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432 MHz Spring Sprint   2017   May 3   Comment Summary

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K1TR   Single Op HP   2642017-05-03 19:37:23
Average condx here. Nice to get on and work the usual crowd.
WB2SIH   Single Op LP   302017-05-03 20:35:41
I was only able to get on the air for the last 45 minutes of the sprint.
Conditions were nothing to brag about but it was fun. 73
KO9A   Single Op LP   2002017-05-03 21:12:54
The trend of improved sprint scores continues. Local activity trended up again
this year compared to recent years with 3 rovers hitting all four of the local
grids. WB8BZK/R, N9GH/R, and K9JK/R did a great job of stirring up additional
local activity with their efforts!

Best DX was KF8MY @ ~250mi on JT65B.

Hope to be QRV in the microwave sprint this weekend!


Jim KO9A
N6ZE/7   Single Op LP   1262017-05-03 22:06:17
Nice to hear a lot of PNW activity. Conditions were not particularly good, but I
had no problem working most local stations in CN87/88/97. Never did hear PDX
(CN85) area this time. VE7AFZ (CN89) was sole Canadian heard/worked. I made '
CW QSO and a couple on FM; the rest were on USB.
Rig: FT991 & 11 element M>2 operating from Whidbey Island (CN87tw)
VE7AFZ   Single Op LP   1192017-05-03 23:14:45
Ran a modest portable station from a mountain side to the North of Vancouver BC.
Band conditions seemed good. Thanks to all who participated and in
particular Dave VE7HR for my only contact in my own grid of CN89, and Darryl
WW7D/R for activating 4 grids (two of which Darryl provided my only contacts

Much fun
KC7EQO   Single Op LP   842017-05-03 23:46:35
Lot of QSB tonight. Heard very faint but no contact from CN85. Others were able
to work. Had Mt. in path. 73! Had lots of fun.
WZ1V   Single Op HP   1,1502017-05-04 03:38:55
Missed a few nearby grids, but
Tnx to K1DY, N2SLN, VA3ELE/R,
and K2EZ/R for getting on from
some rarely heard grids, and
Tnx to the Sprint sponsors.
-73 Ron WZ1V
K3TUF   Single Op HP   2,1392017-05-04 04:48:28
Wow, what a night. It was busy all night. Just when I thought I worked everybody
(joke) I find another station to work. Even missed a regular K8TQK. Very nice to
have the southern boys look this way after their net (W4DEX) and always nice to
have the VE/VA stations out in the far reaches of NW direction from here.
Best of all are the rovers who activate grids otherwise vacant (K0BAK, K2EZ,
VE3ELE), they are responsible for many contacts, Thank you.
I don't believe we had any special conditions at all. I did work the ever
faithful K9MRI out in EN70, north up to VE2XX and south to W4DEX.
Thanks to the sponsors for another fun Sprint. Looking forward to my time on
the microwave sprint and 50MHz.
Phil K3TUF
N8CGY   Single Op LP   42017-05-04 06:01:01
Kenwood TS-2000X with 100 watts to a 18 element yagi at about 30 feet.
Conditions were poor but still managed to make a couple was a fun
4 hours.
KA2KQM   Single Op LP   62017-05-04 06:07:06
Was operating portable. I knew I would not be home for the Sprint so I put M2
432 Square Loop on my mag mount under the 144 MHz Square Loop. And, put my
FT-847 in the mobile so I could run modest power. Ran 847 at 25 watts to single
loop. I was hearing stations when I was still at lower elevations. Made above 3
contacts from parking lot on peak of mountain near my house at 3270 feet ASL.
Longest contact was with W4DEX at 230 miles. Thanks for digging me out of the
noise Dex! 73 all. Kent - KA2KQM
VE3IQZ   Single Op LP   662017-05-04 06:48:21
John and I worked the sprint from our mobile setup in FN04tg. Our best distance
to the east was Jeff, K1TEO about 530km and Stephen VE3ZV about 210km to the
west. The antenna was an 11 element Quagi FT857d and Mirage D1010 at about 90
W3HMS   Single Op LP   842017-05-04 06:50:18
Good contest.
K2EZ/R   Rover LP   5402017-05-04 08:09:29
The rove really started out slow. Didn't really feel in the swing of things
till the last two hours. It seemed very difficult to find contacts without
getting on ON4KST and I was only able to do that that my last two stops.

The start of my rove was punctuated by interruptions. At my first location one
friendly curiosity seeker and one less friendly. At second location another
friendly person who kept wanting to talk. A bit later a police officer took
interest and that burned a bunch of time. All told I spent almost an hour of
the contest period sidelined.
K1TEO   Single Op HP   2,6102017-05-04 09:05:51
Activity was fairly good last night during the sprint. Condx varied a good deal,
seemingly well below average to the NE and N, Fair to the NW and a little below
average to the SW (the W3CCX was about 2 s units weaker than normal).

Local activity was low with only 4 other CT stations worked. One in both the
grid east (FN41) and North (FN32) of me. On the other hand I had 9 VE3 QSO's
(!), 4 in FM17, and 3 in often rare FN21. I'm sure my average distance per QSO
was way up this year. Best DX west was 2 Q's in EN92 and one in EN93, South to
FM06 and NE to FN54.

Special tnx to the rovers that I worked - VA3ELE, K2EZ and K0BAK. I know I
probably would have stopped earlier if I wasn't looking for you in your final
grids - great job!

And tnx to the sponsors for making this event possible.

Jeff K1TEO
K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)   Rover LP   1,5122017-05-04 10:36:24
Best 432 MHz Spring Sprint for me that I can remember.

AMAZING activity in the Chicago/SE Wisconsin area. Cool temps, dry and
maybe a touch of enhancement.

Mults total is based on 'classic' Rover scoring; count mults separately from
each grid-4 visited and add them up. Four unique grids worked.

Breakdown by Grid-4s I visited:

Grid Qs Ms
EN51 19 5
EN52 19 6
EN61 17 5
EN62 17 5
Tot. 72 21 = 1512

Total DX - 3679 km

Longest path, 332 km, was to WW8M in EN72xf from EN52xa but only caught Don
from one of the grids I visited. Nice to hear Don on airwaves again.

Fifteen additional QSOs >100 km, 45 between 10 & 99 km and 11 <10

FIFTEEN different calls worked, two of those rovers.

I managed 'sweeps' (working fixed stations from all four of the grid-4s I
visited) with EIGHT stations. Three more stations were worked from three
of the four and two stations were only worked from one grid-4. Completed
a full 'grid dance' (16 Qs) with one rover and 13 of 16 with another rover.

43 Qs with fixed stations and 29 Qs with the two rovers.

States worked - IL (55 Qs, 7 fixed calls, 2 rovers), WI (15 Qs, 4 calls),
MI (1 Q) and IN (1 Q).

Equipment used: FT-991 (50 W), KB6KQ 2m Loop (a Norm original) and a Diamond
A430S10 10 el. yagi raised on a 15' Painter's Pole at several stops.

Thanks to Kent, KA2KQM, and Mike, WB8BZK, for their continued efforts to
conduct the Spring Sprints and encourage participation in them. Thanks also
to the Central States VHF Society for their sponsorship.

Thanks also to ALL who were on and participated in the 2017 432 MHz Spring

73, JK
WW7D/R   Rover LP   1,0082017-05-04 12:19:54
Good turnout in the Pacific Northwest, with a good number of grids lit up. I
roved the CN87/CN86/CN97/CN96 intersection in the foothills of Mt. Rainier with
100W and a 12 element LFA at 25' when stationary and a 6 element cheap yagi at
8' while in motion.

Lots of folks in CN87. I also worked VE7AFZ in CN89 & KC7EQO in CN88 from
all 4 grids, WA7BBJ in CN97 from 2 grids, WA7ZWG in CN88 from 3 grids, K7YDL
from CN85 in 2 grids, and K0JJ in CN85 from 1 grid.
KØBAK/R   Rover LP   6842017-05-04 15:54:28
Operated in 4 grids in Reading and Gap Pennsylvania: FN20, FN10, FM19, FM29. 13
unique grids contacted, farthest FM07: KJ4ZYB. Thanks to everyone who
participated, especially those who hung in till the end. Thanks to
clean sweepers (got me in all my grids): K1RZ, K3TUF, W3SZ; and all-but-one:
N1SV   Single Op LP   502017-05-04 16:59:51
Worked and handful of stations and hand some fun trying my new IC-9100 out.
KX7L   Single Op LP   242017-05-04 21:47:05
Seemed like a lot of activity. I still don't have that preamp up on the antenna
- might have helped with all the weak ones.. Thanks for the fun!
FT-736R barefoot, 8el Quagi up 30'
VE3CRU/R   Rover LP   1122017-05-05 06:16:37
My first qso was my only DX, namely K1RZ in FM19 at 546 km, got only 2 more in
first 45 minutes in FN04 at 91 and 146 km. Knowing I was only running 2 hours,
moved to FN03 for 11 more qso's, including 159 km and 115 km. Most others
averaged 80 km. Closest rover was 50 km VE3OIL/R, with VA3ELE/R avg 90 km.
Shut down promptly at 2 hours, medical issues. The weather was nice though
cool and windy throughout the contest. At 8:45 I heard a K9 on cw, not sure if
K9MRI but never heard again. Participation was down for this contest.

Thanks to the sponsors Central States and to Mike and Kent for their continuing
support of the Sprints. Thanks all who participated too. See you in the next


N9LB   Single Op LP   1982017-05-05 07:59:37
Best DX contacts:
WW8M at 273.7 mi
K9MRI at 252.2 mi
N0AKC at 168.5 mi
WB9TFH   Single Op LP   1192017-05-05 08:52:45
Nice working the rovers, without them I wouldn't have much of a score. Thanks
rovers. Antennas, radio and amp all working, was fun. Don't know if I'll be in
town for the 6m event. I have a 6m hamstick on the truck, if lucky the sporadic
Es might be out.
Best DX for me. 204 & 208 miles.
I need break into the 400+ miles range on 432. Not there yet.
VE7HR   Single Op LP   42017-05-05 09:07:03
I was surprised with the amount of activity.
Will make a more serious effort in the future.
Thanks for the encouragement.
K3CCR(N3UM)   Single Op LP   482017-05-05 10:42:36
Got on at 1930 local time. Activity level low. "DX" was FM29 and
Perhaps I missed a few who got on just for the first 1/2 hr.
W3GAD   Single Op LP   962017-05-05 18:02:49
N1JEZ   Single Op HP   3902017-05-06 03:16:44
Decent activity this time. The chat page and texting paid off.
N2SLN   Single Op LP   1082017-05-06 15:54:27
N7EPD   Single Op LP   1332017-05-06 15:57:16
21 el F9FT on the 17ft mast. Must have a "tight" pattern as I had to
point at most folks to hear them well. Biggest regret after the sprint was not
checking FM. Will miss the microwave in favor of the 7QP. Will be on for 6M
VE3DS   Single Op LP   1202017-05-07 07:25:00
Hopefully it will stop raining by June here...glad to hear everyone and hand out
a few points.
K1RZ   Single Op HP   1,5002017-05-07 10:10:21
he 2017 432 MHz Central States VHF Society Spring Sprint activity and conditions
seemed good, with a lot of stations active and band conditions supporting
distant contacts. It was great to have Rovers KA2LIM/R, VE3CRU/R, K0BAK/R,
K2EZ/R, and VA3ELE/R out in force to keep us fixed stations hopping to figure
out on where they will next pop-up. We all appreciate them and recognize there
are some real rigors they have to overcome on each rove, to make their presence
known for the rest of us. My distant contacts were with N1JEZ in FN44, VE3CRU/R
in FN04, VA3ELE/R in EN93, K9MRI in EN70, w4NUS and W4DEX in EM95, and K8TQK
(QRP) in EM89. Thanks also to Virginia Eastern Shore station WA4LM for
activating FM27. And thanks to the CSVHFS for sponsoring these activities,
bringing us all together for these sprints. 73 Dave K1RZ FM19jh.

Rig : K3 & Elecraft Xvtr to Lunar-Link Systems LA-70B Amplifier (2 x
3CX800's), 800W

Antenna : FO32, Mast Mounted DEMI LNA
VA3ELE/R   Rover LP   2,1282017-05-08 18:33:28
Things went pretty good once I got setup (late as usual due to traffic along the
way) and realized the preamp on the old RFC 4-110 wasn't working. Conditions
seemed pretty good too. DX of the night was Ron WZ1V from FN31rj at 639Km from
FN02ax. Other long hauls were from K1TEO in all the 4 grids averaging 593KM. I
had a few other QSO's over the 500km mark as well.

Yaesu FT857d
Yaesu G-1000 Rotor
M2inc 9wl - 28el yagi at 14ft
RF Concepts 4-110 amplifier

Total Distance: 15,375km
FN03aa: 4166km
EN93xa: 3797km
FN03ax: 4076km
EN92xx: 3336km

Thanks everyone for getting on and making this another fun event.
Special thanks to the organizers for putting on the event. THANK YOU.

73 de Peter