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CQMM DX Contest   2011   Apr 16   Comment Summary

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KA3DRR   SOAB LP   1,2422011-04-17 14:34:04
Stellar ham radio fun for the weekend. Thanks and looking forward to next year!

73, Scot KA3DRR
K7ULS   SOAB LP   2,1422011-04-17 15:31:39
FT-897D (100 W) DX-EE @ 20'

16-Apr-2011 13:56:17 21 CW PW7T 599 599 SAM
16-Apr-2011 14:01:10 21 CW PW2D 599 599 SA
16-Apr-2011 14:12:29 21 CW VQ51V 599 599 NA
16-Apr-2011 14:14:02 21 CW NY3A 599 599 NA
16-Apr-2011 14:15:01 21 CW XE1MM 599 599 NA
16-Apr-2011 14:18:53 21 CW K3WW 599 599 NA
16-Apr-2011 14:23:13 21 CW AA3B 599 599 NA
16-Apr-2011 14:30:24 28 CW PP5KR 599 599 SAM
16-Apr-2011 15:48:34 28 CW PY2XC 599 599 SAM
16-Apr-2011 15:58:41 21 CW IK2AOO 599 599 EU
16-Apr-2011 19:29:55 21 CW VE3EJ 599 599 NIA
16-Apr-2011 19:33:06 21 CW N4BP 599 599 NA
16-Apr-2011 20:25:20 21 CW XE2WWW 599 599 NA
16-Apr-2011 20:34:25 28 CW CO6CAC 599 599 NAM
16-Apr-2011 21:03:28 28 CW PY2MTS 599 599 SAM
16-Apr-2011 22:21:51 21 CW CE3FZ 599 599 SA
16-Apr-2011 22:26:01 21 CW NS3Q 599 599 NA
16-Apr-2011 22:31:39 21 CW PQ4F 599 599 SA
16-Apr-2011 22:41:02 28 CW HK3O 599 599 SA
17-Apr-2011 00:32:41 21 CW PT5T 599 599 SAG
17-Apr-2011 01:08:18 28 CW PY2SEX 599 599 SA
17-Apr-2011 02:06:20 7 CW PT5T 599 599 SAG
17-Apr-2011 02:12:21 21 CW YV8AD 599 599 SAM
17-Apr-2011 04:11:49 7 CW N5KWN 599 599 NA
17-Apr-2011 16:01:36 28 CW PT5T 599 599 SAG
17-Apr-2011 17:32:43 21 CW K4DJ 599 599 NA
17-Apr-2011 17:36:17 21 CW SP9LJD 599 599 EU
17-Apr-2011 17:49:22 28 CW PW7T 599 599 SAM
17-Apr-2011 18:38:37 21 CW KE4KY 599 599 NA
AL9A   SOAB HP   35,3102011-04-17 16:06:13
A rather lame effort on my part. Had several family time conflicts, but the
main problem was I had to use a new logger for this contest. My usual contest
logger is WriteLog, but there is no WL contest module for CQMM. Downloaded and
installed N1MM as I was told it had a CQMM module. Got the interfacing done ok
and had time to make one quick trip through the Quick Start instructions before
the contest.

My apologies to all those whose exchanges I botched up whule trying to learn
how to use the ESM feature. Only real problems with N1MM other than my
ignorance of most of the features was when I turned on Record QSOs. In short
order N1MM crashed not once, but twice. Fortunately I didn't lose any calls.
A quick seach of the Help manual revealed a FAQ about this problem, but in
relation to using MMTTY and recording RTTY QSOs. Apparently the problem exists
for CW QSOs as well. Once I turned off the Record QSOs option no further

Well, now to figure out how to export the adif and Cabrillo files and then set
aside ample time to read the manual and experiment with the bells and whistles
so I won't be such a novice next time around.
CX9AU   SOAB HP   870,1242011-04-17 17:00:33
Simplemente espectacular, felicito a toda la organizacion y a mi amigo Edson
PY4WAS, este fue un largo sueño realizado con mucho esfuerzo.
Gran cantidad de paises de todo el mundo todos los continentes activos con gran
actividad desde USA y EU,los felicito a todos por haber estado presente en esta
edicion especial.
Condiciones muy buenas en 10 y 15 mts especialmente, algo pobre LF en estas
latitudes, pero no se noto por la cantidad de gente activa y el entusiamo que
pusieron todos.
73 s Dan CX9AU
PW2D(PY2ZXU)   SOSB/15 HP   540,5762011-04-17 17:27:18
Thanks again Mamiro, Py2DM for hosting me and the food you brought "Bife
Esquesito". Plenty of various Murphys, but had fun. Thanks for all QSOs and
thanks to Luc, PY8AZT for the propagation analyzis which was quite reliable.
N5AW   SOAB QRP   106,6802011-04-17 17:59:48
KH6LC(NH6V)   SOAB QRP   2,4722011-04-17 19:06:24
Happy to give out some 10-point QRP contacts in the limited time that I had
available to operate.

Best DX was AO8WRD (EA8) on 20. Worked 7 CWJF member stations.

Mahalo & aloha

Rob, NH6V
VE2XAA   SOSB/80 LP   4,9022011-04-17 19:29:58
Too many contests in the same time did create confusing situations.
LU7HZ   SOAB QRP   135,2522011-04-17 19:34:10
First participation. Very much fun! Hpe all enjoy like myself. Looking forward
for 2012 edition already.
VA7ST   SOAB HP   139,0802011-04-17 19:48:16
Nice to get a handful on 10M. Didn't hear much on 40M and even less on 80M, so
lots of super-sized points were left on the table for lack of interest. Only
80M Q was with PX2W, who moved me down from 40M late Saturday evening.

With flux at 119, 15M was better than 20M, even to Europe.

Great to see this become a WW event. That made scores rise much faster than
last year. When word spreads about this one, I can see activity building very

Thanks for the Qs. If you didn't get into this one, it's great fun. Mark it
down for next year.

-- Bud VA7ST

Band QSOs Pts WPX Cty
3.5 1 6 1 0
7 12 90 7 2
14 94 377 19 11
21 174 608 19 41
28 21 139 12 2
Total 302 1220 58 56
Score: 139,080
K3WW   SOAB HP   458,6892011-04-17 19:50:20
Gave up Saturday evening with several big storms moving through the area.
W4BQF   SOAB HP   54,3152011-04-17 20:19:20
Great new WW contest! Hope it is continued next year. Band conditions were very
good on 15m but local storms Saturday made 20 - 80m useless.
Thanks for all of the Q's.

Tom - W4BQF
LU8EOT   SOSB/10 LP   281,6402011-04-17 21:03:24
PW2B(PY2HL)   SOSB/10 HP   171,0802011-04-18 03:38:18
FT 857D
FL 2100
FC 902
500 W
PW7T(PY8AZT)   SOAB HP   1,913,4572011-04-18 03:57:26
First Worldwide CQMM DX Contest.
It was a pleasure work many friend usually active on big contest!
I hope see more station on next year!

73, Luc
PW7T Team Member.
PYY2WC(PY2WC)   SOAB QRP   730,6042011-04-18 05:58:19
PX2W   M/S HP   2,553,8602011-04-18 06:12:23

TS-850S / FT-450S
Power: 500W - ACOM1010(transmission snoring problem with low voltage)
Ant: 10/15/20m - TH7DX
40m - PP5UA 2el.
80m - Dipole
Non-assisted (no internet)
PX7C(PT7CG)   SOAB LP   362,8802011-04-18 07:58:55


Power: 90W

Ant: 10/15/20m - 3DX6 + 40m - PP5UA 2el. @ 45 high


Raimundo Neto PT7CG
PP5KR(@PP5JN)   SOSB/10 LP   512,5402011-04-18 10:34:03
Thanks to PP5JN for opening the doors of the station for operation, support and
Thanks to PP5JAK the encouragement and support.
Thanks PY5YA the encouragement
WØRAA   SOAB LP   3,6682011-04-18 10:53:44
I got into this contest because I just wanted something to do. My normal
contest program did not have a module for it so I used one that I was not
totally comfortable with. I did some S&P and also called CQ. I had a good
time, and hope that my usual contest program will support this contest in the
future. It was an on/off 3 hour adventure, but it was fun.
W4ZW   SOAB LP   1,3682011-04-18 11:54:00
Just playing with my 400' loop on 15M. Surprising amount of activity
W8QZA   SOAB QRP   54,5602011-04-18 13:46:15
Rig: Elecraft K-2


SteppIR, 3 el, up 30 feet for 10-15-20
Butternut HF-2V Vertical for 40-80


I have not entered this contest for a couple years. I wanted to convert to the
N1MM contest logger, and this seemed to be a good contest to try it out. So I
downloaded N1MM on Thursday evening. We had one of our grandsons for the day on
Friday, so I had to wait until 5 PM on Friday to familiarize myself with N1MM.
Fortunately the contest didn't start until Saturday AM!

Like any new logging program, it takes some getting used to. But it is a good
program and has some advantages and conveniences over the Writelog program.
Seems like I should be paying more for it than I paid for Writelog, but it is
totally free.

This year the Manchester Mineira contest allowed the participants to work
stations outside of North and South America. For me that provided for a rather
nice increase in my score from several years ago. It is easy to work someone
outside the contest because the exchange for most of the stations you work
outside the contest is simply the continent. And N1MM even fills that in for
you. And there was a nice opening into Eastern Europe late Saturday night that
got me a few extra DXCC multipliers.

It was fun and it was nice to be able to give out 10 points Qs to people as a
QRP station. I had about 20 (of 142 Qs) stations answer my CQs including a
couple of JAs who seemed to be familiar with the exchange.

My best Q was AO8WRD on 7 MHz with 5 watts and an HF-2V with 3 ground radials!

Having a logger that covers this contest certainly makes it a lot more fun!

73, Bill Parker W8QZA
VE9HF   SOAB HP   66,6962011-04-18 16:27:29
There was a lot more activity than I anticipated. This contest is going places.
PY7GK   SOAB HP   235,1522011-04-18 16:41:53
Nice issue of CQMM Contest. Very pleasant to join it. Had fun a lot.
P43E   SOAB LP   124,2462011-04-18 18:54:08
I enjoyed the contest very much, and it's the first contest I have worked after
the rotor was fixed. Definetely a lot of fun, and with the rotor working, it
makes a big difference. Due to some computer glitches, I had to stop around
12:30Z Sunday, and install the software on the desktop as the laptop kept
freezing, and would not read the radio any longer after 5 reboots. Murphy is
also part of the game. Nonetheless, this contest is definetely a lot of fun,
and now that it is a Worldwide event, even more so. For most people I was a
multiplier (P4) and bonus points (YL). 73, 88, and see you in 2012. Emily
K6CSL   SOAB LP   6712011-04-18 19:35:23
Well, a vast improvement in score for this one, due to greatly improved
conditions resulting in almost the same number of Q's, 22 this year as compared
to 21 last year, but many more mults and QSO Pts for the effort. By the time my
score is run through their scoring program it may be better because I think I
missed some special category indicators, CWJF members, QRP, Club Groups and
YL's, which would have made those QSO's worth 10 points each. I did count the 2
I did copy after I reallized what the extra letter added to the SA designated.
It made for a fun contest. Ithink I'll put a bigger effort into it next year. I
was fairly distracted also trying to pick up Q's in the Michigan and Ontario QSO
Parties. I also tried to pay special attention to the peak propagation times for
4X4 in the Holyland DX Contest, but was totally unsuccessful in finding any of
those. I heard a few KB'ers on the air, but it looks like a great number were
at the DX Convention down in Visalia. Bert, K6CSL
PT2ZHA(@PT2CM)   SOAB HP   853,9612011-04-19 06:19:00
Great Contest. Welcome CQMMDX to the annual calendar.
PR7AA   M/S HP   730,9502011-04-19 09:01:45
CQMMDX Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2011-04-10

CallSign Used : PR7AA
Operator(s) : PR7AB PR7HR PR7ZAJ

Operator Category : MULTI-OP
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : SAG
Gridsquare : HI22NU
Software : N1MM Logger V11.3.4

Band QSOs Pts WPX Cty
7 90 521 12 1
14 269 965 22 10
21 607 2076 40 41
28 239 868 21 18
Total 1205 4430 95 70

Score : 730 950
PP1CZ   SOSB/10 HP   181,1702011-04-19 10:35:11
Despite the small time I could be in the first CQ Manchester Mineira World Serie
Contest, I got to tell this was one of the most enjoyable Contest I ever took
Hope next year I can have more time to be on it, and enjoy every minute.
Thank you all for the QSO and hope to find you on the Bands in the next year
PP1CZ - Leo.
PU5UAI   SOAB QRP   13,3202011-04-24 17:47:30
PY4ZO   SOAB QRP   191,6192011-04-25 14:39:54
PY4HO   SOAB LP   200,3402011-04-25 18:55:23
Bug in N1MM.
PY1ME   SOAB LP   60,0762011-04-26 13:29:41
CQMMDX Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2011-04-16

CallSign Used : PY1ME
Operator(s) : PY1ME

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : SA M
Gridsquare : GG87HC

Name : Marcos Lima
Address : Rua Pereira de Figueiredo, 1142
City/State/Zip : Rio de Naneiro RJ 21341-030
Country : BRASIL

ARRL Section : DX
Club/Team : CWJF
Software : N1MM Logger V11.4.2

Band QSOs Pts WPX Cty
3,5 2 11 2 0
7 50 203 14 1
14 23 117 12 6
21 38 190 20 15
28 31 132 15 7
Total 144 653 63 29

Score : 60.076
Rig :

Antennas : 3DX3, G5RV
CO6CAC   SOSB/10 LP   110,3212011-04-28 13:48:03