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EU PSK DX Contest   2013   May 18   Comment Summary

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S55W(@S5ØXX)   MOMT-Old HP   1,453,1452013-05-19 05:24:18
Old man category. 2x 34 years, 1x 26 years...
NO7T   SOAB HP   3,0692013-05-19 06:42:40
Propagation was very poor from my QTH.
VA7ST   SOAB HP   2042013-05-19 09:32:51
20M wasn't good but it was open to Europe. Nobody there was listing for NA
stations, it seemed. Made me wonder how much more than 100W was used by some
stations who were very, very loud here. Thank goodness for the NA operators who
did call in off the side and back while I was trying to get the attention of the
European stations.
N6AR   SOAB-12-OM HP   175,6742013-05-19 09:37:59
High bands were a disaster here- lots of noise and activity seemed way down!
ON6NL   SOAB-12-OM HP   162,3382013-05-19 12:31:48
Had to play a volleyball tournament
Nice to score more multipliers than QSO

40m loop
80m dipole
N1MM + FlDigi
JG1VGX(@JG1ZUY)   SOSB/15 LP   2,4482013-05-19 22:44:10
Part-time effort.

TRX: TS-590S @100W
Ant: Tribander @20mh (5L for 15m)
Logging: N1MM Logger V13.5.1
F5RD   SOAB LP   268,9202013-05-20 13:38:56
Transceiver: ICOM IC-751AF 40W in BPSK63
Antenna: Dipole 80/40m and GP 20/15/10m
Software: N1MM Logger V13.5.1
Very bad weather here. Impossible to do something outdoor
Ideal conditions to stay in the shack and take part in a contest!
Good propagation with a lot of stations on all bands
I enjoy very much BPSK63. It's a fast mode, but not too! easy to use
Thanks to all who worked me
See you again next year
F5RD Bernard