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Hungarian DX Contest   2013   Jan 19   Comment Summary

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VE9AA   SOSB/20CW LP   5,3852013-01-19 16:26:46
Thanks for the Q's. SOme nice strong signals from HA land.
KCØW   SOABCW HP   12013-01-19 18:37:56
Good time. Nice to work other fellow CW enthusiasts while I was casually tuning
around the band.

As always, the KC0W contesting disclaimer:

****I contest for the FUN of it from here in North Dakota & not to
collect any awards, plaques or "wallpaper". I use my general logging program
track the total number of QSO's made & leave it at that. This is why I have no
information regarding my total number of mults or a final score.****

Tom KC0W
YO5KLD(YO5AJR)   SOSB/160CW HP   8,0282013-01-19 22:57:20
SOSB CW 160M. The propagation not so good. My cond. FT990. PA old R118-BM3
abt.600W. TX ant.inv.L. RX ant EWE. Soft.UcxLog
9A2AJ   SOSB/160CW LP   8,1772013-01-19 23:20:34
TS-870 + Inv.L
S53M(S51FB)   SOABCW HP   91,6982013-01-20 03:32:24
Tnx for call and QSO.

73 de Miha, S51FB
5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   SOABMixed HP   282,6242013-01-20 04:12:49
Poor propagation at times.
I was tired so did some sleeping also.
First time doing mixed instead of ssb only.
Thanks to all who called.
N4AF   SOABCW HP   75,6902013-01-20 04:14:29
BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults
80CW 14 14 81 9
40CW 110 110 382 17
20CW 52 52 241 15
15CW 168 166 592 16
10CW 2 2 9 1

Totals 346 344 1305 58

Final Score = 75690 points.
S54O   SOABCW HP   60,4772013-01-20 04:36:19
TS590 IC2KL 3el@15m wires@4-15m
Nice contest
GL de Boris S54O
HA9PP   SOABCW HP   135,5082013-01-20 04:44:09
It was my pleasure to give "BO" multiplier :-)
Despite on big noise here, I really enjoyed the contest in this year, as well.
I hope you had fun,too. CUL next time!

73 de Steve, HA9PP
DD8SM   SOABSSB HP   10,2002013-01-20 04:45:48
Band QSOs Pts Mlt
3,5 83 165 11
7 14 31 3
14 97 177 9
21 16 32 2
28 1 3 0
Total 211 408 25

Score : 10.200
DL8MBS   SOABMixed QRP   51,4502013-01-20 05:10:22
First weekend for months without scheduled activities. So nice to have some time
and a contest with good activity. Many good ears, even if several cases made me
headscratching how some guys copied call and serial without any request over
distances of greater than 1000 km on i.e. 160m (given that I only used 45 lw
running from 12m height to ground and upwards again). But I will believe very,
very firmly in only good rx-antennas on their end.

Funniest rx-challenge here were my three ladies sunday morning baking birthday
cookies at the other end of the kitchen which also host the shack corner. So
SSB would have resulted in another interesting cooking radio show...

Is it the contest with the fewest multipliers available (120)? The search for
nr. 50 failed with a HA5 on 40m who was buried under callers for his Budapest
BP - was there a big event in the capital city that just BP was so rare - of
course only here ;-)

Rig: K2 (5W) and lowwires

73, Chris (DL8MBS)
YU/S56A   SOABCW LP   6,7502013-01-20 05:11:57
No antenna for 80/160 m. Too close to HA on high bands. Sunday morning was OK
on 40 m. TS-480 and 21 m Windom feed at 40 %.

CU CQ WW 160m CW from Z6 WAE mult!

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU
HA6FQ   SOSB/40Mixed HP   166,6162013-01-20 05:34:24
IC-775 DSP + Amp. 700Watt
Ant: Home made HF9V
IV3BCA   SOABMixed LP   67,0842013-01-20 05:38:35
I operate 9 hours
Bad propagation and noise over 9+ 40 - 80 meter
Rig Yaesu FT 1000 Mosley 20/15/10 dipole 160/80/40
Best 73 de IV3BCA Paolo
RU9AZ   SOSB/15CW LP   24,1602013-01-20 05:41:50
F5IN   SOABCW HP   201,4122013-01-20 07:05:45
Powered by Win-Test

IC -7410 + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (

K9AY loop system
YT2AAA   SOSB/20Mixed LP   9,6002013-01-20 08:15:22
IC-745 + GP
IT9BLB(@IR9Y)   SOSB/15CW HP   16,8202013-01-20 08:31:16
I had few hour of free time to spend joining this nice contest.
Conditions have been poor enough to the long skip, mostly on
sunday morning to JAs. I was very happy working all of the 20
hungarian counties.
Congrats to the organizers for their nice job!

One of IR9Y
G4MKP   SOABCW HP   23,8592013-01-20 09:20:36
Thanks for the Qs.
OZ4CG   SOABCW LP   71,2802013-01-20 09:23:02
Kære contestvenner.
Ja det var så, hvad det blev til i denne omgang!
Planen var at træne contest, og helst køre flere QSO'er end sidste år, og
det lykkedes jo over al forventning!
Der var ingen konkurrence denne gang om Bornholmsmesterskabet, da Karsten,
OZ4FF, har problemer med sin Wintest, der desværre ikke fungerer p.t.
Det var lidt underligt med condx, da båndene døde helt ud først på aftenen
her, og derfor blev det tidlig sengetid! Til gengæld vågnede båndene fint op
søndag morgen, så tempoet kunne sættes i vejret.
Langt det meste er kørt som S&P, da det ikke lykkedes at få gang i nogle
ordentlige "runs"! Det er nok i det hele taget svært med "kun" 100W og en
lavthængende G5RV... Man kan jo godt undre sig over at visse sydeuropæiske
stationer kan få S-meteret op på S9+60dB i et næsten dødt bånd...
Der blev kørt lidt Nordamerika lørdag eftermiddag, og D3AA kom også i logen
(men ikke som testdeltager). Jeg hørte ingen OZ'er denne gang, og jeg var
også eneste OZ på, så hvor blev I af ?
Alt i alt nogle hyggelige og sjove timer ved radioen.
På genhør i næste contest!
Vy 73 Carsten
DFØSX   M/M HP   414,2402013-01-20 09:39:48
Much worse propagation compared with 2012. Fun activity anyway. Thanks to all
who called us. 73, DF0SX-Team
OL8M(OK1DRQ)   SOABCW HP   438,3802013-01-20 09:55:24
two problems: a sleepless night before the contest and frozen ant. for 20 and 40
meters- still looking to the U.S., hi. but good.
Interestingly in my log 360 QSOs with HA/HG stations and it is quite a lot. I
have several stations HA 6 bands.
Thanks for QSOs and 73 Pavel

Operating time : 20h52

160 183 0 17 417 2.28
80 399 2 20 807 2.02
40 327 2 20 792 2.43
20 290 0 19 685 2.36
15 305 2 20 792 2.60
10 87 0 19 319 3.67
TOTAL 1590 6 115 3812 2.40
TOTAL SCORE : 438 380
HA1ZN(HA1ZN&HG1A)   SOSB/20Mixed HP   59,1752013-01-20 10:51:32
Hi! SRI! The road to my private contest station (HG1A JN86MM) impassable. Big
snowdrift! Therefore I raced home. In my attic dipole was temporary, and 30 cm
of snow on the roof. So I worked only 20m band.
RIG: KENWOOD TS-870s + 500 watts
Many thanks! 73! Zsolt (HA1ZN-HG1A)
N4YDU   SOABMixed LP   10,6042013-01-20 11:04:19
15M was in nice shape for several hours. Managed to get a few hours in during
the peak operating time.


IZ5BRW   M/S HP   143,4692013-01-20 13:07:33
Our first experience in the HA DX Contest.
Due to poor propagation we didn't get benefits on 10 as we expected. Also on 20
the prop was bad.
We finally achieved over 143K points as declared.
73s See you in the next edition...


RT3F(RU3DNN)   SOABSSB HP   144,9692013-01-20 22:10:09
Thanks for a good rate.
About my work in this contest on the page RT3F
OK1FKD   SOABMixed QRP   54,7202013-01-20 23:18:26
RIG: Elecraft K2 5W, ant LW 42m
HA8BE   SOABSSB LP   408,2102013-01-21 02:42:49
Rig: FT-990
Ant: Vertical(28m), 8el. Log. Per.
OU2I(OZ1BII)   SOABCW LP   90,1152013-01-21 03:19:34
Rig: Elecraft K3 at 75 Watt
Ant: 20mtr Longwire as Inverted-L
VE7JH(@VE7UF)   SOABCW HP   15,0002013-01-21 06:45:07
Tough conditions. No Europe on 160, 80 and 10.
Short opening to Eu on 20m after local sunrise.
Raspy signals on 40m, had to slow right down to be able to copy serial
Good activity from HA, got 16 of the 20 counties.
Thanks to VE7UF for the use of his station and to the contest organizers.
W4BQF   SOABCW HP   15,6402013-01-21 18:11:05
Very nice test! Could not stay on the air long enough.

Thanks for the Q,s and the good contest.

Tom - W4BQF
UN2E   SOSB/20CW HP   29,0512013-01-22 10:55:31
HG7T   M/S HP   2,217,6302013-01-22 12:32:34
Tnx 73! Tibi HA7TM
HA8LLK   SOABMixed LP   366,1122013-01-22 13:22:45
Rig : TS870 100 Watts
Ant's: 160m-Wire
40m-Dipole(inv Vee)
15m- } 3-Band vertical(DunaX)
HG5D(HA8QZ)   SOSB/40Mixed HP   151,5712013-01-23 01:27:50
Rig: FT-2000
Ant. Vertical
A65BD   SOABCW HP   1,1952013-01-23 02:21:34
Mo much time to operate this year!
HG8W(HA8ZO)   SOSB/10Mixed HP   25,6122013-01-31 12:47:28
HA4XH(@HA3DX)   SOSB/15Mixed HP   69,4562013-02-02 01:59:28
Thanks for all the contacts.
Lots of fun as usual.
CU in the next one.


Charlie (HA4XH)
HA3DX   SOSB/80Mixed HP   38,0802013-02-02 02:14:31
As we sill missing our 20mts yagi we couldn't run all bands.
May be next year.