine with the MK. There's always next year.
Viva Contesting!!
N6KI   SO Unlimited HP   76,3042008-11-16 19:55:08
Worked as an Op at W6YI Saturday and then just played around the last hours
of the contest from home QTH Sunday afternoon. Missed RI, MS, NL and SC.
Had some great runs on 40 with 100 QSO rate over 160 and a couple 10 minute
runs of 200. 73, Dennis N6KI
K8MM   SO Unlimited HP   60,6402008-11-16 19:56:12
I worked PR on 80M in the last half hour for the sweep. This was just a part
time effort.
NØKE   Single Op QRP   71,7322008-11-16 19:57:43
Missed VE4 for sweep. Good to see some nice signals on 15. Nothing on 10m. It
was a good test for the new K0DU designed 3 el 5 band delta at 60 ft and got
some nice reports.
KT6YL   SO Unlimited HP   72,0482008-11-16 20:00:37
It was my first ARRL SSB Sweepstakes contest.
I had fun, too bad I missed a total sweep by one(LAX).
Being from Belgium (ON4CAT), I participated in many contests Multi Multi with
OTxA team in Lier. I am glad to get back in contesting again since moving to
the US, after a 4 year break from radio. I might need to work on my speed, but
I'll get there.
I need to thank my hubby KG6D, who let me use the radio all weekend, which left
him lost and lonely ;-)
Hope to CU in the next contest and TNX to all for the points!
Best 73 es 88s de Tiny KT6YL/ON4CAT
K9CT   Single Op HP   252,4802008-11-16 20:02:48
NL, NWT and PR were the last mults. I was elated to find them on the second
radio. I lost some run time getting PR and then was called by two others on 80m
late! Great turn out and lots of new calls and low numbers. Good promotion by

73, Craig K9CT
VE3UTT   Single Op HP   112,8122008-11-16 20:02:55
Never heard NWT. Very limited time but had fun.
W4KAZ   SO Unlimited LP   80,2502008-11-16 20:04:51
Murphy lives. Anybody want him?

I lost time at the start of the contest by not being prepared. Getting sick
too. Once I finally got started, I got some reports of muffled audio on 80m, so
I changed RF horses in mid stream. All wet. So I missed some of the early run
on 80 Saturday evening, and didn't really get switched over to the 2nd radio
until after the super stations had moved in for the evening. Not conducive to
low power op.....

The good news is that the leaves were all too wet to hustle out of the yard, so
I had a great excuse to operate rather than rake the lawn. Murphy has a sense
of humor.

Saturday was a lot of S&P during the day, picking up mults when they were easy.
I didn't get a sweep. I did use packet this year so I did get more mults than
last year without spot assistance. The score is just under the 2007 total.
QSO count is 50+ lower. (Boooo! Hisss!)

Curious Discovery of The Week: Spotting folks is more fun than using the
spots. I spent a slow stretch running up the band spotting anybody not on the
band map. Maybe it will pay dividends one day.

Thanks to all of the folks who worked to help me out.

Missed: MS, ND, AK, MB, NT. Didn't look or try too much to get them. Murph
took all of the serendipity too.
K6CSL   Single Op LP   5,9342008-11-16 20:06:28
I can't say I'm very happy. This is 90% of last years score and only 62% of my
2006 score. I was down 3 QSO's and 3 Sections from last year. 80M was
especially discouraging last night. I worked on 80m for 3 hours and only made 3
contacts. It seemed that almost no one was hearing me. I think I may have been
better off if I had stayed on 40. I never heard an NV station. I'm looking
forward to CQ WW CW. Patti and I are going to Goodyear, AZ to be with family
for Thanksgiving. I'll be taking my station portable and will be able to use my
Butternut Vertical and a full size end-fed Zepp, strung between a couple of 20ft
masts. I did fairly well in 2005 from the same location. A good Thanksgiving to
all. Bert, K6CSL
WØETT   Single Op LP   123,3602008-11-16 20:08:36
Good SS test beating my cw QSO total a couple weeks ago. This was an unusual SS
for me as I spent most my time on 40m running most of the time. 15m was great
for northeastern sections especially on Sunday morning. Sweated out getting
SK, WTX, and ND but found them on 40m along with an extra WY on late Sunday
afternoon. Checked 20m one last time before it went too long and found WP4SK
in PR for #80 and a Sweep! Many thanks to VY1EI and VE8EC for being on in hard
to work NT.

Wkd GMCCers: KO7X, K0UK AD1C, NX7TT, W0RIC, K0TG, N4VI, and K0AV. Heard
Connie K0GAS on 15m but no QSO. Other CO on for the test: N0TK, K0KE, and

73 Ken, W0ETT

Rig: IC756 Pro3 to HF yagis, 2 el 40m at 90', and 80m vertical
K7BG   SO Unlimited HP   165,1202008-11-16 20:11:36
I was reminded why they invented CW as I plugged away.
This was the longest I have stayed in the chair in a phone contest I think.
Lots of fun, but the quietness of a cw contest is my preference.
I couldn't believe how hard the sweep was. Of course, after finding the spot
for ND for my last one, I moved down the band and called CQ and another one
answered. That ALWAYS happens, doesn't it?
It was fun working the PR station who let each station he worked pick his
check. He gave out a few years when he thought he first got licensed and let us
take our pick. That was a new twist to this old game! Should make for some
interesting log checking. I worked at least two Qs for each mult, but the last
ones sure seemed to come hard, even using the spotting networks!
Since all my antennas are tuned for the low ends of the bands that's where I
tried to operate for reasons of resonance. Had a lot of fun on 80 meters with
most Qs coming from there.
KC5R   Single Op QRP   113,1202008-11-16 20:12:45
I brought out the "West Coast Offense" and spent more time on the higher bands
this year. Also, I was dragging early Saturday night after a great start, so I
caught a little extra sleep (so I ended falling shy of 24 hours by about 20
minutes of op time).

As for the sweep, I really thought I wouldn't get one, as I was missing 13 on
Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon with 4 (NL, MB, NT, and PR) to go, I
managed to squeeze through the VO1 pile-up and the grab a relatively "easier"
VE4. While running high on 20m around 2130, I heard an ever increasing splatter
above me - turns out is was an instant pile-up for VY1EI. Damn packet!

With no luck in getting through, I had just about given up on the sweep and was
concentrating on "rate" (and when you're QRP, you use that term loosely), as it
was about time for my last 30 minute break at 2300. I figured I do a quick band
scan with the beam NW, and low and behold I ran into VY1EI calling CQ with no
takers about 1 KC next to someone who was practically covering him up - So I
called him and put NT in the log "unopposed".

I figured luck may be with me, so I next swung the beam southeast and scanned
across, and found a KP4 in some net, that was being called by several hundred
folks. When they asked him when he was licensed he said "I don't remember -
either 1994 or 1995". He never really clarified what his check was to anyone,
so I wasn't going to "go there". Besides, I think half the band was in that

After eating and getting back on around 23:30, I figured before hitting 40/80
I'd do one more scan of 20 and bang - I found WP4SK who was loud, with a small
pile-up and beaming at me. I think it took 2 or 3 calls, but I managed to get
him in the log for the sweep. Chalk one up for the Q-patrol.

As for conditions - 15 was great to the west. 20 was...well 20. And 40 was
maybe too good, if you could avoid the broadcasters and keep from having
someone jump in on your frequency when you turn the beam to work someone, and
then they moan when you turn it back. It always amazes me when that happens and
the guy acts like he's been on the frequency for an hour when he knows he just
jumped on. They should try to "pick on someone their own size".

Anyway, some oddities: I worked 10 Idahos, and more than 25 SV, SCV, MDC, VA,
IL, and MN. I worked 2 or more of every section except PR, AR, NL, MAR, MB, SK,
and NT.

Funny items (besides the PR station who didn't know his check). I had a guy who
I helped give me his #1 exchange and then when I asked him for his year of his
first license, he asked me to stand by while he went to ask his XYL. He told me
she'd remember (yes I stood by and had a good laugh)! Also, after a good start,
I gave out my number 120 or so, and when the guy gave me his report with "U"
and realized I was 3-4 QSOs ahead of him said, "It's great to know I'm getting
my butt kicked by a QRP station". I told him not to worry, it would be short

See you next year. -Al KC5R
K6IAM(@W6JZH)   SO Unlimited HP   234,8802008-11-16 20:14:39
160 0 0 0 0
80 128 0 3 256
40 435 1 9 868
20 640 0 57 1280
15 266 0 11 532
10 0 0 0 0
TOTAL 1469 1 80 2936
TOTAL SCORE : 234 880

My first SO experience. Think I did OK :) Many thanks to W6JZH for being a very
accommodating host, and to all the KBers.

I had all sections expect PR and NL when I quit for a few hours of sleep around
0900Z. NL was easy first thing on Sunday morning, but after a few hours, was
beginning to wonder if anyone was going to show up at KP4. Eventually broke
through the KP3S pile-up, and later easily added WP4SK for insurance.

Had some good runs on 15 when 20 was complete mayhem. Good runs on 40 too.

Now I need a shower and proper night's sleep ;)
K8GU   Single Op LP   12,6842008-11-16 20:15:42
Nice to run into some old friends. We had my in-laws (six of them, to be exact)
here for the OSU-Illini game on Saturday. I'd been traveling and sick with a
cold/flu for a few days last week. So, I wasn't sure if I'd get on for SS. I
did manage two stints of about an hour and a half each---the way I feel right
now, I can't believe I talked at all today.

Quit when the TS-930S PLL lost lock. I need to work on that again, and the PA
in the other 930. So much to do!

I was pleased with all of the checks later than mine that I worked. Not so
many on CW.

73 and thanks for the QSOs,

--Ethan, K8GU/9.
K3MM(NH7C/W3)   SO Unlimited HP   41,4482008-11-16 20:17:56
Sid, NH7C and his friend Kevin did a second operation at WX3B during Sunday.

It was Kevin's first look at contesting - I'm curious to see if he liked it,
thuoght we were CRAZY, or both.


Jim WX3B
K6NV   SO Unlimited HP   96,6402008-11-16 20:26:24
Another first for me, a sweep on SSB, unless the log checkers get to me I may
get 2 mugs this year. Got NT late Sunday afternoon on 20m, frst call and low
power. Wanted to break 100,000 pts, but Sun evening after 40 mintues going
back and forth on 80 and 40 the Q's just weren't there.

Saturday night was tough here, S-9 noise on 80, 40 was fairly quiet, but long
skip, the mid-west and east must have gone to bed.

Interesting today as the bands were changing I went to 40m and kept receiving
thanks from many about having a loud signal, has to be the "duct" from the
sierra's north and east. On 15m I was able to hold a run freq as long as I
wanted and felt loud. With this "pea shooter" station in the past it has been
a struggle at times.

Thanks to all the spotters, it sure made a difference.


AL-80b throttledback to about 800w
3 el yagi up 60'
40m dipole up at least 70'
80m inverted vee up 60'
K6JEB   SO Unlimited HP   66,2402008-11-16 20:38:05
It was really tough to find a free spot initially so I spent the first good
while S&P. The action Saturday night was on 40m in the early evening, which
gave way to a very long 80m band late Saturday. However, my relatively low
antenna for 80, just wasn't giving me any traction until quite late that
evening when the rates picked-up for the last hour before bedtime.

Sunday started OK and I thought maybe things were going to be looking up since
I was able to squeeze into a spot on 20m where I picked-up several multipliers.
My last two multipliers were NL and PR, in that order. I decided that I wasn't
going to worry about a clean sweep after I worked the VO1. My reasoning was I'd
be in good company since the few KP4's were real light at my QTH and I didn't
think many people were going to get to work them. So after sitting on the top
end of 20m CQing, along comes not one, but TWO KP4's within ten kilohertz from
me. It took several tries, but the persistence paid off. I took a short
break, cracked-open a cleansweep beer, and went back to work.

It was great to hear so many QRP stations with great signals!!!

The last hour was quite pathetic from my QTH. Stations close-in weren't
hearing me on 80m and it didn't seem anyone else could until I realized there
was a workable 'ring' out about 750-1500 miles where I was being heard.

Perhaps next year conditions will be even more favorable. I'm going to get to
working on a better antenna for 80m. All the same, I had a blast and thanks to
everyone for another great Sweepstakes!

Jack, K6JEB
K6MM   SO Unlimited HP   98,8802008-11-16 20:39:21
Split my time as part of an HMO operation -- added to the fun factor. Last one
needed for the sweep: Wyoming! (thanks KO7X). Lots of power on the bands this
weekend; sometimes hard to get a run frequency. 15M was hot -- great
conditions. SS-SSB is demanding, physically and emotionally. Takes a lot of
stamina. If you still love your wife, kids, and dog on Sunday night,
celebrate. You had a good weekend. 73, John K6MM
K7ABV   SO Unlimited HP   61,9082008-11-16 20:40:14
Had fun as usual...nothing out of the ordinary...too much qrn on 15 to hear some
of the weak signals makes me unhappy as I didn't get to put those folks in the
log..everything worked...amazing..tnx to all for the q's
KA1ARB   Multi-Op HP   251,0402008-11-16 20:40:18
After two and a half days of hard work in the pouring rain, we finally got some
wires up on 40 meters to give us something beyond an inverted V (we also
managed to snag the wires in every single tree limb in the yard, but that's
another story). The wires did help, but our big-time sweepstakes antenna is
still the low 80 meter dipole over the house. Go figure.

Lee, WB1ADR, remains the rate king, but Rob, KA1ARB, is catching up. And Rob
gets to deal with the late night hours while Lee insists on a full night's
beauty sleep. We got off to our best start ever, with the first several hours
averaging over 90 Qs/hr. We got caught staying on 20 meters too long in the
23:00Z hour, then we tried to slug it out on 40 meters. Only when we went to
80 meters did get get going again. We stayed cooking on 80 meters until 6:00Z
hour, and stayed there too long (notice a theme here?) until going to 40 meters
around 7:00Z. Wow, it took off again for 45 minutes until the bottom dropped
out and we called it a night.

Sunday was mostly 40 meters with a few excursions to 20 meters and one brief
visit to 15. We ended up between 40 and 80. We took two more breaks on Sunday
when things slowed down, but it never felt like there was a real shortage of
people. The ARRL ought to have it's 75th anniversary every year!

Even after we found VE8EV (and WBIADR snagged him quick - wow!), a sweep was
looking very doubtful without a PR. Couldn't ever hear one (where's Rich,
KE3Q, when you need him?) But the gods were smiling on us after our penance in
the rain, and WP4SK called in on 40 meters at 1:00 Z Sunday. Yippee! Missing a
sweep because of PR would have been hard to bear.

Thanks to everyone for the Q's and for lots of fun.
N2JDQ   Single Op LP   37,8002008-11-16 20:40:32
Just a wire antenna and 100w with the ole 830s. My cabrillo converter is being
weird so probabally wont submit..Im not editing 300 q's manually. WHERE WAS
N4VI   Single Op LP   74,8502008-11-16 20:41:02
Solved the interaction issue between the 80m inverted L and the 40m dipole which
lead to much better 40m numbers on SSB vs. CW.

I don't appear to have the same set of ears as everyone else. Never heard Pr,
ND, AK or NwT, although I did hear K6RIM work an AK (unhearable to me). Also
missed WTX. I spent about 5 minutes Saturday evening trying to work N5DO and
figured I'd have another opportunity. How I'm not one of his 1609 QSO's is a
mystery to me.

Apparently my S&P skills are lacking (or op-time).

It was fun and I'm really happy the 40m antenna worked this weekend.


Chris, n4vi
N6KJ   SO Unlimited HP   27,0182008-11-16 20:42:58
Had limited time this weekend. Pretty much all S&P, trying to make a sweep.
Unfortunately, couldn't find SC. I heard 1 working someone else S&P, but could
never find one CQing. Oh well...
W6SX   SO Unlimited HP   50,0802008-11-16 20:45:23
K3, AL-1200, 80 meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, N1MM Logger
WX3B   Multi-Op HP   239,0402008-11-16 20:46:53

Absolutely stellar 20m band from the beginning. If I could just keep my
and rate at the same level as this contest starts!

Also great fun riding shotgun with K3MM (W3GRF) and N3KS. At the end of the
before we all went to bed, our "entertainment" was pouncing on spots to see
which of
the 3 of us would get through first. This is what happens when you run
stations too long.

Another high point was having a "frequency policeman" on my 20m run frequency
for awhile,
to keep certain W5's and W6's from encroaching on my run frequency. It's
amazing how
passionate you have to be about keeping your 'spot' clear.

Enjoyed having Sid, NH7C here to work a second operation using K3MM (about 315
QSOs) while
he introduced his friend Kevin to contesting.

Loved those 80m short beverages, though the did get me into trouble listening
the wrong one a few times.


I JUST can't handle the boredom on Sunday when the rate dies mid-day. I only
managed to put
about 22 hours on the clock, and was looking for ways to entertain myself -
that didn't work out so well for the score.

Favorite moments

Having Eric, VY1EI call me (about fell out of my chair), and then having Kam,
N3KS discover
this QSO in progress and make his own with Eric.


Jim WX3B
WD5K   Single Op LP   150,2402008-11-16 21:06:23
FT1000mp 100w
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Dipole
80m Inv V
VY1EI   Single Op HP   117,0002008-11-16 21:09:30
-Icom 756 Pro III
-Ameritron AL-811H - 600 watts
-Cushcraft AS-3 Tri-bander @ 60 feet
-Alpha Delta 40 meter dipole

This was my second SSB sweepstakes. My last year as a rookie, hihi. I had a lot
of fun. I'm getting more experienced with handling pileups. I felt no need to
QSY when it got intense, I just toughed it out and called for sections. I
didn't search for sections until I was down to two remaining. I didn't get PR.
I heard him on 14340 but he sounded distant -- I knew he wouldn't hear me so I
went for points instead. A station from VI tried to get my attention during a
pileup by saying "Virgin Islands". Now that technique works.

Looking at some of the 3830 posts it seems that *alot* of contestants got their

I hope to see many of you in two weeks at CQ WW DX CW.

NT section
KN3A   Single Op LP   2422008-11-16 21:12:21
Just a few QSO's while at home for a few minutes. Spent the weekend doing
Multi-Op with Allegheny Valley Radio Association using our club call W3WPA.
What a blast - I'm used to S&P and nobody hearing me. It was nice being sought
after in WPA, and enjoying being the pile up instead of the other way around.
Gives me a lot more perspective how it sounds to the other op when it seems
they just can't hear me.

Obviously, no KN3A clean sweep, however I can say W3WPA proudly got its sweep
by approx 2:00 PM Eastern time - thanks to NL. 80 meters was our hot band
Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

I must also say how much I missed N1MM this weekend for logging the contest!

SSB contests really aren't for me though - hope to see you all in the CQ CW
contest in a couple of weeks -

73 Scott
K6ZM(K6MM)   SO Unlimited HP   46,0802008-11-16 21:15:42
Guest operated at K6TD's QTH using our club callsign: K6ZM. Enjoyed using the
combination of K3 + 3-element SteppIR + Alpha Amp to fight for a run frequency
and filter out the interference. Made the experience very enjoyable. The big
disadvantage: spending too much time playing around with the K3 and not enough
time CQing. Thanks again, Kevin. 73, John K6MM
N6RO   SO Unlimited HP   121,6602008-11-16 21:21:31
N6BV and I did our customary plan at Radio Oakley: Dean, a full-bore SO2R and
me operating after my music job suring his sleep break in the dark hours, and
on secondary bands during the day. This will work much better when 10 and 15m
return to service!

The station made about 425K points and Dean had his personal best here, of
nearly 304K. 40m was the workhorse band for both of us, nearly 1000 QSOs
total. I went U class, but got no benefit from packet, as my internet
connection kept disconnecting (Verizon). All mults called me, except for VE4!
K6KR(@K7RI)   Single Op HP   139,0622008-11-16 21:32:10
Thanks to Tom for hosting me!
N6EE(@W6XK)   Multi-Op HP   211,2002008-11-16 21:52:32
20M and 40M were brutal - never could get a decent run frequency on either band
on either day. Thank goodness for 15M and 80M.

K3 + Alpha 89 + Force 12 C3 + 2L shorty forty + 2L shorty eighty

Thanks for all the Qs. 73,
Ron N6EE & Chet W6XK
W4TMN   Single Op LP   94,0502008-11-16 22:07:06
What a slugfest!!!! I started with the simple goal of scoring better than I did
last year. It took a while to accomplish that. Murphy was working against me
all week. I went back to college last year and it has been keeping me busy.
This week I was driving back and forth to Norfolk for the state EMS Symposium
and it made for some very long days. I got up each day at 5am and didn't get
home until after 7pm every day. Saturday, I had to drive back to Norfolk, but
I was able to get home about 1pm. Unfortunately, I had a paper to write, so I
was finishing that up until almost time for the contest to begin. My wife was
an angel all weekend long. She brought goodies into the shack, drinks and even
came in to give me a liberal application of kisses while I was trying to get a
run going!! My daughter and son came in to listen in for a while. I finally
hit the wall about 5am on Sunday morning and fell asleep for 5 hours and my
family let me sleep because they knew I needed a rest after 24 hours straight.
It was fun, but I will keep my calendar clear next year!!!

Thanks to everyone who strained to pull my puny signal out of the noise!
K5ER   Single Op HP   154,2402008-11-16 22:22:29
As an officer of the newly founded Louisiana Contest Club(, I figured
it was time to put up or shut up. Beat my previous best by about 160%.

I can attribute the increase to several specific factors:

1. "Friendly" competition between other LCC members
2. NN1N telling me "Turn on the amp, think loud and watch your score improve."
3. Tim, K3LR, and all the Contest U instructors
4. The "major" contest clubs for sponsoring the Contest Super Suites @ Dayton,
and particularly K5ZD, W3LPL, and K8CC for taking time to teach "little guns"
how to get better.

"Thanks to all those stopping by, and especially those putting rare mults on
the air.

See you in the next one.

Mark, K5ER
Louisiana Contest Club (
KØVBU   Single Op LP   21,4562008-11-16 22:51:41
Was able to put in just a few hours this weekend. Happy to hear old friends and
meet some new ones.
73 Bill K0VBU
AL9A   SO Unlimited HP   123,3962008-11-16 23:18:36
Closet I've come to the sweep in years. Missed PR and QC. Saw quite a few
spots for PR on 15M, but the band was pretty much dead in AK. Maybe next year!
WD8RYC   Single Op HP   12,8482008-11-17 00:46:08
Had a great time.
VE6EX(VE6EX+)   Multi-Op HP   246,9542008-11-17 01:28:07
Wow we really went for the gusto on that one. WE duked it out on 20 for that
one; decided to leave 15 and run till we dropped. Thanks to all those that
called, and sorry for what we issed; it was'nt like we did'nt try hard. Good
practice of long hours in the chair turning rate on a tough exchange. This is
the real weekend where you meet the neighbours!!!! with the amp on full CQ SS
VE6EX was: multi,TS 940s + hb twin 3-500 amp at abt 1kw input. 2el delta
loop on 20; plus quarter slopers for 40 and 80, lots of local line noise as
usual for in town contesting as is usual.
Thanks agn, 73s and glad to pass the ve6 sec to all those that needed it.
W1ECH   Single Op LP   88,8002008-11-17 02:49:54
Rig: IC-746
Antennas: 80 meter all band wire with tuned feeders for 75, 20 and 15, plus
3-element wire beam aimed west on 40.
Logging program: N3FJP

Happy to hand out VT to several who seemed happy to hear me. It was very windy
here all weekend, but the antennas stayed up! Conditions seemed quite good here
on 75, 40 and 20, with some good times on 15, as well. It was wonderful to find
VY1EI early on, but I had to look for a KP4 on Sunday to get my sweep.
Thankfully, I finally worked two of them. I look forward to getting that 75th
anniversary "Clean Sweep" whisk broom to hang next to my 50th anniversary
"Clean Sweep" whisk broom, and will certainly want to add the special mug to my

I'm sure many other old timers got a thrill from hearing W3GRF and W4KFC on the
bands again in the Sweepstakes, but I must say that I vastly prefer c.w.!
NS3T   Single Op LP   31,9602008-11-17 02:59:03
Another busy weekend at home just like for SS CW, and without trying I had
almost the same score. 241/68 in CW and 235/68 in SSB.

I had a tough time on 75 meters on Saturday night. I couldn't get anything
going and people were having a hard time hearing me, so I went to bed before
midnight instead of staying up late. Then I was able to run on Sunday morning
on 75 after sunrise, getting answers well into the midwest. Go figure.

As usual, my contest was almost all on tape with my voice files and Writelog.
Had only one major hiccup, when I had issues with three missing serial numbers,
but that was easily fixed. It worked really well as well always and kept things
quiet in the house. Lots of guys running tape out there!

While the kids were napping and my chores were on hold, I settled down for an
hour on 40 meters on Sunday afternoon, held my frequency and averaged more than
a contact a minute. Not bad for LP.

I even made contacts on something called 15 meters!

Send in your photos and stories to my web site
You can reach me at ns3t (at) arrl (dot) net

73 Jamie NS3T
N6HC   Single Op HP   208,0002008-11-17 03:01:39
With the wild fires of Los Angeles and Orange counties burning out of control,
it was a good weekend to spend indoors to avoid the poor air quality of the
southern California basin. I was able to look out of the shack window in a
northernly direction to see an enormous plume of dark gray smoke rising into
the sky and drifting to the south and west of my location. There is ash
raining down everywhere. The swimming pool in my back yard looked like an
angry ocean due to the howling winds whipping up small whitecaps. I was able to
muster almost 21 hours in the chair. Another section sweep was accomplished
with the last multiplier (Puerto Rico) found on 15 meters very late into the
contest. The station played flawlessly, including my trusty 486-66 MHz DOS
computer and TR v.679. The winds relented enough to allow rotation of my
"stack" (Mosley TA-34 XL and KLM 2 element 40 meter yagi).
Thanks to all the stations that found their way into my log and apologies to
those who answered my CQs but were too weak for me to pull out of the ether
with my aging ears.
Best regards from the "Hotel California" de Arnie N6HC.
K1TN   Single Op LP   42008-11-17 03:02:09
About 50 watts output, 66-ft end-fed wire. Found a hand-held mic, used it.

Missed my own Section, SNJ. Was surprised at how many contacts said "Thanks for
Southern New Jersey."

Jim Cain, K1TN
Near Atlantic City
KR2Q   Single Op QRP   62,3702008-11-17 03:49:25
I just really have a hard time ejoying phone...

Life as a QRP entrant (at least for me):
1. 8 out of 10 guys either don't hear you at all or struggle to some extent.

2. 1 out of ten get it OK and treat you the same as any other QSO (as it
should be)

3. 1 of 10 will comment THAT'S A VERY BIG SIGNAL FOR QRP, as if to impugn
your integrity. Oh yeah? Tell that to the other 8 out of 10!!!

4. When one QRPer works another QRPer, not only can they hear each other
perferctly Q5, they can even carry on a convesation without missing a word.

5. Congrats to KC5R who (so far) has the high QRP score. I heard Al all over
the place, CQing away.

6. For the first time EVER I worked a VY1 (was also the first time I've ever
heard one). He was CQing (begging) and I almost fell out of my chair when he
came back to my qrp signal on one call...with no QRM. Zowie.

7. Missed AK, MB, ND (heard them all...but all were answering CQ's)

8. Somewhat depressing to hear so much Europe DX on 15m off the back of the
beam and not be able to work them for points. But I only have two weeks to
wait until they do (count). :-)

9. One day I'll put in all 24 when 10 and 15 are open again.

Elecraft K3/10 (no built in 100w amp)
402CD @ 80'
OB11-3 @ 70'
2L HB Quad at 60' (tower #2)
low inverted V on 80 (50' apex)

de Doug KR2Q
K1RY   Single Op LP   47,4282008-11-17 04:33:20
This year went A, more QSO's but missed 9 sections. Just an 80/40/20 Fan Fold
Dipole and 100W. Got Killed on 20 so spent more time on the lower bands.
Caught the 15M opening but also had a hard time working new multiplers. Took
many calls and time to work those 6 new sections.

Had a number of stations also commenting on the activity from PVRC, one guy
said" What is going on there? DE is usually tough to work and you make my 8th

All in all had fun, need to spend more time but a few things came up that I had
to do.

If using N1MM make sure you use all the post contest tools, ran the visible
dupe sheet and caught a QSO that had a typo, put a Zero in instead of a O.

N3CW   SO Unlimited HP   21,3722008-11-17 04:49:56
Next time will not have surgery the day before SS starts.
K4EDI   Single Op HP   53,4402008-11-17 04:55:19
Had a great time playing radio with the cold weather outside. I did get a clean
seep and ran a couple of hours on 80 and had a pile up a couple of times with
stations needing TN. This is one of my favorite contests.
N2WN   Single Op LP   1,7602008-11-17 05:03:23
just out for a walk, 75 was decent sounding...
KDØS(WDØT)   Single Op HP   312,1602008-11-17 05:06:14
Thanks to Jim KD0S and Shari for letting me operate, and for keeping me fueled
and going! Another good SS event, bands seemed very good from here, but very
full, activity sure seemed to be higher than I remember from past years. At
times you could hear so well that I made a comment last nite after the contest
that it seemed you could hear an ant talking from ND at times... great band
conditions- and lots of folks that got on to hand out their first Q's in the
SS, so that is encouraging! Thanks again, and to God be the glory for each and
every contact. God Bless, Todd WD0T
KØETY(KDØDDY)   Single Op HP   9,6002008-11-17 05:11:12
K0ETY was operated by Nancie McAnaugh, KD0DDY, a new licensee of just a few
months (got her General ticket in June or July 2008). Nancie is currently the
Deputy Director of the MO Dept of Hlth & Senior Services, and has been very
instrumental in urging State of Missouri employees (esp. in her Department) to
obtain their Amateur Radio licenses, especially with regard to being able to
help provide emergency comms. in case of an emergency. Following her first
foray into contesting (other than some operation at Field Day 2008) Nancy
commented that she can now see how contesting can help prepare operators to be
better emergency communicators, particulraly with regard to being able to
communicate under periods of stress.

73, Tom Hammond N0SS
W4NF(@W4RM)   SO Unlimited HP   250,0802008-11-17 05:19:49
Thanks again to Bill (W4RM, my brother) for the use of his station and for the
hospitality of my sister-in-law Lori and my nephew Brian for letting me operate
over the weekend from their home. The beverage antennas on 40 and 80 meters
worked great and the new full wave horizontal loop we installed for 80 meters
complimented the 120' high dipole. For being on 80 meters as long as I was I
only had one run in with someone that actually owned an 80 meter frequency 3KHz
above and below where he was operating. I eventually moved further away from
him while he was insisting that "He" would be the only contact I make all night
as he would call me after every CQ.

There are some big scores already reported so I'll have to see if this score
will even make the Top 10 in Unlimited as it would several years ago. This
category has become quite popular over the past few years. One note - I had a
large number of contacts with hams that were first licensed in the 00 time
frame and after. So there are signs of life for SS Phone in the future.

Thanks for all the Qs and I'll CU in the pileups. 73, Jack W4NF
K4BAI   Single Op HP   218,5602008-11-17 05:21:30
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee, zepp. SO1R again. 15M
much better than last year. 20M much worse than last year with fewer short
skip openings. 40 and 80M quite good, although QRN was high on 80M Saturday
night and I had to use a listening antenna much the early evening. It then got
quieter and was very good on Sunday night when there weren't too many left to
work. Thanks for the QSOs. Please look for me as PJ4/K4BAI from Bonaire,
Netherlands Antilles Nov 26 to Dec. 3. And in CQWW CW as PJ4A with W4OC, KU8E,
and NO2R. 73, John, K4BAI.
N3BM   Single Op HP   50,7182008-11-17 05:21:31
MS....Where were the MS ops??
N4LF   Single Op LP   19,2782008-11-17 05:22:20
Seemed to have a harder time making qso's this year. Less than half the number
contacts in SSB than in CW test. Still great fun. Maybe its time to take the
dipole down and put up a new one!
K4LY   Single Op QRP   26,1302008-11-17 05:25:49
Not much time this weekend to operate so I did an experiment. Saturday
afternoon/evening I operated 4 hours with old Argonaut 509 running about 2
watts out and worked 72 stations. Some even said I was loud! My antennas are a
trap dipole on 10/15/20 at 70', a 40M dipole at 60' and a Hygain Hytower. The
Argo has no 2nd VFO or stacking, plus something is wrong with the dial string
tension which made it impossible to keep the dial on some frequencies. Worked
30 states. On Sunday afternoon/evening I operated another 4 hours, this time
with my TS-850 contest rig at 5 watts and made an additional 129 contacts. The
extra 3db+, better receive, and ability to stack 5 stations and continually
return to them made for a much more efficient QRP operation (duh). All was
S+P. I did hear all 50 states (worked 45), but not all sections. Was great to
work old friends W0ETT, K0KE, N9CO, and many others. I called a lot of CO
stations in my old Grand Mesa club, but was unable to work most of them. I'll
try to operate both nights of the 160M test (if I can get my inv L up higher
where it was last year).. CU there.
Thanks for your good ears. Doug
VE3MGY   Single Op LP   93,6002008-11-17 05:30:06
I had this one planned for at least a month. As we were busy Sunday night I
would operate 24 hours straight from 2100z to 2100z and try to beat my previous
best score. The XYL had also made plans so everything looked great.

Saturday morning brought rain, at times heavy, which lasted all day long so it
was a good weekend to be both in the house and on the air.

I was QRV at 2100z but by 0100z the SWR was going crazy and I had a hard time
keeping everything at or close to 1:1. A quick look outside found a raging
snowstorm. The problem was the snow was big flakes, wet, and heavy, and
sticking to everything - including all the antennas hence the SWR problems. I
kept adjusting the tuners to keep everything matched but then at 0400z the power
went out, crashing everything. It was back on in a few seconds but it took me
about 10 - 12 minutes to get everything booted and running again. Then between
0400z and 0530z this happened no less than 7 times!! After the 2nd or 3rd crash
I switched to my backup radio to save my primary one. Only problem was the old
radio had no filters so it was unbelievably noisey - even on 40M. By 0530z I
had spent most of the previous hour and a half off the air and was more
concerned about my radios and computers being fried by a voltage spike than
losing QSO's so I reluctanly went QRT. The power continued to cycle on and off
for the next hour before I went to bed.

I was up at 1030z and a look outside really surprised me. Things had actually
gotten worse over night. The weight of the snow had dropped two trees and alot
of big branches, one tree top, as well as some of my antennas. What antennas
were still up were sagging under the weight of the snow. I went out to see what
I could do - which was nothing - as the antennas are up 70' - 90' in the trees.
I went back in, now sadly admitting defeat, and decided to turn on the gear
anyway. At 1200z or 1300z, I forget which, the power went out again!! I
restarted eveything yet again and then stayed on the filterless radio [ ouch ]
and wondered what I was really accomplishing here?? My goal of a personal best
was now a pipe dream but as the XYL's plans were still on so I decided to keep
going anyway - for a couple of hours anyway - and add some more points for CCO
if nothing else. So I poked around 20 and 15 between walks around the house,
complaing to the XYL, and gazing outside at the mess and work that lay ahead.

But around 1930z I found a hole on 40M and starting calling CQ just to pass the
time [ what did I have to lose? ] and then a pileup appeared and stayed there
for 3 hours straight. The rate meter started giving me numbers I had only read
about. At 2230z I went QRT still shaking my head. I wasn't sure what had just
happened on 40M but I had just set a personal best - and in 17 hours to boot.
Yes, part of me wanted to stay on to the end as I still had 7 hours of unused
time[!] but I had promised the XYL to be QRT at 2230z so I turned off the
gear... And I now have a "New" goal for next year. And alot of yard work....

Tnx for all the QSO's

K1RX   SO Unlimited HP   105,2002008-11-17 05:30:41
The week proceeding this contest weekend was spent battling bronchitis and
unfortuately, was unable to shake it. So decided to just play, do lots of S&P
and push buttons. Sunday morning was better and was able to run stations but
still not even close to 100%.

Most ridiculous event experienced:

Found VE8EV operating at 14.150.0 and W stations were answering him (wrong!) on
Sunday morning. There was encouragement from others telling EV to move up to
14.150.2 to be make it legal for US stations to work him. He obliged and I
called him. Immediately someone tells me this is illegal. This same station
proceeds to QRM me to the point where I am unable to complete the QSO
(intentional). This same station then tells me that he will take me from him
log (never identified who he was!) so I get a "not-in-log" report and lose
points! In this unbelievable exchange, I am told that I must be above 14.151.5
in order to be legal! Having operated 14.150.2 for many years in DX contests
from big time stations like W2PV, K1OX and others, I could not believe what I
was hearing! Gee, don't recall ever seeing an FCC notice or OO report back
then. But don't do this at the top end of the band on USB!

I called 'EV again and suggested he move to 14.153 - proceeded to work him no
problem without the stupid one in tow.

Otherwise, the good operators (and there were plenty) were a true joy to engage
over the course of my 9 hours of coughing.

Great activity, thanks for the Q's.

Mark, K1RX
N5OT   Single Op HP   5,3282008-11-17 05:34:06
W7WA   Single Op HP   352,0002008-11-17 05:43:38
This is my best claimed score in phone sweepstakes in longer than I can
remember. The main reason seems to be 40 meters here not doing its usual
disappearing act going long and north/south. Hearing all the multi and school
stations enjoying the sweepstakes was great.

73 de Dan
W2GD(@K2TW)   Single Op LP   42008-11-17 05:46:00
Thanks to K2TW for giving me the opportunity to give out a few points on short
notice. W2GD
NN3W(@N4RV)   Single Op HP   272,3202008-11-17 05:48:57
Thanks to Jack N4RV for letting me use his station. We (and especially Jack)
put in a lot of work to get it ready for SS Phone and CW, and it worked great.
Thanks also to Dick N4RA who did a final week tower climb to get the 80 meter
dipole array working. It was absolutely critical to having a high score!

Tons of activity. Tons of QRN. It appears that some heavenly force either
doesn't like the Mid-Atlantic or we just had bad luck. 72 degrees on Saturday;
tornado watch; 40 MPH winds; thunderstorms. YUCK! The high winds caused all the
power poles to arc, spit, and hiss. That resulted in S9 +5 QRN on all HF bands
which killed me on Sunday.

20 and 80 were tremendous on Saturday night - I had 5 hours with 100+ rates.
Sunday was awful (partially induced by the QRN).

Had 77 sections by the time I QRTed on Sunday morning: needed NWT, NL, and SK.
Found NL on 20 early on Sunday. VE8EV called in around 1300z and I happened
across VE5 later in the morning on 14.230 (being jammed by our SSTV friends).
Such is life. I had my own set of jamming experiences - but this year on 40
meters. The 80 meter pig farmers were relatively subdued this year.

Great participation by NCCC, SMC and PVRC. I did a quick Excel log check and
had over 400 QSOs with IL, MI, IN, and OH. WOW.

Thus endeth this year. I can guarantee that the flavor of SS will start
changing as the sunspots begin to arrive and 15 becomes viable again.

K3MQ   SO Unlimited HP   71,5742008-11-17 06:08:51
KØUK   Single Op HP   215,5122008-11-17 06:09:02
Started on 40mtrs for some close in stations, then went to 15mtrs. for a total
of 102 first hours. Look for as many mults as possible. Went to 20 for a good
run then 40mtrs which produced as it always does.
Never heard KP4 that night. Sunday ask for info on the KP4 with no results
till I was back on 15mtrs. Heard a KP4 but couldnt get the call. I called
several times but he QRT'ed..Oh well thats the breaks.
Neighbors called about the time of the football game so kicked off. Had to
help the xyl. That ended this years running of SS. Heard some GMCCers, KO7X,
W0ETT, N0KE, N4VI, if I missed anyone I apologize. Well got to get to
work..Thanks to all..see ya PTL bill K0UK
K3HH(K3YDX)   Single Op LP   15,7382008-11-17 06:10:40
Good time while on despite antenna blowing down. Reinstalled Sunday morning.
Couldn't be better, cold and windy.
K5WA   Single Op HP   298,6202008-11-17 06:13:19
Can't believe I couldn't catch KP4. Heard NP4Z once as he was running around,
but never got a KP4 in the log.
I REALLY don't like SSB. ;-)
VE2DWA(LU7DW)   Single Op HP   90,0902008-11-17 06:30:39
Equipment Description: Kenwood TS-930, Heathkit SB-200

Antennas : TH7 @ 15 meter, dipoles for 40 and 80

PC: Pentium 1 166 MHz w/CT 10.03 DOS.

Comments: It was planned as part-time operation (trying to put QC multiplier in
the air) , because I need to get ready the station for CQWW CW, and these days
not enough time to operate and work in the station.

A neighbourg 12 y.o boy was visiting the station for a couple of hours on
Sunday and with a map, I was showing him where the division are and he was
marking in the map one by one the ones that I was working. He was very
enthusiastic and planning to return for CQWW CW, maybe another young contester
will be in the air soon.

Missed LAX (SCV was the most worked section) , ME & ND (I've heared this three
sections answering CQs... but not mines:-( ).

See you in CQWW CW, We will be MS or M2 as CK2DWA.

73, Claudio VE2DWA/VE3AP/LU7DW
W3GH   Single Op LP   204,6102008-11-17 06:34:22
Got all mults by cqing except KP and VO. Missed NL for the sweep! Went
searching and found a KP on 15 but I couldn't find a VO any where. Dang.

vertical 80/40
TH7 20/15

Green Hornet
W3YY   Single Op HP   193,7322008-11-17 06:36:20
That was my first serious phone contest in about 20 years. Thanks for the
K2ZR   Single Op QRP   4,3402008-11-17 06:37:45
K2, CF Wire @ 660' & EF Wire @ 425'

TU to all who took the time to work a QRP station.
Dick K2ZR
KG9X   SO Unlimited HP   71,4482008-11-17 06:38:20
A few computer problems here. Could not use voice keyer without hum and also
lost connection to telnet for spots many times so it really was not much help.
NE1B   Multi-Op HP   27,6802008-11-17 06:40:50
Decided to have new operator training session for this contest.
N4GG   SO Unlimited HP   126,5602008-11-17 06:53:32
My usual SS-SSB scenario. Ignore the contest until 10 minutes after it starts,
get on to make a few Qs on the "other mode." Get caught up in it. Stop
everything and get set-up porperly for SO2R SSB - which happens around here
once a year in November. Go "U" to insure a sweep. Get the sweep but now I
don't want to stop. Have to stop a lot, since no stockpile of snacks and
stay-in-the-chair items stocked in advance. All the antennas are cut for CW,
so lots of cranking the antenna tuners and non-instant band changing. Some
year I am actually going to do this properly...maybe. Operator error fooled
writelog into adding a 200 Q jump to the serial numbers at one point. If you
got a S/N above 791 from me please don't pull me from your log - just log what
I sent you.

40 was typically long early both nights - signals on 80 Saturday night were
unusually strong. Had the attenuator all the way in and the RF gain down and
guys were still very loud. Noise levels here were decent locally which made
running easy on the low bands - when I was able to clear out some space. 15 was
much better to the left coast than last year - maybe there are a few sunspots
around after all? Who knows, maybe a 10M contact one of these years. Fun to
work some new blood - more checks at 00 and above than I expected - also great
to say Hi to old friends. Lamented hearing one or more known packett cheaters
leave the band they were on and work VY1EI within 2 minutes of his being
spotted. Note to log checkers: cross-check the VY1EI log at 1700Z-1710Z
Sunday, 14.321: several folks there deserving a DQ. Also "fun" to observe the
crmudgeons change their check from year-to-year to try and mess with the rest
of us - even though it says: "The year you were first licensed," and not "Any
number you feel like." Maybe we should DQ a few of those too.......

2X :FT-1000MP+Inrad, Acom 2000A, homebrew SO2R, Writelog, wires in the woods
N1LN   SO Unlimited HP   200,4802008-11-17 07:00:54
This was a fun contest. I don't usually say that about single-op SSB contests,
but I will say that here. Why? Well, I think the first reason is directly
associated with my K3s. The other reason is my beverage antennas that I used
most if not all the time on both 75 and 40 mtrs. The combination was

When QSO number 29 was NT with VY1EI and QSO number 44 was ND with N7IV I knew
this was going to be fun and was optimistic about a sweep before the end of
Saturday evening. By 0325Z or 0925 EST I had 79 sections. The only one from
using the cluster was NT. Why was I running U class? The answer was because
of section 80, PR. I only operated until 0600Z, 0000 EST, Saturday night.
Then started up again 1041 Z or 0541 EST on Sunday morning. At roughly 1225 Z
I saw a spot pop up for NP4Z. My run, that was not really much of one at that
time of day, stopped and off I went. By 1228 Z the sweep was completed and the
rest of the contest could be all focused on Q count.

My band Q counts point out one fact, specifically, that I am not a big fan of
40 mtr SSB. My main evening focus was 75 and the band was in excellent
condition. Lots of strong stations and even the QRP stations seemed easy to
copy due to the beverages. My 40 mtr Qs were almost all on Sunday during the
day. The band was quiet and busy enough for a few really good runs between
1500z and 1700z. Having the two radios on Sunday was a big advantage to be
able to run on one and search and pounce on the other. I can't say I am a good
SO2R op, but when rates are slow I can almost coordinate my hands, ears, and
eyes. Lots of practice is needed.

One more comment. What if....I could stay in the chair for the full 24 hours?

It was great to hear all the "GO PVRC" comments from fellow club members.
Congrats to all the clubs that showed up in force for SS. Competition is what
contests are all about. Now we wait for the counting and final results.

Bruce - N1LN
(aka: NC4KW)
W9LHG   Single Op LP   31,4642008-11-17 07:03:51
Rig : Elecraft K3

Antenna : 40m horiz loop at 25'
K4OD   Single Op LP   33,5922008-11-17 07:06:49
Rig: Yaesu FT-897D 100 Watts output
Ant: 3 El Yagi at 13.4 Meters for 20-15-10
Ant: Alpha Delta 80/40 Dipole at 12.5 Meters for 80-40.

I had a great time! No excuse offered for missing the "Sweep"
I just couldn't find em when I needed em.

Some type of problem cropped up on my coax for both antennas which prevented
either of them from properly loading. After about 4 hours missed looking for
the problem, it (seemingly) resolved itself early Sunday morning.

I offer up no excuses. I should have done better than this. BUT.....I DID
have a great time even through the .
W9KB   Single Op HP   47,2502008-11-17 07:11:49
Just remodelled the shack, this event was a true stress test. My score indicates
the need for further improvements.
NX7TT   SO Unlimited HP   73,7662008-11-17 07:14:25
Just missed WY, ND and Sk for them all.. Was just doing the test trying to give
out mults. Was very happy to see all the others from Idaho spotted or heard. I
hope they will be around for the IDQP next year.. This was my second
SS and am still learning. Will try full effort next time...
Was nice for W1AW to call me for a change HI.. It was also good to get some
of the club members in the log.. Looking forward to next year..
WB2ABD   SO Unlimited HP   72,0002008-11-17 07:17:35
After having missed the sweep on cw by NT, I got concerned when I could barely
hear NT and AK on Saturday. Sunday condx proved to be much better. PR turned
out to be the toughest to work, and only had single Q's with ND and SB. Enough
talk already! I'll have to prod my mentor about setting up voice files...

T-T O2 TL922 160/80 inv vee @ 60ft 40M inv vee @ 55ft CL33@ 45ft N1MM
K7ZO   Single Op HP   9,5762008-11-17 07:17:38
Decided yesterday afternoon to jump on the air for a bit of sweepstakes and be
"fresh meat" on Sunday afternoon. All I have in the air is a low dipole on 40M
but it has always worked well in stateside contests. So, sat down, turned
eveything on, found 7165 clear, called CQ and had a blast. One hour and 19
minutes later I was still on 7165, had 114 Q's in the log and called it quits.
During that time I was spotted 5 times and I enjoyed working down the mini
packet pileups, gave several stations their first Idaho, AD1C his 75th section
for a magnet, and talked K6YHL through his first ever contest QSO. A pretty
good way to spend an hour or so.

N2QT   SO Unlimited HP   163,3602008-11-17 07:24:31
Did a lot of S&P, just can't seem to sit cqing if the rate falls or the qrm
moves in. The 'temporary' 80M dipole seemed to do better than the narrow band
80M vertical. Did have some good runs at times, with 50% of my total q's
coming in my best 8 hours of operation.

Biggest complaint was the poor audio that a couple of stations were running,
that would make picking a call out of a pile up impossible as they were hard to
understand and would cover up those who were.
W2OIB   Single Op HP   89,9202008-11-17 07:26:44
Great Contest, sections came fairly easy this year with the exception of PR, but
found them on 15M Sunday and worked two in a row for the sweep. CU next year.

K7ZM   Single Op LP   12,8002008-11-17 07:35:45
80 contacts....80 Sections. A "perfect" cleen sweep!
W1XX   Single Op HP   277,2802008-11-17 07:49:05
In 2007, we won the New England high power plaque pretty much by default with a
mere 201K points...using an FT-847 radio. It's a nice little radio left over
from VHF mountain-topping days, but hardly a radio for competive HF contesting.
So station improvements started with a mint stock 1000MP found on E-Bay and
immediately upgraded with INRAD filters. Three Beverage antennas helped the
hearing on 80 and 40. Then the week before the contest, the 80 meter domestic
signal was improved dramatically (instead of the vertical used for DXing) with
a low 3-element wire beam pointed west...which proved to be a killer antenna
with runs consistently over 100 on the rate meter during the wee hours.

I was pleased to top my goal of 1500 Qs with over 1700...probably still not
enough to retain top New England honors...but plenty satisfying nonetheless.
Since I almost never work the elusive NWT multiplier, it was a thrilll to be
CALLED by a VE8 on Sunday who had only worked five Qs previously. As always
the "thanks for Rhode Island" comments were plentifull. The voice nearly gave
out in the last few hours, but we managed in spite of a CK of "54" to somehow
remain in the chair long enough for the full 24 hours.

Radio: Yaesu FT-1000MP
Amp: Drake L-4B
Antennas: M2 40M 2-el Yagi at 100 ft.
M2 KT36XA at 90 ft.
80M 3-el wire beam at 50 ft.
Beverages of 550, 550, and 288 ft.
Logging program: TR
N3ZL   Single Op LP   5402008-11-17 07:52:03
Spent about an hour and a half working 18 hard earned QSOs from the mobile.
Small surprise when I worked W0SD in SD. Thanks to everyone for their patience
in pulling me out, especially K6SV.

Looks like at least a couple stations missed a sweep only missing SC. Hopefully
next year I'll be able to do a serious effort from the club station here in both
the cw (especially) and phone (eh..) sweeps.

Now I'm looking forward to cq ww from NQ4I!

73 de Greg N3ZL
KD4HXT   Single Op LP   51,4362008-11-17 07:57:35
This contest offers the most fun you can have with a low loop of wire. As all
contests, it’s a part time effort because my Sunday is a little busy with
production requirements at church. I’m really bummed that I missed 3

PR – Heard a couple of stations from PR with huge pileups. They never heard
SFL – Heard N4BP on both 20 and 15 and tried over and over to work him. I
think he’s a little deaf.
NL – The VO1 station was heard but propagation was never the best.

My runs on 80 amazed me for my equipment. 40 was the money band. 20 was QRM
city. Had several stations steal my run frequency, acknowledging that they
were doing so because they have high power and more rights. I mean one guy
actually told me that. 15 was QSB land and I lost several QSO’s because
reports could never be finished before a complete fade.

My first contest as a part of the NCCC! While I’m outside the ARRL distance
circle, it still drove me to work harder. I hooked to the cluster to spot
interesting stuff, but I don’t think we ended up spotting very much in the
long run.

40-Meter Full Wave Sky Loop at 25ft
KN5H   Single Op QRP   5,7122008-11-17 08:11:15
A whoppin big score.
Worst 20 meter audio award goes to NN3W. Congrats.
Lots of good ears out there.
K1ZZI   SO Unlimited HP   12,8002008-11-17 08:15:03
I took on the challenge of trying for a sweep making 80 Q's for fun. S&P was
more difficult than I thought. To my surprise MS was the most difficult to
find with propagation. My first SSB sweep ever.
N8II   Single Op HP   272,6402008-11-17 08:17:53
I wasn't really planning to stick with it, but an amazing start got me hooked.
Operated until 0614Z with a couple of 15 minute unofficial breaks and averaged
over 100 Q's/hour that entire stretch. Best hour was 122 in the 22Z hour on
75M was a bottomless pit of Q's the first night; I chose to start around 3783
because it was clear and stayed there several hours; after about 2 hours an
interloper from PVRC fired up 1 kHz higher and caused a lot of grief, but my
rate was better than his; 40 minutes of QRM! That slowed things down, but was
still able to run a decent rate. For the most part, I was loud enough to keep
the QRM away, a big difference from operating low power. By the break, 77
sections had called me including NL and PR on 75M.
Sunday was decent at times, very slow at others, and I should have stayed in
the chair more. Best hour was 13Z with 88 Q's on 40. 15 was not runable thru
18Z and I had a good run on 20 about the time it peaked, so missed a few left
coasters. Skip was long on 20 with a few MN and IL stations at the closest, but
not like many years with loads of loud sigs from there. The signals were good
from west of the Mississippi and good enough to CA to log quite a few.
I do have some noise problems, so sorry if I couldn't copy you. One guy called
on 20 backscatter for a while who I caught later on 75, glad we made it.
To finish up the sections I found the two VI's early on 20, KH6FI called on 20
before his sunrise and despite beaming farther north than I wanted to, I was
never called by NT. I was lucky to find VY1EI under N6DE high on 20 around
Improvements need to be made to be really competitive, but was amazed how well
my dipole at 60ft fed with ladder line works on 75. Many 6's and 7's called in
and skip shortened up to the point where stations 70 miles away were not
skipping over around 04-05Z which kept the rate going. 75 was very long and
rate slow on Sunday evening.
In the less than optimal operating soapbox, please don't send you exchange
slowly if the operator you are working appears to know what he's doing (big
problem on 75 the first night); and please don't repeat info during the
exchange. Several ops more than doubled their exchange time when they were very
Q5 with all the repeating.
Real time on the air was about 21 hours. Many thanks to the multitude of guys
who got on for a few Q's, they make up the bulk of the activity and keep the
serious competitors going.
K7RSM   SO Unlimited HP   17,7002008-11-17 08:36:33
Ant:80M inverted V @ 35' fed with 450 ohm ladder line and HeathKit tuner, all
bands. Radio:Icom IC-756pro3. Amp: HeathKit SB200. Logging:N1MM
VE4EAR   Single Op HP   111,0402008-11-17 08:46:48
Well another fun event!

Had eye surgery Friday and this made it very difficult to focus on the screen
for any length of time. Typing was a chore so I hope I copied all the qso's
correctly. I also had to take frequent breaks.

Conditions I thought were pretty good on Saturday night. Low noise on 40 and
80m. The 80m sloper I installed last week seemed to work reasonably. It was at
least no worse than the low doublet I had been using.

I was unable to try running because I was uncomfortable in trying to type
quickly, so S&P was the main activity. I was able to log 76 sections before
heading to bed. Missing were QC, NL, PR and ND.

On Sunday, my eyes were a bit better and I tried to run on 20m. It still amazes
me how some stations will work you in your pile up and then qsy 500 Hz away and
start calling CQ. Another good one is big guns that will swoop in and try to
steal the pileup, they start answering calls and before long the pile up does
not know who they are calling. I guess that is a new strategy!.

Received a knock on the door from an angry neighbor claiming RFI to his home
theater system. So back to 50 Watts it was.

After loosing a couple frequencies went back to S&P and was able to quickly
find QC and NL. 20M was a meat grinder so went to 15m and thankfully it was
open to the SW US. I was working a lot of W6 and W7's and was totally amazed to
hear and work a couple stations from WI and MN, likely via backscatter. I
thought it might have been possible to work ND this way but could not find them
on 20m. Stumbled across a pileup and discovered it was PR so finally put that
one in the bag. ND was the only missing section and it has eluded me the last
three years so I wasn't holding out much hope.

Finally went to 40 and found conditions stateside were quite good around 1600
local. Found a freq and set up shop. I lost count how many people indicated I
was the last section they needed for a sweep. Glad I could help! Almost fell
out of my chair when K0UB called in and gave me his section as ND. It really is
a great feeling and now I can claim my first Sweep!

My eyes were getting very tired and as soon as the pileup ended, I pulled the
plug. Checked Livescores to see that my motivator VA7ST was almost 100 Q's
behind and missing a couple sections. Went and rested a couple hours and got
back on for the last hour. Checked Livescores and found Bud was now 100 Q's
ahead! With an hour to go I knew I couldn't catch him so just did S&P on 80 and

So bottom line, new antennas certainly helped. Score could have been better if
I could have run more and being able to run HP for the whole contest,
especially on 80 and 40, would have helped.

Hope we made it in your log and hopefully MB was not on the most wanted list
this year.


K7RL   SO Unlimited HP   349,7602008-11-17 08:48:53
This score is a new personal best in SS by a significant margin. In previous
years, I have come close to reaching the magic 2K Q count, but always seem to
just miss it. This time, strong participation and band conditions allowed a
steady rate throughout the weekend with no Sunday doldrums.

Speaking of participation, it was great to work many ’07 and ’08 checks.
Nice to see so many new hams have embraced contesting, especially SS!

Got off to a rough start at the open, but that’s typical in this contest.
Crowded bands and aggressive enforcement measures by the “silent net”
police on 20m meant constant maneuvering. It was nice to leave the chaos of
20m for a while Sunday afternoon and spend time in the wide open spaces of 15m.
I sure miss 10m.

The sweep was harder to achieve this year. By Sunday afternoon, I was still
missing three sections: NL, NT, and PR. NL found me during a run (thank you
VO1SA!), but I had to find NT and PR. I got a chuckle from the PR station that
gave a choice of 94 or 95 for the check. I picked 94, and worked another PR
station as insurance – just in case my pick was wrong.

Thank you to all for the Q. Happy Thanksgiving.

73 de Mitch, K7RL
N6RNO   SO Unlimited HP   36,7042008-11-17 08:53:03
Nice to actually have power to work. Not so nice working only with verticals. I
did a lot better than last year. Missed MB, NL, NWT, SK, PR and SC. Heard the
Canadians but could not work them through their pile-ups. NWT was the hardest
to even hear.

Charging forward, improving every contest.
K1EP(@K1IR)   Single Op LP   112,0222008-11-17 09:00:38
This contest started out poorly due to precontest setup. I tried to set up the
station for SO2R using a commercially available SO2R box with the two radios
that were available, a 7800 and K3. I brought another computer to use so as to
not disturb the normal contesting computer at the station, and that also
introduced some unexpected problems. In addition, I had to fit my K3 into the
station setup which meant interfacing to an automatic band switching device.
That was the first problem to solve. After debugging the commercial band
decoder, I found that the wipers of the rotary band switch were not making
contact and therefore the box was not powered. After fixing that and finding
the band decoder cable I had built for the K3 for Field Day, that issue was put
to rest. On Friday, I spent a few hours trying to get the SO2R box to operate
in some sort of usable way. The problem ended up to be two problems. First
the LPT port on the new computer was not configured properly (needed to be
ECP), and the PTT output driver on the SO2R box was not properly keying the K3.
That was a strange problem, in that it would key the radio, but then when it
went to unkey the radio it would not release the SO2R box. The radio would
unkey, but the audio in the SO2R box would remain on the alternate radio. I
wired up a buffer relay to go between the SO2R box and K3 and all was well.
Only 5 minutes left before the start of the contest!! No time for a needed nap
or to practice using the SO2R setup. Needless to say, the contest started off
on a bad foot. The first couple of hours my rate was lousy, as I tried to get
used to the new setup. I didn't really do much SO2R at that time anyway, but I
had to get into the proper mental state after dealing with all the problems
(there were others too). On the bright side, I thought my multiplier luck was
doing well, at least at the beginning. In the first hour, I worked VE4, SD,
KL7, and VY1. I had thought that VY1 was going to be the usual tough one, but
VY1EI was found running on 20M (Thanks!!) and I worked him in the first call or
two. With that out of the way, I thought everything else would be easy. I was
wrong on that. I moved to 40M in the second hour and worked some semi rare
sections, like SC (four in less than 10 minutes) and then two VI stations in a
row. I moved down to 75M in the third hour and found some good runs after a
while, both on 75M and 40M. At one point I had a good run going, when I
received some intentional QRM. That killed the run and I apologize to the
station who I was trying to exchange info with, as we never did complete that
QSO. By early morning, I was ahead of my goals for rate and about even or
slightly behind on mults. Some mults started to stand out as being elusive.
Like RI, VE7, VE5, and KP4. As usual, when you finally find that mult, you
end up working multiple ones after the first one. For example, I worked four
more VE7s right after the first one. Then I was down to the last two, VE5 and
KP4. I had heard both doing S&P during the contest and tried to snag them with
no luck. I chased Sam around a little but couldn't get him. I spent way too
much time Sunday afternoon trying to find those two mults. Finally I found
VE5ZX. Now to find KP4. There was a KP4 high in the band on 20 Sunday
afternoon who apparently got on after someone called him. I don't think I
heard him identify with his call, but he was handing out low serial numbers and
was a bit unsure of his check. He let you guess that, not committing to one
particular year. The pileup sounded like white noise. After a short time, he
went away, probably a bit shaken with trying to deal with the unruly pileup.
Apparently there were other KP4s on at times, but since I didn't realize that
it was going to be a problem, I didn't seek it out earlier in the contest. So,
I was left without a sweep. I got very discouraged late Sunday afternoon
because of this. I made about 10Qs in the last two hours of operating and left
another two hours on the table. Realistically, if I took those four hours and
had even a modest rate of say 30 or 40 an hour, I would have made more points
than the last two mults would have given me. Why do we chase those silly
coffee mugs? I don't even drink coffee!!
N7ON   Single Op LP   33,8802008-11-17 09:13:02
Part-time effort. A sweep would have been nice but missed PR, SC, and MB. I
hope my CW sweep stands!

Thanks for the QSO's.


John, N7ON
NA4K   Single Op LP   193,1202008-11-17 09:21:49
Last three sections KP4, VE4, VY1

Activity was up from the past few years.

The drama of Sweepstakes
Heard the following while S and P on 20 meters Sunday afternoon

Male voice calling CQ SS
The his VOX trips and hear a Female voice in the background that says
-- I am ready
The VOX trips again and the Male voice replies after a brief pause
-- Not now I have a run going
Male voice starts calling CQ SS again to continue the run

Makes one think of all kinds of things.

Steve NA4K
NØRU   Single Op LP   37,1202008-11-17 09:24:36
Had a goal to get my first clean sweep. Did not start out well due to recent
shift work, so saturday was pretty dismal. As the number of Q's indicate,
spent all of my time tuning the bands looking for mults. Had radio issues with
the 2nd RX on the Orion, TT needs to get the firmware issues resolved once and
for all. Sunday afternoon looked promising after finding
2 NT and the QC, only one heard. Was frustrated with a certain KP4 who failed
to give the proper exchange and when asked what year he was licensed, responded
by saying "94 or 95,I don't know"...time to look elsewhere. Finally found
another weak KP4 on 20 and got thru when he peaked. The last two sections
needed were OK and WTX, finally got them for my sweep. About half way into
this, I reminded myself that I will never be a good contester as I can't stay
in the seat...but kept coming back to find a new mult or two. Never heard a
peep on 10, man do we need sunspots. My hats off to all the QRP guys, decided
to skip QRP this yr and go with LP. Heard several GMCC folks, only worked
W0ETT towards the end.
Gear: TT Orion.
Ants: 3L 20M, TH-7, TH-2, 2L 40M, Hy-Tower, 80M Dipole.
KH7B(K4XS)   Single Op HP   351,3602008-11-17 09:27:36
That was fun! My first attempt at SS/SSB from KH6 (unless you count last year's
two hours messing around on 80 meters only).

The goal was to make top ten. Having operated this contest for over 30 years
from FL I knew pretty much what strategy to use back east, but wasn't really
sure of what to do from out here. I know what the west coast guys do so I
decided to follow their lead.

Starting on 15, I ran 150 the first hour and was on pace to exceed that in the
second hour when Murphy struck....while I was working a huge pileup, the power
went off around 2235Z. Not sure when it was going to come back on, I cursed,
swore and generally ranted. It must have worked, since the power came back on
15 minutes later. I rebooted the computers and after another 15 minutes
resumed operation.

Once we were in darkness, 40 really screamed out here. Many of the stations
were PW and it took several tries to get them in the log.

The biggest surprise was Sunday. Back in FL, Sunday was always a struggle.
Starting Sunday morning I ran 100 hours until almost the end of the contest.

All 80 mults answered CQs for the sweep, which was good since the SO2R setup
was limited to S/P on 80 meters only. Thanks to all who did call in. My buddy
Filipe (NP4Z) called in on Sunday morning and gave me his nr 3 for the last
mult. It's amazing how much easier it is to get a sweep from out here than
back in FL. All mults, with the exception of VE8/VY1 were worked at least
three times. I hope it wasn't beginner's luck!

If there is a record for nr 1 QSOs I think I broke it. My guess is I have
somewhere around 150-200 of them. The old school teacher in me was in force
this weekend, getting the newbies to give me the 1A, KJ6XYZ, 08, LAX exchange.
Hard work, but it paid off.

Congrats to Dan the man (W7WA) for the high QSO total. It appears the log
checkers will determine the winner for this one. I may not fair as well as
usual since many of the guys I worked were VERY weak. We'll see.

A couple of notes:

Intentional interference was almost non-existant.
SSTV guys are still defensive about 14226-14240.
When guys began CQing on, or near my freq, the were usally very cooperative
about moving.
The K-3 is not just good on CW, It works fine on SSB too.
I could operate on 14275 wihtout the Kalamazoo cuckoo messing with me.

Thanks for the fun weekend.
K5NA   Multi-Op HP   349,6002008-11-17 09:28:05
This is the best score this station has ever made for Sweepstakes in either
mode. And band conditions seemed very good for the weekend. We have a chance to
set a new West Gulf multi-op record if our score holds up.

KU5B and N5ZC came over and they did 99% of the operating and we (K5NA & K5DU)
only had to fill in for them once in a while. Colin and Rich did a terrific job
and they are both great operators.

We started a little slowly comparied to last year, but had some excellent QSO
rates as we got well into the contest.

Congratulations to the team at W6YI who did a great effort from that station.

We knew that W6YI would be our main competition and at one time they were 250
QSOs ahead of us. But we managed to close to within 85 QSOs of them by the end
of the contest. We certainly gave it our best shot.

73, Richard - K5NA
WN6K   Single Op LP   80,5122008-11-17 09:35:10
If this contest would have had an RS(T) report to be given, then everyone worked
at this QTH would have been an honest 59. My dry Santa Ana weather conditions
here gave me a constant line noise from the power lines of S9 all weekend.
Everyone worked had to be above that to be heard. This contributed to the low
interest and poor performance I experienced. There may have been some that
heard me and wondered why I wasn't coming back but with all of the button
pushing on the Mark V, I could do only so much. Someday it will rain and get
back to a bit more normal.

Missed: NNY, NL, SK, SB, LAX & PR

I heard VO1MP with a pileup but he was just readable above the aforementioned
noise. I heard a W2 in NNY but he was working "Sunday afternoon Driver style"
and that was going nowhere fast. I never heard the rest at all.

I had a phone call from some guy in Florida who was complaining that my
operating 3 khz below his upcoming 'net' was wiping him out. QSY'd to grab a
drink (this contest can do that to you you know). I guess 100 watts needs to
provide those 'net folks' 10 khz space. I wonder how many of the twenty other
calls I heard near the frequency I heard that he had to bother by telephone

W8AKS   Single Op LP   44,8222008-11-17 09:45:58
Operated portable from Sandstone Mountain in WV using Hustler mobile antennas
and low dipoles (20ft). Lots of snow and cold. Had a good time. Missed WV for
mult. Bummer!
N3YIM   Single Op HP   23,6162008-11-17 09:56:57
Murphy visited my shack as well, enjoyed the contest hope 10M contest in
December goes lots better. With those problems I fell well short of my goal of
300 Q's.

W6YX(N7MH)   Single Op HP   281,7142008-11-17 09:57:13
I shared the W6YX station with Risto, W6RK, on Saturday and Rebar, N6CCH, on
Sunday. As on CW I set up a second radio running low power but only worked
about 6 Q's on it on 15 meters. It was helpful in finding VY1EI on 20 for my
79th mult, but I moved the high power radio to the frequency to work Eric. I
missed PR. Rebar worked KP3S on Sunday afternoon on 15 meters but I was busy
running on 20 and never made it back to 15.

Even though I had been given first priority for bands I ended up staying on
nonproductive bands longer than I should have since I'd see that Risto or Rebar
was having a great run and I didn't want to interrupt it. After averaging over
140 for the first 3 hours I stayed on 20 too long because Risto was doing well
on 40.

My 40 meter frequency on Saturday was right next to a foreign broadcaster and
my notch filter worked great for eliminating it. It probably kept some callers
from hearing me though so my rates weren't that great. Then in the 0400 hour
the broadcaster went from S7 to S9+30 and the notch filter was filtering out
all signals. I decided to move to 75 at that point. It will be so great next
year when the broadcasters are off of 40.

Signals on 75 were super loud. I did a quick S&P run up the band and I'd tune
across what I thought was a local and it would be a W3 or W4. The rate dipped
just before 0800 and I decided it was time to take my overnight break.

I started up again at 1300 and was hoping to get an early start on 20 as I had
done last year. This was a tactical mistake as I should have just stayed on 40
until after 1400. I probably lost 100 Q's in the 1300 and 1400 hours by
repeatedly going to 20 to CQ, then retreating to a broadcaster-covered
frequency on 40 when no one answered me on 20. With a real SO2R set-up I could
have dual-CQed to test the waters on 20 without losing my 40-meter frequency
each time.

I took my final hour break in the 2300 hour as 20 was starting to get slow and
Rebar was doing well on 40 and I didn't want to interrupt him there. As with
CW, I probably should have just had a longer overnight break instead of saving
this offtime for the afternoon.

I spent the last 3 hours CQing on 40. Several Q's were lost when signals faded
from moderately loud to unreadable during the time I gave my exchange. I tried
to find other stations to work on 40 with my second radio but everyone I heard
I'd already worked. I find it much harder to listen to two separate audio
streams on phone than on CW.

Thanks to all for the Q's and congratulations to everyone who posted new
personal bests.

-Mike, N7MH

Hour 80 40 20 15 Rate Total
2100 0 0 143 0 143 143
2200 0 0 149 0 149 292
2300 0 0 133 0 133 425
0000 0 8 75 0 83 508
0100 0 116 0 0 116 624
0200 0 87 0 0 87 711
0300 0 62 0 0 62 773
0400 17 38 0 0 55 828
0500 67 0 0 0 67 895
0600 66 0 0 0 66 961
0700 47 0 0 0 47 1008
0800 0 0 0 0 0 1008
0900 0 0 0 0 0 1008
1000 0 0 0 0 0 1008
1100 0 0 0 0 0 1008
1200 0 0 0 0 0 1008
1300 0 28 8 0 36 1044
1400 0 6 52 0 58 1102
1500 0 0 82 0 82 1184
1600 0 0 14 39 53 1237
1700 0 0 30 27 57 1294
1800 0 0 65 0 65 1359
1900 0 0 49 1 50 1409
2000 0 0 6 52 58 1467
2100 0 0 57 0 57 1524
2200 0 0 59 0 59 1583
2300 0 0 5 0 5 1588
0000 0 61 0 0 61 1649
0100 0 78 0 0 78 1727
0200 0 56 0 0 56 1783
Total 197 540 927 119 1783
K1HI   Single Op LP   56,5182008-11-17 10:03:15
Missed PR, NWT, ND. Haven't made a sweep yet and it's been nigh 25 ss's
KØGAS   Single Op HP   48,3122008-11-17 10:13:22
Delighted to have 15M open.Sunspots are improving!
N2MUN   SO Unlimited HP   54,3622008-11-17 10:13:48
missed RI, NWT and PR
AI4MI   Single Op LP   9,8442008-11-17 10:32:53
All S&P Sunday, after Thunderstorms passed. Had fun! Go PVRC!
AK9F   Single Op LP   28,6442008-11-17 10:39:46
Part time operation. 100 watts with single wire antenna at 24'.
W6EB   SO Unlimited HP   61,1202008-11-17 10:54:39
Antenna:wires at 25 ft
WØSD(WØDB)   Single Op HP   319,6802008-11-17 10:59:49
Thanks to Ed and Edith for letting me run the station. 40 was very good, and all
of the equipment played well. Ran Ed's new pair of Elecraft K3's, very nice

73 all, Joe W0DB
K2DSL   Single Op LP   27,4702008-11-17 11:04:45
Had other commitments this weekend so I didn't get a lot of time to participate,
but when I did, it was active and a whole lot of fun. Nice when folks recognize
your call and say hello even in the rapid fire exchange.

Just missed KY, OK and SC for covering all the states. I heard KY and SC
stations but not calling CQ. Also mind boggling I can communicate with Alaska
and Hawaii thousands of miles away but can't locate a station 50 miles south of
me to log the Southern NJ section. Go figure. 73 David - K2DSL
KD4D(@N3HBX)   Single Op HP   247,8402008-11-17 11:10:17
Thanks to John Evans, N3HBX, for letting me use his fine station at the "farm."
It's a lot of fun to have all of the toys to play with. I felt much louder on
80 with the 80-meter Laxy-H on transmit. The beverages were useful but I think
the switching needs to be easier to use.

I enjoyed this much more than last year! I spent hours on Sunday scouring 15
meters for Puerto Rico. Finally found KP4SQ - the only PR I heard all

Two NT's called me this time!

Great fun - thanks for all the QSO's.

2008 SS SSB - KD4D

---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
21 0 21 56 0 77 77
22 0 90 8 0 98 175
23 64 12 0 0 76 251

0 53 8 0 0 61 312
1 36 41 0 0 77 389
2 13 69 0 0 82 471
3 4 93 0 0 97 568
4 70 21 0 0 91 659
5 85 6 0 0 91 750
6 56 24 0 0 80 830
7 12 53 0 0 65 895
8 32 16 0 0 48 943
9 10 11 0 0 21 964
10 0 0 0 0 0 964
11 2 2 0 0 4 968
12 61 5 0 0 66 1034
13 22 19 0 0 41 1075
14 0 21 24 0 45 1120
15 0 30 12 0 42 1162
16 0 5 48 2 55 1217
17 0 0 19 2 21 1238
18 0 0 45 3 48 1286
19 0 0 18 2 20 1306
20 0 0 42 2 44 1350
21 0 22 29 4 55 1405
22 0 2 0 0 2 1407
23 35 2 0 0 37 1444

0 29 21 0 0 50 1494
1 26 29 0 0 55 1549

TOTAL 610 623 301 15

2008 SS SSB - KD4D

1. Il 76
2. Va 73
3. Mn 69
4. Mdc 52
5. Oh 51
6. Mi 48
7. WWa 47
8. NTx 46
9. Scv 45
10. Or 42
11. Co 41
12. Sv 40
13. STx 38
14. Nc 38
15. In 32
16. Ks 31
17. Wi 28
18. Ct 26
19. Ne 25
20. Eb 24
21. On 24
22. Mo 23
23. Nh 23
24. Sjv 23
25. ENy 23
26. Em 23
27. Az 21
28. Lax 20
29. Ga 20
30. Sdg 19
31. Org 18
32. La 18
33. NFl 17
34. Tn 16
35. Sc 15
36. Ky 15
37. Ia 15
38. NNj 15
39. Nv 13
40. Ok 13
41. SFl 13
42. Nm 12
43. WNy 12
44. WPa 12
45. Ep 12
46. Id 11
47. Ri 11
48. WcF 11
49. Ut 11
50. Bc 11
51. Sf 11
52. Ew 10
53. Sb 10
54. Mt 10
55. WMa 10
56. Sd 10
57. WTx 9
58. Al 9
59. Wv 8
60. Me 8
61. SNj 8
62. NLi 7
63. Ms 7
64. Ar 7
65. De 7
66. Wy 6
67. Pac 6
68. Nd 5
69. Ab 5
70. Qc 5
71. Sk 5
72. Mb 4
73. Mar 4
74. Vt 4
75. NNy 3
76. Vi 2
77. Nl 2
78. Nt 2
79. Ak 2
80. Pr 1
NM6G(W6CZ)   SO Unlimited HP   159,6802008-11-17 11:13:02
Is this November. It was pushing 80 here in the foothills near Yosemite. I need
to move the main operating position to the other end of the shack and away from
the A/C unit that kept coming on until nearly 10 PM local.

IC-7800 & 756proIII
2 PW-1's
Writelog & W5XD/K5DJ SO2R box
Hamation Network antenna Switch and relay driver with Shack-Lan control

Inverted V's on 75 - one @ 85' oriented E/W and another at 50 for N/S

2 ele Yagi @ 100'

2 40 inverted V's @ 30' E/W & N/S

Stacked C31XR tri-banders (really interlaced mono-banders) @ 89 & 55 on ring

3 over 3 on 20
5 over 5 on 15
6 over 6 on 10


My first real contest effort from NM6G that was put up in 04 just in time for
CQP that year (that was with 3 guest ops0. First ever serious SS effort other
then for sweep. Single tower antenna system was designed for 2 x SO2R with SS &
CQP in mind (2 ele 40M yagi @ 100' with low V's and High & Low 75/80 V's).
Stacked C31XR @ 89' & 55' on ring rotors with separate feed lines for each
band. LOT's of comments from east coast and mid west of "You are REALLY loud"
on all bands (guess it works).

It helped A lot that I spent made two trips and spent about 6 or 7 days with
the help of my friend David, WB6NER, getting the station into shape and
functioning as it should. Among a lot of other things, that included finally
wiring the switching to stack match boxes and being able to evaluate the stack
compared to the upper or lower antenna. That lead to the discovery that the 20M
antennas were out of phase - BIG difference!!! Now I know why my station
co-owner, Roger, KD6UO, has been complaining about performance (he uses the
station remote over the internet). It was like a 20+ DB attenuator. DOH!!! I
thought it was due to the QTH as the S/N ratio was good (our previous station
was on flat terrain 200' from salt water towards Europe & Africa).

Lots of fun - some good runs on 15 Saturday. Also to a lesser degree on 20 and
40. Need to get the hang of SO2R. I really only used 2 radios about 10% of the
time. Just about the time I would get the other radio up a small run would
start and I would have to switch the headphones back. Really noticed contacts
would come in clusters - maybe it was packet - but I would go for 3 or 4
minutes and then have a mini-pile-up and then nothing and then 3 or 4 more at
the same time again. When the rate dropped below 50 I would S&P the packet
spots until I worked most of them then go back to calling CQ. Seemed to work

Quit at 08:30 with 78 sections (needed NL & PR) and about 650 Q's. Started in
at 14:30 on 15 with VO1 being my FIRST Q (spotted on Packet as I sat down at
the radio). KP4 called me about an hour later. Yippee - now I get a broom to
decorate the wall!!!

I had a goal of 1000 Q's and had that but there were two stations that said I
was a dupe but I guess I had fat fingered them as they were NIL (but they did
not want to work me again - oh well. Then a 3 min power failure at 23:45
followed by 0000 to 0200 really dragging and I was still some 50 Q's away from
1K. I was really discouraged and about to give up. Then things turned around
to bring me within 2 Q's of my goal.


Phonetics really help - especially the correct ones. A couple of dupes in the
log were due to people not using them. Also - being loud has its disadvantage -
especially on 15. Some stations were right in the noise (which on 15 was S-0
even with Preamp 1 on). This is a really low noise QTH and the QRN was about
S-0 on all bands for the most part. But the problem is you can hear stations
just barely out of the noise that maybe are using inefficient antennas on 40
and 75 or running low power (there were a LOT of loud QRP stations though) that
I imagine could hear me very well so they though it was the same on my end and
they didn't use phonetics.

The packet spotting was terrific - though there were a lot of busted calls the
last couple of hours. Also - it does no good to spot people who are S&P'ing. I
would get spots with 3 or 4 calls on the same frequency and none of them were

Can't wait for next year. Let's see - 1500 Q's ?
KY5R   Single Op HP   250,8802008-11-17 11:13:35
With the above result I am revitalized about SS from AL. My best showing ever
in 8yrs and 400+ Q's better than last year dismal result. At this point in time
the high bands = sections not Q's from the "Heart of Dixie". Great to see all
the activity on the low bands from this QTH. Very pleased with my antenna
efforts on 80mtrs(phased verticals and 2X700ft bi-di beverages). The RX
antennas really can nock down the QRM levels beside yeilding low QRN. Great to
work so many Q class stations on 80mtrs. Also looks like some good efforts from
other ACG (Alabama COntest Group) this year. CU next year for sure es TNX for
the Q's.
W7QN   Single Op LP   29,8122008-11-17 11:14:08
Antenna is a mobile whip.
N6BV(@N6RO)   Single Op HP   303,6802008-11-17 11:37:36
Call: N6BV
Category: Single Operator
Power: High Power
Band: All Band
Mode: SSB
Section: EB

160 0 0 -
80 131 262 -
40 675 1350 -
20 797 1594 -
15 295 590 -
10 0 0 -
Totals 1898 3796 80

Score: 303,680

N6RO antennas:

2-element 80-meter wire quads at 115 feet; 80-meter four square
4L40/4L40 on 40 meters, at 135/70 feet
5L20/5L20/5L20 on 20 meters, at 130/90/45 feet
6L15/6L15/6L15 on 15 meters, at 130/85/50 feet
5L10/5L10/6L10 on 10 meters: doesn’t matter now!

HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT
21 ..... ..... ..... ..... 151/37 ..... 151/37 151/37
22 . . . 43/10 67/6 . 110/16 261/53
23 . . . 77/7 . . 77/7 338/60
0 . . 49/7 32/2 . . 81/9 419/69
1 . . 96/0 . . . 96/0 515/69
2 . . 106/3 . . . 106/3 621/72
3 . 1/0 49/2 . . . 50/2 671/74
4 . 3/0 67/0 . . . 70/0 741/74
5 ..... 2/0 95/1 ..... ..... ..... 97/1 838/75
6 . 60/1 26/0 . . . 86/1 924/76
7 . 41/0 22/1 . . . 63/1 987/77
8 . . . . . . . 987/77
9 . . . . . . . 987/77
10 . . . . . . . 987/77
11 . . . . . . . 987/77
12 . . . . . . . 987/77
13 ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 987/77
14 . . 2/0 62/0 . . 64/0 1051/77
15 . . . 103/1 7/0 . 110/1 1161/78
16 . . . 5/0 67/0 . 72/0 1233/78
17 . . . 79/0 1/0 . 80/0 1313/78
18 . . . 65/0 . . 65/0 1378/78
19 . . . 101/0 1/1 . 102/1 1480/79
20 . . . 72/0 . . 72/0 1552/79
21 ..... ..... ..... 68/1 1/0 ..... 69/1 1621/80
22 . . 1/0 51/0 . . 52/0 1673/80
23 . . 2/0 39/0 . . 41/0 1714/80
0 . . 73/0 . . . 73/0 1787/80
1 . . 81/0 . . . 81/0 1868/80
2 . 24/0 6/0 . . . 30/0 1898/80
DAY1 . 107/1 512/14 639/20 294/44 . . 1552/79
DAY2 . 24/0 163/0 158/1 1/0 . . 346/1
TOT ..... 131/1 675/14 797/21 295/44 ..... ..... 1898/80

I started the contest rather bummed out. About 15 minutes before the starting
gun I noticed that the RF output from the second radio was way down. There was
no HV showing on my ancient homemade amplifier. The N6RO crew calls this
amplifier “Beastie,” a term of endearment. (It actually uses an original
prototype 8877 Eimac tube.) Beastie is homely but it has always been very
reliable, with a single minor failure (a wire broke, due to fan vibration) in
more than 25 years of contest operation. What could be ailing my ancient

I checked the fuses inside the amplifier and even tried to substitute another
amplifier in its place, but with no luck. Something had to be wrong with the ac
power at that operating position. Unfortunately, Ken Keeler, N6RO, the owner of
the station, had just left for a music gig, so I ran out of time to do any

Things started out hot on 15 meters, so I really didn’t miss full SO2R for a
couple of hours until it was time to get down to 20. Then, I found a relatively
clear frequency on 20 meters using the second radio and then interchanged the
main radio (with its AL-1200 amplifier) with the second radio. The lockouts in
the automatic SO2R bandswitching system made this a bit of a juggling act.
Naturally, by the time I finally got the main radio set up on 20, the frequency
had become occupied. Sigh.

20 meters was wall-to-wall, as usual. I finally managed to wedge myself in
between two loud stations and established a run frequency. I figured that 5
over 5 over 5-element Yagis were going to be loud, and a number of stations
commented that I was indeed loud. However, it kept every measure of persistence
to keep holding onto that frequency. The slow QSB would leave some received
signals starting out strong when they first called, but then they would fade
into the background at some point during the long Sweepstake exchange. Or else
a loud “Is this frequency in use” would blast over the weak signals,
followed by a semi-panicked “Yes, it is!” from me. Thank you to the patient
operators who had to repeat things three or four or five times until I got a
full exchange!

When Ken came back from his music gig about 7 hours into the contest, he
quickly found the problem circuit breaker and restored full SO2R operation. I
felt a lot better then but I was already behind my local competition.

Ken’s station is setup mainly for multi/multi contesting, with separate
towers for 40/20/15/10 meters and wires suspended from the towers for the other
bands. Since both Ken and I do Sweepstakes phone mainly to contribute to the
NCCC club competition (it’s not because we enjoy phone), he allows me to the
primary station in phone SS while he operates on a secondary basis. That way we
can generate two decent scores from the same 10 acres of land. As primary
station, I usually get the choice of which band to be operating on for any
particular time in the contest, but we try to maximize the overall score by
letting Ken have a hot band when I had pretty much worked it out.

While the sunspots remain low, there are generally only two bands open at any
time: 20 meters during the day (with occasional openings on 15 meters) and both
40 and 80 meters during the night. Ken has music obligations in the afternoon
and evening, so I get full use of the station until I retire for my six-hour
break after local midnight. Then Ken takes over during the wee hours until I
come back about 1400 UTC, 6 am local time. Then Ken goes to sleep and comes
back to secondary operation in the late afternoon. If I’m on 20 meters at
that time, Ken will take 15 and vice-versa if I’m on 15.

Sometime during the late afternoon, as I pressed F1 for my millionth plaintive
CQ on 20, I realized that Ken and I never actually work each other because we
don’t have an antenna on the band the other guy is using. So I found Ken’s
frequency on 15 meters (hint: he was loud!) and called him on a dummy load.
There was a brief pause while he figured out what was going on, followed by a
guffaw of amusement as we finally worked each other in SS phone for the first
time in the ten years we’ve been doing this dual operation from one QTH.

My thanks go to Ken and Jean for allowing me to use the magnificent facilities
at “Radio Oakley,” aka N6RO in Oakley, CA.

Oh, yes. Go NCCC!

I sure heard a lot of Maryland and Virginia stations in PVRC land on the air,
and a whole lot of guys in SMC territory too.

73, Dean, N6BV
VE3AD   Single Op LP   36,5402008-11-17 11:52:00
K9MMS   Single Op LP   43,9282008-11-17 12:12:58
Mostly S&P (85%). Missed ND, VE4, VE5, and PR. Briefly heard all four, but no
QSOs. Probably time to quit being stubborn and resort to assisted and
amplifier modes. Getting too old to waste hours tuning for mults and failing
to meet the goal -- not fun.
N2IC(AA5B)   Single Op HP   341,9202008-11-17 12:35:00
What a privilege to operate N2IC's very fine station in southwest New Mexico!
Thanks, Steve.

Was sick the night before SS, 1 hr of sleep and lots of bathroom time (TMI?).
Called Steve on Saturday morning to tell him I couldn't make the trip, but he
said "Think how bad you'll feel if 2 o-clock rolls around, you're not sick
anymore, and you're not sitting in front of the radio. Come on down!" Nuff

Had a slow start, but things picked up as I got used to the N1MM logger and my
gray matter slowly remembered how to run stuff on phone. Was happy to hear 15
meters open at all, but my decent numbers on that band are more a reflection of
my unwillingness to battle the crowds on 20. Seeing K7RL's and W7WA's comments
makes me realize I should've bitten the bullet and stayed on 20 more.

Great scores from lots of folks. Very sorry to hear that George/K5TR had to
hang it up after losing his voice. I know he loves this contest.

Oh, and this was the worst year ever for people not giving a complete exchange.
Ten times worse than last year. Some of you may not like the fact that you're
supposed to give your callsign somewhere in there, BUT IT'S THE RULE, DAMMIT!

It was fun being back in the trenches, but I need more practice ;-)

Bruce AA5Banana
AF6EV   Single Op LP   22,7502008-11-17 12:42:38
This was my first SS contest and I had a lot of fun participating. The exchange
proved to be quite a challenge at the beginning, but I got much more
comfortable with it as the contest wore on. I wasn't planning on operating much
in this as I had a lot going on this weekend. Every time I walked by the radio I
would spin the dial for a while and would always get sucked in as I would find a
lot of new ones to work. There was a lot of good activity and it was hard for me
to believe I worked 12 hours in this one.

I really appreciate all of the patience from you all in pulling my little
station’s signal out and dealing with some of the bungled exchanges from this
newbie. I do believe my operating ability got better as the contest progressed.

Radio: FT450 @100W
Antenna: Fan dipole at 25ft.
Software: N1MM

Thanks for all of the Q’s

73 de AF6EV
NR5M   Single Op HP   346,4002008-11-17 13:00:33
Almost 20 years since my last competitive entry and around 15 years since I
played around in the contest...first hour was a mess of QRM (started on the
wrong freq), QLF (all thumbs on the keyboard trying to get the data in the
correct fields)and CNTP (could not talk properly while typing).

Found my rhythm about and hour and a half in, and boy did I have fun for the
rest of the contest.


20:4-Stack K3LR OWAs 6 ele @ 195', 145', 95', and 45'; 4 ele Cushcraft @80'

40:2-Stack K3LR OWAs 4 ele @ 175', 105', and seperate OWA 4 ele @ 80'
800' Beverages N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW

80/75: Phased 4-Square NE/SW, Single 4-Square NW/SE, Wire Beams @ 130' NE/NW
800' Beverages N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW
K8BL   Single Op LP   148,0002008-11-17 13:30:13
I was coming to think I wasn't going to get PR and ND. PR was the most
difficult.....there were finally 3 of them on 20M late aftn on Sunday and they
all had massive pileups. My 756P3 has a triple bandstacking VFO and I had
each PR's freq in them and kept switching and calling. It was 15 minutes
I got one (KP3S)!! I was so stressed I took half an hour off and ate leftover

Ran across N0GF at the tip-top of 40M mid-Sunday evening and got him after
abt 10 calls. Whew!! That was #80. With about an hour left, a ND
called me during a run on low end of 80M he had a high number and I wondered
where he was hiding up until that point in the SS. He didn't say.

Most interesting QSO..... Finally hrd VY1EI with a decent signal mid-aftn on
Sunday - but, he was going by numbers and was on 4's!! I was counting to see
how many he would work so I could figure out when he'd be getting to 8's so
know when to jump back to his freq. All of a sudden, he says "Any 8's on
I jerked my foot to hit the footswitch and kicked it under the desk!!! Then,
freaking out, I stuck my leg way out and got it pressed with the toe of my
and called him. My voice was kinda sqeaky from my laid-out position and maybe
that made my signal stand out - he came right back to me through the pileup.
who says Ham Radio contesting is boring?!!!!!
K7ZSD   Single Op LP   221,8322008-11-17 13:59:31
This was a fun contest, I really enjoyed the great activity, and it kept my
adrenalin going. I missed PR for the sweep as did many others. I heard one on
the low end of 15m Sunday morning but the chaos was too much and running 150
watts was not going to cut the mustard. On 20m I felt like a go cart on the
track during the Indy 500, I kept getting run off the road. I went to 15m
several times to recover in the wide open space but the propagation was spotty
with low rate. The two 40m beams here and a beverage to the east worked great,
I actually felt loud at low power on the band. I went to 80m a couple of times
and felt like a mouse on a crowded dance floor and headed back to 40m.

The operators again this year were a pleasure to work. The vast majorities are
casual contesters, had low Q numbers, but gave the long report correctly and
with enthusiasm. I think contesting is alive and well. See you all next year.
K4RO   Single Op HP   9,4922008-11-17 14:19:47
I only was able to operate for about one hour Sunday night.
I called CQ on 3890, and once the pileup formed, I worked
about a hundred stations before I had to call CQ again.
THAT was fun. Looks like participation was up. FB ARRL.
Here's to the NEXT 75 years of Sweepstakes!


-Kirk K4RO
W3BP   Single Op HP   3,5702008-11-17 14:19:49
Can't do phone contests - my heard hurts after just a few Q's.
K6RM   SO Unlimited LP   44,1482008-11-17 14:24:08
K3/100 to a G5RV at 35 ft (average). Missed PR and SC. I'm happy with a score
that is my personal best by a significant margin. Ran into several folks
calling CQ and expecting callers to give their exchange info first - strange.
I usually don't use the spotting network and not sure it helped me that much.
Noted lots of discrepancies with two spots for the same station at the same
frequency. for examples, W5W vs W5WW, K0FVF vs K0FCF, K3(?)QQ vs N3(?)QQ,
K1BZN vs K1BZM. Can't belive how much overprocessed audio is on the air -
often leading to barely readable sigs, ESPECIALLY from hi-power "big gun"
stations that don't even need the "edge". Thanks for the Qs.
Barry, K6RM
N3ME   Single Op HP   67,8402008-11-17 14:32:52
Go PVRC! Thanks to all who participated.
W9SZ   Single Op LP   1,1202008-11-17 14:49:21
I got sick over the weekend and mostly lost my voice. I don't have a voice keyer
so I just tried with difficulty for about an hour. Better than nothing I guess!
VE8EV   Multi-Op HP   78,5402008-11-17 14:52:27
An old Inuit proverb says: “When the Northern Lights with my eyes I see, will
make my kilowatt QRP”

Sweepstakes from the high Arctic is a DX contest for us and particularly
challenging because all the stateside stations QSY to the low bands so
early to work their neighbours all night long with low dipoles. Our only
neighbours are a handful of KL7’s and VY1EI all about 1000 miles *south*
of us. To that end,we spent the week before the contest working on
amplifiers, installing big antennas for 40m and 80m, and praying for K=0
during the contest.

Our goal was simple: get a sweep and put as many stations in the log as
we could. I’ve been the last section for others many many times but never
even come close to a sweep myself. With all the 75th anniversary promotion
and VE8DW’s help in the second chair I knew this would be the year.

Conditions were good on Saturday afternoon. Worked a bunch of stations on
20m right before the contest (including a VE2) and got lots of reports
saying we were loud. After the opening bell we had some nice runs on 15m
and 20m in the first few hours. Then the local K-index shot up to 5 and all
our pre-contest plans went in the dumpster. Despite our best efforts we
only managed to put 20 Q’s in the log between 0100z and 0800z when we finally

called it a night and grabbed a few hours of sleep.

Conditions were still dodgy at 1200z the next morning but in between mostly
unanswered CQ’s we managed to get VO1MP, KP2TM and VY2LI into the log so a
sweep was looking like it might be a possibility. Finally, at 1730z
conditions improved, someone spotted us and we finally got a run going. The
bands started getting shaky again around 2100z so we took a break to regroup
and figure out what to do next. Our hastily installed internet connection
to the contest site would drop out every time we transmitted so with about a
dozen sections remaining for the sweep and 20m the only band open to the US
we decided to S&P, keep one eye on the packet spots and focus on multiplier
hunting. After only 45 minutes we were down to just six left and went back
to running in the hopes that they’d come to us. As usual, we found a hole in

the QRM and started calling with almost no takers. Finally we got spotted and
then the rate jumped from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye. When NP4Z called
in at 2002z I knew we were getting close. KP2 and KP4 are usually easy from
here on 15m but that band didn’t open at all on Sunday. After a nice little

run the aurora popped up again at 2227z (exactly) and the rate went back to
zero just as fast as it came up. I actually got up and looked outside to see
if an antenna fell down or a wayward snowmobile had snagged a feedline! Still

needing VE2, VT, SC and LAX we decided to take another 30 minute off-period
and get set up for the home stretch. I was pretty sure we’d find LAX
somewhere but after 20m closes the only hope for the last three would be
on 40m. Before we got back on the air I went out in the snow and re-tuned the

80m vertical for forty so we’d have that in addition to the 40m wire beam and

both positions would be able to S&P on the same band.

As I hoped, in the last gasp on 20m we worked AI6V to put LAX in the log.
At 0030z we took our last off-period and then turned our attention to 40m.
The good news was that the aurora had finally gone away and 40m was open from
coast-to-coast-to-coast. The bad news was that almost all the stations heard
were already in the log, and there was no sign of our last three for the sweep.
I made a half-hearted attempt at running in the last hour but the
band dropped off again and all we could hear was the fat lady singing.

So, no sweep for us this time. Next year for sure!

Highlight: Getting a brief auroral Es opening on 20m Saturday evening and
working VY1EI off the back of his beam to put our own section
in the log. Didn’t heard any other NT stations at all for the
rest of the contest.

Lowlight: The histrionics on Sunday morning about the US stations working
(minor) us being “out of the band” when we were running on 14.150. Any

modern radio that has a significant part of its signal *below*
the suppressed carrier frequency on USB shouldn’t be on the air

at all. I moved up anyway though, just to keep everyone happy.

Pet peeve: Logging software that won’t take NT as the section. The official

ARRL abbreviation for this ‘section’ has been “NT” for
almost ten
years. Before that it was NWT. It’s never been YT. Still, it
sounded like some were having issues when they tried to log us.
I ran into the same problem during SS CW.

I was amazed at the 2K+ serial numbers some guys were handing out towards
the end. Contesting must be even more fun down there than it is up here!
I was also surprised at the number of QRP stations in our log (almost a
I’d planned on pausing every once in a while during runs to listen for QRPers

but it looks like it wasn’t necessary. Working from inside the auroral zone

makes me very sympathetic to QRP ops. I feel your pain, lol.

All in all, we had an absolutely great time. Thanks to all for the Q's and
we’re already looking forward to next year!

John - VE8EV
Wally – VE8DW
N3GJ   SO Unlimited LP   48,0002008-11-17 15:16:16
Tnx all!
73, Geo
N8IE   Single Op QRP   67,1502008-11-17 15:29:21
This year was a lot like last year for me. I finished up 15 Q's from last year
and a little bit higher in total points.

I could not get a run on any band, but there were plenty of Q's to be had.

I missed OK for the sweep. I only heard one from my QTH and I just could not
bust the pileup.

See you all next November!
72, 73
Dan, N8IE
KØUK   SO Unlimited HP   1,3642008-11-17 15:33:20
I reclassifed my score due to asking for info on the KP4. I did speak with ARRL
on this issue. I brought it to there attention as this is what is right to do..
Hope others will take the same action to comply with the rules. Thanks PTL God
Bless, bill brown K0UK
W4NTI   SO Unlimited HP   26,2702008-11-17 15:40:05
Conditions seriously poor. Considering this was a close in contest I couldn't
resist working the VK3 long path on 20 at 330 in the afternoon. Oh well.
Had major trouble finding the close in stuff. Still managed 71 sections.
AE1P   Single Op LP   77,4002008-11-17 15:45:10
Had fun; Nice to see 80m and 15m in better than average shape,in fact,ended up
with only 8 Q's less on 15 than 20,and if more had used 15,probably would have
done better.
I agree with Paul,(N4PN),than 20m when running LP is just to tough,thank
goodness 80M made up for years antenna work will all be
concentrated on 80/40m.
Ended up with a few less Q's than last year, but was a "B" very happy with
this years results considering the space I have to work with and powerline
Nice to work a bunch of the usual "crowd".... :) ....
We'll see you in the next one....
NM2L   Single Op LP   28,2902008-11-17 15:53:59
Two wire loops and a 706 for about 5 hours of fun. Not enough time, but a good
W3PP   SO Unlimited HP   184,0002008-11-17 16:08:26
Operated U class, but about 2 hours into the contest, high winds took out my
dial-up service and lost access to spots. It came back Sunday afternoon just
in time for me to see spot saying that KP3S had just gone QRT to rest his toes.
I went to his abandoned freq on 15, pointed the beam south, and on the fourth
CQ, he answered. I had only needed PR since 0330 for a sweep, so was
pleasantly surprised when Jose came back. I offered him the frequency, but he
declined saying that he needed to take a break.

I am finding that I operate less and less each year in the phone portion of SS.
N1SXL   Single Op HP   36,5002008-11-17 16:15:47
I have learned what bands to use during a stateside only contest. I can handle
the AM broadcasters on 40m versus the crowding on 20m.
VE7FO   Multi-Op HP   54,8802008-11-17 16:29:01
All times local.

Station is the typical tri-bander at 45 ft and wires setup, all driven to a
whole 200W with a FT1K MkV. Only 65W on 15 due to an as yet unresolved
problem. 15 is coming on line now so better get that fixed.

Decide I'm going to concentrate on a sweep. However, VE7YBH (Phil) will be
coming over on Sat aft so figure he can run, which is more fun, and I'll S&P.
Also have a newbie coming over on Sun afternoon.

Started S&P at 1300 (2100Z). Log entries 4-7 respectively were NWT, SD, SD,
NWT. Now, THAT"S different from what usually happens. Phil arrived at 1500
and started running. 15 had died by then and 20 was an absolute zoo. I had
the preamp turned off and 12 dB of attenuation dialed in and was wishing for
the IM performance of the K3. By the time he left at 1700 we had 114 Qs and 49

I S&P'd into the wee hours hunting for mults. Around 0220 I was thinking I
should go to bed, needing only ND, NL, PR, VE2 and VE4. I wasn't worried about
NL, PR and VE2 (although I hadn't yet seen a spot for PR) but I was about the
others, particularly ND.

While thinking about this, I fell asleep in the chair. When I woke up I was
reaching to shut off the monitors and go to bed when I noticed a spot for ND.
Yahoo! - worked him easily and then went to bed at 0330, now feeling really
confident about the sweep.

When I got back to it (1030) I saw spots for two!! NL's, a VE2, a VE4, and PR,
a cheery sight indeed. Just knock 'em off and I'm done. That'll be easy.
Didn't take long to knock off the VE2. The two VO1's were both on 15. I could
barely hear them and they couldn't hear me. Couldn't hear the VE4 - sigh. Not
looking so easy now.

The PR was also on 15 and, in the bedlam, couldn't hear me either. (Don't think
I ever saw a spot for PR on Sat.) After a bit another PR came on 15 but he
couldn't hear me either. Finally, a third one came on 15 with a decent sig up
here who did hear me at 1150. Only took 22 minutes of continuous calling to
get him. Well, I do want that sweep.

It's now 1150 with VO1 and VE4 to go.

About 1130 another VO1 was spotted - also on 15. Same result. Then one of
them moved to 20. Same result. Finally, another was spotted on 20 at 1254 and
I snagged him at 1304.

Just VE4 to go. Really worried about this one as there's usually only one or
two on. Keep checking but still can't hear him in the QRM.

Yay - VE4EAR spotted at 1324. Boo - he's on 40, he'll never hear me at this
time of day with my 40 ft high dipole. Go check anyway. Yay - he's got a
decent signal. Yay - he's operating on 7124, outside the W phone band which
gives me a real chance. Boo - Doesn't seem to help, he's working lots of
simplex Ws. Boo - some W tells him to move up so Ws can work him legally. He

Call him anyway. Yay - Somewhere around 1340 he gets a partial on me. Boo -
unable to complete. He tells me to try later. I stop calling for a while so I
don't annoy him. Take comfort from the fact that HamCap tells me my chances
will be better in an hour. That's all very well but suppose his rig (or mine)
blows up before then? Or what if I have a heart attack and don't get him?
Start calling again.

Yay - at 1352 he hears me and is kind enough to take the time to point the beam
at me. He has trouble getting my exchange, though, because all I can seem to
say is SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP. Finally I calm down, we complete and he expresses
his pleasure at being part of making my sweep possible while I'm doing a lot of
jumping up and down and air punching.

Hah, now I can stop S&P and start running.

Got a newbie, VE7HAK, coming at 1400 or thereabouts so real happy to have the
sweep out of the way before then.

Jeff arrives at 1600 and finishes out the contest. He's been here before and
remembers a lot more about N1MM than I would have expected. Isn't too long
before he's S&Ping and doing his own tuning and logging. Started on 20 but
pickings were pretty slim so soon switched to 40. Lots of QRM which he has
trouble with. Next thing to work on is giving and getting fills.

All in all, I'm satisfied. Got the sweep and shared the fun with a couple of
other people. Score is slightly better than CW SS but nothing to write home

Getting a sweep using spots isn't really that big an accomplishment. I have
the greatest admiration for ops with stations like mine who get a sweep without
using spots.

73, Jim VE7FO
KK6MC   Single Op LP   92,3522008-11-17 16:49:05
It was nice to have 15M open. At the solar minimum 20M and 40M become nearly
unbearable for phone. 80M was very good as well with low noise here, although
more than in the CW contest. The number of stations with poor audio seems to
increase every year as do the unattended CQs of SO2R ops gone off to the S&P

As you can see, I nibbled around the edges.

Rig: TS-850 to dipoles/inverted vees at 40 feet.
K1BX   Single Op LP   221,4402008-11-17 16:53:12
Thanks to N4PN for posting my score already :)

This is the first contest in a long time where I did not work any dupes or
screw up an entry. 1334 was actually the last number sent and what I will

I did not think much of KP3S calling me early Sat. evening on 75m. But after
reading the posts, I owe him big time. This is the second SS SSB where VY1EI
was my first QSO. Last year I found him 5 mins before the test on 20m while
looking for a clear fq, same thing this year.

Almost beat my personal high in Q's of 1366 from 1994 in SD. Improved by 57 Q's
over 2006.

Condx were almost perfect from up here for this spot in the cycle. Some 75m
noise, but 20 was open to everything > 800 miles most of Sunday and sometimes
closer in. Activity was up as well. Best 40 meter condx I can remember.

Congrats again to W4AAA. Apologies to KN4DS, the washing machine RFI took him
out on 75m in the last hour.
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   30,0302008-11-17 17:09:30
An out of town business trip was cancelled at the last minute, so I was able to
squeeze in a few hours of S&P operating.

As always, it's a jungle out there on phone.

Thanks to all and cu on 160 CW next month.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
KTØR(KØOB)   SO Unlimited HP   176,7482008-11-17 17:13:45
Missed PR and ND. I took PR for granted with KE3Q there all these past years. ND
is too close to me to take for granted and it has sunk my sweep hopes before.

It was good to contesting as KT0R again. Thanks to everyone who said something
about Dave when I worked you. He is still very much missed by me and the MWA.


Greg K0OB
N3KHK   Single Op LP   22008-11-17 17:23:02
Rig.........: ICOM 756
Interface...: MicroKEYER II
Antennas....: 160M G6RV @ 40’
Logger......: N1MM Logger V8.11.0

Tried to run for over an hour no takers.

"Audio is so bad I can’t understand who it is . The audio is garbled and
muffled." from a fellow operator.

I had to give the exchange several times for the only QSO I had.

I am going to be putting up some new antennas and then start trying to figure
out what is going wrong.

I still had a lot if fun for my only QSO. One is better than none.

W4XQ   Single Op HP   4,7522008-11-17 17:35:50
Murphy struck again with antenna problems. Found a burnt trap on my A3S add-on
kit. Next contest...
W5RU(@KN5O)   Multi-Op HP   224,0002008-11-17 17:44:50
We shoulda' read the manual on N1MM in more detail. Had two stations, one for
run and the other for S&P. In the process, we managed to mess up the database.
Guess we should violate the rule that says "Never do today what you can put off
until tomorrow!" Anyway, we had fun. New radios, new antennas, new computers,
new folks contesting and a bigger learning curve. And as the saying goes,
there is always next year.

Some big surprises were:

1. Running into AE5T towards the end of the contest and learning we were
separated by only 20 Q's for our Section/Class. This is a big deal since the
ham population density here in swampland is miniscule compared to the NE and
West Coast corridors. Plus not always a lot of competition for the M/U classes.
Guess it'll come down to the error rate to see how we both did.

2. Learning the QRP-Master, Al Sinopoli, KC5R, (who is only 4 miles away from
us as the crow flies and who looks like will "three-peat" his overall winning
of the QRP Class), claimed 100 more Q's on 15M than we did - running only 5
watts! Geez, we gotta be doing something really, really wrong here! (In
fairness, guess we should also mention he seems to have beaten W6YI's claimed
Q-count on 15M as well, so now we don't feel so bad.)

3. Getting VI, PR, NL, ND and NT without having to fight pile-ups. What
happened here? That is really strange. Sometimes were lucky and they drop in
your lap.. But when you have to go look for'em, you expect to loose valuable
time in pile-ups.

Anyway, we did better on 80M than on 40M compared to last year at this QTH when
it was run by KN5O Sinlge-OP Unlimited. Although, we think we waited too long
to switch bands and establish a run frequency early which cost us points and
time. QRM on 20M and 40M seemed especially bad.. Do you think it could be
because we were driving two antennas, one to the NE and the other to the NW,
hmmm? Perhaps that was not such a bright strategy to have employed this year.

So thanks to all of you who gave us Q's.. Congrats to the Section/Division
Leaders/Winners and the guys who make the Top 10 in Class. We'll see ya' in
the next contest(s) for sure - assuming the XYLs let us go out and play.

W5RU - DeltaDX Association and member Louisiana Contest Club
(OPs, K1DW-Dallas, KN5O-Ted, W5KB-Keith, N5KGV-Ed)
KØADX(@NØKK)   SO Unlimited LP   63,7002008-11-17 18:00:17
This was my first contest by myself operating at home! I was scared ( remember,
I'm only 12 and operating alone for the first time) but I got the hang of it
after awhile. I wanted to do November Sweepstakes because I enjoy contesting, a

In the "Shack", there are 14 November Sweepstakes plaques on the wall that
belong to my dad. This really inspired me to do well because maybe one day, I
could have plaques hanging on the wall with "MY" call sign on them.

My goal was 500 Q's. I only got 455 because when I went to bed, I couldn't get
back up in the morning!! I was so tired! But once I got up and got onto the
air.. I was up and going again! I did manage to still operate for 19.5 hours
though the goal was 24. But dad says, "That"s still some serious BIC time!".

Some of the guys that I talked to who live in Minnesota, would say, "Hey there
Kirsten, say hi to your dad for me". I would just respond by saying, "Ok. No
problem. Go MWA!!!" HI

I am happy that I was able to contest and I definitely can't wait till he next
one and I hope to do better!!!

Thanks to all the ham's out there who encouraged me!!

~ K0ADX, Kirsten
WG4M   Single Op LP   5,9042008-11-17 18:27:44
Fun, even if time was limited. 73, Paul
K6NR   Single Op HP   185,4402008-11-17 18:44:34
I did very well on 15 meters, I am glad it was open so well both days and
I didn't have to spend more time on 20 :-) I had decent runs on 15, 20 and
40 but never could find a good place to call on 80. I need to retune my
vertical to work between 3600 and 3700! I also had a bad noise pop
up on 40 and 80 after about 9pm, it tended to wipe things out for me.

I had a heck of a time finding my last two mults, PR, and believe it or
not, Santa Barbara! Came across W6RFU in the last hours of the contest and
I could not hear him well. Managed a QSO.

Thanks for the QSOs,


Station: 1500 watts to: 5 elements @ 45' on 15, 4 elements @ 60' on 20,
4 square on 40, vertical on 80m.
K4SSU(NA4BW)   Single Op HP   302,5602008-11-17 18:46:27
This is certainly my best ever result in this contest. 80 was just spectacular
and 40 prior to and after the int'l broadcast was excellent as well.

I usually try to work 20 really hard, but it wasn't producing decent #'s so 40
and 80 became the focus. Participation was certainly up v. last year with many
07 and 08 checks! I had many many many many instances where the truly casual op
wanted to 'give me a point' but didn't understand the exchange and I was
delighted to explain the process to every single one of them. I'm sure that
cost some q's, but that also seems to have a way of creating it's own reward.

I do believe that I worked every ham in the state of Virginia and most of those
in MDC. There was an amazing and endless pipeline to that area of the country
all weekend with rock you out of your chair signals. Congrats on the FB effort
to get VA and MDC on the air this weekend.

As always many thanks to both Dave and Gayle for allowing me to once again
intrude on their weekend! 73 Brian NA4BW
NØJK(@NØJJK)   Single Op LP   5402008-11-17 19:06:05
Had to work both days of the contest. I was able to operate "mobile" from my car
parked on the roof floor of the Hospital parking garage Sunday morning and again
some Sunday afternoon during breaks. Nice sunny 60 degree weather helped.

Antenna: 2M "5/8 wave mag mount whip" on car with a MFJ tuner

Rig: FT-897 at 50 W

Despite the VHF whip being a very "marginal" antenna on 15 Meters, I made 27
Qs with it including 3 in PAC section! Signals were very loud at 1700 UTC from
California. A small "bump" in the geomagnetic field the evening before may have
NØKK(@NØAT)   Single Op LP   176,1702008-11-17 19:19:05
Thanks to Ron, N0AT, for the use of his station. I wish we would just once have
the propagation that the W7's and W5's enjoy. 2000+ Q's would be a blast!
NN4F   Single Op LP   22,6922008-11-17 19:30:25
Part time, effort on Saturday night due to work commitments. Had fun while on
did some s&p to start, then found a clear frequency on 80m and started to run
after about 10mins, I guess I was spotted, and SC seemed rare, pile-up lasted
for about 20mins and worked 150 stations. Still can't get used to the longer
exchange in Sweepstakes...perhaps next year I will plan the whole 24 hours...

ARRL SS SSB - 2008-11-15 2100Z to 2008-11-17 0300Z - 183 QSOs
NN4F Max Rates:

2008-11-16 0530Z - 3.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 180 per hour by NN4F
2008-11-16 0530Z - 1.8 per minute (10 minute(s)), 108 per hour by NN4F
2008-11-16 0558Z - 1.4 per minute (60 minute(s)), 81 per hour by NN4F

That was a some short sharp fun...for me any way

Equipment: Yaesu FTDX-9000D, FT1000MPMKV, 3 el on 40, 160m Dipole for 80-160,
Tower fed for 160. Didn't get to play on 20m with the 2 stacked 6 el, band was
already closed when I started.
AI4ME   Single Op LP   25,6682008-11-17 19:36:36
CREATED-BY: N3FJP's November Sweepstakes Log 4.5
CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: Donald Michalek
ADDRESS: 2437 Broomsedge Trail
ADDRESS: Virginia Beach, VA 23456
ADDRESS: (e-mail)
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0031 AI4ME 1 A 04 VA W0NO 403 M 99 KS

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0036 AI4ME 2 A 04 VA KP2TM 446 B 77 VI

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0040 AI4ME 3 A 04 VA NR5M 425 B 66
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0047 AI4ME 4 A 04 VA K6NA 495 B 89
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0049 AI4ME 5 A 04 VA K0HC 316 S 97 KS

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0053 AI4ME 6 A 04 VA NN7ZZ 432 B 77 UT

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0102 AI4ME 7 A 04 VA WC6H 501 B 71
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0106 AI4ME 8 A 04 VA K7RL 478 U 84
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0110 AI4ME 9 A 04 VA K5WA 514 B 65
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0128 AI4ME 10 A 04 VA W0SD 623 B 62 SD

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0130 AI4ME 11 A 04 VA KG7C 328 M 99 UT

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0137 AI4ME 12 A 04 VA W7RN 482 U 59 NV

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0220 AI4ME 13 A 04 VA N8II 564 B 70 WV

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0222 AI4ME 14 A 04 VA K4EU 414 B 64 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0225 AI4ME 15 A 04 VA W3GRF 466 U 36
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0226 AI4ME 16 A 04 VA WX3B 559 M 76
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0229 AI4ME 17 A 04 VA N3KS 481 U 75
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0233 AI4ME 18 A 04 VA K3MIM 413 B 89
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0236 AI4ME 19 A 04 VA KD4D 447 B 71
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0238 AI4ME 20 A 04 VA N4FX 277 U 62 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0509 AI4ME 21 A 04 VA KK1L 532 B 93 VT

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0512 AI4ME 22 A 04 VA N2MM 589 U 60
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0517 AI4ME 23 A 04 VA N2QT 387 U 70 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0519 AI4ME 24 A 04 VA NW8U 509 M 69 WV

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0520 AI4ME 25 A 04 VA W1MX 502 S 09
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0525 AI4ME 26 A 04 VA N4OX 815 B 76
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0526 AI4ME 27 A 04 VA K8YM 446 U 99 OH

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0528 AI4ME 28 A 04 VA K2PLF 632 B 55
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0533 AI4ME 29 A 04 VA K3WW 624 U 59
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0536 AI4ME 30 A 04 VA W4V 424 U 58 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0542 AI4ME 31 A 04 VA K1BZM 212 B 57
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0546 AI4ME 32 A 04 VA K1BKE 153 M 57 NH

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0551 AI4ME 33 A 04 VA K0TG 233 A 73 MN

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0553 AI4ME 34 A 04 VA N4QV 245 B 65
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0554 AI4ME 35 A 04 VA KU2M 282 A 66
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0555 AI4ME 36 A 04 VA N3UA 274 U 04 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0600 AI4ME 37 A 04 VA W3PP 658 U 63 DE

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0604 AI4ME 38 A 04 VA WA3RTH 312 A 72 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0605 AI4ME 39 A 04 VA KK9V 371 U 80 IN

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0606 AI4ME 40 A 04 VA KD4SN 228 U 78 KY

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0608 AI4ME 41 A 04 VA N4GG 384 U 61 GA

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0609 AI4ME 42 A 04 VA WK4P 391 B 92 NC

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0611 AI4ME 43 A 04 VA N0IJ 559 B 57 WI

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0620 AI4ME 44 A 04 VA VE3TA 700 B 59 ON

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0621 AI4ME 45 A 04 VA ND1X 360 B 81 CT

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0623 AI4ME 46 A 04 VA W3WPA 341 M 06
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0626 AI4ME 47 A 04 VA KA1ARB 836 M 78 NC

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0628 AI4ME 48 A 04 VA N2MF 569 B 71
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0629 AI4ME 49 A 04 VA K2Z 781 M 72
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0632 AI4ME 50 A 04 VA W8MJ 830 U 81 MI

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0634 AI4ME 51 A 04 VA WB9Z 930 B 71 IL

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0636 AI4ME 52 A 04 VA W1XX 819 B 54 RI

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0637 AI4ME 53 A 04 VA W4NF 826 U 75 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0639 AI4ME 54 A 04 VA K4SSU 860 B 76 GA

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0647 AI4ME 55 A 04 VA W1AW 806 M 38 CT

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0650 AI4ME 56 A 04 VA W2RE 866 U 88
QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0651 AI4ME 57 A 04 VA N4RR 423 B 65 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0653 AI4ME 58 A 04 VA N4CV 110 U 01 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0700 AI4ME 59 A 04 VA K8PO 780 B 55 ME

QSO: 3500 PH 2008-11-16 0701 AI4ME 60 A 04 VA W0BR 377 U 76
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0706 AI4ME 61 A 04 VA WA5ZUP 376 B 69 NM

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0708 AI4ME 62 A 04 VA WP2Z 906 B 58 VI

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0713 AI4ME 63 A 04 VA W0EAR 64 A 65 WI

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0714 AI4ME 64 A 04 VA K0TO 790 B 52 ID

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0716 AI4ME 65 A 04 VA KH7B 981 B 62
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0719 AI4ME 66 A 04 VA KC0MO 723 M 58 MO

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0720 AI4ME 67 A 04 VA WA1UJU 204 A 74 MI

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0722 AI4ME 68 A 04 VA W7WA 1131 B 70
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0722 AI4ME 69 A 04 VA K9BGL 853 B 55 IL

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0723 AI4ME 70 A 04 VA W5WMU 980 B 52 LA

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0724 AI4ME 71 A 04 VA N6HC 519 B 57
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0725 AI4ME 72 A 04 VA W6YI 1455 M 56
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0727 AI4ME 73 A 04 VA W4LT 539 A 76
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0729 AI4ME 74 A 04 VA NF9V 124 U 82 WI

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0730 AI4ME 75 A 04 VA N2IC 1156 B 68 NM

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0731 AI4ME 76 A 04 VA WD5K 384 A 62
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0732 AI4ME 77 A 04 VA AB5GG 259 M 91 AR

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0734 AI4ME 78 A 04 VA W6RK 550 U 83
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0736 AI4ME 79 A 04 VA N5UV 143 U 90
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0740 AI4ME 80 A 04 VA W6PZ 553 U 56 SF

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0743 AI4ME 81 A 04 VA K7ZSD 670 A 63 OR

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0745 AI4ME 82 A 04 VA K5RX 284 B 67
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0747 AI4ME 83 A 04 VA K0XTR 130 B 94 CO

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0750 AI4ME 84 A 04 VA K5NA 1240 M 58
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0753 AI4ME 85 A 04 VA N6BOB 244 U 60 SV

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0755 AI4ME 86 A 04 VA W6EU 776 U 58 SV

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0802 AI4ME 87 A 04 VA N7MZW 117 A 89 WY

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0810 AI4ME 88 A 04 VA NA4CW 136 A 60
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0821 AI4ME 89 A 04 VA W0TAW 98 M 03 NE

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0824 AI4ME 90 A 04 VA N0NI 967 M 77 IA

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0828 AI4ME 91 A 04 VA AC0W 521 A 69 MN

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 0837 AI4ME 92 A 04 VA NO6X 48 B 53 EB

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1403 AI4ME 93 A 04 VA WA3OFC 388 A 70 VA

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1404 AI4ME 94 A 04 VA K0KX 299 U 71 MN

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1405 AI4ME 95 A 04 VA W4KFC 867 B 33 VA

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1407 AI4ME 96 A 04 VA VA3DX 581 A 76 ON

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1407 AI4ME 97 A 04 VA KX2P 62 A 59
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1410 AI4ME 98 A 04 VA N6AR 177 B 59
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1412 AI4ME 99 A 04 VA W2PV 1265 M 59
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1415 AI4ME 100 A 04 VA K2NNY 1311 M 95
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1418 AI4ME 101 A 04 VA K9MOT 630 M 96 IL

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1419 AI4ME 102 A 04 VA W1GUS 255 B 05 CT

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1421 AI4ME 103 A 04 VA W3GH 669 A 53
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1423 AI4ME 104 A 04 VA K4ZGB 840 B 60 AL

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1424 AI4ME 105 A 04 VA K1BX 742 A 74 NH

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1425 AI4ME 106 A 04 VA NA4K 790 A 67 TN

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1431 AI4ME 107 A 04 VA W4AAA 975 A 78 NC

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1432 AI4ME 108 A 04 VA VA3XH 159 B 99 ON

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1433 AI4ME 109 A 04 VA KE2DX 101 U 93
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1435 AI4ME 110 A 04 VA W8OI 159 B 53 WV

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1437 AI4ME 111 A 04 VA K1LZ 854 M 69
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1438 AI4ME 112 A 04 VA N3KAE 151 U 91
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1439 AI4ME 113 A 04 VA KS9W 484 U 76 IL

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1440 AI4ME 114 A 04 VA NN1N 1146 B 77 CT

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1443 AI4ME 115 A 04 VA N4PN 853 A 53 GA

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1445 AI4ME 116 A 04 VA W8RJL 353 U 54 VA

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1447 AI4ME 117 A 04 VA W0EWD 286 B 77 IA

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1451 AI4ME 118 A 04 VA VY2TT 1335 B 02
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1452 AI4ME 119 A 04 VA W5RU 873 M 55 LA

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1453 AI4ME 120 A 04 VA W6YX 1091 B 24
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1455 AI4ME 121 A 04 VA N6BV 1044 B 59 EB

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1457 AI4ME 122 A 04 VA K0AD 497 U 61 MN

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1500 AI4ME 123 A 04 VA N4BP 690 B 55
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1510 AI4ME 124 A 04 VA K5JSW 42 A 06
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1517 AI4ME 125 A 04 VA N0QO 1055 B 07 CO

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1519 AI4ME 126 A 04 VA W5JJ 886 M 97 AR

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1521 AI4ME 127 A 04 VA K7PU 1027 M 73
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1522 AI4ME 128 A 04 VA K6YT 1054 U 62
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1524 AI4ME 129 A 04 VA WA7U 766 M 77 MT

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1529 AI4ME 130 A 04 VA K0HB 727 B 65 MN

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1531 AI4ME 131 A 04 VA KT0R 647 U 73 MN

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1531 AI4ME 132 A 04 VA N7TT 837 B 54
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1533 AI4ME 133 A 04 VA K1KO 353 U 82 VA

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1535 AI4ME 134 A 04 VA W5WW 1210 B 90
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1536 AI4ME 135 A 04 VA VE7CC 963 B 62 BC

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1539 AI4ME 136 A 04 VA N0KK 783 A 77 MN

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1541 AI4ME 137 A 04 VA N9RV 459 B 67 MT

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1544 AI4ME 138 A 04 VA AB7R 673 B 75
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1549 AI4ME 139 A 04 VA VE1OP 63 U 76
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1551 AI4ME 140 A 04 VA WA0KDS 480 A 64 AZ

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1553 AI4ME 141 A 04 VA K0EA 287 U 63 MN

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1554 AI4ME 142 A 04 VA K0ADX 184 U 08 MN

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1557 AI4ME 143 A 04 VA W5ASP 650 B 60
QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1600 AI4ME 144 A 04 VA VO1TA 118 B 96 NL

QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1601 AI4ME 145 A 04 VA VO1MP 449 B 77 NL

QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1606 AI4ME 146 A 04 VA NX7TT 208 U 72 ID

QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1609 AI4ME 147 A 04 VA N5DO 1070 M 60
QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1612 AI4ME 148 A 04 VA N7TR 401 B 76 NV

QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1613 AI4ME 149 A 04 VA NC0B 107 B 61 CO

QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1616 AI4ME 150 A 04 VA K5TA 934 B 66 NM

QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1621 AI4ME 151 A 04 VA K0UK 1115 B 60 CO

QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1625 AI4ME 152 A 04 VA W7ZR 590 A 54 AZ

QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1628 AI4ME 153 A 04 VA N0KE 228 Q 54 CO

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1635 AI4ME 154 A 04 VA N2NT 342 B 72
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1635 AI4ME 155 A 04 VA N2TM 137 B 73
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1636 AI4ME 156 A 04 VA KJ9C 467 B 62 IN

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1637 AI4ME 157 A 04 VA K3KO 176 U 60 NC

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1640 AI4ME 158 A 04 VA W3SO 557 B 00
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1640 AI4ME 159 A 04 VA N1LN 1064 U 64 NC

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1641 AI4ME 160 A 04 VA W4MR 1253 U 76 NC

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1643 AI4ME 161 A 04 VA KI4GUO 90 M 04 NC

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1645 AI4ME 162 A 04 VA KF4GDX 413 A 96 SC

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1646 AI4ME 163 A 04 VA W8TM 391 A 63 OH

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1647 AI4ME 164 A 04 VA N4ZZ 1152 U 57 TN

QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 1647 AI4ME 165 A 04 VA NT8V 878 M 61 MI

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1652 AI4ME 166 A 04 VA N0MA 551 M 95 IA

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1654 AI4ME 167 A 04 VA KE0L 325 U 93 MN

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1702 AI4ME 168 A 04 VA AE5T 870 M 89 LA

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1706 AI4ME 169 A 04 VA KD0S 1446 B 86 SD

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1708 AI4ME 170 A 04 VA W6BX 411 M 55
QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1712 AI4ME 171 A 04 VA KN4KL 204 M 86 VA

QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1723 AI4ME 172 A 04 VA VE5ZX 527 A 63 SK

QSO: 21000 PH 2008-11-16 1727 AI4ME 173 A 04 VA K0GAS 242 B 56 CO

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 1736 AI4ME 174 A 04 VA K6XX 1159 B 74
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 2136 AI4ME 175 A 04 VA N6DE 1514 U 90
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 2150 AI4ME 176 A 04 VA K6IAM 1152 U 07 EB

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 2152 AI4ME 177 A 04 VA N6EE 1145 M 55
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 2157 AI4ME 178 A 04 VA K6IF 1456 U 79
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 2159 AI4ME 179 A 04 VA N6KI 109 U 63 SD

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 2200 AI4ME 180 A 04 VA K6KR 856 B 59
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 2202 AI4ME 181 A 04 VA N5YA 1120 M 69
QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 2204 AI4ME 182 A 04 VA W0CEM 750 B 50 KS

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 2206 AI4ME 183 A 04 VA W6SR 525 U 65 SV

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 2210 AI4ME 184 A 04 VA W3TZ 561 U 57 AR

QSO: 14000 PH 2008-11-16 2212 AI4ME 185 A 04 VA WX7P 545 M 52
QSO: 7000 PH 2008-11-16 2215 AI4ME 186 A 04 VA K8CC 185 B 69 MI

N9RV   Single Op HP   91,6322008-11-17 19:45:49
Hard to contest on what might be the last weekend before snow. Good conditions,
everything worked OK. It was fun to work some guys on 15 meters. I even found
my microphone.

- Pat
N6CCH(@W6YX)   SO Unlimited HP   132,0882008-11-17 20:52:05
First off, thanks to all those that made contact with me during the contest and
to the Stanford Radio Club for the use of their station to work this contest.

This was a Sunday [PST time zone] only run and it was refreshing to hear and
work so many stations during the second half of this contest.

I was playing second fiddle to the W6YX call for antenna and band selection, as
the Stanford single op station was working the contest in support of a combined
CW and SSB entry.

Worked 15-80m bands with a nice balance of S&P and run activities.

Not a clean sweep, missed NL.

Again, thanks to all the stations that made contact with me and for their
patience when conditions were sub-optimal and fills or repeats were requested.

73 de N6CCH aka Rebar
WB1GQR(W1SJ)   SO Unlimited HP   286,4002008-11-17 21:14:36
After languishing in the 1500 QSO region for the last 5 years, it was real fun
to run up a big score once again. No new antennas, no new equipment, no great
operating changes; just plain solid conditions on 80 and 40 meters, the meat of
where SS success lies up here in the NE. I bailed out of 20 meters quickly this
time, choosing not to get bloody as the band goes long and shuts down early for
us. 80 meters was wonderful. The skip zone was very limited, no auroras to
squash signals, good West Coast signals and the noise level was manageable.
This allowed me to run up rates exceeding 100 Q's hour after hour. The
mid-contest rate was the highest I ever had, but I knew that the torrid pace
would not keep up on Sunday. Still, conditions on 20 meters were reasonably
good, considering how low the the sunspot numbers are. And, just as important
- nothing broke. This was a fun SS - and I haven't said that too often in the
last few years!
K6TD   SO Unlimited HP   9,0902008-11-17 21:33:14
Limited op - 08:12Z thru 10:45Z (1AM PDT).
N6EEB(WT6K)   SO Unlimited HP   50,9762008-11-17 22:27:15
The first twelve hours operating from WU6A's station were fun and enjoyable. I
find CW contest easier in regards to finding a 'hole' to make some mini-runs
and keeping a higher rate, relative rate...relative to my contesting skills.
Even so I find I do enjoy the SSB contests, as difficult as they are during
some periods of the contest.

Did better this year than last thanks to all your encouragement and support.
Finally, thanks for all the Qs from my fellow NCCC members.

Now, if I could run a coax from my QTH to WU6A's backyard.
K6WC   Multi-Op HP   104,6402008-11-17 22:42:54
Multi-one, due to conflicting commitments with both operators.
20m was a zoo. 15m was much more civilized.

Funniest moment: Hearing the PR station going QRT to rest his toes. (Yes, that
spot was mine.)

Best moment(s): Coaching new stations on the exchange so they could

Thanks to Greg for his KB station.

Very 73 de Donald
W6KC   SO Unlimited HP   80,1602008-11-17 22:53:53
I still needed 5 sections on Sunday morning: SC QC NL MB and PR. I had 6
stations from SC call me on 15M so that was easy...I found QC, NL and MB pretty
easily as well. Since there were no big guns from PR, that seemed to be the
challenging one this year. The PR ops I found seem to all be the casual ops
with low numbers and big pile ups. I finally worked KP4SQ and later my last
QSO was KP4ZY who was giving a check of 94 or 95...I picked 94 for my log.

Due to space limitations, I have a 40/80m trap dipole that works pretty well on
40m, but is just marginal on 80m. I usually just spend the minimum time needed
on 80m just to get my missing closer in sections. K6III answered my CQ on 80m
at 0724 and said that he would spot me because a lot of stations were still
looking for LAX. In the next 30 minutes I had the most incredible pile up that
I have every had on 80m...the rate peaked at 130/hr and I worked 59 QSOs in 34
minutes...that was fun and such a surprise given my antenna on that band.

It was nice to get sweeps on both CW & SSB on this 75th anniversary of SS. Per
my check of 59 I got my Novice license in that year at age year will
be my 50th ham radio anniversary. I still remember my first SS in 1960 and
look forward each year to another renewal of those good memories.


Jim, W6KC
N6YEU   Single Op LP   67,3062008-11-17 22:59:37
Not my best ss-phone. Missed SC,PR,MS,NL,QC,SK and NT.Mostly search and pounce
but was able to CQ on 15 pretty well and actually was able to squeese
in-between the qrm on 20 sunday afternoon for a nice run. 40 phone should be
N6DE(@N6TV)   SO Unlimited HP   271,5202008-11-17 23:00:07
Thanks to Bob N6TV for inviting me and for being such a great host! Bob can be
proud of the station he's assembled. Stations repeatedly commented all weekend
about the loud signal.

The K3s really shined. I wouldn't want to have used any other radio in that
QRM! I really need to spend more time with a K3 *outside* of a contest to
learn how to use the radio more effectively in a contest. Same goes with

I thought activity was up for this contest compared with past years. Good job
by KX9X with the SS publicity!

I beat last year's score by 306 QSOs.

Outstanding activity by recently licensed hams:

Sweepstakes Checks
Check QSOs Pct
05 31 1.8
06 36 2.1
07 44 2.6
08 26 1.5

Thanks to everyone for all the QSOs!

-Dean - N6DE
AL1G   Single Op HP   75,1182008-11-17 23:12:40
I sadly announce that during the contest I received a phone call with very bad
news about my husband Frank KL7FH. He had gone into a coma due to a burst
blood vessel in his brain. At that moment the contest ended for me. Frank
died the next day. Amateur radio has lost a great op and a very special man.
W7YAQ   Single Op QRP   67,9402008-11-17 23:18:40
K3 at 5.0 watts
3 el Steppir (with 40 dipole) at 70 feet
80 M inv V at 65 feet
160 M MA160V short top loaded vertical

This was challenging, humbling, and frustrating, but mostly fun. My search for
QSOs and multipliers led me to 160 where I found and worked VE5SF -- no
wall-to-wall SS QRM on that band! Even so, I was only at 66 mults when went to
bed at 0830Z. Until 1800Z I thought PA and DE had a massive power failure as
all 15 3-land QSOs were with MDC. Kudos to NP4Z for holding off his massive
pileup on 21340 at 1945Z to ask specifically for QRP stations!! Eventually
worked all but NL which I never heard ... surprising now that I see at least 4
VO1 posts to 3830.

I appreciated all the "Great Signal for QRP" reports until going 5 or 10
minutes before another QSO. I'm looking forward to getting the K3 digital
voice recorder!

Bob W7YAQ (CK 54)
K5YAA   Single Op LP   20,4482008-11-17 23:36:32
Limited to 40 meters by antenna switching problems. SS is a test that has to
have a few Qs made so got on for a few hours. 1s coming in early afternoon so
the band remains a money band during these times of low sunpots.
WT6K   SO Unlimited HP   26,5962008-11-18 00:14:37
Sunday I operated from my home QTH and it was slow going. My QTH is at the base
of Mission Peak along the East Bay Hills so no low-angle radiation to or from
the east. In addition my 80M antenna was down for repairs. I operated with
verticals on 15, 20 and 40mtrs. Between the hills and the verticals I noticed a
difference on how I was getting out compared to operating Saturday at WU6A's
station. Another factor I now believe was fatigue from lack of sleep and
exhaustion in general. I was not 'pushing' myself. I was in a 'slow motion'
mode by early afternoon.

I still had fun and I'm glad I operated from the two locations. My two days
combined score was an improvement from last year’s score.

Looking forward to doing it better next contest.

VE7IN   Single Op LP   107,5922008-11-18 00:50:21
Well a bit of a disappointment. I had hoped to match the one I got in 1983 for
the 50th Anniversary, wasn't to be.

I did hear a KP4 on 15 with quite a pile-up, but by the time I got his call he
had enough I guess and qrt'd. Never heard any VO's, I knew some would be on,
but just didn't get together.

It was fun to get back in contesting with more of an effort, a lot of things
need to be done here in the way of repairs and also station reconfiguration.
Looking forward to trying my K3 out in the CQWW CW at the end of the month,
stayed with the FT-1000D for SS.

Thanks all for the Q's.
K1PY(@W2TZ)   Single Op LP   131,9362008-11-18 07:27:34
This year was a repeat of the odd situation of last year when WNY was a "rare"
section! Seems hard to believe, but hey, we'll take it! And it's always nice to
be appreciated for the contact.

Tks to Fred W2TZ for the use of his antennas. I brought my little K3 down to
give it a real test, and it performed superbly.

Tks to all for the contacts. Sometimes it's a tough go at low power, so each
and every Q is appreciated.

See ya in the next test.

Vic K1PY
NS9I   Single Op HP   40,2562008-11-18 07:45:25
I was off/on for the contest, did mostly S&P to hunt for multipliers. Was fun!
Never seen 75m so busy.
WZ8T   Single Op LP   75,6142008-11-18 07:52:43
Too sick to operate the first night. Loss the voice for an hour twice on sunday
and finally quit an hour early.

Was able to run on 80 meters a little but was run off my frequency by a typical
big gun after an hour.

Heard 2 of the 3 missing sections but was unable to work them.

I really have to get that computer voice keyer hooked up.
KG7C   Multi-Op HP   73,3502008-11-18 09:59:53
I can't believe I could not work my neighbor to the north (ID). But all in all
my best effort in SS thus far. Had the chance to have a young ham and two
non-hams in the shack. We introduced them to contesting. Never to soon to bring
along the next generation! Had a great time. CU next year. Also CU in the other
contests this season. Mac, KG7C
N6XG   SO Unlimited HP   91,3602008-11-18 10:13:28
First sweep ever.
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   92,0402008-11-18 11:52:14
Stayed Single-op QRP, no packet, and made more contacts than
during Sweepstakes CW with packet.

Missed PR and NL, but had heard them both at various times
with pileups I couldn't bust with a half-dozen QRP calls, so
I moved on.

I had problems with PTT keying on one radio, so had to scramble
to swap to the other radio at times when it acted up - always
in the middle of a valuable contact!

Helped several newcomers through the exchange.

I started on 15m for a great two hours, and had another good
four hours there on Sunday, which is why it has the majority of
my contacts. Maybe I should forget low-bands QRP and just sleep
more. 20m was a jungle, with people stacked two or three deep,
and lots of jockeying to find and hold a frequency. The QRM made
exchanges very slow, with lots of fills. 40m and 80m was initially
hard work, but by late evening it was possible to work anyone I
could hear above S7.

Lots of good ears, so thanks for listening for my QRP signal.

NN7SS (Op K6UFO Mark)

80-meter half-sloper
40m: Cushcraft 40-2CD yagi at 50ft
20m: 3-el SteppIR at 50ft
15M: C3 Tribander at 55ft
Two Yaesu FT-1000MPs turned down to 5 watts
Writelog software and W5XD Multi-keyer

QSO by hour and band.
80 40 20 15 Total Cumm OffTime
D1-2100Z - - - 52 52 52
D1-2200Z - - - 37 37 89
D1-2300Z - - 27 - 27 116
D2-0000Z ---+- ---+- 26 ---+- 26 142
D2-0100Z - 10 1 - 11 153 30
D2-0200Z - 7 - - 7 160
D2-0300Z 14 - - - 14 174
D2-0400Z - 6 - - 6 180
D2-0500Z - 15 - - 15 195
D2-0600Z 11 10 - - 21 216
D2-0700Z 14 5 - - 19 235
D2-0800Z 17 2 ---+- ---+- 19 254 25
D2-0900Z - - - - 0 254 60
D2-1000Z - - - - 0 254 60
D2-1100Z - - - - 0 254 60
D2-1200Z - - - - 0 254 60
D2-1300Z - - - - 0 254 60
D2-1400Z 2 1 - - 3 257 49
D2-1500Z - 4 13 - 17 274
D2-1600Z ---+- ---+- 6 19 25 299
D2-1700Z - - 8 38 46 345
D2-1800Z - - 5 39 44 389
D2-1900Z - - - 47 47 436
D2-2000Z - - - 48 48 484
D2-2100Z - - 17 3 20 504
D2-2200Z - - 23 - 23 527
D2-2300Z - - 23 - 23 550
D3-0000Z ---+- 5 17 ---+- 22 572
D3-0100Z - 7 1 - 8 580 32
D3-0200Z 3 7 - - 10 590

Total: 61 79 167 283
W8RJL   SO Unlimited HP   80,0002008-11-18 14:15:02
Last two for sweep was LAX and ALabama but later worked more of both. Strongest
signal worked on 75 was K4SSU in GA, WOW I thought he was in my back yard. My
first contest with the PRO3 and I sure like the filters, BPT and Notch.
Equipment and antennas: Pro 3, TL-922A, Heil Proset, 80 Vee, 40 dipole, SteppIR
3 ele Yagi @ 30 feet and N3FJP logging software. Thanks for the Q's. 73, Ron
W4LT   Single Op LP   173,6422008-11-18 14:17:33
Missed sweep by one, but happy with the score.

My appologies to those who heard me calling CQ on 20 but I couldnt hear due to
intentional QRM to me on my frequency. Sometimes, you just *have* to stand up
to the playground bully.

Scads of QRP stations this year! Thanks for the Filter/DSP tuning experience!
Most of you guys are tenacious!

This was my all time high score in this contest. Enjoyed sifting through all
your calls in the really deep pileups you all made for me in WCF early on, its
nice to be wanted! :)

See you all in the Florida QSO Party April 2009! GO FCG!

KP2TM(K9TM)   Single Op HP   362,5602008-11-18 16:12:42
First a really big thanks to Stan K8MJZ (operated WP2Z) for stopping over
earlier in the week and doing some tower work that I couldn't do. Omar caused
some damage to the antennas but nothing too bad considering the 115mph
sustained winds!

This was a 100% single radio event. I think I only had 7 band changes. Until
the last couple of hours, I was on pace to go over 2400. But as I've
experienced in the past things dry up and there just isn't anyone left to work.
There are some band transition challenges that occur from KP2 that one doesn't
have to deal with from W8. I'm hoping this gets better as the sunspots return.
I did a better job of managing off time this year.

I really enjoy SS and I really enjoy being somewhere warm. Thanks for all the

In a non-radio related story, it has take
K6IF(@N6NF)   SO Unlimited HP   277,9202008-11-18 16:41:31
I'd forgotten how bad things are on 20 and 40 - my ears still hurt :-) I ran
the K3's with the bandwidth between 1.8 kHz and 2.1 kHz all weekend, and still
had a very difficult time with the QRM.

I'd hoped for a personal best this year from Tom's wonderful mountain top
station, but it wasn't to be. I got off to a very tough start, and was 80 q's
off my previous best pace after 4 hours. I clawed all of that back by the time
I went to bed, but couldn't get anything going Sunday morning and fell behind

Amazing local competition kept me going during the mid-day doldrums - hearing
N6BV, W6YX, WC6H, N6DE and K6YT all pounding away pushed me through.

For the first time that I can remember, I had to go after mults. Neither PR
nor NT called me - and without the packet I probably wouldn't have found them.
What was the story with WP3R anyway?

K6IF was:

K3 + AL-1500
K3 + Alpha 77
C-31XR's at 45' and 85'
Mag 340N at 75'
Mag 180S at 90'
K4WES   Single Op LP   34,3362008-11-18 18:33:38
It was great to hear so many PVRCers on the air and see so many scores! I
worked an EPA who said "there are a lot of NC stations on the air".

This was my first time working NT and my best score to boot. The last hour I
was actually able to run on 80m for about 30 minutes and I was working over 1
station per minute. LP is a challenge, but it was fun, especially after
working the NT whom I found Sunday afternoon CQing on 20m. I missed sections
MS, OK, OR, ND, QC, and PR. I almost had PR, whom I found on 80m just at the
end of the contest and he went QRT. If I worked him, I would have gotten the
free magnet. :-) Like someone mentioned, it is amazing to hear the silence on
the air at the end of the contest. :-D

Go PVRC!!!

73 de k4Wes
WE9V   SO Unlimited HP   161,7602008-11-18 18:52:36
My worst start ever. I had done a bunch of work outside
and was tired upon coming back in the house. I decided to
take an hour nap before the start of the contest. Well,
the alarm clock didn't go off at all, and I ended up sleeping
for nearly the first three hours of the contest. Starting
the contest at 00z wasn't very motivational. 40M was already
too long, so I started on 80M. For some reason, whether it
was more noise (normally around S9 here), weaker signals,
or just a plain ol' bad attitude from the late start, I
simply wasn't having any fun. I only managed a 70-ish
rate for my first hour. Horrible. I thought this was
going to go down as my worst SS ever. I turned off the
radio at 02z, only 8pm local, with only 100 QSOs in the
log and spent some time with my family instead.

I then had a great night's sleep, and made my family
breakfast in the morning. After that, I thought I'd
give this radio thing another try. 40M in the morning
was nice. But then I was dreading trying to pack all
these people into the 20M band. I was relieved to find
the start of the 15M opening, and even more happy to
find that it included some short skip, and a lot more
room than on 20M. So things are going better, I'm
enjoying radio again, and in walks AA9DY into the
shack. I had mentioned to him that he should stop
by to operate a little. He never confirmed nor set
a time, so to see him standing there kinda surprised
me. So I set him up with a radio and let him at it
for a couple hours and a couple hundred QSOs.

After he left, I went to 40M and had an amazing
Sunday afternoon run. I had a 151 hour!!! Sunday
afternoon. Too cool.

Highlight of the contest has to be the story of
me working my last mult. For some strange reason,
I decided to do something I pretty much never do.
I asked if there happened to be any Kansas stations
around. I never do this because I know the odds
of a particular station listening to you at any
instant in time is pretty much nil. But I couldn't
believe my ears, nor stop laughing, when the
station that called me that moment was N0QE in KS.

I ended up sitting in the chair until the end of
the contest, although it only netted me 11 hours
of op time. I had a much better time on Sunday
than I did on Saturday. I didn't even get a
chance to turn on the TV (right next to the shack
monitors) to watch my Packers tromp the Bears.

Thanks for the Qs!

Chad WE9V
KN4KL   Multi-Op HP   60,1602008-11-18 19:51:24
Equipment: Pro-III, Alpha 87a, KLM 10-30MHz LPDA, 2 el 40, and wire for 80
Sweep at 1452, called VE4 for #80
K6NA(N6ED)   Single Op HP   331,0402008-11-18 23:00:10
Definately an action packed contest this year.

The bands were alive and well despite the low solar numbers. Good activity
from all sections (a little lower than usual from fire struck SoCal). We were
constantly keeping an eye on the hills behind the NA QTH since the area is bone
dry and the winds were kicking up to 40mph at times. Reminds me of the super
thunderstorm that I operated through back in 2004 to make my best ever SS
score. I was hoping for some of that weird luck again this year.

I started off super well, with a 163 hour but QRM and a slammed frequency, my
second hour dropped below 100. It was one of those kind of weekends,
constantly battling stations that were not super serious but put out serious
signals within my skirts. Made for a real rough go at times. I'm thinking of
hiring a couple of the pig farmers from 14.300 next year to help me police my
run frequency. Those guys are persistent and they "GIT'R DUUUUUUN"!!!!

Congrats to W7WA, NR5M, and N2IC ops for making the win competitive.
Say, when is KP2/KP4/KH7 gonna be treated as DX? (age old question I know)

As usual, Glenn and his wife are superb hosts. I ate right, had a nice bed,
and the station ain't too shabby either.

Thanks to all you guys for stopping by to pass some traffic this weekend. I'm
now looking to next year more than ever!!! Let's keep the momentum bringing
all those new ops to the contest, more trinkets, brooms and such!!

73 de Craig, N6ED
KC9LC   Single Op LP   36,7202008-11-19 03:25:18
Band QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 120 240 28
7 97 194 25
14 30 60 18
21 8 16 1
Total 255 510 72

Score : 36,720
K4XD   SO Unlimited HP   160,1602008-11-19 03:38:02
Here we are at K4XD, Sunday afternoon, with 79 sections in the log, sounding
only slightly desperate (OK, sounding really desperate):
"See Cuuuuuuuuuue, Seeeeee Cuuuuuuue, Seee Cuuue, See Cue. See Cue SS...
looking for Puerto Rico .... has anyone seen PR?!?!" I actually considered
taking up a quick collection to buy one of our friends in SFL a plane ticket to
PR. After so much talk about how hard it was to bag NT during CW SS, who would
have thought PR would become the "rarest section" just two weeks later?! But
based on cluster "not-spots" (my term for a 'spots' like "KP4XXX" with the
comment "NEED PR!!!!") and comments heard from many ops, it was in the
most-wanted column Sunday afternoon. It sure was in mine. How did it all come
out? Read on and see.

For some reason, SS has become one (two?) of my favorite contests, if not the
favorite. This is a total change for me, as I got into contesting because it
seemed like a good way to collect DX entities (and it is), and then slowly got
sucked into watching my totals climb, trying to beat myself year-over-year in
the same contest, and even surprising myself with a couple of section and
division wins in what I call the "little pistols need some wallpaper too"
categories. Categories like the IARU single op mixed-mode high power NC, a
tightly fought race with one contestant, me! Hey, no one who looks at the
framed "#1 in NC" certificate will know the difference... but SS is its own
little world -- nothing else seems to get the clubs as fired up, provides a
playing field where little pistols can rack up some nice scores, takes
mult-chasing to a high art (how many people even try to work every possible
mult in CQ WW??), and hey, it comes with its own start on a place setting, the
highly prized Clean Sweep Mugs. This year in genuine imitation lead crystal,
no less!

I think having SS start late Saturday only adds to the excitement, because you
have all day Saturday to check and re-check your station, get pre-game jitters,
try (and fail) to nap so you can still vocalize the convoluted exchange at 2AM
without getting tongue-tied, and in general annoy the heck out of your family
who give you that funny look that says "should we just humor him or is it time
to seek professional help?" After all, you are just going to sit at the radio
"like always" and say the same thing, over and over and over, with no one else
in the room, sounding increasingly agitated, and... hmmm, maybe it is time for
professional help!

So you get the picture of my pre-SS Saturday. Tinkering with the DVK, trying
to decide whether to run the sound card voice keyer through WriteLog that can
automate an entire QSO, or the better-sounding, to my ears, one in the EZMaster
that is limited to only four messages and can't do the serial numbers, etc. I
did an on-air check Thursday night and everyone thought the sound card one was
fine, so I decided to let that be my default. I had WriteLog configured so I
could do a totally automated, microphone-free QSO or automate any part of it,
from the CQ to the exchange to parts of the exchange. It's really pretty cool
how flexible WriteLog is in this regard. Stick "%C
<number.wav>%<exchange.wav>" in a macro and WriteLog happily spells out the
other guy's call (%C), sends the wave file that says "number", then sends the
serial number, then the pre-recorded exchange file with precedence, call, check
and section. I tried several variations during the contest -- the totally
automated version does sound like "robo-ham" and probably doesn't do much to
attract the casual band-scanner, but it sure helps when the XYL serves you
breakfast (thanks!) but it's shredded wheat (uh-oh... look thankful). Just try
SSB contesting with a mouthful of that.

I think the best overall combination was to use the recorded CQ, then say the
other guy's call and the serial number part of the exhange, and then punch a
key to let WriteLog send the precedence, my call, check and section. It
probably sounded a little disjoint, but I noticed many others doing it that
way, and I had zero requests for fills on the pre-recorded part of the exchange
so it must have been easy to copy.

Antenna-wise, my Spiderbeam is up about 45' on an AB-952 military "launcher"
mast, and turned by a mighty Channel Master rotator that normally works just
fine. But I added a thrust bearing to reduce stress on the rotor and the thing
hasn't worked right since. The thrust bearing is binding, and as a result the
direction the mast is pointing slowly gets out of synch with what the rotator
control says. After a couple of days I'll notice that Europe sounds really
weak when it should be blasting in on 20M after dawn, and when I go look at the
antenna, it's pointing S or SW instead of NE. I was going to remove the thrust
bearing Saturday morning but it was rainy and windy, and in one of my saner
moments I decided standing on the wet rungs of a 12' ladder and man-handling a
pair of crossed 32' long antenna booms was probably not the brightest idea. I
figured I was going to use the beam to work the West coast for the most part,
so I just pointed it at northern CA and was glad that a Spiderbeam is the
equivalent of a 3 EL Yagi, i.e., it would paint a pretty big swath of the left
coast with enough RF to get the job done.

OK, it's almost time ... gentlemen, start your radios! Twenty minutes to go
and you could feel the excitement building on the bands... like race car
drivers spooling up their engines and taking test laps, you could hear people
"warming up" a frequency ("well, it's 2050 UTC on a Saturday, of course I
always get on 20M and start running stations for random fun, don't you?"). The
signals were dancing on the Icom 756 Pro II's scope, and I watched as the holes
between signals slowly began to disappear... no wonder everyone starts getting
nervous about ever getting a good run frequency and jumps on early -- they're
right! To make sure I didn't jump the gun, I went to the US Naval Observatory
time page (Google "Naval Time" and you'll get a link to it) and made sure my PC
and radio clocks were synched up with the good old USNO. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. Go!
My pre-game strategy was simple -- spin the dial up the band on 20M and find a
nice clear spot to run, rather than S&P'ing my way up the band and finding that
all the "frequencies are in use." OK, start tuning. Panic! All the frequencies
-are- in use! If there wasn't a station every kHz, it was only because there
was someone with a 4 kHz wide, S9+40 signal covering that slot up. OK, a
choice low frequency was not to be found -- spin the dial like mad and see if
there is anything higher up. Aha, looks like a valley on the Pro II scope at
14265, right between two mountains of RF on either side. Nestling in between
these stations I could just about hear myself think, so I punched the CQ button
in WriteLog and in rolled the West. I managed to hold the frequency for 50
minutes and 59 Q's, then got squelched by a neighbor and slid up the band for
ten more Q's. Squeezed out again, I couldn't find a hole and S&P'ing was
s-l-o-w, so I jumped up to 15M to see if I could get something going there. I
did -- a bit slower than 20M at the start, but managed another 50 minutes and
40 q's.

I run Bandmaster on a second monitor because it displays the cluster spot notes
right on the band map, making it easy to see things like VY1EI's presence. I
saw him spotted and dropped my 15M run to go work him -- success! Even though
I had a long way to go for a sweep, it felt really good to get NT in the log
before 0000 Sunday. That was the only section I missed in SS CW.

Around 2315 I went back to 20 and got 30 more Q's in 30 minutes on 14183. I
checked out 40M but I was too late -- I could not find a decent run frequency
and ended up spending about 30 minutes trying different things, none of which
worked very well. At 0040 I bagged 40M and went down to 80. On the positive
side, I had half of the 80 sections needed for a sweep in the log, including
ND, NT, PAC, MT, ID, EWA, WY and the sometimes-elusive SB!

I surveyed 80M to try and decide where to play. 3800-3810 has been described
as the "prime real estate" but it was already packed. 80M has enough space
that I wasn't panicked about finding a slot somewhere, so I did some S&P to
sample the band. Pretty much heard the whole eastern half of North America,
from SFL to ME, and WTX to MN. Reminds me of a comment I heard Sunday evening
on 80M from a MI station -- "what a band, I can sit here and work the whole
continent!" I guess living in the "RF black hole" has at least one high

So after what was, in retrospect, probably entirely too much S&P, almost 2
hours worth, I settled in at 3798 and started running. Probably a dumb
frequency to pick, right below the Generals, but it was open for a while and in
I went. Had a good 30 min stretch there but a big gun decided he liked my dumb
frequency choice. I could still be sitting there now calling CQ and "proving"
that I could stand his splatter, but it was kind of pointless. While somewhat
satisfying to hear him asking for lots of fills, I couldn't hear people
answering me, so I decided discretion was truly the better part of valor and
tucked my antenna between my legs and slid on up the band, in search of a
friendlier place to CQ.

The sight of all those unworked stations on the bandmap led to another hour of
S&P (when will I learn?), followed by a twenty minute run on 3737 that netted
as many Q's as the hour of S&P.

Unlike last year, 80M "worked" for relatively local contacts throughout the
evening. MDC stations were loud, and NC stations were fine too. I heard
nothing west of TX until 0308, when an SJV and an SV popped up. Throughout
this period, although I had SO2R, by the time I got everything ready for a QSO
on the second radio, I had another QSO that needed attention on the primary rig,
so I only made a couple of Q's an hour on the second radio. The guys that can
blast through two bands at once, alternating rigs, have my full respect.
That's a skill that has eluded me so far...

Although I did use the DVK, I also just said the exchange a lot -- and as the
night wore on, and wore me down with it, I noticed that the exchange took so
long to say that my mind started wandering in the middle of saying it. I would
catch myself, the way you do if your mind is drifting during a long boring drive
to work, and suddenly notice that the light had changed... but now I would
wonder what my mouth was saying, and whether it was still putting all those
letters and numbers in the right sequence or if I was muttering gibberish like
a mad man. Other than having someone ask for my precedence and having me give
them my check, I don't think my "robo-mouth" got too far out of synch.
Somewhere right above my spinal chord there are now some nerve endings that
know how to do a SS exchange without calling my cerebrum for help.

80M began stretching out after local midnight, and stations from WWA to ORG
started to appear. My rate stayed above 30 with bursts over 50 until about
0700, at which point I began having those two, three, and four minute dry
spells. The ones that feel ten, fifteen, and twenty minutes long. It was
getting harder to keep my eyes focused. I rationalized to myself that I like
working the pre-dawn stretch on 80M so I decided to pull the plug at 0730, with
400 Q's and 75 sections in the log and a goal of catching 3 hours sleep.

Four and half hours later, I was back at the dials. Yup, when the alarm went
off at 5:30 the logical half of my brain said "you like that pre-dawn stretch
on 80M but you like your pillow better" and so there I stayed for a ten minute
snooze that lasted an hour and a half. I guess that thing about sleeping in 90
minute long cycles has some merit.

Finding a run frequency on 80M at 1200 was a piece of cake compared to the
night before, and being 4.5 hours older and commensurately wiser, I ignored the
urge to S&P my way merrily up the band and went straight to work, letting
WriteLog's DVK CQ its little heart out on 3748. MS called in at 1218, which I
didn't realize at the time would also be an elusive section for many. Section
76, four to go: AK, PR, SK, MB. MB had been a little tricky for me in years
past, but I didn't give a second thought to the other three. Little did I

At 1330 80M was slowing down, and I figured if I didn't get up to 40M soon I
was going to miss a slab of stations that don't do much on 80, so up I went. I
decided to run at the high end of the band, and found a hole at 7279. Boy was
that a good idea. 2 hours and 200 Q's later, I think I worked more 2x3 calls
than I had in the whole previous contest, and over half of my Q's were with
stations with serial numbers under 100. Very interesting element to the
strategy!! I'm beginning to "get the picture." Yes, you guys have told me all
this, but "seeing is believing."

Oh yeah, my run was broken once -- by a spot of MB on 20M, which I pounced on
and worked in two minutes. I was sure that was the last "tough one" and I
would easily put AK, PR, and SK in the log by the afternoon. Oh how naive...

At 1730 I decided to have a look at 15M, and it sounded so nice and quiet
compared to 20M I decided to give my ears a rest and spent a half hour there
with some S&P. At this point the "where the #$@? is PR??" spots were starting
to show up, and some of the guys I ran across on 15M were talking about needing
it as their "last one" but PR was no where to be found. I ran a spot history
search on PR and got a sickening feeling -- not a single contest spot for PR
since the start of SS, at least nothing in my cluster history database. Uh-oh.
My worries were momentarily interrupted by a spot of SK, and he was pretty
easy to work with only a short wait. Two to go...

OK, time to take a 30 minute lunch and strategy break. AK and PR... hmm, which
way to point the beam?! Would be nice to have that independently rotatable
stack... I came back from lunch and saw a spot for Corliss, AL1G. On an
extremely sad post-contest note, I read her 3830 writeup and learned that she
received a phone call during the contest and learned her husband Frank KL7FH
had suffered a burst blood vessel in his brain. He passed away the next day. I
don't know Corliss but have had a couple of SS QSO's with her and I am truly
sorry for her loss. Corliss is an extremely patient and good op. Bless her,
she was working stations in the middle of a monumental amount of splatter and
QRM. My first few calls didn't bust the pile, but she seemed to be willing to
listen through the mess and I could hear her about 80% of the time. Then
someone suggested she should QSY and it was a good move -- only about 1 kHz up
the band and I could hear her almost 100% of the time. I managed to get
through the mob in a couple more tries and now it was down to me and PR,

I saw a spot from someone running on 15M saying a PR station had called him for
his sweep, so I jumped back to 15M, a few kHz above the lucky sweepster, turned
my hexbeam to 142 degrees (the hex rotor worked), and started CQ'ing like my
sweep depended on it. Thanks to the broad pattern of the hex, basically a 2EL
yagi, I was able to work stations from EWA to SDG while pointing at PR. But 45
minutes went by, and no PR Santas stopped by to deliver my sweep. And then I
saw it... a spot of a PR station running on 15M! I abandoned my run frequency
like W3LPL had just moved in half a kHz away, and headed for the PR spot. This
should be easy, PR is usually one or two calls at most. Eegads, not this time.
The pileup was reminisicent of the mobs calling VY1EI during CW SS. KP4SQ was
patiently working stations, but it was slow going through the QRM and the mob
was getting anxious, starting to call on top of the other guy's exchange,
forcing KP4SQ to ask for repeats, and when the mob heard one guy call, then
another, they all broke loose like ships in a storm. On top of that, his
signal was starting to take some dips. Please, please, don't QSB away or go
QRT! I would have understood completely if he had, the crowd was really
unruly. I was starting to get nervous that this was my last chance, and even
running QRO, it was only to a hexbeam and it was clear from the mob that I was
a real little pistol in that pack. I decided it was time for Spider Power!
Unfortunately, my Spiderbeam was aimed west or even a little northwest, and
while I'm sure it would have worked the KP4 in the clear, this was hardly in
the clear. So I ran out into the yard, and exercised one of the nicer features
of the AB-952 military mast -- the "oil changer" handle and strap that lets you
rotate the whole mast by hand! Dead reckoning was good enough for this
maneuver, and I aimed that puppy right at the beautiful beaches of PR.

I ran back to the shack, switched antennas and the KP4 was now LOUD! Yes!!! I
tuned up and got him on the second try. Sweep! Why is that such a good
feeling? We humans are pretty goal oriented -- and when you think about it,
pretty easy to please in some ways. We like our gold stars, merit badges,
certificates, plaques and special coffee mugs!

Now I felt a little relaxed. I could just run, run, run, help my club with as
many points as possible, but I had reached "the goal" with 767 Q's and 80
sections in the log. I had only taken 5 hours off at this point, so still
needed to take another hour, leaving 6.5 hours of operating to go. For a big
gun station, breaking 1000 Q's would be an easy goal at this point, but my rate
had slowed to 20 or 30 an hour and I could do the math -- even at the high end,
with 30 an hour, there just wasn't enough time left on the clock to make 1000
Q's likely.

I spent a little more time on 15M, then about half an hour on 20M, but by 2100
it was getting slow and I was thinking that I spent too long on 20M Saturday
afternoon, and I better head to 40M then and there. My second really good move
of the contest. 70 Q's in 60 minutes, most on 7253 where I found a spot between
two broadcasters that really seemed to work. I could hear them some in the
background but it was like listening to a radio in another room in the distance
behind closed doors, and all but the weakest stations were able to call me with
great copy. Plus, the two big broadcasters were loud enough to keep the
frequency clear on either side of me, but they caused much less QRM than a
couple of SSB splattering runners would have.

Speaking of the weakest stations, I was generally impressed by the QRP signals
I heard, although that may be a self-selecting phenomenon. Many were stronger
than a lot of the "low power" stations. Antennas, antennas, antennas. (and
location and propagation). It seems like I asked for a lot fewer repeats this
year than I did last year. Not that I didn't ask for a lot, because I did, but
overall it seems like I asked for a lot less. Maybe it's the K9AY... or
conditions, or both.

My 40M run was still going nicely at 2211 when my XYL informed me that the
guests were here for dinner, and knowing I still had to take an hour off, I
decided once again to let discretion get the better of me and reluctantly
pulled myself away from a 70+ / hour rate to take that 60 minute hiatus.

When I returned to the dials at 2313, I headed down to 80M with 860 Q's in the
log. 140 to go to hit 1000, and almost 4 hours to do it. But I recalled that
the last hours can be S-L-O-W with rates in the teens, so it still looked like
a real stretch to me. One oddity of WriteLog that I had to deal with was that
it "loses" serial numbers when you run SO2R. I think if you switch to the
second radio and fill out the info for a Q but don't complete it, then go back
to the first radio and make some Q's, then go back to the second radio and wipe
the unfinished Q, that number is gone. I don't think this is a bug -- it makes
sense, but the result is that I was giving out serial numbers that were higher
than the number of Q's I had actually made. Fortunately the gap was small --
it ended up as a gap of 24, but it meant that I was handing out QSO number 1000
when I really still had 20+ to go.

Enter 80M, the band that keeps on giving! Two hours of mixed S&P & running,
then things started slowing down, not looking good... In the middle of all
this, a PR station called me! I told him if he wanted to the most popular guy
on the band, start CQ'ing. He laughed, said "73 my friend" and wisely
continued S&P'ing.

With an hour and a half and 80 Q's to 1000, and a rate dipping below 20/hour, I
had to try something different. My normal WriteLog-powered CQ is short and
sweet -- "Kilo Four Xray Delta, Sweepstakes!" Works fine if you are getting
answered every couple of CQ's, but starts sounding like a broken record if it
runs for five minutes without a reply. I suddenly remembered something one of
my club-mates said about trying to make the CQ sound appealing and friendly to
the casual band scanner. My "robo-CQ" was anything but. So I hit the Escape
key, stepped on the foot pedal, and did my best "friendliest ham in the
neighborhood" CQ spiel -- "CQ, CQ, this is Kilo Four Xray Delta calling CQ
Sweepstakes, CQ Sweepstakes, anyone anywhere, Kilo Four Xray Delta Sweepstakes"
with enough inflections and stumbles to make it obviously live and not
recorded. Wow, it was like throwing bread crumbs into a Koi fish pond!
Suddenly stations were everywhere, I even had mini-pileups with three or four
callers. The rate meter started climbing and even topped 80 / hour! I was
stunned but kept drinking water to keep my vocal cords alive and crooned out
the most sugary CQ's I could muster. Continuing the fishing analogy, I guess
you need to use the right bait to catch the fish you're going after -- a
hard-core contester will bite a bare hook, but a bass wants a juicy night

To make a long story slightly shorter, with 10 minutes to go I was at 985...
with 5 minutes left I was at 993... and at 0258 I hit 1000! One more in the
log at 0259 and I finished with 1001 Q's. Whew!!

Wish I knew for sure if it was just the fact that it was the last hour, or if
my "sweet talking" was the real motivator. But you know what I'll be doing
next time... when it slows down, kill the robo CQ and get on the mike. Now I
need to ask Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler to clue me in on how they keep their
voices going after that much abuse!

Of course with log checking I'm sure my number will drop back under 1000, but
it was still fun to hand out a serial number with four digits for a little
while. I improved on last year's SS SSB score by almost 200 Q's, so the
station and operator are improving (or was it just conditions!?) Next time I
need to put a big note on the screen: "Hi -- this is K4XD talking to you from
the future, at the end of this contest. Stop S&P'ing and start running, we
need the Q's!"

Thanks to everyone for the Q's, the sweep, your patience during my fumbles, and
a great SS!

Icom 756 Pro II
Tokyo HyPower KW amp
MFJ-998 autotuner
Cobra Ultralight Jr. for 40, Sr. for 80
Homebrew hexbeam at 35'
Spiderbeam at 50'
Yaesu FT-857D for a coupla second radio Q's
Bunch a little boxes doing random integration and filtering stuff

Rowland K4XD
W7PP   SO Unlimited HP   59,0402008-11-19 04:17:20
Working MS "by number" for a sweep was unreal. Some found money won't buy a
contact! Thanks to those that pulled me out of the noise. CU next year.
VY2LI   Single Op HP   96,3802008-11-19 06:33:52
Anyone who has played the card game Cribbage, is surely familiar with the
expression 'died in the stink hole',meaning you are one hole from pegging
out.Well that best describes this contest for me.Around 20h Sunday, I was
sitting at 77 sections,when VE7KS and K7XC (NV) called in for 78 and 79.What
had started out as a very casual effort,mainly to fly the MCC flag and help out
with MAR,had quickly escalated into my first realistic shot at a sweep.

But separating me and the sweep was that elusive PR section.I had heard them
once on 15 with a huge pileup.And I was handicapped with a beam stuck on the
NNW heading.Worked great for NT and AK, but I knew I was in trouble when it
came to PR.Who would have thought? VI-no problem,even several KH6, but everyone
seemedlooking for PR.For several hours, I spun the dial; reverted to running
again,hoping they would need MAR,but to no avail.May have been my best shot at
the Sweep.Oh,well,as the Maple Leaf fans say,'wait until next year'.

Despite the very busy bands, I did not hear much friction and did have the
satisfaction of hearing at least one station thanking me for a sweep (lucky
them!).Thanks for the calls and hope we got into your log.73,Bill
KZ1A   SO Unlimited LP   31,2442008-11-19 06:57:04
No a bad effort considering an OCF dipole only.
N7WI   Single Op LP   75,0402008-11-19 11:36:08
This was my best score yet in this contest, it was a lot of fun. Thank you all
for the Q's and tnx to VO1MP (NL) & N0GF (ND) for getting on the air and giving
me my Clean Sweep near the end of the contest!
KØHC   School Club HP   236,4802008-11-19 14:09:29
After spending Thursday evenings practicing logging, QSOs and pileups, and after
"warming-up" in the Pennsylvania and California QSO parties, and after
installing an additional Butternut vertical and 30 ground radials for the
search and pounce station, the 8-student Hesston College Amateur Radio Club
team (all non-hams) was more than ready to go!

We got off to a slow first hour (43 and don't ask!), but things had to get
better and did as we got into the swing of things. This year, all the students
took turns operating both the search and pounce station and the run station and
enjoyed checking off sections as we got closer to the magic 80. As many others
have reported, PR was hard to find this year, but we finally broke through a
pileup and worked NP4Z at 1943Z on Sunday which resulted in significant
additional QRM in the shack with the expectation of a 75th Anniversary Clean
Sweep mug for all. Later, another PR station called us on 40m, which left only
NL as a solo section this year.

As always, it was fun working and chatting with other schools: W1YK, W8SH,
N9YN, W1MX, N0UNL, K4FAU, W6YX (great job!), W8EDU and N5XU. Welcome to W5ZD
(Texas A&M), N4VVJ representing Eastern Mennonite University in VA, and a nice
surprise to work local K0KU (Kansas University) for the first time as well.
From Keith, Taylor, Tessa, Donovan, BJ, Levent, Chris and Sam: THANKS for all
the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College Amateur Radio Club
N2WF   Single Op LP   15,0062008-11-19 16:20:50
W1CRS   Multi-Op HP   70,5602008-11-19 19:21:55
Operators: W1CTN - Dave
W1RPG - Bob

Rig: FT-2000 Field
Amp Supply LK 500 ZA 1 KW

Antenna: 80 Dipole
40 Dipole
40 Vertical
20-10 T10 Log Periodic

Lots of fun and food...For more details see out ARRL soapbox entry
WA6O(@N6XG)   SO Unlimited HP   105,7982008-11-19 23:50:33
Great thanks to Walt, N6XG, for hosting me for the contest and allowing me to
use his wonderful station.
W4QG   Multi-Op HP   239,2002008-11-20 08:21:00
Great contest! Money bands were 20m and 40m as expected. Lots of local noise on
75m on Saturday night but some improvement on Sunday.

What Sunday doldrums?!? Several 90 hours on Sunday and a lot of 70 hours.

Lots of MDC/DE/EPA/VA/NC/WV stations on from PVRC...the unlimited club
competition between PVRC and NCCC has driven participation way up for the rest
of us.

FT-1000MP + Alpha 87A @ 1.5kw
3-ele SteppIR @ 70'
40m SteppIR Dipole @ 70'
80m Inverted Vee @ 67'

N1MM Logger
WT8C   Single Op LP   40,7362008-11-20 10:00:56
S & P only. Could not hold a frequency against the hi-power guys. In it for
the fun and hopefully for a sweep but no luck. Never heard PR, ND OK or MS.
Must be my old ears.
WØNO   Multi-Op HP   304,3202008-11-20 10:43:38
Band conditions were very good for us in Kansas this year. Bands were very
crowded but that is good for SS. Thanks for all the Qs....

W0NO - Allan
AB0S - Tim
K0WA - Lee
K0FJ - Mike
NØQO   SO Unlimited HP   283,3602008-11-20 12:21:18
I am still very new to contesting and making many mistakes. My exchange was
based on single op hp but I received help on the air to get the last section I
needed for a sweep section which was ND. I called the ARRL Monday morning and
learned that this was against the unassisted rules. Therefore I am changing to
the Unlimited category.

I worked from Jim (W0UR's) station. I am not sure I did his tremendous station
justice but I had a great time.

Ken, N0QO
W5KFT(WM5R)   Single Op HP   275,5522008-11-20 14:34:03
Station W5KFT:

Beverages - 900' long, fixed 30° (NE), not terminated

80 - Sloping dipoles - NE, NW from 150', SE from 135'

40 - Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 150', rotatable
Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 70', fixed NE

20 - Hy-Gain 204BA @ 157', rotatable
Hy-Gain 204BA @ 105', fixed NE
Hy-Gain 204BA @ 53', fixed NE
Hy-Gain TH7DXX @ 75', rotatable
Hy-Gain TH7DXX @ 45', fixed NW

15 - Hy-Gain 155CA @ 135', rotatable
Hy-Gain 155CA @ 90', fixed NE
Hy-Gain 155CA @ 45', fixed NE

Radio 1: Kenwood TS-850SAT, Ameritron AL-1500
Radio 2: Kenwood TS-850SAT, Ameritron AL-1200
Headset: Heil Proset
DVK: W9XT Contest Card
Software: TR Log 6.78
Other: Ameritron RCS-8V switches, ICE bandpass filters,
Top Ten Devices DXDoubler, WX0B SixPak, CDE rotors

Thanks to Bryan W5KFT for letting me operate from his station
in the Sweepstakes again. We took a lightning strike last
spring that broke a few things in the shack. The only thing that's
still not repaired is the Top Ten Devices band decoders, so I
had to remember to manually switch the SixPak and the bandpass
filters this time around. Fortunately, there are relatively few
times in the Sweepstakes when one has to change a radio to another
band as an SO2R operator.

On Saturday, I had an acceptable rate starting on 20 meters,
but making the transition down to 40 meters this year turned
out to be a disaster. It wasn't until sometime in the 0300 UTC hour
(probably when a lot of east coasters had already migrated to 80
meters) that I got going again. This was my worst Saturday
performance in a long time and it just kind of demoralized me.
There's literally no way to recover in this contest if you have a
couple of bad hours on Saturday.

My Sunday was a lot more variable than previous years - instead of
having consistent 60-70 hours, I would have a few hours well
above 70 QSOs/hour and then a few well below that. In the end,
I had marginally more Sunday QSOs this years than last, but not
nearly enough to make up for what I lost on Saturday.

I never found a Puerto Rico station. Based on post-contest
discussions with others, I should have checked 15 meters earlier
on Sunday than I did.

I finally beat K5TR in a contest, but I don't think I can let
this one count.

---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
21 0 0 138 0 138 138
22 0 0 111 0 111 249
23 0 6 99 0 105 354

0 0 87 0 0 87 441
1 2 80 0 0 82 523
2 22 39 0 0 61 584
3 0 83 0 0 83 667
4 0 98 0 0 98 765
5 0 95 0 0 95 860
6 8 59 0 0 67 927
7 42 12 0 0 54 981
8 11 11 0 0 22 1003
9 0 0 0 0 0 1003
10 0 0 0 0 0 1003
11 0 0 0 0 0 1003
12 19 6 0 0 25 1028
13 1 64 0 0 65 1093
14 0 16 48 0 64 1157
15 0 0 62 0 62 1219
16 0 2 70 0 72 1291
17 0 0 40 7 47 1338
18 0 0 11 39 50 1388
19 0 0 32 2 34 1422
20 0 0 67 3 70 1492
21 0 0 91 0 91 1583
22 0 2 43 0 45 1628
23 0 8 49 0 57 1685

0 0 32 6 0 38 1723
1 0 21 0 0 21 1744
2 0 0 0 0 0 1744

TOTAL 105 721 867 51

Distribution by section
1. Oh 106
2. Il 105
3. Va 105
4. Mn 73
5. Mdc 71
6. Nc 61
7. Mi 61
8. In 48
9. Wi 48
10. Sv 45
11. Scv 41
12. WWa 37
13. On 35
14. Ga 33
15. Ct 32
16. Tn 32
17. Ep 30
18. NFl 29
19. Or 28
20. WNy 26
21. ENy 26
22. NNj 24
23. Em 24
24. Sjv 24
25. Sc 23
26. Co 22
27. Org 22
28. Nh 21
29. WPa 21
30. SFl 21
31. Mo 21
32. Ky 21
33. WcF 20
34. Eb 18
35. SNj 17
36. Nv 17
37. NLi 15
38. Az 15
39. Sdg 15
40. Wv 14
41. Lax 14
42. Ks 14
43. Ia 13
44. Al 13
45. WMa 12
46. Ut 12
47. Sf 12
48. Mt 12
49. Id 11
50. Ri 11
51. Ne 10
52. Ew 10
53. STx 10
54. NTx 9
55. Sb 9
56. Sd 8
57. Mar 8
58. La 8
59. De 7
60. Wy 7
61. Qc 7
62. Me 6
63. Bc 6
64. Vt 6
65. Ak 6
66. Ab 6
67. Ar 6
68. NNy 5
69. Sk 5
70. Ms 5
71. Pac 5
72. Nd 5
73. Mb 4
74. Ok 4
75. Nm 4
76. Vi 2
77. WTx 2
78. Nt 2
79. Nl 1
W5WMU   Single Op HP   256,3202008-11-20 15:34:04
Family obligations interfered with my best effort in a while..Next year God
K6VVA   SO Unlimited HP   21,0802008-11-20 19:12:49
Although I was QRL with other matters, I turned on the rig shortly after SS
started just to have a proverbial listen.

Almost on the same frequency were AK, MAR & ND Mults. This got the adrenalin
flowing a bit so I put on my headset and jumped in. I worked AL9A & VY2TT
right away but ND got away.

Shortly thereafter, I ran across VE8EV in NT. In spite of him C-L-E-A-R-L-Y
saying 'Who's the Victor Victor Alpha?' several big signal {explicative
deleted} LIDS kept slamming away and the VE8 came back to one of them.

Selfish out-of-turn-caller LIDS have always been my biggest distaste for ham
radio (especially DXing). Before my blood pressure went through the roof, I
turned everything off while muttering 'What a bunch of {multiple explicatives
deleted}' and realized again why I so dislike SSB anymore. I went back to
doing more important non-radio things and life became more peaceful again.

However, I did get back on later for several short stints and found fewer LIDS
on 75m in the evening hours. Also made a few Q's as KL8C/W6 LP with a hand
mike from Locust Peak while up there briefly on Sunday afternoon. Too many
requests for repeats using LP, so I signed off and enjoyed the Sunset with a YL
friend who made the trek with me (which was partially a Recon mission in advance
of the arduous tasks of installing a bunch of Waterbars on the steep 1.3 mile
dirt road two days later). It will be interesting to see how these road water
erosion mitigation efforts play out in the next big storm.

73 & Tnx for the Q's...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
WAØKDS   Single Op LP   142,2402008-11-21 17:27:15
Let's do it again next year with more frequencies.
W8DC   Multi-Op LP   11,7302008-11-21 19:17:37
Good way to introduce new hams into contesting. We had lots of fun. Found out
after the fact that the antenna had SWR> 3 over most of the bands, which was
the reason the tuner had to be reset every 15 KHz or so.
KO7X   SO Unlimited HP   108,2642008-11-22 00:34:27
Heard and missed PR, VE4.
W8DQ   Single Op HP   21,9242008-11-22 12:59:30
Great Contest my first real effort, Exchange is really neat,
hope to work it next year, 73s
W1ZM   Multi-Op HP   32,2802008-11-22 13:54:52
Recent visit to see Jerry/W1ZM again coincided with phone SS. At 94 Jerry's
hearing isn't quite what it used to be (altho he still has an excellent ear for
CW), I did the bulk of of the operating while ZM supervised. Quite a few people
said "Hi Jerry", "is that really W1ZM?", "nice to hear you on again". but
"check 29???" seemed the most common comment. I think Jerry appreciated all who
said "hello". We ran 20M single-band with a TS950SDX, SB220 combo to a homebrew
roof-mounted vertical. Had a good run on Saturday but slow on Sunday. Just a
very part-time effort between some chores, some golf, some food, and some beer.
Another great trip.

73, Mark K0EJ
N3MK   SO Unlimited HP   40,7162008-11-23 15:01:18
From Chincoteague Island NA-083
KG5VK   Multi-Op HP   175,5202008-11-24 08:30:23
Our rates were down overall this year
Prob because many of our OPS had changes in work schedules and had to work late
the nite b4 the contest
We had a blast !
WA7PVE   Single Op QRP   27,7382008-11-24 09:50:00
nothing like beating yourself over the head. doing things the hard way. to make
a contest fun.
WBØJDQ   Single Op LP   11,3602008-11-25 08:59:02
NAME: John Polson
ADDRESS: 1765 So. Shoshone St.
ADDRESS: Denver, CO 80223
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V8.10.6
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-19 1624 WB0JDQ 0001 A 65 CO W6DRX 0003 B 69
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-19 1625 WB0JDQ 0002 A 65 CO VE5ZX 0009 B 63 SK

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-19 1625 WB0JDQ 0003 A 65 CO K7VPN 0009 U 73
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-19 1626 WB0JDQ 0004 A 65 CO VE7CC 0014 B 62 BC

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-19 1627 WB0JDQ 0005 A 65 CO AB7R 0015 B 75
QSO: 14200 CW 2008-11-20 1604 WB0JDQ 0006 A 65 CO N6IAM 0030 U 07 EB

QSO: 14200

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1615 WB0JDQ 0008 A 65 CO W6YX 0092 B 24
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1616 WB0JDQ 0009 A 65 CO W7PU 0044 B 05
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1616 WB0JDQ 0010 A 65 CO W7WA 0115 B 70
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1617 WB0JDQ 0011 A 65 CO KA1ARB 0092 M 78 NC

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1617 WB0JDQ 0012 A 65 CO N8FC 0031 U 79 MI

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1617 WB0JDQ 0013 A 65 CO K4SSU 0012 B 76 GA

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1618 WB0JDQ 0014 A 65 CO N8II 0169 B 70
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1618 WB0JDQ 0015 A 65 CO VE3TA 0104 B 59 ON

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1618 WB0JDQ 0016 A 65 CO K5WA 0036 B 65
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1619 WB0JDQ 0017 A 65 CO WX3B 0154 M 76
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1620 WB0JDQ 0018 A 65 CO N6DE 0115 U 90
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1620 WB0JDQ 0019 A 65 CO K4MIM 0103 B 89
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1621 WB0JDQ 0020 A 65 CO N5XU 0126 M 78 NC

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1621 WB0JDQ 0021 A 65 CO W3LL 0087 B 61
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1622 WB0JDQ 0022 A 65 CO W8RE 0073 B 48 MI

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1950 WB0JDQ 0023 A 65 CO W1NG 0097 U 59 ON

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1950 WB0JDQ 0024 A 65 CO W2RE 0100 U 88
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1950 WB0JDQ 0025 A 65 CO WZ8T 0051 A 89 MI

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1951 WB0JDQ 0026 A 65 CO W6KW 0052 B 58 SV

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1951 WB0JDQ 0027 A 65 CO N6EEB 0077 U 56 EB

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1952 WB0JDQ 0028 A 65 CO W6YI 0404 M 56 SD

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1952 WB0JDQ 0029 A 65 CO K6WC 0048 U 71
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1953 WB0JDQ 0030 A 65 CO K4SO 0107 U 70 VA

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1953 WB0JDQ 0031 A 65 CO W6BX 0175 M 55
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1954 WB0JDQ 0032 A 65 CO W6PZ 0241 U 56 SF

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1954 WB0JDQ 0033 A 65 CO K6YT 0275 U 62
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1955 WB0JDQ 0034 A 65 CO W6XU 0045 U 72 SF

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1955 WB0JDQ 0035 A 65 CO N6HC 0135 B 57
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1956 WB0JDQ 0036 A 65 CO KL7AA 0309 M 47 AK

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1957 WB0JDQ 0037 A 65 CO VA7ST 0102 B 82 BC

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1958 WB0JDQ 0038 A 65 CO WA6O 0186 U 75
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1958 WB0JDQ 0039 A 65 CO K6SV 0182 B 69
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1959 WB0JDQ 0040 A 65 CO W4UAT 0157 B 58 EB

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1959 WB0JDQ 0041 A 65 CO K6IF 0308 U 79 EB

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 1959 WB0JDQ 0042 A 65 CO K6KR 0251 B 59
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2000 WB0JDQ 0043 A 65 CO K7RL 0334 U 84
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2012 WB0JDQ 0044 A 65 CO K7WA 0055 A 59
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2013 WB0JDQ 0045 A 65 CO N6KT 0047 U 75
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2014 WB0JDQ 0046 A 65 CO K6KLY 0058 B 57
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2015 WB0JDQ 0047 A 65 CO KK4DUS 0022 A 85 CO

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2015 WB0JDQ 0048 A 65 CO KL7WP 0032 A 65 OR

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2017 WB0JDQ 0049 A 65 CO KD7SKY 0005 A 06 OR

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2017 WB0JDQ 0050 A 65 CO W6PT 0020 U 60
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2017 WB0JDQ 0051 A 65 CO W7VE 0026 A 89
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2018 WB0JDQ 0052 A 65 CO K6DGW 0091 U 53 SV

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2019 WB0JDQ 0053 A 65 CO W7DK 0058 M 16
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2019 WB0JDQ 0054 A 65 CO W6DSG 0031 U 16
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2253 WB0JDQ 0055 A 65 CO K6EU 0113 U 63
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2254 WB0JDQ 0056 A 65 CO N6RL 0064 U 61
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2254 WB0JDQ 0057 A 65 CO W6O 0014 U 67
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2254 WB0JDQ 0058 A 65 CO K6GT 0168 U 57
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2255 WB0JDQ 0059 A 65 CO K6YV 0053 B 58
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2256 WB0JDQ 0060 A 65 CO K6III 0098 U 53 SV

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2257 WB0JDQ 0061 A 65 CO N6YEU 0087 A 88 SF

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2258 WB0JDQ 0062 A 65 CO K6XX 0001 A 74
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2300 WB0JDQ 0063 A 65 CO N7ON 0061 A 75 NV

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2301 WB0JDQ 0064 A 65 CO K9RM 0124 B 74 IN

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2302 WB0JDQ 0065 A 65 CO K9CT 0309 B 67 IL

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2302 WB0JDQ 0066 A 65 CO W9SN 0058 U 79 IN

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2303 WB0JDQ 0067 A 65 CO N6NZ 0283 U 72
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2305 WB0JDQ 0068 A 65 CO W9RE 0053 B 62 IN

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2306 WB0JDQ 0069 A 65 CO N6EEB 0283 M 72 AZ

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2328 WB0JDQ 0070 A 65 CO N6BU 0409 B 59 EB

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2329 WB0JDQ 0071 A 65 CO W8GG 0019 B 77 OH

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-20 2330 WB0JDQ 0072 A 65 CO W7WW 0324 B 92 AZ

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-20 2341 WB0JDQ 0073 A 65 CO WB6L 0272 B 63 SB

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-20 2341 WB0JDQ 0074 A 65 CO N7TR 0021 B 76 NV

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-20 2342 WB0JDQ 0075 A 65 CO W5RU 0274 M 55 LA

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-21 2155 WB0JDQ 0076 A 65 CO WX6V 0253 U 61 SV

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0826 WB0JDQ 0077 A 65 CO N6BOB 0246 U 60 SV

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0827 WB0JDQ 0078 A 65 CO KH7B 1035 B 62
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0827 WB0JDQ 0079 A 65 CO N4OX 1014 B 76
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0828 WB0JDQ 0080 A 65 CO K7ZSD 0686 A 63 OR

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0828 WB0JDQ 0081 A 65 CO KD4D 0908 B 71
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0828 WB0JDQ 0082 A 65 CO AF7K 0069 B 60 SV

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0829 WB0JDQ 0083 A 65 CO K6ST 0199 U 73 SV

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0830 WB0JDQ 0084 A 65 CO K7IP 0117 A 64
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0831 WB0JDQ 0085 A 65 CO N9NOP 0073 A 01 WI

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0832 WB0JDQ 0086 A 65 CO K2NNY 0095 M 95
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0833 WB0JDQ 0087 A 65 CO NF9V 0160 U 82 WI

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0833 WB0JDQ 0088 A 65 CO K6RIM 0063 U 58 EB

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0834 WB0JDQ 0089 A 65 CO NO6X 0038 B 53 SD

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0834 WB0JDQ 0090 A 65 CO K7UPI 0208 A 61 SC

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0835 WB0JDQ 0091 A 65 CO NN1N 1003 B 77 CT

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0836 WB0JDQ 0092 A 65 CO N3KS 1009 U 75
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0842 WB0JDQ 0093 A 65 CO W3GRF 1023 U 36
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0842 WB0JDQ 0094 A 65 CO K6TS 0050 U 74 SF

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0843 WB0JDQ 0095 A 65 CO AF6FR 0006 A 03 EB

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0843 WB0JDQ 0096 A 65 CO WR9L 0199 A 69 IL

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0845 WB0JDQ 0097 A 65 CO N6BV 0121 B 52
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0902 WB0JDQ 0098 A 65 CO KC9DDF 0050 A 03 IL

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0902 WB0JDQ 0099 A 65 CO KF6T 0086 U 55 SV

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0903 WB0JDQ 0100 A 65 CO NK4I 0044 B 01 SC

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 0903 WB0JDQ 0101 A 65 CO WK7P 0030 A 99 OR

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2242 WB0JDQ 0102 A 65 CO K5ONK 0218 A 68 AK

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2243 WB0JDQ 0103 A 65 CO K7LP 0123 A 64
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2244 WB0JDQ 0104 A 65 CO K6RSD 0074 M 73 SB

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2245 WB0JDQ 0105 A 65 CO N6NC 0107 U 59 SD

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2245 WB0JDQ 0106 A 65 CO W6RLA 0054 M 00 SV

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2245 WB0JDQ 0107 A 65 CO K5ER 0662 B 88 LA

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2246 WB0JDQ 0108 A 65 CO N6RA 0105 A 59 SF

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2247 WB0JDQ 0109 A 65 CO N6EE 0056 A 77 SV

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2247 WB0JDQ 0110 A 65 CO KB8SB 0100 B 70 IL

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2248 WB0JDQ 0111 A 65 CO K9ORK 0115 A 07 IN

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2248 WB0JDQ 0112 A 65 CO WH6KHK 0134 A 60
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2249 WB0JDQ 0113 A 65 CO KD4HXT 0242 A 91
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2249 WB0JDQ 0114 A 65 CO N7SNH 0014 A 60
QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2252 WB0JDQ 0115 A 65 CO K9BGL 0901 B 55 IL

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2253 WB0JDQ 0116 A 65 CO KA6NGR 0093 U 68 SV

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2253 WB0JDQ 0117 A 65 CO K0XTR 0183 B 94 CO

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2254 WB0JDQ 0118 A 65 CO WT9U 0837 B 75 IN

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2254 WB0JDQ 0119 A 65 CO WB9Z 1082 B 71 IL

QSO: 07240 PH 2008-11-22 2254 WB0JDQ 0120 A 65 CO N1SXL 0201 B 94 CT

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0850 WB0JDQ 0121 A 65 CO K0BUD 0265 B 55 MN

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0850 WB0JDQ 0122 A 65 CO NN3W 1314 B 86 VA

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0851 WB0JDQ 0123 A 65 CO W4PV 0485 U 65 TN

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0851 WB0JDQ 0124 A 65 CO K8AO 0841 B 61 MI

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0852 WB0JDQ 0125 A 65 CO W2VQ 0723 M 73
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0853 WB0JDQ 0126 A 65 CO W3IDT 1157 B 57
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0854 WB0JDQ 0127 A 65 CO W3IDI 1157 B 57
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0855 WB0JDQ 0128 A 65 CO WK6I 0575 U 96
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0855 WB0JDQ 0129 A 65 CO KI1G 0132 U 76 RI

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0856 WB0JDQ 0130 A 65 CO W7RN 1324 U 59 NV

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0856 WB0JDQ 0131 A 65 CO NA2U 0765 M 65
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0857 WB0JDQ 0132 A 65 CO WA3G 0357 U 97
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0857 WB0JDQ 0133 A 65 CO W1XX 1290 B 54 RI

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0857 WB0JDQ 0134 A 65 CO W04O 0160 B 69 TN

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0858 WB0JDQ 0135 A 65 CO VE4EAR 0548 B 83 MB

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0858 WB0JDQ 0136 A 65 CO W4NZ 0313 B 60 TN

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0859 WB0JDQ 0137 A 65 CO W1LZ 1170 M 69
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0859 WB0JDQ 0138 A 65 CO W7IJ 0315 B 55
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0900 WB0JDQ 0139 A 65 CO WA1PMA 0187 U 71
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0900 WB0JDQ 0140 A 65 CO W9YK 0245 M 67 IL

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0901 WB0JDQ 0141 A 65 CO KI7Y 0216 B 59 OR

QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0902 WB0JDQ 0142 A 65 CO 2N7DDD 0020 B 58
QSO: 14200 PH 2008-11-24 0902 WB0JDQ 0143 A 65 CO WA8OJR 0167 A 64 SC

W4AAA(KK9A)   Single Op LP   240,0002008-11-29 19:36:39
The station is under construction and the only permanent antenna on the 110 foot
tower is a homebrew 6 element 20m beam with a 60 foot boom that I put up a month
earlier and never tested. Just before this contest I installed many temporary
antennas and I ran the various control and hardline cables from the tower to
the house. A thunderstorm storm passed though on Friday night and it was still
quite windy when I finished setting up on Saturday morning, just before the
contest. I began on 20m and the new beam worked well. I had a fantastic start
working mostly the west coast with a peak 60 minute rate of 109 QSOs. After 2
1/2 hours I switched to 80m. Fortunately the storm had now passed and the band
was quiet and open to most areas of the US and Canada. I worked all 80
multipliers during the first 8 hours. Nearly all of them called me so I did
not have to spend much time looking for a sweep. I had very little success on
40m during the first night however on Sunday afternoon the skip was shorter and
conditions were much better. For some reason I did not have a lot callers on
20m during the second day even though the band was wide open, perhaps I ran out
of west coast stations to work. I was never able to run at all on 15m so I
spent most Sunday afternoon on 40m. After the sun went down I switch to 80m
until the contest ended. I had a great time operating the 75th November
Sweepstakes. QSL via WD9DZV.

W5TMW   Single Op LP   4,2482008-11-29 20:57:13
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0347 W5TMW 0001 A 98 AR K43U 0500 B 64 VA 500B
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0354 W5TMW 0002 A 98 AR K1KO 0200 U 82 VA
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0403 W5TMW 0003 A 98 AR KD0S 0868 B 86 SD 868S
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0409 W5TMW 0004 A 98 AR WK4P 0265 A 92 NC 265A
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0420 W5TMW 0005 A 98 AR N4VB 0207 A 96 AL 207A
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0442 W5TMW 0006 A 98 AR N9UM 0298 U 95 IL 298U
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0445 W5TMW 0007 A 98 AR N0QO 0754 B 07 CO 754B
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0452 W5TMW 0008 A 98 AR NT8V 0461 M 61 MI 461M
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0455 W5TMW 0009 A 98 AR KI0F 0449 U 64 MN 449M
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0457 W5TMW 0010 A 98 AR K8DV 0410 M 78 OH 410M
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0459 W5TMW 0011 A 98 AR N0IJ 0528 B 57 WI 528B
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0501 W5TMW 0012 A 98 AR KD4D 0666 B 71 MD 666B
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0509 W5TMW 0013 A 98 AR KY5R 0628 B 63 AL
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0518 W5TMW 0014 A 98 AR N2BJ 0551 U 61 IL
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0521 W5TMW 0015 A 98 AR KU2M 0232 A 66 NNJ232A
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0526 W5TMW 0016 A 98 AR N4QV 0207 B 65 SFL207B
S 2
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0528 W5TMW 0017 A 98 AR N0KK 0500 A 77 MN
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0534 W5TMW 0018 A 98 AR KK6MC 0232 A 65 NM 232A
03600 PH 2008-11-16 0539 W5TMW 0019 A 98 AR NN4F 0127 A 01 SC 127S
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0638 W5TMW 0020 A 98 AR VE3RZ 0454 U 68 ON 454U
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0658 W5TMW 0021 A 98 AR K1BKE 0266 M 57 NH 266M
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0701 W5TMW 0022 A 98 AR K2KR 0437 M 98 CO
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0704 W5TMW 0023 A 98 AR K5AM 0065 B 48 NM
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0707 W5TMW 0024 A 98 AR ND1X 0420 B 81 CT 420B
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0715 W5TMW 0025 A 98 AR K0HB 0593 B 65 MN
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0719 W5TMW 0026 A 98 AR W1CRS 0178 M 99 CT
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0729 W5TMW 0027 A 98 AR WY3A 0252 A 66 EPA252A
E 2
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0744 W5TMW 0028 A 98 AR K9NR 0441 U 68 IL
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0748 W5TMW 0029 A 98 AR KK1L 0736 B 93 VT 736B
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0755 W5TMW 0030 A 98 AR W5JJ 0667 M 97 AR 667A
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0757 W5TMW 0031 A 98 AR K5WA 1056 B 65 STX1056B
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0802 W5TMW 0032 A 98 AR NF4A 0653 U 62 NFL653U
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0811 W5TMW 0033 A 98 AR KJ3X 0438 B 57 MDC438B
M 2
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0817 W5TMW 0034 A 98 AR N0MA 0428 M 95 IA 428M
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0821 W5TMW 0035 A 98 AR NN7ZZ 0800 B 77 UT 800U
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0824 W5TMW 0036 A 98 AR K6WC 0301 U 71 SCV301U
S 2
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0842 W5TMW 0037 A 98 AR KE0FJ 0142 A 69 MN
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0845 W5TMW 0038 A 98 AR W7RN 1045 U 59 NV 1045U
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0848 W5TMW 0039 A 98 AR KU4BP 0229 A 94 NC
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0852 W5TMW 0040 A 98 AR W8MJ 0984 U 81 MI
03600 CW 2008-11-16 0901 W5TMW 0041 A 98 AR N6NZ 0726 U 72 SJV726U
07000 CW 2008-11-16 1835 W5TMW 0042 A 98 AR N4YDU 0068 U 89 NC
07000 CW 2008-11-16 1840 W5TMW 0043 A 98 AR AB4GG 0499 A 99 TN 499A
07000 CW 2008-11-16 1845 W5TMW 0044 A 98 AR AC8Y 0835 B 76 VA
07000 CW 2008-11-16 1848 W5TMW 0045 A 98 AR K9SD 0641 M 62 IL
07000 CW 2008-11-16 1909 W5TMW 0046 A 98 AR NA4K 1009 A 67 TN
07000 CW 2008-11-16 1916 W5TMW 0047 A 98 AR K8UP 0859 U 66 MI
07000 CW 2008-11-16 1919 W5TMW 0048 A 98 AR W3LL 0872 B 61 MDC
07000 CW 2008-11-16 1922 W5TMW 0049 A 98 AR W4MY 0634 M 76 NC
07000 CW 2008-11-16 1928 W5TMW 0050 A 98 AR N8AA 0937 A 54 OH
07000 CW 2008-11-16 2153 W5TMW 0051 A 98 AR N4GG 0854 U 61 GA 854U
07000 CW 2008-11-16 2157 W5TMW 0052 A 98 AR W3SO 0762 B 00 WPA762B
07000 CW 2008-11-16 2203 W5TMW 0053 A 98 AR KW8N 0015 B 71 OH
07000 CW 2008-11-16 2208 W5TMW 0055 A 98 AR NC1I 1298 M 73 WMA1298M
07000 CW 2008-11-16 2212 W5TMW 0056 A 98 AR W1XX 1603 B 54 RI 1603B
07000 CW 2008-11-16 2312 W5TMW 0057 A 98 AR K4SO 0266 U 70 VI 266U
07000 CW 2008-11-17 0139 W5TMW 0058 A 98 AR NN1N 1729 B 77 CT
07000 CW 2008-11-17 0143 W5TMW 0059 A 98 AR N2IC 2144 B 68 NM
07000 CW 2008-11-17 0147 W5TMW 0060 A 98 AR WA0KDS 0848 A 64 AZ 848A
VY2TT(K6LA)   Single Op HP   290,6282008-12-02 19:59:48
Late report as I took the wrong file home. Got it when I went back to PEI for

I do believe I carry Murphy around in my backpack. After finding a FEW audio
cable problems, including TWO on the mic cable, I still couldn't get my
recorded audio to play back without horrible distortion. I've concluded, but
have yet to prove, there is a problem with the computer sound card. Live mic
audio going through the computer gets transmitted perfectly.

I was looking forward to testing a new K3 against an Icom 7800. But I didn't
have a voice recorder in the K3 (why would I need one when I use a computer to
do that?) So I wound up running on the 7800 95+% of the time. Plus the Alpha
87A on the K3 started turning itself off (and what follows is the longest 3
minutes in ham radio.)

Before the contest I told myself it was only a 28 hour contest. I would not
save time for the last two hours. I ignored my own advice and didn't work the
last hour of the contest because I only made 6 QSOs in 20 minutes during the
previous hour.

After only 2 or 3 tries, I blew off a WP4 who called in at ESP during a furious
40 meter run. I figured PR would be an easy find on 15 meters Sunday afternoon.
WRONG. I never heard VY1EI or anyone else there. I thought I heard the pileup
high on 20 meters, but could never hear the station being called.

This was my 2nd Phone SS from PEI and looks like the 2nd time I'll wind up # 11
or 12. Next time I'll follow my advice to myself.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
KF6Y   Multi-Op HP   3,3602008-12-03 20:50:14
My 'fantastic' homebrew OCF dipole antenna was an absolute bust once we got into
the contest. High receive signal strength but very poor radiator. I pulled down
the dipole and put up a Force 12 vertical dipole in the dark to make it so I
could be heard. The antenna farm (a small back yard)is currently getting a
major antenna makeover.

AB7R   Single Op HP   173,7602008-12-07 09:05:38
This was fun! Ran a K3 with AL-1500 at 1KW and broke 1000 for my first time and
got the sweep too.
N8FE   SO Unlimited HP   82,1602008-12-07 20:18:28
My goal this year was to use K8CC's contest station with my OM John K8UP and
learn more about contesting. We were there the entire contest time.

Analysis -- First time as SO for SS and lesson learned was "learn your body".
For me that translates to work for no more than 4 hours and take a break no
matter what, sleep at least 6.5 hours, get plenty to drink but eat lightly,
stretch the legs.

Another one was "don't be afraid to ask". If you need a band the other guy is
on to get that multiplier, ask if you can have it for a minute. The name of the
game is cooperation. I worked both S & P and running and found running much more
enjoyable. 76% of my QSO's were from running.

Suggestion for next year -- Plan better and get more Q's then John K8UP
N6EF   Single Op LP   10,1522008-12-11 19:18:47
I didn't get to work as many hours as I wanted. Maybe next year. I should have
my station automation working better.
AJ3M   Multi-Op HP   9,4502008-12-23 17:53:11
I spent most of my fall weekends watching my 10-year-old son's ice hockey games
at ice rinks in MD, VA and PA. The SS weekend was no exception. Just a few
hours on the air. Still fun.


Masa, AJ3M